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“The Apple” Remastered Review, Screenshots + Video March 3, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

by Jeff Bond

“The Apple” might easily be retitled “Spock’s Bad Day”—over the course of this second season opus the Vulcan science officer is a.) shot in the chest with darts from a poisonous plant; b.) casually tosses an explosive rock, almost blowing up himself and the rest of the landing party; c.) is knocked on his ass by an alien force field; d.) is attacked by Vaal-worshipping natives; e.) is struck by lightning, and f.) is mercilessly teased by the Captain and Dr. McCoy as they not so subtly hint that he looks like Satan.

Like “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” “The Apple” can be held up as an example of all of Star Trek’s worst vices: ridiculous costumes and wigs, primitive aliens speaking like cavemen, hostile, society-controlling false gods easily overthrown by Kirk, and speeches about freedom and love standing alongside rock-‘em-sock-‘em stunt man fight scenes. The difference is that “Triskelion” manages to work as a celebration of Trek cheesiness and somehow be kind of moving at the same time. “The Apple,” on the other hand, is too transparent and follows too closely on the heels of the very similar “Who Mourns For Adonais?” (even incorporating much of the score from that episode) to make much of an impact. It does offer fans of cheese some entertaining moments, however—like future Starsky and Hutch star David Soul engaging in a classic Trek “what is this thing called ‘kissing’?” scene, and some amusing moments for Chekov and potential girlfriend Yeoman Landon (Celeste Yarnall), who herself executes what may be the only karate kick and judo throw ever performed by one of the Enterprise’s miniskirted yeomen. One has to think that Trek might have done better in the ratings had it only shown more of this sort of thing. You also have to love Spock and Chekov luring one of the residents of Gamma Trianguli VI (Keith Andes as Akuta) out from the bushes with a spirited fake argument (“Mr. Chekov, your tricorder readings are totally inefficient!”). It’s the show’s character-based humor that makes episodes like this, which would have been positively dire in other hands, at least mildly entertaining. Muscleman Andes is not one of Trek’s more memorable guest stars, but he does bring a convincing ironic innocence to moments such as the one in which he instructs his fellow children of Vaal on how to effectively crack open a man’s skull. David Gerrold once noted that because of the Enterprise crew’s advanced technology, in order to advance the story they either had to run into aliens of such superior ability that they would render the ship and its gadgets useless, or of such inferior ability that they would simply knock the crewmembers unconscious and take their gadgets away from them—in “The Apple” you get both.

There’s not a lot for CBS-D to work with as far as sprucing up the effects go. Interestingly, this episode was the one chosen as an example to break down Trek’s visual effects in Stephen Whitfield’s seminal “Making of Star Trek” book, with elements from a shot of a security guy getting zapped by lightning separated and displayed as an example of “getting zapped by a phaser.” Very few of these old-style optical effects on the planet surface get the CBS-D treatment—the work goes into constructing yet another earth-like planet (with a nice thin veil of red atmosphere to match the soundstage backdrop), one new shot of the Enterprise firing phasers in front of a pivoting camera perspective, and enhancements to the phaser fire impact on the Vaal statue that are very similar to what was done on “Who Mourns for Adonais?” But “The Apple” is such a mediocre example of Trek formula that gilding the lily with anything more elaborate than what was done would have been a little ridiculous.


Star Trek “The Apple” Remastered FX Reel


Remastered & Original


1. Chain of command - March 3, 2008

Goofy ep.

2. Redjac - March 3, 2008


They could have made Vaal CGI, but those lazy mo-fo’s kept it as a big paper-mache lizard head!

Lame. CBS-D seems to be getting lazier and lazier as they go…


What they DID do looked good those…so SLAP ME.

3. SirMartman - March 3, 2008

interesting thought for the day,,

The Enterprise in the new movie will be differnt to the good old NCC 1701 in the new Star Trek look tv shows.

4. Stanky McFibberich - March 3, 2008

Congratulations, SirMartman!

The apple is not one of my favorites, but it looks like they did some good shots here for the remastering effort. Have not seen the broadcast yet.

5. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - March 3, 2008

Gawd awful episode. Someone should mash this with “Starsky & Hutch.”

6. eagle219406 - March 3, 2008

I kind of liked the effects, but what kind of bothered me was some events in the episode. Respond if you agree or dissagree. Kirk and the landing party try to beam up to the ship after one of them dies. Vaal pretty much stops them from leaving and then they meet the inhabitants and start interfering, Vaal commands the inhabitants to kill the landing party because he feels they are threatening his rule. Now here is what I think is a bit awkward. Vaal prevented them from leaveing which pretty much started a chain reaction which lead to them interfering. If Vaal had just let them leave in the beginning and not disrupted the transporters, They never would have met the inhabitants and learned of their laws, therefore never would have tried to change them.

7. Litenbug - March 3, 2008

Width of the Ship’s phaser beams should have been wider at point of Impact

8. SirMartman - March 3, 2008

Hey,, I had first post,, I wonder why it got deleted !!

yeh,, I was just meaning at how it seems like a waste of time and effort to make the Enterprise look nice,because it doesnt fit in with the new Trek

( I wonder if they will work that in somehow)

9. SiMartman - March 3, 2008

I smell a hole new box set of Star Trek TV Dvds comming on with re-done “New” Enterprise copyed over the new Enterprise CGI thats masking the good old model of the real thing.

10. T Negative - March 3, 2008

Why was the sky blue whenever they showed the storm clouds? I could have swore in the original those shots showed a red tinted sky. Did anyone else notice this?

If it wasn’t red why wouldn’t CBS correct this? I’m sure it would have been a very easy fix.

11. SPB - March 3, 2008


Kirk: “Would you be more careful where you throw your rocks, Mr. Spock?”

12. OM - March 3, 2008

“CBS-D seems to be getting lazier and lazier as they go…”

…Agreed. All of the shots were simply CGI copies of the original miniature ones, with the closeup of the E firing its phasers thrown in as the “token” update that was an update. They *are* getting lazy, and we need to be more vocal about it.

13. Izbot - March 3, 2008

10. You are right!! The original episodes DID have red-tinted clouds; take a look at the screencaps at trekcore –http://tos.trekcore.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=59&page=7

Why did they go gack to blue for the remastered episode?? It was the most glaring mistake so far.

14. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

I have always liked this episode – sure it was filmed entirely on a soundstage with a paper-mache Vaal, but I think it holds up pretty well (that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it…). Great interactions with the characters: Chekov has a girlfriend, Spock and Chekov get into a fake fight, Spock is asked by his captain to explain the birds and the bees to the landing party… They could have cut one of the physically painful “accidents” which befell poor Spock… As far as the Prime Directive is concerned, when a hostile alien machine is trying to pull your starship out of the sky and kill your crew, I think that’s grounds enough to wack ‘im.

15. Illogical - March 3, 2008

#7, Wrong, the beam width itself would have been the same, the distance between the two beams at that point however would likely have been a continent apart. I have a 200mw green laser that, at night, you can see to the end of the sky, the beam width is the same.

16. Gary - March 3, 2008

#10, #13 You are right. To me, even the worst remastered stuff looks better than the old effects. But the sky is red, except for the shot of the clouds. Very sloppy.

17. Granger - March 3, 2008

There was no practical way to redo Vaal within the time and money constraints of this project. It would have taken an unbelievable amount of rotoscoping, since it appeared in so many moving shots, etc. You get what you pay for, and there isn’t enough money in this project to pay for that much work.

The storm clouds were always blue.

I’m glad they made sure the planet had no ice caps, to much the dialogue.

I always liked the effect of the phaser attack on Vaal’s force field, so I’m glad they only added some sparkle to that part. But the cleaned-up imagery makes the sparkler inside Vaal so obvious – I wish they had masked that with some added effects inside his mouth. And I remain disappointed that here, as in “A Taste of Armageddon,” we don’t see any visible sign of the attack on the Enterprise as she is in orbit. Showing some sort of ray or shield effect in both cases would have created more dramatic tension for the shipboard crisis.

18. Izbot - March 3, 2008

“CBS-D seems to be getting lazier and lazier as they go…”

…I have a feeling that fans are going to start their own Remastering projects, fiddling with their own cgi effects. The folks making the fan films often display effects equal to or better than what CBS-D has been making.

I applaud the efforts of CBS-D but their budget, time-constraints and limited staff can only do so much. There’ve been some test images produced by Eden FX when they were trying to win the assignment — I assume they must’ve been ‘way too expensive for what Paramount/CBS was willing to spend — that were absolutely beautiful.

I’m glad the Remastering project has happened but I’m hoping that Paramount/CBS doesn’t go the cheap route when it comes time to Remastering TNG and DS9. Eventually TOS will get a Re-remastering…and then a re-re-remastering…ad infinitum…

19. Izbot - March 3, 2008

17. The storm clouds were always blue.

Hate to disagree. Have a look here…


20. SPB - March 3, 2008


…that Kirk seems to be annoyed with the fact that the female yeoman is falling all over Chekov and not HIM!

21. GilmourD - March 3, 2008

Anybody else notice that the impulse engines had no glow in this one?

22. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 3, 2008

One thing that I REALLY don’t like about the new effects is the phaser effects. In particular, the effects of where the phaser is impacting against the targeted object. The “glowy white blob” really doesn’t do it for me; I always liked how the original phaser shots would have a cool “sparks flying off” effect, and you actually saw where the phasers were impacting. The white blobs are really lame…and would they really be circular? Especially if you’re looking at them from the side…they should be more cone-shaped, at least. I hope I’m making sense!!

The new effect of Vaal’s energy shield is also very lame; I think the original way it stretched and grew as it became more and more strained under the heavy phaser fire was much more effective.

“Remastering” TOS is a good idea, but if you aren’t going to really put a lot of time and effort into it, they might as well not bother doing it. I’m really getting tired of this second-rate sh*t that isn’t half as effective as the old photographic effects were.

23. Sean4000 - March 3, 2008

#18 I am performing the logistics of such a remaster myself.

I like the colorful planet. That’s something TOS-R has not done much of since “Mirror Mirror”

Other than that TOS-R is dead. Like SeanGH said, it just fizzled out.

#18: the company is called EdenFX, I’ve spoken volumes of them in the past 2 years.

24. steve623 - March 3, 2008

I’m glad I didn’t stay up til 4 a.m. for that.

25. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 3, 2008

“There was no practical way to redo Vaal within the time and money constraints of this project. It would have taken an unbelievable amount of rotoscoping, since it appeared in so many moving shots, etc. You get what you pay for, and there isn’t enough money in this project to pay for that much work.”

See, that’s my point. They should find the money to do it, or just not do it. They should do it right or not do it at all. I’m really tired of the half-assedry of this project.

26. Andy Patterson - March 3, 2008

I’ve always liked this episode for what it was. A groovy young David Soul as one of the villagers and those groovy, naive village chicks. Love it. Keith Andes too as the leader Akuta. I hear he met a sad ending a year or two ago. Great voice.

27. Xplodin' Nacelle - March 3, 2008

Is Vaal supposed to be a representation of “The Serpent”?

I realized just how many refrences there are to The Garden Of Eden when I watched this yesterday. It occured to me that the producers intentionally wanted Vaal to have a (albeit paper mache) snake like appearance for methaphorical purposes.


28. Batts - March 3, 2008

Even Hutch had to make time for love. Someone said earlier that CBS is getting lazier and lazier. I agree. There seems to be no extra effort AT ALL! The same earth type planets!! The little splash of red! For what its worth, I hope they lower the price of season 2 remastered dvd’s! CBS-D, if anyone is out there reading this. Why not take a suggestions site from the fans and go from there.

I liked how they changed the music score when Vaal was being attacked! Since, I cant type it! The 1st time I heard the piece is from The Cage when Spock and the landing party are firing phasers to rescue, Pike!! Actually, that score was changed back in ’67. Sorry, CBS-D, I am giving you too much credit.

29. Litenbug - March 3, 2008

15. Illogical – March 3, 2008
#7, Wrong, the beam width itself would have been the same, the distance between the two beams at that point however would likely have been a continent apart. I have a 200mw green laser that, at night, you can see to the end of the sky, the beam width is the same.”

#15 Wrong. Compare the beam width at it’s origin point with Enterprise, especially the deck area around the emission point. Beam width there is more than a few feet thick. Compare with the impact point (Vaal). The beam might be a foot thick at best.
I know about dispersal. This is a narrowing of the beam.

30. Izbot - March 3, 2008

27. “Is Vaal supposed to be a representation of “The Serpent”?” —

Yep, that was the original intent. Subtle, huh?

31. Batts - March 3, 2008

#14 Denise. Yes, I forgot about that little tidbit. Spock and Chekhov getting into a fight. Not too mention the yeoman kicking the hell out of those guys on the planet! Captain Kirk gotinto a boxing stance often and then firing Scotty ,that poor engineer!! Ha HA!

32. Anthony Pascale - March 3, 2008

regarding the clouds. I checked with CBS, they didn’t replace them

33. SteveinSF - March 3, 2008

Funny how Spock doesn’t get vaporized from the lightning like poor red shirt guy.
The music used for Vaal’s doom was the same score used when they fired their phaser to wipe out Apollo’s place.

34. Imrahil - March 3, 2008

God I loved that fanfare at the end as the Enterprise soars off. That’s the same one from A Piece of the Action, and alas does not yet exist on its own soundtrack. Come on, GNP Crescendo!

35. Xplodin' Nacelle - March 3, 2008

Re: # 30. Izbot

Yeah, this show never ceases to amaze me as to how many layers each story has. I mean I’ve been watching this episode for 30 years, & I just made the connection.

Thanks for the conformation.

36. Izbot - March 3, 2008

32. regarding the clouds. I checked with CBS, they didn’t replace them

Then I’m confused, Anthony. I’m watching my copy of the un-Remastered episode on DVD right now and the clouds are red as they go soaring by during the ‘storm’ sequence. But in the Remastered version they are clearly white clouds against a blue sky! Were they color-corrected? By accident, like the infamous Orion slave girl makeup test??

37. Dennis Bailey - March 3, 2008

One of CBS Digital’s better and more interesting Earth-like planets.

38. TrekkyStar - March 3, 2008

Sort of like the episode TNG: Juctice. (I think that’s the name?)

39. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

Batts#31- “Vhat do you vant, Mr. Spock? Violins?” AND that yeoman was the only female on TOS to defend herself in hand-to-hand combat against a guy – I hope the actress recognizes that distinction.

Steve#33- That Vulcan biology and green blood come in handy.

40. Dennis Bailey - March 3, 2008

Absolutism is good for little other than as an excuse for never doing anything.


This is a fun episode, but definitely third-or-fourth tier – all “Star Trek” cliche, very little real thought.

Vaal rules and has ruled this entire planet from time immemorial. It controls weather on a planetary scale.

It can reach into space and drag a starship out of orbit.

And yet…if the small group of primitives living in David Soul’s village neglect to bring it fresh fruit for a day or so, it weakens to the point that it’s defenseless.

What a howler. :lol: :lol: :lol:

41. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

Dennis#40- I may be mistaken (I don’t think I am, however) – nowhere in the episode did the script refer to what kind of food Vaal needed, and when the villagers line up to feed him/it, you cannot tell what they have on the trays. I wondered about that and took a look at it years ago – because I like this episode, I’d like to think this “alien machine” needed some type of mineral found in the rocks, soil, etc. Sounds plausible anyway…

42. Morn Speaks - March 3, 2008

I hate to say it, but my enthusiasm for the remastered treks is gone. I even went to the theatre screening of the Menagerie. Now, unless it’s “The Ultimate Computer”, I just catch the video on trekmovie.

Albeit, I will double dip and buy these on Blue Ray in the future.

43. Mr J. MeOFF - March 3, 2008

The story had potential but was made too cheesy in true TOS fashion. For all the great things I love about TOS the one thing that gets me irritated the most is the cheese…

Good points:
The paradise factor. Jungle theme.
Crewmen (Red shirts) dying from natural hazards (thorns shot from plants and exploding rocks)
Chekov’s woman
The banter between McCoy & Spock
Naive natives.
Breaking the Prime Directive
The natives smashing the fruit with a piece of wood…

The Bad:
Vaal died too easy…
Vaal lives off fruit?! WTF?!
The red sky which changes to blue in some shots and is not seen from the ships perspective.
The bad landscape matting.

44. TrekkyStar - March 3, 2008

I liked this episode.

45. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

MrJ#43- His batteries were almost dead (and he did take a dramatically long enough time to die!).
Vaal’s food source- see my post #41

46. Xai - March 3, 2008

off topic but fun…

47. Dennis Bailey - March 3, 2008

#41: ” I wondered about that and took a look at it years ago – because I like this episode, I’d like to think this “alien machine” needed some type of mineral found in the rocks, soil, etc. Sounds plausible anyway…”

Which it depends upon a small group of primitives to feed it every day or so, or it expires.

48. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

The Yahoo page has a blurb up right now about Trek tech and also makes mention of the movie.

49. Harry Ballz - March 3, 2008

“wack ‘im”

I like it!

50. Rick Adams - March 3, 2008

#43 – The red atmosphere *is* visible in all the orbital shots. It’s the red tinging you can see near the planet’s curvature.

51. Michael Hall - March 3, 2008

No disrespect intended towards Denise, and others who like it. But for me this is an awful, awful episode on just about every level.

52. T Negative - March 3, 2008

#36 agree this is a big mistake by CBS digital.

What a huge blunder!! Why did they not just leave the original cloud shots alone?? How could something like that get by them??

Let’s see the the sky is red in 99% of the episode, the planet appears to have a very red atmosphere from orbit. So when Vaal gets angry he turns the sky blue?? Sure makes sense to me…..not

Anthony, this mistake is on par with the messed up shot in “Mirror Mirror” where they put a shot of the E warping through space inexplicably. Why didn’t CBS just use the original episode shots of the red clouds here??

53. Buckaroohawk - March 3, 2008

The shots of the Enterprise in orbit were especially colorful in this episode. There were subtle color changes on the hull of the Enterprise I’ve never noticed previously. Very nice work from CBS-D in that regard.

However, they missed an opportunity to show the ship in peril. Scotty states a number of times that the ship is being pulled out of orbit, yet every exterior shot shows the ship sailing by with nary a problem. Some shots of the ship facing away from the planet, with the surface slowly closing in would have helped enforce the dialog a great deal.

Do I think that CBS-D is “getting lazy,” as others have opined here? No. I’ve come to the conclusion that they work very hard to do the best work that they can, but they’ve never been given the budget to do the job as completely as they (or we) would have liked. And lately it looks like they’re being pushed to just get all the episodes “in the can” so they’re producing the absolute minimum shots needed to get the job done. Those sweet little surprises that came with a number of the early episodes are nowhere to be found now and I have to admit that I miss them.

Others have mentioned here that it may well be up to the fans to create more complete re-masterings of episodes, much like Daren Dochterman did with his version of “The Doomsday Machine.” If that’s the case, then we’ll likely never see any single episode in its entirety (due to cpoyright issues), nor will we see the entire series re-done by any one fan. That’s simply too much work for one person to do.

I still have to hand it to CBS-D. They’ve done very good work on an extremely tight schedule with very little budget. I only wish we could have seen what they might have accomplished if Paramount and CBS had decided to do this the right way from the outset.

54. Izbot - March 3, 2008

#36 “agree this is a big mistake by CBS digital.”

I wonder if it is because the red tinting was added as a separate optic — like a red gel overlay — that was removed by CBS-D and mistakenly got left off of the final Remastered episode? I’m no expert at optical effects or anything but there has to be some reason for the change.

Anthony, if the guys at CBS-D say they didn’t change the clouds/sky are the even aware that there was some kind of color-correcting done on the footage in the episode’s original version? Did the red gel (or whatever) get separated from the shot and forgotten about?

I know I’m not crazy here. I have the DVD of the un-remastered episode and the Remastered episode on my DVR and the original shows red clouds against a red sky during the storm, the Remastered shows white clouds against a blue sky.

55. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

Michael#51- Ah, Michael, go back and watch it again… Shat does a good job chewing the scenery!

Trek Tech on Yahoo made mention of a device, in use by the military, which temporarily blinds the enemy. Named PHASR. Showed some other awesomely cool stuff.

56. Marvin the Martian - March 3, 2008

I dunno why everyone is whining. I really like the new planet a lot.

And I’m not sure what new orbital shots they could have added that wouldn’t have looked like the new orbital shots they’ve added before.

Maybe the uber-closeup might have been cool. But that’s a minor complaint.

57. Sweet 16 - March 3, 2008

Does anyone know when and if Paramount
will switch these episodes to Blue-Ray?

58. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

Harry#49- Kirk was the best at “the best defense is a good offense”. That’s why all those other nasty space badies hated and admired him.

59. T Negative - March 3, 2008

Either way this is shoddy work by CBS and it pisses me off that this project is spiraling down the toilet so to speak. I have been very supportive of CBS work but at this point all I can think about is what this project could have been. I have to think that if Rossi and the Okudas were given a descent budget and more time they would have done a great job.

I wish Star Trek was owned by a real Hollywood studio and not the buffoons at Paramount.

60. Harry Ballz - March 3, 2008


it’s funny how good it feels to be both hated and admired……………

………..at least, I’ve heard.

61. Sean4000 - March 3, 2008

#59, I know. Why did they have to do one per week? Why not 3 per month and allow a little more time for fine tuning? The only things they’re competing against in my area are news reruns.

62. Jorg Sacul - March 3, 2008

>>“Vhat do you vant, Mr. Spock? Violins?”

um… no. He said “wiolence” as in “violence”. It was in response to Spock accusing Chekov of raising his voice to him.

and, Celeste Yarnall as Yeoman Martha Landon– GOD! I wish they’d have made her a regular. Not only was she way hot, she could kick like Batgirl! (ok, I know that was a stunt woman, but still. Rowr!

Enterprise looked good, but I wonder why the warp engines weren’t dark if they were dead. Ya’d think… oh well.

Regarding the sky, especially when the lightning storms occurred.. I’d swear that was stock footage from the opening credits of Gilligan’s Island.
Red or blue. It looked familiar.

–everyone sing along!

The weather started getting rough
Yet another redshirt “offed”
If Vaal wasn’t killed by Scotty from above,
The Enterprise would be lost, the Enterprise would be lost!

(hey, it works as good as Roddenberry’s lyrics to the theme song!) :-)

63. Denise de Arman - March 3, 2008

Harry- Maybe you should get a confirmation on that from someone… he …he. Gotta go beddybye.

64. Izbot - March 3, 2008

62. Jorg Sacul

RE: Celeste Yarnell
Yeah, I hear ya! I met her and Barbara Luna (Marlena from “Mirror, Mirror”) about ten years ago. Both are still beautiful.

And yes, every time I watch “The Apple” I half expect to see the Skipper and Gilligan somewhere in the plastic jungle.

65. Anthony Pascale - March 3, 2008

jeff bond has sent in a nice mini review…added above

66. Jabob Slatter - March 3, 2008

Not enough miniskirted martial arts to save this episode from the overwhelming cheese factor. It must be viewed as a product of its time, and then you can see its charms.

67. paustin - March 3, 2008

another beautiful planet –gone!! And in its place another planet that looks earth like…dammit part the charm of tos was the cool looking planets. The planet seriously needs to be redder, the sky behind Val is still red. And this just points out the mistake of removing the red hue from the lightning shots. Oh well……maybe in 10-20 years someone well re-redo the effects again and make them jive

68. paustin - March 3, 2008

ok albeit a slightly red tinted earth

69. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 3, 2008

Wish I had some exploding rocks.

70. Robert Bernardo - March 3, 2008

What the heck! This is one of my favorite episodes! So much for the critics. ;-/ And the redshirt body count was awesome. :-)

71. Bart - March 4, 2008

TNG remastered absolutely has to be remastered by EDEN FX!!! That will give us the same quality of the Enterprise-D as in These Are The Voyages.

72. Colonial One - March 4, 2008

I hate how are they turning all that wonderful crazy colored planets to one copy after another of Earth. Its quite boring and it steals the show of that fantasy quality I loved when I was a child…. Dont understand why are they doing that… :(

73. Vfx2k4 - March 4, 2008

Um like the stills and all but do you think you could wag the rabbit ears on the antena just a bit, quite the bit of static there…

74. ety3 - March 4, 2008

Why did they turn the red sky blue?

Pointless. Did they want the clouds to be white? Fine, but keep the sky red!

75. ety3 - March 4, 2008

And why didn’t they do anything with the Enterprise’s orbit to make it seem like they were being pulled in?

Very disappointing.

(But I did enjoy the red tinting of the atmosphere to match the soundstage.)

76. Kirk's Toupee - March 4, 2008

Why are the FX so uneven?

Some episodes look great, others make the Enterprise look like out of the Animated Series..

On the whole, sorry not impressed with the quality of the CGI, way too cartoony………:-(

77. Vulcan Soul - March 4, 2008

More dull green-blue planets (and nevermind the sky shot / stage background actually matched the old colour) in CBS-D’s ongoing attempt to trash all alien-ness in the series. Now they even go out of their way to retcon the series to fit their lame narrow-minded pseudo-artistic vision. What a shame!

Another curious thing is how the ship keeps looking like a shiny metal tin in some shots (#1) yet gun metal gray in others (#3).

Finally, it is funny how the image quality of the new shots is so much more grainy than the original one, obviously due to bad tv transmission. 40 years and they still havent managed to guarantee a good signal!

78. Holo J - March 4, 2008

They should rename the Remastered HD DVD to Star Trek Remastered WORK IN PROGRESS or WIP for short. This is another example of more wasted opportunities for improvement.

As others here have pointed out, why didn’t they show the Enterprise being pulled in to the planets atmosphere? And why did they colour correct the clouds? That was an awful mistake and shows how rushed this has been for them not to spot it.

Now that Blue Ray has won the Hi-Def DVD war perhaps the tight ass suits at Paramount could spare the extra time and money to make this great series visually the best it can be by today standards. I hope one day they do make a much better effort available on Blue Ray but some how I doubt it. I expect a straight copy of the HD to blue Ray is the quickest and cheapest answer, one that I fully expect them to make.

I always say it but I am going to say it again. In the very unlikely chance that one of the CBS Paramount suits would one read this and two care about what is being said.

Here I go again… It’s a real shame this project has been rushed, it could have been so good. I look forward to the day the time and money is given to make the effects the best they could be. I know there are many more people who haven’t been happy with this half finished attempt and would love to see this done with more time, money and care. CBS digital has produced some nice work in places but on the whole it’s been far too rushed and as a result has constantly missed many opportunities for improvement.

79. Cervantes - March 4, 2008

While the overall ‘clean-up’ of the TOS series is very welcome, if overdue, the whole project is a so so effort condering the tools at Studios disposal now. It remains frustrating that while there are some very nice shots here and there throughout these remastered episodes, there are too many duds like the ‘remastered’ VAAL ‘snake head’ being hit by lasers…

The new lasers and glow especially, look like old-style effects work being replaced by equally dated special effects work…in which case I’d just prefer the original (more colorful) effort.

I look forward to anything that Sean4000 and any ‘contributers’ can manage themselves in the future, as I don’t think we’ll be getting a truly enhanced version of TOS anytime soon. Having recently had my eyes opened when reading some of the suggestions and collaboration toward the likes of ‘Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited’ and current ‘Empire Revisited’ efforts on http://www.originaltrilogy.com, I realise how even the mighty ‘Lucasfilm’ dropped the ball in many aspects of their DVD releases. Maybe ‘Fan Edits’ are the only way to go for the more expectant among us?… Good luck Sean4000 et al.

80. Cervantes - March 4, 2008

Try again – http://www.originaltrilogy.com

or go direct to – http://www.originaltrilogy.com/forum/categories.cfm?catid=9

Will respect to CBS Digital and Lucasfilm, this is fascinating…

81. Cervantes - March 4, 2008

Pardon my unpardonable typos.

By the way, I WILL purchase the future official Blue-rays of these franchises, but will now go out of my way to source the ‘alternative’, more elaborate ones too.

82. Trekboi - March 4, 2008

while the new enterprise leaves me breathless everytime i watch thoes 29 season one episodes were are limited to nothing they r doing now is worth getting excited about.

i am actually outraged at cbs digital- all we hear are excuses about how they dont have time or money to do anything other than reuse the same shots of the (beautyful) enterprise and the same planet earth- sometimes even tinted the coulour the new planet should be (wooo special) but they actually spend time and money turning the actually alien looking orange thunder clouds whick match the orange sky of the set- to grey!!!? What the F%$*K?!!! they spent their prescious time and money turning an already done fx shot that matched the sky in the set and making it not match- changing it and now it stands out as unmatching stock footage of a earth sky not an alien sky stand out for the wrong reasons- it will be impossible to watch and not be pissed off- like when u watch the original versions and things dont match- its not just that they didnt fix something that was a problem they made a brand new one!!!?? ugh i am so pissed-
more pissed than when they made nomad’s unique tumbling bolts of cool blue energy into standard balls of light- and changed the colour to green for no reason- did they try to save money in season two by hiring old school Star Wars fx guys who hate trek and are intentionally trying to hurt us- like tiny ships in distance being hit off screen with no visible damage from ult computer?

83. diabolik - March 4, 2008

I predicted that the HD discs would be on sale soon, now that the format is on the way out. This past weekend, at BestBuy, the First Season set, regularly $179, was on sale for $99!

I wonder if these HD versions will be a collector’s item someday, since so few will be around…

84. Blowback - March 4, 2008

This episode makes me cringe but I really liked the panning shot right in front of the Enterprise while phasers are firing. Otherwise CBS just updated the stock shots and made a few minor tweaks. While they are nothing spectacular I appreciate the work more now that I’ve recently watched a few TOS episodes with the original special effects.

In addition to replacing the SFX is CBS also cleaning up the footage in general? Things like removing scratches, restoring the color, and sharpening the overall image quality?

85. Max - March 4, 2008

The red planet in the original shot was warranted by the color of the planet’s sky. I notice the sky was tinted blue in the lightning bolt shot, but the red sky remains throughout the rest of the episode. Not every planet has to look earth-like. It would have been cool if a little more thought had been put into how to make a planet with a red sky appear more realistic from orbit.

86. jonboc - March 4, 2008

Growing up I always though tthe “leader” of the planet was Peter Graves. Of course I had no idea his name was Peter Graves, I just knew him as the guy from MIssion: Impossible.

The remastering was ok this episode, but I don’t really care for the “tinker bell” sparkles on the phaser shots. They could’ve done much better there, or just left the point of impact alone. But the ship, as always, looks beautiful…more the pity I can’t enjoy it on HD like I am the first season.

87. Starman - March 4, 2008

I find it amazing how people can nitpick the crap out of these remastered shows. Who really cares what freakin’ color the sky is? Hasn’t anyone seen the sky change to weird colors during storms? And just because I have a degree in physics doesn’t mean that I can’t accept that the E can focus her beams well enough to not have them “a continent apart”.

We accepted this 40 years ago, why is it a problem now?

And people REALLY want Vaal to be rotoscoped in? Well, why not just replace everything BUT the actors while we’re at it….


88. Danpaine - March 4, 2008

Looks lackluster and dull. I’ll take the original.

89. SillyBob - March 4, 2008

Every planet seems to look exactly the same in these episodes, not only that, but they all look like EARTH, I think they need to change it up a little.

90. Eu - March 4, 2008

-Hmmm…it’s the cure for insomnia….

91. jr - March 4, 2008

Looks like I will have to remaster this episode myself… The sky is RED… Perhaps someone thought they were doing some color “correction”… wrong!

If SPOCK’S BRAIN got a nice matt painting, why could not this episode recieve a bit more attention?

Oh, well. I’m still glad to see the Remastered project doing an overall good job.

92. Daoud - March 4, 2008

As to feeding Vaal fruit…

If Vaal is running a fusion reactor, then it’s very likely it uses the organic matter, rich in hydrogen, separates that out, and then fuses it to produce energy.

“Mr Fusion” doesn’t really care if the hydrogen comes from organic matter, water, or the villagers themselves…. just that more is put in. Just think about Doc Brown at the end of Back to the Future. ;)

At least, that’s how I “suspend disbelief” when watching.

93. Leonel - March 4, 2008

I have not watched the episode in years. Something really bothered me when I finished watching it. Other than Spock having a crap day.

In this episode is it me or does Kirk get to be one of those weak captains we love to hate? The way they wrote him lamenting over his decisions during the episode? And – the whole firing Scotty thing: do people in the military get fired, or sent to their room (restricted to quarters) or kicked out (discharged)?

Maybe its just the lines, maybe its just me. Either way it was not such a good episode for both Spock and Kirk.

94. CmdrR - March 4, 2008

So, Kiddies, today we learned:

a) Always beam down to Gilligan’s Island with extra red shirts.

b) Phasers can’t get through a papier mache rhino’s shields, but smoke can.

c) Everywhere in the galaxy, people respond to a sturdy “Git bek indeer!” when accompianied by universal traffic signals.

d) After Vaal gets a terminal case of heartburn, one good Shatner speech deactivates land mines and killer tulips, so they’ll never bother anyone ever again.

Just caught the last 20 minutes of this. It’s cleaned up, but still a weak episode. It’s as though the whole thing is a set-up to the last scene in the corridor. Love De’s reaction (basically staring off into space) as Shatner bemoans “400 people dead because I couldn’t see a warning sign.” De’s like, “Whatever…”

95. Jorg Sacul - March 4, 2008

Look at the stills above. In the remastered images (side profile) the sensor dish is MISSING! um… wha da fah?

As for the planet being too earth-like.. the ground is covered with tropical vegetation. Green stuff. It’s going to look that way from orbit. Notice no polar ice caps? Planetary constant of 78 degrees (hopefully Fahrenheit, not Celsius) NOT terribly earthlike in that respect. Less oceanic than earth, also. You need bigger and better TV sets. I saw the reddish cast to the atmosphere from the space shots. Not overt, just there. Think about on earth, when the sky is yellow from dust, or red/orange from sunset/sunrise. We perceive it as colored from the ground, but it really doesn’t affect the atmosphere as viewed from space.

I still think they blew that bit with the storm clouds, however. But maybe, as on earth, storm clouds are different looking than regular clouds. I’ve seen tornadic clouds that are pea soup green, and others granite dark gray, nearly black. I’d think maybe on that red skied world the storm clouds would be purple? Aquamarine? nooooo….Veridian! uh, the color, not the planet.

Yes, the Enterprise didn’t look to much in peril out in orbit. Scotty should have been fired for whining about such invisible threat. At least Apollo put a big green hand up there.

and, Celeste was definitely a heavenly body that needed no remastering…

96. FREAKAZOID - March 4, 2008

All you people who complain about them “not putting enough effort” into the remastering clearly have no idea how much is actually involved in this project.

97. Starman - March 4, 2008

The dish isn’t missing….

98. lodownX - March 4, 2008

#96… I agree. Are these the same people that complain about Canon?
Which way is it going to be? #2 wrote that they left Vaal as a “paper mache lizard” Well … that’s what Vaal is.

I submit that by extension that’s what TOS is…. a “paper mache lizard” – ridiculous yet charming.

99. Redjac - March 4, 2008

Funny, Vaal looked more like a lizard to me because it had fins on it’s noggin. But yeah, I could tell they were trying to go with the “snake in the Garden of Eden” thing.

I’ve just never seen a snake with fins on it’s head…

Oh, and I wasn’t suggesting the original design should be replaced…just maybe a better lizard created as a “digital setpiece”…

100. Gary the Gorn - March 4, 2008

I think CBS digital is doing a good job with the effects. This episode is very entertaining. When I was a kid I wondered why the villagers just didn’t start throwing exploding rocks and the landing party.

One of the great things about the old Star Trek TV series is that they didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously. That is one of the things that made this show timeless. Not as cheesy as “Lost in Space” and not a serious as “2001: A Space Odysey”.

I’d love to see someone take the old Filmation cartoon and redo it with better music and CGI. Is anyone working on that? The episodes are only 23 minutes so it shouldn’t be too hard to do at least one of them.

101. Redjac - March 4, 2008

“Vaal rules and has ruled this entire planet from time immemorial. It controls weather on a planetary scale.

It can reach into space and drag a starship out of orbit.

And yet…if the small group of primitives living in David Soul’s village neglect to bring it fresh fruit for a day or so, it weakens to the point that it’s defenseless.

What a howler. :lol: :lol: :lol:”


Why is it, I’ve seen this episode umpteen jillion times but never put all that together to get the comedy out of it?

Seriously, I’ve been overlooking a good laugh for years!

102. Cobra Commander - March 4, 2008

My wife usually reads or fiddles with her cell phone while I watch these episodes. When she heard Kirk “fire” Scotty she glanced up, and with a puzzled look asked, “Did he just FIRE Scotty?! Can he do that?!” It was kinda funny. Who would fire their Chief Engineer after just telling them they are the best engineer in the Fleet or whatever. Logically, whoever replaces the fired Scotty would be inferior! I don’t dislike this episode, but it definitely doesn’t make into my top 50%. And regarding the landing party’s inability to beam up, Wifey didn’t bother to ask why they didn’t use the shuttlecraft again like she did when we watched ‘The Enemy Within’ . . .

103. Redjac - March 4, 2008

#100 — redoing the Filmation cartoons would be a huge undertaking. All of that 2-D animation would have to be redone with motion capture/character animation…

This would be no simple project.

I’d like to see it though…if the proper budget and care went into it…

104. Batts - March 4, 2008

#39. Ves, I do vant violins. You got any?? Denise.

105. TrekkyStar - March 4, 2008

“It’s Green”

106. Mr J. MeOFF - March 4, 2008

After reviewing the screenshots and the reviews I have changed my opinion a little…

An entertaining episode but I would have liked something more done with the force field especially when the ship fires on Vaal. In addition there should have been at least one shot of the E descended toward the planet or being pulled in. Other than that it was a good effort. You can’t change the cheese but they made it more tempting.

107. Cervantes - March 4, 2008

#100 Gary the Gorn & #103 Redjac

I’d sure love that to happen too, but never mind ‘Motion Capture’, what about just good old 21st century ‘animation’ to this standard even? –


108. ety3 - March 4, 2008

Anthony, any chance we can get an official explanation as to what was up with the storm cloud color change?

Perhaps they were trying to get the red filter out and get it back to normal and then they were going to colorize only the blue sky itself … but they ran out of time.

Something like that? Anything?

(And I still would like to have seen the Enterprise struggling a bit or maybe in a much lower orbit to illustrate Vaal’s influence.)

109. neo - March 4, 2008

these effects are beneath even any self-respecting fanfilm

and phaser beams ae RED.

110. paustin - March 4, 2008

#92 maybe Val is a female computer….he doesnt actually process the food and turn it into energy, he “feeds” off of being needed and just wants love….that certainly would fit in with the times.

111. Diabolik - March 4, 2008

#101… so true. I always wondered what idiots would build a ruling supercomputer and make it totally dependent on daily feedings of fresh fruit!!!

Would have seemed more logical for it to draw geothermal energy form the planet… or the solar energy from the sun… but fruit?

The writers must have come off a stint writing for Lost in Space on that one.

112. star trackie - March 4, 2008

Why would clouds be red just because the planet’s atmosphere is red? On earth, clouds aren’t blue, theyre white. I don’t see the problem.

113. Anthony Thompson - March 4, 2008

That review is SO wrong!!! After all, this ep. was produced by Gene Coon, the REAL genius behind Star Trek!!! The guy who saved TOS from Roddenberry’s mediocrity!!! “The Apple” is, in fact, an incredible masterpiece and work of genius! Admit it!

114. Jeff Bond - March 4, 2008

I’ve always assumed since I first saw this episode that Vaal was being fed the explosive rocks, which would seem to be a terrific energy source. That seemed to me to be the whole point of the exploding rocks. But maybe I wasn’t watching those serving plates closely enough.

115. Redjac - March 4, 2008

That makes too much sense, Jeff! LOL!!!

116. Rants and Raves... and more rants... - March 4, 2008

I love this episode! Another case where I vastly prefer the original f/x.

Red sky. Red-colored atmosphere during planetary shots.

Red sky. Clear atmosphere, no traces of red.

C’mon CBS-Digital!! Where’s this devotion to matching continuity?!

117. final conflict - March 4, 2008

– Maybe ..lemon…yeak….!!!

118. Jon - March 4, 2008

First, I bought the vhs set…then the laser disc set…then the first dvd set….then the new dvd package sets….then the hd season I dvd set…when will this madness end?! *When told by the natives that there is no sex in their culture, McCoy has the best line: “…There goes paradise.” :0)

119. Izbot - March 4, 2008

113. “The Apple” is, in fact, an incredible masterpiece and work of genius! Admit it!

You’re kidding, right?

120. Irish Terran - March 4, 2008

I need to see the Terran episode redone if only to see that super awsome flag!!!!!!!!!!!!! This episode , in my mind wasn’t the greatest!

121. Irish Terran - March 4, 2008

Right on Izbot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

122. Anthony Thompson - March 4, 2008


Yep. That was aimed at the Roddenberry bashers and Coon worshippers.

123. Anthony Thompson - March 4, 2008

Sorry, my 122 message was meant for you. I wish these dang things could be edited!

124. Irish Terran - March 4, 2008

who exactly is COON?

125. Irish Terran - March 4, 2008

IM sorry If I ofend any one too much .a little is ok!

126. ety3 - March 4, 2008

#112 –

No, the sky is supposed to be red. Not the clouds. But if you watch the episode, blue sky is clearly visible in the remastered footage … something that makes no sense whatsoever.

127. star trackie - March 4, 2008

#116 “Original:
Red sky. Red-colored atmosphere during planetary shots.

Red sky. Clear atmosphere, no traces of red.

C’mon CBS-Digital!! Where’s this devotion to matching continuity?!”

Actually, if you look at the planet’s edge, there is a thin layer of red “atmosphere”. Just as it should be.

128. British Naval Dude - March 4, 2008


didn’t Yelchin say he was basing his Checkov performance on this episode?….
this really be a bad apple… awk… could barely watch it…

But Scotty getting fired was a nice moment between Kirkie and the Scott…

“I made a decision that may kill 400 people… and I’ve introduced sin and toil into a society that had every need taken care of before we came along…I suck as a Starfleet Officer…”
easy now, Jim… ya do yer best with what ya got- a fried first officer, dead redshirts piling up, Checkov wandering off with his gal, Hutch without Starsky, and Mr. Scott applying for unemployment…

Don’t give up on us, Jim… we can still pull through…

but not this arrrfull episode…


129. Denise de Arman - March 4, 2008

Jorg#62- “Violence”, not “violins”? Oh no, I cannot believe everytime I’ve seen The Apple since CHILDHOOD I’ve gotten that wrong?! What else have I gotten wrong?! I envision sitting down to an ST marathon now and turning the volume WAY UP … thanks for the correction, anyway…

CmdrR#94- LOL!

Batts#104- Yes, I know…(sigh…)…violins… violence… go ahead and start with the violin jokes – I deserve it…

Jeff#114- You were right, Jeff – closer inspection does not reveal what is on those plates (although I thought Chekov was saying violins too…)!

130. Scott - March 4, 2008

This episode is a good example of Star Trek by formula. It’s admittedly fun and campy like “Gamesters” is, but way too rote and internally flawed (as Dennis Bailey pointed out) to be anything special. It’s basically an inferior remake of Return of the Archons.

This episode may also have inaugurated “redshirt syndrome.” Any backers on that?

I’ll give CBS-D props for giving their planet a red tinge from orbit. Nice touch. But I have to deduct points for not leaving the lightning bolt scene red. That’s got to be a stock lightning bolt…I’ve seen it used in plenty of other shows and movies over the years.

And I also have to tip my hat to CBS-D for the phaser blast on Vaal at the end. There was a heck of a lot of stripping out of old effects to be able to add the new ones there. The new stuff in those scenes is clearly superior.

Nothing can improve Celeste Yarnall, though. She’s got a perfect 1960s look about her. Enjoy:


Scott B. out.

131. CmdrR - March 4, 2008

I once had a show, or should I say, it once had me…
Trek showed me red skies, isn’t it good, actors of wood?

Nine beamed down that day and soon they found mine on the ground.
So Kirk looked around for a short skirt and he got none – Chekov had fun.

I sat on the couch, wasting my youth, learning Trek truth.
Now, it comes on at two and so I said, “It’s time for bed”

I tell you I work in the morning, my wage make me laugh.
A red shirt gets better, “He’s dead, Jim!” is his epitaph.

One day I’ll grow up, and get a life, maybe a wife.
Now, The Apple is on. It’s not so good. Actors of wood.

132. brimstone - March 4, 2008

TOS is really boring..

133. Thomas Jensen - March 4, 2008

Something should have been done to the ship while Val had it in it’s grasp. I mean, if Kirk thinks it’s worth separating the saucer section to get away, you’d think that they would have done something to show it in danger.

134. CmdrR - March 4, 2008

I once had a show, or should I say, it once had me…
Trek showed me red skies, isn’t it good, actors of wood?

Nine beamed down that day and soon they found mines on the ground.
Kirk look all around for a short skirt and he got none – Chekov had fun.

I sat on the couch, wasting my youth, learning Trek truth.
Now, it comes on at two and so I said, “It’s time for bed”

I tell you I work in the morning, my wage make me laugh.
A red shirt gets better, “He’s dead, Jim!” is his epitaph.

One day I’ll grow up, and get a life, maybe a wife.
Now, The Apple is on. It’s not so good. Actors of wood.

(oops — had to fix sumfin)

135. Jorg Sacul - March 4, 2008

#129… that’s ok. It took me until my 20s to realize what the symbolism of Kirk pulling his boot on was all about in the episode “The Wink of an Eye”.

136. British Naval Dude - March 4, 2008

cuz his foot was cold


137. CmdrR - March 4, 2008

136 — but that’s all that was cold, BND. Kirk was a lusty pirate!

138. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 4, 2008

Another fun episode with many hot chicks which is very important AND another incredibly lame effort by CBS remastered. Do they even care anymore since the whole HD DVD thing went down??? Word has it that Toshiba was paying for some of the remastering process and that the moolah went away when Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD. Print looked nice though. Thank you CBS for making it absolutely clear to me not to buy these remastered episodes and if there is not a better effort for the eventual films re re re re re release on Blu-Ray I won’t be buying them either.

139. Batts - March 4, 2008

#129 Denise, Never would I attack you with your screens down!! Actually, did Chekhov say “Wilence”?

140. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

I wouldn’t want this episode in a time capsule! Not the finest hour in TOS, particularly the “caveman” voiced aliens (as if they are all mentally challenged or unable to make coherent sentences in their own native tongue).

Needless to say, it’s not in my top 50… or 60… or 70.

141. Anthony Thompson - March 4, 2008


Coon is Gene Coon, a producer-writer who has been promoted by Shatner as the REAL genius behind Star Trek. Some of The Shat’s fans have lapped it up and taken his word as gospel, ignoring the historical facts that Roddenberry created 90% of what we know of as Star Trek today. The Shat didn’t like Roddenberry because The Great Bird probably didn’t stroke his ego sufficiently. So he came up with an alternate history of Star Trek. Like the alternate universe, it has some connection with reality but isn’t quite on the mark.

142. Wick - March 4, 2008

I watched this episode for the first time in years. I used to really enjoy it as a kid, but watching it again I must say what a stinker. When Star Trek was at its best, it was ground breaking television, but this is not its best.
What do we have here:
1. We have our usually strong willed and innovative Captain whining and self doubting himself about the men he has lost, and he loses so many in this episode. And every time someone gets killed, Kirk has a very awkward emotional breakdown in front of everyone. Isn’t a Captain not supposed to show weakness in front of his crew? When the Enterprise is spiraling down, Kirk really starts to beat himself up. “400 men and women. I should of beamed up at the first sign of trouble. I am such a bad captain! Poor me.” By the end of this episode, Kirk seems to be fine though, remarking on the biblical parallels of their adventure and joking that Spock looks like Satin.
2. Every male on the planet wearing a red shirt gets killed. Considering the law of probability, isn’t odd that regulars and beautiful women seem to avoid getting killed.
3. What about the Prime Directive? Kirk seems to blatantly ignore the prime directive in this episode. Who does he think he is? Kirk dramatically changes the culture of the planet, and maybe he can justify it because he was saving his ship. But does not the Prime Directive state that it can not be broken even to save a ship?
When you compare this episode with say “A Private Little War”, which deals intelligently with issues concerning the Prime Directive, the failings of this episode come abundantly clear.

143. Irish Terran - March 4, 2008

Thanks for that #141.
but Isn’t Star Trek already an alternate reality!?!?
Now I’m confused!!!!!!!!!!

144. Anthony Thompson - March 4, 2008


Good point. I meant, of course, the “reality” and universe as depicted on TOS.

145. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

#142–“Kirk seems to blatantly ignore the prime directive in this episode. Who does he think he is?”

As bad as Voyager was, Janeway had a good line in VOY, “Flashback”. She said something like (when describing Starfleet officers in the 23rd Century), “They were a little slower to invoke the Prime Directive, and a little quicker to draw their phasers. Of course, the whole lot of them would be booted out of Starfleet now!”

Who does he think he is???

James T. Kirk—-that’s who!!!

146. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

It’s just a bad episode. I call them “Trek farts”. Now, a bad feature film, like STV, is a “Trek turd”…

147. Diabolik - March 4, 2008

Spock raised the Prime Directive issue, Kirk settled it by stating that the normal development of the natives was already interfered with, and was stagnant, and needed to be set right. Spock concurred, or he would have had Kirk arrested.

Kirk never violated the Prime Directive in any episode (contrary to popular belief) or he would have been brought up on charges.

148. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

#147—“Kirk never violated the Prime Directive in any episode (contrary to popular belief) or he would have been brought up on charges.”

You can always come up with a clever way of saying that technically he is not violating it, but I have to disagree.

The Halkans? Do you mean that just because they have dilithium crystals, it’s ok?

The Capellans? So the strategic position of their planet means that the PD is out the window? For that matter, the whole premise of the Organian Peace Treaty and the Federation’s willingness to participate in it when it involves an existing pre-warp culture is a contradiction in principle.

Face it, TOS threw out the PD (or amended it) whenever the story called for it. Don’t get me wrong, I think the stories would have been handicapped and less entertaining if they had not, but it is what it is…

149. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

It seems to me that if they were upholding the Prime Directive, they never would have been ordered to beam down. They would instead have simply used the ship’s sensors to gather what information they could, and not taken the risk of contaminating a primitive culture. Or at the very least, since the PD is so important, they would have avoided all native contact, even at the risk of their own lives. They knew nothing of Val prior to meeting one of the natives, so Kirk’s explanation is weak.

150. Harry Ballz - March 4, 2008

#148 Closettrekker “it is what it is…”

Since this show was first broadcast 40 years ago, shouldn’t that be, “it was what it was”??

151. RetroWarbird - March 4, 2008

The planet looks good. The red atmosphere works with the backgrounds and stages. Kind of a nice subtle update of the original “Red Planet # 3″ or whatever it is.

I hope next week, in “By Any Other Name”, the Kelvan Colony World is seriously old-school purple and crazy looking to match those classic colors.

152. CmdrR - March 4, 2008

You think when they were building all these rocks n’ dirt worlds anyone stopped to ask how the planet had a breathable atmosphere without plants?

153. sharon fisher - March 4, 2008

I assumed it was “violins.” “Mr. Chekhov, I do not like your tone.” “What do you want, violins?” The lilt goes up on the last syllable, not down as it would with ‘violence,’ plus ‘violence’ doesn’t make sense.

I also noticed the the death to Vaal music was the same as the death to temple music.

And yes, Kirk seems to have a real insecurity problem in this episode. He’s not usually such a weenie.

154. GraniteTrek - March 4, 2008

Gotta love the contrast of the new phaser-on forcefield effect with the roman candles and other fireworks going off in Vaal’s mouth – modern tech and cheap effects all in one shot!

155. Engon - March 4, 2008

Scotty: “When we first monitored, it was generating alternating cycles totaling 100 to the 20th power Waltham units.”

I don’t know what a “Waltham Unit” is but why would one say “100 to the 20th power” instead of 10 to the 40th power?

Still, it makes more sense than when Kirk claims in the episode “Court Martial” that an auditory sensor (aka a microphone) has been boosted “on the order of 1 to the 4th power” – which, of course, equals 1.

156. ozy - March 4, 2008

Red sky and blue oceans ( water surface ) ?????

Blue sky = blue water surface ( oceans )
Red sky = red water surface ( oceans )
Orange sky = orange water surface ( oceans )
Green sky = green water surface ( oceans )
Pink sky = pink water surface ( oceans )
That’s science. ( reflection )
water ( water surface ) has no color, sky gives color.

157. OR Coast Trekkie - March 4, 2008

I don’t think there is much to say that hasn’t already been said. I concur with the opinions shown. While CBS-D did make an attempt to give that red twinge, I think they could’ve made the oceans red.

Point of canon/continuity in possible regards to the movie: will the dead red shirt’s father that helped him get into the academy be in or mentioned? (I wouldn’t count on it, but hey…. who knows….)

158. Engon - March 4, 2008

The exchange as found in James Blish’s 1972 adaptation in “Star Trek 6,” presumably taken from some draft of the script. Nimoy and Koenig may have improvised on the set.

Chekov: What kind of Tricorder setting do you call that?

Spock: I will not have you speaking to me in that tone of voice, Ensign!

Chekov: Well, what do you want, violins? That’s the stupidest setting I’ve ever seen, and you, a Science Officer!

Spock: It’s time you paid more attention to your own duties. Furthermore, you are down here to work, not to hold hands with a pretty yeoman!

159. Denise de Arman - March 4, 2008

Why is Kirk considered to be whiney and a weenie because he’s justifyibly agitated at the death of his men and the impending destruction of his ship and remaining crewmembers? C’mon folks, the one thing that Kirk always got emotional about, on a consistent basis, was the welfare of his ship and crew. I think we have some unfeeling Borg posting on this board…

160. jcvmf214 - March 4, 2008

anthony. thanks for the shots. any chance that we will see this episode in itunes? sorry if this may be considered off topic. is there anyone you can ask for an update

161. Closettrekker - March 4, 2008

#150—Actually Harry, for some reason I still see the same outcomes now on my dvds as I did the first time….go figure. It still is what it is.

162. T Negative - March 4, 2008

I know this thread has to do with the Apple, but I cannot wait for By Any other Name next week. It is one of my all time favorites.

Some of the best Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Scotty scenes are in that episode. Also, the foam tetrahedrals that Rojan and Co. create here were always a fun part of that episode as well.

HOPEFULLY, CBS gives us some great new shots of the Barrier and the Andromeda Galaxy.

163. Wick - March 4, 2008

159, he is whiny because he is the man in charge, he is the one everyone is looking toward to get them out of this mess. Usually he is perfect in this role, but in this episode, he sort of breaks down. Imagine if you was a young security guard stuck on a planet where you ship mates are dying one by one. You look to your Captain for guidance, and he is sulking and feeling sorry for himself. How would that make you feel?

164. bigmike - March 4, 2008

The Apple was always an above average episode for me. However the shots of the Enterprise in orbit were taken from the original. Why could’nt we see a shot of the Enterprise being held by Vaal’s tractor beam right before Scott tries to pull the starship away. Nice shots of the Enterprise firing phasers at Vaal though.

165. Spocko - March 4, 2008

“For the world is wonderful, and I have seen the blue sky!” I liked the remastered planet, but was very disturbed by the blue sky effect.

166. Garovorkin - March 4, 2008

This is one time when violating the non interference directive was actually a very good idea. Vol was a creepy machine indeed. I think what would have helped this episode is if they had been able to piece together how Vol got there in the first place or perhaps give vol more of a persona. My guess would be that the Preservers might have built the machine to look after the people and it’s intent was probably not to be a God but to guide the people. Then somehow its program got either damaged or corrupted by something.

167. Denise de Arman - March 4, 2008

Wick#163- Sorry, what I see in this episode is a completely competant captain who sends the remaining personnel to scout out the territory as he moves away from them in his pain. If you take a look at the tape, after the last redshirt gets fizzled, he moves away from the rest, then Spock and McCoy follow him to reassure him as he’s blaming himself. There’s no sulking or feeling sorry for himself going on there – that’s what 5-year-olds do! He’s doing what Kirk always does – blaming himself for anything that goes wrong. They can’t get back to the Enterprise so he can go to his quarters and blame himself in private. This is a Kirk characteristic that follows all the way from the first season to the last TOS movie, and it was one of the things that made the character so compelling. Kirk questioned his own motives and decisions introspectively: Obsession showed that this character trait followed him all the way from when he wasn’t even in command during emergency situations. Roddenberry wanted the character of Kirk to be a cross between Hornblower and Hamlet – that is why Kirk was so hard on himself during episodes like Corbonite Maneuver, Conscience of the King, Obsession -the list goes on. Granted, in 2008 seeing any kind of leader being circumspective and taking responsibility for things which are beyond his control is unheard of to most of us; however, this was one of the things that drove Kirk’s character and gave depth to what could otherwise be just another guy that barked out orders and got into fistfights with the badguys.

168. MikeG - March 4, 2008

I think this episode is a good example of how mediocre ST could be. We all have our favorite episode to hate (:And The Children Shall Lead,” anyone?). I don’t hate this episode, but I don’t like it either. The premise is a fine sci-fi story, but the execution of the premise is lacking — and I think I blame Max Erlich for that (I don’t know if this has been mentioned: Erlich’s biggest “hit” was “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud,” which I always felt did for reincarnation what “The Apple” did for Trek — sorry, Max).
ST is one show that when it was “on,” it was dead-on (pick any one of the 10 best episodes). And when it “missed,” it really missed (you don’t need help with this one).

169. Batts - March 4, 2008

Whoa! You cant get a better explanation from one of the most logical women on this site! at #167!! Denise!! I totally forgot about the nature of our true captain.

170. eagle219406 - March 4, 2008

#102. , Wifey didn’t bother to ask why they didn’t use the shuttlecraft again like she did when we watched ‘The Enemy Within’

Well I think this time they had a good enough reason not to. If the tractor beam from Vaal was powerful enough to pull the Enterprise in, It could do the same a lot easier with a shuttle craft. Even if it could land, it would not be able to take off again.

171. eagle219406 - March 4, 2008

2. Every male on the planet wearing a red shirt gets killed. Considering the law of probability, isn’t odd that regulars and beautiful women seem to avoid getting killed

In the episode “wolf in the fold,” and “By Any Other Name” a woman got killed.

172. Harry Ballz - March 4, 2008


Denise, you’s cookin’ tonight, baby!!

173. Holo J - March 5, 2008

162. T Negative

By Any other Name next week…

“HOPEFULLY, CBS gives us some great new shots of the Barrier and the Andromeda Galaxy.”

I hope I am wrong as there is a lot they could do with that episode but prepare to be disappointed …

174. Iowagirl - March 5, 2008


Denise, very nice elaboration! Needless to say I agree;-)

175. Batts - March 5, 2008

Look at your tremendous fanbase Denise de Arman!! And as usual no response from said celebrity!! LOL

176. Marian Ciobanu - March 5, 2008

-..God…i hate this TOS….it’s a dino show…

177. Commodore Redshirt - March 5, 2008

WHY do I think that “The Apple” is the “best-bad” episode of TOS?

Here are my top 5 reasons:

5th: Kirk is so brazen about his disregard for the Prime Directive he even turns it into a religious joke!
4th: The oft mentioned Kirk line “Scotty, you’re FIRED!” [pre-Trump!]
3rd: Spock takes some of the worst abuse ever and is just fine.
2nd: They beam down extra redshirts! Bloodbath!
1st: Goofy Scando-tropical natives who don’t know about sex…or murder!

178. Jon - March 5, 2008

“How we deal with remastering efforts is at least as important as how we deal with hd giving way to blue ray, wouldn’t you say?!” Captain Kirk to Lt. Savaak, in Trek II. :0)

179. Dr. Image - March 5, 2008

This is Spock’s Brain.
This is Spock’s Brain on drugs.
This is The Apple.

180. LordEdzo - March 5, 2008

The print of this episode looks absolutely beautiful. I don’t know why it occurred to me now and never before. Probably the colors … TOS always was great with coloring, and the remastered print enhances the vibrancy of the milieu.

Two CGI problems:

1) The remastering team (RMT) should have color-corrected the sky from blue to red when the storm clouds rolled in/out.

2) If the Enterprise was being pulled from orbit by Vaal’s tractor beam, then its orbit shouldn’t have appeared so “tranquil.” The RMT needs to depict an obviously struggling Enterprise, maybe even with a beam coming up from the planet.

Kudos to Yeoman Martha Landon – the only female character in TOS who ever got to KICK SOME ASS! Not even Uhura’s “phaser grab” from Marlena in “Mirror, Mirror” was that good.

181. Garovorkin - March 5, 2008

The natives kinda reminded me of the Beach denizens in those Frankie and Annette movies.

182. Kyle Nin - March 5, 2008

Is it just me or does Vaal’s eyes glow more in the new version?

183. Batts - March 5, 2008

#180 You make a strong point! With the need for a struggling Enterprise in orbit. However, they also need to fix that same continuity error in Return of the Archons as well. Especially since Scotty said there are heat beams of some sort coming up from the surface. Good Call.

184. Denise de Arman - March 5, 2008

Batts, Harry & Iowagirl- Thank you – just trying to put things in perspective.
Bob Orci mentioned in an earlier post that Kirk was the most difficult to write for because of this very reason. The character is not just a tin soldier – there’s integrity, compassion and a real need to do the right thing underneath the gold shirt. I think Mr. Bob and JJ will do a great job bringing that out in the movie.

Jon#178- Funny!

185. Wick - March 5, 2008

Denise de Arman #167

Good point, I stand corrected:)

186. Denise de Arman - March 5, 2008

Wick#185- Cool, dude.

187. bmar - March 5, 2008

Ok, perhaps feeding Val fruit as power does seem silly – but then again, perhaps not:


188. Wick - March 5, 2008

186, this is still not a very good episode:p

189. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2008

An apple a day keeps the Val away!

190. Garovorkin - March 5, 2008

It is one of Treks sillier excursions, you almost expect Dr Adams and his crew to show up in this one, “stepping into Eden Yea Brother” You have to remember the time that this was written and the fact that considering the low standards writing in the 60’s this episode was actually above average in terms of its writing, which still does not make it a very good episode. Treks 79 episode run ranged from very good to god awful this one rates as Mediocre. Sill the remastering does help it somewhat.

191. Jim Profit - March 5, 2008

There is no SFX Video, just a blurred stream.

Don’t you put real FX videos on trekmovie.com anymore? (Ceterum censeo…)

Jim Profit

192. catnip - March 5, 2008

its a horrible episode show that looks pretty!

193. catnip - March 5, 2008

p.s. i felt very sad for Vaal, doesn’t anybody else???,

Kirk made me mad the way he disregards the prime directive, the poor creature Vaal was serving his people and took care of them and they served him, who does Kirk think he is to break the UFP laws like that???


doesn’t anybody care anymore….


194. Wick - March 5, 2008

193, I care.

DC comics did a sequel to this episode where Kirk admits that he was wrong, and must deal with his mistake.

195. catnip - March 5, 2008

Thanks Wick, It’s just that I felt AWFUL about it, it was unnecessary and cruel that they went out of their way to destroy what I saw as a noble creature Vaal,
Why in heavens name didn’t Mr Spock use his mind meld with the Rock/God/Being…Vaal?

Vaal was obviously a sentient being of a high order who loved and cared for his people and was only trying to preserve his own culture and protect them from these violent intruders from Starfleet!

Shame on Kirk and Co, they should have all been terribly ashamed at the episodes end and not be all happy and uncaring about the ancient being they just murdered and their culture along with it!

I am outraged…was this an episode of The I.S.S. Enterprise, or The U.S.S. Enterprise!?


196. Denise de Arman - March 5, 2008

Man catnip, take a deep breath. Kirk & Co. wouldn’t have destroyed Vaal if Vaal hadn’t tried to destroy them and the Enterprise first. You might also want to consider that the villagers were, in effect, slaves to Vaal’s will. Sure, they were happy enough, but they had no meter stick to measure their existence against (would you like to live only to feed a machine daily, no sex, no children?). The villagers are analogous, to me, of cults like the polygomous groups which raise girls to believe they are to marry whatever man the leader decrees, whether he be the age of their grandfather or already has 19 wives already. Kirk went there on orders from Starfleet, and, if you remember, did try to talk to Vaal. He resorted to trying to destroy Vaal only after the attempted murder of all landing crew members and the iminent destruction of the Enterprise.

197. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2008

Like they said at the end of the cartoons, “mne, mne…that’s val, folks!”

198. catnip - March 5, 2008

And Mr. Spock could have used his mind meld, as he did with the Horta, and helped Vaal to understand that their motives were one of peace, yet the was not a whisper to Spock about using that idea which had already been established a year before, with the Horta, or Dr Van Gelder.

No, Kirk clearly violated the Prime Directive, and I am would report this to Federation Central.

But thanks for a thoughtful answer, even though we disagree?
..Kirk should at the least received a reprimand from upper echelons.


P.S. I cried for Vaal….(must be that time of the month).

199. Denise de Arman - March 5, 2008

Catnip#198- Remember the force field around Vaal? They couldn’t get near him. As a matter of fact, when Spock walked into the force field, he got thrown accross the soundstage. Don’t waste the sympathy for what was, in fact, a machine that used carbon-based units to fulfill its own needs. You seem too nice for that!

Peace out!

200. Dax - March 5, 2008

I think Vaal was more than a machine too, I feel it was a living being who needed some understanding and a warm cup of hot chocolate!

201. Wick - March 5, 2008

Starfleet is not an organization that ignores its own regulations whenever they become inconvenient. Yes Kirk did break the prime directive, but he did it to save his ship. And Kirk has stated many times that “NOTHING” is more important to him than his ship. I guess that includes the prime directive. Starfleet must have agreed because he commands the Enterprise long after this episode. Who knows what action Starfleet took, the repercussions have never been revealed in canon.

202. Denise de Arman - March 5, 2008

Dax#200- Hm.. Chocolate…

203. Ed Hall - March 5, 2008

Did anyone else notice that they flipped the new CG image of the planet and re-used it to get a “different” view of the planet? Same coast line, same clouds, just a mirror image of the previous shot. Check out the first two remastered screen shots above.

Have they been doing this all along and I just noticed it now?

204. Engon - March 6, 2008

I believe I can say with a high degree of confidence that this episode is about free will, just like the Bible story it is based upon.

Vaal IS God. Kirk & Co. ARE the Serpent. The Apple IS free will, i.e. “the knowledge of good and evil.”

The reason they joke about it in the end (other than to conclude the episode on a light note) is probably to make the allegory seem harmless to the (presumably) easily offended 1960’s TV viewers.

Sorry, if I’m stating the obvious, but this show is not about the Prime Directive.

To quote John Stuart Mill, “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.”

205. CanuckLou - March 6, 2008

Wow! Who would have thunk this episode when generate so many posts? I guess its true, people do love to complain.

The adventure continues…

206. Garovorkin - March 6, 2008

I think that this episode would have probably been better if they could have reworked it into a comedy episode. Because its very hard to take it seriously anyway. The problem is that to many of the story elements just did not really work, there are moments in the episode that literally sink to the level of Spock’s Brain. Especially at the end when Kirk is explaining to the these people the bright future that they are going to be having now that Val is no longer making their decisions for them.

207. LordEdzo - March 6, 2008

#183 – Batts, right you are about fixing “The Return of the Archons.” I’d forgotten that when the RM episode aired.

208. Izbot - March 6, 2008

195. catnip – “It’s just that I felt AWFUL about it, it was unnecessary and cruel that they went out of their way to destroy what I saw as a noble creature Vaal, Why in heavens name didn’t Mr Spock use his mind meld with the Rock/God/Being…Vaal?”

Vaal was a computer. There was no evidence given in the episode that ‘he’ had sentience or feelings. Sure, its’ followers ‘fed’ it, but that’s analogous to you ‘feeding’ your car gasoline. I doubt the Vulcan mind-meld would’ve worked on a computer (but then again, Spock used it on V’ger so who knows?).

209. Liz - March 6, 2008

Aaaarrghh! Every time I see this episode it drives me bonkers! There was no, repeat no, attempt at diplomacy here whatsoever. So they couldn’t get near Vaal? Well, why the H-E-doublehockeysticks didn’t they just ask the chief of the tribe (the one with the antenna in his ear) to speak to Vaal on their BEHALF?

No one, not even Spock the supposed master of logic, thinks of this. Guuhhh.

210. MrRegular - March 16, 2008

Just watched this on DVD, delayed by the broadcast of “March Madness” by my local affiliate. I didn’t miss much.
When in ‘The Naked Time” The Big E is falling out of the sky above PSI 2000 the viewscreen graphic reflects that. Now the same thing in essence is happening to our beloved ship as the Vaalster is pulling it down from orbit, and the CBS-D folks have the Big-E merrily sailing along in standard orbit…WTF????
An ass-kicking Yeoman Landon and Keith Andes as the tribal leader are the few highlights of this otherwise terrible day for Spock. I think afterward the man deserved a few days “paid vacation” on Vulcan, at least!

211. RD - June 5, 2009

The clouds are lit from reflected light, not by filtered light as is the sky.

Take a look at a Summer storm sometime. The cloud cover is black & white, not blue. Close lightening is bright white as is the sun when not filtered through a lot of atmosphere. So the clouds are correct. However, the sky itself when the clouds roll into frame should have been red/orange as is the backdrop.

More than likely given the reddish haze around the edge of the planet’s atmosphere, they are assuming if one looks straight up, the sky would be blue and only on the horizon where the atmosphere would appear reddish thanks to either a thicker lower atmosphere filtering the light or low-level dust particles.

212. V - May 8, 2012

#196 I personally would not really mind being a lifelong virgin whose only responsibility was to power a machine. (On Earth, aware of others’ problems, I’d rather aim for significance and making the world a better place and all that, but things would be much different if no one needed help.) I know some people would prefer more drama in their lives, but that just doesn’t appeal to me. In fact, I’d be pretty upset if someone came along and made my life a lot harder on purpose, no matter how much they liked their own that way.

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