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Review – Of Gods and Men Act 2 March 13, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Of Gods and Men,Review , trackback

Act 2 of the Trek-celebrity-filled independent fan film Of Gods and Men (available this weekend) delivers a dark, yet fun midpoint for this long-awaited production. This second outing is stronger than the first first both technically and dramatically. Now in the heart of the story we get to see the actors (which is OGaM’s strong point) really push the edges on this different sort of Star Trek story. 

The second act takes place entirely in the OGAaM alternate universe created by the actions of a vitriolic Charlie Evans (William Wellman, Jr.). The story begins with the destruction of Vulcan by a weapon of seriously mass destruction used by the evil Galactic Order. Fleeing the planet are many ships, and G.O. Captain John Harriman (Alan Ruck) brings aboard the alternate versions of Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Tuvok. A desperate escape plan by Ketrick (Walter Koenig) and Ragnar (Gary Graham) is the main narrative of this chapter, as the characters begin to realize that their feelings of déjà vu might be real.

The use of professional genre actors really helps keep you engaged in Of Gods and Men and Koenig and Nichols are certainly the highlights for Act 2. Nichols shows a sense of seriousness when required (such as in a pivotal mind-meld scene) and yet still has the compassion and ease of Uhura. Koenig is able to give his tortured alternate Chekov (also named Ketrick) sympathy and believability in a role that could easily have become cartoonish. And the scenes between Koenig and Nichols evoked past moments between the two in "The Trouble with Tribbles" and Star Trek IV, although in OGaM they were playing it for dramatic instead of comedic effect. Other guest stars also stand out. Ruck’s version of Harriman is angry and smart (clearly trying to make up for the inept Harriman of Generations). And JG Hertzler’s erratic yet imposing Koval truly feels like a different character than his more familiar Martok.

Nichols and Koenig…together again

It is probably best that Act 2 doesn’t have a lot of special effects as this allows the actors and the drama to tell the story. Although adequate (and better than typical fan films), most effects shots are still not at the level of the latest from Star Trek New Voyages (now Phase II) or your average Sci Fi Channel movie. The escape from Vulcan scenes were especially troublesome as some ships seemed as if they were made of paper, impairing the emotion of the sequence. Even when the effects are better, such as an interesting shot for the Enterprise going to warp or a nice shot of a Vulcan shuttle, the camera movements are so dramatic that they tend to bring more attention to the effects than necessary. While director Tim Russ should be complimented for making the alternative universe look and feel different, the effects need to express his ideas better.

Vulcan shuttle (from TMP) makes an appearance in one of the better fx shots

While Star Trek of Gods and Men is playing in the Star Trek mythos, it also dares to be different.Unique camera angles and the framing of actor’s faces, along with editing in an almost documentary style, provide a fresh look to the Star Trek formula, continuing the distinction of the regular and alternate universes. Again, Russ and his camera team deserve credit here. However, the New Voyages TOS sets being used by OGaM were not made for some of these modern camera techniques, resulting in the tops of sets being periodically exposed…something that can take you out of the moment pretty quickly. There are also some other technical issues with the production such as uneven sound levels, which are generally forgivable in a fan film, but would not pass for a true professional production. But for the most part the production design, costumes, make-up and hair are quite good and often rival the original television shows.

Russ likes close-ups

However, Shakespeare tells us, the play’s the thing. How is the narrative of OGaM?

Written by Ethan H, Calk, Jack Trevino, and Sky Conway from a story by all three along with Russ, the second chapter continues OGAM’s willingness to be creative within the confines of the Star Trek format. The narrative is compelling, mostly because it is willing to surprise. Act 2 really focuses on the story and tones down avalanche of continuity nuggets that at times proved more of a distraction in Act 1. The story in OGAM Act 2 also flows more naturally and makes more sense, where in the first act there were some moments of confusion that could have used some additional exposition. In fact it is recommended to re-watch the first part before Act 2 as it all fits together much better now. It appears that the OGAM team’s usage of ‘act’ is apt for each of their releases. Although both Acts 1 and 2 have definitive end points, it appears that the three parts for Of Gods and Men are really not stand-alone episodes of a mini-series but more the three acts of a single

As with the first episode, OGAM is timely, and it cannot be said that this film is afraid of providing commentary on today’s political and social concerns. The story is really asking questions about freedom and how best to maintain freedom under a tyrannical government or against an implacable foe. Dialog such as Koval’s "You must dominate, or be dominated" or Ragnar’s "It’s always the same, we fight for them and they condemn us" provide much to consider. The best moment is an argument between Uhura and Ketrick where she argues that she and Tuvok do not deserve to die, but Ketrick counters with "What have you done to deserve life!? You hide behind your righteous pacifism while others die fighting for their freedom!" The script asks tough questions about what those who complain about social ills are willing to do in a way that is reminiscent of the "Civil
Disobedience" speech of Henry David Thoreau. When talking about those who complain about social concerns, Thoreau said, "They hesitate, and they regret, and sometimes they petition; but they do nothing in earnest and with effect. They will wait, well disposed, for others to remedy the evil, that they may no longer have it to regret." Ketrick intones the same to Uhura. It is this kind of social commentary that provides OGAM its unique status among fan films.

The stars of "Of Gods and Men" take a moment

The second act of the fan independent film "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" will be available on March 15 at 1701 hours (5:01 EST). With the new streaming from Dragonfly, the technological problems of the first chapter seem to be solved (although the true test will be on Saturday)

For more, visit, which includes behind the scenes information and interviews.


Thanks to my wife and fellow sociologist, Mary Jo Tenuto, who contributed to this review


[EDITOR’S NOTE: I am still reviewing applications for the position of ‘FanMade’ columnist to handle future fan film news, previews, reviews. John stepped in to get this review out on time, but as soon as a new columnist is on board he can go back to playing with his toys.]



1. Darryl - March 13, 2008

I really hate having dial-up right about now.

2. Prologic9 - March 13, 2008

Do all these fan productions from an alternate mirror universe where Bit Torrent doesn’t exist?

3. focuspuller - March 13, 2008

I don’t even have dial-up. My rotary phone doesn’t work with it.

4. noirgwio - March 13, 2008

Yea, one day I’ll hopefully get to see this… Sounds killer!

5. Captain Robert April - March 13, 2008


6. Trekkiefan - March 13, 2008

They released the film early to those that watched Act 1. I was quite pleased to receive an email today with a link to Act 2. I agree that Act 1 makes more sense now that I have seen Act 2. I think once Act 3 is released and the entire story is laid out, it will all come together. I loved this second installment and by the end, I wanted more. I thought the acting was good and I liked the story. It was great to see Nichelle and Walter again reprising their respective ST characters. For those that have dial up, imaybe you can go to your local library to watch. It is a free viewing and I really enjoyed watching this.

7. Gary Seven - March 13, 2008

I don’t even have a rotary phone. My telegraph machine doesn’t work with it.

8. Ruk - March 13, 2008

Oh please give me a break already!

9. oztrek - March 13, 2008

This review is spot on. Still not professional in some areas but It was a step up from from act one. The audio is distractingly dull… not crisp enough… the actors sound too far from the microphone for mine.

However the plot and acting more than make up for these niggles.

It won’t be everybody’s cup of raktajino but I enjoyed it. The ending was cool.. straight from “End of Both Worlds” part I. Good job everyone.

10. Cranston - March 13, 2008

7 – My telegraph works fine with it, but it takes forever to write down all those ones and zeroes.

I’m looking forward to seeing this. While I really admire New Voyages, the acting just takes me out of it completely. It’s just impossible for me to get into the story. I don’t particularly care how the effects look. If the acting is good — even just competent by regular TV / movie standards — I can forgive just about everything else.

11. Lendorien - March 14, 2008

Sheesh. You guys have telegraphs? You have no idea how hard it is with the smoke signals I’m stuck using.

Just finished watching part 2. I have to agree with the review. Part 2 definitely is stronger than part 1 was and the edgier tone than what Star Trek usually carries was interesting to watch. As usual Koenig shows that he can act and do a heck of a lot more than be comic relief.

12. Kirk's Toupee - March 14, 2008

You think you guys have got it bad with Telegraph?

I’ve telex at home……….sheeesh…….

13. Enc - March 14, 2008

yeah but smoke signals and drums are all affected by the weather.
i ended up switching to flags.

14. Lancelot Narayan - March 14, 2008

I have to put up with sign language.

15. Reliant - March 14, 2008

Are you kidding? I have something better than telegraph, I still have to ask the Mayberry operator ‘Sarah’ to clear the line to get the download. (Reference is to old TV Andy Griffith show, when they picked up the telephone and had to ask Sarah to connect them to their party.) :-)

16. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 14, 2008

Just put it out on dvd, fer cryin’ out loud..

17. Garovorkin - March 14, 2008

I am curious I know Robert Walker Jr originally played Charlie X, Whatever Happened to Him he just seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, is still acting all, is he even still alive? William Wellmen Jr any relation to the director by that name?

18. Stanky McFibberich - March 14, 2008

I saw the first part. Did not like the style or anything about it, so will not be watching the remainder. If this is, as mentioned above, “Documentary style,” it should be left to documentaries.

19. A Familiar Voice - March 14, 2008

I welcome fan efforts of this caliber. The only concern I have is of the Federation data clerk and how he is portrayed as a slovenly and resentful employee. I can only hope that this kind of officer is rarer than hen’s teeth in the Federation of the proper timeline.

20. Jay - "The Real Jim Kirk" - March 14, 2008

good old pen and paper here lads :(

21. Kosher Coder - March 14, 2008

I’ll wait for the 3rd and final act, then watch the whole thing. I don’t do multi-parters.

22. doubleofive - March 14, 2008

I thought it was alright. I agree that maybe the old style “Phase II” sets aren’t made for the dramatic lighting and angles Tim Russ was going for. The Enterprise doing a flip to go to warp was both logical (there is no “up” in space) but silly-looking compared to the “logic” established in other Treks.

I’ll have to wait for part 3 to make a complete judgment, but so far, its going in a bold new direction, but I’m not sure I like it.

23. Lex - March 14, 2008

My carrier pigeon doesn’t support video streaming :(

24. tadayou - March 14, 2008

I really didn’t enjoy Act I for many reasons. Mostly because it simply didn’t live up to my expectations. Act II however easily caught me off-guard. The performances of Nichols and Koenig are stellar and very believable. It was a good decision to focus on their characters in this second part of the trilogy. I also enjoyed the acting of Tim Russ and Gary Graham. Alan Ruck’s performance wasn’t bad but I don’t exactly buy his bad alternate universe version of Harriman, either.
The dialogs, especially between Uhura and Chakov, were quite believable and surprisingly deep. I also liked the cliffhanger at the end that really keeps you wondering how they’ll get out of that situation.

The one stylistic choice I didn’t really like were the galacticaesque camera shots. It is a wonderful style when combined with sets and lightening that are made for it. Yet, as the review above already pointed out, it doesn’t really work with the TOS sets.
The special effects are still a bit too cartoonish but there wasn’t much of that going on anyway, so it wasn’t as bad as in part I.
The score, however, was amazing.. Again it seemed to be influenced by Bear McCreary’s music for Battlestar Galactica, but it really worked and nicely carried the emotional weight of the actor’s performances. Also loved the little Star Trek fanfare at the end of the credits.

So all in all I REALLY enjoyed Act II. While I wasn’t particularly interested in watching the conclusion after I’ve seen the first part, I can’t wait to see how it all works out in the final installment of the trilogy.

25. RTC - March 14, 2008

Heck, we only have rocks to bang together! No wait, we don’t even have that, the volcanos are still spewing lava, have to wait for it to cool so we can have rocks….

26. Trekkiefan - March 14, 2008

#17 Yes he is the son of that famous Director.

27. Red Shirt - March 14, 2008

You think you guys got it bad, I’m watching this frame by frame on View Master!

28. Crewman Darnell - March 14, 2008

Stone knives & bear skins is worse than dial-up…

29. Garovorkin - March 14, 2008

#26 thanks when I saw that Wellman I did wonder if they were related. Robert Walker Jr no one I talk to seems to know the answer to that one, I figured since this film had so many former trek Alumni in it that he would be back to Play Charlie X, that would have been cool.

I must say Chekov kinda reminded me of Khan the way he was playing this version of his signature Koenig is such a terrific , not only in the role of Chekov but as the Heroic Vilian Psycop Alfred Bester in Babylon 5. He was alos good in the sadly underrated and under appreciated scif movie Moontrap which I reccommend very highly.

30. Viking - March 14, 2008

I watched Part II last night. My only beef is with the off-sceen audio in scenes – it’s as though they wouldn’t pony up for more than one boom mic. Otherwise, I didn’t even notice the other production flaws being pointed out – it almost as though, the deeper they got into shooting, the more comfortable they got with the script and their characters. It’s actually starting to get good, and I want to see the last act ASAP. :-)

31. Andy Patterson - March 14, 2008

Looking forward to this installment. I really enjoyed the first one.

32. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

apparently Robert Walker Jr. did NOT fall off the face of the Earth, just onto it. Anthony says he busted a leg and couldn’t be in this production.

I’d love to watch pt. II. I wish my monks would illuminate the manuscripts a little faster….

33. Ali - March 14, 2008

Walter looks ridiculous in that wig

34. SPB - March 14, 2008


…I realize it’s a fan production and all, but couldn’t they have found a better wig/toupee for Walter Koenig for this film??? After seeing those stills, I don’t EVER want to hear people criticizing Shatner’s hair again!

35. Double Whammy - March 14, 2008

I have it worse then all of you – communication wise.
I have to depend on ill mannered and laughing red headed
woodpeckers to send me the episode via morse code out
on my deck. So…not only are they out there giggling like fools
looking for handouts but now I reconstruct a entire deck.
I tried making use of a hoot-owl but all he could say was Who?

36. hitch1969© - March 14, 2008


Look at those big letters all by themselves. Large, and in charge. Made with the JC™ stamp of approval, OF GODS AND MEN. Part one was as fun as SKP®. Plug that one into the way back machine, all the way back to high school. If you were there, then you know. If you weren’t…. you missed out.

FanMade In America. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’ve been listening to old h69 and you’ve paid attention. Me be talkin bout JC™, Tuvok, Nick C is for Cookie, and DRuss b-Flav. Also them Pennsylvania Dutch.



37. Garovorkin - March 14, 2008

I do hope that when it finally concludes that Russ and company will lay the ground work for another Trek project.

38. Scott Xavier - March 14, 2008


How do they entice these once great actors to such a second rate production?

39. Kobayashi Maru - March 14, 2008

I can’t wait for this. The First act really got me back into the Star Trek Universe after a few years away. Seeing theses actors back in their same roles and blending right in with cannon really got me excited.

I have posted on the STOGAM message boards and apparently the effects shots look bad because of streaming. The Hi Res version of this will apparently look fantastic and be available after the released of all three parts. (Just FYI)

I’m excited about seeing the Enterprise -B again, here’s hoping they show it in the third part, like they did the first….

40. Garovorkin - March 14, 2008

#37 Scott consider the fact that they dot them to do it the first time, Yeah it had some rough patches and stretch of dumb dialog and acting but over all for a fan produced project it wasn’t bad. Some of the effects, the ships in particular .Iam no expert, but it seemed to me that not all of the ships exteriors were CGI, some of the ships looked crude models at times. I could be wrong here.

41. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

Double Whammy — maybe your owl is a David Tennant fan instead.

42. Father Rob - March 14, 2008

Sadly, when I tried to use my “sneek peek” e-mail, it refused to load. I can watch part 1 as much as I want, but part 2 kept downloading Adobe Flash 9 over and over again. WHen I finally rebooted the computer with evil Windows Vista, and went to the site, all I get in the Dragonfly screen is hours of “Searching for Optimal Data Feed” or some such nonsense.



43. Horatio - March 14, 2008

Is it me or is Walter Koenig starting to look more and more like Ricardo Montalban?

44. THX-1138 - March 14, 2008

Perhaps if you were to examine the use of your phrase “once great” you may find your answer. But here is a short list of possibilities:

They like to act.
They have a higher opinion of the production than you.
They enjoy working with each other.

I like to watch Star Trek. I am of the opinion that more is better. If you don’t like these productions, don’t watch them. But to torture yourself is just a form of martyrdom.

45. RJO - March 14, 2008


46. trekkiefan - March 14, 2008

#29 – According to the STOGAM forum: Robert Walker was having surgery during the time they were filming so they brought in William Wellman.

47. Izbot - March 14, 2008

17. Robert Walker Jr hasn’t done any film work since 1991.

48. The Vulcanista - March 14, 2008

“Say-rah, git me Mount Pilot, please.”

OGAM is best viewed in glorious, full-color Telepathy (mind-meld included for an optional, extra charge).

Seriously, I know I’ve got a long wait, but I want to wait until all three are out before seeing them.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

49. Izbot - March 14, 2008

43. With that awful wig he sure is!

50. trekkiefan - March 14, 2008

#42 I had the same problem; you need to update your adobe flash and it should work fine.

51. S. John Ross - March 14, 2008

I enjoyed the 2nd Act quite a bit … Yeah, there are definitely plenty of amateur edges, but I admit to finding those things entirely charming rather than distracting, at least in this context. As someone who doesn’t care a flip about FX the things that came close to distracting me were really directorial issues (ex: Pavel insisting that Tuvok calm Uhura down when, really, she’s sitting there quite calmly and has been for a little while now), but they were momentary flickers in my mind when watching the snow, and didn’t grow into nits until well after the fact.

The scenes between Nichols and Koenig were really a joy, a genuine treat, and as someone who can’t bear Voyager I’m very glad to have an opportunity to enjoy Tim Russ’ awesome Vulcan voice without living in terror that Chakotay might heave into view. And while I don’t feel any personal need to make Harriman more respectable, I do enjoy seeing it happen anyway. Lots of little pleasures sprinkled throughout this installment, and a couple of very signifigant ones as well.

52. Double Whammy - March 14, 2008

41: I said that to Mr. Owl as he’s suppose to be very wise.
He just looked and me and said Who?
Sad to say but he’s one dim witted Owl but then again
he does cock his head and say…Ooh Yeah Baby…..
whenever he sees a Star Trek babe with a short skirt.
What should I ever do with him? He’s one naughty boy!

53. Holger - March 14, 2008

I think this parallel universe/alternate reality theme is worn out.

54. Father Rob - March 14, 2008

Well, I went and tried it on a different computer, and it worked fine. I can only assume that PureEvil (TM) (currently marketed under the trade name of Windows Vista) is to blame. Even if it isn’t, it makes me feel good to blame it.


A definate improvement over part 1… the storyline finally comes together… and there are interesting elements, but on the whole, it’s still fairly meh. On the other hand, it is new Star Trek, so like a crack-addict, I’ll be back for Part III – even if it isn’t exactly the best stuff on the block. At least it’s NEW!


55. USS Endeavour - March 14, 2008

While I enjoyed Pt 2, I do think it could have stood a bit more editing. Some scenes dragged on longer than needed. I’m thinking especially of some of the scenes between Nichols and Koenig; I got the feeling they were lengthened just to give them more screen time.

I especially enjoyed the secondary characters in this installment. Garret Wang is great as a villain, and I agree with all the others that have praised Allen Ruck’s performance as Harriman.

Looking forward to Pt. 3

56. Universal Translator - March 14, 2008

Greetings to all,

I was curious as to why I can never seem to correctly place “v” sounds where “w” sounds wrongly spring forth.

Perhaps the solution is to eliminate the source.

Otherwise, independant films allow more Trek to appease the diverse array of fans. And these films are quite enjoyable as such. Whilst taken in the context of their production- much like how any given Hilton is not the Waldorff Astoria, but both can grant a good night’s sleep.

Now, come here Koenig and take your medicine….

Universal Murde… errr …pardon me, of course I mean:
Universal Translator

57. AJ - March 14, 2008

OGAM2 is streaming poorly for me. I get 20 second bits separated by 45 second freezes. Part 1 was better, but not by much. It’d be nice if these guys actually fixed this.

58. Pete - March 14, 2008

There are multiple streaming sizes you can choose from. You probably just chose a size your connection can’t handle.


59. girl6 - March 14, 2008

…now, if Mongo could finish carving it out on a rock…

60. Michael Foote - March 14, 2008

Watched it last night. The close ups of the transporter controls were disappointing. However, the device that allows the character to cloak himself into another of the characters is pretty cool. Overall a superior outing for a fan based production.

61. Mongo - March 14, 2008

Funny should mention. Mongo have high speed cable modem. OGAM play like TV show. Also Mongo link computer to big screen so HD trailers look like theater. Mongo have Vista and all new peripherals so Vista run good. Mongo never have problem.

Mongo like being up to speed with technology. Wish I didn’t drool on keyboard so much.

62. thebiggfrogg - March 14, 2008

I watched Part Two before Part One and I have to say I liked Part One better. I don’t buy Ruck though, seems like Garret Wang could knock him down with a pinky. He was much more believable as the non-Mirror Harriman. I liked how Part One snuck in some commentary on our times (nice homage to the Trek of old, not just blowing things up and bringing fanboy wetdreams to fruition). Granted my connection wasn’t the best, but I didn’t think the effects were too distracting (granted I came to CGI with Babylon 5, which is primitive by today’s standards too). Costumes a bit dodgy, but all in all not bad work.

63. Irish Terran - March 14, 2008

Wrong alternate universe for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

64. Andrew - March 14, 2008

All I have to say is this is superb. Phase II and OGaM really do keep my withdrawal symptoms of Trek at ease! I’m hoping for all three parts of OGaM to be released on Blu-Ray disc :-)

Well done to all involved, and THANKYOU!

65. Green-Blooded-Bastard - March 14, 2008

You think you guys got it bad? I have to stand on a rock and have it acted out by others on other rocks. That is, since they lost the crayon they were using for the cave paintings.

66. Denise de Arman - March 14, 2008

Two paper cups with a string to attach them can always be used in a pinch.

Mongo, watch your fur – it’s falling all over your keyboard. We need to give you a good brushing… yes, you’re a good boy… no, don’t lick my face…

67. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

While you’re at it, ask Mr. Owl how many licks it takes…

68. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

wait for it…

69. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The world has been waiting since I was a kid.

70. drlondon - March 14, 2008

Telegraph! Sheesh!

Would I be able to get these on wax cylinders?

71. Cranston - March 14, 2008

#70, I agree – I’d like to see OGAM on wax cylinders too, but I’m waiting for the end of the god-awful format war.

72. Ryan T. Riddle - March 14, 2008

Just finished watching OGaM: Act II. It was a real treat to see Nichols and Koenig get a bit of teeth into their characters. With Chekov, I was reminded of Koenig’s performance on Babylon 5 as Bester. While I am not a big fan of the “altered” universe storyline, since it’s been played out on Trek for sometime, I really dug what was going on character-wise in this other reality. I also liked that Russ did things visually that was vastly different than the stately manner in which Trek, at least ModTrek, is usually shot.

Great job over all.

73. Andy Patterson - March 14, 2008

Harry Ballz used to be my favorite humorist on here, and I still love Harry, but Mongo now has that title. Possibly the funniest person on here.

74. THX-1138 - March 14, 2008


Three. It takes three. I mean, One, Two, Three, crunch!! Three.

75. Andy Patterson - March 14, 2008

Mongo now has the Shecky Green, or Red Buttons chair on the dais of the next Dean Martin Celebrity roast. “Never got a dinner”

76. Thomas - March 14, 2008

48. Shall we assume that was Gomer Pyle asking “Say-rah” for Mount Pilot? He’s just about the only one who pronounced her name that way.

77. Wan Hang Lou - March 14, 2008

I just watched it – it sucked!!! That thing was one big pile of steaming mongo!!! Do not waste bandwith downloading this turkey! I still feel sick from the experience of watching some very good actors wasting their time in this awful production!!!

78. Jeff Bond - March 14, 2008

I wonder if any attempt was made to track down Robert Walker, Jr. to reprise Charlie. His last credits are in the early 90s but he’d only be in his mix Sixties. He’s really disappeared.

79. Captain Slow - March 14, 2008

17 –

he’s still alive so it seems, scary to see his picture though, looks like he has had one of those Star Trek style old age makovers….

80. CmdrR - March 14, 2008

At least he looks like Charlie X +40 years in that photo. Sorry, but Wellman just does not. And we were all wondering why we couldn’t place the voice in the teaser. Duh.

81. Jorg Sacul - March 14, 2008

wow. Walker looks like the Metalunan child of Huey Lewis. No offense intended, I’m just saying…

Speaking of slow internet connections– I have to watch this played out on the ever-changing constellations in the night sky. By the time Vega is again the North Star, I’ll be up to the second frame of video. Yeah…that’s slow.

j/k… I’m watching it on the T1 line at work. :-)

82. Denise de Arman - March 14, 2008

Jorg#81- Sounds tedious. Perhaps we should get you a telescope.

83. Enc - March 14, 2008

Of Gods and Format Wars ???

84. Danpaine - March 14, 2008

Nice find, Capt. Slow. That’s a pretty creepy website for a reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

85. Andy Patterson - March 14, 2008

78 I wonder if any attempt was made to track down Robert Walker, Jr.

I wondered that too. I always thought he was fantastic in that role. I mean really terrific. Can you think of a better example of teen angst portrayed on the big or small screen? Charlie X used to just creep me out but man,…I really appreciate it on many levels these days.

You want to see something really spooky…check out his uncanny likeness to his dad Robert Walker Sr. Sad..I heard he basically drank himself to death.

86. The Vulcanista - March 14, 2008


Nope, that was Andy down at the Sheriff’s office. He says “Say-rah” on occasion too, just not as pronounced as ol’ Gomer. So does Barney occasionally when he’s ringin’ up Juanita at The Diner.

I love that show.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

87. Ian B - March 14, 2008

I got the “sneak preview” email too. I tried watching it today, and a little before halfway through the video just stopped. It was still streaming (my little router lights flashing away) but wouldn’t play any further.

Frankly, I dislike streaming video immensely. It’s unreliable, it reduces my options, I have to watch the film in a browser, which just isn’t the right software to do that- that’s why player software exists. The picture quality is inferior and I can’t adjust the thing. It’s just not good for the consumer.

Anyway, what I saw seemed okay but I didn’t get why Uhura suddenly realised she had two sets of memories or whatever, and I couldn’t watch more than half, so a bit crap really for me.

88. THX-1138 - March 14, 2008

OK, I just got home from work and have now seen the second part for myself.

I thought it was good. I thought that it was a bit easy for Uhura to suddenly remember that the time line was screwy, but I could overlook it. I didn’t feel that I was taken out of the story, the FX were decent enough, and the acting was pretty good. I like it better than the first part and am looking forward to the third part.

For all the people who thought that this was the worst thing they have ever witnessed, I would have to say lighten up. This is a diversion. A bit of a fun revisiting in the Star Trek vein. Star Trek isn’t Citizen Kane, but then not much is. I hope that those involved had fun doing it. Thanks for working so hard on a project that you were all passionate about. And thanks for sharing.

89. THX-1138 - March 14, 2008

Oh, and I have the cable connection just like Mongo and “click”, I was watching it glitch-free in seconds. Great picture quality, too. Although, if I did have a nit to pick, it would be with the music. It was a bit uninspired. But not a deal breaker.

90. Blowback - March 14, 2008

I also received the “sneak peek” email and this is by far the best fan film to date. Yes there are minor issues with the story and the sound but having actors with professional experience makes a world of difference.

No disrespect to all the other fan efforts but this cast smooths out a rough edge that all fan films have to one degree or another…

Also, I love how they have “upgraded” the technology of TOS. It still has the TOS look and feel but little details have been added. Almost like they have made additions that you would not have noticed on television but show up in this “higher resolution” format.


91. trekkiefan - March 14, 2008

#88 – I agree. People need to lighten up. This was FREE and several individuals gave their time to this project. I commend all those that worked many endless hours on a volunteer basis to give the fans a fun little Star Trek project. I enjoyed it and I thought it was great fun. I liked that Garrett played a role opposite his Harry Kim character and I liked seeing Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig get a juicy storyline. I am looking forward to the final installment.

92. multitrek - March 14, 2008

Airing web content that is compatible with only the latest version of Flash is really not cool towards Linux users who always get the latest version of Flash much later. Content should be backward compatible with at least the previous Flash version. Especially since part 1 was compatible with it. It’s a big let down.

So I can’t comment on part 2 because, well, I can’t watch it…

93. Multitrek - March 14, 2008

Sorry people, I complained too fast… There is an available Flash version for Linux that is compatible with act 2.

I am going to watch it now!

94. capt mike - March 14, 2008

well i seen part 2 and it’s a great work of star trek. i think gene roddenberry would be very proud of this film. i for one can’t wait till part 3 comes out and it looks to be great. a big thank you for all the actors and all the crew of star trek of gods and men. thank you for keeping star trek alive and giving us one more trek till the new movie comes out next next year only seems like 99 light years away. better then the 100 it was.geat movie so far.

95. capt mike - March 14, 2008

well next up will be star trek new voyages. oh. phase 2. come on james. make it a good one.we love what youre doing as well. keep up the good work. oh and nice acting in gods and men as well.

96. drlondon - March 14, 2008

#71- I know what you mean. If the wax cylider technology loses out, I’m gonna have to switch everything over to ViewMaster. That could get pricey.

97. Katie G. - March 14, 2008

Re: #61. Mongo

Mongo!! You’re back!!


98. Mr. Atos - March 15, 2008

Thumbs up for the effort on this!!!
Thumbs down for milking the brig scene!!!!!
As far as the streaming-I didn’t have time to watch the slide show streaming version(more like oil paintings by the speed of it). For mac users-download the thing :
then watch it with VLC.

I’m not going to loose sleep waiting for part 3 to come out.
But at least it’s eons better than Hidden Frontier.

99. ninjew - March 15, 2008

They seem to have completely thrown out continuity with this story. Harriman, Uhura and Chekov should have been there by the Guardian after Charlie X jumped through. THEY should have been exempt from the changes (as was established in both the Original and Animated series).

I’m having a hard time buying into this at ALL because canon is being tossed to the wind.

Y’canna’ change the laws of Trek physics!

100. Tallguy - March 15, 2008

99 – Charlie can change the laws of Trek physics. That’s what happened. That’s why it’s different. Charlie was “running” the Guardian with his abilities.

Now that you mention Yesteryear (TAS) – it was the people standing next to the Guardian who changed (the science team) while Spock and Kirk who where someplace/sometime else did NOT change. Ha! So THAT was different too!

Glad people are digging act 2.

101. Magic_Al - March 15, 2008

^99, A difference between this use of the Guardian and that in “TCOTEOF” is that much more recent history is being changed. McCoy saving Edith Keeler in the 1930s probably means there are no alternate versions of the Enterprise crew and so the people around the Guardian stay there as they literally have no where to go. They were never born and maybe their parents and grandparents never were either.

Charlie preventing Kirk from being born would not have changed the early lives of Kirk’s contemporaries. History would not change significantly until the adult Kirk’s absence became relevant. In this case, if the people near the Guardian stayed there, their alternate counterparts would exist simultaneously elsewhere. Nothing in “TCOTEOF” contradicts the idea that the Guardian doesn’t allow that and instead integrates the memories of version A of a person with version B.

102. Irish Trekki - March 15, 2008

never seen a fan film before, they good?

103. Tallguy - March 15, 2008

101 – Magic_Al, I’m passing that on to our writers.

102 – I would highly recommend Exeter, New Voyages, and this OGAM thing ain’t bad. And they’re all free!

104. Garovorkin - March 15, 2008

# 99 your right that is a violation of continuity, and if you think about it, it undermines the premise of the whole film.

105. Irish Trekki - March 15, 2008

I kinda agree with ninjew, they should have been aware of the differences! That said I think it makes for a more entertaining story! Is that the original Enterprise set or a recreation?

106. Commodore Lurker - March 15, 2008

Decloaking . . .

What am I the only one who can’t get OGAM Pt. 2 to load????

I’ve watched Pt. ! 37 times, what is the freakin’ trick?????????

Help fellow Trekkerinskies !!!!!!!!!


107. eagle219406 - March 15, 2008

I really liked it. The only problem I had was When I tried to watch it in full screen, the picture froze. Any body else have that problem?

108. DEMODE - March 15, 2008

I am very curious if Robert Walker, Jr was asked if he wanted to play the role. By the looks of it, he has been retired for a while.

109. Irish Trekki - March 16, 2008


110. eagle219406 - March 16, 2008

#109: Good, I’m not alone. Know of any way to fix it? And for the record, they were aware of the changes, subconsciously. At least Uhura was.

111. Commodore Lurker - March 16, 2008

Decloaking . . .

Pt. 1 freezes up on full screen.

Pt. 2 still will not start for me. I feel ostracized.


112. Irish Trekki - March 16, 2008

I tried several times but nothing seemed to work! Could be worse, could be Commodore Lurker! Might be something to do with the Media player but I don’t claim to be technically minded!
And yes, know what you mean bout Harriman and Uhura.

113. Jorg Sacul - March 16, 2008

To the folks venomously trashing this production: A, How many Star Trek episodes have you made, oh yeah, NONE, and B., Why are you even trolling on this forum? You are wasting our bandwidth with your pointless and useless comments.

I found it to be highly enjoyable, and definitely a theatrical-release quality story treatment. One sfx shot stood out in my mind as brilliant in realization, that was the Enterprise changing course in three dimensions. Loved it.

114. Irish Trekki - March 16, 2008

Hey man people are entitled to their opinion! You don’t have to have made an episode to judge it! We all knew the first two seasons of Enterprise were pretty rank
How are they trolling?

115. Garovorkin - March 16, 2008

# 113 Yes Jorge I have few Issues with the story and production, but overall I would give it a B+ on that score and for a fan based production A – for the effort. Its not not perfect but it does entertain and I would like to see more of these fan productions get done and do well. Your right a lot us wish would we could do something like this.

116. CanuckLou - March 16, 2008

I quite enjoyed this installment compared to the first one.

Nicholls and Koenig did great work.

The adventure continues…

117. Dennis Bailey - March 16, 2008

#144: “We all knew the first two seasons of Enterprise were pretty rank”

No, you had the *opinion* that they were “rank” – that’s all anyone has to offer where popular entertainment is concerned: opinion.

118. Irish Trekki - March 16, 2008

Kinda the point I was Making

119. Jorg Sacul - March 16, 2008

I’m sorry, I should have clarified with an example:

>> 77. Wan Hang Lou – March 14, 2008

I just watched it – it sucked!!! That thing was one big pile of steaming mongo!!! Do not waste bandwith downloading this turkey! I still feel sick from the experience of watching some very good actors wasting their time in this awful production!!!

*This* is the kind of spiel I was referring to, not thought out disagreements or dislikes with the show. I don’t mind someone saying they didn’t like something and then offering supporting evidence. That is the sign of an intelligent mind at work and offering something of value to our discussion.

When I asked how many episodes someone has produced, I ask it from the standpoint of “Well? Where is your better product? What experience do you have in making fan-based and funded films? How many original Star Trek actors have you directed? Ok, so this wasn’t budgeted with the million bucks per episode production values. Some of the audio work was a little rough in a couple spots. You know what? I didn’t pay a penny to see this film. I’m not going to niggle them for it not being perfect as Robert Wise would have made it (and his Trek film had matte lines and obvious blue screen bleed in it).

Legitimate questions that should be asked about the film:
–Does it fit into the TOS era Star Trek formula? You can’t compare it to Enterprise or Voyager, because they weren’t done like TOS, which this film attempts to fit into that design.
–Are the characters that we know played as we know the characters to be?
–Is it believable, inasmuch as we bought any Star Trek story?
–does any major point of the story contradict previous canon material (not counting after Charlie changes time, duh!)

To nit-pick technical production values is really moot at this level (not to say I consider it unimportant) because this is not a multi-million dollar effort here. They are doing what they can with what they have, and by virtue of that, I believe they have a bit more credibility because of their attention to set, dressing, and costume detail.

Their stuff looks as good, or in some cases better than what Paramount sold us. The story thus far is interesting, it contains elements of a Gene Roddenberry-esque morality play by putting today’s social/political issues in the Trek context, and the original actors are playing their original roles (and then some!)

You are completely and absolutely free to love or hate these works as you see fit, but at least have the self-respect and respect for the other posters on this forum to verbalize your reasonings in a manner which doesn’t make you look like a ten year old kid on too much Kool-Aid who snuck into the adult’s cocktail party.

120. Doug - March 16, 2008

I just saw the second part tonight… all I can say is this is so good!!!! It is not perfect, but it is so close.

It was great seeing all of the talent involved doing so much with so little. ‘Of Gods and Men’ certainly feels like TREK and fires up the imagination!!!

Kudos to everyone involved. How long till the conclusion???

121. Doug - March 16, 2008

#8: sour grapes?

please spare me the sarcasm… I thought Koenig and Nichols and the entire cast did a superb job.!

#17: I read somewhere (probably at this site) that the production crew attempted to get Robert Walker, Jr., to reprise his role as Charlie Evans, but he was unavailabe for filming.

122. Garovorkin - March 16, 2008

I wonder if Paramount will ever allow this or any of these films to released on dvd, If they could some type of arrangements with the people producing these things it could be an be beneficial to both . It would give the studio potential additional revenue and it would allow the producers of these fan films a profeit by which to produce more of these films and even better films , its just a thought. I know it would be as simple as all that.

123. jonboc - March 17, 2008

“I wonder if Paramount will ever allow this or any of these films to released on dvd,”

I doubt it. I’m sure the producers, especially “always trying to make a buck” Conway would love it, but frankly they’re just not THAT good. And Paramount, while often treating Trek like the blacksheep of the family, has always been very protective of the franchise and I just don’t see them lending their stamp of approval in an offical capacity. Not until the fans films improve the acting, which now seems to be the sole thing holding them back. Just comapre Of GOds and Men to the others. It’s like night and day and that s because the acting is good…in this installment anyway.

Nichelle was pretty bad in the first act, but she has warmed up quite nicely and the rest of the cast is having a good time playing their respective “Bad” sides.

Sorry to see they adopted the wimpy TNG hand phaser effect. It just never compared to the seering white hot energy of the vaportizing blue beam and shrill sound of the original. And it really seemed out of place amonst all the other sound effects that were clearly out of TOS. And since when were the controls of the TOS transporter operated by touching the blinky lights??? WTF??

Oh well. Despite all that, it was still a marked improvement over the 1st act, largely due to the performaces of the cast and the music.

124. Adam E - March 17, 2008

I’m having trouble watching act 2 – It is stuck on “selecting optimal video for your connection” – I can watch act 1
Anyone else having this same problem?

125. eagle219406 - March 17, 2008

#123: “Sorry to see they adopted the wimpy TNG hand phaser effect. It just never compared to the seering white hot energy of the vaportizing blue beam and shrill sound of the original. And it really seemed out of place amonst all the other sound effects that were clearly out of TOS. And since when were the controls of the TOS transporter operated by touching the blinky lights??? WTF?? ”

They were not using the TNG had phaser effect. They were using the Phaser Effects from the first 6 movies. As for the Transporter, WHile the ship itself may be old, who’s to say they didn’t make a few modifications?

126. star trackie - March 17, 2008

#125 “They were not using the TNG had phaser effect. They were using the Phaser Effects from the first 6 movies. ”

Not exactly, Trek 5 used the blue beam from TOS with a completely new sound. The phasers, in fact, resembled a variation of the phasers from Trek’s 5 and 6 so a blue beam would have looked better than the orange from Treks 2 and 3. I think 6 might have used orange as well, don’t really remember. But yeah, the blue wouldve fit in better.

And the transporter thing was a big flub too. It was funny watching him trying to touch the different lights before they disappeared! reminds me of the flub on Enterprise, In a Mirror Darkly, when Phlox went to use the original TOS wall com, instead of punching the button, he touched the indicator light on the speaker! lol Geez. C’mon guys, if your gonna bother to use TOS technology, as least familiarize yourself with how it worked.

127. Jorg Sacul - March 17, 2008

>>And since when were the controls of the TOS transporter operated by touching the blinky lights??? WTF??

well, it was TOS tech + 40 years of advancement. I’m glad to see they finally put words on the blinky lights– maybe that’s why Bones was so skittish about using the transporter? :-)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone! I raise my glass of green Tranya to ye!

128. eagle219406 - March 17, 2008

Did anybody notice that Chekov kind of did a “reverse McCoy?” “I’m a Freedom fighter, not a doctor.”

129. Bob - March 19, 2008

How can anyone stand to watch this? 10 seconds of video, then a 15-second pause [“Loading video…”], then another 10 seconds of video, then another 15-second pause……AAAARGH!

130. eagle219406 - March 20, 2008

I just found out that it is not just Of God’s and Men, It is anything that is streamlined through Dragonfly. I didn’t used to have this problem. I can’t contact them to ask about it.

131. Dr. Image - March 23, 2008

Just saw it. Wife and I could barely stay awake. How many pregnant pauses can Tim Russ inject into those scenes??
The only thing that held our interest was the injection of our own MST-style comments, which made it bearable.
Documentary style? It was like watching Cloverfield! Invest in a tripod, please.
Cawley: Your stuff is Shakespeare by comparison. Seriously!
-Donn & Renee

132. Browncoat - March 24, 2008

Man, that website sucks… I have high speed but it makes my firefox choke,
where did these idiots learn their HTML?

Maybe if they offer it on cheap 5.00
dvds will I see it!

133. falcon - June 2, 2008

#85 – You should read one of the articles on that website about the death of Robert Walker. Very interesting reading. And no, it did not involve liquor.

134. zooidred - June 4, 2011

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