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Interview: Trek Remastered Producers + Preview Images From “Operation — Annihilate” February 20, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,TOS Remastered,TOS-R Preview , trackback

EXCLUSIVE: A couple of weeks ago talked to the producers of the Star Trek Remastered project about the "The Ultimate Computer," their big episode for February sweeps. We now continue the conversation with the trio, talking about the project as a whole, fan reaction, surprises and what they would do differently if they had the chance. We also have some preview images for this weekend’s episode "Operation — Annihilate!".  


TREKMOVIE.COM: How far along are you guys into the project and when do you think it will be finished?

DAVE ROSSI:  We’re well into the third season, and we expect to be finished with the effects work this spring.  The remastered episodes will continue to premiere in syndication for the rest of the season.  Including “Operation — Annihilate!” this week!

MIKE OKUDA:  Most series these days do around 22 episodes per year – or less.  But we’re premiering 40 newly-remastered episodes of the original Star Trek this season.  Set your TiVOs!

Denevan colonist gets a little too much sun,
from the remastered "Operation — Annihilate!" (click to enlarge)


TREKMOVIE.COM: After completing so much and following so much of the fan reaction, how do you think the project has gone?

DENISE OKUDA:  We’re obviously happy with the episodes and with the fan reaction.  We knew, going in, that there’s no way to please everyone – but I think that once fans realized that we respect Star Trek as much as they do, they loosened up a lot and just started enjoying the episodes.

DAVE:  For me, it’s about young kids out there who don’t understand the “charm” of the original effects.  I have a friend’s 10 year old (and his dad too!) who used to laugh at Captain Kirk because he couldn’t get past the bad matte lines.  Now we watch those episodes together and he’s digging it.


TREKMOVIE.COM: What has been the biggest surprise along the way?

DAVE:  I think one of the biggest surprises was when we all took the “Which Super Villain are you?” test on-line, and Niel Wray [visual effects supervisor] turned out to be Venom! He always did creep me out!

MIKE:  Yeah, it made us a lot more careful the next time we wanted to ask him to revise a shot.

New shots of Enterprise dropping a satellite
from "Operation — Annihilate!" (click to enlarge)

TREKMOVIE.COM: Early on in the project it seems you guys were trying to go ‘shot for shot’ but eventually you started to evolve and do new angles and new takes on things…was this a conscious change or did it just evolve?

DAVE:  Our plan was always to start very closely to the original, then to keep it interesting by creating more variations as we went on.  We knew that many fans would be understandably skeptical of new effects, especially at the beginning.  That’s why we wanted to demonstrate our respect for the original material.  But we also wanted to introduce some variety that the original series couldn’t afford and to give the show a little more of the scope and drama that the stories demanded. 

MIKE:  We usually try to do the same thing within most episodes.  A typical episode starts out with a couple of orbit shots, which are usually the same stock ship shots.  Oftentimes, we’ll use the same camera angles as the originals for those early shots.  Later in the episode, if we cut back to see the ship in orbit, we’ll usually mix it up by using different shots from different angles. 

DENISE:  Gene Roddenberry called the Enterprise the “home base” of the series.  He felt it was really important that the audience be comfortable with the starship, to feel that it was their home-away-from-home in the vastness of space.  We try to use the familiarity of the original camera angles to help maintain that “home base” feeling.  But the new shots help keep the ship fresh and interesting.

DAVE: In the original version of the series, they had about a dozen basic ship shots that were used over and over and over again.  Now, CBS Digital has over a hundred stock shots to choose from and the work continues.

Another often repeated stock shot bites the dust, replaced with a new shot
from "Operation — Annihilate!" (click to enlarge)


TREKMOVIE.COM: You guys have gone out of your way to make the planets more realistic and ‘Earth-like’ and many of them look great. However, some feel that you guys are taking the ‘strange’ out of ‘strange new worlds’…do you feel that is a fair critique? And can we expect to see some really ‘strange’ new worlds coming up?

MIKE:  Fair question.  We know a lot more about real planets in 2008 than they did in 1966.  Back then, we hadn’t seen Jupiter, or Saturn, or Neptune, or any of their moons close-up.  We hadn’t even landed on the Moon or seen the Earth as the big blue marble in space.  Now, the general public has seen a lot more of these planets than any scientist back in the 1960s.  I think if we had slavishly maintained the original planet styles we would have hurt the show’s believability, because people know better now.

DENISE:  That’s not to say that we’re being scientifically obsessive.  We’re storytellers.  We want our artistic decisions to be informed by science, but Job One is to provide an exciting, credible background for the adventures of Kirk and company. 

DAVE:  It all depends on the story.  When the script calls for an Earthlike planet, we’ll do that.  But we definitely try to make the planets strange and fun, especially the non-Earthlike worlds.  Max Gabl, who is an amazing matte artist, has painted a lot of our planets.  I think he has done a wonderful job of making our Class-M planets look believably Earth-like, and our non-Class-M planets look suitably inhospitable.  And even a little weird.

Deneva, another world that is now a little less strange,
 from "Operation — Annihilate!" (click to enlarge)


TREKMOVIE.COM: If you had the chance to do it all over again…what would you do differently (if anything)?

DENISE:  Whenever you work on a big, complicated project, you always learn a lot.  What we would do differently would also depend on the requirements and circumstances of doing it again.  But the main thing I would change would be to reschedule the Monday evening meetings at CBS so I wouldn’t miss Monday Night Football!


Images courtesy of CBS, taken from Star Trek Remastered Season 1 HD DVD


1. M-BETA - February 20, 2008

first – looks cool.

2. FishDS9 - February 20, 2008

I wish they could “remaster” the flying pancakes.

3. Redjac - February 20, 2008

Very video gamey. I truly hate to say it, but I am going to call it as I see it.

Come on, guys! You can even see the polygons (flat edges) on the Enteprise on the pic with the probe coming out of the bottom of the secondary hull!

Where’s the detail?

Man, there are times when CBS-Ds work looks pretty good, but again…Daren’s work is MUCH better.

4. JimJ - February 20, 2008

Too bad this interview wasn’t done after the HD-DVD stuff hit the fan. Would be interesting to get their “take” on it PLUS the future of remastered DVD sets.

5. Redjac - February 20, 2008

Forgot to say…can we get some NEW planets???

I think I’ve seen Deneva in about ten episodes.

Come on, guys…

6. JimJ - February 20, 2008

As much as i like Daren’s work, can you people please just get off that kick? It’s getting to be pathetic! Go watch PHASE2

7. zan - February 20, 2008


8. JL - February 20, 2008

I’m very torn about all of this. I’ve seen still shots and several of the reimagined TOS episodes.

On one hand, some of the shots do indeed look better while maintaining believability. On the other hand, I feel strongly that some of the “charm” has been invariably sucked out. The original starfields were grainy, sure. But look at the new shots – there is an undeniable loss of color… a loss of vibrance… and life. I guess I enjoy a variety in the color palette of the starfields we are used to seeing. Now, it all looks pretty soulless. Not the end of the world, that’s just how I see it.

9. JimJ - February 20, 2008

Frankly, I think a lot of the reason why tey did the effects “in house” were due to the exclusive deal they had with the Hd-DVD industry. It’s looking that way now, to me at least.

10. Redjac - February 20, 2008

#6 — Um no.

When I see great work, I am going to say so. Would you do any different?

Anyway, moving along…just don’t tell others what to post about.

That’s all I have to say.

11. boJac - February 20, 2008

Oh boy! Me and my cat are totally gonna watch Operation-Annihilate! this weekend. We love that episode!

12. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2008

Your pussycat likes certain episodes of Trek?

13. Noleuser is now Morn Speaks - February 20, 2008

I’ve asked this question before, and I’ll ask it again. Will there be another edition of the STAR TREK CHRONOLOGY?!?!

14. JL - February 20, 2008

And yeah, #3, that’s what I’ve been saying as well. And I’ll say it again: The E in particular looks very much like it came from a CG-rendered video game cinema (the stuff you see in-between levels). Okay, maybe the original physical model appears a bit hokey, grainy, etc – but as far as I’m concerned, this new stuff just does not – look – real.

15. Garovorkin - February 20, 2008

operation annihilate is a favorite of mine and overall a good scif story with a little bit of horror mixed . There is more then a few elements that they could improve upon namely the alien creature which looked like flying plastic cow flop. one of the crew upon viewing the alien menace on the floor said “sir it doesnt look real.” not the sort dialogue you want when your special efffect budget is shoestring i hope they gave the aliens some much needed updating. the episode itself. other this the episode itslef is one of treks better ones.

16. Redjac - February 20, 2008

#8, 14 —

I think what we’re missing in those starfields is the layered look that the original ones had. There was nearly always a multi-plane effect with the old starfields — some of those planes moving slower or faster than others. Anyway, it gave them a lot of depth that the new ones only occasionally show.

Every now and then CBS-D has a shot that makes me go “COOL!!”…but almost every one that does that there’s another that causes a groan.

Still, I am glad they made the effort to redo these visuals. I do look forward to seeing them every weekend. There will be a void when these finish their run.

17. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 20, 2008

Cool , keep em’ coming guys, we’ll keep tuning in each week!

18. Pumpkin - February 20, 2008

I’ve watched the ‘new’ episodes to see how they do things and what changes they make, but if I’m going to watch ST, I prefer the way the episodes were originally done. I *love* seeing *real* models in shows and movies.

I hate the overuse of CGI that is so rampant in the industry now. It looks horrible. In many cases where models would have been used in the past, the answer seems to be “Oh, no! Use those computers instead!” and the result is horribly cartoony.

I’d rather see a model on par with the Liberator rather than the cartoon stuff. I would rather have things left to my imagination, rather than have this obvious mix of cartoon and reality.

19. JimJ - February 20, 2008

I’m not saying what people should post about. I love Daren’s work and there a things I love about CBS Digital’s, and things I hate. What I am saying is…this project is almost over and some of you are still calling (implied or otherwise) for Daren to be doing this. Or, comparing his work to theirs. That’s like comparing James Cawley to JJ. Abrams. Both do fine work at times, with merit…but one is in the driver’s seat of the franchise at the moment, and the other is doing things for the love of it. Both are doing worthy things, but I seriously doubt many are going to say (after seeing Star Trek in May 2009), Abrams sucks, Cawley’s work is better. Sorry if I offended anyone.

20. Barry - February 20, 2008

I’m so glad I have my original box sets of the the series unaltered.
Those episodes are like old friends and the altered ones just look wrong.
I’ll be glad when this “let’s fix everything in the world with CGI” attitude has passed (if ever).

21. CmdrR - February 20, 2008

OK — still reading, but I’m gonna get this in before the hit count goes sky high.
I LIKE REALISTIC planets. Roddenberry stuck mostly to Class M for a reason — because we’d meet strange new civilizations we could relate to. Besides, the groovy planets of the 60’s looked way outta date even by the early eps of TNG.

Anyway — this looks really cool!

22. Kevin - February 20, 2008

Meh. Personally I see the whole thing as having so many missed opportunities. Very little sprucing up of sets and matte paintings to add scale and believability. Phasers and computer displays untouched completely taking you out of the moment. Even the space battles were boring due to the limited time allowed by the original FX/ musical timing.

Personally I like the new planets. The scale is rarely right when compared to the Enterprise, but the look of the planets works just fine for me.

Overall, I’d say if they were looking to bring in a new audience and appeal to any 10 year olds forget it. They paid too much attention to being overly faithful for the old fans; they left too much alone. The painted lines for phasers needed changed in the space shots, so they needed changed coming from the hand phasers. A 10 year old also knows when a strange new world is just a soundstage with colored backdrop.

That 10 year old isn’t just still laughing, he’s wondering why the space shots look modern and the rest doesn’t.

23. T Negative - February 20, 2008

I am happy with the work they have done, but they have not done enough in my opinion. The time and budget constraints that Paramount put them under is unacceptable for a project of this importance.

I will say the Enterprise has never looked better IMO. These people that bitch about how the E looks in these SD photos and screen captures do not make any sense. Look at it in HD and then judge.

In HD the ship looks perfect, especially with the newer model they used starting with Tribbles. In some shots I am actually stunned how good it looks. That said, Balance of Terror should have been re-done. The E looks horrible in that episode.

24. Batts - February 20, 2008

For all of us that have the remastered box set, I still am not totally moved with the earth like planet. We have already seen it too much!!! The only thing cool in this episode is the satellite drop!! Well done! I would really hope they will give the cage an extra special touch. For example, since TREK is our future. The bit where the keeper probes the ships computers you get what happened back in the 1960’s current events! Lets use the Iraqi War, Quick images of 9/11, space shuttle disasters, presidents deaths and so on. Could somewhat out there tell me what you think of that?? Also we never get to SEE the Enterprise do anything! I think a shot of them assuming orbit of Talos IV quickly instead of that planet RUSHING to them!! I dont mean to offend any sensitivities, especially with 9/11. But it is now earth history.

25. boJac - February 20, 2008


Yeah, his favorite epsidoes are (Ironically enough) Catspaw, Balance of Terror, and The Enterprise Incident. He’s got a thing for Romulans.

(Almost) Every staurday since he was born we watch an episode of Star Trek. He perks up whenever I say “Star Trek!”. And one weekend, when it wasn’t on because of football, he came up to me when it was supposed to start and started meowing. When I told him it wasn’t on he walked away dejectedly and refused to let me pet him for the rest of the week. I made it up to him though, we had a marathon the following week.

I’m totally serious! Captain Kirk’s namesake LOVES Star Trek!

26. Batts - February 20, 2008

Also maybe a behind the scenes featurette

27. Spocko - February 20, 2008

I thought that was going to try to get remastered previews for these episodes. What ever happened to that?

28. Webomatica - February 20, 2008

Definitely one of my favorite episodes, really neat how Spock seems blind at the end.

29. Doug - February 20, 2008

#13: “I’ve asked this question before, and I’ll ask it again. Will there be another edition of the STAR TREK CHRONOLOGY?!?!”

I am not in the know, but I can say that unless ‘Star Trek’ becomes hot again, it’s not all that likely.

I’d like to see an ‘NX-01 Enterprise Companion’ and an updated ‘Star Trek Encyclopedia’ that takes into account what we know about Captain Archer’s time. Sadly, I am not holding my breath.

That said, we all know TREK isn’t the hot property it was back in the mid 1980s. Hopefully, the movie will re-energize and excite the fan base into a buying mood again.

30. Doug - February 20, 2008

To Denise, Mike and Dave: I enjoy the new CGI footage, but I hope you can guys take more time to more fully execute your renderings. Overall, I think all of the effects are well placed, well thought out and executed, but on occasion I feel they are a bit too cartoonish.

It’s been great seeing some new ships (the freighters, for example).

Someone mentioned altering the charm of the original shots. I have to agree to a small degree. I sometimes feel the scale of the Enterprise is lost in CGI (don’t feel bad, I think the same thing about the Enterprise E in CGI). There is something missing.. not sure what, but to me, CGI just doesn’t seem to have the same 3D feel.

Okay I admit it, I prefer models… and again, I am not picking on you guys. Lucasfilm sold their model shop a few years back giving preference to CGI; this saddens me greatly (and stock in model companies has surely plummeted now that no one is canabalizing their kits anymore). :-D

I applaud the hard work you’ve done. Has any word been given on what’s to happen to the TOS DVDs now that HD-DVD has been all but declared dead?

31. Scott - February 20, 2008

Duck and run Spock!

32. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 20, 2008

Too bad there wasn’t any up close battle damage in “The Ultimate Computer.” They missed the boat on that one. Unless the syndicated cut doesn’t tell us everything.

33. Ensign Ricky - February 20, 2008

Just wondering, for any of the Canadians here….do any of you get the remastered episodes? If so, where?

34. S. John Ross - February 20, 2008

Is it now canon that Deneva doesn’t look cool from space anymore?

35. Doug - February 20, 2008


I agree with you Jeffrey.

I was hoping to see something akin to the damage that we saw of the USS Constellation in “The Doomsday Machine.”

36. Tassieboy - February 20, 2008

Personally, I find that it is a realistic-looking planet that gives me a sense of awe.

A plastic light buld with some land and sea painted on it does not evoke in me the sense of a “strange new world”

37. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2008


Nothing being shown as far as I know…………

38. Captain Pike - February 20, 2008

I’m in Vancouver and I see them on cable from stations in Tacoma and L.A.

TOS-R. I am ambivalent. Was it everything I could have hoped for? The color restoration was great. Most of the new fx were good. The new mattes were very cool. The new ships in Space Seed and Charlie X were memorable. Tholian Web was disappointing. Ultimate Computer would have been better with one or two different ships types Overall the syndication edits sucked.

But I’m glad they did it and I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Thanks Denise Dave and Michael and your team.

39. sean's clone - February 20, 2008

It’s nice to get some insight from the Okudas on the TOS-R effort. This may be an unfair criticism. but I felt like they were being a little too smug. Those cracks about Monday night football and the villain test were a little annoying, not to mention that they just ignored the questions altogether.

Did this bother anyone else?

40. steve623 - February 20, 2008

I continue to be baffled and amazed that people blame the syndication edits on the TOS-R people or use the edits as a criticism of the whole remastering project. I’m sure they’d prefer their work be broadcast unedited as well and they have no more control over the necessity of the episodes being edited than they have for the commercials shown during the act breaks. Criticize their work, yes, but don’t blame them for something they have no control over.

41. Kevin - February 20, 2008

Yup, I found the comments a bit off topic too.

42. Negotiator - February 20, 2008

They should have re-done the ending sequences and done a better job cleaning up the final print, I can still spot “pops” and “scratches”. Not cool when dishing up over $100.00 for the DVDs.

43. Kevin - February 20, 2008

You mean like the picture above of the viewscreen? A bunch of very obvious bits of dust and scratches.

44. OR Coast Trekkie - February 20, 2008

39 – Yes, I did notice that those questions went unanswered. But then again, you will notice that many of those answers are the same crafted and pre-prepared answers. The “villian” and “Monday Night Football” answers seem intentionally evasive.

I just think that “respecting the original style” aspect, in a way, seems a little insulting. I really think that if they money and ability was there, the original effects would have been more glorious. I think this project limited itself by keeping a limited scope, and I’m just not down with that.

45. Rainbucket - February 20, 2008

#3 I don’t think those are polygons. In closeups of the remastered big E there’s a faint grid like structure under the hull, like a superstructure that was plated and painted over. On big screens it gives the big E a sense of scale. In still frames they make look like polygon edges.

46. Ali - February 21, 2008

16 has it. New images are detailed 2D. Old were fuzzy sort of 3D

47. spockboy - February 21, 2008

Sorry fellas but that picture of the Denevan sun on the viewscreen is horrific.
First of all the sun looks like it was rendered in “watercolors” as it has absolutely NO ILLUMINATION whatsoever. Secondly, check out the dozens of little dust particles that were “supposedly” cleaned-up for the HD version.
This is awful work.
Star Trek deserves much much better.
This was thrown together in 15 minutes by me.

Surely someone at CBS can do better than 15 minutes by an amateur?


48. PaoloM - February 21, 2008

“Strange new worlds” have been turned into “new worlds”… ;-)

49. Chris Pike - February 21, 2008

I think that Denevan sun shot is a good example of not being quite finished, and loosing “something”. I would add more light interaction with the bridge plate, (as the viewscreen is supposedly holographic and capable of a contrast range/brightness near to human eye) by adding subdued soften repeated sun layers in various blending modes such as the rails and the wall around the screen. Bridge plate clearly needs dust busting. Then the CG plate is way too clean and needs more grain.

Then the sun seems brighter and the comp ties together better to me at least! I know this is with a still, but I could do this in AE with the 16 bit cineon plates in an hour or so at a cost of £80!

50. spockboy - February 21, 2008

Nice work!

51. WUDANGMASTER - February 21, 2008

That is awesome spockboy! Much better than cbs digital.

52. Anthony Thompson - February 21, 2008

Denise: “We’re obviously happy with the fan reaction”. HUH??? They can’t have been reading the fan reaction on Because if they had, they would all be suffering from inferiority complexes, calling for their Mommies and crying themselves to sleep at night!

53. Paul Martin - February 21, 2008


I am sooo with you! I respect the work these chaps have done, but part of the shows charm to me is models :)

54. Vulcan Soul - February 21, 2008

At this point, the planets just make me sick. They are nothing but badly textured, flat, mind-numbingly dull and uninspired muddy globs. How anyone can say these are better than the TOS ones is beyond me. Neither of them matches the image of real space imagery by leaps and bounds, while the TOS ones are at least nice to look at in their colorfulness.

55. Tom - February 21, 2008

A good follow-up question for a future interview is what are plans (if any) for TNG coming to HD. TNG was mentioned next after the TOS-R project, especially since all the digitally composited effects would need to be redone. What did they learn from this that they could apply to TNG.

56. Ro-Dan - February 21, 2008

I just watched this episode on DVD last night. Let me say that the new effects are excellent. Especially the new satellite deployment scene. There were even some new sound effects added in as well. A very cool addition. As for those who say the effects look video-gamey, I don’t know what you’re looking at because what I saw wasn’t the least bit “video-gamey”. Effects-wise, this was one of CBS-digital’s best episodes to date.

57. Blowback - February 21, 2008

#56 – Always going to be people who disagree. It’s the nature of a passionate fan base. I am also very positive about the work of CBS-D because it improves the SFX without making them seem so “cutting edge” that they seem out of place.

58. Cervantes - February 21, 2008

#47 spockboy

Well done! Very nice work, and a far superior effect to the ‘remastered’ effort unfortunately.

Although the ‘Earth-like’ planets by CBS Digital have been an obvious improvement over the originals, I’d have FAR rathered that they had ‘color-tinted’ their new versions to somewhat match the overall variety of colors established in the original series, so that we had say, BLUEish, ORANGEish, PURPLE ish whatever ‘skies and land’. Why do habitable planets in the galaxy have to have a GREEN/BLUE hue anyway? Stylistically, I’d rather the UnEarthly look of the original color variation.

#52 Anthony Thompson

Indeed. I’m sure these guys actually have a good idea about how their work is being received in certain quarters…

This project has had so many mediocre, rushed examples, and so many missed opportunities (which many here have documented), that it’s hard to know where to start. However, I can’t blame everything on the CBS Digital team, as they have seemed to be able to put out SOME fine stuff along the way. The overall problem with this effort has been it’s poorly prepared time allocation and budget I believe.

Suggestion to the powers that be: Rather than rush out these on Blu-ray too, please allow a little more time and effort over the episodes (especially the earliest ‘remastered’ ones) to be given before their eventual release on THAT format…

59. T Negative - February 21, 2008

Chris Pike and Spockboy:

Excellent work!! It saddens me greatly that CBS cant do something so simple for us fans. Your Sun looks like it would be straight out of TOS and CBS’s sun looks, well, just blah.

Pike’s interactive lighting form the viewscreen is perfect. To CBS’s credit they have done some interactive lighting with viewscreens and stuff but I hate the crappy bridge viewscreen plate they have been using. Why they can’t re-create a better one is beyond me.

60. Ro-Dan - February 21, 2008

57. Blowback stated:
“I am also very positive about the work of CBS-D because it improves the SFX without making them seem so “cutting edge” that they seem out of place.”

That’s exactly how I feel. CBS-D could’ve made the Enterprise and all their effects much more detailed and modern but they CHOSE to do it in the style they did to match the original live action footage.

As for the Blu-Ray/HD issue, I’m sure the first season will be re-issued in Blu-Ray along with the following two season. The only question is how much of a delay will there be?

61. star trackie - February 21, 2008

I’ve seen this already in high def on a 90″ screen and the effects are,like most of the new work, absolutely gorgeous. My only complaint, at this point, is that, most of the time, original stock shots are replaced with new gorgeous CGI…stock shots. I see the same new “clips” of the Enterprise over and over again. I know it’s cheaper to just drop in an existing shot, but they really should have used the same angles more sparingly…at least within the same episode.

Thankfully, if what was mentioned in the interview is true, this problem won’t be as evident in seasons 2 and 3. (if we ever see them on DVD)

62. Redjac - February 21, 2008

Spockboy — Yours looks better, no doubt. But, one thing that can’t/hasn’t been fixed is the lighting on the sets. For example, in both shots, the lighting on the bridge would be much brighter. This is something that wasn’t really addressed well when the original FX were created IMHO.

To make these new FX completely realistic, the lighting on the sets should appear as if it is from what is going on on the viewscreen.

They did a good job of this in Star Trek IV when the Bird of Prey is zooming towards the sun during the “sling shot” scene…

63. Dr. Image - February 21, 2008

I don’t understand all the bitching about the planets.
Class M planets would have a contiguous look to them, wouldn’t they?
An oxogen/nitrogen atmosphere would lend a certain look and traits that would be very unique and recognizable. And the matte paintings have been spectacular.
Concerning the TOS-R E…. it get’s depressing to continually realize they settled on the “look” they did. It’s conservative and “accurate” yes, but also boring and workmanlike. Every time I see Daren’s renditions it’s like, “THAT’S it!! That’s the look it should have!” Very frustrating.
Hate to keep repeating it, but it’s true.

64. Redjac - February 21, 2008

#63, They had Class-M planets all the time on TNG and they didn’t look indistinguishable from each other. These on TOS Remastered — I swear these have to be the same CGI planet model! If not reused footage of the the same model with new elements (occasionally) composited into their stock shots.

The matte paintings HAVE been excellent! I am right there with you on that.

Oh, speaking of TNG: I have been watching TNG lately and really…I don’t see all that much that needs to be remastered on that. *Maybe* parts of the first season, but other than that, I think it holds up pretty well.

65. Diabolik - February 21, 2008

I would much rather have realistic-looking planets than the day-glo spray-painted balls we used to get.

66. John Pemble - February 21, 2008

I get it, the Okudas know more about Trek then anyone in so many ways, but the images are poor with respect to the visual effects. If it doesn’t match, you shouldn’t use it. I’m so tired of hearing about how neat it is to see a CGI Enterprise. It’s not not if it doesn’t look good. I want to like it, I really do, but it looks like a video game or a pre vis pass. I don’t think the show suffers though from this remastering because you still have the original cuts. It’s like old Star Wars vs Remastered Star Wars, at the core the shows are the same. I just have to spout my trap off about how shitty I think the new effects look on TOS and how amazing the effects looked in other Star Trek programs, like all of them esp Enterprise. Now that CGI looked good.

67. Bart - February 21, 2008

Let’s hope they give the TNG remastering project to Eden FX. They did a wonderful effects work for Enterprise. We can see how TNG remastered could look like in the final episode These are the Voyages. That gave us a wonderful look on the Enterprise-D.

68. Xindi1985 - February 21, 2008

I have added some new videos of STAR TREK REMASTERED on YouTube, created by myself.
I hope you enjoy it!

Season 1: (“Space the final frontier…” spoken in german language!)
Season 2:
Season 3:

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69. British Naval Dude - February 21, 2008

haven’t seen this episode in donkey’s years…
It’ll be like brand new to me in more ways than one yet…

I do recall the vomit stingrays attacking and Mr. Spock going blind but that’s it…
dese here effects appear ta be good ta me… guess they dunna wanna go bonkers and replace the puke patties with something more sinister… as a child I do recall laughing at them…

but effects not be what ST is about…

how ’bout we re-master Barney Miller next?… just a thought… screw Brit shows… gunna remaster McGoohan’s number six with Robbie tha Robot a takin’ the place o’ a weather balloon? Don’t think so.


70. jimr - February 21, 2008

Can someone tell me this… I’ve been crawling around the boards for weeks trying to determine why, in some shots, the E’s nacelles have a round white orb at the back and on other shots, some sort of venting.

What’s the difference? Just two different models being used or was there some sort of explanation?

71. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

2 different model were used. The big 11 foot model was the “pike” revision. The smaller model with the orbs on the end is the “kirk” version we’ve come to know and love.

72. S. John Ross - February 21, 2008

#63: I was going to say the same thing that #64 said, but #64 already said it.

73. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

I suppose it’s my turn to chime into this latest edition of…”CBS-D’s Missed Opportunities” brought to you in part by Paramount and the money-hungy cheapo bean counters they are.

In today’s episode we’ll explore our creative side with water colors and use these talents to create a happy sun to place in an ancient grainy stock matte plate.

Later on we’ll break out our G3s and create video game like CG ships and pass them off as a final revision.

Our last segment will deal with how to get a job and work on a classic series even if you are not a great animator. In other words come work for us, CBS-D!

Advertisement paid for by HD-DVD “The look and sound of DEAD”

74. DarenDoc - February 21, 2008

Sorry Sean4000, #71,

You are right almost. Both are actually the 11 foot model. The orbs were added after the second pilot. The shots where the 3 foot model were used are very rare, and usually only where the ship is moving very fast… or goes from very small in the distance to closer. The “tail domes” were put on when the show went to regular series… but the stock footage done for the two pilots remained for a while. Those pilot shots were the ones that had the “grille” on the back of the engines.

75. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

Oh, lol. Thanks for the clear up. I suspected i was about 80% clear.

Daren, please contact me. I’m a VFX guru too and yo uare soem one I really want to get into contact with.

76. Thomas L Brown - February 21, 2008

Deneva used to look cool, now it doesn’t anymore, they have taken far too many liberty’s with this project, the Enterprise too, it looks so totaly fake compared to the late second and all third season model shots and flybys, I would not buy these cgi shows, I would smash them into bits and throw them in the fire if given them!, and every single copy in the world!

Yes, It is a great insult to Star Trek, THE LOUSY HACK CARTOONISH CGI shots that THEY have done to my beloved series.

Someday someone will just clean up the strings and wires and scratches on the film, and leave the damned fx shots alone!!!

77. Kev-1 - February 21, 2008

They do good work, but they miss the critical point that none of this is real- it is art and sometimes flaming red planets or glowing orange ones add to the mood and feel of the show. They need much more time and resources to get this right.

78. Marian Ciobanu - February 21, 2008

– You got there some pretty cool things…

79. OR Coast Trekkie - February 21, 2008

#64 – The reason they would create new effects for TNG is becuause, the way I understand it, the way the effects were composed could NOT switch over to HD without looking like utter crap. Something to do with how they were filmed. That’s why they are creating the new space shots for TOS. The purpose of the Remastering project was simply to make TOS HD. The ONLY reason there are new effects is that the way they were filmed would not look good on HD or could not be digitally restored in the way necessary. One day, perhaps we will get a reworking of TOS in which the purpose IS to fix the effects. But for now, this is what we get, and this is what I’m NOT paying for.

80. Ro-Dan - February 21, 2008

76. Thomas L Brown stated:
“…the Enterprise too, it looks so totaly fake compared to the late second and all third season model shots and flybys, I would not buy these cgi shows, I would smash them into bits and throw them in the fire if given them!, and every single copy in the world!

Yes, It is a great insult to Star Trek, THE LOUSY HACK CARTOONISH CGI shots that THEY have done to my beloved series….”

The new effects for this episode didn’t look fake or cartoonish when I watched my remastered DVD yesterday. Some of the new shots were absolutely beautiful, in my view. And as far as these new effects being an insult to Star Trek, I couldn’t disagree more. TOS producer Robert Justman himself said he couldn’t express the joy he felt from seeing the new shots.

81. Redjac - February 21, 2008

True, #79.

I conveniently forgot that factor when I was typing my post.

I agree with you on the “purchaseability” of TOS-R as it currently stands. Besides, I DVD-R them all anyway even though they are edited.

I think I can live with my DVD-Rs until a “must-buy” version of the episodes comes along.

82. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

I only hope that TNG-R is given to another company. PLEASE let that happen.

Now that Paramount has to go Blu-ray maybe, just maybe, CBS-D can get caught in the gravity well of Sony ImageWorks.

83. Dave in RI - February 21, 2008

#74 DarenDoc

To add to this, I believe the “grille back” engines were exclusive to the second pilot. I’ve seen pictures of “The Cage” Enterprise where the back of the nacelles were smooth and only had red rectangles for detail.

84. Simon - February 21, 2008

82 – Imageworks?

Talk about cartoony! (Spider-Man).

Nope. ILM or even Eden FX does better with TREK.

85. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

I know. I was just saying that a more powerful entity could possibly step into the fray and save us from a crappy, CBS-D, TNG-R. I am probably the grand daddy of EdenFX promotion here.

Have you seen the Star Trek: Enterprise finale TATV? Can you imagine what EdenFX could do with the Best Of Both Worlds? I get the chills thinking about it.

86. Redjac - February 21, 2008

Man, I really (aside from the HD issue) DON’T think Best of Both Worlds needs redoing…those FX still hold up today!

87. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

I understand but yes the HD is the issue.

In fact, I am going to watch that episode tonight.

88. Joel Roller - February 21, 2008

I hope TOS is redone completely by another company someday, the cartoon dgi fx do not past muster for this Marine.

89. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

This whole endeavor held SOOOO much potential. But that is long gone. What we have now is a cut-rate, in-house attempt at converting a clasic series to HD. To top it all off, the only media they brought it to for profit is now a dead format!

I watched Star Trek: Enterprise’s “In A Mirror Darkly, Parts 1 &2″ when they first aired and the second thing I thought to myself was “If this company got ahold of TOS the possibilities would be endless.”

The first thing I thought was This is simply amazing CG work. Best episode of Enterprise’s run IMHO.

90. spockboy - February 21, 2008


91. spockboy - February 21, 2008

I was hoping The Ultimate Computer would have looked something like this…

92. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

I am presently writing about these images Spockboy. Thank you for posting.

well we can hope in one hand, spit in the other and see which one fills faster. Or we can get spit on ;)

93. OR Coast Trekkie - February 21, 2008

Well, just remember, you don’t HAVE to throw away your HD-DVD player, or your HD-DVD’s

94. Ensign Ricky - February 21, 2008

#37 & #38 – Thanks Harry & Captain Pike. I guess I’ll wait for the HD-DVD….er, Blu-ray discs to come out :-(

#91 – Nice! Is that with Sony Vegas also?

95. Jorg Sacul - February 21, 2008

Spockboy… your render of the Excalibur(?) getting wiped is precisely what I was hoping to see in The Ultimate Computer. Use the POV of the targeted ship getting pasted, not some tiny 10 pixel blob that Enterprise is shooting at.

alas. It’s up to Phase II to deliver the goods when it comes to TOS ships getting it on.

However, regarding the sun shot. Have you ever seen the Deneva sun up close? Do you know how to program the filters for the main viewer on the Enterprise? Hypothetical questions, I realize. I’ll wait until I see this on DVD or whatever digital format before I pass judgement.

96. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 21, 2008

Star Wars: Episode IV has gotten an extra special edition:

As far as I can tell, all VFX are now up to Prequel caliber levels.

I am doing the same to TOS! The website is called

That is where I will opensource the project to the FX community and oversee it as an assembler/provider.

Let’s make this work because obviously CBS-D cannot.

97. Andy Patterson - February 22, 2008


Well doesn’t your kittie like Assignment: Earth?

98. spockboy - February 22, 2008

Sign me up.

99. spockboy - February 22, 2008

Get Scott Gammans on board.
His stuff is top notch!

100. spockboy - February 22, 2008

Check out his (Scott Gammans)
Mirror Enterprise.
Imagine the possibilities.

101. Cervantes - February 22, 2008

#96 Sean4000 Proud to Not support TOS-R and HD-DEAD

I only just discovered the phenomenon of so-called ‘Fan Edits’ on the likes of and I had already typed in this guy ‘ADYWAN’ into YouTube to see his fantastic makeover efforts recently, and would absolutely love to see an attempt on this scale with the TOS episodes…because I too have come to the conclusion that the current ‘remastering’ doesn’t come close to achieving what I’d personally like to see done. All the best with this worthy endevour. :)

102. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

The ADYWAN edit was the one I was referring to! I have yet to see it in action but look forward to aquiring it soon.

Spockboy, your “What would TOS look like witha more modern warp effect” video was the inspiration for this project.

Welcome aboard, Lieutennant. Take a station. launches this summer. In the mean time I am brushing up on my partical fx, building a new PC, and getting my apartment ready. Once I get the project going, all who wish to participate should consult me about system specs and modification if they wish to join. No deadweight machines in THIS project as I suspect that computers are a part of t he reason CBS-D is lacking. I am primarily using Linux/Mac OSX for this project so please read up on the platforms.

My plans are to first start out with the “fan favorites” BOT, Amok, DDM; then move on if we pick up steam. I want Daren Dochterman’s vision for DDM to shine through. Mike Okuda’s touch just wasn’t good enough.

103. Jamie - February 22, 2008

One hundred and third!!!!

104. Ali - February 22, 2008

Good luck, see you in a decade

105. DarenDoc - February 22, 2008

Well, Sean… I wish you great luck. It’s a fun thing to do… and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process.

I think the best way to go about something like this is to show others YOUR idea of what to do… don’t just try to get people to join you sight unseen. If you have a vision, go for it. Show us something to inspire…. and you’ll get followers, and sometimes, assistance.

The ADYWAN re-dux of Star Wars is entertaining… and inspired in certain aspects. His creature tweaks are lovely, and exactly what were needed. But in my opinion, his attempts to bring in material from Empire and Jedi into the movie were distracting and out of place… and I’m not sure that changing the color of the x wing helmets or moving the restraining bolt of Artoo Detoo up two inches are necessary… but I could be wrong. :)

I think that the Okudas and Dave Rossi did an amazing job just getting the project done… it’s a monumental task, even without a substandard budget and an uneven effects crew. I think that some of the work that was done on the project was very well done, specifically the mattes. The “look” of it is a little shiny and clean for my taste, but I can see where some people might prefer it to the “grittier” TOS look.

And Sean, I look forward to seeing completed episodes. :) Remember, its the last 5 or six shots that will give you the most trouble… not the first 5! :)

106. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

If you want to join, these are some of the tools we’ll be using:

Celestia, Maya, and Blender (all linux)

Scratch removal and speed grading:
Color (Mac) and Cinepaint (Linux)

Sound and Video editing:
Final Cut Studio (Mac), Ardour (Linux)

107. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

I share your opinions on the Mattes, they are fantastic. Eden-worthy I might add. Those and the film scanning crew are the only things I felt cut the mustard.

The “necessity” behind the need to crank out one episode a week was artificial. Deadlines needed to compete with reruns of I Love Lucy/ 2AM news broadcasts don’t justify the things the messed up.

108. Chris Pike - February 22, 2008

59, 50 many thanks – I think the point for me is that the magic and realism really comes together in the compositing stage (although I admit I’m bound to say that anyway!). The more separate passes available from the 3d render (ie specular pass, window pass, lighting effect passes, backlight pass, key pass, highs, mids, lows, various mattes etc etc) the more meat there is to play with and fine tune, layering and pre-nesting all that stuff and the more photo real it becomes. Problem is, when time and money is short, fewer passes from the render farm come through and you are left with more of what came direct from the app’s render engine, which may have been some of the problems they faced here.

109. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

The good part about our endeavor is that we’ll all have CPU cycles to burn. I specialize in computer system design and can eliminate bottlenecks that would otherwise kill a project.

My system:
Dual AMD Quad-core 2346HE CPUs,
16GB DDR2 667 SDRAM,
2TB (4X500GB) WD SATA 3.0 7200 HDDs,
ARECA ARC-1210 RAID controller card,
TYAN Thunder S2927-E Motherboard,
xubuntu Linux 64-bit edition

110. spockboy - February 22, 2008

Thanks very much.
That’s very kind of you to say.
I still say that you should get Scott Gammans on board if you can.

: )

111. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

SpockBoy, imagine TNG-R looking like this!!!!

112. spockboy - February 22, 2008

As long as that horrible video distortion and artifacting around the ship is missing, I’m happy.

That gallery looks great. The shot of the space shuttle made me think of how amazing it would be to have an above shot of the Enterprise passing from camera left over that very same shot of the Earth (Florida)

Images that actually fire up your imagination.

113. Joel Roller - February 22, 2008

Hell is REPETITION, like an old episode of Star Trek seen for the millionth time.

The “good” in others that you think you see is an illusion.
Little fables folks tell themselves so they can get through their days without screaming too much.

Just remember – Born in lust, turn to dust… people like you will see me in hell, over and over again!


114. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

Spockboy: Have a look at this one!

This makes me want to rush out and surrender 179.99 + TAX at Best Buy for TOS-R HD-DVD! NOT

115. Sean4000 - February 22, 2008

Of course all of this is mute because according to JJ Abrams TOS looks totally different. TOS-R should have have JJ’s Enterprise in it. Seriously. If this is how established visuals are being treated then screw it.

116. sean's clone - February 22, 2008

sean4k – what source material are you planning on working with: SD mpeg2 off the recent release or you have plans to rip the HDs???

117. Sean4000 Proud to NOT support TOS-R and HD-DEAD - February 22, 2008

Straight of the HD-DVDs. They’re encoded with AVC MPEG-4 which is fine to work with actually. A few scratches here and there remain but overall a good scan. the CG has to go. I will also create new viewscreen plates as well. the grain will also be minimalized. The artificial grain on top of the crappy CG just adds insult to injury.

You with me?

118. Garovorkin - February 22, 2008

#91 damned that does look good !

119. seangh - February 22, 2008

As an editor, I can tell you there’s gonna be some issues with the with some of the dissolve cuts (and there are tons in TOS), as CBS-D has already trimmed them back in order to cut in the new CGI.

Working with the new eipsodes, you are going to have to trim them back even further into the live action to keep the dissolves into your new CGI – unless you decide to just use straight cuts – either way, your trimming some of that valuable original footage.

I’m tempted to come on board as an editor to give you a hand….

120. spockboy - February 23, 2008

If we are going to do ARENA, I want to do the shot when the first red shirt buys it. I have an idea that will look more modern and yet very TOS, and for God’s sake let’s have the Gorn’s whole face move and make expressions but in a subtle, realistic way.

121. spockboy - February 23, 2008

I think that if time and money is short, then a 6 foot model would have been better for cbs (no need to render passes)except maybe a lighting pass.

122. Garovorkin - February 23, 2008

#121 Spockboy I get the impression that your either involved in the special effects business or want to be n it , Either way you do excellant work . I think you have better ideas on the remastering then the people involved in the remastering of trek.

123. Sean4000 - February 23, 2008

Sean gh, Sea’s clone, spockboy, and everyone else who wants to join me…. my email address is my aim messenger name is embryoniccineon

124. Sean4000 - February 23, 2008

I just finished an AMAZING email conversation with John Gross, the co-Founder of EdenFX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who want to touch me??!?!?!?!

125. spockboy - February 26, 2008

Thanks buddy!
I just started working for television a little while ago.
I really appreciate the kind words.

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