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Phase II Premieres 1969 Edition – Report + Pics [UPDATED] March 31, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

On Saturday in Beverly Hills, the team behind the fan series Star Trek Phase II (formerly New Voyages) premiered the ‘Night in 1969 Edition’ for “To Serve All My Days” featuring Walter Koenig. The original Chekov was there, along with PII star/exec producer James Cawley and much of his cast and crew. was there as well…see below for a report along with pictures from the event.

The evening started off with James Cawley thanking the many of the volunteers who helped put the special edition together and those who organized the event. He also talked about how the event was to highlight the campaign to get Koenig a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame (he remains the only TOS cast member without one). They then showed two short comedy films. The first being from the early 90s was a mock trailer for “Home Alone” with Koenig cut into it scaring a young Macaulay Culkin with the line “did you know William Shatner is going to direct Star Trek VII.” The second was a clever video put together by the Koenig’s children that was an ‘expose’ of Koenig revealing he was truly a Soviet spy, using video clips from his various TV and film appearances along with testimonials from family and friends.

Cawley also showed the trailer for JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie and thanked Paramount, Abrams and Bad Robot for providing the trailer and Star Trek posters which were given out to the crowd (the trailer was the same one as the one on the official site and the posters were the ones given out at WonderCon last month). There was also a treat for the Phase II fans as they got to see a preview from the next episode, “Blood and Fire.” The emotional scene featured Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar) and showed off Ben Tolpin (the new Spock) and Bobby Rice (Ens. Peter Kirk).

The 1969 Edition
After all the prelims the new “night in 1969″ edition of “To Serve All My Days” was shown. [ will provide a full review shortly before it is released on the Internet, but here are some early impressions.] The first thing you notice is that they really mean what they say with the ‘1969’ thing. You start off watching clips of 1969 TV shows as if you were changing channels, including Get Smart, Batman and Laugh In. The episode itself also puts original ’69 commercials in between the act breaks to keep that 60s feeling.

As for the new cut it is certainly improved. The editing is tighter and the new visual effects by Daren Dochterman are much more fitting for a 60s TV show. Although Daren does branch away from what could be done in the 60s with some of the ship movements. (after the show I talked to Daren and justified his deviations from the traditional ‘space lake’ as what they would have done if they weren’t restricted to the limited effects stands at the time). Another enhancement was the use of Original Series music, mostly from the 3rd season (which was never released but the Phase II got their hands on).

Lastly there was a new ending added (after the full credits) which explains why Chekov is alive in future episodes. Interestingly, Trek vet writer D.C. Fontana pointed out during the Q&A that followed that she did not write the new ending and that in her mind “Chekov is dead” and that future sightings of Chekov were actually his cousin Sergei. There was also another interesting item in the closing ‘stills’ shown during the credits…a shot of Cawley as Kirk on the transporter wearing a uniform from Star Trek Enterprise.

Exclusive shots from ‘1969 edition’ of "To Serve All My Days"

As mentioned before the evening ended with a Q&A session with Koenig, Cawley, Fontana, Dochterman and other members of the cast and crew. [will try and put up video later]. Before the Q&A, Cawley pointed some of the Trek celebs who were in attendance such as Ronald B. Moore, Alan Ruck, George Clayton Johnson, and David Gerrold and others.

All in all it was a fun Trek-filled evening.


Walter Koenig; Ben Tolpin & James Cawley; D.C. Fontana; Bill Blair

Daren Dochterman; Group shot( James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, Barbara Luna, Michael Forrest, Malachi Throne); James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, John Lim; Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.

Fan “Cousin Louis; Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, James; J.T. Tepnapa; Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice

Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice; Courtney Peldon; Marc Scott Zicree; Patricia Tallman

Andrew Koenig; Alan Ruck; Jeff Quinn; Evan Fowler.

John Carrigan; Kurt Carley; James Cawley; Walter Koenig.

D.C. Fontana; Malachai Throne; The Q&A panel (L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy); cast and crew group shot (Kurt Carley, Carlos Pedraza, Andy Bray, John Carrigan, John Lim, Bill Blair, Linda Cleveland, Howard Brown, Evan Fowler, Leslie Hoffman, Bobby Rice, James Cawley, Robert Mauro, John Kelley, Marc Scott Zicree, Jonathan Zungre, Erik Goodrich Kneeling: Joel Belluci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff Quinn, Patrick Bell)

[thanks to Patty Wright for the captions]

Photos by Albert L. Ortega (visits Al’s Blog)


1. olsen - March 31, 2008


2. spork - March 31, 2008

is that explanation by D.C. Fontana for real? Or is it a joke?

3. NCC-73515 - March 31, 2008

The ENT uniform is not new.

4. Battletrek - March 31, 2008

Keonig, Gerrold, Fontana, Throne, are all awesome. God bless.

5. raffie - March 31, 2008

Bah, Phase II is and will always be a 1970’s project.

6. Battletrek - March 31, 2008


7. Sean - March 31, 2008

I’m intrigued to see what the original Phase II scripts have to offer. I wonder if it could still make a splash with the 21st century audience.

8. Klingon Karen - March 31, 2008

Is That Chris Doohan with the glasses on?

9. Hat Rick - March 31, 2008

Seems like a good time was had by all.

10. Paul Martin - March 31, 2008

Looking forward to this one! :)

11. Dan - March 31, 2008

I find this all a bit silly.
Fine as a home made bit of fun…but putting it out on the net as a product along side “REAL” Trek….pleeaseee!

12. Mark from Germany - March 31, 2008

#11 good comment :-)

by the way…real TREK in the making is here..

just found it, eventhough it seems to be a month old.

13. Day of the Dove Kirk - March 31, 2008

Dan and Mark, just like at DisneyLand, you don’t have to get on board every ride.

14. oztrek - March 31, 2008

Looking forward to downloading the revamped episode… World Enough and Time was a a far better production to showcase Takei and I felt that Walter Koenig got the short straw coming in too early.

15. StarTrekkie - March 31, 2008

Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?

That whole episode was lame anyway (IMHO).

16. eagle219406 - March 31, 2008

I saw the pictures. What did Cawley Do to his hair? It is going to be pretty hard to impersonate Elvis like that. I saw the picture of Cawley wearing the “Enterprise” uniform. I was always wondering what that meant.

17. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

Didn’t you see that episode, where they went back in time and… oh wait. It hasn’t happened yet. Ignore this post…

18. star trackie - March 31, 2008

#15 “Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?”

From what I understood, it was a “one-off” that is meant to stand alone and is something both Walter and DC wanted to do. New Voyages isn’t part of Trek in an “official” capacity” anyway, so whhat better platform for those types of experimantal storylines and “what-ifs”?

I never much cared for New Voyages but I liked this episode and find it unfortunate if the people at New Voyages felt the need to re-do the ending in order to “explain” it away to fans who were upset over it.

19. Ripper - March 31, 2008

The hair you see Cawley with IS his natural color. He dyes it to play Elvis. Altho if u look close u might be able to see some black that is only because of all of the dye soaked up by the roots.

It happens after years of dying hair.

20. towerpower3000 - March 31, 2008

Who is the girl in the picture DSC_0237 above?

21. Captain Crawford - March 31, 2008

I figured there was some sort of explanation of Chekov’s miraculous recovery by the next episode, be it the transporter or McCoy finding an antidote in the nick of time. I still greatly enjoyed the original episode, and can’t wait to see what sort of changes were made. I wonder if Kirk’s ENT uniform will play a part in a future episode.

22. Andy Patterson - March 31, 2008

Good pics. Labels would be nice. I see Cawley, Keonig, Barbara Luna, Malachi Throne (one of my favorites and one of the best villains Batman ever had) and Michael Forest but who is the woman next to Keonig? Is that his wife? I can’t quite make her out.

23. j w wright - March 31, 2008

the phase two scripts became tng episodes… are they (fontana and gerrold) writing new stories for this project?

24. Ripper - March 31, 2008

Not all Phase II scripts became TNG #23

The Child and Devil’s Due did.

In Thy Image became The Motion Picture.

World Enough and Time was a Phase II concept which never came into fruition and theres about

Theres about 10 other Phase II stories that never happened.

As i’ve read I believe Gerrold, with the exception of Blood and Fire which was an abandoned TNG script, and Fontana are writing new stories for Phase II (fka. New Voyages)

25. Scott - March 31, 2008

Nice report. I too would enjoy some captions for the photos above. Thanks!

Scott B. out.

26. Ripper - March 31, 2008

In the pictures i can make out…

JT Tepnapa(The New Sulu for P2)
James Cawley
Daren Dochterman
Walter Koenig
Alan Ruck
Ronald B. Moore
Doug Drexler
Bobby Quinn Rice (Peter Kirk in Blood and Fire)
Marc Scott Zicree
Jeff Quinn (Spock for P2 – In Harms Way thru World Enough and Time)
BarBara Luna
Malachi Throne
Chris Doohan
DC Fontana
Andy Bray (Chekov for P2 – In Harms Way thru Blood and Fire)
John Kelley
Julienne Irons (Uhura – In Harms Way thru World Enough and Time)
Jonathan Zungre (The New Chekov for P2)
John Lim (Sulu – In Harms Way thru Blood and Fire)
Evan Fowler (Freeman in Blood and Fire)
Leslie Hoffman (Stunt Co-Ordinator)

27. Ripper - March 31, 2008

oops and not to mention i missed John Carrigan who plays Klingon Commander Kargh

28. - March 31, 2008

Um…unreleased and unused music from TOS Season 3???!!!

Now THAT is news! I simply must have it! ALL of it!!!

Some of my favorite Trek music is from TOS season 3.


29. Stanky McFibberich - March 31, 2008

re: 15. StarTrekkie – March 31, 2008
“Has D.C. Fontana lost it? I mean seriously? What was she thinking by killing of Chekov in the first place?”

Chekov should have been killed off before he ever appeared.

If Koenig gets on the walk of fame, then the criteria for such is severely watered-down.

30. Andy Patterson - March 31, 2008


I think that’s a bit extreme. Have you seen some of the people that have stars on the walk of fame? I always thought Keonig, along with Doohan, was way under used and had way more potential than he was allowed to show.

31. Diabolik - March 31, 2008

That dude in the second photo, with JC, does not look as happy to be in the picture…

32. Ripper - March 31, 2008

that dude is Ben Tolpin (Spock – Blood and Fire onwards)

33. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

Hate to say it, but death is overdone in Trek. Especially where death and coming back from death is concerned. TOS did it to a fare-thee-well, then TWOK did it BIG TIME. Then of course, there was that unpleasantness involving a certain bald Shakespearean actor (and I’m not talking about Stewart.)
Parts of To Serve… were fine. The ending was painful. It felt grafted on.

Anyway — I’ll watch it again and see what’s what. I thought the two Chekovs were worth the price of admission. (OK, worth my cheek flattening time in front a puter.)

34. British Naval Dude - March 31, 2008

arrrr… yeah… all them dead tribbles… Sisko may or may not gone… Yar gettin’ all gooey… Trip getting cut short for the heck o’ it… not to mention so many dispatched baddies… and Chekov?….

So, I beg ya, why all the kids and families and civvies on TNG’s ship?

If space were a safe place, they’d just have a shipful of Care Bears cruising the galaxy spreadin’ love to all the little Klingons they encounter…


35. James Jamziz - March 31, 2008


You hit it right on the money – I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. From any standard these productions fail to impress besides the amount of effort / co-ordination into creating something that is sub par.

36. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

To clarify, though invited, Doug Drexler was not able to make it to the event, and is in none of these pictures. John Kelley and Leslie Hoffman were at the event, but they are also not in any of these shots.

Let’s see if I can help with the photos. Going left to right and top to bottom:
Walter Koenig.
James Cawley and Ben Tolpin.
D.C. Fontana.
Bill Blair.
Daren Dochterman.
James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, BarBara Luna, Malachi Throne and Michael Forrest.
James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, and John Lim.
Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.
A distant cousin of Mr. Spock (fan costume).
Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, and James Cawley.
J.T. Tepnapa.
James with (unknown) on the left and Bobby Rice on the right (help, someone?).
An unknown woman with a great smile.
Marc Scott Zicree.
Danielle Koenig.
Jonathan Zungre.
Alan Ruck.
Jeff Quinn.
Evan Fowler.
John Carrigan.
Kurt Carley.
James Cawley.
Walter Koenig.
D.C. Fontana.
Malachai Throne.
The Q&A panel, L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy.
A round-up of the cast and crew who showed up early and stayed late. Not going to try to list all their names.

37. James Cawley - March 31, 2008

#35 & 11 That is because you just do not get it, Trek fandom is supposed to be Extremely Fun and Creative. The constant need for some sort of bashing by other fans is extremely unneccessary and really rather sad.
Maybe, just maybe if some would turn that negativity into something positive in their lives we might someday actually achieve the lofty goals Mr. Roddenberry envisioned for all of us.
James Cawley

38. Ripper - March 31, 2008

Not to sound like a kiss ass here… but James is absolutly right.

Everytime a Phase II post is made it disheartens me by the comments.

There is “Constructive Criticism” which the best reviewers could give and as Anthony so diligently delivers. But when it comes to the comments there seems to be always a constant need to bash. And having read a lot of the Phase II related news on it seems to be all familiar names.

James might not be making something which is brandished with the CBS logo. But he does just as good out of love, out of fun and out of creativity.

And for the moment… why the need to bash?? its free. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want too. Thats your own call. They’re not forcing it down your throat. Its your choice whether you wanna watch it or not.

39. Ripper - March 31, 2008

John Kelly and Leslie Hoffman are in the cast and crew photo. The last shot on the list.

Thats why i pointed them out.

40. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

Yep. I noticed that as well. For those who want to know, Leslie and “Doc” John are on either side of James in the large group pic. Thanks for the heads up, Ripper.

41. Phaser...where are youuu? - March 31, 2008


All of you folks who are so negative need to understand something. James Cawley and friends, along with all the other fan productions of Trek are doing this because they love Trek. They are fan productions, and may not meet your expectations of professional works of art. These folks who work so hard to put on these fan productions are doing it for the love and adoration of Trek.

You may or may not enjoy their productions, but why sit there and put their efforts down. You guys who sit and complain about this and that…when you do things you enjoy (maybe painting, sports or music), do you expect a bunch of grumpy and negative onlookers to constantly critique you?

No, New Voyages/Phase II is not something that came out of Paramount with their relatively big effects budgets. These people who put out these fan productions simply enjoy and love Trek, and are sharing this love with us through their fan-films.

James Cawley, and all of you who have worked so hard on these productions, I want to say “Thank you!”. While some may not appreciate the finished product, I know for certain I appreciate your efforts and the efforts of all who have worked with you.

Anthony, thanks for this site and thanks for all of your hard work. I have enjoyed visiting this site for many months now, and I’m grateful for the time and energy you put into it.

– Will B.

42. eagle219406 - March 31, 2008

#37: You are absolutely right Mr. Cawley, or is it okay if I call you James? I try to tell people about bashing a lot. If they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it. I love What you are doing and I hope to see it continue. Even though your series is not officially canon, I would put it in. Just out of curiosity, when is this episode scheduled to go on the internet? And when do you plan on premiering “Blood and Fire?”

43. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

Just to be clear: I’m not knocking the effort or the overall result of PII. I just felt that the Kill Off Chekov moment in “To Serve…” did not work. PII is praise-worthy on many levels. I offer my 2 quatloos for what they’re worth, but hope for many more eps.

Besides, one of us on this thread got to be in the new movie. (And it wasn’t me, dammit!)

44. RTC - March 31, 2008

Agree with the positive comments. New Voyages/Phase II has been a labor of love and thoroughly enjoyable to the vast majority of fans. (When I hold the fan film I did back in 1990 up to what James and Co. have done … yeesh, I’m thoroughly embarrassed.) Keep on keepin’ on, James, well done!

(p.s. Somebody *please* tell me who that beautiful blonde woman in the black & white outfit is!)

45. Patty Wright - March 31, 2008

Here’s the correct captions for the pictures, left to right:
Row 1:
Walter Koenig; Ben Tolpin & James Cawley; D.C. Fontana; Bill Blair.
Row 2:
Daren Dochterman, James, Judy Levitt and her husband Walter Koenig, Barbara Luna, Michael Forrest, Malachi Throne.
Row 3:
James, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, John Lim; Christopher Doohan and James Cawley.
Row 4:
Fan “Cousin Louis; Chris Doohan, Ron Moore, James; J.T. Tepnapa; Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice.
Row 5:
Trevor Roth, James, Bobby Rice; actress Courtney Peldon (star of InAlienable); Marc Scott Zicree; actress Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5).
Row 6:
Andrew Koenig; Alan Ruck; Jeff Quinn; Evan Fowler.
Row 7:
John Carrigan; Kurt Carley; James Cawley; Walter Koenig.
Row 8:
D.C. Fontana; Malachai Throne; The Q&A panel, L to R: Walter, Daren, Joel Belucci, James, Jeff, Dorothy, John, Andy; cast and crew posing for photographer Albert Ortega at end of evening (not the event volunteers–although many of these people also helped)– Andrew Grieb, Carlos Pedraza, John Carrigan, John Lim, Bill Blair, Linda Cleveland, Howard Brown, Evan Fowler, Leslie Hoffman, Bobby Rice, James Cawley, Robert Mauro, John Kelley, Marc Scott Zicree, Jonathan Zungre, Erik Goodrich
Kneeling: Joel Belluci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff Quinn, Patrick Bell

46. DaBigChief - March 31, 2008

Hey, youse grousers, if yah kin do bettah shut your big mouths and get out thair and doo it! Udderwize it seams youse are jest a bunch o’ mouthy dweebz.
Deeze fann produkshuns are gonna bee da wayve of da comin yearz for entertaynmunt. Thair are sew menny of deeze produckshuns sproutin up thet itt shud bee eezy fer awl youse two get intwo wun of deze Star Trek fann groupz Sew AH sez thet gettin invawlved izz da best way two show evrywun how two prodooze grate Star Trek epysodz.
Cungradulashuns two all deeze peepul thet creaytud dis produckshun wid Walter Koenig!
Walter Koenig duzz nott dezerv a starr in the Hullywud sydewalk butt Donald Trump duzz? Muy vowt izz fer Walter sted uvv Donald enny day!
W’all, it izz beck two da mountins end hillz fer mee! Hee-Haw-Hee-Haw UU

47. Ripper - March 31, 2008

Patty, the guy u claim to be John Carrigan in that last group photo is actually Andy Bray.

48. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

Patricia Tallman is lookin’ gor-gee-us. (Although, now she’ll think I’m a stalker, her eyes will go solid black and something horrible will happen to me.)

49. DC - March 31, 2008

I have two AND ONLY two things that really bugs me about New Voy….er, Phase II
and thats the poor acting of the button presses
and when i DL the episodes, the quality of transfer seems to be, weird
idk how to explain it
but one example is in “In Harm’s Way”, when they deploy the antimatter and shuttles, all the shots seem to “collide” during that sequence
and thats it
those minor things are the only things that bug me about it
I will admit, theres a lot in this world that i complain about
but if these are the only flaws i can find in phase II, that says something

great job to every one working on Phase II, keep up the good work

50. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

Since Ripper and I have now worked it out via email, and since these folks all worked so hard and deserve to be recognized, the people in the cast and crew photo are:
Back row: Curt Carley, Tasha Hardy (hidden behind Bray), Bill Blair, Evan Fowler, Bobby Rice, Rob (who I just met last night), Marc Scott Zicree, Erik Goodrich.
Middle row: Carlos Pedraza, Andy Bray, John Lim, Linda Cleveland, Howard (the on-stage pyro guy), Leslie Hoffman, James Cawley, John Kelley, Jonathan Zungre
Kneeling: Joel Belucci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff “What’s Up With My Face” Quinn, Patrick Bell.

Anthony, next time ask me and I’ll take names while you’re taking pictures. ;-) (Great write-up, btw. Thank you.) -E.K.

51. Dr. Wh-at da H___!? - March 31, 2008

OK, lemme see if I got this straight…

The young blond woman in the picture above is Barbara Luna who was born in 1939? Is it just me or does she look INCREDIBLY YOUNG for her age? Is there another Barbara Luna? Is it her daughter? How does she look so young at her age? Is she a Time Lord? Is she a ReJuv from a John Ringo novel? Kudos to Barb for finding the Fountain of Youth!

Kudos to Phase II!

52. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

Ah, Patty beat me to it. Though Andy “Sarge” Grieb ain’t in the pic. That’s Kurt, for sure.

(Isn’t this fun for all you fans who don’t care? LOL)

53. Patty Wright - March 31, 2008


The criteria for a star on the Walk of Fame is that you are part of entertainment history. The stars awarded include Mickey Mouse, Mr. Ed, Donald Duck, Big Bird, Donald Trump…

If the other three minor bridge crew have stars (Nichelle and George) than Walter should have one. He was featured in more episodes than either of them.

The acknoweldgement of your acting talents is the Chinese Theatre…and Walter is there. He earned an Emmy nomination for his work on Babylon 5, Best Supporting actor nominations (Saturn Awards) for TWOK and TVH, and has won several film competitions with his screenplays. His moive “InAlienable” is in competition at the BackLot Film Festival this week…to be shown at Veterans Memorial in Culver City on April 2nd.

54. hitch1969© - March 31, 2008

You can tell that JC™ is a true artist because in a sea of positive posts, it’s the negative one or two that just ruins his day.

You’re not gonna hear this, JC™, because they’ve brought you down again. But cheer up. Phase II is wonderful. You are an innovator and a few years from now will be recognized as a leader in what you are pioneering. Your place in history is secure – not just Trek history, but also in the history of this new medium.

I truly feel that this is just the beginning of your great career. You’ll see.



55. Patty Wright - March 31, 2008

#52 That’s Courtney Peldon, not Barbara Luna.

Erik, we were both wrong. It was Kurt, not Andrew Grieb, and I left out Andy Bary somehow….John Carrigan is standing behind him (not Tasha Hardy) Here’s the correct caption for the cast and crew photo:

Here’s the correct captions for the pictures, left to right:
Kurt Carley, Carlos Pedraza, Andy Bray, John Carrigan, John Lim, Bill Blair, Linda Cleveland, Howard Brown, Evan Fowler, Leslie Hoffman, Bobby Rice, James Cawley, Robert Mauro, John Kelley, Marc Scott Zicree, Jonathan Zungre, Erik Goodrich
Kneeling: Joel Belluci, Julienne Irons, JT Tepnapa, Jeff Quinn, Patrick Bell

56. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

18. star trackie:

Exactly. New Voyages are not official episodes of Star Trek, so therefore do not have to fit into continuity. Just as some stories and novels haven’t.

While there are things about New Voyages I haven’t enjoyed, I did enjoy this episode and admired the guts of all involved to tell that story and have that result. That ending was a shocker and a surprise and it was very powerful and well done. Kudos.

Its unfortunate that Cawley and the gang had to add that last bit, but its understood that he had to appease the naysayers a bit who couldn’t ride with what D.C. and Walter actually wanted as an artistic and dramatic turn Chekov tale. Happily though it is after the credits so I can pretend it isn’t there. D.C is correct. Chekov is dead…at least in that universe.

I look forward to seeing the 1969 version as it sounds fun. And I am intrigued by the new special effects as they are described.

57. star trackie - March 31, 2008

#38 “Not to sound like a kiss ass here… but James is absolutly right.

Everytime a Phase II post is made it disheartens me by the comments.

There is “Constructive Criticism” which the best reviewers could give and as Anthony so diligently delivers. But when it comes to the comments there seems to be always a constant need to bash. ”

This ain’t nothin’. Drop in on a Shatner thread sometime. lol

58. Green-Blooded-Bastard - March 31, 2008

No offense to any of you “Roddenberry was a visionary-ites” out there, but last thing I read that had anything Roddenberry had to say in it seemed to point more towards them just trying to make a decent sci-fi show and make a few bucks. Perhaps I’m not finding the right material to read (and if I’m missing something, please post it for me to read), but I have never seen anything by way of an interview with GR that suggested he had some great vision of the future where man went skipping along in peace no longer warring (at least with themselves) and love was in the air. Matter of fact, I can’t seem to recall anything anywhere with him saying he was trying to use his TV show as a vehicle to serve as an example to his fellow man how wonderful things could be if we all stop using money and put our guns down (despite the Enterprise being quite well armed). I still can’t figure out how if the rest of the galaxy is still using credits and precious metals like the Ferengi do, how we do business with them without material wealth. I suppose in Roddenberry’s future, there are also no longer divisions of classes, big houses or little houses, crummy cars or fantastic cars or anything else that comes with the rewards of labor. Not a future I care to live in, as I like my hard work rewarded with material wealth, since that leads to a greater material standard of living. How they get around all this is NEVER explained in the show. Only hinted at in passing comments, as in we’re so advanced we no longer use money. Am I to guess that since mankind has transcended the need for cold hard cash and only other species in the galaxy still use them (suggesting some kind of inferiority to man since they have yet to “rise above” the need) that in the Star Trek world since no one worships any god of any kind (ever notice there’s no Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindi, Taoists, Buddhists, or a place to worship like a small church or temple with a resident priest or rabbi etc. on the ship) that religion has also been transcended (or right out eliminated), and others (Bajorans and the “founders” have pseudo-belief systems) are still primitive by those definitions? Wouldn’t that make most of us today, in Roddenberry’s eyes, still backwards?

Granted, some shows touched on issues of the day, but that comes from the writers perspective. In the recently found interviews with Mr. Roddenberry, he seemed to be saying nothing of the sort and it was quite a lengthy interview. He seemed like a normal guy that was trying to make a living. If there were a lot of Sci-Fi shows on TV in that day, he would have produced a western.

As far as Phase II goes, if those guys want to spend their money making nostalgic “New Old-Stock” internet shows and you don’t like them, don’t watch them. It’s not like you paid for a ticket and got a bad show. I’ve seen a couple of them, and while they’re not my particular cup of tea, I’m not going to bash them. They do it out of a passion for something they love and I can’t fault a man for following a dream. I don’t hear bashing when someone puts together a homemade Star Wars fan-film and believe me, some require bashing. I’ve never spoken to the man, but I don’t think Cawley ever intended for his productions to be anything more than what they are. Living tributes to an era that helped kick-start a new way science fiction TV and movies are defined. If any of you think George Lucas wasn’t at least a little bit influenced by Star Trek, you’re high. Star Trek if I’m not mistaken was the first Science Fiction TV show of it’s kind with a multi-ethnic crew and defined purpose with a specific timeline of operation, as though they were telling the top brass give us 5 years with an option to explore another part of the galaxy for another 5 years if you like it. Leave the Phase II crew alone and be at peace with yourselves. If you think you can do better…

Do it, then, or pipe down.

59. MrRegular - March 31, 2008

It’s too bad that supposed Trek fans feel they have the duty to bash James Cawley and Co. whenever news of a Phase II project is discussed on these pages. I thought the reason why Trek fans come to this site is to SUPPORT Trek. Considering the fact that Cawley and Co. are creating professional-grade Trek movies as a labor of love, the criticism of their work just because they are doing it is totally unwarranted.
If you don’t like it then why are you here?
Mr. Cawley, my thanks for a job well done! I eagerly anticipate viewing the 1969 edition!

60. Tiberius Kirk - March 31, 2008


Thanks for the list of names. Am I wrong or is that Patricia Tallman (from Babylon 5) that you have listed as Danielle Koenig?

Boy, does Jonathan Zungre look like Walter’s son Andrew or what?

James C., Nice job. Keep up the good work.

Tiberius Kirk

61. Ripper - March 31, 2008

I read all articles posted on TrekMovie not just Phase II related posts… i’ve seen the threads of “William Shatner is not in the movie” and sure not having Bill in Star Trek (2009) is also disheartning. But then i’ve gotta think that in the end.

Captain Kirk is dead. He died in 2372/2373 on Veridian III. And there is really nothing anyone can do about that.

Sure i agree its scifi and there will be a way around it and i’d absolutly love to see Bill be Kirk again. But right now its not happening and i’ve accepted that.

As long as Star Trek exists in some form or another i’m happy. Cus when one door closes another one opens. As it has done for New Voyages/Phase II

62. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

#56 So, in their universe Chekov is dead… Is this now “Cawley Canon”???

(forgive me! it’s just a tiny joke I couldn’t resist posting!!) NO KILL I !

Too many grups here. Bonk bonk on the nattering nay-bobs of negativity!

Again, as always, to Cawley and Crew– you totally rock. Keep on Trekkin’!

63. Imrahil - March 31, 2008

Damn, unreleased music? Me want…especially the “march” bit from “Friday’s Child,” which was almost never re-used.

64. British Naval Dude - March 31, 2008

Urelated to Thread Warning:

This weekend marks the start o’ Yank baseball season, no?
No tribute thread ta the Sisko? Maybe if he wuz a cricket fan then he’d still be wit’ us and woulda beat them Vulcans…


65. Koros - March 31, 2008

Who cares !!!!

Here is a little rap about all of you nitpickers…. Really all you do is spend your fricken time complaining about if the bridge rails on the new enterprise are gonna be red in the new movie…. Or the laugh out one is the uniform patch….you know if they have next gen comm badges I simply won’t care….. The new trek movie is gonna be a re-boot…. So There !!!

And this complaining is getting to much…I don’t care if the movie is canon to the other “Star Track” series with Dr. Spock and the cyborg girl…. Y’all need to GET A LIFE !!! Here are some facts – The Shat will not be in it and I will bet you my life savings he won’t, the enterprise in the new movie will be totally different from the original series, the klingons and romulans will have their “ridges” as you losers so call them….. and so forth…. It’s a re-boot because the new actors don’t look anything like the old ones…. This movie is a whole new beginning and a brand new take on what was called star track….. There is no connection to anything before and will be star track in name only…… LOL

66. Sarge - March 31, 2008

Thanks, Patty, for mentioning me. LOL

I don’t appear in any of the pictures because I was behind the camera for the evening as the official ST:P2 photographer for the event. If I did get into a picture, it wasn’t on my camera. LOL

My thanks to Tony Falvo for doing the videography for the evening.

Andy “Sarge” Grieb

67. Koros - March 31, 2008

And quit whining that Star Track 5 DVD is bare bones….. You sound like little complainers……LOL And quit high praising WOK…it was a good movie but not the holy grail…. There are far better movies than that one and quit saying Master and Commander is the best trek film…. LOL Get a life…how is it connected to STar TRack….

Okay….and this canon thing has to stop….. Dwelling on Canon is lame….if all you all do is live by canon with all your tech manuals… well Get a Life….. Quit fantasizing about seven of nine and get a real gf….

Who cares if Garrovick, April and Mitchell are not in the movie….. And what shape scotties bottle of scotch is, or kirks middle name, or the exact location that the star track symbol is on the uniform…LOL.

68. Koros - March 31, 2008

The New Movie will be a Re-boot – Orcri told me so…..

69. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

#60 ” Am I wrong or is that Patricia Tallman (from Babylon 5) that you have listed as Danielle Koenig?”
I stand corrected on that one. I know Danielle was there and looks a lot like Tallman.

But Patty, Sweetie, Darlin’ — I just checked the very blurry pic I took with my camera phone from a different angle. That’s Tasha behind Andy Bray. Blond with tight, no-lapel jacket . Definitely not Carrigan.

(Is someone getting this all down for posterity? LOL)

70. Koros - March 31, 2008

And quit complaining about if DVDs will be on blue ray… For your sake I don’t care…. I hope they are bare bones….LOL..

71. sebi - March 31, 2008

Not sure why some fans feel the need to bash, but doesn’t that lend more “officialness” to the show? I mean, which ST shows HASN’T been bashed by fans?

72. Thomas Jensen - March 31, 2008

There would be quite a market for the release of the music from the third season. I wish that would be so in this age of the return of original trek.

73. Ryan T. Riddle - March 31, 2008

I was there and it was great fun. Although, I wished I’d been able to introduce myself to James and company, but alas I’m mild-mannered and the opportunity never presented itself. Nevertheless, the “Blood and Fire” preview really showcased how far these folks have come and how James Cawley owns the role of James T. Kirk. The new edit with effects was awesome. A lot of the original pacing issues have been resolved with this edit. It moves tighter and faster.

It was also great seeing my name under “additional funding” in the program. (I’ve had my name in print before having written several published articles, but it always gives me a kick.)

74. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

BND, it has come to my attention that most Trek fans don’t like to talk about sports, but, interestingly, on the sports sites I like to frequent, they love to talk sci-fi ( I have the same screen name everywhere I comment). They are really quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of science fiction TV shows, books, and movies and they like to see if I find their opinions relevant or at least on track with the online sci-fi community at large (like I’m some sort of “expert” or something). I think that has to do with the fact that I am the only unabashed fan that also knows about sports and is not just lurking the sports sites. Curious.

James, try to see the many supporters instead of the few detractors. The internet is filled with many, many small people who can only find satisfaction by knocking someone else’s efforts. As a musician, I find that it is because they are jealous of the ability for someone to be creative. They lack the ambition to actually be creative themselves. There is an emptiness to their existence that only negativity can fill, because they lack the capacity to positively impact their own world. I am always open to constructive criticism, as that is a way to improve myself. But to just say “Bah, you suck.” or words to that effect, is only a commentary on the person commenting.

75. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - March 31, 2008

Mr. Cawley…

I for one applaud you and your crew’s efforts with New Voyages and now Phase II. Like any other version of Trek I’ve watched over the years , there are episodes I like over others. But what you people do is just downright impressive! The set and costume recreations, geting top-notch writers of the genre…and you all do this out of pure love for Mr. Roddenberry’s original vision. My hat’s off to you and your crew. I, for one, would be thrilled and honored to be involved in a project such as yours. Keep it up…you have many, many fans here.

76. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 31, 2008

Cawley wearing an ENT uniform? If he works that into one of his episodes, then he HAS sold out, I’m sorry. I’m not bashing him, I’m just making the simple observation that no self-respecting “TOS Purist” would have anything to do with that atrocity of a TV show. He claims to be a TOS Purist, but I don’t see it.

Sorry if I’m the only one who (as usual) isn’t kissing his ass.

Some people and productions involved with Star Trek tend to get way overrated and overblown…for example, TWOK is hailed as one of “OMFG TeH BeST STAR TRACK MOVIEZ OF ALL TIMEEE!!!” – and frankly, I thought it was mediocre, at best. Although…since it was mediocre, that is a good indication that it was better than the other Trek movies, which never even make “mediocre” status in my opinion.

Unfortunately I feel that DC Fontana is another Trek-related person who is just a tad bit overrated. While I freely admit that her work on The Original Series was superb, she wasn’t one of the best TOS writers, and the quality of her work seems to have declined somewhat. I’ve read a few TOS novels that weren’t very good (putting it mildly), and now with this last comment she’s made (“Oh, Chehov’s dead, the guy that you see later on is just his cousin) is one of the worst fan-wanky explainations that I’ve ever heard of. Makes me think she may have lost her marbles…my goodness!!

By the way, where’s Stanky?? He’s been absent for a while….

77. Wireheader - March 31, 2008

I’ve never posted before, but I will just to clarify something that the Green Blooded Bastard has brought up.

The “Equality” Issue. The simple answer is replicators/synthesizer technology. Logically, it would be invented for space travel, then move into the private sector. Once anyone, anywhere can make anything for himself at a set price, lowering to close to free over time as replicators replicate themselves, then yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and class becomes irrelevant.

Bushmen of the Kalahari, Amazon Indians, and even Eskimos can have Aston Martens if they still exist, simply by pressing a button. Once that happens, humans wont have to fight over resources and a kind of peace can occur.

78. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 31, 2008

Oh, to clarify, when I referred to the “TOS novels” mentioned in my last post, I meant TOS novels written by DC Fontana.

79. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

The shot of Cawley in an Archer-era uniform is used as a background shot in the closing credits. Like some of the other credit BG shots in earlier episodes (for example: DeSalle with a phaser rifle, and Rand with a knife to Kargh’s throat) this was meant as a one-off to “tease” future episodes which (so far) have not been shot, written, or even conceived.

I personally agree that New Voyages’ TOS world should not collide with the “Enterprise” series, even though I’m not as upset about the show itself as some folks. It’s just that TOS still has plenty of stories to tell on its own!

(says the guy who ripped off no less than five TOS episodes to write on NV. LOL)

80. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

62. Jorg Sacul: Heh, no apologies needed. Indeed, No Kill I. :) But speaking about the nattering nay-bobs of negativity and grups who need bonking….

I have noticed that there seems to be a prevalence of this in our society in the last several years. The internet is full of it but I don’t think its limited or engendered to that alone. People seem to skip right over intelligent criticism and thoughtful disagreement right into idiotic bashing and inane insults.

This is especially disturbing with Star Trek fans. Back in the day Trek fandom had very little to none of this. You could argue, debate, and kvetch but it was done in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

There are times when I sludge through the murky depths of negative and hateful posts that dot the landscape of the information superhighway that it seems like there is a rather large contingent of people nowadays that get more out of hating, bashing and or attacking things they don’t like than enjoying things they do like. Perhaps its just the fact they don’t have anything they like and resent those who do and seek to drag them down with them.

I have said above and before that I find Cawley’s New Voyages unsatisfactory in a lot of ways. Not entirely by any means of course. And I have mentioned some of those reasons not the least of which is the fact they just don’t quite capture the TOS feel quite like the Exeter people manage to do.

But I have never felt the need to bash or harangue it. I will offer my criticisms in the hopes that perhaps it will improve and become more like I want it to be. And indeed the project has gotten better with each entry. The last two were certainly the best they have ever done. It is what it is and if you can’t stomach it then say so and leave it be and let it alone. There is nothing to be gained by attacking it for no good reason. In fact I just don’t understand why someone is compelled to do so.

I make no bones about the fact that I truly deeply dislike TNG. And I have ranted and raved about its failings. But I never go out of my way to do it. I only do it to defend TOS or to offer a differing viewpoint. But I have never just bashed it in a mindless hate spewed diatribe. I just don’t see the point. I have too little time to devote to things I don’t like, I could be watching TOS. :)

Peace out.

81. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

It’s all about the safety of anonymous slander. Post your home phone number, address, dog’s name, and your social security number if you’re here to mindlessly bash Trek, of any format. :-)

And about all this “you’re a$$ kissing” remarks– I can say I love the work of Cawley and company and still not be kissing anyone’s a$$.

82. SB - March 31, 2008

Merely an observation…

From the sheer number of fans who hurl the expression “sell out,” these days, I have to conclude that the phrase has been redefined since I first learned the English language…

Apparently it now means, “anyone who does anything I don’t approve of, anywhere, at any time, for any reason.”

Keep the faith, James Cawley. You’re doing what we all wish we could do, and you’re doing it with enthusiasm, in good heart, and with an increasingly surer and more impressive hand.

83. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

SB, I like the definition I once heard from Metallica about selling out:

“Damn right we sell out. We sell out every place we play.”

84. SB - March 31, 2008

*grins at THX*

Oh, one more thing, again to James Cawley…

“World Enough and Time” was the best damned episode of TOS i’ve seen in 39 years.

85. Chucko - March 31, 2008

Please people. Let’s not criticize the ending of this great episode. If anyone here also had the chance to work with Trek legend D.C. Fontana, they too would’ve respected her writings and done the episode as she wrote it. Let’s just pretend this particular episode was the last one ever to air, and we’ll be fine with it.

86. King Tutt - March 31, 2008

What the heck is on Cawley’s head now?! That is one terrible toupee. Please, as I am a big fan of the New Voyages/Phase II please someone take this dude aside & set him straight! Now it’s getting really rediculous, and don’t anyone give me the Elvis excuse (and by the way, Cawley is one of the best Elvis impersonators – I’ve seen him live) as Elvis dyed his hair jet black! Most of the original cast wore hairpieces for the movies and they looked fine – someone please get him to a good hairpiece maker & away from the Hair Club for Men or wherever he thinks he’s saving money!

87. AJ - March 31, 2008

Cannot wait to see it.

88. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

King Tutt:

Please see post #74 as I believe you qualify for that description.

89. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

Just in case you can’t count back that far:

James, try to see the many supporters instead of the few detractors. The internet is filled with many, many small people who can only find satisfaction by knocking someone else’s efforts. As a musician, I find that it is because they are jealous of the ability for someone to be creative. They lack the ambition to actually be creative themselves. There is an emptiness to their existence that only negativity can fill, because they lack the capacity to positively impact their own world. I am always open to constructive criticism, as that is a way to improve myself. But to just say “Bah, you suck.” or words to that effect, is only a commentary on the person commenting.

90. British Naval Dude - March 31, 2008

Same fur sports fans… only some of us don’t just lack the ambition- like meself, we just wanna eat our snacks and drink our beer instead of playin’- watch millionaires prance about doing remarkable physical deeds… arrrr…

While cricket be a gentleman’s game, baseball be a fervant yank experience; something for the masses with appeals to tha intellect…
compare a scorecard :
wit’ yer boxscores
and just from them ya can see tha whole match in yer head…

Being at a game be akin ta foreplay, whilst ya wait, swing after swing, in anticipation, until finally there be the crack o’ tha bat and ….

Oh, wait… somehow ya can apply this to Crawley, right?
I’d rather watch than do- but I still will moan and berate till I be breatheless and sore of throat that .300 avg batter strikin’ out four times today!

Hmmm… saying it that way does make it seem kind of sad… perhaps I best get on me cleets and swing a few! arrrrr…

91. marbpl - March 31, 2008

My idae of a “Night in 1969″ would be to show the episode interspersed with vintage commercials, station IDs, and news updates (see which has original commercials from a 1967 broadcast of “Space Seed”). I don’t think anyone changing channels from STAR TREK would have gotten LAUGH-IN as both shows ran on NBC.

92. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

74/89.. THX-1138:

Well that will teach me to read all the posts before commenting. You said what I said first and a lot more eloquently and to the point. So I will now only add: hear hear.


93. King Tutt - March 31, 2008


Thanks for bashing me. That just proves my point that around here people can make obvious comments about some (Shatner, George, etc.) and that seems to be o.k. The minute someone states the obvious about that ridiculous thing on Cawley’s head, they get bashed. If you wish to believe that I’m just a loser/sorry/negative person, that’s fine. But I’m just stating the obvious that everyone is so afraid to comment upon lest they get bashed.

94. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008


You have got to be kidding, right? You are getting upset over being bashed online? Stating the obvious? The only thing obvious is that you are a troll who has come here to flame this thread with nonsense.

Console yourself with the victory of the knowledge that you’ve wasted my time commenting back to you.

95. King Tutt - March 31, 2008


You’re right – I’m a bad person & a troll. Let’s all just pretend we don’t see anything strange on Cawley’s head, pretend we don’t see those pictures above, and just discuss anything else, which seems to be o.k.

96. Erik Korngold - March 31, 2008

#91 marbpl: That is exactly what TSAMD: 1969 is. As Antony said above: it started with clips from 1969 shows, ending with the closing credits of Laugh-In before the NBC peacock and the teaser for the episode. Then each act break had a commercial or two from the same time.

Kinda weird seeing the Crying Pollution Indian on the big screen.

97. SB - March 31, 2008

“You’re right – I’m a bad person & a troll. Let’s all just pretend we don’t see anything strange on Cawley’s head, pretend we don’t see those pictures above, and just discuss anything else, which seems to be o.k.”

Looks like a blow-dried head of frosted blonde hair to me…

You seem to have a fixation with hairpieces. Did you suffer early male pattern baldness? Or, like Indiana Jones, did you fall into a boxcar full of wigs as a teenager?

“Toups… why did it have to be toups…”

98. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008


A little known fact (at least it was to me) that I found out a few years ago is that the crying Indian (Native American, sorry) in the commercial was actually a gentleman of Italian descent. At least that’s what I heard.

99. British Naval Dude - March 31, 2008

Chief Boy-Ar-Dee?


How oft- topic we have de-railed… How many of us would love ta see a new episode of an old show, presented as we may recall it from on yonder?

Now then, lucky they wouldn’t get that joke ’bout canned canoles around the Mediteranean or they be beatin’ me when we ship thar…

100. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

93. King Tutt: Dude, it’s like you have ears but do not hear. Read my and THX’s posts above again.

It isn’t your message ,it’s how you deliver it. In fact read your posts again. And read them as if you were Cawley.

You can be critical, we all can. In fact, I agree with you. I think that Cawley’s hair is distracting and a bit much. But we can declare that in a civilized and respectful manner instead of acting like 14 year olds who think they don’t owe anyone anything.

Just because people disagree doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly.

Just a friendly suggestion.

101. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

Iron Eyes Cody.. an Italian????

102. Jorg Sacul - March 31, 2008

here, I’m not going to destroy the bandwidth with the long post..

103. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 31, 2008

98. THX-1138: Siccilian to be exact. However Iron Eyes Cody rejected his heritage and embraced the Native American culture and claimed he was part Cherokee and Cree. He and his wife also adopted several Native American children. Including flautist Robert “Tree” Cody.

So while he may have not been born a Native American, he certainly became one in his heart and life it seems.

Regardless of all that he was a fine actor and had an incredible face.

104. Amazing Bizarro - March 31, 2008

Uh…. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. I hate it when that happens.

105. New Horizon - March 31, 2008

11. Dan – March 31, 2008

This post….and others like it make me ill. Star Trek is an idea…a great one at that. It’s a story and like any great story, it has been told by many and will continue to be told. You know, stories used to be passed down from person to person…nobody ‘owned’ those stories…they belonged to us all. Here we are, given the opportunity in this capitalistic society, to share and expand upon those stories…the way we once did around the fire. Well, now it’s around the flicker of our computer screens. Paid Trek is no more real than the Trek being produced by these very hard working individuals. It seems like Trek is suddenly a concept that many ‘die hard’ fans aren’t capable of living up to. There is so much rude behavior and arrogant self importance in this thread, it makes me sick.

106. TJR - March 31, 2008

58. Green-Blooded-Bastard

Actually I have seen a couple of TV interviews where Roddenberry discussed this.

I can remember a 70’s TV interview where he said that early on he wanted to use a Science Fiction show as a vehicle to talk about things that you couldn’t talk about on television back on then, and as a way of exploring social and political opinions that would have been unpopular or inappropriate for TV at the time. He referenced the book Gulliver’s Travels as an example.

As for the money thing on ST. In the original series it sounds like there was still a currency known as “credits” that Earth used.

In STNG It sounded like the creation of replicators pretty much ended the need for currency since anything could be replicated. It is implied that Earth society no longer uses currency although they obviously have to use some form of currency or bartering when dealing with other cultures.

It’s also implied that main driving force in earth society (since there is no currency) is for everyone to (pardon my borrowing the phrase) “Be all that they can be”.

I personally think it would be interesting to explore the financial/economic side of Earth in the Star Trek universe. I don’t think that a society that has no currency is impossible.

107. British Naval Dude - March 31, 2008

105 Why, gettin’ back ta the sports talk, Trek is no more real than a game between the Cowboys and the Indians. But I’d still luv ta see it…

it’s a long line drive…caught… but the shortstop is brutally tackled and stripped o’ the ball… seems also the halfback has been bludgenoned by the batter… Here comes tha kicking/bunting unit…

May our fantasies exalt us more than ten thousand truths… said Eugene Onegin’s daddy…


108. Anthony Thompson - March 31, 2008

“They were lowering a model of the Enterprise on a crane”. I wish that guy would have had his telephoto (or gone back)! But it’s interesting to see the scope of the shoot. Seeing those movie trailers surrounding the shoot is remindful of those old westerns where stagecoaches would gather in a circle for protection!

109. AJ - March 31, 2008

106: It gets back to Communism, as Earth would have to be insulated from the rest of the Galaxy which uses currency. Obviously, Earth trades with these worlds, and has to have a reserve of these currencies. I know nothing about this stuff but to say, “cure all the diseases” is fine, but “no money” is quite naive.

Maybe Earth makes such a profit on intergalactic deals that it simply spreads the wealth to the population. But then, as the Soviets used to say, “we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” What’s the motivation to do anything?

110. THX-1138 - March 31, 2008

A Sicilian friend of mine is always puching me in the arm for calling him Italian. Good to know I can randomly screw that up with every Sicilian person. My apologies to all Sicilians, and indeed, to all Sicily.

Sounds like Iron Eyes Cody had a Dances with Wolves type makeover. Except without having to be in Waterworld.

Phase II is great (just to keep it real).

111. OneBuckFilms - March 31, 2008

109. I am against Communism and Socialism on principle, but the motivation is supposedly for self development, curiosity and discovery.

Humanity in the 24th century has supposedly moved beyond the need to attain money as a primary goal.

112. CmdrR - March 31, 2008

“Lonely, isolated, overworked, rich
Iithium miners!…”
“Once Mother Horta tells her kids what to look for,
you’ll all be embarrassingly rich.”
“A man of Flint’s obvious wealth and impeccable taste…
scarcely needs to hang fakes.”

Yes, they have money. Maybe the bulk of it is electronic rather than cash, but personal wealth still exists. Roddenberry’s idea is interesting, but like many other ideas in TOS, even the writers had a hard time with it.

113. colonyearth - March 31, 2008

I personally applaud James and his cast and crew for their extreme love and hard work for Trek. Hell, if JJ hadn’t come when he did, then Cawley’s Phase II would be the best Trek we got.

As a filmmaker myself, I know how hard it is to make anything yourself, outside of the Hollywood system, much less streaming it out on the web for millions to enjoy and for free! That’s not mentioning doing something with so many FX and such incredibly well made standing sets!

I would give anything to help out and work with Cawley and his group! Let’s give some love for those who are willing to give so much for us all and not ask for anything in return except our willingness to give them a chance.

James and crew, thank you for giving us Phase II! I appreciate you a great deal and envy you even more….LOL. By simply making something out of love, you’ve actually become a voice in the Trek universe…one that’s heeded and even sought out. I’m glad that JJ gave you the chance to visit the set and even have a moment on screen. Let me know if you ever need any more crew or cast…I’m always willing to help out! Anthony can give you my email if you ever want to reach me. (You got that, right, Anthony? I’m giving you permission to give James my email.)

If or until…live long and continue to prosper!


114. Patty Wright - March 31, 2008

Sorry Tut,
I am 41 and have a full thich head of real hair, I have not now nor ever wore a toupee. Sorry you don’t like my hair but it is what I was given!

115. Patty Wright - March 31, 2008

Sorry, James was on my laptop…that was him in #116.

I am James’ set hairdresser….I WISH it were a toupee….his hair is way too thick and is a real pain to tame. I spend most of my time between takes trying to make the thick mass behave.

And, yes, his hair is blond. He dyes it black like Elvis did when he’s in his performing season.


116. Anthony Pascale - March 31, 2008

don’t feed the trolls people…they have been dealt with

117. Magic_Al - March 31, 2008

Looking forward to the new cut!

118. James R. Kirk - March 31, 2008

It’s a prerequisite to have hair issues if you’re playing Captain Kirk.

119. Anthony Thompson - March 31, 2008

The Russians under Communism progressed from a backwards, agrarian economy in 1917 to a great world power and the FIRST innovator in space exploration in less than four decades. The Russian economy and global influence went backwards when capitalism was instituted (not to mention soaring crime, etc.).

120. New Horizon - March 31, 2008

The exclusive shots look fantastic. I wonder when the folks who couldn’t make the premiere will get to see the re-worked episode? :)

121. mc trekkie - March 31, 2008

James- and company- keep doing what you’re doing-

And Anthony- thanks for the post with the new effects pics-

I think that Darren D’s Kingon/Enterprise shots are outstanding (especially in comparison to the recent work CBS-D did on the Elaan on Troyus Klingon ship shots)

Nice work Darren! you have the spirit of the Classic ENT down cold- I’m sure CBS D has a reason why their renderings are so dark- but I simply like yours better.

The hell with the Trolls- Long live Phase II
and James- I hope you and your crew “Attain the All”

122. Ray - March 31, 2008

Wow… Some not so smiling faces in those pictures!

Come on guys….

123. Trekkiefan16 - March 31, 2008

#20 – the woman in the pic is Courtney Peldon. She was the lead actress in the film Walter Koening wrote and produced, Inalienable. She was also in the DS9 episode “Valiant”.

124. eagle219406 - March 31, 2008

#76: “Cawley wearing an ENT uniform? If he works that into one of his episodes, then he HAS sold out, I’m sorry. I’m not bashing him, I’m just making the simple observation that no self-respecting “TOS Purist” would have anything to do with that atrocity of a TV show. He claims to be a TOS Purist, but I don’t see it.”

I don’t know what is wrong with you. But Enterprise was a very good series. I liked TOS and I think that they did a good job in staying with the time. Some people hated it because of the aliens they met in ENT that were not seen in the previous ones that took place later. So what? How many aliens did we see in TOS that were never shown again in later Series? ENT may have been bad to you, but it was good enough to outlive TOS by one year. If you want a bad Star Trek Series, I would say the bad one was DS9.

125. Captain Robert April - March 31, 2008

Uh oh, now he’s done it.

He just dissed DS9.

You realize, of course, this means war…

126. mojonaut - March 31, 2008

121: “I think that Darren D’s Kingon/Enterprise shots are outstanding (especially in comparison to the recent work CBS-D did on the Elaan on Troyus Klingon ship shots)”

Was just about to say the same thing myself. How a next-to-zero budget web series can out-do a studio is beyond me. They deserve kudos for that (even if I do think the acting is hammy at best)

127. A Hartman - March 31, 2008

I can’t wait to see the new cut of this episode!

I had a question about Checkov dying, but… the episode was so well done I didn’t care. Isn’t anyone going to applaud the audacity of skipping the cliche “last act miracle save”?

The whole point of Phase II is enjoyment. Emjoyment of the cast and crew in making it, and enjoyment for the fans in watching it.

To quote the “Shat”; “It’s just a TV Show…”

128. AJ - April 1, 2008


Soviets went into space and built a huge arsenal, but the bulk of the population had an amazingly poor standard of living. Sputnik and Gagarin were good ways to distract the population of a totalitarian dictatorship from its misery.

The air and water was polluted, plus millions of the male workforce were killed in WWII, and the Ukraine famine during collectivization.

The current Russian economy is growing at 8% per year from oil, and the government is looking at investment into creating an infrastructure that the Soviets never built. That will create new jobs. Yes, there is a gap between rich and poor. And organized crime stems from structures which existed in Soviet times.

129. Tanner Waterbury - April 1, 2008

Is it me, or is the new Sulu gonna be played by a Latino and/or Native american? I thought Sulu was supposed to be JAPANESE!

130. Sam Belil - April 1, 2008

Mr. Cawley, please no need to defend yourself against the “bashers”. As I have stated many times before you and your crew do an outstanding job of capturing the feel and spirit of TOS. You should ALWAYS be proud of your efforts and body of work. Your passion for TOS is second to none, and it shows in your work (the only thing that I criticized in the past was the “Chekov Episode”). Again, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!

131. star trackie - April 1, 2008

93 “Thanks for bashing me. That just proves my point that around here people can make obvious comments about some (Shatner, George, etc.) and that seems to be o.k. ”

While I don’t agree with King Tutt’s apparent need to insult, I will agree with the boy king’s observation that a great deal of hypocrisy exists from those pots on this board that like to call the kettle black.

132. capt mike - April 1, 2008

mr cawley. i think you are doing a great job in star trek new voyages and now phase 2. though i hate what you did to mr checkov in killing him and that was the only dumd thing you have done. i love the shows you have put out so far. i thought world enough and time was a fantastic episode with capt sulu. so ignore the bashers and make a good show like you have been doing. also do you have any plans on redoing the effects for in harms way. a great show with the dooms day machine and i loved the story.

133. capt mike - April 1, 2008

124 you are correct in the show enterprise was a good show. the 4th season was realy on track to being the best of all of them save for the tos. it was realy tying in to the tos series and we might have even gotten to see the romulan war that was talked about in tos ballence of terrior. ds9 was a good series but i think it strayed away from genes vision and thats why it didnt do very well. voyager stayed close to genes vision and thats why it’s a more popular one of the newer series. of corse the tng was great because gene was there to make sure it was great. all in all star trek will live on because of people like jj abrams and mr cawley and others who refuse to let genes vision of a great show die. i know rick berman almost killed it off but with people like jj and james cawley and others it will always go on.hopefully one day maybe cbs will green light a new series and i hope they let either james cawley or jj abrams do the show. and keep berman and his cohorts away from the new series.

134. New Horizon - April 1, 2008

132. capt mike – April 1

Mr. Cawley didn’t kill Checkov…DC Fontana and Walter Koenig decided to do that…it was their wish to have that story. James and his crew simply respected that wish.

I felt that DC and Walter were being a bit self indulgent with the whole Checkov dying bit. I feel Chekov surviving would have had a greater emotional impact on both the viewer and the character. Living out your entire life in a matter of days and finally surrendering to death is a gigantic step in personal growth. Having been forced to come to those realizations and then suddenly having your life back to you wouldn’t have erased those lessons…no, it would have added so many new layers of depth to the Character of Chekov.

I’m surprised when I hear that DC is so adamant that the Chekov we see in future episodes is his cousin Sergei…it’s just such a hollow thing. It does little service to the character…and only serves to satisfy personal egos. No offense to DC or Walter…but that’s how it comes off. At any rate, I did love 99% of To Serve All My Days, but WEAT was a much stronger adventure.

George Takei’s episode did for the Sulu character, what TSAMD’s should have done for Chekov.. I simply can’t look at Sulu in the same light anymore…he’s such a richer character for having gone through what he did in WEAT.

135. capt mike - April 1, 2008

i agree with you. it was dc and walter and not james cowley. but he could have rejected that ending and insisted on the checkov living. but i understand his reasons for letting it go. but that still does not make it right. new voyages and now phase 2 is a great series in that it honors the tos and gene roddenberry and i for one am glad. so james keep up the good work and you as the exec please keep the cannon on the right trek.

136. Laserlover2254 - April 1, 2008

#38: There are such things as a “Criticism” and a “Gripe”.

I’ll try to provide meaty “Criticisms”, even if they can only occasionally be constructive.

137. New Horizon - April 1, 2008

135. capt mike – April 1

I think when an actor, who essentially owns the character, comes along and wants to be part of your production you feel somewhat bound to honor their wishes for that character.

I imagine Walter likely wouldn’t have bothered with the episode at all if James had said..”No”. It was an opportunity for both parties to gain something…and grow. Walter used the episode as a vehicle to give Chekov a chance to do something bigger, and New Voyages was able to grow, learn from a Trek vet, and also get some really great press out of it.

I think Walter could have done this story without the death scene. The death scene undermined the lessons young Chekov learnd, his later adventures in the movies, and even New Voyages itself. The episode succeeds on so many levels, but ultimately fails at doing what Walter seemed to want to do…pad out the Character. Instead, we’re told by Dorothy that it’s really Sergei. That’s just so empty and leaves us where we started…with an underdeveloped, underused character. :(

I fully respect and understand why Walter felt the need to touch some deeper tones within the character, but I don’t think it should have been done at the expense of NV or Trek history in general.

138. capt mike - April 1, 2008

oh i agree with you. walter did what he thought best but it just doesnt work for obvious reasons. it was a great show till the death scene. but there should have been one more scene added and thats where he makes it. to say that the checkov on the movies is not the real but pavels brother is just plain stupid. in generations checkove says to kirk when talking about sulus daughter that i was never that young and kirk says. no you were right there that says pavel and not his brother and here this. in the episode day of the dove sulu told kirk that checkov was a only child so it would be inpossible for checkov to have a brother unless sulu lied to kirk.

139. star trackie - April 1, 2008

#137 “I fully respect and understand why Walter felt the need to touch some deeper tones within the character, but I don’t think it should have been done at the expense of NV or Trek history in general.”

But, you see, it isn’t at the expense of anything. This is not Star Trek. It’s a fan production that asked the question “what if?” I find it not only acceptable, but in the context of New Voyages delivering brave and experimental storylines, a welcome change over their previous outings.

140. capt mike - April 1, 2008

for dc fontana to say that checkov was killed and it was his brother in the movies is just not right. sulu said in the tos episode day of the dove that checkov was an ONLY CHILD.

141. star trackie - April 1, 2008

#140 “for dc fontana to say that checkov was killed and it was his brother in the movies is just not right.”

Well, she actually said “cousin”, in the quote above, and I think this was probably said with her tongue planted firmly in cheek. This is a fan film and isn’t Star Trek in any official capacity. Nothing they do can or will ever take precedent over what we saw in the original series and movies.

And as I said earlier, this freedom also allows them to do shows like “To Serve All Our Days”, giving creative outlets to, not only the New Voyages crew, but to the former stars and writers of classic Trek.

I’d love to see more “what if” scenarios.

142. New Horizon - April 1, 2008

139. star trackie – April 1, 2008
But, you see, it isn’t at the expense of anything. This is not Star Trek.

That’s your opinion…New Voyages is as much Star Trek to me as TOS was. I don’t care if it isn’t considered ‘official’ by the powers that be…that means nothing to me. New Voyages is more Star Trek than even the later series have been. I expressed this in an earlier post…Star Trek is an idea, a tale…and so long as it’s told well…it can be real Star Trek. It doesn’t matter if a corporate studio puts it out…or if it’s a group of friends. That’s why many people were bothered by the death scene. New Voyages was held in higher regard than even it realized at the time. Pulling in actors from the original series elevated it beyond being a simple fan production. Hell, if I’m not completely mistaken…I think they’re even using ‘some’ original props…or costumes. I’m pretty sure James bought some of the original rolls of fabric that the original uniforms were made from. I accept is as real Star Trek…you don’t have to.

143. THX-1138 - April 1, 2008


Could you clarify what you are referring to?

144. Dr. Image - April 1, 2008

Hearty congrats to James & Co. Can’t wait to see it!
My only recommendation is that you had maintained the NV moniker.
It was YOUR OWN.
Phase II will always be, well, Phase II- the “lost series.”
Yours is far from that.

145. James Jamziz - April 1, 2008

Response to #37 aka James Cawley

Well I’m sorry that my criticism has offended, although not my intention I knew now better way to express my dissatisfaction.

I’m not looking for a production branded with the CBS logo or any of that nonsense, but I’m looking for something that sets itself a part. After watching your productions I don’t see that. I can appreciate the amount of effort and devotion your staff / cast have put into the production, and I respect that, however, from an entertainment standpoint, from a TREK stand point I don’t think this meets my A grade.

Mr. Cawley, your production isn’t alone on this one, I’m personally not that impressed with the other fan productions out there, the stories don’t resonate with me, never mind the acting…

I was a fan of the original Trek, I was a fan of the stories, of Mr. Roddenberry and his vision.. but none the less what you do, you’re so called ‘creative and fun’ approach lacks in every sense that matters.

You’re response to me, regarding bashing is completely off.. Because I don’t approve of your work don’t label me as a ‘basher’ I take that offensively. Criticism Mr. Cawley is something all communities need in order to grow. There is nothing ‘Sad’ about me not approving of your work, or the work of others, it’s just a fact of life, one which we all have to live with.

Mr. Cawley it would be good of you to disassociate criticism from negativity, look at it constructively – there is always going to be someone out there who’s not impressed with everything your production has to offer. Instead of categorizing me into a ‘basher’ perhaps offer me the opportunity to back up my criticism….

To all of you out there who jumped onto Mr. Cawley’s band wagon, like #38, you’re right, no ones forcing me to watch it, but I did of my own free will and I didn’t like it. To others such as #41, I appreciate the effort put into it, and I hold no expectations regarding its quality, I’ve seen many successful and impressive fan productions from all sorts of genre’s and walks of life, with engaging plots, acting, and production value. This I feel, although note worthy in the effort of its creators, fails to impress me. Simple, I’m sorry that you’re offended by this.

I commend you Mr. Cawley on your work, keep it up, evidently there are many here who appreciate it and I have nothing but respect for them and for you. But as I said previously, instead of lumping me into some derogatory category, instead ask for an elaboration instead of burning me down.

Thank you.

146. James Jamziz - April 1, 2008

*opening line is messed, I mean to say:
Well I’m sorry that my criticism has offended you, although not my intention I knew no better way to express my dissatisfaction in a short, concise sentence.

147. British Naval Dude - April 2, 2008

made me own epsiodes
but they be hidden deep and away and so much the better as shameful they be. chat 987, 1216 an’ more before
I gots cancelled….

Funny how now that those who grew up on Trek have tha means to make it so… and get their old vet actors (some o’ them anyhas) ta lend a hand…

Doohan wulda probably jumped ta playin’ Scotty some more…

148. TJR - April 2, 2008

145 (James Jarnziz), James Crawley, and anyone else still reading this (If there is anyone left out there LOL)

I remember when I saw the pilot for NV “Come What May”, I thought some of the acting needed work and that the story was decent, but was fun……But I was knocked out by the fact that any group of fans could produce something that looked as good as this, without a major studio funding it.

In spite of my few criticisms I was instantly a fan, because this to me was a dream come true. A continuation of the original series.

And while we are on the subject of the original series: Let’s not forget that there where far worse stories done during the original series than “Come What May”

With each episode I have seen a continued improvement on every front with this show (writing, acting. directing, etc)

The most recent episode is (IMO) as good as the best of any official Trek.

To see new episodes of the original series (even without the original cast) is still a dream come true.

I wish that Paramount would officially get behind this show and realize that there is an audience (large enough) that will pay $1.99 to download it on iTunes and support it as a direct to DVD series.

Lastly (And I am surprised that no one has mentioned this) But it’s oblivious that New Voyages/Phase II’s vision of re-creating the original series is a great idea, if it wasn’t, Paramount would not have borrowed it for this new movie that is in production.

149. eagle219406 - April 2, 2008

#148 I remember when I saw the pilot for NV “Come What May”, I thought some of the acting needed work and that the story was decent, but was fun……But I was knocked out by the fact that any group of fans could produce something that looked as good as this, without a major studio funding it.

I remember when I first saw it too. I happened to come across it on Youtube and at first, I though that someone was playing around, like people have done in the past. I almost didn’t see the rest. Then I realized that it had actually made Wikipedia. I read about it and saw what it was and I looked at it again. I was instantly hooked and wanted to see more. When I saw the rest I really liked it. Except for the part where Chekov died. I felt that made no sense since he was alive in the movies and was in the next episode.

I also showed them to my mother who is also a star trek fan. She really liked them. I know a couple of Fans who would like to see it but can’t because the have no internet. I would like to say, Keep up the good work. Because with this, STAR TREK IS NOT DEAD JIM.

150. Gav - April 3, 2008

man do I ever wish I had been there for that

Goddam atlaintic


151. Kevin - April 5, 2008

Back to the captain kirk hair thing: well explained by Patty earlier… however, my wife asked me about it and I told her that he was probly portraying the Jack Lord version of Kirk.

152. eagle219406 - April 7, 2008

Still wondering when it is going to be aired on the internet for those who couldn’t see it at the premier. And when is Blood and Fire going to go on?

153. Darth Maul - October 11, 2008

James Cawley did not attend to the Spanish Star Trek Convention in Seville… it seems like he has “forgotten” (?) his STNV overseas devotés. Of Course… ‘Cause Spain for the gang of this racket is a underdeveloped ST country and it’s located at the Southern Rio Grande.

IS This Idic Spirit?

154. Abi - October 11, 2008

Darth Maul: As another ‘overseas devotee’ I agree it’s disappointing that the best conventions and guests are all in the US but at least you had a convention – some of us don’t even have that opportunity.

You also have to rememeber that even professional actors promoting current projects by going to conventions aren’t necessarily able to travel due to personal reasons (kids, costs, health). On top of that, this isn’t James Cawley’s ‘day job’ so he has to juggle STNV with everyday life and professional committments.

Cawley’s done some amazing stuff but the man’s only human. It’s not fair to knock him for not going to your convention. Give the guy a break and be grateful for the hard work he and the other STNV people do and their generosity in sharing it online. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.