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New Voyages Revamped Koenig Episode To Premiere At Gala Event January 7, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

In November we reported that Star Trek New Voyages was working on a re-edited version of their second episode “To Serve All My Days” featuring Walter Koenig and written by D.C Fontana. Originally planned as an Internet release for Christmas ’07, it has now turned into a gala event.

Gala Premiere For a Star
“To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969″ featuring new scenes, music and CGI will premiere on March 29th in Beverly Hills at the Fine Arts Theater. This will give Koenig’s episode the same gala celebrity-filled treatment as the most recent STNV episode “World Enough and Time” featuring George Takei which premiered at the Fine Arts Theater over the summer. The event will also be used to promote the campaign to get Walter Koenig a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Koenig is still the only member of The Original Series cast without one. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame committee will be voting on Koenig’s star in June.

This event will feature “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969,” other rare television footage, and many new surprises. Doors to the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills will open at 6:30PM (Pacific Time), screenings begin at 7:30PM, with a Q&A session to follow the screenings. Invited guests will include many from the the STNV cast and crew, various Star Trek celebs, Walk of Fame committee members, and of course (along with other members of the media). The Internet version will be made available to coincide with the premiere.

James Cawley has provided with another shot made by Daren Dochterman and the effects team for the new version of “To Serve all my Days.”

More planned for 2008 and beyond
After “To Serve All My Days” is released, James Cawley tells that they will quickly follow that up with the first part of “Blood and Fire,” written by David Gerrold and featuring Denise Crosby. Part 1 should be available in April with part 2 likely to come out in May.

The STNV team is also already into pre-production on two additional episodes. The first will be “Rest and Retaliation” written by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur which begins location shooting at Vasquez Rocks in late March. Kevin Rubio is directing and hopes are to have that episode out some time in 2008. That episode will be followed up by “Killkenny Cats” written by Jimmy Diggs adapted from a story intended for Star Trek Enterprise. “Killkenny Cats” will feature the Kzinti, the cat-like creatures invented by Larry Niven and so far only seen on The Animated Series. Cawley tells that they will have fully rendered CGI Kzinti, which can be seen on the promo poster below.

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1. Parosu Grasu - January 7, 2008


first ;)

2. Capt Abe - January 7, 2008

Cool stuff here ******Second!!

3. SPB - January 7, 2008


I always remember “The Slaver Weapon” being the one of first TAS episodes I ever saw on an old black & white TV way back in 1975. I was convinced for YEARS afterward that there had been a STAR TREK cartoon… but with cats in the leads.

I’d read about the original TAS series, but always remembered thinking, “Yeah, but what about the one where they’re all cats???”

Amazing the tricks your foggy 3-year old memories will play with you!

4. NCC-73515 - January 7, 2008

Kzinti??? Why not use Xindi…

5. asylumjn - January 7, 2008

Why can’t I see the pictures? Does anyone have a working link for the Kzinti promo poster?

6. asylumjn - January 7, 2008

Ok. There it is.

7. DarenDoc - January 7, 2008


I think you’re remembering a different show.

There was a show on saturday mornings in that time called “The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty” (or something like that… obviously a reference to “Walter Mitty”) but it had the main character in different parodies every week… and one week was a star trek episode. That one was all Cats.


8. Tanner Waterbury - January 7, 2008


9. G. Prich - January 7, 2008

Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

‘Kilkenny’? Coincidence?

10. SPB - January 7, 2008

#7 – DarenDoc:

Oooooooo! My mind reels! Could have been that one, too!

I just assumed years later when I finally saw “The Slaver Weapon” again on Nickelodeon that that must have been the episode that sent me on the wrong track.

(I’m 35 years old… why the heck am I even talking/thinking about this???)

11. Michael Hall - January 7, 2008

Kudos to Cawley and company. . . they are just getting incredibly ambitious with this project. If it’s not “real” Trek (and I can’t honestly consider it such, the contributions of some of the origianal participants notwithstanding), it’s still a fascinating and worthy addendum to Roddenberry’s universe in its own right, much as with some of the better ST novels.

I actually liked “To Serve All My Days” a great deal in spite of its flaws–in some ways I actually preferred it to “World Enough and Time”–and really would enjoy attending the premiere of this new version.

12. CanuckLou - January 7, 2008

Hope they fix the continuity gaffe this time out.

13. S. John Ross - January 7, 2008

#10, could still be TAS, after all; with M’Ress they had a cat on the bridge :)

Glad to see the Cawley stuff getting the attention it deserves. CGI Kzinti? I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m happy to see them taking a no-boundaries approach.

14. DarenDoc - January 7, 2008

#10 SPB

I can understand your confusion… cause they used some of the same music… and sound effects, as I remember… cause it was produced by Filmation, the same company that produced the Trek Animated series.

15. New Horizon - January 7, 2008

Oh wow…I love that new pic of the Enterprise. Great work Daren and co!

That’s always how I imagined the remastered TOS would have looked…I really wish Daren had gotten a job working on that project. It’s just so scatter shot and inconsistent.

16. Thomas - January 7, 2008

14. A lot of those sound effects later turned up on Masters of the Universe, as well.

17. 8of5 - January 7, 2008

Oh wow, can’t wait to see the Kzinti brought to life.

18. Chris Doohan - January 7, 2008

I hope Walter gets his star, as it is long overdo. I would never suggest a write-in campaign to the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s honorary Mayor, Johnny Grant. That would be wrong. :)

19. siridi - January 7, 2008

forgive my ignorance, but do walter koenig and george takei play their familiar characters in these new voyages episodes. i like trek but i’m not an uber fan, also can someone tell me where i can watch them, thank you. just discovered a whole new world of star trek, thanks to the old tinternet.

20. Driver - January 7, 2008

Is it KILKenny or KILkenny or kilKENNY or kilKenny? And shouldn’t Cats be Kats? Or Catz? Or Katz? Or Katzenjammer? Meh!

21. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

Kilkeny cats sounds intriguing!!. I’m hugely looking forward to that one.

22. Dr. Image - January 7, 2008

#19 Check the New Voyages website.
It is the epicenter for TRUE Classic Trek!

23. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

#19 go to

24. I....can't....even....impersonate....elivis - January 7, 2008

It’s the epicenter for TRUE Classic HORRIBLE acting. Why Daren Doc would attach his name to this is beyond me…wow.

25. Diabolik - January 7, 2008

I can’t help but think that the expression of Chekov in that shot at thetop of the page reflects how Walter must have felt…

“Here I am, reduced to guest-starring in fan-made Star Trek videos… how pathetic.”

Not knocking the efforts of the fans involved… they are doing great; but it still must be a blow to any actors ego to be at that point.

26. Shatner_Fan_2000 - January 7, 2008

#25 “it still must be a blow to any actors ego to be at that point.”

What actor? I thought we were talking about Walter Koenig!

(Hey, I just said it before Harry Ballz did. :))

27. siridi - January 7, 2008

23 and 23 thanks for that, just had a quick look, put on first episode for a wee peek, almost wet myself seeing sulu and rand. stnv’s mccoy looks very much like original, any relation? spock on the other hand, my god he’s just freaky

28. SPB - January 7, 2008


Was the above composition of the Enterprise and Klingon vessel a sly nod to almost the exact same shot from STAR TREK III, when the Enterprise stares down the Klingon Bird of Prey?

I used to have a small mini-poster of the TREK III shot… that’s why I recognized it right off the bat! If so, kudos! If not, it’s still great!

29. siridi - January 7, 2008

oops 22 and 23, sorry

30. YUBinit - January 7, 2008

Now THAT is what CGI Enterprise is supposed to look like. LOVE IT!

TG for James… with him we still get REAL Trek. KEEP IT UP!!! :)

31. Kirokwannabe - January 7, 2008

#24 Hey, it’s getting to be a very professional fan produced series. The most recent episode with George Takei was quite memorable with some very professional acting.

While the episodes are a little “rough” around the edges, the spirit of the original Trek is alive and well. As someone would was weaned on the classic Trek reruns of the ’70’s, I highly recommend New Voyages!

32. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

#27 lol, yeh, ‘Spock’ is somewhat Herman Munster!. Nevertheless, you will find MUCH to be impressed about.

33. Krik Semaj - January 7, 2008

There were plenty of TOS episdes with pretty bad acting, but we still love them. So lighten up on TNV.
Personally, I think James & Co. are doing a fine job.
#29 The next new episode (not To serve all my days) wll have a new actor (a genuine actor) portraying Spock..

34. Greg2600 - January 7, 2008

Glad that Koenig will also get the gala treatment Takei had. The speed at which they intend to produce the episodes is marvelous! Kzinti will be cool to see. I wonder if they’ll be all CGI? And who else thinks Wing Commander (a game series I loved) stole the big nasty cat idea for the Kilrathi from the Kzinti? Wait, Kilrathi….Kilkenny…..hmmmm.

35. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

#33 yeh, thats gona be weird- another actor playing Spock?! lol

36. Jackson Roykirk - January 7, 2008

#27. John Kelly is no relation to DeForest Kelley.

I’m sure John Kelly is a swell guy, but his poor acting is one of the weakest links in ‘New Voyages’. However, even though all of the acting is sub-par in general, ‘New Vovages’ episodes are crisply written and involve some interesting stories.

37. DarenDoc - January 7, 2008


Was it a tribute to that famous shot in Star Trek III?

Well… This episode is supposed to have taken place in 1969 in the mythical 4th Season of the original show… so…

I prefer to think that they paid homage to this episode in Trek III.


Yeah, that’s what I was going for. :)

38. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

#37 you nailed it. I saw it straight away as well.

39. ZoomZoom - January 7, 2008

oh, and #37, your scale looks more accurate than TSFS Bird Of Prey shot!

40. Imrahil - January 7, 2008


Great job on the models–they really do look like studio-lit miniatures. I also like the multicolored stars.

Is this shot in the middle of a pan, or something? The stars on the right edge look blurred.

41. Imrahil - January 7, 2008

Oh, and isn’t Niven going to shit if they use the Kzinti? I seem to remember him not wanting later Trek to mess with them at all.

42. CmdrR - January 7, 2008

There’s a cat in ST:V. Why doesn’t anyone every talk about that movie??

Sounds fun. I hope the CGI is convincing.

On the Chekov do-over, does he still, um — (SPOILER ALERT)
croak at the end?

43. Krik Semaj - January 7, 2008

The less said about ST:V the better.

44. Doug L. - January 7, 2008

Great shot of the E and Klingon Battle Cruiser! Why does this shot look so much better than the still frames provided by CBS Digital? The quality of those are always washed out and a little fuzzy.

This is how it should be! Doug L.

45. Captain "read the book" Pike - January 7, 2008

That’s a pretty poor rendition of a Kzin but it’s par for the various Man/Kzin War book covers. Kzin don’t have fuzzy cat ears. They have large fan-like batwing type ears. You’d think the artist would actually read a description of them by the author and not just go with a human with a tiger’s head. TAS got it right. This artist apparent hasn’t see “The Slaver Weapon”.

46. Dr. Image - January 7, 2008

I hope he does NOT croak at the end!
Lame! Lame! Lame!!
That’s been my only problem with the episode. (Well, that and the crappy CGI…)

And I don’t care what they say, it smacks of writer’s block to me!

47. 1701 over Gotham City - January 7, 2008

The cat in Trek V is a different species. The Kzin are a little closer to what we saw sitting amngst the Federation delegates in Trek IV. Take that felinoid, and hulk it out. The Kzin are large, lumbering cats… closer to a Smilidon or an African Lion than to a Domestic cat, which is what the Trek V cat was much more akin to.

I don’t think Niven would have too much of a problem… the comics used them as did a book or two, I believe. Again, considering it’s all done as a fan-based-not-for-profit venture, I doubt he would have a problem.

48. K'travein - January 7, 2008

#25…Walter has expressed his graditude at finally being given a Chekov role that was worthy of his talents and fleshed out the character in a way that the studio was never willing to do. He even enlisted DC Fontana to write it.

If more people were aware of Walter’s extensive acting career on television maybe he’d have that star already. Check out YouTube for a bunch of clips.

Chris, since you mentioned it… for a letter writing campaign…well, visit

49. 1701 over Gotham City - January 7, 2008

And yep, they’ve got leathery, scalloped ears, as #45 stated. The episode “Slaver Weapon” certainly nailed it.

50. Smike van Dyke - January 7, 2008

I don’t know why so many people nitpick the NV acting abilities. I don’t think acting is that important. Are the real fictional characters (Kirk, Spock…) good actors giving Shakespearian speeches like Kirk or Picard did in the TV shows?
They are interesting characters on their own. They don’t need to be acted! The worse the “acting”, the more realistic a production is. Why do people always expect “good acting”? In my book “acting” means just some artificial pretense that has got nothing to do with real life. No one out there is talking like actors in movies and TV shows. The only realistic characters are the ones portrayed by those lame actors just behaving like you and me. But I guess people will never really get that since they are so spoiled by “real acting”…that may be entertaining but it will never be realistic…

C’mon! Observe your lives, your everyday talks. Is it even remotely related to movie dialogues? No, because no one talks like that. No smootly written dialogues acted out in such an artifical way…because we’re no actors. If you want something that you can relate to, find actors that are bad enough to sound like average people…NV is pretty close…Exeter is even closer…they sound like a real Kirk would sound…the Shat’s version is a well-acted theatre play of the real adventures…NV ARE the real adventures (or closer to it)…And yes, I’m sober…

51. hitch1969© - January 7, 2008

I love the new voyages. keep up the good work!

52. sean - January 7, 2008


“Are the real fictional characters (Kirk, Spock…) good actors giving Shakespearian speeches like Kirk or Picard did in the TV shows?”

My hat is off to you, sir. Not because what you said makes any sort of sense, but because you had the balls to say something so nonsensical with such conviction.

53. Cap'n Pike - January 7, 2008

#47 I think the Cat admiral in Star Trek V was homage to Lt. Mress’ species in TAS sometimes but not always called Caitians. Yeah the Kzinti (except the telepaths) should be build like gorillas not house cats stood up on their hind legs.
I’d love to see a well done Kzin character, but please go back to Niven for an accurate description!

54. J. Parker - January 7, 2008

Really great news, thanks to Captain Cawley & the gang, and Daren Doc, and I really, really hope Walter gets his star!

As to the CGI Kzin, yes, DAVE School should read Larry Niven.

55. jonboc - January 7, 2008


…..waiter, .I’ll have some of what he’s drinking please…..

56. Tony Whitehead - January 7, 2008


I must say that I appreciate your work. The love that you put into each project and the attention to detail that renders out of each frame is a testament to the reverence in which you hold these shows.

You didn’t go too far in the above shot just as you struck the exactly right tone in Robert Wise’s TMP. I envy your opportunity to work alongside such a legend. The chance to sit and just absorb the knowledge that Mr. Wise had in the business is a rare honor.

In regards to New Voyages, I go into each episode knowing that these are fan films and I take that into consideration when I deal with the amateurs onscreen. Rather than a detriment, I rather find it refreshing that it’s not always a first-rate production. Jim Cawley and friends are living a dream out in upstate New York and more power to them. Thanks to all involved in the project that we can see the results of their efforts. I hope you remain involved helping them keep the dream alive.

57. James Cawley - January 7, 2008

There is a reason, why the ears are different. You will just have to wait to find out. The artwork was created by Court Jones, who is an amazing talent! (google him!) . Jimmy Diggs who wrote this, and will be directing is a close Friend of Larry Niven.
Why on earth are some fans here so venomous? This is all done by fans
for fans. So lighten up, What do you get by needlessly attacking other fans?
James Cawley

58. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - January 7, 2008

^50 Smike

Lol! You almost make the case for high school class plays!

And Shakespeare training rocks — otherwise we’d all sit on the front stoop nosing in on the neighbors, instead of paying millions and millions to Hollywood for all those “real” actors :-)

59. steve adams - January 7, 2008

#26. Check out Koenigs role as “Bester the Psi-cop” in Babylon 5.
He really kick shat in that role. He played the character for 4 seasons and it was some of his best work IMO.
Also, I guess you need votes to get a star but what you really need is 10,000 bucks to get a star on Hollywood bvld.
Also, I wish they would put these NV on dvd !!!!! Come on CBS get off your ass on this. !!

60. Captain Dunsel - January 7, 2008

James, as long as you are out there, are you prepared for the backlash you will see when the homosexual scene which kept this episode off TNG is aired? Many people, and I admit I am one of them, do not believe that watching two guys kissing is anything but wrong.

You saw how venemous people became when you mucked around with canon in the Koenig episode in the first place. If the next episode plays out as the trailer indicated, you will be amazed at the backlash.

61. Enterprisingguy - January 7, 2008

Since you are here James I would like to thank you for your efforts to bring us some fine entertainment!

Your efforts are much appreciated by the majority of us!

I eagerly await your next adventure!

62. Oregon Trek Geek - January 7, 2008

#57 James, thanks for all the great NV episodes!

Where can I see a vid of you doing Elvis? I’m also a big Elvis fan and have always wanted to see your take on the King. The closest I’ve gotten to that is seeing the pic of you in the Aloha jumpsuit sitting in Kirk’s chair. Awesome!

63. Cap'n Pike - January 7, 2008

Okay, I’ll lighten up James. But I’d still love to see “classic” Kzin just the same way be both want to see the “classic” TOS Enterprise.
Is it because we’re seeing a Star Fleet Battles “Kzinti” instead of a Known Space “Kzin”? The Kzinti in TAS appeared as Niven described them with batwing ears.

64. James Cawley - January 7, 2008

Look, If something in my episodes makes someone uncomfortable, while making someone else comfortable at the same time, I have done my job, at telling a TRUE Star Trek story.
Backlash, means nothing to me. Standing my ground, and sticking up for the things I believe in is what I most care about. I have many Gay Friends, I have many straight friends, and to me they are all Great People. I accept evryone for who they are, and how they treat me.
I can handle any amount of criticism leveled at me. What I do not understand is the mindless insulting that goes on for no reason. I have seen it happen here, on this board all too frequntly.
STNV is my Hobby , which I choose to share with the world, I do not get paid for it, it is a labor of Love. Nothing More. Gene Roddenberry spoke of a Better Tomorrow, where everyone is accepted no matter what their color, religion or sexual preference. That is the message, I want to continue. “Blood And Fire” features a Gay couple, BUT that is NOT what the story is about.
The Human Adventure Is Just Begining!
That tagline from TMP, sums up very nicely what Star Trek WAS and SHOULD alway’s be about.
So bring on the backlash, I welcome the debate.
James Cawley

65. neal - January 7, 2008

#60. Fortunately, it’s a free country. Free to offend; free to respond with venom.

66. Ryan T. Riddle - January 7, 2008

I can’t wait to see this version of “To Serve All My Days” and I can’t wait to see “Blood and Fire.” The Kzinti episode sounds like damn good fun and science fiction. It’s good to see NV getting top-class writers to craft scripts for them.

67. James Cawley - January 7, 2008

Thank You! I have earned my living performing as Elvis for the last 20 years. I have no video on hte web. My performances are owned by the producer of the various shows, so I have never posted anything. I have performed in Vegas, and Atlantic city as well as evry major resort around it seems. I have worked for legends in concert and Hollywood superstars the two major inpersonation shows in the Nation. I currently perform 6 months out of the year for Six Flags, maybe you can catch me at one of their parks!

68. Cap'n Pike - January 7, 2008

Just when I was going to get in another good nitpick about the Kzinti this gay bashing debate starts up.

(BTW In addition to the bat ears, Kzinti also have long rat-like tails and hands with 4 fingered instead of 5.)

Some of my best friends are Kzinti….

69. Anthony Pascale - January 7, 2008

I am really disappointed in some members of the community. I have really strive to have a higher level of debate and discussion on this site. That is partly how we have been able to get people from Daren, to James to Orci, to Brannon Braga to come here and talk directly to the fans.

But some times it really devolves into a ‘i know what is right and everyone else is wrong’ pissing match.

How inviting is that kind of atmosphere

it is OK to be critical. I have critiqued many aspects of Trek both official and fan produced. But there is a constructive way to do those kinds of things.

And remember that in many cases there is no ‘right answer’

70. James Cawley - January 7, 2008

Please excuse my lousy typing! LOL. Computers and me are still trying to get along.

71. Thomas - January 7, 2008

I would imagine that any scene in “Blood and Fire” featuring a gay couple (men or women) would be handled with taste, so as not to be accused of being salacious or titillating, or to be the source of cheap, juvenile jokes. Rather, I think it will doubtless be a thought-provoking, well-crafted episode that the people involved will be very proud of.

72. Scott Gammans - January 7, 2008

Lovely image of the Enterprise and the Klingon battlecruiser, Daren!

I can’t wait to see how the Kzinti turn out. MeeeOW!

73. jonboc - January 7, 2008

I have no problems with gay crewmembers. I’m sure they are serving aboard the ship right along side are straight ones. And alien ones. And blue-eyed ones. But they should just exist as crew members like everyone else. If their sexuality is not part of the storyline but the producers or writers feel some need to stop and say ” oh and by the way these guys are gay.” that’s when I turn the channel….UNLESS it is a major part of the story taking place.

The 23rd century Trek is a very accepting time. It’s always been very clear to me that all types serve aboard the ship. I really see no need to specifically address the gay crewmembers and point out to the audience that they are gay. That turns, what should be a non-event, into a much bigger issue than it really is and always comes off as very “gimmicky” or preachy.

The LAST thing I want in my TOS is to hear this on a coming attraction……”this week on a very SPECIAL Star Trek…”

74. Commodore April - January 7, 2008

SPB & DarenDoc remember Jason of Star Command? it was produced by Filmation and used some of the same music. I recogized the music right off the bat when I heard it on the DVD. It may have been good for it’s day and target Saturday morning audience, but it’s hard to watch now. I had always wondered where I saw W1K1 (Wiki) the robot until google came along. I also got the TAS box set and it was very well produced. I think it may have over-targeted it’s audience.

#57 James – thanks for continuing the series as we would have hoped it could be. The pilot and first episode were very cool in showing what a fan film can do and seeing an extra bit of “history” – Pike, J class ships, etc. You and your team keep raising the bar each time. I was only disappointed by the Koenig ep by the continuity issue. I hope it gets fixed or an official explanation. The last with Takei has me waiting on edge for more. It’s great to see the different time periods, ships, and character background. I’ll be watching!

75. Andy Patterson - January 7, 2008


I always dug the cat girl from the animated show. I liked a lot of episodes from them too (I remember being critical of the music even as a kid…but oh well). And as a cat lover I always thought the character as a race was a cool idea. I’m jazzed to see what this will be like.

76. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 7, 2008

#69 Exactly right. Amazing how people get “chat room” muscles.

Anyway, keep up the good work JC. I am one of those kids who watched ST every night at 6pm on WPIX in NY in the 70’s, and found a home. It is nice to see you taking care of the folks’ house. Thankless work sometimes. It is great visiting the old place! Keep it up.

DarenDoc: since you’re lurking about… this is way off topic, but…

I just finished off my gift to myself: home theater in the basement (130″ screen woo hoo!), and first order of business was to pop in TMP, and check her out. I only watched up through Kirk’s arrival on the E in drydock. I had seen the DE before, but on a smallish screen. Have to say I was very pleased to see the proper titles, and the general spiffiness of the print. A few things, tho… Matte lines everywhere. The Klingons still look fantastic, but the lines are pretty heavy. The CGI scenes on Vulcan and SF were perfect, but the matte lines around the little cargo shuttles near spacedock were blinking like Christmas lights. Can that be fixed, or is it too embedded in the original work that it would have to be removed and redone entirely? (side observation; Trumbull definitely echoed his Close Encounters work on the alien mothership with the shots of the spacedock in TMP-especially the shot zooming in from above). The film was remarkably “warm” in both skin tone, and set design. Looked like the print has held up/or was cleaned nicely. I remembered TMP feeling “bluer” or colder, but it was more balanced than I recalled.

Also, I was struck anew by the power of the flyby scene. It is nearly perfect. The spacedock concealing just enough of the E to build anticipation, the music, the sense of the immense mass of the Enterprise itself. I realized I hadn’t seen that scene on anything larger than a 27″ TV in nearly 30 years. All I can say is that JJ is fighting a losing battle, if he intends to do a reveal remotely similar. It truly shows what CGI aspires to achieve.

Anyway, the point of this long TMP digression is, (and many have said it before) that TMP needs a HD fix-up. Badly. Your work in the DE is great, and much appreciated. That must have been a real treat for you. Just thought I’d throw it out there. Sorry for the thread hijack.

77. Lt. McFibberich - January 7, 2008

If Koenig can get a star on the Walk of Fame, then it should pretty much be open to anyone at all.

78. Fraser Link - January 7, 2008

The problem with the (relative) anonymity of the internet is that people feel free to shoot their mouths off and criticize in ways they would never ever have the grapefruits to do in person.

James Cawley, I am thankful your the efforts not only to keep Trek boldly going and also for the sincere and tempered responses you’ve brought to some rather rude comments on this board. I’m not sure I could have been as gracious as you.

Roberto Orci, if you’re out there, the same goes to you, sir — thank you for taking the time to not only keep this wonderful franchise trekking along into the future, but for also taking the time to talk with us every now and again. I look forward to seeing your Trek work on the big screen.

And Anthony, thank you for making all this (*cue wide, panning shot of*) possible. Ironically, even with no weekly TV series on these days, between the ongoing film projects and the daily news here, I feel more connected to Star Trek than ever before.

People so very rarely say “thank you” these days … so, thank you — this humble Nova Scotian appreciates it all.

79. Anthony Pascale - January 7, 2008

I feel I need to again remind people that attempts to divert discussions into politics are deleted and those trying to derail are banned.

80. steve adams - January 7, 2008

Thanks for all your hard work James Cawley I apologise for all the negativity being thrown around TAS cannon violations.

Who knew the Animated show was considered Cannon. I recall GR once stated that it wasn’t.
Again keep up the fantastic work you and your team are great and I love your passion!!

81. Magic_Al - January 7, 2008

I’m looking forward to the revised edit. I think they really nailed it in the Sulu episode and I’m glad to see lessons learned and applied to the Chekov episode because I really wanted to like that but didn’t, and it was mostly due to pacing. I’m pretty sure there’s a good episode in there.

82. Dr. Image - January 7, 2008

Very well said, #78.
There has NEVER been a time in Trek history that allowed so much input/interaction, so everyone should show some appreciation.

And I predict: when this movie comes out, there just might be many who will decide to start praising NV for being truer to Trek’s spirit than the movie may wind up being; and maybe even from an acting standpoint too!
Also, anyone who has ever acted or attempted to re-create characters knows what hard work it is and how much time and energy it takes.
I, for one, know.
To those who don’t- lay off the bashing. It won’t help. James KNOWS about the issues with his show, and I’m sure he’s on top of addressing them.

83. Captainfirst - January 7, 2008

First off- to James Cawley: I’ve said it here, I’ve said it on the NV forum, and I’ll say it again. You are making Star Trek in its truest and finest form.

And replying to #80- Gene Roddenberry was always constantly changing his mind on what was canon and what was not, it’s generally accepted that out of the 22 animated shows, he considered only “Yesteryear” as being canon. Interesting point here, in that according to comments made by Majel Roddenberry, Gene at one point actually talked about de-canonizing the entire original series.

84. Sam Belil - January 7, 2008

Mr. Cawley — once again I believe that you and your crew do an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC job in keeping up the spirit of TOS alive. I have enjoyed each and every episode (with the exception of the Chekov episode). Your passion for TOS clearly shows up in your work. Please KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your cameo in Of G-ds and Men.

85. New Horizon - January 7, 2008

Thanks to all the industry pros who grace this website. I truly appreciate hearing from all of you.

To Serve all My Days was a great episode, but I agree that New Voyages really hit it’s stride with World Enough and Time. I’m really looking forward to the re-edit of TSAMD’s….especially with the revised effects. It’s going to rock.

86. star trackie - January 7, 2008

Ya know, I enjoyed this episode the first time around. It wasn’t great, but Walter delivered the goods and the young actor portraying Chekov was really good as well. And, personally, I really LIKED how it ended. These episodes aren’t part of official Trek “continuity” anyway so why not have a cool “what if?” story now and again? Especially if it’s penned by DC Fontana for cryin’ out loud! . I’m tap dancing here trying to get around spoiling the show for those who haven’t seen it, but I really don’t get why they are revamping it and I sure hope they don’t cater to the whiners who cried about you-know-what. But it was a good story, just not sure that it warrants another view.

87. reptileboy - January 7, 2008

The poster for the upcoming episode looks awesome. The New Voyages is an absolutely stunning demonstration of the power of fans. The work that they do is greatly appreciated by fans, many who are more than happy to allow James and company the right to make mistakes and take risks. They’ve earned it.

And kudos for the great idea to link the re-release of To Serve All My Days with the campaign to get Walter Koenig a Star on the Walk of Fame. Something that has long been coming.

88. Mr Snuffleupacus - January 7, 2008


Love NV! Getting Daren aboard was also a stroke of genius if I may say so myself. Meh…the Blood Fire story doesn’t appeal to me, but you and your team have done a GREAT job with NV overall!

And if you’ve read my posts you know that I believe you guys have set the bar (very high at that! :-)) for fan films — and fan produced visual effects…

89. Raymond S - January 7, 2008

When I was a kid, my friends and I would gather together and make our own Super-8 Star Trek episodes. There was a lot of ‘pretend’ on screen, and most of our shorts had to involve planet locations because we didn’t have Enterprise sets.

James Cawley and his dedicated group have a true love of Star Trek. How could they not? They spend a small fortune of their own money to make increasingly better shows. The acting isn’t nearly as bad as some people claim, and I for one have grown to really like Mr. Cawley’s take on Kirk. My combined love of Star Trek and filmmaking led me to USC Film School, and after graduation I did work in the film industry. I know the rigors of the type of filmmaking these Trekkers have, and I am infinitely envious of them!

James and group, I love watching your shows. You are creating new episodes of my favorite program. I would hope that someday your ship comes in, and CBS puts all of your shows on DVD for us to watch and enjoy in all their glory. One tip? Go back to using the original series music. When I hear it throughout your episodes, it’s like the appearance of another classic character!

Keep breaking new ground and delving into fresh territory like only Gene could have done, and a heartfelt thanks to you for all you have done!

90. Gorn Captain - January 7, 2008

#3 There was an “all cats” version of TOS. IN 1975, Filmation did a series called “The Secret Adventures of Waldo Kitty”, which featured takeoffs on Trek, Batman, The Lone Ranger, and Robin Hood.
Filmation did all of those as straightforward series before and after, except for Robin Hood…

91. The Vulcanista - January 7, 2008



Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

92. neal - January 7, 2008

#90. That is a jaw-dropping revelation. I thought I’d seen everything that is trek, but I just looked up Waldo Kitty and sure enough there is an episode listed as “Cat Trek.” No sign of it on youtube. If anyone has more info, please post.

93. Non-belligerency Confirmed - January 7, 2008

james cawley:
all my best to you and the crew. thanks for your passion and work. i truly believe new voyages (and the other exceptional fan films) were very much the reason a new trek film, based on TOS, is being made.

i simply can’t fathom the cruel so-called-critics you refer to. if i said said what i feel about them, anthony would rightfully ban me, as phrases like “self-feltch-a-lating scum” might be misconstrued.

anyway, i happy to live in a world where elvis, kirk, queer life, and correct nacelle caps can all be used in the same sentence.

94. The Vulcanista - January 7, 2008


Must… See… Cat… Trek….

I can’t believe I missed this the first go ’round.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

95. sean - January 7, 2008

I think the biggest difference between the new movie and NV – actingwise – is that Cawley & crew are deliberately mimicking the original protrayals (the actors), whereas I think the only way the new movie will be successful is if the new actors make the characters their own. I can’t imagine Chris Pine will be attempting a Shatnerian Kirk in the way Cawley does. Quinto, of course, will be under greater pressure as Nimoy actually appears in the film, but I still don’t believe he’ll merely be presenting us with Zachary Quinto Presents: Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. Ya know?

That being said, I don’t care for New Voyages. It’s just not my cup-of-tea (and yes, I have watched them) and will never be ‘actual’ Trek to me. However, I applaud Cawley not only for doing something that he enjoys with such passion, but for the amount of hard work he puts into it, both by putting together such an impressive design team as well as roping in some of the original actors into their iconic roles. There’s a great deal to be proud of there.

96. billhardin22 - January 7, 2008


Just a question and not trying to cause a stir.

Regarding your post #79 (and I would like to say that it does not involve any deleted or banned posts of mine), are these attempts at political and derailing posts concerning comments on homosexuality with regard to Cawley’s STNV?

If so, I would just like to say that not all Trek fans are pro-homosexuality.

I have friends and associates who are homosexual. I do not agree with the lifestyle. I really do not want to see it portrayed in my entertainment.

I do not think Cawley or homosexuality should be bashed on this site or any other. However, I also think that dissenting opinions should be heard and tolerated within reason. Intolerance of honest, rational dissenting opinion can easily turn into bashing of its own kind.

I appreciate STNV and Cawley. I also appreciate what I consider to be your excellent efforts to maintain a cordial and respectful environment on this site.

I do think, however, that if Cawley chooses to introduce homosexuality as an element of story telling in STNV, then it is only fair to expect and permit honest dissenting opinion.

If Trek is a commentary on our society, should not all points of view receive equal tolerance and respect? Just asking.

I do appreciate and enjoy STNV!

Thanks, James!

Thanks, Anthony!

97. Daren Doc - January 7, 2008

Not to derail the conversation again…

but the waldo kitty opening is here.

I’m not sure of Waldo’s sexual orientation… so I’ll just let that be.

98. New Horizon - January 7, 2008

#96 – I do not agree with the lifestyle.

To me, the word ‘lifestyle’ infers continued misconception of homosexuality.

1. That homosexuality is a choice.
– Is is not.

2. That a homosexual is, by default, a promiscuous creature. Seeking out sex and pleasure in the seediest of locations.
– A stereotype…portrayed in our minds and on T.V. Promiscuity is a choice…but it is one that some heterosexuals and homosexuals partake in….and believe me, I know some heterosexuals who are disgustingly promiscuous…while an equal majority of homosexuals I know, have been in loving…committed, relationships for well over a decade.

Thankfully, we have absolutely no right to ‘ban’ the portrayal of homosexuality in entertainment, any more than when ‘the first inter-racial kiss’ in a TV show, was banned by many stations back in the sixties. Yep, a lot of people didn’t agree with that either…and look where we are today?

I know, I know. For a lot of people, it seems perfectly normal to say…”hey, I don’t agree with that lifestyle”…but when you over lay it onto similar events in history, you quickly see that it’s just a matter of being programmed to think one way about a supposed ‘minority’ that is really not a minority at all…especially when you factor all those who are bisexual into the mix. Then it’s quite probable…that pure heterosexuality is quite close to being a minority itself.

Love can not be defined by words, or our simple concepts. If we do not challenge our own fears and misconceptions, then we are as guilty as those who taught us to believe in them.

99. Jabob Slatter - January 7, 2008


I have gay friends and they have definitely not chosen their “lifestyle.” Can you choose to be sexually attracted to the same sex? Apparently not. Just as they cannot choose to be attracted to the opposite sex. It’s not choice, get over it. God has nothing against it. Educated yourself.

I applaud Cawley for his efforts, but generally do not enjoy most of New Voyages. I simply can’t get past the acting. The effects and the sets and costumes are all top notch by now, which makes the acting even more glaringly sub-par.


You rock.

100. The Vulcanista - January 7, 2008

#97: Thanks! Now I know why I never saw it. Freshman year of college, Saturdays didn’t begin until at least 2:00 p.m.

Last “Waldo Kitty” post from me, swear to Vulcan, Anthony!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

101. Gary Seven - January 7, 2008

I wanted to repost #78- if that is allowed. I want to do that because I strongly agree with it and have written to that effect in some of my previous posts. But it needs to be said clearly and often so We all can reflect on it, in my opinion. Thanks, Fraser Link.

78. Fraser Link – January 7, 2008
The problem with the (relative) anonymity of the internet is that people feel free to shoot their mouths off and criticize in ways they would never ever have the grapefruits to do in person.

James Cawley, I am thankful your the efforts not only to keep Trek boldly going and also for the sincere and tempered responses you’ve brought to some rather rude comments on this board. I’m not sure I could have been as gracious as you.

Roberto Orci, if you’re out there, the same goes to you, sir — thank you for taking the time to not only keep this wonderful franchise trekking along into the future, but for also taking the time to talk with us every now and again. I look forward to seeing your Trek work on the big screen.

And Anthony, thank you for making all this (*cue wide, panning shot of*) possible. Ironically, even with no weekly TV series on these days, between the ongoing film projects and the daily news here, I feel more connected to Star Trek than ever before.

People so very rarely say “thank you” these days … so, thank you — this humble Nova Scotian appreciates it all.

102. shuttlepod10 - January 7, 2008

Looks cool. Man, Walter is looking a little old.

103. AJ - January 7, 2008

If there is a homosexual kiss for the specific reason of identifying one or two characters as homosexual, that would seem like overkill. Unless the love scene is an integral part of the plot’s development. A well written episode can get buy on inference without the “shocking scene everyone’s talking about.” Or have Kirk marry them a la “Balance of Terror,” and get it over with.

I think an episode written in the 1980s about homosexuality is quite anachronistic. AIDS was spreading unchecked, bringing their lifestyle to the fore, and causing agents of tolerance to write eps like “Blood and Fire.”

In 2008, we have more pressing concerns. Tolerance and celebration of diversity are still an issue, but gays seem well integrated and more accepted outside of extreme religious viewpoints. They are regularly portrayed in prime time as well. Look the the current US primary. Gay marriage is hardly the hottest topic anymore.

2008 is more about immigration (“the alien trash of the galaxy”), torture, freedom vs. security, economic imbalance, and universal healthcare (in the US, anyway)

On-topic, I don’t remember why NV are re-doing TSAMD, especially with old ads. Is it to simulate a real 4th season episode?

104. steve adams - January 7, 2008

Mr Pascale is the post with Brannon Braga’s interaction availible in the TrekMovie. archives??
If so I would love to read it. !!
#83 great comment and thanks for TAS cannon info I also now remember that Roddenberry liked “Yesteryear”.
That Killkenny
poster does look very creativly done. And what a strange title: (you bastards). Lol.
Also, I would hope that alot of us Star Trek fans enjoy the show for more than the ships and the phasers.. Ok maybe the ships, but seriously.
One thing about the Star Trek unverse that Gene Roddenberry created was that there was no predgudice, war or race problems in Kirks day…..
In the future we will all respect each other as humans. Because as we see humans are unique. I mean sheesh look at the Telerites or Videans man o man.

Make fun of Klingons if you dare ,, but let’s not forget the basic principals of Star Trek…

Infinite diversity /infinite combinations. (Boy I hope I got that right?)
Ps #26 I don’t think Mr Ballz would share your opinion about Walter Koenig..I think he kicks shat!

105. Leonel - January 7, 2008

Thanks to everyone for keeping Trek going. Kudos to Anthony for this site and for James for New Voyages. And from one anxious queer mexican trekkie.. I can’t wait to see the next New Voyages episode.

And now :) could I ask that we bring the discussion back to the topic at hand? Sounds like New Voyages has an exciting year in store for us.

The Kzinti? Thanks for bringing back those memories of TAS. I totally forgot the race’s name. Regretting not getting the TAS box set today, I visited an area Suncoast which was closing its doors and nearly bought it. Too bad that the sale prices were still beatable elsewhere.

And yes, Koenig as Bester on Babylon 5 was awesome. Episodes featuring him were among my favorites. B5 box sets were available at the store as well..

Ah, the memories..

106. TOS Purist - January 8, 2008

Nice…except their version of the Kzinti look pretty lame. Aren’t they supposed to be cat-like people?? Then what’s with the big ape on the chair??

107. Anthony Pascale - January 8, 2008

OK one last time…you have a problem with any group of people, be they eskimos, libertarians, redheads or people with foot fetishes I don’t care and I dont want to see it on my website. If you chose not to watch a free episode made by STNV because they decide to have some characters in them from a group you cant deal with…fine. Then dont watch it

but this site is not the place to debate the merits of entire groups of people.

skip the episode and skip the topic.

you got a problem with that then tell me in

next person to divert thread into anything that isnt related to star trek directly will be banned and posts will be deleted

108. emperor - January 8, 2008

If these guys can make enjoyable movie with minimum money, why don’t give the paramont some coin to them? Do you know how expensive to shot a movie in the USA? Lot of productions have gone to EU (for example Hellby 2), because its cheaper and the technology is the same as in the American continent.

109. emperor - January 8, 2008

Hellboy of course

110. Diabolik - January 8, 2008

I don’t mind seeing two girls kiss. But when there’s even a hint that two guys might kiss, or are involved with each other, is enough to trigger a hyper-fast TV or browser shutoff. Not to mention a gag reflex.

It’s a double standard, I know, but it’s true nonetheless. Must be a guy thing.

111. Diabolik - January 8, 2008

And this is not diverting the discussion, just answering what involves STNV.

112. Da Big Fire-Chief! - January 8, 2008


Some are always gonna be prejudiced, some are always gonna complain, some are gonna be rude, some are gonna be hateful, some are gonna be sycophantic, some are gonna be a thorn.

But, there basically it comes down to: some make things happen,. some watch things happen BUT most just wonder what the Hades is happening!

Keep your site going and only pay attention to those who make things happen!

Your life will then be more interesting!

113. Dave Galanter - January 8, 2008

“I can’t imagine Chris Pine will be attempting a Shatnerian Kirk in the way Cawley does.”

Since a big part of Captain Kirk as a character IS William Shatner and his input, personality, and portrayal, how else should Cawley play him?

114. CmdrR - January 8, 2008

I’ll be sacreligious here and say Walter deserves his star, but for his work as Bester on B-5. Chekov is fun, but there’s not an awful lot to the role (except the occassional shout of unspeakable agony whilst being agonized or having a bug put in your ear or being zapped by a light probe or being shot by a gunslinger or…) Anyhoo — Walter should get his star.

115. Diabolik - January 8, 2008

#113:… right, he’d *better* evoke Shatner if he’s to be believed as Captain Kirk! A few Kirk mannerisms and deliveries will go a long way toward selling it.

116. sean - January 8, 2008


I didn’t indicate any problem with the way Cawley plays him. What I said was, if the new production hopes to have any staying power, the new actors will have to make the characters live new life through their portrayals. They can’t just parrot William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy, otherwise it will take a nosedive into parody.

Fan Films are different, and Cawley & Crew are deliberately making their shows to fit perfectly into the original show as though they were fourth season episodes. If the new movie hopes to reinvigorate Trek for a new audience, they have to play it differently. It’s just an entirely different ballpark.

117. trekminal - January 8, 2008

New Voyages IS original Star Trek.
Will try to do this the new Abrams film?

118. K'travein - January 8, 2008

#73..and others…. Why do people assume that any scene you might object to may be just “thrown in to id the couple as gay”? Has it not occurred to anyone that it may be intregal to the story to id the couple as in love…no matter what gender they both may be?

#103…that you id an episode dealing with the AIDS pandemic as “achronisitic” is horrifying. Which, I suppose, explains why it is so important that Trek tackle this topic. AIDS is still spreading wildly with thousands of people newly being infected on a daily basis. There is no cure, no vaccine.

People believing it’s an ‘old’ topic are the reason so many people….teenagers especially, are numb to the real danger to their lives and they engage in horrifying risky behavior. I think it’s remarkable that James Cawley and company have the backbone to risk an epsiode that will try to remind us that people we love are, in fact, dying on a daily basis and AIDS is still a huge problem for our society to tacke.

119. K'travein - January 8, 2008

#77…”If Walter Koenig can get a star than anyone can?”

You mean like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mr. Ed, Donald Trump, and…

oh, wait. They HAVE stars already.

This isn’t a lifetime achievement Oscar. It’s a notation that you have a place in american entertainment history. The ‘acting’ awards are the squares at the Grahaman’s Chinese Theater.

And, by the way, Walter has one of those. In fact, he’s the only person at Grahamans that isn’t on the WOF.

120. K'travein - January 8, 2008

#59….it’s $25,000. The money can sit there forever if you don’t have the votes of the WOF committee. Just ask the people who raised it several years ago to pay for the installation of Mr. Koenig’s star.

#102…..looking old? And who said the NV productions are amaeturish? Kudos to their professional makeup artists!

121. star trackie - January 8, 2008

119- “This isn’t a lifetime achievement Oscar. It’s a notation that you have a place in american entertainment history.”

…a notation that you have a place in american entertainment history AND have plenty of cash laying about to bankroll it. Hollywood sure ain’t paying for those little jewels. I look at it more as of a type of vanity publishing for actors than some type of “honor”.

122. Xai - January 8, 2008

107. Anthony Pascale – January 8, 2008
OK one last time…


123. AJ - January 8, 2008

118: For our society, the one which watches Trek, it is an issue which is in hand. The NY Times even said recently that one of GW Bush’s only legacies will be his treatment of AIDS on the African continent.

I just hope that , because it’s a David Gerrold story, that it’s some good sci-fi with a message. I know James Cawley’s team will pull it off with aplomb. I will watch it and judge it when I have seen it!

124. Oregon Trek Geek - January 8, 2008

98. New Horizon

Thank you so much for your consise and well-said post. My partner and I hardly ever encounter prejudice, I’d almost forgotten it was out there any more. It’s even more surprising to encounter it on a ST site. Again, Thank you.

I really liked how it was treated in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. There was a lesbian couple, but it wasn’t the issue–they just were. period. My guess is that Blood And Fire will be like that. It just happens to be a gay couple, there they are, and now on to the plot that they are involved in. :)

125. John Pemble - January 8, 2008

Although the editing isn’t amazing and the acting is well… not terrible. The show really does look very good. Production design elements are positively stunning. A lot of their CGI is better than CBS-D. They seem to get it here at times when to gruzz it up. Not always, but for a fan production this is top stuff. It’s a damn fine reel of work that should propel some of these workers to studio jobs. It’s that good.

126. NTH - January 8, 2008

James Cawley and his team are to be applauded for bringing the”New Voyages” to life.It is surely every fans dream to be involved in an enterprise such as this…..please excuse the poor pun!!!! His plans for 2008 sound very promising,hope fully this will be a good year for trek fans.
“World enough and time”was a wonderful episode that added layers of depth to the Sulu character…Thank you Mr.Cawley.Their is a wealth of potential for this series and it is surely a good thing that Mr.Cawley is willing to listen to his fellow fans as is evidenced by his willingness to re-edit “To serve all my days”.His recent award for “World enough and time ” was richly deserved.Hopefully Mr.Koenig will recieve his star on the Hollywood walk of fame” he is a fine actor.

127. mctrekkie - January 8, 2008

Darren Doc

I am pleased every time I see that you are popping your head in here- or making more great effects for New Voyages.

The shot above… nice!

I holding out hope that they call you and your crew in to re master other movies and or Next Gen for their HDTV releases.

Next Gen looks “video-y” – How do I as a layman describe it?

Bad titles that make my screen buzz- shots of Big D that look “wet” or electronic.- the stuff just doesn’t look real to me.

Anyhow- you have this Trekkie’s vote! Your stuff just looks “right”

128. Sam Belil - January 8, 2008

Mr. Cawley — PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Make your own version of the new Star Trek movie — as the recent news with regard to ship design is making me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!

129. Redjac - January 8, 2008

I don’t think I’ll watch that Kzinti episode…cos the kitties don’t have pink uniforms like they had in TAS!

Horrible! How could you perpetrate such a blatant breech of canon and expect me to watch it?


Kidding…just kidding…;-)

130. MikeG - January 8, 2008

I have enjoyed watching the New Voyages very much. It may be a production made on little money, but you can really see the care and effort and love that has gone into it. Awesome job, James and Company! I really hope that you are one day recognized, in some way, for your accomplishment.

131. MrRegular - January 8, 2008

James Cawley, I am very grateful for all of the good work you and your company do at no profit to entertain the fans, and in my case, more than that!
Anxiously waiting the revamped Koenig episode. The first version of it helped me to deal with my father’s passing last year. He was a long time TOS fan from the 60s.

132. Kirk's Girdle - January 9, 2008

I think it’s incredibly ambitious for STNV to feature cgi kitties. Hell, Trek didn’t utilize CGI until Species 6472 (did I get the number right? If so, I’m a frickin’ nerd) on Voyager. And to be frank, Trek’s CGI characters have never really been convincing. Good luck to you, Mr. Cawley.

133. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

134. Trek or Treat - January 10, 2008



I thought the same thing for years!

Do you remember that old cartoon about the odd couple that had a cat and dog as the leads? I was convinced I remembered a cat that looked like the cat in that cartoon wearing command gold and sitting in the center seat! Must have been a combination of “the slaver weapon” along with all of those shots of M’ress.

135. Trek or Treat - January 10, 2008

ok, I posted that last message before I read all of the threads. Glad to know my mind isn’t going completely! :)

136. The Vulcanista - January 11, 2008

The needs of the cat outweigh the needs of the many or the few.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

137. Steve Smyth - January 11, 2008

To James Cawley:

I can’t wait to see the new and improved “To Serve All My Days;” just one question, will it be available for download soon?

138. Steve Smyth - January 11, 2008

Please disregard 137, my bad, I didn’t read the post closely enough–March 29th; got it…

139. Neal Hallford - January 17, 2008

Just one correction regarding the cats in the episode. Although the story was originally intended to feature Larry Niven’s Kzinti, the current license holder to the TV and film rights for the Kzinti refused to come to the table (not Larry Niven, but someone who bought the rights 20 years ago). As a result, the felinoids that appear in “Kilkenny” will be based instead on the Kytheri who were introduced into the Star Trek universe by short story writer and novelist Geoff Thorne. While there are definitely bound to be some similarities to the Kzinti, the Kytheri have a distinctly different history and different abilities than the Kzinti.

As for how I know all this wonderful stuff, I’m Neal Hallford. Jimmy’s screenplay for Kilkenny Cats was based on a story that my wife Jana and I pitched with him for “Star Trek: Enterprise”.

140. Henry Daniels - January 3, 2009

I think the new episode with a Homosexual couple is great. Great for me to use my editing software to obliterate the scene from my DVD. The scene has not point in the storyline and only serves to enrage many. I for one will no longer let any of my kids watch the new voyages unsupervised again and the current and future episodes will be heavily censored. It is a very very sad day in the ST universe. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.