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Tom Cruise Visits Trek Set January 18, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

On a number of occasions over 2007 had to debunk rumors that Tom Cruise would appear in the new Star Trek. At one point he was to be the villain, then Pike, then just a cameo (all not going to happen), but that doesn’t mean he can’t board the Enterprise. Cruise is currently finishing up reshoots for his newest outing, the WW2 film Valkyrie, but found time to visit his pal JJ Abrams on the set of Star Trek.

A trusted source tells that Cruise, along with his daughter Suri, dropped by the Paramount Star Trek stages on Thursday. Cruise is reported to have taken the opportunity to sit in the captain’s chair on the new set for the USS Enterprise. Sources indicate that the production has been focusing on scenes on the Enterprise and the bridge this week. However, there is no indication Cruise shot (or will shoot) anything for Star Trek. Apparently he is just a fan and of course he and the director bonded when Cruise brought JJ Abrams out of the world of TV to direct Mission: Impossible III.

Cruise is not the only famous face to visit the set. Just a few weeks ago Karl Urban revealed that Steven Spielberg came by for a visit early on in the shoot. Apparently there have been others. It seems that JJ Abrams’ ultra-secret Star Trek set is one the the ‘in spots’ in Hollywood today.

Tom Cruise and his daughter (taken last August)


1. Paul B. - January 18, 2008

He’s just hoping to hitch a ride back to the mothership, or wherever Scientologists think they come from. Poor Katie…poor Suri…

2. Dr. Image - January 18, 2008

I do NOT want to be FIRST… especially in THIS thread.

3. Dave Roberts - January 18, 2008

Scientology in space!

4. deleted - January 18, 2008

deleted by admin

5. Deep Space 913 - January 18, 2008

six…damn. No Cruise for my Trek please. Thank you.

6. Anthony Pascale - January 18, 2008

please people show some respect. You never know if JJ might drop in and read this stuff. Also remember that in a way the new trek movie may not be being made if it werent for Cruise. Cruise brought Abrams into the Paramount family for MI3…and Paramount liked him so much they gave him a multipic deal with Trek being the first tentpole out of it.

so give the cliche attacks a rest.

7. Dr. Image - January 18, 2008

Xenu! Guide us!! (And kindly beam him OUT of Teegeeak!)
I know. I’m a Supressive Personality… or… whatever.

8. Capt Abe - January 18, 2008

He doesnt deserve to sit on our precious “Captains Chair”

9. Driver - January 18, 2008

C’mon Tom. Make a cameo like Christian Slater did in Trek VI.

10. Classic trek - January 18, 2008

things like this make me wonder. how come he gets to sit in the captains chair. should be shatner sitting there!!!!

11. David (now over the wings & flames thing. Sorta.) - January 18, 2008

Actually, having Tom in the movie would be a fun distraction. I never ‘saw’ him as Pike, but would have been perfect for the up-and-coming Captain (Commodore) Decker.

That’s just me hoping!

Also Anthony… it’s well within your rights to the edit off-topic comments.

Just a thought, cause from what I see – Tom’s just following his beliefs which is not a crime in the US. And I challenge anyone to point out where his behavior exceeds that of other stars. I may not like Scientology, but it doesn’t make him a menace, or a bad guy.

12. Lurker - January 18, 2008

Oh dear lord.

Now pictures will float of Cruise in “the chair.”

Rumors will abound.

[whisper] “Cruise filming secret role in new ‘Trek’!” [whisper]

[whisper] “New ‘Trek’ will have scientology bent!” [whisper]

I can just see what the media might do with this…

Cruise!!! Stay away from Trek!!!


13. Dr. Image - January 18, 2008

Ok…ok… IF I would have seen #10 first Anthony….it’s your site.
Hopefully JJ knows what side his toast is REALLY buttered on, though.

14. I AM THX-1138 - January 18, 2008

Anthony, Tom Cruise looks kind of scary in that link of Ty Webb’s. I don’t know Tom personally, but the ego and self-importance that he displays are disturbing. I am not a scientologist, so to me, everything that is coming out of his mouth is disinformation. I don’t believe that scientologist are here to save the world. And if they are, they should get on with it.

BTW, Suri was made on Earth, too.

15. AJ - January 18, 2008


His visit does nothing positive for us now. STXI needs uber-coolness, and TC is truly “steppin’ into Eden, Yeah, brother.” Especially with the new biography

16. Dr. Image - January 18, 2008

OH– now Anthony’s post is #6, not #10….

17. Devon - January 18, 2008

Yeah I heard about this. A trusted source tells me that Tom had starting confessing his love for Star Trek, and after 15 minutes, well.. let’s just say they are going to have to get a new Captain’s Chair now.

Pretty cool stuff and a huge honor of Tom was able to do that!

18. nyxtreme - January 18, 2008

It’s funny that Tom Cruise was in the Paramount set. Wasn’t he got fired by them?

19. seigezunt - January 18, 2008

Star Trek XII – The Wrath of Xenu.

20. Ali - January 18, 2008

I am enturbulated by this news

21. Robert April - January 18, 2008

Zefram Cochrane was an Operating Thetan Level XV and the great grandson of Tom Cruise.

22. Frank - January 18, 2008

Please Lord, keep this little screwball away from Star Trek.

23. Pragmaticus - January 18, 2008

Oh lord… keep him away from Trek, please.

24. Dennis Bailey - January 18, 2008

Tom Cruise’s studio, United Artists, signed a good interim deal with the WGA.

That makes him okay with me, as if it would ever matter to him what strangers thought.

About the only thing we have in common, in fact, is that we live in the United States – and it’s our tradition here that people have the right to believe in whatever they like, worship as they like, and to say so if they choose.

That our nation fails to live up to that tradition is our shortcoming – not the ideal and belief itself. :)

25. Katie G. - January 18, 2008

Thanks, Anthony. Glad you’re keeping an eye on things. I wouldn’t mind if Tom was in the movie. Wouldn’t mind if he’s not. Am just thrilled that it’s being made and that J. J. has the stuff to do it. So far it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

Please, please tell J.J. (if he does come across any negative comments) to ignore them and focus on the positive ones. So far, he has chosen some excellent people to be in it. Can’t wait.

Are you allowed to tell us what other pics he’s doing? Or is that privileged info?


26. Sid - January 18, 2008

You know, as an agnostic, I don’t understand the virulent hatred for Scientology.

I mean, did you know there are scads of people who believe that a 2000-year-old zombie will save your immortal essence from eternal torture if you just telepathically signal Him that you, in fact, believe He exists?

And that His dad likes to talk to people from burning bushes, and while creating a species with free will and a lifespan that seems to top out around 100 years, also created the place where they can be tortured for eternity, given that huge numbers of the species were also engineered to do things that the dad wouldn’t like?

Oh, and let’s not forget occasionally causing likenesses (if you squint really hard) of His sons to show up in dirty windows and blueberry muffins?

I mean, c’mon, how is that any LESS ridiculous from an unbeliever’s viewpoint than ANYTHING L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up?

27. David Miscavige - January 18, 2008

C’mon guys, don’t be PTS/SPs. It’s Tom’s constitutional right and religious duty to KSW. He is doing more than anyone else (except me and LRH) to clear the planet. Now go write O/Ws, before I send you all to ethics and you find yourselves on the RPF.

Gold out.

28. Mark from Germany - January 18, 2008

If Star Trek is going to be scientologized…I am going to throw up.

29. Frank - January 18, 2008

My dislike for Mr. Cruise has very little to do with his faith or beliefs, I just think the guy is very very strange on many levels.

30. ShawnP - January 18, 2008

#26 – LOL, touche. But to each one’s own. We’re not here to judge.

31. I AM THX-1138 - January 18, 2008

#26-“I mean, c’mon, how is that any LESS ridiculous from an unbeliever’s viewpoint than ANYTHING L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up?”

Have you ever seen Battlefield Earth”?

32. I AM THX-1138 - January 18, 2008

#30-“#26 – LOL, touche. But to each one’s own. We’re not here to judge.”

Have you read the teaser trailer preview thread or any Shatner thread on this site?

33. MikeG - January 18, 2008

I think it’s totally unfair and very un-Trekkian to bash anyone in this forum, period. It brings to mind a McCoy-ism: “It’s a wonder these people ever got out of the 20th century.” Apparently, it applies to 21st century people, as well.

34. Jon C - January 18, 2008

# 26. Nice attack job, Mr “agnostic’.

35. SteveinSF - January 18, 2008

He’s kinda creepy I think , but his little alien child is really cute!

36. CmdrR - January 18, 2008

Valkyrie — the story of the plot to kill Hitler.
hmmm. Wonder whether he succeeds? I’ll rush to go see Cruise transpose his w’s and v’s.

37. ShawnP - January 18, 2008

#35 – “…but his little alien child is really cute!”

That’s so wrong, lol.

38. Bonez, Thugz, Harmony & McCoy - January 18, 2008

Woah – IDIC, people!

Scientology ain’t for you, hey, that’s cool. But if someone were to come in here and bash Catholicism, Judaism, Methodism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Bahaiism or any other belief everyone would be going nuts.

I am not a scientologist, nor do I plan to be – but I can’t get down with mocking someone’s belief system.

You wanna mock Tom Cruise, start with “Cocktail.”

39. theinquisitor - January 18, 2008

I wonder if he thinks Star Trek is real. He seems to have a hard time telling science fiction from reality.

40. AdamTrek - January 18, 2008

#26 And you’re no Agnostic. You sound like an atheist to me. Just think, according to you, in less than 100 years you’ll know if youv’e been right or not. Good luck with that.

I don’t agree with TC’s personal beliefs. Tom Cruise being on the set is no big deal to me, BTW. He was there for a visit, nothing more.

41. S. John Ross - January 18, 2008

It’s all just creepy. The picture, this thread, Tom Cruise, this thread, me bothering to post, in this thread, and this thread.

Creepy. And now I’m creepy too. And that’s creepy.

42. Paul B. - January 18, 2008

Sorry for starting the thread off with a Scientology bash…but darnit, Cruise makes it so easy! Have you watched that video? He’s begging to made fun of: only Scientologists know how to help people in accidents? Come on.

That said, I didn’t mean to be mean, just poking fun. Teasing, not hating

Oddly enough, the only Scientologists I’ve met (that I know of) were at a Trek convention in California about 20 years ago. They seemed as normal and well-adjusted as anyone else at the convention…and that’s all I’ll say about them. ;)

43. theinquisitor - January 18, 2008

#38 Doesn’t IDIC include letting people expressing their honest opinions, even if some people don’t like them? What if my belief system includes my belief that freedom of expression is more important than preventing people from hearing that their ideas are absurd. Why is that belief in freedom of expression not being tolerated? Why is it okay to tolerate scientology and other religions, but not a belief in freedom of expression? I just don’t like it when people try to protect ideas from criticism. Superstition and ignorance breed in an environment where we aren’t free to question.

44. Steve S - January 18, 2008

Geez, so much for IDIC…

45. Ensign Ricky - January 18, 2008

#33 – It brings to mind a McCoy-ism: “It’s a wonder these people ever got out of the 20th century.” Apparently, it applies to 21st century people, as well.

Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

46. Voice of Reason in August & September - January 18, 2008

The only real question now is which soldiers of fortune or crack team do we hire to rescue Katie Holmes?

I reckon Murdock and the Face-man could rustle up a distraction, but if there’s gonna be shootin, I reckon it might be best to just call in Rambo.

47. trekee - January 18, 2008

His films are now banned from our house after several of his rather dangerous and mysogenistic proclamations. So if he IS in ST08 it’s almost the only thing that will stop me seeing it.

Even if Shatner is in it leaning over an orange guard rail.

Bogus… :-(

48. DavidJ - January 18, 2008

This thread is SO going to be closed soon. :D

Anyway, regardless of what you think of Cruise, I think it’s still pretty cool that such huge heavy-hitters as him and Spielberg are seemingly excited for this movie.

I think Abrams has really tapped into something with his idea to revisit TOS.

49. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 18, 2008

#6. Anthony Pascale
[Please people show some respect. You never know if JJ might drop in and read this stuff.]

Now then, why is the Post #4 allowed? Nice to know that we are SUPPOSED to see that video. That apears to be a very strange marketing method indeed.

Now my real point is that I do like Tom Cruise. Sorry all, but I do like Tom Cruise. He is an excellent actor and typically shows a real devotion for getting his point or message across as he intends. Kudos!

I was originally hoping he would appear in ST XI as Gary Mitchell. But, that would mean Tom would not appear in any sequels. Would it not? I also thought he would be perfect as Christopher Pike. But Pike is sure to be eliminated by the end of this movie too. And if Trek’s history is an indicator that will be surely be a painful demise. Perhaps that’s also why he is not involved (this time around.) You have to admit he would look great in a Star Trek uniform and his public persona is similar to Trek’s image .

For some reason the media enjoys portraying him as a strange character. Maybe for good reason, maybe not, Who could be the judge?

Same goes for the Scientology thing, who knows? Who really knows
what brings each of us to a certain faith? Surely on some level all of our existence is predetermined. Does that make any of us wrong for any of our actions? I see that there is good and bad in life. We should all aspire to make the best choices that we can at each moment. I think the real evil in life is regret. How bad we all feel when there is a missed opportunity to make any beneficial change in any of our lives.

SO in response to your Post #6, Anthony, I do agree, but not just because JJ will see it, but just because we SHOULD be kind to each other in all of our words and actions. ALWAYS

Now, that’s all I have to day about that.

50. Anthony Pascale - January 18, 2008


you are correct. I was actually referring to some posts I had to delete that were way over the top and being spammed.

But yes, I will consider any future slams against any religion to be grounds for a ban….any religion

51. Viking - January 18, 2008

I know Tom is playing a Nazi in his new movie, but if he and/or J.J. are entertaining any thoughts of him so much as pulling an uncredited walk-on, then Tom better do something with his ‘do. He looks like Moe Howard in ‘You Nazty Spy’! LMAO ;-)

52. Justin Olson - January 18, 2008

“This Web page could be a scam. Proceed with Caution.”

That’s what Firefox is telling me. Is this some kind of tie in with Cruise?

As to him visiting the Trek set? Great. Next story.

53. Irishtrekkie - January 18, 2008

hmm toms too much of a space head for my liking , ……….thats coming from a hardcore trekkie lol.

@ 50 , is toms church actually a religion , hmm i always thought of it as a new age religion, i know in my country (Ireland its not consider a religion) and i remember reading in germany they consider it a business , and its considered worse in some places , buy i do think its a religion in England and America yea ?

54. Steve - January 18, 2008

I’m SURE JJ has invited Shatner (and probably Stewart too) to come sit in the captain’s chair. And we really don’t know for sure (and may never know) if they took him up on the invitation.

55. Irishtrekkie - January 18, 2008

i just checked United Kingdom, Germany and Canada do not consider it a reiligon , france well ……..they dont consider it one either it seems most counties dont , but i do that see america and austrialia does. thats far enough i guess , i mean religon or not people are aloud to believe what they want

56. Richard Daystrom - January 18, 2008

Sorry, but this no place to criticize any religion. While I am pretty much a non-believer I don’t think we should be critical of anyones belief regardless of who they are. GOD will sort them out. (If he’s there!) I’m gonna burn in Hell! (Maybe)

57. corbetto - January 18, 2008

bob orci, what do i need to do to get a chance to sit in the captain’s chair on the set? i’ll accept being blindfolded from studio entrance til the time i’m sitting in the center seat. i’ll accept wearing earplugs so i can’t hear one word spoken by a member of the crew. i’ll do anything you want.. /anything/.


58. Richard Daystrom - January 18, 2008


Well, there is the Star Trek Tour coming up and you won’t have to do anything for Orci…

59. Viking - January 18, 2008

#54 Buckaroohawk – I was #51. Or, I am now. Or not.

Anthony, I think you ought to just close this thread. People are starting to get too confused, and the whole damn thing is turning into a theological dart board. :-(

60. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 18, 2008

61. Viking

[…theological dart board]


I, for one, enjoy reading this thread.

And I think we are all adult enough to accept even the most disappointing of viewpoints.

61. D. P. McGuire - January 18, 2008

I am a Scientologist and a Star Trek fan. I have been a Star Trek fan since 1970 and a Scientologist since 1985. It is funny how people who know nothing about something will hate it and go off saying bad things. For years I have heard people say things about Star Trek and the fans that are based on false stories by the press. I have also heard the same about Scientology. Maybe people should stop inventing crap about both. Hate is what Gene was trying to get rid of yet I see it over and over again in this post from people who claim to be Star Trek fans. I say they are not fans for if they were they would know better. Tom Cruise has made a ton of great movies to watch. Then he jumped on a couch and told people to not take bad drugs and that made him evil. Well, if that is it then I am all for it. As far as the other made up stuff. WOW come on, do you really think its true? If you do well then Star Trek is all real, the Enterprise exists in Area 51, Darth Vader is the president of the US and California is a prison for people with bad hair. Lets enjoy this fantastic moment in time that may give us back a new and improved Star Trek. That I am excited about.

62. Viking - January 18, 2008

Hey, #62, ‘acceptance’ is the least of my issues. My last wife was a Muslim Turk. Before her, a Puerto Rican Buddhist, fer Chrissakes. (Try finding one of THOSE in the Yellow Pages. ;-) ) As far as Cruise goes, I ain’t for him or again’ him. As long as you’re not buggering farm animals, sacrificing babies, or cutting heads off people, you can worship a pile of mud and sticks if you want. I’m a libertarian kind of guy like that. I just came here to get the dirt on what J.J. & Co. are up to with the franchise, not listen to this horseshit. If Cruise is in the pic, it won’t put a dent in the box office take. If you wanna draw my ire, cast O.J. Simpson or Robert Blake in it.

63. jfh100970 - January 18, 2008

Tom Cruise on the set? I thought they were filming Star Trek not another Lost in Space!

64. Viking - January 18, 2008

LMAO@#63 OK, I don’t care who ya are, that was funny.


65. Thats 2 Goofy - January 18, 2008

Perhaps fancy Tom will pull a rabbit out of hat and just
like Lost in Space bestow a potato = instant potato chip
maker. Robot will alert us all. Danger…Danger….Nutjob!

66. Richard Daystrom - January 18, 2008

It’s 8:33 EST and my kid is watching “The Benchwarmers” Regardless of whoever comes by the set , this Trek movie is going to be more entertaining than this piece of crap. Can’t we all just get along!

67. neal - January 18, 2008

Please forgive if someone already has pointed this out. But JJ’s film with Cruise was ALSO a movie version of a cool 60s action TV show (which, weirdly enough, happened also to have a cast member by the name of Nimoy). Now, talk about NOT respecting canon — the Mission Impossible films bear very little resemblance to the 60s TV show. Compared to that franchise, everything about the new Trek film that we’ve seen has been VERY respectful of the original. (Give or take a nacelle cap).

68. Viking - January 18, 2008

‘Thank you, Richard. Getting back to the weather, break out the tire chains, Atlantans. We have an Arctic cold front moving in from the northwest and a deep low pressure system moving in from the western Gulf, so tomorrow it will snow ass-deep to a tall Indian. Details after the break.’

(Hey, my current wife is half Cherokee. I can get away with that shit. ;-) )

69. Plum - January 18, 2008

Indians are from India, tell your wife. ;0

70. Scott Hayden - January 18, 2008

After reading some of negative comments. I have lost some respect for people calling themselves Star Trek fans on this site..
I am not fan of Scientology (i will take Roddenberry secular humanism philosophy over L. Ron Hubbard made up beliefs any day.)
However i can leave that aside when Cruise goes visit his friend J.J. Abrams on Paramount lot..
Also i really like Cruise works and he is one of my favorite actor before and after he became Scientologist.

71. Viking - January 18, 2008

#69 – No, tell it to the Cherokees. If she’s representative of her nation, then NONE of ’em will listen. LOL :-)

72. Noleuser - January 18, 2008

I think true Star Trek fans should have learned a few lessons and morals. We should respect those who are different, even if it is something you don’t necessarily agree with. And no I’m not a scientologist.

Cruise is just a phenomenal actor.

73. Darth Quixote - January 18, 2008

I’m from Utah and whenever somebody finds that out I always get the same question…do you ski? Ha! I kid, I kid. The way Scientology gets bashed reminds me of the way mormons get bashed. People have only rumor and speculation to go on. That being said, I do love a good mormon joke. Know what you get when you cross a mormon with a kleptomaniac? A basement full of stolen food! Now that’s entertainment.

74. Mark - January 18, 2008

# 26:

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

75. The Vulcanista - January 18, 2008

#68 Viking, where are you? I’m in Sandy Springs.

Got my milk and bread.

And the wine. Can’t forget the wine.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

76. Tom Who? - January 18, 2008

File this under “Who the H#$% cares!”

77. Ralph - January 18, 2008

#61 McGuire, #62 Viking. Well said. Thanks Anthony for doing the right thing.

78. steve623 - January 18, 2008

“TC is truly “steppin’ into Eden, Yeah, brother.” ”

Best laugh I’ve had all week. Thank you.

79. Adam - January 18, 2008

Did Tom Cruise have to sign anything to say he won’t tell anyone what he saw?

One thing we now know about the bridge is that there is a captain’s chair!

80. RaGhul - January 18, 2008

Does TC know that SPs say “LLAP”?

81. Chris Peterson - January 18, 2008

Is anyone picturing the closet sene in Search for Spock, and the “Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet” episode of South Park? Perhaps Uhura tries to get Tom Cruise to come out of the closet in Star Trek XI…

82. JRB Trekfan - January 18, 2008

Cruise has gone off the deep in, So full of himself. But his little girl is beautiful.

83. ShawnP - January 18, 2008

#81 – Hey, that’s a secret. Don’t be going and outing people.

84. Dennis Bailey - January 18, 2008

#82: “Cruise has gone off the deep in, So full of himself. ”

What, he’s taken to posting his character evaluations of celebrities on Trek sites? Goodness…

85. SteveinSF - January 18, 2008



86. deleted - January 18, 2008

deleted by admin (~_^)

87. Turgenev - January 18, 2008

Ohhh… Tommy Boy… the pipes… THE PIPES are caaaaaalling…

It be a tale of two sci-fi ditties… arrrr
Ol’ Gene made a show that we treat as a religion…
Ol’ mother Hubbard made a religion we treat as a show…

88. Viking - January 18, 2008

#75 The Vulcanista – I’m down 85, in the Valley/Lanett/West Point area. The NWS just put out a Heavy Snow Warning for all of central AL. Being born and bred in highland Maryland coal country, I’m gonna enjoy this. ;-)

89. British Naval Dude - January 18, 2008

#87 Bloddy what???
Not that I mind but it seems to me someone is nicking me style…
I woulda not been on this here thread as I did something God never intended fur the poopdeck this night… but I pop on and see I have imitators… Good fur ya, lad…funny as well… may the ol’ Sciencereligion folk go after ye…

But I jest… feel free to be an anglophile as ye wish… better world fur us all

90. Viking - January 18, 2008

Oh, #75 – stocked up on the vino big time tonight. Made sure the missus had her favorite champagne, and I got my adult beverage of choice. And I wuz down in Columbus on business this morning, and discovered a Yankee Candle Co. store that had their semi-annual clearance going on. $50 of Fall Harvest/Christmas seasonal candles for $20. The Viking Lodge is gonna smell good during the snowstorm. I’m kinda bummed, tho – we were gonna go to the Log Home Expo up there by Hartsfield Sunday, and I’m not sure how the roads will be.

91. Turgenev - January 18, 2008

Huh? Someone actualy respond to me.
Time to find another post site.

92. Q - January 18, 2008

Wow…. Tom Cruise is the single LAST personal I want sitting in the captain’s chair. Okay… maybe B. Spears would take the “last” position, but he’s not fair ahead.

Some people don’t deserve to sit in a seat as great as the Enterprise’s.

But as Jason Alexander said at the roast of William Shatner a few years back: “There’s only one ass big enough to fill that chair.” And that ass is most definately Shatner’s. I think that our new Kirk will be just fine.

And referencing 27: Tom Cruise along with every other celebrity has a multi-million fuel-sucking home and multiple cars. The HELL he’s “clear[ing] the planet.”

This has to be one of the few discussions where almost everyone has a unanimous say: Tom Cruise is a nutjob and if ST:XI is going to be scientoligisticized, it should never be allowed to leave the studio.

If I offend anyone, well… sucks to be you.

93. Harry Ballz - January 18, 2008

See, here’s the thing………

never mind his religion or his behaviour……how can I put this in plain straightforward language?

Tom Cruise is a BAD actor…..not average or mediocre, but BAD.

I am a lifelong film buff….have watched THOUSANDS of movies from every decade…..when I go to local community theatre and see much better acting, then I know something is terribly wrong with the fact that Cruise is sitting at the top of the Hollywood heap!

My gawd, I’ve attended high school plays and witnessed better acting performances. When Cruise acts you can ACTUALLY SEE THE WHEELS TURNING IN HIS MIND THAT HE IS ACTING!

Tom Cruise is obviously successful, but there is no logic or reason as to WHY!!! Audiences of the last twenty years are apparently very easily satisfied. Disgraceful!

94. Jovan - January 18, 2008

Tom Cruise is okay as an actor, but I’m not sure what to think of him as a person. I do however know that this film wouldn’t be made without him, and I did really enjoy MI3.

As for the “not deserving” to sit in the captain’s chair… my goodness, people. That’s all I have to say.

95. Green-blooded-bastard - January 18, 2008

All it would take to turn what might otherwise be a magnificent movie into a 2-hour turd is 25 seconds of Tom Cruise in it.

96. ivy - January 18, 2008

Lucky lucky LUCKY.

I wanna be famous now.

97. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 18, 2008

Maybe it would be ok for Tom to star in an animated TOS episode.

Perhaps as Lucian. ; )

Actually I just watched four of the animated eps just now, and his thread is reminding me of “More Troubles, More Tribbbles.”

98. Jabob Slatter - January 18, 2008

Tom Cruise creeps me out. He’s so robotic and insincere. He comes off as a salesman, but nothing seems natural about him. It’s all calculated, like he built this guy around him because he didn’t know who he really was.

That probably makes no sense, but neither does Tom Cruise.

99. Doug - January 18, 2008

It saddens me that someone would use IDIC as a pretense for slamming someone they don’t like.

“Doesn’t IDIC include letting people expressing their honest opinions, even if some people don’t like them?”

That was never the intent of IDIC. The philosophy behind IDIC was meant to celebrate the diversity of this universe in all its differences. Gene Roddenberry would be appalled.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with voicing one’s dislike, displeasure… whatever, but there is such a thing as doing so tactfully.

If people want to criticize Mr. Cruise for being odd (nor am I a big fan of the actor), then we would be slamming 80% of the film community… or all other peoples for that matter. We’re all odd in one way or another.

That said, Mr. Cruise is, at times, a lightning rod for controversy. For better or worse, he is a big draw.

100. GaryS - January 18, 2008

#95 I Disagree.
25 seconds is 25 seconds,nothing more.

101. Daimon Blunt - January 19, 2008

98 – well said.

He would make a good Ferengi

102. TJ Trek - January 19, 2008

Once again, I will be the few who say “just freakin shut up about shater… am I one of the few who loved him, but still don’t really care that he isn’t in the new movie”. Of course I am young, and maybe I just don’t have that “connection” to the old series y’all have. Who’s to say

103. trektacular - January 19, 2008

Cruise really thinks a lot of himself. Neat.

104. Trekee - January 19, 2008

Hmmm, I’m not sure that using IDIC as a blanket coverage for the suppression of free speech is exactly what Gene had in mind. :-)

I’m in the UK and as pointed out by Irishtrekkie, here it is most certainly not a recognised religion. Most coverage from the less sensationalist press and media has it at best as a secretive personality Cult which to be honest, is not much more than a pyramid selling scheme but with WAY more personalities and a spaceship trip as the lure.

I really hate to do this, I really do but I am about to invoke the examples of Star Trek V and The Way to Eden… where Kirk saw it as his duty to expose false Gods and obvious personality cult scams.*

I see no difference in discussing him on this basis as I do debating whether or not Jedi (which I got to put down as my recognised religion in the last UK census – how cool is that?) is a bit naff or not (after Phantom Menace, this point becomes moot).

My Sky recorder obviously had an ephiphany though when War of the Worlds came on and refused to record it though. The ONLY time that ever happened.

Co-incidence? I think not… ;-)

If JJ does in fact read this thread he will be seeing nothing new and he knows what Tom Cruise believes already and is obviously still very happy to call him a friend, as do many other people who I have a lot of time and respect for and who never mention alliegance to the lizard kingdom either.

So I suspect that wading through this thread this far won’t be very enlightening to him, apart from maybe the snow reports.

(* yeah OK, so that’s obviously my entire arguement blown out of the water. If you want a more serious point about IDIC – you can believe in whatever you like, but when you start to hurt others and put yourself on world wide media to boast about it – surely you would expect something other than fawning adulation? When they said ‘inifinite’ that’s not really the literal meaning, otherwise we would all be celebrating genocide and pop-tarts as a food source.

Trek was a lot to do about humanity ‘growing up’ – we should be intelligent enough to have reasoned debate and offer our opinions to others. Given we’ve still got 200 years to go, I fear this isn’t the case yet. Right, I’m off to ogle the Enterprise again, we return you to your scheduled programme.)

105. DJT - January 19, 2008

C’mon, the dude gets cool points just for being into Trek.

Everything else is …superfluous.

106. StarTrekRockerGirl - January 19, 2008

Wow, everyone got so wrapped up in dissing TC, they missed this little tidbit:

“Apparently there have been others. It seems that JJ Abrams’ ultra-secret Star Trek set is one the the ‘in spots’ in Hollywood today”

I want the scoop on that! Who are the others?

107. Woulfe - January 19, 2008

Sign on a church in Futurerama

Star Trek
The Only Sci-Fi Religion That Doesn’t Take All Your Money

So we shouldn’t be knocking other religons or they’ll knock ours right back, it’s that simple see.

108. Captain Hackett - January 19, 2008

I did not see anything wrong with Tom Cruise’s visit on the Enterprise set since he was invited by JJ Abrams. There is nothing we can do with it.

I do not give any craps about his religion.

109. Jacques Chirac - January 19, 2008

I hope that Abrams won’t include Xenu and aliens from vulcans in the ST XI. :D :D

110. JB - January 19, 2008


On a somewhat unrelated note, what is up with this advertisement that has been on your site lately – there’s a girl who looks like a stripper under the caption “Believe in God? We can fix that!”. Presumably there are young fans coming to this site and that sort of ad strikes me as inappropriate for people under 18.

111. Cervantes - January 19, 2008

#110 JB

Where have you been JB? There have been far more inappropriate ads than that for ages now!…

112. pduff - January 19, 2008

Wow. I’m amazed so many people have nothing better to do than bash Tom Cruise. The guy pays a visit to theTrek sets and everyone unloads.

If he were coming over to you house for dinner, I be you’d be happy to tell all your friends, coworkers, and people you’ve never met.

I hope oer famous people who aren’t in the film get to drop by.

113. JB - January 19, 2008

#111 – You may be right, but this ad seems particularly out of place, the more so since Anthony’s making the effort to ensure that the discourse on his site is tolerant and respectful of other people’s beliefs.

114. EdDR - January 19, 2008

It is amazing the negativity for someone, most of these people do not really know, except for the “rags” and basing it on some outlandish things he has done publicly. But we have all done crazy stuff or what would be considered crazy stuff by others, but as long as does no harm to anybody——–who cares? Star Trek will get made. You don’t like who is making it? Tough!!! You don’t like who visits the set? ( I myself would love to see it) Tough!!! Some of the choices for the characters are not to your liking? Tough!!!!! ( some of the actors I don’t think were the right choice, but it was not my decision, —- not my movie to make—–I will go see the movie no matter what) Do I want to know everything about the movie? Yes, I do. I even have a friend who works on it, but I have not ,nor will I ask my friend anything about it, because I want the “magic” of the film to surprise me.

Just stop with the bashing. This is not Gene’s idea of how humanity was supposed to act. Tolerence. Whether it’s you, me, or Tom Cruise. Tolerence. If you are really getting worked up about this, go seek some mental help, or better yet, pray for Wisdom and Tolerence.

115. Trekee - January 19, 2008

@114 – this thread is going a bit stale, so I’d email him directly if you are really bothered as I agree, he is making an effort to keep things wholesome and I expect he’ll not be best pleased. From memory it’s but I’d check the “about” tag. :-)

116. Alex - January 19, 2008

A Cruise cameo would probably add $10 million to the box office take, so I wouldn’t be against him making a quick appearance. It’s a better alternative than past rumors which had him being considered for Kirk, etc etc. And as far as his personal life, I couldn’t care less what his religion is as long as it doesn’t impact his work. John Travola’s hitman in Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest film characters of the late 20th Century; the fact he’s a Scientologist was irrelevant.

117. Larry Flynt - January 20, 2008

Hot young upskirt action

118. AJ - January 20, 2008

Tom Cruise in in Festival, as you should be.

119. Jack - January 20, 2008

#26 I love it! Your words were truly fantastic. This is the reason that I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people die over which ‘fairy tale’ is correct.

Can’t we have our own fairy tales and not force our view on others?

Trek fans get along with BG fans don’t they?

120. Matt - January 20, 2008

I think that Tom Cruise deserves a little respect as a professional actor, and also now, as the head of a studio.

Robert Redford and Meryl Streep felt comfortable not only working with him, but working FOR him.

Furthermore, Oliver Stone featured Tom in Born on the 4th of July, which brought important issues back to the forefront when our country was wrapped around a false patriotism.

To me, this demonstrates that he actually seeks out projects which, in my mind (I mean, in my political mind) embody many of the ideals which make Trek attractive to me.

I always imagined a new Star Trek with a new captain, crew and ship we had never met as a tentpole feature film – a feature film that was truly dramatic and interesting and high stakes. And the first person I thought would be a great captain was Tom Cruise.

He is sometimes a victim of the horrible press machine which dominates the Hollywood and political system. He he was hung out for jumping on Oprah’s sofa the same way that Howard Dean’s enthusiasm was manipulated by re-mixing the audio. That he is aware of all this will probably prevent him from being labeled a freak like Michael Jackson.

But this doesn’t mean he’s perfect,. Tom Cruise’s attack on Brooke Shields for using antidepressant medication was insensitive at best and facetious on examination. I can’t go as far as to say I hate his opinions, but the national media is not the place where they are best examined. I’d rather see him talk about it on Charlie Rose.

121. Snake - January 20, 2008

maybe Cruise filmed a cameo as Captain April? (after all April was supposed to be the 1st captain of the Ent – before Pike)and we’re seeing the construction of the Ent in the teaser and the film looks like it may jump about in time periods

122. Stanky McFibberich - January 20, 2008

re: 6. Anthony Pascale – January 18, 2008
“Also remember that in a way the new trek movie may not be being made if it werent for Cruise. ”

Another reason to dislike Cruise. :)

123. Greg2600 - January 20, 2008

If this film has Tom Cruise and not William Shatner, I will not go! LOL:)

There’s been mention of Captain April, which I would assume (if they are following canon so strictly), wouldn’t we have to see him? Also, Enterprise made it canon that Jonathan Archer attended the Enterprise’s unveiling right?

124. Blog News » 25 new messages in 19 topics - digest - January 20, 2008

[…] He was making sure the Enterprise didn’t look like DC-8’s. – — Tied for 4th Best RSPW Poster of 2007. — Co-Winner of 2006’s Worst Feud/Flamewar/Thread. — Winner of 2007’s Most Deproved Poster (with everyone else) — 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005, 5th in 2006 and 4th in 2007. — 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005, tied for 4th in 2006 and tied for 2nd in 2007. — Involved in the 2nd and 4th in Best Flamewar/Thread/Feud of 2007 — 3rd Highest Vote-Getter of the 2005 KORSPW (I got screwed in 2006). — In the Final Four of the 2006 RSPW Rumble — Ranked 4th on Lvubun’s Top 127 RSPW Posters of 2005 […]

125. Jacques Chirac - January 21, 2008

Scott Bakula should have Archer cameo in the ST XI, absolutely. :)

126. j w wright - January 21, 2008

star trek is far more believeable than the awful science fiction hubbard wrote, and the ridiculous story he based the Co$ upon…

for anyone unfamiliar with the big fat global scam that is the Co$

might i direct your attention here:

who is xenu, you ask?

ha ha ha!

127. How Typical - January 22, 2008

Captain Abe sums it all up about the Trekdom stereotype:

“He doesnt deserve to sit on our precious ‘Captains Chair’.”


128. Daphne Barry - December 4, 2009

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