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A Tiny Christmas Spoiler For The New Star Trek December 25, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

All year long TrekMovie.com has been the leading site breaking news big and small for the new Star Trek movie. For Christmas we bring you one more little spoiler (below).

Tribble To Appear in ‘Star Trek’
TrekMovie.com has learned from a trusted source that the new Star Trek movie will have a cameo from the one of the most iconic Trek creatures…the Tribble. One of the small furry creatures will be seen in one scene, apparently in a cage or container of some sort.

Tribbles were first seen in the classic Original Series episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” where we learned that the cuddly things breeded faster than rabbits (McCoy noting “they’re born pregnant”) and that they don’t like Klingons. Tribbles later appear The Animated Series , Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise as well as Star Trek III. More on Tribbles at Memory Alpha.

Tribbles in “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”

Gerrold Approves
As the writer of “Trouble With Tribbles” (and the TAS episode “More Troubles, More Tribbles”), David Gerrold is truly the father of the tribbles. TrekMovie.com contacted the writer to ask him what he thought about them showing up in the new movie and he was quite enthusiastic about it. Gerrold tells TrekMoive.com

What a great idea! I think it is terrific. I am thrilled I think it is a funny idea. As long as it fits within the story and the Star Trek universe I am all for it.

By the way, this Saturday marks the 40th Birthday of the Tribble. “Trouble With Tribbles” first aired on Dec. 29, 1967.

Kirk gets Tribbled


1. Joe Coatar - December 25, 2007

Great move, tribbles = $$

2. David - December 25, 2007

Now that Tribbles are in the movie, we know for certain that it will be a success!

3. Kirk Thatcher - December 25, 2007

Thanks for the Christmas gift!

4. Will Decker - December 25, 2007

Kirk Thatcher?!
If this is who I think it is, I loved you as the punk on IV

And on to this new spoiler, it wouldn’t be TOS w/o the tribbles

5. Gerry Alanguilan - December 25, 2007

hmmm…. I don’t recall the tribbles on “Enterprise”. Can someone enlighten me. Advance thanks!

6. Devon - December 25, 2007

Yeah, I think I read where one of the tribbles was furious at JJ because they weren’t allowed to have a smoke break. I hope the producers respect Tribble canon and make them the right fluffiness. If not, I’m boycotting!

Thank you Anthony. Happy Holidays everyone!

7. Devon - December 25, 2007

BTW, Shatner will be furious to hear that the tribbles made it in, but he hasn’t yet.

8. Iowagirl - December 25, 2007

Tribbles, those marvellous creatures! And they can think of nothing else than to put them in a cage.

“Obviously tribbles are very perceptive creatures, Captain.”

9. FlyingTigress - December 25, 2007

#2 Yeah, but will it have flames on its sides, and hazel-colored eyes? :)

Seriously… now THIS is a sweet little tidbit piece of information.

10. FlyingTigress - December 25, 2007

#5 Second season. Episode “The Break” Near the end of the season, iirc

11. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him - December 25, 2007

RE: Enterprise
click the link above that says ‘more at memory alpha’

12. RandyYeoman - December 25, 2007

Mugatu is reported to be very dissapointed
He was quoted as saying “how can they have a tribble and not me. This is a bad business decision.”

13. Ron - December 25, 2007

You mean David Gerrold isn’t going to have a screaming fit and threaten litigation because one of his creations might be in the new movie? Good for him. A display of class that a certain other one-time Trek writer who recently made headlines here could learn from.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all!

14. Ralph - December 25, 2007

Shatner, tribbles in and you out!

15. Fortyseven - December 25, 2007

It’s fun to contrast his response with the one from the father of The Guardian. :P

16. Garibaldi - December 25, 2007

This is a little off topic.. but is this the new enterprise?


Came across it this morning? A christmas gift possibly?

17. FlyingTigress - December 25, 2007


Looks to be a new image of an, admittedly well-done, previously-discussed fan-generated Enterprise.

18. Michael - December 25, 2007

If they are born pregnant, it seems extra cruel to keep it in a cage.
I’m surprised that the Tribble Union isn’t striking over this!
(Small joke. I support the writers!)

1 million Quatloos says that Shatner is playing the father of Cyrano Jones!

My countdown timer says: 365 Days!

Thanks Anthony!
Merry Christmas to All.

19. star trackie - December 25, 2007

Glad I checked in, What a cool holiday surprise from Trek movie in my stocking. Love the ribbles, that’ll be fun.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a tribble-icious New Year!.

…now back to the sweet taters.

20. Michael - December 25, 2007

#16. Garibaldi – You’re new here aren’t you?
Please see #17. FlyingTigress’s answer.

21. Michael - December 25, 2007

Also, #16. Garibald, I meant no insult by the “you’re new here” comment.
I understand that you don’t get much up to date information way out there on Babylon 5. Being outside of the Federation and all.

Merry Christmas

22. Dennis Bailey - December 25, 2007

The tribble will be manufactured from one of Shatner’s early-1980s era toupees, obtained at a considerable price from a crewperson/collector who worked on “T.J. Hooker.” If nothing else, they’re hoping to get a bit of Shatner into the movie as a cameo this way.

23. Robert April - December 25, 2007

[Robert April rolls his eyes at Dennis Bailey’s last comment.]

24. Robert April - December 25, 2007


25. Jupiter1701 - December 25, 2007

I love Tribbles . . .

. . . . they taste like chicken, but with a little gamey flavor.

26. CmdrR - December 25, 2007

Oh Tribblebaum, Oh Tribblebaum…
I bet there are a ton of Easter eggs in this flick. Wonder if we’ll catch them all on the first viewing.


27. Meh - December 25, 2007

HAHA That shouldn’t cost much out of the budget to produce a few fur balls they probably thought ahh what the hell might as well :P

28. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - December 25, 2007

#16 – Thre’s a graphic artist who has posted several images on his website of how he thinks the Enterprise should look in the new film. So far, there hasn’t been one leaked image of the ship or the bridge set.

29. Kyle Nin - December 25, 2007

#10: I think you mean “The Breach”. And the tribble was only in one scene, when Phlox was showing it to Hoshi.

30. Lostrod - December 25, 2007

If Tribbles were in “Enterprise” and apparently in the new prequel movie – how come they were treated like a new spieces in their first appearance on TOS?

You would think the Enterprise computers would have an up to date database at it’s disposal.

But then again, wasn’t Kirk also unaware that his First Officer happened to be the son of the Vulcan ambassador until “Journey to Babel”? As commander of the starship, it would be “logical” to assume he read the bios of his staff upon taking command.

Just wondering.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

31. SPB - December 25, 2007

“They’re born pregnant.”

You mean like Jaime Lynn Spears?

32. SPB - December 25, 2007


Robin Williams has been tapped to cameo as the tribble.

33. Orbitalic - December 25, 2007

Seems to be the best place to repost this…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Trekmovie sent to me…
Twelve Batlehs spinning
Eleven (Dr.) Pipers piping
Ten Lord Garths a-leaping
Nine Vulcans laughing
Eight nacelles a-whirling
Seven o’ Nine, she’s dancing!
Six Hortas a-laying
Five Lat-inum bars!
Four Birds of Prey
Three Red Shirts
Two puzzled Spocks
And a Tribble in the command chair.

34. SPB - December 25, 2007


But no cameo for the Salt Vampire? Or a Tellarite? Or those pipe-cleaner puppets from “Catspaw?”

I’m boycotting this movie.

35. SPB - December 25, 2007


…this “new” tribble will most assuredly be some soap-opera pretty-boy from central casting.

36. Nelson - December 25, 2007

Seems like a Wrath of Khan kind of idea. By that I mean Chekov never met Khan in the series, yet he knows him in Trek 2. Yes, I know the Walter Keonig tongue-in-cheek explaination. : )

So I hope the tribbles and Kirk and crew won’t actually meet in the film. And given how much we’ve read here that they are aware of canon, I’m sure they won’t cross paths.

37. Gary Seven - December 25, 2007

Hey to all above:

No venom but a lot of truly funny and witty posts…

Thanks for the Christmas gift!

38. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - December 25, 2007

Merry X-mas from Marta and my mute knife wielding elves

39. Son of V'ger - December 25, 2007

“BTW, Shatner will be furious to hear that the tribbles made it in, but he hasn’t yet.”

If they use the various Kirk movie toupees for the tribbles would that count as a Shatner cameo?

40. Dierna - December 25, 2007

A Tribble?! Well…thanks to Odo they’re no longer extinct in the 24th century (the Klingons had killed them all off till Odo braught one from the past).

So…this Tribble cameo….hopefully it’ll be better than the cameo in Enterprise when Dr. Phlox fed a Tribble to his lizard.

Should be fun. I can hear the promos now… “Watch the movie and spot where the Tribble is!”

41. Pragmaticus - December 25, 2007

Very nice. I was half-expecting this to be the cast photo Roberto promised us by the end of the year, though.

42. Ryan T. Riddle - December 25, 2007

I don’t need to hear anything else, now. If the tribble is in, then I’m in the theater f’sure.

43. TrekNerd - December 25, 2007

“36. Nelson – December 25, 2007
Seems like a Wrath of Khan kind of idea. By that I mean Chekov never met Khan in the series, yet he knows him in Trek 2. Yes, I know the Walter Keonig tongue-in-cheek explaination. : )

So I hope the tribbles and Kirk and crew won’t actually meet in the film. And given how much we’ve read here that they are aware of canon, I’m sure they won’t cross paths.”

Maybe the fissures in the timeline created by Nero cause Kirk and the crew to run into the tribbles before “Trouble.”

44. Etha Williams - December 25, 2007

They were also in star trek vii briefly (during the ship evacuation scene, some of the kids had pet tribbles).

45. Pizza - December 25, 2007

William Shatner will be dressed in an oversized tribble suit and get an uncredited (secret) appearance in Star Trek 2008. Unbeknownced to JJ Abrams, who will dress as a Klingon on April first as a joke, will get too close to the Shatner tribble who will immediately go into cardiac arrest. 2010 when the next Trek movie comes out, we all get to figure out how to really bring someone back from the dead.

Merry Christmas everyone.

366 dtST

46. Michael - December 25, 2007

#40. Dierna – That’s it! Because of Nero, the time line has changed, and this is the tribble that Odo has to rescue.
Odo is in this movie! It just seems Logical.

So, not only do we get The Shat, (by way of his rug), but we also get Rene’ as Odo. Maybe John Larroquette is the “Federation Captain”

And come to think of it, surely Mr. Nimoy’s “Older Spock” has married a good Vulcan woman by now. Can you say…Candice Bergen?

I also am hearing that because of the changes in the time stream, Spock is without a ship in which to return to Earth. He encounters the reclusive, mysterious “Dr. Daniel”, (James Spader, in a special cameo), who has discovered some sort of transportation window on Vulcan.

47. FlyingTigress - December 25, 2007

#22 and #23

I can see it now… an almost “Airplane”-like set of end credits to ST (2008)

yadayadayada Ensign Ricky
Bill Shatner’s toupee Tribble in Starfleet Academy xeno-lab

48. Oregon Trek Geek - December 25, 2007

36. Nelson

Chekov knew about Kahn, after Sulu, one late night, drunkenly spilled to him of his lurid and passionate affair with Kahn, unbeknownst to Lt. Marla McGivers, who probably would have been quite peeved. Even more surprisingly, Sulu took the, erm, “active” role in the affiar, as Kahn was a secret cross dresser and quite a nellie in private. (American Civil War hoop skirts were his dress of choice). :)

Merry Christmas!

49. Kirk's Girdle - December 25, 2007

Re: Garibaldi

Hello old friend.

That Enterprise is from Gabe Koener, a rabid fanboy turned pro FX artist. This Enterprise is featured in the current “Ships of the Line” calendar.

Don’t forget: Watch your back.

And regarding that cast photo: I’m thinking the first time we see the cast is 1-18-08.

50. Green-blooded-bastard - December 25, 2007

The Tribbles were sworn to secrecy.

51. theinquisitor - December 25, 2007

They’re much better than Ewoks.

52. Absoroka - December 25, 2007

Tribbles sound as exciting as the teddy bears in Return of the Jedi.

Tribbles can be worthy oponents, as Worf pointed out in DS9.

53. Absoroka - December 25, 2007


You read my mind you must have been posting the same time I was.

54. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 25, 2007

That’s it!

You let one tribble out of the bag and then…

Looks like a good omen for leaks on ST ’08!

55. Mütze - December 25, 2007

Are those at the beginning sounds from the remastered edition? They are hideous!

56. Shove Shatner In!!! - December 25, 2007

Tribbles are great. What about Shatner?

57. Commodore Z - December 25, 2007

I love the tribbles and all of the little touches that are going into the new movie. I just hope that they don’t overdo it, and save some screen time for a cool, original story.

58. TJ - December 25, 2007

Oh I see the great paramont merchendising machine gearing up… Every kid will want a Tribble for Christmas next year!

59. JoeMama - December 25, 2007

Tribbles, yum! Them tribbles is good eatin!

60. Jupiter1701 - December 25, 2007


Yeah but after you peel off all the fur, there’s not much meat on them. Still, with some shrimp sauce they make for an awesome finger food.

Around our house we throw in leftover pieces of veggies and do a stir fry. We call it “Tribbles and Bits.”

61. steve adams - December 25, 2007

#30,, yeah this is
what we call Cannon violation.
I’m sure the film will be chock full of them.
How does Tribbles =$$ #1, ?

62. EnterprisingGuy - December 25, 2007

#22 Dennis

Every time I think your wry sense of humor has reached the top you push the envelope to new heights! Well done!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

This next year is going to be a wild and wonderful ride!

63. toddk - December 25, 2007

why not digitally inset tribbles in all of the star trek shows and movies, especially enterprise where it would then make the show a success?

Why not have a cameo by tom hardy as shinzon junior. where he laments about his power while holding a tribble in his outstretched hand?

64. Daystrom - December 25, 2007

*waves to Devon and Dennis*

Tribbles aren’t a bad idea in this one, lets hope it works

65. Reliant - December 25, 2007

The only way that Shatner would be allowed to show up on the new movie is that he has to lose some weight. Has anyone noticed the spare tire on that man?

66. Spockette - December 25, 2007

I love the tribbles! A tribble cameo could be awesome, if done properly. I hope they are paying close attention to canon! That said, I’m getting more and more excited about the movie with the more we hear about it. :)

67. dannyboy1 - December 25, 2007

A small gimmick like tribbles are hardly going to convince me to see the movie. I’ve been steadily losing interest in this film for about 3 months now.

68. Sean4000 - December 25, 2007

Okay, this is good news! Tribbles are cool.

I had a CRAPPY X-Mas.


I would rather wear tribble T-shirts instead of the stuff I got.

69. Scott - December 25, 2007

Love them tribbles!
Merry Christmas!

70. brady - December 25, 2007

wasnt a night in 1969 supposed to be online today? what up james cawley

71. Dierna - December 25, 2007

58: They sell Tribble plushies at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. *lol*

72. Classic trek - December 25, 2007

another nice touch- another piece of the original series. good to see details like this beong put in. would love to see those old shuttle crafts back in too. didn like the new ones!!

73. Shove Shatner In!!! - December 25, 2007

We got Tribbles.

When do we get Shatner?

74. Ali - December 25, 2007

Rotten, canon busting idea

75. Ronbo - December 25, 2007

This will make a great fast food tie in – bar-b-que tribbles, tribble burgers, tribble-on-a-stick. Morgan Spurlock will turn out to be a Klingon about the whole thing.

76. Robert April - December 25, 2007

#47 FlyingTigress


77. Litenbug - December 25, 2007

73. Shove Shatner In!!! – December 25, 2007
“We got Tribbles.
When do we get Shatner?”

The tribbles eat less and don’t demand top billing.

78. Jupiter1701 - December 25, 2007


“The tribble is the fruit of the Universe. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, tribble-kabobs, tribble creole, tribble gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried, there’s pineapple tribble, lemon tribble, coconut tribble, pepper tribble, tribble soup, tribble stew, tribble salad, tribble and potatoes, tribble burger, tribble sandwich. Th-that’s about it.”

– Quoted from some movie about an idiot guy who happens to run a lot and starts a business called Bubba Gump Tribble.

79. Ronbo - December 25, 2007

#78 –

Life is like a subspace anomaly, you never know what you’re gonna get, and you probably won’t like it anyway.

Can you imagine a TOS remake with Bubba Gump as the captain? And Lt. Dann the irascible ship’s surgeon. “Dammit Jim, you’re really freaking me out here, man!”

What a brilliant idea. Trek nerds (like me) will shell out nine bucks to see anything with the name Trek on it, and buy the DVD too. Mainstream audiences would flock to the well known lead character. A humorous approach worked for IV, didn’t it? We can declare it sure ain’t your father’s Oldsmobile…er, Star Trek. Whatever product we happen to be talking about.

Why, this idea is gold. Paramount, I’m willing to do a deal for nothing more than a percentage of the restaurant franchising revenue. Have your people call my machine. ;)

80. steve adams - December 25, 2007

Orbitalic, best post of the day!
Very well done…!


81. John_Pemble - December 25, 2007

The only good thing about a tribble or Ewok is when they are on fire and dying.

82. Jackson Roykirk - December 25, 2007

Rachel Nichols, as the featured performer in the Orion Slave Girl Revue scene, will be wearing only 3 strategically placed baby tribbles for her pole dance / lotion application routine.

Don’tcha wish your tribble was HOT like mine?
Dont’cha wish your tribble was a FREAK like mine?

Hey JJ: make it HAPPEN, bro!!!

83. Paul - December 25, 2007

That’s Anthony for the Xmas present, one of my gifts was a DVD of Nemesis, can someone say coaster?

84. James (not Cawley) - December 26, 2007

#70 (Brady): TSAMD a Night in 1969 will have a Red Carpet Gala Premiere at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills as per the recent announcement on their forum.

Walter Koenig is the only original TOS cast member without a star on the Walk of Fame. The WoF committee meets in June on whether to award Walter his star and Cawley Entertainment Company is going to use this event to spotlight his long, varied television career and head the push to get Walter the votes needs.

There was never an official announcement that it would be released on Christmas day; that was a rumor started after someone said “it would be a swell Christmas present”.

A press release regarding the internet distribution and the official trailer will be forthcoming.

85. Anthony Pascale - December 26, 2007

Actually we reported here that it was due out today, because that is when James Cawley told me it would be out. I will call him and see what is up and report an update on all that.

86. SirBroiler - December 26, 2007


Our spies have revealed that phasers, the signature weapon in Star Trek lore, will indeed be part of the new movie to be released in December 2008. While it’s not clear exactly how phasers will play into the story, a source in the prop department reports the phaser can be seen “on the belt of a major character” during a pivotal scene in the film. No official confirmation on who will be toting the weapon or if it will actually be fired. A belt can clearly be seen on Chris Pine’s (Kirk) costume in recently released spy photos. Will Kirk be armed and dangerous?

When pressed with the phaser question a recent screening of his upcoming movie ‘Cloverfield’, Abrams quipped, “I’m sure something in this movie will ‘stun’ you.”

Phasers have appeared in all incarnations of Trek from TOS through ENT. Their design, however, changed drastically throughout the run of the series and films.

William Shatner, yet to be offered a role in the new movie, released a statement via his daily video blog. “It doesn’t matter how many tribbles, phasers or vulcans they cram in this film,” said Shatner. “It ain’t gonna be Star Trek without me. If you want real Star Trek, with the real Captain Kirk, buy my book. Where’s my ham sandwich?


87. Diabolik - December 26, 2007

Actually tribbles are an artificially-engineered life-form created by an alien species as a quickly-renewable food source with many uses. The meat was delicious and the fur was used for clothing and industry.

But they miscalculated the danger and were over-run by them.They ate up all the green plants and clogged the systems. The aliens died off, and the tribbles spread across the galaxy as unwitting alien visitors took them off-planet with them, thinking them to be the perfect pet.

They were the Schmoos of the galaxy. (f you get that reference you are showing your age.)

88. Closettrekker - December 26, 2007

#61–TOS violated and reinvented its own “canon” many times. It seems the only series not held accountable by us is the original. To establish a canon violation in the film, you have to first decide what is canon in TOS and what is not. It cannot be everything, because so much is contradictory to begin with…Just enjoy the show…

89. Closettrekker - December 26, 2007

#74–only if they are in a scene, “interacting” with TOS characters…If they are just a part of some background shot, is it really canon-violating?

90. Orbitalic - December 26, 2007

80. steve adams – December 25, 2007
“Orbitalic, best post of the day!
Very well done…!”

Thanks so much… glad you enjoyed. It really was no tribble at all.


91. JBS - December 26, 2007

I agree with #88.

If you tie their hands with accusations of cannon violation on every minor detail that only the geekiest of trekkies would know about, then you’re going to take away too much creative liberty and will end up with a dull movie. I would only be concerned about major, obvious violations of cannon. The thing about Chekov and Khan did not bother me in the least bit. Just because Chekov was not seen in the old episode, doesn’t mean he was not there – there are many ways to rationalize it – use your imagination.

If you’re going to be that nitpicky, then you’re probably not going to like any movie they make. Just relax and enjoy the show.

92. Orbitalic - December 26, 2007

Cannon = BOOM
canon = past storyline or history of Trek (In this instance)

93. monger - December 26, 2007

I got a joke for you guys and I’d really like to see if anyone can come up with the answer before I reveal it.

Why should you always wrap a tribble in duct tape?

94. Sarah - December 26, 2007

I’m ALL FOR TRIBBLES! In fact my tribble, which I named “Ted” was on the set of Walter Koenig’s InAlienable (see Renegade-Studios.com) and Sky Conway walked by and “borrowed it”. I later found out Ted was in a scene on camera!

a SAG tribble? LOL.

~Sarah aka “Raffee”

95. Orbitalic - December 26, 2007

#94 Sarah
Man, if that tribble had a speaking part it will be in violation of SAG rules!

Does he/she have an agent?

96. Closettrekker - December 26, 2007

#35- Could be worse. They could be purple like in TAS!

#8-Putting them in a cage simply ensures that “…they’ll be no tribble at all.”

97. Closettrekker - December 26, 2007

#93–what, no punchline?

98. TomBot2007 - December 26, 2007

RE: #87 Diabolik
Shmoo was an annoying ghost pal of Casper, right?
Heh, heh.
Kinda a play on Shmoe, I think.. ;-)

99. diabolk - December 26, 2007


Not the Schmoo I am thinking of… just a “Lil’ off…

Anyone else?

100. Xai - December 26, 2007

Lil Abner…….. and I just dated myself

101. Non-belligerency Confirmed - December 26, 2007

um… so they don’t explode when you %@#! them?

102. Cervantes - December 27, 2007

Tribbles?? Phffffft! I wanted a Mugato appearance, and a nice collectable bit of merchandising to go with it… :(

103. Diabolik - December 27, 2007

#100…. CORRECT! You win a Schmoo of your very own, and can expect it in the mail by the middle of next week… if the mailman can resist eating it.

104. Iowagirl - December 27, 2007


Cervantes, the Mugato’s alright – but I’m still hoping for the HORTA!

(However, I have to admit that the collectable bit of merchandising to go with the Horta might turn out to be less…substantial.) ;-)

105. Ozzy - December 27, 2007

Tribbles are great but WE WANT SHATNER!!!

106. Joseph - December 27, 2007

Oh thats just fine! we have Tribbles, but no Bill Shatner, what the hell is going on. Last I looked tribbles did’ent win any Emmys. Boy!! JJ is really making alot of sense here. I really wish Nic Meyer was in the center seat on this one, I WANT SHATNER!!!! THE REAL KIRK!!!!!

107. Joseph - December 27, 2007

Hey I like Tribbles just as much as the next guy, they make great targets for phaser training! BRING IN THE SHAT!!

108. RYAN - December 27, 2007

Picard made four movies kirk already made six like 40 years ago for god sakes why are they not making another next generation movie or voyager this is so stupid and they are using new characters on top of that when the characters have been the same for 4 decades this the stupidist thing they have done yet

109. Closettrekker - December 28, 2007

#108–As good (in its own right) as TNG was, it has never been the iconic force that TOS was and is. There was never the magic in TNG that we saw in TOS, and if the Star Trek franchise is to be a force going forward, what better way to renew it than going back to its roots? Kirk/Spock/McCoy and the “original” Enterprise, etc. is definitely the way to go.

110. Xai - December 28, 2007

MMM. A tribble story… another GREAT reason to chant for Shatner… again.

111. Iowagirl - December 28, 2007


It’s rather that we’re chanting all the time, only now and then other threads mingle with our chanting. ;-)

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114. Neville Ross - January 27, 2008

#108–As good (in its own right) as TNG was, it has never been the iconic force that TOS was and is. There was never the magic in TNG that we saw in TOS, and if the Star Trek franchise is to be a force going forward, what better way to renew it than going back to its roots? Kirk/Spock/McCoy and the “original” Enterprise, etc. is definitely the way to go.

#109-Without Next Gen, there wouldn’t even be a new movie, let alone a Star Trek franchise for there to be a new movie-Next Gen kept Star Trek alive and fresh for a ‘next generation’ of people and helped relaunch sci-fi on TV!

So, you keep your bigoted, ageist mouth shout, get down on your knees and thank God that Gene Roddenberry was still conscious enough to create Next Gen to make Star Trek viable enough to be going back to the past-and try watching Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise while you’re at it! Or, take your old fogey bullshit, put it in your bong pipe, and smoke it!

115. Leyton Jay - March 9, 2008

The appearance of a tribble had better be in the background or virtually unnoticeable as far as I’m concerned because the creature is just so silly that any greater involvement would spoil the plot.

The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS) was hilarious and appropriate for the audience of the time. Trials And Tribblations (DS9) was an appropriate homage. But to be honest, I want the new movie to be gritty and harsh, to be as cool as Star Wars, not bloody silly.

116. David R. Tribble - November 10, 2008

It’s a cute idea to show tribbles in the film.

117. Hulda Barkins - April 21, 2011

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