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Eric Bana Thinks Trek Is Going To Be Fun March 2, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

Eric Bana is currently hard at work playing the villain Nero for the new Star Trek (even shaving his head a week ago for the role). He is so hard at work he missed the New York premiere for his film The Other Boleyn Girl last week. Bana did do some interviews for Boleyn Girl which have cropped up in the last few days and when they get around to talking Trek there is a recurring theme.

On why he took the Trek role: [UPI]

I couldn’t resist. I read it and I know (director J.J. Abrams) pretty well and there was just no way to say no; it’s just too much fun.

On TOS: [Aust. Herold Sun]

I really loved the original series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, I grew up with that, but that was not reason enough to want to do the film. The script was the thing that made me want to do it. I’m looking forward to playing a villain, so it should be fun.

On work on Trek [Phil. Enquirer]

I got to do a few weeks’ work on that, a really great, fun script

On Abrams [Phil. Enquirer]

He’s very annoying, very talented (he says with a laugh)
I would like to rephrase that: He’s annoyingly talented. Don’t isolate those two comments!

No more funny man
Bana may love his fun, but it appears he no longer wants to be funny…at least professionally. The actor, who won an Australian Logie award for his sketch comedy work in the 90s, tells the Australian Daily Telegraph that he has put his comedy work behind him:

By the time I started doing film I was kind of burnt out. I know it is frustrating for people who like to see that stuff and I just tell them to go onto YouTube, I just had had enough of it.

Bana sacrifices for Trek
Eric Bana has done more for Trek than just shave his head. In February the actor could be seen with his co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman at the European premieres, but he had to skip out on the last The Other Boleyn Girl premiere (New York) due to his work on Trek in Los Angeles.

Bana and his ladies in Berlin (2/15), Madrid (2/18) and London (2/19)

Natalie all alone in NYC (2/28)

The “Other Boleyn Girl” starring Eric Bana opened last Friday nationwide.


Photos: Wire Image



1. James Jamziz - March 2, 2008

nice – great actor

2. Celestial Fire - March 2, 2008

this is going to be fun.

3. GeneralChang - March 2, 2008

did anybody notice how clifton collins (nero’s henchman) was bald at the cloverfield premiere. maybe that will be the “new look” they are using for the romulans.

4. Thomas Jensen - March 2, 2008

Yes, I perfer human type Romulans to those of the next generation. I think that fits into the vulcan/romulan connection then those with the weird foreheads. I don’t really like it when they make things complex when simple can be just as good.

5. Izbot - March 2, 2008


Or it may be that it is just easier for the actors to wear Romulan wigs if they are bald. In TOS the actors just used their own hair but the tradition of those (patenently awful) wigs started with TNG’s reintroduction of the Roms in “The Neutral Zone” and continued all the way through “Nemesis” and on ENT. I for one would be happy to see the use of wigs on Roms and Vulcans be discontinued. They are ridiculous.

6. GeneralChang - March 2, 2008

yeah, it seemed like every alien in the tng era had prosthetics on the forehead. it makes me wonder about the klingons. if they make an appearance in the film or a sequel

7. Izbot - March 2, 2008


And, yes, I never cared for the addition of the forehead appliance to the Roms, either. I think we’re all smart enough to distinguish Vulcans from Romulans by their behavior and without what amounts to a sign reading “Romulan” taped to their foreheads. If they didn’t need ’em back in ’67 they don’t need ’em now.

8. Izbot - March 2, 2008

Just to continue this line of discussion, the forehead appliance didn’t do much to help the actors portraying Romulans. Roms were supposed to be passionate in comparison to their Vulcan cousins but by giving the actors those stiff uniforms and a forehead appliance that limited the actor’s range of facial movement the show-runners effectively ’emasculated’ the Romulans into something much closer to an emotionless, robotlike conformist race. Of course it can also be argued that this was effective in making Roms a more extreme version of the Vulcans since they all became 1-dimensional ciphers. Almost a cautionary tale of the Vulcans’ turning away from individuality taken to the extreme. You gotta admit that the Vulcans look a lot like a conformist society akin to Communist China with everyone shunning individuality (right down to those unflattering identical haircuts for men and women) at least on the surface. You can understand Capt Archer’s initial distrust of and annoyance at them for similar reasons.

9. Devon - March 2, 2008

#7 – “If they didn’t need ‘em back in ‘67 they don’t need ‘em now.”

I think that could apply to about 75% of anything in Star Trek. Unless they plan on explaining the Romulan/Vulcan ancestry then it may be needed just to help people move it along. It’s a cosmetic thing is all. Same with Klingons etc.

10. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 2, 2008

#4 – AMEN!!!

#8 – Vulcans didn’t have all identical haircuts. In TOS, all Vulcans had very different haircuts, and the women’s hair differed greatly from the men’s. It was only later on in the cheesy spin-offs that they all had the EXACT same haircut, mostly due to the fact that the people who were in charge of the cheesy spin-offs really knew nothing about Star Trek and just figured that all Vulcans should look exactly like Mr. Spock.


11. lexx - March 2, 2008

-So..the romulans are again the bad guys….

12. lexx - March 2, 2008

-tng romulans are great…hmmmm…you silly tos purists..

13. - March 2, 2008

Again the Romulans. In Nemesis did not worked.

14. Izbot - March 2, 2008

#11 – The fact that the Vulcans in TOS had more individualistic hairstyles was an incouraging thing to me. That one could turn away from emotion but not have to sacrifice identity was a compelling notion. I really think that from TNG onwards the Spock haircut in itself became universally Vulcan (and Romulan, in a somewhat modified style). This was a bit of a disservice to Vulcans as a whole, I think (as per my Communist Chinese comparison). T’Pau and T’Pring’s immaginitive hairstyles come to mind. Look at ENT where T’Pol, her mother and every single other Vulcan (accept for the Cirinists who apparently stopped cutting and washing their own hair) all had interchangeable haircuts/wigs.

#13. And I don’t really mean to sound like I’m dumping on TNG or even EN (which I both loved) but I’m bringing this up as I wonder what the new producers and staff have theorized and how it will translate to the screen. I really am an advocate for change and I am anxious to see what new take on these old familiar peoples JJ and company will bring to us.

15. Izbot - March 2, 2008

Hmm, looks like my comments were supposed to be dirrected to #10 and #12.

16. SPB - March 2, 2008

#10 –

Not only the Vulcans, but wasn’t anyone else annoyed by the fact that they made ALL the Klingons looks exactly the same (hair, goatees, uniforms) starting in 1984 with their appearance in STAR TREK III?

Yes, MINOR nitpicking, I’ll grant you, but you’d think they’d allow for more individuality with the Klingons, as opposed to the Vulcans, which sort of made “logical” sense that they’d all adhere to one uniform look and not bothering with styling and feathering their haircuts!

17. karanadon - March 2, 2008

#8 I could be wrong on this but wasn’t it (in Roddenberry’s mind) that the Federation were like the US, the Klingons were the USSR and the Romulans Communist China? But I don’t know where that leaves Vulcans specifically…

And as much as I love TNG…I really hope there’s no Remans. Romulans are more badass on their own I think.

18. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 2, 2008

#17 – Oh, I definately agree…the whole “Reman” thing was one of the lamest ideas to come out of the cheesy TNG-era stuff. And there’s been a LOT of lame ideas to come out of the TNG-era, so that’s saying something!!

19. Izbot - March 2, 2008

#16 – There’s a little more variety in the look of the Klingons than maybe you’re giving them credit for. Although it’s true that minor Klingon characters looked fairly generic (and why did almost all Klingons in the 24th century wear the same armor as in the 23rd?). But a lot of the ‘featured’ Klingons had some interesting variety to them, especially in their forehead appliances. But yeah, the fact that every Klingon in the 24th century had a perm exept for Worf and his blown-dry coif always made my eyes roll. I was relieved when the Klingons from ENT weren’t sporting these 80’s ‘hair band’ and jerri-curl ‘dos. Ha! They had 90’s grunge rock hairstyles instead! I guess if Star Trek: Phase II had aired in the 70’s they’d’ve had afros or Ziggy Stardust ‘styles.

20. Jackson Roykirk - March 2, 2008

Hopefully Abrams’ Romulans have smooth foreheads — and I don’t mind at all if nero is a bald Romulan. Why not? The human species has some members that have hair, while others are bald.

It could be worst…Bana could be wearing a crab on his forehaed again (Google “Eric Bana Worf” for images if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

21. SPOCKBOY - March 2, 2008

I agree,
if you make them all similar then they are reduced to being nothing but goons.
The goon thing works if you want to tone down how violent things appear.
-IE-action films where Stallone/Arnold kill off 40 guys. If said goons had individuality, they would no longer be goons, they would be people.
The downside is, by “gooning” up the bad guys up they seem less real, and therefore much less of a threat, dramatically.

I like Eric Bana.

22. maspill - March 2, 2008

was it confirmed he is a romulan by the way or is it still a strong rumour !?

23. Tim Handrahan - March 2, 2008

Tough year for Eric Bana… He stars in a film with BOTH Scarlett Johanson and Natale Portman and gets to play a villian in Star Trek.I wish my life were that cruel!

24. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Give me a Rom with no Rem and hold the cheese!

25. Jabob Slatter - March 2, 2008

Personally, I don’t care if they give Romulans ridges, or wings, or whatever. Aliens always looked stupid in the cheesy TOS series. Klingons were merely humans with a bad application of tan-in-a-can. At least they tried to make Vulcans look alien. Romulans were just Vulcans with different silly clothes.

I realize an inferior knowledge of biological science, coupled with no budget, pretty much dictated human aliens. TV was also pretty unsophisticated then, and TOS was a product of its time.

That’s one of the things about wonderful shows like TNG and DS9 that I didn’t like – most “guest” aliens simply had a different nose, ear or forehead application. It got very tiresome. At least they went farther with some of the regular races.

26. Xai - March 2, 2008

18. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator – March 2, 2008

We got dislike the other series. Do you get paid a nickle for every time you say “cheesy”?

27. Xai - March 2, 2008

I like Bana… he’ll do well. brow or no brow

28. maspill - March 2, 2008

17 didnt get the whole reman thing in x i was waitin for a romulan film but the remans let me down

29. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Some want a Romulan ridge
Others consider it sacrilege
As long as the part
Is good from the start
The actor can look like a fridge!

30. maspill - March 2, 2008

but is he a romulan ?

31. boJac - March 2, 2008

TNG Romulan foreheads always annoyed the hell out of me. Even though they were only in like three episodes, the Romulans were my favorite villains in TOS. They were so mysterious and badass. Then in TNG (Especially Nemesis) the Roms were bastardized. That pissed me off.

I did like the Enterprise Romulans though, even though they had those damn ridges. I guess it goes back to that mysterious factor.

The Romulan’s better be like the BOT Roms in the new film!

32. Vulcan Soul - March 2, 2008

#8 You gotta admit that the Vulcans look a lot like a conformist society akin to Communist China with everyone shunning individuality

China has not been overly collectivist since the excesses of the Cultural Revolution, while people in not-so-Communist Japan have a distinct group mentality.

I suggest to take a trip or two down there to learn about the differences between these two cultures.

33. Lukas - March 2, 2008

LOL number 18= moron/fool Calling the spin offs cheesy when TOS was the ultimate cheese.

34. Scott - March 2, 2008

Sorry not to add to the Battle of the Ridges.

I just wanted to say that last night my wife and I watched a little Australian movie that was on the free on-demand Comcast channel called “The Castle.” Eric Bana has a small role in it, with a couple of funny scenes. Very off-beat, funny film, not unlike Napoleon Dynamite. Except for liberal use of the F-word, it would be fun for the whole family.

Okay, I give in…TOS Vulcans and Romulans looked best. Sorry, defenders of wigs and ridges.

Scott B. out.

35. Xai - March 2, 2008

33. Lukas – March 2, 2008

“LOL number 18= moron/fool Calling the spin offs cheesy when TOS was the ultimate cheese.”

While I do not agree TOS Purist, I don’t think you are right in calling them or anyone here a moron or a fool. I think you owe an apology

36. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Just a smidge of a ridge should do it!

37. Izbot - March 2, 2008

32. Didn’t mean to sound ignorant, I was thinking specifically about China under Mao which is how they were known during the filming of TOS. I’ll try to be more specific in the future. ;)

38. RTC - March 2, 2008

“Natalie all alone in NYC (2/28)”

Boy, I would really love to remedy that….

: )

39. Krik Semaj - March 2, 2008

ridges or not – who cares
And lots of whinin’ about their hairs
If the story is great
I don’t care about the pate
14 months and we’ll see how it fares

With all due respect to Harry

40. Anthony Pascale - March 2, 2008

warning for flaming

warning for trolling. Please stop turning threads into more ‘my trek is better than your trek’ flame wars.

41. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008


nice job on the limerick…….fun to compose, aren’t they?

42. Spiked Canon - March 2, 2008

Remember that one of the episodes that influenced the writers so much was Balance of Terror. Though Nero is suppose to be bad, he may be sympathetic bad. Also, I haven’t heard the canonites say anything about the fact that any interaction with the Romulans before Balance of Terror was in the “earlier” war (cant remember the name)….Skyles

43. Izbot - March 2, 2008

34. If you really want to see Bana in a great character roll where he’s the main star, check out Australian film “Chopper”. This was my first exposure to him, pre-Hollywood, and he really wowwed me. He very effectively created a fully 3-dimensional, fascinating character with a really broad range of emotions. Good stuff.

33. Yeah, knock that name-calling off, please. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. And without that ‘ultimate cheese’ show (TOS) we wouldn’t be here enjoying this conversation in the first place.

44. Izbot - March 2, 2008

42. The pre-Balance of Terror involvement of Romulans with humans has been addressed before in ENT. The trick there was to just go right along with what was established in that TOS episode and have no direct face-to-face meeting of the two races. Since the current rumor is that the film involves 24th century Romulans traveling back in time it can be assumed that either this action creates a time paradox (and I think some recent spoilers may have confirmed this) or Nero and company pass themselves off as Vulcans, never revealing to 23rd century humans that there is any distinction between the two races.

45. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

#43 “And without that ‘ultimate cheese’ show (TOS) we wouldn’t be here”

So, any fan who loves TOS would be prone to exclaim, “Cheese Whiz!”??

46. Paul B. - March 2, 2008

Maybe I missed this in another post, but my problem with the TNG-era Romulans goes back to the first appearance of Romulans in “Balance of Terror.” A vital plot point was that the Romulans looked JUST LIKE Vulcans. Otherwise, Styles/Stiles would never have questioned Spock’s loyalty or suggested that he might be a spy.

Once the TNG folks added ridges to the Romulans, this no longer made sense. Why the heck would an offshoot of the Vulcans suddenly develop ridges? Why would anyone think Spock looked Romulan since he didn’t have a ridge?

This isn’t a “TOS purist” issue. I’m fine with the bumpy-headed movie/TNG Klingons (though I hate the characterizations post-TVH). But since the look of the Romulans played a vital part in one of the most widely respected episodes of TOS–the one that ESTABLISHED the Romulans–I think the ridge-Roms are/were/will be a terrible mistake.

47. Krik Semaj - March 2, 2008

It’s my 2nd one in 4 months. I’m not as prolific as you, but I will work on it.

48. Paul B. - March 2, 2008

And a quickie limerick (see, Harry? I’m still tryin’!)

When the question of ridges arises,
Or how big the new Enterprise is,
Well, I’m tired of waiting
And all this debating
I just hope the film will surprise us.

(These things are addictive: you can’t compose just one!)

49. New Horizon - March 2, 2008

I really don’t get where Purist gets off saying such ridiculous things. The TNG movies were pretty mediocre, but TNG as a show was wonderful and had so many truly great stories. DS9 was really a great show at times too…although I really disliked how they began making the characters more like modern day humans towards the end. Voyager could have been great, if the writers had cared enough to make it great. It seemed like the writers could care less about Voyager as they contradicted previous episodes worse than any Trek I think.

Anyway, take a pill and relax TOS Purist. I started off on TOS when I was 4 and never saw an episode of TNG until I was 17. They’re both great shows…but I honestly feel that when TNG was firing on all cylinders, it really pushed the envelope further than TOS did.

50. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Paul…good one! Yeah, they’re like potato chips!

51. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

always wanted to see chopper, supposed to be fantastic!

I thought it was a good idea to differentiate between the Romulans and the Vulcans physically, I noticed that the forehead ridges they have in TNG onwards, sort of resemble those of the Remans, perhaps there’s something to be explored there. After the period around Undiscovered Country (2293, I rock!!! lol) the Romulans go into a period of Isolation, only to emerge again in 2365. The secret of the ridges may have something to do with those intervening years.

As for the Klingons, didn’t they wear matching uniforms in TOS aswell….?

52. Izbot - March 2, 2008

46 – This very thing goes to the heart of my earlier comments. That certain people running the franchise (I don’t know who) thought that audience members would find it too confusing that Vulcans and Romulans looked identical. So they altered the Roms’ appearance despite the fact that a TOS story had made the fact of their identical appearance a vital plot point. But the first season TNG folks probably had NO idea that people would be talking about Star Trek “canon” years later, quibbling over minutae, etc. so I can also understand why they ignored this. It is amusing that the change in make-up of Klingons became something that years later was actually explained away in a two-part ENT story arc but no one has really said, “Hey, then why did the Romulans’ appearance change between Kirk’s day and TNG?”. At the time “Neutral Zone” aired I remember many of us fans thinking that something dramatic had happened to the Roms during their isolationist years that would explain the forehead ridges, maybe even inter-marrying with Klingons. But that never materialized. Then ENT went and retroactively established that Romulans ‘always’ had bumpy foreheads. Go figure.

53. Paul B. - March 2, 2008

52 – Along with the foreheads, TNG changed the behavior of the Romulans (Klingons, too). I liked the few Romulans we met in TOS: the Romulan Commander in “Balance of Terror” was just about the only alien equal to Kirk, in both skill and honor, that we ever really saw, and the female Commander in “Enterprise Incident” was able to hold her on with Kirk AND Spock.

And then came TNG and “The Neutral Zone,” with the dumbest line (“We’re back!” — Thanks…we didn’t get that from the 45 minutes of Picard & co. saying “They’ve been gone for years!” Duh!) TNG made the Romulans into bumpy-lumpy, uptight, uninteresting cretins with no honor. I can’t imagine those two TOS Romulans coming from the same species we saw in TNG.

Oh, well. Will Abrams follow TOS canon (interesting non-bumpy) or TNG canon (boring and bumpy) for his Romulans? I’m hoping for TOS personally. Along with many other TNG things that I’d discard, the bumpy-Roms have to go!

54. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

#53 “boring and bumpy”

Sounds like a relationship I had once with a girl from New Brunswick!

55. Izbot - March 2, 2008

51. Irish Trekki – As for the Klingons, didn’t they wear matching uniforms in TOS aswell….?

What I was getting at was that although Starfleet uniforms had changed and evolved from Kirk’s time to Picard’s the Klingons were still wearing the same outfits. Of course this was a money issue. Paramount had all these Klingon uniforms left over from the films (and props and ship models…) so TNG-era Klingons already had an existing wardrobe. A cheap solution, maybe a bit of a cheat, but we all mostly accepted it.

I’m less forgiving when it came to the Romulan 3-parter on ENT and miraculously the 22nd century Roms were wearing the same outfits designed for Nemesis! That, and the bumpy heads that I’ve found myself typing about all afternoon…

56. Paul B. - March 2, 2008

54 – “Sounds like a relationship I had once with a girl from New Brunswick!”

THAT sounds like the setup for a limerick…ahem…take it away, Harry!
(On second thought, maybe not. “Brunswick” lends itself to the wrong kind of rhyming words…at least for this kind of family-friendly website.)

Going back to the point of the thread–“Eric Bana Thinks Trek is Going to Be Fun”–I just get happier and more optimistic every time a member of the cast talks about the film. They all seem so enthusiastic and upbeat, it’s hard not to feel the same way.

In fact, the only comment (so far!) that made my Spidey sense tingle is Lindelof’s talk about the Star Wars prequels (same characters, completely different feel/style/storytelling). When he applied that idea to Trek, a chill went down my spine. Now, I liked “Revenge of the Sith” at least as much as “Return of the Jedi,” but I don’t like the idea of a similar kind of “same character, completely different feel/storytelling” for Trek. THAT worries me.

But only slightly. About 2%, maybe. ;)

57. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

I choose to ignore almost evrything that happened in ENT as a bad dream!!

I agree, maybe a bit more variability in the uniformes! they kinda did it in Undiscovered Country, Chang’s uniforme for example! It would have been cool to differentiate between the different houses and maybe rank aswell!

Shame the Romulans nearly always had poor uniformes!

58. Joel - March 2, 2008

I agree with #22, has it been confirmed that these guys are actually romulans or are we just assuming based on rumors that they are??

59. Dr. Image - March 2, 2008

Yeah- are we assuming they ARE Romulans?
I mean, Nemesis, anyone? AGAIN?

60. MattJC - March 2, 2008

I think Enterprise used the Nemesis uniforms as a cost cutting measure.
As for the foreheads and the bowl style haircuts, I haven’t a clue.

61. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

For the love of Kirk, Piccard and Sisko don’t jinx it!!!

62. MattJC - March 2, 2008

How can you blame Nemesis on the Romulans?
They were barely in the damn movie.

63. Izbot - March 2, 2008

56. Lindelof also said that comparing Star Wars movies to Trek movies was “apples and oranges”. I don’t think he was saying, “In the same way that the early Star Wars movies were awesome and the later ones sucked, we’re hoping fans of the early Treks will find our reboot equally sucky (but their children will like it).”

At least I hope that’s not what he meant! ;)

64. Izbot - March 2, 2008

60. MattJC – Regarding that ENT 3-parter: Initially I thought, “What’s going on here? Are these Romulans from the 24th century? Are they involved in the Temporal Cold War?” Then it became obvious it was just a cost-cutting decision to use the Nemesis uniforms. Cheap and confusing. And we were robbed of seeing a potentially different 22nd century version of the Romulans. Even so, I think they did some really great stuff on ENT in the final two seasons. And I can say that as a ‘TOS purist’ myself.

And now, strangely, my initial reaction to the Roms on ENT appears to be one of the major plot points of the new film! 24th century Roms traveling back in time to interfere with Starfleet history. …If the rumors and spoilers are right.

And 22, 58, and 59 – I think Nero and his associates have not “officially” been pegged as Romulans (to my memory) but a lot of the leaked plot points have pointed to this.

65. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

At least the Nemesis Uniformes look good! TNG, mosst of DS9….. How are those military uniformes!

66. Izbot - March 2, 2008

65. Irish Trekki – They were beautiful uniforms. Designed by Bob Ringwood who did the amazing costumes for David Lynch’s “Dune” and the first “Batman” movie. And as disappointing in many ways that Nemesis was, the Romulan and Reman costumes were a high mark in design quality for the franchise.

67. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

Thought they looked familiar, something about the style!

68. Krik Semaj - March 2, 2008

As if TOS uniforms looked military either. Starfleet was not “military” – sure it was sort of “quasi military”- a military, science, exploration outfit. A Federation of like minded worlds so to speak, but – well I shouldn’t have to explain it. If you know Trek you get it.

69. Irish Trekki - March 2, 2008

gotcha, but the key here is Romulan Star EMPIRE. At least the TOS uniformes allowed some manouvrability!

70. Ghosty714 - March 2, 2008

I don’t care if they put romulans, kingons or any other alien race in the movie, with one exception and that would be Quark and the ferangi, I never liked them in farpoint and they never grew on me. Glad I have heard no mention of them.

71. Izbot - March 2, 2008

68. & 69. – Yeah those TNG-era Romulan uniforms were’nt very functional. Again, this added to the defacto notion that Romulans were a stiffer, more robotic cardboard version of the Vulcans. If such a thing was even possible! Curious that they would become this despite retaining (at least on paper) their emotions. We have yet to be shown the definitive Romulan, I think. The couple big Romulan-centric TOS episodes still come closest to making them a fully fleshed-out race and not just the cut-outs they’ve been portrayed as post-TOS. I am encouraged by Eric Bana’s involvement in this project if indeed he plays a Romulan. It suggests that we may see a Romulan with some personal impetus for what he does, in contrast to the post-TOS portrayal of just sneaky expansionists who dislike the Federation for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Bana, you see, would most likely not be interested in playing so 1-dimensional a character — if I can infer anything from his past choices in rolls.

72. Batts - March 2, 2008

I dont know if anyone said this already. But, I hope he does a better job as Nero than he did as Banner. I did not see any kind of style to this guy at all! My opinion.

73. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Batts, I agree with you! As Banner he didn’t show much range…

74. Batts - March 2, 2008

Ha! Harry Ballz, amigo, you are back in the house!! Look out all miniskirts! Ha Ha!!

75. Izbot - March 2, 2008

72. & 73. – Again I say, check him out in “Chopper” and “Syriana”.

76. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Batts, isn’t that “look UP all miniskirts!”??

77. Batts - March 2, 2008

#75 I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip! By that recommendation I would assume he must have been top notch!

#76. LOL!! Yea, that’s what I meant to say!! I’m ordering you to sickbay!!

78. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

Sick? Yeah, I’m sick all right………sick like a FOX!

79. Batts - March 2, 2008

I am already in sickbay and was moved to the BRIG under heavy security. They thought I might have been the victim of the Neural neutralizer!! Anyway, I cant wait for this film, there has been a lot of heated discussions I have noticed in previous postings. Sorry I missed out on the fun!! This movie is going to cause fights!! LOL!

80. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

I want to hear how Chris Pine is doing in his portrayal of James T. Kirk!!

81. Batts - March 2, 2008

There has been dead silence from him!! I dont know what is so TOP SECRET!! This movie is going to be one of those you cant get up and go the bathroom!! You cant afford to miss any part of the timeline!!!

82. shat hands - March 2, 2008

the more i think about this film the more i think it is gonna make my dreams come true!

overall i love the movies….i even get a warm trickle watching Nemesis but I love every single movie because its TREK but i have a feeling that this is gonna be fantastic.

Im also a TF fanboy and on the whole I was happy….not elated with the result but thats Bayhem!

Bana though should be great for a villain but does he have enough time on screen to really get in there?

My worry is that we dont see enough KIRK! coz we want him and SPOCK and BONES!

I cant help it…….I try to be negative but I know i am gonna love this film

83. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2008

#81 “you can’t get up and go to the bathroom”
#82 “get a warm trickle”

Ooh, jeez, I shouldn’t have had those six beers before I started typing……..I’ll be back!

84. S. John Ross - March 2, 2008

I think Bana is a cool actor and I’m sure he’ll give it a rock-solid awesome performance. That said, I hope that what he implied in earlier comments ( that his villain character is really a less-significant part of the overall film) is true, because Trek tends to work best when “villains” are used sparingly … and sympathetically.

85. US Taxpayer Dude - March 2, 2008

That would be The Philadelphia Inquirer, rather than Enquirer.

Used to date one of their lawyers ;-)

86. Katie G. - March 2, 2008

Re: #48. Paul B.

Excellent limerick – – well done!!


87. Katie G. - March 2, 2008

I haven’t seen a lot of Eric Bana’s work (just “Troy”). Has he ever been a villain before? Not many actors can do both sides (good guy and bad guy) well. Think he can do it?


88. Katie G. - March 2, 2008

Sorry – – forgot something. Meant to say that maybe he shaved his head so any hairpiece he would be wearing would fit better or so none of his own hair would show…


89. 790 - March 3, 2008

Bana will kick ass in this film! I expect a transformation.

90. lexx - March 3, 2008

Well i don’t want to see..hairless romulans or..not even tos romulans…actually tos is the only one trek show wich i don’t like…tos looks more like a pijamas sci-fi joke…an average tv show..but i like ds-9…

91. Sarah James - March 3, 2008

Eric Bana rocks

92. Woulfe - March 3, 2008

Star Trek hasn’t been FUN in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ;)

’bout time we got back to that, yes ?

– W –
* Who does a Vulcan Salute with his right and left hand at the same time *

93. Woulfe - March 3, 2008

P. S. So this time the Roms are going for the Curly Howard look instead of the Moe Howard look, what’s next the Larry Fine look for them ?

Actually that wouldn’t be too bad come to think of it….

94. Irish Trekki - March 3, 2008

Haven’t seen him in a major badguy roles, I’d imagine you’d need to see him in The Other Boylene Girl to see what he’s like!

95. Camelsarse - March 3, 2008

If anyone wants to see Eric Bana doing some serious hard man acting, check out ‘Chopper’. First movie I saw this guy in and he is amazing.

96. Irish Terran - March 3, 2008

My respect for Eric Bana has gone up by alot.(not that he was’nt cool before!!!)Should be an interesting performance.

97. noirgwio - March 3, 2008

I haven’t read all these posts, most of my thoughts/ideas/questions were already touched upon by some of you… But i am excited to see this. Kirk lives! Bana mentioned his role is like a cameo, I assume meaning he’s not the main focus all the way through the film? Well, whatever… I hope we get a Khan-level baddie, whose force alone makes him memorable.

98. Katie G. - March 3, 2008

Re: #94. Irish Trekki

Thanks. I must admit that the trailers for “The Other Boleyn Girl” look intriguing.

Just thought of an actor who has done both hero and villain:

Ronny Cox – boss of Bev. Hills cops and villain in “Robocop”.
Kurtwood Smith – president of Earth, Red in “That Seventies’ Show” then with Cox in “Robocop”

Can’t think of any others.

Back to you. I gotta start preparing dinner. [yawn]


99. Redjac - March 3, 2008

Where’s my SHINZNERO POSTS??? You killed my posts! You Klingon bastards!

*falls backwards in chair*

You Klingon bastards…you KILLED my POSTS….

100. Izbot - March 3, 2008

Eep! I realized a made a mistake earlier when I suggested watching Bana in “Chopper” and “Syriana”. He wasn’t in “Syriana”! I meant to say “Munich” (which came out about the same time). Mea culpa!

98. Ronny Cox – boss of Bev. Hills cops and villain in “Robocop”.

I wouldn’t really call Ronny Cox’s roll in Bev. Hills Cop as a ‘hero’. He always plays a jerk, whether it’s outright or just a smarmy and corrupt public servant. Even when he was a Starfleet captain on TNG he was still something of a $%^$#.

101. Michael - March 4, 2008

Bana is a good actor watch “Chopper” it is definitely a great performance you probably wont even recognise him he transformed himself into the character for this role.

I find it hard to take Bana seriously on film though mainly due to his work on Full Frontal and Fast Forward, I just remember watching Black Hawk down and such expecting him to come out with some off the cuff silly comedic coment but it never happened :) I can’t get used to hear him talk in an American accent – can we have Romulans with Australian accents? :)

I really hope his character is along the lines of some of the best villains trek has had such as the first Romulan Commander in TOS and Khan

102. Garovorkin - March 4, 2008

Bana is a top notch actor, he make an awesome villain. We have been debating back and forth about every aspect of this film and one thing becomes very abundantly clear, that this movie will not satisfy the purests of the Cannon people. This movie in their eyes will not be the real thing because its not the original, i think i may have a solution to propose to them. before i go into it I would image that more then a few of you ultra trekies read the star trek books, now they are not accepted as cannon, but you enjoy them am I correct on this? I would Imagine that you consider these if not cannon but rather the side stories or alternate treks, like the comic book what if Stories. Since the movie by Abrams is a reboot, Why not look at it as if not the original, rather as an Alternate Trek.In other words try imagining it as a trek movie in a parallel universe which is the same and not the same. All you have to do is think of the movie in other terms and enjoy it for what it is. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.