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“Who Mourns for Adonais?” Screenshots and Video January 14, 2008

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Who mourns for a better episode?
"Who Mourns For Adonais" is another one of those episodes where the Enterprise crew finds a little piece of Earth out in deep space, this time Pollux IV stands in for ancient Greece. And again we have a super powerful being toying with the Enterprise, a storyline already becoming Trek cliche by early in the 2nd season. Chekov gets to show that he has a brain in this episode, while Scotty seems driven by another part of his body in a love interest subplot with the one-dimensional Lt. Palamas. The notion that the gods of Olympus were actually powerful aliens is an interesting premise, but the episode doesn’t deliver much beyond that.

The highlight for the effects in this episode is the giant glowy spacehand and CBS-D do an adequate job of making this cheesy effect seem menacing. However (like the original) they end up repeating the same establishing shot of the ship being held in orbit over and over instead of mixing it up with different angles. The ship firing phaser shots have been changed from red to blue to make all seasons consistent and the attack on the temple has been enhanced with some flashy effects.

SFX Video


Remastered & Original


Scotty chats up Lt. Palamas

Apollo sits in waiting for his people

Same old bluescreen effect

Carolyn gets that skimpy dress

Conversing in the garden

Shatner does what he does best…overact

Surely you know I’ve only been studying you

Apollo is confused by Lt. Palamas’ spurning

Zeus, Hera, take me!


1. Bronto Dan - January 14, 2008

Kirk vs. greeks Not sure about this one


2. Kevin - January 14, 2008

Yeah, I missed this… it was kind of a stinker of an episode anyway. Did they do anything to improve that bad growing effect? The picture looks like they might have at least removed the matte lines.

3. Chain of Command - January 14, 2008

Never had a problem with this episode. Contains a very good Kirk speech

4. Imrahil - January 14, 2008

Fun ep. This is the first one I’ve seen go out “live,” since I’ve just figure out when this station airs the eps. I’ll catch them in future that way, much more fun to see the effects in situ.

Kirk and Apollo are both great in this one.

5. Imrahil - January 14, 2008

oh PS:

Nice touches a) making a planet appear (instead of the Enterprise in deep space), and b) making landmasses which look rather a lot like the eastern Mediterranean. Makes sense that Apollo would settle somewhere with lots of mountains and sea.

6. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2008

Ah, yes, I remember this episode mainly for the delicious Leslie Parrish in that skimpy dress……………..memories, light the corners of my mind….

Harumph..(cough, cough)…well, enough of that nonsense! Right, carry on!! :)

7. Nelson - January 14, 2008

Nice try on this one. The hand was a really goofy effect in the first place. So it was a tough one to try to improve on. In someways, the original hand is better, had more definition. But I can see why it’s more blurry here, it’s a force field.

I appreciate how they placed everything in properly, the hand rising from the planet and then seeing the planet in the same shot when it’s holding the Enterprise.

I think they enhanced Carolyn’s transformation to the Greek dress too, I’ll have to check on that one.

8. penguin44 - January 14, 2008

I was at least happy that the cheese hand effect was replaced by a less cheese effect. At least the hand looked better.

9. Buckaroohawk - January 14, 2008

I was sorely disappointed in the new FX for this episode. This was a perfect chance to have some fun with the outrageous concept of a giant hand reaching out and grabbing the Enterprise. Instead we see a green blob with fingers. Ugh! The shots of the Enterprise being held look like still photos. No camera movement whatsoever. So we get a new CGI starship, but they use shots of a real hand for the FX, which automatically limits how they can compose the FX scenes. What a letdown!

On the plus-side, they did add the planet Pollux IV to the scenes, which was always missing in the original FX. And they spruced up the phaser FX when Apollo’s temple is attacked.

One effect that can never be replaced or duplicated: the lovely Leslie Parrish as Lt. Carolyn Palamas! It’s easy to see why both Scotty and Apollo were attracted to her.

10. SteveinSF - January 14, 2008

I’m glad they didn’t get rid of the glowing temple after it was destroyed–the slow fade out always looked good and added the dramatic flare to the scene.

The glowing hand was silly in the 60’s and still is 4 decades later.

11. SteveinSF - January 14, 2008

Oh–and they fixed the missing hand when they fired the phasers by showing it fade out when Apollo loses his power–nice touch.

12. Gary Seven - January 14, 2008

This episode has a great theme about the maturation of humanity. Straight out of The Enlightenment, and consistent with Roddenberry’s vision. Love it.
“We’ve outgrown you; you ask for something we can no longer give.”

13. Scott Gammans - January 14, 2008

Kirk’s outrageous sexism regarding Lt. Palamas permanently marred the episode, unfortunately. No amount of 21st century CGI wizardry can fix an outdated 1960’s sensibility towards women in uniform.

14. Matt Wright - January 14, 2008

Indeed, the opening banter between McCoy and Kirk about all the women officers getting married and leaving the service is pretty darn awful.

15. DJT - January 14, 2008

Go Scotty, Go!

16. manrum - January 14, 2008

This is a nice episode, which I did not watch in so much long. During one moment i thought the old hand effect the new was!!!!! however I would like to watch this. the TOS is dear to my heart. And shows tolerance Roddenberrys of the appearance of racial and history.

–Manrum (Manöverrum)

17. The Vulcanista - January 14, 2008

#13, 14

I actually cringed when I heard the dialog. We sometimes forget that in many instances, Trek really was a creature of its times, regardless of whatever series you’re playing in.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista |:-|

18. Allynd Dudnikov - January 14, 2008

Apollo is a Q.

19. The Vulcanista - January 14, 2008


Or perhaps a subset of Q called q. Qs don’t have to recharge the ol’ batteries every 20 min. or so. :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

20. Scott - January 14, 2008

With all that can be poked fun of in this episode, I still like it. Leslie Parrish was a honey, and Mike Forrest did a great job with his role.

I wish they had originally been able to film the planet scenes on a more imposing leftover set from a 50s Roman epic. This studio set just looks too unimpressive for a Greek god…a tiny temple and a picnic table. Sad.

As for the remastered effects, I like most of what they’ve done — the temple destruction at the end is quite good, and I bet trickier than it looks to pull off. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the angle of the Enterprise when it’s firing phasers on the planet. I like the rakish angle of the original — it’s more demonstrative.

Scott B. out.

21. cd - January 14, 2008

“Mankind has no need for gods. We find the one quite adequate.” – Kirk. Always liked that line. >;>}

22. Windsor Bear - January 14, 2008

Am I missing something? Title shot… with the enterprise grasped by the hand, and the show titled superimposed over the top… Enterprise, hand and planet are NOT moving. So why are the stars moving? Just looks odd to me.

23. toddk - January 14, 2008

well..Did they fix the giant apollo scenes? the black matt lines and such, can you see his feet when he say’s “Take Me”? it would have been cool to come back after the commercial break to see Giant apollo kicking everyone around…oh, and why didnt they shake the screen a little when apollo is fighting back, you can see sulu and spock lurch to (not much)…oh well..can’t wait to see what they do with Nomad!

24. Cranston - January 14, 2008

(My first attempt to post this apparently didn’t go through, so I apologize for any possible double-post)

Not the best episode, no.

But I have to say — after a lifetime of interest in Greek history and archaeology, after nearly majoring in Classics in college, and after 20 years of reading ancient Greek, I still picture Apollo as this guy in his shiny gold chiton.

25. Ali - January 14, 2008

The hand is holding the E all wrong. And how are those phasers meant to be heading for the surface of the planet?

26. T in HI - January 14, 2008

“It’s a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee!”

27. Batts - January 14, 2008

I liked the episode to a fair degree. What Mr. Scott wont do for love!! Kirk ordered him to back down and what happened Apollo sends him across the park rolling several feet!! So much for that order! I hope Carolyn fell for him..HA HA!

The new shots are not motivating at all. This entire episode was done a bit lazy! Nothing but stills! Like others said, Those phasers are’nt even hitting the planet.. C’mon guys dont we watch the finished piece before it airs?? Please I hope they give Ultimate Computer a real good touch, They are starting to waver a little..

28. Skippy 2k - January 14, 2008

In the shots of the hand holding the ship the stars are going backwards aren’t they? In the opening shot the planet is seen rotating, if in the later shot the camera is fixed along with the Enterprise shouldn’t the stars actually be moving the other direction?

29. Kevin - January 14, 2008

The stars are moving b/c the planet is actually rotating and revolving. The Enterprise doesn’t appear to move b/c it’s pretty much stuck in a geosynchronous orbit. It stays above one spot on the planet but is still moving with the planet.

30. Skippy 2k - January 14, 2008

True, but aren’t the stars still moving the wrong way?

31. Engon - January 15, 2008

This episode contains one of Star Trek’s most humorous and (probably) unintentional uses of understatement.

Apollo’s Temple is disintegrated and Kirk and company have forced a 5-story-tall, 3,000-year-old, heart-broken, last “god” of kind to commit himself to oblivion in one of show’s saddest and most emotional moments (thanks largely to Michael Forrest’s performance and Fred Steiner’s music).

McCoy’s response?

“I wish we hadn’t had to do this.”

32. TOS Purist - January 15, 2008

Golly, I don’t know why you guys are so harsh on TOS…this episode isn’t so bad if you just take the time (and brain power) to analyze the episode in an intellegent manner. The acting is superb and the writing fantastic; Apollo’s “death scene” is one of the most moving scenes in all of TOS.

If I were in charge of those CBS-D guys, I would have made the temple look more like it was collapsing as if it was made of ash; I’ve always felt that TOS things glow when they’re shot at because the molecules in the object are basically getting superheated, to the point that they lose their cohesion totally and just collapse or basically evaporate.

33. OR Coast Trekkie - January 15, 2008

I’m at a loss on how to grade these effects.

The new had is a better effect, but the old hand is a better hand. I don’t know if that makes sense, so I’ll say it this way. The old hand was obviously a real hand superimposed, or whatever the correct technical word is. I don’t work in effects, so I haven’t a clue. The new CGI hand lacks the detail the other hand showed (such as palm prints). Then again, one could claim that showing palm prints is cheesier in that a God’s hand wouldn’t have identifiable prints.

I’m not sure about this one, perhaps someone here more knowledgeable could find out… but I’m going to guess that the temple destruction scene was a complete CGI matte remake. I have to disagree about the fade being a great effect. I’m just not into fades. I think the phaser impacts on the temple just dind’t seem to fit. I just don’t see how a phaser impact is going to grow like a Christmas star.

As for the ship firing phasers: Come on, the ship can fire phasers multidirectionally. The phasers may be coming out of the port side of the bank, which would angle it down towards the planet. The hand does kind of obscure the phaser fire point of origen.

It would’ve been nice to have a little bit improved lightning bolts, and to have seen them hit the ship.

34. Penhall - January 15, 2008

Looks like they did a good job with this episode. The new stuff looked good and they didnt seem to miss anything.

I just watched “Enemy Within” on my new HD-DVD set, and they never fixed the blank viewscreen at the end! There are a few shots of Kirk standing in front of a blank WHITE viewscreen when there should be stars on it….Pretty damned lame that they’d ignore that big and easily fixed flaw….

35. trektacular - January 15, 2008

You guys complain too much.

36. Engon - January 15, 2008

I remember reading somewhere that “the hand” used in the original version of this episode was, in fact, Gene Roddenberry’s hand. Is it possible that they re-mastered out…the hand of the master?

37. Jeffrey S. Nelson - January 15, 2008

Michael Forest was great on “As the World Turns” as Nick Andropolous in the 1980s… his love interest was Kathryn Hays (Gem)…
Had a professor at the University of Oregon who knew Michael Forest, whose real name is Jerry Zagourney. I kid you not.

38. Dave - January 15, 2008

I liked the hand effect in this better…rising from the planet. Actually, if you look close, the hand moves as it’s grasping thev enterprise. and does look more like a fielkd of energy than the original.

Remind’s me of the hand that used to eminate from Green Lantern’s ring.

Would have loved to see Apollo’s lightning bolts hit the ship when he fought back.

Overall, I liked it.

39. Holo J - January 15, 2008

I’ve got to say, I am not very impressed. CBS work seems to be getting worse of late. There have been lots of missed opportunities to make this project truly great, I accepted that they weren’t going the whole way with this project a long time ago but it seems that they aren’t even going half way now.

It would have been nice to of seen a new matt painting of the temple and the surrounding area. And at the least there could have been some different angles and some camera movement whilst the ship was being held.

It would have been good to have seen the destruction of the temple changed like 32. TOS Purist suggested maybe showing “it was collapsing as if it was made of ash”

I wasn’t really sure about the hand either but I guess that was always going to be difficult to do.

It’s a real shame that this project hasn’t been given all the time and money it deserves. Some of the work has been of great improvement but lots of it has been way off, sloppy, lazy and there has been some bad decision making. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of TOS getting a makeover. I would like to think this is just stage one of the process.

Perhaps if Blue-Ray does win out in the DVD war they will go back and do more updates for the next release of TOS. I sure hope they do because this project had so much potential and it’s been a real shame to see it get wasted like it has.

40. Xindi1985 - January 15, 2008

I like the ghostly glow-effect of the hand and its rising from Pollux IV.
Good work CBS.
But the angle of the ship is the same in the entire episode, why???
CBS! Good luck for “The Ultimate Computer”.
It’s the ‘ultimate’ challenge for you to proof the possibilities of the Remastered-Project!!!!

41. NCC-73515 - January 15, 2008

The best hand effect can be seen in one of the “Ships of the Line” images. It’a rather blue hand that consistis of thousands of lightning bolts. It should be in one of the calendars, I found it in the book on page 51. Maybe someone can post this picture?

42. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - January 15, 2008

Holo J (& et al. who think Star Trek Remastered has missed the mark)

I couldn’t agree more! This re-mastering project has shown it’s true colors too often of late. This is CBS/Paramount’ most bold and blatant attempt to milk Trek fans out of more money.

The concept of this project was terrific… Take a forty-tear old show, transfer and re-master the original elements to Hi-Def… clean ’em up and make ’em vibrant! Then the true gravy…. Replace all the effects shots using state of the art technology to re-introduce this amazing piece of television history to a whole new generation.

The execution of this project has been, at best, uneven… At worst, it has been uninspired and insulting.

I understand the difficulties in introducing new CGI or reinvented matte work to any existing “live action” footage. It can be tedious, time consuming and costly, much like rotoscoping in days of yore. However, there is no reason not to make every space shot or exterior shot of the Enterprise… well, absolutely breathtaking.

The space shots, including the new hand of Apollo, were boring. Same angle on the Enterprise with a really crappy 2D feel to it… Yeah, yeah… there’s that old mantra from CBS-D, “We want to remain true to the spirit and feel of the original effects work.” For god’s sakes… Why?

We’ve all seen the original… we love the original… Do what the artists and producers would have done had they had this technology available to them in the late sixties… Blow our f**king socks off!!!

Time constraints and budget notwithstanding, CBS/Paramount should have stepped up to redress this classic with much more than it did. For those of you that think they will “go back” and fix these problems or take another pass to make it better. Good Luck! CBS/Paramount has cut the cloth and made the clothes… And, to paraphrase, TOS Remastered is less than attractive naked.

43. doubleofive - January 15, 2008

There’s nothing quite like a giant hand holding the Enterprise perfectly still. I laughed every time the shot came up.

44. Dr. Image - January 15, 2008

That rudimentary blur on the new hand doesn’t cut it.
Nice phasers, though.

Why, though, do these shots still look like they were done with cgi methods from the ’90’s? Or even earlier??

HOW did Forrest do this with a straight face?

45. Dennis Bailey - January 15, 2008

#21:”“Mankind has no need for gods. We find the one quite adequate.” – Kirk. Always liked that line. ”

Network Standards and Practices insisted that the producers add the second sentence.

46. Daoud - January 15, 2008

#42 What will probably happen within 10 years, is now that digital versions of TOS-R are everywhere… that a group of fans themselves will re-remaster the episodes, and we’ll “share” them in the same manner we share fan-produced continuation/sequel/same-quels…

Certain people with the correct toasters already re-edit movies and things and do a decent job. Another 10 years of tech availability, and I’m sure a fan-based CGI edit will be commonplace.

No one will make any money off this, of course. But that’s art.

47. DarenDoc - January 15, 2008

I seriously doubt fans would bother to re-master episodes. It’s not really worth the time or the effort.

Bwaaa-Haaaa-haaaa… :)

Yeah, you’re probably right.

48. Dr. Image - January 15, 2008

Who’s handling the FX for The Movie? Anyone know?

Hey, Daren! BTW, any info about an HD-TMP release?

49. j w wright - January 15, 2008

not being a patron of poetry, i’ve always wondered about the obscure reference in the title of this episode, here’s some background:


50. Cervantes - January 15, 2008

Have to agree that fx-wise, this was another missed opportunity to give us (and any potential new audience…) some various more exciting views/angles of the ‘Enterprise being held at bay by the giant hand’…
And I think it looked far MORE menacing just appearing initially out of the ‘starscape’ in front of them, rather than from the planet below. And the new phaser ‘flashes’ on the ‘temple’ are VERY disappointing…
Ho hum, NEXT!

51. Doug - January 15, 2008

I’m with #35. Would you like some cheese with all that whine? (wink)

52. Cervantes - January 15, 2008

As long as there’s a side portion of sour grapes… ;)

53. Son of Sarek - January 15, 2008

1) Must agree the hand was not any kind of improvement. Imagine if they had made the hand big enough to fully grasp the entire Enterprise. More of a full fisted grab then that silly finger pinch.

2) As others have said, more angles would have been nice.

3) Does anyone think of Thing from the Addam’s Family when they see the hand?

4) Maybe this is where they got the idea for alien gods in Stargate??

Otherwise, I like the story line in this one.

54. spockboy - January 15, 2008

I’m sorry to say;
-the planet looked like every other generic CBS-R planet (no personality) Like it or not the planet is a character in the story. The new planets in Catspaw, City on the Edge, and Man Trap reflected this well.
– the hand looked awful. It looked just as bad as the old one except in a digital way.
-the use of angles of the Enterprise in orbit as it struggled against the hand couldn’t possible be more boring and nondescript. Cinema is has a language all its own, where you convey emotion with your choice of angle. An obvious example is shooting underneath someone to make them seem powerful. Good angles don’t cost any more time/money either ; )
-it always bothered me as a kid when Apollo screamed out “stop” for the second time there was a thunder sound but no bolt of lightning. They could have easily fixed that.
-the phasers hitting the temple looked so CHEESY. I didn’t think it was possible to make that effect look MORE cheesy but somehow they pulled it off.
The 2 things that I liked about this mediocre offering were the idea of having the hand fade as the phasers continued to fire, and the overall color of the episode, which looked wonderful.
I was hoping they would add a few clouds in the sky on this one. Considering you already have a BLUE SCREEN to work from it shouldn’t have been TOO difficult.
Even a few sparse clouds on the long shots would have added a little more reality and scope to the episode.

: )

55. spockboy - January 15, 2008

That was interesting, THANKS!

56. spockboy - January 15, 2008

and thanks for posting the FX reel Anthony.

57. DarenDoc - January 15, 2008


I have no info about the HD release of TMP…

but we can talk about it on my new forum… lol

Forgive me for the plug, anthony… but betafive.com/forum is now open… to talk about stuff like this.

Boy, wish I could make some money from this. LOL

58. Thomas Jensen - January 15, 2008

I found the new effects quite adequate. I’m glad they had to do that.

59. PaoloM - January 15, 2008

I am deluded too. “In a Mirror, Darkly” showed us that the old Consitution class can be portraied in a truly magnificent, breath-taking and exciting way. On the contrary, a lot of this remastered episoded look dull and uninspired.

60. CaptainRickover - January 15, 2008

Is it just me, or does the older hand looks better than the new one?

I see no reason für chancing any FX-shots, when it can’t be done better and thise new hand looks terrible cheesy.

I’ve noted, that the FX-quality in TOS-R lost since a couple of episodes. What’s wrong with CBS-D? Have they spend all their money out for “Doosday Machine”?

The pure blue screen behind the temple looks still poor. Was it not possible to fill it at last with clouds?

I starting to lose my interest for TOS-R.
For Okuda, Rossi & Co: It’s time to do something!

61. CaptainRickover - January 15, 2008

# 60

Oh man… errors without end.

I mean of course “Doomsday Machine”. Still have the best TOS-R effects.

62. Trekboi - January 15, 2008

a varity of the hand on ship shot was expected- a few different angles would do it- they were expected-im surprised- if only they could?

63. Kyle Nin - January 15, 2008

Just a question about the video: Is there any way of downloading it to my computer? LiveVideo doesn’t seem to let me.

64. eagle219406 - January 15, 2008

#14: Indeed, the opening banter between McCoy and Kirk about all the women officers getting married and leaving the service is pretty darn awful.

I don’t think they were talking about that. I saw it as them seeing that she was the kind of woman who would leave the service if she were to get married.

65. Sean4000 - January 15, 2008

#61, #60

I agree 100%

66. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - January 15, 2008

Wow Not a good effort !!!! They had really hit a big stride but this is real clunker !!!! Bad hand (original was better) Shouldn’t the planet still be moving even though the hand was holding them in the endlessly reused static shot??? And the temple Phasers looked good but were WAAAAAAYYY too thin !!!! Maybe they were hand phasers on a wider beam. Not good at all but lets hope next week is better

67. spockboy - January 15, 2008

Here is MY version of WHO MOURNS FOR ADONAIS… : )


68. CmdrR - January 15, 2008

As much as he likes an audience, wouldn’t Apollo have settled on another primitive planet and given them aquaducts, geometry, and beer and stuff?

I like this ep. Not because it’s plausible, but because it’s fun. There are some good Scotty moments and Shat-tastic over the top performances. I haven’t revisited it yet (because WSB has it on at 4am thankyouverymuch) but, I seem to remember a body roll thrown in for good measure.

Love that the hand now comes out of the planet.

Don’t think Apollo is a Q. Trelane (retired) had his mirror, but DeLancie’s Q didn’t work with props. Would be tough to conquer primative civilizations if you had to sit in your recharge cradle like a cheap cellphone that much.

69. eagle219406 - January 15, 2008

I loved what they did to this episode. I am a little disappointed with what they didn’t do. The only thing I think could have been better was when Apollo shot lightning from his fingers. They have used effects like that today with people shooting lightning from their fingers. I am sure that many of you have seen that effect in shows and movies today. One example would be Star Wars. I have seen it in other shows too. Why couldn’t they have made a similar effect for When Apollo did it?

70. Turgenev - January 15, 2008

I hadn’t seen Who Mourns for Adonis in maybe twenty years or more. I can’t believe just how good it was.
The last line was such a great summary of the idea that we move on, but with respect to the past- Kirk said something akin to “after all the Greeks gave to us… I wonder… what would it have hurt to have gathered just a few laurel leaves?”

Perhaps that’s advice for the new Trek film.

Oh- the hand was goofy- but what can you really do to improve it?
Maybe they should have put in a huge purple digital foot rather than a hand? It could “toe” the Enterprise into place… hey- CBS- get creative! How about a digital cardboard box for the Ultimate Computer?

71. I AM THX-1138 - January 15, 2008

Spockboy-tres funny!

So, who’s hand was it? Didn’t look like a CGI hand to me. Another problem I have had with the original FX and now the remastered FX is the destruction of the cabin…er, temple. You fire the ships phasers at it, it glows orange, and then it dissolves into rubble. I didn’t like it when I first saw it as a kid but I understood that 1960’s TV wasn’t going to allow for a set to be blown up on a soundstage. But there was nothing to be done with that effect in this remastering effort? Really? I don’t buy the super heating of the molecules causes the building to dissolve atomically argument. That is a cop out for laziness. You fire the ships phasers at something and it gets blowed up real good.

Last week we had a Knlingon D7 explode like it was one of my old AMC models with a firecracker in it, and now we get a green hand that doesn’t move and a bad temple thingy destruction. Did not all of the remastering FX guys come back after the Holidays?

I have to agree with NCC-73515–The best Apollo hand was in the Ships of the Line series. That would have pretty cool to see.

72. NCC-73515 - January 15, 2008

Finally someone agrees with me :)

73. Greg Stamper - January 15, 2008

#68 “I like this ep. Not because it’s plausible, but because it’s fun. There are some good Scotty moments and Shat-tastic over the top performances.”

So do I. Really enjoyed the performances in this one. While I was attending College, so did the girls I knew – – many were heartbroken at Apollo’s defeat (and the end of “This Side of Paradise” for that matter).

Star Trek could often be just as much about ‘Passion’ as it could be about ‘Science and Logic’. Thus the broad appeal of the series I believe.

74. Woulfe - January 15, 2008

FX for XI = ILM

Now don’t say ILM won’t do a good job on this please.

Frenchy : Or we shall ta-unt you a sec-ond ti-ime, now go a-way !

– W –
* Smirks *

75. I AM THX-1138 - January 15, 2008

I didn’t mean to sound like I was being forced to agree with you, 73515. I enthusiastically agree with you!

I couldn’t find an image online of that SotL picture. Anyone got a scanned image of that they want to post?

And please, someone throw a “been” and remove the errant “n” from “Klingon” in my above post.

Pruf redding sux.

76. Greg Stamper - January 15, 2008

One last note – – remember the original episode draft and the James Blish adaptation reveal that Lt. Palamas is pregnant afterwards.

77. Skippy 2k - January 15, 2008

I agree (I think) I remember seeing that callendar and thinking that looked pretty cool. I like the SOTL takes on recreating tos scenes like that “Tomorrow is Yesterday” and I remember one with the large ship in TAS. I have most of the callendars but not sure if I have that one? I couldn’t find the pic again online. :(

78. Dr. Image - January 15, 2008

#74 – After the FX in Transformers, I’m an ILM believer again.

79. Scott Gammans - January 15, 2008

#37: According to his IMDB entry Michael Forest *is still working*! The dude will be eighty years old next year and he’s still doing voiceover work and actually had a live action part in a recent episode of “Cold Case”. Go Michael!

80. Nomad - January 15, 2008


The Ships of the Line image is awesome. CBS Digital should have been inspired by it. There’s a big oops if you look closely though. Why is Apollo grabbing the Defiant?

81. NCC-73515 - January 15, 2008

#77 skippy – which large ship do you mean?

82. Robert Bernardo - January 15, 2008

One of my all-time favorite episodes. A giant hand holding the Enterprise,
a large planet set, a villain with a heart, a beautiful damsel, Scotty getting knocked about, wonderful music, that powerful ending between the Enterprise and Apollo (Stop!…. Stop!!… Stop!!!), the temple phased away. Great, great, great!

On to the new FX… the hand looked a bit animated to me, but I could accept it, especially since it is now against the planet in the background (which gives a sense of where it originates). I note that when Apollo addresses the crew of the Enterprise, the footage is the same as the original (with same star field effects) and no planet in the background.
I was hoping for a new long shot, an establishing shot which would place the temple on the planet’s surface (like that seen in the remastered Man Trap). On the planet, when Apollo “grows tall”, I see that the black matte line around him has been reduced. The composition of the shot of the Enterprise held by the hand is adequate, though different angles of the ship held by the hand would be better. I was wondering how the FX would be changed in the destruction of the temple and now I know. I like that the phasers actually shoot through “holes” in the hand’s energy field and how the hand winks out as Apollo’s energy disappears. I like the consistent color of the ship phasers from episode to episode, the whitish-blue. As the phasers strike the building, there is a “star” or “glare” effect which I’m not sure is too pretty. However, I do like the subtle “wave” energy effects as those come down the columns. Also I like the slight “burn” marks on the ground that have been added in the long shot of the ruins of the temple. I don’t like how McCoy’s reaction shot to Kirk’s last line was cut short, due to the fact of a remastered effect being dissolved in but that’s to be expected when trying to accomodate a new shot.

Now I await how the FX will be redone for “The Apple”, again the Enterprise firing down on a large object on the surface, this time Vaal.

83. DEMODE - January 15, 2008

Gosh… I don’t know. Love the blue phasers, and the planet looks nice. The hand looks ok… but they could have done so much more to make it look scarey. Have it look more like a glowing “face huger” from alien or something. That way you still get the “hand”, but its more menacing.

84. Jeff Bond - January 15, 2008

Best line is Kirk to Apollo: “We’re BUSY!” My wife, who has no interest in Trek for the most part, was walking past the TV and saw that line being delivered, stopped and laughed and said “That’s hilarious! That’s my favorite line I’ve heard on Star Trek!”

I’m sympathetic to CBSD and have really enjoyed most of their work, but this is one case where the new effects were a step down from the original. Choosing new angles for effects shots is a natural inclination but in this case showing the hand coming up from out of orbit looked unintentionally FUNNY–a menacing object coming TOWARD the camera is always more effective in my opinion. There needed to be some “hand casting” here–I mean, you need a real hand model to do this! The original hand looked big and powerful, like it could have conceivably been Michael Forrest’s hand–this one looked strangely weak and ineffectual. It’s not a digital hand, they clearly photographed someone’s hand and did digital work to color and distort it to represent the energy field. This was just a hugely ambitious idea that they didn’t have the time or money to do right–you would have to do a hell of a lot of finessing to get the idea of scale across with this rippling energy field and still make it look like a powerful hand. I do agree the “Ships of the Line” image would have been cool to see, although it also probably would have broken their intended rule of making effects that look like they could have been done in the Sixties with enough time and money.

Anyway, this episode is a guilty pleasure–a common type of story in the Sixties, modern men meeting mythical beings or gods, and it fit in perfectly with Trek’s philosophy. And lots of good lines: “Bones, are you in good voice?” etc. The sexism is rampant, true…remember that in the original script, and I believe the scene was filmed, they reveal that Carolyn is pregnant at the end of the story–that’s a rather graphic POV shot of Apollo ravishing her during the storm.

85. DEMODE - January 15, 2008

Oh.. and the original was more menacing when the hand holding the Enterprise didn’t have a planet in the shot. Hand looks good leaving the planet to grab the ship, but the following shots didn’t need the planet in them.

86. Wick - January 15, 2008

I think that “Who Mourns for Adonis” is one of the better episodes. If not for anything else, then for the technical aspects. The Enterprise destroying Apollo’s temple is a spectacular special effect, one of the best of the series. The special edition just touched up on it, which is proper.

Also this episode has a great stunt, again one of the most impressive of the series. When Apollo zaps Scotty, and he goes flying back with an incredible amount of force is simply put, AWSOME. I am sure they used the pulling rope trick, but you can not see a cord or anything. They did not have digital wire removal in the 60’s. Very impressive. And the special edition simply pays tribute to this stunt by putting some cool sparks around Scotty’s flying body. Very appropriate.

They did a good job on this one, both the special edition people, and those who were originally involved.

87. T Negative - January 15, 2008

I enjoyed this one but it would have been nice to see CBS “improve” Apollo’s lightning bolts a little bit, maybe more like “Force lightning” if you will. Seeing one of them hit the Enterprise would have heightened the tension more and made Apollo look even more powerful. Unlike many others, I liked the new blue phasers striking his temple.

I give it a B-

88. T Negative - January 15, 2008


Agree, that stunt with Scotty holds up very well to this day. By far the best stunt in TOS. Back in the early 80’s the first time I saw it it blew me away and still does even now.

Now stunts like that are commonplace. TOS was so ahead of it’s time.

89. spockboy - January 15, 2008

Hey Wick,

Here’s a great behind the scenes shot of the actual stunt man from that great shot.


90. COMPASSIONATE GOD - January 15, 2008

Re: 9. Buckaroohawk – January 14, 2008
“Instead we see a green blob with fingers. Ugh! ”


“On the plus-side, they did add the planet Pollux IV to the scenes, which was always missing in the original FX. And they spruced up the phaser FX when Apollo’s temple is attacked.

Yeah, the new Phaser assualt on the temple was a fine improvement on the original FX.

“One effect that can never be replaced or duplicated: the lovely Leslie Parrish as Lt. Carolyn Palamas! It’s easy to see why both Scotty and Apollo were attracted to her. ”


91. Andy Patterson - January 15, 2008

I don’t care for the hand either. I liked the original actually. Seeing is how they love to put themselves in the new remastered episodes, I wonder if Dave Rossi had a hand in that. Ha.

92. Jon - January 15, 2008

I’m with #82 on this one…it’s one of my top episodes for all of the reasons he cites. I’d also add the great Kirk speeches and the rather shocking (for 60’s TV) rape scene to the list of reasons why this episode is so special. The only negatives I would cite is Scotty being rather out-of-character in his pursuit of Carolyn and maybe the too-quick romance between Apollo and Carolyn (which I always chocked up to the time limits of this being an hour-long show).

How can you not love the final scene and the absolutely epic music that Steiner provided? Would that any TV shows (or movies for that matter) could have such amazing scores…the only shows that I’d put on par with this kind of musical quality would be any of the DC animated shows from the 90’s to the earlier 2000’s (Batman, Superman, Justice League), Babylon 5, and a few of the Next Generation episodes (like “Best of Both Worlds” and “The Inner Light” come to mind).

I guess everyone has their favorites, and this is definitely one of mine… :)


93. sean - January 15, 2008

This ep was always a bit goofy (and on reflection, EXTREMELY sexist) but when I was a kid it was my favorite. I always got a bit teary-eyed when Apollo…uhhh…what exactly does he do at the end? Kill himself? Whatever it is, it was moving (good job by the actor).

As for the hand, it was goofy then, and it’s goofy now. I wish there’d been a way to avoid that particular plot angle, but oh well. That’s part of the charm of these old eps, right?

94. Wick - January 15, 2008

Thanks for the pic spockboy. The way that guy went flying looked like it probably hurt. Stunt men pay for their art in pain, but in this case it was not in vain. We are still talking about it 40 years later!!!!

95. Turgenev - January 15, 2008

CBS should really shop their giant green hand generating technology around. It’s truly gripping to watch it in action and I’d love to see it appear in more venues.

Wait- no! It’s the story- as we have heard here in posts- that was what made this one good. Thank CBS for cleaning it up, though.

96. RetroWarbird - January 15, 2008

For kind of a cheeseball episode, is it me, or did this have one hell of a “we don’t need religion anymore” message?

97. Vulcan Soul - January 15, 2008

The phaser explosions are comic book level!

Congrats to the team, if that is what you were aiming for! ;)

98. Turgenev - January 15, 2008

Hmmm… I didn’t get that feeling at first. Even when Kirk says that we don’t need gods anymore… Star Trek V kinda creeped me out by chucking God away. The indian guy from Voyager was (I think) the first religuous character protrayed and thus Star Trek said “Hey- it’s OK to believe in something bigger.”

If I recall right, Roddenberry-written episodes had patriotism and religuous themse potrayed positively in them… I dunno…

But maybe so about being anti-god… Not like Golden Compass though! At this ep’s end, though, the last line about “would it have killed us to have gathered a few laurel leaves out of appreciation for what the gods did” (paraphrasing) really is a very well done ending… Isnl;t sci-fi supposed to make you think and feel about human issues?

Like, should I wear my toga today?

I have posted too much!

99. Turgenev - January 15, 2008

#96 was my refered-to post above!!!!

100. sean - January 15, 2008


You must have missed DS9 entirely then, as it regularly faced the topic of religion head-on, and featured both the positive and negative effects of religion on a society.

101. Turgenev - January 15, 2008

#98 You’re right!
Oh… I guess DS9 was so completely different that I forget it was part of Star Trek. I do mean that in a good way. But, DS9 is forgetable- I mean that while it was well-written, acted and very good sci-fi, it just doesn’t have a lasting quality to it- a timelessness in which folks will blog about an epsiode of it forty years from now : )

102. Classic trek - January 15, 2008

im surprised by the negative comments on here about this episode!!

iyts always been a favourite of mine. some great trek moments. great landing party and sets. love scotties performance as the love striken chief engineer.

Kirk: we dont bow down to every creature who turns up with a bag of tricks!!’

103. Fan since the 70s - January 15, 2008

I like the episode (blatant sexism aside), but I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in the new FX. The forcefield hand, like so many have said here, was utterly and completely uninspired. It is so screamingly obvious that they shot pics of someone’s hand and said “move your fingers menacingly while we shoot.” It just looks … stupid for lack of a better term. The team at CBS digital may know how to use software, but they show a decided lack of artistry. Sigh.

104. Classic trek - January 15, 2008

hi fan since the 70’s

i havnt seen this remastered version on the hand you mention. looks a bit weird on the pics. thats a bit dissapointing by the sounds of it. the remastering sounds very varied in terms of success. i think the trailer for tomorrow is yesterday looks very good for example.


105. trekthis - January 15, 2008

what on earth?

is it just me or – just looking at the thumbnails – doesn’t the NON remastered version look better..?

I am at a loss as to the quality of the “new” special effects. With all the amazing CG that is out there these days – don’t these just look like what you could render on your home computer..? All of the effects.. are they being designed to be intentionally fake looking but sharper? Or is the effects team high school kids on a fancy mac? Lol…

106. Christopher Seeley - January 15, 2008

I like this episode, I can name a few reasons

1. Hottie LT in a skimpy dress (thanks Bill Thesis)

2. Kirk versus Apollo

3. Chekov quoting the whole encyclopedia

4. The Big E’s WRATH

5. This episode doesn’t take itself seriously at all

Good Fun!


107. Ty Webb - January 15, 2008

I remember when I was a kid at school we managed to distract the Latin teacher for almost the whole class by talking about this episode, and the mythology within, as it had been shown the night before on TV. 80s repeats.

Fond days.

108. richpit - January 15, 2008

#98 (and 94)

If I recall correctly (which I may not), Roddenberry was outspoken against organized religion. I’m sure it was his “hand” in the script that gave it a the batantly anti-religion vibe.

109. Mike Rogers - January 15, 2008

This episode is one of my favorties.

The remastered effects were good but could’ve been better. If I were in charge of the effects, for instance, I would think it would be fun to have the hand in space look solid (have it gradually fade away at the wrist).

I too wished for an establishing shot with a digital sky. I also wished they fixed the non swaying trees in the background during and after the destruction of the temple due to them using freeze frames.

110. Life Like - January 15, 2008

I met Mr Forrest last november at the StarTrek Experience in Vegas. He was there with Barbera Luna, who is still hot.

Um.. I like the original effects better.

111. OR Coast Trekkie - January 15, 2008


The whole original intent of the “rematering” project was just to simply make TOS HD, not to even have new effects at all. However, the space graphics could not be made black enough nor restored well enough to live up to HD standards. That is why we have all this “new” stuff. However, since this was not part of the original intent, there is not much of a leftover budget or time to have top-notch effects. So in some ways, yes, many of them are being thrown together. To combat this pr wise, they say they wished to “keep with the spirit of the look and the show” by keeping the effects 60’s looking. So to answer your “fake but sharper” question… they are trying to keep a 60’s look. So if that is fake looking, then yes.

112. spockboy - January 16, 2008

I disagree.
When you look at episodes like COURT MARTIAL they had completely new angles with a closeup of the tail end of the primary hull that was so close you could actually see people walking around and burn marks around the ion pod.
Clearly, these are NOT 1960’s effects!
Planet scapes with city lights showing through,
3 dimensional panning shots of Enterprise,
Digital cites with moving monorails, etc etc etc

When CBS DIGITAL misses the mark its because they MISSED THE MARK not because of some contrived notion that they are trying to maintain the look of the show. The show WAS NOT CRAP. In fact for the 1960’s it was amazing, so if you TRULY want to match the spirit of the show but modernize the effects for today’s audience(something Dave Rossi LITERALLY stated)then YOU have to make the effects equally amazing and inventive.
It is also very tiring to hear people accepting CBS DIGITALS meager offerings like so many left over scraps because they LOOK BETTER THAN THE ORIGINALS.
How is THAT a fair comparison?
That’s like comparing the effects from Flash Gordon with the model rockets on strings with sparks shooting out, to 1960s Trek.
In fact even less time had transpired between the 2 shows.
Flash Gordon was made in 1936. 30 years before Trek.
CBS Digital are doing their effects over “40 years” later.
That’s an extra 10 years tacked on.
Sorry for the tirade but lack of money/time is no excuse when people 40 years earlier with equal lack of time and even more lacking technology do a more interesting and inventive job than you.

GOD it felt good to get that out!
: )

113. mctrekkie - January 16, 2008

mmmmm…. Lt. Palamas…

there was remastering?


She was one thing about that ep that defintely needed no retouching.

oh yeah- effects:

I would have killed/reworked the hand shot in its entirety. Would it have violated CBS-D’s current mandate? Probably.

Would it have made for a better/more believable ep?


114. Shaun - January 16, 2008

Excuse me, #101? DS9 is “forgettable”?? Says YOU, perhaps, but don’t speak for those of us (like me) who consider DS9 the BEST Star Trek of them all. They broke away from the Trek “formula” in a lot of ways, and that’s part of why I love it so. At its core, however, the show was very much in line with Roddenberry’s idealism about diversity, tolerance, and the growth of the human spirit.

Not to mention, DS9 was easily the most “topical” of the Treks since TOS. Perhaps even moreso. It’s amazing to go back and watch the series, and realize just how timely (sadly) the show remains when it comes to the fragile state of the world these days. I’ll direct you to gems such as “In the Hands of the Prophets,” as well as “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost,” and “Past Tense” (to name but a few).

While we’re at it, getting back to your earlier comments in #98, Roddenberry was a secular HUMANIST. This is well documented, and you can look it up on your own. No, Gene was not one to portray orgranized religion in a terribly positive light. He didn’t necessarily directly tear it down either, but he certainly favored science over religion.

He also went out of his way to expose those who would use religion to justify terrible acts upon humanity. In that sense, he was not unlike author Philip Pullman, the author of The Golden Compass (which you took a swipe at in #98). The line about the “one” in this episode and the “son of God” line in “Bread & Circuses” strike me as concessions to NBC at the time, although one could also look at the B&C line as being a statement about the message in Christianity (the idea of total brotherhood and equality) and not necessarily an endorsement of organized religion.

This is getting off topic, but as someone who has read and cherished Pullman’s books, I can tell you that they are not “anti-God.” They are pro-free thought and freedom of expression. Pullman himself has never said there isn’t a God. He’s wise enough to keep an open mind towards anything, but has said that if there is one God’s probably ashamed over the things many do in his name.

The books challenge oppressors of free thought, challenge organized religion (“organized” being the key word), and deal with the very human act of children coming of age. Controversial? Sure. “Anti-God”? Not necessarily. I could go on about this, but like I said it’s getting way-y-y off topic. I’m only sorry New Line did such a bad job in making the movie of an exceptional book. Even if you take away the deeper stuff, it’s still just a damned good fantasy adventure.

115. Jeff Bond - January 16, 2008

The anti-religious message in the episode is no accident–Kirk’s line “We’ve grown too old for gods” was a single line originally–network standards and practices–the network censors–forced them to add the line “We find the one sufficient.”

That said, Trek was not consistently anti-religious, as the end of “Bread and Circuses” shows…

116. sean - January 16, 2008

#114, 115

The end of ‘Bread and Circuses’ always struck me as being out of place on the show. Plus, it begged the question of whether there was another ‘Jesus’ on that planet that started the whole thing or whether it was just supposed to be a natural progression. I’m positive it was a concession to someone, as it just didn’t fit.

I always figured Rodenberry for an agnostic. Distaste for religion, after all, isn’t the same as disbelief in God. If God exists, I’d imagine he wouldn’t be too fond of religion either.

117. THX-1138 - January 16, 2008


118. Burke - January 16, 2008

The end of Bread and Circuses is explicitly anti-Christian. We just don’t see it that way now becuase we are not exposed to the popular theories of the day. Way back then historians postulated that given an identical set of circumstances in a particular historical period that an identical result would occur… basically a modified and strengthened “history repeats” argument. So if there were two absolutely identical Roman societies that existed, somehow, their progression would be nearly identical to the point that we could say “because this happened to -us- it must happen to them.” So when Uhura says the Son of God line and the rest of the crew smiles it’s because this theory proves that “Jesus,” although a real person, is a historical construct driven by the progression of history. In a nutshell, it proves that Jesus wasn’t the real Son of God, a unique and special event in the history of God and Man, but just a natural confluence of factors based on circumstances. So the admittedly anti-Christian Roddenberry and the crew get a chuckle out of having their views proven right before their eyes (an a laugh at the audience as well).

Viewers of the time didn’t understand this either; some though it was a religious affirmation when it was the furthest thing from that (for Christians).

119. The Vulcanista - January 16, 2008


Interesting. I would add that in order for Christianity to even become a concept on such a world, Jewish history would have had to develop along parallel lines as well.

Would they have a Mohammed inspiring Islam? Very interesting indeed.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

120. Stanky McFibberich - January 16, 2008

Leslie Parrish – Wow

121. OR Coast Trekkie - January 16, 2008


I don’t know if your response was to me or not, but we are on the same side and think the same thing. I was merely explaining to #105 the reason (a mixture of true reasons and “what they told us”) for the unaceptable number of what I believe to be sub-par effects.

If you ask me, if you really wish to truly “keep the spirit” you should dump all the time and money you can into making the effects look absolutely breathtaking. I think if they are going to redo the effects, they should make them more modern looking.

Granted, some of the effects done by the CBS-D team are well done. But far too many of them are not really that much more superior to the original, except that they are in HD.

122. Sean4000 - January 16, 2008

112, 121……that’s what I’ve been saying all along. EdenFX must be in utter disgust that they were passed over for ….THIS?!?!?!?!?

Come on. You don’t give an iconic series to a group of people who can’t even make a believable hand.

Sheesh. Please no TNG-R

123. The Vulcanista - January 16, 2008


Agreed. And I’m straight.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

124. R - January 17, 2008


125. Kev-1 - January 17, 2008

I like this one. I also liked the superior beings on TOS which tied into Roddenberry’s idea that we aren’t better than anybody else, just equal and trying to improve. The other shows had fewer powerful beings and a kind of paternalistic attitude towards anybody who didn’t have big starships or Federation technology, especially Enterprise– Q notwithstanding. Kirk had his share of interference, but he got comeuppance like Picard in “Q Who” more than any of the other Captains. Plus this is a fun episode.

126. Xindi1985 - January 19, 2008

Yes! Where can I download this video????

127. Commodore Wesley - January 19, 2008

I, unusually for me, agree with all the posters who preferred the original hand over the remastered one. I particularly agree with #50 about the hand appearing straight ahead in space being more menacing than (per #84) coming up from the planet, which looked “unintentionally funny” (especially with the music score at that point!).

To me, the remastered hand looked like an inflated latex glove, spray-painted with fluorescent green paint.

I usually prefer the remastered effects; but so far, the hand is in this ep, and the alien ship in “Charlie X,” both got groans out of me.


128. Kyle Nin - January 22, 2008

I wasn’t sure where else to put this comment. Are there going to be screenshots for “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”?

129. chasco - May 25, 2008

Re: 88. T Negative – January 15, 2008
“That stunt with Scotty holds up very well to this day. By far the best stunt in TOS. Back in the early 80’s the first time I saw it it blew me away and still does even now. ”

And Jimmy Doohan not only did the stunt himself, but dated Leslie Parrish too.

Gotta love that guy!

130. thebiggfrogg - December 6, 2008

Doohan you ol’ dog! Take that Shat in the pan!

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