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New Voyages Heads To Phase II February 18, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

The popular independent fan production Star Trek New Voyages is changing its name and changing direction. Starting immediately New Voyages will be known as Star Trek: Phase II, adopting the name of the planned but never produced ‘second Star Trek series.’ Show star and executive producer James Cawley announced the change at the Farpoint Convention in Baltimore on Saturday. Cawley talked to about the new name and new direction for the show formerly known as New Voyages.

Bridging the gap
The original Phase II was going to be the series television return of Star Trek, with most of the Original Series cast. It was to be the cornerstone of a new Paramount network. Scripts were written, costumes were made, sets were built and things were ready to go but the network deal fell through and eventually the show evolved into the feature film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Cawley says that he has always been "enamored" with Phase II for what "it could have been." and over the last year he has been building an inventory of materials related to it. He and his team have been working with Jon Povill, story editor on Phase II as well as an associate producer on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, who has provided scripts, outlines, pitches and other background material. In addition Cawley has been purchasing many of the original Phase II costumes which have become available through the "Its A Wrap" Star Trek auctions.

The plan is to begin to incorporate more and more original Phase II ideas and designs into the series as it heads towards the end of the 5 year mission. Of course the original Phase II was to be a second 5 year mission. However, it is Cawley’s plan is to try to ‘bridge the gap’ between the end of TOS (in the third year of the five year mission) and The Motion Picture. Cawley explains:

I am in no hurry to end the five year mission, but obviously I want to see us progress towards the end of it and the start of The Motion Picture. So how to get from here to there? You can’t go at it as if you end the five year mission then do Phase II then have The Motion Picture because many elements of what would have been in Phase II are now in The Motion Picture. For example, we can’t bring in Ilia because you saw her greeting the crew for the first time in Motion Picture, but we can bring in Decker if we wanted to. So basically what were are going to do is involve certain element of the concept of Phase II into the timeline of the last two years of The Original Series.

New Star Trek: Phase II logo (designed by Daren Dochterman)

Some of this transition has already started. In the upcoming episode, "Blood and Fire" Cawley’s Kirk will be seen wearing a Phase II shirt and Scotty (Charles Root) will be sporting a TMP engineering uniform. That episode should be available by April or May. Plans are afoot to build a new Phase II-like set for engineering to appear in a future episode. In addition Cawley says that there will be "some Phase II adjustments to the Enterprise’s exterior, but only those that will allow us to see the progression to The Motion Picture." The new elements will likely begin to be seen more prominently in the episodes following "Blood and Fire." The Phase II team are planning on shooting "Rest and Retaliation" and an additional episode ‘back to back’ in June, with the first of those hoped to be out by the end of the year.

Left: Cawley (Kirk) in Phase II uniform  – Right: Root (Scotty) in TMP radiation suit
from “Blood and Fire”

All in all this change of direction is a bold and potentially risky move. It is also somewhat ironic for the show that has prided itself on recreating The Original Series down to every detail. Perhaps Cawley’s recent stint on the set of JJ Abrams new Star Trek has inspired the self-described ‘purist.’ As Mr. Spock says in "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,"  "change is the essential process of all existence."

New cast and new Phase II character
Speaking of changes at Phase II, there are also new cast members ready to board the Enterprise. The first is the previously announced Ben Tolpin who joined last year and will appear as Spock in "Blood and Fire." And for the following episode there will be a new Chekov and a new Sulu. Both of the current actors (Andy Bray and John Lim) have other commitments and have decided to leave the show. Stepping in are JT Tepnapa as Sulu and Jonathan Zungre as Chekov. Both are experienced actors with stage and commercial work.

And to show the progression to Phase II, the character of Xon has been added to the cast (played by Patrick Bell). Leonard Nimoy was not going to join the the original Phase II so Gene Roddenberry created the character of the Vulcan science officer Xon, who was to be Spock’s replacement. The role was even cast (with David Gautreaux), but once the series evolved into Star Trek The Motion Picture Nimoy came on board and Xon was no longer needed. Bell’s Xon will appear in the new Phase II episode “Blood and Fire,” but in this case he is just joining the crew and not replacing Spock.

(L-R) Bray, Cawley, Tolpin and Jay Story (Kyle)
in a shot from “Blood and Fire”


More on cast and name/direction change at the official site.



1. Willardcanada - February 18, 2008

Now this I have to see!!

2. Section 31 - February 18, 2008

Look at the bridge above!

See how modern and futuristic it still looks even today?

Why couldn’t the new Star Trek film keep the same interior design?

3. Adam - February 18, 2008

Should be interesting. My Phase II book by the Stevens is one of my faves.

4. S. John Ross - February 18, 2008

No matter what they do with it I wish ’em the best of luck. Cawley & Company’s work gets better and better and I’m excited to follow it; that last one made me all misty-eyed both times I watched it (but Cawley, dude, enunciate just a little more for me, man … I seriously have to tap back sometimes to make out what youv’e said).

5. Chad N. - February 18, 2008

This is a cool idea!

6. steve - February 18, 2008

thank god rodenbarry s second vision will be shown

7. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 18, 2008

Those sets are amazing!

I am going to start watching these episodes asap.

Does everyone see how retro-futuristic still holds up?!?!?!?!

8. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 18, 2008

To quote a late great Captain we all know and love.

“Sounds like fun!”

9. SirMartman - February 18, 2008

Sweet !

10. Daniel Broadway - February 18, 2008

#2 & #7

In my eyes, that set doesn’t hold up at all as looking futuristic. The Master Control room as the TV station I work at looks more technologically advanced than the TOS Enterprise set.

11. maznz - February 18, 2008

Good on them!

Silly question, but did these guys win the lottery? Does Paramount allow them to turn a profit (or at least meet costs) somehow?

I have taken the time to see some of their productions, & am amazed by the professionalism of a self-professed ‘fan-production’!

Phase 2 captures my imagination as well … unexplored ground is what ST is all about. ‘Cool’

12. Prologic9 - February 18, 2008

This is cool. I’m interested in how they’re going to handle the Enterprise. There was a complete design for the Phase 2 ship but I’ve never considered if it would still fit in to continuity having abandoned the show in favor of the new matrix, I mean movie. Doing the Phase 2 ship would require an entire refit in and of itself.

13. Buckaroohawk - February 18, 2008

This will be a fascinating new aspect to Cawley’s productions, and I don’t think it detracts at all from the TOS “purist” visions. Had Phase II gone into production as a TV series, a lot of things would have looked different. The Enterprise refit was still part of the story, as were new characters and costumes. The simple fact that Cawley’s intent has always been to “bridge the gap” between the end of TOS and the beginning of TMP makes this a perfect idea.

And I have a request for Mr. Cawley: If you can use script treatments from the original Phase II, Richard Bach wrote an interesting story called “Practice in Waking” that I think would make a great episode for you. Please see if you’re able to put that episode together.

Best of luck to the Phase II (nee New Voyages) crew!

14. S. John Ross - February 18, 2008

(Oh, and here’s hoping they can slip in a nod to “Black Fire,” an older Trek novel by Sonni Cooper which addressed the transition from TOS-to-TMP with a nice bit of humor back in the day) ;)

15. Shatner_Fan_2000 - February 18, 2008

I wonder what Edith Keeler will have to say about this …? :)

16. Cheve - February 18, 2008

See? We managed to have a third season, and now, we have managed to have a fourth. It has taken us 40 years, but we’ve done it!

Trekkies can do anything!

17. Michael Hall - February 18, 2008

*Sigh* For a lifelong Trek fan like myself, Cawley’s bridge set is a joy to behold. In its lighting and detail it’s damn near perfect. The part of me that will always be young wouldn’t change a thing. None of which means that the original bridge for its archaic details wouldn’t be laughed off the screen by contemporary audiences, and justifiably so. Hopefully, Abrams has managed to capture the essence of what we love about Matt Jeffries’ original concept while allowing for technical advances and modern tastes–we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m looking forward to more New Voyages–uh, that is, Phase II–though I hope Cawley isn’t too faithful to what the aborted series proposed to do, as I found most of the stories and script treatments that have been described in various publications to be fairly weak at best. And it’s really a shame about Bray and Lim, who were not only decent actors (Bray managed to hold his own quite well opposite Walter Koenig, I thought), but bore an amazing physical resemblance to the originals as well. They’ll be missed.

18. Michelle - February 18, 2008

>See how modern and futuristic it still looks even today?

No, I don’t see it actually. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the old bridge design but it does look very dated to me. I’m glad the new movie will be giving it a facelift, but I really admire and respect everything that New Voyages has done to faithfully recreate it.

19. Oregon Trek Geek - February 18, 2008

Love New Voyages, been a fan since fairly early on, when the original “pilot,” which name escapes me right now, and “In Harm’s Way” were the only ones available.

The Phase II idea is great–I’m all for it. Except….. …. um, can we skip the Phase II/TMP uniforms/jammies? And go direct to to TWOK uniforms? Can’t we all just pretent the jammies never happened? :)

20. DEMODE - February 18, 2008

Exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see :)

21. elmachocombo - February 18, 2008

#2 I can’t tell if you were being sarcastic…but I certainly hope you were. If you were to walk into a doctors office that hadn’t been redecorated since 1965 would you let them treat you? That’s the sorta vibe I get when I see the old set. Nifty for it’s time, but really. Would I wanna travel faster than light in that thing? Um, no.

22. Tango - February 19, 2008

I always loved the colour, the lighting and shadows across the actors faces in TOS that Mr. Crawley has captured so well. I liked the idea that the bridge was lit by mult-colored lights from above.

I also liked the unlabled candy buttons as well. It created a sense of mystery–and the sound effects that they made when pressed–I felt that they had to make music in order to operate the ship. It just seemed so otherwolrdly. I have not seen such a combination of colour and sound in any other sci fi.

To me touch screen panels that are now featured in the other series seems so conventional.

23. Mark T. - February 19, 2008

Yeah, I too think that bridge is just awesome! I also think it is right where it belongs; in a lavish, well-produced fan production that pays tribute to their favorite old show. Whatever I may think of the acting, the “Phase 2″ crew has done an amazing job recreating the look of the original series. I think it will be interesting to see where they will go from here.

However, I am one of those people who feels that it might have been a mistake to recreate the old bridge and other set designs for the later Trek episodes like “Relics” and such. While I love and respect those folks for writing us those love letters, look at all the continuity flap that has generated as a result. I am with those who don’t believe that the current crop of movie goers would buy this “classic” vision of the future. Most would find it too campy to be believable. My personal opinion has always been that they should have taken the James Bond approach with every new incarnation of Trek: New shows, new vision, same universe, same philosophy.

Let J.J. and Paramount “update” the concept for a new audience. Here in this alternate Internet universe, Cawley and co. have the opportunity to live out the purist dream and not worry about shoehorning it into “canon”. I think this is the perfect way for the two to co-exist.

Besides, he isn’t the first guy to build a starship bridge in his basement. Anyone remember John Cosentino’s Super-8 epic “Paragon’s Paragon” from the glory days of Don Dohler’s “Cinemagic”?

24. Spock with a Crowbar - February 19, 2008


The way I understand it, they’re just a couple of financially well-off people with a VERY big hobby.

Imagine if you had a full-sized train set in your basement and David Copperfield stopped by your house to make the dining car disappear just before Agatha Christie reveals the murderer, and they do it for free out of respect for your love of trains.

What a terrible metaphor. I’m sorry, everyone : (

25. Petey - February 19, 2008

All the best to Mr. Cawley as he embarks on this new fan journey. Keep making those amazing episodes and the fans will continue to be behind you all the way.

26. ety3 - February 19, 2008

“Phase II” isn’t copyrighted? I’m just asking.

I’m sorry to see both Sulu and Chekov are leaving. Young Chekov was a highlight of that episode and Sulu wasn’t so bad either.

27. raffie - February 19, 2008

Pfff, I wish they did’t steal that name. Find something out for yourselfs for crying out loud!

28. mind meld - February 19, 2008

fanfilms can use copyrighted stuff, names images sets characters props etc as long as they dont make profit from the films…

29. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 19, 2008

The Phase II uniforms looked identical to the original series. Any changes would be beyond Phase II and into TMP.
Cawley must make a lot doing Elvis.

30. Reliant - February 19, 2008

To bring a little more light to #11 and #24’s comments: Cawley said in a interview when New Voyages first started that he got permission from Paramount to produce these films. After Paramount saw the first episode, they gave him their blessing, as long as no money was being made. Cawley spent his own time and money in making the sets of the bridge, transporter room and now engineering. As far as I’m concerned, he is a purist in every since of the word. I wish him well in his forthcoming efforts!! Keep at it James!!!

31. Olsen - February 19, 2008

come on guys for me as a relative young trekkie, im 22, the old tos bridge doesn’t looks cool. for real it looks exactly what it is, an old red coloured bad lightnend thing of paper.

i would hate it if j.j.abrams would use an exact replique in the new movie and i think 90 % of the watcher under 30 too.

32. PaoloM - February 19, 2008

#2 “See how modern and futuristic it still looks even today?”

Don’t think so ;-)

33. (K)night - February 19, 2008

I love TOS, but unless JJ was going for some sort of live action Dick Tracy look, the original bridge would be a mistake on screen. Even back in the day of the TOS that look would blow out your retinas on the big screen.

34. raffie - February 19, 2008

I’m 28 and I think the TOS bridge looks cool. Not modern in today’s standards, but u see, what looks modern today looks dated in 10 years. It looks spaced out, crazy, retro-futuristic, totally unlike anything else and therefore looks futuristic and cool to me :)

Just as TOS as a whole I might add!

35. Dr. Image - February 19, 2008

Wow. This answers a question I had posed to Cawley a while back. Incorporating the design elements is great, but changing the name??
I think that may have been a hasty misstep. The show was BRANDED. Now it’s been stripped of that identity. “Phase II” should remain the name of the unproduced series.
Sorry to see Andy and John leave. They were excellent.

36. Jamie - February 19, 2008

Regarding the sets of the new film, I have a point to make…

If you compare TNG’s pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint”, with the final season — there’s a very obvious difference. Sets are better, lighting is way better, costumes and makeup are better (Crusher’s got her own hair!) etc.

Everything looks subtley slicker and cooler as the series develops. Yet in a way it’s supposed to be “the same ship” all along.

In the Trek universe, I consider TOS like a “pilot” in terms of production. The look of TOS doesn’t have to be rigidly preserved, no more than the look of “Encounter at Farpoint” has to be rigidly preserved. So I certainly don’t mind JJ Abrams giving the TOS Enterprise a “face lift” for the big screen, especially if it looks amazing (fingers crossed!).

And if ANYTHING is going to disrupt visual continuity with TOS, it’s the cast. Sets are far less significant than actors. Given the choice between having the original sets, and having the original cast, (as they appeared in the ’60s) I’m sure there isn’t a single Trekker who wouldn’t prefer the latter.

The fact is, a new cast means continuity is significantly broken, so a few style changes are not going to do much more harm. But, crucially, they will be IMPROVEMENTS. Just like season 7 TNG was a visual improvement to “Farpoint”.

To me, making things look better is NOT breaking canon. It’s just production. If JJ actually changes continuity — if he messes with established facts, if he reinvents pon farr, or “makes Greedo shoot first” (without very strong plot-oriented motivation), then that will be something to moan about.

37. YUBinit - February 19, 2008

#27 “find for themselves” OH… you mean like JJ is NOT doing?

38. jonboc - February 19, 2008

I thnk the original bridge probably looks good and futuristic to anyone who hasn’t haunted fan boards for years listening to the cry of “those sets are made of cardboard”.

The design still works today because everything was created from scratch to make new technology. The controls aren’t modern toouchscreens or audio switchboards stuck on a wall. The screen displays aren’t conventional plasma screens displaying graphics that look like they come from your home PC. The circular stations and configuration is totally unique. The TOS design doesn’t look like anything else in Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica or Lost in Space, or Space 1999 or the real world.

The TOS bridge is totally unique and instantly identifiable. That’s why the design remains timeless.

39. joe1306 - February 19, 2008

I must admit, I´m impressed by this idea. Looking forward to it!

40. PaoloM - February 19, 2008

#38 “The TOS design doesn’t look like anything else in Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica or Lost in Space, or Space 1999 or the real world.”

I have to disagree regarding Space 1999. Like TOS, IMO its design is quite unique, identifiable and beautiful. As for the bridge of the original Enterprise, we are trekkers and we love it but there is no way that casual audience will get it other than a nostalgic show from the 60s. Star Trek has to tell wonderful stories, not bring laughs.

41. Cheve - February 19, 2008

26. ety3
>“Phase II” isn’t copyrighted?

Part of the important news is that Paramount has given them permission to use the Phase II name and remaining archives.

42. PaoloM - February 19, 2008

Talking about TOS design, consider that back in 79 it was considered outdated and replaced by a new design that had a totally different look and feel. The bridge was round, the stations was in the same position but the colors, the lights, the shapes and the feeling was something new, more 70ish and like Space 1999 in my opinion. TOS visual feeling was no more.
So, in my opinion there is no absolute in Star Trek apart the vision of its creator.

43. Father Rob - February 19, 2008

This is very interesting news. I have always enjoyed the Phase II stories (well, most of them) and the vision for the show. The uniforms were going to be essentially TOS anyway, so that doesn’t bother me.

To be honest, and this is just my personal preference, I’d love to see Cawley pretend that the events in (name some episode) caused a divergence in the timeline. Then he could ignore TMP and beyond and create an alternate universe in which Phase II did exist as written.

Sure, I’d find a different way to handle Decker/Ilia (i.e., avoid Riker/Troi comparisons) but otherwise, I think a lot of the stories had potential. In particular, the two part Kitumba episode would have been excellent.

Hey, if you need a Decker, I could grow my hair back out ;)


44. Sam Belil - February 19, 2008

Thank G-d for people like James Cawley, his passion for TOS is clearly reflected in his work. I thorough enjoy New Voyages and look forward to Phase II. I only hope that Abrams and crew demonstrate their passion for the ST franchise in the movie. Continue to the great work Mr. Cawley!!!!

45. section9 - February 19, 2008

I have to believe that the folks at Paramount look on Cawley’s efforts as something that, while not making money, keeps the temperature warm under the franchise. That’s why they gave it their blessing.

The more they look at what Cawley is doing, the more they have to appreciate just how special a franchise Star Trek actually is meant to be.

46. diabolik - February 19, 2008

#23.. I do remember that… I still have the copy of the Cinemagic issue that spotlights it…. those were the days!

47. thomoz - February 19, 2008

Actually, a Phase II Star Trek recreation is less jarring visually than a TOS recreation because the Phase II material is less iconic, less familiar – and therefore easier to recreate convincingly. A brilliant move by Cawley if you ask me.

I will miss their Spock though (Jeff Quinn). He was really good.

48. Rover ILP - February 19, 2008

I wonder if Crawley’s “enamor” with STP2 will extend to leaving Spock out of it? As with some much of this “New Voyages” hobby of his, he puts in whatever he thinks ST should be and leaves out the part that he doesn’t.

I have always found it odd, that he seems to get the benefit of the doubt on it and the actual owners of the copyrights and franchise don’t?

49. diabolik - February 19, 2008

#38.. I agree the basic deisng was timeless… but not the execution. I prefer plasma screens rather than backlit paper posters. Real video screens with moving readouts to blinking lights or backlit static images.

The design can remain but the details be filled in for a more real look, and I think that’s what JJ is doing.

50. diabolik - February 19, 2008

If they simply stay within the framework of the remaining two years of the original mission, there is no need to write around Decker, Illia or the missing Spock. That didn’t occur until after the five year mission was over. If they simply incorporate the design elements of Phase II into the existing years, you have the look without having to explain other things.

51. Pauln6 - February 19, 2008

I loved the look of TMP. Ok the uniforms were a bit dodgy but I’d be happy if they did a variation on the theme… and maybe explain what the different colours mean, if anything. I liked the belt buckle idea (later adopted as the badges by TNG).

Most of all, I loved the increased number of alien crew. I’d be happy to see a Deltan crewman again, or an Andorian (I think Rhaandarite, Saurian and Arcturian make-up might be a bit outside their budget).

My only nerdy criticism so far is that Rand should be a petty officer, and then chief petty officer at the time of TMP (shown clearly on the promo pics). She became an officer at some unspecified future date (the movies are inconsistent showing her an officer in ST3 and a CPO in ST4).

I think Phase 2 should be fun, especially if they take us beyond TMP. I have to admit I was expecting the next Star Trek sequel to focus on the second 5 year mission. It will be interesting to see what happens.

52. Batts - February 19, 2008

These guys got major BALLS! They are very daring!! I like that!!

53. Batts - February 19, 2008

The acting is still developing, but they got HEART!!

54. Redjac - February 19, 2008

I think it’s great that Cawley wants to proceed to Phase II.

However, a few important notes if you are out there, James…

1.) Presumably, all your set designs will change — not just the bridge — as there are designs out there for pretty much the entire Phase II Enteprise setpieces. Note that these were not exactly the same as the TMP sets. Structurally, the bridge set for Phase II was different from the TMP bridge as it had a holographic dome as part of a tactical station and it was designed to have a mini transporter on it as well.

2.) The Enterprise. Contrary to what a lot of fans think, the Phase II design IS NOT exactly the same as the TMP ship. The Phase II ship had pentagonal travel pod airlock doors (in fact, the travel pods were tetrahedronal pods that were actually part of the space office complex); shorter engine pods with different details, tapered engine pylons that also taper INWARD towards the engines where they connnect (top edge), two turbolift shafts visible on the exterior of the ship behind the bridge dome, a different less-detailed lower dome (more like the one in the original series; lit up), different photon-torpedo launcher (more rounded in appearance), NCC-1701 marking on the secondary hull, shuttlecraft hangar doors more like TOS Enterprise, etc.

I reiterate – the P2 Enterprise was NOT identical to the TMP ship.

It’ll be interesting to see what the NV team does with this…

55. RTC - February 19, 2008

When I was a kid, I got my dad to help me build a transporter console out of plywood, cardboard, acrylic paint and the air-conditioning controls from a junked car.

I am SO freaking jealous of James Cawley and his set designers/builders….!

: )

56. Marian Ciobanu - February 19, 2008

STAR TREK :The return of the stone age !
I hate ‘the red soldiers era ‘…i prefer ‘the purple soldiers era’..

57. Jackson Roykirk - February 19, 2008

54 Redjac —

In actual on-screen canon, we never saw Phase II bridge and ship designs, so it may have never happened. If the Phase II TV show ever did become a reality, then it would have featured a re-fit Enterprise. But since the TV show was scrapped for TMP, it was TMP that featured the re-fit ship design.

I always felt that the “re-fitting” Scotty talked about at the beginning of TMP was what changed the look from the familiar TOS ship into the TMP ship. There was no “in-between” refit — I think before TMP, the ship looked liked the TOS ship. Therefore Cawley’s exitsing bridge set and “stock” CGI ship design will be just fine for his version of Phase II, in my opinion.

58. freezejeans - February 19, 2008

10. Daniel Broadway

Agreed about master/live control in a TV station, our new ones look just like some kind of starship command center. They don’t laugh as much anymore when I lean in there and yell, “Klingon battlecruiser decloaking to starboard!” Heh.

59. British Naval Dude - February 19, 2008

the most realistic uniforms… as in what a sailor would actually be wearing… are (uh,oh- I almost hate to put it out thar) the Enterprise uniforms. Blue overalls…. that don’t rip too easily

While the red movie informs look bonny, who would spend all day wearing a formal suit in space? Checkov had enough and wore his pink civvies through a’few of the films…


60. blarg - February 19, 2008

I’ve always thought that the Spock in New Voyages looked too made up, making me realize immediately that it was merely a fan production. Hopefully they will remedy that along with the change in title. Maybe then I can actually say that I enjoy it.

61. Marian Ciobanu - February 19, 2008

-Hmmm…they are ‘the real trekkies’…their description on ‘phase II’ is very impressive..great job..but i still like ‘the purple era’

62. Jackson Roykirk - February 19, 2008

Hopefully this production won’t slowly evolve into the TMP look…

…I would hate to see Cawley wearing one of those form-fitting pajama uniforms that show a bit more of his anatomy than I would care to see. [shudders]

63. Marian Ciobanu - February 19, 2008

-I really don’t like ‘the new betazoids’..

64. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

#62.. yeah… those one-piece jumpsuits were distracting. Nobody should have to work in a suit that contantly outlines your private bits.

65. Marian Ciobanu - February 19, 2008

-Maybe the new betazoid race will be erased by klingons…

66. Dave Galanter - February 19, 2008

The Phase II uniforms were never going to be the jumpsuits, folks. :)

67. DarenDoc - February 19, 2008

#54 Redjac

There are some good surprises in store in the months ahead. I hope I’m not talking out of turn, but James and I have discussed the Enterprise Refit for Phase II, and it is progressing.

More to come.

68. Redjac - February 19, 2008

I know it’s in good hands, Daren…:-) I keep forgetting you are on this project…DOH!!!

Can’t wait to see what you guys do. I’ve always wanted to see the P2 ship on screen…I mean a screen accurate one. Some dude did one that’s out on YouTube….that thing’s not accurate — but I know yours will be.


69. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

Thank’s to all of you for your enthusiasm! It is what keeps driving me to do this. The simple fact that I get to share my Fun with all of you is a Great Reward to me.
The set design will not change much, other than the Engineering set. We are however, creating updates to the Bridge thru the use of LCD displays.
We have been installing them around the bridge for some time now, and updating those blinking light panels(some of which can be clearly seen already in “World Enough” at Spock’s console) to deliver a better more active Set with Tactical displays etc. Even the large overhead screens will have Better actual animations on them, but still kept in tone and Flavor with TOS. The exterior of The Enterprise will be updated to reflect some of The planned Phase II elements, Darren Dochterman will be handling those modeling duties! Jon Povill will be helming an upcoming episode and David Gautreaux who was to play XON has agreed to appear as SAREK, The Legendary Father of Mr. Spock!
Jon Povill has provided me with a lot of materials to be used for research and at this time, we have no plans to use any of the unproduced scripts. As they require ALOT of changes, to fit whithin our framework, and I would not use any of them withut their original authors involved either.
We are mapping out our own journey with Proffesional writers doing the duties. So stick with us, I think this is going to be really fun!
And In case I have Not been heard before, J.J. Abrams, Bob Orci and Damon Lindleoff Rock!
What they have planned for all of us WILL BE AMAZING!
James Cawley

70. Redjac - February 19, 2008

Way too cool, James!!!

You rule.

71. Jon C - February 19, 2008

the original bridge and sets on Star Trek were filled with color because at the time people were buying color TV sets and wanted to SEE color.the networks also wanted shows with color to attract these viewers.
By the time the 70’s rolled around there was a different esthetic breifly represented by ST;TMP.

72. DEMODE - February 19, 2008

Maybe its just me, but from what I have heard, I think a re-fit Enterprise bridge would work very well as the bridge of the Excelsior in any future Sulu films.

Hint, hint… :)

73. Phil 123 - February 19, 2008

I wish i was Crawley. He is in the new movie and has his own trek show and is captain kirk. none of the rest of us can say that.

74. Abraham Theos - February 19, 2008

Classic Trek rocks -there’s nothing wrong with the sets and props from the 60’s — it’s just a matter of using a little bit of imagination and having a little fun to see the characters and story through. Cawley and crew do a fine job of this on film- as do any number of other film makers, podcasters, fan-ficters – and role players on our site and many others.

I wish the Phase II crew the best of luck!

75. Bart - February 19, 2008

#6 Roddenberry’s second vision was in fact Star Trek The Next Generation. Many aspects of Phase II were taken over to TNG.

76. CmdrR - February 19, 2008

Jeez. Their Sulu and Chekov were fine. Now, if they wanted to throw Scotty overboard for a new actor, I don’t think I’d cry too much. Sorry, but it’s the true. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of TMP/Phase II’s 70’s sensibilities, either. The leisure suit look projected forward three hundred years is odd, to say the least. Still, Cawley has a fine project here. I WISH Sci-Fi would pick up stuff like this and make a weekly feature. We could use a break from ‘Sasquatch n’ Big Snake Theatre.’

77. Redjac - February 19, 2008

I’m not sure where the line between “fan production” and copyright/legal issues begin…

Obviously, there will never be a James Cawley as Kirk action figure for sale at Toys R Us, etc…

I think if this was a Disney-based project, James would have been shut down a long time ago. It’s amazing Paramount is so lenient with their property.

But, anyway, I’d love it if Sci-Fi would air these NV and P2 episodes.
That would get me back to watching TV again! :-)

78. Imrahil - February 19, 2008

Problem is that Phase II also had the new weirdo enterprise (check out some of the designs–it’s a geometry diagram), which we know won’t happen, nor will the TMP enterprise happen until the movie. We did see Kirk wearing the really weird wide-collared T-shirt in one still though, which I didn’t care for.

79. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

For those that are un-familar with Phase II designs, The uniforms were the TOS design. Bill Theiss did however, create variations of them, for use on screen, such as short sleeved versions, utillities etc. He also modified the trousers from the strange sort of Bell bottom cuff to a more attractive pleat. At any rate, the standard duty uniform was pretty much the same. The silly Pajama style TMP uniform was not created unitl the switch over from P2 to TMP when Robert Wise brought in Robert Fletcher.
This move was one of the Biggest dis appointments for Mr. Thiess, he did however go on to major emmy success shortly afterwords.
James Cawley

80. diabolik - February 19, 2008

James… having David G portray Sarek.. what a stroke of genius! Wow…

81. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

#78 You are mistaken the weird geometry design of the Enterprise to which you refer, was actually designed for the ILL-FATED Trek film “Planet Of Titans” in 1975-76, by non othe than Ralph Mcquarrie of Star Wars fame.
James Cawley

82. CmdrR - February 19, 2008

James — since you’re reading this —

Is there no way you could convince TPTB at Paramount to package your episodes as a block of Saturday specials for SciFi or some other readily available outlet? I know they don’t want you making bucks, but maybe they’d like to make bucks. We’d all like to see these projects given a nice glossy framework — possibly interviews, outtakes, etc. But, on TV — where old farts still tune for fun.

83. Thomas Jensen - February 19, 2008

It all sounds very good. I’m thrilled. Now they need to find a way to let viewers put each episode into our own computers so we can view it at our leisure. I wonder if such a technology could ever exist?

No actually as I think about it, it’s more important that the producers know the numbers of those who’ve viewed the episodes. Much more important then the convenience of those who actually watch the shows.

84. Diabolik - February 19, 2008


I think slowly incorporating design upgrades as envisioned for Phase 2 is a brilliant move. Now we’ll get to see some of those things that would have made the TV series look more advanced, while still within the 5-year framework. Keeping the good stuff and working in the better.

Great idea!

85. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

I am hopefull that at some point, something could be worked out between The studio and myself. You just never know! The Internet is the way of tomorrow!
Seriously, though I am constanly amazed by the experiences, I have been blessed with due to my connections with Trek. it has given me a very rich life, full of happiness and Friendships.

86. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

Well, that’s very disappointing news. Even more disappointing that such a faithful replica of the TOS Bridge will be destroyed to make room for a shitty one like TMP, or that the original uniforms will be replaced with the equally shitty TMP uniforms, which will look ridiculously out of place in whatever TOS sets he decides to keep. Either way this is a blow to TOS, and I’m sorry to see this happening.

Cawley was always something of a sell-out to those dumb TOS Movies, though, so this move doesn’t totally surprise me.

87. CmdrR - February 19, 2008

In that case, James —

Do you have any plans to do a “Mugatu v. Chubacabra” episode?

88. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

#86, Perhaps you should read my posts.

89. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

#86… have you been reading ANY of James comments here? He’s slowly incorporating elements from the UNSEEN Phase II show… not TMP.

It’s what Roddenberry himself would have done had the series gone on. Here, we’ll simply see the same TOS designs with some upgrades as time goes by.

You’re too harsh on someone that is living out our fan dreams for us.

90. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

James…. since you’re here.. we have a mutual friend… Roger Romage.

91. Dr. Image - February 19, 2008

#86- James didn’t say they were going to replace the bridge or go in the total direction of TMP at all.
I’m looking forward to the P-II elements. It’s going to be fascinating!

92. DEMODE - February 19, 2008


Have you ever heard of a thing called “storage?” I don’t think the classic bridge is going to be destroyed. The parts they are changing will probably be kept safe in storage. I’m sure they will be able to flip back and forth if they choose to do so. Relax. As for the Phase 2 uniforms, I think they look cool, and who says we won’t see a combination of the two uniform styles on screen? In TNG, we saw many of the extras still wearing the season 1 uniforms while the bridge crew got updated uniforms. I would be surprised if we didn’t see some of the crew wearing the classic uniforms.

93. jpol - February 19, 2008

Anyone have screencaps of this:

“In the most recent episode, “World Enough and Time” Cawley’s Kirk could be seen wearing a Phase II shirt and Scotty (Charles Root) wore a TMP engineering uniform.”

Don’t really have time to watch the whole thing to be able to find them myself. Thanks in advance!

94. mike - February 19, 2008

hey james. i think you are doing a great job and i wish that if paramont and cbs was to do another series that you should be the one to head it up with mr abrams.i think you guys should be given a budget and cut loose to make a startrek series that gene roddenberry would be proud of. i love the new voyages/phase 2 and i want to thank you for keeping startrek on the air for all of us fans and please keep up the great work and if you can get william shatner to do a guest apperence and may spock himself as well that would be fantastic.

95. raulpetersen - February 19, 2008


roll on april man i needs my fix!!! and its a two parter too!!! oh the pain the pain!!!

as always you and your crew are the best!

96. Trelanal - February 19, 2008

The new guy they brought in as Spock looks terrible! But I guess now he fits in better. In TMP Kirk had a new toupee, I wonder if they will change theirs as well.

97. hitch1969© - February 19, 2008

James Cawley™, my good Captain… I love your work and trust your decisions. Don’t let the hataz keep the playa from playin. Because playa got game, YO!

I’ve recently registered over at your forums and we can discuss your greatness further in that venue. Phase II, it is. ixnay on the ewNay oyagesVay. Gotcha!



98. Daoud - February 19, 2008

So, in essence, we’re getting first some Phase 1 1/2 stories, then skipping TMP, and resuming with the second 5YM with a Phase II Take II?

The many novels covering the TOS-TMP era (and I *do not* mean Black Fire. Yuck. K/S done poorly. Yuck.) could really inform the production. Or at least the originals before the editors of the day and R. Arnold butchered them. James, you could probably get Margaret Wander Bonanno (garamet on many a Trek board) to contribute something if you asked. Heck, you could even make a great future Phase II episode out of the original Probe, not the published one. (Usually referred to by the subtitle Music of the Spheres.)

Looking forward to your use of Decker (I recall the comics approach, when he came onboard wearing the new TMP outfits, and the guffaws from some of the TOS-costumed Enterprise crew) in the era of run-up to TMP. Commander Sonak could immediately appear as Spock’s deputy, and begin the process of taking Spock’s place. And, I’d be interested to see if you bring in Lori Ciani. Chance for you to cast your significant other? :)

The after-TMP era should be interesting…. Maybe to replace Ilia, you could use the novel character Piper, or bring back the TOS character Tonia Barrows….

Best wishes!

99. Thelin - February 19, 2008

I love New Voyages, and think that the whole idea of Phase II is spot on.

I also agree with these adventures of Star Trek being available on the Internet. As nice as it would be to see them on TV, you would have to deal with all of the garbage that goes along with working with a network.

I don’t think JC would be able to express his purely TOS ideas if he had to contend with all of the constraints of ratings, the anti-TOS crowd, etc.

I am also one of those people that believe that the Theiss look is what TOS was all about, along with the set/ship designs of Jeffries and the TOS crew. TMP took most of that look away.

I always wondered what P2 would have looked like. The more like TOS the better as far as I’m concerned, maybe even incorporating elements of TAS since that was actually the TOS crews fourth year of the five year mission.

Yeah, I am so old school, much like Mr. Cawley. Thanks JC for giving us New Voyages, and looking forward to Phase II!

100. raulpetersen - February 19, 2008

sorry james, any plans to appear at any uk trek conventions cos me and my crew would love to me your crew!

101. Dennis Bailey - February 19, 2008

If you’re interested in some of Matt Jefferies’ design work on the exterior of the uprated NCC-1701 for “Phase II,” take a look here:

Andy Probert also has posted photos of the Phase II model under construction (along with the Phase II drydock) as part of his feature on redesigning the Enterprise for ST:TMP:

102. sebimeyer - February 19, 2008

Wow, if this works it would be truly amazing as it would bridge a gap that has been glaringly obvious for almost 30 years.

Kinda reminds you of Tim Russ talk about his movie “not being a fan movie.” I say New Voyages is better, in almost every way, but in particular the story department. Now that they are drawing on quasi-official stories it’s getting better stil. Throw in sets and props that could not get any more “like the actual TV show” (because that’s what they have been designed for in the first place) the show the chance to become something truly unique.

I second the appearance at European conventions, by the way. I am absolutely sure that if you contact the FedCon people, for example, they would be more than happy to show at least some of the episodes. (unless they do already, missed the last few years as I wasn’t living in Europe.)

103. Kev-1 - February 19, 2008

They should go Phase II all the way; that giant ribbed engine core they built for the TV series was interesting. Go for the uniforms in that preproduction painting too.

104. BorgDrone - February 19, 2008

Looking so forward to it!!!

Thanks, James!!!!

105. Andy Patterson - February 19, 2008

Does Phase II include exploring the Deltan race and their culture of open sexuality? Now that would be interesting to see. Oath of celibacy in place or not.

And what spinoffs might we be seeing?

106. Imrahil - February 19, 2008

81 – My bad. I knew I’d seen it somewhere.

Why all the cast changes? Will there be a release stating Bray’s reasons for leaving? I really liked him as Chekov.

107. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

Okay, I’m going to allow myself just a small moment to fanboy freak-out because James Cawley actually responded to something I said…and I’m being serious here…the Man I [used?] to consider the Master Purist RESPONDED TO ME!!! OMFG!!!!!

…now that that’s out of the way….

Mr. Cawley, will you completely discontinue making straight-up TOS episodes?? I don’t like to “kiss-ass” like other people tend to do when we have a celebrity on here, but you’ve been a source of NEW TOS for us starved and deprived TOS fans for years. Please don’t take it away from us!! Don’t sell out!!

108. New Horizon - February 19, 2008

#107 –

How is this taking away TOS from us, or selling out? It’s showing a natural progression from Season 3 into Season 5…and showing that…yes, the world these characters live in does evolve and grow. I think you’re completely misunderstanding what James is doing. Yes, they are changing their name to Star Trek: Phase 2…but I think this is more symbolic than anything. We aren’t suddenly going to be in ‘phase 2′, it’s going to be TOS + some natural progression TOWARDS phase 2. Clinging to one moment in time, one vision of what TOS was is ridiculous. It would have changed from season 3 to season 5 if there had been one. I don’t know whether to think some people are truly purists or simply puerile.

109. Redjac - February 19, 2008

I’ve never known Trek fans to be shy about voicing displeasure over a bad idea…at least I know I don’t.

I highly doubt anyone is just “brown nosing”.

110. Jackson Roykirk - February 19, 2008

Mr. Cawley —

I still don’t understand “canonically” how any extensive Phase II re-fit fits in with the TMP re-fit. Are we to believe that the Entewrprise was extensively refit once for Phase II then again had an 18-month refit for TMP, even though TMP took place only a few on-screen years after TOS?

I always got the feeling from TMP that there was only one refit between TOS and that film. What are your thoughts?

…By the way, when I wrote that I wouldn’t want to see you in TMP style uniforms, if your series ever evolved towards that aesthetic, It wasn’t anything personal — Hell, I wouldn’t even want to see myself in one of those uniforms!

111. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

107- No need to worry! this is still the last two years of the ORIGINAL 5 year mission. As a PURIST, I have a handle on this, and what it is I intend to do. It is my intention to continue the Original Series, and get it to a place where it would “LOGICALLY” conclude and bridge with the first feature.
J.J. Abrams and Co. are doing a Fantastic job, of things with their film,
and I think he is doing a phenomenal Job of making Star Trek accessible to the Next Generation of Fans, and to the masses, while striving to please all of us hardcore devotees, And that is no easy task, I can assure you! I think Most fans will revel, in what he is accomplishing. J.J. and his team are brilliant people. I have said it before, not since the 70’s has it been this COOL to be a Trekkie!!!!!!!
I get to play Star Trek, get excited over a New Film and Buy Mego’s!!!
Jesus, I am a GEEK!
James Cawley

112. Scott Xavier - February 19, 2008

the iphone has made the bridge of the tos era look silly.

113. CmdrR - February 19, 2008

Dennis — thanks for the pix. I see the elusive second turbolift at the aft of the bridge. Boy, THAT woulda save a few hundred entries on these threads awhile back. I’ve always loved the changes to the E. Her TOS incarnation is pretty, but on the big screen she truly shines. JJ’s E looks wonderful as well.

Hopefully, the Phase II refit includes better air scrubbers. Those TMP unis are said to be on the stinky side.

114. bill hiro - February 19, 2008

*Perhaps Cawley’s recent stint on the set of JJ Abrams new Star Trek has inspired the self-described ‘purist.’ As Mr. Spock says in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” “change is the essential process of all existence.” *

ah, editorializing.

115. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

110- I think that there can be “some testing” done by Starfleet on some PRE-TMP WARP elements as the begining of a major refit program for the constitution class ships, and who better to test those elements than the flagship herself.

116. Jeff Collinsworth - February 19, 2008

#107…..James and the rest of the cast and crew are still going to give everyone what they want and NEED! Real Trek done by real fans who “get it” ! I am so proud to have been a part of this team of fans and proffessionals for the last two years….and I can promise that we all will continue to give the fans what they want. STAR TREK!

117. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2008

I have added pictures of Cawley in a phase ii uniform and Root in a TMP radiation suit…both from the upcoming episode “Blood and Fire”

118. SPB - February 19, 2008

#86 –

I’m not exactly a big fan of the NEW VOYAGES, but that’s a pretty lousy attitude to level towards James Cawley.

Just no pleasing some purists around these parts, I guess. The TOS movies were “dumb?” Good lord…

119. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2008

TOS Purist
final warning for trolling
comments to

120. hitch1969© - February 19, 2008

Now listen up to me main geezah, JC™ himself da grand masta Jam Cawley, and REPSECTAH dem Nude Voyages dat hims be tellin you about YO. Big Up yoself, aiiight???

Why all the second guessing happening here? We don’t second guess JC™. HE put the whole thing together. HE made it work. It is his brilliance and dedication, his dealio. The first rule of Fight Club is that we don’t second guess JC™. The second rule of Fight Club is WE DONT SECOND GUESS JC™.

JC™, drop me a line. use my supermodeldoug account, thats the one I use only for important folks. BIG DAWG AP doesnt even ring me on that one yet.

We’ll sort this all out. PHASE II style!!!!!


121. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

I’m still not quite convinced that JJ and Co. are doing a proper job, but I’m still reserving final judgement until I see the picture.

I sincerely thank you for responding to my comments, Mr. Cawley (I’m still freaking out, btw XD). I also thank you for giving us TOS fans some good TOS, and the first REAL Star Trek since 1979. It’s been awesome, and although I’m saddened at the new direction, as a TOS fan I’ve learned to deal with being happy with old episodes. :)

Sort of off-topic, but I remember reading about how you built your own TOS sets. My Dad and I just completed finishing off a room in his house that we made to look like the officer’s quarters from TOS; it’s not exactly like that used on a Starship Class, Constitution-variant, so I made up my own TOS ship to go along with it. Anyway, it kind of reminds me of what you did (although not as intensive!!), but I must say that my cabin “set” is better than yours. ;)

As a prospective film director it was really cool to do it, especially as a TOS fan. I’ve got “publicity photos” if you’d like to see them…I posted them on a forum and can provide a link. Unless you’d just like me to email them…

122. Rick James - February 19, 2008

#2: The picture you refer to measures barely 5.5″ (diagonally) on my monitor which is running a desktop resolution of 1280×1024. With a picture this small just about anything will look “good”. Unfortunately a big 40′ movie screen is much less forgiving.

#7: I’ve seen computer network operation center (NOC) control rooms that look far more advanced than the TOS bridge set of the 1960s. These NOC control rooms have multiple work stations (each one with three or more monitors) and a wall of multiple monitors to keep an eye on traffic loads and status of the monitored network infrastructure. There is even a BIG screen on the middle of the wall of smaller monitor screens that shows something that is considered important for everyone in the room to see.

#59: I agree. The uniforms of Enterprise made the most sense. To me these uniforms resemble the overalls worn by current NASA astronauts when onboard the space shuttle. Plus these uniforms had the side benefit of making all those times Hoshi wasn’t in her uniform be that much more special.

123. jpol - February 19, 2008

117. Anthony.

Thanks. I appreciate that you updated with those images. I’ve always been a little disappointed that we’d never really seen the stuff between TOS and TMP.

James (if I may) – I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this goes. Also glad to hear your endorsement of Abrams’ film.

124. OM - February 19, 2008

“In my eyes, that set doesn’t hold up at all as looking futuristic. The Master Control room as the TV station I work at looks more technologically advanced than the TOS Enterprise set.”

…Yeah, well, if you’re still using Grass Valley switchers, then you’re probably biased towards the Death Star :-P

125. DEMODE - February 19, 2008


I always get tired of hearing people say how “such and such” looks more advanced than what we saw on the TOS bridge. Could it not just be that things are kept nice and simple (and more streamlined) in the TOS universe? It is the future. Why should they have “multiple monitors” all over the brigde when just a few will suffice to get the job done? Wouldn’t that be kind of distracting for the crew?

As they often say, less is more!

126. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

I wonder if some “uber-purists” here are really just masquerading as such to parody those holding to the purist opinion. You know, the “straw man” thing.

127. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

#126 – A lot of people do do that, which pisses me (a REAL Purist) off to no end.

128. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

Couple of interesting (to me) points that I would like to bring up.

Have people not lost sight that this is a fan production? Don’t get your warp core in a breach over percieved canon violations. This is for fun.

James, are you planning on having Xon eventually become a crewmember of the Enterprise? I think that would be cool as he would be an interesting character to play off of Kirk and McCoy. A Vulcan with less emotional responses than Spock.

And I would also like to see some of the more exotic alien races as crew on the Enterprise. When I was a kid, I always though Arex would be fun to see in a live action setting. Lotta CGI there, boy. Or maybe a Horta crewman.

And Hitch, love ya’ man. Your posts are an absolute enigma to me. Maybe THEY come from a different timeline.

129. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

Xon, will be appearing begining with “Blood and Fire”. I am absolutely for adding more aliens as we can. Arex is a favorite of mine, and we have discussed it. Canon violations nope, won’t happen. I am being very carefull to adhere to what has been depicted in FILMED TREK. I do not go by the perceived evEnts in the trek encyclopedia, not gonnna happen. Nor will I use the revisionist, re-numbering of the “connies” I will only use those from The Making of Star Trek and The Original Tech manual.

130. Paul Martin - February 19, 2008

James – SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Always loved this era! Feeling very confident about the new film with Mr. Nimoy and yourself giving it thumbs up :)

Great days!

131. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2008

we had already reported on Xon in an earlier article, but I added a paragraph above as well. I have met Patrick Bell, the new Xon, and he is very Vulcan.

132. hitch1969© - February 19, 2008

THX-1138 is of the body™, full-on. And that is good. For he understands, and GETS IT. These are the New Voyages, people. Fan productions. If you don’t like them, do your own. But I highly highly highly doubt that they will be as good.

JC™ has set the bar and will continue setting that bar higher and higher. The decision to go Phase II is merely an expression of that vision. I for one, am grateful for the New Voyages. When I first heard of them, my response was to chuckle with amusement but curiosity got the best of me. When I saw them… I realized that my initial reaction was so far off – I was totally blown away at what this cat had put together. Quality stuff.

I’d rather have JC™ in the new trek movie than Shatner. There, I’ve said it. Go read the STV review for Shatner’s Opus. Trek V was Romulan cloaking device techMology in the wrong hands. Shatner cannot be trusted with the franchise. JC™ cares, and also he shares. He is the real Captain Kirk. No Chris Pine, no bloody Shatner. Not even Belushi. VIVA PHASE II!

Cherry Cordials,


133. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

That sounds great, James! I know that the exotic aliens will prove to be a mindbender to pull off, but it will be a lot of fun to see what you come up with. Nice to see some love for TAS. And I can’t wait to see the visuals story arcs you take us on as the Phase II storyline develops.

You and your team’s improvement curve has been really quite breathtaking in terms of acting, storytelling, and FX work. Particularly the storytelling in WEaT. That was real Star Trek.

As “canon” is concerned, my opinion is that it’s your sandbox. Like E.T. said, just “Be Good”. (Did I just quote E.T.?)

134. bmar - February 19, 2008

Hi James –

Curious – one of the things that’s always bugged me about NV is that the episodes “look” like video – as opposed to film. At least, that’s the way they appear when viewed online. Not sure what they look like in reality…

On what format are you shooting NV? Are you shooting DV? HDV? Digibeta? HD? Are you shoointing 24p, which would give you more of a “film” feel?

As someone who works in television, I’ve been stunned at the level of detail you’ve achieved, especially on the budgets you have. If you are indeed shooting video at a standard video setting, I’d love to see you work to achieve a film look that would bring you closer to that ’60’s TOS feel.

Again, you might be doing all of this, and it’s just not coming across on-line.

Great work.

135. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

We are shooting in Hi def, with the Panasonic HVX cameras. I know that film grain is somehow acheived and /or added. I believe that what you see online just does not show this.

136. SPB - February 19, 2008


I find them hysterical, and I’ve done it myself from time-to-time (though not as often as I used to… don’t want to be called out by Anthony for trolling!).

Sometimes, the hardcore purist needs the wind taken out of their sails every so often. It’s healthy. Trust me.

137. RedStatesRule - February 19, 2008

Jeez! If these guys put all of this money, time and effort into something original they could really “MAKE IT.”

As fun as this is you’d think after a while it would get a little repetitive and give cause to say, “let’s do something original and SELL it.”

138. RedStatesRule - February 19, 2008

Actually I hadn’t read the other comments until after I posted the previous, therefore I’d like to put my previous comment into question form and ask


139. Captain Dunsel - February 19, 2008

Unfortunately, I suspect there will be a serious downturn in the popularity of this venture after their next episode hits. There is a reason this story was rejected in form after form for so many years. But since they are not doing this to make money, and in fact have always spent tons of it, I don’t see that they will slow down at all–just have a lot less people to watch.

140. Dunsel Report - February 19, 2008

Dear James Cawley,

1) You are a genius.

2) I wonder whether Phase II will drift towards the trippy ’70s weirdness that comes through in the fascinating Phase II book and the under-examined Roddenberry novel of The Motion Picture.

It blew my mind when I read that Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, had written a treatment. Meanwhile, for all the talk we hear about Roddenberry canon, Gene’s TMP book questions whether TOS really happened the way we saw it…and takes us into this sort of ultra-’70s California New Age future where Kirk has a secret Federation mind implant in his head, open marriage is the norm, and Kirk has this mysterious spouse who dies when Janice Rand screws up the matter gain.

I guess I’m just saying that when I see the New Voyages Kirk walk into the bridge wearing the shiny life signs monitor/pleasure device/whatever it is, I will be able to die happy.

141. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

139… JC isn’t adapting any of the stories lined up for the Phase II series.. just some of the costume and set upgrades. I think it will add visual interest and carry TOS a little further down the road it was going anyway when interrupted. So, I don’t see the audience dropping off because of that.

142. S. John Ross - February 19, 2008

#137: Not everyone is motivated by the same things.

143. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

136… of, I have too.. only got called down by Anthony once on it when I got a little too cuastic. But it is fun… as long as one makes known right then that it’s a hyperbole statement. It’s when one creates a silly-looking “straw man” and then hides behind it, that it goes from poking fun to deceptive baiting. I’m all for fun.

144. Dennis Bailey - February 19, 2008

#139: “There is a reason this story was rejected in form after form for so many years.”

Which, “Blood And Fire?”

It was “rejected” exactly, uh, once – and in a petty way for petty reasons.

145. Rhett Coates - February 19, 2008

I too enjoy what Cawley & Co. are doing with the New Voyages series. It’s awesomely wonderful, and obviously a lot of hard work—but then, as “Star Trek,” that’s more [a labor of love]. I wonder if (and this may stir some to negative comments) they might consider showing and/or referencing TAS characters M’Ress and Arex? No, that’s not necessary, but since JJ & Co. are stating they like some of the material from the novels (i.e. Kirk’s parents named, etc. etc.), that might be another way to “bridge the gap” between TOS and ST-TMP.

Why? Why not? Why consider that at all? In TOS episode “Journey to Babel,” Scotty was NOT SEEN, but Kirk spoke into the intercom on the bridge asking him to be sent up to take his place—then aborted that request when the alien vessel began making agreesive moves. That could also be done (if desired at all by this group of writers/producers) to show there’s more going on “below decks” than was ever seen. (It’s easier for them, too, because unlike Desilu and later Paramount, Cawley’s actors aren’t paid under contract for speaking and/or appearance roles. (That budgetary consideration makes a lot of difference in any A-List film or TV series.)

Naw, TAS characters aren’t absolutely necessary by any means. However, if it is POSSIBLE within their budget and time constraints, such additions would be stunning and thought-provoking (to show NON-human crewmembers beginning to show up just prior to ST-TMP, and perhaps provocative for viewers of the show. Hmmm?

146. Andy Patterson - February 19, 2008

I know we didn’t meet Ilia until the first movie but I think it’d be acceptable to fudge a bit on that part of canon to explore her character and her race. I mean that was to be part of Phase II and she sure has potential for incredibly interesting story lines. Or maybe another Deltan who hasn’t taken the “Oath of Celibacy”. I could live with either.

And I’m still interested in seeing what other possible offshoots/spinoffs the team is planning.

147. Xplodin' Nacelle - February 19, 2008


1. Did you have to get special permission from Paramount/CBS to use “Phase Two” as your new title?

2. Will we see double turbolift bridge doors on the TOS bridge?

3. Will we see the Warp effect changed from nothing, or a white streak into the multi-colored look of the movies?

148. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

#139 “BLOOD and FIRE” footage was shown at The Farpoint Convention this past weekend “including” the very Controversial(as far as Trek is concerned) Gay scene, and it received an OVERWHELMING, POSITIVE REACTION!! and Not One “Why did you do that” comment or anyhting NEGATIVE! I for one am proud that The Trek community seems to more accepting than most other groups. IDIC, or Infinite Diversity thru Infinite Combinations are More than Just words, at least to me. It is a positive vision of a future and a world, I someday want to Live in, for real. Unless we all try, to understand each other here and now, we will never get there.
James Cawley

149. Ali - February 19, 2008

Faze 2 Electric Boogaloo! Go James

150. Captain Robert April - February 19, 2008

This sounds like it’s gonna be fun.

For one thing, very few people will be able to come back and say that James and his merry band are doing it all wrong!

As for the ship, I’m expecting something like this:

As opposed to the Battlestar Enterprise we’re being treated to in JJ’s little romp…

151. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

147- Paramount is very much aware of all that I do. I deeply respect them, and what they do.
My use of Phase II is no more different than my use of STAR TREK.
Phase II as a title was never used, by the studio. The actual working title of that second series was simply STAR TREK II.
Phase II was a nickname that was tagged on by it’s produciton people, and fandom at large.
No double doors, that is part of TMP, and Yes you will see a COOL warp effect.

152. Ivory - February 19, 2008

Keep up the great work James.

153. SPB - February 19, 2008


TrekWeb supposedly has a pic of the new TREK Movie phaser from the 2008 Toy Fair. Get ready for a rumble! If authentic, it looks more like a TOS Movie-era phaser than the ’60s TV version.

Everybody take a deep breath…

154. Dom - February 19, 2008

Interesting that characters such as Decker could come into the stories. I mean, there’s never been anything stated, AFAIK, that the entire lead cast crew stayed on board the ship for the whole five year mission. Who’s to say that Spock didn’t leave to pursue Kohlinar four years in and McCoy didn’t transfer off six months before the mission ended? Maybe Scotty left early to set up the refit of the Enterprise?

Given the distance that develops between the characters by the time of TMP, there are some great opportunites to explore the background of what happens to these guys and gals in the intervening years.

Best of luck! :)

155. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

The Phaser is a phoney!

156. OneBuckFilms - February 19, 2008

150, That is Gabriel Koerner’s Enterprise rethink. We don’t know what the Enterprise from JJ Abram’s film looks like yet, beyond the Teaser.

153, That is NOT the phaser from the new movie.

In fact, it looks like the phase pistols from Enterprise.

Guys, speculation is fun, but please base your judgements in what is actually known.

157. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

#153… nothing but a replica of the ST3 phaser… somebody is dumb or deceptive…. pheh…

158. Diabolik - February 19, 2008

I meant to say ST6…

159. SPB - February 19, 2008

#155 –

Consider it done!

160. British Naval Dude - February 19, 2008

seems me and Rick James have tha same fashion sense… Who knew?

ya still need pockets, even in space…
… I just always blocked out the outrageous ST uniforms, particuarly tha obsession with lavendar, and enjoyed the stories and tha characters…

(but lavendar? I mean really- whar did that come from? sometimes I will get taken aback by Scotty’s bright crimson but at least it wasn’t lilac…)

Oh… off topic? harrrr

Phaser 2- I never heard of it until just last year… arrr… it did sound like it had such promise so could be a nice hoot to see some elements from it…

But I canna help it- back ta lavendar! God save us! I dinna think that would fly fur any military outfit…

Sometimes Trek is better in b/w…

sorry… anyway… It be a surpsise ta me that this be doin’ but good fur him and the fans that watch the ST NV show… where did they go? what did they do before TMP?

but lavendar as part of a uniform??…. I mean that awk really made me wonder… guess TMP various utilities were just as bad in some cases… but not lilac…arrrrrr….

161. Rover ILP - February 19, 2008

#153 – That is the phaser from Final Frontier (complete with 1911 magazine).

162. OneBuckFilms - February 19, 2008

155 – Thanks for confirming.

BTW, Will we start to see the Bridge transition to having some Phase II/TMP like elements?

It would be an interesting challenge to change the Bridge in a subtle way to match ST:TMP …

163. SPB - February 19, 2008

#158 –

I thought it looked a lot like a TOS Movie phaser, but I wasn’t sure. I think I’m one of the rare fans here who doesn’t own ANY phaser replicas, sadly.

164. OneBuckFilms - February 19, 2008

FYI, I think this is the phaser pictured:

I’d like to get one of these. Or the Star Trek II Phaser.

165. Dave in RI - February 19, 2008


Interesting differences in design like engine detail and secondary hull design. The bridge area seems to be the most different…no VIP lounge and twin turbo lifts!

…Amongst all this New Voyages / Phase II talk Dennis, I’d like to say I’m looking forward to Act IV of “The Tressaurian Intersection” …it’s been great so far! I am crossing my fingers hoping that Exeter will continue. It’s too good to end now

166. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

Concerning toy phaser pics:

If you go to the article linked in the page they also describe a TNG tricorder as an “illuminating communicator”. So the people captioning the pictures have no idea what they are talking about. Playmates did not have Star Trek XI toys at the NY toy Fair. From what I’ve read.

167. Xplodin' Nacelle - February 19, 2008


First of all thanks for replying to me.

Secondly, wasn’t there double bridge doors in TAS, as well as “The Cage” pilot?

168. AshGL1914 - February 19, 2008

That is NOT a New Movie phaser, that is the new Master Replica’s Star Trek V assault phaser. Somebody ether didn’t know what they were looking at or were trying to pull our collective leg.


169. The Guardian of Forever - February 19, 2008

I can’t believe how detailed their bridge is…

170. Redjac - February 19, 2008

Guys, it’s not the Enterprise phase OR the Star Trek III phaser. It’s the one from Star Trek V!

171. NTH - February 19, 2008

Roll on phase II. I also hope that at some point in the future a deal can be worked out between the studio and you.At the heart of Star Trek lies the theme of exploration and your persuit of exploring what happened during the Phase II years is very much in keeping with that theme.This of course means bringing about the necessary changes which allow the story to progress.In the absence of a new incarnation of Trek on television the potential for Television movies is surely a realistic option as has been demonstrated by other shows like Babylon 5, Battlestar galactica and Stargate.Likewise in a show format we have Smallville and the recent Superman movie.A combination of the studios resources and your talent offers so much potential.Your recent award winning episode with George Takei was one of the best episodes of Star Trek I have ever seen.Ever Since we were first introduced to Hikara Sulu’s daughter in”Star Trek, Generations” I have often wondered what was family life like for the Sulu’s.The reunion scene between Sulu and his daughter and grandaughter was deeply moving and poignant.I believe that Star Trek’s greatest strenght exists in the the emotional bonding it creates between its main characters and the fans.A positive future with good people in the context of our chaotic world in an almost intoxicating formula.You have definetely tapped into this Mr. Cawley ,thank you very much and best of luck in your future endeavours.

172. RobertMfromLI - February 19, 2008

#93: Check out the end of WEaT… it’s in the trailer to BaF.

Or for all of you, swing over to the ST:P2 website and check out the forums – some shots and drawings have already been posted…

#150 & #156: Oddly, many design elements shown in the ST:11 Trailer seem to have elements from Gabe’s design (checking through his work files and various designs, you can catch the similarities) – whether by coincidence or not, I dunno… and I have a feeling that the person or people in these forums who DO know aren’t gonna say. ;-)

#160: “ya still need pockets, even in space…”
– Or velcro… like in TOS. ;-) And yeah, pajamas on board the Enterprise were a bit much for me… I for one am glad James is sticking with the P2 elements, and not the silly TMP style.

#167: Check out the forums, that too was covered there by our own Greg S, who is a never ending wealth of knowledge all things Trek.

#169: It (the bridge) is an amazing thing to see in person and to work on.


173. Da Big Fire-Chief! - February 19, 2008


There are some new technology and internet delivery options in development.. It is too early to determine if these will prove practical. However, if they do one of these I am aware of will be a significant step forward for those of us that want to get our entertainment when we want it, via the internet.

I am very excited by the move to Phase2. With all the new people coming to work on Star Trek: Phase II the quality and interest of the episodes should continue to rise.


Bst Luck to James and Company!

174. RobertMfromLI - February 19, 2008

#122: What you describe about NOCs is actually much like what the bridge of the TOS Enterprise looks at. Something that doesnt show very well on 1960’s TV/film, and even with us shooting in hi-def, doesnt show well in ST:P2 is that all those “blinky lights” actually are more than just “blinky lights”.

There’s actually text on each one, and text on other places on the MSDs. Most of them had pre-defined purposes. Some were in-jokes (just like the conduits in the ship that were labelled “GNDN” – which stood for “Goes Nowhere Does Nothing”

And of course, consider, each bridge station had multiple displays devoted to the station’s particular function…

I (somewhat for the fun of it, somewhat because I think it looks cool) actually have a network and server daemon status monitor designed off the TOS look which we do use on our network to monitor network and server daemon status. From “far away” it looks a lot like the “useless” blinky light displays from the TOS bridge. When sitting in front, one can see that every “blinky light” has a purpose, and each one is labelled on the “blinky light” and next to them as well… like:

CPU USAGE [b01] [b02] [b03] [b04] [32%]

…where “CPU USAGE” is really small (big enough to read close up, but too small to show on camera, and the next 4 are blinking lights corresponding to the binary bit values of the CPU’s usage, followed by the 5th which lights up RED when the value is updated, then switches to yellow between updates – but displays in small text (in either state) what the total CPU usage is in %.

I use similar ones for disk read/writes, time, server “I’m up and running” reporting, and various other information. From far away (even with little knowledge of binary) I can tell when certain figures are higher from what lights are flashing (and if I am in the mood, calculate the value in my head via the bit pattern)… from where I sit… I can just read the numbers on the “blinky lights”.

Of course, there might have been simpler ways of doing it… but it does look really cool, does serve a purpose, and does convey all the info I need (and then some).


175. Xon - February 19, 2008

After seeing Cawley/Kirk in the Phase II shirt above, it was extremely jarring to see the TOS shirts in the bottom picture! They all look so dated and old fashioned compared to the P-II outfit… :)

I was very shocked by the announcement, but now that the novelty has worn off I think it’s a really good move and I can’t wait to see how this plays out! Very exciting stuff!

Best of luck and thank you James!!

176. Edith Keeler - February 19, 2008

Will Cawley follow Shat’s lead and start wearing bad hairpieces?

177. Da Big Fire-Chief! - February 19, 2008


Cawley doesn’t wear hairpieces. In most of the New Voyages pictures and episodes his hair resembles that of Elvis Presley because he has worked two+ decades as a professional Elvis impersonator with a high degree of success! The hair seen is natural, but dyed black for his Elvis work.

There are current pictures on Star Trek Phase2 forums where he sports his natural hair in its sandy color.

Of course, as James ages he made need a ‘rug’ but I would doubt it!

178. Paul Martin - February 19, 2008

My phaser scares the crap out of the cat! Can that be in the film too?

179. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

Mr. Cawley…

Did you happen to read my last comment?? #121 it was…the long one. XD

Not that you have to, of course…

180. Son - February 19, 2008

Mr. Cawley, let me say this in three words, repeatedly!


That being said, it’s great. A series I always, always wanted to see was Phase II. I thought it was unfortunate that the series never did go into production, even if it did turn into The Motion Picture. On that note, they should really retroactively name it something else…but that’s a side note.

It’s great to see, and I can’t wait to see what comes down the line! Keep on truckin’!

181. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

And I just wanted to say…I didn’t know what the Phase II uniforms looked like; I figured they were just like the ones in TMP. Does anyone else think that Kirk’s Phase II outfit there looks like a Command Division version of the short-sleeved uniform that McCoy wore on occasion??

182. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

#155 James I am a long time Star trek fan and have watched and enjoyed your new Voyage episodes from the very beginning and have been impressed with the level Sophistication in production , story telling and acting you and the cast have been able to achieve. I have to admit i am looking forward to see Phase 2 come to pass, I remember years ago, when they talking about it in some of the magazines and I remeber being disappointed when it never happened. It will be nice to now see what kind of show we might have gotten, and please don’t pay attention to the boo birds and critics, just do it. One more item I had an Idea for a new voyage episode, What about a prequel to the classic episode Obession, the untold story of young James t Kirk and that Ill fated mission on the Farragut command by Captain Garovik . just a though. Keep up the good work

183. King Tutt - February 19, 2008


Dude, he does wear one. He goes to the same place my uncle goes for his hair, and my uncle specifically asks them to put sandy blondish highlights, which by the way he tells me they charge extra for. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

184. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

Sorry, but at 41, I have a full head of real hair.

185. Prologic9 - February 19, 2008

What are the chances of torrenting some 720p HD versions of New Voyages/Phase II?

186. jonboc - February 19, 2008

Sorry, I’m not digging that phase two shirt at all. Looks like those pull-over T-shirts you could buy back in the seventies that were command gold with an iron on insignia. Logically, I can see the evolution to the white casual short sleeves of the motion picture, but aestetically, I think it’s very unnappealing.

Besides, I always got the impression that the events of the motion picture came along quite a few years after the original 5 year mission ended. That’s why Kirk wanted command again, he was tired of being a desk jockey for so many years. .

187. Paul Martin - February 19, 2008

James –

At 27, I am jealous, you at 41 with a full head, and my dad at 64 with a full head! Would you like to do a next generation fan series? Your Captain is sat here with a shiney top, and complete with a Yorkshire accent?

Keep up the fantastic work!

188. Stanky McFibberich - February 19, 2008

I was very disappointed when “Phase” II (I don’t remember it being referred to by that name back then) was scrapped in favor of doing The Motion Picture. I was really looking forward to seeing that series, even without Spock. I liked that they were going to keep the basic uniform much the same, but wasn’t real crazy about the bridge redesign (although I’m not sure I ever saw what it would have looked like in its final design). The exterior changes to the ship made sense because it was going forward in time and was to be a refit, like in the movie.
I like the idea of including Arex in any production if he could be made to look like he did in the animated series (maybe a little less two-dimensional ;) )
I’m not a huge fan of New Voyages, but I appreciate most of what is done there and the attention to detail.

189. Prologic9 - February 19, 2008

The Phase II shirt looks just like the T-Shirt McCoy wore sometimes, only command gold. I can’t tell if it has that same sheen to it.

190. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

That short sleeve version is actually one of Bill Theiss’ design for Phase II’s class B uniform, it was purchased thru itsawrap aucitons. As stated before the Class A or Standard duty uniform was the same a sin TOS.

191. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

#190 James I don’t suppose that Paramount would ever approval any kind of Dvd release of New voyage episodes. If you you and the studio could come to some type of arrangement it might provide you additional revenue to produce more episodes and maybe go bigger on your productions then you do. I can’t see Paramount turning down the opportunity to earn more revenue for the Trek franchise.

192. anti-Matter - February 19, 2008

‘Never really watch NEW VOYAGES, always seemed a little like community theatre to me. However, I have always been truly in awe of the endeavor. This new direction WILL get me to watch because this has always been an area of Trek history that has been intriguing. Maybe because it would have been great to see the tv sci-fi visuals of the ‘70s be more than BUCK ROGERS. Or because those concept drawings we have seen so much since THE ART OF STAR TREK came out in the mid ‘90s would be great to see realized.
Hats off!
Can’t wait to see the show evolve.

193. Spocko - February 19, 2008

This should prove most interesting.

194. Oregon Trek Geek - February 19, 2008

29. Jeffrey S. Nelson “The Phase II uniforms looked identical to the original series.”

Oops, I always figured they had planned the jammies for Phase II and simply used them for TMP. Obviously, the ship changes for Phase II were nearly identical to TMP, though. Somewhere I have a coffee table book on Phase II and remember photos of Persis Kambata doing screen tests in TOS uniforms….I always assumed she was wearing them because the jammies weren’t ready yet….

195. mike - February 19, 2008

hey james. would you ever consider takeing phase 2 to net work television if you were asked to do so. or if jj asked you to.

196. SPB - February 19, 2008

The TOS Purist started out by staying, and I quote:

“Cawley was always something of a sell-out to those dumb TOS Movies, though, so this move doesn’t totally surprise me.”

Then he does a 180 and tries to be his best buddy just because Cawley responded to one of his posts. Classic. Thanks for the laugh!

197. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

I wonder if Starship Farragut and other series will update as well?

198. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

#196 – My opinion on Cawley has not changed. He’s a good guy but he seems to have watered himself down in the purism department, so to speak. I hate kissing ass, and I hate it when other people kiss ass, so I am the last person who would do it myself.

Still, this is an opportunity to speak with a like-minded person who represents all of us TOS Purists out there in the Big World, so that was pretty cool, too.

199. James Cawley - February 19, 2008

If you think, I have watered down in the Purism dept. You don’t know me at all.

200. Magic_Al - February 19, 2008

Regarding “double” doors. The bridge in TAS did have a second turbolift, occupying the pie slice to the left of the viewscreen. Shown here:

Another meaning for double doors is the turbolift having inner and outer doors for realism, which was done in early TOS episodes but abandoned probably because it was hard enough for the stagehands and actors to coordinate one set of doors opening on time.

201. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

#198 what’s your Beef with James Cawley Anyways? is itperhaps over the fact that he liked what he say in Abrams Movie and defended it Or perhaps you don’t like the whole Phase 2 thing well your entitled to your opinons if this is the case. You label yourself as trekie purist, which to me means change nothing, vary nothing and let the Trek franchise calcify into oblivion, which is what will happen if you allow no changes at all. in the Case of Phase 2 there is no radical change here. As for the Abrams movie , He doing homage to what came before and I believe him. If James Cawley says he likes what Abrams is Doing that to me does not constitute kissing up as you call it.

202. Mark Anton - February 19, 2008

I need to say this. I definitely am a big fan of what James Cawley has done with Star Trek. But at the same time, changing the name from New Voyages to Phase II doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. His last episode, “World Enough and Time” was top notch, and truly felt like Star Trek. So why, after accomplishing that, would you change “brand” names, just when the current one is beginning to gain real respect from the community. The name Phase II implies something beyond the original five-year mission. Reading what Cawley has said, he has no plans to end the five-years yet. I will still look forward to each and every new episode. I am still a big fan and admirer of the project. But this name change seems completely unnecessary and even counter productive.

203. I Love My Moogie - February 19, 2008

James Cawley, STXI should have been yours to write & direct. You are the only one who understands & honors canon. No one else can lovingly recreate the look & feel of TOS like you.

May Phase II live long & prosper!

204. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

#199 – That’s true…I really don’t know you at all. It’s unfair for me to pass judgement, I suppose; who died and made me the Purist King? Don’t let some of the disparaging words from people like myself get you down. And I am looking at this Abrams thing with an open mind…albeit with a little trepidation.

To risk ridicule from others, I will say that I never really gave P2 much notice; I figured it was basically just a TV version of TMP. Now that I’m actually looking more into it, it’s not as bad as I figured; now that I’m actually doing research instead of passing judgement blindly, I can see how it would appeal to fellow Purists, and it’s actually starting to appeal to myself, as well.

As one who does not consider the films to be canon, P2 can be viewed (by purists) as a sort of “valid continuation” to TOS, especially if you don’t think that TMP/etc fits that bill.

205. Edith Keeler - February 19, 2008

There’s one thing worse than wearing a hairpiece and pretending it is real: having real hair and making it look like a hairpiece.

Oh wait, there’s something worse than that: Cawley’s bad impression of someone pretending to be an actor – 40 years ago.

206. Jorg Sacul - February 19, 2008

This could escalate into an all out flame war, and that isn’t what 99% of us on this board are here for.

[The] TOS Purist, please proceed from logic. To deny Mr. Cawley’s love or fandom of Star Trek by calling it watered down is just silly. Have you not seen what he’s involved with? James Cawley, in my humble opinion, is more pure to the TOS vision and concept than anyone out there today including every author of every authorized Trek reference book, whether it be encyclopedia, maps, or whatever. You may have your opinion, but I fully believe that Cawley has literally put his money (lots of it) where his mouth is regarding his nth degree replication and adherence to what was seen on TV regarding The Original Series.

Now, he wishes to delve into the gray area, Phase II. I can’t think of anyone living that I’d trust more showing us some of those voyages and the evolution of life on Enterprise leading up to the refit. If James Cawley has watered down his “purism”, then I’m ready to drink my doctor recommended 8 glasses a day of that purism.

Am I kissing butt here? Absolutely not. I’m stating facts as I see them. I met James at DragonCon in 2006, and in the 5 minutes we talked, I’ve never spoke to a more genuine & uncompromising Fan of the series. I’ve watched his episodes, I’ve read his forum posts at the New Voyages site. This guy is the real deal. Other people have attempted Trek “fan episodes”, but I’m sorry, TNV’s set the bar way outta their reach. Probably Gene Roddenberry himself would tell him to relax a little on the attention to detail…but that’s only conjecture on my part.

James- thanks for taking the time to post here and respond to questions. Now get back to your set and give us some more Trek! :-) Please! :-)

SO, if you’re going to stir up controversy here, please choose a better target than James’ integrity. He’s neutronium, and you’re shooting blanks.

207. KMKProd - February 19, 2008

Mr. Cawley,
Having been born in ’78 and growing up watching reruns of TOS, I really grew into Star Trek with TNG. However, I still have a fondness for the original and love what you and your associates have been doing. I am rather envious of your abilities and success. I for one applaud your endeavors–especially since I myself have wanted to do a Star Trek movie of my own starting in the 7th grade (1990).

If you and your team ever find yourselves in Florida for any shooting, or anything I can help with, please let me know. I have over 12 years of video experience, both in the private sector and in the military (go Navy!). Either behind the camera, editing, or as a red shirt that gets blasted… it would be an honor and a privilege to volunteer my time and abilities for your effort. It would be a heck of a lot of fun.
– Kurtis

208. Rick James - February 19, 2008

125: You don’t have to use multiple monitors when using a modern operating system like Windows or OS X. You can switch between windows to see what is going on using only ONE monitor. However if you have multiple application windows open at the same time, switching between ALL of them can become a hassle. This is where having TWO or more monitors comes in handy. You can spread out all of the open application windows across the multiple monitors and be able to see more of what is going on at a glance. If one display was sufficient than why does a modern jet fighter, such as the F-22A Raptor, have multiple multifunction displays and a Heads Up Display? Or to use a Star Trek example, look at the TMP/TWOK bridge vs. the TOS bridge. The number of displays multiplied significantly between the two configurations. Information overload (compared to TOS) but yet our heroes never seemed to be bothered by this large number of displays during the movie era.

129: I guess you can still justify using Phase II material since it was “test filmed” at one point or another. I recall seeing, on some documentary, moving picture test footage of the Phase II Enterprise engine room set in operation.

150: Personally I like BSG: Enterprise more than Phase II Enterprise despite the TMP Enterprise being my favorite of the bunch. But be thankful I’m not in charge of the production :) Otherwise only the uniforms would look anything like TOS. I’d use the hand props (communicator, Type II phaser, tricorder) from Star Trek 3. The set design would be a hybrid of TMP/TWOK and TOS with more TMP/TWOK than TOS. Warp effects would be TMP/TWOK with rainbow lights. Just to be mean, I would bring back the original red alert klaxon from TMP with the annoying TMP voice shouting “Red Alert!” “Red Alert!” or my favorite “Negative control at helm” “Negative control at helm”. Compared to this, JJ are taking it easy and being very respectful.

160: Pockets are very handy. Where else would Hoshi keep her chapstick? (I imagine the relative humidity inside a starship is kept as low as possible as to not promote corrossion of all the electrics.)

174: Point taken. I have a turbo boost gauge on my car. It reads boost pressure in bars rather than PSI (which is what I’m used to). I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to translate bars into PSI. I just know where 0 is and above 0 is positive boost and below 0 is negative boost. From a distance this gauge looks like a useless appendage on my steering column. (Don’t look at me, the car came with this thing attached and I choose not to remove it.)

182: Good point IMO. Just because JC is doing Phase II doesn’t mean a classic TOS episode is out of the question. The old DC comics Star Trek would occassionally do stories set in the TOS era. I’m only guessing since I have not seen JC quoted along the lines of “there will never be any more new classic TOS episodes ever.”

86 and 107 and 188: LOL! How ironic. Both the TOS Purist and Stanky comment on JC’s Phase II and/or NV. Just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy.

209. Edith Keeler - February 19, 2008

If you folks are going to pay homage to the original Star Trek then at least get actors who can act on those wonderful sets and impressive special effects.

210. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

I’d be nice if people could read/respond to the positive things I say instead of just the negative…lol

And after looking into P2 I admit I was a little harsh at first and I made uninformed judgements. It doesn’t look so bad.

BUT…couldn’t the world use just a LITTLE bit more straight-up TOS?? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just a little tired of all this “updating” stuff…

211. Andy Patterson - February 19, 2008


Here’s a question – if you’re going to use Arex in upcoming episodes what have you planned for voice characterization? An area that really interests me. Doohan did his voice on the animated series and a whole slew of other voices. I just wondered what your thoughts were on that.

212. crazydaystrom - February 19, 2008

Mr. Cawley-

Man, you impress me! I actually agree for the most part with #192’s community theater comment, but like him I think what you’re doing is really cool. Keep on keepin’ on!

By the way I’ve never posted here or or anywhere ever before so this is a fifty year old/nine year old kid blown away by a guy with pointy ears, a hot-lipped :-) woman and a guy with silvery eyes levitating dixie a cup in the coolest ship in the stars…loosing his internet forum virginity.

My first ep was the original ’66 broadcast of ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ and have been Trekkin’ ever since.

Looking forward to Phase II and STzero!

213. Stanky McFibberich - February 19, 2008

re: 208 Superfreak Rick James
“Both the TOS Purist and Stanky comment on JC’s Phase II and/or NV. Just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy.”

Not sure what you are implying here, but I certainly was not slamming New Voyages or the Phase II aspect of it. I did say I wasn’t a HUGE fan of it, but that does not at all imply any major criticism, only that I am not ga-ga over it. Go back and read it.

214. I Love My Moogie - February 19, 2008

#209: “If you folks are going to pay homage to the original Star Trek then at least get actors who can act on those wonderful sets and impressive special effects”

James Crawley is giving us great new TOS episodes for free, I’m for one think what he’s doing is great. Even if the some of the acting isn’t Masterpiece Theater level, they do a great job & clearly enjoy & believe in this project. Plus—the guest stars are all top-notched Trek legends.

215. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

TOS Purist, I think that your comments are coming off WAY harsher than you intend, judging by the apparent surprise you show when people call you on them. If I may, your statements do tend to be quite polarizing and oftentimes pretty elitist. That’s going to raise hackles on the other folks in the room. And you have to admit, you did a real flip-flop in your first comments about James Cawley compared to after he answered you.

Might I suggest a little more diplomatic approach in your communications. Opinions are great, but they are no greater than anyone elses. Thoughtful listening is also a trait greatly admired by all your friends here at And I promise to keep my ears and mind open to what you have to say as long as you can respond in kind.

We could all use more TOS. I for one, would love more TAS and TNG. Or even some Exeter. Dennis?

216. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

#205 Edith that comment of yours was not very nice, True he’s not Shatner but acting wise he’s not bad, not at all. I don’t have an issue with him in the role of Kirk nor the other actors playing the parts which you seem to.

217. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008


I think that Edith is just a wee bit grouchy because in our timeline, she’s dead.

218. BorgDrone - February 19, 2008

#205 Edith Keeler (personally, you’re not fit to carry that great name):

What is your problem? What do you have against James? James is one awesome Elvis performer, and who are you to attack him personally?

What is it about James that you have to criticize his hair, his acting or even him as a person?

If you hate STNV, now P2 so much, or for that matter James, why can’t you just keep your comments to yourself? The old saying “If you haven’t got anything nice to see then don’t say it at all” applies here.

219. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2008


i dont know what your problem is but I suggest you skip future articles on Phase II…you clearly cannot be polite or even civil

220. BorgDrone - February 19, 2008

I meant “say” not “see”

221. James Heaney - Wowbagger - February 19, 2008

As a rule, I hate name changes. Just hate ’em. A lot.

So I was surprised to find that, by the end of the article, I was more pleased than annoyed. Introducing movie elements into STNV–er, STP2? Fan-tas-tic. I really love this production, and their strongest suit of many strengths is definitely in their ability to re-create (or, now, help create) the aesthetic feeling of the Original Series.


Now are you really going to make me change my habit of typing “STNV” to “STP2″? ;)

222. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

YAY!! I’ve been officially grouped with Stanky!! Party time, people!!

#215/THX-1138 – I hear and understand what you’re saying, and I’ve admitted that I was a little harsh. I still don’t think I did a 180 degree turnaround, though; my un-called for harshness continued after he replied to my posts.

I will make an attempt to tone down the expression of my Purist feelings, without actually decreasing the level of my Purism.

I appreciate your diplomatic approach, as well!!

Just a little curious, though; you wish we had MORE TNG?!?? I’m not saying that’s a stupid wish to have (it’s not) and I’m not dissing TNG (although I consider it non-canon), but let’s be honest here. Isn’t TNG the one show that we HAVE had enough of?? Let’s see, 176 episodes, 4 movies, 2 spin-offs, several computer/video games, and a fully-immersive RIDE / EXPERIENCE in Las Vegas. In the interests of avoiding a “comparative study” between two shows/fandoms, I won’t compare it to the bare bones of what we TOS fans have, although I will say it’s practically nothing. I do want to understand your position, though, so I sincerely do want to know why you think we could all use more TNG.

I guess I latched onto “New Voyages” too strongly, since it was the first real TOS-related film production made for us starved TOS fans, and I suppose I overreacted when I heard about the shift to Phase II, because I basically thought Cawley and New Voyages were “betraying” me and that they weren’t going to make any more TOS. I see that I’m [mostly] wrong now, but I’m still a little shook up.

223. Jon C - February 19, 2008

It’s gonna be fun seeing a TV style interpretation of Trek’s “Phase 2″ aspirations.
In a way it’s a bit of a treat.It’s a continuation of the TV vision instead of the drastic departure into major motion pictures that Trek took to capitalize on Star Wars’ success.
It’ll be cool to see if they update the style the way they were going to before it was turned into a movie series.Especially since Star Trek’s strength seemed to really thrive on low budget but highley imaginitive/visionary stories.

224. Edith Keeler - February 19, 2008

Wow you fanboys are thin skinned!

OK I get it now – if the words “Star Trek” preface something then quality is of second importance i.e. acting, writing, appearance, etc. Any thought of improvement is not welcome. So long as its about Star Trek then who cares about the rest.

Oh well. Just remember Shat’s sage advice – as offered on SNL – with regard to Star Trek fans …..

225. Garovorkin - February 19, 2008

#224 Edith so much sour grapes? Please at this point I don’t think I or anyone else here care what you think.

226. Buckaroohawk - February 19, 2008

Edith Keeler (#224),

Funny, throughout your myriad posts on New Voyages (in this and other threads), I don’t ever recall you making any suggestions regarding improvements. You just take cheap shots at the cast’s acting and Cawley’s hair, then you get defensive when you’re called out for being petty.

Considering how much time you’ve spent taking such shallow swipes at people who have done nothing at all to harm you, methinks that YOU are the one who should take heed of Mr. Shatner’s advice. The rest of us will be enjoying the next episode from Mr. Cawley and friends.

227. BorgDrone - February 19, 2008

#224 Keeler:

Personally, I think you’ve got it all wrong. Who are you anyway? Are you yourself a Star Trek fan, or do you just monitor this board and then look for ways to ridicule those of us who are?

Your quote about the words “Star Trek”prefacing something and quality being of second importance, is not true at all. Apparently YOU must think that the ONLY quality is found in television or professional productions?

There is plenty of Star Trek put out by the “professionals” that has stunk up the TV screen a time or 2. If you’ve watched NV at all, you would know that the acting, writing, appearance, FX and all manner of other things associated with the production have increased tremendously through each episode.

That’s why NV has the fan base that it has. That’s why James Cawley is admired and respected. What similar accomplishments can YOU boast of?

Is it that you hate Star Trek, or just men in general? As far as Shat’s advice, it would seem to me you need to follow it more than any of us, because it’s apparent that you need one.

228. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

Hey hey, let’s all lay off of Keeler. She has a right to her opinions, as well as a right to express them. We may not agree with her viewpoints, but that doesn’t really matter here.

I would personally like to hear more of [her?] feelings and opinions.

229. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

TOS Purist–” Isn’t TNG the one show that we HAVE had enough of?? Let’s see, 176 episodes, 4 movies, 2 spin-offs, several computer/video games, and a fully-immersive RIDE / EXPERIENCE in Las Vegas.”

Well, when you put it like that…..

OK, I just liked it (the series, not the movies) and when it was good, it was great! Feeling greedy and wanting more. So, if you don’t count the movies, the spin-offs, the video games (at which I am the world’s worst “gamer”) and the Experience (which I have not yet “experienced”), then it’s it’s not too much is it?

It’s like my wife says about my Enterprise collection and my Star Trek and science fiction prop and ship collection as a whole: When is it enough? Never!

230. Daoud - February 19, 2008

#228 Yes, but opinions are like… erm, anyway.

She has her illusions, and you have yours. Just because you find them enjoyable, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

What James and his colleagues has pulled off is nothing short of remarkable.

I was part of a group that made a 8 mm film-based Star Trek episode in 1980. It was hard as hell, and took about a year and a half to complete. And that was just a 50 min hour episode teleplay. We had an illuminated beachball for a planet, with a TMP model Enterprise attached to an AV cart rolling across large glass laid on the ground in front of a fixed camera. I backspace correc-typed on an IBM selectric upon overhead transparency roll to produce the credits. That was all cheap and not very high quality… whereas what they’re doing is impressive.

Period. Until critics show me something better that’s fan-produced, those “feelings and opinions” are again… well, everyone has one.

231. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

And Edith, you know I’m kidding, right? But you are dead.

232. Stanky McFibberich - February 19, 2008

re: 222. [The] TOS Purist – February 19, 2008
“YAY!! I’ve been officially grouped with Stanky!! Party time, people!!”

YAY!! I’ve been officially grouped with Purolator!! Party time, people!!

233. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

THX-1138 – I feel you there!! I can definately relate to your desire for some “real” TNG, especially if you feel a bit let-down by the lackluster TNG-related products. You should definately visit the Experience!! As a TNG fan, I know you’ll love it. The ride was a lot of fun, and even as a TOS Purist it was still pretty darn cool to walk the halls and visit the Bridge of the Enterprise-D (I used my TOS tricorder to take some readings along the way…i was dressed up in my TOS gear, you see).

Now, if only they’d make a TOS Experience…

Do you have a website or something similar where you showcase your science-fiction prop and ship collection?? Sounds impressive!!

234. Edith Keeler - February 19, 2008

#231 Silly boy – I am not dead – when STNV flew Enterprise through that big Guardian they threw off time ripples that hit Chicago and caused a water main to break and kept me from crossing the street. I am alive and am presently 120 years old – just the right age for a quickie with Shat.

235. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

Stanky…what’s a Purolator??

236. Anthony Pascale - February 19, 2008

Keeler you are done for this thread and final warning for trolling
comments to

237. I AM THX-1138 - February 19, 2008

TOS Purist

For years I have been dying to go. But, you know how it is with kids and all. If you get a chance, I understand the new Star Trek:The Tour has a original series bridge that is to die for. Anthony’s feature on it was breathtaking. I can’t wait to see it when it comes to the Seattle area. If you ever make it out this way (Ihave no idea where you are), hit the Science Fiction museum. The original captain’s chair awaits you. Along with Kirk and Spock’s original unis. Good Stuff.

238. Jeff Collinsworth - February 19, 2008

#231,,,so Edith you HAVE watched NV :)

239. Greg2600 - February 19, 2008

I have had a lot of interest in Phase II since reading the Reeves-Stevens book on the show, the only one written so far I think. Jon Povill provided most of the inside knowledge and he proved to be a tremendously creative and smart guy. Also worked on the first season of my favorite “other” show, Sliders.

240. chrispikeswheelchair - February 19, 2008

I think STNV, now ST Phase II is great & have since its’ inception but not thrilled about that Phase II Kirk tunic on James in the picture.

I have seen this pic a few times now & I believe it’s even an original from the show that never was but dosen’t hold a candle to the original TOS style tunic. Looking forward to how the show progresses now, new Sulu & Chekov to boot. Maybe Andy Bray is now getting a career bounce into a Monkees revival or TV show pilot….:) That’s a joke son…….he will be missed and so will Jon Lim.

241. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

THX-1138 – I just looked up that Star Trek: The Tour, and you’re right!! They DO have a TOS Bridge!! AND a replica of the Guardian of Forever!! Give me a few minutes to freak out, if you don’t mind. ;)

Seattle is quite a ways away from me (Reading, Pennsylvania), but I’ll definately add it to my list of places I NEED to visit!! The Science Fiction Museum sounds cool, and seeing the Original Captain’s Chair would be nothing short of seeing the Holy Grail!!

Btw THX, feel free to email me at, and we can trade MSN or AIM contact info.

Keep it real!!

242. lodownX - February 19, 2008

Blending New Voyages into Phase II / TMP era Trek is a great idea. GO Cawley. Can’t wait to see it.

243. RedStatesRule - February 19, 2008

So, Mr. Cawley ………… when do you move on to something different, something original that you can make money off of?

If this was hit on already, point me in that direction…
but it seems you and your crew have gathered enough experience to write an original film of your own, indepdently produce it and make some cash off of it.

This is a cool project you have going on but at what point do you say, we’ve learned so much from this venture that we have to try to do this profesionally …. or are you professionals, I was under the impression that you weren’t?

244. BorgDrone - February 19, 2008

#241 TOS–

You don’t have to go to Seattle, ST: The Tour will be coming to the Philly area. I’m not sure when, but if you go to the web site, it lists Philly as one of the cities it’s coming too!!

Reading is only a hop, skip and jump from there! Now you should really “freak out”!!!!

245. [The] TOS Purist - February 19, 2008

#244 – WOW, thanks!! I’d still have to travel to Seattle for the Science-Fiction Museum that THX was telling me about, but I can’t wait for the Tour to come to good ol’ Philly!! Thanks again for the info!! :D

*freaks out…again*

246. Mark T. - February 19, 2008

241 TOS

Not only do they HAVE those items, but you also get to have a picture taken with them! With the Guardian, you can just walk up behind and pose while a friend snaps your picture. The TOS bridge and command chair are an official photo stop and you have to pay for the print. Depending on how many are in your party, you have your choice of bridge stations to occupy. For the picture, they fill the unmanned stations with comped-in photos of the cast members. I just had to sit in the big chair while my wife took the communications station and “looked” at Spock’s rear end at the science station. While I thought it would be sort of cheesy, it was actually pretty damn cool! A definite Freak moment.

247. Finny - February 19, 2008

#129 – Gee, I wouldn’t mind sseeing M’Ress added,either :)

248. Battletrek - February 20, 2008

36. This is why I love early TNG, more than the rest of the series.

249. Stanky McFibberich - February 20, 2008

re: 235. [The] TOS Purist – February 19, 2008
“Stanky…what’s a Purolator??”

Purolator is a name synonymous with quality filtration throughout the world. From its humble beginnings in 1927 when a lampshade spawned the idea of a pleated filter (Purolator was the originator of the corrugated or pleated design), the company has evolved to offer a complete line of products for virtually all industrial sectors.

Or, it would be similar to the Terminator (only more pure).

250. WannaBeatle - February 20, 2008

So far James, I’ve been digging all the episodes a lot. I actually got a wee teary eyed on seeing an “older Kirk” in the pilot.

To quote someone else on here…you really do must make a couple of bucks doing Elvis. Any chance of coming out here and doing an Elvis?Beatle show with me (I’m one of the many Beatle tribute guys in LA–I’m the McCartney)????

251. diabolik - February 20, 2008

I think it would be gunny if Phase II met Elvis in Space… he was abducted by aliens who replaced him with a dead cloned body. But it plays out like the historical characters from “Savage Curtain,” in that it turns out he’s not really Elvis, only thinks he is.

James could play both Kirk and Elvis! What a great (and funny) episode it could be… but sad at the end also…

252. diabolik - February 20, 2008

And I meant “funny,” not “gunny.”

253. BorgDrone - February 20, 2008


Yeah, I can’t wait, I’m juiced about it too! I’m up near Harrisburg, and I’ve been watching for when they put the tickets on sale.

I wish you could get them now, but apparently, they only have them currently on sale for the city that they’re in. I forget the date too that it will be there, I’ll have to go back out to the web site and check. But it looks so SWEET!

254. Marian Ciobanu - February 20, 2008

-The new SCOTTY looks great..!!!

255. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

James I seem to recall reading that one of the scripts in phase 2 became the basis for the Vejur concept in star Trek the Motion picture i was wondering if phase 2 was going to deal with that at all. My memory on his could be wrong of course.

256. James Cawley - February 20, 2008

You are correct, The Phase II pilot “In Thy Image” was slightly re written and became TMP. No, we will not deal with that, as it is essentially TMP.

257. Edith Keeler - February 20, 2008

#238 – of course I watch STNV – I have said this before. And I enjoy the episodes – especially the one with Sulu and his daughter. I just ignore the bad acting when it gets in the way of an otherwise good story and SFX.

But that still does not excuse bad acting.

But alas, what do I know – I am a ST fan but I am also a troll – even if #251 did not get a warning from #219 ;-)

258. Andy Patterson - February 20, 2008

Okay three questions and I’m out. I’ll take my toys elsewhere. )For a while.)

259. James Cawley - February 20, 2008

Andy Patterson,
Sorry, I somehow missed your questions, My Apologies.
I have not given much thought to Arex, or How and If we might voice or play him. But, I certainly would like to find a way to include his character in the future. As to Lt. ILea, I would Love to find a way to work her in, but her introduction in TMP seems to be very clear, and it would be a violation of canon.

260. table10 - February 20, 2008

I haven’t had a chance to watch stnv yet, but I downloaded the episodes last night, and I plan to watch them this weekend.

I have a comment for James though, people seem to be against his initiative to connect TOS to TMP, which I understand, but im curious as to why he couldn’t, down the road, do both TOS and TMP.

Since it seems to me, James is a big fan, and wanted to fill in the gap of the original 5 year mission. Now while thats great, and people enjoy seeing that era again, the point of it from a fans perspective is to have the chance at seeing the old crew in new adventures.

But once James feels he has done enough episodes and has put a satisfying end to that mission, there is nothing stopping him from going ahead a few years and doing the second five year mission, post TMP.

It would be a change of scenery for the actors, and it would give fans a chance to see some more of the original crew.

261. Ian Watson - February 20, 2008

The name change is news to me, but that’s about it. (: I’ve been all for the introduction of Phase II elements. It’s the lost era of Star Trek, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it.

As to those people who were worried about the appearance of TMP clothes, James has said multiple times that he wants to end off the final episode of NV/Phase II with the crew of the Enterprise docking at a starbase for the refit, being handed their new “pyjama” uniforms, and *hating* them. So trust me, he’s on the ball here.

Elements from Phase II and TMP have already been working their way into the series, ’cause they’re sneaky. Check out the Cast and Crew page:

Look at the wall of the transporter behind Jeff Quinn. The “Caution: keep extremities inside the transporter pad, no smoking,” etc. sign is taken from TMP, I believe.

262. Dave Galanter - February 20, 2008

254, it’s the same Scotty in a different uniform.

263. James Cawley - February 20, 2008

Good Eye!

264. BorgDrone - February 20, 2008

#261 Ian

Actually, I think that was always there, even in TOS. I’ll have to check a couple of episodes to be sure. I know that STNV’s trek historian Greg could verify that.

Anyone else here have any idea?

265. star trackie - February 20, 2008

My problem is much of the design aesthetics of the motion picture and TOS are so radically different (due to different people behind the scenes creating the “look”) that, when you merge the two together it looks…well…rather odd.

Can you mix radically different styles and merge the movie era and TV era successfully and have it remain visually appealing? I guess we’ll find out, but as the short sleeve uniform and the TMP engineerying suit demonstrate, for my tastes anyway, it won’t be easy.

266. Jorg Sacul - February 20, 2008

In regard to ending TNV/Phase II in drydock- not only will that be a tearful episode for the crew of the ship…it will be so for your fans. I hope that you have at least 40 or 50 episodes lined up before that day!

While I’ve got your attention, I’ve got to say that your people’s design of the USS Copernicus is the most striking and excellent version I’ve seen of a TOS-era Miranda class ship. I’m working on making a model of it from the 22″ cutaway version AMT Enterprise kit… This will take some doing, but when I’m done, I’ll send pix.

Keep on Trekkin’!


267. Sam Belil - February 20, 2008

Hey Mr. Cawley —

Once again absolutely FABULOUS WORK!!!! Please keep it up, like I stated before, if Abrams and crew bring your passion into the equation then I know the movie will be in great hands. Question — when will see a “Reliant style” starship finally appear in an episode. I saw the video of it on YouTube and it looks great!!!!

268. James Cawley - February 20, 2008

The U.S.S. Copernicus a “RELIANT” Miranda Class ship will make it’s debut in David Gerrold’s “Blood And Fire”. The ship was designed by Jeff Hayes and Joel Bellucci. And Yes, It’s a thing of beauty!

269. [The] TOS Purist - February 20, 2008

So Stanks…is “purolator” a positive title, and are you really proud to be grouped with me??

#253 – Wow, we’ll have to link up when we’re at the Tour in Philly!! I wish I could buy advanced tickets now; I’m afraid it’ll be sold out before I can get in!! What will you wear when you visit?? I’ll be dressed in my TOS Security duds, just like for Vegas.

270. Redjac - February 20, 2008

Wow…just took a gander at that Reliant class ship from “Blood and Fire”…

Excellent work there, Daren! (I assume that’s yours…)

Can you do one of those scout class ships from the Tech Manual sometime? I’d love to see one of those!

271. BorgDrone - February 20, 2008


Whoa, hold up man.

I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet! As to what I would wear, well, while I am a fan, I’m not the uniform-wearing type of fan. Not to mention, that’s just a bit too personal at this point, and at first glance, just doesn’t look too good!

Hopefully, the tickets won’t be sold out, and I know that the tour runs for several weeks in each city. So hooking up is going to depend on which day you can get tickets and so forth.

As I said, I’m going to have to check the web site again to see when it is in the Philly area, and go from there.

272. Jorg Sacul - February 20, 2008

Here’s that gorgeous Copernicus footage..


273. [The] TOS Purist - February 20, 2008

#271 – Sorry, I didn’t think it was too personal, just from one crazy fan to another. XD

Either way, I hope you enjoy your time there!! My sister is going to wear her Romulan outfit, and we’re going to see if we can pose on the Bridge for the photo (Redshirt intercepts Romulan soldier!!). And the Guardian!! It’s going to rock.

Granted, they could use just a LITTLE bit more TOS stuff, especially since their TNG gear is basically just what they have at The Experience. But still, us TOS fans have learned to deal with the few crumbs and scraps we’re given like the starving dogs that we are…lol!!

274. Avindair - February 20, 2008

Having made this short little video:

…with a model of the Phase II Big E that my son knocked together in five hours on LightWave, I can’t help but be completely behind this project.

Good move, guys. :)

So…developing the scripts from the original Phase II bible, or doing something new?

275. Redjac - February 20, 2008

#272 — Daren’s work rocks my world. I mean, look at that! That doesn’t even look like CGI!

276. BorgDrone - February 20, 2008

TOS – 273

Hey, no sweat dude, I appreciate your enthusiasm.

As far as a “Little bit more TOS stuff”, you’ve got to remember, there wasn’t a whole lot left over after the TOS years.

I remember when I went down to the Smithsonian a number of year’s ago, and they had a lot of TOS stuff then, but it still wasn’t AS much. I remember they had the old Bridge Helm/Nav console, they had a replica of the Captain’s chair, not the original. So they actually didn’t have a full set mock-up then. So actually, you’re in much better shape than in previous year’s and previous tours that have been done.

It might not be the “original” 60’s bridge, but hey, at least they have one!

277. [The] TOS Purist - February 20, 2008

#276 – Yeah, you’re right that not much of TOS was left over; I don’t even think the Gorn or Salt Vampire costumes are still around.

But…I still wish they made more TOS stuff for fans. I mean, nothing at The Experience is original TNG stuff, but they have an AWESOME interactive ride, and the whole thing is set up TNG/DS9/VGR style…while they had NOTHING TOS-related there, save for a few costumes in a very small “museum.” We’ve had no proper TOS movies, no video games, no spin-offs, no rides, no nothing, save for an animated series and crappy new CGI effects (well, generally speaking they’re crappy). TOS fans have, for the most part, been completely and totally left out of the rain, and our show has been passed over in favor of the cheesy spin-offs like DS9/etc.

You wouldn’t believe the hostility I encountered at The Experience, me being all dressed up TOS style.

278. M33 - February 20, 2008

to be honest, the only thing that makes the classic enterprise bridge look dated is the coloring. Pike’s bridge had a color scheme that could fit into any era.

279. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

#278 I alway liked the look of Pike Bridge especially the Mini personal display consoles they had at the consoles. They retained them when they did the second pilot where not man has gone before and then they changed the look of the bridge to the familiar setup that we all know. I wish they had at least retained those displays.

280. Stanky McFibberich - February 20, 2008

re:269 Purolator

Proud? Sure, why not. I share much of your sentiment for the series.

And how could anyone encounter hostility for wearing the real deal garb?

281. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

#280 – Awesome!! Not only have I been grouped with The Stanky, but I’ve been christened by him!!! :D

I encountered hostility because I was dressed in a TOS outfit, and NOT a TNG one. I was wearing an “outdated” uniform, as a few people said, and wasn’t dressed “currently.” I mean, how DARE I wear a TOS Uniform to a TNG Experience??

282. BorgDrone - February 20, 2008

#278 & 279

I agree, I liked Pikes bridge too. However, remember I think that color scheme was used because I believe the pilot was filmed in B/W.

And then we know the rest of the story, the change to the final color scheme because of the wide-spread use of color TV’s. Or was it purchase of color TV’s? Anyway, the Pike bridge was a bit more “muted”, which I thought was appropriate for a Starfleet vessel. But neither was the color scheme of the bridge we know today all that bad, either, and beyond the 2 schemes, (Pikes/Kirks), I’m not sure what other colors they could have used.

I mean obviously, the color scheme of that day reflected popular color schemes of the time, just as on TNG, the colors of the late 80’s and early 90’s were reflected.

But I still think the classic bridge holds up.

#277 TOS:

Hey, man don’t be dissing the new CGI effects of the remastered series. Personally, I think they rock! As for the “Experience”, you gotta remember, that was what was on people’s radar at the time, the end of TNG, DS9 well underway. I’m sorry to hear you got flack though for being in your TOS duds. Personally, if anyone gave you flack for that, they’re not a real ST fan then. In my opinion, if you’re a fan, you should be able to at least embrace all the incarnations of Trek on some level. Now you weren’t giving any TNG dressed people issues were you?

283. Dr. Image - February 20, 2008

#278, 279
Yes. The Pike bridge was clean and very un-dated looking. It’s my fav.
Daren! That footage is GREAT! Your stuff has such “mass.”
And- that Phase II E is a real shock to the system, too. It gave me chills.

284. Doug - February 20, 2008

um, “The Cage” was not fimed, at least not primarily, in black & white. It was filmed in color. The only reason we saw portions in black and white was that supposedly the color version was cut to pieces to accomodate “the Menagerie.” Gene Roddenberry owned a black & white copy. Later on, if the story is true, a color copy of “The Cage” was discovered.

285. Doug - February 20, 2008

speaking of fan produced TREKs, I finally got to see “Of Gods and Men,” part I last night. They seem to have worked out the streaming kinks. It looks very intriguing. I look forward to part II and III! It is nicely done and has a ton of performing TREK alums.

I recommend it highly.

286. Michael Hall - February 20, 2008

“TOS fans have, for the most part, been completely and totally left out of the rain, and our show has been passed over in favor of the cheesy spin-offs like DS9/etc.”

Why do I suspect that it’s this snarky attitude towards the Trek spinoffs others happen to like, rather than the costume you were wearing, that got you into trouble? It’s been awhile, but I recall being at conventions that had folks dressed up in attire from all of the various Trek incarnations who somehow mingled without going to war with each other (hell, even the Klingons managed to behave themselves). Likewise, my visit to the Vegas Experience five or six years ago didn’t reveal anything but touristas and hardcore fans alike, there for nothing but the thrill of living in their favorite fictional universe for an hour or two.

You, on the other hand, were just this side of calling Jim Cawley a sellout because he had the temerity to say some positive things about Abrams’ film and run his own production the way he sees fit. I don’t know you, or wish to disrespect you in any way, but you might want to give that some thought.

287. The Doomsday Machine - February 20, 2008

One interesting thing is you can see the original Phase 2 “study model” in the Star Trek III spacedock scene, it is just to the left of the Enterprise. So i guess it makes that class of ship “canon”

Oh and #277 Cheesy is hardly a word that describes DS9

And c’mon HOSTILITY? They were probably just joking around, heck I bought a TOS uniform at The Experience and I love it!

288. Doug - February 20, 2008

Speaking of fan produced TREKs, I finally got to see “Of Gods and Men,” part I last night. They seem to have worked out the streaming kinks. It looks very intriguing. I look forward to part II and III! It is nicely done and has a ton of performing TREK alums.

I recommend it highly.


Mr. Crawley, I VERY much enjoy your film crew’s rendition of TOS! I remember the first time I saw them I had goose bumps!

I cannot wait to see David Gerrold’s “Fire and Blood!” Hopefully I will be able to view it while I am in Afghanistan ( head that way this Friday).

I like the other fan-produced TREKs, but yours is the Cadillac!

289. Doug - February 20, 2008

BTW, I liked the uniforms of ST:TMP. I thought they looked great. It just goes to show that all of us have our own tastes.

290. Redjac - February 20, 2008

That wasn’t the Star Trek P2 model. That was the Planet of the Titans study model that was designed by Ralph McQuarrie.

291. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

For those inquiring minds, no, I did not harass any TNG-dressed people or the actors who worked at The Experience. I just represented TOS to the best of my ability, and was about as enthusiastic about My Favorite Show as I could be, short of putting up a billboard saying I LOVE TOS AND TOS IS THE BEST EVER!!! lol!!

292. Doug - February 20, 2008

aaarrrggghhhh! When I first posted #285 it would not let me saying I was posting a duplicate message. What gives?

then when I tried again… arrgghhh #288 I posted what I thought would be a first posting… only to find my original posting…

My apologies everyone.

293. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

Hey, don’t worry about it, Doug; it happens to everyone. :D

294. Frehar - February 20, 2008

James (If you’re still here)

I’m sorry but I won’t be convinced until you do a margarine commercial, then one for Radio Shack. What have you got against the Commodore 64?

Seriously, I read one of your posts that demonstrated the enthusiasm you have for this gig. For some reason, probably associated with the appreciation of your productions to date, it’s great to see such cool things happening with you!

Thanks for the look back.

295. Daren Doc - February 20, 2008

Hey there Jorg, #272…

I have to say that, yes, that Copernicus footage isn’t mine… but I helped a little. That was done by the talented Joel Bellucci. I merely helped with some lighting tips… but he built the thing and did the shot. :)

Just giving credit where it’s due.

296. Falvoant - February 20, 2008

Hey Daren
I havent met you yet but I wanted you to know we apreciate all you do for P2
and you sure do a MEAN Gene Rodenberry Imaitation I got CHILLS!!!!


297. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

#291 while i agree TTOS is great and had a huge influence on both scif and society surely you don’t think its better series then say DS9. Star trek Ds9 had awesome writing and acting, when you greatest ever are discounting the achievements of all subsequet Trek incarnations including the new voyages?

298. JWM - February 20, 2008

I think that what everyone loses sight of in these “which series is the best” debates is how awesome it is that Star Trek has so many options/series for someone.

With my personality and personal likes, I lean toward DS9 because I think that the future of everyone living happily ever after would require a lot of work to get there – and DS9 showed that. I love TOS for its sheer pioneering genius. I love seasons 3-6 of TNG because it’s some of the best sci-fi writing in any medium and really dealt with some serious social issues, not just vagueries and rhetoric. Season 4 of ENT was perfect because it was what I wanted from that series the entire time to begin with, and was frustrated not to receive.

For someone else, hey, my preferences are idiotic choices that violate what they find sacrosanct.

My point – and I do have one! – is that regardless of what you think of New Voyages/Phase II as a whole, it represents that wonderful blossoming that defines Star Trek. Something for everyone.

299. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

#297 / Garovorkin:

I didn’t want to mention it before in order to avoid a “My Trek is better than yours” debate, but since you asked for my opinion, yes, I DO “surely think” that TOS was better than the travesty that was DS9. And when I said “Greatest ever,” you’re darn right I’m discounting the “achievements” of all subsequent Trek incarnations including New Voyages, because I don’t consider ANYTHING made past TOS to be canon (TOS movies are non-canon, TNG is non-canon, DS9 is non-canon, etc).

But that’s kind of what a Purist is. They don’t consider anything besides TOS to be valid or canon Star Trek, and since I’m a Purist, I definately have those beliefs.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their OWN opinions, and they’re allowed to like whatever Star Trek show they want to enjoy. Their opinions are just as valid as my Purist opinions. :D

300. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

# 299 Tos

No I don’t want get into shooting match on this one either because i suspect that both of us equally stubborn in our resolve, beliefs Knowledge and conviction and neither one of us give any ground to other Yeah ,this one would last forever probably cost millions of live and in the end nothing would be settled . So to be practical on this one lets agree to disagree.

301. Jabob Slatter - February 20, 2008


I’m very sorry you consider DSP a “travesty.” In my opinion it had some of the finest moments of all the Trek series. Like any ST series, it had many groaners, but I felt its grittier feel and aggressive storyline to be a nice change of pace from the much more positive atmospheres of TOS and TNG.

I realize that some purists, not all of them, aren’t enamored with its non-Roddenberrian approach. But since it was the first ST series not to have an Enterprise, it had the burden of differentiating itself from the more Roddenberrian approach of the first two series. In my opinion, it excelled in creating some of the most dense and complex storytelling of any science fiction series.

In short, It explored a strange new approach, it sought out new stories and new ways to tell them. It boldly went where no series had gone before.

302. Jabob Slatter - February 20, 2008

I won’t say the same for Voyager or Enterprise. Neither of them ever clicked with me, but I won’t attack them in respect of others’ likes and dislikes.

303. M33 - February 20, 2008

DS9 was the matured “Star Trek”. The Classic Series and DS9 are the ones I enjoyed most. However, for those who loved DS9, try Babylon 5 from beginning to end. Even more amazing than DS9, and I loved DS9. Heck, Babylon 5 was even created by many of the original writers of the Original Series.

304. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

#302 Jabob one last comment and im done for the night. What find intriguing about the purists is the fact that they wont acknowledge the next generation as Cannon even though it was created by the mad himself Roddenberry, the first 5 movies which i believe Roddenberry had some part in their production and to top that off I believe and I could be wrong on this one that He was alive while Ds9 was in the planning stages and I could be wrong on this one if so someone tell me, gave his blessing to DS9. Enterprise and voyage that is another issue all together. Purists in general seem to not want change from my standpoint ,it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. If Star trek never changes evolves or grows, the question is what is it? is it about the future or does it become stuck in the past and no longer relevant to the generations that will come after us.

305. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

#303 – Babylon 5 IS an amazing show; it was everything that DS9 tried to be, but failed to be (in my personal opinion), despite going against Roddenberry’s vision.

DS9 might have been a pretty good show…if it wasn’t a Star Trek show. As Star Trek, a show has certain standards it must meet and certain things it must be in order TO be Star Trek, and deviating from those things results in delivering a product that is not Star Trek.

Of course we can all agree to disagree, but I’m just voicing my opinion.

Boy, we’ve certainly gotten off-topic, haven’t we??

306. Jabob Slatter - February 20, 2008

To be back on topic for a moment, I’d like to tell James Cawley that while his production is not quite my cup of Trek, I’ve watched all of them, so that’s saying something. As a fan production it is a tremendous effort, and has jumped much in quality from the first episode. I might find things I don’t like about it, but I can’t help but appreciate the giant effort and the quality that is put into the production.

M33 – I have watched Bab 5 and loved seasons two, three and four. The story arc between Molari and G’Kar was absolutely Shakespearean. It was such fun to have that and DS9 on the air at the same time. It truly was a wealth of riches. How spoiled we were.

Garovorkin – I don’t have a problem with purists as long as they express their views as opinions, but they often seem quite hostile to the rest of us. It has made me act that way back, but no more. It is the kind of behavior that has made me visit this site much less frequently.


ps. please forgive me any typos. I am a writer, and am usually careful, except in this anonymous forum where I don’t have to give a dang. It is a nice change of pace.

307. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 20, 2008

#306 – Jabob Slatter

Rest assured that the only people I get hostile towards are those who I feel mess up Star Trek…but I’m certainly tolerant of other opinions. :D

Heck, I’m still being open-minded about Abram’s film.

308. The Doomsday Machine - February 20, 2008

Really? I got the info off Memory Alpha, could be they are mistaken then.

309. Ryan T. Riddle - February 20, 2008

I am really excited about this name change. I’ve been fascinated by Phase II since I read about it in a Starlog magazine back when TNG was in production. They called it the “Lost Generation.” I look forward to all the changes, especially in the exterior look of the Enterprise (love Jefferies’ refit version) and the addition of the P2 uniforms. The TOS uniforms that they have on display for the Star Trek Tour are, I believe, actually the P2 uniforms which they finished off with the braid from TMP and not TOS or P2. You can tell by the higher collar (similar to the collar already used by New Voyages, um Phase II) and the pants with the vent in the cuff.

Way to go James and company!

310. Alex Rosenzweig - February 20, 2008

General comment: The only real problem with the renaming, based on the responses here, is that folks think the erstwhile “New Voyages” team are going to be doing something much closer to what we’ve known as “Phase II” than apparently they really are. I like the idea of using the “Phase II” moniker, but I wonder if we’re seeing an example of brand confusion.

(OTOH, few enough folks remember what “Phase II” originally was that it might not be as big an issue in general as it seems among us hardcore types. ;) )

#122 – “I’ve seen computer network operation center (NOC) control rooms that look far more advanced than the TOS bridge set of the 1960s. These NOC control rooms have multiple work stations (each one with three or more monitors) and a wall of multiple monitors to keep an eye on traffic loads and status of the monitored network infrastructure. There is even a BIG screen on the middle of the wall of smaller monitor screens that shows something that is considered important for everyone in the room to see.”

Ironically, in many ways you’ve described the TOS bridge almost exactly. The “big change” that leaps the technological chasm is replacing the banks of winky-blinky displays with actual screens. At that point, all the outer ring stations have 9 (10 for Communications and Sciences) viewers each, of two different sizes, plenty of capability to display a wide variety of data. Turn the astrogator into a live monitor and possibly add small viewers in the helm/nav console, and you’re basically done. More ability to deliver information than anyone is going to need at that point. Beyond that, all the rest is very minor tweaking, and the TOS bridge can be as modern as anything we’ve seen since.

#129 – “Nor will I use the revisionist, re-numbering of the “connies” I will only use those from The Making of Star Trek and The Original Tech manual.”

Bless you, James, and thanks for that!

#269 – “#253 – Wow, we’ll have to link up when we’re at the Tour in Philly!!”

I’m in Central NJ, and I’m looking forward to catching the Tour in Philly or NYC…or both! :D

311. Yammer - February 20, 2008

Just saw “Worlds Enough And Time.” Great job. From the nerdish obsessive perfection of the set and gels on the lighting, to the terrific hard-sf/tragic plot that caught the essence of good Trek (i.e., it’s about making harsh decisions) to the touching performances…really impressive. The revamped site is good too, I was finally able to watch an episode in streaming media!

312. Garovorkin - February 21, 2008

One last point and then I am done with this article, after I got off line last night I started ask myself this question concerning the original trek, What is the point of re watching the original 79 episodes and what more can I get from viewing them? and the answer is nothing because it is a 40 year old show. No new episodes coming from there obviously. What will endlessly re watching the same old stuff give me? again nothing . The new voyage episodes are taking the original and are trying to create new stories and adventures and that to me has merit because in a way it helps keep the old in the realm of relevancy and that is a good thing.

313. BorgDrone - February 21, 2008

312 Garovorkin:

Well, personally, I’m not sure I agree that you get nothing from viewing the original 79. Sheer enjoyment and entertainment is what I receive when I watch them. Personally, you can make the same case for ANY show, not just Star Trek or any of its incarnations. I mean let’s face it, there are all sorts of “re-runs” in syndication for all kinds of shows. How many times have you sat down and watched a show that you’ve seen a hundred times before? (Not literally of course), but you know what I mean. If an episode was good, you can bet your starfleet boots you’re going to sit down and watch again. It’s the same with movies. Why market DVD’s of a movie you’ve already seen? Because they want you to watch it again.

For myself, I personally have enjoyed all the incarnations of Trek, some more than others. TOS will always be a favorite for me because I grew up with it in syndication. But unlike our buddy out here, TOS Purist, I feel all the other series have their merits, and you have to look at each one independent of the others. TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT all told excellent stories within the framework of the Star Trek universe, in my opinion. I feel to outright discount them as non-canon or as never having existed is just silly. But I digress, and as you said, we’ll have to agree to disagree with our friend, here, because we will never change his mind or opinion, nor do I think we should try.

Now, as for NV/P2, I feel that James has done something quite extraordinary. No one can deny, he’s created a lot of buzz over classic Trek, and personally I think Paramount is benefiting from that. Prior to NV, there’d been a lot of “talk” and rumors of the possibility of a return to classic Trek with those old familiar roles recast. But to many fans, the majority, that was unthinkable. Until NV.

Along comes James Cawley, and here he has the audacity to not only recast the roles, but to play Captain Kirk himself! “How dare he!” was the first reaction of many. And then something happened. The episodes got better and better. Not only did they get better, but top-notch guest stars signed up to be a part of the production, thus legitimizing the work James was doing and also giving some of our most beloved classic characters the chance to bring a depth to the part that was not seen even in the movie era.

Now, when James has to announce that a major role has to have been recast, (because let’s face it, all the actors are volunteers and sometimes they have to make choices based on what puts food on their table), what is heard is “how dare they!” How dare they leave, they were so good! James has built up quite a fan base and even many fans, like myself, who would never have considered seeing those roles recast, have come to accept and even embrace what James is doing. My point is this: Thanks to, in large part, James Cawley, we have seen a resurgence of Classic Trek, and will once again witness the return of James T. Kirk (allbeit not the original actor at this point) to the big screen. Slice it any way you want, but I feel that James and NV/P2 have had a lot to do with this.

I also feel that James has shown us that there are many more stories that can be told with regard to the classic crew. Who knows if Paramount would ever, because of fan outcry, have considered moving towards reviving classic Trek. If this movie is BIG, and I think it will be, I believe we will owe James a debt of gratitude for the revival of Classic Trek!

314. PYROBOY - February 21, 2008

I for one work closely to James. He is one that inspires people. He gives us the sets and the drive to make classic trek! we just bring our own individual talents in the mix and somthing wonderful happens!
Thanks James for the wonderful ride!

315. James Cawley - February 21, 2008

Thank You So Much for your Kind Words. You have made me feel Really, Terrific. Finally someone gets what I was trying to do all along!
Re-ignite interest in TOS, and those Wonderfull Characters!
To say that it is okay someone else embody them. The characters were and are Good enough that they can and should continue with new actors in new adventures. I sure would like to think that my producitons have had a major impact on Fans and Paramounts perception of Trek.
My Thank’s,
James Cawley

316. Michael Hall - February 21, 2008


My take on the issue: if Gene Roddenberry didn’t consider the possibility of the original classic characters someday being portrayed by different actors to be heresy, why should I?

Of course, back in the ’70s before TMP (or even Phase II) had been greenlighted, no one wanted to see the original cast replaced. Time (which, as Stephen King once noted, tends to “kick the shit out of people”) has moved on, though, for all of us. People can have legitimately different feelings about these issues, sure, and the one thing each poster here has in common is an intensely personal, unique connection to the universe Roddenberry created. If anything besides those original 79 shows or movies is ‘fake’ or ‘non-canon’ by definition in one’s book, by all means go with it. But I can’t help but feel genuinely sorry for those so caught up in the minutae of ‘canon’ or the aura of a particular actor that they couldn’t allow themselves to enjoy the great work you’ve managed to do, and that Abrams will hopefully deliver next year.

As Norman Spinrad wrote in “Child of Fortune,” the singers change, but the song goes on.

Thanks for all you do.

317. YUBinit - February 21, 2008

#66 This is true…

318. Harcourt Fenton Mudd - February 21, 2008

I have to agree with the comments about the horrible acting and hairpiece/bad hair on Mr. Cawley’s head. These things really distract from the stories being told. If Mr. Cawley really wanted to pay proper homage to Star Trek he’d get better actors to act out the lines in his otherwise very well-written and well-crafted (often stunning) visual presentations.

319. Ryan T. Riddle - February 21, 2008

“316. Michael Hall – February 21, 2008
My take on the issue: if Gene Roddenberry didn’t consider the possibility of the original classic characters someday being portrayed by different actors to be heresy, why should I?”

Pick up a copy of the Susan Sackett and Gene Roddenberry book on The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The last few pages make the prediction that Trek will continue in a future form, perhaps with the beloved characters recast likening them to James Bond, Superman and Sherlock Holmes. Since GR had a hand in that book, he knew that it was certainly a possibility. He did, however, state during the pre-production on “Star Trek: The First Adventure” (Bennett’s Trek VI) that only he could recast those roles. Of course, GR was prone to hyperbole from time to time especially when it came to his baby.

GR never came out and said it was heresy to recast those roles. Honestly, the time has come. Trek has moved into our collective consciousness as a culture. It no longer belongs to the actors who played those roles. The characters have grown beyond the actors, much in the same way Bond has outgrown Connery and the books it originated from. Or in the same way Superman has outgrown the comics and the various portrayals. They are bigger than themselves, and ready for new interpretations on those characters. In fact, I’ve been pleased with how NV (now PII) has treated them. I truly enjoy John Kelly’s McCoy, Jeff Quinn’s Spock and am glad that Cawley has finally made Kirk his own rather then trying to recreate what Shatner brought to the role.

I’m also glad that the departure of actors from Phase II allows other actors to bring their interpretation of those iconic characters to the table.

320. YUBinit - February 21, 2008

Ryan… good points all. But consider all those examples you sited originated in illustrated or written media. TOS was born in the visual media of TV with those actors portraying those characters.

There was nothing predating TOS to argue an interpretation of the source material.

321. YUBinit - February 21, 2008

And I’d also like to say that any change or interpretation diverging from TOS I will completely enjoy from Cawley for the simple reason this man loves this stuff, and does it through true fandom and passion.

He’s not getting rich doing this, so in my opinion his integrity outweighs to the 10th power what Paramount is doing.

322. trp - February 21, 2008

While the initial splash that New Voyages made centered on the excruciatingly beautiful detail of sets, props and costumes, Star Trek has always been about people and the stories. Something extraordinary happened to me when I read D.C. Fontana’s script “To Serve All My Days” the first time–I heard the voices of Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan, and, of course, especially Koenig, in my mind as I read it–it WAS Star Trek.

Then, something even more extraordinary happened when I read the script “World Enough and Time” by Marc Zicree and Michael Reeves. When I read Kirk’s lines, I heard Cawley, Spock–Quinn, Scotty–Root, but, of course Sulu was easy. Lim and Takei sounded so similar anyway.

Point is, the story telling had become so good, that our actors are what my mind heard as I read–not the originals. Star Trek is alive here at Phase II, not because the Enterprise looks the way it does, or because the paint colors are exactly right or the sound effects are so exacting–its because the stories are right and the performances are formidable.

Phase II will do nothing but continue to deliver Star Trek the way we’ve always known it–compelling stories about good people in fantastic situations and incredible places facing challenges and dilemmas that show how mankind triumphs over the negativity and pettiness we find ourselves inmeshed in today.

Star Trek did not stop being Star Trek when Kirk blew up the Enterprise–it kept right on going aboard a Bird-of-prey, because the Trek–the human adventure–was carried aboard her.

The incredible thing about James is that he has a knack for choosing and INSISTING on stories that are worthy of being told in the Trek universe. James Cawley will continue to deliver this Trek from whatever ‘stage’ the good stories we find take us to.

Set your minds at ease and enjoy the ride. Trek continues thanks to the human adventure James Cawley has involved me and so many other contributors in and we bring to you. It just goes to prove, Going Bold hasn’t gotten Old.



323. Michael Hall - February 21, 2008

“Pick up a copy of the Susan Sackett and Gene Roddenberry book on The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. “

Yes, that’s exactly the source I had in mind when I stated that Roddenberry would be accepting of recasting–at least, at some future date when the original actors could no longer convincingly play those roles.

(He also was given to speculate that it was very likely his hypothetical future producer of Trek would do things that would completely blow his version away. So much for the one-dimensional image of the control freak who never thought anyone could have a constructive idea about Star Trek but himself.)

“There was nothing predating TOS to argue an interpretation of the source material.”

True. So it’s not exactly an equivalent situation to a new take on, say, Batman, James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. But in the end, so what? In both cases either you can buy into the new interpretation, or not.

“He’s not getting rich doing this, so in my opinion his integrity outweighs to the 10th power what Paramount is doing.”

If by “Paramount” you mean J.J. Abrams, there is something you may have overlooked: he’s not “getting rich” off of Star Trek either, because he already IS rich. Any project he takes on at this point is by choice and a labor of love, at least to some extent. So in that sense his relationship to Trek (at least this film) isn’t all that different from Cawley’s.

324. James Cawley - February 21, 2008

J.J. Abrams is an ARTIST, and Please make no mistake about it.
No matter what project he takes on, his name is on it, and He wants it to be Good, and works his you know what off to make it the absolute best he can. His approach to Trek, will be no different, He is working to make it the best he can. I am Thankfull for the kind of artist he is, and what he is doing for all of us.
James Cawley

325. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 21, 2008

Somewhat off-topic, but I am curious as to why Mr. Cawley types using such poor grammar and spelling.

No, I’m NOT blasting him for that or holding it against him; I just think it’s rather strange that a professional 41-year old man like him would use words like “thankfull,” make an excessive use of commas, or capitalize the wrong words mid-sentance.

Just something that was bugging me at the back of my mind…maybe it’s some kid trying to pose as Cawley??

326. YUBinit - February 21, 2008

Well the project is a green light by Paramount that owns the rights, and calls the shots. So JJ brought into it is still not the sole dictator as to what happens, albeit given the creative freedom up to a point. Certainly as director his name is and will be forefront and held accountable in the minds of most viewers.

James… from my previous statement and up most respect and admiration in what your doing… from your statement ALONE I begin to ease my opinion on the thing. Perhaps I’ll give it a chance. (It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t at least curious).

But it’s a hard thing for me to let go. I began watching TOS as it was originally aired when I was 2. I STILL remember seeing it with those young eyes. For me TOS was my Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. :)

327. Michael Hall - February 21, 2008

“Purist,” your posts often remind me of what someone once observed about Livia Soprano at her funeral: “No interlocutor.”

In other words (and I mean this as kindly as possible), please try to consider what you write before you start typing. Grow up.

328. James Cawley - February 21, 2008

I can’t type!!! and I suck with computers!!!!

329. Alex Rosenzweig - February 21, 2008

#328 – James, I think you do plenty well enough to get your points across. :)

I’ll add my voice to those who can credit “New Voyages” with making me much more open to recasting the TOS characters. Before you started, James, I really was having a hard time thinking it could work. But you and your fellow actors made it work for me, so much so that I now have no real trouble imagining that new faces in the feature film could also work. So thank you for that, and for really making it feel like Classic Trek could live and grow again, in its original form.

And it was real nice getting to see you again at Farpoint.

330. [The] TOS Purist - February 21, 2008

LOL It’s cool Mr. Cawley, I just thought it was kind of strange. AND I wanted to make sure that someone wasn’t trying to impersonate you…

I hear you’re really good at Elvis impersonation, though, and I guess that talent more than makes up for it!!

331. Jabob Slatter - February 21, 2008

TOS – There is no reason to point out the things you do. I’m a professional writer and editor but in this forum I don’t give a damn about my spelling or punctuation. What possible reason would you have to point out Mr. Cawley’s writing style in a negative light?

You should stop posting. You have nothing worthwhile to say. Go outside and play, make some friends.

I now leave this discussion. Be well everybody.

332. Harcourt Fenton Mudd - February 21, 2008

#331 says “I’m a professional writer and editor but in this forum I don’t give a damn about my spelling or punctuation.”

Then you are not a “professional”.

333. Garovorkin - February 21, 2008

#313 well maybe not my last comment.Borgdrone , those are some good points. The truth is I do occasionally watch reruns but not nearly as much as i once did. With me its a just that Ive seen these episodes so many times that the interest is just not there anymore. understand that Im not disrespecting the original series or your point of view on this,i grew up watching it as well and have seen the episodes numerous times, after a while it just gets old. thats all. The New voyages I don t have an Issue with because its taking the old and telling new stories and for me that works.

334. Frehar - February 22, 2008

328. James Cawley – February 21, 2008
I can’t type!!! and I suck with computers!!!!
Something else you have in common with William Shatner!

335. Jorg Sacul - February 22, 2008

328. James Cawley – February 21, 2008
I can’t type!!! and I suck with computers!!!!
Something else you have in common with William Shatner!
I get the feeling James isn’t here to win the spelling bee. I’m thankful he posts here (as well as the other people who are involved in Trek, at whatever level). Not that I apologize for his hideous spelling and grammar ;-)

Something else I’m thankful for: 99% of the postings here have the spelling of “canon” correct. If you’re ever unsure, just remember my old mnemonic: CANON is a set of beliefs or facts, CANNON is a big freakin’ gun, or a big freakin’ detective. (That shows my age!!)

To any of the ST-Phase II folks… what happened to the New Voyages Myspace page? Did you delete it to update the name?

336. Ripper - February 22, 2008

There was no OFFICIAL New Voyages MySpace Page. I can say this for sure since its been discussed on the Phase II forums.

So if the page is gone its been removed for “Copyright Violations”.

337. Jorg Sacul - February 22, 2008

Bummer. It was well made, a nice page. I guess this begs the question, then…

Will there be an official STAR TREK PHASE II page on Myspace? You’ve got a lot of fans who’d love to see it. Not to conflict with the official site, of course, just another spot on the web for fans to check out.

338. Frehar - February 22, 2008

335. Jorg Sacul – February 22, 2008

Now if only people could get their/they’re/there right.

Or should I word that as: If only people would get their there’s right?

I think most typos are because we are in a forum typing and posting quickly. I don’t think it’s something to worry about much (especially since I make my share of mistakes!)

339. Jorg Sacul - February 22, 2008


There is a tendency for “their kind” to get uppity when they’re wrong. Often, too many typists tend to type with two left fingers. They argue canon like a cannon, and we’re all wishing it’s their ramblings they’d be cannin’. They’re the same ones who pore over every frame of every episode, and then pour out their rants on the poor readers of the forum.


And you’re right- we’re all rabid e-conversationalists, dying to get our 2 cents onto the board with little regard for the shameless violation of the language we may commit. I hope to the Great Bird that we keep the fervor going, this is a great community here.

So, yeah. Back to the topic.. Phase II. I’m stoked. Bring it on! And don’t be shy about showing us teaser pix. We can handle it!

340. TonyD - February 23, 2008

I’d never seen any of James Cawley’s Trek episodes prior to reading about them here on

I DL’d In Harm’s Way (I’m trying to take them in order) and piped to my TV thru my Xbox 360. In short, really good and fun stuff. The narrative was a little shaky at times and the deus-ex-machina appearance of the 1701-A near the end was a little over the top but overall, a really nice effort with some good acting and really good production values. I couldn’t help but smile at all the references to the original show and how events therefrom were fleshed out and expanded upon. Far more well done and entertaining than about 99% of what shows up on network television these days. Really looking forward to checking out more episodes going forward. Great work James, keep it up!

341. Falvoant - February 24, 2008

You aint seeen nothin yet!

342. Evan Felgerkarb - January 11, 2009

Those Butt-Bangin’ boys from Starfleet!

This is just sad. The latest episode from ST:P2, “Blood and Fire” involves a “Regulan Blood Worm” infestation as a stand-in for AIDS, and prominently features Peter Kirk (Capt. Kirk’s nephew) as a homosexual crewmember. They have even filmed an offensive scene where a crewmember grinds his pelvis against Kirk’s butt. Whatever interest I may have had in this serious just slipped away…. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.