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Yelchin Sees Klingons February 1, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Uncategorized , trackback

Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the new Star Trek) is out there promoting his new movie Charlie Bartlett and talking up Trek. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes the actor is quoting saying many of the same things that were covered in our recent roundup of Yelchin interviews. But Rotten Tomatoes had something new. When discussing working with green screens Yelchin dropped the following nugget…[spoilers]

Yelchin: Chekov is just on the Enterprise. A lot of it is green screen. I mean, the Enterprise itself, J.J.’s trying to shoot as much of it as he can with out green screen, but I think a lot of space is obviously green screen — what I’m looking at while seeing the Klingon warships.




Much of the talk about the new Star Trek movie has been about Romulans, with the lead villain (Nero played by Eric Bana) being reported to be a Romulan. So is Yelchin just talking in general? No. has learned that the new Star Trek movie will indeed include Klingons. Of course, Klingons have appeared in every TOS era Trek film with the exception of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (but they were mentioned and of course Klingon ships were seen in the Kobayashi Maru simulation). The TNG films all had the Klingon Worf, plus Star Trek Generations also featured the Klingon sisters B’Etor and Lursa.

In one of his previous interviews Yelchin mentioned greenscreens standing in for “a battlefield.” has received some reports that the movie does involve some kinds of battles and/or a war and that “Klingon soldiers” play a part in the film (although it isn’t clear if the battles are with the Klingons). According to some reports, the Klingons have been redesigned somewhat, but we don’t have enough details to give a full description.

TOS era Klingons “Errand of Mercy”

Movie era Klingons (STIII)

UPDATE: More Movie Rumors
UGO have compiled a list of reported rumors and ‘confirmations’ about Star Trek, many of which have come from this very site. Some variations on previously reported rumors there so it is worth checking out. This weekend will put up a new ‘everything you need to know’ article about the new Star Trek movie, mostly for all the new visitors who have come on board since the new teaser trailer. Until then, click the ‘Star Trek 2008′ tab at the top of the page for movie info.


1. mattniss - February 1, 2008

Sounds exciting! Gotta love spoiler confirmation!

2. Just a casual observation - February 1, 2008

First….cool! They were always the better villians in Trek.

3. Storma - February 1, 2008

Wow…. what an decrease of quality from TOS klingons to movie era Klingons ;)

4. Charley W - February 1, 2008

The photos are switched.

5. bernie - February 1, 2008

the captions are mixed up on the pictures

6. Michael Stivic - February 1, 2008

I don’t mind if the things on the main viewer are green screen– but I hope the interiors of the Enterprise itself aren’t.

7. lwr - February 1, 2008

well, ith just about avery other TOS era character showing up, where the heck is Gary Mitchell???

he is probably THE most important pre series character we know little about.

he was Kirks best friend, by the way/,

8. Freddie Wise - February 1, 2008

Yay Klingons!! Any speculations about what they might look like?

9. Blake Powers - February 1, 2008

Those TOS klingons suck so bad… I wonder how they will redo the klingons?? I thought those held up pretty well. I wonder what there is to redesign?

10. Radioactive Spock - February 1, 2008

`I like the sound of this battlefield and of Klingon warships! Wonder which ship design theyre gonna go with. The Klingons and Romulans both used the same design in TOS

11. jon1701 - February 1, 2008

Klingons on the Viewscreen? Kobyashi Maru anyone?

12. Kang - February 1, 2008

You probably shouldn’t put the spoiler in the headline. Just a thought.

13. Viking - February 1, 2008

Those must be ‘mirror universe’ TOS vs. ST III Klingons. ;-) Anthony, can you expand a little on those ‘reports’ that the Turtleheads have been ‘redesigned’ somewhat?

14. CmdrR - February 1, 2008

Again, is this a main plot line, or do the Klingons show up in some flashbackforward thingie for ten seconds? Wait and see. Nice that they’re in there, though. And I think it’s time to give em a wardrobe change.

15. jr - February 1, 2008

RE 11:
That was my first thought too.

16. Viking - February 1, 2008

LOL Didn’t take Fearless Leader long to do a little HTML polish-and-post, did it? :-)

17. Anthony Pascale - February 1, 2008

i was just testing to see if you were all paying attention ;)

18. Red Shirt - February 1, 2008

If this is true, I would really like to see Abrams’ Klingons designed like an amalgam of TOS and current Klingons. Any artsy types out there care to take a stab at what that might look like?

19. jonboc - February 1, 2008

…cool…I hope all their “honor” of the 24th century has been jetisoned along with Ben Finney.

I like old school Klingons…guys that would promise to be honorable till the end, then stab you in the back and laugh while doing it. Kor is the prime example, and I’m talking TOS Kor not Ds9 Kor.

Please JJ, make me love to hate them again!

20. Spock with a crowbar - February 1, 2008

I would have been very disappointed if there were no Klingons in the film!

I really liked the look of the TOS Klingons, but I don’t really know why. They look so bad, but there’s something vaguely fascist and sneaky about the uniforms. They were sleek, neat, and militaristic.

I hope the movie doesn’t address the ‘ridges’ issue. I’m sure they’ll keep with some version of the ridged makeup, but I hope the uniforms are reminiscent somewhat of TOS.

21. Tony Whitehead - February 1, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I miss the TOS Klingons. They were the REAL thing in my book. When the species was re-designed for TMP, they lost a bit of the menacing quality of the series. Of course, they were sort of written into a corner from the start with the Organians. hmm, wouldn’t mind one or two of them showing up, what with all these cameos in the new flick. Q vs Organia.
well, maybe not.

22. Viking - February 1, 2008

I was always partial to the TMP battlecruisers, myself. The model work done go give them a sense of scale and power was awesome. The Bird of Prey class seemed underpowered and wimpy to me, like it was what they towed behind the family D7 battlecruiser when they just wanted to raid an asteroid, and not terrorize an entire star system. Kinda like, if you came to town to rob the bank, you’re not gonna drive the assault Winnebago just to shoplift a case of beer. You take the VW tow car. ;-)

23. Viking - February 1, 2008

‘Scuze my typos tonight. It’s been a rough week, and I’m already on my second glass of wine. :-)

24. J.D. Lee - February 1, 2008

UGO got some new Star Trek Movie Rumors on their site

25. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - February 1, 2008

11 has it right

26. 1701 over Gotham City - February 1, 2008

Gotta see a Klingon of course!
But I REALLY REALLY like that they are concetrating more on the Romulans. They deserve an outing that shows what they can be (And nemesis was NOT it… uch).

After all, Balance of Terror is one of the best of any Trek, and truly portrays the Romulans… brutal, warlike, and a heart full of honor… the strength of a Vulcan ruled by harsh emotions. The Klingons took the honor angle later.

As far as redesign… that could mean the uniforms, not nessecarily the Klingon itself.

27. Spock with a crowbar - February 1, 2008

#18 Red Shirt:
I’m an illustrator, check back in an hour or two and I’ll post a link to a sketch!

28. Ralph F - February 1, 2008

Again, what 11 said. That was my first thought as well.

29. Alex - February 1, 2008

I thought it was pretty much confirmed that we get to see Kobayashi Maru. What exatly did you expect? Pakleds?

On a sidenote, Grunbergs cameo-tidbit, that dude on myspace with the “A-Lister not yet revealed” and and Bale’s teasing of Crowe after the Crow-as-Klingon-talk last year – I still think there’s going to be a Crowe-cameo as a Klingon.

Wolid make sense, wouldn’t it? Klingons, I mean. If we see Kirk “pass” Kobayashi Maru, it’s logical to follow up with a scene where he is in the same situation in “real life” and does have to face a no-win-scenario, possibly with Klingons. At least from a writer’s point of view, I’d make sense to me.

30. Richard Daystrom - February 1, 2008

Everybody keeps talking about this movie being EPIC. Can you imagine if this is done in the same vein as say a “Ben Hur” or a “Lawrence of Arabia”. Man, this may be unreal.

31. Anthony Pascale - February 1, 2008

I put the link to the UGO compilation in the story…nothing really new I could tell but a good breakdown of previously reported rumors

RE: Spoiler
I dont think Klingons is a spoiler, the details are the spoilers. It is a TOS movie so it shouldnt be a surprise Klingons would show up.

It is always a tough call on what to put in headlines, we are always sure to not have details on the front page…and that was the call I made.

32. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - February 1, 2008

I hope the classic klingon D7’s appear, and likely they will as the design direction of the Enterprise seems consistent. As for the ridges… who knows…

Just Checked out UGO’s rumor page. Nothing big there – everything listed there, has already appeared here and much earlier.

33. Simon - February 1, 2008

“Battle with the Klingons”

Isn’t the Kobyashi Maru plotline supposed to be in here?

So maybe he’s merely talking about fighting them in the simulator.

34. Ali - February 1, 2008

This thread should be a sticky (Kling on – geddit?)

35. Classic trek - February 1, 2008

id prefer it if they (klingons) werent in it. i always felt some of the best the best stories were ones which didnt feature them. i wanted a completey fresh storyline. if they are trying to attract a new audience its fairly predictable stuff to have the klingons again as they have featured in every movie except ST2. lets have romulans for a welcome change.

i never liked the new klingon boney headed versions either. too much of thaose weird face bits going on in trek for me. you never had that in TOS -or so much of it anyway.

i know that wont go down well with a few forum members but its a personal choice.

36. Kevin - February 1, 2008

Well, this is what they looked like on Enterprise after they changed to the TOS era Klingons.

…at least it looks much less like make-up.

I’m thinking very subtle ridges… almost barely there, goatees and eyebrows would work for me… but that’s just me.

The uniforms have got to change. They can retain the same look but go with way better materials. Black turtle necks and shiny fabric would look terrible and cheap. They do have over 100 million to spend.


I’m not sure where you get that “stab you in the back” idea about Kor. Kras is the only Klingon I can think of that acted that way. The primary difference I saw between TOS Klingons and latter Klingons was that they seemed weaker and somewhat cowardly at times. However, Kor was nothing like that. He loved the thought of glorious battle. He showed respect for Kirk and outright told him what he would do.

Besides, I wouldn’t call latter incarnations of the Klingons very trustworthy either. Cmdr. Kruge, General Chang, Duras, the Duras sisters, Gowron… just to name a few.

37. Red Shirt - February 1, 2008

Pretty astute thought there! One way to shoehorn them into the flic. Let’s focus on the Rommies this movie, then the Klingons, then a revisionist Khan for the third movie…

38. Pizza - February 1, 2008

I wasn’t impressed with the explanation about how the Klingon shell/head kept changing or was explained through the different series. If we do see Klingons, the first thing I’m look at are their heads.

I had a thought about Star Trek and all the villians. For me the Borg were the ‘scariest’ unless of course you count Species 8472. The only ones capable of really defeating the Borg.

Anyway, it would be neat to see Star Trek have some kind of tie in with Voyager / V-ger to the Delta quadrant and perhaps the Borg in the next movie.

39. Anthony Pascale - February 1, 2008

i have added a klingon poll

40. Red Shirt - February 1, 2008

I want the next movie to have the crew going back in time to bring whales to fight the Cloverfield monster. Now, THAT would be an “E-ticket” attraction!

41. PaoloM - February 1, 2008

I agree with #18: a cross between TOS and movie Klingons would be good. I wouldn’t mind ridges on Trek XI because the useless explanation given in Enterprise sounded very lame to me. Roddenberry himself once told that even TOS Klingons were supposed to have ridges.

42. Go Spock! - February 1, 2008

the polls are good :)

43. Captain Hackett - February 1, 2008

It is great to see the Klingons in the movie and I hope they are TOS-era.

44. [The] TOS Purist - February 1, 2008

#19 through 21 – I’ve gotta agree with you there. TOS Klingons were menacing and pretty scary, in a facist/Nazi/Soviet kind of way. They were pretty much reduced to a primitive Viking-esque culture, that not only was never scary and actually pretty lame, but I have no idea how a culture so primitive and obsessed with “war” and “honor” and junk like that could have possibly made it into space. TOS Klingons were just more believable, I think.

45. John from Cincinnati - February 1, 2008

Orions and Klingons and Romulans, oh my!

46. Richard Daystrom - February 1, 2008

I say keep the Klingons the way they look from the movies on, but give them back their deceitful ways of the original series. I never bought into the way they were handled from TNG onward.

47. EFFeX - February 1, 2008

Although the Klingons have always been one of my favorite species throughout Trek, I would like to not have them TOO incorporated into this movie. Romulans are good for now and as others have mentioned, save then for the second or third movie (if they plan to make them). My reasoning being, I just don’t want them to bundle TOO much into this movie. Sometimes when trying to fit in too many characters and story lines something gets lost. Hey, but who knows… They might have worked them into the script perfectly. Time will tell.

As far as the appearance goes, I’m a huge supporter of them looking like the TNG, DS7 and Voyager Klingons. I always felt that they didn’t have proper make-up in TOS due to budget issues.

48. Closettrekker - February 1, 2008

Keep in mind that the Empire was quite a bit weakened in the TNG-era as compared to TOS. Their appearance may have been more menacing (post TMP), but in TOS they were much more of a threat to the quadrant in TOS than they ever were in the post-Praxus years.

49. newman - February 1, 2008


word to your q’AmBrku

yeah I just made that word up…does it look Klingon?

50. sean - February 1, 2008

Aside from Kang or Kor, I could do without most of the TOS Klingons. Those were the only two that seemed like ‘real’ Klingons to me. Most of the others were just dudes in makeup. Ansara – for me – is the definitive Klingon. His voice commands your attention all by itself.

51. Darkthunder - February 1, 2008

#46: Then you must’ve missed any episode involving the Duras family and Chancellor Gowron, and they had a few episodes where they proved to be quite deceitful and treacherous. Both Duras father, and the Duras sisters have been allyed with the Romulans which most Klingons would never accept.

52. johnny - February 1, 2008

To be accurate, the Klingons in this new movie, must look like the Klingons in TOS.

53. Classic trek - February 1, 2008

when ever i try to post my vote on any of the polls it keeps saying ‘you have already voted on this poll’ and an ID number. frustrating.
ps if they afe to appear id like them to be only moderately changed from the TOS era. didnt like the later ones in the movies. better still dont have them at all. bring on the romulans!

54. stephen - February 1, 2008

I think this movie will be great but there are ways to follow canon and still recreate. The ridges issue was solved with Enterprise. Ridges appear in the Original TOS movies. Theres, what, 200 or so years between Enterprise and TMP. Couldnt some KIingons have regained thier ridges by the time of this films time setting. I say some light ridges on some and no ridges on some. That would keep the canon good and kind of connect Enterprise to TOS. Thus this movie would fit. After all, I think it would be logical for some Klingons to get their ridges back before others. Any thoughts.

55. Pragmaticus - February 1, 2008

No! Don’t redesign the Klingons! They’re great the way they are!

56. Stanky McFibberich - February 1, 2008

No ridges. Hate ridges. Ridges bad.

Mostly I dislike the whole “development” of the Klingons as shown in TNG and the movies. Completely different than what was shown on THE series.

The supposed Roddenberry explanation that “the ridges were always there, we just couldn’t see them” is the lamest thing. The only post-series Klingon I can tolerate is Kruge….and he would have been much better without ridges.

On an unrelated note…Rrrruffles have Rrrrridges.

57. JBS - February 1, 2008

I prefer the TOS era Romulans. After all, they were supposed to look so much like Vulcans that everyone on the bridge was staring at Spock and doing a mental comparison after the Romulans were shown on the view screen for the first time in BOT. Plus I always thought their forehead bumps and funky wigs looked ridiculous, not menacing in TNG and on.

Funny, I don’t feel the same about the Klingons – I prefer the movie/TNG era Klingons; much more colorful. I can’t explain it; just my humble opinion.

58. 1701 over Gotham City - February 1, 2008

Kang and Kor were brutal and cruel, you could see it in them… but, they spoke what they meant. Koloth had a sneaky wit to him, he was even less trustworthy (Hated his DS9 version, he seemed stripped of his dangerous and untrustworthy humor). You could believe Koloth would slip a stiletto between your ribs while telling you a joke.

The whole honor thing in TNG was just really shoved a bit too far down my throat. I prefer it when the Klingons have the “I-come-out-on-top-no-matter-what” agenda. After all, the majority of planets in the Empire are conqured planets, not allied planets.

I’d love to hear the Romulan-Klingon alliance mentioned. it was brief, but it was there.

I’d also love to stop hearing aliens constantly refer to themselves as “I am a klingon, so I don’t do that” or what not. We don’t have any humans saying that.

and yes, I really want to see some “Balance of Terror” quality Romulans!!
They deserve so much better than Nemesis.

59. Ralph - February 1, 2008

Wow. That UGO site is a spoiler. The first two I didn’t know. Well it seems like the movie is about Capt Kirk. And Spock will save his Capt. Because of the time travel, I am sure we will see more than one Enterprise. I have a feeling the movie will open on Spock’s time. There will be a door. It will swoosh open and we will see the original cast on a new Enterprise. Minus Capt Kirk. That is why there is a green screen bridge. The movie may end saving Capt Kirk from that lonesome planet. Just my thought.

60. Aragorn189 - February 1, 2008

Romulans and Klingons. I wonder how JJ is going to fit them both in the film. We know the Romulans are definitely against Kirk. Are the Klingons for or against Kirk? We’ll have to wait for December to find out.

61. The Vulcanista - February 1, 2008

#26 ITA! Well said!

And I prefer my Romulans *without* ridges, thankyouverymuch!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

62. The Vulcanista - February 1, 2008

#31 Good call. It sure made me jump to this article first. Actually “click as fast as I can” is probably more accurate.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

63. The Vulcanista - February 1, 2008


LOL! Yes, it actually does!

And it’s spelled Qapla’. ;)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

64. Etha Williams - February 1, 2008

#33 —

V. good point.

65. Spock with a crowbar - February 1, 2008

#18, Red Shirt:

Is this what you had in mind?

66. Chad N. - February 1, 2008

It’s always the Klingons…

Romulans have been underutilized on-screen, but spoken about most often. The Earth-Romulan War. The Treaty of Algeron. The Romulan Neutral Zone. And so on.

So here’s hoping that the Klingons aren’t the focus of the new film!

67. Vulcan Soul - February 1, 2008

So. sick. of. Klingons.

68. Tony Whitehead - February 1, 2008

65. Interesting take on the Klingons. Kinda makes me wonder, though. Do either species, Klingons or Romulans, have anything other than combat uniforms? I mean, c’mon, some of ’em have got to have a pair of sweatpants and t-shirts or somethin’.

BTW, what program did you use to create that image? Photoshop, maybe? Nice work.

69. Andy Patterson - February 1, 2008


Commander Kor portrayed by actor John Colicos did not suck. He was my favorite. “Smiles, Smiles…Those idiotic smiles. I could use a man like you, Barona.”

70. DEMODE - February 1, 2008

I think they should throw one or two bumpy headed Kilingons in there (not everyone would have been infected by the virus, would they???), but have the majority look like they did in Enterprise and TOS. The big thing to me is this… the hair!!! lol….

In TOS, they all had short hair. I think we should see that on the Klingons in the movie too. At least on the Klingon captains. As to why they all had short hair in TOS… lets face it, Klingons are not known for hygene. They probably had lice or something, so they cut there hair short… hahahaaa.

71. Daoud - February 1, 2008

I think that’s a mistranscription. Yelchin actually said:

…what I’m looking at while seeing the cling-ons”

So, the spoiler is that we’re finally seeing a toilet in Star Trek!!!

Seriously, this is a 128-page film? There’s so much jammed in this, it could end up at 6 hours at this rate. If there are Klingons in this, it would be silly if they have the TMP or later looks.

The Enterprise rationalization was well-crafted, and well-written. Looking back, it’s one of the numerous things Manny Coto “fixed”. Let’s hope they keep it.

Of course, the makeup can be done much better, as it was in those Enterprise Klingon episodes.

72. Cap - February 1, 2008

Yelchin: “It is weird being on a set where a lot of the actors, myself included, have no idea what a turbine engine is. Or what it might do when it explodes.”

Enterprise nacelles blowing up, anyone?

73. Lou - February 1, 2008

I’m assuming faint ridges, defined ones and none at all. I’m betting we’ll see all of the above. General Chang was kind of half way between tos and movie era/tng klingons. I’d like to see all of that just like in the IDW Klingon comics. (blood will tell… right??)

74. Captain Dunsel - February 1, 2008

Get over the ridges people! Roddenberry himself said the TOS Klingons would have had ridges had the show had the budget. He introduced them in TMP.

Roddenberry IS canon. And this is from someone who has never been a GR fan.

75. GARY NEUMANN - February 1, 2008

I know it’s late and everything, the script is done etc… but I think that the Prussians and the way they baheved is the closest or at least FUNNEST image I would like to have for the klingons. Militaresque, Warmongers and getting what they want in their own imperial fashion ;-)

76. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 1, 2008

The Poll is a bit incorrect in that the Non Next Genie movie klingon makeup was much more subtle. The makeup and also teeth prosthetics were much heavier in the next Genie era. I prefer the Trek 3, 4, and 6 makeup. Subtle and allowing the actors faces and expressions to come through. No fangs that make the actors speak with a heavy lisp. basically the forehead appliances and Hulk hogan hair. I think that works best. My vote goes to the TOS Movie era (minus TMP) !!!!

77. Red Shirt - February 1, 2008


That is BAD ASS, dude! Gotta love attention to detail. Folks, look at the emblem on the side of his glove. Look familiar?

You know how this works, right? Not me, but someone…someone will grab this image, send it to their friends, who send it to their friends, and then in about 4-5 days, it will make its way back here as “SPOILER ALERT! ABRAMTREK KLINGON REVEALED!”

That’s how it always goes, ya know?

Again, BAD ASS!

78. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 1, 2008

And please no Noble, misunderstood Viking, Navajo, Samurai klingons with goofy tea cerimonies. I want the sinister Ottoman Communist Imperialistic klingons that made such wonderful villians which are more relevant than ever today AND NO MORE BIRD OF PREY !!! IF I see a Bird of prey (unless it is Romulan) I will scream !!!!!

79. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 1, 2008

And in the Starfleet Battles gamesystem, not all klingons were of the same race. The klingons were an Empire made up of conquered species and rather diverse worlds, like the anti-Federation. Some humanoid, some various conquered aliens . I think that makes the most sense

80. GARY NEUMANN - February 1, 2008

Ottoman Comunist Imperialistc KLINGONS!!! + WITH PRUSSIAN MILITARY VALUES!!!

The prussians!! people! those were the real klingons, they got into so many wars. Some nations have armies, while they were an army which had a nation too!!!

81. Alex - February 1, 2008


82. Gerry Alanguilan - February 1, 2008

I would disagree that Klingons were the better villains in Trek. I’ve always considered them the Intergalactic Morons of Space. I’m continually surprised that a race so savage and corrupt could even reach space as they have. Just think about it. Think about the numerous episodes in TOS and TNG where humanity barely escaped by annihilation and extinction by vastly superior races only by using their intellect rather than their brawn.

Think about ARENA, think about ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT, think about every episode where humans were TESTED and they passed because of their compassion and maturity. If Klingons were in the human’s place… they’ll be long extinct.

Klingons always talk about HONOR, but they’re the most dishonorable aliens I’ve ever seen in Star Trek.

83. Dierna - February 1, 2008

Keptin! Thar be Klingons!

Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, midgets, Tribbles…..ok where’s the Andorians?

84. the king in shreds and tatters - February 1, 2008

fu manchus are cool.

85. John Trumbull - February 1, 2008

…Hoping for at least a FEW smoothheads in the mix…

86. The Vulcanista - February 1, 2008



Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

87. The Vulcanista - February 1, 2008


Yeah! Andorians with independently moving antennae! That was one of the things I thought ST:Enterprise got right.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

88. DEMODE - February 1, 2008

Ridges on the majority of Klingons in the new movie, like what General Chang had, would work well. Very smoth ridges, and close to the head. My favorite Klingon design, by far!

89. Stanky McFibberich - February 1, 2008

re: 74
“Get over the ridges people! Roddenberry himself said the TOS Klingons would have had ridges had the show had the budget. He introduced them in TMP.”

If Roddenberry thought of ridges at the time the Klingons were first introduced in the series, I will be Abrams’ butler for a week.

90. Jabob Slatter - February 1, 2008

So Roddenberry was a liar?

This is getting interesting.

Aliens would mostly likely be radically different from us in appearance. Having them look like highly tanned humans is simply stupid. They should have more than ridges, frankly.

But I really don’t give a damn what they look like. I don’t want to nitpick this movie to death. Whatever the Klingon look like, I’ll accept it and move on with the movie.

91. The Realist - February 1, 2008

Yay PICARD may be mentioned! Sorry just love TNG.

92. Will - February 1, 2008

Is it just me or do I sense some copying from First Contact? The time travel thing especially. In FC, Borg try to prevent FC and thus attempt to prevent Federation formation. Now, in the new movie, Romulans try to prevent Kirk.

Sounds pretty similar to me, or maybe I’m just wrong.

93. Iowagirl - February 1, 2008

C’mon folks, it’s Abrams’ film, he’s the man with the money – he can make the Klingons look like whatever he wants them to look like. Maybe he will re-mold one as a splitting image of himself and call him Abfek’lhrams.

94. British Naval Dude - February 2, 2008

Thar be Klingons off the starboard bow

Scrape them off, Jim…


Star Trek and Klingons…go together like the birds and bees, like you and me, like Decker and the Doomsday machine…

And go ta’gether like Mom and Kippers…

Star Trek VI , good old Hamlet’s “Undiscovered Country from which travelor borne never came back” (a title that was considered for tha greatest Wrath o’ Khannie boy) but ST6 was the last, great Star Trek ta me… and it be Klingons thar!

Gene and TOS dee-viated from Roman and Greek mythos to name the Klingons, ya know…. cuz they be an alien race that just clings on ta ya…

Good ta see.

95. British Naval Dude - February 2, 2008

I’ll eat Ruffles potatoe chips when I see ST Eleven

Ruffles got ridges…

See me prior post and I say Star Trek and Klingons be bonny! Ridges be damned’d! TMP was made by that there Klingons and thar music bounty as well as ST6! adn Cold Warrrr plot.

But Worf… poor Worf…. I can only say that, because of your tenacity, I set me phaser on “Kill” when grappling with you… And I may still lose, Mr. Dorn.

PS Iggy/Doc Brown/Sir Christopher was tha best in STIII. Set tha’ standard as an actor….


96. trekee - February 2, 2008

Given the insane fuss that the ridges provoked and the mad excuses (“we do not talk about it” being the best surely), then to have bumpy head Klingons will surely just be plain wrong?

Give them the droopy moustaches and we’ll know who they are.

97. Jabob Slatter - February 2, 2008

Let’s at least hope that any Klingon in this new movie won’t be a Shakespeare quoting dullard. Christopher Plummer has to be the worst Klingon ever.

98. Chad N. - February 2, 2008

Christopher Plummer is tight.

Watch the trial scene again and say otherwise.

99. Spock with a crowbar - February 2, 2008

#68: If I were a Klingon, my t-shirt would say “My father disgraced our family name and was sent to Rura Pente, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”
Oh, and I used photoshop.

#77: Thanks, Red Shirt! I wanted to see what I could whip up in an hour. Maybe I’ll post another one in this thread if I have time tomorrow…

100. Battletrek - February 2, 2008

Who said the Klingons of TOS were sly and sinister, and the TNG era were just viking warriors of the 24th century?

101. Hon. David Kulessa - February 2, 2008

The worst Klingon ever was the captain from Star Trek V. He just failed on all fronts. I can’t even explain it.

Christopher Plumber is the second best Klingon (right behind Christopher Lloyd). Gowron is a close third.


102. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 2, 2008

Yes, the proud warrior race of my brothers deserve another “stab” at the big screen with Kirk and company! It is a good day to over act!


103. Richard Daystrom - February 2, 2008

I don’t know about Christopher Lloyd. Everytime he spoke I thought of “Taxi”.

Plummer was pretty good. When he was babbling during the battle scene, McCoy had the best line when he said “I’d give real money if he’d shut up!”

104. Spock with a crowbar - February 2, 2008

Christopher Plummer is my favorite Klingon, for sure.

I also think the costuming for the Klingons in ST6 was unique and an excellent example of a nice medium between TOS and NG. The uniforms had a regal quality that was reminiscent of TOS and hasn’t been topped since.

105. Marian Ciobanu - February 2, 2008

Wow…. what an increase of quality from TOS klingons to movie era Klingons : D

106. Marian Ciobanu - February 2, 2008

I like tng romulan warbirds.. COOL SPACESHIPS !!!

107. Dr. Image - February 2, 2008

#78 Garth-
Right on all counts.
I have to give Manny Coto & co. credit for attemting to explain the ridges on ENT, though it really was never MEANT to be explained.
One big disappointment was seeing Kor, Kang, and Koloth on DS9 with those absurd waffleheads and curly wigs. It took away all sense of menace they once had. They looked like bad convention klingons.
Give me the TOS era K’s any day, with a nod to the ST6 versions.
With this movie, I see SUBTLE prosthetics.

108. Johnny Ice - February 2, 2008

We all know that Klingon look were changed because GR wanted them to look more alien. So wouldn’t it be cool that J.J. do the same and introduce another new third look for Klingon’s for this movie.

#82 I would disagree that Klingon’s were the better villains in Trek. I’ve always considered them the Intergalactic Morons of Space. ec.c.

Yeah you have a good point and i agree that Klingon’s starting with TSFS and then TNG became more and more barbaric f.e. eating those stupid life worms and having life animals to eat on star-ships makes them really a joke.

109. Scott - February 2, 2008

The Klingons showing up is not a spoiler at all.
Its just great news.
Love those Klingon Ship designs.
Hope the team shows all the ships a lot in the film!

110. MaddTribble - February 2, 2008

I maybe way off base here, and I am not some freak about canon, but in ‘Balance of Terror”, didn’t Kirk and crew see the Romulans for the first time in decades. Just wondering how the villan can be a Romulan. Is that the time travel angle? Like a Romulan from the future sent to kill Kirk, and the future Spock comes back to save him. And in the end, somehow, only the young Spock is allowed to remember the incident? In that event, you could almost have Kirk and Spock begin as adversaries in the beginning (aka, Spock sees Kirk as a brash, arrogant, jerk) with the older Spock convincing his younger self that Kirk is alright, that they will become like brothers. Just a thought.

111. jonboc - February 2, 2008

Speaking of looking this way or that..someone in another forum has been to the toy fair in the UK and has this report on the prototypes giving a little more insight as to the look of the film. If true, so far, so good!

“just been 2 toyfair,bridge playset on view there,faithful layout to trek canon,champagne coloured metal finish around consoles,and view screen in front as always.transporter room slightly different but retro,costumes almost exactly like st tos,kirk in jumpsuit,and also space suit ” “.

112. 1701 over Gotham City - February 2, 2008

Well, the layout sounds good, I figured the color scheme would be gone. Now I wonder about the chair???
And is the space suit anything resembling the original? hmmmm… we’ve heard the uniforms are almost exact, which is great!!!

Kirk in jumpsuit must be the spy photos we saw of the red jumpsuit.

113. Nathan - February 2, 2008

Personally, I’d like to see modern Klingon ridges, with an overall color scheme and costume design more in line with TOS… but that’s just me.

But by now I trust JJ and co enough to wait and see what they have in mind…I’m sure it’ll be great.

114. Dr. Image - February 2, 2008

#111- PICTURES! Any around yet? Wow.

115. SamusMaXximus - February 2, 2008

#110 I’d thought of that too, and this could be the reboot/restart plot point. Because you’re right, they said in Balance of Terror that they hadn’t seen the Romulans in around a century. So, when Kirk & Co. meet/fight these futuristic Romulans it could be enough to change the timeline from that point on, especially if any parts of their ships are recovered.

First time poster, Long time reader.

116. Greg2600 - February 2, 2008

How old is Chekov in this film, 14?

117. Mazzer - February 2, 2008

Hmm, klingons, romulans, 2 Spocks, kirk’s parents, kirk’s brother, virtually every actor in Hollywood, cameos….

I really hope this isn’t going in the Spider-man 3 direction, where they’re throwing way too much into the movie and ruining it.

118. sean - February 2, 2008


Just watch the scene in Trek III when Kirk gets the jump on Kruge with the torpedo. The part where he finds his torg or whatever that thing was dead. The intensity Lloyd has at that moment is mostly unmatched in any portrayal of Klingons before or since. “EMERGENCY POWER!!! FULL THRUSTERS!”. It always gives me chills.

119. RetroWarbird - February 2, 2008

I wouldn’t mind seeing a revamped TOS era Klingon design. If they took the quality of the “Afflicted” Klingons from ENTERPRISE … maybe had indicators here and there of the affliction with some Klingons that weren’t totally ridgeless (like Chang and Gorkon, both of whom had less defined ridges – those two could have been in the early stages of the treatment) … with of course, the TOS era fashion sense (turn the gold tunics into a little more sci-fi’d out armor … keep the short hair … put whatever gnarly facial hair you want on them …)

Yes …

Yeessssss ….

120. sean - February 2, 2008

Also, it’s baffling to me that people want TOS-looking Klingons. In TOS they weren’t alien. They were just tan & fans of the goatee. Not terribly exotic.

121. Scotty - February 2, 2008

Interesting so we’re going to have Klingons and Romulans in the new movie.Looking forward to reading more updates.I read the Ugo spoilers it will be neat to see if they turn out to be true.

122. CanuckLou - February 2, 2008

Yelchin sees Klingons – ah but are they dead Klingons?


123. Closettrekker - February 2, 2008

For all of the talk about “ridges”, and looking more “alien”—Michael Ansara, to me, was the best and most fearsome Klingon. Someone else mentioned his voice, and that struck me as well.
Christopher Lloyd was the best of the movie Klingons, and General Chang was a horrible adaptation of the infamous Trek villains. Klingons–quoting Shakespeare and speaking with a condescending Ivy League tone? What the f#$% was that?
As for TNG era Klingons, they did become lost in the whole “honor” thing. Where did that come from? They were far too contradictory in later years. I’d take Kor and Kang, and the original Kahless “The Unforgettable”, anyday of the week.

124. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 2, 2008

Funny how manyof our beloved jello heads are claiming our breatheren are calling for TOS looking Klingons. I’ve carefully read thru just about all the posts and I see that many hope to have very subtle prosthetics like in 3,4 and 6. and that me and those folks just don’t want actors to be completely buried in exagerated prosethics with fake slurry teeth pretending to be viking-samurai-navajo types. Reading after all is a skill. It would seem the people in my camp are calling for the sinister Ottoman-Communist-Imperialist-Prussian spirit of TOS and Trek 3,4 and 6 and the wonderful subtle makeup that lets the actors expressions shine through. Essentially no Next Gen era Klingons but Kirk Movie era Klingons with some of that wondeful John Colicos, Michial Ansara, Tige Andrews menace. And it may be cool to see the conquered races integrated into the Klingons we see on screen. Klingons are after all an Empire made up of rather diverse conquered races. NO BIRD OF BREY, NO TEA CERIMONIES, NO HOWLING, NO WORM EATING !!!

125. DEMODE - February 2, 2008

The TOS Klingons were honorable…. to each other! Not so much to other races. Even in TNG, they were not all that honourable. Sure, they talked about honour, but look at all the treachery behind the scenes… especially with the Duras family. Worf killed Gowron on DS9 so that the Klingon Empire could have a leader who was trullu honorable.

126. Vashta - February 2, 2008

I have been wondering about the Gary Mitchell issue myself.. This has probably been addressed somewhere on this site and i just missed it. would it not seem that he would be improtant for this time frame though?

127. GARY NEUMANN - February 2, 2008

Exactly, where are our Ottoman-Communist-Imperialist-Prussian KLINGONS?! those RULE and are a real threat!!!

128. sean - February 2, 2008


Some here are specifically calling for ‘no ridges’ (see Stanky’s post). I understand your perspective, but was speaking to those that want the appearance from TOS.

In terms of the ‘subtle’ makeup of Trek’s III-VI, I’d advise everyone to watch those films again. The only actors with ‘subtle’ makeup are Christopher Plummer & Rosana Desoto. Everyone else has considerable ridge makeup. Worf & other TNG Klingons may have had fangs on occasion, but their makeup is honestly no more exaggerated than the movie-era Klingons. The only difference I can see is they sometimes had bad 80’s metal hair.

129. Closettrekker - February 2, 2008

#124–Garth, my boy, you hit it on the head. I would be perfectly happy to see them get the movie-era look but more of the TOS personality. Now, JJ is obviously handcuffed by some of the canon established in TNG, but he can simply avoid all of that TNG-era Klingon nonsense altogether. I’m not sure he will, as his wish is to tie it all together, but I want his Klingons (if they are indeed more than a Kobiyashi Maru simulation) to behave more like Kor and Kang. Seems easy enough to present them as “23rd Century Klingons”…

#126–He may be important, and he may not be. All we know about him in that era is that he was in a class taught by “Lt. Kirk”, and that he shared our beloved Jimmy’s passion for chasing skirts. I’ve seen it presented by some posters as if they were “best friends” going back a long time, but there is no indication of that. Certainly, they were very friendly on The Enterprise under Kirk’s command, but there is nothing that requires him to be a part of the story JJ is telling, unless of course, we see the Enterprise in action under Kirk’s command–yet prior to the events which lead ultimately to Gary’s death. Since the story is likely to “jump around” a bit, that may or may not be necessary to maintain continuity.

130. Iowagirl - February 2, 2008

You don’t have to be exotic-looking to be different or alien.

Agreed. He most definitely would be important for the Academy timeframe. Abrams should at least familiarize himself with one or two cornerstones of this irritating thing called TOS.

Having said that, putting GM in wouldn’t make much sense as it probably would be too “fanboyish” and therefore not go with Abrams’ new approach to leave out essential characters.

131. OneBuckFilms - February 2, 2008

115 – You are assuming, of course, that they KNOW he’s Romulan.

Either that, or Kirk and Spock might be in on the events, and keep them a secret to preserve future history.

The crew of the Enterprise may have no idea what happened.

132. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 2, 2008

wrong brother Sean. The makeup was far more exagerated. The head pieces beacme full on reptillian bumpy turtle shells, while in the films they were not quite as lumpy. In Next Genie world they ALL had monster teeth appliances which made most of the actors speak with a noticable slur and they also sported exagerated nasal appliances as well while in the Kirk movie era the noses were more or less untouched. Not to mention all the goofy cerimonies, howling and pseudo VIKING- Navajo- Samurai -Nobility stuff that never ever was even hinted at. They were very very interesting aliens in Next Genie world but they barely resembled the wonderful villians of TOS and the films (except Trek V which was bad). You can have those Klingons when they make a Next Gen film in 30 years. We want our sinister Ottoman, Commie, trecherous, Prussian Klingons without the howling and animal rituals and worms, No bright green ships with bird markings (belong in Romulan world). We may not get the Shat but we better not see a Klingon stuffing his face with worms while buried in makeup that looks like a brown geography dig !!

133. Closettrekker - February 2, 2008

#130–Considering he is behind Jim at the Academy, and actually a student in one of his classes later, why would he be important for the Academy timeframe? That would be an assumption that we are seeing “Lt. Kirk” as an instructor, rather than “Cadet Kirk”, who is a student significantly ahead of Mitchell at the Academy–if they are even students at the same time.
It seems to me that the only other way he is relevant is if one of the timeframes depicted in the film involves the Enterprise under Kirk’s command prior to Gary’s death.
On another note, you are exactly correct about the Klingons. Whether they appear “exotic” or not is meaningless. But given the canon established in ENT, they could really go either way without stepping outside of continuity. Some could have ridges, while others do not.

134. sean - February 2, 2008


True, but I think many see this movie and it’s large budget as a chance to finally see alien-looking aliens. This has always been an unfortunate result of budget restrictions on all Treks – we get humans with glue. Not that I or others have no imagination, but the truth is many of us would love to see these alien beings in the more exotic form Rodenberry and others involved claimed they always wanted. Romulans at least got pointed ears, the poor Klingons just got shoe polish and had their razors taken away! ;)

Also, I’m not sure how ‘essential’ Gary Mitchell ever was. Certainly neither of us can truthfully say whether he belongs in this story or not, given we don’t know the details.


Sorry brother, but I’m still not on board. Compare the headpiece that Kruge wore with the one Worf wore, and you’ll be hard-pressed to convince me there’s an extreme difference between the two. I agree that there were nasal appliances involved (though hardly what I’d call ‘exaggerated’), as well as the teeth. But the overall appearance of the head appliance was truthfully not that different. I think people see the hair & the teeth and have blown up the differences between the two more than what was really there.

That aside, I don’t see how it matters whether they eat worms or not! Haha. Alien food likely would be quite different from ours, and there are places on our own planet where people eat things far worse than worms.

135. S. John Ross - February 2, 2008

#19 has already said everything I would have said :)

136. Ralph - February 2, 2008

It would seem Abrams did borrow a lot from I could accept it. I think he could steal a little of the attention with his demo. A good set of speakers with a base dos it justice.

137. Jon C - February 2, 2008

I like my Klingons despicable with no ridges, Thank You and no mayo.

138. Jon C - February 2, 2008

Do You guys like to see aliens everywhere in Trek? From my POV if the movie is teeming with aliens it kinda takes away from the suprise of meeting new ones.
I think that was a mistake Lucas made with 1-3. Too many alien types.I was distracted

139. sean - February 2, 2008


It doesn’t look to me that he borrowed all that much – if anything – from Koerner. For one thing, Koerner’s design looks more like a hybrid of the Ent-E, as well as the Excelsior (the bottom of the secondary hull). From what we’ve seen of JJ’s Enterprise, it looks a lot like the movie versions. Koerner’s ship almost has too much detail and – for lack of a better description – bumby bits. Haha.

140. Iowagirl - February 2, 2008


Granted, we don’t know whether GM will be important for the story Abrams wants to tell; I just thought that a person who was at Kirk’s side amids the dangers, took one of the poisoned darts meant for him and saved his life, might be called “essential”. After all, if it hadn’t been for Gary on Dimorus, Kirk wouldn’t have survived Academy.

141. diabolk - February 2, 2008

Maybe JJ just said they were Klingons on the screen to keep some secrets?

142. the king in shreds and tatters - February 2, 2008

He was actually fighting Cylons.

143. Closettrekker - February 2, 2008

I’m much less concerned with their appearance than with their behavior. I think the TNG-era took a wrong turn somewhere.
I understand that, in the interim of STVI-TNG, they transitioned to a “second rate” power in the Star Trek universe, but they come off as too primitive, tribal, and animalistic even, to have remained true to TOS form.

In the TOS era, the Romulans seem to act more like the Klingons did in TOS, while the Klingons seemed to “want” to act like a more technologically advanced version of the Capellans form TOS (although their sense of honor was much more fake than the Capellans’).

144. S. John Ross - February 2, 2008

#143: That’s a good point about appearances. I like TOS Klingons because of the kind of opponents they are … honestly, if you took the turtle-head Klingons and had them _behaving_ like TOS Klingons, that’d be groovy.

145. sean - February 2, 2008


I understand that the character means a lot to you (and other fans), I just think that it’s creatively prohibitive to hold Abrams & Co to the mess we call ‘canon’. It’s not internally consistent, regardless of how we all try to explain away every error. Gary Mitchell was a great character for one episode, but he’s never mentioned again, in any form, in over 78 episodes & 6 movies (Keep in mind, WNHGB is my favorite TOS episode). A lack of reference to him later in the series doesn’t mean he never existed, of course. On that same token, just because JJ doesn’t include him in the movie doesn’t mean he never existed either. It just means he wasn’t a critical ingredient in whatever story they’ve come up with.

146. JGG1701 - February 2, 2008

Again with the Klingons.

147. steve adams - February 2, 2008

I’m betting Romulans and Klingons arnt the only aliens in this.
Some pretty big spoliers up on screenrant.

148. Katie G. - February 2, 2008

Re: #124 Lord Garth etc. and #129 Closet-trekker

Actually I like the TNG Klingons (and I guess the look started in the post-TOS movies). I thought the good actors could get the looks through with their eyes (like when Worf was explaining mating rituals to Wesley (“and the women hurl heavy objects”…). Michael Dorn was able to get “through” the make-up more so than most of the others. Christopher Lloyd was good although I agree somewhat with a previous poster that I could hear “Jim” from “Taxi”, but I got used to it. Gowron (Robert O’Reilly) also did a good job (can’t think of any others). Not all of them were as skilled in getting their facial expressions through, especially with the eyes.

Unfortunately I think the series “Enterprise” with Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) committed us to the turtle shell forehead thing. I don’t mind. I’ve also gotten used to that and, in my opinion, the better actors can act “through” the make-up. Guess I do prefer them now to TOS Klingons. Although I must admit, it would have been nice to see a young Kang (as was mentioned above in post #50 sean) in full Klingon mode turtlehead and all. It was FABULOUS to see the 3 of them — Kang, Koloth and Kor — in DS9. Brilliant. Loved it.

And re: #143 Closet-trekker

“…I think the TNG-era took a wrong turn somewhere…”

Really? What do you mean? I’m interested in your opinion. And please elaborate on this comment:

“I understand that, in the interim of STVI-TNG, they transitioned to a “second rate” power in the Star Trek universe, but they come off as too primitive, tribal, and animalistic even, to have remained true to TOS form.”



149. The Vulcanista - February 2, 2008

Putting on my Klingonista ridges: :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

150. Jabob Slatter - February 2, 2008

OK, you’re all misunderstanding me here. Christopher Plummer’s performance is excellent, and he’s generally a superb actor. The character was written very poorly.

I’m pretty tired of alien races who always seem so enraptured of Earth literature and history. Like Klingons are gonna be reading Shakespeare! It’s extremely lazy writing. Instead of coming up with your own incredible lines, quote somebody’s else’s. The character was the worst of Star Trek clichés. Yes, the trial scene was pretty good, but I hardly think the guy is going to quote Hamlet as his last words when he’s looking into the mouth of a photon torpedo.

Lazy, lazy writing.

And while I’m on the subject, are Vulcans really going to know Nixon’s story so intimately that they can have a proverb about it? And even if Spock is going all soft and is just using his sense of humor, then it’s a stupid reference at best. A cheap laugh when there should have been something more touchingly funny.

Lazy, lazy writing.

And to whomever said the Klingon from ST V was the worst Klingon: You may be right. I saw Final Frontier once and only through slits in my fingers, such was my embarrassment. So you may be right.

So if Christopher Plummer isn’t the worst Klingon, they wrote him that way. His performance does elevate it, but if you just look at the dialogue, you’ll see how truly unimaginatively it’s written. Overall, a pretty poor screenplay.

I am not a Star Trek apologist. I don’t defend it when it’s bad. I think they lost it after Voyage Home. This will probably be a nasty thing to say to some, but I’m not looking for a fight. I’m just really opinionated, and really picky, even about things I love.

151. The Vulcanista - February 2, 2008

#150 I’m just really opinionated, and really picky, even about things I love.

It’s all okay, Jabob, as long as you love it!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

152. Iowagirl - February 2, 2008

– Like Klingons are gonna be reading Shakespeare! It’s extremely lazy writing. –

The Shakespeare quote was meant as a sneer against Shakespeare and as an insult against Chang’s hosts, stating that even their greatest minds aren’t truly their literary and intellectual property, and that their historic and spiritual acquirements actually mean nothing in view of Klingon predominance.

153. Jabob Slatter - February 3, 2008

Iowagirl –

Your analysis is not consistent with Plummer’s later behavior. Why would he be liberally quoting Shakespeare while in battle on his own bridge? He should be quoting Kahless.

No, this is Star Trek’s occasional predilection for pseudo-intellectualism due to their own feelings of inadequacy. Because there is a stigma against science fiction, many shows often try to aggrandize themselves by quoting classics. Think Picard and Moby Dick, Khan and Paradise Lost/Moby Dick, Kirk/Spock and Dickens, etc. etc.

It’s fine with me some times. Picard and Moby Dick made sense. A Klingon quoting the Bard does not.

154. Iowagirl - February 3, 2008


I respect your line of argument, but I still think that in occupying the work and acquirements of the enemy to the point where his claim to power transforms into fondness, Chang’s character rather gains in variety than it suggesting inconsistency.

As for Khan, he is a genetic superman, but nevertheless of human origin. So I see no reason why he shouldn’t be able and willing to quote Milton. Moreover, he’s answering Kirk’s challenge to “tame a world” and is making perfect sense with his answer as he considers it in line with his philosophy: „It is better to Rule in Hell, than Serve in Heaven“.

As regards Kirk and Dickens, it has been mentioned many times that Kirk is a lover of old-type books and his fondness for history and literature is well-documented. As I understand it, it adds to the character’s depth and is another of his layers. If Spock quotes Earth literature, it is because he is all-embracingly educated and able to quote consistent with every opportunity. Vulcan culture, on the other hand, has been covered time and again during the episodes and films and is as much an integral part of TOS as human culture.

All those references provide parts for the great jigsaw and for me, personally, are classic moments which add to the fascination of the characters.

155. Jabob Slatter - February 3, 2008


156. Jabob Slatter - February 3, 2008

But I’m not saying Khan shouldn’t be quoting. My point then was that Trek often makes literary illusions, but that it often seems to me to be a self-conscious attempt to appear less geeky, and more intellectual.

I’m a writer, so I don’t appreciate the voluminous quoting of others when you should be writing your own great lines. Again, it’s lazy. Rather than come up with some great dialogue, they have Chang spin around in his chair and shout “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!” It didn’t work for me. It was tiresome; he was tiresome.

I think the writers just couldn’t come up with their own memorable lines, so used somebody else’s.

But I love your rationale. It’s well-stated and compelling, as well as very personal, so I can’t say you’re wrong.

157. S. John Ross - February 3, 2008

#156: We really didn’t get very many “literary illusions” until the age of the holodeck :)

158. steve adams - February 3, 2008

Great Kaless ghost!
I coundnt care less what the Klingons look like were all gonna know them when we see them holy shat people get a grip. Ghheesssh.
And where do some of you get that Spock is going to go back in time to save Kirk.
Let’s think about this “sports fans”. Spock is going back in time to save the Galaxy and history as we know it. Come on you Kirk lovers. Star Trek isn’t about Kirk every fricken second.
They put “shatner” in this film and it will be a comedy.
I’m so sick of that bloated ass.

159. Cervantes - February 4, 2008


This on top of ‘time travel’…groan.

Keep ’em for any sequels if they must…hopefully the 10th sequel…

160. Closettrekker - February 4, 2008

#150–“Christopher Plummer’s performance is excellent, and he’s generally a superb actor. The character was written very poorly.”

I am not misunderstanding you. Your analysis in that statement is 100% correct in my mind. In fact, the last two of the original films did the Klingons a terrible injustice!
Klingons with their heads down– apologizing!?!?
Quoting Shakespeare!?!?

“I am not a Star Trek apologist. I don’t defend it when it’s bad. I think they lost it after Voyage Home. This will probably be a nasty thing to say to some, but I’m not looking for a fight. I’m just really opinionated, and really picky, even about things I love.”

Again, I am in 100% agreement. You’ll get nothing but a brother-in-arms from me, if there is to be a “fight”. I have said 100 times in these threads that they should have gone out on the high note that was STIV. But you are right, some will go to great lengths to justify anything bad which the original films did towards the end. However, I will not. If it smells like a turd, it is usually a turd…

161. Katie G. - February 4, 2008

Re: #159. Cervantes


Is that Klingon? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) :-|

162. The Vulcanista - February 4, 2008


I thought he was doing laundry and asking for bleach. ;-)

Back to work.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

163. K. M. Kirby - February 4, 2008

Which episode of Enterprise shows the regular “turtle-head” Klingons developing the TOS-era Klingons as an experiment or something?

The TOS sub-species just happened to be infesting a certain sector of the galaxy during Kirk’s Five Year Mission there.

164. The Vulcanista - February 4, 2008

“Affliction” and “Divergence.” It was a 4th-season two-parter.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

165. steve adams - February 5, 2008

When did they come out with the forhead ridges who cares.

Man what a bunch.

166. Tom - February 5, 2008

I hope they show Kirk meeting Finnegan at the Academy, and they will have a fight to Irish jig music…

167. j w wright - February 5, 2008

didnt we get enough klingon space opera with deep snore nine?

at least enterprise made them interesting again… i’m assuming not all klingons of the warrior class were subjects of the eugenics program? we could see see both… varieties…

hopefully they’ll simply be virtual klingons limited to the k.m. simulation

168. Kurgar - November 3, 2008

I’ll bet even money this movie will suck Gorn Eggs…

169. tdog - December 10, 2008

I just heard that the movie “Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water” has finally been released on DVD and is for sale on line. It is THE BEST movie about the Klingon language ever made. I saw it at a Con last year…it is awesome. Check it out at

170. Tracey - December 1, 2009

Christopher Plummer is still the best Klingon ever, best performance yet. To bad they cannot revive the character somehow. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.