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Rumor Control: George Takei Still Not In New Star Trek Movie February 26, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast,TOS , trackback

Last fall debunked a rumor that George Takei will be in the new Star Trek, but apparently you can’t keep a good rumor down. Today The Howard 100 News on Sirius ran an interview with Takei where he was asked number of questions on various topics which he did not answer because he felt they were based on “privileged conversations.” One of these topics was Takei’s meeting with director JJ Abrams. This sparked AICN to run a story “Is George Takei In J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK Movie??” Of course this has sparked numerous “Takei in Talks” stories on other sites (examples: here, here, here). has talked to sources and Mr. Takei himself to get to the truth.

The answer is NO
The report on AICN states that Takei “recently had lunch with J.J. Abrams,” however Mr. Takei tells that it was actually a breakfast last fall before filming began on the project. Takei would not go into details about his talk with Abrams because “the whole conversation is privileged,” however the actor did express concern over how not commenting has been “turned into an affirmation” that he will appear in the new Star Trek movie.

According to multiple sources connected to the film, George Takei will not appear in the new Star Trek. The film makers are fans of Takei’s, but he just doesn’t fit into the story they are telling.

Academy Awards George
George Takei did attend attend the Oscars over the weekend, here is a shot of him on the red carpet.

Takei and partner Brad Altman attending the Academy Awards in Hollywood Feb. 24th

Photo: Stan Honda, AFP


1. Charles Trotter - February 26, 2008

I seem to recall Anton Yelchin confirming that no other original Trek actor outside of Nimoy will be appearing in the film. Apparently, AICN forgot about this little fact when jumping the proverbial gun.

2. OneBuckFilms - February 26, 2008

Between this and the “Shatner in Movie” thing, I find some of these rumours to be a little nauseating.

Until I hear it from the source, I don’t believe it.

3. Clinton - February 26, 2008 has nothing on! :-)

4. Cato the Llama - February 26, 2008

In the picture, that guy looks like he’s about to kiss George. :P

5. Orb of the Emissary - February 26, 2008

Whether or not George Takei is in the new movie, I just can’t wait for it to come out! :-)

6. Batts - February 26, 2008

I like Takei as an actor, But this movie is beyond HIS character. That is a very Interesting photo, dont you think?? What is Altman whispering or blowing into his ear??

7. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

OMG. How could he *NOT* know his response would have this affect? He’s not a newbie. IMO all he had to say was, “NO. I AM NOT IN THE MOVIE.” That is answering the question without giving any deep, dark secrets away. What he did could easily be misconstrued to look like he was just trying to stir the pot.


8. Irish Trekki - February 26, 2008

I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing not to have Gearge Takai in the movie! Don’t get me wrong, fan of the Sulu right here but if you have more than one old cast member, I think the novelty value wears off pretty quick!

9. Dennis Bailey - February 26, 2008

Hercules over at AICN is clinging to the unfounded notion that several TOS folks, notably Shatner, are secretly in the movie. If you read the piece in question today, you can see this.

10. angry but i'll get over it - February 26, 2008

enough with these original cast rumors….shatner ruined the rumors for all…it’s nimoy only and we have to settle for that, i understood that writing others (like Shatner) into the movie was too complicated and there wasn’t enough time to do it, however my personal opinion was they should’ve found a way for the 5 alive (shat, nimoy, nichols, takei, koenig) to be in this movie or involved in some way, shape, or form…especially now that the movie has been given an extra five month period…but it’s not gonna happen, no takei, no nobody…just gonna sit here and wait 15 months for this movie and hope for the best…

11. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


Mongo seem to recall that man in picture with Sulu mans is life partner. Him probably do want a kiss. Mongo have no problem with that. Better than all angry all time.

Mongo think we already knew no old Sulu mans in movie? Mongo like read article anyway.

12. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

This is nuts. I’m outta here.


13. CmdrR - February 26, 2008

Just to stop these ugly rumors:

I did not win the recent Mega Millions lottery (although I’m about that age and about one paycheck away from living in a trailer.)

and folks, please stop this gossip, because:

I am not the father of Angelina’s bump.

14. John Pemble - February 26, 2008

“Hoo Hoo Robin, I invented Star Trek.” Shut up Stern. Take the Howie Chooper back to the Hamptons and play with a phaser not set to stun. Seriously, the only funny thing on Howie’s show is George making fun of himself.

15. Karlore - February 26, 2008

Don’t tell anyone, but I think George Takei might be gay…

16. maspill - February 26, 2008

rumours for publicity !! at least u at trekmovie tell the truth

17. raulpetersen - February 26, 2008

the rampant and disgusting homophobia towards george on aicn absolutley disgusts me, they should all be ashamed of themselves!
including the people who monitor the site!

im sure cawley will have george back for an episode or two of phase 2, and maybe this time we can have the excelsior side by side with the classic enterprise!

18. Irish Trekki - February 26, 2008

ssssshhhhhhh!!!!! Lol

19. bono luthor - February 26, 2008

Thank God for that.

20. Diabolik - February 26, 2008

George’s “no comment” had the desired effect: a flurry of media interest in him. Ever the publicist.

And looking at Mr. Pucker-Up, just reinforces my hetero-ness. Come on, George, wouldn’t a girl be better? I suppose I just can’t understand some things.

21. Michael Hall - February 26, 2008

“Thank God for that.”

Oh, why is that? He’s in great shape for his age–hell, he’s in pretty good shape, period. If nothing else, “World Enough and Time” showed that Takei could still believably look the part of a starship captain, if need be. Unlike some. Not that it means he should be in the film. The dramatic requirements of the story should be what drive the casting decisions, and nothing else.

22. British Naval Dude - February 26, 2008

That’s not the first time I (or “we” in general) have scared off a girl. Won’t be tha last either.

That’s why I make sure me date hears no Trek talk and me tongue only wags to show her me cherry stem tying technique…

Does Mongo want more beans?

Why the holy hell was George at tha Oscars? I mean, I’m happy he a’went but anyone know tha reason fur the invite? Seems odd…. not that George is a stranger to odd behavior “Oh, my.” Shatner dunna have the monopoly on oddity.


23. Devolution - February 26, 2008

OK, so the moderator did remove his messages. Good. Please disregard the reference to #21 and 22 above.

24. CmdrR - February 26, 2008


Shat’s on Oprah — and the clips are REMASTERED! (From Naked Time and some flyby of the E)

25. CmdrR - February 26, 2008

hmm… got quiet in here.

George, you’re welcome at my home near Atlanta anytime — but, you have to tell Trek stories.

26. S. John Ross - February 26, 2008

If Takei won’t go into detail about the breakfast, we’ll never know how he and JJ like their eggs. If we never know how they like their eggs, it becomes that much more difficult to emulate them! My god, what if they’re vegetarians? What if they had cold cereal? If so which kind? Raisin Brain? RAISIN BRAN???? WHAT IF THEY HAD RAISIN BRAN???????*

Fans have to know this stuff or we can’t be sufficiently creepy.


* Bran and Brain, What is Bran?

27. myrth - February 26, 2008

I’m sorry, George is great and all, but to think that he did not know what a not committal answer would spark would make him naive well beyond believability. Either he really is in the movie and just slipped, or he wanted to stir up publicity and churn the internet rumor mill a bit, but I can not believe that he was unaware of the impact of a statement like that.

28. Closettrekker - February 26, 2008

I never expected a Takei appearance. What for? We have enough nostalgic time with Nimoy, I’m sure. I don’t see how Takei (as Sulu) would have made sense unless his Excelsior days were part of the story’s moving around to different time periods. There was never any reason to believe they were…

29. Elrond L. - February 26, 2008

It’s been two months since I last looked at AICN and I don’t miss it a bit. They are the meanest & foul-mouthed people on the Internet.

Some of the posts above have me a little worried, too. Jeez, just get over it.

30. Snake - February 26, 2008

oh my

31. Captain Riley - February 26, 2008

How come posts with homophobic remarks about Mr Takei, and all kinds of posts knocking Bill Shatner are left up, but god forbid anyone mention James Cawley’s awful toupee and the post is removed?

32. Closettrekker - February 26, 2008

#31–Are you referring to this site, or someone else’s?

33. Red Shirt - February 26, 2008

His partner? You mean business partner? Or did you mean….OH! What will the folks in the fly-over states think?

34. That one guy - February 26, 2008

Too bad that no other Old Trekkers will be in it. Maybe they’ll still throw in Patrick Stewart with the 1701-E. Or maybe they’ll get bored and put in Janeway again.

Either way, I’m cool.

35. AJ - February 26, 2008

34: I think Patrick Stewart would steer clear. Does calling in Janeway make them any less bored? I guess it was the highpoint of Nemesis.

36. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


Mongo get that all time. It OK. Beans good for Mongo. Mrs Mongo make Mongo sleep outside.


To each, own. More love never bad thing.

Sulu good, but time passed. Cawley mans maybe hire him again?

37. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

Re: #26 S. John Ross

Funneee post! And

“Bran and Bran! What is Bran?”


Re: #27. myrth

Sorry but I have to AGREE with you. Said a similar thing in my previous post (#7). It’s kind of sad, actually.


38. John Trumbull - February 26, 2008

What? You mean that AICN was taken in by rumor and speculation and ran a story without checking to see if it was true first?

I am shocked. SHOCKED, I say.

39. diabolk - February 26, 2008

I’m sorry, but that picture is just begging for a comic balloon text.

40. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


How about, “Mr.Sulu mans, why Picard stand behind.”?

41. I Love My Moogie - February 26, 2008

I’m just grateful after 17 years of moaning George has finally stopped promoting a Sulu/Excelsior TV series!

42. Xai - February 26, 2008

Ok, Takei’s not in it.

And in my opinion, all the posts, sly jokes and etc. about George’s sexuality are not needed here.

43. Ban An Appeal - February 26, 2008

#27 Myrth

“Either he really is in the movie and just slipped…”

‘S’cuse me, Mr. Takei. Your slip is showing.

44. Garovorkin - February 26, 2008

George Takei is class all the way, I would have liked to have seen him get his own series. Say what you want ,A captain Sulu series would have rocked!
I don’t think He wants to be in the new trek movie though.

45. Closettrekker - February 26, 2008


46. Xai - February 26, 2008

#44 Garovorkin
Yes, Takei is a classy man.

I dislike that his life choices are the subject of jokes. It’s not the topic and has no bearing.

Now I am dropping it.

(Garovorkin, I am not referring to anything you posted)

47. Batts - February 26, 2008

Takei is a sophisticated person. He is another one that promotes change despite adversity. His choices are at the subject of debate. However, I am not interested. I enjoy him as Sulu!! Nothing more or less!

48. The Last Maquis - February 26, 2008

#11 I can’t be the only one here who thinks Mongo is An Idiot.

49. Daoud - February 26, 2008

Takei would make a great Admiral Heihachiro Sato Nogura. Perfect cameo, him handing the “keys” to the Enterprise to Pine’s Kirk, and the “helm control bar” to Cho’s Sulu. Something ceremonial like that.

50. Garovorkin - February 26, 2008

#45 and #46 I think that im beginning to understand why there is so much resistance to the new film, maybe im reading to much into this but look at the original cast Deforest Kelly and Jimmy Doohan are no longer with us and the rest of the cast is aging before our eyes. Its life but hard so hard to watch this happen,In our minds, these characters that they portrayed are forever. but not the actors time is gradually taking them away from us. Someday they are all going to be gone. For some of us just cant accept anyone else

51. Jorg Sacul - February 26, 2008

>>Sulu good, but time passed.

au contraire! I’d love to see a TV mini-series (at least) of ADMIRAL Sulu, commanding a group of starships. There are so many unexplored years worth of stories that I believe could revolve around Excelsior’s adventures. Takei is capable of being a powerful screen presence whenever good writing (Heroes and ST-TNV as examples) is offered for him to perform.

As for all the gay jokes… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring. Maybe tell some “Ike” jokes, too, to keep the pertinence going.

IDIC: Read it, learn it, live it.

52. VOODOO - February 26, 2008

The gay jokes are pretty weak. Especially on a Star Trek board.

For the record I would love to see George Takei in the new Star Trek film. Actually I think a mini series, tv movie or dvd release with George Takei as Sulu would be great.

53. Batts - February 26, 2008

#50. Well said!! These people appear to be immortal to us. But in reality, they are just as human as we are. Besides if Takei were in front of us, would we crack GAY jokes or figuratively kiss his ass with gratitude and admiration??

54. Noleuser is now Morn Speaks - February 26, 2008

Not that it’s needed, but it would be nice to get other cameos from other trek vets.

55. DEMODE - February 26, 2008

I would love to see an ADMNIRAL Sulu in command of a fleet, while still in command of Excellsior. The really need to make a DVD movie for Sulu before the man is in his 80s!

56. Xai - February 26, 2008

50. Garovorkin – February 26, 2008
“I think that im beginning to understand why there is so much resistance to the new film…”

Huh?… so much resistance? What?

57. S. John Ross - February 26, 2008

#52: Yeah, it’s … sad. I mean, I know and respect that not everyone loves Star Trek for the same reasons, but I sometimes comfort myself with the delusion that there are core humanistic Trek ideals that we all share to some extent. It’s jarring, and none too encouraging, to have that delusion stripped away so bluntly :(

58. Garovorkin - February 26, 2008

#56 Xai look at some the complaints about the film. example some don’t like the changes made to the exterior of the ship, some are complaining that the movie is going to deviate from the established trek Cannon,(which contradicts itself anyways) others are complaining about the people cast to play the parts of Kirk and company, or lobbying to get Shatner other members of the cast into the film to give it closure. some don’t want to let go of the past., wont accept any change would rather that trek stay the same forever even at the cost of it becoming a fossilized in one place. for the past 40 years only one group of actors has been identified with these characters , many simply cannot imagine or accept anyone else in those familiar roles. They cannot accept the movie because in thire minds its just not Trek its something thats pretending to be Trek sort of like Coke versus new Coke.

59. Doug - February 26, 2008

#44 and 46: life choices???

Why do so many people still believe gays choose to be gay? I find the phrase sexual preference just as ponderous.

I cannot imagine why someone would choose a way of life that subjects them to so much fear, hatred, derision and topics of ridicule.

I expect more of TREK fans to be more open-minded and tolerant of perceived differences.

Takei is a class act and should be treated as such. He wasgreat in Star Trek – World Enough and Time!

60. Doug - February 26, 2008

oops… my comment was in reference to #46 and 47

61. Garovorkin - February 26, 2008

#59 Hey Doug my comment had nothing to do with the subject of Life’s choices. Don’t include me in that one please

62. Batts - February 26, 2008

yea, drop me off a the nearest outpost or starbase on this issue. #60 Doug, I dont want to engage in needless defending of my personal views on any of this. If you check my previous entries you would see obviously what I am defending. George Takei’s acting!! No one on this site knows what i believe in. So please..fellow trekkie let us not go there. Agreed?? If you LOOK carefully in#47 I said I am not interested in anything else NOT worth discussing. Changing or bettering oneself despite adversity is what I said.

63. Roddenberry is a Sham! - February 26, 2008

Hey, its okay, Roddenberry canned homosexual scripts all the time!

Takei just needs to get over it. He was a minor cast member in an ensemble cast. That means he didn’t always get great lines or the opportunity to be the focus of an episode, naturally. He has been complaining about his role for YEARS. Give it up already!

64. Michael Hall - February 26, 2008

“Yeah, it’s … sad. I mean, I know and respect that not everyone loves Star Trek for the same reasons, but I sometimes comfort myself with the delusion that there are core humanistic Trek ideals that we all share to some extent. It’s jarring, and none too encouraging, to have that delusion stripped away so bluntly :(“

Not to date myself too much as an old fart, but it’s even more jarring if you were involved in Trek fandom during its real cult heydey in the Seventies. Attend any fan-produced (and they were all fan produced back then) convention or lecture by Gene Roddenberry and you’d have to be convinced that you were surrounded by like-minded people, inspired just as you were by Trek’s vision of a better world. Not saying that’s gone by the boards completely by any means, but when I see Trek fans defending waterboarding or pre-emptive invasions or getting hysterical over someone’s sexuality (as opposed to making a harmless joke or two), I do have to wonder just how we’ve come to this pass, and just what it is we’re supposedly sharing anymore.

65. Batts - February 26, 2008

I had in mind Takei’s family background and how hard he said it was growing up, despite stereotypes. Yes, CHOICES people make to be what they are. Whatever THAT is. NOW I AM DONE WITH THIS. NEXT!! Ha HA!

66. S. John Ross - February 26, 2008

#64: Sadly, I only know those days from paperback books, fanzine archives, and late-night tales told around the proverbial campfire of a con suite or dead-dog party :) I didn’t get out to cons myself until around 1984. I wish I could date myself that far back, but the carbon don’t lie :)

That said, as a working writer who has done Trek tie-in material, I’ve been immersed from time to time (and for better or worse) in more modern Trek fandom, and for the most part I still get a version of that community glow at conventions … It may just be the nature of the Internet that brings out the voices here, that don’t speak up there, or the strained nature of modern times which has pushed people deeper into teams, and further away from a focus on being neighbors.

Either way It makes me frowny-faced, and either way your post helped me feel a little better, a little less isolated. Thank you.

67. Xai - February 26, 2008

58. Garovorkin – February 26, 2008
You implied a great deal of resistance to the film. I see a few disgruntled fans, not a massive uprising.

68. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

In my short life I have been close friends with four guys who were gay. Two of them didn’t talk about it much. They just accepted it. The other two were mortified that they were attracted to men. Our paths took different directions and I found out after I hadn’t seen one of them for a few years that he had taken his own life. My heart was broken. Felt I should have been there for him but had to let it go. I do not believe it’s a choice. But’s that’s my take on it with my limited experience.

When I found out George was gay, it didn’t bother me. He seemed like a nice man. Then I saw the Shatner Roast and was absolutely horrified. Takei’s language and behaviour really threw me (in my defence, all the overboard heterosexual stuff threw me as well). I’m hoping he’s not like that and that he was just trying to be what he thought was hip. Still, I love the TOS crew and miss them all.

Re: #58. Garovorkin

Most of those complaints seem to be based on speculation (IMO). And some people just like to complain. The more I visit this website, the thicker my skin is becoming. You just have to let it go and not let the complaints bother you. Otherwise you become a complainer who is complaining about the complainers. Or something like that. :-|

It’s getting late (12:45 T.O. time).


69. Xai - February 26, 2008

59. Doug – February 26, 2008
You need to re-read my post. #46 I have nothing against George Takei. I dislike the gay jokes being used earlier on the thread.

70. Xai - February 26, 2008

64. Michael Hall – February 26, 2008
“, but when I see Trek fans defending waterboarding or pre-emptive invasions or getting hysterical over someone’s sexuality (as opposed to making a harmless joke or two), I do have to wonder just how we’ve come to this pass, and just what it is we’re supposedly sharing anymore.”

Who said anything about torture or invasions? And I am one of a couple people here that gave the opinion that the jokes at Takei’s expense here were not on topic, had no bearing and were tasteless at best. NO one was hysterical. I also said my peace and did say I was dropping the subject because it’s a slippery slope to walk on in this site.
Again, I am drug back into this because someone didn’t like the fact I expressed an opinion. I am done with the subject of Takei’s life choices.

71. Cato the Llama - February 27, 2008

I hope nobody took my message (#4) as an offensive gay joke . . . I was just saying that that producer guy in the photo with him looks like he was about to kiss him. I would have said the same if it were a woman in George’s place . . . because while George looks all serious, the other guy looks like he’s sneaking up to plant one on his cheek. Just the photo looked kinda silly to me is all. :P

I’ve been nothing but supportive of George coming out . . . and he actually has seemed a lot happier and has “shined” more since. He just seems happier and is showing more of his personality now (unless I missed something before). I’ve always been supportive of gay rights and acceptance . . . so I hope nobody took what I said the wrong way.

72. Garovorkin - February 27, 2008

# 67 Xai Okay Im probably wrong on this one. Reading to much into into things, I do that sometimes.

73. thomoz - February 27, 2008

” 4. Cato the Llama – February 26, 2008

In the picture, that guy looks like he’s about to kiss George. :P ”

Well Cato, why shoudn’t he?
Brad’s the one person who loves George even more than we Trekkers do.

74. Closettrekker - February 27, 2008

#73–If George was not an openly homosexual man, then #4’s joke would not be controversial at all. If you would like to know what his (Cato’s) personal stance is, read post #71. Why did you react that way? All he did was make an observation. If it was a picture of a heterosexual celebrity, and someone made such a post, ask yourself if you would be so defensive. As far as I can tell, the posts here are just harmless opinions submitted by people with a common interest. This is NOT AICN, and Anthony does a good job of separating his site from that one.

75. I AM MONGO - February 27, 2008


Maybe Mongo not talk or type way you like, but you foolish to underestimate. Mongo think that name-calling make person idiot. You not know Mongo. Mongo not know you. Mongo try understand Last Maquis point of view. Not see much here. This first time talk? Mongo here many moon cycles.

Mongo learn to get to point and not hide meaning. No try be clever. No try insult.

76. Garovorkin - February 27, 2008

#75 Mongo is al ot smarter then all of thinks, wise as winterkill

77. Cato the Llama - February 27, 2008

#73. Oh that is his real partner? Ohhhh . . . here was me thinking that it was some kind of producer or something. That changes everything . . . when I first glanced at it I thought it was a high-up movie official trying to kiss George’s cheek while George was looking all serious. :P

Again, I was fully in support of George’s lifestyle. As far as I’m concerned, it just adds another hero in a new form to the Star Trek universe. Star Trek was the first to cast an African American woman to a position of power, showed the first TV interracial kiss, had an Asian helmsman during a controversial time, and even brought over someone from Russia during times of high tension. We’ve all had heros in Trek, be they the characters, or the actors themselves . . . now that George has come out, there is another group that is represented within Trek. That’s a pretty great thing, if you ask me. :)

78. Doug - February 27, 2008

To all involved in the life choices discussion, I guess I need to clarify. I did not mean to imply any specific criticism. What I was trying to point out is that terms such as life choices, sexual preference, etc., are, to me, incorrect, archiac and too politically loaded…. and I apologize for mis-identifying those to whom I was attempting to address.

I just prefer to accept people on face value for who they are, the way they are… and not spending time worrying about why things are the way they are. I really do try not to be judgmental.

On another note, I certainly do not consider the second tier characters as “minor.” I think if TOS had lasted as long as its “children,” we would have seen many many more stories that delved into Chekov, Uhura (and maybe heard her first name officially said), Scotty, Rand, Sulu’s and Chapel’s lives. They all got their moments… just not enough (and I don’t even want to get into that old issue of whether Shatner had something to do with that).

79. The Last Maquis - February 28, 2008

Relax Mongo, it’s just an Opinion, and I’m Open-minded about everything really. Not even sure why I post here? If I’m ever first, I’ll just Play it off like nothing. I won’t even say FIRST!! cause it’s Sooo annoying When Others do that. What do they get out of it? is it like a young thing? Some kinda “Emo” deal? Come on!! Give me a Break!!

80. Katie G. - February 28, 2008

I might get in trouble for this but…

Re: #79. The Last Maquis

“…Not even sure why I post here…”

Actually that IS a puzzle because so many things here seem to bug you.

Sure, the “Mongo” wording is hard to read and I find it difficult but if that’s the way the person wants to do it, far be it from me to try to complain (let alone try to drum up animosity against them). I can only speak for myself when I say that I get more frustrated with people who post inflammatory (or just plain mean) comments.

“Relax Mongo, it’s just an Opinion, and I’m Open-minded about everything really.”

Apparently you’re not, particularly when it comes to people who like to post comments in an unusual way, and especially not when a poster types “first” because they are thrilled to find that they are the first ones to come upon the newest article. Who cares? Let them have their little thrill.

It would be interesting to see how you respond if someone disagrees with you vehemently or posts something like

“Am I the only one here who thinks “the Last Maquis” is an idiot?”

Admit it. No one likes to be on the receiving end of a nasty jibe. So instead of doing what you call “the young thing”, why don’t you do the “adult thing” and just let it go?

Sorry I had to call you on that.


81. The Last Maquis - February 29, 2008

Katie G.

If someone did type: “Am I the only one here who thinks “the Last Maquis” is an idiot?”

” I ” would reply (Immediately) with:

“No, you’re not.” , but I thought So first.”

as for the posting thing, I’m really not Here THAT often, usually Only One post Per Article, So to me My comments Really aren’t meant to receive as much of a reply, especially by any of the regulars here. Who talk between themselves. Guaranteed I’m Much older than you might think. And As For Mongo, Can’t Say why that was written? must’ve been Another round Of Drunken typing!!

82. Katie G. - February 29, 2008

Re: #81. The Last Maquis

Thanks for being so gracious. Glad to hear you say that.

I’m fairly new here but after lurking for while, I dove in head first. I should probably mind my own business but I seem to have developed a pattern of trying to bring peace to feuding groups. Don’t know why I’m such a compulsive fixer. Probably due to my age – – being older makes me want to help people not make the mistakes I’ve made. Had an abusive background so I like to smooth things over.

Hope you find some articles that interest you. We all have different interests and the articles span quite a range.

One more thing – – don’t drink and type!!


Have a great weekend.


83. I AM THX-1138 - February 29, 2008

Mongo not sweat small stuff. Last Maquis not know how relaxed Mongo really am. There several reasons Mongo communicate this way. Some people get Mongo. Some people not so much. Life like that.

Many people here know Mongo. Mongo have thoughts to keep communication open. Have no agenda. Sorry hard to read Mongospeak, Katie G. Mongo like things you say. Glad you talk. Enjoy weekend.

84. Katie G. - March 1, 2008

Re: #83. I AM THX-1138/MONGO

Dude – – I think you blew your cover…


85. Harry Ballz - March 1, 2008

Is MONGO really THX, or is he really………MUGATU, posting here in disguise???

M’yeah…..just blew your mind, didn’t I?

86. Xai - March 2, 2008

I was wondering where THX strolled off to

87. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Or put the two together and get GOTH MONX! Hmmmm, not bad!

88. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Goth Monx, Sounds like a heavy metal band!

89. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Yeah, I remember their first album………MUGATU!!!

90. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Classic classic stuff…..

91. Katie G. - March 2, 2008

Harry, aren’t you up past your bedtime?


92. Irish Trekki - March 3, 2008

no that was me, it was about 2 AM when I was on! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.