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“By Any Other Name” Remastered Preview Images March 6, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

CBS just sent us some cool preview shots for the remastered Star Trek episode “By Any Other Name,” airing this weekend

Image 1 “Planetscape”
Captain Kirk (William Shatner) leads an Enterprise landing party to a planet near the edge of the galaxy. The planet’s incredible beauty proves strange – and even frightening – to the Kelvans, invaders from the Andromeda Galaxy. The planetscape features an all-new matte painting.



Image 2 “Andromeda”
The Starship Enterprise, hijacked by the Kelvans, streaks toward the distant Andromeda Galaxy.



About the episode
“By Any Other Name” features aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy, sent to explore our own Milky Way as a prelude to conequest. The aliens, known as Kelvans, take on human form in order to take over the Starship Enterprise, and it is their unfamiliarity with humanity that proves their undoing.

The episode stars William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, with DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy. Warren Stevens of “Forbidden Planet” fame guest stars along with Barbara Bouchet, who played the beautiful Moneypenny in the 1967 spy spoof, “Casino Royale.” The original episode was first aired in February, 1968. Teleplay by D.C. Fontana and Jerome Bixby from a Story by Jerome Bixby. The episode was directed by Marc Daniels. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek is distributed in nationwide syndication by CBS Paramount Television.

More info on the episode at Memory Alpha

The remastered “By Any Other Name” airs this weekend in syndication, check local listings.

Images courtesy CBS Studios and Paramount. Original caps from TrekCore.com


1. Sean4000 - March 6, 2008

Now, was that so hard CBS-D? Good job this time. Sure with we had more of this calibre effort.

2. Blowback - March 6, 2008

Looks Promising

3. Sean4000 - March 6, 2008


Andromeda, whata cool name. Sure better than Milky Way.

4. Sean4000 - March 6, 2008

Zelh Gabl (spelling needs checking) the matte artist is at the top of his game and I hope he can go onto becoming somthing great!

The E looks like it got a nice wax job ;)

5. Stanky McFibberich - March 6, 2008

Looks fantastic. Go Kelinda, Go!

6. Jeyl - March 6, 2008

……those lady murdering aliens got off so easy in this episode……I’ll never forgive them!!

7. neal - March 6, 2008

#3, galaxy envy

8. Sean4000 - March 6, 2008

#7 LOL yes. It looks good on a candy wrapper though.

9. Batts - March 6, 2008

They are finally cooking with gas!! Finally someone was reading the posts.

10. Joel - March 6, 2008

From the provided images, this definitely appears to be one of the best efforts yet. Kudos to CBS-D.

11. Scott - March 6, 2008

The matte’s pretty awesome — looks like something they might have done back in the day.

You know what would have been even awesomer? If they had designed a Kelvan in its true form, and shown it for a fraction of a second when Spock is doing his mind meld attempt.

And Babs Bouchet makes the shorty mcshort list for loveliest guest star. No remastering necessary.

Scott B. out.

12. JL - March 6, 2008

WOW, does that look nice!!

13. Kevin - March 6, 2008

Wow! See that’s the type of stuff I want to see. I’m amazed. Now if we could of just had this type of work consistantly through the whole series.

14. John N - March 6, 2008

Wow… that’s what I was hoping for the entire project to look like…

15. anti-matter - March 6, 2008

Sometimes I look at these re-master- original comparators and what really strikes me is how terrific the originals are. This was true when they remastered The Tholian Web and I was more impressed by the originals than the digi-job.

16. sebimeyer - March 6, 2008

I just threw that image on my 42 inch plasma TV and have to admit: wow, that looks truly great.

Just a shame so many other episodes seems to have fallen short of what could have been. Images like these only prove that even more.

17. Thomas Jensen - March 6, 2008

Yes! This is what we want to see, the vistas of the planets expanded! Great work!

18. Driver - March 6, 2008

We Earthers are pretty arrogant, thinking we have the right to name galaxies and stars which really belong to their respective indigenous species. But what’s a primitive culture to do? To another species, our sun may be called (insert four letter word).

19. diabolk - March 6, 2008

The original planet set looked better than the fakey CGI. I’ll take a cyclorama background any day.

20. Dr. Image - March 6, 2008

Just spectacular!
Can’t say enough about those matte paintings.
VERY well thought-out and executed.
Al Whitlock is up there smiling.

21. Scott Gammans - March 6, 2008

A prelude to “conequest”, eh Anthony?

We are not from Kelva… we are from France.

22. Kevin - March 6, 2008

#18 lol, well we have to call it something. If there’s other life in our Galaxy they may refer to it as the Creamy General Direction or the Snickers. Andromeda might have several lifeforms all calling it something else.

23. Imrahil - March 6, 2008

WOW! awesome matte!

Now, I wish we could fix the multiple-angle shadows which clearly indicate studio lighting…:)

24. Sean4000 - March 6, 2008

“””Just spectacular!
Can’t say enough about those matte paintings.
VERY well thought-out and executed.
Al Whitlock is up there smiling.”””

Yeah, I think that artist, Gabl, is THE highlight of the entire remaster.

25. Flint - March 6, 2008

An episode that has one of the best Scotty moments.

“Me and you, we drank him right under the table”.

Also a very controversial issue for the time, a white woman and an African man are reduced to a ball of styrofoam the woman’s ball is crushed and the African man survives, for the 60’s that’s deep. We couldn’t see the Genie’s bellybutton or even Bruce Lee’s face in whatever that show was called. But that must have been shocking to people at the time. Married couples sleeping in twin beds 4 feet apart from each other, Jim Morrison couldn’t sing the line; “get much higher”, on that silly wannabe hip show, yet that moment on Trek passes the censers. Then came Archie Bunker, by today’s standards we are back in the 50’s and 60’s because that show would never fly today, its not PC. They show a butt on channel 7 and it costs the station a fortune, yet I can watch another program on channel 7 and people are being killed by small arms fire, thats acceptable. We can program peoples minds that killing is ok as long as its a dramatization, yet too see beauty, that’s obscene we need to stop that crude and tawdry programing. But the local High School is handing out rubbers to students. People today are way too sensitive, lighten up!

Sorry for the outburst, its been a long day.

26. Sulu was better - March 6, 2008

All the new shots look worse than the old ones.

they should have only enhanced the models (and not look the enterprised look so harsh even though there ARE abrupt dark shadows in space) and leave the lighting and angles the same….

I have not seen one single new shot that is better than the originals directors shot….

Just because they have CGI doesnt mean they know how to stage a shot… lol

27. MrRegular - March 6, 2008

CBS-D should have been doing this high quality work throughout. Well at least they are doing it now. Hopefully my local affiliate will show it this weekend and not pre-empt it with wall to wall basketball coverage.

28. Jorg Sacul - March 6, 2008

Sulu please… that new planet scape is mega better than the original cheap set with the Brady Bunch turf, cardboard rocks and studio backdrop sky.

man. You can’t please some people!

29. T Negative - March 6, 2008

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great Job CBS digital!!

It’s pretty much a love/hate relationship at this point ;-)

I love this episode. I always have. I’m glad CBS is giving this one the attention it deserves.

30. DEMODE - March 6, 2008

Now that’s STAR TREK!!!!!

31. Mr. Atoz - March 6, 2008

Yep, CBS has been reading our posts.
This looks terrific! Keep it up, there’s still lots of episodes to do!

32. Cato the Llama - March 6, 2008

I think this actually looks pretty great. The nice big backdrop adds a wonderful touch, in my opinion. Sure it may not be prefect, but it’s very pretty and makes the place look big and open and alive, as opposed to all of those closed studio sets that look tiny for being “outside.”

I’m glad they are making things look better now. I’ve been less than impressed with a number of episodes, and very impressed with others. I remember being very disappointed with Doomsday Machine because it looked so cartoony and I had such high hopes they would do better things with that one.

33. Tango - March 6, 2008

The Kelvins had to go to the Miky Way because they couldn’t stand living next to the Myrons in Andromeda.

34. Daren Doc - March 6, 2008

Love the matte painting. It is gorgeous and well within the style of the show. Don’t really buy the ship shot. It’s lit brighter than ANY previous shot they’ve done of the ship… and it is supposed to be in between galaxies. :) Ah, well…

35. Gary Seven - March 6, 2008

IMO, The remastered Doomsday Machine was a masterpiece.
Very nice job on the new, outside set/matte painting. It should actually improve the “feel” of the episode.

36. Gary Seven - March 6, 2008

On the remastered outside matte painting, are the people “drawn in” or is it the original actors/ film superimposed on the matte painting? When I enlarge it the people don’t look real. Otherwise it’s great. Am I seeing things?

37. j - March 6, 2008


38. Garovorkin - March 6, 2008

A mediocre episode, but this one has a bit of cannon violation, namely the fact that the Kelvins were able to get the Enterprise to go warp 14 and beyond so that they could get to Andromeda, What i find fascinating is that the Kelvins modified the ship to go faster and for some strange reason the following episode the Enterprise is back to the way it was before, Click, everything resets to zero again. I guess neither Starfleet or Kirk was interested in having a ship that could travel faster then all the other ship in the Federation and the Galaxy, Like the Cloaking device who needs a tactical advantage. I must say that the remastered images do look good.

39. Michelle - March 6, 2008

Eh, I always assumed the Kelvins were the only ones capable of making the ship go so fast so without them it wouldn’t work.

40. sir num nums - March 6, 2008

Does anyone remember when st.com used to give us this information?

41. British Naval Dude - March 6, 2008

Fitting threads for St Patty’s Day… first green women and now the episode with the green stuff… “What is it?” asks the drunken Kelvin
“It’s….it’s… it’s green!” answers Scotty. arrrrr….

Take me down to paradise city where tha girls are green
And the remastered grass is pretty

Wait a tic- with re-mastering, the episode doesn’t make any sense… why would tha Kelvins wanna leave such a beautiful planet now?

I wanna go….. arrrr…

42. Batts - March 6, 2008

I dont remember did they break the Great Barrier in this episode?? Someone please answer??

43. John Locke - March 6, 2008

Yes, they broke the barrier. Kirk was supposed to give Scotty the word to ignite the anti-matter pods once they were in there and stop the Kelvins dead cold.

44. Robert Bernardo - March 6, 2008

Nice matte shot. Yes, that view gives the scene a more expansive feel.

British Naval Dude wrote:

> Fitting threads for St Patty’s Day… first green women and now the episode
> with the green stuff…

I wonder how much green alcoholic stuff will the band, Warp 11, inbibe at their St. Patty’s Day concert. (Also wondering if Kiki will be green…) :-)

45. Batts - March 6, 2008

#43 Thanks for answering the question. Now, I remember what you just brought out. Why I said what I did is because I was curious will we see remastered reused footage from Where No Man…or will they just give us a slightly different angle.

It’s all coming back to me. In ST5 The ship breaching the barrier was in fact based on established fact!! But the shields had to modified in order to do it. All right,not a total loss!! Sorry to veer off point. Just had to say that!!

46. hitch1969© - March 6, 2008




47. paustin - March 6, 2008

stunning work here….again sadly inconsistant. Big favorite episode of mine….I’ll be glad to tune in.

48. Spock's Brain - March 6, 2008

RE: #25
It’d be great to read some thoughtful intelligent comments like “Flint”‘s on here more often. Most of everyone else just blurts out nonsense.

49. maspill - March 6, 2008

looks good cant wait for these to hit england

50. toddk - March 6, 2008

yep that matt is super fantastic! congrats!!!!!!!

51. OR Coast Trekkie - March 6, 2008

Good looking shots. Boy, that moon is incredibly close, or incredibly large, heh heh.

I know I speak nonsense, but I think with the speed the Enterprise will be going, SOME sort of a warp effect would be appropriate…

52. Daniel Broadway - March 6, 2008

Wow. I love that matte painting. Great job.

53. The Lensman - March 6, 2008

Re: the planet shot…
Agree with those that say THIS is what we should’ve gotten from the begining. Some of the early comments from the CBS team led me (and others) to believe that this was something we could expect.

This is something I found on YouTube last year that showed how easily CBS could’ve done it. Keep in mind that this was done by some guy at home who was trying to show that CBS just wasn’t being creative enough:

Go easy on the guy.

Again, when these guys are on their game, they are really on their game….but when they’re not…it’s just bad. Unitl now I’ve not really been in the camp of “redo the FX before DVD” but now….yeah…they need to.

Not sure I wanna spend money on something that they have the power to correct the second time around.

Now, the interesting question is…..what will outside the galaxy look like in “Is There In Truth No Beauty”?

Never really understood that one, even as a kid. It was like the galaxy existed in some kind of chaotic, colorful void or something.

54. Andy Patterson - March 7, 2008

11 And Babs Bouchet makes the shorty mcshort list for loveliest guest star. No remastering necessary.

No doubt. She was great. But very high up there is Sherry Jackson. Which by the by, caught her just tonight on an episode of Lost in Space that was hotter than her entire performance in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Man oh man. That needs to be in a retrospective of her life.

55. ety3 - March 7, 2008

Now THAT’S remastering.

I wish CBS-D was given the time and money to do things like that for every episode.

56. Chris Pike - March 7, 2008

Spot on with the matte painting, that’s more like it!

57. Iowagirl - March 7, 2008

The planetscape image looks awesome.

Not one of the best eps, but it has some great moments (“It’s… uh… it’s green.”), and of course our beloved Shakespeare reference isn’t missing.

58. Reliant - March 7, 2008

Very well done on the planet beamdown scene!! Nice job CBS-D. Let’s see some more of it!!

59. Mark T. - March 7, 2008

Nice matte shot. But having the Andromeda galaxy loom so large (and why so bright?) contradicts with the part of the story where it’s described as being many years away. The smaller smudge of a galaxy feels more hopelessly distant.

60. Commodore Redshirt - March 7, 2008

Why I like this episode:

Drinking Green and Barbara Bouchet. [What I wouldn’t do to go back in time and share a drink of Green with her! ]

I was and am a huge fan of both “Forbidden Planet” and “Casino Royal [1967]” … they are two of my all time favorites! So this is one of the few times where the guest stars are a major factor in why I like this episode to the extent that I do.

61. JB - March 7, 2008

The new matte painting looks fantastic. But the original ship looks more real than the new one. And I agree with Daren about the lighting.

Great ep with many great moments. Besides those mentioned above, how about the scene where Kelinda walks in to speak with Kirk and Spock has to nudge McCoy to get him out of the room. Don’t get me started on Barbara Bouchet.

62. cugel the clever - March 7, 2008

One of the best of the original eps and certainly one of the best remastering efforts. The excellent new matte shot and the more accurate shots of astronomical objects are exactly what the remastering should always have been, but have frequently fallen short.

On TOS, I could always tolerate the primitive, sparse, plywood look of the Enterprise interior shots – you can rationalize that this was an ergonomic design style that evolved in the 23rd century. However, the thing that always made TOS look cheesy was the primitive exterior shots – either they shot in the studio and endlessly reused the same plastic plants, foam boulders, and phoney background colours; or they shot outside in the same tract of CA desert. The net result is that all the planets they visited looked monotonously the same.

I hope we see these kinds of mattes, CGI (and more) in the new movie. The planets they visit should look truly alien – not like a poor copy of 60’s-era Disneyland.

63. martin anderson - March 7, 2008

This is the first time they made the Enterprise seem cool, now do the same lighting for all the other episodes!!! :)

64. Bill Cox - March 7, 2008

#11 – I agree, they should have made a CGI Kelvan and shown it for just a second during Spock’s mind meld.

65. Tom - March 7, 2008

RE: 42, 43, 45 (hope I got that right)

Hopefully we’ll see new barrier shots of the Enterprise. The WNMHGB CGI Enterprise in that episode was slightly modified to look like the 2nd pilot version of the minature (higher bridge dome, larger nav deflector dish, different ends to warp nacelles, etc).

The Enterprise in this episode should be the series version, since CBS-Digital was trying to be more consistent.

66. Cervantes - March 7, 2008

Agree with those that love the new matte, but think certain shots of the remastered ‘Enterprise’ are still lacking. It’s a real shame, as although I had wished for a ‘whiter’ overall ‘E’, some sequences of the the new version HAVE been fantastic…

I really wish a lot more of the untouched ‘studio’ backdrops had at least had a moon or clouds effect thrown in though to help make things more ‘cinematic’ like this particular matte.

67. Joe Coatar - March 7, 2008

Too bad much of the beautiful compositions will be ruined in 4:3, oh well

68. JamfoFL - March 7, 2008

#45… unfortunately, the barrier the Enterprise passed through in STV (the so called “Great Barrier”) was different from the barrier she passed through in WNMHGB and this episode (the “Galactic Barrier”).

The “Galactic Barrier” shown in the series was a barrier surrounding the entirety of the galaxy and prevented ships from leaving the Milky Way. The “Great Barrier” shown in STV was some kind of impervious energy/radiation belt that prevented ships from travelling to the core of the Milky Way.

So, even though they had similar effects (prevention of starship travel), it does seem as if the barriers are completely seperate phenomenon.

69. Cervantes - March 7, 2008

#67 Joe Coatar

Good point. While I know some here dislike the very idea of a ‘widescreen’ version which entails ‘snipping’ off a little of the ‘live-action’ footage, I personally would love to see an eventual more ‘cinematic’ presentation done this way. It would certainly show off the new effects to their best.

I DON’T like concept the ‘half-way house’ of effects done in widescreen and live-action in 4:3 though, as this is just too much of a distracting compromise I feel. It would take someone with a careful eye for ‘framing’ to do the live-action justice for ‘widescreen, however, rather than straightforward ‘cutting’ of the top and bottom…and I look forward to those close-ups that would now have an even more ‘Sergio Leone’ feel to them!

Anthony, is there any more word on what happened with the Japanese ‘Widescreen’ version of TOS that you flagged up ages ago?

70. K Greene - March 7, 2008

Yeah, this is the episode where the Kelvans have to decide between crushing Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. You’re right, Flint (#25) I’ve always thought it was really interesting that the black man survived and the white woman died. Being black I always thought that was pretty radical.

71. cd - March 7, 2008

The matte painting looks very cool. Yes, this is more like it; this is the kind of thing I want to see in this remastering. The expansive vista and the moon, and its reflection, are awesome, and more than a little like THE matte shot from “The Cage”/”The Menagerie”. Very nice.

#64 – I would agree, but it is a little like the Krell in “Forbidden Planet”; you got some rough indications of what they were like but nothing specific, and you could let your imagination fill it in. But just a brief flash of a hundred tentacles would have been interesting.

72. cd - March 7, 2008

#70 – A 40 year old episode of Star Trek still has relevant political commentary! But I think “The Man Trap” may be a more accurate portrait of Hillary. >;>}

73. Holo J - March 7, 2008

I love the new matt painting! I agree with everyone else who says this is what the whole project should have been like from the start. The trouble is it’s probably only a short establishing shot. I doubt we will even see the characters moving in the shot. But it’s a lovely shot none the less. It really sells the idea that this world is alien.

66. Cervantes

“I really wish a lot more of the untouched ’studio’ backdrops had at least had a moon or clouds effect thrown in though to help make things more ‘cinematic’ like this particular matte.”

I totally agree with you. If they ever give this remastering another go for Blue Ray or another future release I would love to see the live action back drops tackled in the future. I just quickly mocked up a version of what I mean. I took this still from “That Which Survives”.


Although my backdrop isn’t particularly alien looking I am just using the image to illustrate the point.

74. Brian - March 7, 2008

That matte painting looks great. So real, yet still so fake, in that very TOS way. It’s like TOS on speed. Great work.

75. Cervantes - March 7, 2008

#73 Holo J

Absolutely. It is possible to enhance the dated backdrops in certain places to give them more ‘depth’ like your quick mock-up. A couple of ‘double moons’ would have been nice. ;)

Either way, the odd new cloud strata, moon, alien flying critter, or alien plantlife could have made all the difference to the more studio-bound settings…

76. Shaun - March 7, 2008

#26 – You have got to be kidding me… I can’t believe anyone thinks the cheesy (even cheesy for their time) original effects/mattes look better than these new ones. It’s a HUGE improvement, and it’s revived my interest in watching the original episodes again.

Many of the plots (not to mention the science) don’t hold up terribly well when you really stop to think about it, and perhaps that’s the curse of seeing these episodes dozens of times over the years. But these remasters are getting better and better as they go along and it’s a lot of fun. A definite improvement from where they started with “Balance of Terror.” Now I wish they’d go back and improve some of those earlier remastered shows, but I know they won’t. I wish they’d have gone a little farther and given us a CGI Horta, for instance.

I also wish they’d put these episodes out on REGULAR, standard DVD for those of us who aren’t ready to pay the high prices for Blu-ray players and discs yet. The HD-DVD/standard DVD combo discs were ridiculously overpriced, and with the number of people who still own/buy standard DVD it’s bad business on CBS’ part. Trek on DVD has always been overpriced anyhow, but the combo disc idea was just outrageous.

77. Dax - March 7, 2008

I loved this episode very much when I was a kid, and still do as an adult, but why didn’t they leave the original Enterprise flying to the Andromida Galaxy shots in, and alone!?!????

There was nothing wrong or needed fixing with the original late second season and third season brand new shots made back in 1968 and 1969 they made to replace “the enterprise on a string”ooking shots of the first season and a half!!!

Still VERY dispointed in by the FAKE looking Starship Enterprise shots!

78. orion pirate - March 7, 2008

WOW. The first one is definitely going on my desktop.

79. Gary the Gorn - March 7, 2008

Love the new matte! Keep up the GREAT work guys. I haven’t watched this episode in 20 years. I’ll tune in this weekend to watch this. Thanks for working on this project.

Maybe they’ll stick a label for Jamison’s Irish Whisky on Scotty’s booze. That would be cool. The drunk scene with Scotty is classic. I wish we could have seen more drunk Scotty. I forgot, Scotty drank Scotch I think.

I wish they’d do something with the view screens on the bridge. Some of those photos look really bad.

80. Ralph F - March 7, 2008

What I wish is that CBS-D would give us a real high-resolution image download page, with images at a good size for desktops (1920 x 1200 or bigger). Put your logo on it so I can advertise for you; I don’t care.

81. Sean4000 - March 7, 2008

They used to do that before ST.com got pulled. Rats.

82. RM10019 - March 7, 2008

#77 Some of the Enterprise shot in other episodes look just amazing. I think this shot of the E and the galaxy suffers from a bad choice in lighting. I think the time and mone limitations on how many lighting set-ups they can try make it more hit and miss than it should. This shot screams for more dramatic lighting than most and yet, at least in this still, it just doesn’t come off right.

83. Scott - March 7, 2008

I just noticed — or maybe I’m imagining it — but does it look like the inclusion of the moon in the sky was meant to help explain the multiple shadows cast by the actors due to the studio lighting? The “sun” is clearly meant to be to the left of the scene (lighting the moon, and the left sides (their right) of the characters. Then, there’s a secondary shadow coming forward and to the right (their left) of the characters, that *could* be cast by that supermoon there.

Props for that, CBS-D. Sweet.

Scott B. out.

84. Dax - March 7, 2008

#82 , Yes, EXACTLY why they should leave these superior late second season/third season Enterprise shots in that they made in 1968-69, and not be replaced by this fake looking cgi Enterprise here.

I admit they needed to replace some 1st and early second season shots of the ship(s) but some of these newer shots of The Big E JUST done in the series last year and a half just scream to be left in!…. left alone, and unfettered by cbs cgi!


85. Batts - March 7, 2008

#68. I just hope this is not a clever play on words. Galactic or Great. But you just made a point I NEVER thought of. There are 2 of them!! LOL. Thats deep! Thanks for the pointer.

86. diabolik - March 7, 2008

Love the way they opened up that small set with the matte painting. Looks awesome. Looking forward to the barrier scene.

Here’s a bit of fan memory fun…. when I was a teen, the only way you could see ST waS when it showed on TV, unless you were lucky and owned an 8mm projector and could buy the eps on film.

Well, there was a toy called a “PocketFlix” which had 60 seconds worth of (silent) film from different TV shows. They had one cartridge for ST, which was the barrier-breaking scene from this episode. I watched it hundreds of times, it was so neat to actually have some real film of ST I could watch when I wanted, even under those conditions. We have it so good today, but some younger fans don’t appreaciate it!

87. Vulcan Soul - March 7, 2008

The matte painting is neat. Obviously the guy responsible for these is the sole person with any talent AND vision on the team – the others are just sad hacks with no understanding for the bright artistic vision of TOS (just look at this stupid super-shiny Enterprise model again!)

88. diabolik - March 7, 2008

I loved the ship animations on the “Captain’s Chair” CD-ROM, wish the CBS CGI was this dynamic sometimes. And keep in mind this stuff was done over 5 years agao or more!!!!


89. Vulcan Soul - March 7, 2008

Just those nacelle caps are really funky ;)

90. Robert Bernardo - March 7, 2008

Ralph F wrote:

> What I wish is that CBS-D would give us a real high-resolution image
> download page, with images at a good size for desktops (1920 x 1200 or
> bigger).

Season 1 screencaps in high-resolution are being put at Trekcore.com

91. Christopher Seeley - March 7, 2008

That’s more like it! Great Job!

92. T in HI - March 7, 2008

More of the same: great work on new matte, Enterprise still looks like it was drawn on someone’s Mac.

93. Anthony Thompson - March 7, 2008

Not a very good ep. I wonder if the genius Gene Coon was producing? : )

But, for ONCE, it looks like the new effects shots improved upon the originals rather than paling by comparison. Good job!

94. JR - March 7, 2008


95. DesiluTrek - March 7, 2008

Re: 93. Why the swipe at Gene Coon? He had left the series by this point; John Meredyth Lucas was producing. As it happens the ep was co-written by D.C. Fontana and Jerome Bixby, so it just goes to show what often happens in Hollywood, where what might have seemed good on paper failed to come across in the execution.

96. Andy Patterson - March 7, 2008

Good original music this episode.

Scotty getting drunk, – maybe best Scotty moment whole series. Makes you long for more.

97. CmdrR - March 7, 2008

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Very nice. Lord, I’ll have to lose sleep tonight.

98. J_schinderlin56 - March 7, 2008

It’s too bad that the enterprise isn’t equiped with an Asgard hyperdrive. Then they could reach Andromeda in about 21/2 weeks.

99. SPOCKBOY - March 7, 2008

I have some advice for CBS D
Since the final product will be 4:3 and the effects are done in wide screen, why not pan from the left or right into the middle of the shot during transport. Moving shots during been down(or traveling mattes) were too difficult and expensive to do back then. It was always the same still, unmoving, medium shot.
Give TOS something it never had.
The matte looks great (as usual)
The ship….not so great.

100. falcon - March 7, 2008

My only problem with the remastered shot of the Enterprise headed toward Andromeda – that far out in the intragalactic void, there should be not much light at all to bounce off the hull. But, ya gotta see the star of the show….

101. Tamoon! - Everybody's Favourite Sex symbol Drill Thrall! - March 7, 2008

I want my late 2nd and third season shots of the Enterprise left alone and NOT cbs cgi updated!





102. J_schinderlin56 - March 7, 2008

Food for thought:

According to Rojan the Kelvins modified the Enterprise to be able to travel to Andromeda in about 300 years. Now if you do the calculations that means that the crusing velosity for the Enterprise on that trip would be Warp 9.975 on the reconfigured TNG warp scale. Or roughly 6,600 Times the speed of light.

In this Episode the Constitution Class Enterprise was traveling at the maximum speed for an Intrepid Class Starship! Eat my dust Voyager!

103. Jaz - March 7, 2008

Looks good to me.

104. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 7, 2008

Still not sold on the WAY-too-shiny Enterprise, but that matte painting…my goodness, it’s beautiful…completely breathtaking. I think I stared at that thing for a full 10 minutes.

105. Sean4000 - March 7, 2008

Max Gabl is his name! He’s the one behind the mattes and some of the planets.

106. Kyle Nin - March 7, 2008


That’s the Pegasus Galaxy, not the Andromeda Galaxy.

107. trekofficial - March 7, 2008

You are quite wrong, according to federation records stardate 316.5.02 the Andromeda galaxy merged with the nebusa cluster forming a new hybrid

#106. Kyle Nin – March 7, 2008

108. J_schinderlin56 - March 7, 2008

# 106 The Pegasus Galaxy is a satelite of Andromeda. At 52 Million times the speed of light ( The Speed of an Asgard Hyperdrve) The differance in travel time wouldn’t be much.

109. miguel - March 7, 2008

Woot. They need more of these wide-angle shots!!

110. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

I’ll never understand why some people seem so offended by the remastered shots. You don’t have to watch those remastered episodes. The old dvd’s are still there.
My favorite is the “fake-looking BIg E”! As if it ever really didn’t look fake! You can watch them either way. It doesn’t take anything away from your experience if you don’t want it to.

111. DarenDoc - March 7, 2008

Hey, #110…

You CAN’T watch the originals in HD. That’s the problem.

And yes… the big E DOES look fake… compared to a real 11 foot model. :)

112. T Negative - March 7, 2008

Just curious, but shouldn’t we be able to see other galaxies in the intergalactic void. Obviously Andromeda is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way so the way it dominates the image is correct but I always thought that once you’re in the void wouldn’t you be able to see millions of galaxies spread out everywhere??

I understand CBS is keeping true to the original shot but are the other galaxies simply too dim and too far away to see?

113. Closettrekker - March 7, 2008

#111—“You CAN’T watch the originals in HD. That’s the problem.”

So what has changed? We couldn’t see them in HD 40 years ago either.

“And yes… the big E DOES look fake… compared to a real 11 foot model.”

Which was all over the screen, wobbling about half the time. You had to use your imagination then, and you have to use your imagination now. But like I said, watch the old dvds. I’m not paying for remastered episodes either. I am seeing them as they come on Saturday nights, but that’s it. When I want to see TOS, I watch my dvd’s. That won’t change when the first run of the remastered episodes is finished.

I just don’t see why it’s so offensive. TOS f/x shots were never what made the show great. It was the 20-25 good stories (IMO) and the great characters. The f/x doesn’t change anything to me.

114. LordEdzo - March 7, 2008

The remastered planetscape is absolutely *STUNNING.* WTG!

115. Thomas Jensen - March 7, 2008

Hey Daren, The big E looks completely fake compared to the 5.5 big E in my office, too! Which brings me to the fact that they didn’t even bother to render the three lights on the rear of the engineering section. I’ve only recently noticed on the first season set they only have the one which projects above the surface. And they don’t light the four lights below the hanger deck doors.

They were on the original model so why not now?

116. Captain Robert April - March 7, 2008

The only time the eleven footer wobbled was when it was supposed to wobble. Otherwise, the thing never moved. It was the camera that moved around the model.

117. Irish Trekki - March 7, 2008

Best I ve seen yet which is weird cause it’s by no means my favourite episode! Ultimate Computer or Mirror Mirror for me!

Fav Tos episode anyone?

118. Sean4000 - March 7, 2008

Doomsday Machine. The FX shots were so detailed and bold that I thought EdenFX got the contract ;)

119. DeBeckster - March 7, 2008

I wonder if they’ll cut out any of Scotty’s scenes–him drinking the guy under the table is the best part of this episode.

120. Canadianknight - March 7, 2008

That planet shot is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Bravo CBS-D! I can’t believe how awesome that is. I’ve been staring at it for a while now, comparing to the original. Just an awesome job…. can’t wait to see it on the tube!

121. Sean4000 - March 7, 2008

I sent Max Gabl an email earlier telling him thank you for all of the good work.

122. Trek Or Treat - March 7, 2008


I thought the remaster of “The Doomsday Machine” was a tour de force by CBS-D. 1000% improvement on the sfx. Think about it. In the original ep we had that terrible shot of the E firing cartoon phasers at the Doomsday Machine, and don’t get me started on the original’s laughable attempt at showing the obvious plastic model Constellation flying into the machine at the end.
In the new ep, we got the Enterprise flying over the machine giving us a true sense of it’s monstrous size. Better Constellation shots, better shuttle shots. The whole she-bang.

I know you didn’t say this in your post, but I gotta laugh when I see people post about how the original effects are better than the new ones. I disagree 99% of the time.

just my humble 2c.

123. Daren Doc - March 7, 2008

115 – yeah, Thomas… I agree…

I have no idea why they aren’t on the model now.

and Closettrekker,

Of course the FX weren’t what made the original show great. It was the stories… and the actors… AND the FX. And why that doesn’t deserve the HD Treatment along side the new “Remastered” Versions is beyond me. That line they used about the effects being “Not good enough” for HD is a load of stuff… We KNOW the shots will look grainy and “Dupey”… That’s what we expect. We want the originals to be given the respect it’s due, and just release HD versions of the ORIGINALS.

And please, it wasn’t “wobbling” all over the screen… nor was it “on strings” as some people say. It was state of the art effects for its time. What we’re getting now isn’t. NOR is it a representation of what was state of the art in the late 60s. What we’re getting is some kind of deformed hybrid…

I’m sure the Okudas wish that the originals were released in HD as well… but the studio just doesn’t wanna spend the money.

124. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine - March 7, 2008

#93, Watch it, Bub. I have my eye on you.

125. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine - March 7, 2008

#123 I always enjoy this kind of insight. You wrote earlier in the thread about how brightly the E was lit between galaxies. That obvious little detail was what made TMPs E so impressive, I think. The idea of the E having to provide her own illumination, like an ocean liner at sea at night. I really think every movie since TMP has missed that. Always looks too bright. Oh well.

126. SPOCKBOY - March 7, 2008

I agree completely.
Remember the old Flash Gordon serials from the 1930’s?
(with the rockets on wires & sparks shooting out of the back end?)
Well compare Star Trek’s effects to those (which came out around 30 years later)
CBS-D is doing the effects more than “40 years later “(in FX YEARS that’s a lifetime of difference)
So you are going to sit there and tell me that the difference between Trek Remastered and TOS is as striking and innovative as the difference between Flash Gordon and TOS?

I think not : )


and the Master Replicas version…


127. Sean4000 - March 7, 2008

Here are some more CG rendered Constitutions class shots spockboy.


and a good one from CBS

128. Garovorkin - March 7, 2008

I dont think these episodes would have looked good on high Def, even on standard televsion some of the short commings of the original are fairly obvious. Examples in The Balance of Terror, some of the scenes of the retreating Romulan Bird , you can see like a boxing effect of space around the ship. I suspect that that has something to do with the blue screen, I don’t know for sure on this one. Episode Gallileio, you you can see the same shrink box effect on the screen around the shuttle, Again Blue screen, I think, I don’t know. The Doomsday machine in dome of the sceens pre remastered you can see part of the star field bleeding through the Planet Killer. If these are a problem for regular tv you can well imagine how much worse these effects would look under the High Def. Believe me I am not knocking the old effects, They were the best that was available at that time for that money .

129. Rainbucket - March 7, 2008

I’m posting late for anyone to actually read this, but want to show some mad love for that new matte shot. It makes the TOS universe seem as huge as it should, like all these wonders are just off screen. And I really want to visit that planet.

Anyone who played Star Wars: Galaxies will recognize it’s obviously Talus. Rolling rocky grass with spiky red flora, perfectly still water, and Tralus filling a purple sky.

130. Joe Burns - March 7, 2008

Love this episode. Ten years ago I started playing games online, and I needed “another name”… and so I became RojaN.

I agree that M-31 is too close visually for the story. As to the lighting- hey, maybe it’s the auto-iris on the camera! ;-) Beautiful matte for the studio shot. I wish this had been done more frequently to the “planet hell” episodes, especially those that tell most of their story on the soundstage.

I look forward to seeing the series E take on the barrier. I always feel a moment of satisfaction when a shot of the pilot E comes out. It only really worked in the pilots themselves and “Mirror, Mirror”, otherwise they were clearly just recycling. This will be interesting: will they swap the model and re-render the WNMHGB shots, or give us new compositions? Looks to be one of their better efforts. Check the original preview at startrek.com it’s a gas.

Okay, geek-on: my favorite quote:
Spock and Rojan are playing chess…
Rojan: Ah, so she was alone, then.
Spock: No, she was with Captain Kirk.
Rojan: (scowls) I told her to stay away from him!
Spock: I appears that you have little control over her. (Rojan blanches) Or perhaps Captain Kirk… has more. (takes Queen) Your game is off.

That was cold, Spock. :-D

131. Odkin - March 7, 2008

LOVE IT! But why does every character cast a shadow in a completely different direction?

But I’ll take that ANY day over the bland washed out undramatic images they have been producing. This is definitely a huge step in the right direction.

132. Ryan - March 7, 2008

Funny how the Kelvan commited cold blooded murder and Kirk just forgets about it and helps them.

133. John R. - March 8, 2008

I think the work done on the landscape is truly brilliant. Any chance you guys and/or gals could remaster the remastered episodes to bring them up to this level of work?

134. Marvin the Martian - March 8, 2008

#123: Daren, I admire your work, especially what you’ve done on the ST:TMP director’s edition, but please keep in mind that just because you’re admired and respected for your talents, you don’t speak for all of us.

While the CBS efforts have been inconsistent at times, I still prefer the new remastered versions to the often clunky originals, much like I prefer the remastered ST:TMP for similar reasons. Is CBS’ work perfect? No. But it has renewed my interest in the original episodes, and increased my enjoyment of them. I know I’m not alone in this.

135. Windsor Bear - March 8, 2008

#123 – Daren, I agree. I will not buy any Blu-Ray set that has been “altered”. If they want my money, they will have to clean up and remaster the original episodes, with the ORIGINAL FX. I want HD TOS, not HD TOS-R. I know my opinion is in the minority here, but so be it.

136. Cervantes - March 8, 2008

#88 diabolik

Thanks for that neat link back there.
Scary how some of the ‘remastered’ shots don’t seem to be much different from that old animation…

137. Trekboi - March 8, 2008

as much as i love most of star trek remastered all the times they get it right it just makes the times they got it wrong just stand out even more- and makes it more painfull to watch- thats stupid but how it feels.
it baffels me that they would neglect shots like the battle damage starships getting hit up close in the ultimate computer- then do a mattshot where it wasnt even needed.
although i think most of the episodes where the crew beam down could use a digital matt shot to establish the planet.
forgetting all that- on its own it looks excellent.

138. Irish Terran - March 8, 2008

As you can probably guess “Mirror Mirror”!

Aside from that, this remastering is awsome!!!!!!!!!!

139. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#123—“I’m sure the Okudas wish that the originals were released in HD as well… but the studio just doesn’t wanna spend the money.”

A fair statement. If the originals were to be given “the HD treatment”, there would be no argument from me either. I probably still wouldn’t buy them all over again, but hey, to each his own.

Who knows, if the new film is as successful as Paramount hopes, maybe they WILL be willing to part with that kind of money down the line—if enough interest is regenerated. But right now, even a lot of diehard TOS fans like me aren’t going to spend hundreds more on repurchasing the same shows on dvd. I already did that, switching from VHS when TOS became available on DVD. As a business owner myself, I certainly can’t blame them for looking at time and cost versus potential profit!

As for my “wobbling” comment, I was not inferring that there were any “strings attached”. But at certain angles, when the Enterprise is moving, it does wobble. It always has. I noticed it as a kid, and I still notice it now. That motion HAS been cleaned up in the remastered eps. I think it’s pretty cool that they are doing anything with them at all. Like I said, I’ll watch them as they debut on Saturday nights, but I’m not going to buy them, nor would I buy the originals in HD (though I’ll never say never). I don’t blame them for not throwing too much money into it now.

Just for the record, the TMP scenes of the Enterprise still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

#126—But TOS Remastered isn’t a new show as TOS was, compared to Flash Gordon. They are simply adding to old f/x. That ability is obviously more limited than if they had reshot the whole series. Your analogy is fascile, Spockboy.

140. Stanky McFibberich - March 8, 2008

I do not have Star Trek on DVD (except for “The Cage”)
My collection consists of a mish-mash of VHS copies recorded from TV and purchased. I have been tempted to buy the DVDs at times, but then I think about it, and when it comes right down to it, I enjoy it just as much watching the VHS.
I enjoy watching the Remastered episodes to see what they have come up with in the way of new effects. Yeah, it’s hit-and-miss, but overall I think the good has outweighed the bad.
The main thing is that it is Star Trek with Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley, whether in High-Def, Low-Def, or Black and White. That’s what it’s all about.

141. Spocko - March 8, 2008

Why are they putting this kind of effort into it only when the remastered episodes are almost over with?

142. Sean4000 - March 8, 2008

140, Stanky do you really watch the episodes on an old black and white TV rigged up or is that a joke?

As far as the film scanning/ cleaning goes, direct hit! The mattes by Max Gabl, direct hit!

143. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

Considering the fact that the old episodes without remastering look dated. and will not hold up on high def Television let alone regular tv, any kind of enhancement is a big plus. Seeing the ship move the way it does, the phaser effects, background scene enhancements. Planets that actually look like planets and not bland colored balls that are meant to represent planets ect.
Many of you special effects experts seem to do nothing find fault nit and pick at what you see. Now granted some you have some pretty interesting ideas for remastering and i was wondering if any of you have tried communicating your ideas to the people doing the upgrades to the show instead of carping and complaining.

144. Closettrekker - March 8, 2008

#140—Star Trek on VHS. I bought every one of them individually! But when the last VCR went kaput, I already had gone DVD. I had to get TOS eventually, and I still watch my favorite 25 or so episodes with some regularity. Every now and then, I’ll even watch a stinker or two for variety! I can’t justify buying them all again though, remasted in HD or not. I like the DVD’s, especially with the text commentary and bonus features. I’ve gotten my money’s worth for sure.

145. Engon - March 8, 2008

This is pretty strange episode when you think about it. It starts off very seriously; a crewman is killed in cold blood; Scotty rigs the ship for self- destruct, but, by the end, it has become a comedy.

What exactly is it about, anyway? “If you’re a bizarre alien, you can’t assume human form without becoming subject to human weaknesses?” Good advice. “It’s better to be nice than evil?” Also good.

One interesting aspect of the episode is that the Kelvan pancake makeup seems to become less severe and more “human” as time goes on. I suspect this was deliberate, but it was fairly subtle and not completely consistent.

146. Garovorkin - March 8, 2008

#145 the thing it is that they asumed human form because there original form was not condusive to space travel and operating machinery, this opens up a few other interesting questions about the Kelvins. If their level of technology was as great as it was, then why couldn’t they build spaceships that could accommodate there natural body form. no specific reason was given in the episode and why would they present a a human form exactly like ours in look, they are from the Andromeda galaxy, its possible that human forms could evolve elsewhere but not forms that are exact duplicate to our down to the same emotional responses and weakness. The distance between Andromeda and our galaxy and the time involved in travel would make spying and reconasence impractical at best.

147. Iowagirl - March 8, 2008

The main thing is that it is Star Trek with Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley, whether in High-Def, Low-Def, or Black and White. That’s what it’s all about.


148. Redjac - March 8, 2008

Looks GREAT to these discriminating eyes…

Good job CBS-D. Are you guys trying to make me eat my accusations of laziness? ;-)

149. Stanky McFibberich - March 8, 2008

re: 142. Sean4000 – March 8, 2008
“140, Stanky do you really watch the episodes on an old black and white TV rigged up or is that a joke?”

No joke. I sometimes view them on the old Philco Predicta. Good times.

150. Thomas Jensen - March 8, 2008

Stanky, You are so right about Star Trek being about the characters and the actors who portrayed them. I am all about that. I was 10 1/2 when the show started. I loved it. I appreciate the new efforts, but sometimes I wish a thing would fit better.

I’m glad to see you love the show as well.

151. Thomas Jensen - March 8, 2008

…And Daren, You’re completely correct. The original episodes are due a release in high definition as originally conceived. I don’t actually know, but I’d guess that they will be released on dvd at some point. It would seem logical as the original episodes would be preserved after being digitized and cleaned up.

152. Engon - March 9, 2008

I never noticed this before (it must be a benefit of all the re-mastering) but Rojan’s toupee appears to come from the James T. Kirk ® line of fine hairpieces.

153. Andy Patterson - March 9, 2008

Watching it as we speak. Looks like they’ve enhanced the sparkly effects (the paralysis beam) on the bodies when they freeze them.

154. neo - March 9, 2008

“enhanced” is the last word i’d use. all their 3d effects look like a video game, and all their 2d effects look like they were done in photoshop. and they haven’t touched the sound. “of gods and men” had effects vastly superior, and it was a fanfilm. there’s no excuse.

155. Sean4000 - March 9, 2008

Neo, where the hell have you been? We haven’t spoken since Tholian web

156. buddha - March 9, 2008

you know, what makes that matte painting lookingso awesome is that it isn’t “digital” ;) it was made with “true love” at least i cant believe it is pure digital form! Because thats impossible to make that way. You clearly see a lovely artistic impression in it which is only possible by hand.

Also @ The Tholian Web: YES that arrow things digitally looked dead, un-charming and just like a cyber piece of a every 90’s sci-fi series.. no love, no design there is nothing. Also the same is for the “bird of prey” which is replaced by same style (no love there) and that extremly cool arrow looking full-chrome shiney spaceship thing. Which was replaced by also a modern un-lovely piece of digital crap. It looks like a capsule! The original looked like a cadillac of spaceship ! …These things make me sad and they need to re-do it. Otherwise i will gonna do it myself anyway, someday in my life!

157. Sean4000 - March 10, 2008

As much as I loved the Enterprise TOS episode, CBS-D didn’t have to take their Tholians. the classic look is legendary and was completely thrown away. Kilngons, kept the same. Romulans kept the same. Tholians, make it unrecognizable except for the threads. So, much for spirit of the show. Maybe some more artificial grain can make it look better.

158. neo - March 10, 2008

i actually liked the design they came up with for the tholian ships. but the quality of the animation was below shameful. and the backlash they got from one tiny improvement shows how little the “fans” actually enjoy the show.

as someone with no sense of nostalgia, i just want to watch the show and be able to forget when it was made.

159. Sean4000 - March 10, 2008

Okay, thinking back it was a nice Edenesque update but still you are so right when you said: “”””and the backlash they got from one tiny improvement shows how little the “fans” actually enjoy the show.””””

Spockboy said “this is a deformed hybrid” I couldn’t agree more.

CBS-D honored a show hindered with budget issues with another low-budget hindered attempt. Where does it end? From the way people talk about them and the “budget” you would think they can’t keep the lights on and the grape sodas cool. They simply hired a group of amateurs, gave them the keys to the TOS franchise and let them free. They’ve given us a mixed bag of work that we’re expected to be over grateful for it and shell out 179.99 a season. Sorry, not happening.

160. Sean4000 - March 10, 2008

And what the artificial grain is supposed to make us think that this was the job they would have done in the 60s?

I bet they never even showed Bob Justman In A Mirror Darkly, Part II when it first came out. Then we might have had one of the original members of the production on our side.

Say what you want about the looks of the new Trek movie. I could live without it fitting in perfectly for a few reasons. We have a good director. Scratch that a FANTASTIC director. Writers and producers that visit the site regularly and like us; Rob Orci etc. A cast that is worthy to succeed the legends. Bruce looks nothing remotely like Hunter while everyone looks at least a good bit like their counterparts but that’s minor. Very minor. And the biggest gem of all is that Paramount has so much faith in the film that they drowned the movie in budget, gave it a fantastic release data and viral campaign. ILM is doing the FX work for God’s sake! The best FX house in the world has Trek XI! Hell yes! On the flip side TOS-R got progressively smaller in budget, less impressive and more whiney about what could have been. I saw the DVD commentaries and had to mute it because all I heard was bitching and moaning. SEND THIS PROJECT STRAIGHT TO HELL.

EdenFX got screwed.

161. Sean4000 - March 10, 2008

But reality is a sandwich I didn’t order. We’ll have to live with this version for the next 40 years.

162. Cervantes - March 11, 2008

#161 Sean4000

And life’s too short to see if any future ‘extra’ remastering with perhaps another low-budget and excessive timescale will do any better…

So I look forward to having certain folks take all the eventual ‘cleaned-up’ footage and ‘fan edit’ it to a better all-round effort.

163. Sean4000 - March 11, 2008

I am trying to spearhead a fan edit myself. I’m just to unorganized that it ia hard to make it materialize.

I have the hardware though.

164. neo - March 15, 2008

i’ve been talking to some people on youtube who’ve done fan-made effects, asking them for permission to use their videos and try to put updated sounds to them to show cbs what they should be doing.

here’s a rather crude sound demo i did:


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