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Faran Tahir Takes A Captain’s Chair February 29, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

Last August The Hollywood Reporter revealed that one of the important roles being cast for the new Star Trek movie was an unnamed ‘Federation Captain.’ In the fall TrekMovie reported that the role was cast but we haven’t been able to put a name to it…until today. TrekMovie.com has confirmed that Pakistani actor Faran Tahir is the ‘Federation Captain.’ The 44 year-old actor has dozens of TV and film credits including a featured part in the upcoming Iron Man. His Star Trek role is said to be both important and not your typical Trek movie captain.

About Faran
Faran Tahir was born in Los Angeles to Pakistani parents, both of whom were well-known actor/writer/directors in Pakistan. Faran grew up in Pakistan until he returned to the US to get degrees at both UC Berkeley and Harvard. He has numerous TV guest and recurring credits dating back to 1989 including The Practice, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, 24, Sleeper Cell and JJ Abrams’ Alias. His film credits range from supporting roles in films such as the Jennifer Aniston comedy Picture Perfect to dramatic roles in films such as Charlie Wilson’s War with Tom Hanks and A Price Above Rubies with Renée Zellweger. He starred in the 1999 independent film ABCD, which received some film festival accolades. His next big role will be as Raza, one of the main villains in the superhero blockbuster Iron Man, opening this May (Tahir can be seen briefly in the trailer, CLICK to see it) More on Tahir at IMDb

Tahir in Charlie Wilson’s War (L) and Iron Man (R)

About the role
Although it is confirmed that Tahir will play a Starfleet captain, his name isn’t confirmed beyond it being a new role (so no he is not ‘Capt. April’). A source tells TrekMovie.com that Tahir’s captain is a meaty role and “heroic” with some action scenes, which would explain why he is reported to also have his own stunt double. Things get a little sketchier when trying to nail down details on what ship he will be commanding. It is fairly certain that it is a new ship (not one seen or mentioned before in Trek) and one source tells TrekMovie.com it is of an earlier design than the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (but this bit hasn’t been confirmed).

A real Captain
One thing is clear, the captain played by Tahir will not be another in the long line of weak captains seen in so many Star Trek films. Captains like Terrell (Wrath of Khan), Harriman (Generations), Styles and Esteban (Search for Spock) have ranged from timid bureaucrats to downright buffoonish. It appears that past Trek film makers felt the need to have other captains be foils or patsies to make Kirk and Picard seem that much better. It has been reported that in his role as consultant for the post TMP films, Gene Roddenberry himself had expressed concerns over how other captains were being portrayed. This issue isn’t lost on Trek’s new set of film makers either. In his October TrekMovie.com interview, Star Trek co-writer and exec producer Roberto Orci noted:

Being a captain in Starfleet should be a special position and we don’t feel that another captain has to be diminished in order to elevate Captain Kirk. If you are a captain in Starfleet you are a cool mother f—er.

Surely Starfleet can do better than this

Befitting Trek history
The fact that Tahir is Pakistani also cannot be ignored. One only needs to look at much of his recent work (on 24, Sleeper Cell, Iron Man, etc) to see that Tahir gets a lot of work playing villains. Like the Germans and Russians of past generations, many of today’s popular culture villains are played by those of Middle-Eastern or South-west Asian descent. But just like Gene Roddenberry put a Russian onto the bridge of the Enterprise in the height of the cold-war, JJ Abrams has put a Pakistani into the captain’s chair in the post-9/11 world.

Tahir’s casting is our seventh new cast member scoop report for February, bringing the total known cast to 33. TrekMovie.com expects more casting stories in March so keep coming back for the number one source of all Star Trek news.


1. Chaya - February 29, 2008

i recognize him from the iron man trailer

2. Elrond L - February 29, 2008

Y’know I kinda liked Capt. Styles…he seemed like a bad-ass dude. It wasn’t *his* fault that Scotty outwitted that goofy transwarp drive. Now as for Harriman . . . [sigh]. No comment.

This is a cool announcement. The movie just keeps getting better — just wish it wasn’t so far away.

3. Pissed - February 29, 2008

Will this be a “when starships go bad” moment?

4. Ban An Appeal - February 29, 2008

Looks like a bad-ass dude. Good on ’em. Starfleet needs more of them.

5. Dierna - February 29, 2008

Has there ever been any Pakistani in Star Trek before??? I know there’s been several people from India….

6. Stanky McFibberich - February 29, 2008

This totally means that this movie is going to ROCK!

7. Mickey MET - February 29, 2008

I’d be interested to see what kit-bashing concept they came up with for “an earlier design than the USS Enterprise NCC 1701.” That little tidbit is what strikes me as a very important part of the info from the story.

It strikes me that, in the movie, we might see the older design get into trouble and Kirk make an early name for himself by bringing the Enterprise in for the rescue in whatever the situation might be. . . .

Whatever the case is, I always have liked seeing the new/retro/whatever concepts of ship designs they come up with.

Cool news altogether!

8. Michael Hall - February 29, 2008

Excellent. Considering that Trek was supposed to be an internationalist future, Starfleet captains (with the occasional exception of a Percy Rodriguez or two) have been way too white-bread–this is a welcome change.

9. Charles Trotter - February 29, 2008

Great reporting, Anthony, as always. This is really awesome news. Tahir is an outstanding actor based on what little I’ve seen of him.

10. girl6 - February 29, 2008

Oh my. He’s hot.

I’ll be in my bunk…

11. Adam - February 29, 2008

An earlier design than the Enterprise? Perhaps an NX class or something similar?

12. Bobby - February 29, 2008


agreed. capt. styles was pretty bad ass. i also had the privilege of meeting james sikking in person and he was a very nice person and loved talking a little trek.

faran seems great and i really look forward to seeing him in a captains chair on the bridge of….a new starship design? bring it!

13. SChaos1701 - February 29, 2008

Good article. It’s nice to see a captain who is as strong as Kirk. I agree, a starship Captain should be a special type of person and I hope JJ brings that concept back into the franchise.

14. ShawnP - March 1, 2008

Berkeley and Harvard? Not too shabby.

15. Devon - March 1, 2008

“An earlier design than the Enterprise? Perhaps an NX class or something similar?”

Sounds partially like wishful thinking. I think in keeping with the “Fresh” approach it may be an original design or class, at least that’s automatically what I thought.

16. trekee - March 1, 2008

@11 – it would be great to see one of the older retro designs, but given what they’ve done to the Enterprise, I suspect an NX class is fairly likely. There is a nod expected towards Enterprise.

It’s great that he’s not going to be another in the long line of captains that obviously was married to the cousin of an Admiral who put a word in to Starfleet, though I don’t think Tyrell ever struck me as ‘weak’ per se… he *was* up against Khan you know ;-)

Though just from these shots, I expect Khan wouldn’t have had it quiiite so easy if Tahir had stumbled across Ceti-Alpha V….

He does do ‘barely suppressed rage’ quite well in that first shot.

17. The Power of Kroll - March 1, 2008

Poor old capt Terrel wasn’t that bad was he, hardly bad enough to be grouped with Harriman, Esteban and Styles. He beamed down to an “empty” planet and got ambushed by a bunch of very angry very strong genetically engineered supermen. Wasn’t much he could do really, especially once he had that ceti eel in his head. Poor chap.

18. Charles Trotter - March 1, 2008

#11 trekee — Actually, NX class is fairly *un*likely. And where’d you get the notion that a not toward Enterprise is expected?

19. Sxottlan - March 1, 2008

I’m very happy to hear that we’ll see another Starfleet vessel. That should help go towards giving more ideas for all the fan-made designs that will emerge after this movie is released. ;-)

I’m hoping for a variant of the Hermes-class destroyer myself. I love that design with the single nacelle.

20. thebiggfrogg - March 1, 2008

Nice to see the guy get a chance to play something other than the stereotypical, Chuck Norris middle eastern bad guy. Too many of those. Glad to hear he will be heroic. I agree too many whitebread captains and crews (I just saw Trek VI and I couldn’t believe how white Sulu’s crew was like the United Federation of Europe and North America–may own family is more diverse than that with African and soon Chinese blood). Glad to see Trek mixing it up again (besides our principals on the bridge crew that is).

21. thebiggfrogg - March 1, 2008

BTW, nice to see a baldie that is not a baddie too. ; )

22. trekee - March 1, 2008

@18 Charles – I’ve got a hangover so this my head isn’t working properly yet, but one of the comments that Roberto Orci made a few months back was something like Enterprise was being taken into account in the new film but the exact detail escapes me.

I am adding 1 and 1 and then extrapolating wildly to get 42.

I did think the design of the ship in the new trailer made me think of a post NX-01 design more than a TOS era design though, so it may even be as simple as making the new ship design less jarring with Enterprise than an original TOS era 1701 faithful reproduction would be.

I’ve just checked memory alpha though, and if the dates all work, the 1701 would be being built 90 years after the NX-01, so it’s a stretch that they’d still be around, though how many 100 year old designs did TNG have still kicking around when the 1701-D was in commission….

All idle speculation :-)

23. Michelle - March 1, 2008

I wonder if he could be Captain Garrovick of the USS Farragut that Kirk served under when he was a lieutenant.

24. Sxottlan - March 1, 2008

BTW, it’s funny to hear about the discussion of all the impotent Starfleet captains over the years.

The books have done a decent job of making Harriman look more competent than portrayed on screen. In the books, DRG3 wrote him as a guy forced into the position a little too early by his father, but eventually grew into a great captain and then gladly walked away to start a family.

Although in his last book, it was almost hysterical how when recreating the 1701-B’s encounter with the Nexus, DRG3 had to portray Harriman as wimpy, but then as soon as he got to a moment that wasn’t in the film, Harriman would suddenly develop a backbone and Kirk would comment to himself how he thinks the guy has what it takes to be a great captain. Then they’d get back to a scene from the movie and Harriman would revert back again.

25. S. John Ross - March 1, 2008

Very groovy, and I agree that it’ll be a nice change to see other bad*ss Starfleet captains. Someone’s got the old thinking cap on.

Odds of seeing film elevated. Now at 58% :)

26. AJ - March 1, 2008

23: Garrovick was apparently in early drafts, but then removed.

I don’t think all other Starfleet captains have been pansies. Rachel Garrett springs to mind immediately. Sulu is great, too, of course. Any others?

Styles was so impressed with himself that he was captain of the Great Experiment, that he lost sight of the details. Never expected someone could put a “banana in the tailpipe.” Esteban was pathetically bureaucratic, but as captain of a science vessel on a controversial mission, he was being careful. Harriman was simply awful. Terrell was so bewildered with Ceti Alpha V that when his First Officer said “We’ve got to get out of here,” he didn’t signal for immediate beamout.

27. Iowagirl - March 1, 2008

– Being a captain in Starfleet should be a special position and we don’t feel that another captain has to be diminished in order to elevate Captain Kirk. –

Exactly – that kind of correlation would be wrong. Kirk is conclusive, intriguing, coherent, and his strengths and frailties together account for an always fascinating character who doesn’t have to be “elevated” by “diminishing” others. If other captains were portrayed in a differing way, it was because it was part of the plot or a special situation required their action or behaviour to be antagonistic or not coherent.

IMO, new characters may bode well for the film and the federation captain may turn out to be an interesting part, but the creative team’s statements often leave a bad taste in my mouth as they sound positive at first read, but when you look at them more closely they sound as if they are up to “correct” everything which was “wrong” before.

28. DJT - March 1, 2008

Captain Bad-Mofo indeed.

29. Sarah James - March 1, 2008

God that’s perfect!!!
Finally a Star Fleet Captain (aside from Kirk) who means business, cause that’s what he looks like. And I’m so glad to the true Trek spirit and ideology in this casting as it welcomes a Pakistani into this role. The man from Pakistan not the terrorist but our hero Captain.

Pegg, Yelchin, Bana, Tahir…such terriffic casting so far. Wow

This is great and I’m all the more in love with this movie.

P.S.: Paramount, don’t wait until May 2009. Because Greenwood is right this movie is going to be artistic (like TOS). Don’t throw it into a pool with other movies. It should be unique

30. RTC - March 1, 2008

Maybe the new-old starship will be based on the USS Bonaventure design from TAS … or the legendary Daedalus class ….

31. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 1, 2008

6. Stanky…your enthusiasm knows no bounds!!! Settle down or you are going to develop atrial fibrillation like I have.

32. mooseday - March 1, 2008

That is sooo uncanny as only yesterday I was discussing how they maybe needed some more … diversity .. in the ethnic backgrounds of the cast and they were missing someone from that part of the work. Looks like he could kick some ass

33. A - March 1, 2008

This movie is pretty crowded… I hope it ll be 3 hours and half long! (not a 86 minute movie like Insurrection lol)

34. As Far As Larry - March 1, 2008

“Befitting Trek History” pretty much sums it up. ‘That’ is the right spirit of things.

35. Bryan - March 1, 2008

What was kirks first assignment vessel? I cannot remember.

36. Will Jackson - March 1, 2008

I remember what seemed like an Indian Captain in Star Trek 4 (ship lost power ) and even though it was a brief screen appearance he seemed capable to me! On one hand I applaud the idea, and on the other hand I wouldn’t even notice it – Star Trek has always been this way and I don’t expect anything else!

37. TJ - March 1, 2008

OOwwww I like this, I like this alot. The casting is very interesting (anyone seen the new Iron Man trailer? WOOOAAAHHHH is all I can say), the fact he will be a ‘heroic’ Captain (FINALLY no more wusses!) and just the prospects of lots of action…maybe Trek can be seriously COOL but still Trek after all!!!

15 months and counting…ARGH! >l<

38. CanuckLou - March 1, 2008

Very nice addition. He looks like a commanding figure.

The adventure continues…

39. Dr. Image - March 1, 2008

Styles had style.
Would have liked to see more of him.
“The Adventures of Captain Styles” would have made a great Trek comedy series.
# 36 Yes. That Indian Captain had a brief, but memorable appearance.

Geez, how much screen time are ALL these people actually going to get??

40. 1701 over Gotham City - March 1, 2008

I remember seeing Generations and saying out loud “Oh my God, they gave the Enterprise to Cameron!”

But I still liked Harriman. Terrell I never saw a problem with.

#35, his first assignment was the Farragut, but that goes against the notion that this would be a ship not mentioned/seen before. The Farragut would look just like the Enterprise.

41. Scott - March 1, 2008

Has anyone mentioned that Terrell had the willpower to kill himself rather than assassinate Kirk? Terrell was noble and strong. Don’t diss the man.

Scott B. out.

42. Alex Rosenzweig - March 1, 2008

#40 – Actually, although the Farragut has always been listed as another Constitution-class ship, she was never seen on screen. It might be jarring to those of us who know even the meta-continuity, but it wouldn’t be contra-canonical to see the Farragut and discover that she’s not a Connie after all. I’m not necessarily *advocating that*, but just sayin’… :)

43. ety3 - March 1, 2008

I also disagree with the lumping of Terrell with Styles and Esteban.

Harriman was a rookie, and his later extra-canonical appearances often make up for his weak showing on the B’s maiden voyage, so I’m more forgiving of him.

44. sirbroiler - March 1, 2008

‘When Harriman was in Egypt land……Let my Herriman go.’

Ugh…all I could think of was Ferris Bueller when I saw him in the captian’s chair. What a BOOB!!!

Go JJ! I love the idea of diverse, but commanding captains in the chair. This Trek is going to kick arse!

45. tin man - March 1, 2008

Yeah, Terrell wasn’t that bad, it was just his time to face his own, personal Kobiashi Maru. And Stiles, he may have been a prick, but we don’t know how good or bad a captain he was? As for the early starship class, maybe it is time to officially canonize the Daedalus class, as long as they ‘finish’ it, previous attempts have simply followed the concept art too closely, IMHO.

46. CmdrR - March 1, 2008

Tahir was great in Charlie Wilson’s war. The role could easily have swung towards a cliched pidgen-speaking 2D type. But, he gave it brains.

Harriman (sorry, but it’s true) should never have left spacedock without a brain or a spine. Then in OGAM he reminisces about how Kirk taught him to be a better captain. Oh, please! Starfleet would have washed him out of the academy.

Welcome Captain Tahir (or whatever!)

I agree Terrell was a fine Captain. I always figured James B. Sikking’s captain was some tush-kissing desk jockey who had forced himself onto a bridge because it was a high profile gig.

47. Dr. Image - March 1, 2008

Yes. Harriman has redeemed himself. Now Esteban……
deserved what he got.
Too bad about the Grissom.
(Gus always did end up with seriously bad luck…)

48. AJ - March 1, 2008

I do not see how books could make Harriman into anything other than the loser he was in STG. He should have been fired after that gig IMHO.

49. Merat - March 1, 2008

I wonder if this could be Captain Garth in his heroic days?

50. Commodore Redshirt - March 1, 2008

I hope he’s in charge of a fine old Daedalus!

Also: at least the inept Captains are better than the psycho Captains like Captain Tracey in Omega Glory…

51. non-belligerency confirmed - March 1, 2008

i believe the captain seen at he opening of
TVH (whose ship was zapped by the probe) was hindu. smart guy, trying to construct a solar sail to maintain power to stay alive. only a minute of film time, though. also, the black female captain of the reliant-class, although helpless against the probe seemed pretty much in charge…

52. RoyTheBoy - March 1, 2008

Earlier design than NCC 1701? Coud this be the “Bonaventure” class as seen in TAS, its supposed to be “Constitution” like but a lot smaller. Or could we be seeing an earlier version of the “Miranda” class ?

53. Stringfellow Hawke - March 1, 2008

If it’s a time travel story, and Bob has mentioned nods to the Enterprise series, it might not be such a longshot to see a evolved NX class during the first Romulan Wars.

You never know.

54. adamtrek - March 1, 2008


You mean a “Mini-E”?

Groovy, baby.

55. Red Shirt - March 1, 2008

Did someone say this movie has been delayed?

56. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 1, 2008

Settle down everyone no this is not going to be Lord Garth. Hint- Decaprio

57. adamtrek - March 1, 2008

As long as they don’t call this new guy Capt. Hussein Obama or something. If they called him Capt. Patel, that could be VERY interesting.

If anyone understands what I mean by that, you get a very big gold star.

58. Sarah James - March 1, 2008

#57 adamtrek
would you care to post something intelligent for a change
thank you!

59. Pragmaticus - March 1, 2008

Thank you Anthony!

60. Batts - March 1, 2008

Now they are talking business! A Captain of a vessel should be very intimidating and rest assured he is the man!! He will let you know that in no uncertain terms. Like Hackman’s Captain Ramsey in Crimson Tide. He did not get to that position because he knew how to cheat on a test or was related to somebody. This captain is a real bad MF. Clever at chess!! Side note: To be given your own ship makes you that way!!You can be a medical captain and have no ship. This should be VERY interesting. After all, Starfleet is a military of sorts and was spoken of as ‘the service” in TOS.

61. Rhett Coates - March 1, 2008

#36, #51:
The captain of the USS Yorktown (ST IV: TVH) was portrayed by Vijay Amritraj, an actor who does in fact hail from Madras India. Here’s his IMDB page:

His character had an American-sounding name, but that’s from the script—according to Memory Alpha:



That page also says he is a former tennis star-turned-actor. Interesting!

SIDE NOTE: in production notes, it has been said that the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A is a rebuilt/refitted USS YORKTOWN, after the Whale Probe situation has been resolved. (Mike Okuda, I think, states that—along with others, in various behind-the-scenes production notes.) If so, Captain Randolph would likely have gotten another ship as well.

I always suspected that if there was EVER to be a “United Earth” as G. Roddenberry postulates in STAR TREK (the entire saga), then the Middle Eastern nations of our world (and surrounding states) would likely lead the way in some amazing twist, along with all the other nations around the world supporting their efforts. Like the song says, though: “It’s been a long road, getting from there to here…..”

Now as for this [new] role, EXCELLENT CHOICE in casting! Gene’s dream of a United Earth will be shown all that more in-depth: and it’s about time we brought EVERYONE ELSE into what Star Trek says can be done in real life: that if we’re clever, and work real hard (to quote G.Roddenberry), we can achieve starflight as depicted on Star Trek, and do what Edith Keeler said was the ultimate goal—to feed the hungry millions of the world, cure their diseases, and teach everyone, everywhere that THOSE ARE THE DAYS WORTH LIVING FOR! That’s what STAR TREK is all about.

62. Yendri - March 1, 2008

– Wow..Stark Trek is back…

63. Rhett Coates - March 1, 2008

#61: TWO of the LINKS I typed (above) didn’t reproduce here; simply go to the MEMORY ALPHA website page-link that did show up in the post, and you can access the character and the actor who portrayed him, through that initial link.

64. Batts - March 1, 2008

I remember reading Nicholas Meyer wanted to take that serious military approach to TREK but Roddenberry was oppposed to it!! It appears he won that a little bit anyway!!..

65. sean - March 1, 2008

I have to echo previous statements that Terrell was NOT a wimp. He killed himself rather than kill another Starfleet officer. That’s heroic, not embarassing.

Styles flaw was excess arrogance, so I don’t think he was incompetent, per se. Just far too confident. Plus, Kirk’s plan was rather daring and unexpected, so I don’t think anyone really saw it coming. As for Esteban, I think we all forget he was commanding a SCIENCE vessel designed simply for research purposes. He was easily outgunned and outmatched against an experienced and ruthless Klingon.

Really, the only out-and-out buffoon was Capt Harriman. But he was bad enough to leave a bad taste with everyone for years and years.

I think it’s great that we’ll finally see someone as Kirk’s equal in the captain’s chair. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a critical part of his character that Kirk be the best of the best, but I always found it far-fetched that he’d be SO good that no one ever came close (except for Sisko, of course).

66. Batts - March 1, 2008

#61 Ha HA! You stole my THUNDER!! Right on point!! Good Job.

67. Xai - March 1, 2008

6. Stanky McFibberich – February 29, 2008
“This totally means that this movie is going to ROCK!”

I liked the “old” Stanky…. Sorry bud, but this just looks bitter. My opinion.

68. Lou - March 1, 2008

Wow! an Arabic captain?! Why not! :)

69. Irish Trekki - March 1, 2008

Yes, Siddig El Fadil, or Doctor Bashir to you and me, he changed it to Alexander Siddig in season 3 of DS9 (I think).

I liked Captain Styles, he had the believable arrogance of someone who commanded a starship as advanced as the Exelcior (my fav ship).
I alwys immagined that Harriman was replaced after the presumed media fallout of having Kirk ‘die’ on your first command. Got the sense he was a good man, just ill-suited to command a ship with the registry number NCC-1701 anywhere on it. Terrell was pretty cool too, he died with honour to quote our Klingon friends!

70. non-belligerency confirmed - March 1, 2008

#61 rhett
thanks for the research, there. my wife is hindi and really appreciated the role he played. let’s not forget that persis khambatta was indian as well.

71. cugel the clever - March 1, 2008

The “older” class of starship is unlikely to be an NX-class. There was more than 100 years between the events of Enterprise and TOS – surely starfleet was producing new starship designs more frequently than every hundred years???!!!!!

It would be like having the Monitor or Merrimack in service at the same time as the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Enterprise.

Duhh!! Ain’t gonna happen.

72. Stanky McFibberich - March 1, 2008

re: 67 Xai
“I liked the “old” Stanky…. Sorry bud, but this just looks bitter. My opinion.”

Sorry. No bitterness. Just a parody of the many “this is gonna be great” comments which seem to pop up any time there is a piece of “news” – major or more often minor.


73. ster j - March 1, 2008

I guess he won’t play Captain Garrovick, Kirk’s CO on the Farragut. But he certainly seems like he’ll be someone for Kirk to emulate.

I agree with those above who don’t think Terrell deserves to be lumped in with Harriman the Wuss and Styles the Jerk. Terrell was strong enough to fight off the Ceti eeel in the end and disobey Khan. So there.

74. Morn Speaks - March 1, 2008

He’s okay, but I’m bummed, no Hanks.

75. cugel the clever - March 1, 2008


yeah, kind of like the bitter and childish whining that always pops up from the canon police whenever any bit of news threatens their cozy little world.


76. Marian Ciobanu - March 1, 2008

-A…then …what is the difference between a captain of a starfleet ship and ‘the federation capitain’…?

77. CaptainRickover - March 1, 2008

# 71

And what’s about all the Mirandas in DS9? That design was over 100 years old in that time. The same for all the Excelsiors (nearly 90 years old).

The (no-canon) TM of TNG explains, that starships like the Galaxy-Class have a 100 years-long lifespan. That’s seems true if you go after the screen evidence of DS9. Even the good old Enterprise 1701 was around 40 years (even if Morrow saye she’s 20 years old) in service, before decommissioning. But it’s very unlikly there will be another NX-class Starship, because the NX-01 was decomissioned just 10 years after her maiden voyage.

I think we will see an entire new ship design.

about Tahir’s casting and character

Great. I was waiting long for that. Finally a Captain who seems not to born in USA (or Europe). Roddenberry’s idea of a united Earth seem well represented in JJ’s movie. And I like the idea of a “heroic captain”. There were to few in Trek history. But to be fair on Terrel, Esteban, Styles and even Harriman, they all represent characters you could find in leading positions in big companies. Some are really good, some are nice, but completly inapt, some are arrogant, some are idiots.

Terrel was surly a good captain. I think it’s really unfair he’s listet in the me rank with Harriman or Styles. He won at his end against a Ceti-Eel and Kahn’s influence.

Esteban was a burocrate with a tiny, unarmed ship (I never found any phaserbank or torpedo tube on the Grissom). No wonder he lost against Kruge’s Bird of Prey.

Sykes remind me much about one of my ex-bosses. Arrogant to the last. But the really inapt culprit abord the Excelsior, was the chief engineer, who replaced Scotty . Just three little parts missing in the transwarp computer control an the entire ship breaking down?

Harriman… well… He was the only completely inapt starfleet captain to date (Not to mention all the captains who become crazy during the 23rd century)..

78. Driver - March 1, 2008

Just as long as he doesn’t sit in the Captain’s chair holding a white cat.

79. Redjac - March 1, 2008

I like the fact that they are finally giving other Starfleet Captains their proper respectful treatment.

80. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 1, 2008

In TOS, Starfleet captains WERE bad-ass. It was apparent that, in addition to having to know how to fill every and any other position on the ship (they had to know how to fill the navigator’s spot, communications, sciences, engineering, and repairs), they also had to know how to fight!! Captain Ron Tracey totally beat down Captain Kirk (who was younger than he was!!), and Captain Decker’s attack on the security guard escorting him to sickbay was BRUTAL. Any man who can take on and defeat a highly-trained security officer is something else!!

Granted, Captain Merrick wasn’t much of an ass-kicker, but we never really got to see him fight. He was obviously a smooth talker, though, otherwise he would have just been carted off to die in the arena like the rest of the crew of the SS Beagle. You can’t expect too much from him, though, for he didn’t command a Starship but a Spaceship. Kirk, Tracey, and Decker were StarSHIP captains, though, and a Starship Class is “…a very diffferent ship, with a very different crew.”

And yes, I realize that Tracey and Decker were portrayed negatively, but my point is that Starfleet captains weren’t portrayed the same way they’ve been portrayed in the cheesy movies they’ve made. I see this “Federation Captain” who is apparently going to kick ass as a throwback to the Original Series, and we definately could use more of that!!

81. Captain Fantastic - March 1, 2008

Sounds great, starship captains were meant to be the best, it was the challenge of ultimate authority that Kirk was addicted to. Starship captains have the power to start wars and play god to entire civilisations. They have to be bad-ass, especially TOS captains, who had to deal with a frontier that was far wilder than Picard’s. It sounds like these guys really know what they’re doing with this film and are going all out to give this a rip-roaring TOS feel. I’m bang up for this film.

82. Bilal Chohan - March 1, 2008

re: 68

He’s Pakistani, not Arab.

83. Bilal Chohan - March 1, 2008

I’m really excited about this! =)

84. Lou - March 1, 2008

82. so what? I took a VERY quick glance and made an incorrect call.

I suppose that would be like calling an Irishman Scottish lol

85. Devon - March 1, 2008

#27 – “If other captains were portrayed in a differing way, it was because it was part of the plot or a special situation required their action or behaviour to be antagonistic or not coherent.”

A special situation required that the Captains don’t know what they are doing? How about it was so that they didn’t overshadow or take away from our main heroes/to offer contrast. I mean if there was a “special situation” that led almost EVERY other Captain to self impending doom then Starfleet sucks pretty badly at hiring Starfleet Captains!

“but the creative team’s statements often leave a bad taste in my mouth as they sound positive at first read, but when you look at them more closely they sound as if they are up to “correct” everything which was “wrong” before.”

I think that is a case of trying to way over think / over read into things. There’s nothing wrong with having other Captains who are actually “memorable” and portray Starfleet as actually having other heroes besides the ones the TV shows are based on.

86. sir num nums - March 1, 2008

It is possible that he will be playing a captain from an alternate time line or universe?

87. Scott - March 1, 2008

#80 – Don’t forget Bob Wesley from TOS, who seemed a competent fellow.

Scott B. out.

88. The Quickening - March 1, 2008

In what way was Terrell weak? He was a very authoritarian captain and sacrificed himself instead of killing Kirk as he was controlled and ordered to by Khan.

That is hardly weak.

89. Kev-1 - March 1, 2008

Is this a new casting announcement? I thought this movie was going to wrap soon? Are they really going to finish it this year and sit on it until 2009? Huge cast.

90. EFFeX - March 1, 2008

I’ve only seen his work in 24, but he’s bad ass… Looking forward to this!

91. Jorg Sacul - March 1, 2008

You all have missed one. Don’t you recall Garth of Izar? He was the most legendary starship captain of the time, Kirk worshipped him, until he went a little bonkers and learned how to shapeshift. Tragic waste of Marta (Yvonne Craig), too.

It seems, from all the evidence given in the Trek universe, that commanding a starship will either make you die young or go nuts.

Chris Pike: Commanded Enterprise, brought the ship home in one piece, nearly died saving cadets on a training cruise. Had numerous doubts about his command, but realized the words of his doctor were right. Ended up in the rest home on Talos IV, forever trapped in a destroyed body.

Matt Decker: Legendary commodore, sent his crew to their deaths, lost it, went all “Ahab”. Committed suicide by attacking the great purple neutronium whale.

Will Decker: Was Captain of Enterprise, Kirk stole it from him, his ex-lover Ilya died because of Kirk’s actions, he decided it was better to get turned into sparks with the replicant of his dead ex-lover.

Ron Tracy: Legendary captain, probably had as many dangerous adventures as Kirk, physically beat Kirk like a red-toupee’d stepchild until the end, went crazy when his crew all turned to baking soda and he was marooned on the Yang/Kohm world.

Clark Terrell: A good captain, competant, and totally hijacked by Khan. He killed himself rather than kill Kirk… the man is a hero in any book.

Bob Wesley: M-5 dang near destroyed his ship, killed a lot of his crew, and he decided that taking a deskjob at a starbase (TAS) was better than facing that kind of action again. Tragedy of command responsibility broke him.

Riker’s former captain- the guy went bug nuts after losing his ship in an experiment gone wrong.

Jim Kirk: sent numerous crewmen to their deaths. Lost a brother and sister in law on colony planet. Violated the letter of the Prime Directive on many occasions. Watched Edith Keeler die, having lost track of why he was in the past to stop McCoy. Was in command of (but not control of) ship that destroyed USS Excalibur. Risked his ship numerous times, amazingly survived. Fought Klingons, Romulans, Gorn, even Apollo… Cheated on his Kobayashi Maru test. Fathered and abandoned a son. Steals and destroys NCC-1701A. Son later dies at hands of Klingon agent, because rather than blow the Klingon ship out of the sky while it was briefly disabled, he chose to wait to talk. At christening of USS Enterprise -B, he decides he’s the better engineer than Scotty, and is killed (sort of) for it. Died, for good, on alien planet, on a collapsing gantry, which, not unlike the framework of his life, was precarious and on the verge of collapse. Arrogant to the last, he asks Picard if it was “fun”.

Kirk was a macho, arrogant, reckless, foolhardy commander- with an incredible amount of good fortune filling his sails. He definitely had delusions of godhood, and everytime he survived another amazing escape, this just bolstered it. He violated laws and orders all the time, and never had to face the consequences. It was always his crew who paid that price for him.

Don’t get me wrong– I like Kirk! I’d want to be on his ship! But, viewed from the outside looking in– he was a train speeding down the tracks with no brakes and all his bridges were out. He just kept making the impossible leaps, until the end on Veridian III. If only he’d had Spock’s gravity boots!

Star Fleet has had lots of great captains. They just usually don’t last too long.

92. Iowagirl - March 1, 2008


Just a few examples – Capt. Merik made a terrible mistake in Bread and Circuses, but sacrificed himself in the end and helped Kirk & Co. escape.

Capt. Tracey violated the Prime Directive and committed crimes on Omega IV. So, he is the most antagonistic captain of the series, the counterpiece to the heroic captain we may have in mind when we think of Starfleet Captains. But IMO this isn’t shown to evaluate Kirk or to diminish other Captains, it’s an analogy of heroism going wrong, of people who bear immense responsibility, and who go astray and fail.

Capt. Terrell was in a desperate situation (yes, things like that happen), but although under horrible pain from the Ceti eel, he found the strength of character to kill himself, rather than to kill Kirk. That would meet my definition of heroic, too.

Capt. Esteban on the other hand is a paper-pusher Captain and his actions, and his fate are accordingly. Granted, we ask ourselves how someone like him could ever manage to become Captain, but he was originally assigned to examine the Genesis planet and this was a chiefly *politically* important mission. When considering that, I think his actions are more in line with the mission.

All things considered, I would like to point out again that IMO the other Captains were not portrayed less heroic than our Kirk, or in order to “evaluate” him or to “diminish” themselves, but to show that on the one hand captaincy comes with baggage, and brings about considerable strain which might result in situations like the ones mentioned, and on the other hand to feature different types of captains and different types of coping with situations in order to create more diversity.

I consider those captains as important and interesting character sketches who add to the diverse illustration TOS was able to depict.

There’s nothing wrong with some more heroes in the film, but I still consider RO‘s wording as infelicitous as it suggests that the captains before were but alibi-captains. IMO, this is not how TOS and the original film should be perceived.

93. The Admiral - March 1, 2008

-Is Kirk an ensign in this movie…or a …yeoman…?!?

94. AnnoyedFan - March 1, 2008

HOW DARE YOU imply Terrel was baffoonish in the face of heroism at the hands of Khan. Im boycotting this site from ON!

95. Denise de Arman - March 1, 2008

This is radical news. Tahir is going to ROCK OUT as a starship captain. JJ is making the coolest-of-cool casting decisions – I LOVE his style. And incorporating some action into the character reminds me of one James T. Kirk. Perhaps Tahir will also be a mentor of sorts to a young cadet Kirk and they will pummel a few mean aliens together. This movie is gonna freakin’ ROCK!

96. Devon - March 1, 2008

“All things considered, I would like to point out again that IMO the other Captains were not portrayed less heroic than our Kirk, or in order to “evaluate” him or to “diminish” themselves, but to show that on the one hand captaincy comes with baggage, and brings about considerable strain which might result in situations like the ones mentioned, and on the other hand to feature different types of captains and different types of coping with situations in order to create more diversity.”

Right, basically for the most part Captains who screwed up too much and it was always Captain Kirk or Picard or whoever to the lead or rescue.

“as it suggests that the captains before were but alibi-captains.”

They basically were. There were some other good Captains, but for the most part they could come off as bumbling and inexperienced sometimes, just for the sake of elevating the image of the main show’s Captain. I mean honestly, I think the only “diversity” that the writer’s thought about was “Well Captain Kirk will be the hero and the others will be the ones who are killed off or get themselves into the situations that Kirk has to save them.”

“IMO, this is not how TOS and the original film should be perceived.”

Then don’t perceive it that way. But I think maybe more than anything that they want to show that there are OTHER heroes in Starfleet besides Captain Kirk.

97. indranee - March 1, 2008

Pakistanis are NOT Arabs, they’re South Asian.

#61: Vijay Amritraj was one of India’s tennis exports. IMO, he was a good player but lacked the killer instinct so prevalent in the greats of his time, e.g., Borg and McEnroe, etc. he was also deemed one of the true gentlemen of the courts. that scene he had in TVH was pretty cool.

I can’t believe this movie is now a 2009 Summer flick!

98. Dierna - March 1, 2008

I’d just like to point out that Pakistan is not nessisarily an Arab country. It was invaded by the Arabs at one point. But that doesn’t make it an Arab nation. All of the countries that end in Stan are actually part of Asia. Even Iraq and Iran. The so called Middle East nations are actually part of Western Asia. The term Middle East was coined by the British in 1900.

99. Closettrekker - March 1, 2008

#8—-“Starfleet captains (with the occasional exception of a Percy Rodriguez or two) have been way too white-bread–this is a welcome change.”

I disagree with that assessment. Beyond noting that some of Kirk’s “superiors” in TOS were men of color, it should also be noted that Terrell (TWOK) and the unamed Capt. (Indian?) who was trying to generate power through the use of a “makeshift solar sail” in TVY were not Caucasian. Sulu is not what I would call “whitebread” either, and he eventually was depicted as the Captain of Excelsior in TUC and VOY, “Flashback”.
I’m not as recollective about TNG, but I could swear that I saw some other “ethnic” Captains and flag officers in that show too.
Then, of course, who can forget the DS9 commanding officer—Captain (although originally a Cmdr.) Benjamin Sisko, a New Orleans native of African descent.

While another “international” Command grade officer is always “welcome”, I think it is a bit of an unjustified inference to call it a “change”. I think it is safe to say that this move is not exactly ground-breaking, but more along the lines of consistent…Good for them, nonetheless.

What is more significant is that he is Pakistani, given the current shaky state of relations between that nation’s government and the West—one more nod to the notion that mankind’s future is a united one, and devoid of nationalist, racial, or religious tension.

Star Trek lives…

100. Closettrekker - March 1, 2008

#94—-In defense of the author, I didn’t get that at all. Harriman WAS buffoonish! I think Terrell might not have been dashing and ingenious (although in “Space Seed”, Kirk–at one time—was at the mercy of Khan as well), but I don’t think the author meant to put him in the “buffoon” category.

Styles commanded a science vessel, and it was obviously no match for a Klingon scoutship equipped with a cloaking device.

Esteban was an arrogant ass. That arrogance eventually left him humiliated by a more cunning Kirk, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and Checkov.

As mentioned before, if anyone was a “buffoon”, it was Harriman! This guy was lost, and indecisive to the point of being completely unbelievable as a Starfleet captain.

I don’t think Terrell got a fair shake. Even Kirk lost his ship to Sybok and his band of merry men (yikes!)!!!

Take it easy…

101. US Taxpayer Dude - March 1, 2008

^8 Michael Hall

“Way too whitebread”.

No need for such a racist comment!

102. US Taxpayer Dude - March 1, 2008

Mendez, J. I., Commodore, Starbase 11 said,

“Not one man in a thousand can do what you AND I HAVE DONE: COMMAND A STARSHIP”

Or is Mendez no longer a Latino name?

103. Kevin Tyler - March 1, 2008

#97 Vijay Amritraj was one of India’s tennis exports. IMO,

Wasn’t he in the Bond movie Octopussy where Roger Moore is the one swinging the tennis racquet? Vijay makes some crack about improving his backhand….

104. Michael Hall - March 1, 2008

“No need for such a racist comment!”

*L*–almost a half-century on this planet and I can honest say that’s the first-time I’ve gotten that! :-)

Actually, my use of “whitebread” may have been infelicitous–as some have pointed out, not a few captains have been non-Caucasian, even if you’re just counting TOS and the original cast movies. But in most instances those actors were still American. There are obvious production reasons behind this, and I wasn’t really faulting the various people responsible for making those decisions–I just wanted to point out that this bit of casting was very much in keeping with Trek’s overall vision, and as such is very welcome.

105. John Trumbull - March 1, 2008

Terrell was a cool Captain, if rather bored and blaise when we first saw him. But c’mon! He disintegrated himself with a phaser rather than kill a man he had never even met. Tell me that’s not badass.

106. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - March 1, 2008

Sounds good to me! An Epic film needs Epic heroes to test our preconceived present day notions, that was Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek . Good to see JJ and his team are holding true to that vision. Keep on testing the waters!

107. trekgeezer - March 1, 2008

Styles was a pansy-prick. He was all ego with nothing to back it up. If I remember right, didn’t he carry a riding crop (Also known as a swagger stick)?

My problem is that there seems to never have been a Starfleet Admiral that didn’t go bad (including Kirk, he did steal the Enterprise after all).

108. Sean4000 - March 1, 2008

There were rumors of a “turn coat” captain. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

109. Ransom - March 1, 2008

Great Captains:

Pike, April…

Laforge, Kim, Riker…

Jeliico, Hernandez, Ramirez, DeSoto

110. Harry Ballz - March 1, 2008

Haven’t we had enough “turn coat” Captains for one lifetime???

It would be nice to see something reasonably original for a change!!

111. the king in shreds and tatters - March 1, 2008

Dude, Terrell was bitchin.’ So he had a slug or two in his ears–that’ll make anybody crazy.

Don’t be a hatah!

112. Michael Hall - March 1, 2008

“It would be nice to see something reasonably original for a change!!”

It might also be nice to actually confirm plot details–and perhaps wait to evaluate how they’re executed onscreen–before passing judgement on them.

113. I AM MONGO - March 1, 2008

Dear Stanky,

Mongo think this great news! Mongo know movie totally rock now! Thanks for pointing out!

Terrell good captain. Matt Decker commodore flip out so he not count. Jellico good captain with different style. Mongo like see his adventures. In book Prime Directive, Styles portrayed as doofus. That seem about right.

114. CmdrR - March 1, 2008

I’m with ya, Harry. I much prefer strong characters who occassionally screw up. Rather than weak characters who always provide a plot by screwing up. (“Gilligan!!!”)

Ransom, in what universe is Jelico a good captain? HE HATES FISH! Jerk!

Anyway, it’ll be cool to see multiple ships AND get some meaty plotlines to go with each. That’ll make this a movie to watch over and over.

115. Harry Ballz - March 1, 2008


If we’re not supposed to speculate as what might be in the movie then, based on that logic, this website would be devoid of all posts between now and May 2009! Not going to happen!

116. GNDN - March 1, 2008

Perhaps the Federation Captain is in command of the USS Republic (NCC 1371), an early assignment for Ensign James T. Kirk.

117. Michael Hall - March 1, 2008

“If we’re not supposed to speculate as what might be in the movie then, based on that logic, this website would be devoid of all posts between now and May 2009! Not going to happen!”

Hmm. Maybe. Of course, it’s also possible that the site might not be post-free even if the participants kept in mind the difference between “speculation” and “premature whining about things you actually know nothing about.” Or, not. Just a thought.

118. PaoloM - March 1, 2008

To Harriman’s defense I have to say that his unready ship should have never been sent to the rescue. This is the result of a huge plot hole (the E-B being the only ship in range, while still in the solar system?? C’mon, what a ridiculous statement). Harriman is very young and he has three living legends onboard! The pressure over him must have been difficult to bear. Plus, ok, he was not the finest officer in Starfleet.

119. Harry Ballz - March 1, 2008

Michael, every time I interact with you here there’s a REAL EDGE to you…why so pissy?

120. Michael Hall - March 1, 2008

“C’mon, what a ridiculous statement.”

True. Of course, that fault applies equally to STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE.

121. PaoloM - March 1, 2008

#121 “True. Of course, that fault applies equally to STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE.”

In a sense you are right. In TMP we can assume that the refitted Enterprise is the fastest ship in the fleet, the only one capable of reaching V’Ger in time.
As for the Enterprise-B, I find it difficult to think the same. But the question is quiet similar.

122. Michael Hall - March 1, 2008

Mr. Ballz, it’s just the internet, and in truth, we’re all just words on a screen. Nothing personal, I assure you.

123. CmdrR - March 1, 2008

It’s called a conceit. You concede to the filmaker that it could happen, and agree to shut off that part of your brain.

HOWEVER, there are some fine movies that don’t require you to suspend your disbelief that much. Again, I’m really hoping for a smart movie this time. And just for fun, this week’s LOST was pretty good. Once you agreed to the conceit of mental time travel, the rest of the episode made sense. It even had an ending. woo-hoo.

124. Matt - March 1, 2008

I think Gene Roddenberry said something about the fact that at the time of TOS spacefaring was so difficult no captain or his ship was expected to return at the end of his five year mission in one piece.

And that he also said that Kirk was one of the only captains to successfully do so.

I don’t know how this works with Gene’s supposed “optimism” about the future except for the idea that we didn’t blow ourselves up. But I am pretty sure that during Kirk’s original 5 years, the captains were of the 50s western genre. And by the end of the 80s, they were more of the “Wall Street” types. It did seem lame.

One interesting leader was the Captain John Ransom of the Voyager episodes Equinox. We all wore our leather shoes while decrying how evil he was for using strange energy creatures to power warp engines. In a way the episodes were an echo of the original Pegaus episodes of Galactica, and probably a bunch of other works of literature.

125. Colonel Kurdatz - March 1, 2008

Although not ruled out as a possibility, since the Enterprise herself was an older vessel, I’m willing to bet we get our first look on screen of a Deadalus class starship – given all the references the movie makes to the Romulans. It was these ships that combated the Romulans during the Earth-Romulan War, were most likely the ships of the line that followed the NX class and were widely regarded as the predecessors of the Constitution class vessels.

Like I said, it could very well be another Consitiution class ship that this new captain commands, remember Kirk served on both the Republic and the Farragut before the Enterprise, so perhaps it’s some flashback to that point.

Or perhaps we see an all out new design…one never seen before in canon referances.

126. Alex Rosenzweig - March 1, 2008

#48 – “I do not see how books could make Harriman into anything other than the loser he was in STG.”

Read either The Captain’s Daughter, by Peter David, or Serpents Among the Ruins, by David R. George III. You’ll understand. :)

127. Rhett Coates - March 1, 2008

You know what? Pretty soon, we’ll have more Star Trek FAN FILMS being made—by S.T. fans in Pakistan, and other nations around the world other than those being made now. It’s just the INSPIRATION that gets us all going, methinks: that optimism that spurred people like Whoopi Goldberg and Dr. Mae Jameson (after seeing Nichelle Nichols as Uhura in TOS) to become the professionals that they are today. That’s not just in the USA, but in EVERY nation where people have seen STAR TREK in any form: it’s not just for us Americans; it’s for THE WHOLE WORLD to ponder and think about. Can we really get there—and use technological breakthroughs FOR people instead of against them? Sure we can: it will happen when we as a species want that for ourselves bad enough. Across the entire planet. Let’s just hope (—in deference to the decade leading up to the Vulcans first contact w/ Zephram Cochran in Montana—) that it doesn’t take WW3 to push us into NEEDING it for that reason.

Yeah: this movie’s gonna ROCK AND ROLL (to paraphrase “Z” in the cockpit of the Phoenix—in ST VIII: FC), both in story AND in the tremendous CAST OF CHARACTERS! Go, JJ/Alex/Roberto! —-& Co.!

128. I am not Herbert - March 1, 2008

“Pakistani actor Faran Tahir is the ‘Federation Captain.’ The 44 year-old actor has dozens of TV and film credits including a featured part in the upcoming Iron Man. His Star Trek role is said to be both important and not your typical Trek movie captain.”

Welcome aboard Capt. “Tahir”!!

looks like I’m going to (love to) hate you in Iron Man, ;-)

…and love to see you in Star Trek too! SWEET! =D

129. Nomad - March 1, 2008

A couple I can remember off the top of my head:

Captain Keogh, captain of the USS Odyssey was so cocky that he didn’t even offload the civilians before taking his ship into the Gamma Quadrant against the Dominion! And of course his ship got pwned.

Captain Hernandez of the USS Columbia seemed to know what she was doing.

Other then the ones mentioned already we haven’t seen that many captains other than the main ones in action.

The new one looks pretty awesome though!

130. Sxottlan - March 1, 2008

Er, I’m pretty sure Keogh did offload all non-essential personnel from the Odyssey.

131. indranee - March 1, 2008

#98, the phrase “not necessarily” should be “most definitely not”. Pakistan was never invaded and occupied by Arabs though it was “invaded” by the Mongols, Turks and the Persians. It used to be a part of British India before both countries gained Independence in 1947. So, it most definitely is NOT Arab. We need to get our history and geography right. :)

That said, is Faran Tahir gonna PLAY a Pakistani? Has JJ or RO answered that?

#103, you got it. He was featured in Octopussy (yuck, that is one of the Bond flicks I hated). His brother, Anand Amritraj, also a tennis player on the circuit, was also a producer in LA. There was another tennis playing brother in the family — Ashok Amritraj, but I’m not sure what became of him.

132. AJ - March 2, 2008

I forgot about Jellico! Ronny Cox rules, and, even though this character is detestable, he certainly is no wuss. Has his own style.

The fact that he seems always to channel his Robocop and Total Recall characters in his performance gives Jellico that extra bit of sleaze, making him all the more scary.

The captains from TNG “Conspiracy” all seemed fairly solid, and racially mixed, as well.

I am excited about Faran Tahir as a Starfleet captain. Hopefully, he will be a mentor figure to young Kirk.

133. Johnny Ice - March 2, 2008

I am also very happy having South Asian Faran Tahir as a Starfleet captain. Its about time they show more ethnic diversity in Star Trek. I just hope he ain’t a Muslim character :)

134. Petey - March 2, 2008

“Like the Germans and Russians of past generations, many of today’s popular culture villains are played by those of Middle-Eastern or South West Asian descent. But just like Gene Roddenberry put a Russian onto the bridge of the Enterprise in the height of the cold-war, JJ Abrams has put a Pakistani into the captain’s chair in the post-9/11 world.”

Now that’s the kind of reporting I’ve come to respect and expect from TrekMovie.com, Anthony. A broad-minded, big picture opinion that is truly representative of how Star Trek envisions the future. Well done! CBS/Paramount ought to recognise that you are oiling their hype machine better than they could have ever done.

135. Jorg Sacul - March 2, 2008

>>JJ Abrams has put a Pakistani into the captain’s chair in the post-9/11 world.”
>> Petey:

Since when has Pakistan been on par with the 1960s Soviet Union for being in opposition and (perceived) threat to the entire free world? Did I miss an episode of the Colbert Report or something?

However, if the Federation supersized trading posts on every colony are full of Romulan-produced items, I’ll know for sure that Abrams is directly comparing them to China. ;-)

136. Mike T. - March 2, 2008

Harriman is getting a bad rap. He’s only a captain. I’m assuming it was starfleet’s idea and not his to take Kirk and company out on a cruise around the solar system with news reporters. Harriman was only following orders.

It’s kind of like what the US Navy does with it’s ships, the ship builder takes the ships out on shakedown cruises to find any problems before turning them over to the Navy, and sometime they have government officials and reporters on board. Discovery channel had a crew on the USS Ronald Reagan filming it’s shakedown. The ship didn’t have any weapons or planes on board. Now if there was an emergency at sea would the Navy send this ship to help even if it was the closest? More than likely no.

I know Trek is fiction but It’s hard for me to believe that the Heart of the Federation would not have any other ships in the area on patrol or otherwise. Even on Enterprise (the show), they know the Xindi weapon was coming for months, so you would think starfleet would of had a fleet waiting for it. No, only the other Xindi ships and Shran with his Andorian ship battled the Xindi weapon in Earth orbit!

I’ve come to the conclusion that Starfleet is totally worthless and it amazes me it was able to fight off any invaders.

137. Trek Forever - March 2, 2008


* Charismatic.
* Solid actor with proven skills. (I’ve seen his work. Great choice.)
* Definite thumbs-up from this fan!

This is a reminder of a future where different cultures work together. Something Star Trek is all about! And BRAVO to Roberto Orci and co. for their insistence on strong Starfleet captains.

138. Xai - March 2, 2008

133. Johnny Ice – March 2, 2008
I am also very happy having South Asian Faran Tahir as a Starfleet captain. Its about time they show more ethnic diversity in Star Trek. I just hope he ain’t a Muslim character :)

There’s nothing wrong with being Muslim. Any religion can have it’s extremists. AND no, I don’t want to spark a religion post…I know what Anthony will say.

139. ikabar - March 2, 2008

I read through about 3/4 of the thread here, and I have a couple things to say.
1) Great! we have a strong captain of arabic origin. I like it.
2) Since the story is of Kirk and company, my bet is that this new captain will have about 6 minutes of film time (which is more than normal).

Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be at all more worked up about this.

I could be wrong.

(raises his glass)

Here’s to being wrong.

140. Aaron - March 2, 2008

Maybe this is an younger version of Admiral Piett and his ship the Executor.

141. Captain Tomlinson - March 2, 2008

There is a character that has remain constant, but has only been mentions in the motion picture. And that Fleet Admiral Nagura. later to be known as the grand farther of starfleet command

142. Xai - March 2, 2008

141. Captain Tomlinson – March 2, 2008

There is a character that has remain constant, but has only been mentions in the motion picture. And that Fleet Admiral Nagura. later to be known as the grand farther of starfleet command

I believe the character you refer to is Nogura and I think he’s supposed to be asian, likely Japanese.

143. BaronByng - March 2, 2008

139 and others:

Pakistani is not Arab.
Pakistani is not Arab.
Pakistani is not Arab.

These are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT parts of the world and ethnic groups. Pakistan was created from the Act of Partition of 1947, as a homeland for Muslim Indians. Prior to that it was part of British India. (Bangladesh later split off from this partition – it was formerly known as East Pakistan.)

Now, Pakistan is a Muslim country, but that does not make its people Arabs. Arabs are a specific people with a shared language (Arabic) found in certain countries like…Saudi Arabia for one..and concentrated mostly in the Middle East and North Africa.

Pakistan is far to the east of that area, and is more properly part of South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka…etc)

Afghanistan is in between these areas (middle east, south asia and Central Asia). Just while we’re on the topic.

Just as it is possible to be Christian and Italian, and Christian and Irish, and being Christian means you can be Catholic or United Church, being Muslim does not make you Arab. There are Arab Christians as well as English Muslims of Anglo-Saxon ancestry.

One is a nationality / ethnicity, and the other is a religion.

Not all Americans are Southern Baptists, after all!

In any case, I look forward to seeing Mr. Tahir in this role. Not just for his ethnicity, but because he’s a GOOD ACTOR.

144. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008


Everybody got that?? Good, now when you hear the bell move on to math class!

145. Dierna - March 2, 2008

Hey.. no need to be hating on Muslims. After all Alexander Siddig is a Muslim (born in Sudan where his uncle was Prime Minister).

As for the whole Pakistan has never been invaded by Arabs thing. That region has been invaded by just about everybody and at one point ruled by an Arab named Muhammad Bin Qasim:

146. ikabar - March 2, 2008

frankly you can disregard my #1 comment. Personally, I don’t care what nationality this actor is, as long as he can act.
Just don’t get friggin preachy on me. I’m 100% german (no other european blood) but I don’t go around correcting people when they call me American just because I live in Colorado.
Most of the uneducated world (including me) see Pakistan as Arab. Long after you’ve wasted your breath trying to educate me on this, I’ll still call Pakistan an Arab nation. I really don’t care one way or the other.
If this topic is of any real importance to you, teach a geography or Western Civilization class.
Don’t get me worked up on this.

147. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

C’mon, everybody…..GROUP HUG!!!

148. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Agreed, lets just agree he’ll kick some serious ass in the role!!!

149. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Right, it’s agreed…………he’ll make an ass of himself in the role!!

150. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Right…… wait……

151. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Heh, heh, heh………..

152. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Damned twisted meaning of my words grrr

153. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Irish Trekki

you show a great knack for dry humour…..good to have you on board!!

154. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

and so you shall sir if only to strengthen the transatlantic ties between our great naions and so on….. several misspellings….. bloody hands!!!

155. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

I was born in Scotland, but I grew up in Canada, now living in Toronto. You’re up pretty late aren’t you?

156. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Unreasonably late!!!!! Internal clock all over the place, I blame those pesky kids!

157. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Anyways, as is tradition in my country I shall collapse face down somewhere in your honour…. goodnight, depending on your timezone!

158. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008


159. Batts - March 2, 2008

I dont know if anyone sees this. in the pic with Harriman he looks like he is saying “Ferris!” ‘What are we going to do?” Just like when he let his fathers car out the garage and destroyed it, when the enormity of what he did finally hit him, he said “Whoa, Oh Shit!” A true Captain! Ha HA!

160. Tassieboy - March 2, 2008

I always thought it would be interesting the see the Harriman character grow and develop into someone who would eventually be considered one of the legendary Captains of the Enterprise. Afterall, most of his trouble was his ship was missing half it’s equipment.

161. indranee - March 2, 2008

uhh NO… a Pakistani is NOT Arab (unless individually so) and was NEVER invaded by Arabs.

that wiki article is wrong.

So there. ;)

162. BaronByng - March 2, 2008

146 – sorry, wasn’t meaning to be preachy, but it’s just that sort of casual “i can’t be bothered learning history or geography, they’re all weird foreign brown folks” attitude that irks me.

There was a time not too long ago in North American history where people had the exact same attitude towards immigrants from Germany, Poland, France, and Italy…they were NOT ANGLO SAXON and therefore not to be trusted. Now those immigrant populations are the backbone of America, and no one would ever think of confusing those countries with each other…

163. BaronByng - March 2, 2008

145 – Muhammad bin Qasim’s rule over that part of the world (and subsequent Arab rule of the area) was pretty short-lived. And while it did establish routes of trade between South Asia and the Arab world, that doesn’t make the population of the region ethnically Arab today. The vast majority of Pakistanis hail from the Punjab region of India originally, so they are ethnically Punjabi, and the national language is Urdu, not Arabic. So it’s a far, far stretch to call modern Pakistan an Arab country!

164. warptek - March 2, 2008

It’s been mentioned that Jim Kirks first post was the Republic (where he put Finney on report) and later on the Farragut. I know books are not supposed to be canon but there was one I read (forgot which) where it portrays Kirk as Commander serving as first officer on the Constitution, Enterprises sister and lead ship of the class, immediately before his assignment to Enterprise and subsequent promotion to captain. In TMP there is much talk about getting crew members fully rated on the design. Evidently, not even Kirk himself was fully rated on the refit. My point being, could this Pakistani captain have been the commanding officer her served under on the Constitution? I know it is not necessary for him to be but It would make for an interesting plot device…

165. Dark_Lord_Prime - March 3, 2008

RE: NX “class”, “there wouldn’t be any NX ‘class’ ships so long after Enterprise”…

“NX” is not a class, it is a label, just like “NCC”. NX means “experimental.”

The Enterprise NX–01 was experimental (being the first warp 5-capable ship). The Excelsior NX-2000 (Star Trek 3) was experimental (what with the “transwarp” drive she carried).

166. Cobra Commander - March 3, 2008

Harriman’s spine was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday . . .

167. AJ - March 3, 2008


But it never arrived.

168. Irish Trekki - March 3, 2008

#166 #167
Like I said, I thought he was a good man, perhaps just ill suited to commanding one of the Enterprises!

169. Dark_Lord_Prime - March 3, 2008

RE: Harriman was a wimp

It was his first command, on a shake-down cruise, with a living legend standing on the bridge and watching his every move.

You’d be understandably nervous, too. :P

170. Anthony Pascale - March 3, 2008

Johnny Ice
warning for trolling.

johnny (and anyone else who has a problem with any group of people)
I will not tolerate intolerance on this website

comments to http://trekmovie.com/about/feedback

171. earthclanbootstrap - March 3, 2008

My guess is that after ST:Generations, Scotty talked Captain Cameron into running the 1701-B’s warp nacelles backwards and Starfleet never even realized that he’d taken her out for the day. Then he went on to kick ass.

172. Redjac - March 3, 2008

This dude looks frighteningly like Shinzon.

173. Revelado ator que fará o “capitão da Federação” « Startrekbr’s Weblog - March 4, 2008

[…] Jornada nas Estrelas, e que chegou a ser apelidado de “capitão da Federação”. Agora o site The Trek Movie confirma a presença desse novo personagem e o ator que o interpretará, ele se chama Faran Tahir. […]

174. Organian - March 4, 2008

A lot of squabbles have been about whether or not an unnamed starfleet captain is an Arab or Pakistani, or just a hot actor from Hollywood. Have we not learned anything from Star Trek? Does it matter?

In the Star Trek future all those little things that set us apart makes us stronger as a single humanity, together against foes in ourselves. In the end we must fight the Borg in ourselves, and the Klingons, the Romulans, the Ferengi, the Cardassians, and many other aliens that inhabit our psyche. Not to mention Bajorans and Vulcans too,

And, most importantly, Organians.

175. mada101 - March 4, 2008

I would bet good money that this other starship will not be anything we have seen before (no NX, no Daedalus, no Bonaventure, no Miranda, no Oberth). Why? Because this film is a visual reboot/retcon of the Trek universe. They won’t be digging into the old canon for ship designs – they’ll be letting their expensive concept artists do what they have been paid to do.

My cynical side is also saying that if this other ship is supposed to be older than the new NCC-1701, it’s going to look retro and campy because the audience will associate the classic show with ‘old’ and ‘past it’ and just to get a few laughs in at TOS’s expense.

176. RHIP - March 5, 2008

For God’s sake lets hope they ignore ‘Enterprise’ and everything in it! Roddenberry established some elements of past history and the United Earth Space Probe Agency was the apparent precursor to Starfleet, and the only previous starship named Enterprise was a passenger liner. Where did the Zindi come from and what happened to the Earth-Romulan war that took place before the Federation was founded?

Remember that Enterprise as we knew her was already about 20 years old and the frequently reused establishing shots hinted at minor design changes over its service life. Maybe the other ship is the never seen Constitution, with the oversized bridge pod, spires on the engine caps, and exhause vents on the rear of the nacelles.

But no blessed NX-class please. If nothing else it looks more like an old Romulan Warbird than anything else!

177. Neville Ross - March 17, 2008

Yeah, let’s put him in charge of the ugliest ship design in sci-fi history-NOT!

The Deadalus is the ugliest piece of shit ever assembled, and the movie will flop if it’s in it. Better give him an NX class ship, or a Constitution class ship.

178. Perfectlymadebirds - March 24, 2008

This is great. I have been looking very forward to this movie and was very surprised and delighted to see a pakistani starship captain for the first time I know of in Star Trek. As an artist I have already been creating the Perfectlymadebirds Epics ongoing saga of story art for more years than I can count which feature the heroic personnel of the Pakistani Starfleet:
http://www.pakistanistarfleet.com which links to the flickr site that updates weekly as the series progresses.

I count everyday that passes to the release of this movie as I am eager to see how Faran Tahir as captain will save the day.

179. Smith - April 7, 2008

Having performed and acted with Faran back at Berkeley, I assure you all that we are in for great screen time, however much he receives. Check out his work in “ABCD” just last year–

180. Carrie Brewer - May 8, 2008

Faran was one of my math volunteers last year, as his daughter was in my math class. He is super nice and has a wonderfully humble demeanor, so it was really weird to see him play such a cold, heartless character in Iron Man. Just goes to show you what a truly great actor he is! Go Faran!

181. Kacey Mikuteit - May 10, 2008

His daughter goes to my school and Faran Tahir is really nice, too. When he visited our school on Career Day, one thing he told me was that he wants to play a role that means something and shows the day and the life of a real person. He also explained to me that to him it doesn’t matter how many roles or super-stardom as long as his acting is believable. He is so kind and warm-hearted, so I find it so awkward to see him play such a scary character in Iron Man! He overall is a great actor and great person, and I hope to see more of him in the future. (p.s., he also did a really good job in Lost!)

182. LSEDITOR - May 20, 2008

Faran Tahir is a highly-educated, well-spoken and articulate gentleman not unlike Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard character, only in real life.

And lest we forget, Captain Picard was very much a hard-ass, no-nonsense leader.

Mr. Tahir is also a third-generation actor after his parents and grandparents.

By the way, shame on anyone who brings 9/11 or nationality into play here, after all, what the heck do you think the master — Gene Roddenberry — would say about such talk…

Through technology the Earth has become a much smaller and closer place in which to live, so if we don’t all get along now, there will be hell to pay when the Klingons show up!

183. The Film Talk - Part 24 - Hulk Fever! « The Film Talk - June 20, 2008

[…] Topics of Interest!:  Ang Lee, Faran Tahir, Peter Hyam’s Capricorn One, Romancing the Stone, Frank Darabont, Brad Pitt in The […]

184. Savana - May 7, 2009

The only reason I’m even going to see this new Star Trek movie is because of Faran Tahir, but I haven’t seen his name in the credits yet!?!? I’ll be disappointed to show up at the theater tomorrow and not catch a glimpse of him.

I think he’ beautiful, and any movie he’s in will have me standing in line!

185. Faran Tahir's Awesome - May 8, 2009

Dude, Faran was amazing in this role. Good to see a Pakistani in the Captain’s chair. Anyone know if he’s Punjabi-Pakistani?

186. Pakistani Actor “Lives Long and Prospers” in Star Trek « CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan - May 29, 2009

[…] Captains Kirk and Picard. In this film, however, Tahir plays Robau as a heroic and strong leader. In an interview with TrekMovie.com, the film’s co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci noted, “Being a captain in […]

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