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Star Trek Trailer Online Jan 21st January 9, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Next Friday January 18th the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek hits screens across the country in front of Cloverfield. And if you aren’t headed to a theater, then according to Paramount you will have to wait until Monday the 21st to see it online. The trailer will be available at all the usual locations for trailers and at a Paramount promotional site. has confirmed there will be a new dedicated promotional website for the movie which should go live next weekend. Like with previous films, the site will be linkable off of and have its own URL. Right now it is unclear if the site will go live on the 18th or wait until the 21st. The promotional site for the last Trek film (Star Trek Nemesis) was at (which now just redirects to the Nemesis page on

What will we see?
As usual details are hard to get with regards to anything Trek, but the trailer has been described to as “very much a teaser.” A source says that there will be no live action shots of any of the film stars in the teaser. It has been confirmed that the Enterprise will be seen being constructed, but you will not see it in full detail.


1. Q - January 9, 2008

YAY!!!! I didn’t want to have to go see Cloverfield. No offense J.J.-san. lol. This rocks!

2. ensign joe - January 9, 2008


3. Batts - January 9, 2008

About time!! I hope the teaser is worth it!!

4. Hallbjorn - January 9, 2008

Finally !!!!

5. Mark Lynch - January 9, 2008

This is either going to be one of the highlights of this year or make me want to cry…..

6. CmdrR - January 9, 2008

Will we see them install the toilets?

Cool. This is the kind of progress (albeit without much detail) I’ve been waiting for.

7. Reliant - January 9, 2008

Let’s see. It’s probably going to be about 15 seconds of words and stars and then a quick glimpse of the starship construction.

8. The Master - January 9, 2008

No. 7 that is probably what it will be along with the theme music. May be they show ceratin familiar locations as well.

9. KennyB - January 9, 2008

When do you guys think a FULL trailer will be out? October-ish or sooner?

10. Kirk Thatcher - January 9, 2008

I’m guessing when they say “very much a teaser,” it means not much if anything will be revealed. My guess it will be close-up, panning shots of the hull that will be mostly indiscernible. The camera will come to rest on the wordmark, “USS ENTERPRISE”, then fade to black. The words “Christmas, 2008″ will then appear, then camera fades to black. I’m betting we won’t see much of the E at all.

11. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 9, 2008


We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR. Sad, I know, BUT, we should really expect (AND WANT) to see very little so soon.

Since this Trek is almost all VR, then it would be much better for us all if we did not see anything until at least next Fall. That way it will give the FX designers time to really do the perfect job that we expect.

Trek fans should really expect (AND WANT) to see very little in the “trailer.”

12. Phil123 - January 9, 2008

#7 – yeah, proably the end of a nacelle and the side of a deflector dish and a lot of fading to black.

13. Driver - January 9, 2008

We should see some live action trailer with Indy on May 22nd.

14. karanadon - January 9, 2008

#9 Well a Dark Knight trailer’s just come out, and that’s not being released till April/may…

15. CW - January 9, 2008

I’m predicting to see it being built- bulkheads, floors / ceilings… everything but the exterior hull.

Well, maybe just enough of a hull to have “Enterpri…” painted on teh side.

Just enough to get everyone speculating and arguing over the exterior shape and font type.

16. Ed - January 9, 2008

You mean this isn’t the site for the new movie? [small bit of sarcasim] Seriously I’m actually looking forward to the trailer and Cloverfield, hope it’s worth going to see (Cloverfield that is).

Maybe we’ll see one of the shuttlecraft heading to the Enterprise.

17. chain of command - January 9, 2008


18. chain of command - January 9, 2008


19. lodownX - January 9, 2008

This movie is the only reason I haven’t commited suicide yet….. maybe after the trailer. :)

20. MvRojo - January 9, 2008

#9 – I think the full trailer will be attached to either Indiana Jones or Iron Man in May. If they want the trailer to actually get noticed, they need to attach it to a movie that will be seen by a lot of people.

21. Mean Green - January 9, 2008

Maybe we will see them constructing the green screen

22. MoJoD - January 9, 2008

Are they morons to wait till the 21st to put the trailer up online? The trailer will be on YouTube within minutes of it being played at a theater.

23. Jeff Brown - January 9, 2008

Anything Trek will wet my appitite. I’m just Trek hungry. I’m sure it will rock!
I’m a new one coming on board.

24. Charles Trotter - January 9, 2008

#14 karandon

Try July ;)

25. Driver - January 9, 2008

Anyone who watches it on Youtube is going to be disappointed. Wait for the HiRes version on the official site.

26. lou - January 9, 2008

my guess is that the’ll have to have the full trailer ready by at least Comicon time. Probably that plus a whole presentation.

Face it, That is the geek Mecca. and they’ll want to have the buzz going thru the fall.

27. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008


No; they don’t have *those* bodily functions in the 23rd century! ;)

And re your post in another thread regarding the Guardian residing along I-85, whereabouts is that?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

28. Ampris - January 9, 2008

Awesome news, hopefully they’ll have a nice high-resolution clip that won’t look sucky blown up to fill the whole screen. Even the chance to watch and re-watch the trailer at my leisure isn’t as exciting as the thought of watching it on the big screen, but at least it’s seeing something. I really wanted to watch this in theaters, but am apparently never going to be allowed to watch Cloverfield so it’s pretty much out of the question. (I’m thinking that it’s a long shot to hope that the theater-attendants will let me hang around in the doorway to watch the trailer and then leave. :( )

29. lou - January 9, 2008

#11 ,
“We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR.

What a stupid (and unifomed) thing to say.

the set designer said that she knew of ONE set that would have looked great as a physical set, but was being done as green screen. ONE SET

it’s probably a set that is only specific to this film, anyway. It’s not like the bridge set which would carry over to the next film or antything.

What is “SAD” is that , like “Enterprise” there more than likely won’t be any physical models of the ships, but don’t let anybody tell you that they won’t be using a real set for the important locations.

30. CmdrR - January 9, 2008


Haven’t you seen The Guardian of Forever, just up from Spaghetti Junction on I-85? When I’m late for work, I pop thru and get to my desk 70 years early. (Flirt with the receptionist, Edith.)

And, if they don’t have bodily functions in the 23rd century, they’ll explode in the 24th century. What a mess for Picard and crew to have to clean up.

31. Sular - January 9, 2008

What do you guys think the website (domain name) will be?



32. Thomas - January 9, 2008

29. Ampris, why wouldn’t you be allowed to see Cloverfield? Besides, if you want to see any part of a movie at a theater, they’ll make you buy a ticket.

33. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008


LOL! You’ll have to be more specific, I’m afraid. I’m too busy trying not to get killed by your fellow Gwinnetians on I-85 to take much notice of the surroundings! Going northbound, is it on the left or right?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

34. CmdrR - January 9, 2008

For those who are confused, it was a lame joke about what the new E will look like in cheap cgi. Notice the GOF is near some asphalt.

I’m saying it’s I-85 SB, around Beaver Ruin Road. (Just north of Atlanta, GA)

The Time-Truckers love it.

35. Mr. Atoz - January 9, 2008


I’m guessing it’s beacause he’s 10 years old.
I wonder what the age of most posters are on here now!

36. Capt Abe - January 9, 2008

I absoulely cannot wait. Can we borrow Cpt Janeways time traveling Shuttle and go to December already??

Capt Abe

37. Mr. Atoz - January 9, 2008


LOL! Pretty much sums up what the movie is about right?!?!?
At least what we’ve heard. Next time I’m in Atlanta I take a trip backward in time…No, maybe forward.

38. Duncan MacLeod - January 9, 2008

My girlfriend won’t let me see the movie (with her at least) and im not usually in the mood to go to movies alone. So we shall see.

39. Ron Mosher - January 9, 2008

I expected as much. Then comes wave after wave of complaints about it. I’m going to see “Cloverfield” anyways but I just have to see it on the big screen. I’ll either cheer or hurl my soda at the screen!

40. Scott Xavier - January 9, 2008

Yippee I get to use my imagination even more to pretend that I know whats going on. GREAT enterprise like sections in dry dock and no live action shots! I love JJ. I hear hes a magician too. I would teach him how to bend a fork with the mind if he would just leak one FREAKIN enterprise pic!

41. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008


Duncan, sweetpea, you need a new girlfriend! j/k.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

42. star trackie - January 9, 2008

Remember Matt Reeves, director of Cloverfield, has already seen the teaser trailer and had this to say…

“He certainly is the only one talking about it on the record, saying “it’s a teaser trailer. But still, I was like ‘Wow!’ Just the scope of it, the scale of it, you just look at it and it’s so elegantly done.”

Reeves tells MTV:

I think what [he and his producers] are doing with the trailer is fantastic; this is a great way to reboot the franchise, and get people excited about something new….That’s what excited me about seeing the trailer, was that I thought ‘Well, this does look completely different and new, but while having all the stuff that will make fans of ‘Star Trek’ still feel fulfilled.’ ”

I don’t know, sounds like there is a little more to this than just a starfield and some close ups of rivets and hull plating.

43. Diabolik - January 9, 2008

#42… right on… it has to be something special, or the audience will just groan, “oh, no ,not ANOTHER one!” It has to make them interested as well.

44. Steve Hill - January 9, 2008

What we see in the teaser trailer may not be in the movie, it is just an ad.

45. Chrono - January 9, 2008

If the trailer is “very much a teaser” with “no live action shots of any of the film stars”, and the Enterprise “not in detail”, then WHAT’S THE POINT?? It would be no better than the two posters they’ve put out that reveal NOTHING. They can’t give us one freaking shot of young kirk in uniform? Or one shot of the bridge? Abrams needs to stop “teasing” and give Trek fans something to get excited about. This isn’t Area 51, its a movie. Show us something!!

46. Anthony Lewis - January 9, 2008

Actually what I expect is what we got as a teaser for Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. By “seeing the Enterprise being built” I’m actually expect to see modelers building the Enterprise prop. I would not be surprised by this at all.

47. Sharr Khan - January 9, 2008

“If the trailer is “very much a teaser” with “no live action shots of any of the film stars”, and the Enterprise “not in detail”, then WHAT’S THE POINT??”

Every other film ever made gets a “teaser trailer” why should Trek be different? The point is its a *teaser*, that’s the point!!!!!

They’ll show us more, when the time comes to do so. Don’t be greedy.

48. bill hiro - January 9, 2008

“No; they don’t have *those* bodily functions in the 23rd century!”

Actually, people weren’t *that* perfect until the 24th Century :-)

49. Trekee - January 9, 2008

I agree with #10 and the others. It’ll be just enough to drive us mad:

The blackness of space…

A fade in some hull plating…

Some flames painted alongside the lettering “NCC – 1701″….

Fade to black….

All Anthony’s servers fall over….

50. Data_Lives_in_B4 - January 9, 2008

You know the teaser’s gonna be crap.

I still remember the collective “Booo…” from the audience when we saw the teaser for MATRIX RELOADED.

It’s probably gonna suck like the teaser for THE DARK KNIGHT.

But nehoo, 2008 is awesome!



51. Thomas - January 9, 2008

35. For what it’s worth, I’m 23. I think we’ll only see just enough to whet our appetites and to keep the talk going.

52. Tom_Fleetlord - January 9, 2008

What do you guys think the website (domain name) will be?



Well it’s not becuse i own it. LOL
It’s also not going to be:

This makes me wonder now it they will be using a name after Star Trek: after all.

53. Marc Henson - January 9, 2008

I think this teaser’s probably just gonna torture me more than anything else. I’m in so much anticipation for this!

54. CmdrR - January 9, 2008

lots of letters left in the alphabet…

55. Chrono - January 9, 2008

“Don’t be greedy. “, Sharr Khan? We’ve already gotten the show-you-something-but-show-you-nothing posters already. How is it greedy for me to want them to throw the hard core fans a bone and show something substantial? I’m not asking for them to give out the script.

56. Wobo - January 9, 2008

I’m expecting all you kiddies to start complaining about how Abrams ruined Star Trek once this teaser hits. Oh, and don’t bother going to see Cloverfield, that’s fine by me. I’ll take all your extra seats so me and my swank girlies can have a seat. Bring on tha monsta, baby!

57. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 9, 2008

19. lodownX

Don’t do it. Its the pain in life that makes us grow. Live long and prosper!

#11 ,

“We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR.

What a stupid (and unifomed) thing to say.
the set designer said that she knew of ONE set that would have looked great as a physical set, but was being done as green screen. ONE SET
it’s probably a set that is only specific to this film, anyway. It’s not like the bridge set which would carry over to the next film or antything.”

Trust me there will be so much VR it will make you had spin. Except perhaps for a few exterior location shots. Have you forgotten Star Wars Episodes 1 – 3 already?

58. K. M. Kirby - January 9, 2008

Things I hope to see in trailers this fall:

1. Spock actually having an emotional problem while laying out some logical proof.

2. McCoy repeatedly attempting to convince Kirk that “He’s dead. Jim…”

3. Sulu, zen master, meditating while standing on one hand. In low-gravity, of course.

4. Mister Scott, attempting to explain his favorite dish, the ultra-alien “haggis”.

59. Reason - January 9, 2008

Don’t believe the hype folks. We are all starving for Roddenberry’s dream revisited. We will be getting a commercial. Just think, if you starve a person long enough, and then feed them a cracker, they will tell you that is was the best cracker they ever had. Don’t starve folks. Let this be the message to the carriers of the torch that they have an obligation to the thing we love the most. Story and the characters we ascribe to emulate in our own lives. Don’t buy the hype. This will not be a canon. This will be an attempt to capitalize on our attachment to a vision that will never be again. Enjoy those moments and let this ship pass through the night

60. sean - January 9, 2008


Eps I-III were the product of George Lucas gone mad. As this movie is being made by JJ Abrams and includes months of location shooting, I think we’ll have a fair amount of live-action shots. I’m sure it will include more digital images than we’re used to, but that’s just a product of modern filmaking.

61. Erehwonnz - January 9, 2008

472 – John from Cincinnati

“We all live in a throw-away, instant gratification, attention deficit society now. It doesn’t surprise me the younger Trek fans and casual fans want to see drastic changes.”

In my experience, young people can appreciate works that require close attention and prolonged scrutiny. We do, contrary to an “instant gratification” society, enjoy films that require us to think — and think deeply — even for long spans of time.

“Like I said before, if it were up to all of them, we’ll be seeing Sulu rapping to Jay Z in his quarters.”

Believe it or not, we appreciate fully-drawn characters. We do not expect them to be just like ourselves, nor that they should like “in” things. Neither do our sympathies for them fail simply because they are made of a cloth foreign to us.

“Angels and Ministers of grace defend us.”

I know that, as a whole, we might not always stand up to scrutiny but I don’t think we’re quite that bad! :)

However, as a twenty year old guy, I do hope for change. But not because I require it in order to enjoy this movie. But to my generation, TOS is something that came and went before us, seeping into popular culture before we were old enough to appreciate it.

As a result, what we know of it is mainly the nostalgia — bright, colorful images of the Enterprise and Spock, Kirk and Shatner, “Beam me up, Scotty!” and “He’s dead, Jim!” That’s one reason why the look of the thing needs to be updated. Our parents ( at least among those I know) often mention how silly and cheesy 60’s shows were — why would we expect that TOS, based on its very 60’s aesthetic, should be any different? But if this film can visually catch our collective eye, show us that there is more to it than popular culture suggests, we’ll probably give it a chance — and discover the characters and the stories beneath the nostalgia.

62. Tim Handrahan - January 9, 2008

I hope that any trailer (teaser or otherwise) will be as good as the one here at Thanks for creating it!

63. Sharr Khan - January 9, 2008

[“Don’t be greedy. “, Sharr Khan? We’ve already gotten the show-you-something-but-show-you-nothing posters already. How is it greedy for me to want them to throw the hard core fans a bone and show something substantial? I’m not asking for them to give out the script.]

But the movie hasn’t even wrapped yet never mind begun editing – its a teaser trailer like every other film gets these days – there’s no reason Star Trek should be different in that regard. We’ll get a trailer, one with live action and space scenes and voices when the time comes for it. That’s how things are done.

This is teaser!

64. S. John Ross - January 9, 2008

21st. Check.

The good news is, no matter how scant a teaser it is, we’ll have hundreds of posts, including nitpicks, orgiastic expressions of glee, serious questions, silly answers, and minor flamewars as a result, and that my friend, is entertainment.

This movie is already worth the ticket price, whether I end up buying a ticket or not :)

65. nscates - January 9, 2008

I wonder if JJ and Co. do any of that “viral” marketing campaign like they did with the Slusho site for Cloverfield.

66. S. John Ross - January 9, 2008

And I totally agree with #62. If it’s as good as the fan-teaser we’ve already got right here, then it’ll be damn good :)

67. Devon - January 9, 2008

Chrono, it’s a TEASER trailer. EVERY movie has this. Even all of the other Trek movies have them. The FULL trailer will be later on in the spring likely, hopefully with the Indiana Jones release. Chill out my friend.

68. Alessandro - January 9, 2008


69. Devon - January 9, 2008

Don’t know if this analogy was made here yet.. but someone made a pretty cool one on the official message boards. Think of the “Enterprise Construction” as a way of saying that “the new movie is currently under construction too.”

I like that.

70. Viking - January 9, 2008

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the cast, props, etc. not long after Labor Day, including a full trailer. There is no way in hell that Paramount wouldn’t want to cash in on the ’08 holiday merchandise goldmine waiting for them and culminating with the Christmas Day release. If the movie tanks, they’ll have still suckered people into buying enough tie-in products to help make up for the shortfall.

71. CmdrR - January 9, 2008

Thanks Alessandro.
When the people get a-fuminatin’ in here, I scan and check for links.
“Under construction” — much like the new/old E.

72. Oregon Trek Geek - January 9, 2008

6. CmdrR – January 9, 2008
Will we see them install the toilets?

Don’t you mean toilet, singular? ;)

52. Tom_Fleetlord – January 9, 2008
What do you guys think the website (domain name) will be?

9. KennyB – January 9, 2008
When do you guys think a FULL trailer will be out? October-ish or sooner?

Feb ’09 :)

73. Oregon Trek Geek - January 9, 2008

huh. For some reason my insanely hilarious absurdly long suggestion for the url for the movie got cut off. But you get the idea. it ended with a dot com. :)

74. Alessandro - January 9, 2008

Ups…” is not the official site of Star Trek or the future Movie site of Star Trek The Movie.”….sry

75. Kirks' Girdle - January 9, 2008

I’ll gloat again….. 15th for me!

76. CmdrR - January 9, 2008


So, who’s putting out there?? Another fan? Paramount?

Will it have any cool stuff??

77. Red Shirt - January 9, 2008

Red Shirt is patiently waiting for that 10fps, grainy cell phone bootleg of the trailer, complete with popcorn rustling, cell phone ringing, baby crying and tops of heads in the shot!

78. dalek - January 9, 2008

described like that doesnt sound very exciting… I thought we’d at least see Nimoy

79. Classic trek - January 9, 2008

bring it on!! cant wait.

80. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2008

Let’s hope this TRAILER is BIG!! That way all the geeks with emotional BAGGAGE regarding the canon of TOS will have something to CARRY IT IN until December!

“U-HAUL my hurt to the nearest Cineplex, Susie! Yeehaaah!!!” :)

81. what - January 9, 2008


I smell a boycott.

82. Adam - January 9, 2008

Doesn’t sound like we’ll get much info from the teaser. I’d rather see a cast photo or a photo of the bridge set.

83. KevinA Melbourne Australia - January 9, 2008

11. TrekMadeMeWonder

What does VR mean? Virtual Reatilty? Do you mean CGI?— “We now know that most of this new movie is completely VR” — Where did you get that infomation? There will be CGI shots obviously but this movie is taking up 5 sound stages and there’s a lot of location work we’ve heard through these pages. This is not a Lucas :Green screen” production.

As far as the Trailer is concerned, we won’t see much CGI but it’s not the first time Paramount has used visuals from other movies in trailers. I think we’ll get teased with a few Very Close-ups of “an Enterprise”

84. Primogen - January 9, 2008

Complaints about only getting just a teaser trailer 11 months in advance of Treik’s premiere? Indy 4 is coming out just in 4 months, and it there’s been no trailer released for it yet.

85. Michael - January 9, 2008

“no live action shots of any of the film stars”
Does this mean that Shatner won’t be in it?

86. Mihuelito1701 - January 9, 2008

i don’t understand. didn’t they kill off

87. Erehwonnz - January 9, 2008

Hmm. Somehow posted in the wrong thread. Strange. Sorry about that!

At any rate, this sounds good. I’ll be very curious as to what the new site looks like — it often says a lot about a film’s style, after all.

88. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 9, 2008

83. KevinA Melbourne Australia

[What does VR mean? Virtual Reatilty? ]
Yeah, Virtual reality. — Meaning not real.

[There will be CGI shots obviously but this movie is taking up 5 sound stages and there’s a lot of location work we’ve heard through these pages.]

We’ve heard that, but have not seen anything. The lack of any REAL set descriptions, or pics for that matter, is surely a sign that the VR sets will dominate the production. C’mon, it’s obvious. This is the Age of cell phone cameras. We should have seen at least one fuzzy small shot by now.

By the way, I do have a problem with an all CGI or VR environment. Any actor will admit that it’s much more difficult act against a green screen. Not that it can’t be done. Just that its harder. Plus a great set design has always been a “real” asset to Star Trek. Especially when compared to Babylon 5. Trek’s sets were always better than B5. And, in my opinion, it made a big difference. Now that the sets “appear” to be gone this leaves a certain level of uncertainty in my opinion.

When you have an opportunity, take a look at the latest Babylon 5 direct to DVD production. You’ll see that It’s very diffucult to get a truely realistic green screen composition. And yes, Star Wars did a good job at the CGI environment but when you rely on it too much, you run into believability problems.

Big changes are ahead for “Trek Wars” (cough*) I mean Star Trek.
It may not be that bad. In fact it may be great. But it will definitely, definitely, not be anything like we have seen in any Trek series or movie. If I am wrong, I will eat my command badge.

89. shuttlepod10 - January 9, 2008

it’s probably just some music, the words “Star Trek” and the Enterprise fly by.

90. 1701 over Gotham City - January 9, 2008

Well, there will either be a universal Cry of Huzzah, or a Shriek of outrage that will be heard the world around come the 18th.

Yes, my geek ass will be there, anticipating / dreading every minute.

91. Devon - January 9, 2008

89 – The article mentions it shows it in construction. There wouldn’t be a fly by in that case.

92. cw - January 9, 2008

91- The article mentions it shows it in construction. There wouldn’t be a fly by in that case.

Well, the Enterprise wldn’t fly by… bu the camera could fly by the En being built.

93. Lou - January 9, 2008



94. Vulcan Soul - January 9, 2008

The only remaining question is –

Will they play “The Calling” with it?


95. Paul - January 9, 2008

Hey it’ll be out for my 21st birthday, woo hoo awesome birthday present to me! thanks JJ! who’s all for getting drunk and going to see the Trek trailer…err i mean Cloverfield?

96. Dennis Bailey - January 9, 2008

That would be nice. Loved those ads – wish they’d used music like that in the series. :)

97. Magic_Al - January 9, 2008

I have no interest in this. This sounds like the a purely functional teaser. It announces the existence of the film and that’s it. I’m sure it’ll be really cool to anybody who doesn’t know there’s a new Star Trek movie.

98. cd - January 9, 2008

# 15 – …”Just enough to get everyone speculating and arguing over the exterior shape and font type.”
LOL! That’s just what I was thinking too!

99. AussieTrekker - January 9, 2008

Well, I can’t wait for the treaser. I’m heading off on Cloverfield’s opening day here in Australia, which is a day earlier than over there. We get Cloverfield on the 17th… and we’re almost a full day ahead of you, time difference wise. I just hope we don’t get screwed over and miss out on the teaser!

100. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

Hey, Anthony, how are those fancy new servers working for you? This place is gonna explode come the 21st.

#95: Happy birthday, Paul! Voice of experience here: Might want to start your drinkin’ *after* “Cloverfield,” though, just in case it really is shot in that hand-held-camera crap.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

101. James Jamziz - January 9, 2008


So true haha – as mentioned above I can just imagine the amount of whining and arguing thats going to take place regarding the shape / font used. There’s going to be someone out there who’s going to hate it.

102. Doug - January 9, 2008

On an unrelated subject, I think it is a crime that is still online with no updates since CBS fired the entire staff!

If no updates are going to be done then take the site off-line. I miss the may reports and features on that site!

I cannot wait to see the trailers, especially since I will be stationed in Afghanistan when the movie comes out this Christmas.

103. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2008

If Mugatu makes an appearance I will be happy!

Oh, and red bridge railings, if you will……….. :)

104. John from Cincinnati - January 9, 2008

Hmmm ‘Enterprise under constructrion’. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of Robert April in the new movie.

105. Kirk, James T. - January 9, 2008

@ 31 – i think it will be called;

106. Drew - January 9, 2008

I’d just like to say… GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show! I mean, look at you, look at the way you’re dressed! You’ve turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!

107. Andy Patterson - January 9, 2008

How very pessimistic, and how probably right on the mark too.

108. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

Wow! Over 100 posts for a trailer that hasn’t even aired yet.

We *are* an obsessed lot, aren’t we? :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

109. Ampris - January 9, 2008

Re #35, seventeen, as a matter of fact. And female. That’s important, too. :P

And #32, basically… ’cause mom says so. And she’s the mom, so there. What can you do?

And yeah, that’s usually how theaters are and I wouldn’t even bother asking to see just the trailer at a megaplex or something, but we’ve got a great little old-timey one screen theater in our town and they’re probably not so uptight about those things. The lobby connects directly to the screening/seating area and the concession stand is right next to the doorway that connects them, so I’d be in plain view of all the concession guys and who knows. They might let me. But it doesn’t matter much, since I actually just got back from there (saw National Treasure 2) and they aren’t getting Cloverfield until the Friday after next, and I’ll definitely have seen the trailer by then.

110. Go Spock! - January 9, 2008

#23 – me too! :)

I don’t think too much will be shown in the teaser… just enough to “tease” us!

still excited!

111. Go Spock! - January 9, 2008

108 – you could say that again :)

112. TrekkyStar - January 9, 2008


113. Anthony Pascale - January 9, 2008

RE: Servers
well we will find out. for the 16 months we have been in operation I have had to upgrade every few months. I will likely have to do it again at least once more this year, certainly before comic con 2008 as we will likely be the only trek site reporting from there and last summer the site ground to a halt a few times and I don’t want that to happen again.

but the comments are not what really slows the site down…so dont worry. Remember that only about 1% of visitors bother to comment…maybe less. the rest just lurk

114. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2008

There are those who just lurk
Some react and post, kneejerk
This site is keen
A Star Trek machine
Try to read this post and not smirk!

115. Gerry Alanguilan - January 9, 2008

I think the teaser may feature Spock heavily as I get the impression that the story may be told from his point of view. A shot of teen Spock, Zachary Spock and the old Spock and then yeah, bits of Enterprise.

116. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

#114, Harry: “…Try to read this post and not smirk!”

Tried. Couldn’t.

BTW, where’d you stay in Cancun? Looks like I’m going the first week of March, YAY!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

117. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

114, Harry:

Couldn’t not smirk, that is!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

118. TrekNerd - January 9, 2008

“114. Harry Ballz – January 9, 2008
There are those who just lurk
Some react and post, kneejerk
This site is keen
A Star Trek machine
Try to read this post and not smirk!”

Y’got me, Ballz, y’got me!

By the way, that Terminator ad is straight out of Star Trek: First Contact.

119. CanuckLou - January 9, 2008

Everyone look closely for those rumoured flames on the nacelles!

120. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2008


I LOVE putting a smile on that beautiful face of yours…….

You ask, of course, how can he say “beautiful” when he’s never seen me?

Only a woman of beauty could have such a warm soul….I read it in every line you write………hmmmm, yeah……oh, yeah….

As to Cancun, I stayed at the Eldorado Resort…5 Star and beautiful grounds along the Mayan Riviera….adults only…mostly couples (very romantic)….if you’re going with someone (lucky guy) then great, but if going with a girlfriend, it’s a little remote, isolated and mostly couples, so you might want to pick elsewhere…..not much single action there!

Hope that helps….any other questions, please ask! :)

121. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

My, you *are* the charmer! Thanks!

Since I posted, I found out we’ll be at the Riu Palace Las Americas, closer in to Cancun than Eldorado. Apparently the nightlife is w/n walking distance.

Something to look forward to until 12/25/08!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

122. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2008

I’ve heard great things about The Riu Palace….you should have a wonderful time!

123. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

#109 Ampris,

Moms are like that.

Hang in there, girl! Four more years and you’re FREE!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

124. Scott Gammans - January 9, 2008

125. CmdrR - January 9, 2008

Seems like Harry’s going thru the pon’far.
(Or is that Jamie Farr?)

Enjoy Mexico, Vulcanista. Be sure to pack your SPF 598745237435. Say hey to the iguanas.

Oh yeah, the trailer. I don’t mind if it’s a tell nothing kinda thing, or a red herring. I just want to hear the audience’s reaction. I hope they don’t all turn and look at me when I let out a big cheer.

126. Dr. Image - January 9, 2008

Ah, Cancun. Stayed at the Krystal years ago. Also downtown to get a taste of the real city… but the beaches!!
Was supposed to go back last year…but life intervened…

OH well. Trailer? I’m looking forward…to, yes, seeing something NEW.
Something that won’t make the audience groan. In other words, something hopefully UNlike the style of the TNG-ENT era.
Still, my purist mind remains NOT totally open- yet.

127. Gorn - January 9, 2008

How can the new Star Trek film promotional website be connected to if everyone on is fired!?

128. The Vulcanista - January 9, 2008

Back to the trailer.

Something extremely short and veddy, veddy artsy-fartsy.

Just wait till the summer movies come out.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

129. Chirs M - January 9, 2008

Bring on the 21st January. Can’t wait to see the new trailor and Movie site.

Having said that this will and always shall be the first port of call for anything Star Trek (2008)!

130. Devon - January 9, 2008

127. – Gorn.. someone from CBS has access to the site obviously, and can easily include it as a link from there. Simple.

131. trektacular - January 10, 2008

If Nicholas Meyer was involved with this movie I would definitely feel we might get a solid film, but since it is being made by a youngish hyped up director I think thats all we will end up with in the end.

132. Trekee - January 10, 2008

@114 – Harry

Very good. :-)

133. Admiral_Bumblebee - January 10, 2008

At the end of the trailer, we will see William Shatner as old James Kirk!!! ;)

134. TJ Trek - January 10, 2008

I am excited that the Teaser Trailor will be out on the web. why? I am a sailor (Corpsman for those in the know) and am stuck out in Iraq. I am having to watch all the great movies coming out in the first quarter of the year, second hand. which means they come “sans-trailers” so I would not otherwise get a chance to see this until four or five months after the thing came out. Excited is to small a word to describe my reaction.

135. TJ Trek - January 10, 2008

And #19…..

I think you need to talk to someone…. just a guess

136. siridi - January 10, 2008

you did thanks

137. siridi - January 10, 2008

this movie should have been made when the brat pack of the 80’s were in their prime, anthony michael hall as kirk, genius, judd nelson as checkov, inspired, molly ringwald being shot out a torpedo tube, oscar winning

138. PaoloM - January 10, 2008

JJ Abrams is devoted to viral marketing. I think we should all start a little treasure hunt through the web :-)

139. Captain Hackett - January 10, 2008

I am looking forward to watch the teaser when the Cloverfield comes out!

I grant there will be more than 1,000 comments when the teaser thread is brought up here on the 18th.

I pray Anthony’s servers will handle the traffic well.

140. table10 - January 10, 2008


It would be interesting to know how may hits this site gets on an average day. I see it talked about alot on the net now as a major force.

And then maybe compare it with the number of hits it got during the comic con.

141. Gene L. Coon (was the better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 10, 2008

A great teaser would be:

1) The standard green preview announcement
2) black screen–hold it for 5 seconds to build anticipation
3) cue the re-recorded classic Trek fanfare from TOS, really loud, over the completely black screen
4) cue the newly recorded Trek movie theme, (which Giacchino should have done by now. I believe it will be pretty close to the original TV theme. The actual theme, not just the fanfare.) Play this (presumably jazzed up) version over briefs clips from every interation of Trek from over the years; TOS, the movies, Voyager, DS9, TNG, throw ’em all in there. The clips get quicker as the theme draws to a close. As the theme ends (think of the last high note that plays over DeForrest Kelley’s credit), the clips end abruptly, and we see the new Enterprise silently hanging in space under construction.
5) fade to black and it says “Christmas 2008″

Goose bump time. Niagara Falls, Frankie angel.

142. Kirk Thatcher - January 10, 2008

Has anyone come up with any more ideas where the new Trek site may be parked? I thought of:


143. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 10, 2008

141. Gene L. Coon

I’d go eith that. A longer preview with established clips would be great.
That makes it more than just a tease.

But they won’t because to the REBOOT!!!

HA! I said it. REBOOT!!! REBOOT!!! REBOOT!!!

144. Brian - January 10, 2008

Looking forward to it. Probably won’t go see Cloverfield, so I’m glad the trailer will be online fairly soon. Wish the new movie would continue the ENT series story or deal with the Romulan War rather than be a prequel to TOS. Wish Manny Coto were involved in the film, but at least Abrams does good work with Alias & Lost.

145. Go Spock! - January 10, 2008

35 –

i’m 15

146. Go Spock! - January 10, 2008

35 – it is a very interesting question, by the way

147. Go Spock! - January 10, 2008


148. Tom_Fleetlord - January 10, 2008

“Has anyone come up with any more ideas where the new Trek site may be parked? I thought of:


It is none of those, when it becomes public you will be like , ‘so thats is what it was’ . There is nothing on the site now anyways, it is quite blank at the moment so guessing would would be speculation at best until it is public. If some of you discover it I would advise not posting it here . Im sure the producers are reading this comments and getting a minor chuckle at some of the guesses,

149. Paul - January 10, 2008

8 days, you can cut the suspense with a knife!

RE 100 Thanks Vulcanista, enjoy cancun!

150. neo - January 11, 2008

why would we see it being constructed? if kirk is about 25 years old, the big E should have been in service for a decade already, with spock aboard her.

151. Turgenev - January 11, 2008

My thread is LONG but I hope worth it for the few who dare read on…If not, please just tell me to go choke on a Borg baby…

I recall a modernist artist making a trailer to a non-existant movie: “Gore Vidal’s Caligula” which looked so much like a real trailer it fooled folks… unitl Courtney Love pops up in the end of it as “Caligula” Oh- it is very adult so I do not advocate folks googling it if they are faint of heart. (Now, everyone will…)

New movie trailer?
My preference would be something new set after TNG… going back to the original just seems unimiginative. But- what’s done is done. I certainly look forward to the new film.

And it will work- we are familiar with the characters and are intrigued by how they will be different and how thye will be the same.

All this buzz attests to the marketing draw of going back to what is familiar rather than dazzling us with some fresh, clever, brand new Star Trek incarnation:

(my trailer opens with elephant screams and bits of Saint Saans “Rhondo and Cappricio” playing as the theme)

Star Trek – The Undiscovered Canon

wherin Captain Ka-Blarrrg (a three legged, sulfur breathing packmule) and his valient crew of the Enterprise Z (EnterpriZe?) must battle the natural forces of the universe to prevent the big bang from running out of intertia and reversing thus wiping out everything… oh and dramatic tension ensues as crewmembers use the transporter to expel bodily waste (that’s why they never use the potty)

We see shot of Enterprise Z looking like a cross between a blurry fractal (as parts of ship are made of Pure Energy) and a scorched Chevy Vega… crewmembers are accidently spilling out of the faulty dimensional turbolift and floating off in the vacuum of space… in which there is no sound…
An ensign with a normal, smooth forehead keeps saying, “these phasers are less cool than expected.”

And Carrot Top is in there somewhere… maybe a pivotal scene where he points at a Native American little person and yells “A red dwarf!”

at my trailer’s end, we see the lame time travel theme is back as the universe implodes shoving each and every historical rendition of the Enterprise into each other until Ka-Blarrg, Picard, Kirk, & Ferris Bueller’s pal are all stuck together with Naval English dudes and then…

Arthus C. Clarke appears and asks why the hell, as inventor of the communications satelite, didn’t anyone ask about me during the 2005 tsunami? Fade to black as Isacc Asimov’s voice is heard to say ‘Let there be light…”

Then a new sci-fi franchise starts… maybe something called “Star Brite.”

I kidd. And I do look forward to the new film, very much so.

152. doubledumbassonyou || a colorful metaphor » Blog Archive » That Star Trek “Teaser” Is Worth A Look - January 12, 2008

[…] The good news is that TrekMovie is reporting that the official trailer, which will be attached to prints of Cloverfield will be available for reals on Monday, January 21st. Sphere: Related Content […]

153. Steve Kinght - January 22, 2008

1.) I can accept the idea of the Enterprise in this trailer being the result of an altered timeline from “First Contact.” However- I doubt JJ Abrams & Co. have incorporated that as the explanation. This appears to be merely a fan-created concept. And it seems to me that they are simply throwing established design canon out the window to please today’s audiences.

2.) Going with this ‘altered timeline’ proposition… in “First Contact” Zephram Cochrane only got a fleeting glimpse- from a distance- of Picard’s sleek Enterprise E, which had only few similarities to it’s earlier predecessor in The Motion Picture. Granted, this experience may have been powerful enough to imprint itself on Cochrane’s memory forever that he drew what he saw… and thus became part of all future starship designs.

3.) Yet IF Picard and crew changed the past, they would have changed their own future. Upon return to their own time, these subtle, if not massive, changes would have been obvious. But we didn’t notice any. (The Constitution class Enterprise in the Fleet Museum would obviously have changed.)

4.) This leaves us with the idea that the designs of the original series never existed at all. Consequently, everything we see of that era portrayed in TNG, DS9 etc… were altered as well. Guinan (the long-lived bar keeper) would probably have some uncomfortable feeling something had changed.. was not “right.”

5.) Personally, I would think it completely okay to portray the early years of Kirk and Spock and stay within design canon. Keep the Matt Jeffries aesthetics, just them a more realistic appearance- more substantial. It’s all about how it’s portrayed. Clearly period films can be just as cool and interesting to today’s (intelligent) audiences as modern ones can be- without the need to revise their look. Give us some credit. We can honor a “less advanced” Trek as long as the characters, story and message are compelling, meaningful and exciting.

154. BJM - January 22, 2008

Given the WGA strike, I suppose it’s only natural that the first trailer should be pretty much entirely CG effect work.

Anyways, as someone old enough to have watched TOS the first time around (sob!!), it’s a bit disconcerting to see “canon” chucked out of the window with the design.

The ship looks like a hybrid between the TOS and the TMP versions with its aztec’ed hull and rectangular “vents” around the bridge and lower sensor array. In my opinion, given that the movie’s set some years before TOS, she should look like she was built between the time of NX-01 and Kirk’s command with features of both. The Enterprise we know from TOS was an early refit, if you like……my tuppence worth :)

155. Jim - May 1, 2008

you know what really wrankles my ass about small business people? they never take part in the federation! even in the series Firefly, the captain had been former military. because most small business people are so insecure about their place in society, they act like Klingons. they’ve always got attack dogs, heavy trucks, weapons, they like to start fights, and ingeneral are taking swipes at the rest of the law abiding community. I don’t know why, immedately after a war inwhich they haven’t particitpated, Clinton would decide to give them anything. Seems to me that people who serve in the military, and only ex-military, should get healthcare of any kind. I original thought the word “gays” in any context assocaited with the war was about small business families. I was troubled by the fact I didn’t know any of these gays who’d served in the military, or small business families. You really want to blow my boat out of the water, just tell me James T Kirk is the son of a small business family, that’s never been to see a doctor.

156. Jim - May 1, 2008

I know what you mean Jim! I served in Iraq 3 years already, and now I can’t find a job worth taking. I get doors slammed in my face everyday by small business families. Everybodies the enemy when you’re a small business family, and when you’re a soldier, everyones worth dying for. And should you get sick on the job, often they don’t believe you, and they’ll fight to dispose of you.

157. Earl - May 1, 2008

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158. Elrod - May 1, 2008

It’s not that it’s getting worse everyday, it’s just the seperation between the “have and have not’s” has gotten wider, giving us more ground to make up. Well I whipped, to me the other problem with life is the government! Howard Hughes didn’t mine living on the run from the government, and today we’re all in agreement that government isn’t doing it’s job. The envirnoment has been ruined, social medicine is ruined, doctors can’t keep up with current enrollements. How are doctors gonna survive a case load of thousands more each month? Doctors are basically poisoning patients today with pain killers, anti-biotics, badly misdiagnosed illnesses, and never saying I’m wrong, I’m so-sorry for hurting you. I’m looking for clean cut people, who want to work together, to make things go more smoothly enlight of such a bad government. I think the message in Star Wars is that one day we shall over come the swingers and hand wringers, and a better day for all shall be had under a new type of government. Still it just seems someone is manufacturing diseases quicker than we can get a shot out for the next winter kill.

159. Bell - May 2, 2008

Since doctors don’t disguss the dangers of using such medicines, as listed above by Earl. I’d like to see online doctors become a standard, just like online movies and music. You can get a better understanding reading up online about drugs, than you can get asking your doctor. I was put on a new blood pressure pill recently, and wasn’t told anything about it, except that it was a new class of drugs. So maybe online doctors, or sale sites, could inform what’s new, make recommedations, and inform buyers what is known to be relatively safe. I’m not just interested in cutting out the middle man, I’d just like to get a better idea of what I’m taking in the future. There’s no reason for doctors to be prescribing dangerous drugs like Phen-fen several years after it’s known to be unsafe. Competition could breed sites online that would be willing to give you the low down on any drugs you’d might take. The president is by far are the most harmful person to your well being, and not just because of these unpopular wars they keep getting us into. Remember the presidents are constantly hitting doctors with hush orders not to disguss certain treatments and medicines. Modern medicine isn’t just some joke that sick people have to deal with, it’s a matter of life and death. And for that deed alone, I recommend removing any figure head like a president, who only serves the rich hand that feeds them.

160. Moe - May 2, 2008

Yeah right on, why should medicine costs so much, when online sites can better equip themselves to serve the public interest. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.