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FX Video of Enterprise in Star Trek? March 22, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

io9 are running an article titled “First Clip of New Enterprise?”…is it?

Again we consulted our resident expert, Senator Vreenak

Maker tried to get TrekMovie.com to run it
It seems every couple of months someone tries to foist a fake on the community. This faker sent in this clip to TrekMovie.com yesterday. He claimed it was from a ‘friend’ who worked for a bay area company ‘working on current productions.’ It was obviously a fake, but after TrekMovie.com questioned the authenticity and source he replied back with the following message “I’m going to send this to Aint It Cool… bye”. Apparently AICN didn’t fall for it either, but io9 did.

Trust Vreenak
Some previous cases Senator Vreenak has weighed in on…
Fake Trailer
Fake FX Footage


1. Jon - March 22, 2008

Yeah, it’s pretty much an Enterprise shot from TOS, probaby remastered TOS, added into the sunset shot. It’s a well-done fake, but that’s all

2. Larry - March 22, 2008

ha ha, fakers foiled again!

3. Captain Kev - March 22, 2008

The senator never lies! Haha!

4. D - March 22, 2008

Why would anyone consider that backdrop a “futuristic” city…looks just like the skyline of any number of major metropolitan areas.

This is so fake it makes my teeth hurt.

5. MvRojo - March 22, 2008

It looks pretty crappy…I’m not sure how anyone would believe this.

6. Tanner Waterbury - March 22, 2008

ITS A FAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!! Once … Again :( :sigh:

7. john doe - March 22, 2008

concur with #5

8. TJ - March 22, 2008

HAHA! That’s not even a good fake!!

9. Barry Hercules - March 22, 2008

Well done fake it it aint. Every dude and his grandma can make a shakey cam spaceship/UFO footage clip these days. Just google youtube.

10. Spoctor McKirk - March 22, 2008

Vreenak The Magnificent, you are correct, sir. Ho!!

Now, JJ, can we have some “real” clips /stills from the movie? My interest is starting to wander…

11. trekkie1415 - March 22, 2008

These fake things that keep getting posted not only make me want to see it more, they make me wonder. If a fan or two can make something that people MIGHT think is real, what is the new Enterprise gonna look like?

Oh, just a blurry video, or at least a shot of the secondary hull! People would go crazy! Or the bridge, the new crew, the officer uniforms, anything.


12. odiin - March 22, 2008

Jesus, that’s not even the Enterprise from the new movie. How dumb do you have to be to fall for something like this?

13. Iowagirl - March 22, 2008

It’s easily recognizable as not being from the new film because the nacelles resemble the TOS ones – not those over-sized things we saw in the first official XI picture.

14. Xai - March 22, 2008

awful attempt at a fake as well.

Powerlines strung across the skyline in TOS timeframe? Enterprise just cruisin’ the loop in Bay town?

Where’s Stanky when you need him… or better yet…Elaine Benes?
“Fake, fake, fake…fake..!”

15. blake powers - March 22, 2008

How can that even be considered a fake?? The nacelles are WAY too small.

16. THX-1138 - March 22, 2008

Not only a fake, but a dumb shot.

It begs the question: Why would this be happening?

Agree with #9. Go to youtube and search for UFO footage. Some of the fakers are pretty good.. And some, not so much.

17. blake powers - March 22, 2008

By that I mean.. It’s not even good enough to be considered a fake. It should be titled 3yr old experiments with graphix.

18. Daniel Broadway - March 22, 2008

Shame on others trying to fool people. :)

19. Ryan - March 22, 2008

I like how it looks like some joe with a camcorder who is taping footage of a UFO.

20. maspill - March 22, 2008

i know it a fakeand a bad fake but hey i liked it dnt know why but its somethin to look at would make a good teaser trailer the enterprise flyin through san fransisco

21. KennyB - March 22, 2008

Fake……..but it bring up the point…….I think it’s time for JJ to toss us a crumb of SOMETHING.

22. toddk - March 22, 2008

here is what i think, perhaps it is the ship leaving drydock and is probably moving upward, much like the hindenburg did in the robert wise film from 1976…

23. Irishtrekkie - March 22, 2008

god dam how does Vreenak always know whens things are fake , does he get the Tal Shiar to look at it , or is he just a genius , i guess i will never know

24. Russ - March 22, 2008

It’s a good thing this is a fake.

25. georgematthias - March 22, 2008

its a really bad fake. questions are begged:
– why would an fx shot leave the timer on?
– why would the enterprise ‘decend’ on a earth-like planet.

26. David Gregg - March 22, 2008

Can I ask a really stupid question? What’s on the other side of the video? I looked at this and I’m starting to think it might be some kind of virual marketing campaign. Because if you were going to make a fake, why would it be cropped in such a way as to only show half the screen? I’m starting to smell a cloverfield type marketing device here.

27. Duane Dibby of Borg - March 22, 2008

I wouldn’t dismiss this so quickly: could it perhaps be a ‘pre-vis’ shot?

28. Sean - March 22, 2008

Of course “IT’S A FAKE!”. The design of the Enterprise didn’t even resemble what we saw in the trailer. It was clearly the old design. Still looked cool considering it must be fan made.

29. Red Shirt - March 22, 2008

Did someone say this movie is being delayed?

30. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 22, 2008

Good catch, TrekMovie.

31. classictrek - March 22, 2008

pretty obvious fake. we need jj to throw us a genuine crumb as #21 keenyB says.

32. non-belligerency confirmed - March 22, 2008

i’m convinced this is the real thing. look closely and you can see the flames painted on the side of the primary hull.

33. karanadon - March 22, 2008

Heh. Gotta love the Vreenak thing. That NEVER gets old!! =D

But yes…JJ…c’mon, give us something!!

And, also, not sure if this was already discussed and said somewhere or anything but can I ask…is the deflector dish on the new E still gonna be…well…a dish (as far as we know)?

34. section9 - March 22, 2008

Were it viral, we’d be seeing the Movie Enterprise, not the one that Vreenak so easily smoked out. Further, the sight of the E traveling behind telephone wires in 23rd Century San Francisco. I think that this is not only a fake, but a bad one. I would have expected better of someone with Quicktime or some other movie software.

Thankfully, we have Senator Vreenak as our resident bunko scam detector.

35. non-belligerency confirmed - March 22, 2008

hey! did you notice the shuttlecraft near the bottom right. goofy but cool touch.

36. James Heaney - Wowbagger - March 22, 2008

Hey, if it were genuine, would we have Benny Russell kneeling on the ground screaming, “It is REEEEAL!”?

I <3 Vreenak.

37. Jackson Roykirk - March 22, 2008

#34 —

section9: that’s the first thinhg I noticed also…you would think that by the 23rd century, they would have figured out a way to put all of there telephone lines underground.

38. snakeo - March 22, 2008

to those calling for Abrams to ‘throw us some crumbs’ there wont be any pics or footage of the Ent or the cast in uniform or Nimoy as Spock or phasers etc as THE FILM HAS BEEN PUT BACK TO MAY 2009!!!

maybe if it had still been coming out xmas 08 stuff like that would be being shown around about now and a full trailer attached to Indy 4 but no where near yet…

some offical stills will come about later on in the year (summer..) and a new full trailer at xmas but nothing yet

We’re lucky we got to see the teasertrailer when we did – as that would have probably been attached to Indy 4 had the decision to move the film to May 09 been made earlier

39. Mark from Germany - March 22, 2008

To be fair…io9 didn’t fall for it exactly…they just let it up to their visitors, whether to decide if it is real or not.

I, to be honest, don’t know what to make of it. It looks trather sophisticated and you can’t do it in just a few minutes on your average computer. I tend to think that it really might be some kind of test. Maybe it was done before they had the finished design of their new Enterprise.

On the other hand..the Enterpriose flying in the atmosphere…hmmmmm…that’s not canon..that’s for sure :-))

40. Viking - March 22, 2008

Um, yeaaaaaah. The Enterprise actually flying 400 feet off the ground.

41. William "Blissey" Raymer - March 22, 2008

Vreenak strikes again, baby!

42. Tanner Waterbury - March 22, 2008

Hey Orci Or Kurtzman, tell JJ to Throw us a Freakin Bone here already, Just give us a pic of the Enterprise!!! I hope you guys are reading this

43. Kirk, James T. - March 22, 2008

The Trailer out at the moment has been dubbed the “announcement” trailer. I’d expect a 2nd teaser at SDCC and then a full trailer in january 2009 – SDCC should be the start of a full advertising campaign for Star Trek

44. Bill Peters - March 22, 2008

Yea, can wait to find out what comes out of SDCC.

45. Xindi1985 - March 22, 2008

Ha Ha, Nice try!!!

46. MORN SPEAKS - March 22, 2008

You can’t get anything pass Senator Vreenak!

47. Andy Patterson - March 22, 2008

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool fake. That’s a shot I’d love to see. I love a well done fabrication.

48. Ron - March 22, 2008

I’m surprised that the gullible delinquents at AICN didn’t fall for this. Senator Vreenak must have filled them in.

49. Irish Trekki - March 22, 2008

Can’t possibly be the Enterprise. If you remember from the trailer, the nacells are alot bigger. I agree with Jon, probably a shot from the remastered series! Glad to see the staff at Trekmovie.com cannot be fooled!

50. Spocko - March 22, 2008

You could tell it’s a fake just by the image of the video. The Enterprise would never fly that low. And if it were launching, then it would be going upword into space.

51. Green-Blooded-Bastard - March 22, 2008


52. S. John Ross - March 22, 2008

“It’s 71 degrees in the city today, with light showers expected overnight. If you’re continuing on to other starports you can follow the floor signs to your connecting gate. If this is your destination we’d like to say thank you, once again, for choosing to fly Starfleet.”

53. KJTrek - March 22, 2008

You guys are all wrong – it’s obviously real, just look at the high quality, futuristic setting that couldn’t be anywhere on Earth, large nacelles, and consider the low amount of security around the movie’s production…

plus it’s way too good to have been done at home by an amateur.

just don’t make me say told you so.

54. Hat Rick - March 22, 2008

39, about the atmosphere thing — didn’t the Enterprise enter the atmosphere in “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (TOS)? I believe that that might have not been by design, and yet the fact that it was spotted by an Air Force pilot in flight suggests that it’s atmosphere-capable.

Jet fighter aircraft have a general maximum altitude limit of about 50,000 ft., although a few can fly much higher. That’s well within the bounds of Earth’s atmosphere.

55. Xai - March 22, 2008

26. David Gregg – March 22, 2008
“Can I ask a really stupid question? What’s on the other side of the video? I looked at this and I’m starting to think it might be some kind of virual marketing campaign. Because if you were going to make a fake, why would it be cropped in such a way as to only show half the screen? I’m starting to smell a cloverfield type marketing device here.”

Sorry, I don’t agree. That’s not what you are smelling. There’s far too much evidence weighing on the “fake” side of the scale.

* Powerlines?
* A very TOS Enterprise cruising far too low above that city.
* and read the article….

56. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 22, 2008

Uh, FYI, guys… That’s not San Francisco, not even in the 23rd century. As a Bay Area resident, I can tell you it’s all wrong. Looks like an inland city to me, possibly East Coast, and with a bunch of fake supertall buildings way in the distance, including one that emulates the Seattle SpaceNeedle.

57. David Gregg - March 22, 2008

I think I’ve cracked this go to ilm.com and check out the logo, it’s oddly similar to what we are seeing in the lower left. But why is the video cropped? Is this just some ILM’s guys stupid test or is this something more here?

58. Xai - March 22, 2008

54. Hat Rick – March 22, 2008

And they are designed for atmospheric flight with wings and much smaller the the E.
Because of SIF and solid engineering, E can do it, but likely not with a lot of grace and a heavy power consumption

59. Xai - March 22, 2008

#57 David Gregg
Well yes, the logo is ILM’s or similar… because the faker wants us to believe it’s legit.
Look close… the scale is off… so is the lighting. Their wouldn’t be powerlines in a TOS shot like this and look close…. she’s got a wobble near the end. If this was a test is very primitive. I’d call Red Herring Productions and see if it’s theirs.

April Fools DAy isn’t that far off fellow posters..

60. non-belligerency confirmed - March 22, 2008

okay but really, isn’t the shuttlecraft flying by a spooky little detail? has no one else noticed?
it so reminds me of the infamous mexico city ufo footage, a very well done fake.

61. Hat Rick - March 22, 2008

58, interesting comments. I could see how the Structural Integrity Field would be heavily taxed. I remembering reading about the SIF in connection with Next Generation semicanonical reference works. It wouldn’t be outside the bounds of possibility that 23d Century starships would also have them. Although, I must say, I think that the Enterprise (TOS) seems intrinsically quite heavily constructed and well-reinforced, especially when compared with today’s aircraft.

An interesting point would be how the Enterprise would be propelled while in-atmosphere. I would speculate that it would use impulse engines, and yet the it’s not clear how these engines would support the vehicle while so close to a planetary gravity well and at such nonorbital speeds. The lift generated by the saucer’s aerodynamic shape might also help support it.

62. Metal Girl - March 22, 2008

Well, it is a fun little thing to watch, even fake as it is!

63. JamfoFL - March 22, 2008

This isn’t only a fake… it’s a poorly researched fake at that.

Aside from the obvious details mentioned in other posts, this clip lacks any understanding of the true size of the TOS Enterprise.

The TOS Enterprise is roughly 300 meters in length. By comparison, the Empire State Building is 400 meters in length from ground to the very top of the spire. So, the TOS Enterprise is roughly 3/4 the size of the Empire State Building. Since the ESB is 102 stories tall (and that does not include the TV spire), we can estimate the TOS Enterprise to be around 70 stories in length. Looking closely at the fake clip, we see that the tall foreground building is only about 30 stories tall.

In other words, the TOS Enterprise would completely DWARF the tall foreground building. Yet, from this clip, the building actually appears larger than the Enterprise.

Bad… just bad.

64. Adam Cohen - March 22, 2008

That was fun!

J.J., we need to see the *real* thing though… please?

65. Hat Rick - March 22, 2008

63, interesting point, but isn’t the Enterprise farther away than that building you’re mentioned? It’s obscured by the building in the middle of the clip. If the Enterprise is at twice the distance of the building, for example, then that would make a difference in scale.

I’m not saying that the clip is genuine; I’m just wondering if I’m misunderstanding your point.

66. Professor Frink - March 22, 2008

Dear #63 – Professor Frink Says.. The relative density of the a standard particle of the ship’s hull in the earth’s atmosphere , is equal to number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin, flavin.

67. The Last Maquis - March 22, 2008

So Lame, come on JJ hook us up with something real.

68. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him - March 22, 2008

I highly suspect that David Gregg is a sockpuppet and the guy who actually made this obvious fake. I have never seen his name here and suddently he shows up and makes multiple posts trying to make this thing sound legit

sorry buddy but we are not buying it and it is pretty lame to foist a fake on the public and even lamer to sock puppet to try and revive it after everyone has pointed out it is a fake…including this site.

sorry dude I trust tm over you every day

and you didn’t ‘discover’ the ILM logo…it wasnt ‘cleverly disguised’ it was pretty obvious to pretty much anyone. still is a fake

69. Chris M - March 22, 2008


Can’t believe ppl still try to get away with passing off fakes as the real thing!

70. TrekOfficial - March 22, 2008

I hope not because it looks aweful

71. Skater Thorax - March 22, 2008

OK so you caught us, and it hoax, but we kinda thought from the beginning you would realize that with the all the cute clues we left. You got some of them, the Old Model, The Power Wires, The Space Needle, etc. But the one thing you missed, which was the most obvious clue of all was in the name.. Skater Thorax which is an obvious anagram for Star Trek Hoax, we expected more from you. Better luck next time finding our easter eggs! ;)

Here’s the HD Version to download for a laugh –

Happy Easter!

72. TrekNerd - March 22, 2008

Anthony, I find Senator Vreenak to be a very valuable member of your staff.

Hold on to him.

73. JamfoFL - March 22, 2008

#65… I had thought of that. But if you look at the clip, everything in the foreground (the dark, almost black buildings, etc) is rendered sharply. Then, in the second “layer” that presents depth and perspective, the colors are faded and the focus is fuzzy.

If the Enterprise was supposed to be in the distance (and especially the distance necessary to make a ship twice the size of the foreground structure appear smaller), then the Enterprise herself should have had faded colors and the same, fuzzy focus. The fact that the Enterprise is distinct, detail-rich, and sharply focused snaps her to the foreground with the objects with the same level of detail.

If it was truly the objective of the clip to make it appear as if the Enterprise was way off in the distance, then it’s image should have been distorted to make it fit in the same field of view.

So… in this clip, either the size of the ship is way off, or the rendering and insertion of the ship into the scene is very poor.

Either way, it smacks of rank amature.

74. 7 of 5 - March 22, 2008

My 2 cents…..
It’s not even a well done for a fake- the futuristic buildings in the background jump all over the place….

75. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him - March 22, 2008

“kinda thought from the beginning you would realize that ” um did this site fall for your hoax…no…so I guess they did realize it…and it appears that AICN didnt fall for it either….so you lucked out that io9 are morons….good for you.

but to come here and post fake posts after your fake was being totally nailed as a fake…then to only fess up after being nailed as a faker and a sock puppet….not impressive

dude no one fell for your crap and to act all high and mighty now is just BS…you tried to fool people and it failed. now go away

76. Hat Rick - March 22, 2008

65, I appreciate your reply and analysis. They make sense to me. Much obliged, and I appreciate the attention to detail I see in your messages!

77. Hat Rick - March 22, 2008

I meant that for 73, not 65.

78. JamfoFL - March 22, 2008

Hat Rick… my pleasure!

To be honest, I should be far less critical. As the clip could not pass for a professional job, it’s still a heck of a lot better than anything I could do!

79. Anthony Pascale - March 22, 2008

Just a note…neither sockpuppetting (posing as 3rd parties to promote your own work…in this case the hoax) and spoofing (posing as multiple people) is not allowed at this site.

80. Cobalt Ben - March 22, 2008

Send it to TrekWeb! They’ll run it!

81. TBonz of TrekBBS - March 22, 2008


Vreenak is the best.

82. Unbelievable - March 23, 2008

April Fools Day is on APRIL 1st!!!!!!

Geez, some people and their lousy timing… hehe

83. jason in ormond beach - March 23, 2008

But Garak blew that guy up. I say that is a fake Vreenak.

84. Mark from Germany - March 23, 2008

#54 I think you have a good point there in a way. I just didn’t think of tomorrow is yesterday. By the way: Tomorow is yesterday was the very very first Star Trek episode that was shown in Germany. (that was 1972). Yes, all you guys who can’t wait for May 2009….the Germans had to wait about 6 years for TOS….and then we got only half of the episodes. For the other half we had to wait almost 2 decades…..and we survived it :-)

85. Mark from Germany - March 23, 2008

I got it now……it’s a spyshot from on-location shooting last week. Second unit of course

86. Buzz Cagney - March 23, 2008

imagine looking out of your apartment window and seeing that glide past! Holy crap!
Impressive, for a fake, but certainly not movie quality.

87. Mark from Germany - March 23, 2008

Just a few more thougth on whether this is genuine stuff or not….up for discussion:

1.Nobody seems to have noticed the camera movement. This is not a static shot. Ther camera is zooming. In fact, I think this is extremely well done. Lots of work has been put into it.

2. powerlines in the 23th century. the powerlines alone don’t make this necessarily a fake. Have you ever thought about the possibility, that this is an fx-shot of a scene that is set in another time period? maye a time when powerlines could still be found. As we know, the movie is set in many different time periods. By the way: Who says there are no powerlines in the 23th century? (or..in Abrams 23th century)

3. Maybe a FX shot like this will bwe combined with the live action footage from last week . Remember: extras were looking upwards. And there was a big bluescreen at the scene. If we assume that starfleet academy was situated on a plateau on a hill over the city, the perspective might fit. (but that’s, of course, wild speculation)

4. Maybe this is part of a Kobajashi Maru scenario.

Let the discussion go on :-) I just wanted to point out, why I am not completely convinced that all this is a fake. By the way: Is it is not genuine….what is it?????? No answers so far yet.

88. Mark from Germany - March 23, 2008

And don’t you think….that this new effects shot looks better than anythng you have seen from Star Trek after Star Trek IV (except First Contact, to be honest)

89. Jamie - March 23, 2008


That Senator Vreenak clip made me laugh out loud. Even though I’ve seen him before and I knew what he was going to say :D LOL

90. Commodore Lurker - March 23, 2008

Decloaking . . .
Some much consternation over five seconds of b.s. We really are desperate. Maybe the Shat was right, we need “to get a life”.


91. Xai - March 23, 2008

87. Mark from Germany –

Please read #71. The jig is up.

92. franBro - March 23, 2008

Although goffy this made me Just have a scary thought. Trek with BSG, Cloverfield like shaky-cam video. Works on BSG but hell, Trek is suppossed to be elegant and majestic.

93. Mark from Germany - March 23, 2008

#91 Oups…..I missed #71.,.

But…..still a good fake I think

94. Marian C. - March 23, 2008

-Is that city called…Metropolis..?!?…

95. lodownX - March 23, 2008

….So Now… and Forever… will the posting handle “Skater Thorax ” be synonimous with Liiiiiiieeeeesssssss!

96. lodownX - March 23, 2008

synonymous !!!

97. TrekOfficial - March 23, 2008


98. Heywood Jablomee - March 23, 2008

Senator Vreenak once again shows us that Romulan technology is better at detecting fakes than Earth technology, which is why we should all start learning to speak Romulan! Cool shot, though; maybe something similar will be seen in the movie!

99. El Ghost Host - March 23, 2008

The good Senator is indeed wise.

100. Demode - March 23, 2008

I hate when losers try to fake things.

“I’m going to send this to Aint It Cool… bye”.

Oh, please! Not only is this guy a faker, but he’s a jerk too.

101. Scifigirl - March 23, 2008

What a joke…. Isn’t it totally impossible – or rather forbidden – for a starship to fly so low over a populated area anyway? Sheeeeshhhh…

102. Kevin Caulfield - March 23, 2008

That’s one of the reasons I don’t ever really visit i09… they seem a little too eager to print just about anything they hear without any gauge of authenticity

103. K.M.Kirby - March 23, 2008

Wait…this is the scene where Simon Pegg goes, “Captain…without the dilithium crystals, we’ll be needin’ to set down in Golden Gate Park.”

104. Daoud - March 23, 2008

“Everbody, remember where we parked”

At least we know Vreenak’s real!

105. awesome-o - March 24, 2008


You should consider “outing” the fakers who send in things like this by posting their original message, including email address.

106. Crusade2267 - March 24, 2008

When are we going to get Benny Russel shouting “It’s Real!!!!!!” Probably not for a while…

107. fakesteve - March 24, 2008

haha, Skater Thorax, merry easter to you, too! ;))

108. snakeo - March 24, 2008

71 -maybe bran ferren will see it and give u a job

109. Soldius - March 24, 2008

God, io9 are a joke. Useless website ran by a bunch of idiots.

110. Jack - March 24, 2008

108 — ha!!

111. SteveinSF - March 26, 2008

So lame–of course it’s a fake. It looks awful!

112. Jed - March 27, 2008

The clip is obviously a fake. A leaked clip might show the enterprise flying through atmosphere, but it would not be obscured behind powerlines. No filmmaker in his right mind would show powerlines like that in a “futuristic” setting, as it just does not look cool. No filmmaker would show a “ufo shakey cam” unless it was part of a teaser or promotion. It looks like a backyard camera- and where would someone be shooting a digital model in his backyard? Zooming? WTF? They had zooms in firefly as part of the “cheese” factor, but it was done at such high quality that it looked good.

Consenus? Not even worth thinking about.

113. Christina - April 7, 2008

I love the 23rd century powerlines.

114. USS Manila NCC-99232 - July 28, 2009

It’s looks real but for the trusted Senator Vreenak, “It’s a FAAAAAAAKE!”

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