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Of Gods And Men Part 1 Released + Review December 22, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Of Gods and Men,Review , trackback

At 17:01 PM part 1 of the long-awaited independent film Star Trek of Gods and Men was released. See below for a quick review [includes spoilers]

Of Gods and Men is possibly the most ambitious of the independent Star Trek productions to date. It has been in the making for 2 years and has a number of Trek veterans both in front of and behind the camera. Designed as a 3 part mini-series, OGaM aspires to tell an epic tale in the Trek universe that both ties up some future history arcs while trying to play social commentary on our times.

The story of OGaM, crisply written by Sky Conway with DS9 vets Jack Trevino and Ethan H. Calk starts us off 12 years after the events of Star Trek Generations. Kirk is dead and a replica of the original Enterprise is being dedicated as a museum (commanded by his nephew Peter Kirk – played by STNV star James Cawley). Then, like in Generations, there is an emergency and the only ship that can come to the rescue is the Enterprise (even as a museum, it appears to always be the only ship within light years of every emergency). It just so happens that Captains Chekov, Uhura and Harriman are all on board and off they go to planet M622 to discover a very angry man with a grudge against the James T. Kirk and a fully functional Guardian of Forever…what could go wrong?

This is not going to end well

Soon enough the Guardian says "all that you knew has been altered" and we are in a darker place. Harriman is now commanding a version of the original Enterprise for something called ‘The Galactic Order,’ Chekov is now a freedom fighter called “Ketrick,” and Uhura is living on Vulcan and married. Director Tim Russ (aka Voyager’s Tuvok) uses the opportunity of moving into a different universe to also change up the directing style. While the feel of the opening minutes of the mini-series feels like TOS movie era Trek, once we move into the alternative time line things get much more frenetic and move into a new Battlestar Galactica type of style. This gives OGaM a more modern feel as well as heightens the feeling that you are now in a different universe. The pacing, especially while on the Enterprise is effective, but it is contrasted with scenes on Planet Vulcan which fell somewhat flat. Time spent on scenes that dragged could have been put to better use for a bit more exposition as some aspects of the alternative universe were a bit confusing. What isn’t confusing is that the darker universe is also giving the film makers an opportunity to make some statements about modern days and specifically questions about security vs. freedom.

One aspect of Of Gods and Men that distinguishes from other projects is that it almost exclusively uses professional actors. The most notable of these are the stars of the mini-series Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols and Alan Ruck. Each reprises their original Star Trek role as well as an alternative version in the altered timeline. In addition the series includes a host of well known actors from the Star Trek universe, most of whom are playing new roles in the altered timeline. This use of professional actors truly makes a difference and some of the acting is actually quite good. Koenig probably delivers the best performance showing a bit of range with his two very different characters. However some of the acting is uneven, especially the sences on Vulcan. With the exception of Tim Russ, none of the actors seemed to realize they were playing Vulcans. This may be explained away due to the altered timeline, but they were espousing logic with big grins on their faces…what’s up with that?  

(L-R) Ethan Phillips, Chase Masterson, J.G. Hertzler, Garrett Wang,
Gary Graham, Cirroc Loften, Tim Russ and Lawrence Montaigne

The production design for OGaM is good for the most part. They get good use out of the Enterprise sets which the Star Trek New Voyages team was good enough to loan them; turning it into two different ships (the museum ship and the Galactic Order ship). And they also get off the ship to a couple of locations to mix it up, however the Vulcan location could have used more Vulcan touches. Like with the direction and editing, the original music by Justin Durban also is effective is setting the tone for both the regular and alternative timelines while still maintaining a good smattering of Trek stings. There were some issues with sound, with some scenes sounding like the boom mike was not placed right creating an echo effect. This was not helped by the streaming which seemed to be using a very low quality sampling rate. The costumes were also overall very good, but it was never fully explained why there was such a variety of styles on either the museum ship Enterprise or the Galactic Order Enterprsise.

There are quite a few CGI effects shots and some are quite good, but it is hard to truly judge them due to the resolution of the streaming media. The effects seem to be a hybrid of the TOS movie era style with a bit of a TNG feel to them. The space shots and battle scenes really amped up the excitement level. It would be fair to say that they are better than most fan films, but not as good as those seen in the latest STNV episode "World Enough and Time." The Enterprise itself will probably fall under the greatest scrutiny…especially those pesky and hard to get just right nacelle caps. In addition most of the shots on Vulcan were not very realistic and took you out of the movie, especially with the opening establishing matte shot.

The Museum Ship Enterprise

Possibly the most problematic aspect of Of Gods and Men is the delivery technology. The Dragonfly streaming is quite choppy at times makes it difficult to watch. In addition the video resolution is not high enough to make you forget you are watching something on the Internet. As mentioned before, the audio is even worse than the video. The Renegade team tell TrekMovie.com that they are working on these issues and hope to make improvements later in the week.

All in all this first part is an impressive effort and a welcome addition to the Trek universe. It is great to see some favorite characters back in action surrounded by all these Trek stars. The production is a bit uneven, but still provides half an hour of fun Star Trek entertainment. And the good news is that there are still two more parts to come. And of course it is free!

Watch Part 1 of Of Gods and Men at the Official Site.
Part 2 should be released around the end of January

After watching it, give OGaM a letter grade in our latest poll (right sidebar).



1. Josro89 - December 22, 2007


2. Dave Thornton - December 22, 2007

Looks good. may hold me over till december 2008. LOL

3. Dave Roberts - December 22, 2007

The Video quality is awful as Flash is the obly available format. I will have to wait for a higher resolution version :-(

4. shuttlepod10 - December 22, 2007

Lol. I’ve been hearing about this for a year.

5. shuttlepod10 - December 22, 2007

bandwith exceeded. Another fan film no one ever gets to see.

6. Dr. Image - December 22, 2007

Finally. Hmmm…. we’ll see…
5th!!!!! (Think I’ll crack one open!)

7. Scott - December 22, 2007

Is the site working?

8. Scott - December 22, 2007

Cool I just got on.
They are sending a link.

9. T2 - December 22, 2007

Finally! Can’t wait to see it.

10. Thadd - December 22, 2007

Anyone else get the fil Inalienable rather than Of Gods and Men? Unfortunately, I was not able to dedicate the time to view the entire film, but it seems like it might be promising. It was probably a fluke I got it at all since I read that it costs 299 to watch. Figures I get something for free and I couldn’t keep it to watch later. haha

11. Jackson Roykirk - December 22, 2007

I just watched OGaM Part 1
Regarding those rumors about Star Trek XI that include someone using the GOF to go back and kill Kirk’s pregnant mother thus altering the timeline…Did the rumor mongers confuse OGaM iwth Abrams’ film, or does Abrams’ film really use a similar plot.

The GOF in OGaM certainly looked as if it was showing a pregnant woman in Iowa right before Charlie jumped through it.

…and then there was thethat old rumor that maybe Vulcan gets destroyed in Abrams’ Star Trek. It seems somebody got there movies mixed up.

12. angry but i'll get over it - December 22, 2007

hope it’s been worth the wait.
Oh and not first, thank god, i don’t aspire to be the first, I got better things to look forward to in life, not in a hurry to be considered an old Jem’hadar who would likely be killed anyway.

13. Michael - December 22, 2007

I would prefer to just download the episode in ISO format and burn it to disc. I hate watching compressed fuzzy video when I have state of the art playback in my home theater.

14. shuttlepod10 - December 22, 2007

Okay. Watching it. Hmm. These credits are long. Wow. nice effects, but a little video gamey. Good acting though.

15. Sam Belil - December 22, 2007

I just watched it. Overall I really enjoyed it!!!! The CGI quality was lacking a bit — having said that I enjoyed the story, I’m just hoping that we do NOT have to wait too long for parts 2 and 3. I liked how they snuck in James Cawley in his role — nicely done!!!!!! Kudos to Tim Russ and the rest of the OGAM crew!!!!!!!

16. sirh - December 22, 2007

A great thanks must go out to ALL involved with Of Gods and Men! Their great devotion to the ongoing legacy of Star Trek just gave the fans, just gave me, a wonderful Christmas gift!

Again, thank you!

17. CmdrR - December 22, 2007

This SHOULD be the future of fanzines (fanboy productions?) What great fun — and hopefully, fun to watch. I’ll find out shortly, if it doesn’t crash.
In any case BRAVO to the extraordinary people who undertook this mammoth effort.

18. star trackie - December 22, 2007

Nothing to write home about. Really not much to say…it was free. Although I wonder why they didn’t get the orignal guy who played you know who. (don;t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet)

19. brian - December 22, 2007

I have to say I am very impressed with the first installment. Very cool

20. joe1306 - December 22, 2007

Wow! I just watched it, and I think it´s great! THANKS to everyone working on OGaM!!! And now let me see part 2 and part 3! ;-)

21. Mr Snuflleupacus - December 22, 2007

CHEESEY special FX. I was hoping for much better. I thought Daren Dochterman was going to work on this…

22. Sam Belil - December 22, 2007

Good point #18, perhaps “you know who” did not want to be a part of it OR he just might be deceased….other than that I (again) — I thought it was great!!!!

23. Anthony Pascale - December 22, 2007

yes he is played by the original actor

24. Ves - December 22, 2007

I thought it was pretty good. The only real issue I had was that there was so much in common with the Mirror Universe I actually thought they were in it until they called it the Galactic Order. Can’t wait to see parts two/three though. I wonder if Shatner’s in this :P.

25. Locutus of Alberni - December 22, 2007

Very impressive. Quite fun to see familiar faces again, even if many of them were playing different characters. JG seems destined to be playing Klingons forever. A most enjoyable excursion!

26. CanuckLou - December 22, 2007

I’ll wait final judgment until after seeing all 3 parts but initial impressions are that it is a mish mash of too many elements from too many ST eras.

27. YUBinit - December 22, 2007

I liked it. What I like best is that this is real Trek not greedily misguided, and officially sanctioned pseudo-trek. Which is all we will ever see from now and forever.

28. I AM THX-1138 - December 22, 2007

Actor listed as Robert Wellman in credits. Same guy?

29. josepepper - December 22, 2007

All in all a good effort but I expected a bit more after this long of a wait, the exterior space shots were jus fair with shuttles doing barrel rolls etc and moving in a very unrealistic manner. The acting was fair to good with the bad Klingon character doing the best imop, Harriman character was good too. Checkovs hair pieces are awful, so was the vulcan mans on the planet. remember folks, with fake hair you need to THIN IT OUT

30. Dennis - December 22, 2007

I thought it was fun for what it is. It’s great to see all these actors again.
Thanks for giving us something from the Trek universe and keep em coming…….

31. Noleuser - December 22, 2007

Chase Masterson is hot as ANY alien!

32. Dennis Bailey - December 22, 2007

Actually I thought the effects were quite good for a low-budget film.

33. KevinA Melbourne Australia - December 22, 2007

I’ve registered twice using different email adresses and got 2 seperate links. Both take me to a screen “Cannot find that code!” – no video!!

I’ve emailed OGaM waiting for reply.

Is anyone else having difficultly getting video to work? Anyone saved the file to put up on a mirror maybe?

34. Cam2d2 - December 22, 2007

Pretty cool, although the lack of millions of dollars of production is apparent. The acting was superb, however. At least some people like to entertain the notion that you don’t need Paramount’s help to launch a movie.

35. jeremy - December 22, 2007

Well I liked it. Beats not having ANYTHING new to watch.

36. KevinA Melbourne Australia - December 22, 2007

Just got message – Main site has been shut down due to high traffic…. Oh well i’ll just have to wait I suppose.

37. Ripper - December 22, 2007

na h that cant have the origina ykno cus well hes credited as William Wellman and hte original actor was Robert Walker Jr

38. Anthony Pascale - December 22, 2007

ok maybe I was wrong…I will check with Sky…I know they wanted the original actor, but maybe he wasnt available. They sure got a whole bunch of other originals in there.

39. Picard for President - December 22, 2007

Great fun! Very confusing, visually, sort of a Star Trek baroque or rococo, perhaps >.

The delivery medium sucks, but for the price I’m not arguing.

All in all, I’m munching popcorn waiting for Part Deux .

40. MadGoblin - December 22, 2007

Uh, the actor playing the primary protagonist in Of Gods and Men is not the original actor. This actor is William Wellman, Jr. Although coincidentally, both he and the original actor are “Juniors,” and were born into Hollywood.

41. MadGoblin - December 22, 2007

Crap, as long as it took me to type of my message, my post is now irrelevant. Sorry.

42. brady - December 22, 2007

can someone please send me the link….i opened it it started showing inalienable, I xed out and now it wont give it back to me ,,,help pleeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

43. brady - December 22, 2007

why did my post disappear?…i need the link to ogam….i got inalienalble instaed and noe i cant get back to it…can someone post a link that works

44. Prologic9 - December 22, 2007

I thought the FX work was poor compared to the live action material. If the CG shots had complex animations or lighting schemes it’d be one thing, but they were all fairly simple space shots. It’s not that hard to replicate the look of trek in space.

45. Adrian - December 22, 2007

I liked it quite a bit, although I think the latest New Voyages episode was significantly better and the streaming technology really is awful. I hope that will improve for parts 2 and 3.

It’s funny how most of the Trek XI plot rumors seem to originate from the OGAM script: the erasing of Kirk from the timeline, the use of the Guardian of Forever, the destruction of Vulcan.

46. Skippy 2k - December 22, 2007

I got both “OGAM” and “Inalienable”? I thought it was the original actor as well, a couple of times he spoke in a way that sounded like the original (yeah I guess thats something an actor might be able to pull off huh?). Not too bad, will wait for the other parts before judging fully. Some of the acting seemed a bit off, don’t know why as I know they can act but something… I think Uhura seemed the most “off” to me and that the best was JG.

I was figuring who it was from the short clip before and noticed the slide showing “the character” when he puts it up. Looks like they have also been to the “talos stargroup”(slide on the upper screen).

47. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 22, 2007

Come on, Dennis…you and the Exeter team could LAP these FX.

48. Skippy 2k - December 22, 2007

And I also wasn’t too big on the streaming it was to “jumpy” or didn’t run smoothly so I opened it up in VLC player and it ran smoothly.

49. DavidJ - December 22, 2007

Ugh. I had fairly high hopes for this, but it’s basically the same tired, alternate reality/Mirror Universe fanboy crap as always– just with slightly better actors.

Am I the only one who is completely sick of these kinds of stories? Sure it was cool to see what an evil Spock might look like back in the day, or an evil Kira. But ENOUGH already. If there’s anything I’m more tired of in Trek than time travel, it’s the freakin Mirror Universe.

50. Edge - December 22, 2007

I liked it.

51. OR Coast Trekkie - December 22, 2007

Don’t save the link. Just dedicate half an hour to watching it.

Very good for an amateur production. That’s the mindset you have to go in with watching this. Don’t watch expecting top notch effects or top notch make-up. Put askide your expectations of “professional” Trek, and you will like this movie.

As for people leaking out storylines or seeking leeked storylines… why? I want to go in watching the new Star Trek movie and be suprised. That’s part of the joy… not knowing the ending and being taken on the journey and really experiencing the movie.

52. brady - December 22, 2007

k……..review time…..it was extremely choppy in flash….never saw the actors mouths move once…but i liked it the 1st time i saw it in 1977….It was called STAR WARS lol

53. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 22, 2007

Good show.

I can look past the streaming problems. Newer productions should realize the limitations of the web.

I have two main points about OGAM.

1st. What’s up with the jittery camera shots? Used way too much. Almost in every scene except the FX shots. Keep the shatner-type off the camera. Composition is great but the shakey-camera-thing is a grasp for attention and an irritant. PLUS… a steady shot should stream faster. Also I don’t think it works well with the structured design of the bridge.

2nd The acting seemed a a bit amatuer. Unfortunate because of the obvious talent present. Perhaps it was the script or direction. Urhura on Vulcan was bad too. But nice job Cirroc! I think the best acted scenes were on the bridge of the mirror Enterprise. The actors chemistry really worked there (orion).

Other points…
Can we make a commitment to eliminate the blue-line around the viewscreen on the bidge shots. An obvious artifact of the ’60s ST optical FX limitations. The nice view coming off the turbolift to the bridge was harmed by the thick bold blueline. But the bridge looked great. That set may have to be declared a historic landmark so that it can be properly preserved.

The computer graphics were bad too. Sorry fellas. Sorry. I know its a big effort to do what you did. Modern PROFESSIONAL FXs are really needed in these productions. The torpedo room seemed like something the Terminator would design. No people needed?

6/10 but still anticipating parts 2 and 3.

In closing, where are the the Huklkans these days?

54. RTC - December 22, 2007

Robert Walker Jr. played Charlie in TOS “Charlie X.”

The guy who plays Charlie here, William Wellman Jr., is a veteran actor of many old Westerns and quite a few TV shows — including ST:DS9’s “Favor The Bold,” where he played a Bajoran security officer.

55. James Heaney - December 22, 2007

Personally, I was happy to trade the absurdly high-quality effects that New Voyages puts out in exchange for the extremely high-quality acting all the way through OGAM (finally, a role for James Cawley I can believe in!). Ethan Phillips glowed, and, honestly, the Nichols & Koenig team is marvellous.

As with everyone else, the worst part was the choppiness. It got worse as I went on, and I sorta wish I had waited a week while traffic died down and Dragonfly got itself running a little faster (I wonder why they didn’t allow direct download?)

Meanwhile, I’m laughing hilariously now that we seem to know the true source of the Trek XI leaks! My, my. Do you think it’s possible Abrams was talking to Sky, borrowed the script, and is using it as TWOK-style radar tinfoil?

Anyhow, I’ll be watching again when the video is cleaner, but for now I’m prepared to say that OGAM has set up some interesting arcs with some great acting, solid camerawork, and SFX that are… well, not perfect, but certainly better than the ones I used to watch on -real- TOS. If the plot really goes into some themes in a way that resonates with me, I’ll bump my grade up from a B to an A. On the grand scale of fan films, this piece comes in second after “World Enough and Time” (although I confess I have yet to see “For Want of a Nail.”)

56. MiamiTrek - December 22, 2007

I was impressed. It was an independent production with limited resources and honestly, I am impressed and waiting for the next two parts.

I find it slightly annoying to hear people complaining about the f/x. I agree that NV and other productions have better effects that what were seen on OGaM; however, I didn’t get into Star Trek for special effects. Characters and stories is what made Trek, not f/x.

Secondly, I’d like to point out that whether you liked it or not, the fact of the matter is that we should be thankful that up until now, the studio suits have turned a blind eye to these productions. So keep that in mind when ripping someone else’s work, at least we are able to enjoy these productions as they come out and not have them taken away from us by Hollywood.

My thanks to each and every person involved in OGaM for giving us something new to watch and enjoy (or for some to complain about like sniveling little fanboys).

57. Petitspock - December 22, 2007

The smiling Vulcan’s were Uhura’s offspring. They were only part Vulcan and, I assume, had chosen a human path.

58. Clinton - December 22, 2007

At this point it feels like the dialog and plot are taking a few too many shortcuts. However, since this is only the first part of the story, I am willing to accept the fact that it may all weave together much tighter when the whole story is revealed.

The acting has been the most enjoyable part of the movie so far. Everyone appears to be bringing their “A” game.

Looking forward to the next installment!

59. Dr. Image - December 22, 2007

Where do I start?
Let’s start with agreeing with #49, DavidJ, TOTALLY.

Let me get this straight, this thing was in production for two years?
Sadly, I just can’t help asking- MST3K, where are you guys when we need you??
Come now, NV and Exeter’s recent efforts blow this away.
Why? Here comes the list:
Uneven and inconsistent CGI, both from design and execution standpoints, editing that seemed like an afterthought, slipshod sound and photographic direction, costumes some of which were distractingly lame (what’s with Harriman’s uniform?), and a synthy soundtrack which just cheapened the production even further (along with the bad application of Tim Russ’ ear tips.)
The actors?
Hey, they’re all good. What can I say? Cawley even made the role believable, and Hertzler stole the show! It shows that this production was frought with delays, etc. I suppose given the circumstances, it’s all forgivable, but still, those pregnant pauses cry out for Crow or Tom Servo to add spice to the proceedings. Bottom line, entertaining? Yeah, I suppose so. During these times, we should relish all the decent Trek we can get.
PS – Cool alt universe phaser props. Scott Nakada’s, I presume?

60. Baron Byng - December 22, 2007

–spoilers abound–

video delivery method – I can’t tell if it’s impacting the quality of the original video or if the original is very fuzzy (as if overcompressed, or if they ran it through a few too many smoothing filters).

The CGI work is not entirely there — the warp effects look cartoonish, a few texture maps (like the impulse engines on the Enterprise-B) were quite obvious, and the “Omega Device” effect was particularly…1995, Namco Starblade on the PlayStation One quality. After the best planet-destruction scene in years (from ENT: “Twilight”) it’s a huge leap backwards. Overall, the effects seem like previsualization renders rather than final effects. I wish they had got Gabe Koerner on it — his “speculative Enterprise” shows what kind of skills he has. The New Voyages effects team have also made great leaps.

Costume and make-up wise — it seems quite mishmash. Ms. Masterson looks like she is covered in not-skilfully-applied green lipstick, rather than green-skinned – and the kind of retro-trek / mirror universe costume and production design doesn’t quite work for me. I realize they explain it away by saying that the Order are using “40 year old ships” but would they really be wearing 40-year-old uniforms, too?

Forgetting for a moment that these are “celebrity” cameo performances, the acting does not work — i see no living, breathing performances. Having taught theatre for over 10 years I can tell you that even great actors cannot work together as an ensemble unless someone is balancing script, actors, and scene (and in the case of television or movies, what emphasis and framing is given by the camera’s eye). I see people struggling valiantly to do this but I think they haven’t been given enough direction or rehearsal to find the flow of the dialogue and scenes. Some performers chew the scenery (put a leash on Hertzler!) and others don’t seem to have the commanding presence they should (Ruck), the tone varies wildly, and it’s the director’s job to bring the actors’ performances up or down to suit the scene.

In short, it’s been under-directed, under-written and unpolished. I wouldn’t normally be harsh on an amateur production, but these people are supposed to be industry veterans of stage and screen. I expect better.

Finally, well, the story just isn’t there. It starts off promisingly as “The return of Charlie X” and then throws that storyline out the window to show us a “not quite the Mirror Universe but for all practical purposes that’s what it is,” except nobody knows what happened — in Trek, at least ONE person always knows the universe has changed, and I refuse to buy Uhura-as-Guinan.

I would have preferred if they spent $0 on special effects — hell, reuse shots from other Trek episodes even — and spent all their time on writing, storyboarding, rehearsals and reshoots!

61. Vulcan Soul - December 22, 2007

Most ironic: while they go so many from the original casts – professional actors – their production quality is clearly at the level of a 1990s fan film. ;)

62. RJO - December 22, 2007


63. Gorn Captain - December 22, 2007

I think when they are all done with all 3 parts they should release a downloadable ISO, it would be great to see it all in hi-res on the big screen!

64. Kirk's Girdle - December 22, 2007

Certainly not as impressive as New Voyages or Exeter’s latest.

I like how Cawley played Peter Kirk so differently, considering his role in the upcoming Blood and Fire. Cawley is actually becoming an actor. All it takes is practice.

Ditto on someone calling attention to Moriarty’s AICN “scoop” about the Guardian, an alternate universe and a destroyed planet Vulcan. Just who was drew having dinner with that night?

65. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - December 22, 2007

Very entertaining thus far.To my mind though, Exeter has the best fan effects which rival CBS, especially in terms of the Constitution class rendering. and I much prefer the current Exeter storyline but a very entertaining effort and a nice Uhura-centric piece where Nichelle really gets to shine. I know this forum is dedicated to the terrific efforts put out by the Of Gods and Men crew but I wonder why Exeter gets not even a whiff of attention here. Not even when the long awaited act 3 came out. Not even a mention on this site. Especially when one our most endearing and cranky contributors (Dirty Dennis Bailey) is part of the Exeter creative staff and the fact that Exeter has produced to my mind a superior product without the benefit of past Trek creators and stars. They are a bunch of fans just like us and they have created a viable entirtely new crew that fits seamlessly within the original Trek universe with terrific effects, music and in this outing, some pretty good acting.

Question though???

So when the original E was refit, I have always thought they removed the saucer and replaced it with an entirely new larger saucer. So to create a museum E I assume they had the original saucer and scratchbuilt an entire functioning secondary hull??? That’s a hell of a tribute, a bit hokey but a hell of a tribute. I would think it more reasonable that the E museum would be the decomishioned Enterprise -A

66. Dennis Bailey - December 22, 2007

It’s kind of hard to do a review of something that’s not finished – I think Anthony plans some coverage of “Exeter” when we release the last part. Thanks for the kind words, all. :)

My sense was that the Enterprise in OGAM was a museum replica rather than a refurbishing of the original ship. That might account for the difference in the nacelle domes and a few other details – the underlying technologies are probably forty years more advanced than those in the TOS ship. I thought overall it was a good model.

67. Adam - December 22, 2007

When will we hear from Harland Ellison?

I agree with Jackson (#11). There may have been some confusion concerning the plots to OGAM and Star Trek 2008.

68. Robogeek - December 22, 2007

This may be a stupid question, but…

Why don’t they just release a high quality DIVX file of it on BitTorrent?

I frankly don’t want to watch this in such poor (streaming) quality — nor would I want anyone else to watch it this way if I’d worked on it.

Releasing a project this ambitious in such a crappy format undermines all the hard work everyone involved put into it.

A pity.

69. Larry - December 22, 2007

The thing I enjoyed most was seeing the Enterprise-B coming along side the Constitution Class Enterprise-M.

But who makes a fully functional museum ship? Why waste a warp engine in something that’s going to be moored forever. I’m sure there’s logical reasons and assumptions that can be made as to why the Museum Enterprise is a fully functional ship (aside from moving the plot along).

70. steve adams - December 22, 2007

I wonder if they can go back in time and put this out on a dvd ?
Maybe a convention bootleg

71. Lou - December 22, 2007

I enjoyed it, but the acting could have been WAY better. all things considered, the effects were good. again, considering the budget and stuff.

for an independent movie, this is pretty damn good. I feel that this could be better though.

for a first time directing something like this, I’d say Tim Russ did well. but this, unfortunately, will not be a legendary flick. it’s … not up to par. but still enjoyable.

72. Starship Conductor - December 22, 2007

I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





73. steve adams - December 22, 2007

Show us the sets what it took and some interviews with the cast and I’ll pay 20 bucks for that on dvd.

74. brady - December 22, 2007

i’m assuming that the reasons for this type of format is to protect the project. i.e. quality bootleg copies. Im also sure that the number of hits put coins in the coffer so to speak even though no monetary gain in selling the project is allowed im sure advertisng on the sites due to hits and of course that email addresses to watch the show are sold whether they admit it or not. So get ready for advice on how to grow your penis and make millions as a balance transferer start showing up on your emails. lol

75. Dr. Image - December 22, 2007

#65 Garth- Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

Oh, the pain… a fully functional “museum ship.”
Yeah. Uh-huh.

PS- Here’s to honing the franchise- here’s to nitpickers!

76. Bob Tompkins - December 22, 2007

If you have RealPlayer 11 installed, you have an option to actually download the video, which solves all streaming problems. I’m about 1/2 through the download. if it doesn’t work, I’ll advise, but sfsg.

77. Skippy 2k - December 22, 2007

I just converted it over to an mpg, I could play it in the format I had but you couldn’t jump farther ahead of back without resetting it. Mpg seems to do it fine but I do hope for a DVD or higher quality release when its finished.

78. Steved - December 22, 2007

Not near the writing quality of World Enough and Time, too many glaring oddities. Uhura recognizing Charlie Evans? Um….no. The planet of the Guardian would have similar restrictions as Talos 4 considering the consequences. If not, there would be a plethora of scientific and military space stations there at all times. And the smiling Vulcans, (except of course for Uhuras offspring) as well as the Enterprise once again being the only ship in the galaxy within hailing frequencies breaks the camels back.

But with all that, a mighty effort nonetheless, and considerably better than Star Trek 3 or 5.

79. SPB - December 22, 2007


…Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig (much like George Takei) were never meant to carry a full show on their shoulders. They simply don’t have the acting chops of Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and Doohan. I know die-hard fans love this sort of thing, but OF GODS AND MEN proves that Uhura and Chekov were third bananas; trying to shove them front-and-center into leading roles just doesn’t quite gel and only serves to highlight their limitations as actors.

I hate to be a grinch, but the original TREK was always Kirk, Spock and McCoy (and to a lesser degree, Scotty). It was never the full-fledged seven member ensemble that we sometimes make it out to be.

80. OR Coast Trekkie - December 22, 2007

Ok, I’m gonna say this again:

You can’t expect big budget effects, sets, make-up, etc. from an amateur production. There are obviously people in here who didn’t get the “this is an amateur production” memo. So come on… ease up a little bit. Grade it by what it is, not what it isn’t.

81. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 22, 2007

I think everyone should wake up concerning why waste a starship an a museum piece.

In the 23rd century thier is little want.
Really, the Enterprise saved the Galaxy how many times now???

the technology, the transporters, automatic fabrication, robots…

But, wait a minute…

Star Trek 08 could sure benefit from a movie crossover character (kinda like the Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde character from “the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Mr. Hyde from Van Helsing) and use “Sonny” (the robot/android from I-Robot.) I think it would be perfect to use those robots on the Enterprise? An what a PRECURSOR TO DATA THAT WOULD BE.
Surley on the cargo bay or around the ship occasionaly.

Does using robots make it too different from TOS? Is seeing a robot walking around in the 23rd century to much?

I think we all expect that..


82. toddk - December 22, 2007

I find thses fan films more and more interesting. Digging up old characters and ideas..I’m so greatful for star trek actors showing up in thses films. It gives them alot of credibility. It also shows that the actors themselves still believe in star trek. and so do I.. one suggestion is to shorten the weapon firing sequence at the end of the clip..

83. Rich - December 22, 2007

Had no problem streaming, and never because jumpy or cut out on me. I must be a lucky one.

Good effort, but disappointing. While I understand that the effects should not be nitpicked to death, the quality actually took me out of the video. If you don’t have the skill to do excellent effects, you should creatively work around it, not just show your best effort on something that could have been as historic as this.

If it’s too hard to show, don’t show it. Think back to original TOS…if they could not make the effect because of budget reasons, they just tossled the ship a bit and that was enough for us.

As a previous poster said, characters and stories are what made Trek, not f/x. So if the f/x are not up to the level where they don’t remove you from the story, be creative and work around it and leave the f/x out.

84. James - December 22, 2007

#76: How in the world did you get it to even open in RealPlayer, let alone download it?

85. Thunderball - December 22, 2007

Not too bad so far, have to see how it all ties together before making judgment.

There’s just one thing I really have to nit-pick about. Is it really that hard to make the TOS-movie era uniforms right? Those are the only things I’d consider to totally ruin the illusion.

86. Ken Byrd - December 22, 2007

84. James do you have RP11 & Vista on your machine?

87. Bob Tompkins - December 22, 2007

The download is done. Guess what? The product appears to be just really, really really bad encoding. FLVs usually aren’t this choppy even compressed to the max for YouTube. I suppose I’ll wait for a better encoding or another format.

88. Magic_Al - December 22, 2007

My favorite thing is seeing Nichelle Nichols as Uhura again. 15 years! If you count this, NV, and Shatner’s DirectTV commercial, all the living cast of Star Trek have given us recent reprisals of their characters in one medium or another, except for Leonard Nimoy whose turn is coming in the biggest way.

I also enjoy the return and maturation of Harriman. It’s nice to see him developed.

89. James - December 22, 2007

#86: I have RP11, but I have XP, not vista

90. =A= - December 22, 2007

where the hell subtitle? i need english pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

91. John_Pemble - December 22, 2007

Mostly sloopy. Tim Russ is the only actor I enjoyed watching in this, he can act well

92. STOGAMAP - December 22, 2007


Peter Christian, Costume Designer for STOGAM.

The answer to your question about the TOS era uniforms is that The uniform that was supposed to be used for Alan Ruck never showed. I wanted to put him into a uniform like James Cawley was wearing as it would take but a minute to make, but instead, James Cawley brought me the one Alan is wearing.

I cringed looking at it, but as we were 20 minutes away from filming, we had to role with it.

Man, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hated that uniform he was wearing.


93. Bob Tompkins - December 22, 2007

Further info on the RP11/Vista/ download problem…. I downloaded it a second time- this one was much better. Different file? Different server? I cannot say, except I enjoyed Part 1 immensely and look forward to future installments.

94. J_schinderlin56 - December 22, 2007

I just want to say thanks. I really do appreciate the effort and I look forward to the next instalment. So far it’s been pretty fun to watch. Good Luck!

95. David (now over the wings & flames thing. Sorta.) - December 23, 2007

fun. neat. cool. worthy.

Mr. Lofton’s appearance… he’s filled out.

a solid B

’nuff said.

96. DavidJ - December 23, 2007

#60, agreed on all points.

My biggest problem with this story is there is no one here to IDENTIFY with. It’s just a mishmash of different characters with a bunch of different agendas we could care less about.

What made the TOS and DS9 eps work was the fun of seeing our characters interacting with the mirror universe counterparts. OGAM makes the mistake the ENT two-parter made, and doesn’t give us anyone to get emotionally invested in.

That to me is a much more fundamental problem than whether the CGI works or not.

97. New Horizon - December 23, 2007

Well, I’ll congratulate them for finishing this and getting it out….but I honestly couldn’t sit through it. The story just isn’t doing anything for me. The editing is choppy, dialogue is lame…(do we really have to site through a debate about “The needs of the Many”? Shamelessly referencing the old movies so blatantly is amateurish) The acting was very natural, for what they had to work with. Sadly, the SFX are extremely bad. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. With Exeter and New Voyages putting out such amazing visuals, I was completely stunned at what I saw. I honestly thought I was watching some horrible video game…the composition and execution of the shots are just horrible.

Points for sticking it out…but sadly underwhelming.

98. penguin44 - December 23, 2007

I agree about the acting and the editing. Decent 5/10 acting, editing 4/10. I don’t comment ever about f/x as they don’t interest me. However, some did look decent but it was a rarity. I liked Walter in this and Russ, but the ears! Nichelle was ok, I always liked her. But when they went into the non-alternate/alternate universe it really threw me for about 2 minutes as this wasn’t explained but I figured it out. Ethan was perhaps the worst of the bunch. I could do that! Erg…ugh…kirk dead…ugh…

Overall, 3.5-4 out of ten.

99. Jeff - December 23, 2007

It got better as it went along. At first I was like, sheesh, this is lame. By the end I was really enjoying it.

The destruction of Vulcan was awesome. Makes you wonder why that was never featured in an episode or movie.

Overall i thought the script was patchy. The acting good. The worst thing was the cameraman. That was pitiful, and as a result, the editing was choppy.

The biggest thing going against it actually was the inclusion of so many professionals and Trek alums. My expectations were so high the show were always going to be screwed.

Best bit… Chase Masterson. Holy freaking cow that woman is hot.

100. Multitrek - December 23, 2007

The preview made me worry about this series because I could not see a coherent explanation for the images I was seeing. Now that it all makes sense, I am looking forward for the next webisode. Nicely done! Not as polished as a New Voyages webisode but nice acting and writing.




Nice to see Kirk’s demise adressed by his surviving crew. A sense of closure we did not have in Generations. Many people blame the way Kirk died for his death not being accepted throughout fandom, but I think it’s the way his death was just brushed aside and never mentionned again by the TNG crew that made it sad and meaningless. Of Gods And Men has corrected that for me, except maybe for Spock’s still unknown reaction to Kirk’s death.

Commander Kirk and the Museum Enterprise were a great idea now that I understand how James Cawley fits in the story.

Great to see so many great Trek veterans together on screen.

Great idea to make use of the New Voyages sets.

I gave it a B, but depending on the next webisodes, it could very well turn into an A. To me the standard for A is currently Star Trek: New Voyages: World Enough And Time.

Special effects seemed a bit uneven but difficult to say if its the effects themselves or the choppy and low resolution internet delivery system that is to blame.

USS Dochterman (is that the name?) is a very nice ship by the way! I mean WOW!

But who am I to complain… these people have made something great out of devotion to the franchise, with a restrained budget and a lot generosity. Besides… even the most uneven special effects would still be better than TOS effects to my eye.

Special mention to James Cawley without whom none of this would be possible even if he’s not the producer on this one. He’s a real Captain Kirk.

I wish Paramount would offer fan productions to distribute their webisodes on DVD. At a reasonnable price I would buy them if a portion of the profits should go back to the teams.

101. FYI: "First" is LAME. - December 23, 2007

Well-balanced review. Enjoyed it.

102. Tiako - December 23, 2007

i cant get the link to work, it goes to another movie with a kid saying “charlie.” and his dad doing some charlie chaplin impression. can anyone help me?

103. James Cawley - December 23, 2007

Sorry #92-Peter Christian. But you need to get your facts straight. The ONLY costumes, I made/loaned to OGAM were :
1: ALL The TOS costumes seen on the Museum Ship
2: The Silver colored tunics worn by Members of the Galactic Order
3:Garret Wong’s costume
4: My Uniform.
5: A brown jumper worn by an Andorian

The other movie era costumes were loaned to OGAM by John and Anne Carrigan from England. They made them available directly with Mr. Conway, and not thru me.
That is the extant of the costume items I loaned for this.
The sad reality here is you should not be dissing folks who worked so hard to help you guys make this film. 90% of this thing was shot in N.Y.
with ITEMS/SETS you could not have done without. Please be carefull when criticising folks who gave freely to your effort, you afterall should know better.
I will not criticize the film as it is a HERCULEAN effort, just to make one of these things. Kudos to all for seeing it thru.
James Cawley

104. Mike - December 23, 2007

Just, watched it, t’s pretty cool. Infinitely better than a lot official trek I’ve seen.

105. Daren Doc - December 23, 2007

LOL… the USS Dochterman is not in this project. It was one of the ore freighters that M5 Destroyed in “The Ultimate Computer”.

lol… ok, I made that up.

I believe the name of the first ship you see in this is the “Gunterman”… there is some backstory behind it, I’m sure… I’m just not aware of the details.

Back to wrapping.

106. Dr. Image - December 23, 2007

Acknowledged, James.
You tell ’em (us!)
It was refreshing to hear Kirk’s death actually acknowledged, too.
Speaking of death, isn’t Robert Walker Jr. dead too?

107. Oceanhopper - December 23, 2007

Liked it! More more more! :-)
And big respect to all who worked so hard for so long to make it!

108. ME - December 23, 2007

much better acting than i’ve seen from new voyages, worse effects.
You know what is more important ;)

The story is cool, security vs. freedom, exactly what is going on in the world atm.

109. richpit - December 23, 2007

I just watched it. This is the first fan film I’ve watched…I’ve downloaded a few of the NV episodes, but haven’t watched them yet…anyway, I thought it was excellent! Yeah, some weirdness with the mix of genre costumes, but all-in-all, excellent. Acting, f/x, everything was just amazing for a fan-produced production.

110. Clinton - December 23, 2007

Can’t say for sure. I did a quick check on IMBD and it seemed to indicate the Mr. Walker was still alive, but had not been in a production since 1991. He may have retired from acting or there may have been other circumstances involved. I’m sure someone else would have more details.

111. eagle219406 - December 23, 2007

THis part was pretty good. I hope the next part comes out soon. What was weird is that I thought that those that were on the planet were protected from any change in the timeline. Judging from what was on “The City on the Edge of Forever.” Athough Charlie may have disabled that. There was Uhura with the images in her head. Could she be recalling the previous Timeline?

112. CmdrR - December 23, 2007

Nice effort. It’s still on a diff level than the theatrical films. I take it at that level. There’s a fanboy feel, first and foremost.
Otherwise, there would be A LOT of questions, like: If Commander Kirk is Peter (only nephew we know of) then why isn’t he about 54 years old? Why would they build an Enterprise-M that actually functions? Are starships suddenly easy to build? Why has Ensign Pulver (who should only be about 3 years older than Peter) aged so badly? Why do Tuvok’s ears look so funky? If you really blow up a planet with a Manga weapon, wouldn’t the mass of the parts still glom back together because of gravity and start to form a new planet? (That last one holds true for the 4958723450498 planets blown up in Trek – Earth’s been blown up in real life many times including the collision that spun off the moon.)
But, why ask questions. It’s a fun Saturday night in front of the puter.

113. Ethan - December 23, 2007


Robert Walker Jr. is alive and well.

We contacted him about reprising his role as Charlie, but he was scheduled for knee surgery at the time of our shoot, so we contacted William Wellman to play the role of Charlie instead.

Associate Producer

114. Spock Jenkins - December 23, 2007

Is Harlan Ellison bitching about the use of the GoF in this one? If not, why not? Could it be because there’ll be no money to be made from a group of creative filmmakers who are not as powerful and as rich as the big Hollywood Studios…?

115. CmdrR - December 23, 2007

Thanks, Ethan. I was seriously wondering about that.

116. Scott - December 23, 2007

The link took me to another movie with Richard Hatch in it.
The sound & picture was nice when it worked.
But the video was choppy, with many start & stops.
This made it impossible to watch.
Maybe there are too many people trying to use it at once?
Hope it clears up soon, I want to watch this one!

117. Driver - December 23, 2007

So sad to have spent so much and then to show it in this terrible streaming garbage. Not looking forward to more in this awful format.

118. jonboc - December 23, 2007

Well I can’t believe Conway was actually trying to figure out a way to make money on this thing (if the rumors are true). It’s just not that good. Clearly yit’s been awhile since Nichelle went before the cameras. Walter was good and his “evil’ version should be great fun to watch. It was cool to see Stonn although I didn’t understand the giggling Vulcan kids. I saw the orignal Charlie at a con a couple of years ago, he looked great, its a shame he wasn’t involved. The effects weren’t so hot and the story not that engaging. If I’d paid $ to see this I’d be upset, but it was free. Not sure that I’ll watch the rest, I wasn’t that entertained by it.

119. TJ Trek - December 23, 2007

I have only recently become aquainted with Fan productions of Trek, and am only a little surprised at the multitude of productions out there. a google search gave me like 12 video productions (television/movie stuff) and about 15 audio productions. I have watched the first couple eps of Hidden Frontier, and was surprised at how good it was. Still a bit on the cheeze and all, but well done. And I have to believe that after 8 “seasons” they turned out to be really really good. As for God’s and Men it is to bad that the download really f**ks up everything. I wonder if a studio out there will pick it up for a DVD release. That would be cool.

120. dalek - December 23, 2007

Well done. Really enjoyed part one. Scenes were tightly written, well performed, moved along really good. I gave it a solid B also.

121. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 23, 2007

Unless Ellison gave his “godlike” approval, you can be sure the online hissy fit, hysterics, and lawsuit are forthcoming…

As for the FX of OGaM…NO, I do not expect feature film quality FX (although that is nearly attainable given the right tools and time with a “desktop FX studio”) I guess some of you just want to ignore the fact that Dennis Bailey and Daren Dochterman produce NEAR FEATURE QUALITY FX with limited resources as well. Why do you think they can reach this level of quality, yet the OGaM team — with the advantage of having REAL Trek actors aboard — can’t muster up the wherewithal to produce FX at least on the level of the Exeter team and Dochterman?

If I were directing OGaM, I would INSIST on having at least that level of quality on this project! The actors are out there giving their best and yet the FX don’t measure up to the acting and the sets….

That’s all I’m saying. The FX that are there are OK, but they look amateur and rushed…and video-gamey. The Exeter FX and those of Dochterman and the NV team do not, overall, look cgi. Or at least not to the degree that these do.

Oh and compression and encoding can degrade the images, but it’s not going to cause the kind of lack of quality that that are represented in the visual FX. They are what they are…improving the encoding/compression is just going to give you SHARPER video gamey FX, but still video gamey…

The sound FX for some of the FX don’t help either, BTW…

Some of the scenes — like the one on Vulcan with Tuvok and Uhura — were talky and dull. I’m not against exposition, but everything (for me) just came to a screeching halt during that scene…

I agree Nichols and Koenig and the secondary actors were not meant to carry a series or film alone…that’s obvious in this for sure!

122. Paul the Trek Fan - December 23, 2007

I’m embarassed that trek fans can be so mean. C’mon people, this was done for us for FREE. It was fun to see Chekov and Uhura again. It really was a very nice Christmas present. Thank you to everyone involved from the bottom of my heart.

123. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

72. Starship Conductor – December 22, 2007
I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Reply to above post above, #72 Starship Conductor:

My mother died when I was 12. Before that my parents fought bitterly. I was beaten by my father before and after my mother died. They tried to tell me I had the best parents, but they were always critical of me. They always, ALWAYS let me down.

I sought out Star Trek as a way to escape. But then I transferred my outlook, my bitterness, into Star Trek; indeed, into everything. I always look for flaws. This way I will never be disappointed; I will never be hurt.I am finally POWERFUL, yes POWERFUL. In NITPICKING I AM KING. I have finally won! I reign Supreme.

Of Gods and Men Sucked!!!! Maybe there were some good things about it, but I won’t pay attention to them.

HA HA HA HA HA.!!!!!

Half empty glass of tranya, anyone?

124. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

While imperfect, I really enjoyed it and thought it was well done. It captured the essence of Trek. Good warm characters involved in a story which makes us think about larger societal/philosophical issues. Thanks to all who brought us this. Much appreciated.

Gary Seven (No longer in the Mirror Universe).

125. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

While imperfect, I really enjoyed it and thought it was well done. It captured the essence of Trek. Good warm characters involved in a story which makes us think about larger societal/philosophical issues. Thanks to all who brought us this. Much appreciated.

Gary Seven (No longer in the Mirror Universe).

126. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

OK, sorry for the double posting. Must be from a duplicate good universe.

127. New Horizon - December 23, 2007

I don’t think being honest should be seen as being mean. If I were to put together something of this nature, I would much rather have honest feedback, than an endless hoard of glowing reviews that are only being kind because I did it for free. Why does money have to come into the equation, money is not the determining factor as to whether or not something is well done. If I had paid to watch the episode, I would have given the same criticism’s. That being said, I’m going to lighten my criticism of the effects from horrible, to passable. The story is still pretty weak so far. How could the museum ship be the only one in range? The ships that dropped off Uhura and Harriman jumped to warp just minutes previous. Both of those ships are well within range. I couldn’t sit through the whole thing, but I’m guessing that the message was fake…sent by Charlie himself.

128. Edith Keeler - December 23, 2007

What an awful production. Stilted acting, bad camera work. My browser did me a favor and crashed about half way though.

129. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

Re: 122. Paul the Trek Fan – December 23, 2007
“I’m embarassed that trek fans can be so mean. ”

I’m not embarassed; it is not a reflection of me or you. It is sad and disappointing, however. It’s good to express opinions, postiive or negative ones, but this site can at times, really be a negative-fest.

When I’m at a convention I usually get a vibe of being surrounded by warm, gentle people who are kind. (Not 100%, but I do pick up on that overall tone). It is a very good feeling. On this site, by contrast, I find a higher proportion of criticisms, meanness and negativity. It is a curious phenemenon. I wonder if it is related to the interpersonal dynamics of being really with people versus that of being on the internet. There has been some research into this.

130. STOGAMAP - December 23, 2007

# 103 James Cawley.

I was not “dissing” you at all. When this went down with Alan’s wardrobe I spoke with Sky about it and he told me, “James has it covered he has some costumes we can use for them.”

So you see? I wasn’t dissing you at all, simply stating a fact as I witnessed it. I was unaware that the uniform he wore came through the UK folks as Sky did not relay this. My apologize if you got that impression.

BTW… I still need you to call me about the arranged goods.


131. New Horizon - December 23, 2007

Yeah Gary, the net does have a tendency to bring forth our courage to slip into the negative zone. I think in another sense though, that when reading criticism…it can be misinterpreted by the reader as being far more harsh than it is meant to be. My own comments were not meant to slay or slander the people who put this effort together, but simply represent what I felt while watching it.

For me, there are many factors weighing on my criticism.

1. The production was slated to be released a year ago.
2. The quality of other fan productions.
3. Tim Russ saying he didn’t want this labelled as a fan movie.
4. Experienced actors and writing team.

OGAM stacked itself pretty high, and failed to deliver on many of those targets, in my opinion.

The effort was there, I acknowledge that, and the intent was certainly there…no doubt.

For me, the opening was extremely weak…and the webisode truly lost me with that weakness. I think OGAM could have easily been 4 parts and taken more time to setup the return of Charlie. What’s he doing out on this remote space station? How did he get there? Perhaps that will all be explained…but it simply jumped into it too quickly.

The over used ‘Enterprise in range’ scenario…another groaner for me…as was Uhura reciting ‘The needs of the many’. I have just grown tired of Star Trek rehashing the same tired dialogue and plot devices. It seems that nobody remembers what Star Trek is supposed to be anymore. “To seek out new life and new civilizations”. I do wish it were so….but it feels like the writers are always looking for an excuse to get the crew into the next space battle.

So, I did manage to finish watching it today and it did get better towards the end…but still…it’s still only ok.

132. RTC - December 23, 2007

Agree with many observations re: it’s too soon to draw a lot of conclusions, positive or negative, about OGaM. An interesting premise and a promising start. As a writer, I can see places where I might have written the story a bit differently … but I say let’s trust the team and see what happens next.

Also agree with expressions of appreciation for all who took part in putting this together. Looking forward to the next installment!

133. Dennis Bailey - December 23, 2007

I think the reason for building a “functioning museum ship” would be pretty obvious: it’s a *traveling* exhibit rather than something constructed to remain in orbit around one world. It’s going to tour the Federation.

If one were going to do that, of course one would build a modern powerplant into the thing – for reasons of speed and safety – which would also justify the “different” nacelle lighting effect.

I really appreciate the nice things that are being said about Exeter’s effects. Something to keep in mind, though, is that we aren’t facing the challenge of trying to look realistic – we’re very specifically going after a (perhaps somewhat cleaned-up) version of the TOS look from the 1960s. This means, for example, that I never had to address creating a photo-realistic planet or phaser and torpedo effects that might pass for reality. Our challenge was more to eliminate as much of the CG artifacting as we could, and Jimm Johnson does most of this in post-processing.

134. Christopher - December 23, 2007

They definitely need to get a better quality to play OGaM, otherwise all their hard work gets ruined. I gave it a “B” since I could tell that it is at least a good story.

135. last o' the timelords - December 23, 2007

Hey gang, it was done for free! It was fun and I’m looking forward to more episodes.

In fan films we should be thankful for each part that does work. Something that doesn’t go well can be improved later if more money becomes available. I’m sure we’ll be able to watch this in better presented formats and it will be tightened up.

All mean comments are assumed to be from small minded people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. (The kind of person that would kick down a child’s sand castle.)

Great job to all involved.

136. DavidJ - December 23, 2007


No, to be honest I think the reason you get a nicer vibe from Trek conventions is that most of us here don’t really GO to them anymore.

There are basically two groups of Trek fans: Those who lovingly embrace ALL the TV series and movies and somehow don’t see any difference in quality, and those (like me) who basically feel the franchise went downhill after DS9. Considering that most of the guests to these things now are VOY and ENT actors, it’s not really a surprise that the second, more critical group isn’t going to have as much interest in going. ;)

137. gerardx - December 23, 2007

Wow – what a disaster! From the screwed up streaming, to the amateur camera, sound and editing, to stiff acting. Holy moly. I think the CGI might be the best thing about this flick – BUT I CAN’T TELL BECAUSE THE STREAMING SUCKS!

Please – give us a .mov or flash movie – something with higher resolution – wow! how embarassing for you guys. If I had volunteered to work on this fan series I would be really embarassed and quite angry actually.

138. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 23, 2007

#127 — EXACTLY!!!

I don’t understand why it’s suddenly “Mean” to simply point out the obvious and critique the FX! I am not trashing the people who did the work…but why should I praise something that I think could have been done BETTER especially when compared against their peers.

All I’ve done is said: The standard was set by the Exeter, NV teams and Dochterman and I believe this fails to rise to the bar set by those teams.

That’s it in a nutshell. Sure, I applaud the OGaM team for what they did…

E for making the effort…sure…

It’s better than nothing.

I don’t intend to be mean or disrespectful…just trying to make an honest critic of the artwork they did. I’ve done CGI myself, so I know what goes into it.

That’s all.

139. Greg2600 - December 23, 2007

Just watched STOGAM. Yeah the streaming technology really stunk. It’s just very unfortunate that Paramount will not get behind these efforts and allow them to release it to the public on disc.

I was extremely impressed by it, although I won’t give it a complete grade until I’ve seen the whole thing. All the actors were great, and I loved the use of the old characters, The Guardian (Harlan will be looking for heads to roll!), and the special FX and costumes were great. Along with New Voyages, I have to really thank the folks behind these efforts for giving us at least one last glimpse of the original cast.

Lastly, the level of complaints is just unbelievable. If someone reincarnated Gene Roddenberry and he put together a new Trek movie or series, you’d probably blast him back into space. It was a great production, offered for Free, without the backing of the studio. Give up the props for that.

140. Gary - December 23, 2007

I will throw my two cents here…

1. The streaming experience was less than spectacular. I was looking at something with Richard Hatch in it before I reloaded, clicked Back, etc. and finally saw STOGAM.

2. It’s probably best to reserve judgment about smiling Vulcans, etc. until we see the whole show because there may be an explanation for this….

3. If you want to create new TOS with the original actors, time travel stories are about the only way that I can think of to pull it off. After all, how else can you put, for example, today’s vivacious Walter Koenig on the Enterprise’s bridge that was created 40 years ago?

4. Coolest titles ever: What the hell does “World Enough and Time” mean anyway? Does it matter? It sounds more mysterious and existential than “Spock’s Brain.” (English lit was never an academic strength of mine).

Maybe Mr. Cawley can answer this: Do the professional actors get paid to perform in these episodes? If not, why do they participate?

Anyway, thanks for fresh Trek. I look forward to the rest of STOGAM. And it will be available when?

141. New Horizon - December 23, 2007

– 139. Greg2600 –

“Lastly, the level of complaints is just unbelievable. If someone reincarnated Gene Roddenberry and he put together a new Trek movie or series, you’d probably blast him back into space. It was a great production, offered for Free, without the backing of the studio. Give up the props for that.”

Uhm, we are giving them props for that. Why does something being free mean that it can’t be critiqued against other productions of its kind? We’ve been spoiled by New Voyages and Exeter. The bar has been raised for fan productions. Starship Farragut has some pretty great effects as well…I expected something more along the lines of that for this production. It’s just disappointing to see one part of the production not match up to the style and quality of the rest of that production.

142. K. M. Kirby - December 23, 2007

This streaming production shows Uhura & Chekov still capable of a big-screen reunion, if such a thing were to ever take place.

143. James Heaney - December 23, 2007

I gave a fairly nice review, but I forgot to say what I should -always- say when I see a new fan production, which is: thank you.

144. Sam Belil - December 23, 2007

I think we’re all being too nit-picky here. These people did this on their own time and effort. Personally for me, I’m accepting it for what it is. A great effort and very nice piece of story telling. Once again MAJOR KUDOS!!!

145. Enterprisingguy - December 23, 2007

First of all I would like to thank James Cawley for his enormous generosity in sharing his resources with a competing production! It really shows his love for the material.

After reading a lot of these posts I decided to watch the episode with an open mind. I wasn’t expecting eye popping state of the art FX or acting or even a perfectly logical story. Many have said the stream was not too good. I did not have a problem so the fault may not be with the site. Although I did pause the playback and let it buffer the whole thing before I started to watch. That may have helped solve the jitters that some have had. What I got was a gee-wiz honest to gosh STAR TREK ADVENTURE! After all…if you hold the original series up to the standards being thrown about in some of these posts you will find it wanting too!

I, for one, am truly grateful for the wonderful Christmas gift that this production is and will NOT bitch about what it did wrong!

I eagerly anticipate the next episode!

146. Linda1639 - December 23, 2007

Regarding Harlan Ellison – he gave his blessing to use the GOF. Harlan and Walter Koeing are good friends so Harlan was fine with it.

147. littlegreenman - December 23, 2007

Re: Comments

Thanks to all for their comments on Of Gods and Men. When we wrote this, we expected both positive and negative feedback. It’s all part of the game. Keep in mind we wrote it as close as we could to the style of the original series.

We would have loved to film more scenes and ramp up the production values – therefore, we did the best we could with the resources we had – and we thank the producers for making this possible.

Thanks to Dennis Bailey, as he understands all the behind-the-scenes issues of producing a project of this magnitude. Folks, please note his comments, as they’ve been dead on thus far. And the fans are correct to point out the very good quality of Exeter. It’s a series with high standards that get better every time an installment airs. Looking forward to seeing the conclusion of “THE TRESSAURIAN

Keep the comments coming but also remember, you’re making comments on 1/3 of the film. There’s much more ahead.

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer

148. richpit - December 23, 2007

I’ve got a question: what is the incentive for the professional actors (Trek alumni and not) to be part of this? I assume it’s on a “volunteer” basis, as there is no money being made by the project. Do they really do it “for the love of Trek”? If so, kudos to them.

As posted above, I really enjoyed it. It was better than any episode of Voyager ever was!

149. Absoroka - December 23, 2007

I thought Part 1 was enjoyable and well played, after watching ST Enterprise on the SciFI Channel and seeing the depiction of the arrigant Vulcans, it was fun to watch the Planet Vulcan explode.

All in all what do some of you people expect from an independent Internet production. Do you really feel the f/x quality and acting would be that of the Lord Of The Rings or other Trek movies? Is it that hard to accept the production for what it is, a tribute to the Star Trek universe in the day’s when all we have to look forward to is a fake Kirk, Spock, and Crew.

Call me overly cridical on this topic (new Star Trek Movie) but how would Led Zepplin fans, like myself, feal if their reunion concert was peformed by a cover band who looked like them?

150. Linda1639 - December 23, 2007

To try and keep things in perspective, here is an analogy:

JJ Abrahams is planning a one week vacation for himself and Paramount gives him 10K and a personal vacation planner to handle all the details.

Fan Films have to use their own money, they have to plan it themselves and they only have $10.

The difference between the financial and people resources JJ has and films such as NV, STOGAM and Exeter is as wide a gap as the scenario above. So when JJ is sipping a margarita in first class on his way to Paris, the producer of the fan film if sitting is his backyard drinking a beer and looking at pictures of Paris. :-)

151. Gallifrey1983 - December 23, 2007

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that and am looking forward to parts 2 and 3. I particularly enjoyed the expanded roles for Uhura, Chekov and Harriman. Thanks to everyone who helped make that possible.

152. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 23, 2007

What’s up with Checkov waiting s-o-o-o long for a promotion?
Sorry for the honest critique fellas. Still, nice effort.

#100. Multitrek
Great point about seeing some reactions to Kirk’s death.
Closure. Just in time, and with a year to reflect before we see Kirk 2.0.

#133. Dennis Bailey
“traveling functioning museum ship”

153. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 23, 2007

#133. Dennis Bailey
“traveling functioning museum ship” Great point!

– post error in last message.

154. Ty Webb - December 23, 2007

I thought part 1 was excellent. Much better then I was imagining it to be. It really engaged me. Looking forward to the rest. Also, Cawley, he was good. He can act really well when he’s not trying to be shatner. ;)

155. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 23, 2007

*sigh* NOBODY is comparing OGaM to a feature film! As far as I can tell NOBODY expects that!

It’s being compared to other FAN films. And of that comparison, only the visual effects fall short (at least in my opinion). Being “free” to the fans and having limited resources is no excuse for visuals that could have matched in quality the works of other FAN peers!

What’s so difficult to understand about what I and a couple others are saying?

There’s nothing unfair or mean about critiquing the visual effects of OGaM against it’s peers.

The end. lol

156. diabolk - December 23, 2007

Poor NIchelle, years of wearing big heavy earrings has stretched her earlobes way down!

157. eagle219406 - December 23, 2007

I may be wrong, but I remember them saying that when Part 1 premiered, they would have a date set for part II. I don’t remember seeing a date posted. Am I wrong or what? The part was however great.

#136. I saw some differences in the quality. But the difference I saw was in DS9. I didn’t watch more than just a few episodes of it during the seasons because I felt it just didn’t have the excitement of the others. While the other series had the people going to different worlds and meeting new people. DS9 just stayed in one place and the people of other worlds came to them.

158. Anthony Pascale - December 23, 2007

i have added this to the article, but I have been told part 2 should be available around the end of January plus or minus a few weeks.

159. Ty Webb - December 23, 2007

Bit of a long wait for part 2 then.

160. Prologic9 - December 23, 2007

“Bit of a long wait for part 2 then.”

Not really, compared to others its almost short. I really don’t like the multi-part releases that some fanfilms take. If it is essentially 1 self contained story you should just wait until the whole thing is done and release it.

You’ve no good motivation for doing otherwise.

161. Chris Dawson - December 23, 2007

I am the VFX Supervisor on STOGAM.

Thanks for all the critiques, positive or otherwise.

But Wow! What a creaming some of you have given my team’s efforts.
(I wonder if this is how the Director felt after making Star Trek Five . . . ?)

Well, You are the audience and You are what matters. I am sorry if our work didn’t live up to your expectations – I never expected to have read some of what I did here.

While I don’t agree with some of you about the comparisons to other fan films, I nonetheless, and as a working professional in the VFX business (just look me up), am extremely Proud of our VFX team and what they accomplished with little or no resources. We are each of us fans in the extreme and were driven to create the best we could and that is what you are seeing.

I will say, as I am a working VFX professional, I’ll take this team over any other, because they could do what they did with nothing.
No DAVE School resources or VFX studio resources as the comparisons productions are able to enjoy. Just their home computers, some volunteered time and a Fan’s Passion for Star Trek. They have learned alot and each have come a long way during the making of this project.
And I would like to publicly Thank them for an incredible (and on-going) effort! And certainly to our Producers for having us aboard.

So I hope that some of you guys can find some enjoyment to the show.
I certainly did and while I have been there many times on set with Picard, Riker and the gang, nothing could compare with being at Vasquez Rocks and knocking over the Guardian of Forever set peice at the end of the shooting day!

So for those of you who feel the VFX weren’t up to par, and seem to be mad about it, the good thing about today’s level of technology is that you too can go out there and make your own film. So go for it!

Best regards – Star Trek Lives!

162. Neal - December 23, 2007

Wow, that was a ton of fun. What an incredible piece of work for something not done by a major studio. Just a wondrous little treasure to cherish. None of these folks *needed* to be doing this piece. But they did, and my xmas is a little brighter as a result. THANKS!

163. Edith Keeler - December 23, 2007

Its almost as if they took anyone who was ever in Star Trek – anyone who said “yes” to a chance to do Trek again (usually because they are unemployed) – and then morph the plot such that they’d have something to do or say.

So what if every old cliche was reused from other ST stories – and the plot drags along as some of these folks have to remember what it means to actually “act” (i.e. to be an actor).

And of course Cawley has to be in it – so that now means that Kirk had a nephew – one who also inherited a tendency to exaggerate Shatner’s quirks – and overact (am I being redundant).

At least Vulcan blew up nicely (tip of the hat to the VFX crew)

164. MiamiTrek - December 23, 2007

Re: #161

I am appalled by some of the comments made on this, and as I mentioned in my previous post (#56), we should be grateful that these productions aren’t hindered by the studio suits.

The fact that you have pointed out that you made the vfx without the resources available to other fan productions makes this an even more admirable effort on your parts.

At least from Miami, you have my deepest gratitude for gathering some of our favorite actors and creating a fun ride. I am SO looking forward to the 2nd & 3rd parts.

As far as some of you (specifically #137), you could have expressed your critique without being so crass. These people busted their humps to bring us this adventure. Critique is fine, but being cruel and insulting is just unnecessary and very un-Trek-like.

165. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

Dear Mr. Dawson,

I for one, want to thank you for what I consider a very good Star Trek episode. I think it is well done and you and your colleagues captured the essence of Star Trek quite well- better than some episodes of the spin-off series and better than some of the movies; even better than some of the (worse) episodes of TOS. I really enjoyed it and felt you guys understood what TOS was about, and the effects, while not that of a “major budget film” (how could they be?) were absolutely fine.
I don’t know how closely you read the posts here, regarding all topics, not just your production. If I were you I would not take it personally. Some of the people who post here are quite pleasant, but there is a large proportion of extremely negative people. You should see what is said about Star Trek -Remastered. I once wrote a sarcatic post claiming that CBS-D (the remastered team) was singlehandedly responsible for my wife leaving me, becoming penniless, and my being diagosed with a disease giving me six months to live. That’s what some of the negativity on this site approaches. I can only assume that some of this negativity originates not with the quality of the work being critiqued, but the quality of the person doing the negative posting. Misery loves company. Not liking something is fine; but when people spew venom they don’t realize they are just projecting their own self-hatred and sense of powerlessness. It is often an attempt to feel powerful when they feel so small,. It can sometimes also be about anger that is transferred from other places in their lives- but they don’t realize it.

Re: #136 DavidJ : I noted the harsher and more negative tone of this site versus my more positive experience at conventions.You wrote, in your explanation as to why posters here are so negative compared to convention-goers:
“There are basically two groups of Trek fans: Those who lovingly embrace ALL the TV series and movies and somehow don’t see any difference in quality, and those (like me) who basically feel the franchise went downhill after DS9. Considering that most of the guests to these things now are VOY and ENT actors, it’s not really a surprise that the second, more critical group isn’t going to have as much interest in going.”

I don’t agree with your thesis. that people at conventions are undiscriminating lovers of all things Trek, especially all the spinoffs, etc.
I honestly don’t share your experience. I go to conventions and I am a middle-aged primarily TOS fan. I like only some of the spinoffs. I feel all of pale by comparison to TOS. I actually dislike DS9. So I am certainly not a mindless undiscriminating lover of all things Trek. Moreover, when I go to conventions it is when TOS actors are there, and most in the audience seem to be there to see the same TOS actors. It is a very nice, warm crowd full of positive energy. I think internet draws a different crowd than those at cons. In that point l do agree with you- but I draw a very different conclusion. Perhaps more negative people are drawn to the net in the first place. Additionally, once there, some people feel empowered to spew venom from the anonymity of the internet in a way they would never consider doing in person. Combine these factors you get a different and much more negative tone here than at conventions.

Re: 131 New Horizon: While I appreciate your civil and thoughtful tone, I disagree. IMO, it doesn’t seem like “courage” for so many posters to be so venemous on the internet; it seems more like cowardice, actually. Courage can be defined as being afraid and doing something worthwhile anyway. There is no courage without fear. There is nothing to be afraid of in sitting behind our computers, inaccessible and unknowable, launching attacks. It just allows certain people, lacking inner controls, to act badly.

Anyway, my main point—
Mr. Dawson, thank you for making my Trek world a little fuller and a little better. Good Work! And think about the source of the criticisms. Some may have merit, but I hope you don’t take them as an actual reflection of your work (unless of course, you agree with their criticisms). I hope you consider them more as reflections of the posters and of the internet.

166. Dennis Bailey - December 23, 2007

I can’t speak for the resources available to other low-budget films, but with the exception of the shuttlecraft shots and one or two others in Act Three of “Exeter” the CG has all been done on a single Sony VAIO that I bought for home use in 2003, using Lightwave 7.5. :lol:

167. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 23, 2007

Boy, if you guys think saying the CG in OGaM doesn’t hold up when compared that of Exeter and NV is “mean” then I’d hate to see what you’d do if a real critic came in here. Speaking for myself, I think I was pretty soft…not mean at all. To me, the FX in OGaM look video gamey.

Sorry if that offends or hurts anyone…that’s my opinion and it’s not to be mean, it’s just the way it looks to me.

Anyone working in the entertainment/film industry really needs to develop a thicker skin because you’re going to run into MUCH tougher critics than me or even some others on here.

You can’t go and cry everytime someone says “Gee, that could’ve been better”. Just go out there…heed the comments (or not)…and improve the work. But damn…don’t cry about how “mean” the critics are!

No one has been singled out in a meanspirited campaign. It’s all about the aesthetic of the work…how it matches up with the live action and how (rightly or wrongly, you are going to be compared to other fan productions!) you measure up to those who set the bar before you.

There’s no reason to cry about it…that’s just how it goes.

I’ve done CG work. There’s people out there that lap what I do/have done…you don’t see me boo-hooing about it. I just look at the better work and say “What do I have to do to get to THAT level? — cos, damn…there work kicks my ass”.

But…again, even so…working with a KNOWN product like Star Trek has an added burden of comparison. That’s just the way it is.


168. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

167. Mr Snuffleupacus – December 23, 2007 writes:
“Boy, if you guys think saying the CG in OGaM doesn’t hold up when compared that of Exeter and NV is “mean” then I’d hate to see what you’d do if a real critic came in here.”

Well, let’s see…could the following posts be considered “mean,” or is that just people being too thin-skinned? Let’s look at some posts, and we can all decide for ourselves:

#137: ” how embarassing for you guys. If I had volunteered to work on this fan series I would be really embarassed and quite angry actually. ”

97″:… I honestly couldn’t sit through it. The story just isn’t doing anything for me. The editing is choppy, dialogue is lame…(do we really have to site through a debate about “The needs of the Many”? Shamelessly referencing the old movies so blatantly is amateurish)….Sadly, the SFX are extremely bad. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…I honestly thought I was watching some horrible video game…the composition and execution of the shots are just horrible.”

“What an awful production. Stilted acting, bad camera work. My browser did me a favor and crashed about half way though.”

Actually, upon reviewing the posts there are a lot of nitpickers but only a few mean statements, but in my opinion the ones above qualify. So the way I see it, there are a lot of negative nitipickers but only a few truly mean posts. But, like the local news, the more sensationalist posters make an out-of-proportion impact. Many of the posts are quite postive about the production. Perhaps, like the well-behaved, “good kids” in a classroom, they get overlooked while the loud disruptive ones unfortunately get too much attention.
So, to the crew who made this production, keep it in mind…Many people think you did a very good job, including me, and are grateful.

169. seven ate nine - December 23, 2007

For those who are having streaming problems, let it buffer first. Then play. How do we do this? Push pause, and let the secondary bar go to the end so you have no problems. I did this using windows media player and watched happily.

To those who don’t understand the need for a working museum starship: Space is big. The Federation is big. Why not have a museum ship come to your town or planet? It makes sense to have it come around you, rather than you go to it. After all, recreated filming sets are going on tour as the “star trek tour” 50,000 square feet of exhibit space -like a museum you can walk through- and it’s probably coming to a city or town near you this year. So, why not a starship you can walk through? We in society do have museum tall ships that actually sail. Or, have you never heard of the Lady Washington? As for the working ships systems such as transporters, are you going to walk to the ship from the surface? And if not that justifies transporters and warp drive, as well as sheilds, limited phaser capability, and most of the other systems.

Since the museum ship is also a military vessel if I might point out, that’s why the movie era uniforms are present except for the captain, and why they plot course for M622 to tend to the call. Currently all maritime vessels are obligated to render aid under merchant marine laws and similar laws probably exist in the trek future.

Hope this clears up some of the confusion, explains some history and workings of the real world and how it applies to trek, and aids some of those less tech savvy in need.

I personally enjoyed the film and want to see the others that complain and critcize do something of this magnitude. That way we get more trek in the least, then we can pick apart other’s work that already picked apart this with out seeing it all.

So to the makers of the film, best trek I’ve seen of late! I’s damn good so far.

170. Chris Dawson - December 23, 2007

166. Dennis Bailey: That’s the spirit that I love to see – it takes some guts and gusto to actually get in there and do the work, with not much resources, you have to just go for it.
And while I haven’t seen your fanfilm (I will make a point of it tho), I think your Enterprise A mesh is one of the finest I have ever seen, so I can imagine that your work is equally excellent. I actually thought to myself upon reading one of your first comments that your opinion was actually one I valued – good or bad.
So my hat’s off to you sir! Wished I had you on our team!!
I’ll see you out there in the future I hope.
Lightwave rocks BTW!

171. New Horizon - December 23, 2007

168. Gary Seven –

I honestly don’t think I was being mean Gary, I was giving my reaction to how the finished product made me FEEL. I didn’t say, “The writers, CGI artists, editors and directors all suck. How I feel about a webisode does not translate to how I FEEL about the people who worked behind the scenes to produce it. I congratulated them for staying the course and reaching the goal…and then I went on to express how watching the webisode made me feel. I didn’t slander anyone, but i also didn’t candy coat my feelings. I simply told the truth about how I felt. It can be tough to take, but I know how it feels and would rather hear the truth than be spoon fed lies. I’ve been a member of a PC Game Mod team for the last 3 years, and I’ve dealt with some pretty harsh criticism to our work….far more personal and arrogant. I’m sorry if any feelings were hurt…it’s nothing personal…but that’s just how I felt. In my own defense, I had just gotten home from playing a show with my band and had only slept 6 hours in the last 48 hours…so it’s possible that I might have chosen to be a little more delicate had I been well rested. All the same, I still don’t think the post was mean…brutally honest, but not mean.

172. Edith Keeler - December 23, 2007

#168 Typical Trekkie reaction – if there are people on the screen with pointy ears and starships then it has to be good, by definition. Story telling and acting are secondary, I guess. Anyone who points out glaring flaws is being mean.

What did Shatner say on SNL? Oh yes: “Get a Life”.

173. John_Pemble - December 23, 2007

OK, really this fim looked poor, was acted poor, and was written poorly. I wanted to like it but as many have said for the number of professionals involved in this production it should not be this poor. This isn’t the ordinary fan fam but it looks worse than the ordinary fan film and I did not expect that.

174. Edith Keeler - December 23, 2007

Yet the latest installment from STNV- with Sulu and his daughter was novel, well-paced, character- and plot-driven, and in the end – it was haunting and poignant – in the best tradition of Star Trek.

It is possible for “amateurs” to equal the work of professionals. And sometimes even surpass.

175. Dylan Messer - December 23, 2007

The effects crew could take a few lessons from Starship Exeter. The effects are so fake it’s not even funny!

176. Gary Seven - December 23, 2007

172. Edith Keeler writes, in response (reaction?) my observation that certain posters can demonstrate a harsh, critical, and negative tone:

#168 Typical Trekkie reaction – if there are people on the screen with pointy ears and starships then it has to be good, by definition. Story telling and acting are secondary, I guess. Anyone who points out glaring flaws is being mean.

What did Shatner say on SNL? Oh yes: “Get a Life”.

Well, I doubt that anything I could have written could have highlighted my point more clearly than was demonstrated in this post. I just wanted voice some opinions on the tone some people take. But I have no wish to fuel this fire; it is becoming boring and pointless to me. I will make no more posts on this topic.

177. roebeet - December 23, 2007

I am also appalled at some of the comments. Admittedly – as a Trek fan, I really want these “fan” films to be great. But my comments, after watching this:

– It’s a low-budget film. I keep trying to get a handle on what this must cost overall. Are the actors even being paid, or are they using this more as a vehicle to be seen? I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t have a mainstream movie budget. It may not even have a budget close to a typical one-hour drama series. Some have tried to compare this to a DS9 or Voyager episode, but that’s not really fair.

– The CGI effects are not great, but I don’t really care. TOS was never about the effects, it was always about the storylines and character interaction. Would I like the CGI to blow me away? Of course. But I understand if it does not. As it looks right now, it’s good enough to move the story along. I did like the last scene, however (will not mention what happened, to those who did not see it, yet).

– The acting so far is a mix. The professional actors did a good job, overall. Even if you never saw Star Trek, it’s pretty obvious who the professionals are.

– Camera work. I assume they used hand-helds either for budgetary reasons or for artistic reasons (or both). At least it was consistent. One thing that bothered me was too many closeups with heads chopped off, imo – maybe this was shot in 4:3, and then cropped to 16:9, later? Not sure.

– Writing. I can’t really judge that completely until I see the entire film. Seems pretty tight, overall.

– Sound. It was obvious that they incorporated as much Trek-related sound effects as possible. Hard to judge the quality on a flash player.

– Music. I didn’t like the mix too much, but again I understand that this is a low-budget film. I’m going to assume that the music score is all computer generated and original. It did not detract, but it did not enhance greatly, either.

Overall, and again assuming a shoestring budget, I think it was well done. Looking forward to Part 2…

178. seangh - December 23, 2007

Wow, after struggling to get the streaming to work, I actually managed to download the flv file and played it back on my desktop – much better experience, though the bit rate is still too low given the 850 x 480 resolution, and it’s also mono – yuck.

My review in a nutshell –

Story is good and it goes in a different direction then your typical timeline plots. I like the inclusion of the guardian.

The acting is pretty good. Nichelle Nichols is EXCELLENT – wow she is a talent and I hope we see more of her in fan and professional productions. The production gets a real boost with mostly veteran actors – no offense to James Cawley – but he has a hard time keeping up with the pros in the one scene he shares with them as Kirk’s whimpish nephew (commanding a museum ship? Way to go! Do your Uncle proud.)

The sets and settings are good. I particularly like the Vulcan planet – looking more like an Elfish village than a volcanic rock. Some my find that annoying, but I liked it. The Enterprise sets are spot on.

I found the handheld camera work annoying. It’s not well conceived of and it looks like they were going for a BattleStar Galactica look, but its just too inconsistent and seems as if they wanted to avoid setting up a tripod or spending the cash on a steadicam system.

The film also suffers from a sub-par audio track. Many of the sound fx are simply dropped in as if a video game. Especially the exterior space shots of the Enterprise shooting at the shuttle – the phaser sound is very flat, no resonance (though a mono track probably does it no justice.) Also, the sound mix is poor, often the dialog is just too quiet. It appears there was little or no ADR (again not a surprise given the budget) so with live sound, you get obvious drop offs and echo.

Most disappointing are the effects. Sorry, but all you get here are video game quality. Granted, I watched a relatively low resolution flv file, but …still somewhat dissappointing. I give the FX team props for inventive camera swoops and motion, but the models just look blah. The nacelle caps – forget about it – as bad as any you have ever seen I’m afraid.

So over all? A fine effort for a fan film. Good acting and interesting story that unfortunately is let down by some poor camera and sound work, and mediocre effects.

179. Driver - December 23, 2007

How in the world can the VFX or the whole production for that matter, be appreciated through that godawful streaming video?

Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Citizen Cain, to name a few, if seen through that, would be as bad and as badly criticized.

There may be a good show there, but not the way it is presented.

180. JerrSpud - December 24, 2007

I thought it was pretty good. I don’t need to right 300 words for my OPNION to mean more. But for free, It was excellent and I enjoyed it.

181. Jim Smith - December 24, 2007

I am on the only one to have no problems with the streaming at all? I mean none, zip, nada, it played without hitch the first time I asked it to and it never buffered or messed up once? (I had the same thing with ‘World Enough and Time’ which was a leisurely, problem view free also.)

182. JerrSpud - December 24, 2007

If you really want to complain, …..I was alive when V came out. This was way better

183. Jim Smith - December 24, 2007

140# – What the hell does “World Enough and Time” mean anyway?

It’s a quote from the poem ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) and as such fits into a long Star Trek tradition of titling episodes using quotations from Renaissance English writing that spans from as early as ‘Dagger of the Mind’ to as late as ‘In A Mirror, Darkly’. HTH

184. DEMODE - December 24, 2007

I’m not to upset with the effects. With a fan film like this, it would be easy to do a “remastered” version down the road. I think of this film as constantly evolving.

The acting was good, for the most part. I really liked Ruck’s performance as Harriman. You could see he had matured in to a fine Captain. Would love to see a fanfilm surrounding him and his Enterprise someday.

185. Dennis Bailey - December 24, 2007

#170 – Thanks, Chris. I appreciate that.

#182: “If you really want to complain, …..I was alive when V came out. ”

Now *that’s* putting it in perspective. :lol:

186. Balock - December 24, 2007

well, I’ll be very critical of the new JJ movie, but I appreciated and enjoyed this. I thought the acting was fine, Nichelle looked great…

187. Balock - December 24, 2007

BTW, I’m in love with the green girl…

188. Blowback - December 24, 2007

I enjoyed Episode 1 and I am looking forward to the remaining story.

This was perhaps the first fan film where the story didn’t make me squirm in my seat and the acting was a cut above other offerings. While there are influences from different eras of Trek they didn’t feel jammed together like some other offerings.

189. Paul carey - December 24, 2007

I thought it was great, the only thing that bothered me was (apart from the smiling Vulcan kids) why were Harriman and the others caught up in the alternate timeline? surely they would have been immune to it because of their proximity to the guardian, just as Kirk and co were in City on the edge of Forever.?

190. Illinois TOS fan - December 24, 2007

Once again, thank you to all involved for the enormous effort. Seeing the TOS actors in uniform again is such a treat. To the film makers, remember there are a billion Trek fans who think only they really know Trek and spend all their time fantasizing about it (not that there is anything wrong with that!), so they are very critical. I look forward to parts II and III.

191. james.t - December 24, 2007

I thought it was good that they made the movie because it has been awhile since we saw any star trek. I also think that it was a good idea to show how important Kirk was to star trek.

192. littlegreenman - December 24, 2007

189. Paul carey – December 24, 2007

I thought it was great, the only thing that bothered me was (apart from the smiling Vulcan kids) why were Harriman and the others caught up in the alternate timeline? surely they would have been immune to it because of their proximity to the guardian, just as Kirk and co were in City on the edge of Forever.?
Thanks for the comments – Vulcan kids are offspring of Uhura and Stonn’s son, Sevar. Uhura encouraged them to show emotions in her presence.

Normally, those in proximity to the GOF would be immune, however, if you notice, Charlie turns and nods, activating the GOF, which indicates he has complete control over it. He has arranged for our three heroes to be altered like everyone else. (If you can’t hurt Kirk, you make the ones he helped, suffer.)

You’ll learn more later –

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer
Star Trek Of Gods and Men

193. Jupiter1701 - December 24, 2007

I give the people responsible for this project a lot of credit for pulling it all together and giving it the good old college try. Good for you — you all deserve an A for effort, by coming up with something with limited means.

But truthfully, the only appeal it has for me is to see the faces of the actors I’ve grown to love. The actual stories for most of these fan-made productions are way too fanboyish for my taste. They just don’t engage me in any emotional or intellectual manner.

I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion. If you like these fan-made episodes, I’m not knocking you. Let’s just agree that you like vanilla, and I like chocolate.

194. sean's clone - December 24, 2007

I actually really enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was very good, espescially Nichols – she is awesome.

Yeah, FX could be better, but they work for this show as such a small format.

Nice work STOGAM team!

just an aside:

I had a real hard time getting the film to play without stopping all the time. I found the video on blip.tv, but it doesn;t stream much better there either, but at least you can download the full flv file and play that if you have a flash video player.

195. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - December 24, 2007

hey guys, i think the smiling vulcans were uhura’s children and grandchildren, a sort of reverse spock thing where they’ve chosen to allow the mother’s foolish human emotions.
i could be wrong.
i was wrong once before.
but it turned out that i was right after all.
good holiday to all.

196. Ed - December 24, 2007

Looked really good, had a hell of a time watching the thing because it was choppy. Am downloading and will watch it again after. It is nice to have something new though, even if it isn’t ‘offical canon’.

197. Andy Patterson - December 24, 2007

I have to say this is my favorite of the Trek fan films. The tight editing, the acting, the visuals, the story. I thought it was great! Dare I say, I believe this felt more like a Star Trek film than most of the feature films to me. Great to see all the old faces in there. Great! Loved it.

On another note,James Cawley should be proud. He paved the way for this with all his hard work on his projects. Many thanks to him and his dedication and hard work.

Good stuff. Looking forward to the next part.

Merry Christmas everybody

198. Andy Patterson - December 24, 2007

Also…..too bad they couldn’t have gotten Robert Walker Jr. to play Charlie X. Recent pictures I’ve seen of him, he looks great.

199. Scott Nakada - December 24, 2007

To all who really enjoyed part one and thanked the actors and production crew, I give you my depest thanks. You will be happy with parts 2 and 3. Putting out a film like this really is a huge effort. And your thanks really is greatly appreciated.

To those who critiqued the film to death, I hope other aspiring film makers that are reading this learn from errors that were made. Even pros under very tight filming constraints can make errors which show up in the harshest light of critique, or it is important to remember that (and it does sting to hear so much negative feedback) some critiques are simply mentioned because they are sprinklings of personal flavoring. None-the-less, I thank you for caring.

For those who have been viewed as being mean spirited…. I hope you as well as everyone else will enjoy parts 2 and 3.

And #59, thanks for the complement on the Phaser Props. Yes, they were my work from design to finish. There’s more of my original prop work throughout the film. Different time periods, and time lines lots of possibilities.

To all: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


Scott Nakada
Assistant Art Director
Property Master
Star Trek: of Gods and Men

200. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 24, 2007

Oh, I wouldn’t miss parts 2 and 3 for all the tea in China! :-)

However, I’ll be back with more honest and opinionated (not mean-spirited) critiques for each and all! :-)


201. Scott Nakada - December 24, 2007

James Cawley,

I forgot to mention in my previous post, thanks again to you and your crew for the use of your sets and the dedication of you cast and crew, for helping make this all happen. If you need my help or services in the future, Please let me know.

And to the Cast and Crew of Star Trek: of Gods and Men, I hope we can all work together again, if you need my help or services contact me.

Scott Nakada
Property Master
Assistant Art Director
Star Trek: of Gods and Men

202. James Cawley - December 24, 2007

You are a class act ! people looking for cool props, this guy can deliver!
James Cawley

203. Andy Patterson - December 24, 2007

I have a warm glow right now. This film. All the positive comments here. Might be the egg nog too.

Merry Christmas again.

204. Tom Moore - December 24, 2007

We plan to put out an better quality version of the part 1, with some color correction and other tweaks. Right now is the holidays and some of the key people in this are not available. I can tell you the there is a night and day difference between the source files and the flashed version in the player now. We could have delayed again, but since there were already delayed a couple time we were not going to miss the december 22nd deadline. Once we do get a better version out we will get the word out for you guys to look at it again. My thanks also to ALL the crew of OGAM and James and his team, with out them this would never have happened.

So what will parts 2 and 3 be like? Well Part 2 has by far the best acting performances of the 3 parts and Part 3 will have a ton of action and some cool revelations and a heartfelt ending.

Thanks also to Anthony to this article, i will try to get you part 2 a bit quicker than this part so you have more time to review it.

– Tom Moore
– STOGAM Webmaster & PR

205. Sam Belil - December 24, 2007

#204 — Now you really got me excited about parts 2 and 3. With ALL due respect, please get them out as soon as possible!!!!!!! Once a again — GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Cawley — you too!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK on NV!!!!!!!!!

206. gary seven's cat - December 24, 2007


207. hitch1969© - December 24, 2007

Look – I just torrented this movie and want to say fan effing tastic.


DO NOT let the playa hataz sway your optimism, or your endurance. I say that to ALL the fan productions happening out there. I dont know why this particular joint gets the spike from so many in da hood. It was worth the wait, all the hype… I am so looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

The sense of entitlement among some of the fans just completely blows me away. Lets talk reasonably here. Imagine a universe without these folks and what they put together, oh yeah, um… for FREE on the interwebs.

Cawley… you’re GOLD. Nice to see the interoperability with other folks trying to do what you do so well. Nice to see these folks acknowledge you in their work. Wow… I just cannot even believe the negativity that I am reading about any of this.


please make more. be competitive in the process but also help each other out as you have done. WE ALL WIN.



208. Supervisor 194 (code name Gary Seven) - December 24, 2007


Nice to meet you

209. Andy Patterson - December 24, 2007

Hey Scott Nakada,

Nice work.

What’s the possibility of you making a servo pen like Gary Seven used? I doubt it’s high on Master Replicas list of things. I’ve written them but who would know? I’ve never gotten a reply. That’d be sweet if you could make one that had sounds and all. I think you’d have a market for that. I’d but it.

Never hurts to ask.

210. Ryan T. Riddle - December 24, 2007

For a low-budget Trek movie, this one isn’t bad. Sure there are a few glitches here and there, especially in video delivery quality, but I enjoyed watching the interactions of Nichols, Koenig, Cawley, and Ruck. I also like the idea of a traveling museum ship. My major problem, whether scripted or by editing, is the transitions in this first third. It seems the pacing is a bit rushed once the universe as we know it is changed. It would’ve helped to bridge the last Uhura scene with her son with another scene or buffered it with the scene with Alt-Chekov and his fellow revolutionary before showing us Vulcan’s destruction.

211. littlegreenman - December 25, 2007

Thanks Ryan T. Riddle,

But you said it, it’s a low budget Trek movie. Alas, we did have a lot more written, but just couldn’t do everything we wanted to – Who knows? Maybe in the future, we could shoot and insert those lost scenes (more than likely not, but hey, I can dream).

Thanks again to all for their comments – both positive and negative. We appreciate the feedback.

Oh, Happy Holidays to everyone out there.

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer
Star Trek Of Gods and Men

212. eagle219406 - December 25, 2007

#192 thought it was great, the only thing that bothered me was (apart from the smiling Vulcan kids) why were Harriman and the others caught up in the alternate timeline? surely they would have been immune to it because of their proximity to the guardian, just as Kirk and co were in City on the edge of Forever.?

I was wondering the same thing myself. I posted a similar comment. It’s possible that when Charlie activated it, he disabled whatever it was that protected nearby people from the time change. But I’ve also noticed that Uhura is getting flashes and images. She could be getting glimpses of the previous timeline.

213. Edith Keeler - December 25, 2007

OK, let me get this straight – since this indie episode is about Star Trek – it is for that reason – and that reason alone – that it is only supposed to be praised? It is not possible that it has flaws – and these flaws cannot be mentioned? Moreover – because people worked hard on it – only nice things should be said? No criticism is allowed?

214. Phil123 - December 25, 2007

I see James Crawley is here! Love your show. I have been trying to find out why your first spock has lelft. Jeff Quin was it? I liked him. Hope your new guy is as good.

as for OGAM, not bad. i really couldn’t care about the graphics, good graphics add to Trek, good characters and stories make Trek. OGAM had enough of the latter two to keep me happy.

215. Anthony Pascale - December 25, 2007

Hi Ethan, Jack, James, and others from OGAM and other films. it’s great to see so many indie trek film folks here interacting with the fans.

OGaM sure has people talking. I do agree that some people can be nitpicky or even ‘mean’ in critiques, however I do believe that all indie films are fair game for critiques and analysis. All the people behind these films that I have talked to agree that even though they are free, that does not make them immune for criticism.

I have made my views clear in the past…I find many of the so called fan films unwatchable. I do think that STNV and OGaM have raised the bar and have produced some good Trek. I see a lot of potential in Exeter as well, but will reserve judgment until they finish their latest episode. I hope we see more and more productions.

Here at TrekMovie.com we have been trying to cover these projects more in the weekly trek wrap ups and with periodic ‘front page’ reports on the big ones. In 2008 I expect to increase our coverage of these fan films, but we will always call it as we see it when reviewing them.

216. Wil Jaspers - December 25, 2007

#200 Oh, I wouldn’t miss parts 2 and 3 for all the tea in China!

Hope you do so.

#200 However, I’ll be back with more honest and opinionated (not mean-spirited) critiques for each and all!

Please do, and if you DO see something you like, please mention that also.

#213 OK, let me get this straight – since this indie episode is about Star Trek – it is for that reason – and that reason alone – that it is only supposed to be praised? It is not possible that it has flaws – and these flaws cannot be mentioned? Moreover – because people worked hard on it – only nice things should be said? No criticism is allowed?

Do not think so, guess that is what this board is for, ain’t it.
And flaws indeed have to be mentioned, but comparing one third of a movie with a full episode of NV or Exeter or whatever show, is (in my opinion) a bit unfair when it comes to storytelling and or acting.
Maybe you will have other thoughts after watching how the story evolves, maybe it will get more interesting and will the actors have something to play with.

Anyhow, hope you all will be back after seeing the whole show, because I surely like to read the comments, positive and negative.

217. NZorak - December 25, 2007

Wow, I don’t have the time to read through all of those comments, so I’ll just say that I’m incredibly impressed. Yes, it has its weaknesses, mainly in the special effects department, but that is to be expected, and so what? Great acting, great story…. it’s as though they skipped right over aspiring to TV quality and went for movie quality. Also glad to see something that is not guided by business concerns or network interference. This is what Trek is all about and I very much look forward to parts 2 and 3. I hope they put this out in a format that will allow me to burn it to DVD and watch it with better resolution on my flat panel.

218. Edith Keeler - December 25, 2007

#216: “And flaws indeed have to be mentioned, but comparing one third of a movie with a full episode of NV or Exeter or whatever show, is (in my opinion) a bit unfair when it comes to storytelling and or acting.”

Newsflash – if you don’t catch an audience early on it is hard to win them back. Unlike a real episode they don’t have to sit around for 2 minutes through advertisements before you toss the rest at them. In this case, they have to wait months. If all you put out is this portion then you have to live with the criticism of a partial product.

But wait – your audience is automatic since it is about “Star Trek” – so I guess that does not matter.

219. littlegreenman - December 25, 2007

Edith Keeler,

By all means, continue your criticism. As mentioned from my first post, all comments, both positive and negative are welcomed. We note them all. Some of the production personnel are new to this, so they may have been a little put off by some of your remarks. They just have to realize that not everyone will be pleased by what they see.

We’ll just have to wait and see how well the entire production is received after all parts come out.

To everyone else,

It’s OK fellow Trek fans, allow Edith Keeler to carry on.

You see, Keeler is correct, just as Anthony has stated, if you put a product out there, it’s fair game for all.

Everyone has the same right to “like” or “not like” the film – whether you do or not, it’s entirely up to the individual.

The Vulcans are correct: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) – that applies to fans as well – and their right to perceive the film as they see fit.

Happy Holidays to All,

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer
Star Trek Of Gods and Men

220. Buckaroohawk - December 25, 2007

Late to the party as usual, but what the heck.

I just watched OGAM, Part 1, and I was impressed, overall. Nichelle Nichols is a standout among the cast, but then she always makes it look effortless. Walter Koenig is once again showing that when you give him a role, he can do it. I’d love to see him turn up on an episode of “Heroes” somewhere down the line. And I’ve been a fan of Alan Ruck since “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He’s given Captain Harriman some real gravitas here, rounding out a character that too often gets a short shrift in fan circles.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest, but I hope they can solve the streaming situation. The video was really choppy and it looked heavily compressed, which gives the production too much of an amateur look. After watching the smooth streams from “New Voyages,” “Exeter,” and “Starship Farragut,” it’s hard to believe the folks at OGAM can’t get the film on the ‘net in it’s true form. Honestly, it kept me from fully enjoying the movie. If they can solve that little problem, then I’m sure they’ll have a true hit on their hands.

221. littlegreenman - December 25, 2007

Buckaroohawk – Better late than never –

Please see post #204 by:

Tom Moore, STOGAM Webmaster & PR

He addresses your concerns –

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer
Star Trek Of Gods and Men

222. Zort - December 26, 2007

I think this was a wonderful effort, and I definitely want to see more, even if it’s choppy or streamed. My sincere congratulations, and appreciation, to everyone involved in putting together such an endeavour. This is just too much fun to miss.

223. Sam Belil - December 26, 2007

To those of you who insist on nit-picking over the special effects, please give me a break. Last time I looked TOS wasn’t exactly lighting it up with the special effects. I totally applaud the OGAM people (as well as NV and Exeter), because when it comes to good story telling they’re doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!! They are clearly keeping the spirit of TOS alive. I only hope that Abrams and company will bring the same spirit and passion that the OGAM, NV and Exeter people bring to their projects!!!!

224. Kobiashi Maru - December 26, 2007

I know they’re not allowed to sell these on DVD, but do you think they’d be open to “TAKING DONATIONS” for burning the DVD, once it’s finished? I know everybody on this board would love to buy one

225. DigitalRic - December 26, 2007

After watching the first installment, I had a few questions about the plot and story line. It didn’t seem to fit with the established “bible” of Star Trek. Reading some of the comments helped me sort through some of the problems that I had.

It occurred to me that if it took me a year of vignettes to learn that ROSEBUD was a sled, Citizen Kane would be the most panned movie in history. With a few exceptions, Star Trek was wrapped up in less than an hour. The whole internet movie release is going to require a different method of storytelling than that of television and movies. I can see a type of “24” style of episodic format that would allow each release to stand alone as well as dovetail into a larger canvas. This format would better lend itself to a cliffhanger type of ending.

At the end of the day, Star Trek was the anchor of the UPN network. It will be interesting to see how Star Trek as a vehicle will be used to establish/improve internet drama format.

Keep up the good work.

226. Tallguy - December 26, 2007

Wow! That was a bit of a read!

Dennis Bailey, you’re still my hero. Just saying.

For those that said nice things about our effects, thanks so much! For those that didn’t, thanks for the honesty. I still want to get a t-shirt made that says “If fired the shot that blew up Vulcan!” – with some much needed help from Chris Dawson.

I have to admit, this is a much better reception than I was expecting. I’ve been a Trek nerd all my life. We’re tough to please!

My only defensive comment would be that New Voyages has been up and running for YEARS now. Exeter too. Both have multiple episodes under their belt. New Voyages is now the team to beat. And before that it was Exeter. And yes, Dennis cranks it all out by himself on Exeter. I have NO idea how he does it.

— Bill Thomas
Digital Effect Director – Of Gods and Men

227. littlegreenman - December 26, 2007

Well seems like Dennis Bailey is quite respected for his cgi work by the OGaM team. And you can count me as one more admirer, but personally, his writing talents are what really garnered my respect. His TNG episode, Tin Man, is one of my favorites (in what I call the pivotal season for The Next Generation). Season 3 definitely turned the series around, raising the bar for future episodes. From then on, it got better and better – and never looked backed.

Thanks Dennis –

Jack Trevino
Co Writer & Associate Producer
Star Trek Of Gods and Men

228. Dennis Bailey - December 27, 2007

Well, thank you all for the kind words about my work. I really appreciate it. :)

There are several effects shots in Act III of Exeter that were done by the great folks at NEO FX (www.neo-fx.com), the same people who do the “Starship Farragut” CG. These were the shuttlecraft/hangar deck shots.

I agree about Season Three of TNG; I remember watching BOBW Part I and then seeing the coverage it got in TIME magazine, and saying to my collaborator Dave Bischoff – “you know, we lucked out – we got involved with this series at exactly the right time. The thing’s going to be huge.”

There was also a third writer who contributed to “Tin Man,” Lisa Putman. There were WGA problems with crediting the three of us (no, actually, there were *studio* problems with what the WGA required them to *pay* for three of us) which is why I chose to be billed as Dennis Putman Bailey. Credit where it’s due.

229. Trek is ideology - December 27, 2007

The vulcan ears look misaligned on several actors, which is a big distraction at some points. Make an effort to put those ears on more evenly. Why the mish-mash of costumes from different eras? It makes for an inconsistent look, also distracting.

230. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 27, 2007

Ok, well, now I feel bad.

Guys, the FX of the museum ship were beautiful. Unfortunately, not all the shots matched that — in my opinion. However, I am sure over time the FX will improve.

You obviously love Trek and put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your work. If my criticism came off harsh…please…find it in your collective hearts to forgive…

My words probably *read* harsher than the intent. Anyone hurling insults (as a couple of people here have done) is just beyond the beyond…and that’s not called for at all. I was simply trying to compare your work to what other peers had done.

I honestly look forward to each segment. As many have said, it’s great to have someone producing some kind of Trek — even online!

So, I raise my chalice to you guys! :-) Oh, uh…and thanks for all the Trek!

I have to say, it’s quite the honor to be able to converse (even under these crude circumstances) with a bunch of you guys…Dennis, Daren, and others. You all have this fans respect and admiration even if at times we don’t see eye to eye or this clunky form of communication gets in the way.

231. Roliba - December 27, 2007

Mr Snuff… (for fear of spelling errors, I’ll shorten your name :D), we of the CG crew spend a LOT of time comparing our shots with others as well, so I’ll cut you a break on that one (a bit:P).

There were a few shots that I felt bummed about as well, not because of what we did (although, there is always room for improvement, esspecially on shots that are over a year old at this point), but because of the compression of the video, which was set to allow more people to view the movie at one time than other wise would have been possible.

We always take critiques and observations for waht they are, another pair of eyes on the work, and maybe seeing things we didn’t, or at least from a fresh perpective. If we couldn’t take it, we wouldn’t put the work out there.

So, thanks for your interest and honest opinion.

Roland Baron
Lead Hard Surface Modeler/Texturer-Of Gods and Men

232. Tony2448 - December 29, 2007

Wow that sucked! Special effects look like The Superfriends

233. Sid - December 29, 2007

What I want to know is, who the hell edited Part 1? The back-and-forth between Evil Harriman and Ketrick was just perfectly handled in the trailer, but in the actual episode they felt it necessary to break up a really intense man-vs-man scene with pointless reaction shots of the bridge crew — you can FEEL the hatred between two sworn enemies in the trailer, but in the actual episode all the impact’s gone.

It follows throughout the entire show – you can see Tim Russ is definitely a good director, but the editor is a hack who just butchers potentially great scenes with stupid, pointless shots of 15 actors when it’s imperative to show an important moment between two.

Brilliantly done overall, except for some videogame-cutscene SFX (but then, it fits with the TOS atmosphere), but the editor really needs to be horsewhipped, forced to watch some TNG and movies, and banned from damaging OGAM or any other production ever again.

Can we see the Director’s Cut? Unless it’s Tim Russ doing the chopping, in which case CAN WE GET A DECENT EDITOR?

234. eagle219406 - December 29, 2007

#10 Anyone else get the fil Inalienable rather than Of Gods and Men? Unfortunately, I was not able to dedicate the time to view the entire film, but it seems like it might be promising. It was probably a fluke I got it at all since I read that it costs 299 to watch. Figures I get something for free and I couldn’t keep it to watch later. haha

I just saw this comment here. and it is probably really late in posting this but I wanted to say that, you can keep it to watch it later, and here’s how: YOu get the video link, and while the video screen is playing, add it to your favorites list. Then when you want to watch it again, you can click on the favorites.

235. eagle219406 - December 29, 2007


They had one. Don’t you remember Data?

236. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 29, 2007

Thanks Roland!

I look forward to seeing more…and remember: “Practice makes perfect”.


Live Long and Prosper,

237. AJ - December 29, 2007

Apart from the 10-minute sequence spent watching the bomb go to Vulcan, I found OGAM 1 enjoyable.

I didn’t get the chain of command on the Galactic Order ship, but it did not detract from the experience. Maybe a bit of fanfic details on the website would help so we can re-watch, and understand who has power under Harriman amidst all the yelling and posturing we saw on th bridge.

Anxiously awaiting part 2 and improved delivery. Download, please.

238. epkdxflca qefo - June 20, 2008

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