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JJ Abrams (and gang) To Do Live Chat Jan. 25 – QUESTION SUBMISSIONS HERE January 24, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams (and members of his team) will be doing a live ‘chat’ from the set of Star Trek on Friday at 1PM (Pacific)
UPDATE: First set of questions chosen from those submitted below. Answers will be posted HERE.

1-4 PM Friday
Starting at around 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern/9PM UK) JJ Abrams (and team members) will begin answering questions from the set IN A NEW THREAD. Questions will start with a selection from those submitted by Noon Pacific Friday.

NOTE: The producers will answer as many questions as they can, please do not despair or take it personally if yours is not answered.

Once the event starts you will probably have to reload the page once or twice to see the answers…be patient. When the event is over TrekMovie.com will put together a concise ‘transcript’ in Q&A form in a separate article.


1. Bronson - January 24, 2008

How deeply do you feel the weight of responsibility that comes with carrying the torch of the Star Trek franchise?

2. Jack - January 24, 2008

J.J , Star Trek uniforms throughout the tv shows and movies are always a big deal among fans. When you decided to re-imagine the orignal time period what were your thoughts on what Star Fleet uniforms would look like?

3. Ensign Ricky - January 24, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams,
The first teaser was fantastic! When can we expect to see the next?

4. crowmagnumman - January 24, 2008

My question:

Will Giacchino reuse any of the older Star Trek music themes.

5. m aspill - January 24, 2008

What is your overall plan for the star trek franchise , what should we expect when the film is a sucess ie other films or series ? much love to u and the crew

6. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008

NOTE: I have stated this in the article, but am repeating it here. I take it as a given that this is etremely cool…so no need to submit comments about how cool it is. Just ask a question. I am going to be deleting comments made before the event that are not questions for JJ

7. Adam Cohen - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I had the opportunity to see your TED address and you talk a lot about the draw of a great mystery. With that storytelling notion in mind, do you think we will see a science fiction story on the level of 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Trek: The Motion Picture in the future?

Best of luck with this and future endeavors.

-Adam Cohen

8. m aspill - January 24, 2008

what are ur plans do bring in non star trek fans to see the film in terms of promoting the film and the overall theme and look ?

9. George Mellis - January 24, 2008

Star trek fans are some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met with regards to this property and regardless if they like it or not. And from what I’ve been told from some of my friends on the Paramount lot most of them will. Do you and the cast members realize the impact that this movie will have on their lives?

10. m aspill - January 24, 2008

can i be in the film please?

11. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008

If the Trek movies are a success, would you be willing to guide TOS Trek back to a TV franchise? If not you, who do you feel could do the job properly?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

12. Josh - January 24, 2008

What was the greatest challenge you faced when you first decided to take on Star Trek?

13. YUBinit - January 24, 2008

Visually this is definitely a reboot, so how do you dispel this discrepancy including Nimoy?

14. The Chief - January 24, 2008

From a Winona Ryder fan – when can we expect to see some press or interviews from Winona??? Also, can you please tell Zach Quinto that we, out here in Steeler Nation think it’s so logical that he’s a “Burgh Boy” and is a Steelers fan!!!

15. SPB - January 24, 2008

Hi, Mr. Abrams!

How did you initially become involved in the new STAR TREK film? Was Paramount looking for someone new to take over and they chose you, or had you been itching to tackle TREK for a while now?

Thanks for your time!
Shaun B.
Northern Connecticut

16. DrWho42 - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrahms,

What is your opinion (if any) on Star Trek since TNG, and besides Star Trek what other science-fiction do you enjoy (i.e. writers, television, film)?

17. S. John Ross - January 24, 2008

What’s your favorite TOS episode, and what TOS episodes might we see echoes of in the film? :)

18. Papa Jim - January 24, 2008

Do you think Gene Roddenberry would be happy with what you are doing?

19. rick - January 24, 2008

Hello Mr Abrams
I am a big fan of the original series. My question is, since you are attempting to draw a new audience of fans to the series are you going to stick to the original canon for the series? I know that you want to follow Gene Rodenberry’s vision of the future and if you had to choose which season to choose from TOS which one would you choose from? My choice is the 1st season, it just seems to be grittier and has imaginitive storytelling. Good luck on the shoot for the movie!!!

20. Justin Toney - January 24, 2008

JJ — Gene Roddenberry had a unique vision of the future. He looked far beyond the attitude of society and create instance that examined the human condition. Star Trek’s entire philosophy is based on his vision of the future. Was this a part of the original script or storyline? Is there anything that you can say on this topic without revealing the storyline in great depth? And do you feel that these values can truly live on in respects to our society and bringing Trek closer to that?

Justin Toney

21. Tony Whitehead - January 24, 2008

Gene Roddenberry made it a priority in his storytelling to use ‘morality plays’ in the ’60’s to comment on the times in which he lived at the same time as telling a compelling action story with heart.
Without giving anything away, do you see this as an opportunity to do the same?

22. Lawrence Boucher - January 24, 2008


Has there been a particular moment while filming that has caught you off-guard and made you stand back and say “wow” or just made you think “how cool is this”?

23. Thomas Evenson - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

We have all heard rumors that a large budget has been allocated for this picture. Do you feel like that’s an advantage you have over previous Trek efforts? We all know a good screenplay is what really counts, but the money can’t hurt, can it?

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule,


24. Chad N. - January 24, 2008

Hi JJ!

A great thing about Star Trek has been its characteristically positive outlook of the future (Not the ‘present’ future with the Eugenics Wars, WWIII and whatnot, but past that…) and its ability to inspire people to want to achieve that future.

I loved the teaser trailer ‘inspiring’ tone with the use of space-race audio, and the sort-of WWII look to the welders, etc.

Will the finished film follow the same tone? Should we expect to see just another sci-fi action-thriller, or will your Star Trek attempt to ‘inspire’?

Thanks for taking the time to go over some questions!

(By the way, I loved your TED speech.)

25. Andrew Overlord - January 24, 2008

What challenges did your team face in updating the look of the Enterprise for the big screen? Was there anything particularly tricky about it, or did it fall into place naturally?

Did they change the hull lettering as a tribute to Franz J?

26. Christopher D. Heer - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams: assuming the film is a success, has Paramount given you any indication of what the future might hold for you with respect to the Trek franchise? For example, would Paramount ask you to Executive Produce a new TV series if one were in the cards, or are they thinking of you as “movie-specific?” (If that makes any sense.) In other words, do you see yourself in a Rick Berman-type role, or more of a Harve Bennett? :)

27. Jeffrey S. Nelson - January 24, 2008

Did you look at actor Jesse Lee Soffer for the role of Captain Kirk? He’s on the CBS soap As The World Turns and really looks Kirkish.

28. Charles Trotter - January 24, 2008

Hi, Mr. Abrams. Are you completely happy with the way the film is progressing given the fact that the writers’ strike is preventing any needed rewrites or additions, or will you be wanting to make changes to shot scenes once the strike ends? And do you have a targeted wrap date for the film?

29. Alex - January 24, 2008

Hell Mr. Abrams and thank you for bringing back Trek to life. This being said, do you have a preference over the direction Star Trek will take after “XI”‘s release? More movies or TV series?

30. Jeff Driscoll - January 24, 2008

Will Greg Grundberg be trademarkingly appearing in the film? I’m not sure if it would feel like a JJ Abrams production without him! Other than Rachel Nichols, can Alias fans expect any other links to crop up on screen? Didn’t Jennifer Garner say she’d love to be involved…?

What’s been the one moment throughout this process that sticks out as the single moment where you’ve double-taked and looked around and thought… “my god… I’m directing Star Trek” ?

31. jonboc - January 24, 2008

Hi JJ, thanks for chiming in! Star Trek always excelled at putting real people, people that we could relate to, in incredible fantastic situations. They met the Greek god Apollo, they go up against a moody teenager who just happens to have godlike powers. A trip through a strange alien portal erases the universe as they knew it. After seeing the teaser I’m wondering if this movie will incorporate similar elements of the fantastic that might evoke the same feelings of wonder and imagination and the danger of what we don’t understand, or will it be more grounded in relaity? I always enjoyed the fantastic and unusual situations and how these very real people reacted to them.

I know many younger fans, fans that were more into the spin off series, feel much of that to be “hokey” or “corny”, but I think it is a very real part of the success and charm of TOS. I get realism daily in the news and all around me, I would hope this movie will take us a bit beyond that. Thanks for your time!

32. enterprisefan001 - January 24, 2008

What is the difference between the uniforms you are using in this movie and the uniforms from the original series?

33. hairy_canary - January 24, 2008

Do you follow what fans are saying on the internet at all?

34. enterprisefan001 - January 24, 2008

When will we be able to get to see a visual of a corridor, sickbay, or the bridge?

35. Robert Odum - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams,
What do you think of what some fans have voiced their opinions over about not following canon in the Star Trek universe? I see canon as part of the appeal of Star Trek for myself. I know some fans can nit and pick it apart but I still like the overall sense of history that binds most of the Star Trek universe together,with exception to “Enterprise”.

36. Christian Sander - January 24, 2008

Hi there…
Let me start off by saying that I, after having been really REEAAAALLY sceptical in the beginning, am as of last Monday (Internet-Release of the Trailer) really REEAAAALLY looking forward to it. At least the approach that was used in the teaser seems much more realistic and somehow darker then the Gene Roddenberry approach to Star Trek. Can you give us some of your thoughts on the teaser and maybe some hints as to whether the movie will also have that… well, “dark(er) tone” to it?

37. enterprisefan001 - January 24, 2008

Is the corridor image that has been released an official picture or is that picture of a corridor “under construction” as used in the trailer? If so can you say what the real constructed corridor looks like?

38. m aspill - January 24, 2008

ncc 1701 web site whats it all about its a bit strange ?

39. New Horizon - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrahms,

The last Star Trek film of this scope was the motion picture. Some may disagree but, despite the weaknesses in that film, I found it to be the one film that came closest to reaching the full potential of what Trek could truly be. It was not only great science fiction, it was also intelligent, and had a beautiful love story.

Your recent teaser truly evoked the sense of awe and wonder that The Motion Picture captured. I was captured by it.

Without giving away any plot points, would you say we can expect to finally see Trek boldly return to those roots, and without repeating the mistakes of The Motion Picture, merge the best of the original series with the best of what I consider the most grand and intelligent of all the Trek films?

40. Christian Sander - January 24, 2008

One more…

Concerning the release date…. In the past we German fans often times had to wait for weeks til the Trek movies showed up in our movie theaters. Is Dec. 25 a nation- or world-wide release date?

Thx !

41. Litenbug - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
Thanks for taking time out of your schedule. Will we see a “tip of the hat” to the other series in the movie?

42. Gustavo Valente - January 24, 2008

Hi J.J.!! I’m from Brazil and we here are looking forward to see this new Star Trek.

I just want to know one thing…..will Giacchino’s score feature one of the themes from previous movies.?? Jerry Goldsmith’s… for example…

Live Long and Prosper JJ…..you jave a strong fan base here in Brazil…..this I can tell you……sorry for the bad english…..

signing off!!!!

43. Red Shirt - January 24, 2008

J.J.! Can we expect more viral marketing like ncc-1701.com? I thought Blair Witch’s, A.I.’s, and Cloverfield’s viral sites were not only fun, but brought a sense of depth to the films that two screen hours alone would not. It is nice to be rewarded for taking the time to immerse in that world too…

PS. I am looking to see cadets ordering Slusho in the mess hall, so please don’t forget to slide it in there somewhere!

44. Jeff Forsyth - January 24, 2008

I absolutely love the teaser trailer. Since this shows the assembly of the Enterprise will we see her christening? And if so should it include Jonathon Archer (Scott Bakula) as established in Star Trek Enterprise? (In in a Mirror Darkly the history of Archer was established as have christened the NCC-1701 and died the next day)

45. m aspill - January 24, 2008

do u feel restricted by the star trek cannon and fans in any way it must be a big pressure to take on a franchise like ST ?

46. The Quickening - January 24, 2008

Since you acknowledged on the Howard Stern Show yesterday that time travel was involved in some way in the new TREK movie, did the decision to employ Nimoy in the film, dictate the choice of using time travel once again in a TREK film?

47. Clinton - January 24, 2008

Has the reaction to the teaser trailer been what you expected?

48. Robo86 - January 24, 2008

Hey, JJ. I was wondering if you could discuss how Simon Pegg came to be cast as Scotty. Did he audition or did you have him in mind from your previous collaboration on M:I:3? I’m just wondering as I am a huge fan of his work and was totally blown away when I found out he was cast as Scotty. It seemed to come right out of the blue and was simply amazing for someone who is both a fan of Star Trek and as I have said, a fan of Pegg’s work.

49. Anthony Vuono - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams,

As I grew up with Star Trek: Next Generation rather than the Original Series (although, I do dearly love them both), have you and your team included a lot of references to the 24th century Next Generation universe with the older Spock’s character as played by Leonard Nimoy? I realize that my question might lead to some potential spoilers, but any generalizations on the subject are so greatly appreciated!

50. elmachocombo - January 24, 2008

There’s been much debate aroung the “look” of the new film. Was any research done regarding the original drawings/designs on TOS, as opposed to what ultimately appeared on the show? In other words, did you find inspiration in those early design ideas or did you take your ques from what actually made it on-screen? P.S. Loved the gritty “real world” look of the trailer!

51. Red Shirt - January 24, 2008

One more. Do you think there is any chance that real, honest to goodness Star Trek fans will be part of any early screenings? I know that’s a tricky subject, and I don’t know if MI3, or Cloverfield used that post-production technique to tighten up the story beats/edits. Do you float an early screening or two out there to test the pace of your edits, the tone, and whether or not “funny” moments get a chuckle or not? Some helmers find it invaluable, some don’t I suppose…

52. telemachos - January 24, 2008

To: Producer/director JJ Abrams,

I am a casual fan of Star Trek, but I never really saw it’s initial incarnation I was wondering if you think that a person like can enjoy the film as a new take on the franchise without it undoing everything that has gone before. You have quite a balance to undergo in trying to modernize it without undoing it all while just trying to tell a good movie. What are you thoughts regarding balancing it all.

53. Species8472X - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

It is an honour to send you a direct question like this and I hope you’ll answer it. Being that I am on this website now, I do not have to mention my fangasm about StarTrek.

I was wondering when we would get our first glimpse of the new crew in costume and when is the second teaser coming out? And how far along are you in principal photography?

Thank you,

54. Son of Sarek - January 24, 2008

How does one begin to successfully interpret sci-fi icons, while satisfying the purists?

55. Gojira Al-Kzin - January 24, 2008

Will we see Robert April as the original CO in any of the sequences around the construction footage?

It would be great to see that character brought into Canon.

56. Red Shirt - January 24, 2008

What realm defines “canon” to you, Damon, Roberto, and Alex? The ST features only, or the features and the television series? Where are your boundaries in the discussion of what should be respected, and where things are more flexible?

57. Son of Sarek - January 24, 2008

How does one begin to successfully reinterpret sci-fi icons, while satisfying the purists?

Spelling error with the one above, apologies.

58. Captain April - January 24, 2008

ILM is doing the effects for the film, will it all be CGI or have they built a physical model of the New Enterprise?Also when will we see a photo of the finished Enterprise?

59. OneBuckFilms - January 24, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams,

First, thank you so much for being open with the fans. It means a lot to us.

It is obvious from the Trailer that the Enterprise has been redesigned, and it looks great.

What was the thinking behind the revisions made to the Enterprise specifically, and the Star Trek Universe in general?

60. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

How important is humour in your vision of Star Trek? And what kind of humour do you enjoy most?

61. m aspill - January 24, 2008

we all know ur a talented man do u believe this will be ur biggest sucess and how will u judge it on a personal level as such ?
also is there anythin u wanted to do with the film but could nt ( dnt say put shatner in it !) ?

62. Prologic9 - January 24, 2008


From a design standpoint, what’s your favorite Enterprise and why?

P.S. Not counting your own ; )

63. CmdrR - January 24, 2008

JJ, you’ve commented on how you feel the effects of the writers strike. Are you saying you would NEVER add/change a line while the strike continues? Would you loop a great line in during post if the strike is over by then?

(Would you come to the movie with my wife and kids and me, and whisper any lines that should have been in the movie?)

64. Andrew Overlord - January 24, 2008

Do you think this movie will be visually distinct from other contemperary scifi, such as Star Wars & BSG? Or will it have a similar feel to other modern shows?

Star Trek was very colorful, and the Enterprise was brightly lit (a bright future!) Color makes sense to keep the crew’s sanity for those long months in dark space! This is something missing from many modern scifi. Do you think that design ethic will work for your story?

65. John peretz - January 24, 2008

Can we expect to see any easter eggs of Lost,Alias,Cloverfield etc. in Star Trek?

66. Brent - January 24, 2008


First off, hats off on making a new Star Trek movie. I loved the teaser and can’t wait for the trailer. Since the movie takes place a little before the TOS will we be seeing any references to Captain Archer from the enterprise series? Will there be any Red Shirts who dont make it?

67. T Negative - January 24, 2008

What did you discuss with George Lucas at your recent meeting? Was it related to Star Trek and if so did he offer advice and were you seeking his advice, or was it simply to pick his brain?

Is he a Star Trek fan himself??


68. Gary - January 24, 2008

Assuming that the new Trek movie will be successful, are you open to doing any future Trek movies?

69. Mr. Penguin - January 24, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams!
I would like to ask you about the designs of the Enterprise sets and maybe when we can expect a full trailer.

1) How faithful to the original is the Enterprise interior? Will it be like the exterior, same E with a different paint job?

2) When can we expect a full trailer for Star Trek?

I hope you can answer these, and good luck with the new film!

70. Valar1 - January 24, 2008

I’m looking forward, already, to a massive behind the scenes feature laden DVD- is there a chronicler on the set for the future DVD release?

71. Katie G. - January 24, 2008

Haven’t read all the submissions but want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of us who love Star Trek.

Will you treat yourself to a small part in the film as other Directors have done, like Alfred Hitchcock or Peter Jackson (LOTR) for example? God knows you earned a place in Trek history.

72. I AM THX-1138 - January 24, 2008

JJ, what is going to happen to that guy, Dave who posted himself in his costume on his myspace page?

How do you feel your version of Star Trek fits in with all the previous incarnations? Has that been a consideration?

Will you be giving preferential treatment to the Trekmovie.com vets in regards to advance screenings, membership to the website forum, parts as redshirts in the upcoming?

73. Andre - January 24, 2008

Since you obviously are a fan of Star Trek, do you draw ideas or some inspiration from some episodes from any of the television series to be implemented in the movie? If so which episodes really stand out in regards to this?

74. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

The teaser trailer was fantastic for ST fans, but I’m not sure that non-fans were drawn in by it. Do you have any specific strategies in mind for piquing the interest of non-fans in future trailers?

75. cw - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams,

First of all, I highly commend you for making the time to address the fans here at Trekmovie. I would consider myself a die hard TOS fanboy, with a great appreciation for canon and a desire for this updated franchise to follow the same story (even if there are technological and design updates appled to this new version) as the original. However, I also realize that if ever there was a start over point, this would be it.

That said, it has been stated that this film is being made for both the fans and non-fans alike. Aside from this being Star Trek, how is this new take for the fans? LIkewise, how is this Trek property being made for the non-fans?

As a follow up, different people have different appreciations for Star Trek. Many are attracted to a more socially progressive message, while others are in it more for the adventure, the exploration, and the fantasy of it. Knowing that the general public (and even the fans, for that matter) have divisions along the conservative and liberal ideologies, how do you create a film like this while not only for both the fans and non-fans, but for also the liberals and conservatives without alienating or dissing either?

I saw the teaser and liked it very much. I really liked how real it was, and seeing an aspect of the Enterprise that hasn’t been seen yet. I hope it is included in the final film.


76. Prologic9 - January 24, 2008


On STAR TREK, when the actors are in costume do they wear Starfleet underwear or just normal underwear? I know in some period movies they wear authentic underwear of the times even though it can’t be seen.

I’d make them wear space underwear. It would be very “futuristic.”


77. Jackson Roykirk - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams —

If you were planning to pehaps make multiple trailers for various audience types, would you consider making one that featured the “‘Amok Time’ Fight Music” on top of a quick-paced montage of action scenes from the film?

I think that would be a playful homage to TOS and its fans. Of course you would also need other more traditional trailers.

78. Xenith - January 24, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams! ^___^

I’m a huge fan of movie music, especially when it comes to Star Trek so I’m eagerly anticipating hearing the soundtrack for this movie. ^___^

So my question is, what kind of music can we expect in this new movie? Alexander Courage’s classic theme is played beautifully in the trailer, so will other themes from the movies and T.V. shows show up as well? (Especially scores from Jerry Goldsmith?) Or will it be completely original?

79. James H. Montgomery - January 24, 2008

Hey, JJ-
Way big fan of yours, Man!

Here’s my question-
How difficult is it to take on not only a humongous franchise, but an established one with a long history beyond the origin story you are crafting- You know, how do you create that element of dire peril for characters that on some level we know will make it through whatever you throw at them because they have a five year mission or two to get through- as canon flies?


80. Steve - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

First, I wanted to say thank you for helping to bring back one of the greatest franchises of all time! Based on the teaser for the film, this will be a fantastic piece of film!

I have two questions for you.

First, how difficult has it been to create a film that will not only satisfy mainstream audiences while also satisfying “Star Trek” aficionados?

Second, what other influences other than the original version from the “Star Trek” TV show went into the redesigned Enterprise for the new film?

Again, thanks for returning “Trek” to the big screen. Hope that it is a success!

Steve from North Carolina

81. newman - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

will the uniforms retain the same colour scheme as those from the original series? (i.e. gold for command & operations, blue for science & medical, and red for engineering & security)

82. Aussie Battler - January 24, 2008

As a huge fan of both Lost and Alias, i’ve become quite familiar with you’re distinct way of storytelling. Has this multi plot, often non linear treatment been given to Star Trek? And is there a way to deliver a deeply interwoven plot with Star Trek?

83. m aspill - January 24, 2008

cawley said in his film to spock about comin up with plan B spok says what did u do before u met me and kirk says i made sure plan A always worked i think its a great line and shows an intimate moment between them with humour can u put that line in the film please ??

84. Dr. Image - January 24, 2008

Given the massive and knowledgeable existing talent pool which had made Star Trek a reality for so many years in TV and film, are you using any of these creative individuals from any of the former incarnations of Trek, and if so, who are they and what are they contributing to the production?
PS- Cloverfield was brilliant. Congrats!

85. Rob Christopher - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

You are a visionary, and as a lifetime fan of the Star Trek universe, I would like to welcome you!

Since you came on board, most of us have wondered about the Starfleet side of the movie. I’ve learned enough about who, what, when, and where for my appetite to be satisfied…well, almost.

My question is this: can you give us any information about Eric Bana’s character, the villain Nero, and his “henchmen?” Anything you could give me would probably satisfy me until the full trailer comes out.

Again, welcome, and thank you for your genius!

86. Rick - January 24, 2008

Will this film have a mixture of a style and feel of the original series like the first season with the way they used music, lighting, sound, color along with the scope of say the first Star Trek film?

87. Katie G. - January 24, 2008

Is it true that the cast is signed up for three Trek movies? Any hopes of segueing this into a series?

88. Eldacar - January 24, 2008

Will there be a TOS style Fist Fight????
Complete with the music, which could be ‘modernised’? =)

89. Michael Lee - January 24, 2008

JJ —

I’m as curious (and excited) about this film as a JJ Abrams film as much as I am as a Star Trek film. Are there things about this film that would be recognizable as part of the “Bad Robot” brand of TV and Film like Alias, Lost, and Cloverfield as much as there are things that are recognizably Star Trek? How is your own identity as a creator brought to something with a legacy like Star Trek?

90. will henz - January 24, 2008

since this movie is ultimatley going to involve time travel,wouldnt that be the most logical way that you could bring in shatner? regardless that he died in a past?mayb just the fact that spock travels back could be all you really needed that could alter the future.what are your thoughts on that possibility.
thanx for your time jj

91. VOODOO - January 24, 2008


Assuming that part of the film is set post TNG was there(or is there) ever any thought of including Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard in some way?

Best of luck

92. Kigs - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
As a young and sucessful in Holloywood, you are doing what most “Trekkies” would love to do- ie- be apart of Star Trek. What advice do you have for a newbie to the acting world whose ultimate goal is to live Mr. Roddenberry’s dream and be appart of Statr Trek?

Thanks so much,
Kigs :)

93. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Which of your fine group of actors has suprised you the most? How so?

94. Pragmaticus - January 24, 2008

JJ –

I’m curious about a credit listed for the new film on IMDB.com. One of the stuntmen is listed as a stunt double for Faran Tahir. Faran Tahir is an actor who has appeared on “24” and will be appearing in the new “Iron Man” film. Is Faran Tahir appearing in “Star Trek”? And is Mr. Tahir appearing as Nero’s 2nd henchman or as someone else?

95. ScottDS - January 24, 2008

Dear sir,

Can you describe your approach to the look of the film? Have you and your DP watched other films (Trek or otherwise) for visual reference? Is this film being shot anamorphically or in Super 35?

And is there anything being planned for a Special Edition DVD release? I know it’s early but I hope the WGA strike isn’t stopping you guys from doing interviews, commentary, etc.

96. Gary - January 24, 2008

It seems obvious that there will be modifications to the original series (eg. the Enterprise, uniforms, weaponry etc.) Will there be a logical explanation for the changes that take place so that it doesn’t negate all that has come before?

97. manrum - January 24, 2008

Mr JJ Abrams:

Mr. JJ Abrams: Does this film change originial the picture by Star Trek? expressed in for bridge and sets? I know in particuarl that the red railing is emotional to the fans, and in me interested included in the future. I believe that this is very important, therefore am surprised I, in which extent this is continuous within the view universe, the Trek always presupposed? Can you describe?



98. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 24, 2008

Will you keep Trek about learning what it means to be human, & not let your stories get so immersed in big special effects?

99. Sci-Fi Bri - January 24, 2008

JJ, my ‘main dude’, how bummed are you about the writer’s strike affecting Lost season 4?

JJ, my ‘main dude’, you asked for the Star Trek project, no small undertaking with a lot of stress. What do you get out of it?

100. SirMartman - January 24, 2008

Is this the last time we will see Mr Nimoy play the part of ,,, “Spock” ?

Are there any plans at all to bring Mr Shatner back somehow ,,sometime?,

101. CanuckLou - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams, the teaser forged a link from our present to a possible future.

Will ST XI strive to continue that be being as real, dramatic and storytelling concerns aside, as possible?

By this I mean no cheap storytelling devices through the use of Trekbabble or cliched characters.

Thank You

102. manrum - January 24, 2008

Also will there be the IDO coupon, which is available for the international release?



103. Xai - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams,
A happy new year to you. Will there be a novelization of the film and will it publish prior to the movie release? I highly recommend Alan Dean Foster.

104. Greg Stamper - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
Thus far during filming, have you felt confined by the restrictions placed on you due to the current Writer’s Strike?

105. Ryan McNutt - January 24, 2008

Hello sir,

No offense to the Original Series or its fans, I have always been more of a Next Generation fan. My question is this: What will you do to ensure that fans of Star Trek The Next Generation feel as though the movie respects that series as much as the one that preceded it? Thanks!

106. Lostrod - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Thanks for taking our questions.

Having personally watched Star Trek in all it’s incarnations since it’s original premier on NBC, the universe it exists in has such a comforting familiarity to it. I’m anticipating your new movie almost like a class reunion – a chance to revisit old friends.

My question is how were you introduced to Star Trek and how familiar were you with it’s universe when you were chosen to take over the franchise?

107. Josh - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams, can you give us any clue as to what the new uniforms look like?

Can you tell use when the teaser will be and will it reveal ANYTHING about the plot, since we haven’t had much of… well… anything right now?

How will this movie impact the known Trek Universe, such as DS9, Voyager, TNG?

108. Chryse87 - January 24, 2008

Going further into the future (when compared to TNG, DS9, VOY) would have allowed you more freedom when determining the overall look of the picture, as well as the direction you could take your story in. So why did you decide to go back to TOS?

109. Captain Chase - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

In the Star Trek episode, called the The Menagerie, Part I, we know that Captain Kirk, met the second Captain of the Constitution Class Enterprise, known as Captain Christopher Pike. Kirk said they met when Pike was promoted to Fleet Captain. When the films completed, will there be a scene where Pike is given an upper level rank?

110. Adam Grima (Sydney, Australia) - January 24, 2008

JJ, if you could name one thing that has been the most challenging aspect of taking on this project, what would it be and why?

Also, we have rarely seen Australia get a nod in the “Trek Universe” before. Is there any chance of featuring an Aussie character on Star Trek in the future (in the interest if cultural diverity of course)?

111. VOODOO - January 24, 2008


I understand that William Shatner expressed to you (heard you mention it on the Stern show) that he didn’t want to make a cameo in the film.

Did you offer him a cameo? If not what were your initial talks with him about?

Is there any chance (you most likely can’t answer this question either way) that the Kirk character can be given a better ending than he received in Generations even w/out Shatner in the film?

Best Wishes,

112. star trackie - January 24, 2008

Like yourself, I’m a huge fan of the classic Twilight Zone. Any plans to bring some of that wonderful trademark “Zone” eeriness to Trek? I think some of TOS, like The Man Trap (Salt Vampire) would have made a great ZOne or Outer Limits episode.

Best of luck!

113. Jerry Seward - January 24, 2008

From a longtime fan of the Uhura character – J.J., will we finally hear Uhura’s first name of Nyota mentioned on screen?

Thanks for letting us live the adventure once more!! Can’t wait for the hope and the philosophy that was so much a part of Mr. Roddenberry’s vision! Continued success, sir!

114. Adam - January 24, 2008

Hi, my question has to do with Leonard Nimoy’s role. Most die-hards have already seen Spock in a TNG-era world. Is it possible that LN will be bringing Spock full-circle and he is dying at the usual Vulcan age of 200 (bringing the time to around 2430s)? If there is a possibility of seeing an infant Spock and a TOS-era Spock, is this the result of some degenerative Vulcan mind meld?

115. Anthony Thompson - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams,

How will you combine the epic scope that your movie apparently aspires to with the small, intimate character moments which are prized from the original series?

Best of luck to you and the success of the film!

116. Andrew Overlord - January 24, 2008

Has the studio pressured or questioned you about any of your choices, or are they pretty hands-off?

117. Freddie Wise - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I am 19 years old and a college student. To tell you the truth, I have no idea where my life is headed, and have gone back and forth between majors, but I have never felt comfortable with any of them because they don’t inspire me. I’m currently enrolled in political science but I don’t dream of being a politician! There is one thing that does inspire me though, one thing I HAVE dreamt about: working on a Star Trek film or series. Enough with my background, here is my question: How would you recommend I go about achieving this dream? What did you go through to become a successful Director/Producer?

Thank you,

Freddie Wise

p.s. I LOVED Cloverfield by the way, and I’m very excited to see LOST on TV again!!

118. Christian Malley - January 24, 2008

How will you accomplish compelling drama with the fate of these characters already explained to the fanbase? For example, certain characters we know will not die. How does that impact the writing in this film?

119. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

What aspects of making ‘Star Trek’ have been more challenging than your previous movies?

120. Kevin - January 24, 2008

My Question:

Mr. Abrams, I know that you cannot give away too many details in regards to the plot, but I was just wondering how much of Starfleet Academy could we expect to see in the upcoming film? Will we get to see Kirk when he is attending the Academy? Also, Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison are set to play Kirk’s parents – any chance that we might see Kirk’s brother in the movie as well?

Thank you very much for your time.


121. Hon. David Kulessa - January 24, 2008

If this film is very successful, do you see another television series being made of Star Trek?

122. Eric Butow - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

In reading Stephen Whitfield’s book “The Making of Star Trek” I was struck by Gene Roddenberry’s insistence on believability in Star Trek — that what was happening could actually happen in the future, given 1960s knowledge and sensibilities.

How do you approach making your vision of Star Trek believable for an early 21st century audience?

Eric Butow

123. Anthony Pascale - January 24, 2008


You can also submit questions to Bob Orci, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk…who will all join in. You can try and ask questions of cast members, but it isn’t for sure they will be able to drop by.

If your question does not have a name attached to it…it is assumed to be for Abrams…if you want someone else to answer it make a note like


124. Stanky McFibberich - January 24, 2008

Will the bridge railing be red and if not, what color will it be?

125. Joe - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams, would you ever produce Star Trek on television?


126. cwest75 - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Just wanted to say thank u for brinking back the excitement and fun of Star Trek to the big screen.

My question is that will the Enterprise become an actual character that crew cares about like it use to be in the early serise and original cast films?

127. Andrew Overlord - January 24, 2008

Without giving away the plot, will it be possible to do a sequel to this story, or will it be a one-time, impossible-to-return story?

How long do you predict this film will be? over or under 2 hours?

128. Dory - January 24, 2008

How did you approach the task of recasting already well-known trek roles?

129. Federali Aundy - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I am very, very, VERY excited about the new movie. Will it be true to Gene’s (rather insane) idea that technology/communistic society has “saved” mankind, or will it take a more realistic (and very Deep Space Nine-ish) view of fallen man that is still struggling with inner turmoil, guilt, general hardships, and trials?

130. DC - January 24, 2008

When does this film take place in relation to the two original pilots, The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before? Also, did you take this into consideration when it came to designing the sets and costumes and such?

131. Matt Thomas - January 24, 2008

Since us Star Trek fans are obsessed with detail and enjoy a larger than life film expierence, are you planning on shooting any part of the movie using IMAX cameras?

132. The Man from Saskatoon - January 24, 2008

What has been the single biggest challenge for you in bringing your vision of Star Trek to the screen? What do you imagine will be the biggest reward for you when it all comes together?

133. VOODOO - January 24, 2008


TOS focused mostly on the big three (Kirk,Spock, McCoy) while the shows that followed were more of an ensemble piece. Will the secondary characters (Scotty,Sulu, Uhura..etc) have similar roles to that of TOS or will they have more central roles such as the secondary characters in TNG?

134. John D. - January 24, 2008

Hey JJ.
Your movie looks to be an incredible re-imagination of the Star Trek universe. Will this move simply be a stand-alone representation of your take on Star Trek, or is this production an intention to lead Star Trek in a completely new direction, (i.e. movies and t.v. series) like the TNG era led to DS9, VOY, and the last 4 films?

135. Paul - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
3 quick questions and i will be content till December(ok most likely lying about that but i;m trying to be a good sport here.)

1.) Will we see any Klingons?(and if so will they be bumpy headed?)

2.) Will Pine-as-Kirk at some point rip his shirt in a fight?

and finally, the most burning question of all:

3.) Will there be miniskirts on the female members of the Enterprise crew?

136. Capes - January 24, 2008

At this point, what would you do differently if you could start this project over?



137. Rururu Arfo - January 24, 2008


I, like many others, am a huge fan of TNG and the universe that has been built around the series. Are you able to comment on whether the new Star Trek movie will, with its time travel elements, effectively reboot this universe as we know it?

138. Ban An Appeal - January 24, 2008

JJ…When the time comes will I see your vision of Trek’s future on Blu-ray or HD-DVD (after I see it in the theatre several times, of course)?

139. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

What did you like most about previous Trek incarnations? What did you like least (and presumably try to avoid in your film)?

140. Fox - January 24, 2008

Hi Mr Abrams!

Older Spock, back to the past, Starfleet Academy, spacial adventure, etc… Maybe it´s much information… It´s a very long film?

Sorry, my english is terrifying xD

Saludos desde España

141. Aragorn189 - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams

Although I’m looking foward in anticipation to the film, I have a few questions.

1. How close are the uniforms and props to the originals? I’ve heard rumor that they closely resemble the originals. Also how is the sound design, is it going to be similar to the originals, a hybrid of the original and TNG, or something entirely new?

2. The Enterprise looks great, a good hybrid of the original and the Movie era designs. When are you going to release the first beauty shot of the ship?

3. When are we going to see our first shot of the cast in costume and is it going to be shot on the new bridge so we can see that?

4. Is the trailer footage going to be in the film and if not, can you make sure it gets in the DVD release special feature extras?

Hope you can answer these questions. I look forward to the film with great anticipation. No matter what you do, its the story that’s key. As long as the spirit is there and some similarity to original design (even so, this doesn’t matter to me, just thinking of seeing these characters again on the big screen give me a rush), I plan to see this film. Again thanks for your time to answer these questions and good luck with the rest of production.

142. Robert Saint John - January 24, 2008

J.J., could you talk about the casting outside of the “core crew”? I was really impressed with the choices you made for the crew, avoiding (intentionally?) the temptation to cast really big names for Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc. (no disrespect to them intended). Did you feel — perhaps with your Producer hat on — that Names like Ryder, Bana, Cross and Perry were needed for marketing balance, as a draw? And should there be any concern that the more familiar faces will yank the viewer out, or is that simply a Hollywood reality type risk you have to take? Thank you and very best of luck!

143. T2 - January 24, 2008

An important component of Star Trek is its slow-paced yet wide-scale ship-to-ship battles, will we be seeing the new Enterprise in any and if so, have you put a new twist on the weapons?

144. Andrew Overlord - January 24, 2008

Given the difficulty of making something new from something old, how is a project like this different from a totally original project? Is it more stressful / time-consuming / etc?

145. Daoud - January 24, 2008

JJ , someone’s already asked the “novelization question”, but I’m wondering:


Roddenberry’s “The Making of Star Trek” was almost a textbook for us in the 70’s, seeing someone have a “The Re-Making of (gulp) or “Re-Assembling Star Trek” would be a very useful book to have out early in 2009 (and save you from answering many many question for forever… then again….)

146. J.W. Alexander - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

First off, I agree with your decision to not cast William Shatner… he’s dead per canon and to “just throw him in” wouldn’t make sense structurally. It’s unfortunate you’ve been forced to endure a light browbeating over the issue.

Ok… question(s):

Is the intention of this film to literally become a “reboot” of the franchise, and if so, are there any current plans or concepts for follow-up projects using the same actors/characters? Or is this a one-shot deal that is to be left open-ended?

I’m becoming increasingly excited over the project and look forward to its eventual release. The franchise has been in dire need of a defibrillation for some time and am glad we have someone capable handling that task.


147. Balock - January 24, 2008

When are you gong to fire the guys who changed the exterior of TOS Enterprise?

148. Rick - January 24, 2008

Wil there be an Imax version of this film?

149. John from Cincinnati - January 24, 2008

J.J. – Do you plan on making a series of TOS era movies? TOS has always been my personal favorite and I commend you a thousand times over for going back to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

150. Michael (the real one in Texas, by way of Afghanistan) - January 24, 2008

I am a big fan of yours, but also of your friend and so called good luck charm, Greg Grunberg.
Can you tell us if he will make an appearance, and if so perhaps a hint as to his part ????

151. Lord CheeseCakeBreath - January 24, 2008

Originally each ship had their own symbol. The symbol for the Enterprise eventually became the symbol for Starfleet. Will the reason for this be touched upon in the new film?

I really appreciate you glancing over this. Best of Luck and thanks for bringing STAR TREK back to life!!!

Eric T Seaman XI.3121.3

152. The Haggard - January 24, 2008

When I worked for the BNSF Railroad, I learned that the company really did not like to hire “rail fans,” because they let the romanticism of the train get in the way of working and doing their job.

How have you taken “fan”-workers into Star Trek’s production? Do team members who are fans help or hinder the production that you are steering to your vision?

153. Mawazitus - January 24, 2008


Seriously, how often do you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming? A dyed-in-the-wool Trekker getting the opportunity to add to the mythos. It must be awesome. How many pages of ideas do you already have for the sequels? :-)

154. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Orci,

To what extent did you rewrite dialog following the casting of the main players and/or the rehearsals? Whose dialog was revised most, and why?

155. The Vulcanista - January 24, 2008

FOR ANY CAST MEMBER (or anyone else, for that matter):

What’s your favorite on-set moment so far? Best on-set prank? (Answers expected to be spoiler free, of course!)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

156. Abraham Theos - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

How did you and/or your writers conduct your research for the big E? Do you have a favorite set of technical manuals or blueprints and if so, which are they?

157. Petey - January 24, 2008

To any of the cast and crew of Star Trek:

Thank you for all your reassurances to the fans thus far and for keeping the level of secrecy on the project just right. As you are well aware, Star Trek is a universal phenomenon. I was wondering if any one of you or your colleagues would be open to attending the movie’s international premier in Singapore? It would truly be an honor for us to host you.

Thank you for giving new life to Star Trek.

Peter Lin

158. Mawazitus - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I’m a third generation Trekker. My 80+ year old grandfather loves the original series. My mother and my older brother are also big original series fans. I grew up with Star Trek on the television. The Next Generation was and is my true Star Trek passion, but I love them all. How will your film speak to all four of us?


159. Cor-El - January 24, 2008

Will you be using the original star trek music theme from the movies (minus the quirky TOS theme)? (I really hope you do, that fanfare sends chills up my spine whenever seen on the big screen just like the Star Wars theme).

Will there be references to any of the other star trek time periods i.e. TNG or ENT? Spock does supposedly come from the 24th century i.e. TNG era will we get a glimpse of that? Perhaps a starship from that era with a JJ feel. Perhaps even the 1701-E (wishful thinking). I really hope there are references to especially TNG.

If there are more trek movies after this perhaps can you somehow work in Shatner for those? I mean come on..it is the Shat and it is Sci-Fi, anyting can happen!

Other than that really excited! ENGAGE!

160. Cor-El - January 24, 2008

If there are more Trek movies would you consider doing a TNG movie? I think they had immense potential but were mishandled.

161. Katie G. - January 24, 2008

Orci, Abrams, et al:

How did you gentlemen end up coming together to do this?

162. Gene - January 24, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams:

Just curious, and maybe you could clear up an issue that is causing a lot of debate. If a part for Mr. Shatner was not written in the script and therefore not a part of the story..then why was he contacted as to possibly participating in the project early on?


163. Data_Lives_in_B4 - January 24, 2008

A genie grants you one wish:

You can take full control to resurrect any American TV or film franchise.

What would it be and what would you do with it (and why)?

164. Steven - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams, the teaser was brilliant i cant wait for the movie. I have two questions when can we expect to see official photos of the cast and the next trailer? Also do you expect there to be more Star Trek movies made by you and your gang?

I hope you do make more in this incarnation because it is the one that everybody associates Star Trek with and it would be dissapointing to think that there will only be one.

165. Gd846c3 - January 24, 2008


In the outstanding teaser trailer, one thing that caught my attention in particular was the music, excluding the TOS theme. Was this music composed by Giacchino or was this something found for the trailer. At any rate, it was absolutely awesome. Good luck on the movie, and I look forward to seeing it on Christmas.

Jacksonville, FL

166. T Negative - January 24, 2008

When you hired Chris Pine to play Captain Kirk what TOS episodes did you recommend he watch to serve as inspiration or as a basis for how to play the character??

Even if you didn’t suggest any I would recommend he watch “Return of the Archons” “The Doomsday Machine” and “A Taste of Armageddon” These episodes capture the true “essence” of Kirk. :-)

167. shuttlepod10 - January 24, 2008

Will you be having a cameo in the movie?

168. KirkTrekModeler - January 24, 2008

J.J., Robert, et al “Are you burdened by the shear weight of what you’re taking on and how history and trek fandom, in particular, will judge your work. Have you explained to the actors the type microscope they’re under with this project and have you had any perspective actors turn down the role for fear of typecasting. or the weight of fandom ?

169. Will.I.Am - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
I was wondering, being a student/trekkie, how you plan to reach out to kids that have this idea that, “Star Trek is for nerds?”
William Y.

170. RoobyDoo - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Do you still shake the camera and have the actors pretend to fall when the Enterprise is hit, or is there a cooler way to do this when you have $130 mil to play with. ;-)

171. nyxtreme - January 24, 2008


With the scenario involving the older Spock meeting with the younger Spock, and possibility of meeting the younger Kirk, would there be a scene that would somehow let the younger Kirk know about his “future” fate? I personally believe that this storyline can give a possibility of Kirk truly cheating the ultimate Kobaiyashi Maru test – knowing his own death, thereby preparing to cheat death, when he faces it! Now, that would truly be amazing!!! Thank you

172. Katie G. - January 24, 2008

When did you embark on your “mission” to be in the movie business? Was it right from high-school into college or later? How did you get your start?

173. Chad Pendergrast - January 24, 2008

HI JJ has there been times when you where filming a scene and have a cool idea for a line of dialog that you feel might work better than what is scripted but can’t do anything about it because of the writers strike? Has this at all effect the production of startrek at all? Thanks

174. The Haggard - January 24, 2008

The Enterprise in the teaser seems to have some elements from the fan art of Gabe Kroener. In fact, some parts seem identical to Mr. Kroener’s work. Is Gabe Kroener part of the design team on the new Enterprise? Did his re-envisioned Enterprise influence the new ship?

175. shuttlepod10 - January 24, 2008

To JJ – Will we see any characters in the movie that are all CG like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movie?

176. MJ - January 24, 2008

Have any of you guys (Bob Orci, Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, JJ Abrams and any cast members who might show up) watched any of the fan films produced by Star Trek: New Voyages, and if so, what did you think?

177. Katie G. - January 24, 2008


Will Michael Westmore be designing/supervising the make-up for you? (I’d love to ask him questions about his famous family and their history in the biz.)

178. Devon - January 24, 2008

J.J. – At Comic Con, and perhaps at a couple of places since, you had mentioned that growing up you were more of a Star Wars fan then, while a casual fan of the original Star Trek series, I believe.

I’m just wondering if you could tell us how you came into getting the new “Star Trek” movie and what interested you in doing a Trek Movie? Did the fact that Orci and the others were already Trek Fans help you in your decision to take the project and bring them on board?

179. Wes - January 24, 2008

How much will the new film incorporate TOS’s corniness that TRUE Star Trek fans watch and love? Or will the film not incorporate the corny TOS aspects at all?

180. Harry Ballz - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams

I’ve always been a big fan of “tingle” moments in Star Trek.

As an example in TNG’s Yesterday’s Enterprise when Picard says, “let’s make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise”….

The first time I saw that it sent a shiver up my spine….

How many “tingle” moments like that do you anticipate us experiencing in the new film?

181. Wingsley - January 24, 2008

Hello, Mr. Abrams & Co.,

Rumors on the internet suggest that this new movie with be a “Battlestar Galactica” -style “re-imagination” of “Star Trek”, with the characters, events, and conventions of the show being re-constituted from scratch. Is this true?

If so, will principles such as the Prime Directive, ideals of peaceful exploration, and the honorable nature of the Federation and Starfleet be evident in this “strange, new world”? If the new movie is not a re-make, and is intended instead to be a part of the “classic Star Trek”, what care have you taken to make the characters, their principles and their “history” is in keeping with the Kirk, Spock, and Enterprise we’ve known for over 40 years?

182. Wes - January 24, 2008

How many extras are involved in the making of this film? and when will you be finished filming?

183. tman - January 24, 2008

Appreciate your thoughts on the risks and motivations of introducing elements of time travel in this first film “Star Trek”. Certainly time travel is nothing new to star trek and gives you some possibilities in story, but if your goal is to bring in a general audience unfamiliar to the show and previous movies, how do introduce them to the world of the Federation, the characters and their dynamics, starships and aliens AND throw things like time travel at them and expect them to invest in those characters, world and story. “Star Wars” (1977) has many thematic and design elements (costumes, names, etc) with which people can immediately relate so there’s less to digest as they try to grasp what’s going on on-screen and connect with the characters and story. Do you try to do anything like that?

184. Andrew Abate - January 24, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams –
Are you planning to use the viral sites “method” with Enterprise as you did with Cloverfield to promote the movie? Also, any idea when “Roar” (The Cloverfield Overture) will be released on itunes/download?

185. Bryan - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams:

Thank you for your attention to the online fan audience.
Do you have a preference for CGI over practical FX (or vice versa), and are you able to express this preference in STAR TREK, or does it demand one approach over another by virtue of its scale?

186. Gibnerd - January 24, 2008

Random script question… what is the 10th word on the 10th page of the ST script?

187. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''SOLDIERS OF PAWNS'') - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams: Would you characterize your approach and your vision of Star Trek to be much like the old saying when getting married? ”Something old, something new, something borrowed…” and so on?

Secondly, as it has become painfully obvious, the technological advances we’ve seen since the 1960’s make it difficult to stay of the future, even at the ”speed of imagination.” Would you say your story is more about the people than the science fiction?

188. Cor-El - January 24, 2008

If old Spock meets young Kirk could he perhaps in a moment of Vulcan weakness and old age warn young Kirk about his fate on the bridge of that planet so as to avoid it and live in the 24th century. This way you can bring back many elements in future movies including The Shat, TNG, Spock et al.

189. Chris Clow - January 24, 2008

For Mr. Lindelof:

Is there any sort of progress on Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk?

190. Battletrek - January 24, 2008

How many visual effects shots will there be in the new movie?

191. sean - January 24, 2008

how did you approach visual special affects that we very much associated with trek, in terms of giving it a fresh look / feel, like the transporter look/sound, phaser beams/photon torpedoes and all that stuff…..because during the trailer you can definately hear the ‘beam me up’ sound remixed….was just wondering if that was a taste of the different sounds and looks we ll see that has been updated other than the physical stuff like the ship or actors.

192. Doug - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams, thanks to you and your crew for reviving “Star Trek.” As you may have guessed, we TREK fans want it all. A great story; great acting; believability; and some links to what we grew up with; you know, the works.

What’s been your favorite aspect of the film production? Any chance of getting Mr. Shatner (without appearing too fanboy-ish)? What is the most daunting aspect of taking on a classic? Was it difficult to assemble a “new” classic crew?

Thanks again.

193. Kruzher - January 24, 2008

JJ, DYNOMITE!, oops wrong JJ.

Seriously now, how about having your current cast dress up in original series uniforms and have them pose on the replica Enterprise bridge at the Long Beach exhibit for a picture? It would be a cool way for the fans to get a sence of what’s to come latter on when the movie comes out without revealing the new look you are going for until then.

And, where did you say the blue prints for the “new” Enterprise are posted?

194. Jason Mansour - January 24, 2008

This is to anyone of you. do u think that because of the writers strike and u guys unable to make changes to the script..do u think that is overall going to affect how well the movie will do in theaters?

195. EHH - January 24, 2008

Why did you use welders in the teaser trailer? I’m just curious.

196. Rod - January 24, 2008

Is the Enterprise, as shown in the teaser, the same as it will appear in the movie? i.e. will it have gone through a couple of refits for the movie as ‘Star Trek’ history has already revealed?

To Karl Urban: Go, mate! You’re along way from ‘Out Of The Blue’ now, eh?


(Dunedin, New Zealand)

197. Jason Mansour - January 24, 2008

MR. Abrams…do u think there will be a 12th Star Trek film and if there is would u consider being a part of it also in writing/directing/producing it? and if u did do one would it be a continuation of the current revitalized startrek with the same crew or would you do something different but still being startrek?

198. Pete359 - January 24, 2008

In the teaser trailer we got a taste of the classic TOS score as well as the original transporter sound effect. In the new movie will we treated to audio homages to TOS, perhaps not exact, but in the same vein?


199. David O'Shea - January 24, 2008

JJ, Wondering here. Are you going to or have orchestrial rights to use some of the 60’s tv background music to give it a bit of the time periods flare, (besides the opening score),but yet have a bit of modern feel to it?
Becasue for example using Spock’s mind meld music or Kirks romance like sweets would be kewl and give the new acters on screen a retro/saluteing homage to the show. Since Enterprise was to take place before Star Trek with Kirk and Spock. I felt the show left out a bit of continuety musicaly.

dave o
good luck :-)

200. stallion (Archer is the best) - January 24, 2008

Is any reference to Enterprise going to make it in the new movie? Granted Enterprise wasn’t perfect but I wouldn’t call it a total lost.

201. Bill - January 24, 2008

Why…….can’t you……find a way, to put……Kirk, in this movie?
After all……its only……..Sci Fi. And anything………can happen.
Where……there’s…….a will……..there’s a way!

202. AJ - January 24, 2008


What MPAA rating are you shooting for? Are merchandising tie-ins planned on a grand scale to bring in a younger audience for the long haul a la Star Wars?

203. Tarkovski2008 - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams —

Describe your process for coming up with the concept and tone for this film.

Did you have some pre-existing spark of an idea in the back of your head about what your Trek would be or did the story evolve through working with your writers on the script once you agreed to helm the film?


204. Chris Roberts - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams as a long time fan of Star Trek who was also a big fan of Alias I want to say how glad I am this will fit Into cannon Instead of throwing everything out.I am curious If any other charcters from the Cgae/Where No Man has gone before will be In the film.
Also how big Is rachel Nichols’s role?
Mr Lindolof I am a recent Convert to Lost and after Smallville and Heroes think it Is the best thing on TV.You have been desribed as a die hard fan of Star Trek I was curious If you have seen all the series,and IS the original one your favorate?
Mr Orci as a Die hard fan of DS9 and one who has come to enjoy Enterprise after giving up on It originally Might there be something to honor both shows.

I want to thank you all for your work In reviving Star trek,and I look forward to It as well as Lost Season 4.

205. Jon S - January 24, 2008

I noticed in the trailer that the engines of the redesigned Enterprise have spinning turbines. Will this lead to the same ‘spinning light’ effect the original Enterprise had? Also, will the Enteprise go into warp with the same familiar ‘warp flash’? And, finally, will we get to see the Enterprise in battle?

206. Chirs M - January 24, 2008

How do you think the hardcore Star Trek fans are going to react to this movie?

Cause I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but everything I have read and seen over the past 16 months or so has convinced me that this is going to be an awesome movie!

207. Erehwonnz - January 24, 2008

For Mr. Abrams,
What real world or historical influences have influenced you in the creation of your film?

For Mr. Orci,
Has writing for this film brought you any new realizations or insights about Trek, its stories, or the people who have worked to bring it to life?

208. Thomas - January 24, 2008

I have two questions, both regarding casting:
1. Did any of you among the production team take any heat for casting Simon Pegg as Scotty, as opposed to the actor fans were pushing for, Paul McGillion?
2. For me personally, perhaps the most surprising bit of casting news was learning that Winona Ryder had been cast as Amanda. I was wondering how she came to be involved in this project.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

209. indranee - January 24, 2008

Dear JJ,

Do you feel Pine, Quinto and Urban have that legendary TOS “triad” chemistry between the three of them, or do you find yourself trying to manufacture it? I understand that some of it will of course have to be “scripted/acted”, but please tell us if it exists at all between them? I feel that it’s a “must have” if the movie is to be a success. After all, this is Kirk/Spock/Bones we’re talking about, right?!

All the best to you and your crew. Can’t wait for 12/25/08!


210. Justin Olson - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Every great movie starts with a great script… Nicholas Meyer wrote and directed what I consider to be one of the best Sci-Fi films of all time (Star Trek II).

Mr. Meyer attended your bar mitzvah and is a friend of your father’s. Have you spoken with him about the script/movie? Has he or might he be visiting the set at some point? He always seemed to “get” Star Trek better than just about anyone else involved with the various movies.

A lot of fans, myself included, would love to know what he thinks about the project and Kurtzman’s, Orci’s and your specific take on it. Thank you!


Justin Olson

211. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 24, 2008

What’s the dynamic like on your team?

We in the public tend to think of you functioning as a unit, and, whether we term it the Abrams Five, the Supreme Court, or (to use an Orci-approved term) KABOL (although I think BALOK would work better), it’s hard to tell who’s thinking what and why back there and how the ideas bounce around.

So, who thinks what and why back there in KABOL? How do the ideas bounce around?

A far less important question, but one that will help the tech-heads at the TrekBBS: Is the teaser canon? If so, how thick is the saucer section of the teaser’s Enterprise at the *rim* of said saucer? Some of the more skilled schematics-persons have been trying to work out the measurements, and the figures are coming out at anywhere between two decks and seven, with wildly varied measurements in meters. This is causing great consternation.

Finally, will the Lost season premiere be excellent?

212. ferndawg1972 - January 24, 2008

Mr. Nimoy,

It is nearly unprecedented for an actor to play and be associated with a part for nearly 45 years. In that time your character has had so many different character arcs, dealing and coming to grips with his human half, his differencies with his father, transitioning from an Starfleet officer to an ambassador, and even dieing and returning to life! You truly have covered the spectrum with this character. What do you see in the script and what really interests you to come back once more to play Spock? What is it that you feel you can bring to Spock in this movie that we haven’t necessarily seen before?

213. Ban An Appeal - January 24, 2008

JJ…How long was the line-up of “big name celebrities” when you were casting the film (Shat not included)?

P.S. Looking forward to seeing Grunberg in a red shirt.

214. Cap'n Calhoun - January 24, 2008

What makes Star Trek stand apart for you from other space-based science fiction such as Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars (or whatever your choice of space sci-fi)?

What do you feel makes this movie uniquely Star Trek?

I’m taking it as a given that the Star Trek theme music will be utilized (at least in part) in the movie. (The trailer would seem to confirm this.) But at this point the Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme (AKA the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme) seems as iconic as the actual show theme. Will Michael Giacchino also be building on any of the themes that Jerry Goldsmith or other musicians added for the Star Trek films?

You say that this movie is designed for a broad audience and not just a “Star Trek” audience. But that’s the exact same thing that the producers have said about every one of these movies as far back as I can remember. In the case of Nemesis in particular, this turned out to not necessarily be a good thing. What makes this any different?

(And thank you for not spouting the other cliche that I always hear: “The villian is our new ‘Khan'”.)

215. Yammer - January 24, 2008

This is for the screenwriters. Mssrs Orci and Kurtzman:

Have you taken anything from the novels? My dream Trek movie would be an adaption of Diane Duane, whos Trek novels combine hard SF with vivid elaborations of the classic characters, and are so well written that they are totally unembarassing to read in public.


Yammer in Vancouver

216. steve adams - January 24, 2008

Mr Abrams, are there alot of spaceship battles and do we see how Pike gets disfigured?

217. modesto! - January 24, 2008

To jj abarams
First thank you for taking my questions
what drew you to make a new star trek film, especially making this one from the orignal series, and how did you get to convince the studio to do it?Also I saw james crawley ‘s interview and he was mighty impressed I wonder what did you see in him that convinced him that this movie was working with him being a star trek purists. But of all I want to thank you for bringing star trek back on the map from what I seen and heard you are the right and genorous man to do this!I wish you all the sucess in the future Im a huge star trek fan and its great to have someone that has respect for a show and its creator , taking good care of this movie!!

218. Allynd Dudnikov - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams:

When are we going to see pictures a full cast shot?

219. 3MPL - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr Abrams,

Will all of your Star Trek aliens have human eyes? Will we get the feeling, that The Federation (and Starfleet) consists of many (different) species? To sum up, will there be any CGI used for characters?

220. Paul Paz y Mino - January 24, 2008

Hundreds of Star Trek fans and human rights activists are concerned about your prevalence to “justify” torture in your other projects (meaning the “good guys” in Alias and Lost torture people). How do you respond to their open letter at http://trekkies.againsttorture.com/open-letter.html and how do you respond to the critique that 1. this type of storytelling is detrimental to the political situation in the US today (politicians citing “24” as a reason for water boarding, etc) and 2. Star Trek has a clear pro-human rights message and has repeatedly demonstrated its opposition to torture? Thank you.

221. Proxima - January 24, 2008

First off I like to say thank you. News of James Cawley and Chris Doohan being included made my unemployed day. To me it shows you appreciate the fans.

Anyway my first question, will there be any moments that come close to making fans say…”Han shot first!!!”? Of course I’m referring to George Lucas’ revising history by making Han shoot second in the bar scene.

Second, have you considered taking time off in the Adirondacks?

Lastly, ever considered a remake (with update to the date in the title as well) of Space 1999?

222. OR Coast Trekkie - January 24, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I wish you the greatest of success on this film.

I have a series of questions. How well do you know the mindset of the average Trekkie? Did you realize that a large percentage of Star Trek fans would be calling for your head after the trailer’s release because the font face of “Enterprise” is different on your ship than on the tv show? Did you realize that in this forum, you would spark a heated debate over whether or not the Enterprise was built on earth or in space?

Now that you do know that many Star Trek fans consider button color (what you and I would consider to be minutia) a holy, sacred and meaningful part of their childhood; does this at all change how you approach making this film? How much more stressful does that make it for you if your answer to that question is “yes”?

Finally, is this going to be a “movie?” You have quite a few people in here expecting this to be a 130 minute orignal series tv show…

For the record: Star Trek needs new life and new breath. I fully support you taking this baby and making it yours.

223. Jimm Johnson - January 24, 2008

Ask JJ about meeting James Cawley – see if he really knows who Cawley is. I hear Cawley sent in an audition tape filmed by his D.P. Scott Moody and was picked that way, not by JJ seeing James on the lot and asking him to appear. The way I hear it is that James was on the lot and had ALREADY been cast. He wasn’t cast “on the spot” nor recognized by JJ outside stage 8/9. Confront the LIES!



Two questions:

1.) In your Producer roles, how are you having the history-making production of “Star Trek” documented?

[Examples: Is someone creating behind-the-scenes documentaries? Is a book planned for publication? Is someone taking home movies? Is a blooper reel being created for the general DVD release?]

2.) If the Writer’s Strike ends before filming ends, are you hoping to have Orci & Kurtzman contribute new script work for potential reworked scenes, or even to add additional scenes?

Thanks for your time!

225. Neftoon - January 24, 2008

Obviously there are heaps of questions and I have a couple below, so I don’t expect all if any to be answered.
My first is for JJ, I was quite disappointed that you were unable to find a part for Keri Russell as this would have brought two of my favourite shows Felicity and Star Trek together, any chance she could host a tour of the new enterprise for the dvd/HD release? on a more serious note would you describe this film as a batman begins re-boot, or rather a re-imaging set within a pocket of the fictional universe already there, that doesn’t necessarily always match up continuity wise?

My Second question is for Robert Orci, I know you guys are busy is there any chance of you and Alex Kurtzman doing a commentary for the DVD, I think it would be really interesting to hear the history and evolution of the script.

Lastly is there any chance of a good in-depth feature length making of for the dvd in the same style as the one made for superman returns?
Okay thanks for making star trek, as soon as leonard nimoy was on board I was sold on this film, and let Chris Pine know that I think he is going to make a fine successor to the Shatman.
I’ll be in line on opening day.

226. Dustin Cook - January 24, 2008

With over 600+ hours of established franchise history – how was the decision made on when to set the new film? Or is it the obvious ‘its the original and classic?!’

Also have:

Since production began, we have heard of some celebrity faces being on set – for you all, what has been the biggest “WOW!” monent of doing Star Trek?

227. Blackout - January 24, 2008

Hello, J.J.! Also, greetings to Damon, Bob (hey from DM.net), and Bryan. This question is mainly directed towards J.J. but if you guys have input as well I would love to hear it. I’ll keep my questions short.

A lot of people take a lot of different things from Star Trek, on a lot of different levels. I have my own opinions about things but I’ll keep them to myself for now.

I was wondering what specifically do you think the message of Star Trek is about?

Also, if there is any one thing missing in current Star Trek, what do you think that is?

Now this part after this is just some other thoughts you can skip if you dont have time for them!
Just to let you know, my family is all excited for the movie and think it’s going in a good direction. My mother who watched TOS and is a big fan of Spock thinks the cast looks great and the adjustments to the enterprise were well needed. Same with my dad. My friend who once avoided Star Trek got interested in it because of your teaser linking it to today. Looks like youre catching a broader audience, as is very necessary despite what many fans think. We all enoyed Cloverfield as well, so thanks for getting the ball rolling on that.

228. Josh - January 24, 2008

Yo, if the Klingons are to be in the new movie, are they to have head ridges or are they going to really go old school and look like bronzed Mongolians again? Yes, with Fu Manchus…

One more thing, I grew up with this stuff (I’m only 18), and seriously, whatever direction you take it in, I know it’s going to be awesome. I’m not anal about every detail like your average “trekkie”, whatever the hell that means. I know it’s going to rule no matter what. Rock on, dude.

229. DonQHotay - January 24, 2008

Spock was not Kirk;’s original First Officer. That honor went to Kirk’s best friend at the time, Gary Mitchell. I have heard nothing about the Mitchell character being in the new film; are there any plans to include him?

230. Kynan - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams and whoever else on the team who would like to answer as well.

What do you personally think are the most important aspects of Star Trek in all its incarnations that make it so great?

Ive read about some cool visits to the star trek set from people like Mr.spielberg an Mr. Cruise etc can you tell us any interesting stories about those visits? and who else if anyone has droped in for a visit?

The original cast of Star Trek TOS and the films are legends and have done such great work,and i think the new cast of this film are great choices for this movie.An i wish them all the best.i was just woundering if this film is as great as i believe its going to be how does the cast feel about doing more star trek films? An if any of the cast are there to answer how do they feel in general about becoming a part of star trek?something that has always been great entertainment but also carried with it a great legacy of philosophical an social ideas that have inspired many people in their lives.

Mr. Abrams, do you sit in the captains chair on the Enterprise bridge set whenever you get the chance? you know,just because its cool hahahhhah.

keep up the great work guys. Keep on Treking.

231. Deus - January 24, 2008

Were you somehow inspired by reimagined Battlestar Galactica when you start reimaginating Star Trek?

Thanks from Czech Republic

232. RandyYeoman - January 24, 2008

As a Lostaway, I am wondering if there are going to be any Lost references in the Star Trek (I understand there are some in Cloverfield and there was one in the MI3 credits). Also are the numbers on 1701.com significant like they are on Lost and can we expect more Cloverfield like viral site marketing?

oh and you rock!

233. Sexy Vixen - January 24, 2008

Was there any particular inspiration on why you chose to recast/relaunch the original Star Trek era/cast? Such as any on-line web ventures, comments on Trek-themed message boards, etc? A ‘virtual series’ called ‘Star Trek (Reborn)’ predated your project by about year, and I was just wondering if it, or any other fan-ventures, influenced your decision-making.

234. Cheve - January 24, 2008

Whoa! I can’t go to sleep or I miss this things! 224 questions already!

Greetings from Spain, Please be sure to contact the local fanclubs if ever doing promotion here, we are known to be great hosts to our trek actors, really educate and caring, as well as hard working people.

Its been told several times by star trek actors that they didn’t expect the trek fanbase to be as it is, do you think (or do they) that they (or you) are ready to face the conventions, fan recognition and many other changes in the way you are perceived publicly that may come after the movie?

235. Moomwatcher - January 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams, If you acknowledge the fact that art is not created by committee, but by one person’s vision. How are you dealing with the millions of Star Trek fanatics and their expectations?

236. Visitor1982 - January 24, 2008

Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about bringing a gay character on Star Trek. How do you feel about that? Is homosexuality a non-issue in the Star Trek universe or should it finally be adressed? The previous man who was in charge of the franchise never dared to tackle the issue.

237. Etha Williams - January 24, 2008

Two “number” questions:

Any chance of seeing Number One (from the unaired pilot & The Menagerie) in this film?


Can we expect to see the number 47?

238. AJ - January 24, 2008

JJ et al:

Just how eager was Paramount to get back into the Trek business after the franchise petered out on TV and cinematically? Everyone said “Trek needs a rest,” but it has not been a long one. And the big budget came as a surprising show of faith in this new incarnation. Were there any corporate moments of doubt, or were they just waiting for the CBS thing to happen before the green light?

239. the Guardian of Forever - January 24, 2008

It’s obviously a big responsibility to be faced with grey-areas where nothing has been specifically laid out in legitimate Trek lore, and knowing whatever you create is going to be just as canon as the existing series and films… how do you and your team go about deciding what to do in these instances, and what factors do you consider when making such decisions?

240. FreddyE - January 24, 2008

Star Trek always had characters of different nationalities of earth. We had russians, asians, scotts, french, etc. But there are some nationalities wich for some reason have never been seen. And I don´t mean exotic ones. For example I don´t think we´ve ever seen arabs or germans…both tend to be used as “bad guys” in pretty much all movies and tv-shows. What are your thoughts about this?

241. Robogeek - January 24, 2008

Dear J.J. & Co.,

My mind is swimming in an ocean of questions, but here goes…

1.) How continuity-conscious are you and the film vis-a-vis “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in particular? For example, while it’s known we’ll see Pike, will we see Dr. Boyce and Number One? Similarly, since it’s all but a given that we’ll witness Kirk’s first mission as Captain, will we see Gary Mitchell? If not (or if you can’t say), can you broadly discuss how you approached/addressed these issues/questions?

2.) Obviously this project presented a unique challenge in terms of production design, given the dual imperative to stay true to the original series while reimagining it anew, so I’m wondering… what was your general principle/philosophy regarding how best to strike that balance? What particular element(s) posed the biggest design challenge in that context?

3.) Which role was the hardest to (re)cast? Which performer/performance has surprised you (and/or do you think will surprise audiences) the most?

4.) How do you reconcile redesigns and recasting with existing continuity — if you even do? In other words, how do you have your cake and eat it too? Are the deviations in “look and feel” relative to the original series somehow also acknowledged within the film (for instance, by having it take place in – or even spawn – a parallel universe), or are you just going to ask the audience to go with it? (Someone I know described it along the lines of Marvel’s Ultimates titles.)

5.) Will we get an explanation of how the Enterprise is transported to orbit after being constructed on Earth? ;-)

Many thanks for keeping Gene’s dream alive (and congrats on Cloverfield).

242. shuttlepod10 - January 24, 2008

To JJ and Damon – Will we be seeing any Lost references in the new Trek movie like Dharma as in jokes, etc?

243. Trekee - January 24, 2008

Hi JJ,

is the current level of extreme secrecy going to be maintained right up until the film opens, that is, should we expect to see the cast in uniform or the ship in flight beforehand? If so, is this really possible and also…

why (what ARE you hiding ;-)?

Many thanks.

244. Harry Ballz - January 25, 2008

In the remastered TOS-HD why is Spock limping in The Menagerie Part 1 when it shows them first arriving on Talos IV to retrieve the survivors?

245. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him - January 25, 2008

Early on there was a lot of talk about ‘A List’ actors in the movie. The movie is reported to be a megabudget, but (no offense to your fine crew) the actors are not big draws (like Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, etc). So why didn’t you bring in any ‘megastars’ and why dont you think the film will need them?

Note ‘star trek’ is the star isn’t an answer…becaue the last ‘star trek’ films didnt do that well and your movie needs to do really really well.

246. Kynan - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams or somebody? could you please recomened to Mr.Simon Pegg that at some point he and Nick Frost should do a sequel to hot fuzz called ‘Hot Fuzz 2: THIS SHIT JUST GOT REAL’
ive got some great ideas for the plot too hahahhahaha not that they would need my help to make an awesome funny movie. keep up the good work Mr.Pegg

247. Mark - January 25, 2008

This question is for Mr. Orci, but I hope Mr. Abrams and others can answer it too:

Throughout its history, Star Trek has displayed a message of optimism for humanity in a rich, complicated universe, but… the canon is so vast, and the creative talant who brought it to us so diverse, that “Star Trek” has meant different things to different people at different times. I think this is a good thing, and I suspect that you do too.

So, to help us fans know what to look forward to without revealing any story points: What are your favorite Star Trek episodes, and what do these favorites say about your idea(s) of the “meaning” of Star Trek.

248. Mark - January 25, 2008

Regarding my question (post #248), please don’t feel limited to TOS eps. I’m hoping to hear your favorites among the modern series, too. :-)

249. hitch1969© - January 25, 2008

Dear The OrcSter:

Dude, do you like Van Halen? What’s your take on Diamond Dave versus Sammy the Red Rocker? Van Halen, or Van Hagar? maybe both, like moi?

I like that you fellas are giving the nods to the various eras of Trek. I also am very happy that you have brought James Cawley on board with the project.

May you lay down with many many many promiscuous woman, OrcSter. Tell Sir JJ that I had some questions for him but I left them at hitchWORLD. My bad. Click the link on my nomenclature above to see what Anthony Pascale describes as “the lamest freakshow on the interwebs”.



250. Malin - January 25, 2008

Will tribbles appear in this movie?

Will Spock experience the pon farr? It occurs every seventh year, right?

How old are Spock and Kirk in this movie?

If there will be tribbles in the movie, then they can’t be seen by the TOS characters, because they hadn’t seen tribbles until the five-year mission in the episode “trouble with tribbles”, years later.

Not many people looking forward to this movie in Norway, but I hope you will make them change their minds with a PERFECT movie this christmas!!

251. Artorius - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Abrams

I really hope you will produce more Star Trek film. And may be someday you will put an Indonesian Captain on the bridge of Federation Star Ship.

Thank You.

252. Utis - January 25, 2008

My favorite Sci-Fi writer is Philip K. Dick.
Was his work influencial for any of you?

253. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


Will there be other Starfleet ships in the film?

…And I take it that the corridor is of something critical later in the film?

Will we get to see the Enterprise in battle?

…And are the uniforms CAGE-era, or regular TOS, or something else?

…And when DOES it take place? 2263? 2264?

254. AJ in Salt Lake City - January 25, 2008

Thank you Mr. Abrams (and others) for your work on Star Trek. I think 2 years ago we all thought that maybe we had seen the last of the franchise and I am very grateful for what you guys are doing?

a couple of questions if you get the opportunity. First, the last 10 years Star Trek has slowly fallen out of the mainstream and has seen its audience become smaller and smaller perhaps as the Star Trek universe became more exclusive to only hard core fans. How will you bring Star Trek back into the mainstream and increase its audience? Secondly, do you believe that the Star Trek franchise could still succeed in some fashion as a television series and if so, is that something you would be interested in being a part of in some capacity?

255. Admiral_Bumblebee - January 25, 2008

If William Shatner is not in the movie (and I think that it would be a shame and a bad decision) how about putting him into a possible sequel?

Seeing him and Nimoy together as Kirk and Spock would be so great, the chemistry between the two is so fantastic that it would make for really great and memorable scenes. But this does also require Spock to NOT DIE in Star Trek IX. Please do not kill off old Spock!

An idea to bring both crews (young and old) into another movie without having time travel again would be to have the plot that takes place in two timeframes. In the past we experience something the young crew is doing that is having an impact on the future where old Spock is trying to find a way to solve the problem and bring back old Kirk.
They don’t meet, no time travel, just two timeframes that connect the story. The movie switches between those two timeframes back and forth…

256. Malin - January 25, 2008

Will there be norwegians in this movie? After all, Norway is the richest country in the world and is a very technological country so norwegians should be very advanced in science by this time.
Same with Ireland! FTW :-D

I don’t mean to brag…. :-p

257. Spock - January 25, 2008

Dear mr. Abrams, I have two questions for you:

1) Will the footage of the construction of the Enterprise, as seen in the teaser, be seen in the movie as well? And if so, will we see capt. Robert April, her fisrt commander, too?

2) If the look of the ship in the teaser is actually the look that she’ll have in the movie, then it will be different than the look of the original Enterprise. One of the things that is to be admired in Star Trek is it’s continuity. How will the Enterprise of the movie fit in the canon of Star Trek? I mean, ok, this is some years before Kirk or even Pike take command of her, but it is little beleivable that a ship would be that detailed in her first years and change to less detailed after some years.

Thank you for your time.

258. Tom - January 25, 2008

Dear JJ

How does it feel having the weight of gene roddenberrys philosophy and ideals on your back when directing this movie? Do you find it hard to keep to it and not go your own way so to speak or do you find it liberating to be apart of something so huge?

From London

259. Daniel Johnson - January 25, 2008

To Mr.Abrams,

First off hello from England, hope your all well :-)

Right now to the question, If the movie is a success (and I hope it is) and Paramount ask you to be Executive Producer of a new Star Trek TV Show would you do it?

Thanks and Live long and prosper,


260. Chris Pike - January 25, 2008

The film is going back to TOS era, part of TOS appeal was the famous trademark production design. It is now clear that your Trek will have a different, stunning look, certainly in terms of scope and scale – my burning question is, will this difference be integral to the story?

261. Leigh Bloomfield - January 25, 2008

Question for JJ Abrams:

I’m getting sick and tried of everyone saying we can’t put Kirk into the movie because he’s dead.

One simple idea would be to include Old Kirk and Spock into your film just after the events of star trek 6, and before Kirk dies in Generations. There you have ample timeline to play with the old characters interacting with the new, after your story Kirk can still go on and die in Generations.

I don’t know the plot of your movie or how you are including the old Spock into your movie. So my idea might fall flat as soon as i see your film at the cinema. Anyway I’m looking forward to the film. Bring on Christmas.

262. theARE - January 25, 2008

In approaching the development of this film, which elements and themes from the Original Series did you feel had to be preserved?


If, for some reason you where not allowed to name the film ‘Star Trek’, what title would you give it to best describe the story?

263. Tom - January 25, 2008

Dear JJ

I dunno if you will read this but I have just posted above but I do think this is very important. We are approaching the 41st anniversery of the loss of apollo 1 (27th Jan 1967) and the 22nd anniversery of the loss of Space Shuttle Challenger (28th Jan 1986) and of course the 5th anniversery of Space Shuttle Columbia (1st Feb 2003). Growing up as im now taking my exams at school these people who gave their lives for exploration were very inspirational to me. I just wonder will you pay homage to those that really have gone into space and not come home? and how do you feel about this movie linking with the past and present and future of humanity?

Tom from London

264. EuroTrashTrekker - January 25, 2008


The Trek teaser trailer was very American focused, with all the sound bites from American space program (and none from anywhere else). Star Trek often seemed overly American. How will you make sure that Star Trek is a global film that appeals in Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc?

265. Edward - January 25, 2008

It would be great to see Terry Farell and/or Avery Brooks back in a Starfleet uniform again. Is casting finished?

266. Colm Dunphy - January 25, 2008

I understand James cawley has just finished shooting his scenes on the film how did that work out and your impressions of the man himself

267. ST-Fan - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

first off thanks to you and you team for bringing back Star Trek with such passion ( as we can assume right now).

I read the release date will be earlier than christmas 2008? Did the film get a world-wide release on 25.12.2008?

Thank you for answering and keep up the excellent work.
Best wishes from Germany

268. Jan - January 25, 2008

Is it possilbe to reveal more casting informations? Who is up for the roles of the 2nd henchman and the “federation captain” for example? And will we see another more famous actor who will possibly extend the audience?
Thanks for your passion for this movie!!

269. jon1701 - January 25, 2008

J.J. Abrams:

A lot of good questions so far, but I don’t think the key issue has been addressed yet.


270. flow-bow - January 25, 2008

hello mr abrams from germany!

my questions:
– who is doing the vfx in the new trek?
– does your wife like star trek or is she a trekkie?

271. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

JJ, I was thrilled by the prospect of you doing Trek as I’m a big fan of much of your work to date. I loved Alias, thought MI3 was the best yet and don’t even get me started on Lost. That pilot episode blew me away and my wife and I have been hooked ever since. I can’t wait for Cloverfield to get to the UK, think you pick great people to work with you and I have no doubt that in decades to come you’ll create a body of work to rival the great beard himself.

With the respect that I have for your work in mind, the first part of my question is, if you are trying not to be fanboy with this movie, how come Leonard Nimoy is in, Chris Doohan and James Cawley have what would seem to be very fanboy pleasing cameos, and yet (can you guess where I’m heading?) no Shatner?

The second part of my question is can you appreciated how those Trek fans in the Shatner corner of the room are feeling a little un-invited to the party and do you believe there is anything you can do about that.

Thirdly, and you probably won’t want to or can’t answer this, is there anything Mr Shatner could do about the situation.

I honestly don’t care about changes to the ship, uniforms, canon etc, because this should be your own take on the story of mankind’s future trek to the stars, however I do feel strongly that both Shatner and Nimoy should be there to see it launch together or not at all.

Trek tales with one and not the other of them present don’t have a great history!

Best wishes from the UK

PS Is Shatner really Jacob? Is that why he can’t be in Trek 08? You can tell me. No one else is listening…

272. Ross - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ,

If Gene Roddenberry was around today, what would he think about the new movie and would he identify how you vision Star Trek in the same form as he visioned when he started it in the 60’s.

I am really looking forward to this movie, plus is it true theres a going to be another trailer shown in July at ComicCon?

Good luck with everything, Gene would be proud.

273. TheHitman - January 25, 2008


Timothy Olyphant said that you talkked to him about a part…what part was it?

274. flow-bow - January 25, 2008

have you met and talked about your star trek with some of the old star trek developers (herman zimmerman, rick berman, john eaves, mike okuda, brannon braga, etc. (don’t know them all))?

275. Rick Cromack - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

First, thanks so much for offering up your time to ‘Trek’ fans. Here’s my question: Robert Wise, the director of the first theatrical adaptation of ‘Trek,’ offered technological innovations, but never really altered the “fabric,” if you will, of the ‘Trek’ universe, beyond the very rigid format established by Gene Roddenberry. Nicholas Meyer, however, substantially evolved the ‘Trek’ motif, incoporating many martial and in particular naval elements, as well as historical and mythological references, and those substantive textures really changed the entire course of the franchise from ‘Khan’ forward. How do you see your role with regards to Roddenberry’s singular vision: a guardian of established convention, like Wise, or a wholesale innovator, like Meyer? Thanks much!

276. Pineapples101 - January 25, 2008

What’s your favourite Star Trek film and why?

277. Liam - January 25, 2008

What running time are you aiming for?

When should we expect to get the full reveal of everyone’s look in the movie?

Has Eric Bana started shooting?

Will the release date be bumped up a week?

278. Commodore Redshir - January 25, 2008

If you should happen to make it this far down the list…
[and sorry, but I have not read every single question on the list above me.]






If not, what was your goal?!?!!?? ?? ??

279. Commodore Redshirt - January 25, 2008

what happened to my “T”?!?!

280. Dyson Sphere - January 25, 2008

Mr Orci – if Mr. Abrams will permit:

It appears that a great deal of Kirk’s life, possibly from birth through his initial captainship of the Enterprise (1701) will be in the movie. Having such a long span occur in a feature is not easy, so hats off to you. How about a word about Kirk’s adacemy experience transitioning to his first assignment(s) as a junior officer to receiving the captaincy. That is a fair chunk of time. Will the movie tackle this in a way to seem natural to the viewer? Some suggest Kirk will go direct from being kicked out of the Academy to being Captain which is silly speculation. I was hoping you could shed some light on it. Thanks!

281. PW - January 25, 2008


Dear All,

The Shatner Issue:

1: Are you not concerned that by not having Shatner in your movie you are derailing it as Kirk’s future is already known. Spock would save Kirk no matter what as demonstrated and covered so well in the TOS movies/episodes.

2: The Shatner/Nimoy on screen chemistry is strong. Nimoy on his own as Spock never quite worked out on TNG.

3: No Shatner means a lot of TOS fans will be upset with you as for so long the impression was given that you were trying to find a way to include him.

4: Most fans would be happy to see him without knowing how he got there as a single line of dialogue would do it!

5: If there is chance of Shatners appearance then please can you give a final answer on the subject.

Thank You

PW from London

282. Checkpoint Charlie - January 25, 2008

I hope the pr of the trek will be better in Europe than it was in the case of the previously movies ( everybody knows SW but more less the ST, and just in the European Union living 379 million people)
When will the new movie reach Europe?

283. mark tessier - January 25, 2008

Assuming that this film will be successful, who is already contractually involved in a follow up movie among both actors and technicians? In other words, will you direct a sequel with the same cast?

284. PM - January 25, 2008

A simple one. Are you going to ask Majel Roddenberry to lend her beautiful voice to Enterprise’s computer? Considering that she has been credited for all the 5 series and 10 movies.
And one more thing. Thank you for having Prof. Pausch in your movie.

285. Checkpoint Charlie - January 25, 2008

Can you imagine that you will make a TNG movie?

Greetings from Hungary!

286. Emotionally Logical - January 25, 2008

First off, thank you to everyone for all of your efforts.

The Original Series was never afraid of tackling hot issues of the 60’s. Uhura was on the bridge of the Enterprise during the Civil Rights Movement. Chekhov was on the bridge in the mist of the Cold War. That went a long way towards truly depicting the Starship Enterprise as Starship Earth and showing everyone as equals. In recent years, the United States and the World has faced new threats, and as a result, new fears concerning race and nationality have arisen. Given that fact, and Star Trek’s tradition of equality, is it possible we will see a person of Middle Eastern dissent on the Enterprise?

Thanks for your time!!!

287. PM - January 25, 2008

Did you guys ever discuss the project with Rick Berman? If so what does he feel about the project?

288. me - January 25, 2008

@ Orci

Are u really the guy writing comments on trekmovie in your name?


Will STXI be rather a action based movie or based on other movie elements.
Will it continue RODDENBERRY’s ideals of showing a optimistic future and creating by moral plays a socialcritical mirror for today’s society?

289. fredosolos - January 25, 2008


I don’t really know if this kind of question has already been asked but i’m Wondering how do you feel just after the releasing of the first teaser, considering some critics about the place where the NCC-1701 Enterprise was building in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for offer us a brand new Star Trek Journey

A french Fan.

290. Battletrek - January 25, 2008

What kind of lighting scheme are you going for in this movie?

291. ich56 - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Orci.
I loved, and still love, the Humor and the Chemistry between Spock, Bones and Kirk. Especially the “crosstalks” between Spock and Bones.
Will there be something of that in the Movie?

292. Frank - January 25, 2008

JJ – What do you use on your hair? It’s very luxurious.

293. cugel the clever - January 25, 2008

Assuming the film is a financial and creative success, what is your feeling about sequels? Would you consider a sequel set in one of the other established Star Trek timeframes (NextGen, etc) ?

294. Jeff - January 25, 2008

To Abrams and the rest of the team,

Star Trek has never been popular in France. So, what are your plans for that the movie makes good box office here and in the other countries where Star Trek hasn’t been really succesful ?


295. Jens - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ,

loved the teaser…

I always enjoyed the portrayal of strong female characters in your shows and movies. In Trek the Orignal Crew is kind of male dominated. In spite of that, will we see any Ladies kicking ass in the upcoming movie or will their role be reduced to being love interests and call center operators, like in the Original Series?

Greetings from Germany!

296. Scott - January 25, 2008

What is your favorite Trek film out of the prior ten?

297. NTH - January 25, 2008

Mr.Abrams,are you still interested in having Mr.Shatner making some sort of appearance in your movie?To a lot of fans ,myself included this would be the icing on the cake.Do you think that perhaps a cameo appearance by Jennifer Garner would be possible?
Thank you.

298. Julian Schecter - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ! :)

I would like to first say that I completely support you and your team on this latest Star Trek film, and I’m sure it will be a blockbuster once its release. I understand that this film is reportedly a reboot and if that’s the case, is this by any chance going to take place in a parallel universe, thus, explaining why the Enterprise interior looks very hi-tech compared to TOS’s Enterprise candy cane colored interior? Also, I’ve seen the teaser trailer and it looks fantastic! When can we expect to see the theatrical trailer as well?

299. Crusty McCoy - January 25, 2008


Can you tell me about the location shooting. At one time we heard about Iceland. Is this still happening? Did it already take place? Second unit filming?

Do you need ideas for the sequel? Call me. Will do lunch.


300. Dan - January 25, 2008

C’mon J.J….tell the truth..the whole Shatner thing is a big ol’ ploy to keep the interset up for the film isn’t it?
They did the same this side of the pond when Dr Who came back claiming there will be no Daleks!
…Star Trek…no Shatner…who you kidding????

Can’t wait to see it…good luck with film
Dan (uk)

301. Doug - January 25, 2008

Will you be honouring the Star Trek tradition of the passover from the previous series? Perhaps a visit to the NX-01 or a cameo from Scott Bakula at the launch of the 1701?

Doug – UK

302. Cheve - January 25, 2008

To JJ (Or Roberto)

Did you expect such an ammount of questions in one night?

I bet you a coffe (you will have to come to Spain to have it) on that you aren’t able to anwer all of them (not counting the repeated ones)

303. NCC-73515 - January 25, 2008

Will we see a Klingon or Gorn in this movie?

304. Uncle Twitchy - January 25, 2008


To give us an idea of the scope of this movie, what non-Star Trek movie would you say gives us the same sense of epic scale and grandeur that you’re shooting for — that is, what non-Trek movie would you say this film will most resemble in tone?

305. Alan Hunt - January 25, 2008

Do you think that the screenwriter’s strike with the inability to make running changes to the script will compromise the final product and make it a little less than perfect?

306. G.Carlo Manfredi - January 25, 2008

First of all I would like to thank mr. Abrams for his work.
Here is my question: Mr. Abrams, since Star Trek is well known all over the world, not only as a space opera, but for its ethic contents, do you think your movie will be able to deliver a peaceful and goodwill message throughout this very poor planet?

307. Joanna - January 25, 2008

Are going to be filmed some scenes of the new movie in Spain?,

Can we see in the film the legendary friendship between the main three characters (or is the time point in the story too early for that)?


When can we expect the film to be premiere in Spain?

Thanks a lot

308. RTC - January 25, 2008

For Mr. Orci,

Can you share any unique insights or revelations you and Alex Kurtzman experienced as you developed the storyline for ‘Star Trek’ — any epiphanies that you believe will advance the audience’s understandings of these characters and their tale?

Rick from Michigan

309. Paul - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams – In your *next* Trek movies, are you going to move the timeframe a bit into future, say into 2270 (that’s just after the last episode of classic series)? Or perhaps even info 2271-2280 (between ST1 and ST2)?

Not that I’d want to slip you any ideas, but there is a lot of unknown and unseen during 2270s, so it might be actually more fun to use that era, instead of tiptoeing inbetween all those classic episodes.

310. Xindi1985 - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
what can you tell us about the differences between the Original Series and your representation in the movie, specially the new Enterprise?

Greetings from Berlin.

311. NTH - January 25, 2008

Mr.Orci,as a co-writer and executive producer on this movie what are the greatest challenges that you have experianced to date.
Thank you.

312. Tom R - January 25, 2008

As you know in 2005 Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled. There are fans that believe that it ended to soon and there are campaigns going on to get seasons 5 – 7.

Whats your view on this? And if there was a posibility of it coming back would you support it or do you think it would hurt your movie in some way?

313. theARE - January 25, 2008

To JJ, Orci and co,
Are you guys as sick of the Shatner question as I am? Do you regret not saying “No he’s not in the film, get over it.” back at Comic Con?

314. Dac - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams,

I recently watched your TED Speech about your “mystery box” and was highly impressed by it, as well as LOST which I am an avid fan of. Now, Star Trek has certainly had mystery elements in it over time (namely early seasons of TNG with Q who, and Conspiracy), I was wondering if you intend to build upon this theme with this movie, and, hopefully, movies to come, and what avenues this could open up for Trek?

Many thanks, David Combe, England.

315. Jamie Flint - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ

Im from across the pond in merry old England. I just wanted to know if there are any plans to do anything special to release the movie on this side of the atlantic. There always seems to be cool little things like the cast turning up at key showings in america but we never get that over here. So any chance of you guys doing something in the Uk?
Ps. Will we see a Klingon in the film hehe?

316. Dac - January 25, 2008

“…What avenues do you THINK this could open up for Trek?*”

Damn, me and my overeagerness :p

317. NTH - January 25, 2008

Mr.Pine,would you please share with us what your thoughts and feelings are about becomming James T.Kirk,they would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks.

318. CommonSense - January 25, 2008

Do the new sets still reflect the style of the original series?

319. Greg Limardi - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ,

I was wondering why you omitted GARY MITCHELL from the story. He was with Kirk at the academy, introduced him to Carol Marcus and served aboard the Enterprise. I mean technically he should be there instead of Chekov.

320. Captain Vaz - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ.

Why Carol Marcus is not in the movie?

321. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

No question, just a statement. Thank You!!


322. Kirok Fan - January 25, 2008

Dear Bad Robot team,

Thanks for making a Star Trek movie on a big scale. There hasn’t been a ST movie that felt BIG since Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Here is my question:
Don’t you think that knowing that Kirk dies by getting squished by a bridge sort of spoils the adventures of the younger Kirk (Pine). No matter what situations he gets himself in, we will always know that he’ll get out of them, only to one day get squished by a bridge. And Kirk’s death was a really dumb one, because Picard had the option of leaving the Nexus whenever he wanted, and shouldn’t have picked such a dangerous moment to take Kirk out.

At the ComicCon, you stated that you were looking to get Shatner involved. “We’re on that,” was what you said. Now, claiming that you can’t do it because his character died seems like a lame excuse. You’ve brought people back countless times on Alias. People on this site have discussed many plausible ways to do it. Why did you say that you were on it, if you’re really not?

Kirok Fan

323. Commander Tomalak - January 25, 2008

Hello from Brazil!

Is the history about time traveling?


324. Lionjet - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr Abrams,
what do you think will the people say about Star Trek in the real 23rd century ?
Have you met the former Star Trek maker crew around Rick Berman and spoke with them about Star Trek?

Greetings from Germany!

325. Lancelot Narayan - January 25, 2008

JJ and the Writers (hang on in there guys!)

When this project first reared its head, what was Paramount’s brief to you, what did they want from Star Trek? and When you first submitted your Star Trek script, and during the re-write process, what notes did Paramount give you, if any? How do the Studio top brass view and feel about Star Trek?

JJ, I have a letter from you. Although it’s short and sweet, I’ve kept it to impress girls! LOL!

326. Michael - January 25, 2008


JJ, this is your second directorial debut (film wise), do feel extra pressure because this is Star Trek? And the fact that this is only the second film you’ve directed? Are you learning something new everyday from it?


327. Jay - "The Real Jim Kirk" - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ and co, its Jay here from Manchester, UK

Just a quick question:

if both films are successful would you consider doing a Star Trek series? if so would you continue with this crew or would you consider making a Star Trek: Titan series?

Kind Regards


328. Marian Ciobanu - January 25, 2008

-HI to the new TREK TEAM..this thing breaks all the limmits…between fans and producers….ths is really a premiere in that kind of industry…i want to ask if..the new movie is really a prequel..or actually a remake..and if you can tell us more about the changes in the design of the ship…or something about the new costumes.. about new characters , abuot the story and.. i want to know about your sources of inspiration ..

329. Stephen from Scotland - January 25, 2008

So many questions!

Here’s mine:

Any chance of revealing what sort of extras on the making of the movie and behind the scenes stuff we can expect on the eventual DVD release of the movie in 2009?

(Please tell me that you’re letting Simon Pegg make a video diary for the DVD!)

330. Pierre - January 25, 2008

Hello Mr Abrams!

Gene Roddenberry’s shoes must feel pretty big. Apart from the action adventure aspect, there’s a philosophy at the root of Star Trek that has always been about the human condition. From What I’ve read so far, I believe that you agree. I know you can’t reveal plot points, but how do you believe your upcoming Star Trek movie speaks to this, making it more than just an action adventure movie?

thanks a keep up the good work. Lost is fantastic! :)

331. Xindi1985 - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
I have one importent question!
I have read any article about the cast of the upcoming movie. But I miss one IMPORTANT character:
CAPTAIN ROBERT T. APRIL, The FIRST CAPTAIN of the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701. He commands the ship 20(!) years before Captain Kirk, from 2245 till 2250. Is Capt. April a part of the story in your movie because he was never shown in the real Trek-Series (only in “STAR TREK – The Animated Series “THE COUNTER-CLOCK INCIDENT)???

332. Dr. G - January 25, 2008

Hi Trek Team,

How much thought had been given to the credits?

One of the things that has been better about Star Wars and James Bond as compared to Star Trek is the way that those movies have had a consistent look to their credits. When you walk into a movie theater and look down the barrel of a gun, you know you’re in a Bond movie. Likewise with “the crawl” at the beginning of Star Wars.

I think it would be cool if the movie started off like the show. The TV show intro is so iconic, I’m surprised the earlier film makers didn’t think to put it into all the movies. That classic yellow font would instantly gives the movie’s setting (the 23rd century). The movie could be given some sort of episode name, to distinguish it from the next “Star Trek.”

In TMP, there was that great scene of the flyby of the Enterprise with Kirk and Scotty in the shuttle pod. Great for letting us see the new E, not so good in terms of the pacing for that film (which everyone agrees was slow). In First Contact, on the other hand, went straight to the action, which though much better for pacing, robbed the audience of a clear look at the E. By giving us a set of good beauty shots during the credits, the audience could still get that Motion Picture feeling with the much better pacing of some of the other Trek films.

Unlike any individual ship in Star Wars, the Enterprise is as much a star of the movie as any of the actors. Give her first billing by putting her in the credits.

333. roger - January 25, 2008

Are there any plans yet for the international release of the movie?
I’m from Austria, Europe and would appreciate it very much if I don’t have to wait to see it longer than American Trekkies. ;-)

334. MotoQ9mQueerUser - January 25, 2008

Will there be any gay characters? Most of the 5 captains, Gene Roddenberry himself, Takei, & others have expressed support. Do you?

335. Cary Groneveldt - January 25, 2008


Should the new “Star Trek” movie be a success does ViaCom want you to be a part of any future “Star Trek” productions ?

336. Cam Mitchell - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams,

Curious as to if your going to change the establised Star Trek history. Is the movie going to add events to history that were not mentioned in 3 of the spin-off series (TNG, DS9, and VOY), not including ENT which was set before the original series. an example of an unknown event being added to the history was the Xindi arc in Enterprise season 3.

337. Leonel - January 25, 2008

Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. Not having read through each individual comment (over 300! wow!)

To Mr. Abrams and Mr. Orci:

Will there be any Latino characters or extras? I second #334’s question as well: any gay characters or extras?

338. deLancie - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr Abrams and friends,

I am from Singapore and over here, the last major Star Trek event held here was the premiere of Star Trek: Generations where Mr. Patrick Stewart (as Captain Jean Luc Picard) very graciously kicked off the movie for an overfilled theatre.

I know it may be too early to ask now, but I was wondering if you have any plans for world wide premieres? Here in Singapore, we are waiting impatiently for December to arrive and it would be great if there was a spectacular premiere!

Long time Trek fan.

339. im link - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Will the number 47 be feature in the movie?

340. Rajesh Arya - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ,

Regarding a possible role for Mr William Shatner in the film. I have a proposal.


James Kik landed in the Nexus, from where he was recruited by Jean Luc Picard. Subsequently James T. Kirk died while outside of Nexus. However we know that Guinan used to exist both in the Nexus and outside in reality at the same time.
Secondly Guinan herself told Picard, that getting into the Nexus, is a dream come true, and it allows you to be everywhere and at any time one wants to be.
Is it not possible, that Nexus can be understood as a Place which allows one to keep one’s original safe there, call it a Horcrux, and a copy is sent elsewhere, so that should one die outside, the original can always produce the next copy. That is what makes Nexus so great and appealing. That is also why people lose their sense of fear when once inside Nexus, because they get their immortality. This is all canon. It just needs to be reinterpreted more broadly.
As to why Kirk looks so old and fat as he does now, one can always attribute to overeating in Nexus, where the food was good. Now he has come out of it for some exercise, etc.
I mean Star Trek has had Rebirth for Spock and Sisko joining the Founders in DS9, and what not. So I guess this is not far fetched.

341. CashCrowe - January 25, 2008

Can you give an approximate date as to when the new uniforms/ships/basically the whole new look of this Trek will be made available to the public? Or the full trailer? Thanks for everything so far, Mr. Abrams. Class act all the way.

342. Kirk, James T. - January 25, 2008

This might sound like a weird fan boy request but the thing that separated the original Enterprise ship with the other Enterprise ships was the (i think) iconic sounds it made, the beeps on the bridge and the kind of london underground sound the ship made when flying past the camera – will you be using original effects (like you did with the classic TOS erie sound on the trailer) all be them beefed up for the big screen and the fact its 40 years on from the original?

Also will Michael Giacchino use the classic amok time theme that has been ripped off in so many other films/TV shows (like Cable Guy and Family Guy)?

I’d Just like to end by saying a huge thank you to yourself and your team for so far delivering an excellent sounding movie – you’ll do Trek proud!

Dave, St. Albans, UK

343. Kosher Coder - January 25, 2008

What responsibility to you feel toward the lifelong fans?

344. Kosher Coder - January 25, 2008

What responibility to you feel toward Gene Roddenberry?

345. Kosher Coder - January 25, 2008

What responsibility to you feel toward Berman-era series and movies?

346. TAEMO (Germany) - January 25, 2008


What style do you intend for the movie? What do you want it to look in the end? What do you want it to feel like?

Do you want the movie to be …

….a cramped action piece like Terminator 3, which rushes through the character moments and a running time under 2 hours?

….an Indiana Jones like adventure movie with slightly over the top acting, character moments of median lengh, broad colour palette and a running time of about 2 hours?

…. a character driven, 150 miutes epic, with a small colour palette like Godfather 2, plus a lot of action?

Chris Nolan said, a major influce on his new movie The Drak Knight was Heat. What influnced you on this movie?

Thanks for answering.

347. Michael Liebmann, Atlanta, GA - January 25, 2008

My question: with all the untied ends from Deep Space 9, and the overwhelming desire of Star Trek fandom to go forward, not backward, why do a “prequel” to the original series?

348. treleth - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ and team! Any chance for a plot synopsis that doesn’t just recap TOS? Probably not, but no harm in trying.

349. Jackson Roykirk - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams,

Besides being right for their roles, aa added benefit of casting Eric Bana, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg was their popularity in their respective countries, thus garnering new international interest in this film. What other specific plans do you have for making Star Trek more appealing worldwide?

350. Manuel - January 25, 2008

greetings jj and co.

will the movie have the spirit of the TOS movie, or will you try to make an new, other chapter of star trek?.

do you prever more the old style of star trek, or do you try to make star trek in one way new, put your spirit in to the movie?

will there be does funny interactivs betwen Kirk, Spock and
Mccoy ?

will you try to keep the line of Gene Rodenberrys vision?

What do you think, of the future of star trek, what way will it go, how would you navigate to what direction?have you ever tried to communicate with Fans, to see what they think of the last 5 jears of star trek?or though about using one of there idears for the upcomming projekt?

sorry for my bad english^^…

i hope my questions dont come to rude over, believe me, its just questions, dont mean it bad, its always hard to say something in a other language^^.
i think start trek is not only the ships, the techniks,or the uniforms, its more about the soul of a man who tried to show his kind of dreams, his vision of the future,that what could be, if we all try hard, and dont give up, making our selvs better than we are, even if we fail sometimes, what counts is, that we try and dont give up triyng

special thanks,


351. Mark Lynch - January 25, 2008

What are your thoughts on the original cast ST movies which have come before? Do you have a favourite? Which out of them would you say has the most ‘epic’ feel to it?

Amazing that we are able to even ask questions to you guys in this manner. Guess the Internet is good for something after all. :)

Looking forward to Christmas 2008 or maybe a bit after for the UK release.

352. Jon - January 25, 2008

How long will it take you to answer all 350 of these questions? :D

353. HSIV - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams…three big questions about the movie…A) do u intend to have an actual soundtrack album released in addition to the score/feature popular songs in the film, as in my opinion thats a big reason why shows like one tree hill, smallville and even alias were so popular (in addition in the alias case to ur masterful storytelling)? i highly recommend doing so…B) what ‘style’ would you say the film has…will it kinda be like alias meets star trek…will u make it edgier like the creators of farscape did with their creation, or what? and C) what rating are you aiming for? PG-13 or R? ALSO TO TACK ON ONE SUGGESTION for the sequel to this upcoming film, could u please tackle the big question all trek fans have…how does the existence of star trek as an entertainment franchise influence the events internal to the trek universe and how they play out?

354. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - January 25, 2008

Do you and your team see the central focus of Star Trek as more of an exploration of the human characters and their relationship to each other (Kirk, Spock, Bones in particular) in the face of the unknown, or an exploration of the kinds of challenges humanity as a whole may have to face going into the future? In other words, is Star Trek more about the characters or more about the “pure” Science Fiction, to you and your team?

355. starbase63 - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Was the decision not to have William Shatner appear as Kirk in the movie more based on not wanting his presence to upstage Chris Pine’s Kirk?

Kirk may have died in Generations, but any scene with Shatner-Kirk could be set even moments before he appeared on board the Enterprise-B.

356. Arch - January 25, 2008

JJ, I have heard you are a huge Twilight Zone fan. I am also, I find the writing to be top quality. Sometimes I want to rewind TZ just to rehear a very clever monologe. How has TZ influenced you as a writer? Can we expect some shocking twists and turns in your ST plot?

357. Marian Ciobanu - January 25, 2008

When we will see more detailed clips from the new movie..?

358. JB - January 25, 2008

Will the film touch on the subject of Kirk’s first command?

359. JL - January 25, 2008

Hi, this is directed toward Mr. Abrams

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. A very talented Bryan Singer went on record stating his great love and affection for Richard Donner’s Superman the Movie. He seemed to have a real grasp of what made that original film shine so brightly. In the end, Singer somehow missed the bullseye with Superman Returns. You have mentioned your love and respect for Star Trek TOS and have a similar task at hand with regard to this re-launch.

I guess sometimes love is not enough – so my question is, what have you done / what are you doing to avoid this potential trap?

Thank you so much,
Cleveland, OH

360. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - January 25, 2008

If you had to pick, what is your favorite aspect of the original series: the futuristic gadgets like the transporter & Warp engine, Kirk’s success in seducing alien women, the ethical issues raised, the “mind-bending” plot lines (spatio-temporal anomalies, the discovery of alternate forms of life, etc.), or Vulcan logic?

361. starbase63 - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams –

You want fans and the general public to be interested in the movie, why are so many changes to the look being made and not staying more reminiscent of the look fans are familiar with? You can update the look while still being recognizable. The ship in the trailer has more in common with the Constitution class upgrade of ST:TMP and Gabe Koerner’s designs than Pike’s ship in “The Cage”.

362. Christopher Roberts (aka ChristopherPike @ TrekBBS, TrekUnited) - January 25, 2008

# 312 – Tom R beat me to it with an Enterprise question.

Surprised to find a ‘Chris Roberts’ at # 204. No relation.

363. Allister Gourlay - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ….
cant wait for the film… (loving your past work)

Question –
Are we talking a reboot ie: BSG – your vision of the Star trek universe…
or will this film fit into the existing (TV/ film) Star trek universe – as Leonard Nimoy is in the film? Are you filling in the prequel holes?

best wishes from Allister in Glasgow – Scotland!

364. starbase63 - January 25, 2008

On the casting of Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike, a poll done by the late staff at startrek.com and I believe one done here at trekmovie.com both showed the majority of fans responding favored Ray Liotta as the one who should have gotten the part…was Liotta ever considered, and if not, why?

365. Scott - January 25, 2008

Could Shat maybe show up in future Star Trek films?

366. Timon - January 25, 2008

The Writer’s Strike occured just as you started production – how has that affecting the filming? Have you been able to ‘tweak’ scenes and dialogues or is everything firmly set in stone?

367. Son of Sarek (the original) - January 25, 2008

Do you plan on directing future Star Trek films, and if so will the main cast reprise their roles?

368. Stephen Larkin - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams…

Will this film be cannon? Or would be it be just a good watch like “In a Mirror Darkly Parts I & II”?

369. ~~TARA~~ - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Knowing that Star Trek has such a passionate following, why did you decide to take on Trek? There seems to be a lot of risk, especially going back to the origional crew. I do have to say that I am looking forward to the movie and I can’t wait to see your vision. I do have to say I’m a little nervous, but I have faith in you and your whole production team. Good Luck:)

PS-Any other producers/actors please feel free to give your answers to this question as well:)

370. Jose Kuhn - January 25, 2008

My obvervation for the rebirth and subsequent fatigue in Star Trek was tied into what was going on in society at the time. When we were one button away from nuclear armageddon, the need for the optimisim that the Star Trek mythos had was very strong. After the USSR collaped that need waned more and more.

With global warming, huge hederal debts, uncertain economy and the different values that this millenial generation it seems that the timing is right for Star Trek to make a difference again. Were the writeres aware of the changing tide when craftign the story?

Also I am upset. After 4 Picard and Data movies I wanted a WORF movie. Kind of Star trek meets the 300 type of thing… (UGH!!)

371. starbase63 - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Orci…

Please settle the arguement that has erupted since the release of the teaser…which shows the Enterprise being built in a ground based drydock (someone seems to have taken a gag photo seriously).

Though not official, it has been accepted from “The Making of Star Trek” on, and even listed in the entries both in Michael Okuda’s Star Trek Encyclopedia and the Library at startrek.com that the ship was assembled in orbit…even in the Enterprise series set 85 years before TOS we see ships being built in orbit.

Will we actually see the 1701 finished in the San Francisco Orbital Yard, or has this concept been thrown out?

After all, duranium will be just as strong in orbit as it would on Earth…

372. Jens - January 25, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams,
Can you see the enterprise bridge with kirk on the bridge in the movie?

373. Josh Greenman - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

As much as it would be a huge improvement over the status quo to get a new Star Trek movie every few years until they again stop making money, do you think it will be possible to get 22 or 23 new hours of Star Trek every year at some point?

374. Will.I.Am - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

why did you decide to do a brand new TOS movie instead of taking actors that are still young enough to play in movies from DS9, VOY, or ENT?
Personally, I love TOS, but this has been a burning question in my mind.

375. Evan, North of the 49th - January 25, 2008

Do any of you ever get weirded out by all the fuss?

376. Ivory - January 25, 2008

To all

To myself and many others Kirk’s ending (I understand that you guys had nothing to do with it) is unacceptable and in many ways ruined the series. You are the only people in the world who can save this character from the horrible fate he was given.

Is there any chance you guys could throw us Kirk fans a bone and give Kirk a better ending?

Besides, the movie would be so much more fun with Shatner and Nimoy riding off into the sunset together one last time.

ps: Good luck guys

377. Frank - January 25, 2008

JJ – Have you ever mind-melded with any of the cast and crew?

378. Darryl - January 25, 2008

I have a tattoo of the Enterprise on my arm, am I going to have it re-done?

379. Listen to your pagh! - January 25, 2008

Will the Guardian of Forever feature in the movie?

380. Clay - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr.’s Abrams, Orci, Lindelof, and Burk,
First of all, I am a huge lost fan, and I’m looking forward to making my “You-All-Every-Bean-Dip” for the premiere this week!

This question may be a little more specific than you are willing to answer, but in the last few years of the franchise, the “Star Trek” timeline seemed to get so bogged down with “canon”, that it seemd that Star Trek was more the “future” of the world of the 60’s (& 80’s), than the future of the world we live in today.

Was one of your goals in working on this film, to re-align the future portrayed in Star Trek to once again be a realistic progression of our world today? In other words, do you feel that a 16 year old kid will be able to line up the dots of his own life to the world of James T. Kirk? Do you feel that Star Trek’s all important sense of hope is in this new film’s DNA?

381. Josh Greenman - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

One of the strengths of TOS was the development of the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Is it possible to make a movie in this day and age that focuses on 3 characters (not including the villain and the ship) of a talented ensemble cast relatively equal in stature?

382. What is it with you? - January 25, 2008

J.J. and Writers:
I have a rather technical question about writing these iconic characters.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are often viewed as fantasy archetypes, described by some as The Warrior, The Monk, and The Healer respectively. In many respects they represent competing human motivations (action/logic/compassion), and thus their reaction and dialogue always exposed the core tensions (and humanity) in every situation they encountered.

Do you view these characters similarly – as archetypes – and if so, how did it affect your reinvention of these characters? How do you make them multifaceted individuals without falling in archetypal clichés?

Thanks for answering our questions!

383. cloudsfather - January 25, 2008

as a 40-yr old diehard fan and with all my sincere hopes for the success of XI: will young kirk and/or others meet nero&co? hope not. cos in tos episode “balance of terror” it is pretty openly said that until that day no human met any romulan in person or smtng like that. I am not a purist asking for no canon violation so that’s not a big problem for me but i know there are people waiting to see the movie just for criticising in every little thing possible. and I also have no objection for a “reboot” or a “re-whatever” but if you are going that way i believe you have to tell that directly.

384. Fanboy - January 25, 2008

Is there a behind-the-scenes “Making of Star Trek” book or documentary film concurrently in the works with the movie production?

Thanks for doing everything you can to keep the details of the movie under wraps, but on opening day–after I’ve seen it four times–I would love to be able to purchase a beautiful coffee table book detailing every bit of film-making minutiae that went into the entire process. Especially including preproduction art, storyboards, behind the scenes production photos, set-blueprints and startship blueprints. All the really cool stuff that Star Trek fans crave and love to read, study, and collect. Toys and action figures are cool, but please do what you can to compliment our enjoyment of your film with merchandising targeted to the technical fans as well.

Best of luck!

385. Eloy Gonzalez II - January 25, 2008

The following two questions are directed at JJ Abrams and any and all members of his team:

Considering that 9/11 imagery is quite prevalent in Cloverfield, and that throughout America there is a recent and rapidly expanding trend towards skepticism about the U.S. government’s official explanation of 9/11, in all seriousness, do you or any of your team believe, or at least suspect, that 9/11 was, or may have been, an inside job? And regardless of your response, will Star Trek XI to have any elements of 9/11 woven into its plot?

386. Arathorn - January 25, 2008

It sems like you have a lot to pack into one movie. Is this ‘Trek’ going to be a long one?

387. Trek Nerd Central - January 25, 2008

1) Did you expect the fans to wig out so completely over Shatner’s non-inclusion? Seriously. Did you?

2) Roddenberry’s spirit of optimism is one thing, but we all know that the original Star Trek had sex on the brain. Coded, of course, but there it was. What about your film? How graphic are you gonna get, given that times have changed? (I hope not too graphic. . . double entendres are more fun.)

3) How on earth are you coping with technology that seemed futuristic back in the day (flip phones, PDAs, diagnostic beds) but now look passe? Presumably, in a prequel, all that stuff would be even less-advanced. Hm.

4) Does Benjamin, son of Jacob, in fact lead one of the lost tribes of Israel, and is the Island actually some “Lost” Miltonian paradise? Sorry. Off-topic. Had to ask. Not that you’ll answer.

388. Kirk Lives - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

How did you prevent Winona from walking off the set with props stuffed under her wardrobe?

389. Kristina - January 25, 2008

To everyone,

Normally when people think of “the bad guys” in TOS era Star Trek they think of Klingons. What made you decide to have the Romulans play this role instead?

390. Joe - January 25, 2008

Mr. Orci or Mr. Kurtzman,
You said that the script was inspired by Star Trek II, but the last Star Trek movie based on it didn’t fare so well. Why do you think it failed?


391. Dab - January 25, 2008

Well, since I am stuck WAY down at the bottom of over 390 questions, mine will be a simple one: Steak or seafood? ;)

392. Joel - January 25, 2008

Providing that this movie is a success, do you see Paramount doing either another movie set later in the future (DS9, Voyager) and/or another show, also set farther in the future?

393. pduff - January 25, 2008

Question for Mr. Abrams & company–

I thought it was interesting that the location work started first for this film. I thought that productions usually started with an “easy day”, usually on a soundstage where they have more control over the total environment. Was this just a matter of logistics, or a conscious decision to get the actors into their roles in a more “odinary” work setting instead of initially daunting them by putting them on the bridge of the Enterprise?

Thanks very much.

Pat Duff

394. Ro Laren - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

I saw an interview on-line that said the cast has already signed on to do more Star Trek movies. Are you also signed on to do more Trek movies?

Also, if the Studio decided to do a new Trek series instead, would you consider sitting at the helm? We all love you work on Lost and all of the other TV shows you have worked on!

395. David C. in State College, PA - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

How do you expect the public to be excited about a movie that is the ELEVENTH incarnation of a series that spawned FIVE spin-offs and innumerable novels?

What is so different about this movie?

Nerds like myself might be excited for this, but what about the average moviegoer?

396. Frank - January 25, 2008

JJ – If no Shatner how about just his toupee then? Perhaps it can work double duty as the tribble?

397. alphaquad20 - January 25, 2008

As a graphic designer, I’m intrigued to see how you’ve updated the look of the Enterprise sets. What can JJ or someone from the art department tell us about your choices for the ship displays, graphics, and interfaces? As a fan of Mike Okuda’s work, was he involved or did his work influence the design at all?

And to Damon Lindelof – as a giant LOST fan, I’m elated that you’re a part of the Star Trek team. What level of involvement are you able to have on this movie, being so busy with LOST, picketing, etc.?

398. Gary - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ. I am a 57 year old fan of Star Trek in all it incarnations since the original series debuted way back in the sixties. In fact two years ago, I was married on the bridge of the Enterprise in Las Vegas wearing Kirk’s uniform. It was a wonderful experience. I am happpy to see that the reins of this franchise have been handed over to someone like you. What are the chances of using me as an extra in your upcoming film?

399. Seb from Germany - January 25, 2008

To JJ:

Are there any philosophical questions you pose in your movie?

Will there be parallels between the problems the crew is gonna face in the movie and problems, that the world is facing right now?


Thanks a lot. Sebastian

400. flappybetsy - January 25, 2008

dear manerum- I have been follow you talking with considering intrest because I problem homoiosz. Were does your name original from? What is a manerum? In what police you live?

401. Darrell Hudson - January 25, 2008

My question is about Kirk’s best friend in his early years, Gary Mitchell. Is he going to be one of the characters in the film or is he going to be left out? As one might recall, Gary was in the episode ” Where No Man Has Gone Before” where he was given powers of a god and Kirk had to battle him to the death. There was a trilogy of books later that talked of Kirk in the academy meeting Gary, then a few other adventures between the two friends. Just wondering. Thank you for bringing Trek back. Darrell Hudson

402. roger - January 25, 2008

Obviously many people want to see Shatner in this movie. If he can’t play as Kirk, have you ever considered offering him a small supporting role as one of the aliens or so to please these people?

403. Joe - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams or anyone,

How significant a role will the “3rd Spock” in the movie play?


404. Brett Kristiensen - January 25, 2008

Hello, Mr. Abrams. My question centers around the new characters in reference to established canon. Most notably, I was confused as to why Spock’s mother, played memorably by Jane Wyatt in TOS and ST: IV, and who was human, is now portrayed, though I’m sure quite effectively by Winona Ryder, as a Vulcan. Spock is half human; what, if any, description can you offer us as to this new portrayal?

405. Clifford Ransom - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

With the proliferation of the Internet, it has been getting harder and harder to keep details of a movie under wraps before it’s release. It’s only too common to have production details such as plot, set design, costume design and even entire scripts leaked ahead of time.

How hard has it been to keep production details secret on the new Trek movie and what kind of security have you had to enforce? Are you worried about leaks, and are there any rumours out there now that you can put to rest for us?

Thanks for giving new life to a franchise that is loved by many.

All the best,

Clifford Ransom

406. Tony Pieta - January 25, 2008

383. cloudsfather

The actual quote is as follows:

“As you may recall, this conflict was fought, by standards today, with primitive atomic weapons and in primitive space vessels which allowed no quarter, no captives, nor was there even ship-to-ship visual communication.
Therefore, no human, Romulan, or ally has ever seen the other.
Earth believes the Romulans to be warlike, cruel, treacherous, and only the Romulans know what they think of Earth.”

but there is nothing to say that they would actually know that it is Romulans they are interacting with…

407. Woulfe - January 25, 2008

LOST question : What the heck is the Island anyway ?

After 3 seasons of guessing I for one would like to know ;)

Star Trek question : Are you afraid that some die-hard types are too, how shall I put it ” inflexable ” that they might be a problem as far as trying to get them won over by the new film ?

Speaking as an OLD fan, personnaly i’m looking forward to the film, but a lot of other old guard types seem to be ” Stuck in the 1960’s ” as far as FX, Set design, ect goes, they seem to be a hard sell on this new film.

408. vulcanicity - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr Abrams

Who was your favourite character from TOS?


409. Javier Delgado - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams,

If the Enterprise is under construction, would the captain April be the captain of the ship?
Will be he in the movie?
Or the first one will be Pike and in this picture you will show who Pike end up on that wheelchair?
Thats why Mr Leonard Nimoy will be in this movie and the release on theaters of the “The Menagerie” episode, don’t you?

Sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina.
Best of luck for your motion picture.

Javier Delgado

410. Tom_Fleetlord - January 25, 2008

Anthony, you may want to setup some type of contingency if this server get overwelmed (and it very well might given you current stats) . Perhaps a note to go to a particular thread on trekbbs for information or something incase this site is inaccessable so you can inform people what is going one.

You know me, always looking for backup plans. :) :)

411. joe1306 - January 25, 2008

Hey Mr. Abrams!
Will Greg Grunberg appear in the movie? I certainly hope so!
Greetings from Germany! :)

412. Gerard in Wash, DC - January 25, 2008

Why return to the original crew’s story rather than picking up in the 24th century or jumping ahead even further? It would seem you would have more creative freedom starting with a fresh crew, time, aliens, etc.

413. Nuallain - January 25, 2008

There’s only question that really matters –

Will Kirk be teaching any alien ladies what “this thing [he] calls ‘love'” is?

414. KevinA Melbourne Australia - January 25, 2008

Recently in the JAMES BOND reboot they cast Judy Dench as ‘M’ even though it was a PREQUEL like your Star Trek. They just decided she was the best ‘M’ and cast her instead regardless or “canon”. Why couldn’t OLD KIRK (Shatner) just come out of the Nexus from GERNERATIONS? It was established by Guinan that a part of you stays there.

Whilst I can see that resurrecting OLD KIRK would be a story in itself, much like ST:3 TSFS was for Spock, can you “throw us a bone” to say that if not this movie, thought has been given to a future appearance…maybe the next movie of the old Shat? Or am I getting to far ahead?

415. Christopher Miles - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams-

You and Mr Nimoy are both accomplished Hollywood Directors- Were there any tips or pointers he provided that made their way into the film?

Nice of you to include Chris Doohan and James Cawly, btw. Nice.

416. Tox Uthat - January 25, 2008


Simply, I’m looking forward to your creative vision of Trek. I’m excited that the Enterprise looks great.

One small, small thing: Can you confirm that the communicators will still have that wonderful TOS “chirp” sound? LOLOLOLOL.

All the best!

417. Nicholas Angel - January 25, 2008

Hello Mister Abrams,

never before in human history Science Fiction has been overtaken by reality so fast.
Virtual Realities, cloning, armageddon scenarios, inexhaustible energy sources, artificial intelligence… the discovery of life in the universe…
all these things could well occur in this century.

How do you feel about this / Do you think people living today appriciate it?

418. Kevin Glover - January 25, 2008

Hey, Mr Abrams and Co.

With regards to the NCC1701 viral site, will we be seing a marketing campaign similar to Cloverfield with plenty to keep the “Trek” part of minds occupied until the movie is released?

419. Jake - January 25, 2008

will a new TV show follow the new movie franchise?

420. Timmer from Canada - January 25, 2008

I am very curious about the music for this production. TOS music was very distinctive for its catchy, over the top and bombastic style (especially during fight sequences!) Subsequent Trek shows moved away from this, unfortunately. What can we look forward to from the new movie in regards to the score? Will you be bringing some of those classic themes back? Or will it be understated and dare I say, boring (i.e. like Generations, Insurrection, Nemesis)? Good luck to you all and I’m looking forward to Christmas 2008!

421. ensign joe - January 25, 2008

Question for everyone:

What is your preferred coffee?

422. Terry Roberts, Esq. - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams:

Congratulation on the huge success of Cloverfield. Your team has been promoting the new movie as a reintroduction or a new vision of the Star Trek franchise. Assuming the movie is a big hit, as Star Trek show-runner, what kind of follow-up is being considered? Would a 12th movie be considered? Have there been any discussions about bringing Star Trek back to television? Do you have any interest in producing Star Trek that takes place, chronologically, after the last movie (Nemesis)? We’re all hoping for success for Trek 11, but we’re all hoping that it’ll lead to a reinvigoration of Trek, not just one successful movie.

423. See Jay - January 25, 2008

Have you seen the new program Enterprise, and will that have any effect on the film?

424. Closettrekker - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
How do you expect your vision of this film to inspire new and different audiences(non-Trekkers) to become fans of the great Star Trek franchise?

425. John S. - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams,

How similar in tone is the film to the trailer?

in Chicago

426. Decius is Stonn, Stonn is Decius - January 25, 2008


If the film is successful, where do you see the franchise going with your cast? More films, or onto television? Have the actors signed for sequels?

Also, what’s next for Matt Reeves and will it be a Bad Robot project?

427. Dr. Jim Foster, Veterinarian - January 25, 2008

Is there any possibility that you would consider doing a weekly Star Trek series or is the movie franchise your only goal at this time?

428. joe1306 - January 25, 2008

For JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Leonard Nimoy, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Zoé Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Bruce Greenwood… and everyone else working on the movie: THANK YOU!

429. TyrannicalFascist - January 25, 2008

This question is for everyone.

While the latest Star Trek series, Enterpise, was canceled, a lot of people believed that in the last few seasons it really did an excellent job of exploring the earliest days of starfleet and made the first step in connecting the modern day closer to later Trek series.

My question is kind of two-fold. First will there be any reference to Enterprise, perhaps in the design of older ships that may be hanging around Earth, or perhaps an engineering school named for Trip? Second, and I know this one may be a long shot with the writers strike, but the Enterprise writers had set it up that both Captain Archer (very aged) and T’Pol would be alive by the time the Enterprise NCC-1701 was launched. Any chance that one of them could be pulled in to do a tiny cameo, perhaps as a nod to the fans of the show and those who worked on it?

Thanks, and live long and prosper!

430. Ryan Horning - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, et al:

I know that more “realistic” aliens is something that is very important this time around. Would you rely more on makeup and physical appearance to create these aliens or more on computer generated beings? Thanks!

431. Thomas Jensen - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams,

How is the chemistry between the lead actors coming? As you have observed, the interaction between Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley are one of the more memorable things from the original series.

Are your actors developing relationships we’ll want to remember?

432. ensign joe - January 25, 2008

Question for everyone:

Do you see Star Trek as a vehicle for promoting mankinds more altruistic nature?

How do you want your Trek legacy to be remembered years from now?

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci:

In writing Star Trek, are any (as of yet unknown) solutions to current societal issues referenced in the new movie?

433. Johnny Ice - January 25, 2008

Wow, i never seen so many kissing up on this site because of one man!
I am quoting from comments f.e. MR. sir. dear, my main dude e.c.c. guys this is a TV show get a life.
Alright back to topic. My 3 question to Abrams or as i call him the second Messiah are.
Are you going to have bigger role for female (f.e. number 1) in this movie?
After all the fiasco regarding Shanter not being in this movie do you regret casting Nimoy?
Are XI movie going have more NASA look aka TMP, Space Odyssey, instead of usual Naval look?

434. Kevin C. - January 25, 2008

In Star Trek cannon, Kirk served on the USS Republic and USS Farragut prior to becoming Captain of the Enterprise. Are you going to address this in the movie or at least recognize it? It is part of the cannon.

435. table10 - January 25, 2008

Will the merchandise based on the new movie be ready to be released alongside the movie?

Specifically action figures and / or a video game based on the film?

436. ensign joe - January 25, 2008


What has been your most humbling experience since becoming attached to Star Trek?

437. Danny - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ and crew,

Were there any performances in the audition process or on set that surprised you? Is this how you cast ‘surprise’ names such as Tyler Perry, Simon Pegg or Winona Ryder?

All the best, cant wait till Xmas!!


438. ensign joe - January 25, 2008

Question for everyone:

If there was one thing you wish the fans would quit complaining about what would it be?

439. Nathan - January 25, 2008

A couple questions:

(1) Obviously, the biggest dilemma with this film has to be the necessary balancing act between the ‘Classic’ 60’s design and plot elements demanded by fans, and more ‘modern’ such things, a must-have for this film to appeal to current audiences. How did you resolve this dilemma, and was the process difficult?

(2) The emotional core, so to speak, of the original series was the real sense of camraderie not only in the Big Three, but also among the regular cast in general. How did you attempt to go about capturing this, and do you think you succeeded?

(3) Any chance of a guest appearance by the Space Hippies from Way to Eden? Your film could totally use some groovy tunes, man…

I’d just like to say that I think you’re all doing a great job, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the film. Thanks!

440. Michael Paca - January 25, 2008

How many shooting days left before you wrap?

441. Matt - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ et. al,
If you make it this far down the question list I’ll be pleasantly surprised. In that case I’d better make this unique.

What’s the funniest moment you’ve had on set since shooting started? Any particular things stick out in your mind?

442. TJ Dusk - January 25, 2008

I was just wandering why Bill Shatner is’nt in the movie?

443. Cina B - January 25, 2008


I love that you have taken on the Trek franchise. I have been a huge fan of your work . With all the talk of fanboys and the majority of the questions basically coming from dudes, my question to you is will this be a Trek movie that female Trek fans will enjoy as well? You have had very strong female characters in your shows and I wanted to know if we will see any in this new film? I know this is a story about Kirk and Spock, but with actresses like Zoe Saldana, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Morrison I am hoping you won’t waste their talents and make them only background eye candy.
Also, gotta take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to Damon, Bryan, and JJ for the awesomeness that is LOST!!! It is one of the BIG reasons why this new Trek movie will be awesome no matter what!

444. SD - January 25, 2008

Being the McCoy fan that I am, I followed that casting especially closely. Who was first seeing Karl Urban in the role? Was it the idea of you or your team, or did Karl Urban – who said in interviews that he was interested in doing Star Trek right away – call you and say, “hey, Bones is my role”?

(P.S. By now I think the casting was spot on. Thank you!)

Greetings from Germany from this hopeful trekkie (since 1974)

445. Go Spock! - January 25, 2008

If this Star Trek is successful {which I bet it will be! :) }, will you plan on making sequels? {like a trilogy or something?}

hope it continues to go well!

– >

446. Rick - January 25, 2008

Will this STAR TREK film that I am sure will contain moments of wonder, adventure, romance have what I felt was another strong element of the original series and the STAR TREK II through IV films, the element being humor?

447. guyzzer - January 25, 2008

When (if ever) do you think you might start on the Dark Tower cycle?

448. Agent 47 - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrahms.

Thank you for going back to TOS era,for me the 24th century was way overdone and became stale.

When taking on the task of Star Trek what prompted your decision to revisit the original characters and era?


Since being cast Simon Pegg seems to have vanished off the planet (lol) as hardly anything has been reported on him, how soon can his fans expect an interview from him on his role as Scotty, and from your point of view how is he tackling the role?

Thank You :)

449. Blane Robison - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
Will you hopefully correct the most glaring omission (to me at least) in all of “trek” by including an on-going positive Earth male character (rather than an alien, android or sexually ambiguous being), who just happens to be Homosexual?

450. Juli - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Do you plan to launch a viral campaign to advertise Star Trek, or will the advertising be mainly in more traditional media (TV, trailers, etc.), or a mix of both? Will this advertising campaign be aimed at the younger demographic, whom I’m assuming you’re trying to draw into the franchise, or will it focus on getting people who already know about Star Trek (but aren’t necessarily fans) into seeing the movie? Or just age-neutral awesome? Thanks, Juli

451. Martin G. - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

let’s suggest Star Trek XI will be successful, I hope very successful.
Are you ready to continue with the next Star Trek movie like a director or producer?

Thank you for answer.

452. SUPER1701A - January 25, 2008


453. Capricorn Two - January 25, 2008

Regarding Karl Urban: has he been wearing a pinky ring in his characterization as DeForest Kelly did with Dr. McCoy in the series and the movies? And will we see Zachary Quinto playing the Vulcan lute in the movie?

Looking forward to Christmas.

Capricorn Two

454. KennyB - January 25, 2008

JJ—Big fan of yours since “Forever Young” and “Regarding Henry”…..even more so now for “Lost” and cannot wait for your vision of Trek. Very classy move getting Randy Pausch a role! Best of luck and continued success!

455. Andy - January 25, 2008

When can we expect to see cast shots in full Starfleet uniforms?

456. Chapman - January 25, 2008

JJ and crew.

Will we finally get to see a toilet in Star Trek?

457. Chancellor_Ewok - January 25, 2008

Will this be a standalone film or can we expect sequels?

How faithful will this film to TOS?

458. AJ - January 25, 2008

Hi, all.

Space flicks these days have kinda, well, sucked (AVP, etc,), and are cheap fodder which sell videogames, get some DVD rental, and then die.. How will you make a film with enough action for that segment and sequences which can be transcribed to Playstation, and at the same time, one that explores Trek as adults would like to see it?

We all enjoy a good space battle and a phaser fight once in a while, but they’re not present in many of TOS’s finest moments.

459. AV - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci, Mr. Burk , are you going to bring The Welder on for a cameo appearance?

460. carla - January 25, 2008

Will there be any online viral marketing for the Star Trek movie, things we should be looking out for or keeping an eye on online?

461. Dave Philpot - January 25, 2008

A question for anyone:

Everyone seems to be wondering about this new crew. Has it been a challenge trying to make them like their “predecessors” (ie Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan etc) or have you allowed them to have almost free reign on how they develop their characters? And how is Simon Pegg doing with his Scottish accent?

462. Gustavo Valente - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams

Can we expect a darker movie than it’s predecessors…or it will balance a dark tone with some humorous moments???

Live Long and Prosper

463. Jon Deane - January 25, 2008

1. How different will the sets from the original series? Are they a relatively minor update like the exterior or a total redesign?
2. Will you do anything with Star Trek (more movies or a TV show) after this movie is out?

464. ETM - January 25, 2008

Before I get to the “important part”… Congrats to J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk on the success with Cloverfield! It’s been great to see a movie produced by two of my favorite people in the business do so well at the boxoffice. :-) Can’t wait to see Cloverfield when it finally opens here next Thursday!

Since most people either seem to direct their questions to J.J. Abrams or to no one in particular, I’d like to ask Bryan Burk a question first. (Not that there’s anything wrong with asking J.J. Abrams, but I’d like to spread the love a little ;-))

Back at San Diego Comic Con (?) in 2004, you apparently mentioned you started making movies when you were only 10. First of all… what brings someone that young to decide he wants to make movies? I know J.J. has a “genetic predisposition,” to put it this way, but what about you? Can or should we blame J.J. for it? (I was going to write “blame Damon”, but I know he didn’t have anything to do with it for a change! *g* And yes, Damon, we still blame you for all kinds of random things…)

And now that I got that out of the way… here’s a question for Burky and Damon: what has working on your first (“big”) movie been like so far? Any funny/interesting/awkward stories you can share?

PS: Greetings from the ‘lage! ;-)

465. Capt. Dunsel - January 25, 2008

It appears that this movie is going to be a TOS origins movie. However, clearly, the crew of the original Enterprise changed substantially over time (Capt. April, Capt. Pike, Number One, Dr. Boyce, Dr. Piper, Gary Mitchell, Janice Rand, etc…) So it doesn’t seem plausible that the core TOS crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura, Checkov) were acquainted before the time period portrayed in the first season of the original series. (Honestly, it seems implausible from just about any perspective–how many of us work with the same bunch of people they went to school with? Even in the military it would be highly unusual, especially considering their age differences)

So did you take this into consideration in your film? Specifically, how will you include all of the seven key TOS characters together in an “origin story” without it seeming totally contrived?

Or will this be a “reboot” with Pike being the only prior captain, no Gary Mitchell, and re-establishing the “original” crew of the Enterprise to be good old pals who are inseparable and have know eachother since the academy. Honestly, I would hope the seven of them don’t even share the same frame until the last scene of the film. Otherwise, it seems almost as fanboy-ish as the desire to bring back Shatner’s Kirk.

Secondly, any thought of portraying Arex or M’Ress? That would really interject some true sci-fi quality to Star Trek that it’s desperately lacked throughout the Michael Westmore years of “just plop some putty on the nose/forehead and call it a new Federation alien.” Truly alien cremembers would be totally awesome. Wait! don’t tell me. That would really be an impressive surprise if so.

466. Charles Pratt - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Abrams and Mr. Orci,

Is the new Star Trek ever going to make good on the original’s promise to “seek out strange new worlds and new civilizations?” Seems we’ve not really done too much “boldly going” (in regards to the original crew) since the ending of the tv series.


Charles Pratt from Kansas.

467. Xadian - January 25, 2008


I have a fear that I’m hoping you can help me with.

With the large number of characters being re-introduced, coupled with the premise of this movie, and that it’s going to cover several time periods… I’m concerned about too too much material getting crammed into one movie.

Can we expect a longer than normal running time for this movie to fit it all in?

468. Jipeman - January 25, 2008

To Mr Abrams:

Will Bill Shatner end up on the island as one of the Others and if so, will he kick the a$$ of that “bug-eyed son-of-a-b!tch” Ben?

Thank you and have a nice day.

469. m aspill - January 25, 2008

are u planing to expand trek cannon and explore more areas or the enterprise than previously seen ?

470. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

One of my concerns is that when most non-fans hear the words “Star Trek”, the franchise is immediately associated with nerds dressed in costumes, or a generally boring television show.

With that said, it was a bold choice giving the film this title.

How do you plan on changing this prevalent attitude that is among the majority of (young) people, and making Star Trek ‘cool’ again?

471. Mark Lopa - January 25, 2008

Will there be any references to “Star Trek: Enterprise”?

472. MARK - January 25, 2008


473. Ingmar Kunath - January 25, 2008

Do you use only the original uniforms, or can we see also the blue/grey uniforms at the time of the Enterprise-F because of a leap in the time?

474. Marc Henson - January 25, 2008

A lot of people have complained that the Enterprise looks different, I’ve tried to reason with many people that just because the Enterprise looks different, doesn’t mean that it violates Trek canon. After all, no one really knows what Enterprise looked like when it was first built. It could have been refit by the time of “The Cage.”

Would you care to comment on that? And also, does this movie respect the animated series as canon? (meaning, based on the story, will Robert April still be the first captain)

475. Ingmar Kunath - January 25, 2008

Are there any hopes for a new production? A kind of “third generation” as cinema movie or tv-serial?

476. Duane Dibby of Borg - January 25, 2008

To Roberto Orci.
What are you feelings on ‘Star Trek Enterprise’, and how much of a bearing do the events from that series have on your movie?

477. Andrew - January 25, 2008


I’ve been a Trek fan since I was 6 yrs old. My favorite thing about the original show was the chemistry between the characters. It was most definitely a “Dream Team.” I have been amazed at how much your new cast “looks” like the originals, but even more than that I HOPE they have that “magical chemistry” that made the original so special. Is that chemistry happening with the new cast?


478. oddballuk - January 25, 2008

Hi Folks,

How dauting do you feel to take on such a huge franchise with such a rabid fan base. Have we been quite harsh on youy?

479. Stephan Seifert - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr Abrams,

do you believe in God?

What do you think of the 23rd century? Will the people still believe in God and will religions still exist?

Thanks for your honest answer. I would be pleased to hear your opinion on this topic.

Stephan Seifert from Germany

480. Gary - January 25, 2008

Have you consulted with Eugene Roddenberry or Majel Barret about any of your decisions?

481. Victor Hugo - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
I don´t know if the interview continues, just wanted to wave hello from BRAZIL! There´s a big fanbase in here, believe it! :)

Hope to see you guys around here in Sao Paulo to promote the film! You´re all invited!

482. TJ Trek - January 25, 2008

I noticed that the engines on the youre version of the original are quite diffrent from those on the Original version of it. What was your rationail behind changing the original look of the enterprise? I think the oringal looked great on screen in TMP.

483. Chancellor_Ewok - January 25, 2008

>Have you consulted with Eugene Roddenberry or Majel Barret about any of your decisions?

That reminds me of another question. How much creative freedom did you have?

484. Brian Thornley - January 25, 2008

Dear JJ Abrams,

I and all my friends enjoyed ‘Cloverfield’ very much. Has that movie influenced the upcoming ‘Star Trek’ movie in any way?


Brian from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

485. Duane Dibby of Borg - January 25, 2008

To what extent is the number 47 going to be featured?

486. The Quickening - January 25, 2008

I would like to get your impressions regarding the fact that TREK movies have never performed well overseas, particularly in non-english speaking countries. I therefore thought it was essential to get a big name in the film for increased international BO.

No offense to Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood, Winona Ryder or Ben Cross, but, was there an attempt made to get a mega-star in the film and you were not able to pull it off?

487. johnconner - January 25, 2008

J.J., Damon:
Like LOST and CLOVERFIELD, are there more tie-ins in STAR TREK? I know some would consider that sacrilege, but I’d dig it.

488. Marc Henson - January 25, 2008

I apologize if this has already been asked, but will Majel Barrett be the voice of the computer?

489. DesiluTrek - January 25, 2008

Has Paramount tied your hands in any significant way? Was there anything you wanted to do with the story, or have there been any changes you’ve sought, that the studio or the Trek property gatekeepers at Viacom overall objected to? Were there battles along those lines that you won or lost?

From this fan since ’70, thanks for trying to recapture the exploring spirit of the original.

490. The Master - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
I have two questions. Is Majel Rodenbury going to do the voice of the Enterprise?

Second question do you forsee the character Matt Decker being shown in the your reboot of the franchise?.

491. badboy1230 - January 25, 2008

Forgive me if this has already been asked but will there be any nods to any other incarnations of Trek (TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, DS9)?

492. Andy Patterson - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ,

How ’bout doing something with the GARY SEVEN character now? Maybe a show of his own. (everyone knew I was going to ask that, didn’t they?)

493. Daniel - January 25, 2008

How much pressure do you feel not to change established canon? Some people wince at even the slightest change of canon but i am happy for you to bend the rules and tinker with it and from the looks of the teaser trailer your doing a good job so far. Don’t be afraid of the ‘enterprise MUST have this many decks and Vulcan MUST be this many lightyears away from earth’ brigade. As long as the spirit of Star Trek is there you are doing a fine job and if anything this re-imagining will help to clear out a lot of discrepancies in canon and modify it slightly on firmer foundations.

494. Ryan Spooner - January 25, 2008

My question’s probably not going to be asked being so far down the page, but here goes anyway.


Do you know if the UK release of Cloverfield will have the Star Trek trailer at the beginning of it, or was that just a USA thing?

Ryan Spooner.

p.s. Can I be in the film too please? :-)

495. Marc Henson - January 25, 2008

If any Klingons appear, will at least some of them, not have ridges on their foreheads? Just curious.

496. Davide - January 25, 2008

Why do you think that film will like both the fun and non-fun?

497. ss - January 25, 2008

Can you describe a characteristic of the more recent Star Trek incarnations that you deliberately discarded? Perhaps a particular plot device, thematic element, or visual trait….

498. pizza - January 25, 2008

To JJ and Roberto: Has there been any discussion on a possible plot for a second movie if you are asked to do another one?

Mr. Nimoy: Is this movie a one shot deal, or would you consider another one if asked to do it?

499. Rod of Rassilon - January 25, 2008

Hi All :)

Why not, now you have all sets built, Actors in place etc. commit an extra Million per episode and do 6-12 episodes for say Xmas TVspecials for Paramount? Thats what I thought should have been done when I first heard about the plans to make the movie, but that was more from the perspective of getting the lead actors settled into the roles, much like it took a few episodes before the “original team” became the iconic crew we know and love.

I realise its a bit late now. Although I it could still be done and an episode/or 2 could even bring Shatner/Kirk back and deal with those fans needs while not impinging on “Trek film history”

{plus, think of the fun you could have with the other 4/5/10/11 whatever episodes}

whats my question? would you do that? is it a cool idea?

Best of Luck.

Rod :)

500. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - January 25, 2008

I hope this is not a repeat question Anthony.

Dear Mr. Abrams –

First of all, great teaser.

When you approached the development process of the movie, did you have an initial plan in how your would market the movie to the fans in general?

Supplementary: In recent days 2 of treks extended alumni have come forward with very positive reviews, and news that they may be included on screen. Was this a natural progression (by chance), or was this on some level a marketing move?


501. dalek - January 25, 2008

I think a fair question:

JJ given your recent comments to various outlets and Howard Stern, it would definitely indicate there was no place for Shatner after the scripting stage, nor would he ever be put in the movie, so why did you keep false hopes up for more than 6 months on something that was always going to be a “No”. People have deep feelings for Shatner’s Kirk and his poor demise and it feels like you’ve messed us unnecessarily.

502. Victor Hugo - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Just a few suggestions:

* I´d love to hear, the first notes of Jerry Goldsmith´s Star Trek theme, played softly by a violin. And may the force be with the actual composer Michael Giachino! (just please don´t overdo the piano)

* Feel free to make a 120 minute movie! We can take it!

503. MikeG - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ and Team, congrats and best wishes with Star Trek.
With Trek having existed now for nearly 50 years, and huge numbers of Trek stories being told, how in the world do you manage to find something new and original? When ST:TMP came out, people criticized it for being little more than a big-screen version of one or two episodes. Now we’ve had four more series, and nine more films… hundreds of stories… Is there anything new under the sun?

504. Da Big Fire-Chief! - January 25, 2008

For JJ Abrams: What effect or influence, if any, did the various independent fan-films such as Exeter, Farragut, Hidden Frontier, Intrepid and New Voyages, have on the storyline of this movie? Did the works of these groups have any influence in Paramount’s decision to produce a new Star Trek movie so soon following the end of Enterprise? This week you had James Cawley on the set for a role. Have you ever viewed New Voyages or other independent fan film works of the previously mentioned groups? Thank you and my best for success with the Start Trek XI film!

505. CCBeck - January 25, 2008

I know it’s been asked already..but when do we get to see them in uniform? Thanks and I am looking forward to the film!

506. Ricardo de Paula - January 25, 2008

First, I’m happy and thankful to know that you care about the Star Trek fans, I know this is too early or even a “stupid” question, but seeing the teaser trailer I saw how competent your team is; So here is my question, if, by any chance we will have a new Star Trek TV series? If so,will you direct it?(I hope)

507. A. David Smith - January 25, 2008

For J.J.:

Gene Roddenberry once stated that in order for an audience (TV or film) to have empathy for an alien character, said alien must appear to be basically human, albeit with slight changes to make that character look “alien”. For example: green skin, pointed ears, etc.

Do you agree/disagree with Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy?

Thanks ahead of time for your answer,

A. David Smith

Located somewhere out on the far end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy, in orbit around a small, yellow sun.

508. AdamTrek - January 25, 2008

Greetings, gentleman.

My questions goes to Mr. Abrams:

What has been the funnest part about set design?

What’s your favorite set to shoot on? Is the bridge built on top of hydraulics to simulate space-battle?

How many complete physical were built for the picture, or how many “rooms” on the ship will we get to see? Alot of greenscreen?

How many different ships will we get to see?

How many planets will the crew visit during the picture?

What’s your favorite food? Kidding.

Thanks alot for this opportunity. Adamtrek out.

509. JL - January 25, 2008


510. Dave - January 25, 2008

JJ – You’re famous for being incredibly secretive with your projects, notably with Cloverfield, will you be as secret with this movie?

511. KC - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams

What is you long term aspirations for Star Trek. Are you just going to do one movie and end your involvement, or do you have plans to stay in place to help revive the franchise and GR vision, with either more movies or TC show?



512. John S. - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams,

What is your view of the role of politics and social issues in Trek? This sort of goes to the “Is art a mirror or a catalyst?” debate, and I’d be interested to hear your reaction.

John in Chicago

513. fakesteve - January 25, 2008

JJ, I watched your really amazing TED talk. Will there be a mystery box in Star Trek? (And will Spock use a Mac?)

514. Jackson Roykirk - January 25, 2008

Will you be covering the lens with gauze for any female closeups? Honestly, that–and the colored gels lighting the background set flats–has got to be part of the signature look of the original series. It’s desperate for an homage!

Not to mention the work that’s cut out for Giacchino in integrating cues from the original series. I hope you both can find a way to fit a few of them in beyond the original opening theme. If Gerald Fried’s work is good enough for the Cable Guy it should be good enough for the new Star Trek movie!

515. Minnesota Bruin - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

From the limited information we have from terrific sites like trekmovie.com, it seems like we see a grittier, more detailed view of the future. As a fan of hard science fiction this is very exciting! Have you had any trouble meshing the modern sci fi with Mr. Roddenberry’s vision?


P.S. If you need any “technical assistance” my fellow graduate students at UCLA Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences and I would be happy to help!

516. Captain Hackett - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ and crew,

Firs tof all, it is quite an honour to have you all with us and the teaser was so amazing. I have three questions for you.

1) Will there be any famous Bones McCoy sayings, “I am a doctor, not a —–“?

2) How much will the technobabble be used? I hope it is much less technobable.

3) Since I am a proud Canadian, will there any Canadian characters in your movie?

Captain Hackett
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

517. Bode - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ,

Has the writers strike effected you badly while the film is in production?

I notice today that Marvel have worked out a deal with the WGA is it not possible that “Bad Robot” could do the same?

Excellent trailer and good luck with the film.


518. Robert S J - January 25, 2008

Oh great, someone is trying to get a job on the movie. The Kicker? He goes to UCLA. I am going to vomit now. Anyway, I wanted to ask about your directing style. Are you going to stick with the shaki-cam, as I like to call it, or are you going with more of an old-school approach? Thanks.

519. DarthLowBudget - January 25, 2008

For Robert Orci:

How would you compare the challenge of writing the new Star Trek to the challenge of writing Transformers? Both are franchises with strong fan-bases and high expectations. Which screenplay was the harder for you to write?

520. JL - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Very much enjoyed the teaser, I am anxiuosly awaiting your vision.

Question. Will we be treated to a pulse-pounding, spectacular version of Alexander Courage’s original theme during the opening credits, sir?

Thank you,
Cleveland, OH

521. acb - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ and company,

Juat wondering, will there be any appearances or allusions to well known Star Trek characters such as Dr. Carol Marcus or Gary Mitchell in your film?

522. StarTrekExcitement - January 25, 2008

JJ, Let’s say the new movie is a big hit. Would you consider doing another movie if asked or say a new Star Trek TV Series?

BTW I am looking forward to seeing Fringe when it airs!!

Thank you for your time,


523. Bill Kraft - January 25, 2008

Will the new film have an epic feel about it? I thought the first Trek movie felt like msore of an eipic in scale. Will the film deal with a “big question “or theme?

524. Jay - January 25, 2008

Hey Mr. Abrams,

First, want to tell you how much I love your work. And also, just want to thank you for everything that you’ve already done for Star Trek. I, probably like many, lost interest in Trek over the years, but I still have a soft spot for it. But that teaser you put attached to Cloverfield (which, BTW, I loved, even if it took me a while to get my balance back after it was over) just brings Trek back to me. I still love how most people in the theatre didn’t know what it was until the Enterprise was revealed at the end, and the reaction they had was “What!?! That’s STAR TREK?!?” Which had me smiling and actually crying a bit. It’s exactly what I wanted this film to do. Get everyone into the theatre, not just the fanboys like myself.

I have a couple of questions, so here goes:

– What’s the single most important thing that Mr. Roddenberry had in his show that you hope is in your movie?

– How much more difficult has it been to come into a pre-established series where you have such loved characters and everything and do your own thing, as opposed to coming up with everything yourself?

That’s it for me, thank you Mr. Abrams for having the time to sit down and talk to your fans, good luck with the film (and future projects). And thanks in advance for the great Christmas present.

Jay from Vancouver

PS: Not Trek related, but, I recently found your un-produced Superman script online and just love it! Really wish it could have got made, or maybe it could still be made.

525. Mudd - January 25, 2008

Hi Mr. Abrams,

Do you see a sequel to your film in the works or can you comment on whether a new series may morph out of your production.


526. Knut - January 25, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams
it seems you’re going to make it appear as if everything always looked the way it’s going to look in your movie. Will there be any references to this? For example an old Spock saying: “I remember it a little differently” and everyone looks at each other for a short moment and then they all continue to talk as if he’d never said anything.

527. Another New Person - January 25, 2008

Will we be seeing multiple ‘eras’ of the Enterprise, and if so, how were differences in the ship style taken into account? (ie. Pike-era Enterprise had the rocket-like nacelles, a larger deflector dish and a larger bridge section).

A Fan

528. Chris Reed - January 25, 2008

While many on here are wondering how this film will cater to longtime fans, you’ve also mentioned the movie needing to cater to the general public.

Just how will Star Trek work for someone who saw the teaser, cringed and said “Oh no… Not another geeky Trekkie movie” ?

529. Eyal - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ!

A quick question:

Did Paramount come to you with the idea to resurrect Trek? Or did you come to them?


530. Yiggy - January 25, 2008


Star Trek The Motion Picture had its faults, but it really was an attempt to do Star Trek as more “serious science fiction.” From the story, to the acting and the scale of the production itself, Robert Wise really tried to elevate the series and in many ways he did.

How are you looking to elevate the series and its perception ?

531. Andy - January 25, 2008

Hey J.J., thanks for doing this. Even though the film can be seen as a reboot (ala Casino Royale, Batman Begins, etc. etc.) how accesssible will it be for newcomers such as myself? Does the film rely on some fan knowledge to really appreciate certain themes or characters?

P.S.: Cloverfield was great and I’m looking forward to more Lost (I’d like to see J.J. direct a Lindelof/Cuse written finale)!

532. Benton Jennings - January 25, 2008

Would you please have casting call my agent? Thanks.

533. Bob Ketch - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
Speaking as a die hard fan of Star Trek, my only concerns about the movie are about continuity. How important is maintaining continuity to you and your team versus the desire to make a “good movie”? Taken as a solo entity, I am positive, judging from your previous work, that this will be a fantastic voyage and a wonderful piece of cinema but am I going to cringe when I hold it up to the stories already told in Star Trek? Thank you for your time, good luck, and Godspeed.

Des Moines, Iowa.

534. Tom_Fleetlord - January 25, 2008

JJ is probably reading all this and saying jeesh where do i start. :) :)

535. Obsessed With Film » Live Chat with J.J. Abrams - January 25, 2008

[…] J.J. Abrams, the most important man in sci-fi (STAR TREK, LOST, King’s DARK TOWER) will be conducting a live chat online over at our the great TrekMovie.com later today. […]

536. Trekker06 - January 25, 2008

@ J.J. Abrams:
a very specific question:

The sets of he Enterprise.

How big are They?
Specificly how big is the bridge, the machine room and how many different corridors do you have? Are they much bigger than in the last movies?
And at least:

will they be at least a bit colourful as we know them from the original Series?

I think it would be cool to see a few colours in a big science-fiction movie and not only the stereotype dark, blue rooms.

Good luck and thank you for all!

537. Mark C., Chicago - January 25, 2008

What will fans of your other projects see in Star Trek as clearly attributable to your style of writing and/or directing?

Thanks and the best of luck to you.

538. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

WOW Thanks everyone for all the great questions. Obviously I do not think they will be able to get to them all but I am sure they will try and answer as many as possible. For now I have two notes to make this easier
1. Please do not comment on other people’s questions…this is for submissions only
2. writing your question in ALL CAPS does not make it more likely to be answered…in fact the other way around

Thank you

539. crazybeach - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, and Co.
My half-dozen quatloos,
It’s obvious that you and your cohorts are great Trek fans, and your love and reverence for the Trek saga is self-evident. As such Trekkers, and given the much larger budget to “play” with this time around, are there any Trek “moments” you wanted see done that you were abel to realize with this film? You know, perhaps some things about TOS in particular or Trek in general (e.g. item “x” never seemed to work in a sensible way or situation “y” never made sense) that you thought needed “fixing”, or at least re-thinking?
Another half-dozen quatloos to anyone who can figure out from whence came my screen name…

540. William Walker - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams

1st off i look forward to the Movie and wish you and the crew the best in making the best movie you can .

Their has been people that has had an issues with the new movie cause from what they saw that it’s is breaking Cannon of Star Trek in terms of the look of the ship and the time line that is know

how do you reply to the people that clam that ?
and is this Movie a Reboot to Star Trek or how world you call this movie?

541. Jon - January 25, 2008

Chris Pine

– Dude I loved CHiPs! My friends and I would sing the song and pretend we were CHiPs haha. Your dad is a good actor. Any chance we might be seeing him in the movie? If not maybe in the future?

– Everyone keeps talking about Spock but you’re the hero in all this. What does it feel like to command the Enterprise and to be *the* man?! Do you have any cool fight scenes??? Say yes!

542. Kirk's Girdle - January 25, 2008


I’m sure every Trek question has been asked by now, so I’ll ask a non-Trek question:

In response to the upcoming hideously abridged season starting next Thursday, will LOST have 24 episodes in 2009 in order to end on schedule in 2010?

Best of luck to you. (you’ve done alright so far)

543. Chris Pickett - January 25, 2008

Any reason why Captain Kirk (William Shatner) can’t make into the movie via Spock watching/listening to some type of fina video message that Kirk may have sent him upon his death?

544. Green-blooded-bastard - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,
I have two questions that are inter-related somewhat. Revealing as much as you care to:

1) Given todays political climate and that as communication becomes easier, the world becomes…”smaller” so to say, nations are given a greater opportunity to not only make peace with each other, but war if they so desire (or even if not, but must). It is just as much easier in the modern century to kiss your neighbor as it is to bomb him into non-existence. How do todays domestic and foreign affairs influence your movie making given Star Trek is set in a period of Earth-time when peace and prosperity is paramount? Would you (if at all) attempt to convey the messages of hope over disparity using todays issues as the fulcrum?

2) Without revealing too much personal information, do your own political views and ideals come into play when attempting to convey a message to the viewing audience? Do you exert any personal influence over the material being presented, as opposed to allowing the story take itself where the writers and producers intended while trying to “steer the ship” straight?

Thank you for your time, i know it’s valuable.
Darren R
Davie, FL

545. Jon - January 25, 2008

Chris Pine:

– Dude I loved CHiPs! My friends and I would sing the song and pretend we were CHiPs haha. Your dad is a good actor. Any chance we might be seeing him in the movie? If not maybe in the future?

– Everyone keeps talking about Spock but you’re the hero in all this. What does it feel like to command the Enterprise and to be *the* man?! Do you have any cool fight scenes??? Say yes!

– Be a little over dramatic for at least one scene, come on buddy!

JJ abrams:

– Any chance we might see some new aliens?

– How about the planets. Are they gonna look like giant gas bubbles or will they look like something lives on them?

– Will there be any new tech that you can share with us? Will there be a pill they can take so they don’t have to eat food? You know something new that scientist are working on.

546. Daniel C - January 25, 2008

Hi J.J.,

Do you know if there are any plans to bring Trek back to tv? I doubt you could answer that if the answer was yes, but I thought I’d still put it out there.

547. spock from the dead - January 25, 2008

OK, j.j. , I’ll ask again….. Why cant Kirk come back from the nexus alive, didn’t he die the first time when the Nexus took him and yet Picard brought him out alive?
Besides cant anyone who goes there see dead love ones alive again?
Let Spock go rescue Kirk the way Kirk brought back his frieind Spock ,after all what are freinds for J. J. ?

548. Mark Lynch - January 25, 2008

Hi All,

Was there actually a part for Shatner in your script/screenplay? If so, what was the ‘stumbling block’ that made it impossible, if there is one.

I know that comments are not invited, but just wanted to ask you to please give this new film an epic, majestic look and feel like ST-TMP, can you please do that?

Hey! it is a question….! :)

549. Anthony - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Burk : what were some of the aesthetic impressions, like the more mysterious and isolated feel of the original series music vs. the more triumphant and confident feel to TNG, of Michael Giacchino that lead you to select him for the score? I absolutely loved his work on Ratatouille and I can’t wait to hear what he cooks up for Trek. Much Thanks

Nashville, TN

550. martin anderson - January 25, 2008

Will this Star Trek film be designed with Americans in mind as TOS was, or for a more International audience, as TNG, DS9, VOY, and the TNG Films were?

551. DisappointedShatnerFan - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am at your failure to secure William Shatner in this movie. It’s at the point where I no longer am excited and likely will not see it. The inability to bring the character back is hard to believe.

You mentioned about Shatner not wanting a cameo, but what you have never said is that you offered him one. You said you were desperately trying to get him in the movie, but when was the last time you spoke with him? How come he wasn’t in the script? Why did he find out he wasn’t in the script from Leonard Nimoy instead of yourself?

Captain Kirk is back, but who cares? We know the character dies stupidly in Generations. It changes the whole thing. How do you know Shatner won’t do a cameo if you won’t call him? Maybe he changed his mind. We won’t know, because the two of you don’t talk.

This has been an absolute debacle. In a recent USA Today poll, 66 percent of those who responded want Shatner in the movie. Similar numbers were on a Trekmovie poll.

The Shatner debacle has tainted this movie. You can still fix it. Please write him a pivotal scene at the end where we see older Kirk and Spock together. If he doesn’t do it, have Chris Pine do the scene in old age makeup. Kirk is the main protagonist. You need to protect his life at all costs.

Given that time travel and Spock going around trying to save Kirk’s life is the whole theme of the movie, it seems an insult to our intelligence that you are saying that you can’t get him in the movie without sounding like a fanboy.

Shatner brings in the money. Not having Shatner costs you.

552. Capt Verg - January 25, 2008

JJ, any chance on a Sybok cameo?

553. DisappointedShatnerFan - January 25, 2008

And another thing–

In Generations, when Picard and Kirk returned from the nexus, they did so at a time period before Picard got Kirk IN the nexus. By beating Soran, they set up a paradox where Kirk was never retrieved. There is an equal and original Kirk still in the nexus, able to return at any time.

Real tough.

Not only that, in the TNG episode Relics, Scotty made it very clear that at a time post-Generations, Kirk was in the 23rd century and had contact with Scotty. There is your proof that at some point, Kirk needs to return to the 23rd century.

Just a little thinking.

You’re a pro. Please don’t insult our intelligence by saying you couldn’t figure out a way to do this without being a fanboy.

554. Ken Dubrowski - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams,
Given all the sci-fi that has come out since Star Trek first aired, it seems you are in an interesting quandary.
You are in charge of taking a 1960’s television show which appealed to a generation that dealt with issues that were of that specific time period and trying to update it to fit it into a current society with quite differing set of values.
The earlier version of the show and it’s crew dealt with themes and issues that seem to be on the verge of being duplicated today but seem outdated today.
How do you address some of those 60’s issues by going backwards in the Star Trek story and can you bring a whole new approach to Star Trek using current themes and story telling?
Is it important to interest both sets of generational values ( those that created the show and those that now watch it) while trying to craft a successful story to a younger and more sophisticated viewer?



555. Ed - January 25, 2008

Roberto: This may have been asked but are you gonna give Uhura a first name?

Thanks to all involved to make this chat thing possible.

556. MAT - January 25, 2008


For all the time and effort you and your team have and will put into this project what will you consider to be a successful return on investment for the movie?

Followup question: Is William Shatners appearance a secret?

557. CW - January 25, 2008

I have been a Trek Nerd for going on 40 years now. I usually get made fun of for being a Trek Nerd by: My wife, friends, family, people I work with, people I play tennis with etc……

Is this movie going to make being a Total Trek Geek ‘Cool’ in some way? I mean I have gone so far as to tell my children that we’re opening Xmas present on Xmas eve, admitting to my 8 year old that there is NO santa, so that we don’t have a scheduling conflict with our trip to the Multiplex

558. OR Coast Trekkie - January 25, 2008

I’m not going to ask about plot line. I want to be suprised. I don’t wnat to know what is going to happen before I give you my money, (obligatory LOL).

However, Mt. Abrams, this question relates to my earlier question (#222): How do you respond to criticism from the type of fan (a higher percentage than you realize) who believes that if you are erronous on something small, like the font on the Enterprise hull, then you have missed, or are going to miss the big picture of Star Trek?

559. NCC-73515 - January 25, 2008

Dear all
Thank you for not including Shatner. It would be ridiculous at this time.

My question for Zachary Quinto:
Will your Spock show emotions?

560. DesiluTrek - January 25, 2008

How has the writers’ strike aftected the movie’s making? How locked into the script are you? Have you discovered anything you’d like to change that you cannot — potentially something major that could affect the quality of the story you’re attempting?

Thanks from this original series die-hard for giving me a Star Trek to look forward to unlike any since The Undiscovered Country. In these trying times, we need a dose of classic Star Trek optimism for the future. I sense your team recognizes this.

561. Dr. Zac Smith - January 25, 2008

Man I love the characters of TOS, but yeah, I get off on the TOS tech as well. The whole design is so unique…nothing else looks like it. Will the new movie try and stay true to that uniqueness in its design? Not saying will it be a copy, but will it, at least, NOT look like every other sci-fi project to come down the pike over the last 10 years?

And will the hand phaser (coolest hand held weapon EVER) have a snap-in phaser 1? …sometimes it’s the little things that makes you smile..

562. Chris Jones (UK) - January 25, 2008


I am actually more of a fan of TNG, but I appriciate a return to the screen of Kirk and Spock.

However, since hearing of the general plot of the movie (young Kirk etc), I have been a bit concerned as to how it will all be handled. For instance, I want the film to be primarily based on the Enterprise herself. I don’t want to see the long-proposed Starfleet Academy idea take up a huge part of the movie. It is “Space: The Final Frontier” not “Class: The Boring Frontier”.

Can you please allay my fears?


563. Michael P. Carmody - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, you have breathed new life into the greatest show in the history of TV and I will be forever grateful. My question is: If the Enterprise is seen to be travelling at Warp, will we see the ‘streaked star’ effect common to The Next Generation et al.?

564. Janek Liebetruth - January 25, 2008

the Star Trek world has always been about a positive future without prejudice against minorities (ethnical, social, etc). I know this has been a topic for decades now and ALL previous decision maker (including Gene Roddenberry) have avoided that matter fairly ‘successfully’ Can we expect that gay characters are being included in the movie or any following format in one way or the other. Dealing or at least mentioning of that issue is WAY overdue. Don’t you think? Greeting from Berlin, Germany.

565. Chadwick Adams - January 25, 2008

First off I would like to say that I am very happy, excited, and humbled that Mr. J.J. Abrams is directing and producing the new Star Trek movie. It is a real treat to have Mr. Abrams unique perspective, flowing talent and ingenious ideas at the helm of this new movie. I mean, who better then J.J. to revive and degauss the Star Trek franchise.

It may be too early to ask but would you consider directing/producing another Star Trek movie after this one?
In this new movie you are covering an era of Star Trek we are familiar with but considering Kirk is a cadet it is 10 or 20 years prior to the Original series. We may know the era but we have never seen anything prior to Capt Chris Pike in 2254. There are huge gaps in the Star Trek universe timeline (i.e. 2161-2254 and 2294-2363, that is 162 years combined) that have never been seen on TV or in a movie. If you were to do another Star Trek movie would you consider covering unseen eras from the Star Trek universe or would you proceed with the continuity of what we already familiar with?

Kind Regards
A Star Trek Fan
Chadwick Adams

566. CULLEN - January 25, 2008

Roberto, Bryan, Damon and J.J. –

Thanks for participating here. I hope you’ll hold another round of Q&A in the months ahead–to keep the momentum rolling.

Regarding William Shatner:
I will see the movie regardless of his participation. I would be my preference that he DOES appear, even in a cameo role. (One hopes he understands his on-screen time must be limited, as the story is NOT about the older James T. Kirk.)

In the same spirit as “Transformers” fans witnessed the participation of Peter Cullen (the original Optimus Prime voice), PLEASE consider working Mr. Shatner into the new movie.

We know it’s a time travel movie.
We know that we’re seeing TOS through different glasses now. (Much clearer and sharper – thank you!)
We know that there are sweeping changes, either due to time travel elements or simply embracing new design elements, or (fill in the blank explanation).

Can you please find a way to approach Shatner again, assuming the Writer’s Strike ends–and he can be added into the script?

“There are always possibilities.”

567. Shatner4TrekXI - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, not sure if this has been asked since there are so many comments, but is it 100 percent certain now that William Shatner will not be in the movie? Is there any chance that you will give the man a call given the massive disappointment your decision has caused?

568. Adam - January 25, 2008

What are the plans for the marketing of the film? Will there be merchandise available?

569. John, Mary Jo, and Nicky Tenuto - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

Has the Writer’s Strike affected the filming of the movie?

Thank you!

John, Mary Jo, and Nicky Tenuto

570. John Morgan Neal - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams.

While we have heard no casting information on them I have to wonder since we do know Pike is in the film, are Number One, Boyce, Tyler and such going to be seen or mentioned in any capacity?

On the same note, what about Captain April?

Oh and can you get me an autograph from Ms. Ryder? :)


571. Jose Ortiz - January 25, 2008


If after this movie you decide to do a sequel, would you continue on from the orginal series time line or do you think you would like to explore the era of the Next Generation and beyond?

572. mertelicious - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ,

what I would like to know….Before Paramount gave clearance to produce a TOS-Movie, which other plot-concepts were in discussion? Was it ever seriosly considered to do a DS9- or Voyager-Movie? And my final question…. If the Star Trek reboot is successful, is there any chance that the franchise will turn its focus back to the 24th century(or maybe even the 25th) ?

Thank you very much

Ps: Greetings from Germany

573. Kenny Maths - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams,

What do you view as being the unique selling point of this incarnation (in character terms – regardless of the actors playing the roles) of Star Trek…as opposed to any other Trek incarnation or any other sci-fi movie?

P.S. The single thing which makes me most hopeful about this project is that you have Leonard Nimoy on board…I don’t think he would have come out of retirement if he didn’t believe in it. In any case, good luck…I hope the hard work of all concerned is rewarded.



* Will the character Robert April be mentioned in the film?

* In your movie, was Christopher Pike the first captain of the Enterprise, or Robert April?

* Was Ray Liotta considered for the role of Christopher Pike?

* Will the character Gary Mitchell be mentioned in the film?

* Will the character Carol Marcus be mentioned in the film?

* Will Kirk’s service aboard either the Republic or the Farragut be mentioned in the film?

* Will Kirk’s father be acknowledged as having served in Starfleet?

Personal comment to all of you: THANK YOU for putting Chris Doohan in the new film. And looking forward to the new season of LOST! (Yes, only 8 episodes, but still looking forward to it!)

575. Marian Ciobanu - January 25, 2008

-I want to know if our suggestions will count in the development of the movie… foe example : the sets..the camera angles..the design of the ships and the design of the new uniforms…and if the movie is connected with the tv shows..

576. Captain Dunzel - January 25, 2008

When Spock last appeared, he had come to grips with his human/Vulcan conflict and gave a truly balanced presentation of his character. Will Mr. Quinto’s younger Spock’s human/Vulcan clash be at the forefront as it seemed to be during TOS?

577. GARY - January 25, 2008


I would love to know, if the new movie will harken that eerie feeling of the unknown, as on The Forbidden Planet, The Twilight Zone and the original Star Trek show?


578. T-Rex - January 25, 2008

Your style seems to cloak the story in mystery and trickle out information sometimes (Cloverfield) never telling the major part of the background. Can we expect the same from your vision for Star Trek?

579. Carl - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, Mr. Lindelof, Mr. Orci, Mr. Burk, and all associated with the new movie.

Although I am eagerly awaiting the answers to many of the questions currently posted on this website, I merely wished to extend a personal note of thanks. Since I was a young man I have been fascinated with Star Trek. There is something iconic and true about the original series. I find its core message of a bright future particularly relevant to the current tumultuous state of the world.
The more I hear about it, the more I appreciate the respect that you have for the intelligence of the fans, and for the core ideals of the series. So while it may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, I wanted to thank you for taking us back to the final frontier.

~Carl Lehman

580. fakesteve - January 25, 2008

Don’t you terribly miss hanging out with Carlton while doing Trek?

581. durhamtrojan64 - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams, Orci, Lindelof, Burk, et al.

I am a high school English teacher and I’m always curious about the works of any genre, written or visual, that great professionals like you found most formative or that inspired you to go into your profession?

WIll there be any space polar bears?

582. Bink - January 25, 2008

Hi. I don’t have a question, but wanted only to leave a comment.

After hearing about Randy Pausch and seeing the video of his last lecture, I read that you sent him an email offering him a spot in 11. I just wanted to say that this is the most incredibly noble, honorable and “Human” thing I have ever heard of to come out of Hollywood, and that you sir are a class act. Something like this would only happen in the Star Trek Universe. Only a true fan such as you could understand what this would mean to one of us “trekkers” in being able give this man an opportunity to fulfill his last wish and dream.

Hopefully your type of generosity will be contagious and maybe we’ll see more stories like this to come out of HW, instead of the standard fare we see now.

Thanks, Bink

583. weeharry - January 25, 2008

apologies if this has already been asked –

we know the US release date is christmas day 2008 – any news on release dates for the rest of the world (in my case the UK)?

thanks and all the best!!

584. ShawnP - January 25, 2008

Just one question for whoever wants to reply:

How much assurance can you give that this Star Trek script (and hopefully future ones) won’t be overrun by the technobabble and other gobbledygook that the more recent incarnations of Trek seem to have employed?


P.S. Somehow or another, I’ve never seen an episode of “Lost.” If you answer my question, I promise I’ll rent the first few seasons to catch up and start watching. :-)

585. Mister P - January 25, 2008

I understand the Romulans will be playing a part in the movie. Will you be taking your inspiration for their appearance and mannerism from TOS or TNG?

I prefer the original “Roman” Centurian look with the metal helmets and identical to Vulcan appearance. But in STV & TNG they switched to an slightly oriental look and finally the nasty Michael Westmorean bumps-on-their-foreheads alien-of-the-week appearance that truly broke with established canon.

586. Scott Xavier - January 25, 2008

I am a mentalist/mind reader, and your projects remind me of a fine crafted magic performance. The prestige is finally knowing whats going on in cloverfield/lost etc. Amazing stuff reminds me of David Mammet’s stuff.

Are you still a magician? Which magicians do you find inspiring?

587. Andreas -horn- Hornig - January 25, 2008

Due to future distribution on new cinema technologies, are you shooting or at least doing some of the cgi effect shots in stereoscopical 3D?
would be nice to see the Big E flying directly out of the silver screen and into the cinema audience.

588. T. Savalas - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ – love your work!

Forgive me if this question has already been asked multiple times – with all the special effects, lighting, etc. – was Jim Cawley’s toupee a fire hazard on the set? And if it was – how did you protect the other cast & crew?

589. I-Chaya - January 25, 2008

Zachary Quinto,

How logical will Spock be in the film and will he show any human emotions?

590. Chain of Command - January 25, 2008

Some of the latter Trek films, while good overall, often presented character moments that seemed forced (mostly scenes that were intended to be humorous but came off as…..well….awkward). “The Wrath of Khan” was the only film in most fans eyes that truly felt like a complete Star Trek movie in terms of the interaction between the characters and the tone of the story. Can we expect to see a return to the serious and more “realistic side of Star Trek with this film?

591. Nick - January 25, 2008

Hey Mr. Abrams, I just wanted to say that I am really excited about the new Trek film coming out. I just wanted to know how do you feel about directing a Trek film? I understand it is sci-fi and will be starring a fellow cast member from Heros, but this still must be a big step for you. To be honest, I have only seen one film of yours, Mission: Impossible III, and just to let you know, I think that was the greatest out of the three! Thanks so much for reviving Star Trek and putting a lot of care and thought into it! I’ve yet to see Cloverfield and can’t wait to check out the teaser for the new film! Keep it up and thanks for taking the time to read our comments!

592. jon1701 - January 25, 2008

Is Simon Pegg there?

Will Scotty be sporting a moustache?

593. GilmourD - January 25, 2008

I don’t know if it’s been asked already above, but when do you plan on giving a full reveal of the new Enterprise design? Is it something we’ll have to wait for the movie’s release to see or will we get to see it beforehand?

594. John Tenuto - January 25, 2008

Will this film mix in some social commentary or morality plays as Star Trek always has with its adventure story?

595. crazybeach - January 25, 2008

JJ and Co,
Yo’ve re-intrpduced a concept long since thought lost to us Trekkers-
That being said, our established “now” has obviously shot several well-established Trek tenets full of historical holes, e.g. Khan-Singh and his Eugenics Wars, WWIII, and any and all of the various “1990s” and “early 2000s” references from “old” TOS. Will this be (or was this) a factor when plotting the story/writing the screenplay? Also, will todays “tech” factor into the movie’s look at all? TOS could not have possibly foreseen the advent of PC’s, portable laptop PCs, cellphones (the look and function of the TOS communicators notwithstanding), etc.

596. James Cannon (1701-A) - January 25, 2008

If this film flops with die hard Trekkies like myself, will the heat be off Rick Berman for a while?

597. Mormegil - January 25, 2008

Which wins: Story or continuity?

To Damon, what happened to the banjo?

598. Andreas -horn- Hornig - January 25, 2008

Will we see how the Enterprise was (will be ;) ) build, like shown in the trailer?

And please consider giving Mr Vitale a role in the final film
he is realy a nice guy, he deserves to be in it, even as a “red shirt”! ;)

599. Son - January 25, 2008

Hey guys, thanks for coming in to take some questions.
I’ve been watching Star Trek all my memorable life. One of my earliest memories is watching the first episode of The Next Generation first run…I was barely 2 at the time. That’s what I grew up with.
When Nemesis came out, and then it flopped, I was really disappointed. Even though Enterprise was still on the air, I knew (and I think most knew) it was the end of the series.
But my disappointment in Nemesis was that it was the end of TNG, and when it came to post-production, the crew was concerned with keeping it a shorter film. I saw that as unfortunate. Being that it was the de facto end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I wanted an “epic” movie.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are asking if this is one in a series of films for Star Trek. Well, Nemesis flopped, but they were planning on more…and when it flopped, so much for that. Nemesis was not a suitable ending for TNG, methinks. And I think it’s pretty obvious that if this movie flops like the last one, Star Trek will be in television/film heaven at that point.

So my question is this:
If this movie turns out to be the last Star Trek movie (and I certainly hope it’s the first of many by you guys), would this film be a suitable ending for Star Trek?

600. Mike J. Hafezi - January 25, 2008

My current English teacher, Mr. Zimmerman, doesn’t like Star Trek and doesn’t want this movie to happen. What do you say to that?

601. Amin Shelton - January 25, 2008

J.J., what are the chances that you or your team may explore a “Deep Space Nine” and/or Voyager film in the future? I know that many fans still wish for a DS9 Motion Picture or TV film.

602. Andrea - January 25, 2008

are there any hilarious anecdotes, you would like to share with us?
How is it to direct a movie about Star Trek?

603. Steve C - January 25, 2008

I understand in this next film there will be Romulans involved ? Can you tell us about any new designs regarding there uniforms or ships ?

604. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

I just want to say, that whatever your enterprise looks like, thank you for not choosing CBS-D for the digital effects. :)

I just had to.

605. brian - January 25, 2008

Hey Mr. Lindelof, when’s the rest of Ultimate Hulk v. Wolverine coming out? :-D. If you don’t like that one, can you spoil us and let us know if we might see any of the present (Picard/Sisko/Janeway) era characters in the movie at all? (which I’m sure has already been asked. :-P)

606. Preston - January 25, 2008

Do you like Phasers?

607. Darkthunder - January 25, 2008

Will your Star Trek movie be a reboot of the franchise, or a total re-imagination of it much like the new BSG was a re-imagination of the old BSG series.

608. Awesomesaurus - January 25, 2008

For Bob Orci.
Do you think the odd/even number curse will effect this movie?

609. Bobby - January 25, 2008

What format are you using to “film” the new movie?

610. fakesteve - January 25, 2008

To Bob Orci:
Will we see Jim Kirks Kobayashi Maru test?

611. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

OK Folks to make things easier I am closing down this thread now….the first set of questions will be selected from the list above

At 1PM a new Article will go live….that is where JJ and other will begin to answer questions. They will copy and past the name and question into that new article

Go to: http://trekmovie.com/2008/01/25/abrams-trek-team-chat-starts-here-1-pm-pacific/#more-1490

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