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Trek Teaser Hits Germany February 2, 2008

by Jörg Hillebrand , Filed under: Uncategorized , trackback

Trek fans in Germany, Trek’s largest non-English speaking market, finally got to see the new Star Trek teaser on the big screen when it appeared with this weekend’s German premiere of Cloverfield. Unlike other international trailers, the German teaser is essentially identical to the English one with the NASA audio clips by Kennedy, Armstrong and others not dubbed into German. However, the “Space, the Final Frontier” (voiced by Nimoy in the English version) has been dubbed into German by what sounds like a familiar voice.

The voice now says “Der Weltraum, unendliche Weiten”, the regular German opening phrase from Star Trek The Original Series. The original German Spock voice, Herbert Weicker, died more than 10 years ago, and so a new voice actor had to be found. It isn’t 100% certain, but it sounded like the Nimoy dub was done by Norbert Gescher. Gescher voiced Spock for several scenes which had to be redubbed (or dubbed for the first time) for the DVD release of Star Trek The Original Series in Germany, a few years ago.

Unlike other foreign trailers, the text on the teaser was also mostly left in English. So “From Director JJ Abrams,” “The Future Begins,” and “Under Construction” all remained the same. However, at the end teaser, instead of “Boxing Day 2008″, the teaser says “Bald im Kino” (“In cinemas soon”)

Paramount has a German Teaser Site, but it still shows the UK version.

The German site has more on: Herbert Weicker and Norbert Gescher

You can hear Weiker’s work in this clip

UPDATE: and Gescher’s Spock here (thanks s4ndwichMakeR)

Paramount launch international teaser sites

Thanks to my friend ‘Kloko’ who helped with this report


1. Captain Slow - February 2, 2008


2. Brian - February 2, 2008

first? Im sure several german fans will be happy now!

3. Captain Slow - February 2, 2008

not so slow!!

those germans – they love to dub it!

If fact there is somthing bizzare and cool about watching a star trek film dubbed in german with english subtitles!

4. M&M - February 2, 2008

there got to be some better international star trek sites for the movie.
Who would type ?

5. Paul - February 2, 2008

Do I get it right – “Space – endless voids”? That does sound almost anti-trek. :)

6. Captain Slow - February 2, 2008

7. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 2, 2008

Spock would look good in liederhosen (did I spell that right?)…

8. Lugosi - February 2, 2008

5. Paul – February 2, 2008

Do I get it right – “Space – endless voids”? That does sound almost anti-trek. :)

No, Weite would be better translated as wideness, width or expanse. So it sounds very pro-Trek! ;)

Good to know that the teaser will finally be shown with Cloverfield. I am going to watch it tomorrow! And that is a great extra bonus!

@ Anthony: Thanks for sharing those news. You may be one of the first to take the German trekdom seriously. And I just wanted to thank you for that. Keep up the good work!

9. CmdrR - February 2, 2008

Ich bin ein Trekker.


10. Iowagirl - February 2, 2008

German dubbing as well as the German voices have always been horrible. I grew up watching TOS in German and you really get a mere distortion of the original. Watching my first un-dubbed episode was an epiphany.

11. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008


THis site gets a lot of traffic from Germany. Germans love Trek. I have a few folks in Germany that send in tips and have helped out and we will cover events in Germany over the next year for sure. Same with the UK (trek’s largest non-N. American market).

This site is all about trek, wherever you may trek

12. Jörg - February 2, 2008

Exactly the same with me. I never could stand the German dubbing of TOS, watching a complete episode was painful. When I finally got the episodes on DVD, I really understood what people saw in the series, just as you said, epiphany.

13. Charles Trotter - February 2, 2008

Welcome to, Jorg! Hope you survive the experience. :-D

Oh, and a great first article! Very well done. :)

Hopefully they’ll put the German teaser up sometime this weekend, or at least by the start of next week.

14. Classic trek - February 2, 2008

thats a very interesting statement that germany is the 2nd biggest trek market outside N america. i didnt realise that. i thought Great Britain would be the 2nd largest fan base. is there a list then of the biggest trek fans around the world? would be interesting to see that. i bet paramount have done there homework on that. demographics and geography of where trek is most profitable.


15. DixonHill - February 2, 2008

Cool :)
But i as a german, prefer the original english versions of star trek. However, ist still good to see, that the siteadmins thought the german trailer is actually worth a news^^

16. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008


UK is the largest outside the US, Germany is #2…i will change the text a bit to make that clearer. Germany is the largest non-english speaking market for sure

17. manrum - February 2, 2008

Möglicherweise sehe ich Cloverfield jetzt!

Will the film be in natural, dubbing given?


18. Shism - February 2, 2008

Wo kann man denn den deutschen Trailer jetzt ansehen?

ist das zufällig der sprecher der spock in “The Cage” gesprochen hat?

19. Jim Smith - February 2, 2008

14 – surely ‘second outside North America’ means there’s one above it which isn’t North America, i.e us in the UK.. If not, well Germany does have a higher population than the UK, ja?

20. Kreso - February 2, 2008

Don’t you think it’s irritating to dub the original voices? :).
I never gould watch German TV. Thank god our tv networks don’t do that.
To have someone else say Engage? :-/

21. Jonathan - February 2, 2008

@ Jeffrey: It’s spelled Lederhose :-) But I’dont know anybody who wears this crap. Except on the Oktoberfest in Munich…

I am from Germany (sorry for my English,haven’t written and spoker for years) and surprised, that you filled a whole article with news about the German Teaser. I don’t know, if somebody else is interested in, but I think it is a very nice gesture.So thank you.
I’m clicking this site at least ones a day and I’m very excited about the new movie. And let me say that there are many Trekkies here in Germany who can’t wait to see the movie or at least the new enterprise in total ;-)

22. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008

I just checked and Germany was actually the number 2 market for Star Trek Nemesis…ahead of the UK. No data on previous films. In terms of Traffic for this site Germany comes in fourth behind US/UK/Canada

as I said…Trek is big in Germany

23. Alex - February 2, 2008

Isn’t that the german voice of Steve Martin? Hmm…

24. Paul - February 2, 2008

#8 – oh, thanks. :) That makes much more sense, now: “Space – the endless expanse.” Sounds somewhat more grand than “the final frontier”, even.

#11, #22 – Anthony, that’s intriguing. Would it be possible to publish some country-based stats, please? Something like, top 15 countries ordered by number of visitors. It would be rather interesting I think.

25. Jeff - February 2, 2008

#22 And what about France, Anthony ? :d Could you make a list with the top 10 or 20 countries visiting this site ?

26. Jeff - February 2, 2008

I am too slow… forget my message.

27. [The] TOS Purist - February 2, 2008

I always loved the music played during that “search for the overloading phaser” scene. :D

28. raffie - February 2, 2008

I’m not German but I used to watch a lot of Trek on German satelite channels (Sat 1), picked up more then a few German words up from that ;)

29. Michael (The real one in Texas, By way of Afghanistan) - February 2, 2008

#7. Jeffrey S. Nelson –
“Spock would look good in liederhosen (did I spell that right?)…”
lederhosen is correct.

Now let me get this straight…You want to see Spock in Leather Shorts?
Nimoy, or Quinto?
Either way, I’m creeped out.

30. Rac0r - February 2, 2008

Being German and having a NCC-1701-E model on my computer right next to me, I can tell Trek is quite big in German. I prefer the original voices – not because they’re bad or anything, but there are just some things you can’t translate. However, there are still a lot of people in Germany (my parents for instance), who just don’t understand English or simply prefer German. The quality of German dubs is usually quite good so there really is no need to watch the originals for someone who is not comfortable with English. Lucky for me, most cinemas nowadays show movies also in English albeit to slightly inconvenient times.

31. ThomasHL - February 2, 2008

The film is incredible and when the teaser trailer started the biggest part of the audience didn’t know what it was…until the Enterprise appeared on screen. I saw the movie this evening in my hometown in Lübeck, Germany. And it was really incredible…

To #7 it is spelled Lederhose. ;o]

32. Andy Patterson - February 2, 2008

I heard from several people in Germany regarding our Gary Seven project. Very nice, enthusiastic people. Maybe it’s my partial German heritage that attracts.

33. Andy Patterson - February 2, 2008

Just curious, Michael, what part of Texas?

34. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008

In the last month visitors from 150 countries have come to…Here are the top countries in order
1. US
2. UK
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Australia
6. Netherlands
7. Italy
8. Brazil
9. Spain
10. Ireland
11. France
12. Austria
13. Sweden
14. New Zealand
15. Japan
16. Poland
17. Switzerland
18. Finland
19. Argentina
20. Belgium

35. Michael (The real one in Texas, By way of Afghanistan) - February 2, 2008

#33. Andy Patterson –
Mid Cities between Dallas & Fort Worth.

36. Classic trek - February 2, 2008

#16,22 and 34.
Thank you Anthony for clearing that up. good to see the counries which like trek the most. United Kingdom doing very well. makes interesting reading

cheers again for your help

37. Andy Patterson - February 2, 2008

me too….GP.

38. S. John Ross - February 2, 2008

As dubbing goes it’s pretty good, but dubbing inevitably loses something :(

And in particular, the … gravity of Nimoy’s voice is nearly inimitable, I fear. This is a minor lingering concern for me about the new film (minor because I know you can’t really do much about it … we can’t clone Nimoy or magically zap him into youth, so over time there will be Spocks with less impressive voices, alas, with Quinto just being one of many to come if Trek keeps on truckin’, as I suspect it will).

As much as I love the Shat, all you really need for a Kirk _voice_ is someone that can sound a bit heroic and a bit full of themselves (with optional awkward pauses). Shat’s physicality is more distinct, but still not on the order of Nimoy’s awesome pipes.

39. Michael (The real one in Texas, By way of Afghanistan) - February 2, 2008

37. Andy Patterson
Hurst for me. I have family in GP

By the way, I like the Gary Seven page!

40. Michael (The real one in Texas, By way of Afghanistan) - February 2, 2008

36. Classic trek –
Greg, where in the UK are you?
I used to live in East Anglia. Stationed at RAF Lakenheath for 7 years.

41. Gene L. Coon (was the better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - February 2, 2008

Way off topic…

Here’s a link about Sally Kellerman. You remember her from the successful pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. This references her role in MASH, but I’d wager more people identify her with a) Star Trek and b) Back to School with Rodney.

I leave comments to the esteemed assemblage…

42. Ban An Appeal - February 2, 2008

Nice to see Canada up there at third. We tend to closely reflect the trends in the U.S.

Canada’s population is 10% of the U.S. and half that of the UK, and roughly 35% of the population of Germany.

I wonder how Canada compares internationally on a per capita basis?

43. Dr. Image - February 2, 2008

The German fans I’ve met have been tremendously gracious and very cool people- especially the female ones! (On a Seatrek cruise…. long story.)
Glad they’re getting acknowledged.

44. Paul - February 2, 2008

#34 – whoa, thanks a lot!
What a nice list. I’m only somewhat surprised to see New Zealand higher than Japan, considering that many Japanese people are (or used to be) Trek enthusiasts. :)

45. Classic trek - February 2, 2008

#39 michael

im in wiltshire, England, UK

you in Texas USA?

46. Sweet as candy - February 2, 2008

This adds a whole NEW spin to Star Trek
I sort of wish I knew what they were saying
but thats but of the charm I suppose.
The only thing that its lacking is the imposed
picture of Hitler on Kirks or the Captain of the
Klingons face….thats a bit much but what the heck?

47. REDJAC THE UNAVOIDABLE - February 2, 2008

Germans love Trek and David Hasslehoff.

At least that’s what I hear.


48. Captain Hackett - February 2, 2008

It is great to see the German Trek teaser for the German fans. I hope the new movie will feature a German character which will be played by well-known German actor/actress like Benno Fürmann, Daniel Brühl, Jürgen Prochnow or Hanna Schygulla, so it will attract non-Trekkie Germans to the movie.

In addition, it is wonderful for me to see the movie become more universal since it has talented actors and actresses from around the world like Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand and more.

49. Chrischie - February 2, 2008

Is There A Link Somewhere With the German Trailer respectively the voice?

50. Lugosi - February 2, 2008

# 46.

Not funny.

51. Vulcan Soul - February 2, 2008

Godwin’s Law strikes again.. it only took 46 posts ;)

52. name - February 2, 2008

Dubbed or not dubbed is also a question of age. A whole Generations of Germans saw TOS in the 70th on TV – dubbed. With practically no chance to see and listen to the original English version for the next two decades.

For this generation the dubbed edition is how StarTrek has to be. “Der Weltraum – unendliche Weiten. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2200. Dies sind die Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Enterprise, das mit seiner 400 Mann starken Besatzung fünf Jahre lang unterwegs ist, um neue Welten zu erforschen, neues Leben und neue Zivilisationen.” That’s how a TOS episode has to start, or it just doesn’t feel right.

53. Jon C - February 2, 2008

If I’m not mistaken the show is not called ‘Star Trek’ in Germany but actually ‘Starship Enterprise’ when translated.

54. TK - February 2, 2008

#40 I’m in East Anglia!! South of Lakenheath.

55. T.'. - February 2, 2008

Gutentag, baby.

Las Vegas, NV, USA, UE in the house.


56. CmdrR - February 2, 2008

41 — they also did Rhoda, Valerie Harper.
Let’s see how any of us would look if you saw us at 35 or so and not again until 65. Jeez. TMZ is the stuff that grows on trash.

57. NCC-73515 - February 2, 2008

The original title in Germany was indeed Raumschiff Enterprise (“Starship Enterprise”).

The opening lines translated:
“Space – endless expanse (vastness). We’re writing the year 2200. These are the adventures of the starship Enterprise, on its way for five years with a crew of 400… to explore new worlds, new life and new civilizations. Many lightyears away from earth, the Enterprise enters galaxies that no human has ever seen before.”

Now it is stupid of course, since the ship never entered another galaxy :D

58. Gene L. Coon (was the better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - February 2, 2008

#56 I hope I MAKE it to 70 and beyond. At least I’m not doing Hitler gags! I agree that TMZ is gar-bahge. It was a headline on my AOL account, so I thought I’d send it along. She was cute in WNMHGB.

59. Andy Patterson - February 2, 2008


By the way, I like the Gary Seven page!

Danke. We’re working on updating it’s contents a bit.

60. The Vulcanista - February 2, 2008


Too. Cool.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

61. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008

sweet as candy…warning for Trolling

62. Anthony Pascale - February 2, 2008

Classic Trek RE: “good to see the countries which like trek the most. United Kingdom doing very well.”

That traffic list is not necessarily a list of where trek is most to least popular. This is traffic to a site in English. Trek certainly has more fans in Germany that Canada and possibly than the UK. There are big popular Trek sites in Germany that cater to Germans who prefer to get their Trek in German. I also know of popular Trek sites in Italy, Brazil, Japan, Croatia and more.

63. Scott - February 2, 2008

Re: #40, Michael and #54, TK: My dad was stationed at RAF Mildenhall from 1969-1973. I went to elementary school at Lakenheath Elementary. England is where I first saw Star Trek in its first run over there. I distinctly remember seeing “Charlie X” “Patterns of Force” and my brother and I even named our G.I. Joes (mine was actually an Action Man) Joe and Jeff Cochrane after seeing “Metamorphosis.”

Man, I loved growing up in England.

Sharing the Small World Love,

Scott B. out.

64. Iowagirl - February 2, 2008

– As much as I love the Shat, all you really need for a Kirk _voice_ is someone that can sound a bit heroic and a bit full of themselves (with optional awkward pauses). –

I think the pauses aren’t optional but essential for the character, especially regarding the famous Kirk speeches. Imagine the “Armageddon” speech without the pause he inserts before saying “…today” and it will be far less effective.

Hearing Kirk’s original distinctive way of speaking for the first time was part of the epiphany I mentioned more upthread.

65. GARY NEUMANN - February 3, 2008

# And pretty down the list it’s just me from Venezuela ;-)

66. Odradek - February 3, 2008

Please, can somebody tell me where i can find the Gary Seven page.

67. Inge - February 3, 2008

“If I’m not mistaken the show is not called ‘Star Trek’ in Germany but actually ‘Starship Enterprise’ when translated.”

In 1972 it was impossible that a tv show in Germany would keep its name its original language. It would have also been impossible to keep the original title translated in german – “Starship Enterprise” sounds more like sci-fi.
In 1990 TNG was even titled “Starship Enterprise – the next CENTURY” in the german tv.
Now that we have a lot of anglicism in the german language (and there are very much!!)), that’s no problem.

That was a big problem in 1980 when Star Trek TMP entered the german cinema – the general public did NOT know that “Star Trek – the movie” was “Starship Enterprise – the movie”!!!!
They should have name TMP that way.
Maybe they thought that this was the answer for Star Wars (which also was translated into “Krieg der Sterne” – War or the stars.
That’s how i thought alot of years about the Star Trek movies.

68. Inge - February 3, 2008

That’s the german intro (at 2:19)

The german intro of TNG:

69. s4ndwichMakeR - February 3, 2008

“unfortunately none of Gescher’s Spock on the web”

I uploaded the first scene of the german “The Cage” (“Der Käfig”) where you can hear the voice of Norbert Gescher.

70. ST-One - February 3, 2008

Ah, yes, it is Steve Martin’s dubbing voice :o)

71. Jörg - February 3, 2008

Thank you very much for the youtube clip! Is it just me or is the audio missing?

72. Jörg - February 3, 2008

Okay, it is just me. ;-)

73. fakesteve - February 3, 2008

Hmm, yeah, I went to Kloverfeld last night. The german dub version of that one was really terrible. Herbert Weickers Spock was really cool, actually ;)

74. Andy Patterson - February 3, 2008

66. Odradek – February 3, 2008

Please, can somebody tell me where i can find the Gary Seven page.

Here you go.

75. Odradek - February 3, 2008

Thanks a lot!
cool site

did you know, Gary Seven was named Gary Sevenrock in the german dubbing?
but don’t ask me why, for some reason they also renamed spock’s mother

76. Stef* - February 3, 2008

Not to forget, since we’re actually talking about German Trek Fans …

… we have a yearly and fairly wonderful and huge Concention each Year, where Trek Actors attend and People from whole Europe travel to Germany to take part.


Thanks, Anthony for the attention you give us Germans/European Trekkies.

77. Stef* - February 3, 2008

Not to forget, since we’re actually talking about German Trek Fans …

… we have a yearly and fairly wonderful and huge Convention each Year, where Trek Actors attend and People from whole Europe travel to Germany to take part.


Thanks, Anthony for the attention you give us Germans/European Trekkies.

78. Stef* - February 3, 2008

*ups* sorry for the double, there was something blocking … and I had to send again, now there are two.

In case you clear one away, please take the sencond without the mistake ;)

79. Odradek - February 3, 2008

… I corret not Gary but Felix Sevenrock

80. Odradek - February 3, 2008

Hello Stef*,
if I’m right the fed con now even travels to the states,isn’t it ?

81. Andy Patterson - February 3, 2008


Thanks. Yes I’ve seen that. I’ve had a German friend of mine explain some of the subtle differences.

82. Odradek - February 3, 2008


They are not always the subtl, I’m afraid.
Than I think you will know what we did to “Amok Time” :)

83. Stef* - February 3, 2008


Yes, there are rumors, but if I’m rational I don’t really understand why this should make sense, since you already have your convetions, Las Vegas and other genres of Trek-Meetings-with-Actors in U.S.

I really don’t see why our Fed-Con should take place in U.S. But I’m not involved in the Organisations Team, only a customer and fan.

84. Ekki1701 - February 4, 2008

Jaja Stef* wo man hinschaut trifft man sich ;-)

85. Ekki1701 - February 4, 2008

Oh, and what I forgot to mention: K. E. Ludwig (Scottys German Voice and in some Episodes the Translator and Director of the germen dubbing) once said: “Dubbing is Germanys Revenge for the lost war.

86. H3R - February 4, 2008

Hi, meanwhile the German Trailer is available at the official German website.

87. Kapitaen Stephan - February 5, 2008

Boy, don`t remind me to the German dubbed Star Trek.

I mean, most of the time the people at the dubbing studios are doing an incredible job.

Sometimes however, they just don`t nail it.

When TNG came onto DVD, they added some nice little scenes to episodes for example the Pilot “Encounter at Farpoint”. In every secene, Picard has a new dubbing voice. All other actors, like Gates McFadden or Denise Crosby have got their usual dubbing voice, but not Patrick Stewart. And he has got 2 different dubbing voices in TNG which sound very much a like so you wouldn`t notice.

As for the movies. Its worse. In ALL 5 Star Trek Series dubbed for German Market, they translated “starfleet” by “Sternenflotte” which is the right translation. BUT: in all 10 Movies they used the phrase “Raumflotte” which means “Spacefleet”. That`s stupid!

Also did Jonathan Frakes get another dubbing voice in the Movies 8-10; on of the speakers for Robert Duncan McNeil, by the way.

I`m just curious what they will call Bones in the new Movie in Germany. The voice-actor for Scotty back then in the 70`s suggested to call him “Pille” = “Pill” instead of “Knochen” = “Bones”. But since we also call the character of this forensic-Show “BONES” by her english name, I think it might be possible that Karl Urban is also called “Bones” in the German dubbed STAR TREK Movie.

We`ll see, ah, I mean we`ll hear. Lol.

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