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Tyler Perry To Appear In Star Trek + Plot Spoilers [UPDATED w/ more from AICN & UGO] December 31, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

UGO is reporting that actor/writer/director Tyler Perry will appear in JJ Abrams new Star Trek film and TrekMovie.com can confirm this report. According to the UGO report Perry will be portraying the head of Starfleet Academy and he has already shot his scenes. Perry is probably best known for his series of ‘Madea’ films starting with the 2005 hit Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
Monday 12/31 UPDATE: AICN have posted a new related rumor + small update from UGO
More below…includes big spoilers.

According to the UGO report Perry’s big scene is overseeing an assembly at Starfleet Academy where Kirk (Chris Pine) is facing expulsion for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru. Apparently Pine delivers a stirring Kirk-esque speech and then discovers that the person who ratted him out was none other than Spock himself (Zachary Quinto). More at UGO

TrekMovie.com can confirm + more details
Back in September TrekMovie.com first reported that Kirk’s famed solution to the Kobayashi Maru ‘no win-scenario simulation’ would be seen in the new Star Trek. Just this week TrekMovie was tipped off about a role for Perry as well as the post-Kobayashi Academy scene. But UGO beat us to the punch while we awaited confirmation and more details (which is now moot). The only things to add are that this scene was probably shot in the Long Beach City Council chamber and that there is also some kind of student protest over Kirk not being expelled and actually being ‘promoted.’ The protest might be part of the same scene described at UGO or a different scene shot in the LB Council Chamber (standing in for a hall at Starfleet Academy). In Star Trek II Kirk noted that after being caught for cheating he got a commendation for original thinking. It is possible the source was talking about a commendation instead of a promotion, or maybe Kirk was also promoted.

UGO have run another story noting this TrekMovie.com story and our adding the Long Beach City Council to the mix. They now note:

Based on what my source told me (and for reasons that will become obvious in my next Star Trek scoop which I’ll post later today) I think that this scene happens further ahead in the screen story than the moments I spoke about yesterday. In any case, it looks like this location will be seen at least twice in the movie.

Unfortunately in a subsequent report UGO stated they have decided to not post the new ‘scoop’ in order to protect their source.

UPDATE: How Kirk Cheats?
Aint it Cool has a new rumor regarding how Kirk beats the Kobayashi Maru. Their ‘untested source’ claims Kirk “persuades a chick he is banging to alter the simulator so that it is winnable.” AICN also note that it could be total BS so take with a big grain of salt.

Kirk talks about Kobayashi Maru in Star Trek II

About Perry
This will be the first time Perry will appear in a film project that he did not write or direct. TrekMovie.com has also learned that Perry is a bit of a Trek fan and that this may have been how he got involved. It is also worth noting that, although it may not be the reason Perry was cast, having such a high profile African-American celebrity may help the film have broader appeal (let’s face it…Star Trek doesn’t exactly have the most diverse cast).

Tyler Perry is a popular, highly-successful playwright, actor and director known for his comic morality plays. His most memorable character is that of Mabel “Madea” Simmons. Ticket and DVD sales for his plays have grossed over $75 million. Film adaptations have also turned out to be hits grossing over $200 million combined in domestic box office. In addition the 38-year old native of New Orleans stars in his own hit television series called House of Payne, currently airing on TBS (it is worth noting that Perry has written and directed every episode).

Perry has won two BET Comedy Awards, a Black Movie Award and has been nominated for two MTV Movie Awards and two Image Awards. He also wrote a best-selling novel called Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life, which was voted the Book of the Year and Best Humor Book at the 2006 Quill Awards.

Tyler Perry as Mable “Madea” Simmons in “Madea’s Family Reunion”

Tyler Perry at the 2006 Black Movie Awards
(note: this YouTube clip has been viewed over 1.3 million times)

More on Perry: IMDB | Wikipedia | Official Site


1. shuttlepod10 - December 30, 2007


Awesome plot details

2. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007



3. Ivy - December 30, 2007

Finally some details of the plot. Only a tiny bit, but hey, with all the secrecy I’m surprised they even let that much out.

4. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007

“stirring Kirk-like speech”


like this:


5. DJT - December 30, 2007


6. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007

oops forgot my question mark…

7. MiamiTrek - December 30, 2007

Oh man, that is out of left field. But I am a fan of Tyler Perry’s movies and I swear Madea is pretty much a clone of one of closest friend’s mom.

I think it’s a good thing. Great way to bring in some new and unexpected talent, even if it is for a small scene. Trek fans are everywhere.

Now I’m hoping that when the DVD is released that there’s blooper of TP going into full Madea mode while filming!

Madea & Spock. Oh My!

8. Sean4000 - December 30, 2007

Interesting news indeed.

No “commendation for original thinking?”

9. Sxottlan - December 30, 2007

It’s always good when someone with a pre-existing fan base joins the cast.

10. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007

according to some of the star trek novels …Kirk was awarded for original thinking.

but the books r non-canon…

11. Sean4000 - December 30, 2007

He said it in Star Trek II.

12. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007


Oh yea!! dang memory…

Hahaa! Thats what I get when I stay awake 24 hours straight.


13. Jeffrey S. Nelson - December 30, 2007

Too bad original series actors Percy Rodriguez (Court Martial) and William Marshall (The Ultimate Computer) aren’t around to reprise their roles from original series Trek. They represented the African community well in TOSand could have taught at the Academy when Kirk (and Spock?) was there. The multitronic units might not have been entirely successful because Kirk cheated on the Kobayoshi Maru test and drove Dr. Daystrom bonkers. Now there’s a nice plot thread.

14. MiamiTrek - December 30, 2007


Although I like the idea your propose for nostalgic reasons, I think this casting is quite clever. I wonder how much of his fan base would be willing to take a peek over at the new Star Trek because of his involvement.

But, touching on Anthony’s mention of lack of diversity on this movie, where are the Latinos?

Although I’m guessing Zoe Saldana has some latina in her, I wanna see some representation! ;-)

15. Dave - December 30, 2007

UGO.com’s full story mentions that there’s more to the scene that they will reveal tomorrow. I’m guessing, by the end, Kirk will get his commendation.

I think it’s great that Kirk is “on trial” and has to talk his way out of this situation. That’s always been his greatest strength as a character, to out-reason his opponent, be it Nomad, Landru, Trelane, etc.

16. Devon - December 30, 2007

Tyler Perry is pretty good, but I am not a huge fan of his “House of Payne” project.

This is completely out of left field!


17. Cheve - December 30, 2007


True. The only latin characters that didn’t die half an hour after being introduced in the whole saga where Chakotay and Belana, but they where only latin actors. None of them played a latin person.

Yet, although you are true, I would eventually like to see an actual European Spanish character at least once.

You southamerican latins are so introduced in Northamerican subconscious that it is as if we European Spanish people didn’t exist.

18. Anthony Pascale - December 30, 2007

Saldana parents were from the Dominican Republic so she is kind of both African American and Latina…she speaks fluent Spanish.

19. Steve J. - December 30, 2007

Didn’t he audition for the Uhura part?

20. Kobi - December 30, 2007

I just hope that it is really a commendation and not a promotion during his academy time as stupidly proposed by the chronology.

21. Ralph - December 30, 2007

Oh man. Too much information.

22. ZoomZoom - December 30, 2007

#21 yes, I’m with you. I wish I had more selk control.
…. must…. avoid…. all….. spoiler flagged….. stories!

23. ZoomZoom - December 30, 2007

*self control! I lost my selk control years ago.

24. Ali - December 30, 2007

UGO says Spock is the one who catches him cheating and tells all.

25. Lou - December 30, 2007

so, is the guy that becomes head of starfleet command in star trek 3?
if so, he’d be good as that character.

26. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007


Kirk and Spock weren’t at the ACADEMY at the same time!!!!

This is simple stuff folks! Roberto…Alex…go back and watch The Menagerie!

Damn. This kind of blatant screwing around with the timeline is the kind of stuff that really wrankles my feathers!!!! I loathe it when writers try to say Kirk, Spock and McCoy were all pals at the Academy.

That’s one of the things I could not stand about Harve Bennett’s Starfleet Academy proposal…

27. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

Spock would have been serving with Captain Pike while Kirk was in the Academy. Roberto, Alex…this isn’t some trivial little obscure detail that can be changed at creative whim.

28. Charles Trotter - December 30, 2007

#26, 27 — Kirk attended the Academy from 2250 through 2254. Spock attended from 2249 through 2253. They were at the Academy at the same time for three years.

Spock was first seen serving under Pike in 2254 (“The Cage”). Kirk graduated that same year.

29. jonboc - December 30, 2007

I think Eddie Murphy is funny (or was funny) but I didn’t want to see him in Trek 4. Although Eddie, who also is a huge TOS fan, was supposedly to be put in the movie for laughs and name recgnition, it looks like Perry will be playing it straight. As long as he delivers the goods and isn’t wearing a fat suit, I’m good.

30. Charles Trotter - December 30, 2007

To add on to previous post, Spock joined Starfleet 18 years prior to “The Enterprise Incident,” which takes place in 2268. So, Spock actually joined in 2250, same time as Kirk. That means Spock would have graduated in time for the events of “The Cage”. Since Spock served with Pike for eleven years, that would have to mean that Spock first served aboard Enterprise when he was still at the Academy.

31. J.D. Lee - December 30, 2007

If someone ratted me out ..I would be furious!!

I wonder how Kirk felt…

and if they hated eahother during their academy years after that


32. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

Saying Spock was in the Academy at the same time he served *might* make this work. However, when it’s said Spock served with Pike 11 years — and knowing what we know about the Vulcan life-span — it certainly makes it seem unlikely Kirk and Spock were in the Academy together.

Just sayin…

33. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

Off topic: Are we gonna see any goodies from Day of the Dove remastered this week? :-)

34. Charles Trotter - December 30, 2007

#32 — Eh? What does the Vulcan life span have to do with it? I’m confuzzled… o_O

35. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

Older…would have started earlier…

36. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

Ack…nevermind…it’s early here. I’m not making sense to myself now…lol

37. Charles Trotter - December 30, 2007

#36 — lol! I was about to say, it’s already been specified when he entered Starfleet. I feel you, though… it’s almost 9am here and I haven’t gone to bed yet. ;)

38. Moto Q9m QueerUser - December 30, 2007

Thanks for the news. Could you also include the link of the youtube videos that you post? Alot of mobile phones can’t see them, so having the link in addition would make you site alot more mobile user friendly. I usually access this site with a windows mobile phone & I’m posting this with an iPhone. Neither show videos on any page. Thanks for listening

Tyler Perry is very respectable. Glad he’s in the movie.

39. NCC-73515 - December 30, 2007

beautiful… and kirk does the same on the farragut, if i remember correctly. he reported a friend because of a mistake this guy made (he left something open or so)…

40. Anthony Laviano - December 30, 2007

How do you know Spock wasn’t AT the academy?

41. Stanklin T. "Mr. Optimism" McFibberich - December 30, 2007

“Chris Pine delivers a stirring Kirk-like speech”


“Kirk-like” because he’s NOT Kirk….fake.

Fake, fake, fake.


42. Fansince9 - December 30, 2007

Cool! I’d love to see Tyler Perry in the movie!

43. Dennis Bailey - December 30, 2007

He is now.

#27:”Spock would have been serving with Captain Pike while Kirk was in the Academy. Roberto, Alex…this isn’t some trivial little obscure detail that can be changed at creative whim.”

Another of these “fanon” claims that isn’t actually in the onscreen continuity. The years work out, based on internal evidence from TOS, for Kirk and Spock to have had overlapping terms at the Academy. It’s not even a challenge to do the figuring.

44. Scott - December 30, 2007

Why do they have to put Kirk on trial? If Tyler Perry’s in the movie, all they’ve got to do is send in Madea to put the boy back in line :)

Just kidding. Great news! We love Tyler Perry here.

45. SPB - December 30, 2007

God, that Kirk clip makes me want to watch STAR TREK II again RIGHT NOW.

46. 1701 over Gotham City - December 30, 2007

Spock easily could be at the Academy at the same time as Kirk, and then go on to Enterprise to serve for 11 years. Also, we are simply assuming one must graduate before taking an assignment… this could be part of the whole graduation process for some advanced students. I don’t recall it ever being mentioned that Spock ever served on board another ship. Also, Spock could be an upper classman. And, for the matter, according to the dates given in the show, Kirk would have served on board the Farragut before graduating, too.

However, McCoy should NOT be at the Academy!!! it wasn’t that he was there at a different time… he was NEVER there!! He got his degree elsewhere!

Sigh… it’s amazing how this film has me on edge… I’m terrified of what’s to come, and yet I desperately must know! They are going to change whatever they want, and there’s not a thing we can do about it other than fanboy whining. Well, the Batman franchise has me used to doing that. Sigh again…

47. SPB - December 30, 2007

Hey, Mr. Snuffleupacus –

If you’re going to quote “The Menagerie” to validate your misgivings about Kirk and Spock being in the Academy together, then surely you noticed that they originally “goofed” themselves when they had Commodore Mendez state that Kirk and Pike were roughly the same age?

There are a bunch of little instances like this throughout TREK… none of it was set in stone to begin with.

48. Admiraldeem - December 30, 2007

I don’t know about you all but I personally think we could do with far less antagonism over minute details, to say nothing of the constant whining about the whole recasting thing itself. Far as I can tell, this site, and its owner, are enthusiastic proponents of Star Trek 2008. If your purpose for being here is to continually deride and slam the effort, then I suggest you need shore leave on a planet with giant rabbits.

JJ is hoping to tell a great story and I for one think this whole KM scenario sounds cool. If they have to fudge a bit to make it work, the sun will still make its appearance tomorrow. Debating opposing points of view is fine but can we lose some of the venom please?

49. diabolk - December 30, 2007

Anyone ever consider that Socok might not have been a student at this time, but an instructor? Maybe the officer in charge of Kirk when he cheated at the KMS?

50. diabolk - December 30, 2007

I meant SPOCK!

51. SPB - December 30, 2007

#4 J.D. Lee –

Great clip choice! Is it me, or is that scene the EXACT MOMENT that Shatner degenerated into self-parody??? It seems like every single stereotypical “Shatner-ism” is present in that speech!

It looks like William Shatner, but it sure sounds like Kevin Pollack! :)

52. Chris Roberts - December 30, 2007

In Star Trek II Both Spock and Mccoy were aware of what Kirk had done.The writers have the opening to have them at the academy at the same time and It will largely fit with contunity.We may also have a subplot where Kirk resents Spock for ratting him out and later In the film while stopping the plans of Neo(Which earns Kirk Promation to Captain) they earn renewed respect for each other(although Spock may know from Future Spock what the future holds)

53. SPB - December 30, 2007

#46 1701OverGothamCity –

I’ve never been in the armed services, so my knowledge of naval rules and tradition are almost nil, but if you’re going to serve in the Navy (or in this case, Starfleet), wouldn’t you HAVE to serve time in some sort of basic training and/or academy training?

The Navy simply doesn’t hire doctors straight out of civilian life, so they?

54. Jan - December 30, 2007

Is this the role of the “federation captain”?

55. Dr. Spaceman - December 30, 2007

Read UGO’s full article – I can’t tell for certain if Spock is the one who rats Kirk out or if UGO *thinks* Spock ratted him out.

Would make things pretty interesting if he did – though I wonder if that would now color my interpretation of Kirk and Spock (or Kirk/Spock!) later in life

56. Ampris - December 30, 2007

Wow, another actor in this movie I’ve never known from anything before Trek- that makes everybody but three people so far. Maybe I need to start watching more movies. LOL.

And this article just proves that I have zero willpower at all. I promised I’d never read spoilers, and yet here I am. But it’s an interesting spoiler, so no regrets. =D

57. Irishtrekkie - December 30, 2007

spock you scumbag , you told on kirk ! how could you ……………..animal house !

58. SPB - December 30, 2007


KIRK: “You ratted me out in front of the whole assembly… why?”

SPOCK: “If I am to understand the term ‘ratted-me-out’ correctly, it was only because I knew the answer to the Academy president’s query. He asked if anyone knew who had reprogrammed the Kobayashi Maru test. I simply responded to the question. To not step forward when I clearly knew the answer would have been… illogical.”

Cue exasperated but admiring smirk from young Jim Kirk.

59. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

Hmmmm….so, when push comes to shove, Spock sings like a canary….interesting character development! :)

60. mada101 - December 30, 2007

So this guy is going to be the head of the Academy (termed ‘Commandant’ in TOS and TNG Season 1 but ‘Superintendent’ afterwards)? Interesting. He looks a little young for the position (I’d have preferred a crusty, old Admiral), but whatever. If this movie is set in existing canon (doubtful), it could be need if this guy turns out to be a younger version of an Admiral we’ll see later (like Nogura, Morrow or Cartwright).

As for the little details…well, we have to wait and see whether or not the movie can be consolidated with canon or not, won’t we? If it’s a different continuity (which I deem likely), then Kirk, Spock, Scotty, McCoy and such could all be at the Academy at the same time and not violate anything :-)

61. Dave - December 30, 2007

Tina Turner in Star Trek


62. gord - December 30, 2007

I’ve seen two of Tyler Perry’s films and I thought they were terrible, although I’m a white guy from Scotland – they were hardly aimed at me. He does have ability as an actor though and I think he’ll be a good addition to the cast. Welcome aboard, Mr Perry, glad you could join us!

63. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - December 30, 2007

Tyler Perry???????
Can’t we get Tyler Durden instead???

64. Iowagirl - December 30, 2007

Benjamin Finney – and I wouldn’t say Kirk did do the same when he reported him as Finney failed to close a circuit, a “mistake” that would have cost lives. This is a wee bit different from not believing in a no-win-scenario, acting accordingly and then being reported for this action.

They made a very good episode from that – Court Martial, one of 79, Quinto hasn’t watched to date according to his own account.

“..Kirk-esque speech”

That has been changed in the above article, right? Now it sounds like “Shatneresque” which only shows that even the semantical connection is striking. Shatneresque = Kirk.

Anyway, whatever you call it, it won’t transmogrify into a “Kirk speech“.

65. Kendra Shaw Redux - December 30, 2007

I really liked “Madea’s Family Reunion” and “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Can you believe this? MADEA IS GONNA BE HEAD OF STARFLEET. FRAKKIN AWESOME!!!

66. Kendra Shaw Redux - December 30, 2007

*starfleet academy, even.

67. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 30, 2007

58. SPB

Good explanation. My initial reaction was bewilderment that noone would know it was Kirk. He was the one being tested and it was a no-win senario. Logically, anyone should be able to figure it out.

I hope this does not take up too much Kirk time in the movie. It already seems like a tiresome retread of an old plot we all know about.

Now, why is this NOT a Star Trek Academy movie?

68. Dr. Image - December 30, 2007

#60- consolidated with canon- indeed!

Some things would, of course, be unforgivable, but as long as they make it FIT- so as NOT to INSULT LONG-TIME FANS yet AGAIN.
If they intend to make any kind of Trek movie of worth, this should be a major consideration.
And I’m sick of hearing, “Oh, fck canon! As long as they make a good movie, blah, blah, blah” etc. In THIS case, don’t the two go sort of hand in hand??

Anthony- time for a lunchtime poll- “To what degree will the movie be consloidated with canon?” (Scale of 1-5)

69. Cousin Itt - December 30, 2007

Brilliant casting from a marketing stand point. When they say they want to appeal beyond the fan base, they aren’t kidding. Tyler Perry is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood right now…

70. T Negative - December 30, 2007

What sucks about all this is I want to be spoiler free when I see the movie but I always stumble across something on the internet that gives everything away eventually. I am sure these rumors and plot points will spread like wildfire like the Guardian of forever and Vasquez rocks rumors did. Even if they are not true.

BTW, I have not read any comments or anything to do with this thread.

71. Amanda - December 30, 2007

After watching the Tyler Perry youtube clip, I can’t help but think…


72. MiamiTrek - December 30, 2007

Last night I had a dream of Madea in her double wide Starfleet uniform going up to the replicator and asking for fried chicken, mashed pototoes, collard greens, fried chitterlings (or chitlins down here) and potatoe salad.

I really need to stop reading this site before going to bed.

73. Oregon Trek Geek - December 30, 2007

What a great clip from ST II. It’s magic in a bottle. (I think that’s a mixed metaphor, oh well….)

The big question that we’ve all been asking about, arguing about, and endlessly analyzing for over a year is: Will the new cast have that magic?

I feel confident about Quinto. I just don’t know any of the others…. we’ll see….

74. j - December 30, 2007

YAY Admiral Madea! At least we know the Academy’s cafeteria will have red Kool Aid.

Now we just need Brown to play the groundskeeper, a la Boothby.

75. non-fanatic - December 30, 2007

So, now that you’ve learnt a tiny bit more about the plot of the film, are you glad that you know or do you wish no-one had told you?

76. MiamiTrek - December 30, 2007

I honestly don’t want to be spoiled for this film, but I did read this. I kind of regret it because it would have been awesome to have this kind of surprise in the film. But I don’t think it will take away from my enjoyment.

I will, however, have to be a lot more careful as we get closer to the premier. I may even have to give up this site to remain spoiler free.

77. D - December 30, 2007

Well, let’s see…

Saavik was a Lieutenant at the Academy, and yet she and a bunch of classmates were called to “full duty status” Star Trek II

The Valiant and her crew of Red Squad cadets were forced into full active duty due to the Dominion War.

Why can’t single idividuals be brought to early active status?

As far as McCoy and the rest of the crew, everybody seems to be assuming they wil all have some big important part to play. It could be characters like Chekov are only seen for two minutes in some minor scene in this movie, counting on a bigger role in another one. McCoy could be a civilian doctor helping out with some Academy event, and later Kirk remembers him and gets him on the Enterprise.

78. shuttlepod10 - December 30, 2007

Maybe Spock is a teacher at this time, and that’s why he’s at the Academy at the same time as Kirk?

79. Rhett Coates - December 30, 2007

54. Jan – December 30, 2007
Is this the role of the “federation captain”?

Tyler Perry’s character is likely not the “Federation Captain” that is yet to become known — but that likely will be revealed soon enough. I am guessing that character, the “Federation Captain,” will be more of a fleet-captain character, and could be some NEW character all together, or one of the following:

(1) Robert April (1st captain of the USS Enterprise — before Pike),
(2) Garth of Izor (one of Kirk’s apparent Starfleet Academy heroes, if we believe what Kirk said about Garth in TOS episode on that penal colony),
or perhaps
(3) Jonathan Archer (…in his old age, dedicating the NCC-1701 the day before his peaceful-sleep death in upstate New York, as noted in official back-story by Mike Sussman regarding the “history” of Archer seen on the USS Defiant’s computer screen in the ST:ENT mirror-universe episode … which might fit in this story quite well if the talk of the first trailer showing the construction of the Kirk/Spock-era USS Enterprise is in fact shown).

80. The Vulcanista - December 30, 2007

ADM. MADEA: “Don’t you MAKE me stop this starship and whoop yo’ bee-hinds!”

Seriously, this is an unusual but very, very cool choice.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

81. Q - December 30, 2007



lol. That’s awesome, I love that he was the one who ratted Kirk out. I was cracking up when I read that. And I think Tyler Perry is going to be awesome in the movie. This film just gets better and better!

82. Kigs - December 30, 2007

I think its pretty kewl! Can’t wait to see the new movie!:)


83. Justin Olson - December 30, 2007

I Hope Perry’s charater’s name is Sisko. It would be a nice touch since DS9 is usually the forgotten, middle-child Star Trek series.

84. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

With this site it’s hard to remain spoiler free
As coming here each day fills me with glee
They’ve filled most of the ranks
All they need now is Tom Hanks
And the movie will soar, yessirreee!!

85. Kev-1 - December 30, 2007

Perry is talented and unknown to a degree without Madea-wear, so I’m Ok with that. As for the Kobayashi Maru, the only person who said Kirk cheated was David Marcus. What did he know? So blowing this up as Kirk’s big ethical crisis is based purely on David’s throwaway line. Midshipmen (that’s non gender specific boys and girls) don’t protest, either, at least not today. But hey, it’s Star Trek.

86. raulpetersen - December 30, 2007

trust me quinto is bullshiting when he says hes never seen an episode, so when you see his portrail of spock well go “WOW and he never watched an episode either!”

i reckon he probably masterbates as furiously over them as we all do!


87. K. M. Kirby - December 30, 2007

Couldn’t Samuel L. Jackson portray this same character in a Kirk-rescue picture, set fifty years later in time.

88. Thomas - December 30, 2007

Definitely a surprising choice, but it could be very interesting. I’ve seen any of Tyler Perry’s movies or his TV show, so I can’t really say how good he is, but I’ll wait and see.

89. Nelson - December 30, 2007

I’ve never come here to post negative comments or say anything that’s putting anyone down. But having only read enough of the article, I saw part of the spoiler.

My first reaction is that of what a lot of people criticized Enterprise for. Why a prequel, we know what happens. Where’s the drama, etc, blah, blah, blah. So what I saw sort of rang that inpression, if they are going to essentially rehash material we already know about then I hope it’s a very small part of the film.

Don’t know Tyler Perry’s work, but he does to me, resemble a very young Percy Rodroquez. Commodore Stone in an earlier stage of his career in Starfleet perhaps.

90. Jeannie spock - December 30, 2007

No, Spock and Kirk would not be at the acadamy together but Spock may well have observed, or been involved with the Kobayashi Maru as an instructor or something. For all we know, Spock may have even divised the Kobayashi Maru himself. Remember, Vulcans NEVER lie so if he saw something dodgy, especially under oath, he would be duty bound to report it.

BTW Dr McCoy was not at Starfleet acadamy either, as was confirmed in ‘The Ultimate Computer’ episode where Spock had to explain to McCoy that a ‘Dunsal’ was a familier term used at the acadamy. If he HAD been there he would surely have needed no explanation.

91. Dave - December 30, 2007


Enterprise’s folly was not showing us things we know happen. In the established Trek universe, very little is ever said of the years after WWIII and before “The Cage.” Star Trek history was always quite murky. In truth, I think it was quite a canvas on which to tell interesting tales.

The folly was in never really exploring the story options given to them. An Alpha Quadrant without the Federation would be akin to the Wild West. Outlaws, mercenaries, con men. An untamed galaxy. Instead, it was safe and bland, as required by the “Berman Doctrine.” We didn’t even get the Orion Syndicate until, what, the 3rd or 4th year? Too much talk of time travel, Borg, Ferengi, etc. Enterprise, much like Voyager, was never true to the promise of its premise.

Trek ’08 sounds like it will deliver on those promises. I could be duped and it could be another snorefest, but I have faith.

92. Ryster - December 30, 2007

The only spolier here is the fact that it was Spock who reported Kirk for cheating. The rest is just a dramatisation of facts we already know based on Star Trek history.

93. trektacular - December 30, 2007

Harve bennet must be rollin’ in his grave.

94. richpit - December 30, 2007


“The folly was in never really exploring the story options given to them. An Alpha Quadrant without the Federation would be akin to the Wild West. Outlaws, mercenaries, con men. An untamed galaxy. Instead, it was safe and bland, as required by the “Berman Doctrine.” We didn’t even get the Orion Syndicate until, what, the 3rd or 4th year? Too much talk of time travel, Borg, Ferengi, etc. Enterprise, much like Voyager, was never true to the promise of its premise.”

Amen!! My thoughts exactly!

Can’t they find a way to squeeze Whoopi Goldberg into a role? ;-)

95. roberto Orci - December 30, 2007


I knew what you meant.

96. Etha Williams - December 30, 2007

I love the KM…so excited to see it in this film.

97. Danya Romulus - December 30, 2007


Mr. Orci, glad to see you on the board–I wanted to bring up something I had before, which was related to possible sequels to “Star Trek.” “Star Trek II” has obviously already been done, and I was wondering if you had any idea yet what you’d want the title for a sequel to be? Because my opinion is that it would be better if it wasn’t another “Star Trek: [Something]”–I would love it if the title didn’t actually have “Star Trek” in the title, but was rather a phrase that is immediately recognizable as Trek, such as “Where No Man Has Gone Before” or something like that.

98. Lostrod - December 30, 2007


Harve Bennett is still alive unless I’ve missed a news flash …

99. Oregon Trek Geek - December 30, 2007


The Search For Kirk


100. section9 - December 30, 2007

Remember, this is Early Trek, still.

And I’m not so sure this is a Canon Violation, if the poster above’s citation of Spock’s service in the Academy is correct (he could have been a subaltern under Pike, ya know. Number One was second in command in those days).

Or, Spock could have been a training officer observing an upperclassman rigging a test. Or, an upperclassman observing a plebe violating Academy Rules (my assumption is that Starfleet Academy has as rigorous an Honor Code as West Point or Annapolis).

Needless to say, good plot twist that introduces both the Kobayashi Maru situation and a “past” between the two lead characters.

101. Jabob Slatter - December 30, 2007

There simply is no Star Trek canon. They have always been changing it to benefit their storylines.

102. SPB - December 30, 2007

#97 Danya Romulus –

Easy… just call it STAR TREK: PHASE II !

That’ll make many a die-hard Trekker smile!

103. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 30, 2007

#47 If it’s on film, it’s “set in stone”. I am not one of those who counts the books and fanfic as “canon” but if it was on screen…then it’s canon.

You have to do some real wiggling around on some the history to get all main characters together.

It’ll either look contrived or completely disrespectful of canon…or the producers simply don’t care about canon and just ignore it.

As far as I am concerned all Trek history is as legit and “sacred” as printed literature. I just don’t think it should be messed with.

That’s not “venom” as someone mentioned earlier…that’s just my POV on the whole thing. These fans that act like any criticism of modern Trek is some kind of “slam” are just ridiculous. Trek is art like any other and subject to critique…

I might add, I have been a HUGE supporter of Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman’s efforts. However, Trek timeline and exterior design of the ship are two things that will irk this fan if they just go off and do some willy-nilly radical changes just to please “mainstream audiences”…

I’ve consistently said I loathe the “Star Trek Babies” concept that Harve Bennett wanted to do. So, it only stands to reason I would be critical of anything resembling that.

104. Captain Pike - December 30, 2007

I don’t think the writers and directors of The Cage intended Spock to be a fresh cadet. To all appearances the Spock of The Cage is a veteran officer, Science Officer, and probably third in command after No.1. Spock may have been at the academy as an instructor or graduate student but he and Kirk cannot have been classmates without a serious retcon.

105. Balock - December 30, 2007

ditto Cpt. Pike, ditto…

106. Xai - December 30, 2007

68. Dr. Image – December 30, 2007

“Some things would, of course, be unforgivable, but as long as they make it FIT- so as NOT to INSULT LONG-TIME FANS yet AGAIN.”

Again? We were insulted before?

107. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

I think Dr. Image might be referring to the Berman era…..where do you start? :)

108. The Vulcanista - December 30, 2007

I just did a memory refresh at Memory Alpha. Kirk entered SA in 2250 and was commissioned as an ensign on the Farragut some time before his graduation in 2254-5.

Spock reaches his decision to join Starfleet in 2249, joining probably some time in 2250. He is also commissioned as an officer in “the early 2250s” (according to MAlph) and is serving on Enterprise by 2254.

Whether Spock and Kirk would have been at the Academy at the same time for extended periods is another question. They absolutely could have been cadets together, though not classmates. Spock was probably an upperclassman in some sort of accelerated program, and it’s possible that the KM test was the only contact that he and Kirk had before Spock shipped off to Pike’s Enterprise.

And I think that’s quite enough nerdiness on my part for one day.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

109. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

Vulcanista, I can NEVER get enough of YOUR nerdiness! M’yeah….. :)

110. The Vulcanista - December 30, 2007

Cancun must have been berry, berry goot to u. :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

111. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

Cancun WAS berry, berry good to me!

I retrenched, recharged and “I’m back and I’m WORSE than ever!”

Bwahahahaha………………my motto for 2008 is NO PRISONERS!! :)

112. Multitrek - December 30, 2007

Personnally, I always figured that the KM was not a test someone took as a cadet but as an officer who applied for command training after a few years in the service.

Wasn’t Saavik a Lieutenant when she took the KM? She could have served in the field a few years between academy and command training.

I doubt a cadet could apply directly to command training without field experience.

Spock could have served longer than Kirk in the field though. That would explain why he was an officer under Pike. But they still could have applied to command training at the same time or Spock could have been teaching at command training.

113. The Vulcanista - December 30, 2007

112: Wasn’t Saavik a Lieutenant when she took the KM? She could have served in the field a few years between academy and command training.

I doubt a cadet could apply directly to command training without field experience.
As both Kirk and Spock were commissioned officers and had starship experience before graduation, Saavik had most likely been commissioned while a cadet. She did seem to know her way around starship rules and regs, so it’s probable that she was doing her practicum, if you will, aboard the Enterprise training mission (or a previous assignment we know nothing about) and her KM test coincided with that part of her training.

Yours in geekdom,

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

114. SPB - December 30, 2007

#103 – Mr Snuffleupacus

1) “If it’s on film, it’s ‘set in stone.'”

2) “As far as I am concerned all Trek history is as legit and “sacred” as printed literature.”

On point #1, does that mean you conveniently overlook the times when “filmed” TREK lore/episodes condradict each other? As the YouTube clips on this very website showed a few weeks back, it happens a lot more often then some of us are willing to admit.

Point #2: We’ll have to agree to disagree. If I may be so bold, I think there’s a fine line in some parts of fandom between holding most (if not all) of TREK as “sacred” and simply having a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Once you adhere to something like the Okuda’s TREK Chronology, you run the risk of clasping yourself in to a creative straightjacket.

If any ENTIRE episode had been built around the “fact” that Kirk, Spock and McCoy had never been at the Academy at the same time, then yeah, I’d be right there with you in saying, “Hey! That never happened!” But, for the most part, the (very) few lines that even touch on this period of time were mostly throw-away to begin with (some even in the pilot episodes, which we know almost always contradict events in later episodes–whether it’s STAR TREK, THE BRADY BUNCH or HAPPY DAYS), and I somehow doubt the writers and Roddenberry and ANY inkling way back in the mid-/late-’60s that this would come back to haunt future creative teams in the 21st century. Having a film with Kirk and Spock in the Academy does not and will not invalidate any classic episodes that come afterward (in the TREK timeline of events).

I know it’s considered “sacriledge” in some hardcore canon-ite circles, but I for one have no problem with certain tweaks being made in the new STAR TREK. It’s not something I even remotely lose sleep over as a fan.

115. shuttlepod10 - December 30, 2007

Kirk’s speech is probably like “Cheating! Cheating is our business!”

116. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 30, 2007

If I know Harry, I bet he came back from Cancun with a nice tan … and no tan lines! :)

117. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2007

So, you DO know me!! All I can say is GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL!!!!! :)

118. trektacular - December 31, 2007

Tyler will bring a sassy quality thats very much needed, he’ll be great.

119. AJ - December 31, 2007

Perhaps Spock, Trek’s local computer-wiz, was brought in to investigate Kirk’s win and concluded that if all possibilities have checked out, then the impossible must be true.

120. table10 - December 31, 2007

This is great news. In terms of dramatic potential on screen, I think it will be way more interesting to watch Kirk and Spock butt heads and antagonize each other for a while until either gradually they grow mutual respect for each other, or an event happens that shifts their friendship. Rather than have them be best buds and all hunky dorry at the academy, I know that would be pretty boring for me to watch.

121. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 31, 2007

#118 “Tyler will bring a sassy quality thats very much needed”

Worst. Post. Ever.

122. MiamiTrek - December 31, 2007


Worst. Gripe. Ever.

123. Admiral Kangaroo - December 31, 2007

Okay, in his early academy days, Spock experiments with shuttle and performs a slingshot around the sun and falls into a wormhole created by the Guardian of Forever and the Prophets which sends Spock into the future. Now he has to finish his last couple of years at the academy at the same time as Kirk, Zack and Screech, where they have numerous wacky adventures as they try to outwit the head of Starfleet Academy and impress their girlfriends at the same time!

124. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2007


125. Anthony Pascale - December 31, 2007

I have updated the above story with new tidbits from UGO and AICN

126. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007

That’s gotta be a total BS rumour Aint it Cool.
No. That’s Aint cool at all.

It was Kirk that reprogrammed the computer (Star Trek II).
Perhaps the ‘chick’ was just helpless after the encounter with Kirk.
I’d buy that. But not the ‘chick’ being the programmer.

Besides ‘Aint it Cool really sucks lately too.
Thier really grasping for content these days.


127. Deep Space 913 - December 31, 2007

That sounds like total crap. No way is it a chick that Kirk is “banging”. Seems to me those Aint it cool guys lack a little class.

128. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007

127. Deep Space 913

Care to rephrase that? Or, do you have a problem with a hetero’ Kirk.

129. Shatner_Fan_2000 - December 31, 2007

Aint it Cool News also reported the plot of “Of Gods and Men” to be the plot of Trek XI. What geniuses.

130. jonboc - December 31, 2007

127- Total crap? Not really. I wouldn’t be so surprised. In fact, it really is in character to some degree. Kirk was not above playing on some female of the week’s emotions when it suited his objective of freeing his crew or saving his ship. We saw it in Catspaw, Wink of an Eye, Gamesters Of Triskellion etc. When your life is at stake you do what you have to do.

Kirk’s ability to turn a females head, human or otherwise, was cashed in on many times when had nothing else to turn to. I can see that part of him asking his girlfriend, who might happen to have access to the computers, to rig it for him to win.

After all, we all know Jim Kirk doesn’t like to lose. :)

131. Cranston - December 31, 2007

#126 – I don’t see this scenario as inconsistent with Kirk’s comment in TWOK. Kirk clearly engineered (so to speak) the whole thing, even if it was the woman who did the actual reprogramming. “I reprogrammed the simulation so that it was possible to rescue the ship” works just as well as shorthand for “I found someone who could reprogram the simulation for me.” Kirk thought of the idea, identified someone who could implement it, and arranged things so that his goal was achieved. It was his action, even if others implemented it.

This is not morally equivalent, but think of person A hiring a hit man (person B) to kill someone. Sure, it’s more accurate to say “Person A paid Person B to kill Person C,” but I don’t know that anyone would object to the phrasing “Person A murdered Person C.”

Of course, this is just responding to the (very vague) report above. The actual events will no doubt play out with more detail in the movie.

132. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 31, 2007

That AICN report is crap. There’s no way Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman would write something like that…no way…

133. CanuckLou - December 31, 2007

Hey I guessed right when the city council article first appeared! Kewl!

134. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 31, 2007


1.) No, I just pick and choose the version I like…LOL!!!

2.) I realize a lot of what is in the books by Okuda, etc. is there to fill gaps for things we *didn’t see* on screen.

I don’t consider those embellishments canon.

135. Bill - December 31, 2007

Ummm… What?

136. Bill - December 31, 2007

Star Trek doesn’t have a diverse cast?

137. Driver - December 31, 2007

Kirk and Spock chat after the KM test in STII.

“As I recall,” suggests that Spock may have been at the Academy at that time.

“You took the test three times yourself.” Kirk nods slightly and congratulatory at Spock’s recollection and suggests Kirk knew that Spock knew about his KM test because Kirk is not surprised at Spock’s statement.

“Your final solution was, shall we say, unique.” does not suggest that Kirk now concludes or ever believed Spock ratted him out. But does suggest it may have been a somewhat private matter to those involved.

“It had the virtue of never having been tried.” Kirk is telling Spock something new about his KM test.

138. richpit - December 31, 2007

Hey, what’s all this talk about “canon”…I thought they used phasers in Star Trek!

139. Khan - December 31, 2007

Anyone else think #95 is hinting that #49 is on to something? It was his only comment on the matter.

140. CmdrR - December 31, 2007

Break out the lizard juice (aka saurian brandy), and have a Happy 21st Century New Year, everyone!

141. Iowagirl - December 31, 2007

Yeah, we know our Kirk and he surely has an eye for gals, but he’s perfectly capable of reprogramming the computer himself and doing so would be more congruent with his personality and with what we know about the scenario from STII. Anything else would rather serve a cliché and suggest cheap showmanship.

“You either believe in yourself or you don’t.”

142. shuttlepod10 - December 31, 2007

I remember some DC comic about the Academy. Kirk met Carol Marcus at the Academy, and Mitchell was there. Spock was only in it for a few minutes. No McCoy. There was some scandal at the academy where the teachers thought the students were cheating, but it was all just a test. Also, Finnegan was there, because Finnegan was an upperclassman that loved to torment Kirk. At the end of the story, Finnegan is taking the Kobayshi Maru, and Kirk beams him out of the simulation room, and back in naked.

143. Xai - December 31, 2007

127. Deep Space 913 – December 31, 2007
That sounds like total crap. No way is it a chick that Kirk is “banging”. Seems to me those Aint it cool guys lack a little class.

128. TrekMadeMeWonder – December 31, 2007
127. Deep Space 913

Care to rephrase that? Or, do you have a problem with a hetero’ Kirk.

Trekmade mewonder… I don’t think that’s the point Deep Space is trying to make.

144. Xai - December 31, 2007

Off Subject…

Happy New Year all… I am out for the Eve.

Mixing a new drink here in Iowa…
Romulan Ale and Tranya

We call it a “Romney”.

(dam we are SO ready to send these candidates to a new state…who here wants them?)

145. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2007

Well, starting tomorrow, we can say, “the Trek movie comes out THIS year” and it’s true! Happy New Year everybody!! :)

146. Lostrod - December 31, 2007

FYI – found this story about the ten most anticipated movies of 2008, and guess which movie is not on the list?


147. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007

144. Xai

Make it a piont to vote for Ron Paul next week.
Do it for all of us Trekies who are hoping for a better future.
One that built on hope, not debt.

148. Mr. Snuffleupacus - December 31, 2007

#138 — BWAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Good one…

Well, in The Cage they used a LASER canon…didn’t they?

149. Whoopi & Tyler: Strange Coincidence? - December 31, 2007

I can’t say I’m a fan of Tyler Perry (haven’t seen any of his work), but I wasn’t a huge fan of Whoopi Goldberg when Paramount announced she was joining the TNG cast. At the time, I thought that was outrageous and would destroy the program (terrible timing with the temporary firing of Gates McFadden), but the character of Guinan turned out to be a fan favorite. If memory serves me well, Whoopi never played her role for laughs (loved “Yesterday’s Enterprise”).

So they’ve added Tyler Perry. Big deal. I guarantee he won’t be allowed to play the role over the top. Time will tell.

150. Urban - December 31, 2007

boring… next film please

151. the king in shreds and tatters - December 31, 2007

i kind of assumed that was how he did it.

152. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007

147. TrekMadeMeWonder – December 31, 2007
144. Xai

Correction. This week.
Specifically, January 3, 2008. That’s Thursday.

Now I gotta go and meet Shatner, the Warlock, in Orgimar. To help the Hoard campaign for R.P.

153. shuttlepod10 - December 31, 2007

Sounds like a cameo at best. Trek always has these cool cameo parts scattered throughout episodes.

154. Dr. Image - December 31, 2007

We’re all gonna know so much about this movie before it premiers that ther version we’ll be running through our heads will probably be better than the finished product.
That happened to me when I read the novelization of TMP before I saw it. The film was pale by comparison to what I had read and imagined.
Happy New Year! I’m outta here!

155. AJ - December 31, 2007

Maybe Kirk bangs the girl in the simulator room during the test.

Wouldn’t it be great if they used the exact same graphics and sound as TWOK? Kojiro Vance and the Klingon D7’s?

Wishful thinking.

156. JBS - December 31, 2007

“Unfortunately in a subsequent report UGO stated they have decided to not post the new ’scoop’ in order to protect their source.”

Good, and UGO, tell your source to shut up for good. Somebody needs to protect me from myself, I cannot resist reading spoilers

157. Chris Roberts - December 31, 2007

Kirk could very well convince a girl Is dating to help him.But,we should not take anything from Ainet It Cool News Inless It Is backed up by another source(Like this site)

158. ShawnP - December 31, 2007

#146 – Ehh, what do those Canadians know anyhow? J/k.

159. Paul - December 31, 2007

I don’t really think Kirk would use anybody else to cheat at KM test. He’d reprogram it himself. Remember, he’s no Jack O’Neill anti-nerd type, he *knows* the computers. When he speaks, circuitry melts.

However, I can totally see him banging a chick to get TO the computer. That would be totally his modus operandi. :)

160. Paul - December 31, 2007

Yay, you Ammies still have December 31! Good to you! :)

161. TrekNerd - December 31, 2007

” Kirk “persuades a chick he is banging to alter the simulator so that it is winnable.” ”

Kirk sounds more like Astronaut Jones (Tracy Morgan) from Saturday Night Live.

“dam we are SO ready to send these candidates to a new state”

You mean like Rura Penthe?

162. MEO - December 31, 2007

>> Wouldn’t it be great if they used the exact same graphics and sound as TWOK?

Blood Hell, NO! If there is something hard to stand in the Trek films, is the reuse of very recognizable scenes from previous movies (the D7s from Trek 1 in Trek 2, the exploding Bird of Prey and Excelsior from Trek 6 in Generations).

163. Rhett Coates - December 31, 2007

#156 “…..Good, and UGO, tell your source to shut up for good. Somebody needs to protect me from myself, I cannot resist reading spoilers.
……help….me….resist ”

You seem to forget: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

164. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007

If true. I bet 100 Quatloos that the girl he persuades is Yoeman Rand.
That would justify her taking such a risk. Surely she would have been compansated by Kirk for her efforts.

But, would not Spock have also admitted her efforts in the scheme when questioned?

This plot point sucks and is still just a tired retread of some beautiful
Trek II story elements.

165. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2007


Happy New Year!

166. R.C. Williams - January 1, 2008

Who’s playing Finnegan?

Happy New Year all you Trekkers!

167. Scarecrow - January 1, 2008

“a chick he is banging”!?

That there is why I don’t bother with AICN anymore.

168. J.D. Lee - January 1, 2008

the girl he’s dating at the time is-the orion girl- Rachel Nichols

169. trektacular - January 1, 2008

167. and the like quit being so chaste, personally I believe this will be in the film, after all its supposed to appeal to a ‘broader audience’.

170. Ralph - January 1, 2008

:::covering ears:::

171. Xai, banging fingers on keyboard to stay warm - January 1, 2008

161. TrekNerd – December 31, 2007

“dam we are SO ready to send these candidates to a new state”

“You mean like Rura Penthe?”

The problem is, sending them to Rura Penthe to day would seem like a vacation. Current windchill here is -22.
A walk in the park.

172. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - January 1, 2008

Happy New year!!!!

Boy a lot of prudes here!!!!!!
Sorry to inform many of you but Star Trek, (Kirk and Spock’s Trek) oozed sexuality. Can’t believe so many people seem upset at this I know many of you are fans of the later, tremendously asexual or sexually repressed versions of Trek but this is James T Kirk were talking about. Kirk is the best Captain because not only could he outfight you, outthink you, outlast you, but he could use what ever recources at hand whether it be coal, sulfur, diamonds and a bamboo tube, a club, a starship, his friends or his Jim Kirk Jr. to win the day!!! Kirk also found women intoxocating, the thrill of the seduction was part of it all. I think if done right it could be a wonderful plot device that further adds to the aura of our most beloved captain’s …log and make James Bond look like a piker. This tidbit gives me the ultimate faith in friend Roberto’s talants, he knows James T. Kirk!!!

173. AJ - January 1, 2008

Lord Garth is right about Kirk, but he would have banged this one to make the changes to KM himself. Otherwise he would not be up for reprimand. She would. Perhaps he targeted her specifically for banging as a way to get her access codes and alter the programming post-bang.

174. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2008

Hmmmm…..that put’s a new spin on the BIG BANG THEORY! :)

175. Daoud - January 1, 2008

“chick he was banging” could be a crass and course way to say “Carol Marcus”

Obviously from what we *see* in Wrath of Khan, we know she is not just a biologist, but a computer programmer extraordinaire… “Can I cook, or can I cook?”

I think Rachel Nichols as an Orion woman is a smokescreen, or better yet, a “green screen”. I won’t put it past Abrams, Orci, and the gang from being wizards at duping all of us…. actually printing the scripts with “dummy characters” or “substitute names”, and then having Abrams give the “corrected” pages with the actual names out only on set.

There haven’t been any pictures of Rachel in green other than photo-shopped ones. It’s the only thing that makes sense of all of the rumours.

176. DrNebuloso - January 1, 2008

Well, we had cameos before….Christian Slater…Byran Singer….Why not Tyler?

177. The Vulcanista - January 1, 2008

#174: “Hmmmm…..that put’s a new spin on the BIG BANG THEORY!”


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Ballz will be performing here through next Tuesday! Please be sure to tip your bartenders and waitresses on the way out… ;)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

178. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2008


I am most pleased that YOU, out of anyone, get my silly, ribald, quirky sense of humour!

Tell me, do you like men who can make you laugh?

179. The Vulcanista - January 2, 2008


Who doesn’t? }:-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

180. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2008

Yes, silly me! :)

181. Chris Peterson - January 2, 2008

Perhaps Kirk banged a chick to get access to the simulator to reprogram it. That would be consistent with previous Trek.

182. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2008

Or maybe Kirk banged a simulator to get access to the chick to reprogram her! M’yeah! :)

183. The Vulcanista - January 3, 2008



Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

184. Dan - January 3, 2008

If Kirk used a woman to essentially cheat on the Kobayashi Maru, then that would tarnish him in my mind, even though he was a ladies man. But if he got a commendation for it from the Academy, then we might as well all assume the Fedaration we once knew is gone. I doubt the scenario is accurate.

More likely, he sees the test and the computers and technology it uses as a universe in itself – he justifies reprogramming the computer during the actual simulation as a corrolary to “thinking outside the box” in a realtime command situation. He may have gotten an idea from a female acquaintance, but for Starfleet to commend him for it, there had to have been more to it than a crude, opportunistic “cheating”. No way using a chick to do his dirty work leads to a captain’s chair.

185. startrek-movie.co.uk - March 9, 2008

Kirk won a commendation for original thinking for beating the Kobayashi Maru.
Flirting with a female simulator attendant isnt really that original. I’m thinking that pretty much everyone who ever took the simulation probably thought of that, male or not. Not very original or cunning is it? I just went into town and got a discount on my shopping by flirting with the girl behind the counter, it’s not an Einstein-level idea.

I’m also imagining it’d be a Fort Knox type-affair in terms of security. So its far more likely that Kirk ‘re-routes the encryption’ or uses some other incredibly cunning technological method (i.e. – one thats actually original).

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