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Christmas 2007 Big For Box Office + Star Trek May Release Early January 12, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Although it was never officially announced, the new Star Trek movie was originally penciled in for summer of 2008. However, director/producer JJ Abrams wanted more time and got the film moved to Christmas 2008. Some fans have wondered if the move will hurt the film’s chances at the box office, but a look at recent history proves otherwise.

2007 another big Christmas at the movies
Even though it fell on a Tuesday, Christmas Day 2007 proved to be a popular day for the movies this year with a total domestic take for the top 12 films of around $60 million (and $229 Mil for the entire Christmas weekend of 12/21-25). This makes it one of the bigger weekends of the year, putting it on par with many weekends over the summer. The subsequent New Year’s weekend brought in $249.2 Million domestically for the top films. The top earning film for the extended Christmas weekend was National Treasure: Book of Secrets which brought in $65.4 million. The Will Smith movie I Am Legend which opened on the 14th has also been a big hit, so far bringing in over $400 Million. In recent years the big Christmas movies have all ended up bringing in over $500 Mil in total box office sales.

Last 5 big Christmas movies world wide gross

2007   National Treasure: Book of Secrets   $281.2 Million (22 days/on track to $500M+)
2006   Night at the Museum   $573.6 Million
2005   King Kong   $550.2 Million
2004   Meet the Fockers   $516.6 Million
2003   Return of the King   $1.1 Billion

Star Trek highly anticipated – little competition
The new Star Trek movie is clearly the ‘big’ movie for next Christmas. It has shown up on almost all the mainstream media’s ‘most anticipated movies of 2008′ lists. For example The Guardian UK cites a ‘fan base the size of the Delta Quadrant’ and E ranks it as 10th most anticipated while MSN ranks it 5th. Even though 2007 had a strong Holiday season, the film industry trade The Hollywood Reporter believes that 2008 “should be stronger.” THR also cites Trek as one of the entries expected to bring in the money, citing the franchise’s ‘built in fan base.’

Trekkies can all remember that in 2002 Star Trek Nemesis (the only bonafide Trek flop) was crushed like a bug by Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. But this time not only is Star Trek higher profile (which mean it comes with more marketing and buzz), but will have less competition. The other big film opening on Christmas Day is Disney’s family comedy Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler, but The Hollywood Reporter believes that Trek and Bedtime will appeal to different audience segments. A bigger threat could have been Angels & Demons (the sequel to the 2006 hit The Da Vinci Code) originally scheduled to open Friday December 19th, but that film has been delayed to Spring 2009 due to the WGA strike. The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves should provide some competition, but that films opens on the 12th so Trek should still be dominant Christmas weekend for the action film audience.

With a budget of over $130 Million the new Star Trek movie will have to do better than any Trek film since Star Trek IV. However, that does not mean that Star Trek will need to earn like the above films or Paramount’s monster hit for 2007, Transformers (with over $700 Mil worldwide). A source at Paramount tells that Paramount are being realistic and know that the film is rebuilding a fan base. Hopes are for the film to do as well as another recent franchise reinvigoration, Batman Begins, which brought in $371 Million in 2005. By the way, adjusting for inflation the highest grossing Trek film is Star Trek The Motion Picture which made $130 Million worldwide in 1979 which works out to $377 Million in today’s dollars.

Will Christmas come early?
As mentioned before, the delay of Angels & Demons has created an a potential opening on the weekend before Christmas. has learned that there are discussions going on at Paramount to move the release of Star Trek up to the 19th. One issue is that Paramount already has a release schedule for that weekend, Revolutionary Road starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Although expected to be a big draw, as a period drama it may not be a direct competitor for the same audience. And of course Paramount could move both movies around. Another possibility under discussion is to open a day or two earlier. This kind of ‘early open’ is becoming more and more common these days. This year Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Spider-Man 3 and Transformers all opened a day or two before their originally announced premiere dates.


1. Locutus of Alberni - January 12, 2008

RIght on! Sooner is good (unless, it’s not ready!!!)

2. jonboc - January 12, 2008

Hope it does come out early. It would be nice to not have to piss off the family by bugging out on Christmas day!

3. NCC-73515 - January 12, 2008

What if all the Trek we saw since The Cage was an illusion created by the talosians? The entire history could easily be rewritten, this time showing us the TRUE events :D

4. Joel - January 12, 2008

Isn’t it nice to finally have a Trek film that’s one of the most anticipated films of the year? As much as movie tickets cost, I can easily see it topping Voyage Home for highest grossing Trek movie without a doubt. Can’t wait for the trailer next week, and whether it’s the 19th or Christmas Day, I’ll be there.

5. josepepper - January 12, 2008

Meet the Fockers 500 million!!!!

You gotta be kidding me

man, Americans are stupid, pea brained mother fockers

6. The Haggard - January 12, 2008

They could show it on St Patrick’s Day, at 3am in a dark alley at some out of the way small town, with wild animals guarding the entrance… AND I WOULD BE THERE!

7. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

If it opens BEFORE Christmas Day all the better for the chances of a small group of us meeting up and seeing it in New York!! Yowza! :)

8. the king in shreds and tatters - January 12, 2008

Oceanic 815 crashed on Talos IV!

9. tadayou - January 12, 2008

Even though it might be a bit geeky, I like that the movie is scheduled for Christmas and therefore preserves that little tradition of Star Trek movies opening in December.

Guess that’s what you call continuity ; D

10. Skippy 2k - January 12, 2008

I plan to be there opening day, I liked Christmas as the only day my work actually closes and my family usually gets together Christmas eve. Alot of times we do something the next morning but not much on C-day, if it opens a few days early though I guess I could just call-in… ;-)

11. KevinA Melbourne Australia - January 12, 2008

The sooner the better, Xmas will be in the way unless ST has been attended to. Much prefer Dec 19.

12. asc1138 - January 12, 2008

josepepper – Just like you!

13. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2008


As noted those are world wide numbers. Half of the Fokkers money came from outside the US

and that you get a warning for trolling on that one

14. SPB - January 12, 2008


-NEMESIS wasn’t exactly “crushed like a bug” by THE TWO TOWERS… that distinction belongs to MAID IN MANHATTAN. TOWERS simply stomped all over the dead, mutilated carcas.

-Although period films haven’t exactly done gangbusters of late, DON’T count out a new one featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s first team-up since TITANIC. The “chick flick” crowd is gonna be drawn to that one like a magnet, at least for its opening weekend.

-The last TREK movie that I recall being highly anticipated and/or having positive advance buzz was FIRST CONTACT. And that was 12 years (!!!) ago. The advance silence that greeted INSURRECTION and NEMESIS was deafening.

-A remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL featuring Keanu Reeves is my idea of Hell. I’ll stick knitting needles in my eyes before I expose my orbs to that train wreck.

-As much as I love STAR TREK, and as much as I’m holding out hope for TREK XI to be a big success… there ain’t NO way in blue blazes it’s gonna come anywhere near BATMAN BEGINS’ $371 million take. That is one tall order to accomplish.

-TREK XI has GOT to be better than TRANSFORMERS… right? (Please, God.)

15. Rick Sternbach - January 12, 2008

#5 ; I’m not surprised at the box office totals any more. I haven’t dug into a typical data-filled issue of Variety for $$$ info in ages, but I would love to see how many actual -seats- are being filled as opposed to the money coming in. Sure, the totals are important, but if the number of seats is flat or down but just cost $12+ a pop, that could say something as well.


16. CmdrR - January 12, 2008

Early Christmas present would be nice!!!

ps- which ep played in remastered form this weekend? Wasn’t supposed to be “Who Mourns for Adonis?”? I miss the Friday night movies and snide comments that help build up my stamina for staying up until 4am (thanks again WSB, you %$#%es.)

17. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#14 SPB “as much as I’m holding out hope for TREK XI to be a big success… there ain’t no way in blue blazes it’s gonna come anywhere near BATMAN BEGINS’ $371 million take”

Now, you see, that’s funny….I’m about as cynical as they come and only a fool tries to predict the future, BUT….best guess? I’ll be shocked and surprised if Trek XI doesn’t break the $400 million box office income gate barrier. If Paramount is investing $130 million into it, I’m sure they’re looking for at least triple that amount back, being a “tentpole” movie and all…. :)

18. NCC-73515 - January 12, 2008

Mr. Sternbach is here? Wow… if that’s you, I feel honored to be on the same site with you :D

19. Irishtrekkie - January 12, 2008

star trek make 400 million ……here is hoping ………… how many times will i have to go see it then ? i figure if i see it 1,000,0000,0000 times that will be enough…………………….oh right yea i guess other people might want to go too

20. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2008

Adjusting for inflation ST:TMP made $377 Million. I have added that to the article for context.

Since then all Trek films had smaller budgets and smaller targets, but II, IV, and FC all pulled in $220-$240 Million worldwide (today’s dollars)

But more importantly. Paramount see this film as a tentpole to appeal beyond the Trek base. So comparing to past Trek film’s is not really their benchmark. They look at other big sci-fi/action movies as their point of ref.

And SPB…the article states that Paramount DO NOT expect Transformers numbers for Trek.

21. PaoloM - January 12, 2008

“The new Star Trek movie is clearly the ‘big’ movie for next Christmas. It has shown up on almost all the ‘most anticipated movies of 2008′ lists in the media of the last few weeks. […] With a budget of over $130 Million the new Star Trek movie will have to do better than any Trek film since Star Trek IV.”

That’s honey in my ears. It’s plain and clear that Paramount is trying to revive the franchise. The fan base is there and Trek never died. All it needs are new creative minds and fresh ideas.

22. Magic_Al - January 12, 2008

There are a lot of parallels between this movie and TMP. It’s a relaunch after an extended break in Star Trek production, it has a big budget with all-new production design, and it has a big-name director.

There are big differences: an (almost) all-new cast and a profoundly different market. TMP was embraced by fans who thought Star Trek had been killed to early, while today’s movie has to win back fans who think Star Trek went in the wrong direction for too long.

Will the new movie make as much as TMP’s inflation-adjusted take? That’s a hard act to follow. If it does well enough for there to be a sequel, will the next movie be bigger than ever or drastically scaled down in budget like TWOK was?

23. NCC-73515 - January 12, 2008

Please make sure history never forgets the name Star Trek :D

24. sebi - January 12, 2008

I understand the need to report on what the Mainstream Media™ is thinking about this subject, but as a fan I couldn’t care less how much the movie makes. Just enough to get another one made, I guess. ;)

25. Mickey MET - January 12, 2008


If I recall. . .

TMP: was a holiday movie
II: TWOK was an early summer movie
III: TSFS was a summer movie
IV: TVH was a holiday movie
V: TFF Was an early summer movie
VI: TUC was a holiday movie
VII: G was a holiday movie
VIII: FC was a holiday movie
IX: I, to be honest I really don’t remember
X: N was a holiday movie

So to boil it down, there doesn’t seem to be much of a “tradition” as you suggest. In fact, I think some of the better movies were summer released with an exception or two. . . .

As for releasing it on 12/25/08, if this Christmas is any indicator of what next Christmas will be like. . . I like the idea of releasing it a day or two early.

26. Thomas - January 12, 2008

I don’t care if the movie opens on the 19th or the 25th. I’m just looking forward to seeing a new Trek movie. It would be nice if the movie were a success, though. The only other movie I know of coming out st that time is some Adam Sandler movie called “Bedtime Stories”.

27. Robert Meyer Burnett - January 12, 2008


Releasing STAR TREK on Christmas Day IS NOT the smartest choice of dates.
Much of the fanbase, and indeed the rest of the moviegoing crowd, will be busy with the business of Christmas. The misconception here is STAR TREK is STILL STAR TREK, no matter how you renovate it and the general moviegoing audience could care less. I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t do MI3 numbers AT BEST. It’s not Bond. It’s not LOTR and it’s not SW. This gives the film maybe two weekends at best to play before box office drops off to next to nothing as the holidays conclude. The film’s high budget really puts pressure on the film to perform and traditionally, TREK has never performed to the studio expectations of this new film. Ever. Especially foreign.
TMP opened on December 7th, 1979, which gave the film almost the entire month of December to play through.

Paramount should open this film at Thanksgiving.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the trailer…but if see Area 51 anywhere near the Enterprise, all my hopes are dashed. For “Little Green Men” (the episode) it worked great. INDEPENDENCE DAY…fine. STAR TREK…no.

28. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

Paramount considers the new Star Trek tentpole
Some won’t believe, no matter how much you cajole
It’ll be a blockbuster
The critics will bluster
The fans, they’ll be so happy, they’d sell their soul!

29. Anthony Pascale - January 12, 2008


Hi…nice of you to drop in again.

RE: Thanksgiving
It would be nice, but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opens Thanksgiving week. Plus James Bond 22 opens earlier in November and as reported above the Keanu Reeves movie opens in early December.

Trek really dodged a bullet when Angels and Demons was delayed…although I agree that the Adam Sandler and the DiCaprio/Winslet movies will do well…those arent exactly the same audiences…although Trek will have to get some of the date and family audiences.

RE: January
well new years weekend is also a strong weekend and last weekend National Treasure made 20 mil in its third weekend out. And everyone expects Cloverfield to do well next weekend.

RE: Foreign markets
Of all things regarding the new Star trek…foreign markets is the most worrying. Trek has tended to do just OK overseas, but most trek films make about 60 cents foreign for every dollar domestic. For a tentpole like Trek I imagine Paramount wants more, but I am not sure that it will play well outside the usual strong Trek countries. For Trek to appeal well in non-English speaking countries it needed a big A list star and they didnt do that. That being said with Eric Bana, Karl Urban and Chris Hemsworth Trek should be huge down under.

30. JBS - January 12, 2008

There is no way I can attend on Christmas day (I have kids and all that implies, and I’m the one in charge of cooking a big holiday meal, and I usually passout early after having a beer after cleaning the kitchen – it’s a busy day). It usually takes a couple days before I’m finally free to do something like go see a movie. Earlier would be better.

31. Andy Patterson - January 12, 2008

27. Robert Meyer Burnett – January 12, 2008

Paramount should open this film at Thanksgiving.

Agreed. I need something good to do when I’m visiting my in-laws.

32. Jupiter1701 - January 12, 2008

This movie probably needs to make about $400 million just to break even. How so? Well, I’ve read in various places throughout the years that a movie needs to do about triple it’s production budget in order to break even. The local theaters take their cut, plus there is marketing, distribution and other expenses.

I just don’t see that happening with this movie, with that kind of budget.

Granted, there are DVD sales, television rights, etc. to consider. And in the end it all adds up, albeit over a period of many years. Still, when a movie loses say $100 million dollars at the box office, it makes one wonder how they ever get their money back — even over a period of decades.

33. bobfred - January 12, 2008

.3 what about enterprise?

34. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008


everything you’ve stated is “dead on the money”….

Don’t worry, Paramount will, in the long run, get their money back! If this relaunches the franchise, lays the foundation for a series of movies and television…..what, you don’t think so?

35. SPB - January 12, 2008

#20 – Anthony P. –

“And SPB…the article states that Paramount DO NOT expect Transformers numbers for Trek. ”

Duly noted… but I wasn’t expecting TREK XI to make the same money as TRANSFORMERS. I was simply stating that I want the film, as a whole, to BE better than TRANFORMERS. With all due respect to Robert Orci, who haunts these boards from time-to-time, I couldn’t stand a single minute of that film.

But I did very much enjoy M:I III, so hope prevails.

36. Josh - January 12, 2008

I think that this movie will allow Trek to venture to strange new worlds, create new civilizations, while remaining true to the old. And of course: bodly go where no one has gone before.

I hope that if another series does arise from this, that it doesn’t go Enterprise. Maybe something post-Dominion War. Or hell, something set way in the future. Though, they need to have Admiral Janeway seeing the new ship off. It was a nice tradition handing off each new series with the previous one it overlapped. Like how DS9 began on the Enterprise-D and how Voyager took off from DS9.

It will be good.

And for anyone who says “hahahaha itll suX0rz lawlshitzpantz”

“The hell they did.” -Spock

STXI will be one of the top movies of the year.

37. TrekNerd - January 12, 2008

What mystifies me is that Paramount wants this to be a tentpole, yet aside from Leonard Nimoy (who is one of the biggest celebrities in Trek but not mainstream Hollywood), there are no really big actors in it.

Even Batman Begins had Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

Transformers even had Jon Voight, for what that’s worth (definitely worth more than Eric Bana and Bruce Greenwood, the latter two being fine outstanding actors notwithstanding).

Aside from Leonard Nimoy in front of the camera and J.J. Abrams behind the camera, and aside from the brand name Star Trek, there is not one single performer with box-office draw recognition in this.

38. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#37 TrekNerd “there is not one single performer with box-office draw recognition in this”

Maybe people will go because they hear it’s a damn good film!?

39. GaryS - January 12, 2008

If they make a great movie ,
Paramount will have something to promote .
If you build it they will come.

40. TrekNerd - January 12, 2008

“Maybe people will go because they hear it’s a damn good film!?”

The answer should be in the form of a Ballzy rhyme.

41. Redjac - January 12, 2008

Thanksgiving used to be the time most of the Christmas season films were released. Now, more recently it seems big films have been coming out Christmas day…take AvP: Requiem for example. That one tanked. But again, I think quality played a big part in this turkey…

42. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#40 TrekNerd “Ballzy rhyme”

See #28 in answer and thanks for asking!

43. manrum - January 12, 2008

if the enterprize is not same, was and lenord nemoy that I am there, does not see, little matters will be set, unless i saw it in reviews me first assumed that it never does not gain money, because trekies does not see it and the people geeks satisfies to think of the Trek when the free sector is however smaller than it $150 million banks it during a good tuesday, and it IDO for coupon.

44. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#41 Redjac “more recently it seems big films have been coming out Christmas day…..I think quality played a big part in this turkey”

A turkey on Christmas day?? Who’d a thunk it?

45. SPB - January 12, 2008

#43 – Manrum

I think I speak for everyone here when I say… HUH???

46. Litenbug - January 12, 2008

At least we won’t have the Christmas ham.

47. Litenbug - January 12, 2008

#43 manrum
please at least spell the name of the starship and the actor’s name correctly while you sort out the rest of your english.

48. Litenbug - January 12, 2008

40. TrekNerd – January 12, 2008
“Maybe people will go because they hear it’s a damn good film!?”

The answer should be in the form of a Ballzy rhyme.

There once was a starship built above Frisco…

never mind

49. manrum - January 12, 2008

#43 and #47

i’m sorry i can’t offer high-flown language, not even though all here assembled may deride me; pathos from me, in any case, would make you laugh if you had not stopped laughing long ago.

i love star trek, but i’ve no remarks to make about the stars or planets, i merely see how mankind toils and moils. Earth’s little gods do not change at all, are just as strange as on their primal day. They call it reason and employ it only to be more bestial than any beast.

*this is mr. roddenberry’s vision, and not my own. I hope only that the new film can live with the vision.*

Financially, the film must make money around $421 million for the movie to succeed.

50. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

I too wouldn’t mind an excuse to get away from the in-laws. Thanksgiving would be a good call. Or at least a few days before the 25th. Then, if all goes smoothly at Christmas, I’ll tuck in the kiddies, kiss the wife, hide a can o’ Guinness and some beef jerky under my coat and sneak out to see it again. Then I can drool all over myself in private. Ooooooooooh, my beloved Starship Enterprise, my precious. Yeah. I can’t have a full-on nerd fit in the presence of others. Too embarrasing. Sounds like manrum’s had a few too many Guinness already. Friends, don’t let friends drink and type!

51. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#48 Litenbug “There once was a starship built above Frisco…”

Yeah, you guys know I can’t resist…

There once was a starship built above Frisco
They made it so well it would last until Sisko
And not when he was Bell
Cause that would just smell
For this one you’d be willing to taste Bisco!

52. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

#49 manrum

I used to rant like you, then I stopped smoking the stuff!

Especially after that one night when I climbed a tree and tried to build a nest! :)

53. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

To succeed the film need only recoup it’s cost. Actually, it doesn’t even need to do that. The industry knows full well that the money is in the DVD market and the international market. Many films barely break even during their theatrical run, but more than make up for it when Costco and Sams Club sell the shite out of the DVD’s. Hell, they even make money on Netflix rentals, so it’s a lot more complicated than it used to be, but also a lot more profitable. Lot’s of crap movies that cost a ton still make money. Let’s face it, Trek can’t be and won’t be any worse than The Phantom Menace was. The DVD sales on this are going to be size “H”….Huge.

54. JBS - January 12, 2008

For those of you suggesting a Thanksgiving release,

see #29 from Anthony P. “RE: Thanksgiving
It would be nice, but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opens Thanksgiving week. Plus James Bond 22 opens earlier in November ”

Star Trek can’t compete with that. Forget about November.

55. manrum - January 12, 2008

#50 and #52

ich trinke nur Slivovitz, never Guinness. If you have drinken Slivovitz, you know what i mean :).

#49 — I am not a rant, I am trying to say in good faith. and rightly so — i’m trying only to comment in language i don’t speak about a television i love — star trek. I’m worried about the finances of the new film, which i want to make money so they make a show. After Nemesis, Paramount should give the fans IDO coupons — that is only how I will be in theatre on Christmas, with the IDO coupon in my hand from Paramount Pictures Studios, INC. thathat will also guarantee my presense in the theatre.

If they open the film earlier, will there still be an international marketing? They dont serve alcohol in american theatre!! :)

56. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

I once know a girl named Enterprise.
She had a flat head and metallic thighs.
I’d climb right on in.
Then we’d go for a spin.
Gave me pleasure my friend that was planet-sized!

Sorry Harry, I couldn’t resist.

57. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

Oh, sure, if ONLY I was allowed to be that rude! :)

58. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

No, Manrum it’s sad, but true. Americans are not permitted to drink in theaters. I saw a really bad movie when I lived in Paris, but they served beer so it all balanced out. It was cool and different.
I hate to admit it, but I don’t thinks Americans should be allowed to drink in the theaters. It’s bad enough already with all the talking on cell phones, and the pot smoke we have to put up with here. I live in California, so maybe it’s just us. My wife won’t step foot in a theater ‘cuz of all the rambunctiousness. I think most folks just wait for the DVD’s nowadays.
They ought to have age specific showtimes like they used to have age restricted rollerskating. Anyone remember that? The DJ guy would say, “OK, the next song is for the kids, 12 and under.” Then it would be “adult skate” for like 15 minutes. Good times.

59. Chirs M - January 12, 2008


Anthony, I can guarantee that Star Trek will be big down here in Australia! With or without the Aussie actors.

Just wondering though if you know whether the film is being release in Australia at the same time as it is in the States?

I’m anxious to find out!

60. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008


Hey, is your name tied into the El Mocambo, one of the oldest bars in Toronto? Just curious…

61. manrum - January 12, 2008


i think that I had also been at this film in Paris! Good beer. Possibly you were the woman, who was with me. I do not reccollect her name.

i think that the new enterprize will look the same with a litre of Slibovitz in my liver! Then the new film is amazing.

62. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008


do us all a favour…..type the exact same message you just wrote, again, in your native tongue….thanks!

63. manrum - January 12, 2008


i denk i ook bij de film in Paris wa! Goed Bier. Misschien was u de Vra die met me wa. i kan haar naam herinneren niet. i blieb hat nieuwe Enterprize precies het zelfde zal kijken als i ein litre van Slivovitz in me heb. Met bierbrille, zal de nieuwe film groot zijn.

64. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

Thanks, I appreciate it! Where do you live?

65. manrum - January 12, 2008

i am from Kevelaer, Germany

66. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

Manrum, Harry’s got a good point. Just speak to us in your native language. This site is fully equipped with a universal translator so to us it will read as perfect english. I’m actually speaking Dutch at the moment.

67. manrum - January 12, 2008


I can understand Dutch, you shoud speak Dutch with me. But, language is not the end of my difficuty.

68. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2008

Hey, I wish language was the end of my difficulty!

69. elmachocombo - January 12, 2008

Sorry Manrum, I think you know we’re just messing around. As for me being the woman in the theater, anything’s possible. As for me being named after a bar in Toronto, as much as I want to say yes, it’s from a menu of a little mexican restaurant in L.A. called El Taco. They’re located on Firestone Blvd. Order the el macho combo. You’ll love it. Good night my fellow nerdlings.

70. manrum - January 12, 2008

Here is a little hochdeutsch for you. It has a star trek reference, and to the money of the film making. Will you purchase a IDO coupon?

Ich bin Soldat. Ich hab seit 5 Jahren nicht geschlafen und ich habe Tränensäcke.
Ich hab selbst nicht gesehen, aber man hat mir das gesagt,
Ich bin Soldat und ich hab keinen Kopf. Man hat mir das mit den Stiefeln abgeschlagen.
yo yo yo Vorsteher anbruellt. Der Mund des Vorstehers ist zerriesen, weil die Granate.
Weisse Watte, rote Watte laesst einen Soldat nicht behandeln.

71. Bryant Burnette - January 13, 2008

To the various folk opining that the movie would be better served with a Thanksgiving release date as opposed to Christmas, let me offer an opposing view.

Christmas is one of THE busiest times at the box office. The reason for this is simple. “Christmas” lasts for well over a week; and every single day from Christmas to New Year’s Day behaves like a summer weekend day, for the simple reason that there are millions upon millions of people who have all or part of this time off from work. (Don’t be fooled into thinking that people won’t or don’t go to see movies due to holiday activities with the family, either; for many families, going to the movies IS a holiday activity.)

If a film opens well on Christmas Day (or the weekend before), then it is virtually assured to continue to be a hit (often a massive one) if people like it.

If you want proof, take a look at the day-by-day domestic box office figures for “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” which opened on the weekend before Christmas this past year:

12/21: $16.7 million
12/22: $15.3 million
12/23: $12.7 million
12/24: $7 million
12/25: $13.6 million
12/26: $12.4 million
12/27: $10.5 million
12/28: $12.2 million
12/29: $12.6 million
12/30: $10.7 million
12/31: $9.1 million
1/1: $9.7 million

That’s a heck of a lot of money in a short amount of time, and films that do this kind of business tend to keep doing well throughout January. This is when “Titanic” came out, as well as all three “Lord of the Rings” films, and it was that sort of pattern that enabled them to be as big as they were (although “Titanic” exists, and probably always will, on its own financial plane).

If you have a hot movie, Christmas is a TERRIFIC time to be in theatres. The people who are saying otherwise are wrong, wrong, wrong.

So with the relative lack of competition that seems to be shaping up in December this year, if “Star Trek” turns out to have the goods, then Paramount could not possibly have picked a better release date.

72. GaryS - January 13, 2008

national treasure: Book of Secrets was a sequel to a very popular film .
Its not the same thing as relaunching Trek.

73. JBS - January 13, 2008

I found it! Here it is, the new trailer!
Tot Trek!

74. Jabob Slatter - January 13, 2008

I shudder to think what Keanu Reeves will be like in Stood Still. How can they take such a classic and put a bland he-whore in the lead role? HE CAN’T ACT!

Talk about raping a classic.

75. Devon - January 13, 2008

#27 – “Much of the fanbase, and indeed the rest of the moviegoing crowd, will be busy with the business of Christmas”

Would think much of the fan base would be seeing the movie. Other movie goers will be seeing movies on christmas. Huge weekend for movie theatres. So the idea is to market it this to the mainstream.

76. The Realist - January 13, 2008

29. Anthony Pascale – January 12, 2008 – Down here in Australia I have heard talk in my office and even non- Trek friends, and so far everyone I have talking about Trek have been positive and looking forward to it. Some came into Trek at the end of ENT and cant wait to see the new movie. So Trek seems to have won and is still winning new support.

Anthony any chance of getting an estimate poll going for how much the movie will make? And maybe a prize for the one person who gets closest?

77. Sxottlan - January 13, 2008

With the leap year, X-mas day will be a Thursday, which makes for a another long weekend for most people. I believe that is a big help for the box office in general. Obviously, same goes for New Year’s this coming year.

And it’s surprising the number of people who hit the movie theatre on Christmas Day.

78. Bryant Burnette - January 13, 2008


You’re right, it’s not the same thing.

Aside from that, did you have a point?

79. AJ - January 13, 2008

I think an overlooked piece of the profit puzzle for Trek XI is merchandising. Rather than old nerds haunting Toys R US, the audience this time will be kids: Happy Meals, video games, ships, action figures, lunch boxes, webkins…the whole nine yards.

Does anyone know what MPAA rating JJ is shooting for?

80. Smike van Dyke - January 13, 2008

The only thing I’m really afraid of is “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, a remake of a classic no one really needs but providing tough genre competition…Keanu is a star but the director seems to be rather unknown. Could be a hit or a bomb but it’ll take away some movie goes from our flick.

Now what can we expect from “Star Trek” (2008) box-office-wise. Let’s see:

1. Hardcore fanbase, which is going to watch everything Trek whatsoever. About 3-4 Million people (the same bunch that saw Nemesis and sticked with ENT) Probably half of them are going to watch it twice. So 6 Mio. viewers!

2. Disenfranchised and alienated TOS fanbase that never got into TNG and the other spin-offs…most of them might give it a chance due to Nimoy and the TOS characters…okay, maybe half the number of who watched TUC and GEN…another 6 Mio maybe…hopefully curiousity will outweigh scepticism…

3. Non-Trek fans attached by the numerous bigger names in the movie’s cast and crew, especially those of Lost (JJ Abrams), Heroes (Quinto), LOTR (Urban), Harold & Kumar (Cho) and some fans of Eric Bana…I’d credit 0.5 mio per above mentioned star and another 0.5 mio for people like Yelchin, Zaldana and Pine combined…So let’s say another 3 mio audience…

4. Now talking about young, undecided generation of movie goers you may never heard of Trek in the first place or that are simply interested in great action and SFX. Given this movie will deliver and advertise the goods in it’s trailers and TV commercials, this could attracted an additional audience I can hardly depict…2 mio extra viewers should be possible…

So it comes down to an audience of 17 mio…which would result in a box-office result of about 150 mio domestically…International numbers are difficult to predict since the TOS where not that popular overseas but the first three TNG movies did well in Europe…Are they going to join the movie or will they condemn it as another instance of lame American rebooting of a cult classic? No idea…

This movie needs 150 mio + domestically and it COULD achieve that. It needs another 100 mio + internationally and I’m not sure the world is ready for that…a world-wide gross below 250 mio. is necessary…anothing below that number would kill the franchise for good as would a domestic bomb below 100 mio…

The “Batman Begins” comparison is right on target…That’s what we need…

81. Smike van Dyke - January 13, 2008

ABOVE 250 mio. is necessary ! Sorry…

82. StarTrekRockerGirl - January 13, 2008

#15 *Waves to Rick Sternbach!* Hello Sir! Welcome aboard! Love your work! Happy to see you here! :)

83. Reliant - January 13, 2008

I’d have to counterpoint the argument over the fact that “Nemesis” was the biggest flop. The biggest flop imo was Star Trek V. Although it wasn’t necessarily all of Shatners fault that the movie was a flop, he did have to deal with a union strike at the time. He wasn’t able to use ILM and had to use a second rate company for the SFX. Also Paramount told him that he had to finish the movie now instead of waiting for the strike to be over. The story line behind the script wasn’t bad at all. Given more time I’m sure that Shatner would have directed a first rate Trek film. But because he was rushed and not having the proper people to work behind the film it was a disaster.

84. trektacular - January 13, 2008

It better be a good film first and foremost, because all this scientific analysis won’t mean squat if the film is a turkey.

85. CaptainRickover - January 13, 2008

# 70
“a little Hochdeutsch for you.”

Not bad for the beginning, only a little lack of grammar (are you sure you’re really from Germany?). And the end is missing. I guess it’s some sort of anti-war poem or something. And “Hochdeutsch” means german in english (just to make clear, of what language you speak).

And to Harry Baltz:

Do you have a problem understanding the broken English of us foreigners? I’m able to understand every post here, even it’s not in perfect Oxford English (and I could understand that as well). You should be a little more tolerant. Guess what difficulties you would have to talk in a german forum. I think, as long you understand, what the other was meaning, it’s ok.

But now, let stop us this ridiculous discussion about languages. Isn’t the Enterprise reflecting Starship Earth? We are all fans of Star Trek and that should count.

86. steve adams - January 13, 2008

#17 Mr Ballz, that’s of course if the movies any good. (Transformers/Mi3)
Fan bases can also kill a movie by word of mouth if it sucks…
This new Star Trek film has to be perfect* or its going to be a huge disaster.
#27 I agree with you on release dates in Dec. Good points. However the ep “little green men” had nothing to do with Area 51.
It spoofed the Roswell Crash not Area 51. :)
#37 no big stars? Star Trek has never been about big A-listers. And Jon Voight sucked in Transformers. IMO)
Donald Rumpsfeld would have been better.
#43 (manrum) I know your universal translator is busted. Manrum would be a good name for a Star Trek villian… :)
Can’t wait for the trailer next week and all the buzz that will generate.

87. StarTrekRockerGirl - January 13, 2008

My favorite “flop” was Insurrection. What a snooze. At least Nemesis had a really cool starship ramming sequence to make up for some of it’s other misgivings. ;)

88. Vulcan Soul - January 13, 2008

Oh yeah “StarTrekRockerGirl”, starship ramming, that’s what it is all about!111!!

…hope our target audience is a bit more sophisticated than that ;)

89. Alexeii Joseph Peterson - January 13, 2008

It’ll flop.

90. Captain Dunsel - January 13, 2008

Alexeii #89–you are a perfect ray of sunstroke. Boy are you on the wrong site!

Open Wednesday the 24th–that’s my vote.

91. section9 - January 13, 2008

Bold Prediction:

Trek will easily surpass the take from “Batman Begins”. No problem.

JJ is going to make an exciting action film set in the early Trek Universe with the TOS characters that everyone loves. He’s doing it with new actors, not people who are dead or wearing toupees. He’s setting in a period after the Big E has just been built and before the Five Year Mission.

He can pull in two sets of demographics: Baby Boomers who liked the show and kids who are dimly aware of it but might be open to becoming fans.

Paramount will never let this franchise go to the small screen again. This is not what they are going to do with Star Trek.

Oh, and according to canon, only two to three years of the Five Year Mission were covered. Plenty of ground can be covered that hasn’t been.
Other ships and captains can be introduced for TV, but Enterprise will be Big Screen and Direct to Home Video (read Blu-Ray) from now on.

Lastly, look for a direct ancestor of Senator Vreenak to make an appearance. Fan Service, you know. He’s become Everyone’s Favorite Romulan.

92. Juli - January 13, 2008

I’m ridiculously excited for this movie, don’t get me wrong, but what some of the older people here don’t seem to realize is that it’s going flop unless they can attract the younger demographics with an amazing advertising campaign. My generation has a stigma when it comes to the words “Star Trek,” they practically personify everything geeky. Indeed, one of the lyrics in Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” is “Only question I ever thought was hard was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard.” This movie’s casting choices scream for a teen fanbase, but it isn’t going to happen unless they manage to de-stigma-tize under 25’s.

93. jonboc - January 13, 2008

A remake of The Dat the Earth Stood Still is a very scary idea indeed. I shudder to think what will become of the coolness that is Gort.

And go rent Danny Boyle’s Sunshine! Fantastic sci-fi movie. It certainly deserved a better theatrical run than it got.

94. Smike van Dyke - January 13, 2008

#91 : Exactly. TOS is movie stuff now and it’ll remain within the grasp of Paramount Pictures whereas the spin off business may be continued by CBS at some point.

Whether or not they will surpass the gross of Batman Begins remains to be seen…however, it will have to do better than the last three NG movies combined and that is a lot of cash…

But when you think of “Transformers”: I never actually thought it would do that well…Yeah, the cartoons and toys have got a rather large fanbase compared to…uh…Masters of the Universe…but it still has got a hilarious and very cheesy premise…even compared to Trek…I don’t say it’ll do as well as Transformers but it could (at least in North America)…

It doesn’t even have to be brilliantly intelligent writing.Most blockbusters aren’t anyway. As long as the movie is fun…and as long as it stimulates the curiosity of both die-hard fans and a potential new audience, it might do better than we all may expect after all the failures of the past…

95. Thorny - January 13, 2008

Thank God that Paramount has come to its senses and is trying to advance “Star Trek” at least a few days. The weekend before Christmas is perfect, but opening on Christmas Day itself is an added risk Trek shouldn’t be taking.

I think Keanu Reeves might be well-cast in “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Go back and watch the original movie. Klaatu was hardly the emotional type. Michael Rennie gave a very stilted performance as an alien unaccustomed to Earth. Reeves can pull that off easily. And Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly is in Patricia Neal’s role as the mother: “Gort! Klaatu borada nikto!”

The original “Day” is a marvellous movie. The remake could be a very good movie, too. It should be a nice offering in the theaters in the usual doldrums between the big November releases and the Christmas releases. Definitely a lot more interesting movies in theaters this coming Thanksgiving/Christmas than there were this past holiday season. Trek will almost certainly cap a very big movie year.

96. diabolk - January 13, 2008

Perhaps Reeves is playing Gort!

97. GaryS - January 13, 2008

#78 my point was that it is unrealistic to expect national treasure numbers from a relaunch of Trek.
that having been said ,
when it comes toTreks box office
I will take whattever i can get!

98. manrum - January 13, 2008

#85 thank you

Everyone else —

the enterprize is Starship Earth, but, only if we let it to be. Roddenberry always said, how men should be tolerant. As I hold the new film dear, if I actually in fact, but you hate the new film. Each way must it make money around $421 million make, if trek is to be produced again. Is there international marketing still? With the IDO coupon?

–Manrum (Manöverrum)

99. manrum - January 13, 2008

and for people here who want to understand my language difficulty:

Picard kommt auf einen unbekannten Planeten, wo er die Bekanntschaft mit einem Captain einer fremden Lebensform macht, die nur in Metaphern spricht. Da Picard ihn nicht versteht, weiß er nicht, ob dieser gute oder böse Absichten hat…


–Manrum (Manöverrum)

100. steve adams - January 13, 2008

#97, It sure will be sad if Star Trek 11 can’t beat National Treasure.
I’m all for opening new trek a few days before Christmas. Kind of like opening one of your gifts early !!
Vulcan Soul, a little harsh on StarTrekRockerGirl.. The space battles were some of the highlites of Nemesis. StarTrekRockerGirl likes spaceships?? That’s kinda rare..
+ love that handle RockerGirl!

101. Johnny Ice - January 13, 2008

#93. And go rent Danny Boyle’s Sunshine! Fantastic sci-fi movie. It certainly deserved a better theatrical run than it got.
I have seen Sunshine & i was very disappointed with it. Kind of mis-mash of Event Horizon” and “Supernova” in a bad way. Bottom line, the plot was very silly & totally unbelievable to start with..
Thou i have to admit that the visual effect & set design was very good in this movie.
article; By the way, adjusting for inflation the highest grossing Trek film is Star Trek The Motion Picture which made $130 Million worldwide in 1979 which works out to $377 Million in today’s dollars,,.
Some sources says that Star Trek The Motion Picture made as high as $175 million worldwide in 1979.. that works out to $475 million today..

I think that new Star Trek movie can gross a least $300 million worldwide thus replacing The Voyage Home as second highest grossing Trek movie ever .
It all depends of course if the movie is any good and is well received by critics and mainstream audience.
If so i will predict XI movie could gross closer to $ 390-400 million.

102. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 13, 2008

80. Smike van Dyke

[This movie needs 150 mio + domestically and it COULD achieve that. It needs another 100 mio + internationally and I’m not sure the world is ready for that…a world-wide gross below 250 mio. is necessary…anothing below that number would kill the franchise for good as would a domestic bomb below 100 mio…

The “Batman Begins” comparison is right on target…That’s what we need…]

Batman Begins had one thing we can’t promise Trek XI. A peaking economy. And here is where the issue of Trek making money meets with politics.

Trek will make big dough, but only if the economy is doing well. “Its the economy Stupid! Remember that bit of genious?? With the market dropping 250 points every other day, and gas prices climbing q few pennies every other day, a good portion of us Trekkies had better start asking ourselves the harder question.

Who will be good for the economy in ’08 – 09″?!

My bet is, it will be the canadate that is not asking or planning to send our brothers and sisters to war next December, but instead is bringing them home (and not only from Iraq) so we can again enjoy some fun family activity, like taking our brothers and sisters out for a good movie. A movie like Star Trek.

I think we can all easily figure out which canidate would make the right decision to end the many wars we are involved in around the world.
He is easily found on the internet. You just have to take a moment and read, ’cause the t.v. is lyin to us all!


[end of quasi-political transmission]

Make Trek, not War!

103. VOODOO - January 13, 2008

Trek Nerd #37

I agree.

I am honestly very surprised that with the exception of Leonard Nimoy (it should be noted Mr Nimoy is not a box office draw outside of the Star Trek universe) that there are no big names (while Eric Bana is a fine actor he is hardly a bankable box office draw”) attached to this film that Paramount intends to be a “tent pole” film.

With such a large budget + high hopes of expanding Star Trek’s dwindiling fan base I was expecting casting along the lines of Richard Donner’s “Superman” with Marlon Brando + Gene Hackman or Tim Burton’s “Batman” with Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton + Kim Bassinger.

Mind you that I don’t think that you need big names to make a quality film, but from a strictly business perspective wouldn’t it make sense to try + get a couple of big names like Matt Damon + Tom Hanks (just throwing those names out as an example. I’m sure there are people better suited for S.T. if I were to think about it for a minute) to attract people to a series they generally have not been very interested in?

I follow box office results fairly closely, yet this is one case where I have absolutely no idea what to expect from “Star Trek” at the box office.

I would be very surprised to see “Star Trek” perform like “Batman Begins” $205,000,000 domestically. I think a more realistic target would be 007’s re-invention Casino Royale (I am only speaking about domestic box office) which took in $167,000,000 domestically.

Even that I think may be shooting high for a series that has been down + out for a long time + has no recognizable box office draws (except Leonard Nimoy for S.T. fans) stepping into iconic roles. What if the public doesn’t accept a new Kirk? Think Timothy Dalton as James Bond.

Without knowing much about this film (except it is a Star Trek film no matter who is directing it) I would think that $150 -$160 million is the absolute ceiling for this film in the U.S. with the more realistic figure of about $130,000,000 more likely. That would make “Star Trek” about as big as “Live Free or Die Hard” was in the U.S. + put it around #15 for the year. “Star Trek” will still have to fight people’s preconceived notions of what the franchise is all about with no mainstream box office stars to pump up the numbers.

If I were Paramount I would have wrapped up Shatner + Nimoy again not box office draws outside the S.T. universe, but worth their weight in gold to the Star Trek audience (what if the public simply won’t accept another actor as Kirk?) Shatner’s presence would at least soften the blow of a new Kirk + give people time to adjust. My second step would be to hire a legit box office star or two in hopes of expanding the demographic. Those big names would be worth the money when you consider what a healthy/re-born version of Star Trek will add to the bottom line.

It will be very interesting to see how this film performs (I guess it would help to know a little about it before predicting box office totals) + to what demo’s it plays to.

In a perfect world J.J.’s version of “Star Trek” will make the franchise as vital as when “TMP” was the #2 film of 1979. N.A.S.A went as far as naming the original space shuttle “Enterprise” out of respect to the then hugely popular series. So many people forget that at one time a new Star Trek film was a big deal. Let’s hope J.J. + co. can bring back the glory days.

104. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 13, 2008


Thanks for exressing the Voodoo ecomomics of the ‘New’ Trek movie.

I agree, whole hearted. Tom Hanks or Damon would be fantastic and the extra audience draw would be enourmous!

Star Trek has always had a bit of a “credibilty problem” amongst the general public (Ahhh, the teasing we have all endured through the years.)

I have seen the Paramont ‘suits’ as a real part of the problem for many years too. How much real estate, cars and meals has Trek paid for throughout the years. The dollars tally in the multi-millions, I am sure. A larger investment would be apparent and appreciated by all.

The only problem I see with the bigger names is the consistency factor.
How many BIG actors would appear in multiple films? Or, attach themselves to a series, post movie. The A-list would be much smaller.
But then again, nothing good in life comes cheap.

I still agree that having a few BIG names attached would be the perfect solution to assure a big draw. And a BIG DRAW was the MAIN reason stated for many of the decisions made on this ‘new’ Trek.

By the way, I just watched Spider-man III last night again. AWESOME!!!
Great job Raim, and all others involvedi! Its funny how that movie, in particular, gets better and better with each viewing.

105. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 13, 2008

Since we are all so aware of the Writer’s strike. I thought I would post a couple links here. Looks bad. But we’re lucky Trek is well into production. Could Trek XI be the last of the BIG Sci-Fi movies for a while?

Myers fears Hollywood’s end is near…

Recent box office charts…

106. Dave R - January 13, 2008

Does NO ONE remember that Star Trek Nemeses was not #1 at the box office it’s opening weekend and that it was ‘Two Weeks Notice’ that beat it.

A Chick Flick beat Star Trek, five days before Lord of The Rings, five days.

107. Kirk's Girdle - January 13, 2008

#99 Sounds like Darmok to me, ja?

108. FlyingTigress - January 13, 2008


trans: “Picard comes on an unknown planet, where he makes the acquaintance with a Captain of a strange way of life, which speaks only in metaphors. Since Picard does not understand it, he does not know whether this has good or bad intentions…”

(via Babelfish translation website)

#107 … Darmok.

109. Thorny - January 13, 2008


It was defeated by Jennifer Lopez’s “Maid in Manhattan”, not “Two Weeks Notice” (at least in Week 1).

110. Redjac - January 13, 2008

106 — Quite correct! I hate it when people blame Nemesis’ failure on the box office “competition”.

Good films do well. Bad ones like Nemesis don’t. Plus, I think people were just burned out on Trek. Too much Trek…

It’ll be interesting to see if they still are by the time JJ’s film comes out.

111. VOODOO - January 13, 2008

Star Trek: Nemesis made a pitiful $43,254,409 at the box office and was only the # 54 film on the charts in 2002.

While I am a big fan of TNG I don’t think those characters and the tone of the show lent itself well to the big screen in the same way that bigger than life characters like Kirk + Spock did.

112. manrum - January 13, 2008

#107 and #108

Yes, Darmok!! so you do not make fun over my english or my language difficulty! Darmok is a wonderfu episode, and people must learn about it. I refer to Harry Ballz from yesterday.

– Manrum (Manöverrum)

113. Steve adams - January 13, 2008

#104 S3 was great!
Manrum, I changed my mind. You have a great name for a Klingon, because your killing meee Manrum.
Its a joke..
^also Manrum we don’t all hate this new movie, sure I have expresed my disdain for this reboot but were all slowly warming up to it.
I find myself tonight watching the first 2 TOS episodes…..
Its gonna be Great. Man Quinto looks so much like Spock ans the others are so well cast this is gonna be cool!!
Gonna be a cool film the whole world can enjoy.

114. USS Anduril's Captain - January 13, 2008

Okay, why do people continue to rag on the Next Gen movies? Generations was fairly decent, First Contact was great, Insurrection wasn’t good but better than V, and Nemesis…well, Nemesis’s problem lied in one simple fact: Rick Berman is an idiot who didn’t realize that we fans have absolutely no problem witha movie being over 2 hours long if it’s good. But no, he felt that so many scenes had to be deleted to get it under 2 hours. Why? It makes no sense when your audience is a group of nerds who have experience being in a theater for 3 hours+ for LOTR.

I’m ready to see what XI has in store, no matter what it brings.

115. Harry Ballz - January 13, 2008


I never attempted to make fun of you or the language you speak.

Lately we’ve had people playing pranks by posting as someone else and, when you first posted, I was simply trying to determine if your messages were legitimate. I admire anyone who can speak more than one language….I have enough trouble with the one!

I apologize if I hurt your feelings!

116. manrum - January 13, 2008

#113 Steve Adams

I am from Germany, not Klingon!! :) and i would not like to kill you!!

I think that the new film could be very well good. If it is good, then it is good and if it is not good, then it is not good. I will go seeing it on the first weekend if it receives good or favourable revies and i will particularly go if i receive an IDO coupon.

#115 Harry Ballz

thank you for not trying to make fun over me or the language i speak! :) my feelings are not hurt. and do you see how emotional powerful star trek and Darmok are — i made my point, by referring an episode, and you understood me and my intention! I hope that the new film has this element.

— Manrum

117. manrum - January 13, 2008

#115 Harry Ballz

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!


118. Dana Scully - January 14, 2008

VOODOO post number 103

I just wanted to say that was a well thought out and articulate post. I agree on all points.

119. SNAKE - January 14, 2008

can someone do adjusted box office figure for all trek movies worldwide??

120. steve adams - January 14, 2008

#114, I don’t believe that Rick Berman was the one that decided on a runtime for Nemesis , that’s usually a studio call.
I liked Nemesis ok, however none of the deleated scenes would have improved the overall film.
Got to say I’m gratefull to Rick Berman he did a good job and gets ragged on alot for things that were out of his control.

121. Jay - January 15, 2008

I never liked the idea that the new film was opening Christmas Day, let’s hope that they do bump it up a few days to either December 17 or 19. It wouldn’t be the first time a Trek movie has been moved forward in it’s release date, I remember seeing a poster for Voyage Home that says that it was supposed to open in mid December 86, but it actually opened the Wednesday before Thankgiving. And Undiscovered Country has two trailers on its DVD that say different dates, the first says December 13 and the other says December 6. So, it’s safe to say that the new film will probably open before Christmas. How much it’s bumped up, who knows?

And on the subject of runtime, I think the final length of a film is something the director, producer and studio all agree upon. I hate how all the Trek films have run under 2 hours (with the exception of TMP and IV, with the latter running an even 2 hours). I’m thinking and hoping that this one’s running length will probably be a bit longer than we’re used to, but still around TMP’s length in the 130- 140 minute range. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.