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UPDATED: NO New Trek Trailer With Indy 4 March 28, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

TrekMovie has previously reported that Paramount originally planned on putting out the first full trailer for Star Trek this summer (most likely with one of the May releases of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Iron Man). The change of the Trek release date to next May put that plan into question, but a new report states there still will be a trailer with Indy 4.
UPDATE: TrekMovie has been told no trailer with Indy.

According to the report at ScreenRant, they have a source who is “100%” certain there will be a Star Trek trailer with Indy 4 which will be a “continuation of the teaser trailer” showing construction of the Enterprise. TrekMovie.com has not been able to confirm this report, but is is possible. We have got conflicting accounts of what is going on with trailer plans and it appears that it has been the subject of much discussion.

UPDATE: No Teaser With Indy 4
TrekMovie.com has been told by a trusted source that “things are still up in the air” regarding the next Trek trailer. However there will definitely not be one with Indy 4 or with Iron Man. The source specifically said there wouldn’t even be another version of the teaser (which was shown with Cloverfield).

Summer was Plan A, but release date changed that
In his recent interview with Trekmovie, producer Damon Lindelof stated:

As far as for the first trailer trailer, I heard we were still on for the summer to have a full trailer for the movie. But I would not be surprised if they decide to hold that back.

TrekMovie has been told by sources that there are more than one ‘sizzle reels’ that have been made and that any of them could evolve into a trailer, but that a final decision has not been made yet. If there were something with Indy 4 it is likely to just be another teaser like the one in January and not the real ‘trailer’ showing live action scenes from the film. If Paramount knew the film was going to be for May 2009, they would likely have held the teaser that showed with Cloverfield until this May. So it would make sense for them to do another ‘teaser’ with Indy to get the summer movie crowd excited, and wait until later for the first full trailer. [UPDATE: But as noted above it appears there will be no Trek with with Indy]


1. Dr. Image - March 28, 2008

New trailer NOW!! Dammit!

2. table10 - March 28, 2008

What would be nice in the case that this turns out to be false, is that instead of simply scratching the use of the “sizzle reels”, you include them all in the special features of the DVD release of the movie.

3. Joe - March 28, 2008


4. CommonSense - March 28, 2008

FIRST! Another reason to see Indy 4

5. KennyB - March 28, 2008

Has anyone confirmed what James Crawley and crew were talking about when they said they would have a new and exclusive trailer in front of TSAMD: 1969……….TOMORROW NIGHT? Could this be the same “new” trailer?

6. Spoogy Magoo - March 28, 2008

I wondered if Anthony was going to pick this up. Trekweb had it by noon.

7. Will Doe 68 - March 28, 2008

Hate to rain on the parade here but another teaser? Maybe this time Paramount will decide to move it back to Christmas 2009.

8. Dennis Bailey - March 28, 2008

#6: “I wondered if Anthony was going to pick this up. Trekweb had it by noon.”

Pretty remarkable, since TrekWeb and TrekBBS are generally days behind the rest of the Internet – except in the case of reporting BS rumors as plausible, in which case TrekWeb will get them up quickly, and TrekBBS…will still report them as plausible a day or so after they’ve been debunked.

9. Garovorkin - March 28, 2008

Oh they owes us big on this one, that trailer has to tide us over for a bit so yes it better be really good.

10. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - March 28, 2008

With the change in the release date, I would expect to see another teaser atached to the Indy movie…and even the Iron Man movie. With over a year to wait for the premiere and all the secrecy involved in this project, I think it’s a pretty safe bet we will not be privy to a full trailer for several months.

#6 – I like the fact that these stories are posted here AFTER some of the other sites post them. Anthony obviously does his research before posting articles here. Lookl how many of these “articles” from the other sites he has debunked to date. I love the fact that he checks the facts as much as possible before posting. Anthony…your site is the king of all Trek related sites. Keep up the great work.

11. Ro-Dan - March 28, 2008

I could see a “part 2″ teaser-trailer. Once which continues the construction of the Enterprise. Maybe showing its parts launch into orbit for final assembly.

12. Dennis Bailey - March 28, 2008

#10: ” Look how many of these “articles” from the other sites he has debunked to date. ”

Yep. Generally when Anthony’s behind the other sites it turns out to be because he’s checking out the story with people who actually know something of the facts.

Not customary Internet movie site behavior, but there you are.

13. Daniel Broadway - March 28, 2008

Wow, I was planning to make a second teaser fan trailer with this very concept. Humm.

14. hitch1969© - March 28, 2008

Someday we will have seen this movie so many times and cherish it so greatly that we will quote memorized dialogue to each other on the interwebs. But right now, it feels like a time in my youth when we would spend 2 or 3 hours late at night watching a scrambled Skinemax™ feed just in the hopes of getting a glimpse of “a good part”.

In retrospect, it was a time of innocence.



15. DaveM - March 28, 2008

Don’t look for a full trailer before Christmas. If the film needs another push Paramount will be happy releasing different easers until the Christmas film season and then you’ll get the main trailer. Its unlikely it will appear anytime before then.

16. audiobridge - March 28, 2008

PLEASE – not another trailer like the first one. Show some actors, show the bridge, show Pine as Kirk uttering one line. Give us something to really get excited and talk about. A thirty second trailer that includes the Enterprise firing a torpedo and blowing some shite up would make the theatres go nuts!

17. KJTrek - March 28, 2008

Give us a real trailer or give us death! (or maybe some good pics of the big E)

I am glad Anthony checks his sources before reporting gossip. keep up the good work!

18. kfir - March 28, 2008

the trailer will show the finish of the construction and the entreprise flying away from earth and then kirk (will continue nimoy from the first trailer) “these are the voyages of the starship ENTREPRISE”!

19. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - March 28, 2008


Do you have an address to send flowers? ‘Cause we won’t be seeing a “real trailer”…LOL

20. Daniel Broadway - March 28, 2008

All I care is that this trailer show a full shot of the Enterprise. I don’t care if they show sets or costumes or whatever. Just show us the old (new) girl.

21. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 28, 2008

Yay!! After seeing those leaked spy pics of the set (which seemed to show that they stuck more to canon than we were previously led to believe), I’m really feeling optimistic about this movie once more. Can’t wait for the trailer!!

Now I’ll know to come nice and early to Indy 4 so as not to miss the preview!!

22. Green-Blooded-Bastard - March 28, 2008

I wouldn’t mind seeing either a full trailer or a teaser. I will take any star Trek I can get…ok I want a f***ing full trailer.

23. Greg Stamper - March 28, 2008

#12 Dennis Bailey – “Yep. Generally when Anthony’s behind the other sites it turns out to be because he’s checking out the story with people who actually know something of the facts. Not customary Internet movie site behavior, but there you are.”

Agreed. Until any news is confirmed here at trekmovie.com I do not even consider it as worthy of attention. In short, “In Anthony We Trust”.

24. trekee - March 28, 2008

With all the extra time they now have, putting out another interim teaser makes a lot of sense.

Keeps us keen, but also be sure this won’t be the full blown thing just yet. JJ et al really do now how to slowly drip feed……

I don’t think I’ve come across the phrase ‘sizzle reel’ before though. One lives and learns….

And as Dennis and Greg point out, it’s nice to come to a site that is so free of rampant speculation and sensationalist frothy fanboyism.

I prefer my frothy fanboyism to be well grounded and informed. Not said it for a while, but continued thanks Anthony.

25. hitch1969© - March 28, 2008

Relax fellas. You only get the first time once.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I was talking about before. But the flip side of that is let’s think about this. Think about all the people who want to see this movie really really badly like we do, who, due to statistical probabilities and or fate, for some reason would happen to be alive on Christmas 2008 but for whatever reason will die before May 2009.

It could be cancer, a car wreck, a psycho girlfriend with a knife that catches you cheating – whatever the means. They woulda had the movie at Christmas when things were fine. Then come Feb 18, 2009 – wrong place, right time – blammo, brains blown out during a liquor store robbery.

Thats the sort of opportunity cost that Paramount so callously refuses to acknowledge simply so that they can line their pockets with our blood money. Its difficult to estimate just how many people will not get to see this movie “just because” the suits wanted more money. I find this sort of business ethic highly offensive.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on hangin’ on until atleast May 2009 just for the protest of it all. Old h69 is going to make a statement. You can steal my time away from me. But you cannot take this movie from my life experience.

Who’s with me?


26. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - March 28, 2008

#25 – hitch1969

You bring the tent and I’ll bring the Coleman stove…meet you out front of the Cineplex about 7pm, April 20th. I may not like my life, but I’m with you…I’m sticking it out to see this movie.

27. Jorg Sacul - March 28, 2008

Anthony’s continued responsible method of reporting Trek news MUST END NOW! We demand that he start posting every single rumor and irresponsible overheard whisper RIGHT NOW!


This “researched and verified information” thing is kinda novel. I like it!

28. bgiles73 - March 28, 2008

“Times the fire in which we burn…” I guess we all better be careful over the next 406 days 6 hrs 23 min 05 sec

29. Will.I.Am - March 28, 2008

“Thats the sort of opportunity cost that Paramount so callously refuses to acknowledge simply so that they can line their pockets with our blood money. Its difficult to estimate just how many people will not get to see this movie “just because” the suits wanted more money. I find this sort of business ethic highly offensive.”

sorry to burst your bubble but someone dies at least every 3 seconds on average. Every 23 minutes a couple thousand babies are born. So no matter how fast they go, or even if they put the release back to Christmas, some trekkies won’t see it anyway.

30. hitch1969© - March 28, 2008

That’s funny… msnbc had a huge story last night, “Scoop: Tom Cruise joining ‘Star Trek’ cast”. Yeah, that old chestnut again. And it gets better – twice in the article – DR. SPOCK. yep.

It’s since been corrected in the article. But remains in the photocap: “Tom Cruise reportedly is a big fan of the “Star Trek” television series and of Dr. Spock in particular.”

Over 24 hours – still there. Go look. They ain’t in a hurry to fact check.



31. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - March 28, 2008


You mean there is no Dr. Spock in Star Track? Wow! lol

32. hitch1969© - March 28, 2008

“sorry to burst your bubble but someone dies at least every 3 seconds on average. Every 23 minutes a couple thousand babies are born. So no matter how fast they go, or even if they put the release back to Christmas, some trekkies won’t see it anyway.”

Well sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but can you prove those numbers? I’ve been looking around all day and haven’t seen anyone die or be born.

The fact of the matter is when you are talking globally OF COURSE you get those kind of numbers from the 3rd world countries and whatnot. Those folks are worried about the small things like eating, and Malaria, and AIDS, and tigers and stuff, dude. Their bloated little tummies and the flies on their faces. Come on.

I think that this movie is the last thing on their minds. So your statistics mean nothing. I, of course, remain correct in my original assumption. Trek fans are not being born and dying at that rate, man. Get real.

Pushing the movie back hours or days means nothing. Moving it out 6 months though… some people – that are dying to see it – will die by other means. And like Bon Jovi told us, “Dying ain’t no way to make a living”.



33. Boborci - March 28, 2008

big deal — no one’s gonna see Indy anyway… :)

34. Mike J. Hafezi - March 28, 2008

I’m up for Indy, but I’m still in a conflict over Star Trek.

35. Commodore Lurker - March 28, 2008

Decloaking . . .
Bob !!!, errrr Mr. Orci, it’s about time for your “Wrap” interview with TrekMovie.com? Yes? No? Maybe?
And as always thanks for being here!

36. Mr. Bob Dobalina - March 28, 2008

Boborci is right. I doubt anyone remembers those old acrcheology movies with that pirate guy from Star Wars. And who is directing this thing? Isn’t it that guy who did that shark horror movie back in the 70’s? Who’s gonna pay to see that??

37. hitch1969© - March 28, 2008

Commodore Lurker, I like your Decloaking . . . Recloaking. schtick.

I think.



38. Viking - March 28, 2008

#33 Bob – if a new teaser is shipping with Indy IV, have someone update the damn viral site. You know, maybe a welder lighting off a fart. ANYTHING.

39. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

Hey Orci, how’s it hangin’? Don’t worry, I got over my disappointment of not being randomly cast in the new film. Besides, I just know you’re saving me a real juicy part in the next one. Right? Bob?

hitch, that bit about a person dying every 3 seconds reminded me of a joke my guitar player sent me:

“Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2, is famous throughout the
entertainment industry for being more than just a little self-righteous.

At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, he asked the audience for
total quiet.

Then, in silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few

Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone,
“Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

A voice with a broad Scottish accent from the front of the crowd pierced the
quiet . . .

“Well, foockin stop doin it then, ya evil bastard!”

I love that one.

40. Commodore Lurker - March 28, 2008

Decloaking . . .
THX, no way, did that really happen? Or just another in the great line of THX memorabelia?

41. the king in shreds and tatters - March 28, 2008

If we get a trailer, can we start seeing some concept art from the production?

42. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

Commodore, I can’t be sure, but I choose to file this as “TRUE” so as to satisfy my sense of satisfaction.

When I read it, I laughed out loud in the gallery. Drew some odd looks for sure.

43. newman - March 28, 2008

I can’t wait for Indy 4!!!! apparently it has something to do with aliens. Maybe Romulans!!

oh yeah, I just remembered…it was Odo, Rom, Nog, and Quark that crashed in Roswell wasn’t it? (see DS9 episode: Little Green Men) Maybe Indy finds a piece of their shuttle!

…please don’t take me seriously

44. bono luthor - March 28, 2008

Loosing interest to be honest with you.

Waiting to see something, anything, from this film, is getting old.

45. MORN SPEAKS - March 28, 2008

Please, please, please, please, please!

46. Ensign Ricky - March 28, 2008

I have to agree with #44, bono luthor. It is getting boring, having to wait with absolutely nothing new coming our way, not even a picture of the new E. I’m starting to think that when the movie actually comes out, it it going to be anti-climactic….but I’m hoping that I’m wrong, of course. At least we have season 4 of BSG coming up pretty soon, I’m very much looking forward to that.

47. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

Lot of folks around here seem to be developing ADD. Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe you should go do something else for awhile. To take your mind off the wait for Trek. Then come back in a month or two and maybe it will seem fresh again.

And I honestly don’t intend for that to sound mean. I just thought that if I can help keep your interest in Star Trek fresh, we would all benefit.

48. Anthony Thompson - March 28, 2008

33. Bob Orci

Mr. Orci, Are you ready to comment on whether or not that “leaked’ script fragment was your work?

49. pizza - March 28, 2008

Hey Boborci, I for one will see Indy 4. If you guys put a real trailer in, I may even see it a second time during the cheap night.

50. Anthony Thompson - March 28, 2008

44. Bono.

You must have missed the voluminous spy pics. : )

51. Will.I.Am - March 28, 2008

ok ok ok.
geez. I did take the entire world into account.
As for Trekkers in thier entirety, idk
go figure.

52. Daoud - March 28, 2008

#33 Yeah, I’m holding out for Indy 5 and 6. I hear he teams up with Rambo in 5 and Rocky in 6.

So, when do you guys start writing the next Trek?

53. That One Guy - March 28, 2008

You give us new trailer now! We no want wait!

Dammit, J.J(im)! I only have so much patience! We want Quinto in spandex NOW!!

54. AJ - March 28, 2008

The U2 reference is valid as an example of a well-meaning concept which got old, tried to be reinvented, and died. Great music from the past. Some of it, anyway.

Bono’s sincerity turned to conceit and true narcissism, and he is reviled by many who would actually support his beliefs.

Trek never asked to be a harbinger for change. Just a darn show with decent morals and new ideas propelled by good stories and great characters.

Hoping for the INDY IV trailer…

55. Trek or Treat - March 28, 2008

# 31 ROFL

How many times have I heard that!

56. Chirs M - March 28, 2008

Finally something to get excited about again! After Paramount got us all excited with the first teaser and then pushed the movie back from Christmas 2008 to May 2009! From what I’ve seen Indy 4 looks pretty good and I was planning to see it anyway but this is just one more reason to go! Was not sure if I was gonna see Iron Man or not but if there is a trailer with that as well then I will be there!

And I agree with #10 this is def the best site for all Star Trek related news!

57. Commodore Lurker - March 28, 2008

No trailer . . . you have got to be Sh**ing me! Mr. Orci had tongue firmly planted in cheek on post #33 ! What a Lost opportunity for massive publicity. Don’t get that Parmount move????

58. Xai - March 28, 2008

WHile I would love to see a new trailer, I don’t feel we are “owed” a thing. If you have the need for instant gratification so badly that you must plead or demand… take some advice… good things come to those that wait.

59. Xai - March 28, 2008

#57 Commodore, you forgot your cloak.

60. jason in ormond beach - March 28, 2008

Ray of hope UPDATE No ray of hope

61. demon barber of starfleet - March 28, 2008


if I don’t see clips and soon I’m going to explode. I’m particularly anxious to see what Karl Urban has done to Bones, and the most important thing of all: did they make him wear blue contacts???!!!!

62. VOODOO - March 28, 2008

A new Indy film combined with the new Star Trek trailer would have made 5/22/07 the biggest day (it still may be) in nerdville since the release of “The Phantom Mennace” back in 1999.

Oh well, I guess no trailer on 5/22 just gives us something to look forward to.

63. Ampris - March 28, 2008

Aw, crud. Get me all excited for a teaser I and then blow them apart. :'(

(Not you, Anthony, whichever punk started saying there was.)

Oh well. But man, I even told my brother I’d see Indy 4 with him without having to be dragged to the theater– which is certainly not happening now. Darn it.

Have YOU got any info on a solid date for any new teaser or trailer, Mr. Orci? Solid-ish, even? Any sort of vague idea of which month or movie it might be connected with? I’m seriously getting desperate here!

64. Commodore Lurker - March 28, 2008

Decloaking . . .
#59 Xai — (cloak stuff) Sorry my mind was blown by the utter stupidity of Lost opportunity from the vast intellect that is Paramount.

Xai — I love that name. How do you pronouce it, like “Zee-ah” ???
Oh, Recloaking.

65. Kirk, James T. - March 28, 2008

Big Mistake i feel, Indiana Jones 4 would have been fantastic for Star Trek – i hope Paramount change their minds.

66. Anthony Pascale - March 28, 2008

sorry for the double dip on this article. As noted above TrekMovie usually does not just repeat what other sites report for things we have not confirmed.
put up earlier report based on ‘conflicting’ accounts with the ‘?’ because I didnt want it to go the whole weekend without comment.

But in general if you see something big reported about Trek and it hasn’t yet been reported here, you can be sure it is being looked into.

67. Ensign Ricky - March 28, 2008

Re: the update

I remember reading a story once about George Lazenby, who played James Bond in “On her Majesty’s Secret Service”. The film was a hit, and Lazenby decided against signing a multifilm contract and went sailing around the world instead, figuring that his fame would be there when he returned. By then, the fans had moved on and forgot about him. Paramount hasn’t even put the film out yet they are hoping that fan interest will still be there come next May. Much like Lazenby, they are making a risky assumption.
I might feel different if Paramount would offer something to satiate the fans while waiting for May 2009, but they aren’t even doing that. Go ahead Paramount, prove me wrong; nothing would please me more…not to mention the multitude of other posters here. But from where I stand, you seem to be sailing away in the USS Lazenby. Sigh.

68. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008


Won’t be seeing “Indy 4″ or “Star Trek” or the new “Transformers” movie either. Women are *never* sci-fi/fantasy fans and don’t go see those kinds of movies, according to Post #119 in the Wrap thread. We only watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City.” Nothing else, ever.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

69. Commodore Lurker - March 28, 2008

# 66 Mr. Pascale,
I don’t think anyone here faults you in the slightest. As a sales professional, I assumed that Paramount would repeat the trailer shown at Cloverfield as a no brainer decision already paid for. A new trailer would be nice, but not required. To not even repeat the old trailer at Indy IV is inexplicable for a studio that wants to launch next summer with Trek. It makes no marketing sense what so ever.

70. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

Now Vulcanista, you’re not going to let a pimply faced nebbish like james7007 get you upset?

I think what he’s trying to say is that he wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what would appeal to a woman or how one would go about finding a woman with the same interests as him. I’ll have to introduce him to a woman like my wife. She is beautiful and is a tremendous sci-fi geek.

I know you know better than to let him bother you.

And not getting a teaser trailer soon is goll durned bull crap! Not your fault, AP. I mean with the reporting bits.

71. Xai - March 28, 2008

69. Commodore Lurker – March 28, 2008

It’s pronounced Z-eye

and your cloak again is missing…. forget it at the dry cleaners?

72. Xai - March 28, 2008

The Vulcanista…

We, the original clan, know of your true nature… he’s a newb in a red shirt. The eulogy will be short.

73. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008


LOL!! No, I’m not upset at all. Quite the contrary, my tongue was firmly planted against my cheek as I was typing. I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was just lying there, and you know me. I just can’t pass up something like that! I suppose an emoticon would have been appropriate, though.

However, I’m wondering if he even *knows* any women.

And you are one *lucky* guy to have a wife such as yours. A true treasure!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

74. Odkin - March 28, 2008

Paramount is right to delay this trailer. Marketing hype for the general public only works when a frenzy of anticipation is whipped up at just the right moment. Remember the general public is not drooling every day for the latest Trek news. Peaking too early, or having a year-and-a-half slow leak, just risks normal moviegoers saying “jeezus I thought that thing came out last summer… or last Christmas…”

75. Tanner Waterbury - March 28, 2008

@ Orci

Your not gonna see Indy?! I thought everyone is! :p

76. Joel - March 28, 2008

I guess that makes sense. The only reason the teaser hit with Cloverfield was due to the release date still being set for Christmas 2008. I’m sure we’ll get one soon enough. Another Paramount release near Christmas seems a more likely opportunity. Indy will have massive attendance and would be nice, but it’s too far out.

77. MattJC - March 28, 2008

Again good news for me.
I can go see Indy 4 now. :)

78. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

Vulcanista, don’t let Harry hear that “tongue against the cheek” stuff. I mean, ya’ know, just cause.

And yes, thank you. My wife is magnificent. Like Lou Gehrig, I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth. That doesn’t have to have a disease named after him, that is.

79. Bruce, Montreal, Canada - March 28, 2008


80. THX-1138 - March 28, 2008

And MattJC, with a personality like yours, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good seat.

81. Garovorkin - March 28, 2008

If they expect us all to wait till may of 09 the least they can do is give us a few clips of film see the ship in action, Captain Pike in the command chair, Spock at his station, or kirk doing something heroic, just bit scence or two would be fine.

82. Dennis Bailey - March 28, 2008

#77: “Again good news for me.
I can go see Indy 4 now. :)”

That must be quite a load off your mind.

I wish my life were so empty that I could plan it around trivial grudges like that…

Okay, no I don’t.

83. Q - March 28, 2008

This is stupid, they think that if they wait along time to attach the trailer (which, I have a very trustworthy source that says trailer scenes were filmed months ago! No kidding!) to a movie, that it will build up anticipation, just like 24 being postponed until ’09 though they had 8 episodes in the can, same situation, but, I think that at some point people will go on and just not care. And it is ridiculous to not have a trailer connected with the most highly anticipated movie of ’08 for possibly one of the most anticipated movies of ’09! and there are no good posters with pics. no stills, no nothing! Just a lame teaser, maybe not even a teaser, because it showed nothing and a few interviews of people stating that ‘it will be great, and yak, yak’ (and remember some of them did not even get the entire script!) I believe that Shatner, Nimoy , Takei, Kelley, Doohan, Nichols, Koenig, Bennett all said that about STV! and Stewart and crew said that about Generations and Nemesis! and lets not forget Berman who kept promising us better and greater Trek, yet every series got worse and worse after TNG. They are going to say that it will be great, what would they say? ‘This movie sucks, etc.?’ I don’t think so! Show us some pics. put out a good synopsis, put out a GOOD TRAILER and DISCUSS THE MOVIE! Not every fact, but, enough to make it exciting . But, I think that minds were not working together over at Paramount, because of the release of the one tralier saying christmas ’08 and then changing it, not because they were behind schedule, but, just because the powers that be, wanted to.
Mr. Cawley’s trek movies have had far superior storylines than almost all of Voy. and most of Ent.! And he is just an independent and he pulls it off well, I especially enjoyed the one with Takei it was great, now, granted he does not have the broadway or shakesperian actors or the ILM special effects or the Paramount budget, but, he has excellent writers and the spirit of the orig. going on.
I guess the big question is, is will Trek 11 appeal to the regular working man? and will the fans go and see it? Nemesis was to be that movie and it almost was, but, everyone nitpicked to death instead of just going and seeing it 3 or 4 times and Paramount released it at a horrible time on purpose to get rid of the Berman/Braga/Stewart and crew team because of the upcoming CBS takeover. Most of the Trek movies have been sustained by people going and seeing them multiple times and new audiences being drawn in (STIV kicked off and helped TNG and First Contact and TMP) and now with so much Trek and DVD’s coming out in 2 months people would rather buy the DVD for 15 bucks then paying 50 bucks for the family to go and see it. I will go and see it, no question, but, will your neighbor, co worker, etc. go and see it?

84. Garovorkin - March 28, 2008

#83 With regard to the trailer issue I agree withhold it from the movie audience to long could backfire on the studio, they do need to satisfy some curiosity here to keep the juggernaut going.
I have to disagree with you on Nemesis that film was not very good.

85. James Heaney - Wowbagger - March 28, 2008

I always find it amusing when people worry about the fact that this film could “lose its buzz” if there isn’t a trailer. Folks, there is no buzz, except among Trekkies (what else is new?) and the trade journals (who are all, like, dude! Abrams! And that, I’ve gotta say, is pretty cool). Delaying the next trailer saves the team from having to maintain a buzz for an entire year–which would not be easy.

Those of you who are saying you don’t honestly care… so what? You might not visit TrekMovie.com every day as you get bored, and that sucks for Anthony, but you’re not going to -not- see the movie just because you got sick of waiting for it. At least, I assume you’re not that petty.

Too bad, though. I was hoping to see Quinto in the uniform doing the Spocky thing.

86. MikeG - March 28, 2008

Wherever there is a totem pole, or heirarchy, you can always count on the very top to make things difficult for those on the bottom… and it usually has something to do with $$$$. Paramount is at the “top.” We’re all at the bottom. Need I say more?

87. Xai - March 28, 2008

IMO, you are more worried about what you want than what my neighbor, coworker..etc want.
You are p*ssed because they didn’t do what you thought best?
They are not obliged to put out pics and new trailers yet…. it’s a movie premiere 405 days away! The general public barely knows this movie exists…. and it’s pointless to attempt to get them interested now. Wait till crunch time.
And because your trusted source says something was filmed months ago…. so?
I realize you were just expressing a rant… but good grief…it’s a movie.

88. Xai - March 28, 2008

above was addressed to #83 Q

89. Xai - March 28, 2008

#86 MikeG

I differ.
We are the potential customer. It’s not an attempt to make us angry… it’s just that their product doesn’t come out for 405 days yet. They want to strike at the right time… not just make some fanboys happy for a year and a month.

90. Paul - March 28, 2008

Best analogy of the year goes to Hitch for sure! he sure knows how to diffuse a tense situation, i was about ready to vomit with rage seeing that spy pics were up then taken down, and then seeing the news we won’t see any new footage for quite some time. but that comparison, made me laugh so darn bad. keep it up my friend, it’s gonna be a loong year…

91. TGT - March 28, 2008

What about the trailer that was supposed to be with New Voyages tomorrow?

92. Jeffery Wright - March 28, 2008

why else would anyone go see a 70 year old archeology prof blunder around in the jungle? no new trek trailer? i’ll wait for the “indiana jones and the formerly new release dvd” rental

93. ScreenRant.com - March 28, 2008

Vic from Screen Rant here…

Anyone who reads my site regularly KNOWS that I do not post up every bit of rumor or innuendo about any movie. As a matter of fact I have often waited a day or two after supposed “big news” breaks on a movie because it smelled funny to me, and it turned out to be B.S.

As an update to an update, my source is sticking by his guns regarding a new teaser with Indy 4.

I guess we’ll know at the end of May.

And on a final note, I hold Anthony and TrekMovie in the highest regard.



Owner: ScreenRant.com

94. MORN SPEAKS - March 28, 2008

I’m all for keeping secrets and teasing the fans, but my anticipation is turning to anger.

95. Adam E - March 28, 2008

re: 91 TGT

I guess we’ll find out in about 24 hrs. James Crawley did say he was on set yesterday. I wonder why he was there? Perhaps discussing something with the production team?

Anthony, are you planning on going to the New Voyages showing tomorrow?

96. Woooo - March 28, 2008

by the way, the woman who plays the Bajoran Major woman in ds9 would TOTALLY get it.

97. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 28, 2008


DAMMIT!! What the hell, Paramount?!? You’re delaying EVERYTHING!! First the release date of the movie, now the release of just a proper trailer…what gives?!?

98. Boborci - March 28, 2008



99. Boborci - March 28, 2008

39. THX-1138 – March 28, 2008
Hey Orci, how’s it hangin’? Don’t worry, I got over my disappointment of not being randomly cast in the new film. Besides, I just know you’re saving me a real juicy part in the next one. Right? Bob?

hitch, that bit about a person dying every 3 seconds reminded me of a joke my guitar player sent me:

“Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2, is famous throughout the
entertainment industry for being more than just a little self-righteous.

At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, he asked the audience for
total quiet.

Then, in silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few

Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone,
“Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

A voice with a broad Scottish accent from the front of the crowd pierced the
quiet . . .

“Well, foockin stop doin it then, ya evil bastard!”

I love that one.

A: Double Lol

100. Boborci - March 28, 2008

48. Anthony Thompson – March 28, 2008
33. Bob Orci

Mr. Orci, Are you ready to comment on whether or not that “leaked’ script fragment was your work?

A: Sure, if I knew what fragment you’re talking about.

101. Boborci - March 28, 2008

68. The Vulcanista – March 28, 2008

Won’t be seeing “Indy 4″ or “Star Trek” or the new “Transformers” movie either. Women are *never* sci-fi/fantasy fans and don’t go see those kinds of movies, according to Post #119 in the Wrap thread. We only watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City.” Nothing else, ever.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

A: Preach on, SISTER!

102. James Heaney - Wowbagger - March 28, 2008

#93 ScreenRant.com:

Unless Anthony updated the article to erase incriminating quotes, I don’t think he suggested at any point that ScreenRant is less than discriminating about its sources. However, TrekMovie.com has traditionally waited on making any definitive statements until after receiving confirmation through its own sources. That is one reason, among many, that, to date (and to my knowledge), TrekMovie.com has never been wrong in debunking or confirming a rumor.

We will have to see what happens at the end of May… hopefully, your source is right, although that would ruin Tony’s year-long perfect streak. :)

I apologize if I am speaking out of turn. I don’t think I am, but, hey, preemptive apology never hurt anybody.

103. ScreenRant.com - March 28, 2008


Sorry if I wasn’t clear… I wasn’t referring to Anthony making negative comments about SR – I was referring to a couple of comments by visitors here.

Thanks, nonetheless. :-)


104. Q - March 28, 2008

87: The general public barely knows this movie exists…

Hahaha! Well, the lame teaser was on the cloverfield movie which made alot of bucks, take a look at a couple of the t.v. guide issues, they have had interviews with the new trek crew, Entertainment weekly had it on their top 10 most anticipated ’08 movies before the paramount folks switched it, that is an awful lot of promo! Oh, did I mention the posters?

105. James Heaney - Wowbagger - March 28, 2008

As a final note: Boborci is still a god. Or, at the very least, Boborci is a non-coporeal being of pure energy and immense power currently manifesting in human form. Depends what episode’s cosmology you’re using.

There. Having followed the 33rd Rule of Acquisition, I’d like to ask you, Mr. Orci: has your production team has adopted a definitive nickname for yourselves other than the somewhat ambiguous “Supreme Court?” Berman & Braga, while in itself alliterative, benefitted greatly by shortening to “Bermaga,” and we all know that Gene Roddenberry was known as the “Great Bird.” I know KABOL (and, more amusingly, BALOK) were floated in your last chat as potential monikers, but, until I have a more definitive nickname, it’s going to be very hard to cite you and your team in canon debates.

I mean, seriously, there are only so many times I can be working on a TrekBBS quote and type the words, “According to the self-dubbed “Supreme Court” currently in charge of Trek production (Abrams, Kurtzman, Lindelof, Orci, and Burk, or KABOL (or BALOK) for short)…” before I and my readers go completely mad. I’d much rather you officially dub yourselves “BALOK,” or even something random, like “The 1701 Bluegrass Band” or “The 47th Parallel,” just for simplicity’s sake. Really. It would go a long way towards you being quoted in treknology debates, which are only going to get knottier as May 2009 gets closer.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

The pathetic thing about this post is that I am being dead serious.

106. Boborci - March 28, 2008


Fair enough — what should we call ourselves?

I’ll think about it…

107. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008


It’s in the newer Nimoy thread at Post No. 24. Someone posted a link.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

108. Harry Ballz - March 28, 2008

I just read it……….I trust it’ll be better than THAT!

109. Harry Ballz - March 28, 2008

#78 “tongue against the cheek”

So, if I ask you to turn the other cheek, where does my tongue end up?

110. The Vulcanista - March 28, 2008

Still in your mouth.


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

111. Scott Xavier - March 29, 2008

i cant wait to see those grey uniforms!

112. Tanner Waterbury - March 29, 2008

Boy, I gotta say: This movie secrecy sure does have alot of C**kblocking involved. I mean, 1 minute, they have these “super secret” pics of a set stationed at some Power plant, and the next, PARAMOUNT GOES ON THE OFFENSIVE by almost instantaniously having AICN remove the pics. Really pisses me off!

113. trekkie1415 - March 29, 2008

I think all my hopes and dreams have been crushed…

But you know what, it’s cool. I’ll get over it pretty quick. I was kinda hoping for a trailer, but as soon as they announced the new date, I felt this was kind of a given. Oh well.

And hey, everybody else is doing it, so here it goes:

Hello Mr. Orci,

… and its two in the morning. I got nothing.
I just realized something… I have no life… wow… this sucks…

114. Iowagirl - March 29, 2008

Too bad there will be no Trek with Indy – Pine could have killed two birds with one stone.

115. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - March 29, 2008

Boborci – I vote for the 47th Parallel, if my vote counts for anything that is LOL!

116. Tanner Waterbury (SAVE JERICHO!!!) - March 29, 2008

This might seem random at the moment (mabye you would disapprove, Anthony) But I just wanted to state that the TV show “Jericho” was cancelled yet again by CBS. I have been going site after site to ask fellow trekkies/ers (mabye even you Mr. Orci) to just watch the first and second season online at http://www.whodroppedthebomb.com to experience what us “Rangers” have come to love and enjoy these last 2 years. We (the Jericho Rangers) have been doing a mailing campaign to the SciFi Network to take Jericho from CBS and air new seasons on their network, and we are asking for YOUR HELP. Think of it as a recruitment of a sorts. But please understand that both fans of both series have a loyal fanbase and have a common purpose: to save a beloved franchise! Since Star Trek has been slipping these few years, alot of Trekkies/ers have been weening away from Trek being reborn (or wounded) yet again, and with Jericho being killed, I feel as though we might be able to support each other (that is if you havent seen the series yet) but I am BEGGING you all, HELP US HELP YOU HELP US!!!


117. AJ - March 29, 2008

Bob Orci coined the term “supreme court,” or SC as many quickly call it. Saves writing time. Why change it?

As for the trailer, Paramount is well aware that, with the premiere moved to May 2009, that the teaser and current website were premature marketing spend.

The original strategy was to get young people into an “edgy” and “gritty” film (Cloverfield), and show them new Trek. The IJ4/IM crowd is “everybody,” and it’s too early to get “everybody” psyched for something 12 months away.

I do not know the films PP has planned over the next year (IJ4 & IM excluded), but we can probably pick “the” one for the new Trek trailer if someone can access their launch schedule.

118. jabba the hut - March 29, 2008

if tom cruise is in the movie..i know my family n friends wont watch it….

they hate Tom Cruise….


They were looking forward to it too it …. :(

its been 3 years n tom cruise reputation is still bad
i guess i’ll go myself :(

119. Battletrek - March 29, 2008

After seeing those ‘illegal’ com panel pics my excitement for this movie shot up 100%. Don’t care how long I have to wait.
And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

120. Irish Terran - March 29, 2008

a new trailer would be sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

121. Batts - March 29, 2008

Yea, some corporate big-wig is deliberately jerking our chains!! C’mon now! There is no other reason, Is this movie going to be that good?? This time next year we could all forget about TREK 11. Just imagine how we are going to act on 12/25/08 with no movie?!

As much as I love TREK, no other film I am aware of is getting all this top secret BS!! Revenge of t he Sith got that kind of treatment, but Lucas threw some bones at you. He has people sleeping outside theaters for weeks before showtime…Stay loyal to the people making you rich…Will Star Trek blow every single film in ’09 out of the water, I doubt it!!!

122. Batts - March 29, 2008

Was not principal photography finished already? What’s the delay now?? It would be nice to see some stills or something. Someone said earlier, maybe the parts of the ship being taken from earth into orbit. Pegg has said JJ is a fan. Then we say ‘ JJ look out for us onetime at least ‘ Feed us a long until 12/09 that is a long way off. :)

123. fakesteve - March 29, 2008

A full length trailer with Indy 4 would have made sense with the xmas release… but now the Powers That Be at Paramount may think, the hardcore fans will come anyway, but we have to attract the mainstream folks… people that possibly don’t even know who Damon Lindelof may be (farfetched, I know). So, a full trailer 12 months prior to the movies release would have been just too early, Indy or not. ( my Jacket is ready, of course)

124. Devon - March 29, 2008

#77 – MattJC

“Again good news for me.
I can go see Indy 4 now. :)”

I hope Anthony or whomever knows MattJC is just a troll, or at least someone trying to get stuff started. Over on the ST.com boards he’s resorted to saying some rather stupid things about people of other cultures and nationalities for no good reason on discussions regarding the new movie, on top of any other ridiculous post of his. It looks like he’s starting to try to bring it over here now. Just a heads up.

125. Devon - March 29, 2008

Regarding the update…. I hope that isn’t true. Indy4 would be prime to see a teaser. C’MON! What other huge film are they are going promote the movie in front of between now and then?!?!

126. MikeG - March 29, 2008

#89 I would say I’m more disappointed than angry. I get angry when my kids are disrespectful. I get disappointed when the powers that be pull the rug out from under your feet… Besides, I’m not as much disappointed in not getting a trailer as much as having to wait those 405 days more to see the film…
Hi, again, Mr. Orci, and congrats on wrapping the film. If sitting around anxiously waiting to see STXI makes me a fanboy, so be it! I canna’ wait ana longer, Cap’n!!!!!

127. Crusty McCoy - March 29, 2008


I think the leaked script fragment he was referring to was the one with Lt. Andy Lin, Lyra, Spock, Kirk — ran about a page. It was posted on several web sites and then removed.

New name for the creative team — how about The Continuum?

Bob, any updates on Fringe you can talk about?

Thanks as always.

128. Gary Seven - March 29, 2008

I apologize for going off topic, but I am out of ideas as to where to turn. I have the Phaser Remote with the Toshiba HD DVD but I lost the codes to program it- for the TV, cable, and DVD. Does anyone have them or know how I can get them? Thanks.

129. hitch1969© - March 29, 2008

Dear The OrcSter™,

Dude… you’re The OrcSter™. Sir JJ© is Sir JJ©, but also known as “dat Kirk Russell looking bloke.” DaiMon Lindeloffagus® is DaiMon Lindeloffagus®.

This is clearly established trekmovie.com canon, and was never in dispute.

It is my hope that the fans here will begin to address the creative team of this great new movie with the respect and therefore the proper nomenclature.

Cloaking my privates but leaving everything else uncloaked!!


130. Woulfe - March 29, 2008

I think they should at least Inform “Average Movie Goer” the change of release date so they aren’t all confused about why the film isn’t in theaters come 12/25/08, seeing as the film is being aimed at “Average Movie Goer”

That is the plan, right ?
To get “Average Movie Goer” to see this new Star Trek ?
If so Paramount might be going about this new “Strategy” all wrong.

A 2nd teaser, this time with the correct release date attached to it on one of Paramount’s big summer films would be a no-brainer IF they are still after “Average Movie Goer” to see Star Trek, otherwise just keep that info to “The Fans” and see how far that will get you.

– W –
* Who will point out that “The Fans” are split about the new film, still *

131. James Cawley - March 29, 2008

I was there as J.J,’s guest, and got to watch the events of the last day with the cast and crew. Again, I can not re-iterate how Gracious and caring a man J.J. is.
This team is NOT flying blindly along. There is a reason for each and every decision that is made. Enjoy, the mystery of the ride as that really is half the fun of the adventure! As a fan, I have been afforded a rare priveledge to have been a very small part of J.J. Abrams world of Trek, I thought on several occasions when he would ask my opinion of something that I was actually dreaming, but No it was really happening!
He cared enough about Star Trek to ask a fan their perspective!
Star Trek is coming back, and next May we will all be back in Gene’s universe for one more Grand Adventure!
James Cawley

132. diabolk - March 29, 2008

There was no leaked script page… it was really bad effort at fan fiction…looked written by a 12 year old.

133. snakeo - March 29, 2008

Lets talk box office…(worldwide)

Indy 4 will be like the biggest box office hit of the year…$1 Billion world wide..

Dark Knight will do huge box office too due to the excellent Batman Begins (which ‘only’ did $350 million – but i sense a Matrix Reloaded/Austin Powers 2 sequel increase as those who missed it at the cinema will have caught it on dvd etc)..plus not forgetting the added morbid appeal of it being Ledgers last film…i’d say it’ll probably do around $600 million

Isnt there another Potter movie out too? they usually do about 800 million – 1 billion

X Files 2 – cant see this doing more than 200 million world wide.

Incredibal Hulk – well Ang Lees Hulk only did about 260 million but this one will be more action packed and closer to the tv show…probably 350-400 million

Iron Man – 400 million

Bond 22 – 600 million (Casino did 600 so it should do the same)

now what about 09? specifically MAY 09

Wolverine – estimate 350 million (yeah 100 less than X3)

Angels and Demons – 500 million (Da Vinci did 750 but that was a far better known book..plus it wasnt very good either)

Terminator 4 – i think T3 did 450 million…i’d say T4 is on for a similar amount even without Arnie…the pretty good tv show should boost the box office…i think if they DARE to make it PG 13 it will make LESS money as fans would just lose interest..

and of course lets not forget

STAR TREK – Ok..this is the most unpredictable movie to estimate box office for in a loooong time…i think the fact Nemesis did something stupid like 70 million ww is neither here nor there as BermaTrek was pretty much burned out movie/tv wise by then…this is an all new version made by a different bunch…i’d say it’ll do similar to what The Motion Picture did in ADJUSTED $…so we gotta be talking about $300 – $350 million worldwide…maybe 200 in the US and 100 overseas..i know that seems alot for a Trek movie especially overseas but hell it might do even more…

star trek is by far the most difficult box office to predict out of all those mentioned

134. Cervantes - March 29, 2008

I’d rather they showed the existing ‘teaser’ with ammended release date tagged onto the biggest(?) Movie of 2008, rather than nothing at all…
I’d like a bit of Trek with my Indy!

They can STILL keep the real goodies of a full trailer for any later Movie releases nearer the time after all.

135. hitch1969© - March 29, 2008

Yo JC™,

I’m going to start a massive hitchworld campaign to advertise the Phase II, my man. We is going to blow dis thing wide open to da massives. Or, da masses. let’s red phone it on my exclusive, private aol account that only you, AP, and the Vulcanista share:


I haven’t even given that one to The OrcSter™, Sir JJ©, or DaiMon Lindeloffagus® yet. It’s my private email, dude. Only given to a select few of muy importante. Sure, someday The OrcSter™, Sir JJ©, and DaiMon Lindeloffagus® will have it and correspond with moi in kind. But for today… if for a while… time will tell.

AS time is the great healer… as previously noted, it is also the fire in which we burn. Such duality, such paradox. Time is simply the singlemost limitation of human intelligence. We shall never master it nor shall we manipulate it. Can we even understand it?

Its why time travel stories work, over and over. Time and time again. ;)



136. Thelin - March 29, 2008

# 131

HOORAY! Finally after a 35 year wait, we are finally going to see original Star Trek. I am holding on to great hopes that this movie delivers.

The spy pics of the shuttlecraft spoke volumes to me personally about what they are going for in this movie (pix are worth a thousand words).

I guess we are all getting a little impatient for more of that kind of stuff, but I take your word for it James that us long suffering TOS people are going to be treated to some great surprises in the new movie.

137. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 29, 2008

It might quench the fanboy thirst, but IMO, now is not yet the time for a full blown trailer. I think we should start seeing something like that around the original projected release date. The general public has a short attention span as it is, and hyping the film at the optimum time is important to generate the right amount of buzz in the few months from X-Mas to may of 2009. I’m no Hollywood professional, but I deal in marketing all of the time, and it just makes sense to this American businessman.

138. Mr. Bob Dobalina - March 29, 2008

No Trek tease during Indy? Boo!

139. T2 - March 29, 2008

They released the teaser roughly a year before the movie was supposed to come out….it would make sense to do that again…as another one with Indy would be roughly a year before the movie comes out…oh whatever, i’m gonna go crawl under a rock for a year or so.

140. DaveM - March 29, 2008

Having worked in a movie theater for nine years (four of them doing promotions) I can safely say that the typical movie going audience is not a Trek fan. Releasing trailers for the sake of getting the masses whipped into a frenzy over a film that is a year away is not a good marketing strategy.

Paramount is not going to release a full blown trailer on Indy 4 when the release date for Trek is just under a year away.

It may make the fanboys happy but six months later the typical movie going public will have forgotten about the trailer and the film. The most likely time frame for a full trailer is the Christmas release season.

Now with that said, I’m surprised that no one has thought of the idea of an internet only trailer that could only be accessed by visiting certain Trek web sites…. like this one. Visit here, click secure link go to exclusive web only trailer. The link would be useless if you didn’t visit a Trek news site first.

If the fanboys MUST have their fix, its the easiest way to please them and not burn the public out.

141. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 29, 2008

#140—-Excellent points, Dave. I agree 100% with the X-Mas release date being the right time for a full trailer.

An internet based trailer for the fans would be great. Now, if we could just get Bob or James to help get JJ’s security guys to turn their backs for just a minute (perhaps the ever-reliable green Orion Slave Girl distraction trick), we can leak the full trailer to the internet.

Seriously, the only problem with that is that TPTB know that Star Trek fans will go see their movies just to see the trailer (at least alot of them will). Why give it away for free? Because they are just that nice? The only way that happens is if it is completely unsanctioned by Paramount.

142. TBonz of TrekBBS - March 29, 2008

To Dennis:

“TrekBBS…will still report them as plausible a day or so after they’ve been debunked.”

That’s B.S. If I see that they’re debunked, I don’t report them or if I’m assigned the story, I say they’re bogus.

Credit me with some intelligence. :/

You’re right about being behind. It comes of there only being me with no others doing the news. I can’t live online.

And unlike Anthony, who is a sweetheart and a gentleman, I don’t live in L.A. or have his L.A. connections and I probably never will have that depth of connections. I can’t “check” with sources.

I’d prefer not to be classed in the same class as Trekweb. I do strive for authenticity and professionalism and I’ve very cautious with rumors. If I think that something is a rumor or wrong, I will make that quite clear.

I thought you knew me better than that, Dennis.

Oh well.

143. Storma - March 29, 2008

Thanks God. It would have spoiled INDY IV for me…

144. Stanky McFibberich - March 29, 2008

re: 141 Mr. Poopey…
“Seriously, the only problem with that is that TPTB know that Star Trek fans will go see their movies just to see the trailer ”

Going to see a movie just to watch a trailer is insane.

145. SChaos1701 - March 29, 2008

I think after the crap that Paramount pulled with delaying the movie (even though it was a good business decision), I think they could at least give us a little something is the form of another teaser; a series of teasers showing us the construction of the Enterprise. It’s not like they don’t have the time to make them. To give us an awesome teaser in January getting us excited for a Christmas release and then pushing the release date until May of 09. To be kind of honest, it’s a little cruel to the fans of the franchise to get us all excited and then make us wait over a year for something that was originally promised a lot sooner.

I’m usually not one to say to do something just for the fans, but in this instance I’ll make an exception. Give the fans a little something for the wait you’ve decided to put us through. Don’t be cruel to the people that kept this franchise alive through all the good and bad years.

146. TBonz of TrekBBS - March 29, 2008

I’d love another teaser. And I was planning on seeing the new Indy movie so a Star Trek teaser would have been icing on the cake.

147. Sxottlan - March 29, 2008

I don’t think people are expecting a full-blown trailer a year out, but perhaps another little teaser.

148. Xai - March 29, 2008

104. Q – March 28, 2008
87: The general public barely knows this movie exists…

“Hahaha! Well, the lame teaser was on the cloverfield movie which made alot of bucks, take a look at a couple of the t.v. guide issues, they have had interviews with the new trek crew, Entertainment weekly had it on their top 10 most anticipated ‘08 movies before the paramount folks switched it, that is an awful lot of promo! Oh, did I mention the posters?”

The posters are a non-issue. For the few that truly are out there and still up… effectively no message there.
TV Guide… I’ll give them props..they have been a very long time promoter of all Trek. Entertainment Weekly? …sorry… you can have a poll and not talk to the entire movie going populace. Presidential polls barely talk to 500 people nationwide.
Cloverfield did well, no disagreement…

I’m in advertising… these things helped, but this is not enough to give this movie top-of-mind-awareness. You are paying attention because you like Trek. Your co-worker, friend, etc are seeing the message enough yet to break through the clutter of the ad bombardment we each get every day. There’s no valid marketing point to give us another teaser yet. They want to sizzle at the right time….. and that’s likely starting with the November and December releases, then some national TV, interviews, cast pics, etc.
You got a cloverfield tease because it was a JJ film and the movie date had not been moved yet. Had it been May 09 all along, you likely would get a teaser before Indy.

149. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - March 29, 2008

#144—-“Going to see a movie just to watch a trailer is insane.”

“Insane” might be too strong of a characterization, but I agree that it is a bit much. However, judging from many of the posts here around the Cloverfield premeire, that is exactly what happened with the teaser. I don’t think it unreasonable at all to conclude that even more would do that, knowing that a full-fledged trailer was attached to a film.

150. Fentin Tamagotchi - March 29, 2008

That just leaves plenty more time for making the “pretend” trailers. Plenty pictures of the actors around, and a bit of compositing, and soon a new trailer will appear…

151. Galaxy Quest 2 - March 29, 2008

No trailers? Hey Star Trek movie people! What are You going to give us to keep our minds occupied until summer 2009.I’m breaking out in hives!How about some production stills or artists renderings?

152. Devon - March 29, 2008

#143 -Storma “It would have spoiled INDY IV for me…”

And here Storma is, I’m assuming the same one from ST.com who likes to post a lot of crap/making up stuff about the new movie as well. Troll.

153. Xai - March 29, 2008

Pardon my typos…#148 SHOULD say

Your co-worker, friend, etc AREN’T seeing the message enough yet to break through the clutter of the ad bombardment we each get every day.

154. The Vulcanista - March 29, 2008


I think you’re right. Don’t feed it.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

155. Viking - March 29, 2008

Damn it, Roberto, this doesn’t mean you still can’t insert scatalogical fart humor into the viral site!!!!!! LOL

156. JodarTrekFan - March 30, 2008

You’ve got two months until Indy 4 opens and principal photography is completed. Surely, they can assemble some live action shots, with some of the new completed visual fx and combine them with stock shots from previous Trek films. They have done this before. It would give the Trek film even greater exposure and anticipation given the large numbers of Indy fans that will fill theaters this summer.

157. james7007 - March 31, 2008

Let’s just wait and see what happens before everyone starts in. I know many women and none of them are SCi-Fi fans. Absolutely none have even heard of Star Trek.

You say Star Trek and they think Star Wars. Let’s get real The Vulcanista is maybe one of the few fans. It is not an insult to women, but it is sadly just a fact.

I made the comment about Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives because it is true. How many males do you think watch those shows? Please. Do you think any of these fans are going to watch a star trek episode let alone a feature? I guess that would be real SCI-FI to believe that.

158. Xai - March 31, 2008

157. james7007 – March 31, 2008

Are you just Trolling or really believe this?
Sorry, either way it’s not fact as you proclaim. You are entitled to your opinions (and the problems I see caused by them), but they are not fact. I know plenty of ladies that love science fiction.

I suspect you aren’t seeing anyone right now.

159. The Vulcanista - March 31, 2008

#158 {{{{{{{{{{{THX}}}}}}}}}}}}

But he’s right, you know. Out of the billions of humans that inhabit this planet, I’m the only female that likes “Sex and the City” and “Star Trek” or any other SciFi/Fantasy. There are no others anywhere else. James7007 said so, so it’s a fact. All the other female posters here are just figments of our collective imagination.


Well, I’m going to settle myself in front of the Braves home opener tonight. Hopefully, my pesky XX chromosomal structure will permit me to enjoy the game.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

160. Xai - March 31, 2008



Oh dam, I forgot…women don’t tell jokes either… oops

161. Jamie - April 1, 2008

Bob et al,

I think it would be great if you could find a way to mention star trek before the Indy 4 movie. Going to a theater and getting both in one sitting would be as good as it gets. Even rehashing the original trailer would be OK – I never saw it in the theaters – that Cloverfield movie wasn’t my kind of thing, so I didn’t go see it. Of course I saw it online though :) How many other people out there skipped it too? Perhaps there would be a way to do another really short teaser, just to update the release date and not show new footage, or just some inconsequential footage, just so you could reach the huge Indy 4 audience and say “hey, there’s this new movie coming out next year, and we know you’ll forget but we’ll remind you in six months” kind of thing.

162. Jamie - April 1, 2008

I meant I saw the trailer online, not the cloverfield movie, that was kind of confusing…

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