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When Will A Pirated Trek Trailer Show Up? Has It Already? January 10, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Yesterday TrekMovie.com reported that the trailer for the new Star Trek movie will be available online the Monday following next weekend’s Cloverfield premiere. Waiting three days is an infinity on the Internet and so it is likely some leaked or pirated version may show as early as the 18th. Some think it already has…

Something called “Star Trek (2008) Teaser Trailer (Leaked)” has just shown up on YouTube. And some websites are claiming it is the leaked trailer. Here it is.

So is it real? TrekMovie.com asked our resident expert.

I commend Daniel (yes I know who you are) on his ‘leaked’ trailer, but maybe he should have made it more different than the one made by TrekMovie.com last summer (below).

More Fakery.
Just in case anyone is wondering. TrekMovie.com guarantees 100% that the ‘leaked’ trailer is a fake. Senator Vreenak is never wrong. Here are a couple of other items that have shown up on YouTube that our trusty Romulan expert had to weigh in on.

‘Star Trek VFX First Look (v2)’
‘test footage’

I am sure this is not the last we will see of Vreenak…more fakes are sure to pop up over the next year

UPDATE: ‘leaked’ trailer maker comes clean
As noted above TrekMovie.com sussed out who made the ‘leaked’ trailer. Now TrekMovie.com regular and aspring VFX artist Daniel Broadway has admitted he is the man behind the trailer. See comment #26 below for more details.


1. Alessandro - January 10, 2008

The Trailer is a fake. The voice is from Star Trek 2…

2. Adam - January 10, 2008

Is the Nimoy narration taken from TWOK?

3. Rob Walley - January 10, 2008

If it isn’t the real thing, it’s still very cool!

4. Kirk, James T. - January 10, 2008

i agree with the romulan dude in that video! :D

its a faaaake!

5. Holo J - January 10, 2008

Its very well put together for a fake, not bad at all.

6. Lord Cheescakebreath - January 10, 2008

Very high production value, very fake. Well done! I enjoyed watching it!!! I would think the music would be different. If this was the real thing I would be happy. Being a semi purist..the ENTERPRISE looks great.

7. Adam - January 10, 2008

I notices in the credits near the end of the trailer it says STARTREK.COM.

And Alessandro (#1), you answered my question before I asked it (#2)!

8. Section 31 - January 10, 2008

Then where did that scene of the Enterprise in drydock come from? Was it built from scratch (on a computer)?

9. KevinA Melbourne Australia - January 10, 2008

You gotta be joking! Generations Music, Spock’s STII monologue, some bad planets…..If I saw this in the cinema and I was the average Joe I’d probably be be yawning and thinking “I thought Star Trek was dead!”

I expect a great deal more from Mr. JJ

10. J.D. Lee - January 10, 2008

wow it looks real….


11. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - January 10, 2008

Nice fake…hope the real one’s as good…

12. Chris M - January 10, 2008

Pretty cool even if it is a fake. Still love watching that teaser from Trekmovie!

13. Anon - January 10, 2008

Yeah, I wasn’t convinced. The effects look good in YouTube res, but probably not nearly as nice in a decent quality. Music from Generations was obvious, as was conflicting music in the TWOK voiceover. It was passable, but I can guarantee the real teaser will be much more impressive.

14. Allister Gourlay - January 10, 2008

well done very cool short and that music still brings the hairs up on the back of my neck…and im 49 on the day the trailer gets web release!

15. Chris Pike - January 10, 2008

Not worth commenting on….oh pooh I just did!!

16. Allister Gourlay - January 10, 2008

heres a thought… what if the Shat has redone the v/o just for the trailer?????

17. Chris Roberts - January 10, 2008

I predict the trailer is real.

18. Vulcan Soul - January 10, 2008

“heres a thought… what if the Shat has redone the v/o just for the trailer????? ”

And it goes like this:

“Do not watch this movie. I’m not in it. It’s a bad business decision!”


19. sirh - January 10, 2008

Hey, good try! Most trek teaser and trailers borrow music and effects (visual and sound) from previous trek features!

20. Sean - January 10, 2008

Fake or not, it’s a kick ass trailer. I would actually think even more highly of it if it were fake because that would mean it was fan made. Kudos to the creator.

21. 1701 over Gotham City - January 10, 2008

Well, it’s fun, but….
I’m grabbing at any straws I can… The closer we get to the actual film, the more I hear “reimagined” and “New vision” and all that crap. It’s nice to hear the old music, anyway!!

And yeah… we’ll have a pirated version very soon, I’m sure. Hey, we did for Batman!

22. J.D. Lee - January 10, 2008

When I heard the music from “Generation” I was like…

Hmmm clues?? hints?? maybe shatner ‘s in the film after all ..hehehe!

Nice fake trailer.

23. doubleofive - January 10, 2008

I agree with Sean. That shows some high quality fan work. If it wasn’t for the obvious WOK voiceover, Vreenak, and the fact that someone would be dead for leaking it I might have believed it. Especially the title. I love titles, and that was really nice.

24. section9 - January 10, 2008

Senator Vreenak is never wrong!

25. Chris Roberts - January 10, 2008

Stock music is often used because the proper soundtrack hasn’t even been composed yet.

This “leaked” trailer is exactly what I expect to see frankly. It’ll be interesting who ends up with egg on their face here…

26. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008

Ummm, wow. Yeah, that’s most definitely fake, because I made it.

Here’s what happened.

My roommate jumped on my computer while I was sleeping to do this. He stays up all night, because he works an evening shift. He thought it would be funny to post it online as a “leaked” trailer to try to fool people. I had left a test render going overnight, and I had planned on releasing it on Friday after I polished up the CG a bit more.

However, for some reason, my roommate thought it looked good enough to fool people. I don’t know why. Obviously, it is inspired by the Trekmovie.com teaser, and it uses music and elements from other movies.

So, I just want to apologize for the big misunderstanding. My roommate just woke me up, and told me what he did. He is now standing over my shoulder laughing it up. Anyway, again, I really apologize for the confusion.

I’m kind of bummed about this. I was gonna release the trailer on a fan site or two, in the spirit of fun. But since the cat is already out of the bag, I guess I’ll go ahead and post it now…

You can view it at much higher quality here….

(Quicktime 39MB 720×405)


Also, for anyone who wants to see the Enterprise in my trailer better, here are some HD frame grabs.



I hope this event hasn’t tainted your guys opinion of my trailer. I worked really hard on it, and I wanted the fans to enjoy it. Please do not think ill of it over the actions of my prankster roommate.

27. J.D. Lee - January 10, 2008

Anthony, have you seen the trailer??

If so ….details please?

28. J.D. Lee - January 10, 2008

Wow Daniel !

Get ready to be a semi-celebrity in the internet!!!

Good Job on the trailer! Brilliant!

29. Driver - January 10, 2008

If only the Star Trek trailer could be looped instead of having several trailers from different films.Mmmmmmmm.

30. Diabolik - January 10, 2008

I could have told it was fake just by listening to the first few bars of music. No major movie preview like this is going to mix old ST movies themes with such obvious fades and edits.

31. Kirk Thatcher - January 10, 2008

That’s the trailer a USC film student would have done. No way that’s the trailer. Voice-Over from STWOK and Search for Spock.

32. Diabolik - January 10, 2008

But the cgi images was good, overall nice effort for a trailer not INTENDED to be a leaked trailer.

33. Kirk Thatcher - January 10, 2008

#26 Nice work, Daniel

34. Driver - January 10, 2008

Nice work Daniel. Thanks.

35. KevinA Melbourne Australia - January 10, 2008

Unfortunately, I think the Enterprise in Daniels video is to close to the original. I’m thinking far more “Military” in the JJ movie.

36. Chris Roberts - January 10, 2008

Poached or scrambled? Looks like April Fools hit me a few months early this year!

26. That was some fantastic trailer, Daniel. Kudos!

37. Jon C - January 10, 2008


38. New Horizon - January 10, 2008

Didn’t need Senator Vreenak to tell me that was fake. lol Man, did people really fall for this?

Speaking of Senator Vreenak, I had the opportunity to work with the actor who plays him (Jimmy McHattie) a couple of times several years ago. Very strange guy…gets dangerously deep into character. We was working on a show “Emily of New Moon” and the scene require me and another guy to try and get away on horse and carriage. The other actors said, “watch out for Jimmy, he will really try to pull you off that carriage….you’ll get hurt if you’re not prepared”. Well, they weren’t joking. He nearly pulled the other guy right off the moving carriage. Would have hurt to slip under a carriage wheel. lol Loved his appearance on Enterprise too.

39. New Horizon - January 10, 2008

Sorry, I’m still half asleep. His name is Stephen McHattie.

40. Dennis Bailey - January 10, 2008

Loved the CG work, loved the trailer.

41. AJ - January 10, 2008

Daniel, you should still complete it and re-post!

42. doug - January 10, 2008

Sounds like someone either needs a new room-mate or a better alibi.
Seems like a lot of work to have the attitude of “oh, shucks..my room-mate tossed it on the internet…he’s laughing..ha ha”. I call something smelly.

43. Raphael Salgado - January 10, 2008

Ten bucks says it’s going to be even less than inspiring or revealing than the fake trailer.

44. Jackson Roykirk - January 10, 2008

I know the Daniel Brodway has fessed-up, but even before that I found an error in the credits that made me think it’s a fake…The credits list Stratton Leopold as an Exectutive Producer, but Leopold had to leave the project a little while ago and has been replaced by Jeffrey Chernov. Chernov took over Leopold’s job as a unit production manager.

Even if Leopold’s name was left on the credits because of the work he did prior to leaving, I would think that Chernov’s name would be there also.

Great job otherwise Daniel!

45. freezejeans - January 10, 2008

Nice work, Daniel! Man…see, that’s the kind of thing I wanted to do back in the early 80’s when all I had was an Atari 800XL…STIII had just come out, The Big E got destroyed in it, and so I imagined rebuilding it like you’ve portrayed. Awesome job, hope to see more!

46. RJO - January 10, 2008


47. simonkey - January 10, 2008

because you wont like the things to come ,this trailer although fake i wish it was true…

48. Scott Gammans - January 10, 2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see some more angles of your Enterprise model, Daniel. Very nice!!

49. Captain Amazing!! - January 10, 2008

What is it with you people using that God awful, emotionless, uninspiring music from Star Trek Generations? Dear God, there are so many more pieces from Trek history that would have worked so much better and made more sense given the subject matter. Something from Jerry Goldsmith’s many Trek scores would have been nice and probably the most fitting would have been just using a little something of Alexander Courage’s original score for the show. Personally, I think borrowing Courage’s theme from James Horner’s opening title cue for Wrath of Khan then segue to a little Goldsmith would’ve been more appropriate. Anything connected with the original series and crew would certainly be more appropriate than using anything Next Gen. To me, using what you have cheapens the project, disrespects the original series, and just plain feels wrong.

50. ST-Fan - January 10, 2008

@ Daniel Broadway
That was a great teaser.
Especially the Titles at the end. Is it possible to make a wallpaper for us from the Star Trek Logo with the release date of the movie, as you made it in your teaser?
Just as you would make a screenshot of that part but with a better resolution.

Thanks in advance
and keep on trekking…..

51. ensign joe - January 10, 2008

That was fun.. thanks!

52. star trackie - January 10, 2008

Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the real deal. Made me feel good! great job, thanks!

53. Kobayashi Maru - January 10, 2008

That was a fantastic job…I do hope the real trailer shows us a little more though..

Big Props…

Nice job.

54. Bronto Dan - January 10, 2008


I always love the senator Vreenak point of view… now he’s a resident expert!!! great job Anthony!!! You just added a good star trek expert on your team!! lolol


just love it, everytimes…

55. M-5 - January 10, 2008

Absolutely hilarious!

I do like the soundtrack music building up to the shot of the Enterprise.

56. CmdrR - January 10, 2008

I imagine Vreenak’s voice coming from Pamela Anderson’s new baby once he tries to feed.

Ah yes. Fake.

57. j - January 10, 2008

“We now go to Channel 5’s Forensics Expert, Senator Vreenak. Senator?”

“It’s a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!! Diane?”

“Thank you, Senator. In other news…”

58. blarg - January 10, 2008

#37 and #46
CAPS LOCK is cruise control for cool!

59. NCC-73515 - January 10, 2008

Every single hair on my body was rising when i saw this teaser.

60. Sebastian - January 10, 2008

To #26 ‘Daniel Broadway’ and co., even if it is a “faaaake” as Sen. Vreenak stated, (and by your own admission) that was a beautiful piece of work! Let’s just hope the REAL Enterprise will look anywhere near that good! Sure got my blood pressure raised a few points! Loved the Enterprise caps! Nice rendering.

61. Kionel - January 10, 2008

Nicely done, Daniel. Sharp-looking Enterprise. Really nice CG.

Here’s hoping the teaser trailer is as revealing as yours…

62. Fake Star Trek Trailer….but it’s pretty good. « Virginia Palmetto - January 10, 2008

[…]  Check it out: http://trekmovie.com/2008/01/10/when-will-pirated-star-trek-trailers-show-up-online/ […]

63. Phil Smith - January 10, 2008

Daniel –

Nicely done, frankly…

64. Ron - January 10, 2008

#49: “What is it with you people using that God awful, emotionless, uninspiring music from Star Trek Generations?”

Perhaps because not everybody finds it as God awful, emotionless, and uninspiring as you do?

65. Cervantes - January 10, 2008

A very good effort.

I’m looking forward to the actual teaser, and hope to get a taste of the Movie’s actual score, and to seeing that monster movie attached to it…
I hope the still-mysterious ‘creature’ design is worth the anticipation.

66. Diabolik - January 10, 2008

#61… And that we see less planets….

67. Diabolik - January 10, 2008

#64… it’s not a bad score… I quite enjoy it sometimes…. but in listening to the music for the Voyager episode where the holodoc plays Beowolf in the holodeck, I realised the composer lifted from his own score for that show, for the movie! Almost identical in many ways, as far as the main theme.

68. Buckaroohawk - January 10, 2008

This goes back to the earlier article about wanting to keep aspects of high profile films secret. That’s all well and good, but these days fans can and will take matters into their own hands.

“They don’t want to release photos or show us a trailer…fine. I’ll just make my own!”

Daniel, that’s a great fan-made trailer, very well done. Here’s hoping the REAL one excites us as much as the ones made by fans like you.

69. The Quickening - January 10, 2008

I hope the makers of this film are smart enough to stay away from any trailer that recalls previous STAR TREK in anyway! Past STAR TREK films–in regards to high-end, contemporary, quality film making–have been a joke and anything that recalls those films, as the trailers above clearly do, is going to remind the movie paying audience of of those films and they will stay away in droves!

As a matter of fact, I still maintain the inclusion of Nimoy, and possibly Shatner, in this film is a mistake for precisely that reason.

If this film is to have a ghost of a chance to make a profit, it should be completely fresh and new.

The trailers above, clearly are not.

70. Michael Hall - January 10, 2008


Please ignore the jaded carpings–chockablock with the usual quadruple-amputee syntax and misspellings–of the do-nothings who haven’t the faintest clue what sort of effort is required to produce work of this quality. This was really nice, and I for one would enjoy getting some of the details (software used, etc.) of how you put it together.

If you’re not doing this for a living, sir, you should be.


71. Paul - January 10, 2008

Hey great job, the cmoputer i just watched it on is sans speakers so i missed out on the audio but from a visual standpoint it blew me away! thanks fir giving me my fix before the 18th!

72. Spock - January 10, 2008

People fell for that? It just screams FAKE!!!!

73. richpit - January 10, 2008

I don’t care if it’s a fake, it was excellent and got me more excited about the new movie. Now I only hope that the new Enterprise looks as good ads Daniel’s.

74. newman - January 10, 2008

I think Daniel’s fan trailer is great.

75. Paul B. - January 10, 2008

This teaser is well made, but obviously made by a fan. I doubt the real teaser will show even THIS much, and I doubt we’ll even know it’s the Trek teaser until the very end.

It really is a great clip, but I cannot believe that so many of you thought it could be the real thing. You folks do know that “gullible” really is in the dictionary, right?

76. Andy Patterson - January 10, 2008

If it is real what’s all the bumpy junk on the cigar section? Maybe it’s just my screen.

77. RedStatesRule - January 10, 2008

It’s really very cool and well put together even ithough it’s not real.

78. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2008

I went to school for 3D modeling and this is very amateurish at best.

79. Adam - January 10, 2008

The music works because it fits the time length. It’s got the Courage theme in it, so it works. Yeah, so it’s not original. He could of used the Hospital chase scene music from Star Trek IV. THAT would of been the best, Jerry. The BEST!

80. DarenDoc - January 10, 2008

Well, I thought it was very well done too. :)

81. Joel - January 10, 2008

Great fake, but c’mon, using the music from Generations?! You guys at Trekmovie already did that months ago! It was a nice looking fake and should hold us over until the official trailer is released or leaked next week. One thing I think they won’t use will be the Generations music which personally, I found to be the least “Star Trek” sounding, although not a bad score.

82. johnconner - January 10, 2008

#70 – Totally agree.

Love, love, LOVE the 12-year-old-hiding-behind-the-keyboard bravery exhibited here. “Even if I hadn’t known, I STILL would have screamed FAKE!” etc. etc. Everybody before #26 gets a pass; you other guys crack me up.

If you honestly think you could do better, by all means, please do. I liked this one so much, hell, a better one would REALLY kick ass! Come on, Big Talkers, show us how it’s done!

83. Fanboy - January 10, 2008

67. Diabolik – January 10, 2008

#64… it’s not a bad score…

Yeah. Let’s be clear about this. Generations is not a “bad” score. It’s a “tremendously bad score”, or even better, it’s a cold stanky pile of rancid dung.

#49 Captain Amazing. You are so correct. The Generations score is terrible, and definitely the most disappointing for any Star Trek movie. It just lays there dead-like with no emotion or feeling. Watching that movie feels like watching a work-print without music. In only a couple of scenes could I even recognize that music was playing. I recall being in the theater on opening day and being just totally dismayed beyond belief. Of course, I put full blame on the shoulders of Rick Berman, I recall interviews where he voiced the opinion that scores shouldn’t overwhelm the scene, but he took it way way too far.

84. Allister Gourlay - January 10, 2008

Still love TWOK score best… even though some of it turned up in Aliens….
“dadla dadla da da – dadla dadla da da – da da da”
Mr. Horner recycling again!

85. DS9 rocks - January 10, 2008

It is a very good job indeed, but I think both this and other fan trailers will be WAY off the mark from the real thing. Someone above mentioned “fresh new look,” etc. That’s what this movie will be, and my guess is that the real trailer will be quite different from anything Trek we have been used to. In particular, I don’t think we’ll be treated to planets and inspiring music, but more people and action-oriented score (well, maybe no people in the trailer to keep costumes secret, but you know what I mean). Think Mission Impossible, not Space Odyssey. All that said, I am excited for the new film. It is in good hands.

86. CmdrR - January 10, 2008

# 78 -I went to school for 3D modeling and this is very amateurish at best.

Funny, cause I hang around modeling schools and this looked good to me.

87. Chain of Command - January 10, 2008

Pffht! That was stupid! LOL

And why do people keep using that annoying music from Generations for these fake trailers?

88. Michael Hall - January 10, 2008

“Very amateaurish at best”? Right. Tell you what, JC: why not post a link to some of the non-amateurish work your “3D school” taught you to do?

(Sorry to sound so cranky, but I’m actually old enough to remember when Trek fandom mostly consisted of nice, progressive folks who actually looked to a better future, however naively. As opposed to wannabee fanboy wankers whose only apparent skill is carping at the efforts others make. Jeebus.)

89. Flake - January 10, 2008

If I did the trailer I would do it in such a way as to trick you… make it appear nothing like Star Trek initially – show something cool but not something recognisably Trek, this reels people in ‘hmm what is this, it looks great’ they will think to themselves. All of a sudden it becomes clear that it is infact Star Trek, to which they will all think to themselves – ‘Star Trek!?!?! wow that looks great, I can’t wait!’

90. The Lensman - January 10, 2008

Very nicely done, man. Had me going as well. Agree with #82 completely about all the “yeah I could tell it was fake after the fact”. Fact is, it’s put together nicely, and has about as much as a trailer released this far in advance usually has. And yes, trailers, not just Trek trailers, have used recycled music before. And it pretty much shows the ship about as much as I’m expecting the real trailer to if the rumours about the ship showing are true.

Having said that, I’m glad it’s not the trailer because I’m not a fan of using the “Space..the final frontier….” thing in the trailer at all. Or the generic passing of the planets. I just don’t think that’s gonna get the non-Trek fan interested. It needs to be something like the first “Batman Begins” trailer. Shows you alls kinds of awesome stuff that’s totally non Batman and at the end you get a glimpse of Batman. That was awesome and it was what was needed after the horrible movie that preceeded it.

Something like closeups of space guys attaching panels to a great wall, riveters (or the future equivalent) riveting stuff. You know it’s something about space, you don’t know what. Show a guy standing up on a metal surface as he finishes his task and the camera pulls back to reveal he’s standing on the saucer section of the Enterprise. Cut to Trek symbol with date.

Of course there’s always the old “In a world where……(fill in the blank)” standby ! :)

91. Bronto Dan - January 10, 2008

88- Michael Halll

100% agree with you. Instead of crapping on somebody else effort why don’t you show us YOUR genius work!!!

92. Andy Patterson - January 10, 2008


Oh,…it’s being built. Okay.

93. garen - January 10, 2008


maybe it is…maybe it isnt. but we, the people, are the ultimate judge of Daniel’s work. and the people have spoken…generally speaking…we love it. it looks quite good. and the fact that he actually produced it speaks volumes. Many of us have the capabilities to contribute creative works like this…you and me included(producer, director, Avid editior)…but it actually means something more that Daniel took the time and put forth the effort.

looks great daniel.

94. Jess Stuart - January 10, 2008

Too much teasing, not enough revealing. I want to see more than Nasa’s images of planets.

95. Balock - January 10, 2008

The ‘Star Trek VFX First Look’ one looks real good. I sure don’t buy anyone’s BS about how the old Enterprise won’t work in a 2008 movie… fools…

96. T2 - January 10, 2008

Good effort, love the music. Which reminds me…I wonder what music Trek XI will use in the teaser. I don’t remember, did they say the new movie will have that familiar trek sound to it. Im sure it’s an all new soundtrack, but I think it should at least have that alexander courage or jerry goldsmith theme to it from TOS or TMP, or a nod for it.

97. Paul - January 10, 2008

ok so what was everybody’s ST trailer? mine will forever be the trailer for Undiscovered Country, the one where they show short clips of TOS with music and a voice over and the camera pans back to reveal it all playing over the side of the E whilst doing a flyby.

that was amazing. that made me wear out two copies of Final Frontier (sad ain’t it? thank goodness for garage sales!)

98. STOGAM VFX PROD - January 10, 2008

#78. John from Cincinnati – If you had really gone to school for “Digital Visual Media” you never would have claimed to have gone so school for “3D modeling”

Nobody gets a degree as a 3dModelor. “Hey Ma! I just got my BS in 3D modeling!”

#26 Dan, great stuff. I’d love to see more details of your Connie personally. I am somewhat a connoisseur of Constitution Class/like vessels. There are so many connie meshes out there that are just beautiful, but I am a fan of those who take it in a new direction, like Gabe Koerner has done.

99. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2008

My girlfriend can’t wait for the teaser
I bet nothing they show will appease her
She’s picky about Trek
My nerves are a wreck
By December I’ll look like an old geezer!

100. CmdrR - January 10, 2008

What would be cool —
a whip through the galaxy, in all its cgi splendour, with half-second shots of: an army poised for war, zap a thousand light years away we bizarre primordial critters, zap up and over a spiral arm we zoom back in to see a city of blinding crystaline beauty, zip thru the nebula we zoom at blinding speed to reveal slaves pulling back-breaking labor in some mine (this goes on for awhile) finally… we zoom in to see a very distant shot of the Enterprise under construction.

Star Trek, like Wagontrain to the Stars, is revealed as the effort to bring the garden to the wilderness.

and/or that could be the end of this movie

Don’t forget to send me my million dollar check, JJ. Thanks.

101. Non-belligerency Confirmed - January 10, 2008

#27 and others:
RE: anthony pascale conspiracy theory

okay guys, it’s time to address the gorilla in the room.

what do we really know about this “anthony” guy anyway? there are too many issues that don’t add up. don’t we find it odd that he seems to be a total trek insider, yet claims to be just a fan? don’t we find it bizarre that he appears to have all the dope yet is so very coy about how he obtains it? what about his private life? does he have a partner who supports his obsessions, tolerates his omnipotence? what kind of insane person would that have to be? how is it possible for one man to stand by to delete stupid-ass posts 24 hours a day? how to account for his ghandi-like patience? how can one man afford to run such an elaborate site without a paypal button? has anyone ever actually seen him use a bathroom? who dares address lord orci as “bob”? we have a right to know.
i therefore posit that he is not in fact who he claims to be, nay, even WHAT he claims to be. i suspect that he is:

a.) a vast computer-generated personality programmed by abrams to generate controversy and free advertising.

b.) kurtzman

c.) shatner

d.) “future guy” from enterprise

e.) harry ballz (although this way lies madness)

each of us needs to do his part to reveal the truth. we have followed blindly long enough.

102. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2008

It’s disappointing to hear Trek fans hating on me for making an honest comment about the WORK and not against the person who made it. If anyone is closed minded it is Trek fans who can’t take having their tender hearts wounded and retaliate with hate speech. Oh well, Simon Cowell is hated too for being honest. So be it.

103. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2008

I also am not going to put in the hours it takes to make something looked polished and professional for a “fake” trailer just to trick people. This world is full of self-promoting glory hounds and I, fortuantely am not one of them.

104. Gene L. Coon (was the better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 10, 2008

I posted this on another thread, but I’m bringing it here, too.

A great teaser would be:

1) The standard green preview announcement
2) black screen–hold it for 5 seconds to build anticipation
3) cue the re-recorded classic Trek fanfare from TOS, really loud, over the completely black screen
4) cue the newly recorded Trek movie theme, (which Giacchino should have done by now. I believe it will be pretty close to the original TV theme. The actual theme, not just the fanfare.) Play this (presumably jazzed up) version over briefs clips from every interation of Trek from over the years; TOS, the movies, Voyager, DS9, TNG, throw ‘em all in there. The clips get quicker as the theme draws to a close. As the theme ends (think of the last high note that plays over DeForrest Kelley’s credit), the clips end abruptly, and we see the new Enterprise silently hanging in space under construction.
5) fade to black and it says “Christmas 2008″

It builds anticipation for the new movie without giving anything away. No set design, no actors, nothing.

It does what a teaser trailer is supposed to do: TEASE you!

It provides warm, fuzzy continuity with Trek’s past with the clips.

It simultaneously says “this is the new stuff” because the theme is obviously the same, yet a little different.

It satisfies at least a little curiosity, because it gives you a brief glimpse of the new Enterprise.

And the minute you hear that fanfare, it will be all over. Goose bump time. Niagara Falls, Frankie angel.

105. John from Cincinnati - January 10, 2008

Also, the resolution in the video leads me to draw two conclusions:

A) The low resolution was a result of fitting it on this web page, therefore taking away from the beauty of what was created –or–

B) The resolution was intentionally set low to hide deficiencies in the texture mapping, modeling and lighting.

In either case, I’m sure a higher resolution video would’ve done the “trailer” more justice.

106. Jonathan - January 10, 2008

Well, I suppose it is time I stepped forward and took responsibility for my actions … my name is Jonathan and I am the one who put up the trailer. So yeah, my bad ….

107. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008


If you want to see higher resolution, you can look at a higher resolution video of my trailer, plus HD stills of the Enterprise in drydock.

Thanks for fessing up, but you are about to be thrown under a bus…ha.

108. siridi - January 10, 2008

jesus if people are gonna a moan so much about a fan made one, what the hell are they gonna do with the real one, it is what it is, well thought out and presented. how dare u not have paramounts money behind you to produce one with oscar winning effects , by the way every time i see a fan made trailer and i hear that generations score, i get goosebumps.

109. Michael Hall - January 10, 2008


LOL. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that people are coming down on you for merely offering an “honest opinion.” By choosing a preening twit like Simon Cowell as your role model, I’m sure you’ll have many more opportunities to do so in the future.

See, if I actually had thought Daniel’s work to be in any way “amateurish” (which it clearly isn’t), rather than obnoxiously calling it such at the risk or devaluing someone’s commitment and a lot of hard work, I might have pointed out ways that the lighting might be improved, the specularity maps tweaked, etc. That’s known, you see, as constructive criticism–something they apparently didn’t teach you in “3D modeling” school.

110. DesiluTrek - January 10, 2008

Nice job, Mr. Broadway, of creating a teaser in the true sense of the word!
Down the road when we’ve found out all the design details, this thread will be a good record of how antsy fans became for any scrap of news.

111. AJ - January 10, 2008


I disagree with references to all the post TOS series. I think they could show the STVI trailer and get away with it. We want NEW stuff.

112. Andy Patterson - January 10, 2008

Duh!…Oh you fessed up back there. Helps if I read them all. Good job Daniel. It is slick. Good job. Look how it’s got people talking.

113. Andy Patterson - January 10, 2008

106 107

I’m confused now. Norman, please coordinate.

114. Woulfe - January 10, 2008

If I had to pick music for a Trek Teaser i’d use the main title from First Contact by one mister Jerry Goldsmith !

But that’s just me ;)

– W –
* Nice Fan Made Teaser By The Way *

115. ReTardis - January 10, 2008


“E” for effort!
I like the appearance and motion of the titles and logo the best.

116. Turgenev - January 10, 2008

What’s important???

I liked the set design of TOS so much that I re-decorated my office cubicle to match it.
I was fired two days later.

Speaking of continuity- how could you faithfully re-create the old Star Trek design and technology in a day and age where my cell phone does a thousand more things than Kirk’s ever did? All he could do was call on Scotty. I can take videos, answer email, probably even shave with it (it is called a RAZR, after.) And that tape recorder Spock used must have had tubes in it.

I would be more concernend about re-capturing established characters and about a clever storyline. People reinvent Hamet every few years (look, Hamlet as a mechanic in Jersey whose mob boss uncle whacks his dad) – and Dracula went through how many re-imaginings?

The real spirit of Star Trek that should never change was its quality of writing and positive spin on the future. In short- its IDEAS of people working together to explore and become better as a whole.
Despite crappy cardboard sets and cheap bright colored shirts that would probably evaporate in modern dryers, Star Trek made an impact by appealing to our imagintaion and to our values.

If maintaining the rubber lizard or the spartan, red, yellow, blue sets are the things important to fans, then perhaps you have missed the point.

Call out JJ if he doesn’t keep the faith by maintaining creative clever writing filled with moralilty plays and imagination. And for goodness sakes- surprise us with something we never saw coming!

117. david - January 10, 2008

Erm, took about 2 seconds to see it was a fake – the flyby of the planets is the opening scene to Contact played in reverse…

And obviously ANYTHING with a lovingly retro recreation of the 60’s Enterprise is definately a fake!

Are there really still people out there who seriously expect Paramount to spend 150 million on a film that has an exact recreation of a 1960’s TV model????

Its not a reboot, but come on – the Enterprise WILL LOOK DIFFERENT, but in ways no doubt explained by the ‘altering time’ aspect of the film.

Get over it, if you want to see the old Enterprise, go watch the original series. What this film is going to do is give new life to an essentially dying franchise, and sounds as though will kindly update the original series for today’s audiences. I for one am greatly looking forward to it, including seeing what the new version of the Enterprise looks like (glowing engines, bigger portholes, and a bridge that actually seems big enough to run such a huge ship possibly?)

Rather than dreaming of a 21st century recreation of Gene’s 1960’s series, think of this as more what Gene would have made if he had been making it today instead. Better modelling/CGI techniques allow for better and more ambitous designs, so the Enterprise will of course be different.

And thinking of the whole trailer thing, maybe next Christmas there should be a Trekmovie.com ranking of which fan-made trailer got the closest to the real film?

118. FlyingTigress - January 10, 2008


(humor alert)

Did I just see you nail 95 PADDs to the door of the Christine Chapel — of the Church of Trek?

119. Rick - January 10, 2008

Wow it is interesting the various comments on this work. In my opinion not a bad job at all! Some parts could be streamlined a bit, but heck compared to some things I see these days I say this guy should be working at some effects shop or game company. Of course he could be doing that now.

I am amazed these days what people can do on ones desktop! But getting back to the work itself I really like the Nimoy narration, heck I dug it at the end of TWOK. But that is just me. Not sure why as I equally like the Shat narration. The music did not bug me it seemed to fit the beats of the camera motion leading up the the BIG E. I did not know it was from GENERATIONS, face it to me TNG films music left no impression, unlike the earlier films. So great job and I can’t wait to see the actual work for comparison.

120. Sid - January 10, 2008

I’m not that hot on changing the original design of the ship — interior sets, sure, but the ENT Mirror universe episodes, I think, proved the ship can look DAMN fine just the way it is (reflective aztec’ing added)

And hey, these fake trailers are excellent!

121. OM - January 10, 2008


…Wanna make it up to us? Release your meshes for download. End of story.

122. Chris - January 10, 2008

I am pretty sure JJ would not put his bad robot logo up. I don’t remember seeing it in the MI3 trailer.

123. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008

# 121 I did not make the meshes.

The drydock can be downloaded from…


The Enterprise I used can be downloaded at


All I did on the Enterprise was model some decks and hallways. I then pulled off hull plating to make it look under construction.

124. doubleofive - January 10, 2008

“Did I just see you nail 95 PADDs to the door of the Christine Chapel — of the Church of Trek?”

That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read on this forum.

That and the argument that Star Trek V is literally one of Kirk’s nightmares.

125. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008

Opps, the drydock is at this link, sorry….


126. Mojo - January 10, 2008

You guys are all nuts, the real trailer is not going to be good, nor is it going to feel anything like Star Trek. You’ll know it’s a “real” trailer when it looks like every other Hollywood trailer – 90 seconds of people shouting, things exploding, girls looking sexy and epileptic editing all set to popular music.

THAT will be the real Star Trek trailer.

127. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008

Also, to clear things up about the graphics.

I made all the graphics. The planet flyby is not from Superman Returns or Contact. I made it. However, I do not understand the comments about it looking amatuerish.

I researched real NASA probe images, and tryed to get as close to them as possible.

Here is a real image of Jupiter

And my CG version used for the trailer…

128. CmdrR - January 10, 2008

Daniel, you didn’t use “groovy” planets like the professionals at TOS did 42 years ago. How amateurish of you!

I like the trailer. If they were going for a recreation, that’d be great. I do think it will be utterly different-looking to hardcore fans.

But, I like your trailer.

129. CmdrR - January 10, 2008

Oh, and I’m stealing your space dock shot for my wallpaper. I want to alternate that with the Eden shots and the better stills from CBS-D.

130. TonyD - January 10, 2008

It may be a fake, but it is a really really well done fake. Great job Daniel, top marks from this longtime Trek fan.

131. Dennis Bailey - January 10, 2008

Here’s a question: there will be preview screenings of “Cloverfield” as early as Tuesday of next week. Will the Trek trailer be included with the preview screenings?

132. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2008

Dennis, I asked on another thread what your opinion was on The Illusionist starring Edward Norton. I enjoyed it and wanted to get your feedback…with it being so rare that a good movie comes out of Hollywood.

133. johnconner - January 10, 2008

RE #127:

Daniel, blow off the comments about it looking amateurish. It’s not. If it were, and the commentators were really “experts,” you’d have a little constructive criticism to go along with it.

Good work, dude. I sympathize with your regretting it getting out before you were finished with it, but it looks great!

134. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2008

#101 [is Anthony Pascale…Harry Ballz?]

Some say Pascale and Ballz are the same
I, for one, cannot subscribe to this game
The man’s always rude to me
By that factor alone you should see
To myself, I wouldn’t try to blame/shame!

135. TOS Purist - January 10, 2008

*snores* This movie already looks like sh*t.

136. Viking - January 10, 2008

#26 Bloody good show, Danno. I wish I had the talent and patience to do that sort of thing.

137. Michael Hall - January 10, 2008


What did you use for the earth background? NASA still, or do you actually have an earth model that looks that good? :-)

I’ve been to the site via your links to look at those meshes, and–trust me–you make them look a lot better than they have any right to look.

138. Dennis Bailey - January 10, 2008

#132 :Dennis, I asked on another thread what your opinion was on The Illusionist starring Edward Norton. ”

I missed the question, and must confess I haven’t seen it. I’ll check it out and let you know what I think – bearing in mind that I’m easier to please than you are (I like a fair part of what comes out of Hollywood ;) ).

139. Dennis Bailey - January 10, 2008

Wow, I put a colon in front of the “D” in “Dennis” above without an intervening space – and suddenly I’m ” :Dennis.” I love it. :lol:

140. Viking - January 10, 2008

Oh, and #106 – BUSTED!

McBook ’em, Danno! ;-)

141. Biodredd - January 10, 2008

Unless they requested the composer write music for the teaser, the music will probably be studio stock music. Scoring doesn’t usually occur until the movie has ended principal photography.

142. Hans Thielman - January 10, 2008

I find it unlikely that Leonard Nimoy would be listed first in the trailer’s credits. More likely Nimoy would be listed at the end, as was the case with William Shatner in “Generations”

143. shuttlepod10 - January 10, 2008

It ripped off The Next Generation show opening

144. Terpor - January 10, 2008

Leaked trailer was nice :)

145. CanuckLou - January 10, 2008

Mark me down as another who got goose bumps watching that.

Paramount you have your work cut out for you!

146. I AM THX-1138 - January 10, 2008

Daniel, that is a neat bit of work. Looked like you were having some creative fun, so I’m glad that I got a chance to enjoy it.

The Enterprise fly-by is interesting. Has a modern BSG look to it. I think Gabe has done ships for them, would he have something to do with this? Doesn’t look like any of his E designs though.

#135-What are you on about? Admittedly, I have just scanned through these comments, but did I miss a link to the new movie somewhere here? Generally when one has the confidence to be so flippant, one has the goods to back ones self up. The floor is yours, oh sage pre-cognizant film reviewer. Please edify us. Why does it already look like sh*t?

147. Robert Saint John - January 10, 2008

Not only are the trailer and your graphics skills exceptional (seriously, that was Hollywood quality, friend), but I’d bet that *this* teaser will have turned out to be more satisfying and revealing than whatever bone they throw at us next week! Great job, Daniel!

148. JB - January 10, 2008

The trailer is nice work regardless of its authenticity.

Changing the subject slightly, I’m a bit surprised, and perhaps I shouldn’t be, that most of the chatter about this film is over its form – what will this or that aspect of the ST universe look like – as opposed to its substance – i.e. what is the story about. The more we hear about the story, the more skeptical I become about this project’s “take” on ST. Yes, I know, Nimoy’s blessed it, therefore it must be good, but I was never a big fan of STIII & IV, so that only means so much. So far, it sounds like this film will be little more than high space opera a la STII. Yes, we all enjoyed TWOK, and of all the movies I’d rate it the most effective, but ST set its sights higher than space opera, and I believe a reboot or whatever you want to call this project should do the same. Yes, we should be entertained; yes, the VFX and the sets should blow us away; yes, we should get the Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic the way we remember it, but please make us think while we’re at it. I’m much more interested in exploring what human existence might possibly be like 250 years from now, and how we might look at some of our current problems from a fresh perspective, than in knowing how Kirk rigged the Kobayashi Maru test. I sincerely hope that there’s more substance to this movie than what we’ve heard so far. Time-traveling Romulans out to eliminate Captain Kirk’s existence? That doesn’t really get the blood going, does it?

149. Tony Whitehead - January 10, 2008

That was some nice work, Dennis. As a bonus, you get praise from DarenDoc as well. That certainly says a lot. I think I liked the way you brought the Main Title on the best. Very classy job, sir.

150. Lou - January 10, 2008

It’s a fake!!

[/admiral ackabar]

151. mctrekkie - January 10, 2008

I knew it was a fake (Star Trek II spock voiceover ) Nice treat anyhow.

152. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 10, 2008

Daniel – you have every right to be bummed. Please, tell your roommate Hab SoSlI’ Quch for me, if you would be so kind.

Because it’s really a very nice trailer. Now, I’m speaking as someone who: (1) considers the Generations soundtrack well superior to the TWOK soundtrack, and in fact selected the Generations opening as the theme music for my fan radio series and (2) has the TrekMovie.com trailer saved in the highest resolution available for frequent play… so maybe I’m biased. But I think this is an excellent update to the TrekMovie trailer, and most importantly it looks very, very good.

I also liked the use of Spock’s monologue from Star Trek III, although, if I were to give one piece of advice about the trailer, it would be to shift the monologue forward a few seconds so that Spock’s says “before” at 1:04, with the big Enterprise reveal. In fact, I’d really like to see a version with that.

But, again, you have the right to be bummed, because the version of this we all got to see at first was a sketchy, low-res one, and what’s more it was originally presented as the real thing, which invited -much- more criticism than it deserved. Solid work.

#101: I’d like to offer another possibility in your Search for the Real Anthony. Is it just -possible- that there is some linkage between the man we know as “Anthony Pascale” and the shady insider “PowderedToastMan” from the TrekBBS? This conspiracy may reach deeper than ever we suspected.


As a final word: I love Senator Vreenak almost as much as I love Damon Lindelof.

In fact, if Stephen McHattie isn’t given a role in the movie, I’M BOYCOTTING!

153. Rick - January 10, 2008

148. JB really brought up a great point about this film. Story it is king in the end along with great characters. Probably a fun topic would be what does STAR TREK mean to the many. Not a deep topic by any stretch, but a fun one non the less. Also the meaning of TREK has it changed to you as you have aged? As a kid it was like a fun/scary space opera with some fun characters. As I got into young adult I saw some reflections of society and even comments. I think the hope theme that we made it through all the human drama crap to get to this fun exciting future sort of came through in all this. One thing that hit me watching TREK episodes lately in the characters how they reacted to each other, cared but had their human moments. I like the imperfections they had, but were not overdone. Heck there is one element that I saw in TREK as I got older it had a touch of SF Pulp fun in addition to the other elements. So Trek to me is a varied work of SF/Fantasy. Something for everyone if they look into it. How the film reflects this will be interesting. But I have read statements from JJ Abrams reflecting some of what I felt about TREK.

Sorry to get off topic there. Looking at the trailer posted here, while not the real deal it still pulled me in. Yes there are a few of you that think it cliche and backed up your thoughts with some very interesting alternatives. But none the less I think of this as another piece of the tapestry that is TREK.
I do hope looking around at the state of human kind at the moment we make it to some sort of TREK future. While entertainment such as STAR TREK is not the most important thing in our lives, if done well it can inspire some of us to move to that hopeful future.

Daniel keep up the great work by the way. As another person who does creative work you have given me some good inspiration!

154. Anthony Pascale - January 10, 2008

The truth is out there

155. Redjac - January 10, 2008

The Earth part was great!!!! I agree that the other planets do not look that great. Still, very nice for a fake…;-)

156. lithgo - January 10, 2008

really good final images there

157. Oregon Trek Geek - January 10, 2008

26. Daniel Broadway – January 10, 2008
Ummm, wow. Yeah, that’s most definitely fake, because I made it.

I think it’s very nice work–thanks for the teaser of the teaser. :)

You never know, efforts like this, and the trekmovie.com teaser also, might be better than what we get on the 18th.

The music from Generations is just beautiful….

158. Nina - January 10, 2008

Daniel, don’t listen to the irate fanboys. I thought it was a stellar effort. Very professional, modern, and (this is the hardest thing to achieve) cool.

159. I AM THX-1138 - January 10, 2008

#154-“The truth is out there.”

So are most of the people who post on this site.

And I know that you’re real. I’m looking at you right now. Quit text messaging me.

160. Clinton - January 10, 2008


I thought it was a fun trailer. Rock on!

161. dawgtech - January 10, 2008

the narrator says “where no man has gone before” … they changed this to “where no one has gone before” for the NG…probably would stick with the new PC version for the new movie…

162. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - January 10, 2008

Fake lame weak. Teaser better be more polished than that basement job.

163. Jabob Slatter - January 10, 2008

It was fun!

164. Captain John Christopher - January 10, 2008

#101 , That was funny, this was my favorite part:

d.) “future guy” from enterprise

That’s my vote. I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Not like a real bellowing gut laugh, but like, one of those HA! kindof short laughs…I’ll shut up now :)

165. Prologic9 - January 10, 2008

Daniel, ’twas a fine job. Your mistake (if you’d call it that) was trying to make it look “real” in the first place. You make movies look good, not real. Generally you can throw real right out the window.

166. The Vulcanista - January 10, 2008


You’re really Gillian Anderson??

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

167. Bronto Dan - January 10, 2008

@ 97

here’s the trailer Paul his talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGEa9Jmp1IM

It’s a great teaser something to expect on january 18th for Star Trek

And here the trailer for the same movie.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=638S8n2_Ab8&feature=related

Has you can see it gives a lot of the movie and planty of key sentences.
I’m gonna try not to watch the trailer for XI, but I think it will be very hard!!

now I thnk I’m gonna watch TUC lol :D

168. TOS Purist - January 10, 2008

Why does every “reinvention” of the TOS Enterprise involve adding a bunch of extra sh*t to it, which just makes the original sleek, smooth, slender design look like it ate one too many donuts??


169. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2008


Patience, people…………..patience! :)

170. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 10, 2008

#161 You’re kidding, right? “Where no ONE has gone before” is a microcosm of why we need to go back to the real TOS characters in the first place. That one little change is all you need to know why TOS is cool, Kirk is still the man, Spock is the still the smartest guy in the galaxy, and all their subsequent counterparts will be forgotten like last year’s Super Bowl loser.

To boldly go where no man has gone before. If JJ changes it, I’ll eat my hat. Then walk out.

171. Buckaroohawk - January 10, 2008


I don’t often chime in more than once on a post, but I wanted to tell you, one Amateur CGI Artist to another, that you mustn’t worry about the overly-critical nature of some posters here. I saw both the low-res “YouTube” and high-res versions of your preview as well as the screenshots you posted. They look great, especially for being rendered on a laptop. I’m sure that if you had a render farm of 10 PCs all dedicated to producing CGI shots you could produce even better work.

So don’t listen to the nay-sayers, nit-pickers, and “3D Modelers” who might claim to have more talent or knowledge but can’t be bothered to prove it. Any time you put your work in front of the public, people are going to critique it. Some will like it, others won’t, and a few will bicker pointlessly to bolster their own egos. Thank those who enjoy your work, appreciate those who are intelligent enough to give constructive criticism, and ignore the rest. They’re not worth worrying about. The most important thing is that YOU enjoy what you’re doing and you have fun doing it.

For my part, I liked what I saw and I want to see more of your work in the near future. Keep it up!

172. Bronto Dan - January 10, 2008

@ 170

I’m almost hoping that J.J changes it just to see you eat your hat!!! Please if you do so, at least film yourself.


173. TrekkyStar - January 10, 2008

Warp Factor 1 ENGAGE!!!

174. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - January 10, 2008

It’s not his ability that I criticize it is very very good for an enthusist. it’s the jerking people around that pees me off, just say it’s a fan creation from the outset we’re all nervous enough as it is

175. Paul - January 10, 2008

thank you Bronto Dan i shall lift that and put it on my Myspace page. If the teaser on the 18th is as half that good i shall have to bring a fresh set of britches to the movie with me :)

176. Martin Pollard - January 10, 2008

All I know is that Shatner had better be in the real teaser trailer! The Shat *IS* teaser trailers! Teaser trailers will *FAIL* without him! That fake teaser trailer *SUCKED* because he wasn’t in it! In fact, if The Shat isn’t in the real teaser trailer, I’M BOYCOTTING!!1!1!11!!!!!

177. OM - January 10, 2008

“# 121 I did not make the meshes.

The drydock can be downloaded from…


The Enterprise I used can be downloaded at


All I did on the Enterprise was model some decks and hallways. I then pulled off hull plating to make it look under construction. ”

…Ah-HAH! I *thought* that was where you’d gotten that mesh. It’s actually a pretty good mesh, although the one major criticism has always been that the engineering hull looked too fat/pregnant. It’s a good choice, tho, if you’re making a hoze trailer like the one you rendered, although if you’d been able to find that hard-to-find mesh made from that drawing that TrekMovie had around here a few months back, now *that* would have had some people shitting a brick or two.

That is, until they changed their shorts and realized they’d been had :-P

178. OM - January 10, 2008

…On a side note, those wishing to download those meshes should be advised that Sci-Fi Meshes, for some really smarmy reasons, demand that you register as a member in order to download anything. I’ve no problem with registering *if* I’m going to participate in a forum, but to download something? Yeah, right. Just set up a hoze account on one of the free e-mail services and screw’em.

179. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2008

#174 Lord Garth “we’re all nervous enough as it is”

Easy, big fella…..easy……learn to pace yourself…..recite baseball scores, that might help! :)

180. His Majesty, The Exalted Stanky McFibberich - January 10, 2008

re: 83
“it’s a cold stanky pile of rancid dung.”

thanks for the plug

181. Will Doe 68 - January 10, 2008

Nicely done,the saucer section looks a little too bulky. And the B.S.C. flyby was entertaining too. One of these days it will impossible to tell what’s real and what aint.
37. Jon C – January 10, 2008
Not necessarily true.
135. TOS Purist – January 10, 2008
*snores* This movie already looks like sh*t.
Man,I wish people would read first. A purist would never use that kind of language.

182. His Majesty, The Exalted Stanky McFibberich - January 10, 2008

re: 168. TOS Purist – January 10, 2008
“Why does every “reinvention” of the (expletive deleted) Enterprise involve adding a bunch of extra sh*t to it, which just makes the original sleek, smooth, slender design look like it ate one too many donuts??”

good point
Star Trek
The Enterprise
Good as it gets

183. J M Enterprise - January 10, 2008

I love all the fan – teaser trailers and have been downloading them all from You Tube, but this is easily the best. Well done Daniel, a fantastic job.
Only a few days to go and we can all enjoy the real thing and i can’t wait to log on to the new movie Web-Site!

184. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 10, 2008

#174: Have you been reading? The creator didn’t want this posted. His roommate thought up the “jerking around” as a joke. Not an especially funny joke, but not Dan’s fault, either.

Cool your nacelles, yo!

185. Bronto Dan - January 10, 2008

@ 175

my pleasure Paul!!! I was curious to see the trailer for one of my favorite trek. it made me want to watch it again. So I just finish TUC. lol Great movie.

I’m sure the teaser fo XI will make the site explode!!! So many comment for 60 second of movie :P maybe 10 seconds of actual footage…

Anthony prepare for massive traffic (i’m sure you already did)

186. dawgtech - January 10, 2008

#170 — i’m not saying i agree or disagree w/ the PC version on the intro, just believe they will use the new ‘one’ — hence this trailer is probably not the real deal…

187. ShawnP - January 10, 2008

Off topic, but IMDB has threads (with spoilers) about Cloverfield by some students who saw a screening tonight at Michigan State University. Reviews are mixed, and someone said it was only 70 minutes long?! No one said anything about a Star Trek teaser trailer though, haha.

188. Daniel Broadway - January 10, 2008


Man, I saw a post today on another site about Cloverfield spoliers. It was so hard to resist, but I didn’t read them. As sad as it sounds, I am far more excited about seeing the Star Trek teaser in front of Cloverfield, than watching Cloverfield itself.

189. Sxottlan - January 11, 2008

^^ I doubt it would be attached to a campus screening.

190. shuttlepod10 - January 11, 2008

Why not? I saw a sneak preview of Transformers last summer a few weeks before it came out, and the Cloverfield preview was on it.

191. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2008

70 minutes doesn’t surprise me. How long can you put up with a shaky camera?

192. Sxottlan - January 11, 2008


I figured a campus screening would be no-frills. That and I don’t think they’d want it shown at a place where someone could have a camcorder rolling.

193. garen - January 11, 2008


i feel the same way.

Me and my girlfriend are going to see Cloverfield just to see the trailer. We’ll stay for the movie of course…but if the trailer wasnt attached to Cloverfield, we would not be seeing it. I know we could just watch it online practically immediately afterwards…but, ya know, its much more fun to make a big deal about. and experience on the big screen. try to get excited about it the way we all used to….before the internet.

194. Balock - January 11, 2008

so, even if we see the E under construction, it will be done in a way that precludes us from seeing if it is the same or changed…

195. neo - January 11, 2008

real or not, it puts the remasters to shame.

196. Ivory - January 11, 2008

The dopes over at AICN are reporting that this is the real trailer. Those guys have lost their fastball.

197. Dennis Bailey - January 11, 2008

Yeah, it’s amazing – nearly two days after the rest of the Internet saw this thing and it’s been debunked, Harry Knowles *himself* is trumpeting it as the Real Deal over at AICN.

And they expect us to take their claims about some nameless turd having seen and reviewed the script for them seriously. Sheesh.

198. I AM THX-1138 - January 11, 2008

Nice scoop by “It ‘Aint Reel News”. I love spoilers. I roll my eyes when the “spoiler” site get’s duped in so ignorant a fashion.

But on Jan 19th, it will blow up on the internet. You know someone is going to sneak in with a camcorder or cell vid. and then it will all be over.

Harry (AICN) also has released a review of Cloverfield (which I am looking forward to) touting Cloverfield as a great movie. And now with his dropping the Trek preview ball, I’m worried about his movie review skills. Still going to see Cloverfield for both the movie and the trailer.

199. VOODOO - January 11, 2008

AICN should be embarrassed.

200. I AM THX-1138 - January 11, 2008

Now AICN has hastily thrown up a “BTW, it’s a fake” disclaimer.

Lame, lame, and lame.

201. I AM THX-1138 - January 11, 2008

Daniel, you should throw some footage of William Shatner in a Starfleet oufit and put it on Youtube. See if AICN takes the bait.

Wonder if that hook in their mouth hurts?

202. Daniel Broadway - January 11, 2008

I just wanted to post this to be #200

203. Daniel Broadway - January 11, 2008

Opps, waited too long.

204. I AM THX-1138 - January 11, 2008

But I DID give you credit, Daniel. 200 is yours.

205. Oregon Trek Geek - January 11, 2008

“167. Bronto Dan – January 10, 2008
@ 97

here’s the trailer Paul his talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGEa9Jmp1IM

It’s a great teaser something to expect on january 18th for Star Trek”

I think that is the best teaser for a ST film ever made. Perhaps of any film.

206. soval - January 11, 2008

Even though it’s a fake, it’s really good work. They could take this one.

207. Daniel Broadway - January 11, 2008

For anyone who cares, I did a write about about the incident on my blog…


208. thomoz - January 11, 2008

I loved this mock-trailer (I saw the linked Hi-res version).

My only question concerns the fly-thru the solar system:
Is there no asteroid belt in the 23rd century?
Did the Federation clear it out to ease space travel? (LOL)

The E model was particularly impressive.

209. JB - January 11, 2008

Man, those workbees have been around forever.

210. Craig - January 11, 2008

Anthony has Mr.Orci seen this? I know he posts here. I wonder what he thinks of this trailer. I thought it was good for a fan made trailer. If they do something like this only on a more professional scale I think the trailer would be great and get people excited about Trek. I like the Generations theme music.

211. Redjac - January 11, 2008

I told you those people over at AICN were a bunch of idiots…didn’t I?


212. Cervantes - January 12, 2008

#141 Biodredd

Very true. And many a time I have unfortunately mistakenly thought that a certain piece of fantastic music in a trailer would be part of the overall Movie’s score…only to be disappointed that it is not.
I am very much looking forward to this particular score when it is revealed.

213. Cervantes - January 12, 2008

I especially remember being sorely disappointed when the memorable theatrical trailer music to ‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ turned out to not be in the actual Movie, nor on it’s excellent soundtrack by Howard Shore…

It turned out to be a specially commission piece called ‘Requiem for a Tower’ by Simone Benyacar / Dan Nielsen / and Veigar Mairgesson, and is a ‘bigger sounding’ full-blown orchestral version of Clint Mansell’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’, from his score for that particular Movie, although he himself had no input in this reworked trailer music.

And by the way, if anyone hear happens to know if this reworked trailer piece is available legally on c.d. or download, then I will be much obliged if you let me know here.

I therefore hope that any great music in any of this new Trek Movie’s trailers will be actual soundtrack score, rather than a hard to obtain substitute.

Conserned soundtrack fan and collector.

By the way, this is a fine resource for finding out what music, and by whom, has been used for Movie trailers over the years –

214. Cervantes - January 12, 2008

Oh, and apologies for some atrocious misspells there. ;)

215. His Majesty, The Exalted Stanky McFibberich - January 12, 2008

I didn’t like it when they had Nimoy do the “Space, the Final Frontier…” narration in the movies or when they changed some of the words.
That is a Shatner/Kirk thing and should have been included from STTMP onward as spoken by him.
My fast forward button used to get a workout in the days Stewart was doing that and I was still watching the Next Generation.

216. Paul W. - January 12, 2008

I look forward to seeing the new Trailer .. leaked or at the theatres.. this is very exciting!

217. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2008

I do not know if Orci has seen this but I assume he has since it has been here for a few days. A while back he told he ‘loved’ the TrekMovie.com trailer made by myself and Buckaroohawk…and since Daniel’s is very similar so I would think he would like it but we will have to see if he comments.

then again maybe he was just being nice.

BTW. Did AICN really fall for this…when I checked it was labeled as ‘fake’ did they originally not do so? I have seen some other sites report on it and then link to this article with updates saying ‘whoops’

218. I AM THX-1138 - January 12, 2008

To the best of my knowledge, when I checked at AICN it was being reported as the real deal. All of Harry’s wording indicated that he had found an exclusive. When I check back it looked to me like the “J.J.’s fake Star Trek trailer” and “BTW-it’s a fake” bit were added after the talk-backers busted his b***s.

219. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2008

i forgot to check the talkback.

I love the first talkback
“Dude, don’t you read TrekMovie.com? (And can’t you just, you know, tell?)”

I am surprised that harry didn’t put the ‘fake’ part in an update.

220. Bronto Dan - January 13, 2008

@ 219

well it easy for you to say, you have a resident expert!!!!

It’s not everybody who can count on a romulan senator to find the faaaaake trailers :P


221. MJ - January 13, 2008

I think this is fun. Its definitely building up lots of talk and excitement. And I thought the trailer Daniel made was pretty good and could have been believable, until I noticed in the credits at the end that the Paramount logo at the bottom says “A Paramount Communications Company” which is an old logo. Besides I always liked that Generations music cut.

222. JodarTrekFan - January 13, 2008

Its not a bad trailer, but not too imaginative. A fly-by through the solar system doesn’t cut it.

They should’ve done a fly by through the galaxy, with different celestial bodies starting with a solar implosion, nebulae, through a transwarp (Borg?) conduit, a trinary star system..then maybe a sped up fly through our solar system and a just emerging Enterprise.

Then there is a theatrical rumble from the ship’s engines as, we get a first person view of it going transphotic and into warp drive, with a loud sonic boom (yes, I know no sound in space but this is fiction) as the title “Star Trek” follows its trail to stop and fade out.

223. CaptainRickover - January 13, 2008

Cool teaser. Very professionell.

Hey, Daniel. Perhaps you should ask Gabreil Koerner (I think it’s him who designed the Enterprise you used, if I’m not mistaken) to use his updated design. It’s much more streamlined and far more elegant as the big-belly-version you used.

Nevertheless, it’s a great work you’ve done. The trailer as well as the wallpapers. I hope you will have a great future as 3D artist, you’re really gifted.

224. Daniel Broadway - January 13, 2008


Thank you, that’s very kind.

225. Hmmmm - January 15, 2008

I just hope nobody will be using Cloverfield to gauge the projected success for Star Trek — in consideration of how many people will see Cloverfield in order to catch the Star Trek trailer.

I hear too many comments about people and whether they want to see Cloverfield–calling it Godzilla in New York. I’m sure this is another case where one should see the movie before jumping to any conclusions about it, but I’m just hoping there won’t be any Star Trek/Cloverfield comparisons made because no matter which way such would lean on the scale, I don’t think that any comparrisons would be warranted.

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