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More Spy Pics: See John Cho Do The Sulu Chop February 15, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Those pesky paparazzi at JFX Online went down to the Star Trek location shoot (after a local news team blabbed to the world where to go) and nabbed some shots of the set piece, faux ice sheet and lots of shots of John Cho (the new Sulu) in some kind of space suit practicing for an action scene. See below [spoilers].

Cho does the Sulu dance:

click to see larger images at JFX of Cho and his sword

Clearly when John Cho told Star Trek Magazine that he thought Sulu was going to be ‘a badass’ in the film and that he had to do fight training, he was referring to sequences like the one shooting this week.

Klingon? not likely
JFX has a second set of photos with a closer look at the set piece revealed by Fox 11 news and another character they think might be a Klingon, but is almost certain is not.


1. S. John Ross - February 15, 2008

Cool to see hiim with the sideburns :)

2. Captain Dunsel - February 15, 2008

Cool! But we appear to have a lot more time to have a lot more of these kinds of things.

3. Celestial Fire - February 15, 2008

I like how the spacesuit is reminiscent of the one seen in “The Tholian Web” As for the Klingon…possibly but I’m with Anthony on this one: no.

4. KennyB - February 15, 2008

#3—I thought the same thing about the suit!

5. em - February 15, 2008

Very cool.

6. James Jamziz - February 15, 2008

Some seriously intense spy picks there eh

7. Pragmaticus - February 15, 2008

Sulu is a badass!

And I have no idea how they could have possibly thought that that guy was a Klingon.

8. RaveOnEd - February 15, 2008

When my daughter sees the movie, she’ll wonder why Sulu has a sword, but doesn’t have his shirt off (for a 6 year old girl, the “Naked Time” sequence is one of her favorites!)

9. robin alexander - February 15, 2008

sword fighting! Awesome!
Sulu’s suit! Awesome!


10. DavidJ - February 15, 2008

So let me get this straight, Sulu is fighting someone with a sword… while wearing a spacesuit?


I was hoping Abrams would bring back the swashbuckling 60s action of TOS. It was such a KEY ingredient in what made the original series so fun, and was sorely lacking in the spinoffs.

11. Diabolik - February 15, 2008

We’ve never seen the black character before, therefore this scene cannot fit into canon. If we didn’t see a character on TOS, that character never existed.

I’m sorry, but I HAD to say it in jest before some canon-slave said it.

12. Chris Pike - February 15, 2008

EV suite looks a bit too Enterprise in design, but Cho does have the look of Sulu. We’ll have to rely more on these snatched glimpses now we have to wait 6 months more…!

13. Steve Short - February 15, 2008

I don’t think that is a Klingon. Unless the Klingons look like something between the 60’s Klingons and the Worf Klingons in the new Star Trek movie .

14. Alex - February 15, 2008

So much for the NX01-set (or Vulcan, which I guessed).

Why shouldn’t that be a Klingon? Does have any insider inf… wait. Let me rephrase that. Did your sources tell you that? :-)

15. Steve Short - February 15, 2008

He looks more like the tall guy in Star Trek: What Little Girls Are Made Of?

16. British Naval Dude - February 15, 2008

arrr… spacesuit? I expected somethin’ more original like characters being wrapped in a fibrous pericardium for thar space walking…

talk about regression… bringing a sword to a phaser fight…

Even I know better ta put me pistol ahead o’ me daggers…
but good ta see some “Hornblowing” and swahbuckling gunna make a comeback…

(Freudian analysis, anyone thar? arrrr…)

17. spocky - February 15, 2008

Samurai swordfighting in a space suit? absolutely friggin genius!!! and there is no way that is a klingon, not even an ENT klingon with that virus nonsense

18. AJ - February 15, 2008

Cho does look bad-ass.

It reminds me of that scene from The Cage between Pike and that big Troll-like citadel guard on Rigel VII. Pike lost crew there, and was quite upset about it.

Could Sulu have served with Pike, and could this be Rigel VII? ;-)

19. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008

Definitely *not* a crashed starship. Alien outpost, I think.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

20. sean - February 15, 2008

Thank god that’s not a Klingon. Sorry, but he just looks like a human in a funny outfit. Let’s see some alien-looking aliens this time around! No more forehead clay standing in for alien features.

That being said, could it be a Kaylar warrior?

21. sean - February 15, 2008

Doh, #18 beat me to the punch.

22. cd - February 15, 2008

Oh my! >;>}

23. trekofficial - February 15, 2008


those suit components would never be used in such an environment and the surface skin of the material is far too thin to be viable in a hostile/space environment definitely not 22nd century technology there. Also the starfleet logo on his suit is .22 microns too small on the lower arching cusp

24. AJ - February 15, 2008


If it is, then it takes us right into the psyche and heart of Pike just before events in The Cage, which would be great.

I wonder if we’ll see Fleet Captain Pike savings cadets on a class J Starship.

448 days to go…

25. [The] TOS Purist - February 15, 2008

I wish people would stop making fun of people who believe in adhering to canon. The joke may have been funny at first, but it’s REALLY old at this point. And unoriginal. Not to mention it poorly represents the goals and beliefs of purists like me; we don’t obsess over tiny details, it’s the HUGE changes that JJ and Orci are making that we’re not so happy with.

The suit looks cool, but not very TOS-y. As for the sword…I think they’re missing the point that fencing was a HOBBY of Sulu’s. Not a major combat technique that he would bring with him on the battlefield. Not to mention that Japanese swordfighting (which is what it looks like he’s doing there) is totally different from the discipline of fencing.

26. Izbot - February 15, 2008

The “Klingon”, at least his uniform, looks a lot closer to a TOS Romulan uniform complete with the blue sash.

27. The Master - February 15, 2008

Nice. Perhaps the guy is a satnd in for nero or [perhaps he is a Romulan Henchman or dare I say it an Orion who lost his greeness? How do we know that there are not Orions that are not green?

28. Anthony Pascale - February 15, 2008

warning for trolling

I dont want to see any more derogatory ‘labels’ thrown around by people like ‘hater’ or ‘slave’ etc.

comments to

29. Diddy - February 15, 2008

That guys suit looks just like Shinzon’s

30. Steve Short - February 15, 2008

With some people not wanting a time travel movie what about this? The last time we saw Spock he was on the Romulan home planet maybe Spock gets caught and the Romulans inject a truthserum. We see Spock’s thoughts in flashbacks with Spock so drugged up he see himself inside the flashbacks so he gets to talk to his younger self. Spock fights not to give anything away to the Romulans so he starts making things up to confuse them. You know those Romulan they want to know everything even how much you paid for that car.

31. bmar - February 15, 2008

Ok. took the brown set piece…did my best to remove the watermark, surrounding area and (with a healthy bit of artistic license and extrapolation) came up with this.

I’m saying…it’s the base of something circular, or which we are only seeing the front half – the rest to be added digitally. Maybe a landing gear of some sort – definitely has some “strut” aspect to it, and the vertical post coming out of the middle seems to indicate that it connects to something above. Also, given the size comparison to the pictures of people on it, I’m saying it’s something fairly BIG.

Of course, it’s all BS! but something to think about while we fritter away the months.


32. AJ - February 15, 2008

#25: Good call on the sash. Just re-watched the TOSR Menagerie 2 with the Kaylar, and they seem to carry around axes on a regular basis, and the scene is littered with maces, swords and shields all over the place.

Can’t wait to see.

33. Steve Short - February 15, 2008

18# I like it. “The Cage” great thinking

34. mooseday - February 15, 2008

Got to admit, these sets are pretty impressive. This pic really has a sense of scaled to it. Very impressive …

35. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#24—Speculation, of course, but I would guess that if Sulu is fighting with a sword, then he has been put into a situation where the sword is his only weapon available. THAT is “TOS-y” (good adjective). And didn’t I read somewhere that Cho was taking “fencing” lessons in preperation for his role? It is clearly not a fencing sword, but it looks like he is executing some very standard “parrying” techniques from the still shots. Besides, I doubt the spacesuit would afford him the maneuverablity necessary to use the classic “hand-to-hip” fencing form.

As for the look of the suit, I only recall the spacesuit from TOS “The Tholian Web”. That episode was obviously from the 3rd season of TOS. Since we do not know the timeframe of this action sequence, or if it takes place in the original timeline for that matter, it is hardly definitive as to whether it is “canon”.

Secondly, it is not beyond the realm of possibility to have changed standard issue spacesuits within the five-year mission. I once had my Marine Corps issued camouflage utility jacket checked in and was reissued a Gortex version within the same overseas deployment. We also exchanged our M60 Medium machine guns for the newer M240G’s within that same deployment (never having test-fired it before, we were given the flight deck of the USS Guam and the open Atlantic to do it).

If “canon” is the major issue for you, then what is the difference in creatively explaining it within “canon” here—and every other time we have had to do so since 1966?

36. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

Sorry AJ, I meant that as a response to #25, not #24.

37. karanadon - February 15, 2008

This film is going to ROCK! =D

38. Scifigirl - February 15, 2008

I like Sulu’s suit and his being all bad-ass with a sword is awesome. And that alien looks more like a Jaffa to me than a Klingon… Oh but wait… wrong show…. Sorry! :D

39. spockboy - February 15, 2008

Good job

40. miguel - February 15, 2008

Freakin SAMURAI SWORD?!?!?

That ALONE will make me want to see this movie.

41. Emotionally Logical - February 15, 2008

I don’t think this is a space fight. The scenes we saw before from the local news team showed icy conditions. So the EV suit is probably to survive the cold.

42. Jorg Sacul - February 15, 2008

>>As for the look of the suit, I only recall the spacesuit from TOS “The Tholian Web”. That episode was obviously from the 3rd season of TOS.

Don’t forget the thermal suits worn in The Naked Time. Different design all together, but since we’ve never been given a tour of the Star Fleet Quartermaster’s catalog, who’s to say what the environment might be like wherever Sulu is.

C’mon, Paramount! give us some teaser pix like you did for TMP!

43. patio - February 15, 2008

seriously i’ve heard the word “canon” so many times on these posts that everytime i see it, i’ll just skip to the next comment. enough arguing already…its a NEW MOVIE

44. boJac - February 15, 2008

That’s not a Klingon, it’s just a black guy.

45. mooseday - February 15, 2008

Thats no klingon, thats my wife …….

46. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#42–Great point. And I forgot all about those…

47. Radioactive Spock - February 15, 2008

Absolutely loving it so far. To me it seems this film will be wonderfully familiar and extravagantly fresh and “big” enough to appeal to fans and newbies alike. I can’t wait.

48. Red Shirt - February 15, 2008

Did someone say the film has been pushed back?


49. Lord Garth, Formerly Of Izar - February 15, 2008

Yes bring on the spy goodies!!! We have over a year to wait so why not !!
Spoil me I say spoil me !!!!

50. Duncan MacLeod - February 15, 2008

Lets not forget people… This is a Paramount sanctioned Trek on Film… IT CREATES CANON. Just because we never saw it, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. The US Military has dozens of different uniform types etc… we only saw a very small portion of the fleet in TOS and mostly just the same crewpeople. Things can happen “off screen”. (hee hee)

51. SPB - February 15, 2008


Now THAT looks cool! Sulu practicing with a real sword? A fairly-obviously “Tholian Web”-inspired space suit???

Paramount, Abrams, et al need to start giving us some OFFICIAL pics, since we now have to wait 15 months for this puppy to be released!

52. The Master - February 15, 2008

I just wish the sword was a Katanah or a Hansu :) *LOL*
How about a matter condesor?

53. Sean - February 15, 2008

Whoa! Sulu with a badass looking samurai sword? This just keeps getting better!

54. SPB - February 15, 2008

#25 –

Why can’t Sulu be adept at both fencing AND swordfighting? Maybe fencing was his hobby, but secretly he’s a master swordsman?

Oh wait. That’s never been established in an episode. Guess we can’t have THAT.

55. ety3 - February 15, 2008

Has anyone seen anything to say that only the Enterprise crew will have the arrowhead insignia?

It was obvious in TOS that each ship had its own distinct insignia, and the Enterprise’s was later adopted as the basic Starfleet symbol.

But I’m beginning to worry (not really *worry*, but you know) that JJ and crew are using the arrowhead chevron fleetwide before they are “supposed” to.

56. lodownX - February 15, 2008

the suit is very reminiscent of the TOS enviromental suits… the judge says it isn’t a cannon buster!

57. Chris Dawson - February 15, 2008

Notice that one of the photos shows the shiny end of the other person’s weapon.

Looks Lirpa-like . . . . . .

Probably Klingon???

58. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

Checkov….I know you. You started it, didn’t you?

59. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

You know, Hikaru… fencing vas inwented in Russia.

60. Scott - February 15, 2008


61. AJ - February 15, 2008


Since the story is so focused on Kirk, Spock and Co., and the E, who’s to say if there are any other ships/crews?

In any case, that’s the kind of detail that would be red-flagged instantly if Orci et al are worth their salt.

62. Daniel Broadway - February 15, 2008

Could that set piece be somehow related to the deflector dish? It’s about the right color, and general shape, but I don’t know. It’s probably not, because it looks too industrial. I doubt they’d do a scene like that anyway, because of First Contact.

63. ety3 - February 15, 2008

#61 –

It’s my understanding (and forgive me if this is spoilerish), but the story overlaps various eras of Kirk’s life. Meaning, when we see Kirk at one point, he will be at the Academy and later he will be about to take command of the Enterprise. One might think we could see Kirk with a Farragut insignia in there somewhere.

Also, since there are scenes set at the Academy, we should also see the ornate “sunburst” insignia many flag officers wore in TOS, plus we could see the smaller version of it that cadets seem to have worn on their shiny tunics (Finnegan in “Shore Leave,” for example).

64. Daniel Broadway - February 15, 2008

On second thought, I don’t believe this is part of a ship. At least, not in space. I don’t think they would film in natural sunlight if it was a space scene. They’d shoot it indoors with a strong keylight, and very little fill lighting.

65. Red Shirt - February 15, 2008

Maybe this is the big budget remake of ST5: The Final Frontier, that we all have been waiting for!

66. Redjac - February 15, 2008

I like the suit! I think it looks great!!!

67. CmdrR - February 15, 2008

Samurai sword slashin’ in a spacesuit — sweet!

68. bill hiro - February 15, 2008

That’s no Klingon … its a space-station …

*cue ominous music*

69. AJ - February 15, 2008

ety3: If they adhere that anally to the various insignias of the different postings, then they deserve a big case of Rom Ale from all of us.

65: They FINALLY get Sean Connery as Sybok! And that new E definitely could hold 78 decks, LOL.

70. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - February 15, 2008

Could that set piece be the back side of the main deflector dish???

71. CmdrR - February 15, 2008

70 —
Probably not, unless they’re spending most of their budget to actually build a REAL Enterprise, so they can distribute the film to Vulcan.

72. star trackie - February 15, 2008

Notice the sword also has some markers on it and is blue. No doubt some type of CG something-or-other will be put in it’s place. Very cool.

73. Diabolik - February 15, 2008

Oh, okay, this is from the leaked scene where Future Spock works with the crew of the Enterprise to raid the Romulan fortress where the time vortex was created and operated. Sulu, if I recall the details, is part of a team beaming down to distract the guards with a feint attack while Spock, Kirk and some security men attempt to break in on another side. Energy weapons can’t be used becuase sensors would detect them.

74. robin alexander - February 15, 2008


I hope they will use only a keylight and no fill lights for space scenes. hard shadows would look awesome i think.

75. Starfleet06 - February 15, 2008

I do appreciate the fact the the design of the EV suits (from both the teaser and these new pics of Sulu) are giving a blatant nod to Enterprise. While I may be one of the only people here who actually enjoyed Enterprise (and was quite distraught when it was cancelled), it is apart of the Star Trek canon and therefore deserves to tie in with the TOS era.

Well done costume designers!

76. The Guardian of Forever - February 15, 2008

That does not look like a Klingon.

I want spy pics of Karl Urban >.<

77. Diabolik - February 15, 2008

And when I said “leaked scene” I meant where it leaked from my fertile imagination. Psych!!!!!

Just a guess. Be funny if I nailed it.

Actually, the blade will be replaced with some type of “laser sword” effect…. a… “light-saber,” if you will, to coin a phrase… will be very cool. :)

78. Corrective Guy - February 15, 2008

That was obvious? I never thought of the insignia like that… just thought lack of continuity meant they had thrown together designs or the different designs were specials- like a commodore for instance- not a different symbol for a different ship.

Someone knowing that makes me feel sad inside.
Not that I ever even understood about why a chevron in the first place? Perhaps it was a “private” joke.

79. Laserlover2254 - February 15, 2008


Yep. Better to make it belief-inspired deliberate engineering than unscientific feces.

80. Ali - February 15, 2008

It all looks awful. Low imagination quota

81. Pragmaticus - February 15, 2008

John Cho in a new get-out-the-vote ad for Asians and Pacific Islanders:

82. Laserlover2254 - February 15, 2008


Like cyan, like in the Animated Series.

83. Diabolik - February 15, 2008

#80.. hard to judge the costume details, story, action or final film quality from a fuzzy spy shot.

84. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - February 15, 2008

wrong film. this is in fact a shot from “harold and kumar vs. the black, bald, hip hop nation ” (2009)

85. Celestial Fire - February 15, 2008

Some have said that the sword is painted with a blueish color for VFX, but I don’t think so. Since they are shooting outside, I think the polished surface is simply reflecting the sky. In some pictures, where there is a distinct shadow, the blade appears more silver.

Just my opinion, however.

86. Cheve - February 15, 2008

Sulu was adicted to hobbies. He had a new one on each episode. That was the game with him, so, he can fence both like datagnan and like a samuray and he will only be having another hobbie, as usual.

The EV suit has the colour and some shapes from the EV from Enterprise (I just watched In a Mirror Darkly and compared a bit. I believe it is the same “golden” colour.

In one of those descriptions made by people who said they saw things, someone described someone wearing a diferent insignia (one made of four triangles looking at each other), but I don’t remember who said so. Anyway, we don’t know that these characters aren’t serving on the enterprise when we see them with this insignia. Remember that Sulu was already on the Enterprise when Pike was captain. The correct thing for Sulu is to have the Enterprise Insignia and not any other one.

87. Marian Ciobanu - February 15, 2008


88. Camelsarse - February 15, 2008

Sulu loves his sword! Glad to see they’re paying homage to the original.
I was hoping his character would do more then just helming the Enterprise.

89. Stanky McFibberich - February 15, 2008

If they refer to those secondary characters by their first names in the movie, I will boycott.

90. LostOnNCC1701 - February 15, 2008

A sword fight, an actual swordfight (not laserswords, that has so already been done)… in a space-suit! AWESOME! That almost out-awesomes the Indy 4 trailer!

91. Oregon Trek Geek - February 15, 2008

Without a tricorder, best estimate is a terran of African heritage, Captain.

92. Father Rob - February 15, 2008

I’m suprised no one has said anything about the first pics of a uniform…


93. Sean4000 - February 15, 2008

She looks like an imperial officer!

94. Cardassiacom - February 15, 2008

The spacesuit is excellent

95. sean - February 15, 2008


Wait, who’s been waiting for that? I thought we’d all spent the last 19 years trying to forget that movie ever existed ;)


I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not anymore.


Those pics are from mid-December. They were dissected quite a bit at the time, on this very site.

96. Jon C - February 15, 2008

92.They’re cool looking ,even if they do look like copies of Star Wars’ empire officers uniforms.

97. Father Rob - February 15, 2008

#95 – I don’t remotely remember the uniform shot being talked about… but I don’t suppose I have read every comment so I may have missed it.

Now I feel like a dufus, I sent in a tip about it.

Is it April yet?


98. TOS - February 15, 2008

Now we are starting to see why the date change.
Re-Writes, Re-shoots and Re-tooling to make it more true to TOS.
It’s clear Paramount has retaking power from J.J. now.
I think we will now see more photos of TOS canon-type of things from now on.

99. Anthony Pascale - February 15, 2008

warning for trolling

you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts and you keep throwing around wild assertions that I know are totally wrong. I have tolerated it a bit, but it seems to be your only goal here now and so you are clearly here to troll.

comments to

100. Balock - February 15, 2008

hmmm, the sideburns are very 60s looking. The audience will laugh at this movie…

101. Sean4000 - February 15, 2008

At least they are there. Can you imagine how many people would complain if they were missing. Some part of JJ’s “respect for canon” is showing.”

Like Jurassic Park III: Raptor Eggs.

Kirby: “What if they catch us with those?”
Grant: “What is they catch us withOUT them?”

102. sean - February 15, 2008


No need to feel like a dufus…I didn’t mean to make my statement up there so condescending. Just that they had been talked about. They came out just before they caught Chris Pine in that red uniform, if I remember correctly. I think they might be academy dress uniforms, but I’m only guessing.

103. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

This is what I call”exciting spoiler” – Sulu fighting with a sword and in a spacesuit at that! Orci, you are the man!

104. V'Ger - February 15, 2008

I believe that this is one of the alternative timelines and the oranian treaty is in effect. That’s why it is different uniforms then you would expect. We know that the final uniforms will be similar to TOS so this being a different timeline in the movie makes sense.

105. V'Ger - February 15, 2008

sorry that was Organian

106. Captain Fantastic - February 15, 2008

This film really looks like it’s going to have the feel of TOS, the idea of sulu sword fighting in a space-suit is cool, and its fun. This film is obviously going to be action-packed, but in a Star Trek way, not just a shoot-em up. No wonder its been moved for a may 2009 release, i think it will be a big hit. I actually think its going to capture the spirit of Star Trek more than any other film or tv show since the original, i really do.

107. Adam - February 15, 2008

Looks like it could be a Klingon, the no-ridges variety

108. Fansince9 - February 15, 2008

Cool!!!! Gotta see this movie! :) :)

109. Jorg Sacul - February 15, 2008

>>Remember that Sulu was already on the Enterprise when Pike was captain.

Sez who? I don’t remember seeing him in “The Cage” or “Menagerie” flashback scenes.

Regarding the insignia shape, it’s not a chevron, it’s an arrowhead. In Pike’s era, and into the very early Kirk era, it was smaller and less elongated than when the uniforms switched over to the black collar shirts. Then it became the more asymmetric shape that continued on and was adopted for general use by the fleet. However, it was well established that each starship had it’s own variant, up until the time of the refit of Enterprise. Starbases had the (I’ll call it) daisy-shaped emblem. The general “Starfleet” emblem, however, was seen on the red stripes on the side of the ship- that strange boomerang shaped thing. You’d see it sometimes behind a Starfleet officer during video communication with the Enterprise, also. Even during the movie era, however, Starfleet kept popping in new emblems on uniforms- Epsilon IX in TMP, Starfleet Security in TVH..

I’m hoping they do go along with the varied emblem concept for different ships and whatnot, because it not only adds the “canon’ aspect to it (which we all love so dearly), but it will be more fun stuff to buy at conventions. I suppose Herb at Starbase Atlanta is already being asked for Trek 11 stuff, even with the movie now over a year away.

110. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008


Sulu was absolutely serving on Pike’s Enterprise. Remember the badly
blocked scene where Dr. Liz, Dr. Piper, Scotty & Sulu all line up on the bridge as department heads? Sulu was head of astrophysics.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

111. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008

Oops! Wrong pilot.

And I don’t even have the excuse of Nyquil this evening.

Never Mind.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

112. Jorg Sacul - February 15, 2008

That’s why I stick to TheraFlu. ;-)

I’m not saying Sulu *couldn’t* have been on Enterprise under Pike, I’m just saying that he wasn’t ever mentioned or shown. Of course all that leads us down the Khan/Chekov path… oy!

I guess after Lee Kelso got killed, he saw an opportunity to get up on the bridge to drive the ship rather than hang out in the lab in astrophysics.

113. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008


Yeah, given a choice, I’d rather drive the ship too! :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

114. Andre - February 15, 2008

maybe off topic but i dont think anthony has posted this here… but has anyone seen the officer uniform photos at jfx online?
u can link to it here

115. Battletrek - February 16, 2008

Only a year and a half to go guys. wheeee!

116. Star trek rocks - February 16, 2008

Is that a Samurai Sword??? Kick ass!

117. Adam - February 16, 2008

These pictures leave me more confused about what the plot is going to be!

118. Battletrek - February 16, 2008

Urban seems the best recast person for this film, and I can’t explan why.

119. AJ - February 16, 2008

There is no reason why ST11 can’t put Sulu on Pike’s Enterprise. His backstory is almost non-existent. Memory Alpha puts his assignment to the E as 2265, the year WNMHGB takes place, and he has no backstory other than his 20th century relatives.

Lots of room for new history for one of the great Trek characters.

120. DJT - February 16, 2008

I now realize Cho’s casting was genius.

There is going to be a certain demographic that is going to go into this movie already invested in Cho as the cool Harold & Kumar character. When the character goes into this Kill Bill, Hattori Han-Sulu mode, those people are going to go nuts.

Very well played, indeed.

121. Valar1 - February 16, 2008

Until these pix popped up I didn’t quite get it. I see now that this movie is going to be far more action oriented than Treks of the past.

With the budget they have, the location shoots they’re doing, it’s not going to be like ST1,ST2, where they were on the bridge most of the time. It won’t be almost exclusively on soundstages like ST3,ST5,ST6,ST7, ST8,ST10. This is going to be a huge movie.

With the Sulu sword pic I finally get what they’re doing with the ancillary characters- each will get a moment or two to shine uniquely. I’m guessing Sulu is the Legolas of this TOS universe. He’ll get the cool fight scenes.

Now I see why they think this thing will clean up during Summer 09

122. Devon - February 16, 2008

“The suit looks cool, but not very TOS-y.”

For the big screen, it will probably do fine.

“As for the sword…I think they’re missing the point that fencing was a HOBBY of Sulu’s. Not a major combat technique that he would bring with him on the battlefield.”

Was that ever established? Like did he actually ever say “I only do this for a hobby?” Also how can you say for sure they are “missing the point” when we don’t even know what the scene is?

“Not to mention that Japanese swordfighting (which is what it looks like he’s doing there) is totally different from the discipline of fencing.”

How do we know that this scene isn’t a combat training mission or just part of his “hobby?” Could be some simulation for all we know. Can’t assume it’s just an active combat scene.

123. Stanky McFibberich - February 16, 2008

re: 95. Sean
I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not anymore.”

Not in the least here. You listen to them being called Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov for three years by the other characters and all of a sudden someone decides they need first names (yes, I know Chekov’s was mentioned in the series in one episode by a non-Enterprise character) and all of a sudden they start being referred to by first names? Maybe it won’t happen, but I fully expect it will. Even Scotty, though we know his name in the series is never referred to by it by other characters in addressing him. It is Scott or Scotty.

124. Cheve - February 16, 2008

122. Devon

Kirk was also quite a good swordsman.

Maybe they teach fencing in the academy (as they do in acting schools)

125. Cervantes - February 16, 2008

#92 Father Rob

Mmmm…not sure if I want my TOS ‘Starfleet’ uniforms and colors mixed up with my ‘Empire’ ones. Where are those ‘mini-tunics’?

126. Ryan - February 16, 2008

Harold & Kumar go to Rura Penthe

127. sean - February 16, 2008


But seriously? That would bother you? The only reason they didn’t refer to them by first names was A)Rodenberry hadn’t fleshed out the characters enough & B)in the command structure they serve under everyone is usually referred to by Lt this or Cmdr that.

In a private moment between say, Captain and Ensign, I don’t see how Kirk calling Sulu ‘Hikaru’ would really be distracting or protest-worthy. He called Chekov ‘Pavel’ in Trek IV when they rescued him (an emotionally stressful moment). Nancy referred to Bones as ‘Leonard’ in The Man Trap.

No one mentioned Uhura or Scott’s names (Scotty was as much an affectionate nickname as Bones), but then again we never knew anything about their families, nor saw them. Maybe we will in this pic (especially if it jumps around and shows some of them in the Academy). Perhaps Sulu will take Uhura down to the rec dec for fencing lessons, and then call her Nyota. I can’t really see how that would be distracting or distressing.

And really, just because we never heard the first names on the show, were we all under the impression all these years they never had them? Do we really think that over the course of 30 years no one on that ship ever called anybody by their first name?

128. Closettrekker - February 16, 2008

#126–Sean, you are absolutely right. I spent several years in the US Marine Corps. Compared to the USMC, Starfleet military discipline is soft. Yet we still managed to call each other by our first names in lighter moments are beyond the presence of a superior officer. It is not at all inappropriate if two Starfleet officers use each other’s first names in a one-on-one conversation. If realism is what you are after, then that is what I would expect.

129. non-belligerency confirmed - February 16, 2008

#123, #95, #89 first names, etc.
in “spaceship” scifi, there has always been a tradition of the “onename” secondary character; (“chief”, “wokalski”, etc.) i think this was a protocol established during the early war film genre. it worked as a clue to tip off audiences who was going to get shot by the nazis or whatever. if little private jones was addressed as “bobby” (“don’t worry, we’ll get that letter to yer mom, kid!”) he was usually toast by reel three. trek simply outgrew this. (note that even chekov didn’t get a first name until he was in a coma.)

not that that means much. but let’s hope we don’t meet william f. spock, jenny uhura or niles kyle on this one.

130. Stanky McFibberich - February 16, 2008

re:127. sean
I only count the series. What was said in the movies is a whole separate deal.
It would be very distracting…although not as distracting as trying to believe the “new” actors are those characters.

A good example would be that Of Gods and Men scene where Chekov and Uhura greet each other by first name. Sounded completely phony after they’ve been calling each other by last names for all those years.

Scotty’s first name was mentioned in the series…Montgomery. But no one called him that.

re: 126
Not a matter of being inappropriate. It’s a matter of what they were called by name on the series for 3 years.

Bugs the heck out of me.

131. Denise de Arman - February 16, 2008

Valar1#121- Well said. I agree with your perception 100%.

Ryan#126- LOL!

132. AJ - February 16, 2008

Sulu is just cool.

He is a physicist, a botanist (who takes care of Beauregard), a swashbuckling swordsman, and kicks ass at the helm of the E.

He also has a great mirror universe persona.

Not to mention his kickassery as Captain of the Excelsior.

Anyway, big shoes to fill, for sure! Go for it, John!

133. Closettrekker - February 16, 2008

#130–I wouldn’t want to see Kirk all of a sudden start calling Dr. McCoy “Leonard” instead of “Bones”, if that’s what you mean. But considering Bob Orci’s familiarity with Trek and the fact that he wrote the script (with some help), I don’t see anything like that happening anyway.

134. Dr. Image - February 16, 2008

I like what I see.
Badass. That’s what I’m hoping the WHOLE MOVIE will be.
Trek’s been far too wimpy since DS9 went off the air.

135. Paul - February 16, 2008

132- i totally forgot about that weird hand puppet plant thingy, let’s start a “Put Beauregard in the Movie” campaign, though i hope it goes better than the Mugatu or Bust effort.

The suit looks like one from ENT but done in a different color. i’m afraid that this scene when finished, though incredibly cool will look contrived. why is he down there? why doesn’t he have back-up (even if it is Unknown Redshirt #3)i know that what we know right now is depressingly little and there are probably some very good reasons why, like why a Starfleet officer is beaming into a hostile environment without a helmet for his suit and why did he bring a sword instead of a handy dandy phaser.

136. trekkie1415 - February 16, 2008

Canon people. I have a challenge… Try to explain this whole movie using canon… Its going to leave a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth, but you just might grow to like it! I could all fit, just not in the traditional sense.

I Agree… This movie is going to ROCK!

137. Stanky McFibberich - February 16, 2008

That’s kind of what I mean.

And what if it doesn’t?

138. Closettrekker - February 16, 2008

#137–Then we’ll put it in the “Trek turd” category with STV.

139. Jovan - February 16, 2008

I think people would laugh if the EVA suit looked exactly like The Tholian Web. Let’s be honest with ourselves, guys.

140. Ryan T. Riddle - February 16, 2008

Sulu’s (Cho) suit looks similar to the ones in Andrew Probert’s newest work for the Ships of the Line Calendar. See:

141. mada101 - February 17, 2008

Looks neat, if nothing else. I’d dispute that the suit looks like the TOS one re-designed, but it’s close enough :)

I wonder if they’re going to remember that Sulu was the Enterprise’s Physicist before he was the helm officer? I doubt it, but that’s what we saw in ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’.

As for the insignia, during ENT, TOS/TAS and the first film (TMP), all ships/bases/posting had their own badge. We had:

Enterprise – 2D picture of ship with name
Columbia – 3D picture of ship with name, registry and motto
Intrepid – a circle/starburst with name and motto
Starfleet Command – a stylized arrowhead with name
Cold Station 12 – a snowflake with name
Earth Ambassy, Vulcan – a picture of the Earth with diplomatic corps name
Sol Security – three interlinked yellow shapes plus name

USS Enterprise – an arrowhead
USS Defiant – a chevron
USS Constellation – a strange ‘pretzel’ shape
USS Exeter – a horizontal rectangle with ‘bolts’ along it
USS Antares – a circle with a spiral-part in it
USS Huron – a rounded-off arrowhead with two extra ‘arms’
Starfleet Command – a ‘starburst’, flower-like shape
Earth Outpost 4 – an oval with a thick black outline
Outpost Cestus III – similar to above, only without the black outline

Station Epsilon IX – a triangle with a radar dish inside

142. cd - February 18, 2008

#136 – I used to be able to pretty much explain anything in Star Trek (I was even able to explain the TNG episode “Genesis”) but I could not do it with Voyager (Warp 10 salamanders back to people) and with Enterprise I got to where I didn’t care (Porthos with lizard pituitary gland, bitter beer face grumpy Vulcans, and @#$& temporal cold war).
Star Trek Zero is just a reboot/reimagining/whatever.

143. Irish Treki - February 18, 2008

Ok does anyone know for definate if it’s Romulans or Klingons?

144. Randall - March 17, 2008

It’s really surprising how little we’re seeing from the production of this movie, and even more surprising how few rumors have surfaced thus far.

Paramount really IS keeping a tight lid on this thing.

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