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“The Ultimate Computer” Remastered Video [UPDATE: + Screencaps] February 9, 2008

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Remastered & Original



Kirk gets angry

Daystrom gets desperate

Wesley gets nervous

Kirk all happy again

David Mack thrilled over Vanguard shout out
In the TrekMovie.com interview with TOS-R producers it was revealed that the new space station for the remastered “Ultimate Computer” was based on the design created for the “Vanguard” series of novels, written by David Mack. On his blog, Mack discusses what a thrill it was for him and designer Masao Okazaki to find out out the Vanguard look made it into TOS-R.

Vanguard station design makes it into TOS-R

More to come
TrekMovie.com will update this article with images on Sunday, plus have a full review (yes I said a review!)

Screenshots by Matt Wright, video complied by our friend Joe Coatar


1. Tango - February 9, 2008

Ausome show–first?

2. Bobby - February 9, 2008

impressive, most impressive!

3. Tango - February 9, 2008

It was hard for me to notice the subtle changes between the Constitution class ships.

4. dave mack - February 9, 2008

“video no longer available…”


5. Red Shirt - February 9, 2008

I am gonna guess that the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CG was three parsecs away from GENE RODDENBERRY in the original version, but I gotta say that looks a little odd. Thoughts?

Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an island. Discuss.

6. diabolk - February 9, 2008

Wow… nice what they had, but extremely underwhelmed with what little was saw. Guess they were hampered by the original lack of effects, that left little time to fill with new ones.

7. dave mack - February 9, 2008

Woah! Another “Dave Mack”



8. Ali - February 9, 2008

It looks OK, but nothing special to be honest.

9. Anthony Pascale - February 9, 2008

Dave Mack, if you are not the trek author Dave mack, maybe you should pick another name to post by…eliminates the confusion

10. ferndawg1972 - February 9, 2008

This is in my top ten favorite TOS episodes; William Marshall is just great as Daystrom…a strong character actor that holds his own against the regulars. I really like sitting down and watching this episode over and over again. Spock and McCoy’s banter during the episode and his final remarks to McCoy (love the expression on the doctor’s face) makes this big favorite of mine…

11. capttravis - February 9, 2008


Rhode Island is in fact an island – the state’s full name is The State of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations. The Island in the middle of the state was Rhode Island, and the surrounding mainland was the Providence Plantations.

Native Rhode Islander and general trivia buff here…

12. mind meld - February 9, 2008

I have seen many of these Remastered versions..

The Direction (movment, perspective, colors and motion) of the animations are not as good and clear as the far more simpler originals!

They did not have nice effects but they did know how to direct back then.

I am speaking as an animator.

13. Sebastian - February 9, 2008

I liked it. The space battle scenes really opened up! Seeing those old Constitution class ships whip around and fire made the battle seem ‘dangerous.’ Better than the old triple exposure shot of the Enterprise meant to represent the three other vessels. Good job, to all the artists involved. Still think the quality of the series thus far has been hit and miss (the shuttles still seem cartoon-ish) but this was one of the hits!

14. Daoud - February 9, 2008

#12 Are you watching these on DVD? The broadcast versions aren’t perfect, and the clips here are really not representative.

#11 Touche’ on the RIPP knowledge. I don’t think there’s a “the” in there though… Just Rhode Island and Providence Plantations… and you’re right, the big island is now called Aquidneck.

And of course #5 is wrong on both counts, because a “road” can also be a passageway for boats, as in “Hampton Roads”… so Rhode Island is also a “road” for many vessels…

15. Red Shirt - February 9, 2008


It was more a reference to Mike Myer’s Coffee Talk character, but alas, it was construed as a true trivia question. Nice job, anyway, chaps!

16. Red Shirt - February 9, 2008

I agree that the renders don’t look very polygonially complex. Not enough vertices! I appreciate the efforts, but do they just not have time for more mature renders?

CBS-D: An “A” for effort, a “B-” for their product. My two cents.

17. Mark - February 9, 2008

I think we need to see this without the syndication cuts. Hopefully there will be more action in the full version of the episode.

18. sfzapgun - February 9, 2008

Did anyone notice that last shot of the bridge screen it had rounded edges – WTF?!?

19. Red Shirt - February 9, 2008


I noticed that too. Either sloppy, or they were finding a quick, and easier way to composite. I wish they weren’t so rushed!

20. jonboc - February 9, 2008

That was fun. They really didn’t have a whole lot of time to work with. What they managed to show with the little time they had really looked good. Love the new space station and the super close up of the Enterprise was great, I could even see the little phaser turet. Great job CBS, thanks!.

21. enterprisefan001 - February 9, 2008

that was a view from the lexington. It is very likely that thye have a different viewscreen than the enterprise. So I don’t see why people are complaining. pay attention next time.

22. tin man - February 9, 2008

I think that’s the Lexingtons viewscreen there at the end with the rounded corners, hence the subtle difference.

23. Harry Ballz - February 9, 2008

Why do some of the shots look so amateurish and cartoonish? Is it because we’re watching it on a computer compared to a HD T.V. screen?

24. Father Rob - February 9, 2008

#23 – No, because I was watching it on a HDTV screen (albeit not in HD).

I dunno, I suppose that “meh” is my reaction. There were a few shots that were spectacular, but most of the actual battle shots were pretty cartoonish and pathetic. It actually reminded me of some of the early Star Trek: New Voyages effects where the Enterprise looked like the sparking pull back/zip ahead toys that many of us had as kids.

Of course, I am one of those folks who would love to see them edit the dialouge so that all combat is at sublight, but that’s me.


25. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine (I'm too tired to type it all out, and I deleted my cookies, but it is me) - February 9, 2008

#6 Excellent point. I have always worried about this episode. Since it is the most highly anticpated, it has the potential to be the biggest letdown, for exactly the reason you state. Not enough time to show the battle scenes everyone here wants to see. This would be a good episode to extend 5 minutes or so on the dvd release. The confines of the syndicated hour are going to be a problem.

26. SPB - February 9, 2008


I’ve been following the Remastered episodes for over a year now, off and on, and after watching that SFX reel above, I have to finally ask:

Why does the “new, improved” Enterprise seem to have all the weight and movement of an AMT model??? Yes, the effects and lighting are marginally better, but whenever you see shots of the E banking, flying, etc., it seems like there’s this odd, slightly jittery weightlessness to the new shots. (See the :25 and 1:10 second marks for examples). WHY IS THAT??? I can’t be the only one who notices this, can I?

It just seems like the E is being pulled and jerked along by invisible wires! Very odd.

27. Mark - February 9, 2008


That always bothered me as well, and it’s probably the only thing in the dialogue that I would consider changing, since we all know now that the only weapon that they have that is effective at warp is the torpedo, but since that will never get changed, c’est la vie (yeah, I think i spelled that wrong)

28. Skippy 2k - February 9, 2008

#18. Was that lat shot of the viewscreen from another ship (Lexington) looking at the Enterprise? As I recall it shows the bridge and I thought the chair looked like the mirror version, maybe slightly different viewscreen?

I haven’t seen the ep in awhile just thought it might explain the difference.

29. sfzapgun - February 9, 2008

With the shots taken out of context it’s a perfectly valid question. So bite me enterprisefan00.

30. Commodore Z - February 9, 2008

So maybe you should watch the episode before you get all hot and bothered?

31. enterprisefan001 - February 9, 2008

I think hes just pissed at me cuz im an enterprise fan.

32. Frogr1701 - February 9, 2008

Fantastic work I thought was done on this episode. Even though the effects may not be as meticulous as say, a fan might take with all the time he or she has, the fact that they were even given the chance to “re-master” these episodes makes it worth watching.

I had kinda hoped that we’d be able to see the ships being shot at from their point of view and not just of the Enterprise’s. It was nice however to see the Woden as a robot ship first seen in the Animated Series and not some DY. Very cool to see the team acknowledging input of other artists and not being limited to their own (i.e. Space Station). The closing shot is exactly what I wanted to see (although I would have preferred to see the Enterprise regrouping with the Lexington and the others before departing).

#24: Agreed. That little “wind-up” effect in New Voyages drives me crazy!

#28: Yes the chair is re-used from the episode “Mirror, Mirror”. It was done to show the difference between the two ship bridges (it seems the change in actors isn’t enough lol). Viewscreen was digitally altered to appear more “round”.

33. OR Coast Trekkie - February 9, 2008

#26 – the jerkiness is just this particular video. it doesn’t jerk on tv.

As for this show… I’ll admit disappontment. The explosion of the Woden was just corny. I like firey, pyrotechnicness

While the phaser hits on the Excalibur look pretty decent, at the same time, it is kind of cheating to have them so distant and small. Granted, this might actually be “more realistic” moving at the incredible speeds they do, but this just didn’t seem “in your face” enough.

I also just wasn’t left with the impression that the Excalibur was crippled beyond repair… it was just too fast and too small.

I also think that more could have been done with the formations of the ships. They could have shown one flying up or down, or off to one of the sides and keep one coming head-on. One would think that would be a realistic and effective maneuver and formation for a space battle.

I think I am ok now with the Constitution class being kept, because Kirk did mention “1600 people” which would indicate 4 crews of 400, the approximate compliment of a Constitution class ship. However, I still am disappointed that more obvious variations weren’t implimented.

Just an afterthought… it would’ve been kind of cool if the Enterprise had left at an upwards or downwards orientation in relation to the space station… that is, we see the top or bottom of the station as they leave.

34. [The] TOS Purist - February 9, 2008

They could have done a heck of a lot more…frankly, I was expecting some real battle action instead of just MORE fly-bys. Instead of just static shots of the Enterprise sitting there with phasers coming out of the front, why not show it blasting hull plating off of one of the other Connies? The ones that were shot at were barely seen in the distance…

I guess this is what happens when animators direct things. They’re very good at their job of ANIMATING, but the directing should be kept to the directors. Just look at “The Deadly Years” – those scenes with the Romulan ships were painful to watch.

The original footage was actually more effective than this. What happened here??

35. SteveinSF - February 9, 2008

I thought it funny that McCoy was worried about the ship not being to run with 20 people if M-5 didn’t work. OF course they were well on their way ( leaving the space station) before the M-5 was hooked up with only–20 people. I guess cruise control is still in operation in the 23rd century.

36. [The] TOS Purist - February 9, 2008

And what’s with the damn torpedoes being red?? Hell, the torpedo effects for “In a Mirror, Darkly” were more accurate. The red ones just look lame…

37. Aragorn189 - February 9, 2008

They did an awesome job. I can’t wait for Remastered Season 2 to come out so I can see the uncut version. The battles were well choreographed for the time the shots alloted. I also like how they did an exterior shot for the final blow to the Excalibur instead of just seeing it on the view screen. However, I do miss seing a damaged version of the Excalibur. Maybe we’ll see it in the uncut version. Hope they come out with Seasons 2 and 3 remastered on the HD DVD / DVD combo soon. From the last article I saw here it said May or June. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

38. Michael Hall - February 9, 2008

Have to admit to feeling a little underwhelmed myself. Nothing really wrong with the work here. . . but nothing particularly memorable, either. The lack of any close detail on the devastated Excalibur was particularly a letdown.

Oh, well. I knew going in that it wouldn’t be another “Doomsday Machine,” but I still expected more than we got.

39. DavidJ - February 9, 2008


Agreed, this is definitely one of the best written episodes of the series. There are SO many great scenes in this between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

In fact I can’t help but wonder how many of the quiet character moments in TWOK were inspired by this episode. You can definitely hear some similarities in the tone and style of the dialogue.

40. MotoQ9mQueerUser - February 9, 2008

McCoy was the original Troi! Kirk sought counsel from Dr. McCoy in the same way that Picard related to Councelor Troi. McCoy had his “psychological profiles” & Kirk basically was concerned about bettering himself & hoping he had risen above the desire of status & ego. That’s a nice little nugget of TOS enlightenment & part of the very essence of what sets Star Trek apart from most other science fiction.

Nice special effects & action in this episode too.

41. Mark - February 9, 2008


My eyes may be playing tricks on me (it is a fairly long distance shot), but as the Enterprise pulls away from the Excalibur, in the shot of her on the view screen it looks as though a large chunk of her saucer section is gone! Again, it’s hard to tell in such a small shot, but that is definately a LOT of damage.

42. Jovan - February 9, 2008

Guys, give it a damn chance. Watch the episodes themselves, not just the effects out of context. THEN get back to me. I might add, these YouTube videos are not indicative of the quality of Remastered one bit. I know, since I own the first season remastered set and it looks a hell of a lot better… even on the DVD side!

As for the small bluish explosions we’ve seen in Remastered in some episodes, I kind of like them. They’re different, not clichéd, and not overdone. I honestly think huge, fiery yellow-orange explosions would have looked MORE out of place with the series’ style. And who’s to say that their fuel doesn’t ignite differently than today’s? Just saying. ;)

#36: The torpedo colour was probably influenced by what we saw in The Animated Series. The effects were reused footage for many other weapons in the original series, so I find it a rather welcome change.

43. ferndawg1972 - February 9, 2008

“It would be most interesting to impress your memory engrams on a computer, Doctor. The resulting torrential flood of illogic would be most entertaining.” Which they do in the 24th century, the result being the EMH on Voyager…I would have loved to see Spock’s reaction to this…

44. James Heaney - Wowbagger - February 9, 2008

Holy COW! I’ve never seen that episode, and I’ve been looking forward to it based on reputation for months!

I haven’t watched an hour of new Star Trek that good in *years*! Fantastic!

This is also my first TOS-R that I am seeing with “fresh eyes,” in that I am not constantly comparing it to the original. Amazing work, CBS-D. I’ve never watched a TOS episode without, at some point, being taken out of the story by the outdated special effects. I never even noticed before today how much that’s been a part of my TOS experience. Tonight, in one of the most SFX-heavy episodes of the series, I was rapt, and the only notice I took of the SFX was how gorgeous those ships were.

Also, the freighter from TAS was back. I smiled.

45. Robert Bernardo - February 9, 2008

The new effects really opened up to where the ships were in relation to each other. It is very nice to see the Enterprise “hunting” its prey at multi-warp speeds and scoring hits on such targets. Everything is more dynamic! When Spock says that the Lexington was hit in its engineering section, in the previous FX scene, we see the Lexington getting hit in its engineering section.

When M5 shuts down power to decks on the Enterprise, certain deck windows on the Enterprise’s exterior are dark. When Commodore Wesley looks out the viewscreen of the Lexington, we see a differently shaped viewscreen… a subtle difference between the Constitution ships. The opening shot of the 4 Constitution-class ships is not as impressive in terms of camera angle as the original, but all the others are worthy substitutes for the original. Before the cut to the final sickbay scene, we see an extreme Enterprise close-up to the area where the sickbay would be.

I’d give the entire effort an A-. Great work to all involved!

46. OR Coast Trekkie - February 9, 2008

#42 – I HAVE seen the show. They actually air it at a reasonable time in the Eugene, OR market. Heck, they even kept it at a reasonable time tonight even with NASCAR on. My conclusion: there must be an abundance of Duck alum that are Trekkies. As for your take on the explosions: I don’t think an explosion is a contextual thing. I think an explosion is just an eplosion.

Which brings me to this point: I don’t get where the idea comes from that a special effect “looks out of place.” Could someone explain this to me? I mean, say that EdenFX did redo the Star Trek effects; would someone who never watched Star Trek before really sit there and say “hmm, those space shots don’t seem to fit in with the show?” or “hmm that explosion doesn’t seem to fit?”

#34 – Good to see a purist agree with me

#43 – It isn’t memory engrams, it’s the writings and logs of lots of different doctors

47. T Negative - February 9, 2008

While I am generally pleased with CBS-D work this one kind of underwhelmed me. The Syndication cuts were brutal and ruined the flow of the episode. I don’t think I will watch this again until I get Season 2 on DVD. Hopefully in the DVD version we get a better look at the severely damaged Excalibur. Why did they show the ships being fired upon from so far away?? Close up shots of the Excalibur getting drilled would have dramatically raised the tension of the battle scenes.

#36 agree
The old Photon torpedo effects were actually better than the new “red” ones. The originals just seemed more powerful to me.

48. I am not Herbert - February 9, 2008

Can’t wait for this sweet episode :-)

Anthony: Congrats on the “upgrade”!

49. Devon - February 9, 2008

# 36 – Actually arent the red “torpedos” actually a particular phaser? I remember this from one of the other episodes, it was talked about then. Kirk orders a particular phaser, but the original FX had it as torpedos. So they made them red to make them their own.

50. Sean4000 - February 10, 2008

no they’re the new standardized photos torpedoes. One of the first victims of TOS-R was Balance Of Terror where Kirk ordered “proximity phasers”, they changed the looks a bit in order to make them stand out where as back in the 60s they reused the torpedo shot. If there is an episode that needs to be re-re-masterd its BOT!

51. DJT - February 10, 2008

I raced home for this episode and was underwhelmed by the effects.

Sure the original story is cool. But I was hoping for a little something more than ships in the distance and awkwardly animated ships.

Remastered stuff aside, this episode had some of the best character moments.

52. Robert Bernardo - February 10, 2008

I forgot to mention that the beam that killed the Redshirt has been enhanced. More undulating and the sine-wave pattern gone.

53. PaoloM - February 10, 2008

In my opinion, most of the CG (lights and animations) in this remastered episode looks really amateurish. I am somewhat disappointed.

54. OR Coast Trekkie - February 10, 2008

Geek Moment:

Continuity error: How is it that M-5 would say the punishment for murder is “death” when the only death penalty on Federation books is General Order 7? (or 4, which is ANOTHER continuity error)

55. Penhall - February 10, 2008

Some of the shots look pretty cartoonish. And it also looks really cropped at times. I guess this is due to the fact that they produce the new effects in widescreen and crop it to fit.

I wish they could extend the running time a bit for the eventual DVD releases instead of being stuck with the 2 second exterior shots TOS usually had.

56. robin alexander - February 10, 2008

these guys have a opportunity to do something fantastic, but what do they do? absolutely nothing!

they have way more control over the shots but limit themselfs to the effects of the sixties. A real shame!

Seeing 5 of the same ships looks cheap and boring in today’s standards, Iwould have loved to see a miranda class TOS style!

57. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 10, 2008

Doohan voiced M-5 and the communications from Starfleet…great job.
Shatner looked the chubbiest in this second season episode. Compare his lean physicque in 3rd season “Spock’s Brain” or “And The Children Shall Lead.” His weight fluctuated so much within each season.

58. sirh - February 10, 2008

In my opinion, it was a good effort. I appreciate all the hard work that went into the effects…

Though, I must say, my expectations maybe were a little too high… especially after seeing what CBS Digital did with The Doomsday Machine!

Oh well.

59. Ali - February 10, 2008

Too many fly bys

Too static

Not enough damage

I could stand seeing the Big E fire one burst and then use the time to show it arrive (a reverse angle) and destroy. As noted, no imagination at work here

60. spockboy - February 10, 2008


: )

61. MK - February 10, 2008

One thing that bugged me was that the M-5 at the end obviously saw murder as wrong and was willing to kill itself, but to do so by allowing the Enterprise to be destroyed, this killing the other 20 people on board? It would have been more logical to just shut itself down or fry its own circuits.

Though, as Spock said, it wasn’t acting logical…it still seemed odd to me.

62. Father Rob - February 10, 2008

54 – Another geek moment, this time a problem with continuity in the remastering…

As the Enterprise closes in on the Lexington from behind in the first battle sequence, Chekov (I believe) states that the Lexington is closing on the Enterprise.

It is fundamentally impossible for the Lexington to close on the Enterprise when the Lexington is headed away from the Enterprise and the Enterprise is moving faster than the Lexington.

In other words, the Enterprise is closing on the Lexington, not the other way around.

This really bothered me as I was watching the episode.

My other moment of irritation was during the K/S/M walk down the corridor from the Turbolift to Engineering to meet Daystrom. There was this hideous buzz in the background that I have never heard before in the scene. I went and popped my regular DVD in after the episode aired. Nothing. It stopped the second they walked into Engineering on the remastered edition, so I dunno what happened.


63. Doug L - February 10, 2008

IMHO… opening shot looked awful. There were one or two stock shots that I’ve seen a number of times now, which do look good. Overall effects and movement on the ships looks really 2nd rate.

The animators have a penchant for motion filming, where the camera is sweeping along with the movement of the ships. While I don’t have a problem with this in general, I think they over use this type of effect, and I’m not so sure they do it very well. It doesn’t look right to me.

I’ll reserve final judgement for seeing it on television, but this is looking like another doomsday machine to me, and in my book… that’s a bad thing.

Doug L.

64. Xindi1985 - February 10, 2008

The planet looks exactly like Omicron Ceti III (TOS-R “This Side Of Paradise”)!

65. JPH - February 10, 2008

Okay, so Spock pinches Daystrom’s neck and he staggers off. Kirk tells the guards to “take him to sickbay.” But hadn’t M5 shut down sickbay? Wasn’t that established by Bones on the bridge?

Just a stupid question.

66. MEO - February 10, 2008


“Seeing 5 of the same ships looks cheap and boring in today’s standards, Iwould have loved to see a miranda class TOS style!”

It would have been cool, indeed, and I think it could be done without replacing any of the connie; e.g. when the Enterprise arrives at the station there could be a TOS Miranda docked there or flying off as the Enterprise approaches; towards the end, the same ship and maybe one more could have been added to Commodore Wesley’s fleet; giving the havok caused by the Enterprise, it would make sense Wesley have called for additional reinforcements…

67. Enterprisingguy - February 10, 2008

The new effects had some great angles of the ships compared to the original. I never liked the original 4 ships cut and pasted in formation including their lights all blinking together! But as others have mentioned the flybys looked cartoonish and made the ships look small. I know that they were limited by time but they could have just as easily showed a closeup of one of the ships being hit as opposed to a long shot! Then they could have shown the damage to convey the seriousness of the situation without adding any more time to the shot.

#33 wrote: “Just an afterthought… it would’ve been kind of cool if the Enterprise had left at an upwards or downwards orientation in relation to the space station… that is, we see the top or bottom of the station as they leave.”

I agree! To paraphrase Spock in TWOK” “CBS’s patterns suggest two dimensional thinking”!

68. CmdrR - February 10, 2008

hmmm — some of last night’s posts have been lost (due to migration?)

Was saying this ep benefits greatly from the acting, not so much from the forced plot of “Here. Put this bad computer in charge of your ship and see what happens.” Didn’t know if anyone commented on that or the observation that if you have only 20 people to run a starship, would you include Rawlins, Carstairs and Phillips? (Or is M5 setting up a dream team whilst plotting to eliminate crews altogether?)

As for the effects, the design is very nice. Sometimes though, the execution still appears to lack weight. IMIHOP. (In My Intl. House of Pancakes.)

69. cbspock - February 10, 2008

I can’t wait to see the episode tonight. From the effects reel it looks pretty good. The action now matches dialog. Also, I haven’t seen anyone comment on this yet, but did anyone else notice that a lot of the portholes on Enterprise are now dark. Nice touch.

The rounded Viewscreen is Lexington’s.

70. Brian - February 10, 2008

Agreed, #26! Go back and watch Enterprise leave dry dock in the first movie. It’s like watching an aircraft carrier in flight. The ship has mass. The way it moves now it seems to be made out of styrofoam.

71. robin alexander - February 10, 2008


“I agree! To paraphrase Spock in TWOK” “CBS’s patterns suggest two dimensional thinking”!”

LOL! That pretty sums it up!

72. Jon G - February 10, 2008

anyone notice that the Enterprises lights were mostly turned off?

I thought that was a nice touch, since M5 shut almost everything down to draw more power.

73. MikeG - February 10, 2008

For me, this episode’s new effects looked the most video game-ish (sorry CBS), although I agree that the various new angles on the ships are an improvement. I think sometimes it is more noticable that there is a difference between the look of the original film and the new CGI look. As in the video above, there are shots of the Enterprise firing on the other ships looking all hi-tech and slick, then cuts to an INT of Enterprise, over the shoulder of Chekov, and the set LOOKS rather pale and made of cardboard. But this is definitely one of ST’s best stories.
PS: I’m a Rhode Islander, and you forgot to mention all the good stuff about a half-billion $ deficit, 17,000 state workers with contracts that are sucking the economy dry, unions control the legislation, the greatest collection of corrupt politicians in the smallest amount of space… and now they want to remove “Providence Plantations” from the official name because in today’s politically correct world it is considered offensive and inappropriate. It’s a lovely state, but in no hurry to embrace a Trek-ian kind of philosophy. I don’t plan on living out my days here…

74. Redshirt Redjac - February 10, 2008

#64 — Good eye you have, yes!

There were a few reused shots in this one…I am surprised no one has pointed this out aside from yourself.

75. Redshirt Redjac - February 10, 2008

My biggest problem with the new station is that it looks like an unfinished CGI model. They should have put some spotlights on the top and some running lights…

The way it is now, it looks…miniature…

I had the same idea as another poster here about showing the ship approaching the station from a kind of top view with the station maybe large in the foreground (kind of like the Enterprise approaching the Spacedock in Star Trek III maybe?). Also, why isn’t there any kind of activity around the stations? We should see some other ships or workbees or something…even just lights moving…around these stations.

Seems to me there would be some kind activity at a station like K-7 or the one in UC. This one just looked kind of dead.

76. Granger - February 10, 2008

#54: General Order 7 from The Menagerie (or 4, as Chekov claims in Turnabout Intruder – take that, canonistas!) may be the only death penalty on the Starfleet books, but that doesn’t supercede planetary or moral law which M-5 could be influenced by as well. Remember that M-5’s engrams lead it to speak of the law of “man and God” and lord knows (pun intended) that not all the species of the Federation share the same conception of God. M-5’s penalty for murder sounds like Daystrom’s underlying personal moral consequence to me.

I too liked how they shut down the lights on the ship to match the dialogue, hit the Lexington in the proper spot, and established those really are portholes on the front of the Enterprise. M-5 shut them down to save energy and during a battle shutting off your sensors would be a poor choice.

It is a difficult balance to make the ships appear slow and massive to our eyes and yet portray any sort of space battle effectively. You can disable warp drive and plow slowly around a nebula as in Star Trek II to keep things fun, but The Ultimate Computer is a high speed battle and the ships have to maneuver in ways that appear silly to us since vessels in our experience don’t have inertial dampers, etc.

77. CmdrR - February 10, 2008

MikeG — Bring back Buddy Cianci! That’ll fix things. (Or make them worse, I’m not sure which.)

Wasn’t there a USS Rhode Island in Voyager’s final ep?

78. Mark - February 10, 2008

yes, it was future Captain Kim’s ship

79. Blowback - February 10, 2008

I’m sorry but I totally disagree with all the negativity over this episode. It was a pleasure to see new angles and to see the Connine task force move with some independence. Alhough I understood the budget constraints of the original FX team I always found the “cut and paste” formation jarring. Even thirty years ago when I first saw it as a child

When viewed in the context of the entire episode I am very satisfied with overall result.

80. Blowback - February 10, 2008

#67 – I read your post after I put up mine, I forgot the ship lights were all blinking in uison in the original formation! Drove me nuts when I saw it!

As for the Big E’s position once M5 shut down. I’ll give you that one cause that thought ocurred to me also. However I still refuse to let that ruin the experience. If anything I see it as a tip of the hat to original FX team. It looked like the classic shot!

81. Gary Seven - February 10, 2008

Re: # 79. Blowback – February 10, 2008
I”’m sorry but I totally disagree with all the negativity over this episode. It was a pleasure to see new angles and to see the Connine task force move with some independence. Alhough I understood the budget constraints of the original FX team I always found the “cut and paste” formation jarring. Even thirty years ago when I first saw it as a child

When viewed in the context of the entire episode I am very satisfied with overall result.”

I agree completely. I too had the same reaction thirty years ago- obviously it was super cheap to just “cut and paste.” It’s much better and more fun in the new remastered version.
In my opinion, there is a fascinating discrepancy and contradiction between TOS’ optimistic and humanistic philosophy on the one hand and the frequent dedication to negativity and a “half-empty glass” philosophy as expressed in these posts. I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their opinions, but Jeez. Is it a significant improvement over the original? There is no doubt about that in my mind. Would it be better if all there was of “The Ultimate Computer” was “cut and paste” circa 1960’s? IMO the glass is much more full than empty.
And I am thankful for CBS-D.

82. Paul H - February 10, 2008

I guess I’ve become more of a critical thinker since the days I watched this show as a kid.

I find it strange that the writer of this script has Kirk showing great concern over M5’s “murdering” of his fellow Starfleet officers and crewmembers (possibly close friends) aboard the other ships, yet as the episode comes to a close, we see the three of them (K/S/B) coming off the turbolift onto the bridge with a sort of whimsical mood, and Kirk laughing at Spock’s comments to McCoy, as if they had just come from the break room. Sure the statement was humorous, but wouldn’t they still mourning the deaths of several hundred comrades?

I know. It was 60’s television, and I understand the “happy ending” concept. It just seems a little odd to me.

83. Kirk's Girdle - February 10, 2008

Not only did they change the shape of the screen for the Lexington, they added an extra panel on each side.

84. Kirk's Girdle - February 10, 2008

Re #82 – It’s the military mindset. Celebrate life, don’t dwell on death. You might be next.

85. Kirk's Girdle - February 10, 2008

Nothing seems more inappropriate and 60s sexist than Spock’s needling of the almost-raped Yeoman Rand in “The Enemy Within”. Bastard even smiled.

86. Harry_G - February 10, 2008

I agree that the acting (especially the character of Daystrom) really gave some dimension to this episode. One of the better efforts in the series.

#43: I also thought of Voyager’s EMH when Spock told McCoy, “My only complaint with the state of today’s computer programming is that there is nothing immediately available to replace the ship’s surgeon.” McCoy claimed he would quit if that ever happened. Since he is alive in the time of TNG, I wonder if he ever did quit? :-)

One thing that actually ruins the episode for me is the ending. The light hearted music and chuckling and joking while Kirk and McCoy rib Spock on the bridge does not at all seem appropriate after the Enterprise had just destroyed another starship and its crew. They are on their way back to the space station and I’m sure what will be a long and intense inquiry.

87. Thomas Jensen - February 10, 2008

I very much enjoyed this one. Putting curved corners on the Lexington’s viewscreen was a nice touch. It also looks like they beefed-up the beam that resulted in the execution of Lt. O’Neil. (Must’ve been a transporter of some type because O’Neil returned to be the transporter officer in “Tholian Web”). Sure, I’d have like to see a “Saladin Class” Starship docked at the station, but I’d say it’s an improvement overall.

The transmission of these episodes pales in comparison to seeing them on HD-DVD, I hope we see the second season release in a few months!

88. Lord Garth, Formerly Of Izar - February 10, 2008

Some nice shots but overall uneven. Not a single closeup of the other ships being ripped into by the E phasers or a closeup shot of the damage incured. A HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY ONCE AGAIN!!! If anyone has that Ships of the line calender or book there is a great artist rendition of the M-5 E flying through the wrecked starships. The template was already there. Space station was cool but as many point out the rendering looked incomplete and too videogamey or B-5 ey

As could have been another high water mark and instead was more of another Balance of Terror with better CGI rendering. I love the remastered team, great group of folks, but maybe this job in retrospect was too much for them to handle alone. Those that constantly make excuses are either on the CBS payroll, are related to someone on the staff or are the Trek fans that blindly embrace anything Paramount shells out for some unwarrented fear of disloyalty. The truth is budget or time constraints or not this project gets a solid C -. Some very nice stuff but far too many mis steps. Too many of the same problems over and over again and also many nice easter eggs over and over again. Star Trek is a major franchise, maybe in the top 5 once again with JJ’s film. These remastered episodes were done for a reason, to make money, to lure old fans back and to warm new younger fans who are used to a higher level of effects. They were not done as some altruistic love letter to the fans, While I appreciate the efforts and love about 50% of the work I won’t be buying the sets because I do not reward mediocrity. We deserve better than 50%.

As the Remastering money shot episodes are more or less over. I think it’s safe to say that the high water marks were:

Space Seed
Mirror Mirror
Where No Man Has Gone Before

Some very notible well done episodes were:

Charlie X
Wink of an Eye
Paradise Syndrome

Some disappointing missed the mark episodes were:

Ultimate Computer
Immunity Syndrome
Errand of Mercy

And then they were the unacceptably bad episodes

Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Balance Of Terror

89. steve623 - February 10, 2008

William Marshall makes this episode. He has amazing presence and his voice gives the character enormous gravitas. But its his performance that’s most impressive. He plays Daystrom with such complexity. His enormous intelligence is apparent through the subtle condescension and impatience he displays toward everyone, including Spock, and he shows growing desperation in his need to prove himself and his genius. Yet you never really feel like he’s a bad person. Arrogant, yes, needy, yes, but hardly a villain. That’s a tough trick for an actor to pull off.

And I thought the new effects were very good.

90. Trekboi - February 10, 2008

so dissapointing all we get is the enterprise shooting at a Ship in the distance so not close up battle damage…

91. cyberghost - February 10, 2008

with all of these negative reviews, its going to tough to keep an open mind when it airs tonight at 3am in HD 1080i over the airwaves with an HD antenna, I can watch it tonight on cable, but at 480.

Anthony, when did you say your review will be posted?

92. Irish Trekki - February 10, 2008

First #85….. Best name ever!!!!

gotta say, bit underwhelmed! Could have done a bit more with my fav episode! Would have liked to see afew different classes of ship or maybe change round the battle sequence a bit. Still, I d definitely like to see the full thing

93. Marian Ciobanu - February 10, 2008

-I hate trumpets !!!

94. GaryS - February 10, 2008

I saw it last night .it was OK but I prefer the uncut version.

95. T Negative - February 10, 2008

Hopefully the unedited HD-DVD version has a few shots of the Excalibur getting whacked up close. In the original they show a re-used shot of the Constellation from the Doomsday Machine getting hit. In the remastered version we might get to see the E blasting at a CG Excalibur up close.

Fingers crossed.

96. FranBro (formerly Dave Mack) - February 10, 2008

Cyber, I thought that when it airs in 1080 anywhere it was simply an SD feed upconverted by the station. Is this actually being broadcast in true HD now? (Sorry, been out of the loop this season…)


97. Dr. Image - February 10, 2008

I must say, a missed opportunity this time. Disappointing.
NO close-up phaser hits or alternate POVs? What were they thinking?

98. RichR - February 10, 2008

OK…sorry but I was VERY disappointed here. After starting on a positive note (the new space staton with Lexington docked), the effects went downhill FAST.

If you’re going to re-imagine the effects, well then RE-IMAGINE them! Granted, the effects team had to hold to visuals that fell within the boundries of the existing audio track, BUT GIVE ME A BREAK!

For example, why waste valuable time showing the initial static (traditional) shot of the Enterprise firing torpedoes on the Wooden (and later phasers on the attacl fleet)? We’ve seen that shot for 40 years! How about showing a reverse angle of the Enterprise approaching the Wooden and firing torpedoes from medium to short range? Now that would have been nice…and different!

Next…why the need to show fast (and blurry) speed shots of large capital ships? What happened to the TOS, TNG and movie trend towards showing majestic (read SLOWER) movements? Is there a problem in viewers being able to clearly see some details during battles?

But by far the biggest disappointment was the Excalibur’s kill shots…HELLO…we need to kill a Constitution Class ship in a couple of shots? No problem…how about a head-on shot of the Enterprise closing on the attack fleet (ala Reliant vs Enterprise in STII) , with the E firing from point blank range and showing hits on one the Excalibur’s unshielded warp nacelles? We all know what would happen then…leaking plasma…escaping anti-matter…and then BOOM! Now wouldn’t that have been sweet seeing up close and personal?!? And more importantly, it would have been consistent with the TOS canon!

Next…it was stated that Lexington and the other ships were hit multiple times while unshielded, resulting in death and destruction…so in the later sequences, where was the visible damage to the Lexington et al…blast marks…burns…holes…ANYTHING? HELLO…CBS Digital…HELLO? You showed a nicely banged up Constellation in DM…how about a banged up Lexington here?

And lastly, we have the Enterprise “flying off into the sunset” and back to the station to pick up its crew. In the real world, wouldn’t the entire fleet first have gone back to search for survivors and salvage the drifting Excalibur? And wouldn’t that have been a cool closing shot of the four remaining Constitution Class ships attempting rescue and salvage operations (with tractor beams, shuttles or possible a never-before-seen fleet tug). How great would a downbeat shot like that have been to cap things off over the closing credits?

Very disappointing….and a major missed opportunity…too bad there aren’t many opportunities left to redeem themselves!



99. 16309A - February 10, 2008

Thought it was pretty good. Too bad there wasn’t more to the exterior shots, but they do have to fit it in to what is already there.

My fav was during the first battle when the Enterprise banks left and the Lexington comes into view–totally unexpected and very cool! Loved that shot!

Wish they would do extended versions on the dvd’s. This and The Doomsday Machine would be fun! I’m sure all you purists out there would hate it, but who cares–there are lots of us looong time fans that would love to see it!

100. 16309A - February 10, 2008

#98—All very good ideas. I still enjoyed the episode, but now you made me realize what could have been–Damn you! :)

101. VOODOO - February 10, 2008

This project was a nice idea, but the results are mediocre at best.

102. Blowback - February 10, 2008

There was a comment earlier that Shat put on a little weight in TOS Season 2. I guess because I’ve been looking at him with his current weight gain so long now that he looks positively slender in this episode.

103. Chris - February 10, 2008

I think everyone who is whining about the effects is missing the point of the project. If they made Enterprise look photo realistic, like Galactica the effects wouldnt fit in with the rest of the show. I think they have been doing a good job of keeping with the look of the originals. They haven’t pulled a lucas yet. When they switched CGI models I think the project really started to click.

104. cyberghost - February 10, 2008


I purchased the hd antenna to receive channels not being broadcast by the cable companies. When I compare the season 1 HD DVD of ST TOS episodes vs over the air (free) episodes they look identical, minus all the syndication chopping, my xbr5 Sony shows the signal coming in at 1080i, and the TiVo says the same thing. As of right now, some TV Stations are broadcasting in true digital format and some are not, all will be in a couple of years, as mandated by the FCC.

I guess it depends where you live, bc before I put up the antenna, I received 1 time that st was shown, but when I put up the antenna I received 2 different stations broadcasting ST, I in 1080i and the other only in 480 from different locations, 1 in Miami and 1 in WPB

What’s nice besides receiving the HD version, I also get 15 extra channels and if the cable goes down, I still receive about 30 channels.

Does that make sense?

105. Snake - February 10, 2008

AFI nominates Wrath of Khan for 10 best SF films:

http://cinefantastiqueonline.com/2008/02/07/afi-nominees-the-best-sci- fi-and-fantasy-films

106. Will - February 10, 2008

76: Bingo. Neither Starfleet Regulations nor Federation/planetary law enter into it. M5 absorbed Daystrom’s understanding or morality. And Daystrom was, prior to his breakdown, evidently pacifist and opposed to putting beings in danger. It was from that point of view that M5 considered a murderer’s life forfeit.

Also, the guest cast was brilliant. William Marshall did a wonderful job bringing Daystrom to life in all his complexity. Barry Russo was the best, most competent commodore shown on the series. (with the possible exception of Commodore Stone in “Court Martial.”

My only real complaint with this episode is along the lines of the “why didn’t they use shuttlecraft to rescue Sulu in ‘Enemy Within?'” complaint. Why did they not use a communicator or shuttlecraft’s subspace radio to warn Commodore Wesley that M5 was dangerous and that they were no longer in control of the vessel?

107. cyberghost - February 10, 2008

plus some digital channels have multiple channels built within, for example I not only receive channel 10 on the antenna, but also 10-1, 10-2 and so on, I think its worth the 50bucks for the cost of the antenna and if it wasn’t for channels like sci fi and a couple of movie channels, I would tell the cable company to take a hike.

Sorry for getting off topic, but I can’t wait to see the ultimate computer, it was one of my favorite episodes, along with doomsday machine and although the redone episodes dont look as good as they could of been, they’re certianly better than the ST DVD’s released with the scratches and all the other problems associated with a 40 year old show transferred to a DVD.

108. Jorg Sacul - February 10, 2008

ok… I’ll chime in.

I, like many others was underwhelmed by the sfx in this episode. What I saw was a good start, but darn it… There is so much potential with the space battles in this episode. Lots of good character moments, but you’re right. They’re a little giddy at the end for my taste. Maybe all the Excalibur crew made it into lifepods and were rescued? Just a thought.

So, here’s my fanboy wank idea. For Star Trek 12, why not REMAKE this episode. Give it the full two hour treatment, give us the whole “Kirk dealing with the loss of command”, Spock and McCoy arguing over the need for humanity, and actually come to a point of agreement. Give us the space battles we want, show us the horror of Kirk and company being trapped on the weapon that is killing other starships. Enhance the slide into insanity by Daystrom, and the unstable mind of the M-5. This could be an amazing psychological drama, with all the whizbang space battles we want to see. And, with a movie budget, we could see that space station with activity around it including the “Franz Joseph Designs” fleet ships. (One of my favorite posters is one from the 1970s featuring them)

And yes, I want a closeup shot of that chewed-saucer Excalibur. That was sick!

109. tin man - February 10, 2008

Didn’t the original ep. have a stock shot of the constellation from ‘DD’ standing in for the Excaliber? You think at the least, CBS dig. could have done the same, it seems it would have been relativally easy and inexpensive to modify the CGI constellation’s registry # for a quick shot? But alas, even this humble boon was not granted.

110. Ryan T. Riddle - February 10, 2008

When is this episode and “The Doomsday Machine” gonna be available on iTunes? It seems like it hasn’t been updated with any new episodes in a long while.

111. Mark T. - February 10, 2008

This is one of my TOS faves. That said, I do think it suffers from problems entirely unrelated to the remastering effort. You have a classic “needs of the one..” story line here. The stalwart commander, to whom everyone looks for inspiration, is left impotent. He wrestles with his inferiority complex as his trusted colleague and friend seems to admire the mechanical surrogate. The ultimate slap in the face is delivered by a respected superior officer who labels Kirk, “Captain Dunsel”. I always loved the dramatic tension in the “Dunsel” moment as all around Kirk, except audience representative Dr. McCoy, register the impact of the insult. Equally stirring are the moments when Spock and McCoy rally around their friend. My problem though is with the “arrangement” of those moments within the story. True, this is a sub plot of the overall story of “Frankenstein’s Monster” running amuck. However, I just think it would have been that much more effective to have McCoy’s alcohol therapy session come first. Meanwhile, Spock maintains his supposed admiration of M-5 right up to the Dunsel moment. Then, he gives his speech about loyalty. We all know McCoy is anti-mechanization. So, his thoughts carry less weight in this situation, IMO. Spock is the true convert.

Also, to back up what others have said, the endings suffer from sixties television “Let’s wrap it up and head back to the ranch” syndrome. I remembered thinking the same thing about the ending to “Doomsday Machine”. One would think, after such a traumatic event, that it wouldn’t be back-to-business quite so quickly.

112. Stanky McFibberich - February 10, 2008

The only thing I don’t like about Remastered is when the Enterprise ‘peels out’.
…and the mixing of the singer’s voice on the theme.

113. Sean4000 - February 10, 2008

What about our common favorite, Stanky, tha “Amok Time” bridge crossing?

114. Daren Doc - February 10, 2008

The Franz Joseph designs are still owned by him… (or his children, I believe)… so Paramount doesn’t have the right to use them without compensation. And we know how they feel about that. lol

Don’t know what I think about this episode… it’s one of my favorites… this was a chance to shine… but I just don’t know if there is any steam left… they’ll be done with the whole project in a few weeks… I don’t think we can expect any “going back” to change anything that was done… so we’ll have to cope with that…

And pray that they will sometime release the original episodes in HD. At least I will be… lol

115. Flint - February 10, 2008

A great episode, who cares about the new images.

116. Blowback - February 10, 2008

#98 – My thoughts: The original SFX team had a limited budget and TOS relied more on the story and less on the effects. While I agree there is a lot of potential to add SFX to this and every other episode I believe the CBS team is trying hard maintain the balance. They may not get it perfect each time but it’s clearly a guiding principle.

While I also want to see the CBS team do a lot of “cool” things I don’t want the SFX to become more then they were in the original broadcast. I’m not a purist or a canon-phile but I don’t want the SFX upgrades to be overwhelming either…

117. Spindrift - February 10, 2008

I enjoyed the episode but must agree with some of the other comments. I’d have liked to see some “strike shots” showing explosive delivery of phasers upon the Excalibur from a close-up view. Hey, I’m 48, watched the original episode when it was aired and think that 40 years as a ST fan qualifies me for something. Those of you born before 1965, go and take a number.

118. Blowback - February 10, 2008

My number is 118 and I see they’re serving number 25. Damn… ;)

119. Mike T. - February 10, 2008

I just purchased a HD flatscreen TV and finally watched the remastered TOS on Dish Network and I have to say: WOW! What a difference in image quality over comcast cable.
It was like I was watching trek during a snow storm. The Ultimate Computer was great but I agree it would have been nice to see more detailed ship to ship FX. It was nice to see ships getting shot at over a distance and not within a few hundred yards of each other like World War One battleships. Space is huge and starships can easily fire at each other over hundreds of miles or kilometers and all you would see is a flash in the distance and a beam of light hitting your ship.

120. Matt Wright - February 10, 2008

#104 — Really doubtful that you are seeing it in HD, the satelite network used to distribute TOS-R to affliates is SD only currently (though they have some limited HD trials). Now the digital feed is clearer I have noticed, so you are probably seeing that. Anything else beyond that is likely the placebo effect because you think it’s in HD. Remeber that you will still see 1080i if you call up your TV set OSD, because everything is upconverted at your local affiliate from SD to HD to be put in the 1080i carrier signal.

121. TomBot2008 - February 10, 2008

I haven’t seen this yet, since it’s yet to air here in my market… but even in advance, looking at stills and such, I have to wonder, what’s up with the constant use of the Long View? Postage stamp size ships on viewscreens(previous episodes for sure) and a criminal lack of the up close and personal. We already have the 60’s tech version. Sure, the new shots are light years past that, but they are significantly less than up to date. I suspect that the artist themselves are being held back… when you listen to commentary from Ron Moore on BSG, he often talks about how the effects houses go beyond expectations often surprising them with what they come up with. I doubt these effects artist aspire to the mediocre, so it’s probably an editorial, managerial call… I’ll tape this episode and make the final judgement call afterwards.

122. RichR - February 10, 2008


I want to see the Excalubur blasted..up close and personal!

123. JessIAm - February 10, 2008

I hope the version without commercials has more starship shots. While I enjoyed the special effects I saw, I wanted to see more.

124. OR Coast Trekkie - February 10, 2008

#88 – My sentiments exactly. I echo your thoughts on the project. I only slightly disagree with a couple of the episodes and where you listed them.

#89 – Bravo with William Marshall. Too bad he ended up as the King of Cartoons for Pee Wee’s Playhouse…

#98 – Remember, the Enterprise is operating at a crew of 20 at this point. The canonists could claim that the need to return to the station was out of necessity. Salvage operations might take a full crew compliment. However, debris and battle damage would have been SWEET!

One thing to keep in mind: Special effects really isn’t the specialty of CBS. Most shows contract out to do the special effects work. They probably don’t have access to the software programs, or the expereince (or perhaps talent {yet}) that our friends at Eden or ILM have. The “figuring out as the go along” look it has is probably a true reflection. For example: the CGI model now used is different than the orignal.

What it boils down to is that this is more a project to turn TOS to HD, not really an effects update. The effects update wound up being a necessity. However, it is the effects that got marketed, which I think is a bad move. If the effects angle wasn’t what was hyped, then you don’t have the expectation. If the expectation is not there, you then, in turn, have a more satisfied consumer. Push the strong points of your product as the selling point. Pushing the “effects” as the strong point gives me high expectations. Watching the effects, I’m sorry to say, are not the strong points. True, you’ve had some really good stuff here and there, but I’m not satisfied, as a consumer, with just “here and there.”

If you really emphasize and push the HD angle to this, and only give a casual mentioning to special effects, you get less statements like this from people like me.

This is the importance of marketing psychology…

125. Garovorkin - February 10, 2008

What Paramount did was take a page from George Lucas, He took the original Star Wars Trilogy and Redid the special effect, re released all three films to theaters and promptly made many millions more in revenue from the repackaged movies. Very smart business move. Paramount by doing this stands to make lots of money repackaging the old Trek series with the new effects. There is also a practical reason for this being that the old effects would not look so state of the art on High Definiton tv. On both counts i have to applaud them

126. spockboy - February 10, 2008

If you can’t make your CGI look real, then go with models. I know where you can get a fantastic model for about $10,000 (well within CBS budget)


And how about this beautiful TOS space station already built!


Close up shot…

Just imagine it!

127. Garovorkin - February 10, 2008

With all due respect models wont cut it anymore spockboy not in this day and age is cheaper to do CGI and its far easier manipulate and reconfigure a computer model.

128. Anthony Pascale - February 10, 2008

Matt has added screenshots…and we have a review from Jeff Bond coming up shortly

129. spockboy - February 10, 2008

With all due respect in return, I disagree in this case.
Apparently the NEW Enterprise for Trek 11 is both physical AND CGI.
Other than a few inaccuracies, the Enteprise in “Trials and Tribbleations” look ed wonderful and REAL!I
It had weight to it.
I’m curious to see what it would look like in HD.
I don’t have problem with CGI at all, but TOS is too analog for digital ships I think.
Especially when they do not look real.
The IDEAL situation would be using the actual 11 foot miniature or a mold of it (with windows on both sides)
Just knowing that it was the same model used in the original, brought back for the original, would make it very special.

When I finally grab a master replicas Enterprise I’m going try some shots for a laugh!

: )

130. cyberghost - February 10, 2008

After going in with a glass half full attitude, I just watched the ultimate computer and all I can say was dissapointment.

After the space station scene in the opening sequence, it was all down hill from there. Such potential, so little fulfillment. I rate the SFX a small notch above the original 60s version as far as SFX goes.

So what episodes are left to work with?


131. Trekboi - February 10, 2008

i do love the remastered project- it has elevated the original series but the misses are beginning to out weigh the hits so far as new content- things they missed due to money the first time around.

its the excuses that dont hold water that bother me

“we cant deviate from the original footage- edit to extend fx shots” um sorry u cut 30 seconds of actors walking on a planet set to show vulcan in amok time

“we have to stay true to the original style established” hello clunky new metal tholian ships – animated ships vanguarde station and constant camera movement barrel rools and new angles

“we have to stay true to the script” then wheres the devestating battle damage on the other connies- and the severe damage from the ion storm in court martial- my old enterprise models that have been collecting dust for the most part of this century look worse by comparison.

they have said that they want to do what the original artists intended but couldnt due to 1960’s technology- then why only one class of ships? why no space traffic around the stations- a drydock in court martial- repair crews on the skin of the ship- phaser strikes on the other ships battle damage.

in the original all we saw was the enterprise on screen reacting to something to expensive to shoot- now we see the other ships but in the distance with the enterprise in the forground- mirroring the old shots- in so many episodes all we see is the enterprise- showing the other ships with the ent in the background in the few non orbit only episodes would do no harm.

not sure if it is poor judgement uninformed planning or perhaps the “it all comes down to time and money” excuse is the real problem.
Feels like CBS started off wanting to give us something more- expecting to bring the show to a wider audiance with a sizable profit and promoted the changes then looked at the poor time slots and so so ratings and cut the budget for season two’s 40 episodes and gave a “just re-do the shots” – no thrills order to CBS digital- what do u guys think- id say 10%poor judgment- from not having the talent of ILM & EDEN FX staff and 90% CBS politics and short sighted penny pinching. am i being too harsh- dont want to be one of thoes negative bitcht trek “fans” but am so dissapointed by the battle scenes limited to the enterprises pov and the targets off in the distant too small to register any real damage- i wanted – expected a shot of forground connie having a phaser/torpedo rip through it ala Star Trek VI

final now invalid excuse- regarding other episodes getting a limited remastering- “we are concentrating on the FX standouts like the ultimate computer ” sorry just the usual shots of the enterprise in the forground here firing at some too small to register (or need fully render) ships.

after expanding some shows and promising more- it is sad to see remastered going back to just redoing the original shots.
dissapointing- the oldschool fans will never accapt new (superior) CGI shots so ur not making them happy and there is nothing new offered to the others who want the original to live up to its potential- bitter but will recover to love Trek another day.
sorry for the rant-its been 17 months coming but i feel better.

132. diabolk - February 10, 2008

Well, we didn’t get what we wanted, but looking at the screengrab comparisons, you got to admit it’s a whole lot better than multiple, and I do mean multiple, re-uses of the same old stock footage from old episodes.

133. I AM THX-1138 - February 10, 2008

That’s beautiful stuff, spockboy. I think I’ve seen that E on youtube, haven’t I?

I would love to see some glorious model shots for this remastered effort, but I do understand that the time and cost would be prohibitive to CBS-D. Still, I think nothing has surpassed the sense of scale and beauty of TMP’s love shots of the Enterprise in spacedock. And with all respect in the world to the great CGI artists who contribute here, there is just something about knowing that a real, physical model exists and was photographed. I think for me, it’s maybe a sub-conscious thing, but in the back of my head it’s satisfying to know that if I really wanted to touch the image I was looking at, I could. Sort of an unrequited tactile response.

134. spockboy - February 10, 2008

Well said Trekboi.

135. Sean4000 - February 10, 2008

“””what do u guys think- id say 10%poor judgment- from not having the talent of ILM & EDEN FX staff and 90% CBS politics and short sighted penny pinching.”””

I say 50% Not having the talent of EdenFX. 40% Paramount cheapness, and 10% computing power.

136. spockboy - February 10, 2008

I agree!
There is that back of the head thought that you are watching a cartoon.
I’m an animator myself so don’t misunderstand, I LOVE ANIMATION!
It just that I’m more impressed with a shot of 1000 real extras in Spartacus than 10,000 CGI people sometimes.

Just keeping it real.
: )

137. cyberghost - February 10, 2008

it looked to me that they reused footage from other reimagined episodes, or at least it seemed that way to me.

I guess my favorite reimagined episode is the doomsday machine, by far.

End transmission on this episode…..

138. Garovorkin - February 10, 2008

Okay Spockboy the Models do look impressive but I still have to stand by my initial statement.with regard to CGI again no disrespect intended. I do think in the long run that there may be no future for actual physical models in movie or television production , CGI gets better every year and production companies looking to save money any way they can. With regard to the ultimate computer and other remastered episodes i have so far liked what I have seen to date. There is one thing that is bugging me about the whole remastering thing, I dont see anything about them remastering the original Star trek Pilot The Cage, I know the Menagerie which used footage from the cage but what about the actual pilot episode. if it has not been remastered then i am curious as to why that is?

139. Mike T. - February 10, 2008

#136, where is the money going to come from for 1000 real extras? I’m just glad that we are getting these remastered shows and the upcoming movie. Paramount and CBS could have just put Trek on a shelf for 5 or 10 years and we would not have anything new to watch.

CBS Digital is not perfect ( who is?) but it is a hell of alot better than the alternative which would be nothing. And to be honest I am enjoying nearly everything they have done, I just wish like others that they could have extended the scenes and given us more FX shots.

140. Anthony Pascale - February 10, 2008

We now have the review from Jeff Bond up

read it here:

141. Smitty - February 10, 2008

Great new FX of a great and I loved the subtle modification to the Lexington’s viewscreen. Nice rounding of the edges.

And William Marshall it’s Blacula baby, can’t beat that.


142. The Last Maquis - February 10, 2008

I’m a fan of “The Old School” Trek, (or different TOS) about 30 years now.
As far as wanting to see Some other new classes of ships in this episode. Yes that would’ve been cool,but you have to realize that The Original Series was Kind of based on the Idea that there were like 14 to 15 Constitution class ships all on five year exploration Missions. again this was not The True concept for the show, by no means, But It Is Established Star Trek Cannon. so I’ve always been Fine with seeing the other four “Connies” in the this episode,even though I’m aware that There are Other Classes(Reliant Style) Plus it’s How I remember it.

as Always a Great episode!! it’s Daystrom’s Show man.I’ve Been wanting to See this One again for a long Time Now. I didn’t Hate the New Effects, but after seeing The AMAZING job They did on “The DOOMSDAY MACHINE” ( I mean come on!! the Enterprise does An Attack run On the “Planet Killer!!”How EFFING cool is That?) yeah this One was Not nearly as cool as I had hoped. the Attacks on the Other ships just wasn’t as Dynamic or Inspired as they could’ve been. Come On CBS we All Know This Is about money, but if your gonna Screw with OUR show, at Least make It worth it. Geez.

143. DreamerOutThere - February 11, 2008

I don’t ever say much here. But honestly, the only things I ever wanted form TOS-R was to one, to see some aft phasers and photons, and two, see the big E at warp like the big D in the A Mirror Darkly. To date. Nada. That said. As fake as some of it may look. It already looked fake. Now it just looks fake in a cooler way. Even with all their hits and misses, I way prefer this to the old ones. I can at least follow the story this way. My 2 cents.

144. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2008

re: 113. Sean4000 – February 10, 2008
“What about our common favorite, Stanky, tha “Amok Time” bridge crossing?”

Yes, I like that very much.

145. Kyle Nin - February 11, 2008

Did anyone notice that the M-5’s “beam of energy” (screenshot 16) now has a reflection on the floor?

146. RichR - February 11, 2008

Re 145…yeah the beam reflection on the floor is cool…but why did they remove the cool “DNA strand ” effect within the beam itself? I always thought that was a nice “going the extra mile” touch in the original FX.

Also…if we’re going to mess with the Lexington’s viewscreen….how about having a noticably different, older “Where No Man Has Gone Before” era viewscreen (like in the Constellation’s aux control room)? Who’s to say that the Lexington had the same refit schedule as the Enterprise?

And just to wrap up…would it have been too much to ask for a single shot of the Enterprise blasting a warp nacelle off the Excalibur with a couple of well placed unshielded phaser shots (like in STII when the Big E blasts the engine off the Reliant while in the nebula)!

Would that have been too difficult…hummm…would it?

147. RichR - February 11, 2008

Kinda off topic…but they’re showing old episodes of Mission Impossible in most markets…and has anyone else noticed how that show (which was sharing the Paramount lot with ST in the late 60s), is a sort of Trek reunion party?

The other night, a single ep from the very early 1970s had Nimoy (in the original Martin Landau face-man role), as well as 4 other actors from Trek episodes (Lee Meriweather from Spoke’s Brain, the station manager from The Devil in the Dark, one of the gangsters from A Piece of the Action, and the head of the planetary council from Mirror, Mirror)!

Meanwhile, Commodore Wesley and Vic Tayback have also turned up in other episodes. I’m wondering if Shatner ever appeared in an original MI episode?

148. RichR - February 11, 2008

Oh yeah…and Captain…I mean LORD GARTH!!!…was always playing a Mafia chief on The FBI, while William Windom was usually a crooked banker or accountant!

But the best character turn was Jimmy Doohan playing the Chief of Staff to the President (no fake accent at all) on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, a full 3 years before Trek!

I love watching ’60s TV!

149. eagle219406 - February 11, 2008

# 138. It has been remastered, it is set to air sometime in April.

150. General Order 24 - February 11, 2008

3 starships in the squadron were named. Lexington, Excalibur and Potemkin. Who was the 4th ship? the U.S.S. Kongo?

151. General Order 24 - February 11, 2008

My bad. It’s the U.S.S. Hood.

152. dan - February 11, 2008

Wow, lookat the 60’s version of the Photon Torpedo!
Way more impactful and scary than the puny red blast.

153. Ryan T. Riddle - February 11, 2008

“147. RichR – February 11, 2008: I’m wondering if Shatner ever appeared in an original MI episode?”

Yes, he did. In the six season episode “Encore,” Shatner played an elderly crime syndicate boss (this was in the years when the IMF fought national crime rather than participate in international intrigue) who is made to believe that he has traveled back in time to his youth in the 1930s, so the IMF can get evidence against him and another boss. There’s a scene in which the youth mask peels off to reveal the aged makeup on Shatner — it’s pretty cool from what I remember.

Unfortunately, Nimoy had already left the series and was not in this episode with his former co-star. He’d been replaced by Lynda Day George in a role similar to that of Nimoy’s and Landau’s.

154. Xindi1985 - February 11, 2008

The battle looks like the Enterprise fighting against flys!!!!

155. Harry Ballz - February 11, 2008

#133 THX “an unrequited tactile response”

Why am I suddenly having a flashback to high school?? :)

156. Magic_Al - February 11, 2008

I’m glad to see some of the Enterprise window lights turned off. That’s the way it’s always supposed to be.

157. Craig Henry - February 11, 2008

I can’t see what everybody else is complaining about. Sure, the special effects were not the masterpieces of modern motion pictures, but they’re decent for a TV series (even the “dreaded” Star Trek Enterprise was lacking in the special effects area on several occasions). I’d have liked to have seen more, but that’s mainly because one of the most interesting parts of Star Trek to me is the special effects. (I understand however that with time constraints, budget constraints, and editing constraints we’re lucky to get an upgrade at all).

After reading the little preview, I was expecting a little more change from ship to ship than I saw. It could have been the syndication cuts and standard def format, but I couldn’t notice any difference in the exterior of the ships. I had been expecting something along the lines of the difference between Enterprise and Colombia, or First Contact Enterprise and Nemesis Enterprise.

Anyway, I hadn’t noticed until reviewing the screenshot comparisons, but I really like the Lexington’s viewscreen. Round versus flat, and slightly different flashing lights underneath, it’s still just about identical, but different enough that you can conceive of it being within the typical range of deviation. I wouldn’t have asked for any more change in that regard. (In fact, I like Lexington’s viewscreen better than Enterprise’s. I wish the 1701 had used the rounded screen from the start.) I’d also like to point out that it’s not really that out of place to have a different screen since there is already a different chair and different “pictures” on the walls above the stations. Anyway, these little details are the kind of thing I live for, and in that regard I was satisfied. Just would have liked to have seen more external differences. :)

And before I forget, #72, good catch noticing the lights in the windows. I hadn’t seen that before.

158. bigmike - February 11, 2008

The Ultimate Computer was always one of my top 5 favorite Trek episodes and the remastered shots were great with the Enterprise and the sister ships. The space battles were done great, however i was a little dissapointed with the shots of the Enterprise crippling the Excalibur. It would have been much nicer for the Enterprise to destroy one of the Excalibur’s nacelles but a excellent remastered episode. Now that The Ultimate Computer is done, bring on Is There in Truth No Beauty?, The Enterprise Incident, and Elaan of Troyius!

159. DJT - February 11, 2008

The one shot I will always dig is the one where the Big E majestically swings around and we get to see the underside of the saucer and the ventral section, right about as she’s about to go to warp (or not).

160. Spocko - February 13, 2008

I liked “The Doomsday Machine” better. The new effects here were ok, but not really much better from the original “The Ultimate Computer.”

161. Garovorkin - February 13, 2008

160 they did a phenomenal job on the Doomsday machine. it was also cool the we they redid the constellation, better then the burned revel model that it replaced.The balle scences were boffo as well.

162. mixingbowl - September 20, 2008

This episode oozes with quality acting. I especially liked seeing Commodore Wesley and crew “selling” the full phaser strikes on the Lexington. Their reactions were more believable than the typical “leaning, shaking and rolling” of the E crew during ship upsets.

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