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“Elaan of Troyius” Remastered Review + Video & Screenshots March 31, 2008

by Jeff Bond , Filed under: Review,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

by Jeff Bond

“Elaan of Troyius” manages to recapture a little bit of the fun of second season Trek in the middle of the otherwise grim third season. While it’s clearly modeled on Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” the tale of Helen of Troy, and Dorothy Fontana’s “Journey to Babel” (both “Babel” and “Elaan” feature high-conflict diplomatic missions onboard the Enterprise, the starship being stalked by a mysterious enemy vessel and a climactic space battle in which the Enterprise is initially helpless before turning the very appearance of helplessness to its advantage), “Elaan” has enough original elements to keep from appearing as a mere retread.

Casting is a key to the episode’s strengths. First there’s Jay Robinson as green-skinned Troyan ambassador Petri. Robinson is the kind of flamboyant actor classic Trek thrived on—he was well-known for his edge-of-hysteria performance as the mad Roman Emperor Caligula in the biblical epics The Robe and Demetrius and the Gladiators, and was probably better-known to younger viewers as the title character in Sid and Marty Krofft’s Saturday morning TV show Dr. Shrinker. Working in green makeup and a pointy-headed wig, Robinson is elegant, emphatic and funny as Petri and he creates quite a sympathetic character. What’s perhaps more impressive is that the exotic France Nuyen manages to make the monstrous Elaan sympathetic, even after she shockingly stabs Petri in the back and leaves him for dead on the floor of her quarters.

Elaan is an intriguing character—arrogant and insulting, secretly vulnerable, yet even in the throes of a hopeless romance with Kirk she manages to suggest that they join forces to wipe out the Troyans (“What kind of mind could think of a plan like that?” Kirk asks her). Elaan is a product of her warrior culture and just as Robinson brings real wit to his performance as Petri, Nuyen gets off some nice blasé moments of sardonic humor—check out her shrugging response to Kirk’s Roddenberrian plea: “In my experience the differences between people disappear once they get to know each other.”—Elaan: “That’s not my experience.”

There are two unsung heroes in the mix: writer/producer/director John Meredith Lucas is one—this is the only example I can think of of a Trek writer directing his own script, and Lucas shows real potential behind the camera. I like Kirk’s run down the corridor while a security guard trots beside him giving him a report—this redshirt seems like a real guy and a convincing military man. Equally good is the moment when Sulu is THIS CLOSE to pressing a fatal button on his helm board when Kirk, framed right behind him, manages to stop him from executing the command in time. Lucas gets good performances out of his guest stars and Shatner gives one of his most focused third season performances with none of the twitchy hamminess that would mark other third year outings—he clearly relishes his early, fiery scenes with Nuyen and cannily underplays his reactions to her bluster and outrage—his slow burn reaction to Elaan throwing a knife at him and sly rejoinder (“Our next lesson will be in courtesy…”) are great Kirk moments. Lucas also adds nice moments for Scotty (his flash of rage when Elaan refers to engineers as “menials”) and Uhura (who takes umbrage after sacrificing her quarters to Elaan only to have the Dolman find them “unsatisfactory”).

The other hero is composer Fred Steiner, whose score here is his best work for the season, with a haunting melody for Elaan that Steiner ingeniously adapts as martial space battle music—and his scoring of the unveiling of the Klingon ship is spectacular. Alexander Courage may have written the Star Trek theme and scored its pilot episodes but Steiner was really most responsible for the musical style of the series.

I’m not sure why “Elaan of Troyius” hasn’t been more highly anticipated by Trek Remastered watchers—in all of the original series run this is the only sustained battle between the Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser. The orignal episode could do little more than deliver shots of the Klingon ship model moving towards and away from the camera and with the high warp tactics at use here the potential for this episode was enormous. Up until now we’ve only gotten fleeting glimpses of CGI Klingon vessels, but especially in “Day of the Dove,” the rendering of the Klingon ship has been underwhelming. For “Elaan,” the CG Klingon ship gets its first real exposure and the results are very mixed.

Most Remastered viewers have disliked the long-distance space battle shots done for the series but especially for this episode, they help open up the action and give an impression of a battle raging over miles of space instead of a few hundred yards. This approach is used in some nice shots in “Elaan” showing the Klingon ship wheeling and rushing in for attacks like a banking falcon correcting its trajectory. It’s the close up shots that often don’t work and there’s a graphic demonstration of the difference in the middle of one shot—as we watch the Klingon ship rush in on its first major feint in a view looking backward between the Enterprise’s warp engines, the ship seems threatening indeed as it rushes toward the Enterprise at break-neck speed. But the second it becomes large in the frame and breaks off its run at the last minute the illusion of mass and speed vanishes—here again the original grainy model shots work better from a simple dramatic standpoint because the ship continues its plunge past the camera. The scale of this shot is also off—if you watch the last few frames with the Klingon ship ostensibly still behind the Enterprise warp nacelles the ship is much too large in the frame to be behind the Enterprise.

The rendering and lighting of the Klingon ship never reaches the level of realism that the Enterprise shots at their best do. The CG model offers obvious advantages over the small physical model used on the original series—the CG model can boast internal lighting and details like impulse engines that were beyond the capacity to engineer into the original model, and in close up shots its clear that the CG model is carefully weathered with some additional levels of panel detail also not seen on the original miniature. Add the virtual camera that can skim the surface of the model from a few scale feet to miles away and you have something that should blow the original miniature out of the water.
Despite this, the illusion of a real three-dimensional object is rarely obtained by the close up shots of the battle cruiser; it frequently boasts a definite Video Toaster look. Even if you don’t like the Romulan Bird of Prey shots in Remastered’s “Balance of Terror,” the specular paneling on that CG model does give the illusion of a solid object. The Klingon ship is clearly the second most important spacecraft seen in the entire Star Trek series, and the CBS-Digital crew didn’t drag their feet and wait to put together a Klingon ship until these final episodes—they took care to insert the ship into first and second season episodes and have had the time necessary to refine this model so that it should be able to match the Enterprise in screen realism. Now with only “The Enterprise Incident” left in terms of full-scale space action, it seems like a missed opportunity. In some respects the CG model is actually less-detailed than the physical model—check out the rectangular shapes that flank the shuttlebay structure at the top rear of the model, which are softer, thinner and lacking the slat detail on the miniature. And close shots of the bridge and other rounded shapes clearly show a kind of fractal structure that gives this CG model the look of something that was designed to be seen from a distance, not in close-up.

Some of the shots are successful—the first image of the Klingon ship tailing the Enterprise clearly represents what the original show’s effects team would have done if they could have: where the original shots simply switch from a shot of the Enterprise flying past the camera to a matching shot of the Klingon ship on the same trajectory, the new shot subtly pans with the starfield in motion after the Enterprise passes to catch the Klingon ship pacing it. At least one late-in-the-game shot has the camera scraping the Klingon ship’s hull as it heads for the Enterprise and some added high-relief shadows make the ship look a bit more convincing than it does overall. And the shot of the Klingon ship finally getting hit by Enterprise torpedoes is a definite improvement on the original—weaponry hits and explosions are well done here and show some improvement over the awkward exploding Klingon ship in “Day of the Dove.” And apart from the space battles there’s an interesting shot of the Enterprise streaking into the orbit of Troyius near the end of the episode.

This still has to rank as a disappointment—you’d think coming up with a perfectly lit and rendered Klingon ship would have been one of the first priorities of this project. Let’s see if “The Enterprise Incident” sends the Klingon ships (if not the Klingons themselves) out on a note of glory.


Star Trek – “Elaan of Troyius” FX Reel

by Matt Wright

Elaan, doing her Dohlman thing

“The more he talks, the more annoying he gets”



1. kp - March 31, 2008

yay im the first

i enjoyed this episode, but i love all the classics

2. Harry Ballz - March 31, 2008

Me like Elaan……she purty!

3. diabolk - March 31, 2008

The hurricane on another part of the planet is a neat touch… shows that not all weather is great everywhere.

4. Disgruntled Trekster - March 31, 2008

I agree with much of this review. Some elements of the space battle were very nicely staged, but suffered from too much emphasis on the Klingon Cruiser, which did look a bit too CGI for my liking.
Still, the episode is a favorite if for no other reason than Fred Steiner’s magnificent score. If only it were commercially available.
Darn the luck.

Great review.

5. SteveinSF - March 31, 2008

The SFX shots of the klingon ship really were the worst I have seen since the remastered TOS started. It looked so fuzzy and cartoon-ish. Too bad, I really like this episode. This is before they changed the button sound effects to the “modern” sounds.

6. ety3 - March 31, 2008

I loved the battle scenes in this episode. Sorry I’m not that big on nitpicking the CGI.

7. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

Decent ep. Petri needed back-up.
Elaan is a cool character, but a tough date.

8. Batts - March 31, 2008

I thought this was SUPERB! I really got a feel for the klingon ship as it followed the Enterprise. The battle was great!! I was wondering why the Enterprise came into orbit around Troyius so fast?? It went around and disappeared quickly!! Did anyone else catch that???

Oh and by the way!! France Nuyen is a doll! I love that arrogance she had, it made her appear quite the vixen or “B-word”! Also Captain Kirk did not take any crap from a woman either. She slapped him and he looked and slapped her back!! She was so turned on by that later, of course after throwing her dagger at him!! LOL!! If memory serves, Kryton was married to Lt. Marla McGivers in real life! and also one of Elaan’s guards who said he would be whipped to death if Kirk came in there was the same guy that played Dell Frye’s creature in the incredible hulk series.

9. diabolk - March 31, 2008

I can’t get the video to load all the way.. frustrating!

10. SteveinSF - March 31, 2008

Something is up with the video. Won’t load all the way.

11. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

The guard who said he would be whipped to death always had the wierdest Elvis delivery to his lines in this episode. I always expect him to tell Elaan, “Don’t be cruel.”

12. Nelson - March 31, 2008

Great review! I saw this yesterday and have to agree that it was a mixture of disappointment with a few pretty good shots.

The best shot was the lower angle of the Enterprise as the Klingon ship is coming around going for her flank.

The shape of the Manta ray rear section also looks wrong. They’ve faceted the front face where the neck attaches. Seems odd they’d do this.

I was really looking forward to this episode as I saw it, Day of the Dove and Enterprise Incident as ones to watch for in the 3rd season. The Ultimate Computer was actually better then this, and it shows.

Some of the best battle action scenes are in Elaan, so it was a missed opportunity. I do like most of the work that CBS has done with the Remastered project, but this one is a disappointment.

Maybe next week, we’ll see some cool preview images of Enterprise Incident. I hope this one turns out much better! C’mon CBS, don’t let us down now!

13. Batts - March 31, 2008

#11 You’re RIGHT!! Lol!

I thought this was interesting how TREK hinted at sex. Elaan needed to be slapped. Kirk did not respond to the page at first and then we find him tired, sitting on the bed and Elaan on her back, then gets up like “we are not done yet” . That must have been one mean and fierce spanking she asked him for?? LOL! Why could’nt that have been me!!

14. T Negative - March 31, 2008

This episode was really improved with the new shots. There was a lot more tension and drama than the original. I have not seen this episode in 15 or so years so it was almost new to me. The pan shot of the Klingon ship closing in on the E then firing disruptors on her was a great shot as well as the E firing SIX photon torpedoes on the D-7 (one of my favorite shots yet for the remastered project.) I very much enjoyed this new version and I can’t wait for it to come out on BD.

One gripe I have is the Klingon ship was somewhat underwhelming. I understand they wanted to keep with the original style of the old model but, it wasn’t very convincing, especially the first few shots of it. I did like the blue impulse engines however and the disruptor blasts were almost organic in appearance which I liked.

It also looks like they painted the Transporter room purple for the 3rd season. Has anyone else ever noticed this??


15. trekofficial - March 31, 2008

theres no beveling on the front dorsal ridge of the D7 therefore THIS IS NOT CANNON

16. Dan Lee - March 31, 2008

The SFX video that works is here:

Trust me. You will be extremely disappointed. The special FX in the 60’s is vastly superior in every way.

CBS-D shame on you for making a cartoony, pathetic effort. This remastering is a ridiculous effort.

17. kp - March 31, 2008

um yes it is and chill

18. Cool Daddy - March 31, 2008

The BEST shot of the entire episode
was when Elaan first materialized on
the transporter and they showed her
from the bottom on up. What a sweet
money shot and honey pot she had.
Who couldn’t truly love all of that?
Anyone have a clip of that?

19. Garovorkin - March 31, 2008

I believe this was the episode that introduced us to the Klingons. Its by far one of the best episodes of the original trek. The re mastering on this looked very spotty, in places, That’s supposed to be a Klingon ship? Looked about as menacing as a granola bar.

20. maspill - March 31, 2008

not impressed but its better than nothin .

21. Sean4000 - March 31, 2008

“”Menacing as a granola bar.””

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that reference!! :)


Just wait until spockboy gets his hands on that episode I am sure He’ll knock it out of the park.

22. SNL - March 31, 2008

Where is France Nuyen from? ………………………………………………..
We are …. from France
………..Remember, LOL.

23. BrF - March 31, 2008

Well reviewed. A nice angle or two here — esp. looking up at Enterprise as the Klingons circle — but again and again and again these new effects give no sense of mass to the ships. Too often it’s less like watching giants in motion and more like watching balsa wood bob on a pond.

24. sean - March 31, 2008

Disruptors – Good!

D7 – Eh, pretty bad really.

The shot where the Klingon ship swerves away looks pretty awful. On a positive note though, comparing the very poor D7 rendering to the CGI Enterprise shows just how much better it is now than in the begining. It tells me that if CBS-D had more money and time, these remasters would really be impressive.

25. Vulcan927 - March 31, 2008

great job on this episode…one of my favorites

26. BrF - March 31, 2008

Maybe that was a little strong but the idea of what might have been has gotten to me.

27. richr - March 31, 2008

BUT DID YOU KNOW THIS…She was married to I Spy!

France Nuyen continues to work in film and was slated to appear in the film The American Standards (2007).

From 1963 to 1966, Nuyen was married to Dr. Thomas Gaspar Morell, a psychiatrist, with whom she has a daughter named Fleur (who is happily married and resides in Canada). She met her second husband, Robert Culp, while appearing on his TV show I Spy; they married in 1967 but divorced in 1970.

In 1986, Nuyen earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and began a second career as a psychological counselor for abused women and children, and women in prison. She received a “Woman of the Year” award in 1989 for her psychological work.

28. Aragorn189 - March 31, 2008

They might not be the best improvement, but hey to me, it brings it closer to an early TNG feel for the special effects. Its not good and its not bad. I still prefer the remastered over the originals.

29. richr - March 31, 2008

Also…overall FX/CGI quality aside, since I’ve been screaming for REVERSE ANGLE battle sequences for nearly 2 years….I THINK I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW!!!

Why…oh why…didn’t we get this type of attempt for The Ultimate Computer?

30. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 31, 2008

E shots looked terrific
D-7 shots looked like sh*t

Print looked very vibrant lots of bright colors in this episode!!

Always loved this episode has a little of everything

31. Mr. AtoZ - March 31, 2008


Nuyen was born in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, Europe as France Nguyen Van-Nga.

32. US Taxpayer Dude - March 31, 2008

SNL: France Nuyen nee a Marseille of a father from Viet Nam and mother from France. Starred with THE SHAT as Suzie Wong in a theatrical production that bombed badly, if memory serves. Dig the accent. Dig the duds. Did the ‘tude. S&M before it was fashionable (of course, Marquis de Sade was French…)

Fred Steiner’s score is a treat. I too haven’t seen the ep in decades. I especially dig the staccato 16th note triplets in descending stepwise changes. Then the trombones and tubas kick in with reply. I LOVE WIND BANDS! Steiner was a master.

33. Frank - March 31, 2008

Yes, that aft view of the Klingon ship veering off is horrible. As is mentioned, the perspective and scale is all wrong here, not to mention the speed is just too fast for my taste (again). A really disappointing shot and I think the worst one so far from CBS. The original, that reused Klingon flyby shot is much better. Just my take…

34. Jeff Bond - March 31, 2008

Incidentally, I got to meet France Nuyen (plus Malachi Throne, Morgan Woodward and a few others) at a convention several years ago–she was a total sweetheart and held forth on working on Trek and St. Elsewhere (another great TV series).

35. DaveM - March 31, 2008

I love the SFX reels, but it would be nice if you included ALL THE SFX SHOTS instead of just losing certain ones because they are simply planet orbit shots. The shots of Enterprise entering orbit at the end of the episode are missing.

On a different note, I’m so happy to see the reviews back. Thank you, Anthony.

36. Magic_Al - March 31, 2008

Is it really hard to make the Klingon ship look as good as it did in TMP or TUC?

37. DaveM - March 31, 2008

Klingons were introduced in the first season in Errand of Mercy. Third season EOT was not the first introduction.

38. elyoh - March 31, 2008

This was one of the first TOS episodes I ever watched and I was disappointed with the angles of the effect shots. The star ships are large objects and CBS just seems to make them do some ridiculous twists and turns which are completely unrealistic unless there animating a small fighter craft or something. Even the ray effect is naf.

I think the original effects shots for this episode were awesome and only needed cleaning up to remove grain etc. After several good episodes, they really have destroyed this one in my opinion.

39. El Ghost Host - March 31, 2008

Elaan is in my top 5 Trek Babes. Hot.

40. OR Coast Trekkie - March 31, 2008

There was some definite awkwardness to the Klingon ship, and some awkwardness to its weaponsfire. However, the weapons hit at a distance were effective.

Why did they use 2 earth-like planets for this show? This is an instance where you don’t always have to keep with earthlike planets, especially if none of the action takes place on a planet. I do think the hurricane in the first planet was a nice touch, but on the second planet, there are clearly 2 different scales shown, with the speed into orbit shot, and the standard orbit shot. I think that shot of the speeding into orbit seems like a more realistic scale of a planet verses a starship.

41. Vulcan Soul - March 31, 2008

WTF? Those Klingon ship shots are seriously screwed up. Compared to the 1960s original shots even.

42. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

No special effect is better than that scene at the end of the teaser where Elaan is beamed up and we get a nice long sweeping shot up her lovely body. And she is a wild one. Yay France!

43. M33 - March 31, 2008

This reviewer really tends to dislike the third season. I tend to enjoy the third season as much as the others. Ah well; can’t agree with everyone.

44. Engon - March 31, 2008

It is interesting to note that “Elann of Troyious” was the second episode filmed for the third season (right after “Spectre of the Gun”) yet it was the 13th episode of that season to be broadcast (on 12/20/1968). It thus ties for the longest delay between production and airing of any TOS episode with “Bread and Circuses,” which was the 14th episode produced for the second season and the 25th to be broadcast.

The explanation of the delay for “Elaan” no doubt had to do with the numerous special effects shots.

It’s more difficult to say why “Bread and Circuses” was delayed since it does not appear to have been a very complex production. However, by making it the penultimate episode of the second season (March 15th 1968), Star Trek’s most overtly religious episode aired about as close to Easter as it could. The last episode of the 2nd season was “Assignment: Earth,” which was presumably given that spot because of its “spin-off” nature.

45. JYoung - March 31, 2008

One thing that bothers me about this episode:

Kryton sabotages the Enterprise’s Warp Drive by attaching a bomb set to go off when the ship goes into Warp.
Then Scotty finds out that the Dilithium Crystals are burned out and he and Spock make emergency repairs using Elaan’s necklace.

The Enterprise then regains Warp Power and pummels the Klingon ship.

So what happened to the bomb?

46. mc trekkie - March 31, 2008

Horrible new Klingon Cruiser- Enjoyable ep otherwise

47. Mark 2000 - March 31, 2008

So embarrassing. The animators should be ashamed of themselves. The klingon looks like its on a wire half the time, turning awkwardly and definately not on its center of gravity. And the green weapons fire looks like freaking blobs of jello. My god, how did these people get jobs?

48. steve623 - March 31, 2008

That schtick is getting pretty old #15.

49. Anthony Thompson - March 31, 2008

Another spot-on review and another pathetic effort from CBS Digital. That shot of the Klingon ship bearing down on the nacelles in nothing short of laughable. And the shot following the rear of the Enterprise as it disappears behind the planet is almost as bad.

50. thebiggfrogg - March 31, 2008

Geez those Klingon ship shots do look bad. I don’t think it would have killed them to add a bit more detail–not overkill, but this is supposed to be HD after all. I can only hope they look better in motion than as screen caps. Seems like CBS-D is slumming it.

51. Engon - March 31, 2008

An observation about the effects:

Look at how soft the shadows are on both the Enterprise and the Klingon ship in the new shots compared to the old. In the third set of side-by-side comparisons on this page, the leading edge of the Enterprise merges with its top deck. Also, the new D7’s pylon casts a very blurry shadow on the body of the ship. The hard shadows of the 40-year-old effects shots are more realistic given a single light source and the poetic license of “stellar” ambient light. I think the lighting has a lot to do with the perceived sense of mass and solidity of the ships – or lack thereof.

52. Anthony Thompson - March 31, 2008

THE Anthony already told him that a few days ago. Apparently he didn’t get the hint. : ) So, trekofficial, let me repeat what Anthony P. wrote: GET NEW MATERIAL.

53. Izbot - March 31, 2008

47. I agree, embarrassing. Klingon ship looks like its from a video game. Some of the stuff was passable but yes, there is no feeling of weight or mass to any of the Remastered ships, least of all in this episode. And the weapons fire did look like jello!

At least France Nuyen is lovelier than ever remastered! Always hoped we’d see the Elaasians and Troians again. Elaan acts more like the typical 24th century Klingon than anything we ever saw on TOS. I assume this star system neighbors the Klingon Empire given their involvement. She and her people could’ve made interesting additions to the Empire.

54. thebiggfrogg - March 31, 2008

#15 Give it a rest. Is this like the 10,000th time we’ve heard the lame “canon” joke. Probably worse than the lame “first’ references (even the “ironic” first are getting old). Think of a new schtick or go back to the Borscht Belt (somewhere between the fifth and sixth planets of Orion).

55. diabolk - March 31, 2008

Carp all you want, but as a longtime fan, these scenes blew me away. I loved seeing the Klingon ship so close and in such dramatic angles.

It tickled my inner kid.

56. Bill Shakespeare - March 31, 2008

The new CGI modeling is OK but some of the ship animation was really spastic. In the clip above, with about 1:00 remaining, as the D-7 buzzes the Enterprise from behind, the hard break to starboard really undermines the feeling of mass that should be conveyed. These are huge ships and it’s difficult to believe they could dart about like that.

57. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

Petri looks like an Easter Egg. Can I blame CBS-D for that, too?

Same notation as I’ve made before: CBS-D really, really needs to take another pass on some of these episodes. It’s clear that composition was a major concern in these shots. And yet, the execution on several is poor. So, that’s it, right? Power down the laptop and spend the paycheck on beer n’ strippers.

Um, why get this close to accomplishing what you set out to do and then quit? Come on! The time constraints don’t matter. Paramount hasn’t even announced a BluRay date yet. Guys… COME ON.

58. Drew - March 31, 2008

Yuck! The effects are horrible! The original is far superior than this rendition of the episode. Sorry CBS – another poorly made remastered special effects episode you did.

59. Demode - March 31, 2008

The thing that really bothers me is the disruptor beams. They look awful. A green version of the Enterprise’s phaser beams, or even a GREEN photon torpedo-style effect would have looked better.

60. Tom - March 31, 2008

This is the first episode to show a Klingon ship. There is a long beauty pass in the original version (9th row of screen grabs), noticably absent in the remastered

61. Quatlo - March 31, 2008

CBS digital didn’t redo the Klingon ship very well. I’ve supported 99% of their efforts but was disappointed with this result.

62. planettom - March 31, 2008

“There’s no crying in baseball on the Enterprise!”

63. Imrahil - March 31, 2008

I like the planet orbit shot at the end, good sense of scale there.

I never much liked this one. I have never ever found it convincing that Elaan could be considered attractive. She’s hideous.

64. Xai - March 31, 2008

15. trekofficial – March 31, 2008
“theres no beveling on the front dorsal ridge of the D7 therefore THIS IS NOT CANNON.”

Yeah, yeah… so come the “official” word. If you are so into it… learn to spell it.
Pirates of the Carribean, Captain Jack Sparrow = cannon

Star Trek fandom fav term for continuity in the Trek universe = canon.

And it’s still old.
The review is very accurate in my opinion and I agree with the poor CGI of the Klingon.

65. Xai - March 31, 2008

63. Imrahil – March 31, 2008

“She’s hideous.”

What? You can’t be looking at the right page.

66. Adam Cohen - March 31, 2008

I thought the shots, while not movie-quality as some past efforts have been from CBS-D, were mostly a lot of fun. I mean, they fit within the style of TOS and there was a campy quality to some if it. Certainly, we all appreciate the magesty of these ships, etc. But remember, it’s a 1960s tv show– and it always shall be such.

I truly dug this episode.

67. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

63.: Hideous!?!?! She was one of the three most beautiful women to grace Star Trek TOS and that is saying something.

68. Jeff Bond - March 31, 2008

Regardless of her appearance, Kirk falls in love with her due to the chemicals in her tears, so his motivation is never in question…

69. MrRegular - March 31, 2008

A gorgeous actress and some great special effects(flying into orbit at the end of the show) are tainted by a rather halfhearted attempt to portray a Klingon Battle Cruiser.
It looks flat. Not 3 dimensional at all. Not massive, not intimidating, as it should be. C’mon, this is the Klingon Empire we’re talking about here.
As 19: Garovorkin said so well, it’s menacing as a granola bar.
Darren Dochterman could do better in his sleep, and the last I heard he’s with James Cawley and Co.!

70. T Negative - March 31, 2008


Agree, I thought the new pace of the battle with the Klingon ship and composition of most of the shots were very well done. The new shots really helped the pace and drama of the battle sequence. It actually appeared like the E was under attack, as where the original was just this Klingon ship flying around out there and never really felt like a threat. While the D-7 was not perfect, it worked for the most part and I enjoyed it. Some people need to relax.

71. max - March 31, 2008

This is one of those shows i think people remember being better that it actually was. I find this one to be a bit cheese-ball. To each their own.

72. Spoctor McKirk - March 31, 2008

This is the first time I’ve turned an episode off before it ended. The D7 effects were comparable to a 10 year old video game. I am massively disappointed. Was this episode completed before or after Toshiba cancelled financing for this project? Did they cut the staff budget? I guess “The Enterprise Incident” will answer that question. If it’s on par with this one then I give up. Paramount obviously thinks the ‘Trekkies’ will accept anything they spit up. I’m sure the good people at CBS-D mean well but it appears they’re working with stone knives and bear skins.

If I see the words ‘not cannon’ one more time I will buy one and use it on myself. Give it a rest.

73. SteveinSF - March 31, 2008

#16–thanks for the link!

74. GNDN - March 31, 2008

Another great review, Jeff. Sometimes I feel bad for not actually buying your book instead of reading it from cover to cover at B&N several years ago :)

The promise of the third season really shines in this episode and “The Paradise Syndrome,” at least in terms of production values. But where “Syndrome” benefitted from the location shooting, this episode was so well-directed that it is easy to forget that it was bottle show.

For more information about scenes deleted from the aired version, please see http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Deleted_scene#Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series

75. dep1701 - March 31, 2008

I usually am not as harsh in my opinions as some of the regular posters here, but this time I must chime in. I was very disappointed in the CGI Klingon ship. Some of my reasons are listed below:

1). The original model had many smoothly flowing curves in it’s secondary hull. The CGI version looked as though it were made up of several flat panels welded together. I would guess that these are due to large polygons used to create the ship.

2). Where were the large louvered panels on the outer nacelle struts? On the CGI version these were missing completely. This made it look like an unfinished model kit.

3). Adding to that unfinished look was the fact that the Klingon lettering was also missing from the nacelle struts.

4). Controversial to me were the small ( presumably ) phaser domes on the secondary hull, which were never on the original model ( or even the motion picture version for that matter ).

5). Also controversial to me were the never before seen impulse engines. Although the motion picture model had them, the rear views of the television version ( seen extensively in “The Enterprise Incident” ) reveal that this model never even had features on the hull that could have been interpreted as engines. But even if you accept them ( since the Klingon ship used for DS9’s “Trials And Tribble-ations” did indeed have them added ) they were rendered very poorly here.

Although I generally support the efforts of the CGI team, I take exception when they uneccessarily alter an iconic series design, as they did here and when they “gussied up” the original Tholian ship.

They’ve had well over two years to get this ship right, and it looks as though an incomplete rendering was rushed into service. This is especially disappointing when you consider that they’ve teased us with distant shots of the D-7 in other episodes before now.

76. Odkin - March 31, 2008

Well, once again you can tell what is going on in the TOS shots from across the room, while the new shots form a blurry gray blob from about 2 feet away.

When will we learn that 3D modelers and other technical people are not necessarily good artists or Directors?

77. Ro-Dan - March 31, 2008

The CGI wasn’t perfect but seeing new shots of the Klingon D-7 (one of my favorite sci-fi ships of all time) was a pure joy.

78. The Lensman - March 31, 2008

The fx were just poor on this one. I remember when “The Ultimate Computer” came out this was said about it:

“The TOS-R team chose this episode to be their ‘big event’ sweeps episode for the 2nd year of the show (last year it was “The Doomsday Machine”).”

Well that was a poor choice, especially as considering the time of each FX vid, this ep has almost a minute more, and it’s missing the end orbit shot. Plus it’s a far better battle than the one in UC. They should’ve treated this one like the “big event” ep and it should’ve been of the same quality as DM. Actually, since most of this stuff is just rendered ships, ALL of it should be the same quality as DM.

“It looks like a model” was the first comment my brother made upon seeing the Klingon ship. I thought it looked like a cheap model. The cinematography was piss poor in spots. Look at shot #11…in the remaster, the ship is just too damn high and the camera ends up on a bland warp engine. Focusing on the secondary hull of the Enterprise is one thing, but all the beauty stuff on the Klingon ship is topside and in a straigh tline, more or less. That shot should’ve been a no brainer. And it’s not the first time they’ve had shots where the ship was too high, or the camera positioning elicits a big “WTF?”.

FX guys are not neccesarily good cinematographers, and they really need one or they need to hire a new one if they do have one. All too often, not always, but too much, the shots lack any visual drama, the ships lack weight and mass or move in a jerky fashion like an old AMT model.

When they started this thing, I could over look these things, but now? No. I mean in some of these eps, we’re just getting new remastered stock shots of old stock shots. Shots 1,2,3 and 5….for the love of god, you’ve already got the scene (or project , whatever your 3d software calls it) built, move the camera around and stop being lazy about it. When you change out the planet texture, you have to re-render the scene anyway so move the camera.

Until this weekend, I’ve never been in the camp that hopes a new remastering effort is done at a later date with a newer and more experienced FX team.

79. Garovorkin - March 31, 2008

#21 sean a commodore 64 computer could probably have done a better job with some of those effects. That green crap coming from the Klingon ship , was supposed to be a disruptor fire? Pathetic.

80. bigmike - March 31, 2008

I loved the shots of the Klingon ship and i loved the battle between the Enterprise and the Klingon ship which was the best part of this episode.

81. Batts - March 31, 2008

Did anyone else notice the error shot of AFTER the klingon ship is hit and its on the E’s viewscreen, We arre looking at a 1st season shot of Shatner on the bridge!??

82. starfall42 - March 31, 2008

One thing interesting was that Kirk threatened to have Spock forcibly mind-meld with Kryton, something we didn’t actually see until ST VI.

83. =A= - March 31, 2008

much better!!!!!!!!!!!

84. Buckaroohawk - March 31, 2008

Overall, I agree with Mr. Bond’s review. John Meredith Lucas’ direction in this episode is very striking and the acting is superb all the way around. The interaction between the characters is also top-notch, with tight, realistic dialog. If there’s any one TOS episode I’d like the cast and crew of the new film to follow regarding how the Enterprise crew interact, it’s this one.

As for the new FX, CBS-D did a great job mapping out the battle between the Enterprise and the Klingon ship, and they had some fun with a few of the shots, which is always nice to see. However, the low quality of the Klingon CGI model was a heavy distraction for me. Seeing obvious polygons on a CGI model is as bad as spotting the wires on a physical model; it takes me right out of the action.

Furthermore, the Klingon model lacked a lot of detail and the details that were there looked awkward. The hull windows were HUGE and the impulse engines looked like they were just pasted on, not an integral part of the ship. In my opinion, they used a low-poly model meant for distance shots instead of building a hi-res version. It’s a shame that, when CBS-D finally decides to give us some nice close-ups of a Klingon Battlecruiser, they didn’t give the ship the same level of detail seen on the Enterprise. Yet another in an unfortunately long line of missed opportunities.

Lastly, I wasn’t too keen on the Klingon’s disruptor fire, either. Those bolts were awfully big, making them appear more powerful even than photon torpedos. I have to admit that I prefer the smaller, crisper bolts for the original FX shots.

Ah, well…on to the next episode. Time to re-cross my fingers and hope for the best.

85. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

Just HOW many times throughout the series did they reuse that shot of Sulu looking back at Kirk (from the Corbomite Maneuver)? At least twice in this episode! OY!

>>And the green weapons fire looks like freaking blobs of jello

That was a pretty faithful recreation of the original sfx, actually. The only bonus was the 3/4 angle perspective added.

Y’all have been hating on the Klingon ship, but it was a nice change to see it featured doing more than hovering in the distance. Yah, some physics were a bit raped in the motion of the D-7 when tailgating, but still… And just where were the markings on that ship? Did the Klingons think that by hiding their name, nobody would recognize them? Silly Klingons.

Ok, my nerdy stuff here: With those impulse engines all over the back end like that, the ship appeared to be a modified D-7, not quite a D-7A K’t’inga, but in in-betweener. Maybe from the Klingon version of Phase II? So, if it didn’t look like something from before, there’s your reason. *nerd logic*

86. Bertram Cabot, Jr. - March 31, 2008


Any comments on the fx shot of the Enterprise firing photon torpedoes?

The launching/firing of the photon torpedoes matched the sound effects.

87. Gary Seven - March 31, 2008

Well, saying Elaan is “hideous” conveys the sense that some people here are from an alternate universe.
With the exception of the D-7 banking (it looks like it’s “jerking”), I thought the Klingon Cruiser looked very very good, more like TMP than the green model in the original. WIth all the lights, blue glow, etc, it looked like a real spaceship. I enjoyed the new effects thoroughly, and thank you CBS.

88. Thomas Jensen - March 31, 2008

This wasn’t a good episode for the Klingon ship rendering. They omitted a few markings with the Klingon logo, I could only spot one. The Klingon approaching the nacelles from the rear and at the last second, with it jumping up, changing direction, looked so poor as to be laughable. It would have been better if the Klingon just moved smoothly past, off camera.

The Klingon was hit and miss as far as looking as a ‘real’ model should. And that last shot of the Enterprise rounding the planet was weak, as the ship moved to our left around the planet as if to be moving out of our view of it’s orbit, but it was still too close to the camera’s vantage point to have gone over the horizon at that point. Very, very bad work.

It seems the quality of the shots has really taken a dive since Toshiba has withdrawn from the project. My impression is that they are doing this with less money, therefore, the time spent isn’t enough to make the shots as they could be. Yes, there are some very nice shots, resulting in an improvement, but the execution isn’t all that impressive. Very disappointing.

At this point I’m afraid what “The Enterprise Incident” will end up looking like. I’m not a detractor of the project, but lately I’m seeing substandard new work and no care to recreate some of the more iconic shots from the series.

The project seems to be losing steam as did the original show during it’s last season.

89. Mark T. - March 31, 2008

I know I’m in the minority here, but I LOVED the new effects in this episode. Taking the familiar shots of the E passing camera right and doing a slight whip pan to the following Klingon Cruiser, or just showing the E in the foreground with it’s Klingon shadow in the distant background, was great! For the most part, the staging of the shots was spot-on IMO. CBS-D did a great job once again infusing the “classic” set-ups with an appropriate amount of modern ship choreography. The only thing I thought to be cringe worthy was the shot of the Klingon cruiser banking away from the rear end of the E at the last second. A simpler fly-over would have done the trick for me.

I also don’t get the hatred for the render quality on the Cruiser itself. That first beauty shot of it in the episode was fantastic. Even better was the shot where it came in from close under the camera. Lots of nice subtle detail there. Again, it was a nice splitting-the-difference between the overly smooth TOS model and the heavily greebled TMP version (both of which I love!)

For me, everything in the episode clicked. All the visuals meshed really well with the live action. The new FX really livened up an already lively episode.

90. franBro - March 31, 2008

Klingon ship looks ridiculous. Like a mediocre videogame. And tiny, it moves like an X-wing.. What a shame…

91. Dan Lee - March 31, 2008

#89 Mark.T
Not sure what you are viewing. Please give my regards to your 15 year old co-worker at CBS- D.

Unbelievable that you are praising this really substandard work.

92. Rainbucket - March 31, 2008

A different point about the Klingon ship — I know they’re trying to honor the original art and all, but apparently while they had smooth foreheads the Klingons stopped using red lights on their ships.

Just compared to what we’ve seen since TOS, the bright blue engines and windows don’t feel very Klingon.

For the disruptor blasts I give them credit for trying something original. It’s not like we never get to see laser bolts.

93. BlackBirdCD - March 31, 2008

The CG Klingon battle was atrocious. The CG model itself was abysmal, and the animation amateur at best. I’m being nice by saying it appears to have been rushed, and/or given to a green crew.

Please, just give me the raw HD footage of the old series and I’ll fill in my own special effects.

94. Gary Seven - March 31, 2008

I agree, Mark T. #89.
And I”m not 15.

95. Disgruntled Star Trek Fan - April 1, 2008

Horrible! Just horrible!!! I’ve been watching CBS Digital do some really great work in the last few months. But this really bites in a huge way! Every scene with the Klingon ship looks like something from Playstation One. But what good does all our griping do? Do they give a crap what we think at this point? This was really bad! I mean really, really bad!!! I honestly don’t get the impression that anyone even tried for this one!

96. Engon - April 1, 2008

One nagging question:

Exactly how does the story of “Elaan of Troyius” relate to the story of “Helen of Troy?” Considering how tortured the allusion is, the only similarity between the two stories is that both women are considered beautiful. In her tempestuous nature and her ability to seduce men, Elaan is much more similar to Cleopatra – a point her hairdresser seems to have noticed. Between that and the parallels to “The Taming of the Shrew,” this episode appears to have been more of an ode to William Shakespeare…or Elizabeth Taylor.

97. Battletrek - April 1, 2008

I like the old FX, CG is boring.

98. Jon C - April 1, 2008

89 Mark T….I liked it too.I thought it was faithful to TOS era effects while taking them just a step further.
I enjoyed the depth of field in the space battle.The minimalist look of the D7 was original era spot on.The jerky movements of the D7 that some found disappointing here I interpreted as taunting and menacing from the Klingon ship.
I liked it more than ‘Ultimate Computer’ for it’s space battle.

99. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 1, 2008

Some of the shots looked good, but I thought the shots of the Klingon ship firing were HORRIBLE!! Just video-game-esque green blobs spurting out the front. The original effects were actually better in that case…

100. demon barber of starfleet - April 1, 2008

This is one of those episodes that makes me wish there was a bitchslap button on the tv remote. Because that woman deserves it multiple times.

But then of course Kirk actually does slap her….so never mind.\

I enjoyed it. The new shots of the bird of prey were great.

101. Iowagirl - April 1, 2008

Fine review, Jeff.

Very enjoyable episode. I always liked Elaan, as she’s a very differentiated and diversified character; and her interaction with Kirk is priceless.

“There are no more available, but if that’s the only way you can get gratification, I’ll arrange to have the whole room filled from floor to ceiling with breakable objects.”

102. shatners-basson - April 1, 2008

Usually I dont comment or have been positive, but in this instance I think CBS has really handed this to the B team of cgi artists.

– Klingon cruiser is clearly a lo-res model. In the shot where it fires a torpedo you can see the vertical polygons in the centre section of the hull. There doesnt seem to be a proper texture or bump map which is why the model lacks the surface details we would expect to make the model realistic (eg. the slight astec pattern that the enterprise and romulan vessels have) which would explain the missing deep grill on the warp pylons and the lack of the klingon symbols (these are even on my old micro machines model!)

-Shot Compistion leaves a lot to be desired. The initial shot of the cruiser on the viewscreen lacks any sort of drama since the ship is so small on the viewscreen. Its also travelling the wrong direction and looks wierd in the cut to the next shot.
There is a concept in direction known as ‘crossing the line’ where is is imagined that you are filming from one side and any direct cut should stay within the 180 degree angle of that side. Otherwize the cut seems strange to the viewer.
In more than one shot the camera ‘crosses’ eg. west side top of the E to east side bottom of Cruiser.
There is also another concept called screen/action safe where you try and keep your main clear action within a box in the centre of the screen. A couple of the cruiser shots were way out up at the top and out of screen safe. If I turned those in at my work I would get the sack!

-I’m only going to briefly comment on the movement of the cruiser. Im hoping that they animated it on a path, but i think the path had to many (or not enough) vector points. Or else they had the pivot point of the cruiser in the dead centre of the model rather than up at the back. It would have looked SOOO much better had they just let it whoosh past on a direct course as we saw in the original.

Sorry to be a gripe but it was just annoying me something awful.

103. Vulcan Soul - April 1, 2008

I don’t even wanna get too technical or treknical as other posters but the fact is, even from a GENERAL, even NON-TREK point of view this stuff does not live up to contemporary standards and artistically pales in comparison to the 1969 work.

Now, the initial justification for the TOS-R project was to create high definition effects that honor and fit in with the original show and its otherwise high definition film stock, preserve it, and even open it up for a new generation.

As such, TOS-R has to be deemed an UTTER FAILURE by now. This stuff does not bring anyone closer to TOS, if anything it angers the original fans by diminishing the original vision with this amateurish additions and replacements. No one who did not like TOS before will be thrilled by this, not now, and even less so in 5 or 10 years. By then, it will look JUST AS date as TOS to the last person – and unlike original TOS, it doesn’t have the benefit/excuse of nostalgia, for it is not the best of a long gone, great era of visionaries, just the piss-poor work of a third-rate in-house effects team that was hired to cash in on this series once more.

All what is left is the hope they will release the FULL original version in HD eventually, for anyone to enjoy the show as it was meant to be. Hopefully people will vote with their wallets which they deem the superior vision.

104. eagle219406 - April 1, 2008

I have noticed in the past that some people have been upset about the fact that they show the nacelles in the viewer when they look behind them. It may be an annoyance to some but I understand why they do it. It is probably so people don’t forget that they ARE in fact looking behind the the ship.

105. eagle219406 - April 1, 2008

#103: As such, TOS-R has to be deemed an UTTER FAILURE by now.

Just one other thing, If it is such a failure, why do people keep watching it, and why have so many people bought the DVDs?

106. Jorg Sacul - April 1, 2008

#105 Just one other thing, If it is such a failure, why do people keep watching it, and why have so many people bought the DVDs?

I’m not agreeing with 104… but your logic is flawed. People keep watching “reality TV” and Paris Hilton, but neither have value. Possibly, they actually have negative value.

Call me crazy, but I’m enjoying the hell out of the new, cleaned up live action parts of this incarnation. The matte paintings are more robust, the colors more alive, and the sharpness of the camera work has never looked better. IF ONLY CBS had the cajones to have run the full-length episodes, commercials be damned. If only…

The SFX might have their weak spots, but at least the ship doesn’t change color and physical model from shot to shot. The spikes don’t appear and disappear. The bluescreen wash doesn’t dissolve the ends of the nacelles. We don’t get the exact same shot of the underside of the ship as it fires phasers, shoots photon torpedoes, or gets hit by enemy fire.

107. star trackie - April 1, 2008

Another prime example of how the 3rd season is no where near as awful as many fans like to label it.

Great episode!

108. John Gill - April 1, 2008

I felt like I was watching Star Trek The Animated series when the Klingon ship veered off from coming too close to The Enterprise, other than that, as stated earlier, this episode remastered was better than nothing!

109. j w wright - April 1, 2008

as much as i want to like the new cgi, this is another installment where i prefer the original footage… cgi looks like a computer game when cbs-d produces it, should have used filming miniatures.

110. Garovorkin - April 1, 2008

It doesn’t look like a really good re mastering job, there are things that they could have done better.

111. capt mike - April 1, 2008

i also enjoyed this episode. it was a good one. not the greatest cgi but in my opinion better then the classic. i love the photons the enterprise shot out and in hitting the klingon ship. thats the best cgi done so far. but there was a mistake in one shot. when kirk said warp factror 2 and we hear the engines humming and the next shot the enterprise was not even moving as the klingon fired. that was a mistake and that should have been caught and corrected.but all in all a good cgi episode. but elann was a hottie.wouldnt mind going on a date with her. but i would need as knife as well.

112. eagle219406 - April 1, 2008

I have noticed many have said that the effects look like a video game or a cartoon. Have any of you seen the movie, “The Last Starfighter?” It was one of the first movies to use CGI FX. There were a few scenes however that looked a bit Cartoonish. THe makers in the commentary explained it. They had the ability to make it look more real, but they were on a deadline and didn’t have the time to complete the effect. The same problem happened here. They probably would have made it better if they had the time. But even with the time and the small amount of money they had, I say it was a big improvement from the original.

113. tonydup - April 1, 2008

Mixed on renderings.

Going back to Arena – I took time to watch the original. The metal sky anomaly in the episode title shot was a piece of tin or other metal hanging down damaged in the attack. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before. I don’t keep up with this site on a daily basis, so if this is old news, please show mercy.

114. Jordan - April 1, 2008

@ #16

Sorry, while the original had good effects for it’s time, the CGI shots are above and beyond, even while not being up to the level of modern movies.

115. Tango - April 1, 2008

It would have been nice to model the Klingon ship a little more closely to TMP. It didn’t have to get that elaborate, but it could approach some of the detailing as in that movie.

Also the last scene where the Enterprise disapeared around the planet made me feel like the entire planet was the size of the Island of Manhattan.

116. Garovorkin - April 1, 2008

#112 I understand the notion that were under the gun, but still the klingon ship doesn’t seem to blelnd in well with the episode. It just does not look right.

117. British Naval Dude - April 1, 2008

Arrr… CBS Digital has decided to build real spaceships and stage real battles just above ye olde Earth. Unfortunately, thar first Enterprise’s nacelles tore off during tha launch and the saucer section wuz sent crashin’ into a cowfield promptin’ bonky UFOphiles ta soil themselves.

And I thought their CGI was real good on dis one- even better than tha real thing.


118. Holo J - April 1, 2008

why do they have to make the Klingon Ship look so far away in the view screen shots? It very annoying they keep doing that with all the ships. I would like to see more close ups especially as it was closer on the view screen in the original.

Jeff makes a good point when he says “I’m not sure why “Elaan of Troyius” hasn’t been more highly anticipated by Trek Remastered watchers” I was wondering the same thing as I have been keen to see what they would come up with for this episode.

I guess the obvious answer is because most have come not to expect much from this rushed and uneven remastering effort. Also the advertisement campaign has totally gone off the boil. We hardly get any new still images or any new trailers for upcoming episodes for us to get excited about since the lay off on the official site.

119. Max - April 1, 2008

Why do the original shots look so much crisper than the new ones? I appreciate the new shots of the battlecruiser, but really. Two more earthlike planets? The originals were much more colorful.

120. Holo J - April 1, 2008

I do kind of get the feeling the artist are burnt out being pushed to finish this project as quickly as possible and as a result I think the love has gone which is shown in the final product.

Its not all bad some of the work has been good and an improvement over the original. But I think most fans are just annoyed this hasn’t had the time and money they would like to of seen given to it.

For example CBS admit they weren’t happy with the original model but they didn’t have time to go back and change it. Also there are lots of additional enhancements they would have liked to of done but haven’t had the time to do and on top of that there are shots they know they could have done better with but can go back and make better. The whole thing feels rushed through to make a quick profit and most of us can see through that.

The weekly TV schedule has played a part in CBS having to rush these episodes out, it would have been nice if they had let them go back after they had this schedule out of the way and spend some time finishing this remastering to a much higher standard .
Now HD DVD is dead as a format perhaps they will spend some time perfecting these episodes before any potential Blu-ray release?

121. Max - April 1, 2008

I’d love it if they cut the “intelligence reports Romulans now using Klingon design” line from ‘Enterprise Incident’ and used Romulan ships instead. I think the Romulan ship model must have been broken for them to use such a shoddy excuse in the first place.

122. thomoz - April 1, 2008

the flat front “lip” of the digital Klingon ship looks wrong –
the part in the front, with all the lights, below the bridge.

Did they not match the original’s measurements?

Maybe the bright lights make it look “mis-shapen”

In CBS-D’s defense, effects I though looked hokey on broadcast looked
magnificent in full HD on my HD-DVD discs. So, maybe the effects shots
are only partially successful in the low-res 2008 broadcast.

123. eagle219406 - April 1, 2008

#119: Why do the original shots look so much crisper than the new ones? I appreciate the new shots of the battlecruiser, but really. Two more earthlike planets? The originals were much more colorful.

Why do people keep complaining about the earthlike planets. This one didn’t look that different from the original. Also I saw “The Corbomite Maneuver” on DVD and Mccoy made a speech that might explain them. It went something like this, “THere are at least 30,000 earthlike planets and at least 300,000,000 galaxies like this one. And in all this there is only one of each of us. Don’t destroy the one called Kirk.”

124. thebiggfrogg - April 1, 2008

Is it my imagination or did the quality of TOS-R take a nosedive after the official Trek website did the same? Seems to me CBS is flipping a bird to the original series and its fans. I wonder what their reaction will be if Trek XI sets forth a huge revival.

125. rj@yahoo.com - April 1, 2008

#121 You’re correct. The BOP miniature turned up missing…and I believe this was before Year 2. You’ll notice all the shots in Deadly Years are just stock footage from Balance of Terror.

126. Cervantes - April 1, 2008

After the initial quick thrill of seeing the new effects sequences along with their new angles in these videos, it quickly becomes apparent that far too much of the new ‘remastered’ effects work is underwhelming overall.

This has been the case from the start throughout the majority of episodes completed, and is wholly unsatisfying for those of us who’d hoped for more.

While it is easy to lay the blame at the feet of the powers-that-be that initiated this project with an undernourished budget and timescale, some of the disappointment is down to the ‘creative choices’ of the CBS-Digital team themselves due to some very dubious decisions on their part.

It is a pity that some of us are now more interested in the likes of a potential ‘fan edited’ versions in the future, than the actual ‘remastered’ version itself… Go spockboy et al, go!

127. Garovorkin - April 1, 2008

#126 After seeing this episode and a few others and seeing how much better the effect could have been Ive lost a great deal of my enthusiam for the whole remastering project. And Jorge and #21 sean 4000 I agree Spockboy needs to take them to task for this apparent re mastering job, I would say tragedy but somehow that is an understatement.

128. Randall - April 1, 2008

Great episode, poor CGI renderings. Everyone here is correct… the ships look cartoon-like… too flat, no sense of size.

Clearly what’s missing is the slight graininess of film, which does a lot to add realism to a miniature. Why the FX artists don’t get this, I can’t fathom.

Obviously they’re trying to keep to the flat, clean look of the original ships, but in overlooking or forgetting the way film affected the look of the original miniatures, they’ve made a big mistake.

129. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 1, 2008

#55—-You said it, brother. My 10 year old son was actually impressed by the battle scene. That is more than I can say for anything done in the 60’s on TOS. Usually, he laughs and says, “Dad, I can’t believe you watch this.”

This time, he actually said, “Cool, Dad.” That is high praise from a kid who is raised on modern CGI effects and the like.

Say what you will, but IMO, this was not as disappointing as some of you would suggest. It plays out more impressively in the remastered episode than it ever did before. Personally, I thought that was the point. I rather enjoyed it. This was never on my list of great TOS episodes, but the remastered shots made it better, IMO.

Now, “The Enterprise Incident” does make my list of great episodes. I look forward to seeing the new take.

130. Robert Bernardo - April 1, 2008

Garovorkin wrote:

> a commodore 64 computer could probably have done a better job with
> some of those effects.

Hmm, do you mean something like the Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit?
:-) With 16 colors and a huge need to speed up its frame-rate to get up to 25 or 30 fps, the 1 mhz. C64 would be hard pressed to do such a thing. Better to get a well-endowed Amiga computer (but not with its version of SEUCK). Now back to my Fresno Commodore User Group meeting… :-)

131. Dr. Wh-ere am I? - April 1, 2008

I thought the battle scenes were fun and they accomplished the goal of storytelling. The lime green Jello shots from the Klingons were downright silly though! ROTFL! Next time, just take the disruptor blasts from NextGen or one of the movies. It was like someone took the cap off the faucet and let disruptor goo spray all over the place!

Scott: Aw, Captain, there’s Klingon disruptor goo all over the hull!
Kirk: Spock, you’re not busy, go clean it up!
Spock: But, Captain, it would be more logical for me to meld with the Dolman!
Kirk: No, Spock, that’s my job!

132. dep1701 - April 1, 2008

Re #115 ( and others ). If you look very carefully, you can see that the Enterprise Does NOT go around behind the planet. It enters a very close orbit, and is still visible in FRONT of the globe. I actually like this shot because it is one of the few times the Enterprise seemed like the actual size it should be next to a real planet. All of the original series orbit shots and most of the remastered ones still have the Enterprise looking like it’s orbiting planets from hundreds of miles away.

133. JYoung - April 1, 2008

#122: In CBS-D’s defense, effects I though looked hokey on broadcast looked
magnificent in full HD on my HD-DVD discs. So, maybe the effects shots
are only partially successful in the low-res 2008 broadcast.

I get to watch them in 1080i as my local station broadcasts TOS Remastered in HD (most of the time).
I was annoyed by the Klingon model.

The low polygon count does hurt the Klingon model by giving it a lack of detail. They needed to do at least one more pass on it.

The Enterprise do look sweet firing it’s Photon Torpedoes though. At least they got that one right.

134. Dr. Image - April 1, 2008

I HATE the switch to red for the Fed photorps!!
The original classics were white, Trumbull’s were white, and ILM changed them to red/orange. Hate it!! Big mistake!!
Compare to Eden’s torp fx in Mirror Darkly, pt 2. Vastly superior.

135. Jim Profit - April 1, 2008

Don’t you put real FX videos on trekmovie.com anymore? Again, there is no SFX Video but only a blurred streaming. Or am I just too stupid if I cant download hires videos from these blurring “livevideo”-streamings?

Jim Profit

136. DEMODE - April 1, 2008

Darren Dochterman…

Man, I wish you could go over and join the CBS-D team! lol… I would love it if you could go in and re-do all the Klingon and Romulan ships for this series.

137. Jamie - April 1, 2008

Interesting how everything remastered looks slightly “bluer” (or less red). If you compare the bridge shot you can see this clearly. I’ve noticed this “blue” effect on a lot of modern films, compared with older films.

I find it a little confusing. On one hand, the “blueness” does look better and more artistic, but on the other hand it looks colder and less natural.

Does anyone know anything about this subject?

138. Sean4000 - April 1, 2008


Go to EdenFX’s website and watch their demo reel, the third shot is of the Enterprise D from TATV. If TNG-R ever gets a remaster then Eden needs to be the company to get it done.


Crevantes and Garovorkin please contact either Spockboy or I. Wee need to hear from you guys. The TOS-R 2.0 project is Spockboy’s show now. I am just too bogged down to play anything other than head computer master. I will be in charge of the rendering server. Passes will no longer be a problem.

Check these out. They’re NOT perfect but certainly get me more excited than anything CBS-D has done so far.


139. Sean4000 - April 1, 2008

BTW, I’ve spoken to the CEO of Eden FX, John Gross. He’s a very good guy and I wish his team could have gotten a crack at a few “best of” TOS-R episodes.

I cannot see TNG being entirely remastered in HD. Max Gabl told me that CBS has no plans to ever do a job like that. However, nothing was mentioned for a “best of” HD remaster for TNG. That smaller scale project would bring EdenFX back into the picture because they got TNG down to a science. Just look at TATV.

I also am going to ask John Gross to write a letter of recommendation for my admission to grad school at SCAD for VFX. Think that would give me an edge? lol.

140. Commodore Z - April 1, 2008

I’m amused by wannabes who think that loud, frequent whining will somehow qualify them for employment at a real company.

On the other hand, I also thought the textures and detailing on the Klingon ship needed more work.

141. Xplodin' Nacelle - April 1, 2008

I think I liked the original FX shots better.

142. sean - April 1, 2008

I am not a fan of this remaster, but I will say that I truly believe CBS-D is under deadlines they can’t possibly meet.

I say that becaue the Okudas are quite likely the biggest Star Trek fans EVER, and I truly believe they are doing their best in an imperfect situation. If you ever catch an interview with them or have read any of the books they’ve written, you’ll know that no casual ’employee’ put all that effort in. Those two are invested in Trek in a real way, and I think this project might not have even happened had they not pushed for it. I’m sure they aren’t entirely pleased with how this has turned out, but I believe blame rests primarily on the shoulders of CBS & Paramount, not only for supporting a format so many knew was likely to fail, but for not providing the funding the remastering team truly needed.

143. Plum - April 1, 2008

Anyone notice that the CBS-CGI Klingon ship isn’t the proper shape?

The most obvious mistake is the angular main body, notably the bottom part which, on the original design, is smooth.

I feel the CBS Team went with a less than finished model.

144. British Naval Dude - April 1, 2008

headin’ out ta Eden… yeeeeee, brother

I got me a better proposition- pay me a few hunert pounds and I’ll play wit’ me Colorforms and create keen effects wit’ tha laser pointer…

Now, if ya had a writer around here sayin that plot points and dialogue could be better here and here and I re-wrote it here, maybe he’d be stitched inta a hay forvee?

Oh- ya know I be only funnin… I know these threads be all about the new effects and many want only tha best there can be
Quite frankly, they can all be barfy for what I care…. just gimme a good tale.

CBS is doing a fine job… a little spice on the entree.


145. dan - April 1, 2008

Why bother to remaster, when the replacement shots are INFERIOR in every way to the original. It’s very strange.

CBS-D – you guys do inconsistent and generally poor work.

146. Garovorkin - April 1, 2008

#130 Robert sorry I was being Sarcastic with regard to the effects on the episode. I know the age factor of the Commodore 64.

147. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 1, 2008

#142—You’re absolutely right, Sean. Most of the complaining here is sad—as if the whiners could do better under similar circumstances. Imagine what it must have taken to get CBS to try and do anything at all. Thusfar, I think it has been a valiant effort. It is clear that the Okudas were never going to be given the proper resources with which to make the remastered shots as spectacular as they would have to be, in order to satisfy some of the posters on these review threads. As usual, it seems that some of my fellow Star Trek fans lack a rational perspective. While the remastered effects are imperfect, there is little question that the effects in these episodes have been improved, and that is, after all… the whole point.

148. Spiked Canon - April 1, 2008

I agree 145. Give me the original

149. franBro - April 1, 2008

that’s questionable. There are many instances where the original FX actually look better. And these people are getting PAID! It’s their JOB. What they do for a living. When I do a poor job at work, believe me, I hear about it as do most people I assume.

150. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 1, 2008

#149—That’s interesting. When I give my employees a task to complete, the first thing I do is give them adequate resources and a time table conducive to quality work. If I do not, I can hardly fault the employees for producing a result which is beneath what I expected. I would be to blame, above and before anyone else. It seems obvious to me that the work has been underfunded and rushed. Like Sean, I would never doubt the level of comittment on the part of the Okuda family. With that said, they do not set the deadlines or hold the purse strings. Still, I find the effects to be an improvement over the original work.

151. Turgenev - April 1, 2008

This is the epsiode that struck me about how odd it is that the whole big spaceship is powered by those tiny crystals!

Hmmm…. as a kid, I thought that was ridiculous. Then, as an adult, I tasted my first cup of Folgers coffee. The flavor crystals in that were amazing! I was going warp speed for hours!

So, I suppose crsytals could be such an enourmous fuel source… splitting atoms and all… I don’t know- what- do they act like cadmium rods to contain matter/anti-matter? Where does anti-matter come from? Does it matter?

How could those engines not just break off from the ship, a sad engineer posting them atop two spindly twigs…

Sigh… such questions… perhaps I should ask myself, “Can I trust Obama? What about corporations taking advantage of employees? Isn’t it national don’t drive your truck day to protest high gas prices…”

and so on…

152. Irish Terran - April 1, 2008



With screenshots

Have I made myself clear…..

153. Jeff Bond - April 1, 2008

I do think some excellent work has been done by CBS-D and I agree that it’s the schedule and budget that results in some of the less-than-satisfactory work. I just think the Klingon battlecruiser is too iconic an element in this series to have been given this little attention in the process–I wonder if the time to develop the Antares and the out-of-nowhere starship we got in “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” might have been better spent on refining the Klingon ship. That’s my totally unprofessional back seat driver opinion! :)

As for kids thinking some of these effects look great, I do feel like a younger generation has now been treated to CGI effects in film and videogames to the point where as long as something moves around a lot it looks “good” to them. Granted we’re talking about a different kind of unreality here–people of my generation looked at model photography, grew up on that aesthetic, and their minds could get a “real” impact out of that work, and maybe younger viewers who never have to watch anything where models are suspended from wires or shot high speed simply cannot accept that illusion as effective. But for me it has impact because I instinctively know I’m looking at a real object even if it’s not the massive object it’s supposed to be. The highlights, shadows and textures captured by film all contribute to the sense of a real object. People raised on CG are used to seeing incredible levels of detail and movement (often camera movements that would be absolutely impossible to capture in real life), and if they watch that enough, that is what translates as “real” to them. And there’s no doubt that CG work CAN be textured and lit well enough to effectively recreate a realistic look even for an older generation. But the point is I think younger viewers increasingly don’t care–their world is videogames and that is an entirely sufficient level of reality as far as they’re concerned.

154. Dr. Wh-ere's my coffee? - April 1, 2008


My simple understanding is that the dilithium crystals focus and tune the energy coming out of the matter/antimatter (M/AM) (1::1) reaction which may, in theory, allow them to control the warp factor at which they travel. Think of dilithium as a spark plug and the M/AM particle flow as the throttle. Most of the energy flows into the warp nacelles, bleeding off heat through the manifolds that attach the nacelles to the secondary hull on most traditional Starfleet starship designs. Excess energy flows through the plasma conduits to power the ship’s systems and weapons. Anyways, the crystal facets help control where the majority of the energy flows. So, if the captain orders more power to the engine, the crystal is tilted to aim power towards the nacelles. If the captain orders more power to the weapons or shields, the crystals are tilted to aim power towards the plasma conduits which connect to those systems. If you look at the warp reactor from the first Enterprise onward, you will see multiple conduits branching off from the main warp reaction chamber. Due to the complexity of laying out the crystals and conduits in a linear fashion, it is understandable that the phasers could not run directly off the warp reactor until the Enterprise refit in ST:TMP when the technology had been upgraded. Previously, phasers drew energy from the (fusion) reactors which power the sub-light impulse drive. This theory may also explain why Capt. Kirk & Scotty had to plug the Romulan cloaking device into the warp plasma conduit network. We may assume that the cloak modifies the plasma before it reaches the shield grid.

The helm may control the warp factor by controlling how many particles of matter and antimatter (1::1 ratio) are injected into the warp reactor assembly. This may be seen visibly in the 24th century as the light patterns traveling simultaneously up and down the vertical warp reactor assembly in the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. In various episodes, the reactor light pattern is seen to start up slowly and move faster as the warp factor increases. A dramatic effect was seen in the episode “Where No One Has Gone Before” when the light pattern was extremely rapid. Essentially, the warp M/AM injectors may be analogous to the electronic fuel injector on American automobiles from the early 80’s until today.

Since the warp M/AM injectors seem to get stuck open or closed in various Trek episodes, it would seem that a 24th century analog of a control rod would be useful to control the reaction. However, since antimatter annihilates most forms of matter known to science, I don’t know what material the rods could be safely constructed from.

Antimatter can be produced by our scientists today and research is being conducted as we speak.

The warp nacelles create a field of energy that surrounds the ship and warps the fabric of space-time (ala Einstein’s theories) to allow Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel.

As to your last three questions:
Don’t trust anyone who wears a better suit than you do.

Now, where’s my Willy P? Oh yes, she’s in the 4th season now…
Alleluia, God exists! ;] Cheers!

155. Diabolik - April 1, 2008

I think I know why the CBS people night have gotten burned out as time went by… BECAUSE THEY CAME ON HERE AND WERE COMPLETELY DEMORALIZED. They knew that whatever they did would be considered substandard. even though it was supposed to be TV SHOW QUALITY and not movie…. and they lost heart, figuring, what the heck?

156. Dr. Wh-ere are my pants? - April 1, 2008


Mr. Spock: Mr Sulu, you will test the new warp reaction control rods delivered from the Daystrom Institute.
Mr. Sulu: I’m in charge of rod control… Oh My!

157. DEMODE - April 1, 2008

A part of me almost wishes now that ILM would step in down the road and put in new effects that would match the new movies we will be getting. EDEN FX really should have got this job, and it is becoming more and more clear to me that CBS D was not up for the task (mainly due to the fact that they are beig rushed). I for one will not be buying any of these DVD’s. At most, I would consider buying a “best of”, but thats it. I’ll save my money for the next time they decide to do this and get it right.

158. dan - April 1, 2008


We are all charmed when the Remastering Enhances the original look and feel.

Suddenly the Iconic images are replaced with cheap and silly looking visuals that are INFERIOR to the originals. Why reinvent the wheel with totally ineffective, cartoony FX and oblique angles and flybys that are not faithful to the original?

If CBS-D is so incapable of doing good art direction, or quality, why not just overlay the new FX ontop of the old?Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t go for wild jerkiness and barrel-rolling ships because that wasn’t what was there before.

159. Jon - April 1, 2008

I want to like the new effects; I really do. I just can’t. It’s that simple.

160. Turgenev - April 1, 2008

156 What’s taking Mr. Sulu so long?

154 Holy Hannah! … my basic idea of it being “magic” just doesn’t cut it, I guess.

What else could I ask to garner such a detailed answer? Hmmmm… meaning of life, how to find oil deposits, something about fixing my toilet maybe?

161. Marvin the Martian - April 1, 2008

This was an episode for which I didn’t realize I was really looking forward to seeing new effects, until I watched the original episode on laserdisc (yes, laserdisc) about a week ago. I didn’t like the episode originally as a little kid, because I found the romantic story to be boring (ewww… girls, blech). Of course, now that I’m older, I appreciate it.

However, when watching the original version, I realized just how boring the SFX were, and wondered how many damn times I was going to see the Klingon battlecruiser zoom by from the same angle. I was really curious to see what CBS-D was going to do with it.

I have to say, that i’m split on this effort. I really, really like all the new angles, and I think they provide a better perspective on what’s actually happening in the episode. The tension is definitely raised.

But I agree that the new Klingon ship seems half-finished and poorly detailed. And that’s really disappointing. I expected better.

Overall, though, I can see a consistency in art direction that many people on here have complained doesn’t exist. There is a certain painterly “unreality” that works in concert with the sets and costume design. Now that so many episodes have been remastered, I get where the team is coming from visually, and I think many people who have complained about their work don’t see it within the proper context. That doesn’t mean all their decisions have been the right ones (the Klingon cruiser suddenly barrel-rolling is only the latest example), but on balance, I like what they’ve done and I enjoy the episodes more.

134: The realism of EdenFX’s work, as spectacular as it is, simply wouldn’t gel well with the original footage, IMHO. The examples you link to are great on their own, but it would be much too jarriing if that approach was cut together with the 1960’s live-action footage. There needs to be a certain “flatness” in order to mesh together, and although CBS-D sometimes goes *too* flat, I think their approach is better. Despite the flaws.

162. Dr. Wh-ere's my head? - April 1, 2008


I was bored and creative…. :)

One answer for your last 3 questions…

In life, Help your coworkers and friends keep their collective heads out of their collective arses. It solves all three problems!

163. Sean4000 - April 1, 2008

Cervantes and Garovorkin I want to talk to you about TOS-R 2.0. Please contact me by looking at the last few posts in the old “SEason 2 sd-dvd only thread.”

Do no go to spockboy, he’s busy and requested that he not be touted around. I will handle all requests for the time being.

164. sir num nums - April 1, 2008

I watched this episode this past Sunday, and it was a very funny episode.

165. jr - April 1, 2008

for the most part the remastered shots were ok… HOWEVER, I’ve played video games with better looking D7 cruisers that what they used. The model just could not be used for the close-ups the shot. Those shot need a do-over! While they are at it… they should re-do the shot when the D7 breaks off w/o firing a shot. The keyframe animation look like things I could do!

166. Balock - April 1, 2008

this is a really good episode. Too bad they couldn’t resurrect the deleted scenes, that would have been a really interesting great bonus and made up for the new effects.

167. Garovorkin - April 1, 2008

#163 point taken sean no more touting, no malice of any kind was intended on my part, make sure he understands this please.

168. Gary Seven - April 1, 2008

Just want you guys to know that not all fans think so poorly of your work. I think in the vast majority of cases your work is an exciting upgrade over the original, and I thank you guys for it. Perfect work? No. But vastly improved over the original overall. And fun.
When people write the original effects are usually better than the originals, I think that is helpful information to consider in order to not take these comments so seriously. Sometimes the original FX are better, but very rarely. Matte lines, stars that are visible inside planets, planets that are often the same fuzzy and resued orb (or sometimes dyed blue instead of orange)- all pathetic effects. Remember the AMT model kit for the Constellation. I could go on and on. The fact that people are claiming that these effects are so superior to the remastered effects- well, take the criticism for what it is.

169. Sean4000 - April 1, 2008


I was the guilty party touting Spockboy around. His concern is that we would talk him up and he could not back himself up. And in retrospect that’s completely understandable. I was so excited that he was spearheading this that I lost my head a bit and I’m glad he caught me before someone called him out on it.

Contact me on the y Garovorkin and Cervantes: mut8edseabass@yahoo.com

NEO has already sent me a very tantalizing audio clip!

Take care,
Sean Philip Burns

170. Gary Seven - April 1, 2008

I meant to say: “When people write the original effects are usually better than the remastered episodes.”

171. Dr. Wh-at? - April 1, 2008

So, Is CBS-D going to redo the Enterprise flyby in Airplane II when that movie is remastered? ;]

172. The Lensman - April 1, 2008

“They knew that whatever they did would be considered substandard. even though it was supposed to be TV SHOW QUALITY and not movie…. and they lost heart, figuring, what the heck?

Then they need to quit and move on. Really, that attitude wouldn’t hold up at any job and if something like this even remotely exists, then they need to go.

When they do good, and they have, they receive *lots* of praise. If time is an issue, then they probably need to present a united front and demand a little more time. (That does actually work from time to time) This is Star Trek, a part of Americana, a 40 year institution with some of the most zealous fans around. They knew this going in. Quality should be job 1 with this project for any number of reasons.

This episode was just poorly done and I’m not gonna say a skunk doesn’t stink because it might hurt the skunks feelings. Not stinking would be the optimal solution that would make everyone happy.

173. Tango - April 1, 2008


I looked carefully. I didn’t use the one here, but the one on youtube (http://youtube.com/watch?v=NdKGl5Y141A) To me it still looks like it goes behind the planet.

174. Anthony Pascale - April 1, 2008

RE: 133 and TOS Remastered in HD
Watching TOSR on a digital channel is not watching it in HD. CBS do not distribute the show in HD for syndication. I have confirmed this with CBS.

there are two ways to get tosr in HD…Xbox live and the season one on HD DVD.

175. Scott Gammans - April 1, 2008

A disappointing effort overall. :(

176. OR Coast Trekkie - April 2, 2008

I know I’m going to get it for this but… I don’t necessarily have a problem with the maneuvers of the Klingon ship… but I do with its rendering. You have to realize that this is the 23rd century, and that their maneuvers aren’t limited to what an airplanes would be. An inter-stellar space-fairing vessel would be capable of basically any movement, and if capable of warp speed, capable of making these movements rather quickly.

#161 – While I do appreciate the approach where you are coming from, at the same time, I think most viewers could separate the effects from live action. Don’t take what I am saying as insulting, because it isn’t. To say that the effects work doesn’t match the live action is like being able to guess what a house looks like on the inside by seeing the outside.

177. Battletrek - April 2, 2008

More models, less CG, is what Hollywood in general needs to get back to. CG sucks!

178. Cervantes - April 2, 2008

Sean4000 – I’ll get in touch over the next few days.

179. Garovorkin - April 2, 2008

#169 Sean have a rather serious issue with my e mail somethings screwed up, ive got your email address though. thanks!

180. lou - April 2, 2008

please redo those horrible D-7 shots.
I’ll even donate my model to the cause


what were they thinking?

181. GraniteTrek - April 2, 2008

Gotta agree – especially if you compare the shots to the ones in DS9 where the D7 was present (those episodes benefited from having the model made for STTMP still available).

182. Teleportation Girl - April 2, 2008

I finally watched this last night, thanks to Tivo. I have to agree this is an awesome episode, one of my favorites! I just adore the interaction between Elaan and Kirk…wow…

I have to agree however that the Klingon cruiser banking away from the Enterprise kind of sucked. It somehow didn’t seem like it had weight – like the ship seemed too robotic in it’s movement.

I also hope that at some point the cg models are dirtied up a bit to adjust for the effects of the film grain.

183. British Naval Dude - April 2, 2008


so for a super realistic shot, they should have the Klingon ship upside down as it approached the Enterprize… well, it’s all relative in space…

maybe upside down and angled a bit as it bears down on Kirk’s ship in space…

and no sound at all… it could work…
… in Rififi, a film by Jules Dassin who juzt passed away, there is a whole half hour of silence as crooks burgle a place…

maybe put ina Klingon lookin’ out a porthole on tha cruiser, in his bunk… doin’ what sailors do on lonely nights long at sea…

so real! arrrr no…. FCC fines CBS Dig…

184. Teleportation Girl - April 2, 2008

well it doesn’t have to be THAT realistic. it can still look vintage (which I prefer) but must match the style of the show…the Klingon ship just looked a little too much like a cg model for my taste. i think it needed something more, a bit more detail, like indications of panels or bolts…afterall in the future these ships are all welded by hand

185. British Naval Dude - April 2, 2008

arrrr… I know not to fall in love wit’ a teleportation girl cuz they end up dissapearing on ya…. all ya have left is the memory of the goldy and silvery static…

arrr… classic style indeed…

186. Teleportation Girl - April 2, 2008

but the magic of teleportation is that we can reappear again! ta da! ;)

187. Dr. Wh-anna buy a disruptor bank? - April 2, 2008

Who sold the Klingons those magnificent disruptor banks with the blobby green energy pulses?


188. rj@yahoo.com - April 2, 2008

That’s their Flubber-Disruptors!

189. British Naval Dude - April 2, 2008

arrr ha! Ta da indeed. But you’d be droppin’ in on me whilst I be playin’ poker wit’ tha boys even tho’ I told ya I was “working late”…

ya know, at least they aint re-writin’ these eps in some manner- editing silly scenes and such… but I think thye did edit some sceens ta fit tha time wit thar pixie cruiser now, I tried writin’ me own und they shtunk acht bliley they be hiddendeep whar tha riverrrun and a’way be so much the better as shameful they be. chat 987 more before/ aft I gots cancelled….

acht… what’s next week? E Incident? Hmmmmm…

190. Xindi1985 - April 2, 2008

I hope they do something spectacular with the deadly cloud in “Obsession” and add new flybys of the old Pike-Enterprise in “The Cage”!!!!

191. OR Coast Trekkie - April 2, 2008

Also realize that everything is weightless in space… so saying the ship maneuvers without weight is actaully a true statement, and in reality, should maneuver that way.

192. jdp13 - April 2, 2008

Loved the Enterprise slowly moving while it shot torpedoes. I agree with the review that the Klingon cruiser looked bad. It’s too bad, because the battle sequences were nice, it just looked like they never finished the CG.

193. Teleportation Girl - April 2, 2008

naval dude…looks like you might be in need of some shore leave! I tried to make sense of your nonsensical ramble but got lost!

as for teleportation, like all good technology, it has it’s benefits and drawbacks. in this case, mostly benefits, although i’m sure you could use me to show up unexpectedly when you’ve got a losing hand!

194. Izbot - April 2, 2008

190. “I hope they do something spectacular with the deadly cloud in “Obsession” ”

I doubt very seriously that they will change the cloud in Obsession one bit. The effect was done on set using dry ice and also an optical effect composited over the live action. Both would be difficult to replace (and CBS-Digital doesn’t do difficult). They didn’t change the entity in Day of the Dove at all. My guess is that the only thing new we’ll get in Obsession are new orbital shots (and the planets will look earthlike as always). I don’t think they’ll do anything special for that episode in the slightest.

195. Xindi1985 - April 2, 2008

Damn it!

I have upload new FX-Reels of the following episodes:

“For The World Is Hollow…” (including Audio)

“Catspaw” (inluding Audio and the new cat scenes)

“Friday’s Child” (including Audio and the missing phaser-shots)

196. Batts - April 2, 2008


I have been saying that for quite sometime and I agree with you. The Cage needs a special touch of CGI. There are moments when you can squeeze some flybys of the E approaching Talos 4!! Definitely leaving in the end of the episode.

The vampire cloud in obsession could use a little sprucing up, but this is CBS-D, I dont think that will happen. Oh! and that blast in the end of the show! Can we use a little imagination here?? Maybe also showing something entering that impulse vent that Scotty talked about? I dont know.

197. neo - April 2, 2008

shot for shot for shot. what in the hell is wrong with these people, why don’t they just remaster the damn show?

198. Engon - April 2, 2008

Weightless does not equal mass-less. A weightless object still has the inertia of its mass. We visually judge the mass of ojects by how they accelerate and we assume they will do so in an reasonably energy efficient manner.

Give all that, it is true that with enough effort there’s no physical reason why the Klingon D7 couldn’t piroutte like a top with its nose pointed downward as it approached the Entreprise. It would still be a pretty bad artisitic choise, though.

199. Teleportation Girl - April 2, 2008

my point about the weightless look of the Klingon cruiser is not meant to be scientifically accurate, because as we all know, gravity is not an issue. What I mean is that artistically, the way that ship moved when it was banking away from the E looked really super cheesy, and might not have looked so cheesy had it looked like it had some weight to it. In other words, the pull of the tail end of it dragging against the lighter front end OR something, anything to make it drag a little.

While the way the ship moved might have been accurate, it didn’t read well on film because WE are accustomed to seeing ships move through atmosphere on earth and that is what we see often times on film. That is why in Star Wars you get explosions in space where in reality, there would be none (no oxygen, no ball of fire). Its about suspension of disbelief.

just my opinion, though. i am open to other’s points of view, of course. :)

200. Engon - April 2, 2008

I agree. I was responding to 191. I wouldn’t call the ship’s movement “accurate.” It’s more like “highly unlikely but physically possible” if you expended enough energy make such a cheesy manuever.

Again, this assumes magical inertial dampers, otherwise the change in acceleration would kill you.

201. Teleportation Girl - April 3, 2008

there is nothing i love more than magical inertial dampers.

202. dr oaschbottl - April 3, 2008


looks like a crapy game

203. Cervantes - April 3, 2008

#199 Teleportation Girl

I like the way you think. Half the problems with certain shots throughout this project have been the poorly judged movement of certain space vehicles. They have not been aesthetically pleasing.

I like those pics on your link by the way. Nice to have yet another creative type on here among the many already aboard.

204. Teleportation Girl - April 3, 2008

oh neat – you are a ‘creative type’ too then?

205. eagle219406 - April 3, 2008

#159: “I want to like the new effects; I really do. I just can’t. It’s that simple.”

I say this to many people but nobody seems to listen. This is America and we have the freedom of choice. You know the old saying, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” In other words, nobody is forcing you. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

#177: “More models, less CG, is what Hollywood in general needs to get back to. CG sucks!”

I guess you don’t like to many modern movies because that is pretty much become standard for making special effects nowadays. Models are rarely used, if ever.

CBSR: I am glad you are doing this. I agree with some people that the effects could be better, but they far from suck.

206. LordEdzo - April 3, 2008

“Admiral, there be impulse engines here!”

“I’m gonna crack my knuckles and try to be hip … they finally put impulse engines on the Klingon ship!”

And not just two — we’re talking four triangle-shaped fusion reactors!

THANK YOU, CGI folks! Now, if you could just go back and do the same on the Romulan Bird-of-Prey …

More reaction to the episode coming up …

207. LordEdzo - April 3, 2008

This episode has always been one of my favorites for two reasons: France Nuyen’s performance and the appearance of the Klingon ship.

I don’t know whether Ms. Nuyen speaks in slightly broken English or whether she was directed to speak that way. Whatever the case, she’s one of the most-memorable female guest stars because of her unique dialogue, her powerful performance and her beauty — all this despite her diminutive stature! When first beamed aboard the Enterprise, she stands there like a statue, expressionless, with those unforgettably cold eyes boring right through the camera. She’s a wonder.

The original visual effects team shot a bunch of “beauty passes” of the new Klingon ship model, which is every bit as breathtaking as it is terrifying. It’s a sci-fi icon, and I’m glad to say I saw it (and the K’t’inga model) for myself during the Smithsonian Institute’s exhibit in the 1990s.

This is another of those cases in which I would have left in most of the original VFX. They’re crystal-clear. You can see the Klingon ship up close. The model is well-lit. And, of course, those disruptor shots are amazing.

The problem with the remastered Klingon ship is that, for most of the time, it’s too far away to be seen clearly. I was most disappointed by the very first glimpse of the “ghost ship” because it was nothing more than a speck on the screen. In the original, you get that magnificent reveal with the rippling screen effects. That’s supposed to be a big moment, but the remastered version doesn’t deliver.

However, I did like new VFX of the Klingon ship flitting around, back and forth, in the background, which is exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. I also liked the close-up shots of the ship fore and aft. I did not, however, like the new disruptor effects. They either blocked out the Klingon ship entirely or were too small to be seen (but not all of them were bad).

I also liked the new VFX shot of the Enterprise (from below) turning sluggishly on impulse power. Still, however, it’s hard to believe that sublight speed could seem so slow!

Finally, I didn’t care for that shot of the Klingon ship approaching the Enterprise from behind. Moving in, it looked just fine, but then the CGI folks did that stupid VFX maneuver of the Klingon ship suddenly flipping over on its axis and speeding away. I didn’t like it in “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” with the Enterprise, I didn’t like it in “The Tholian Web” with the Tholian vessel and I don’t like it here. It seems too “unnatural.” Sometimes, those CGI folks take their mantra of creating “1960s-type visual effects” too seriously.

208. JYoung - April 3, 2008

RE: 133 and TOS Remastered in HD
Watching TOSR on a digital channel is not watching it in HD. CBS do not distribute the show in HD for syndication. I have confirmed this with CBS.

there are two ways to get tosr in HD…Xbox live and the season one on HD DVD

I know that was true with the First year but have you checked lately?
Because I can usually tell the difference upscaled 480 and true 1080i and if it isn’t true 1080i, it’s the best upscaling job I’ve ever seen for broadcast.
Certainly better than the Sex and the City reruns on the same channel.

However, I’ll make it a point to TiVo the SD Digital broadcast this weekend as well for comparison purposes.

209. Jim Profit - April 3, 2008

For uploading FX-reels which are downloadable I decorate Xindi1985 with the Palm Leaf of the Axanar Peace Mission, the Grankite Order of Tactics, a Class of Excellence award, the Prantares Ribbon of Commendation, First and Second Class, the Medal of Honor, a Silver Palm with Cluster, the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, the Karagite Order of Heroism and several Awards of Valor.

I wished trekmovie.com would do it again.

210. Prologic9 - April 3, 2008

I just wanted to point out that the CG model of the Klingon ship for this episode wasn’t at all the same model used in earlier remastered episodes. The earlier D7 model was far more detailed and accurate, though they did add TMP style panels to the hull (too pronounced for my taste).

Why did they use a different (shitty) model for this episode? IDK, it wasn’t nearly different enough to convey it as a new class of ship.

211. Cervantes - April 4, 2008

#204 Teleportation Girl

I like to think so. :)

212. British Naval Dude - April 4, 2008


Oh, I be the creative type… look at me tv show in the Chat room, post 1216 was the latest ep… but it had 3 afore that…

Oh, maybe I be the crappytive type, ah bungie nackers! Or just like ta run me mouth off as naseum and shamelessly self re-promote a’diddy doo! And populate tha chatteroo area…


213. Teleportation Girl - April 4, 2008

sorry…only interested in commenting on trek stuff.

214. British Naval Dude - April 4, 2008

Arrrr… They do make nice bikes and bicycling accesories. : )

215. Jon - April 4, 2008

Consistency is the key…modern, artistic consistency! I’m referring to the redone special effects; CBS’s “hit or miss” effort is laudable but not richly consistent. While trying to be “good but not too good,” CBS has ended up sacrificing some awesome opportunities to dazzle and inspire us; the result has been at best mixed. Some original effects and overall “ship shots” were just overall better than some of what has been presented; they seem to lack the rich color, variety and sparkle of the original optical houses. In attempting to be “good but not too good,” the result has been effects that don’t mesh well and leave most fans frustrated and angry. CBS should revisit each episode for Blue Ray and take the time to “fine tune” the effects and make it believable and more original. It can be done, but will it?!

216. Teleportation Girl - April 4, 2008

haha…yes they do. i have one, take it out on the weekends. so it’s trek on saturdays, trek on sunday nights, and movie talk in between.

217. Josh - April 4, 2008

Star Trek sucks! Just kidding. I think one must be positive regardless of whether or not you like the effects of the moment. Many effects are cool, and some I find ambiguous. (Disrupter fire of the Klingon ship looked like green glob slime!?) But we all have the old “original” effects episodes if we like; we have the “new” effects originals, as well. Its all good, isn’t it. Either way, its good sci fi to distract us from our lives.

I ask everyone to keep an open mind for the new movie.

218. The Admiral - May 28, 2008

” I believe this was the episode that introduced us to the Klingons.”

This was the first episode we see the Klingon battlecruiser, but the first appearance of Klingons is in Errand of Mercy.

219. Fiz - July 3, 2008

The one shot I don’t like is as the Klingon ship closes on the Enterprise from behind, it suddenly makes an abrupt turn that really defies physics.

It’s about to ram into the Enterprise’s nacells and then turns ON A DIME in space.

Yeah. That’s realistic.

220. Ian Marlow - October 23, 2008

Hate to say but the ORIGINAL Klingon disruptor graphics were MUCH better.

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