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“Operation — Annihilate!” Screenshots and Video February 22, 2008

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback



Remastered & Original


The Denevan ship hurtles into the sun

Jim err… George Kirk

Agitated Aurelan

The satellites activate

Fry, Spencer’s Gifts fake vomit, fry!


1. trekkie1701D (Brian) - February 22, 2008

I think I watched this on dvd through netflix a few weeks back. Pretty good!


2. D. McCoy - February 22, 2008

Wow. Awesome. Seem much better than last week’s.

3. Tango - February 22, 2008

I love Operation Anhilate–First!

4. S. John Ross - February 22, 2008

I still mourn the loss of the cool planetary colors (dull realism always seems out of place in Trek, at least to my eyes), but overall I think these guys are doing a bang-up job.

5. JimJ - February 22, 2008

I saw this first on ITunes, then on my dvd set. No matter what some people may say, I really liked what they did with this one.

6. Kevin - February 22, 2008

“Operation — Annihilate!” has always been one of my top three favorite episodes, and it great to see what an awesome job the effects team has done with the upgraded visuals!

7. Anthony Pascale - February 22, 2008

thanks a lot Matt! well done. I think this is the second time they have replaced live action with effects. First was amok time

8. Michael - February 22, 2008

Perfect example of how I don’t like the way they mix and matched the pilot and regular E in the same scene. Note the engines – grills on the back and points on the caps in one view, missing in others. The CGI may at times look animated but at least the shots are consistant.

9. Moon Pie Guy - February 22, 2008

No audio?
I tried several times.
Anywho scary picture
of the woman with the
man-chin. Yikes!

10. jonboc - February 22, 2008

Great new shots in this one. I’ve seen the HD version and I love the addition of the satellites.

11. CmdrR - February 22, 2008

Kind a bug-of-the-week story. I know, I know, dead brother, dead (hot) sister-in-law, future gay nephew, Spock goes blind kinda… but, still just a bunch o bad bugs to be zapped.

Anyway, fun.

Some of the CGI is sweet, some not so much. I really really wish they’d go back and give it one more coat of polish before selling it on Blu-Ray. They’re certainly charging as if there are no failed shots.

12. Andy Patterson - February 22, 2008

You know I like some of the things these guys are doing and I appreciate their effort but I look at this re-mastered project the way I do the Spider-Man movies – I’m thrilled it brings renewed interest and success to the franchise but it’s not my vision of how it should be.

13. girl6 - February 22, 2008

Mmmm…giant flying boogers…

My ex-boyfrined lived in the neighborhood across from the TRW campus where this was filmed. The security guard took us to the little courtyard where Spock got stapled by one of the boogers. In 1983, it looked exactly the same. So cool. We gave the guard one of our Bartles & James.

14. CmdrR - February 22, 2008

Bartles & James?
And then, what?, he created another of the creatures on the sidewalk?

15. Red Shirt - February 22, 2008

Why does every planet look like Earth? I have to admit, that I don’t know what “class: planet this one is, but in any capacity, every “M” class planet shouldn’t have to look like Earth….

16. Red Shirt - February 22, 2008

I like the effort, but not enough vertices! I wish they would make their models more polygonially complex. :(

I wish someone from CBS-D would comment on that?


17. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 22, 2008

Never noticed before that Aurelan has a “man chin.” Dohhhhhhhh!

18. Moon Pie Guy - February 22, 2008

# 15: Yeah…with all the knowledge we have now centered on fact and with the use of imagination that anyone should have and could use you would think they would have planets that weren’t so one dimensional. Hire someone – use computers – etc.
Their are countless variables I would think yet they’re all water downed and so bland!

19. Avindair - February 22, 2008

#16: As I understand it, the first version of the Big E was much more polygon-heavy than their current model. The render times on their farm were apparently ridiculously high. Thus the pared-down model.

20. SPB - February 22, 2008


…where the flying parasite smacks Leonard Nimoy dead in the ass always cracks me up. I’ve seen it countless times and I always laugh out loud. Priceless.

21. AnnoyedFan - February 22, 2008


the RGB values of the saucer do not match the originals exactly therefore I cannot condone these graphics

22. Moonwatcher - February 23, 2008

Is it just me, our does it appear that the Enterprise’s standard orbit starts to change just after it releases the satellite? It looks like it’s going to take a digger into the planet. : )

23. Ali - February 23, 2008

Never realised it was directed by Herschel “one shot” Daugherty. Google him

24. Iowagirl - February 23, 2008

Haven’t watched the remastered ep yet, but the new shots look fine to me, and the episode has always been one of my favorites.

“Mr. Spock, Regaining eye sight would be an emotional experience for most. You, I presume, felt nothing?.”
“Quite the contrary, Captain. I had a very strong reaction. My first sight was the face of Dr. McCoy bending over me.”
“Hmm… it is a pity brief blindness did not increase your appreciation for beauty, Mr. Spock.”

25. Harry - February 23, 2008

Myeah, it looks a bit like the helmsman is a bit too excited about dropping satellites, and isn’t looking at his screen ;)

And look, the bit of Deneva at TRW still looks very similar: http://tinyurl.com/yrkkgj (Google Maps)

26. raffie - February 23, 2008

Every planet looks the same (earth), whatever their reasening was to do this, it”s flawed since it takes away from the idea of em being alien planets. As if they couldn’t have made the planets more realistic whilst still making them look alien. COME ON.

27. Denise de Arman - February 23, 2008

Harry25- Google Maps – who woulda thunk it? Harry, you’re so good (yes, I know I’m giving you a prize opening, but you deserve it with the map bit).

28. Chris Pike - February 23, 2008

A positive; the new cg satellite design is spot on, looking like something MJ would have produced in the era, but still looking futuristic.
But as I said previously
the bridge screen shot does need more work, shame.

29. Jamie - February 23, 2008

I don’t get why m-class planets have to be the same colour as Earth.

Why can’t you have a bright blue m-class planet? This is sci-fi after all.

30. I Love My Moogie - February 23, 2008

I prefer the original FX, the CGI Enterprise looks like plastic models. Plus, why must the CGI Enterprise always look gray instead of it’s classic white?

31. Vulcan Soul - February 23, 2008

The first ship shot is pretty good. Must be the first shot that remotely passes as a real three-dimensional object. No further comment on the “planet”.

32. Cervantes (There are always possibilities...) - February 23, 2008

I STILL prefer spockboy’s ‘Sun’… :D

Might I suggest for anyone here that missed it, please read Sean4000’s future plans for a ‘different’, more complete ‘fan edit’ of TOS episodes…

See his post #96 onwards on this link to the recent ‘screenshots’ topic for ‘Operation-Annihilate’. This is something that I really hope will come to fruition. – http://trekmovie.com/2008/02/20/interview-trek-remastered-producers-preview-images-from-operation-annihilate/

33. Red Shirt - February 23, 2008


Stock CGI footage of Earth+color filter (pick any color you like)=an alien planet. It’s too familiar, darnit, it’s our home planet, and it is kinda old. I appreciate your efforts, but bleh…

34. Red Shirt - February 23, 2008


It’s called lease some more workstations, and let Renderman figure it all out. It’s not like they are gonna have another chance any time soon.

35. Cervantes (There are always possibilities...) - February 23, 2008

#33 Red Shirt

That’s what I suggested recently. Their planet work is fine, but did they have to make so many of them BLUE/GREEN. No is the answer.

Sean4000 – I forgot to say, thanks for that great link about Adywan’s ‘Star Wars Revisited’ thread on that post #96 recently. I look forward to his ‘Empire’ effort too.

36. diabolk - February 23, 2008

The opening shot was awesome… so much like the old “Cage” shot that was iconic… loved the one looking down on the suacer in orbit…. and the departure shot, where we almost touch the warp nacelle… great job!!!!!!

37. jonboc - February 23, 2008

I don’t get the confusion. Any earth-type planet is going to resemble earth.

Aside from changing the land mass and water coverage, I’m not sure how you expect them to get around that.

38. Cervantes - February 23, 2008

#37 jonboc

It’s just a ‘stylistic’ preferrence. ‘Earth-like’ in that it supports life as we know it, but in a different color-scheme.

39. Moonwatcher - February 23, 2008

Does anyone remember James Blish’s solution to the Deneva dilemma in his 1968 adaptation of Operation—Annihilate!? He totally changed the last act by having Kirk and Spock surmise that the organisms were connected to a gigantic brain somewhere in the Orion sector. Once having arrived at the gigantic brain’s home world, they destroyed it with “planet –wreckers”. Thus, all the parasites on Deneva and the one in Spock were destroyed. Talk about altering cannon! James Blish soon became aware of the wrath of fans as he later lamented to in the preface of Star Trek 12. Yes, all you cannon people, the history of your movement goes way back to the late 60’s…. : )

40. Garovorkin - February 23, 2008

#26 I agree there are alot of planetary similarities. But you have figure in the galixy the odds are you will find alot of planets that have evolved similarly to earth with blue oceans and cloud covers. You would hate to land on an earthlike Planet whose oceans are green because that would indicate that more then likely ther is no oxygen in the atmosphere to breath.

41. DesiluTrek - February 23, 2008

25 — Thanks for the TRW aerial! Do they allow people to walk the grounds of the facility — in other words, could I visit that on a trip to L.A. (as I did Vasquez Rocks in 1999)?

Also, thanks for tinyurl, which I had never heard of. Great for when you can’t hotlink text.

42. Garovorkin - February 23, 2008

#39 Moonwatcher that in the Blish Star Trek Books the story The Doomsday Machine Decker didn’t die.

43. bdrcarter - February 23, 2008

god…why do you people come here? can’t you complain somewhere else? Besides….Class M = Earth-like planets. Guess what? They’re going to look like Earth. Catch a clue. Move on.

44. corbetto - February 23, 2008

mmmmm undercooked space pancakes

they’re tasty, jim

45. Andy Patterson - February 23, 2008


That is a great story. What happened to the boyfriend? Did it last?

I’ve always liked this episode. Even though at the end the extra nictatating membrane seemed a little contrived.

46. Cobra - February 23, 2008

re#44, i always thought they were ham and cheese space omlettes!

47. Red Shirt - February 23, 2008


we are not complaining. we are discussing our thoughts. you should be nice, or you will get a flame warning from our humble webmaster.

48. AJ - February 23, 2008

43: Can YOU go complain somewhere else?

49. jonboc - February 23, 2008

#39, I was always under the impression that Blish simply fleshed out early drafts of scripts that were sent to him long before the episodes filmed and aired and that is why his adaptions are often very different. For instance, his adaption of Man Trap is titled The Unreal McCoy, which was the working title of the script.

50. Garovorkin - February 23, 2008

#49 that would explain a lot of things. I would imagine that some of the changes like those in Operation Annihilate would have been due to budgetary considerations? and the Doomsday Machine because Decker’s heroic death would have given the show an add kick of excitement and drama.

51. bernie - February 23, 2008

This episode always puts me in the mood for fried eggs, must just be me.

52. bernie - February 23, 2008

also, good remake of the opening shot, origanally from the cage

53. S. John Ross - February 23, 2008

43: Since apparently you’ve never heard of Star Trek (this isn’t an astronomy website), have you at least heard of manners?

54. Scott - February 23, 2008

I’ve always liked this episode’s “bear” because it was very alien. Sure, plastic vomit on strings, but the concept was at least something other than yet another humanoid race with a crappy political system. I suspect that if we ever do venture beyond our solar system, the alien lifeforms we find will be crazy-wicked weird. Think of a cuttlefish on acid.

And on that front…I wonder if Carolyn Porco (planetary science consultant for the new movie) were asked, if she could come up with some reasonable variations on “Class M.” Gases in the atmosphere that might give planets a different hue from space…different chemicals for photosynthesis that might give vegetation or the oceans an odd color…something that could make these TOS-R revisionist planets some variation. Like a lot of you, the Earth-clones are getting a bit disappointing.

Scott B. out.

55. Thomas Jensen - February 23, 2008

This episode looks great in HD-DVD. The opening shot in the teaser of the Enterprise in the original is a one-time thing and it’s unfortunate they didn’t try to recreate it as it was a unique angle of the ship flying by.

56. Xai - February 23, 2008

#20 and 21
Why are you screaming? Your opinion isn’t more noteworthy than anyone elses.

I do like the render of big E. Too many times over the years I saw grainy, overexposed starships swooshing by with a blue cast and no detail. Even an engine pylon would disappear at times. (And no one need explain it…I know why)
I like the realism, especially of the class M’s. Earth-like = like Earth.

57. Xai - February 23, 2008

33. Red Shirt – February 23, 2008

“Stock CGI footage of Earth+color filter (pick any color you like)=an alien planet. It’s too familiar, darnit, it’s our home planet, and it is kinda old. I appreciate your efforts, but bleh…”

Sorry, that’s not Earth. No continents pictured here are of Earth

58. Marian Ciobanu - February 23, 2008

– I got to ask something…in a DS-9 episode related to a TOS episode Sisko has a meeting with..Kirk..(great episode..!!!)…will Sisko appear in that TOS episode..?

59. RetroWarbird - February 23, 2008

I haven’t seen this episode in ages, but I’m looking forward to watching it in about 45 minutes. Those shots of the satellites being launched from Enterprise are really cool.

The super-realistic, Earth-like planet? Looks like what it is … but again, would it really have hurt them to go heavy on blues? There’s blue grass in Kentucky! So why couldn’t the grass and foliage on this planet be a shade of blue or teal or indigo?

Still … new stuff looks good. The establishing shot of the Enterprise particularly carries some weight – it successfully makes you feel like the Enterprise is a huge vessel, not just a CG special effect.

60. Kyle Nin - February 23, 2008

Maybe I’m seeing it wrong, but isn’t the planet in the original version of this episode shown to be an Earth-like planet (blue oceans, brown/green land, and a spattering of white clouds)? The updated episode just shows a more detailed version of the original conceptual planet. Now, if the original planet were shown to be purple or pink-colored and the new planet looked Earth-like, then that would be wrong. But the way I’m seeing it, it’s not way off-base, in this episode.

61. Andy Patterson - February 23, 2008

Also girl6 ” Bartles and James”

That reminds me of fond times. Ah, Bartles and James. In the summer of 89 or 90 that was my Sunday night. Ordering Pizza America subs, getting Bartles and James wine coolers and watching the crazy Reverend , Dr. Gene Scott, and waiting to see if our questions would get through on the call line. We’d impersonate everybody from old men who supposedly owned a cigar shop and wanted to know which brand he smoked, to old women who wanted to have their grandson volunteer to play a fanfare for the Dr. on the trumpet (I played both roles on that call – I was particularly proud of that one) both of which made it on the air. Afterwards we’d watch old reruns of My Favorite Martian we’d taped while we were at class that week. Ah Bartles and James. Ah college. Ah wasted youth.

62. Denise de Arman - February 23, 2008

Andy- Where did you go to college?

63. Moonwatcher - February 23, 2008

#49…That maybe true in part, but as I have just looked up in my old copy of Star Trek 12 he states in the preface, “ On one occasion-and one only-the ending of a show just did not seem to me to make much sense when reduced to cold typescript.” He goes on to say that with Paramount’s permission, he worked out a new ending. He finally states that “I did this once, and long ago; it’s not a privilege I mean to abuse”. Although many adaptations appear slightly different in his books, being that Operation—Annihilate had the most radical change, I assume this was “one occasion” he was referring to. Sadly, this is the last we were to have heard of from Mr. Blish, as he past on in July 30 of 1975. : (

64. Garovorkin - February 23, 2008

#63 In additon to to the adaptations of the original Trek episodes he also gave us probably one of the finest trek Novels ever written Spock Must Die. But what people forget is that outside of trek he was one of hell of a science fiction writer. For example He wrote Cities in Flight, The scif horror classic Black Easter,, and one of books< A Case of Conscience is considered one of the greatest science fiction novel ever written. Im not sure but I think many of these works are out of print. They are worth seeking out though.

65. Andy Patterson - February 23, 2008


A little private university in Texas. In this day and age of Googling subjects I probably shouldn’t get too specific. You never know what your students might look up on you. I’ve already admitted to playing Hi Bob in another thread. One never knows. But why, Denise?

66. Denise de Arman - February 23, 2008

Andy- Just sounded strangely familiar, but the college and years aren’t right. I reach you on the ol’ college days tho.

67. Will - February 23, 2008

Well, that was the single dumbest syndication edit from the remastered eps. They cut from McCoy saying that he was going to rig up a pair of goggles to Spock charging in to the test chamber and getting blinded, cutting out Spock’s line about there being no goggles on the planet. Which makes the scene incoherent.

68. eagle219406 - February 23, 2008

#29: “I don’t get why m-class planets have to be the same colour as Earth.

Why can’t you have a bright blue m-class planet? This is sci-fi after all.”

The planets don’t look like Earth The land masses are different for one. They just have to put an ocean on it because when the people are on the surface of the planet it is filmed on location in an outdoor area. The reason our sky appears blue is because the atmosphere reflects the ocean. If you went to MArs the sky would be a light red color because it reflects the desert of Mars. That is also why Vulcan’s sky is red. So if they are on a planet where they film on location, They have to put an ocean on the planet.

69. eagle219406 - February 23, 2008

I liked what they did with this episode. Just one thing which wasn’t even with the effects. I noticed when they were stunning the attacking colonists, The female doctor was the only one that didn’t fire a phaser. Was it considered taboo for a female to fire a phaser or to even fight with hands or feet? I have seen women holding them but I think the only time I ever saw one fire them was Andrea in “What are Little Girls made of?”

70. Andy Patterson - February 23, 2008


Aye. As Scotty said, “Aye, deeply.”

71. Scott - February 23, 2008

Re: #68- eagle219406: The sky is blue due to the way the atmosphere absorbs and scatters the white light coming in from the sun, not due to reflecting the color of the ocean. Here’s a good explanation:


If the atmosphere had different constituent gases, presumably the color of the sky would be different.

As for your phaser question…that’s a good one. I do know that they had a female security guard in “The Apple” in the second season, and that she fought the natives there hand-to-hand, and did so quite effectively. Also, crazy ol’ Lenore Karidian shot her father with a phaser in “Conscience of the King.”

Scott B. out.

72. Denise de Arman - February 23, 2008

Eagle- The one female on TOS that stands out in my mind was the blonde yeoman chick in The Apple (Chekov’s girlfriend). When the villagers came to knock their blocks off, she decked him with a Shatner-kick-punch-throw-over-the-head-combo. Uhura fought in The Gamesters of Triskelion and smacked Sulu in The Mirror Universe (I’ve always had a thing for thigh-high boots on Halloween because of that mirror universe uniform). I’m trying to think of other ST female gladiators, but unfortunately drawing a blank. Never really thought about the fact that I never saw a female use a phaser in TOS before you mentioned it. Maybe JJ will address that issue in STTheMovie.

73. CmdrR - February 23, 2008

One thing that popped up in Op–An!!!!! — They talked about how remote Denova is. Scotty throws in that he made the run a few times. The impression is that although star travel is a reality, it’s still a long trek from planet to planet. This really underscores that Kirk is THE MAN. He’s got to use his starship for good and can’t wait for the calvalry. In later eps (and really bad in TNG movies) the ships can get from anywhere to anywhere in a matter of hours. That totally kills the drama, IMHO. I hope that even with warp speed, JJ will keep this a BIG galaxy.

74. Denise de Arman - February 23, 2008

Scott- Right, Lenore Karidian. Conscience is one of my favorites – the whole Shakespeare connection drove me to start reading the bard in my father’s library when I was nine – didn’t understand a thing, but was determined to learn Shakespeare because Macbeth and Hamlet were on Trek. The actress was beautiful and compelling – “Father, the curtain rises… It rises! ‘Tis no time to sleep!” Which also led to me being cast as Juliet when I was a sophomore instead of Anne Whittey who, although she was a senior and president of the Drama Club, couldn’t understand Shakespeare at all… she should have watched Trek.

75. Go Spock! - February 23, 2008

I can see it now…
flying pancakes!
part of a healthy breakfast
just add maple syrup

76. Go Spock! - February 23, 2008


77. Scott - February 23, 2008

Denise – Star Trek has been a doorway to so many new and wondrous worlds for so many people — it’s astonishing how many different interests Trek has inspired.

And sadly, I think you and I are two of the few who consider “Conscience” to be one of the best episodes of Trek!

Scott B. out.

78. Iowagirl - February 23, 2008

Scott, count me in the “Conscience” group. It is a wonderful ep and I always considered it very bold to have all those Shakespeare references in a scifi series. And “Conscience” is a great Kirk character study, as well.

79. Iowagirl - February 23, 2008

I think “character sketch” is the right term (it’s quite early in the morning…)

80. sharon fisher - February 23, 2008

Flying pizza bats! One of my favorite episodes.

A number of Blish’s adaptations were different in many ways (check out “The Last Gunfight,” for example; that confused the hell out of me when I was about eleven). The way I reemmber hearing it — I think in one of David Gerrold’s books — is that he wrote his books based on the first draft scripts, which of course often changed a lot.

81. OR Coast Trekkie - February 23, 2008

Good episode with decent effects. The satellite drop was actually really cool, and included some sound.

Unfortunately, KLSR’s weekend signal is horrible. I’m sure the power of the transmitter is turned down as a cost-saving measure; after all, Eugene is market #120. I’m also sure that they receive an analog VHS copy, as they do not yet broadcast a digital signal. And I’m also pretty sure the intern that works there has that copy, and probably also doesn’t realize you can copy something more than once, because whatever I saw looked like it was 6th generation colors weren’t vibrant, faces looked GRAY… and that was even with Dish Network….

Maybe I should move to Portland… lol

82. The Guardian of Forever - February 24, 2008

Yup, it was thoroughly butchered for syndication, as always.

83. The Guardian of Forever - February 24, 2008

((loved the shots of the satellites))

84. Redjac - February 24, 2008

Not as bad as I the still images here made it look…

Overall a good effort! Some nice shots of the Enterprise in this one…

85. Jim Profit - February 24, 2008

Dear busy people of trekmovie.com, did you completely cease to put downloadable fx-videos on your website or is it just temporary?

86. OneBuckFilms - February 24, 2008

I noticed while wtaching it, that during the Sattelite sequences, they added some sound effects !!!

They actually altered the sound !!!!

Interesting, I though they weren’t touching the sound beyond the main title theme.

Worked out well though.

87. Denise de Arman - February 24, 2008

I purchased the HD-DVD set and it’s totally cool to hear Matt and some of the other guys talk about how they tweaked the new effects – the satellite
sequences came up in the conversation and I nearly jumped up and ran across the room to the TV screen. Thumbs up from me, although sometimes the cleaning up of the original negative causes the image to appear too dark – just my opinion.

88. FranBro (formerly Dave Mack) - February 24, 2008


They moved this is NYC again! Was sunday at 6:00 on WOR I believe. Anyone know now when it airs in NYC? Dang!

89. FranBro (formerly Dave Mack) - February 24, 2008

Argh! never mind, found it. It was on at 1pm today so I missed it.


90. Spocko - February 24, 2008

I thought that trekmovie.com was going to get the remastered episode previews for these episodes. What ever happened to that?

91. Garovorkin - February 24, 2008

Considering the age of the show and this episode the new scenes and shots are an improvement over the old 60″s state of the art I can still see the wires special effects of old. Of course the visuals are not going satisfy the fussy special effects experts among us, but thats not important. The improvements enhance the viewing pleasure for the average trek viewer and that the point.

92. Kev-1 - February 24, 2008


93. Andy Patterson - February 24, 2008

Am watching Operation Annihilate as I type this. Anyone notice in the scene where Kirk encounters his dead brother and his wife, there are what looks like, 3 white trombone mutes on the counter in the background? Another example of Trek using unusual shapes and objects to fill out the future world look. Daren Doc might have noticed this, having a trombone player in the family.

94. Garovorkin - February 24, 2008

#92 sorry poor choice of words on my part, but you have to admit that the old effects would not hold up to well on high definition, that I would imagine is one of may reasons for the whole face lift of the series. There alos the profeit motive for upgrading, Paramount gets to repackage the old series and sell it as a new product and make millions more from it. Ill wager they saw what George Lucas did with his Star wars films and figured to apply the same principle to the old Star Trek episodes. You have to admit the Studio made a very smart business decision on this one.

95. Andy Patterson - February 24, 2008


While we’re mentioning Star Wars and Star Trek in the same breath, and adding new effects, has anyone noticed the sound effects of the shuttle craft in the background in Obi Wan’s quarters when he first explains the force to Luke? No doubt someone at Skywalker Ranch thought that’d be cute to put in the re-mastered Star Wars.

96. Greg Stamper - February 24, 2008

Where is “FlyingTigeress”? She’s our community expert on this episode.

97. The Vulcanista - February 24, 2008


“Incoherent” is just about right. I just watched it, and I couldn’t believe it either!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

98. The Vulcanista - February 24, 2008

And why do the dying fake-vomit critters sound like Anne The Mental Patient from “Little Britain”? (Hopefully, the Brit contingent around here will understand the reference!) :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

99. Starman - February 25, 2008

While someone brought up the Blish books….

Does anyone know if the cover art for those books are available anywhere without the titles over them? There were some very good covers, especially Star Trek 8. I’d love to have one or two of them as posters.

100. Jorg Sacul - February 25, 2008

>>There’s blue grass in Kentucky!

Don’t get me wrong, but are you out of your Vulcan mind??? I’ve been to and through Kentucky dozens of times. The grass is not blue. I’ve looked for blue grass. It is green. My color vision is perfect. It is green.

Now back on topic. I watched this episode Saturday night, and the sfx were beautiful. Not cgi looking like the stills above, but darned pretty. I’ve got a 46″ Sony Bravia HDTV, 1080blah blah blah… the real deal looked so much better than the images above! The only part of the ship I consistently have a problem with is the “balls” on the back ends of the nacelles. They don’t seem to match the rest of the ship in terms of rendering or light/shadow. But I can live with that. There’ve been numerous beauty passes of the ship that are just stunning, especially the close-up flybys.

*Geekout section*
Class-M worlds are planets that humans can survive on, relatively easily. Ample fresh water and arable land, climate range like Earth. You know the variables for OUR planet, so class-M is pretty broad. Will they all look alike from orbit (Oceans, continents, clouds)? Probably. Will the atmospheres look alike from the surface? Probably, since the required O2 will tend to color it… but there could be differences in hue based on airborne dust, cloud cover, volcanoes, the color of the star the planet orbits… and possibly other things we don’t know about yet. But think about it– colonies will most likely be settled on the most earthlike planets first, since they will be easiest to establish. Only out of necessity will we put domed/underground cities, etc, in place on hostile worlds or asteroids. “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, in fact, it’s cold as hell…” So, on Star Trek, why shouldn’t Deneva look like Ceti Alpha V (post Khan arrival)? Because it wouldn’t be practical or feasable to start a colony in that kind of hellish environment without a really really good military or scientific reason.

Now, regarding the UV exposure of the planet… they must’ve had some serious “savage tans” after that much hi-intensity UV, especially if it was strong enough to penetrate closed areas!

Geekout off… :-)

101. Garovorkin - February 25, 2008

#99 Starman I don’t know if this will be any help but you might try

Complete Starfleet Library Star trek the Lost Books
its a website

There is a book called The Art of Star Trek
By Judith Reeves Stevens and Garfield Reeve Stevens.

I dont know it they have exactly what you seek but its as good a start as any.

102. DarenDoc - February 25, 2008

#93… Andy

Yes, I’ve always noticed the Trombone and other brass mutes used as set dressing. (They are also sometimes seen in McCoy’s office behind the decroative glass on the shelves) That and of course the famous “Dickel Bottle” of Saurian Brandy.

Love identifying set dressing.

Oh, and there is a plastic Supermarket Meat tray often used as wall detail in some scenes. Look for it where you see the round ring pattern on a rectangular tray on the wall in some hallways. Fascinating.

103. Robert Bernardo - February 25, 2008

OneBuckFilms wrote:

> I noticed while watching it, that during the Satellite sequences, they
> added some sound effects !!!

Yeah, interesting how a “pneumatic” sound effect was put in when the satellites were ejected from the Enterprise and how a “hydraulic/mechanical” sound effect was added when the satellites were opening.

104. Greg Stamper - February 25, 2008

100. Jorg Sacul – “Don’t get me wrong, but are you out of your Vulcan mind??? I’ve been to and through Kentucky dozens of times. The grass is not blue. I’ve looked for blue grass. It is green. My color vision is perfect. It is green.”

It helps to live here otherwise I would not have seen it either – –
“Kentucky Bluegrass, which has green leaves, derives its name from the seed heads which are blue when the plant is allowed to grow to its natural height of two to three feet.”

Sorry this is all Off Topic – – –

105. Andy Patterson - February 25, 2008

102 Love identifying set dressing.

Funny. I knew a musician would notice it. All very interesting.

So, Daren, do you have any inside scoop on the shuttlecraft cockpit noise they’ve so distractingly ruined the little intimate scene in Obi Wan’s quarters with? Did you happen to have drinks with the Skywalker Ranch guys and hear how hilarious and clever they think they are? Maybe I’m the only one who’s noticed it. Maybe I’m the only one who’s bothered by it.

106. Wick - February 26, 2008

How come Kirk is in such a good mood at the end of this episode. Sure he has saved the planet and stopped the infection and I am sure this is great for his career. But his brother has died. Is he in denial?

107. Jorg Sacul - February 26, 2008

ok, Greg, I’m going to find some spot where they don’t mow. This means probably traveling back roads and drinking bourbon at every rest stop.

re:106 Kirk NEVER faced death in a “healthy” fashion until Spock died. Even when Edith Keeler died, he was able to run away, back to the future and his job.

re 105 Ben Burtt was the sound editor for Star Wars. Back in 1977, Trek had been cancelled for 8 years, and most people didn’t have hi-fi TVs that played the sound effects with such clarity. He probably was going through his reels of sound effects tape and heard it, and thought, “Hmmm that sounds pretty cool, I’ll layer that in the background noise.” I myself didn’t notice it until I was watching the remastered movie at home, run through good speakers. I did notice it, however, and freak out accordingly. Who knew Obi-wan had a StarFleet shuttlecraft parked in his hut?

108. Andy Patterson - February 26, 2008


Was it in the original? I never noticed it. Wow.

109. Greg Stamper - February 27, 2008

#107 Jorg Sacul – “ok, Greg, I’m going to find some spot where they don’t mow. This means probably traveling back roads and drinking bourbon at every rest stop.”

Everyman needs a hobby.

110. dan - February 27, 2008

1:25 I HATE THE NEW CGI stock shot of the E peeling away. They use this one too often for my liking.

111. sharon fisher - March 2, 2008

It occurs to me that this episode is a lot like The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein.

It also features major use of one of my favorite pieces of music from Star Trek, the pizzicato bumpbumpbumpBUMPbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpBUMPbumpbumpbump music that they play when they’re walking on the “planet” (which is, as I recall, a college campus in southern California).

112. sharon fisher - March 4, 2008

They also sliced it to ribbons. “I’ll rig up some special safety goggles,” McCoy says, and then Spock turns around and walks into the booth with no goggles, without the discussion of “Dude. They don’t have goggles on the planet.”

113. Ian Watson - March 6, 2008

#68: Actually, the atmosphere on Mars is a purplish colour, much like you’d see on Earth at higher altitudes. Mostly because Mars has a thinner atmosphere.

IIRC, there’s a theory that any planet with an atmosphere would generate a blue sky, with the exact shade depending on the density of the gases involved.

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