When Will A Pirated Trek Trailer Show Up? Has It Already?

Yesterday TrekMovie.com reported that the trailer for the new Star Trek movie will be available online the Monday following next weekend’s Cloverfield premiere. Waiting three days is an infinity on the Internet and so it is likely some leaked or pirated version may show as early as the 18th. Some think it already has…

Something called “Star Trek (2008) Teaser Trailer (Leaked)” has just shown up on YouTube. And some websites are claiming it is the leaked trailer. Here it is.

So is it real? TrekMovie.com asked our resident expert.

I commend Daniel (yes I know who you are) on his ‘leaked’ trailer, but maybe he should have made it more different than the one made by TrekMovie.com last summer (below).

More Fakery.
Just in case anyone is wondering. TrekMovie.com guarantees 100% that the ‘leaked’ trailer is a fake. Senator Vreenak is never wrong. Here are a couple of other items that have shown up on YouTube that our trusty Romulan expert had to weigh in on.

‘Star Trek VFX First Look (v2)’
‘test footage’

I am sure this is not the last we will see of Vreenak…more fakes are sure to pop up over the next year

UPDATE: ‘leaked’ trailer maker comes clean
As noted above TrekMovie.com sussed out who made the ‘leaked’ trailer. Now TrekMovie.com regular and aspring VFX artist Daniel Broadway has admitted he is the man behind the trailer. See comment #26 below for more details.

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January 10, 2008 4:16 am

The Trailer is a fake. The voice is from Star Trek 2…

January 10, 2008 4:17 am

Is the Nimoy narration taken from TWOK?

Rob Walley
January 10, 2008 4:17 am

If it isn’t the real thing, it’s still very cool!

Kirk, James T.
January 10, 2008 4:17 am

i agree with the romulan dude in that video! :D

its a faaaake!

Holo J
January 10, 2008 4:21 am

Its very well put together for a fake, not bad at all.

Lord Cheescakebreath
January 10, 2008 4:27 am

Very high production value, very fake. Well done! I enjoyed watching it!!! I would think the music would be different. If this was the real thing I would be happy. Being a semi purist..the ENTERPRISE looks great.

January 10, 2008 4:29 am

I notices in the credits near the end of the trailer it says STARTREK.COM.

And Alessandro (#1), you answered my question before I asked it (#2)!

Section 31
January 10, 2008 4:32 am

Then where did that scene of the Enterprise in drydock come from? Was it built from scratch (on a computer)?

KevinA Melbourne Australia
January 10, 2008 4:33 am

You gotta be joking! Generations Music, Spock’s STII monologue, some bad planets…..If I saw this in the cinema and I was the average Joe I’d probably be be yawning and thinking “I thought Star Trek was dead!”

I expect a great deal more from Mr. JJ

J.D. Lee
January 10, 2008 4:34 am

wow it looks real….


"Uncle" Clay Farrow
January 10, 2008 4:36 am

Nice fake…hope the real one’s as good…

Chris M
January 10, 2008 4:39 am

Pretty cool even if it is a fake. Still love watching that teaser from Trekmovie!

January 10, 2008 4:57 am

Yeah, I wasn’t convinced. The effects look good in YouTube res, but probably not nearly as nice in a decent quality. Music from Generations was obvious, as was conflicting music in the TWOK voiceover. It was passable, but I can guarantee the real teaser will be much more impressive.

Allister Gourlay
January 10, 2008 5:05 am

well done very cool short and that music still brings the hairs up on the back of my neck…and im 49 on the day the trailer gets web release!

January 10, 2008 5:05 am

Not worth commenting on….oh pooh I just did!!

Allister Gourlay
January 10, 2008 5:06 am

heres a thought… what if the Shat has redone the v/o just for the trailer?????

Chris Roberts
January 10, 2008 5:12 am

I predict the trailer is real.

Vulcan Soul
January 10, 2008 5:13 am

“heres a thought… what if the Shat has redone the v/o just for the trailer????? ”

And it goes like this:

“Do not watch this movie. I’m not in it. It’s a bad business decision!”


January 10, 2008 5:13 am

Hey, good try! Most trek teaser and trailers borrow music and effects (visual and sound) from previous trek features!

January 10, 2008 5:13 am

Fake or not, it’s a kick ass trailer. I would actually think even more highly of it if it were fake because that would mean it was fan made. Kudos to the creator.

1701 over Gotham City
January 10, 2008 5:20 am

Well, it’s fun, but….
I’m grabbing at any straws I can… The closer we get to the actual film, the more I hear “reimagined” and “New vision” and all that crap. It’s nice to hear the old music, anyway!!

And yeah… we’ll have a pirated version very soon, I’m sure. Hey, we did for Batman!

J.D. Lee
January 10, 2008 5:22 am

When I heard the music from “Generation” I was like…

Hmmm clues?? hints?? maybe shatner ‘s in the film after all ..hehehe!

Nice fake trailer.

January 10, 2008 5:23 am

I agree with Sean. That shows some high quality fan work. If it wasn’t for the obvious WOK voiceover, Vreenak, and the fact that someone would be dead for leaking it I might have believed it. Especially the title. I love titles, and that was really nice.

January 10, 2008 5:30 am

Senator Vreenak is never wrong!

Chris Roberts
January 10, 2008 5:31 am

Stock music is often used because the proper soundtrack hasn’t even been composed yet.

This “leaked” trailer is exactly what I expect to see frankly. It’ll be interesting who ends up with egg on their face here…

January 10, 2008 5:33 am
Ummm, wow. Yeah, that’s most definitely fake, because I made it. Here’s what happened. My roommate jumped on my computer while I was sleeping to do this. He stays up all night, because he works an evening shift. He thought it would be funny to post it online as a “leaked” trailer to try to fool people. I had left a test render going overnight, and I had planned on releasing it on Friday after I polished up the CG a bit more. However, for some reason, my roommate thought it looked good enough to fool people. I don’t know why. Obviously, it is inspired by the Trekmovie.com teaser, and it uses music and elements from other movies. So, I just want to apologize for the big misunderstanding. My roommate just woke me up, and told me what he did. He is now standing over my shoulder laughing it up. Anyway, again, I really apologize for the confusion. I’m kind of bummed about this. I was gonna release the trailer on a fan site or two, in the spirit of fun. But since the cat is already out of the bag, I guess I’ll go ahead and post it now… You can view it at much higher quality here…. (Quicktime 39MB 720×405) http://www.danielbroadway.michaelfrisk.com/TRAILER/st_fan_trailer_dbroadway.mov Also, for anyone who wants to see the Enterprise in my trailer better, here are some HD frame grabs. I hope this event hasn’t tainted your guys opinion of my trailer. I worked really hard on it,… Read more »
J.D. Lee
January 10, 2008 5:40 am

Anthony, have you seen the trailer??

If so ….details please?

J.D. Lee
January 10, 2008 5:44 am

Wow Daniel !

Get ready to be a semi-celebrity in the internet!!!

Good Job on the trailer! Brilliant!

January 10, 2008 5:45 am

If only the Star Trek trailer could be looped instead of having several trailers from different films.Mmmmmmmm.

January 10, 2008 5:48 am

I could have told it was fake just by listening to the first few bars of music. No major movie preview like this is going to mix old ST movies themes with such obvious fades and edits.

Kirk Thatcher
January 10, 2008 5:48 am

That’s the trailer a USC film student would have done. No way that’s the trailer. Voice-Over from STWOK and Search for Spock.

January 10, 2008 5:51 am

But the cgi images was good, overall nice effort for a trailer not INTENDED to be a leaked trailer.

Kirk Thatcher
January 10, 2008 5:52 am

#26 Nice work, Daniel

January 10, 2008 5:53 am

Nice work Daniel. Thanks.

KevinA Melbourne Australia
January 10, 2008 5:56 am

Unfortunately, I think the Enterprise in Daniels video is to close to the original. I’m thinking far more “Military” in the JJ movie.

Chris Roberts
January 10, 2008 5:56 am

Poached or scrambled? Looks like April Fools hit me a few months early this year!

26. That was some fantastic trailer, Daniel. Kudos!

Jon C
January 10, 2008 6:00 am


New Horizon
January 10, 2008 6:03 am

Didn’t need Senator Vreenak to tell me that was fake. lol Man, did people really fall for this?

Speaking of Senator Vreenak, I had the opportunity to work with the actor who plays him (Jimmy McHattie) a couple of times several years ago. Very strange guy…gets dangerously deep into character. We was working on a show “Emily of New Moon” and the scene require me and another guy to try and get away on horse and carriage. The other actors said, “watch out for Jimmy, he will really try to pull you off that carriage….you’ll get hurt if you’re not prepared”. Well, they weren’t joking. He nearly pulled the other guy right off the moving carriage. Would have hurt to slip under a carriage wheel. lol Loved his appearance on Enterprise too.

New Horizon
January 10, 2008 6:04 am

Sorry, I’m still half asleep. His name is Stephen McHattie.

January 10, 2008 6:09 am

Loved the CG work, loved the trailer.

January 10, 2008 6:15 am

Daniel, you should still complete it and re-post!

January 10, 2008 6:21 am

Sounds like someone either needs a new room-mate or a better alibi.
Seems like a lot of work to have the attitude of “oh, shucks..my room-mate tossed it on the internet…he’s laughing..ha ha”. I call something smelly.

Raphael Salgado
January 10, 2008 6:26 am

Ten bucks says it’s going to be even less than inspiring or revealing than the fake trailer.

Jackson Roykirk
January 10, 2008 6:27 am

I know the Daniel Brodway has fessed-up, but even before that I found an error in the credits that made me think it’s a fake…The credits list Stratton Leopold as an Exectutive Producer, but Leopold had to leave the project a little while ago and has been replaced by Jeffrey Chernov. Chernov took over Leopold’s job as a unit production manager.

Even if Leopold’s name was left on the credits because of the work he did prior to leaving, I would think that Chernov’s name would be there also.

Great job otherwise Daniel!

January 10, 2008 6:29 am

Nice work, Daniel! Man…see, that’s the kind of thing I wanted to do back in the early 80’s when all I had was an Atari 800XL…STIII had just come out, The Big E got destroyed in it, and so I imagined rebuilding it like you’ve portrayed. Awesome job, hope to see more!

January 10, 2008 6:36 am


January 10, 2008 6:39 am

because you wont like the things to come ,this trailer although fake i wish it was true…

January 10, 2008 6:41 am

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see some more angles of your Enterprise model, Daniel. Very nice!!

Captain Amazing!!
January 10, 2008 6:43 am

What is it with you people using that God awful, emotionless, uninspiring music from Star Trek Generations? Dear God, there are so many more pieces from Trek history that would have worked so much better and made more sense given the subject matter. Something from Jerry Goldsmith’s many Trek scores would have been nice and probably the most fitting would have been just using a little something of Alexander Courage’s original score for the show. Personally, I think borrowing Courage’s theme from James Horner’s opening title cue for Wrath of Khan then segue to a little Goldsmith would’ve been more appropriate. Anything connected with the original series and crew would certainly be more appropriate than using anything Next Gen. To me, using what you have cheapens the project, disrespects the original series, and just plain feels wrong.

January 10, 2008 6:43 am

@ Daniel Broadway
That was a great teaser.
Especially the Titles at the end. Is it possible to make a wallpaper for us from the Star Trek Logo with the release date of the movie, as you made it in your teaser?
Just as you would make a screenshot of that part but with a better resolution.

Thanks in advance
and keep on trekking…..