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Preview Images From “The Enterprise Incident” Remastered April 3, 2008

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CBS has sent us two shots from weekend’s remastered "The Enterprise Incident"

CBS chose to mix it up a bit and replace one of the original Romulan D7 ships with a Bird of Prey (seen before in “Balance of Terror” and “The Deadly Years”). Also the Romulan D7s are given a distinctive Romulan ‘bird’ paint job.

Shot 1: “Swoop”

Remastered (click to enlarge)


Shot 2: “Surrounded”

Remastered (click to enlarge)


The Remastered "The Enterprise Incident" airs this weekend in syndication, check local listings. See for a list of stations


1. sean - April 3, 2008

If only last week’s Klingon cruiser had looked this good!

2. Naglinator - April 3, 2008

Yay they fixed the paint scheme!

3. Bobby - April 3, 2008

agreed. the ships seem to have way more texture and feel more realistic. looking forward to seeing the movement.

4. sean - April 3, 2008

This is also an instance where the new shots DEFINITELY look better than the originals. The new cruisers have some weight to them, whereas the originals look like plastic toy kits (which I’m sure they were, but still).

5. Smike van Dyke - April 3, 2008

Cool! They included an original BoP!

6. AJ - April 3, 2008

Oh, man. Kick Ass ;-)

7. Mike - April 3, 2008


8. Paul B. - April 3, 2008

Now THIS is what I want to see in the TOS-R effects! I love the paint job on the D7(?) cruiser, and the BoP is a nice touch.

I’ve had mixed reactions to the TOS-R stuff so far, but to be honest, both of these images gave me a grin and a chill/thrill. I feel like a 9-year-old kid again!

9. neo - April 3, 2008

finally! a little bit of remastering! kind of.

10. Commodore Lurker - April 3, 2008

Decloaking . . . (how aprapos)
Very, very cool! This is the kind of stuff TOSRemastered was meant to do. One of my fav Trek eps of all 756. The original stood up wery well Cap’tin, but I like this better.
Recloaking (even more aprapos).

11. Dr. Wh-OW!!!! - April 3, 2008

That’s ingenious!!! Painting the Klingon hulls!!! Very Nice!!!!

Makes me want to paint Old Glory on some British tank (top) models…

Keeley Hazell
Billie Piper
Kate Moss
Kayleigh Pearson

(you get the idea)

12. MrRegular - April 3, 2008

This is good news! Hopefully my local affiliate will run it on time!!

13. Tim GER - April 3, 2008

I like them!!!

14. Locutus of Alberni - April 3, 2008

Man, this TOTALLY messes up the classic ERTL “The Enterprise Incident” model kit with 3 D7’s and the Enterprise…

But it sure looks good!!!!

15. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 3, 2008

Most impresive. On the Klingon homeworld, we do not have Maaco or Earl Scheib.

16. Marvin the Martian - April 3, 2008

Okay. I think this proves that there is an “A” team and a “B” team that does the CBS-D effects. Last week was “B” team. This week it’s “A” team.

In my mind, this explains the inconsistency of the remastering. As much as I love the remastering effort overall, this has been something that’s been bothering me for a while. One week the effects border on spectacular, and the next week they’re middling to awful.

Almost as if the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. I mean… couldn’t they have used this week’s CGI model for last week? We’re only talking seven days difference here.

I don’t understand this.

17. James Heaney - Wowbagger - April 3, 2008

Twenty points to CBS-D!

18. John - April 4, 2008

The angle on the Enterprise in shot 2 “Surrounded” is so boring. Say what you will about the original effects, but the original angle of the Enterprise in that shot is much more dynamic and interesting.

Yes, the new paint job is neat, but the composition of the shot is dull.

19. Kirk's Toupee - April 4, 2008

#16, couldn’t agree with you more!!!

Will CBS-D be revisting these episodes to re-re-master the poor episodes before any kind of DVD release, or is this it??

I have to say, that the inconsistency certainly puts me off from any kind of future DVD purchase, unless they improve some of the poorer re-mastering efforts……………

20. DJT - April 4, 2008


21. Andy Patterson - April 4, 2008

Having seen this episode all my life, I remember becoming aware of it in a new light about 20 yrs ago. This was around the time of the 20th anniversary specials in one form or other and it was at this time that I first heard the words or even the concept “dated effects”. This concept hadn’t even entered my mind until I read such articles. I still take umbrage with all that, but this episode in particular stood out to me because I suddenly noticed how good the original effects were. As if the original show really outdid itself with this one. I remember every musical cue to this episode as the credits continued to roll at the start of the show. (A feature I think only happened with 3rd season episodes. Am I wrong?) I hope the re-dubba dub job is just as good.

22. Iowagirl - April 4, 2008

I think the original effects already were good. With those new shots they’ve done an excellent job for an excellent episode. The “Surrounded” shot looks particularly impressive.

23. Holo J - April 4, 2008

#19 Kirk’s Toupee

I am afraid the answer is no, they will not be revisiting the any of the work to re-re-master the poor episodes before any kind of DVD release as they have released Series one on DVD already and that had about 5 episodes using the older less impressive digital model they made of the Enterprise. Plus episodes that haven’t worked as well with the newer Enterprise model with shots that have looked odd or not quite right etc probably will not be changed either.

I would love them to review the work before any potential Blu-ray DVD releases. They could go back over it with all they have learnt this time around. Maybe take on board at least some of the other suggestions the fans have made for other improvements and change or add to things where time hasn’t allowed for this first attempt.

24. Holo J - April 4, 2008

Its funny CBS Digital is normally so conservative about what they change effects wise. It drives me up the wall when they don’t change certain effects to make them look better or when they don’t show a ship close up because they say it ties in with the original intent but then show another shot of a ship far off when originally it was a close up. Some of their decisions seem questionable a lot of the time.

So I am surprised they have changed one of the D7’s to the Romulan Bird of of Prey. I am all for change the majority of the time but I am not sure what to make of that change. The shots look ok from what I can see but I thought Spock made a comment along the lines of 3 Ships of Klingon design surrounding them. Obviously he must say just three ships have surround us to give them the loop hole to make one of them the Romulan Bird of Prey.

I do like the fact they have given the Klingon ships a paint Job to make them look Romulan owned though. I was hoping the would at least put a Romulan symbol on the ships somewhere to make it clear it wasn’t the klingons That where in the driving seat so to speak. So that is a nice touch.

25. Cranston - April 4, 2008


From the very beginning of the TOS-R effort, the one change I’ve wanted is to see Romulan markings on the Klingon-designed ships in this episode.

I’m happy now.

26. Gorn Captain - April 4, 2008

The previews for the unreleased “Secret of Vulcan Fury” PC game had a D7 with Romulan markings.

27. shatners-basson - April 4, 2008

After moans last week, its kudos this week!

couldnt they have handed off all the balls episodes ( im thinking alternate factor, lights of zatar here!) to the B team and let the A team take all the space battle eps. (i was well annoyed with last weeks and Day of the Dove)

28. diabolk - April 4, 2008

18… but of course.

29. Frank - April 4, 2008

Jeez, I can’t help but wonder if they where trying to squelch all the negative comments from last weeks show…

30. capt mike - April 4, 2008

well the shot looks good. i think this will have some good cgi. i agree with you number 16 this must be an A team cgi week.i think that the bop and the d7s look good.i like the desgins as they look kool and heavy. i hope they at least show the romulans firing on the enterprise as she cloakes but missing of corse. if they did that that would be kool as well.i have high hopes for this episode.

31. Stanky McFibberich - April 4, 2008

The first episode I ever recorded on cassette tape. Played it over and over and over. Apparently I only had one tape. Probably still have it memorized once I get going.
Good to have some Remastered news among all the other crap of late.

32. Randomguy - April 4, 2008

This is one episode where CBS-D’s fixation on putting the ships almost on top of each other irrespective of actual stated or implied ranges in the episodes actually works, because we already knew they were on top of each other this time.

33. Ro-Dan - April 4, 2008

YES!! Just what I was hoping for. A mixture of BoPs and D-7s. Plus a raptor paint-job on the D-7s. Very well done, CBS-D!

34. TonyD - April 4, 2008

I always thought that the old Romulan design was very cool and got short shrift during the original show, so I really like its inclusion here. The painted warbird on the bottom of the Klingon hulls is an interesting touch as well.

My only question is if the FX team chose to to mix things up a bit for this episode, why couldn’t they also do it for Ultimate Computer? :(

35. Timncc1701 - April 4, 2008

Looks great. Love how they tied it more to original Romulan bird of prey. I hope this makes it to blu-ray. Otherwise, not much point in remastering, other than to fill a web site designated for a Star Trek movie with no real news about the movie since the studio moved it back to forever from now.

36. CmdrR - April 4, 2008

DUN-DUN de-DUN! (repeat every 4 minutes or as needed)

37. CmdrR - April 4, 2008

Very very nice!

38. logical Trek - April 4, 2008

Not to beat a dead horse but “Elaan of Troyuis” deserved this kind good attention to detail as it too, was one of those rare and great Treks, as well and comin from the supposedly lameThird season,.

Actually I like Spectre of the Gun , cuz its kinda a Twilight Zoneish thingie. by the way I also like the uniforms for the third season, they “looked” more cool somehow, better shimery fabric futuristic like..dude.

Freiburger was pretty slick in making do for the last years shows at times as a producer called in at the last second cuz Roddenberry wouldnt back down to NBC because of going back on the time period they promised him , but then THEY lied to him and gave it to “Laugh- In”… instead!



39. John Gill - April 4, 2008

#16 and #19:
Must have hit the nail on the head, there might even be three or four teams of “generic” CGI people taking direction, then presumably carrying out the detailed final work. That’s the only way to explain the inconsistency and the “quickie” digital work from last week. Wouldn’t it be nice if CBS-D had ONE quality control person to finalize all new digital shots before finalization? Hmmm…. me thinks they would already have something like that in place, but…

40. mc trekkie - April 4, 2008

I’m with 38- I hope they remaster the remaster and fix Elaan of Troyus

That Klingon ship was horrible. Can you imagine in ‘late ’08 or ’09 after buying your HD blue ray version & watching this ep and “Elaan” back to back-

I for one would feel robbed. The Elaan ep Klingon looked like it was made on a home pc/mac. (CBS Digital’s “b” team”)

Anyhow it’s great that they finally fixed the d7’s- and allow me one final gripe-

We should be calling the Romulan ship a “WARBIRD” as the “Bird of Prey” came into the vernacular as the name for small Klingon Ships after Star Trek III didn’t it?

41. Gary - April 4, 2008

You know, moving about in outer space is a three-dimensional affair. Where are the cruisers that should be “above” and “below” the Enterprise? Seems to me that the Big E could simply rotate on its axis or “descend” (“z minus 10,000 meters” anyone?) and leave….

42. New Horizon - April 4, 2008

39. John Gill – April 4, 2008
Wouldn’t it be nice if CBS-D had ONE quality control person to finalize all new digital shots before finalization? Hmmm…. me thinks they would already have something like that in place, but…

I had hoped they would have hired Daren Dochterman to oversee quality control… it stands…people are not getting a quality product. They’re getting ‘improved’ visuals, but certainly not consistent work.

43. Bernd S. - April 4, 2008

Well done. They fixed two things that always bothered me:

1) that the Romulans did not appear with one, not with two but even with three Klingon ships.
2) that these ships did not have anything specifically Romulan on them.

44. Redjac - April 4, 2008

Looks very promising! Hopefully there won’t be any cheesy video-gamish movement going on. I do agree with one poster here who said they preferred the original layout of the “We are surrounded” effects.

But, I really like seeing the Bird of Prey and the new paint jobs on the D7s.

Nice work…err…nice PREVIEW, CBS-D!

However, really hope they go back and tweak these episodes. It would be a cruel injustice to TOS to leave these episodes unfinished and in a haphazard and inconsistent condition.

45. Imrahil - April 4, 2008

Looks cool–my only issue is that I liked in the original the recognition that space is three dimensional, and I’m a little sad to see the Romulans are now planar…

46. Cervantes - April 4, 2008

#44 Redjac

I wait to see how ships MOVE with trepidation now too, as WELL as composition of shots…

However, nice to see the effort of adding a ‘paint-job’ to the hull has been done by CBS-Digital.

47. Scott - April 4, 2008

Haven’t read all the comments, but it’s clear the guys in the 60s knew something about composition that the CBS-D guys have never learned. What a shame.

I do sort of like the inclusion of the Bird of Prey. Nice touch. I so wish the back of it had some more non-canonical detailing, like a shuttle bay hatch.

Scott B. out.

48. Cervantes - April 4, 2008

Just a thought – These remastered photos above look nicely cinematic due to their proportions. They are 6:9 ‘WIDESCREEN’ in look, compared to the usual 4:3 looking proportions of the original photo comparisons.

So the actual effect on the eventual regular 4:3 t.v. showings / dvd releases will NOT look as good as the above, as things will be ‘cropped’ in some way surely…


49. Kobayashi Maru - April 4, 2008


Think it looks AWESOME, can’t wait to see this episode. Come out with the DVD’s already! I’m ready for a marathon!!!!

50. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - April 4, 2008

#34 – TonyD

You’re right….the Romulan Bird of Prey’s life was cut short during the prouction of TOS. This was due to a warehouse fire that destroyed the only production model of that ship. The producers came up with the idea to use the Klingon design to save money…they couldn’t afford to build another studio model. It was some time later that AMT came out with a plastic model, so, unlike using an AMT model of the Enterprise to pose as The Constellation in “The Doomsday Machine”, it was not an option for replacing the Bird of Prey. It is nice to see it’s return in this episode.

51. Galaxy Quest 2 - April 4, 2008

On Romulus they all drive Pontiac Trans-Ams with Bird of Prey stickers on the hoods

52. FREAKAZOID - April 4, 2008

RE #18: “The angle on the Enterprise in shot 2 “Surrounded” is so boring. Say what you will about the original effects, but the original angle of the Enterprise in that shot is much more dynamic and interesting.”

I disagree. I think the head on angle makes more sense. Looks like a face off between the two ships.

53. Jorg Sacul - April 4, 2008

Roland, was it a fire? That’s the first I’ve heard of that– I’d heard that it “disappeared” from storage. What a shame, either way. So few good photographs of the model exist (I think they’re all at the IDIC page.)

I remember the Romulan AMT kit coming out. That was a great time to be a kid, what with the Galileo, K-7, Bridge, Exploration Set…

54. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - April 4, 2008

#53 – Jorg Sacul

I had ’em all….boy, I sure with I still had all those great kits from my childhood. Hell, wish I still had the ones from just a few years ago…they met their demise from the giant alien ex from the planet Psychosis IV. ;-)

55. Bart - April 4, 2008

RE#51 That’s excactly what makes TOS so trashy. Just but another sticker on a ship and people will believe it is another species. I wonder why Spock had no sticker on his forehead which said Vulcan.

Luckily TNG made Star Trek serious.

56. Thomas Jensen - April 4, 2008

Using two ship types is a great idea! I hope everything looks good when moving.

57. Diabolik - April 4, 2008

#40… The Romulan Bird of Prey name was used in the series first, then the movies adapted it for the Klingon ship. It can be argued that the Klingon BOP was descended from the Romulan version of the Klingon ships they used during the exchange we saw in this episode.

The mutual use somewhat muddied the waters as to the ships and the names.

58. Buckaroohawk - April 4, 2008

Oh man, I hate to throw cold water on all the good graces here, but the Klingon ship seen in the second Remastered photo has obvious polygons all over the shape of its hull, just like the one seen in “Elaan of Troyus.” Also, the image of the Bird of Prey on it’s lower hull doesn’t fit correctly. The tips of the tail feathers slip up onto the back of the ship.

As with last week’s episode, the composition of these shots is excellent, and I’m very happy they added the BOP paint job to the Klingon design and threw in an actual Romulan ship for good measure; but the low resolution quality of the Klingon ship is simply deplorable. Heck, I have a TOS Klingon 3D mesh in my library that is nearly flawless, and I dowloaded it for free from a Trek fan site.

Despite this disappointment, I’m still hoping that the new FX look good in motion. I’ll find out Sunday night (er…Monday morning) at 2:00am.

59. Spock - April 4, 2008

It was a Klingon BOP, because of a script change in “The Search For Spock”, originally they were going to use the Romulans.

60. Diabolik - April 4, 2008

#55… this is the wrong place to bash TOS and say the TNG is better…. them’s fightin’ words. TNG just had better effects… till NOW!

61. New Horizon - April 4, 2008

58. Buckaroohawk – April 4, 2008

Oh man, I hate to throw cold water on all the good graces here, but the Klingon ship seen in the second Remastered photo has obvious polygons all over the shape of its hull

Yeah, I noticed that too…but decided not to say anything. Oh well…at least one thing is consistent between the new effects and the old show…budgetary constraints.

I haven’t seen such obvious poor modeling in a long time though…something like that just shouldn’t get through.

62. New Horizon - April 4, 2008

I also agree with the assessment that the original shot compositions were better. The 60’s artists were film makers…I’m not sure what kind of experience the CBS-D guys and gals have, but there surely need to learn some lessons in framing a shot. Some of the shots they’ve replaced with inferior shots really boggle my mind. Some of the replaced 60’s angles were just so powerful.

63. Norbert - April 4, 2008

I still have problems with the movement of the starships. Sometimes they seem so shaky. The D7 approaching the Enterprise, the Constellation approaching the Planet Killer… They sometimes move like it’s very stormy out there in space.
But the pics from Enterprise Incident look very cool and the textures are way better. Also I’m relieved to see the D7 as the Romulan Stormbird as it was described in books and a very old RPG. To replace one of the D7 with a beautyful Bird Of Prey was also my heart’s desire. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

64. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

Well the kiling ships look better then that so called Klingon ship in Elaan of Troyus, adding the Romulan Warbird that I would call it a fairly nice touch. This epidisodewas fairly decent one. What I find interesting is that Kirk and Spock steal the Cloaking Devise and escape, they turn it over to Starfleet and as Is the what happens? Starfleet doesn’t do anything with, except sign an agreement with the Romulans vowing not to use or develop Cloaking technology. Stupid. So you have a potential enemy like the Romulans and you allow then to keep a device that gives them a dangerous edge in battle and expect them to play nice? That is so weak it’s pathetic! They get a hold of potentially useful alien tech and they don use it?Please

65. Bart - April 4, 2008

To clear up the naming confusion…

Klingon Bird of Prey
Romulan Warbird

66. Galaxy Quest 2 - April 4, 2008


67. Jon - April 4, 2008

#51…LOL…That’s a cool idea! I drive a black Trans Am and love the idea!

68. neo - April 4, 2008

i like the addition of a romulan ship (though i wish they’d make the design look more romulan) and the new paint job on the klingon ships, but they’re still mimicking it shot for shot with absolutely pathetic 1992 cgi.

69. Diabolik - April 4, 2008

#63…. well, to take up for them in The Doomsday Machine, the Constellation was supposed to be shaky, to emulate the rough impulse drive shimmy we saw in the original as itr approached. Can’t defend any others.

70. mars396 - April 4, 2008

This is good news indeed; I was preparing myself for another disappointment this weekend.

I wanted to see four things when this project was announced:

USS Constellation that did not look like a model kit

Romulan Battlecruisers decorated like Romulan starships

Saladin-class starships

ISS Enterprise decorated like a Mirror-Universe ship

So, CBS-D scores 50%.
A great batting average, but a failing grade.

Although, we may yet get a Saladin. Ultimate Computer was the opportunity to feature one (or more), they blew it, but we could get one in an establishing shot. Looking at what’s left, I don’t see any episode left where they could put one, but I keep hoping….

71. bill hiro - April 4, 2008

The pics look great but I’m sure once people see the actual episode, the same moans, gripes and complaints will continue to apply. It is the nature of things.

72. bill hiro - April 4, 2008

“The angle on the Enterprise in shot 2 “Surrounded” is so boring. Say what you will about the original effects, but the original angle of the Enterprise in that shot is much more dynamic and interesting.”

I bet that ends up being a tracking shot in the actual episode, as opposed to the more static original version. So the Enterprise may yet end up looking more akin to the way it looked in the original un-remastered shot. Or maybe not. Given the scattershot nature of this project, you really can’t assume anything.

73. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 4, 2008

CBS-D had better not screw ths one up. I suppose it doesn’t make any differerence, though, because there’s no way in hell I’m buying their DVDs if they did a half-assed job for a majority of the episodes. I’ll take fully-remastered or not at all remastered, thank you very much.

And, as evidenced by the fact that CBS-D doesn’t change anything but the outer space shots most of the time, TOS’s original special effects weren’t that bad to begin with.

Given their predilection to borrowing elements from TAS (like the Antares), I’m surprised they didn’t use the Romulan D7 markings that appeared in TAS (and in the Polar Lights D7 model kit).

74. Redjac - April 4, 2008

That D7 model is no doubt the same one used in “Elaan” but with new texture maps. I also noticed the bird map doesn’t fit correctly…and I mentioned back in the “Elaan” thread that the model was clearly lacking in polygon count. There’s other subtle differences between the CBS-D digital model and the original miniature used in the episode’s original visuals…it’s not a perfect replica by any means.

A shame…but what’re ya gonna do? Except bitch about it…lol!!!

I hate to keep beating the drum of “do it over”…but that’s really what CBS-D, EdenFX, Darren Dochterman or SOMEONE needs to do…

At the end of the day, if these FX are going to be left in this condition then it’s only marginally better than never remastering the visuals at all.

The TOS visuals were a patchwork of poor matting, mixed miniatures, etc. And TOS-R is a patchwork of mixed CGI miniatures, poor CGI modelling, poor animation FX (At times; See the green blob weapons in “Elaan” for an example), and things simply not touched that should have been.

In other words, there was no consistency in the original visuals and even though we had a chance to get a significant upgrade AND consistency with the remaster effort — this has been a missed opportunity.

And it’s disappointing, because who knows when or if this effort will ever be undertaken again. It appears quality was (at times) sacrificed at the expense of meeting tight deadlines. That’s not to say all the work has been substandard — far from it. There’s some great work represented here to be sure.

A real shame.

75. Anthony Thompson - April 4, 2008

These are TWO STILL PHOTOS! Not nealy enought to make a judgement. Let us see how they did with the movements of the ships!

76. Irish Terran - April 4, 2008

#75…… Agreed….
Still, ya gotta admit that the ships do look awsome on more than 1 level!!!

77. star trackie - April 4, 2008

#55 “Luckily TNG made Star Trek serious.”

…seriously dull! “Luckily” that ship has not only sailed, but sunk.

I think the previews look great. I really like the inclusion of the original Romulan ship. That and the painted BOP on the belly of the “Klingon” ships help sell the whole idea. Can’t wait to see it all in action this weekend!

78. KS Trekker - April 4, 2008

Well…I for one and excited to see what they did with this episode. The images look really good…of course, we’ll have to see them ‘in action’ to really know how well everything went.

I don’t know if this has been done (I don’t get the opportunity to read every article) but I would be curious to read what people’s opinions are of their most favorite and least favorite remastered episodes to date (based on the remastering effects, not necessarily the episode itself.) I have to agree that ‘Elaan’ wasn’t quite all I’d hoped for – same with ‘Ultimate Computer’ – but I did like ‘Doomsday Machine’ and ‘Corbomite Maneuver’. Who knows, maybe that’s something that Anthony has planned for the future (after all episodes have aired) or has already done and I missed it. I wonder if they will do anything with the scene where the big E cloaks…probably just have it fade out, although I did like the effect ENT used in ‘In A Mirror, Darkly’.

I will say that even beyond the effects changes, the remastered team has done a good job cleaning up the episodes…the colors are vibrant, and Shat’s piece has never looked better! :)

Just my two cents –

79. Orb of the Emissary - April 4, 2008

I love this! I can’t wait for it to air this weekend! I just wish that the CBS-D team would change things up more like they did with this episode. I do think that if Star Trek had the budget they deserved back in the 1960’s they probably would of change things up like this. Well done CBS-D! Please keep issuing out episodes like this!

80. T Negative - April 4, 2008

This looks VERY VERY cool.

NIce job putting in the Warbird and painting the D-7’s!!. I can’t wait to watch this episode tomorrow!!

81. THX-1138 - April 4, 2008

Judas wept! Will you people please stop arguing about which version of Star Trek is better! TOS was horrible because it had 1960’s FX. Yeah but it lasted 40+ years so far. TNG was horrible because it was boring. Yeah, but it was the highest rated TV show in syndication and lasted almost a decade. Are you so blind that you can’t see that they were both good? So it’s not your cup of tea. Some people don’t like asparagus and some do. Some people take their coffee black and some like sweeteners.

On topic:
The nacelles are spinning the wrong way.

82. Nelson - April 4, 2008

Cool, I knew Trekmovie would get preview images!

I have mixed feelings. The new shots look great! Not sure I would have added the BoP, I am an all or nothing kind of guy. So it could have been all Klingon ships and remain true to the original. An added BoP in the background would have been okay.

I think the Klingon ship model is the same with the same texture mapping as Elaan. It’s just clearer in these shots. But for some reason the model is not built accurately, as the bottom of the hull is a continuous rolling surface, here they made it with flatter surfaces and hard edge angle changes.

One last comment, I always liked how in TOS, they used colored lighting on the models. The Klingon ships had a greenish hue from the lighting on one side. The Yonada ship had a similar lighting technique. Daren Dochterman used a similar approach on his Doomsday machine for the floating debris. Here, the focus is realisitc lighting. Nothing wrong with that and I can understand the stance here to go for a realistic lighting. I just miss that Star Trek TOS used colored lighting as part of it’s style. It was a way to help sell the outer space other worldly-ness at a time when we didn;t know anything about what deep space was like.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see this episode.

And I hope that Anthony could do an interview with the CBS team soon because the CBS team must be close to done now and it would be interesting to hear from them now that it’s over. What they think of the project, how it turned out, what they felt was a success or not, how they feel about the comments from the fans. And also what, if any impact the Toshiba deal had on them to get the HD-DVD’s out. Are they sad or happy to be done?

I’m kinda sad it’s nearly over!

83. Tenacious MC - April 4, 2008

Keep in mind that back in TNG, DS9, and the early days of VOY, there were 2 visual effects teams: one led by Rob Legato who created more realistic effects with cool angles (Best of Both Worlds, the Nth Degree), while another team led by Dan Curry produced effects that were more budget-friendly but lesser quality which were sometimes pretty obvious (Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Wounded). The same could be said about TOS Remastered and you’ve got to consider the time constraints put on CBS-D to produce these effects in a timely manner.

It’s too bad Legato left after Season 5 to work for Digital Domain on Apollo 13. Episodes like Relics and Descent could have been much better with his skills and input.

84. The Lensman - April 4, 2008

Well I’m waiting to see this in motion, because motion is what these guys have a problem with. Still photos mean jack.

85. Tenacious MC - April 4, 2008

Correction: Legato only worked on TNG and DS9, never on VOY or ENT.

86. Jorg Sacul - April 4, 2008

47. Scott –

check out Mike Minor’s blueprints regarding the shuttle bay on the RBOP. Yah, I know they aren’t canon, blah blah.. but Minor did the work at a time when there was no Encyclopedic Canon Police out there. He also scaled the ship smaller than represented in the model kits. I’ve always trusted his work, though, because his Bridge blueprints are dead on, down to the last button. My friend Gregg made a Kirk Chair using them, and it was the same measurements as the real deal from the set.

Roland.. which kits do you need? drop me a line at and I might be able to help you out, and *not* at eBay gouging prices. I don’t have the classic 70’s AMT stuff, but quite a few of the later issues.

87. bill hiro - April 4, 2008

Once this project is over and done with, I’ll be curious to hear some post-game commentary from the Okudas, et al, about what happened with the whole endeavor – how things changed, how the budget and schedule impacted the project, why they made some of the decisions they made, and how well they think they succeded in doing what they set out to do. They did a lot of press, including some with this site, early on, but you don’t hear much from any of them these days.

Looking at the work in its own context, there’s obviously been a lot of success, but there’s also been a good amount of failure and a lot of stuff that just didn’t get done at all. So in that regard, its a pretty mixed bag for me. In the C+ or B- range I guess. Looking at it in a somewhat larger context, I think they’ve done good work overall compared to what might have happened if CBS had hired people who didn’t give a shit about trying to honor and retain the look, feel, aesthetic and flavor of the original show. I refer you back to that awful morphing shot of the Salt Vampire that turned up in the promo for “The Man Trap” but wasn’t in the actual show. If there had been 79 episodes of hamfisted work like that, or big honking lizard camels like in the Star Wars Special Edition, it could have been a disaster as opposed to being a well intentioned but ultimately frustrating wash, as well stated by Redjac above.

The one aspect of the project that has been a pretty unqualified success for me is the way it expanded the scope and feel of the original series, by adding new ship designs and expanded matte landscapes, and by doing it in a way that was very faithful to the design aesthetic of the show. Seeing Klingon ships in the first season, seeing a new starbase, seeing the Antares and the Woden, seeing the miners’ colony in “Mudd’s Women” and the research outpost in “The Naked Time”, it just makes the world of the original series seem bigger and richer and more interesting. It expands the visual canon (sorry for using a dirty word, anti-canonians) in an organic way, and I really salute them for that.

88. Redjac - April 4, 2008

Jorg, where are these ROBP blueprints?

89. THX-1138 - April 4, 2008


I had them too. And mine met the same fate as yours,I’m afraid. I have been going back through the internets looking for models to replace them. Maybe if Jorg doesn’t mind I’ll e-mail him and get an idea what he has.

What say you, Jorg?

90. British Naval Dude - April 4, 2008

11. good ol’ Brit Tracey Ullman painted Old Glory on her tongue for her new a’show. Izzat what ya would like seein’? Woo-hoo!

I don’t get the upset o’er tha location o’ tha bird. Goodness… this is brilliant and I’m so excited ta’ see it… as I nick yer satelite stations ta do so.

And CBS does engiggen the whole TOS epxerience. Spatks new interest fur me as I hadn;t watched in donkies years.

This is me part when I try ta send ya ta the Chat tab and read me stupid episodes like in posts 987 and 1216 but I won’t do that as I am becoming a spammer behavin’ ina poor manner.

Arrrr… someone suggested a “Best Of” DVD collection for these new effects… HEY! We’d all buy that rather than the bloody whole seasons ya Paramount nerks!


91. Danpaine - April 4, 2008

#81 – I can’t STAND asparagus.

Looking forward to catching this Sunday morning.

92. Kirk's Girdle - April 4, 2008

I never noticed on the original shot that the Klingon emblem is clearly displayed on the bottom the the Romulan ship. Takes using Klingon design to a new level.

93. TOS TOS TOS - April 4, 2008

#45 – bingo. I agree 100%. The shot has lost it’s pseudo-3D effect.

Major props to CBS-D, though! The D-7 paint jobs were an excellent, much-needed touch. Some of the fans are spot-on. There is an “A” and “B” f/x team at CBS-D… and the work has been VERY inconsistent. We’ll never hear the true stories of why, imho. I wish CBS-D would re-do a number of shots, to uplevel the quality. Since that costs $$, I doubt it’ll happen.

And we’ll see the eventual release of fan-produced CG remasterings in the years ahead.

#70 – Very agreed. Those Franz Joseph designs would be welcome in this remastered project. I get the feeling we’ll never see them, as acknowledgment of them in a commercial project could mean potential licensing/ownership issues between Joseph’s estate and Paramount/Viacom/CBS.

Still, maybe we’ll get some similar variant appearing in the forthcoming TOS movie. :) :) I’m ever-hopeful, too.

94. Teleportation Girl - April 4, 2008

i totally frakking agree with 38. and 40., in that Elaan needs to be fixed now. I bet they read these comments. Afterall, someone from CBS is sending these shots over here.

95. bill hiro - April 4, 2008

92, that’s probably just a birthmark ;-)

96. Anti-Matter - April 4, 2008

I love that they are incorporating the paint scheme of the BOP with the cruiser. I am really looking forward to this Ep!

97. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008

93: Fan episodes: They’re happening right now. I’m spearheading it as you type.

98. Ralph F - April 4, 2008

I still like my idea:

Still, I wouldn’t want to frak with decades of canon, eh?

99. Ro-Dan - April 4, 2008

#63, Norbert…

Romulan “Stormbird”. I haven’t heard that terms since the late 80’s when I used to study those old FASA Star Trek RPG books. Too bad that term was never used canonically because I rather like it.

Thanks for that blast from the past!

100. Michael Hall - April 4, 2008

Very nice post, #87, which tends to sum-up my own feelings about this project.

101. Moonwatcher - April 4, 2008

Nice job including the Romulan War Bird and the Romulan markings on the Klingon ships…

One of those funny but irritating scenes in The Enterprise Incident that no amount of CBS trickery can fix is the last seen when Spock and the Romulan commander enter the turbo-lift from the bridge. When Spock engages the lift he says, “Deck two”. Then a zillion lights/floors go by on the wall indicator as they travel from the bridge to there destination. Maybe they could… A: Dub in Spock’s voice and change it from deck #2 to deck #1,450, or whatever the hell number of floors rolled by as they had their eloquent exchange. Or… B: Change moving light patterns to vertical as well as horizontal in the turbo-lift to indicate some lateral movement. Possibly there was a lot of usage in that particular tube and Spock and the Romulan commander’s turbo lift had to go all over hell to get from the bridge to deck #2, or perhaps Spock was using his knowledge of the ship and is deliberately taking the long way around just to hit on her??!. I know, I know, I’ve opened up a stupid can of worms and a lot of lights/floors always rolled by every time they used the turbo-lift. And I’m sure someone out there will say that each light doesn’t necessary represent a floor. But this was something that always bothered me as a child in an otherwise entertaining episode…..

102. sean's clone - April 4, 2008

#87 – I’m on the same page. I’ve graded this project a strong C from the get go, with some stand out efforts.

I think the Okuda’s have to lay low and tow the company line until they are off this project. I found their interview with Anthony a month or so ago a bit annoying and smug, with some really bad jokes and very little insight as to what is going on over there at CBSD.

I hope they write a ST Remastered companion, with an episode by episode analysis, with insights as to why they did or did not do certain things.

103. sean's clone - April 4, 2008

#97 Sean4k – are you going to wait until all the episodes are out on Blu Ray – or just work with the existing HD DVD releases?

104. Randall - April 4, 2008

The nice thing about slapping the bird of prey paint job on the Klingon ships is, it returns the episode to some level of continuity with “Balance of Terror.”

In *that* episode, Styles states that “you’ll know” a Romulan ship when you see it, because it’s “painted like a giant bird of prey.” He was speaking of 100 years prior, during the Romulan War, when obviously Romulan ships were so painted. Now… in 100 years’ time, the Romulans indeed did not change this–as we see, Styles was right, and they *still* paint their ships thusly. So this means it’s a SERIOUS freakin’ tradition for the Romulans that they do NOT change.

But then, in the original version of the Enterprise Incident…. no bird of prey paint job. I understand WHY they didn’t bother doing this–cost issues probably—but it DID create a minor continuity issue. Why did the Romulans suddenly decide to break with this long-held, ironclad tradition?

Minor point–they could have just been given the ships by the Klingons a couple days before–fresh off the shelf. But still, having a bird of prey paint job on them now is a nice touch. As is bringing back the Bird of Prey ship itself.

105. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

What i find odd is that they couldn’t come up with three romulan warbird models, I often wonder how much that treks’s budget was cut by to make them have to resort to using Klingon bird of Prey ships, The inside of the Romulan vessel looked like the set of the enterprise except that they changed some of the doors. The control room for the Cloaking device. I swear ive seen some of those control panels and consoles in other episodes. they could have at least tried to make the panels look different. Even The Doctor who seriels with their miniscule budgets and tape rather the n film production of that era had better luck with recycling props,I would have been nice if trek had had Gerry and Sylvia Anderson do some of their props, better and cheaper.

106. bdrcarter - April 4, 2008

The Remastered project has been a mixed bag of greatness, near-misses, some missed opportunities and the occasional…ick! But it has people talking about Trek again and the episodes have a freshness to them. (And I can watch with my 11 year old son without him laughing at the old effects.)

But I don’t understand why a small group of people who constantly complain about the project…with the same bacis issues over and over again…keep watching. And posting. We get it. You don’t like it and can do a better job on your MACs at home. So go ahead…but can you stop with the complaining, please?


107. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

#106 the problem that many of us have with the whole remastering is that as you pointed out its been very uneven. Even at their best they could have done better. but well see.

108. Larry Talbot - April 4, 2008

On the other hand, since the Klingon symbol was visible on the models being used for the Romulan ships, the Star Trek production team went ahead and created a symbol for the Romulan Star Empire that was used in this episode and which, natually, bore a strong resemblance to the Klingon symbol. You can see it here:

So, now this Romulan symbol which appears over the doors doesn’t tie back to the model, now that the symbol has been replaced with a Bird-of-Prey synbol.

109. British Naval Dude - April 4, 2008


well, now…
been readin’ your esoteric little bits and, while facsinating on many a’level, I tink I’m gunna enjoy the episode anyway. : )

arrrr… this is Spock tha traitor, right? Some overreaction from Kirky boy?

So, only two eps ever had Rommies, eh? Been long time since I seen these eps so what CBS has done is very very good fur a simple viewer like me.

Enjoy it! Cheers!

110. sean - April 4, 2008


SInce it was just a retroactive attempt to create continuity using the basic outline of the Klingon emblem, I think I can live with the lack of reference to that symbol on the hull.

111. CmdrR - April 4, 2008

JJ would please me greatly if he just made his Romulans latex-free. At least the foreheads. Ears? Sure. But, let’s leave off the ridges. Those are for potato chips, not people who are supposed to be dead ringers for Vulcans.

No ridges!

112. Fubamushu - April 4, 2008

The problem that I have with much of CBS-Digital’s work is that the CGI looks too much like good ol’ fashioned hand drawn animation. In the above examples, the Enterprise look like it is an artist’s sketch made with pen/pencil and paper. I would almost prefer to have it look like bad CGI from a video game.

Worse, is just how inconsistent this is.

113. Shatner_Fan_2000 - April 4, 2008

LOVE this episode. Love it, love it, love it. Another classic from D.C. Fontana, with terrific performances from everyone, especially Leonard and Bill. And overall I think Trek Remastered has been nice. Every few years I seem to “fall in love all over again” with the series, and this time Trek Remastered is sparking the flame. I shall be glued to the tube tomorrow!

p.s. Jack Donner is cool.

114. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

For a third season episode storywise is okay, not great.

115. John in Canada, eh? - April 4, 2008

In general, I’m very forgiving towards the TOS-R project, but I can’t help but think that the original shot composition was more interesting. The Big E surrounded by 3 cruisers was an iconic image. (I hadn’t realized there were actually two perspectives of the KlingRom cruiser in the original – the first shot with just the gooseneck and bridge, as well as the second shot from the underbelly.)
Looking forward to this one, but I’m not as gleeful as most other posters over these preview images.

116. Diabolik - April 4, 2008

Amazing how much judgement is being pronounced over some staic images that tell us nothing much. Wait for the actual video.

117. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

Has anybody considered perhaps the most interesting problems with this story and its one I had not thought about. How Scotty could integrate an alien piece of tech into the the enterprise control systems and despite some obvious compatability issues get it to work? I know that he’s an engineering genius from a story standpoint this one stretches credibility a little bit. Your dealing with a piece of Alien hardware whose control systems work on a completely different principle and yet Scotty plugs it in and presto chango it works. Now if scotty had had more time Weeks Days or even hours, instead of minutes then I could see him finding a way to make the cloaking filed work. Think about it does this make sense to anyone here? Yes? no?

118. Iowagirl - April 4, 2008


Agreed – one of the finest episodes. It has all that made TOS famous; a thrilling plot, great character interaction, and fine guest actors. And Kirk going mad at everyone and going nuts is just priceless. :)

119. bmar - April 4, 2008

105 – It wasn’t that they couldn’t come up with three warbird models. My impression is that they couldn’t go to the expense of shooting new footage. If I’m not mistaken, and perhaps I am, the footage of the Klingon ships was simply re-composited using existing footage – so that you had a “new” shot (three ships surrounding the Enterprise) made up of old elements.

120. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

Amazing , i point out some story issues everyone completely ignores it. everyone ohing and aweing the pretty graphics, well you know what, its still the same clunky season three episode You can’t put new bumpers on the old Studebaker and call it a new auto because it really isn’t. It the same old clunker except its in a pretties package. By the low standards of production set by season three yeah i guess you could say its a really good episode, but that is not saying much at all. Season three with better graphics is still substandard fare.

121. star trackie - April 4, 2008

“..well you know what, its still the same clunky season three episode You can’t put new bumpers on the old Studebaker and call it a new auto because it really isn’t. It the same old clunker except its in a pretties package.”


sorry, wrong answer, but you’ll be taking home some lovely parting gifts..2 cases of Turtle Wax and Rice-a -Roni, The San Franscisco Treat! Thanks for playing!

And for the record, I don’t think Scotty integrating the equipment is a stretch at all. The whole mission had been in the planning for quite some time so clearly there was already reason to believe the cloaking device could be adapted to Starfleet technology. Scotty just had to put it to the test much sooner than anyone had anticipated.

Classic episode…4 thumbs up!

122. Wick - April 4, 2008

117 – I think that it is obvious that this cloaking device was built to work on a Klingon ship so is of a design to operate off matter/antimatter power source, that is why Starfleet wanted it. Really, for a resourceful engineer, it is not that difficult.

123. Wick - April 4, 2008

But what I want to know people, is why would a Romulan bird of prey be operating with D7’s. Would not it have a hard time keeping up?

124. NCC-1987 - April 4, 2008

Some interesting info to maybe explain why the original Romulan starship was not in this episode originally:

Not sure if this is true but interesting none the less.

125. Wick - April 4, 2008

123, if the story is true, then it is a shame that Wah destroyed the model, it would be worth a fortune today.

126. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

#121 sorry I don’t buy it . You think the Romulan who designed the the thing had federation specs in mind its to much of a stretch. Your talking two technology which might be similar but compatibiliy? I will conceed it might not be impossible, but at the very least compatabiliy unlikely. But if as i mentioned above Scotty had day s to study the problem then maybe something might have been possible. This may or may not apply, but Im willing to bet you that a devise as complex as a cloaking devise would have some type of operating software, The thing is that a federation ship would have its own software as well and I doub lt that both devices could communicate with each other to operate in the first place. Now I know that the notion of Operating software and Tos. may not be a fair one. Also the device was built for a Romulan/klingon ship which again comes back to compatibility.

127. Dr. Image - April 4, 2008

Like what I see. Now, the movement dynamics, that’ll be another story…

128. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

#123 yes the Romulan ship would have a very hard time because, remember Mr Scott’s statement in Balance of Terror when he said The Romulan Engines are simple impulse, that means not faster then light capable, that is a error, both in that episode and in this one. How do rule an Star Empire if your ships are not faster then light capable?

129. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008

Information on the render servers that CBS-D is using:

The server:

Data sheet:

130. New Horizon - April 4, 2008

129 –

Interesting…so I wonder how old/capable this particular model is.

131. Matt Wright - April 4, 2008

Nice to a mix, it’s pretty realistic to see both types of ships, whatever was in range would respond to the threat of the Enterprise being in Romulan space, which would likely be a mix of the new D7 traded design and the existing bird of prey style.

132. dan - April 4, 2008

I Don’t Understand why the ships all have to be arranged in different angles. This is supposed to be ENHANCEMENT not RE-IMAGINATION.
The original angles are superior.

The beauty of the original – lookit how menacing the D-7 is with the bridge beautifully poking out top.

Shot # 2 Surrounded
The original vessels are configured perfectly. I agree this is a great opportunity for tracking to end up with this shot. Why re-arrange the whole thing to have all ships on the same plane?

The original features some beautiful close-ups of D-7 when Kirk and Spock are on-board. Betcha these are replaced with a cartoony looking ship. :(

The only thing this Re-mastered effort has done has made me really appreciate the direction and class of the FX people in 60’s.

133. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008

130: LOL, from what I gathered the server was discontinued years before TOS-R started. In June of this year they will be all phased out.

I saw the “Inside CBS-D” years ago and immediately picked up on the antequated stuff they were using. They would have been better off using the desktops as servers to run after hours in addition to the Onyx 2s; then they might have had a shot at producing better work more often.

134. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

On possibility, is this is a weak one maybe the Klingons gave the Romulans basic warp technology, Biut that beggs another question, Why didn’t the Klingons who were warp capable conquer the Romulans who did not have warp drive. Conquest would be easy for a warp capable Klingon empire.

135. Wick - April 4, 2008

Nowhere in canon is it stated that Romulan Ships can not travel FTL, only that there power is simple impulse, which I assume means fusion reactors. A ship can probably travel at low warp speeds with fusion reactors.

136. Matt Wright - April 4, 2008

#133 – yeah I didn’t even think about it. I figured it was one of the later SGI machines that was x86 based.
Man it’s an Onyx 2, I remember those, I remember seeing used Onyx setups in surplus PC places around the SF Bay Area even 10+ years ago when I would vist my grandparents in Palo Alto. I guess CBS just went out to some Silicon Valley yard sales and bought a bunch of Onyx 2’s and called it “CBS Digital.”

This explains why they had a bunch of complaints about render time, etc.

137. Michael Hall - April 4, 2008


I was lucky enough to get a tour of Blus Studios out in Santa Monica a couple of years back. Man, they had thrown everything but the kitchen sink (but they copped the RAM from that too) into their their render farm.

138. sean - April 4, 2008


I’m willing to allow for a lot of leeway with some on screen references, but impulse is repeatedly established as being a sublight function. Therefore, the Romulan ship was not capable of FTL travel. Of course, this creates a substantial plothole, given the distances the ship would have to travel (though there are ways around it). That doesn’t mean Romulans didn’t have FTL tech though, it just means that one particular ship didn’t. Perhaps a necessary trade-off for the cost of operating the cloak or the plasma weapon.

The bigger problem comes in ‘The Enterprise Incident’, when Spock & Kirk act suprised at the notion of the Romulans having a cloaking device, given they’d encountered one 2 years earlier!

139. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008

This explains A LOT! Not only about the tools, but the people in charge.

I’ll quote myself from over a year and a half ago:

“if it took them that long to render, it makes me wonder what they’re rendering on. The tech in charge should be fired and BOXX needs to be brought in” Sean4000

Matt, drop me an email. We should talk.

140. OR Coast Trekkie - April 4, 2008

These look like great shots. Hopefully, weapons fire won’t look cheesy, and perhaps they will give the wavy/distored look to cloaking/decloaking.

I know there is a need for 2 teams to get the Remastering done. But the literal A team and B team thing is like junior high athletics. I understand that the young, inexperienced upstarts do need to get some experience, but don’t put them all on one team and all the veterans on the other. Mix the veterans with the youngsters, so there is more even work.

141. Matt Wright - April 4, 2008

#139 — BOXX makes great stuff, and man with the right NVIDIA Quadro hardware and NVIDIA’s Gelato foundations they could be doing this stuff in near real-time.
Check out the stuff the Resident Evil: Extinction effects artists did with NVIDIA’s platform:

142. Jeff Bond - April 4, 2008

Regarding the “this is a classic episode” vs. “this is a third season clunker” issue–I won’t be doing the review for “Enterprise Incident” this week (another star reviewer will be), but I would like to point out one person who does NOT regard this as a classic episode and that is writer D.C. Fontana. Fontana wrote this episode to address the U.S.S. Pueblo incident in which a U.S. vessel on an intelligence gathering mission was captured by North Korea and its officers held captive.
The point of Fontana’s original story was to examine the moral dimension of the story–i.e., whether the Enterprise officers were morally right in invading Romulan space to steal a piece of military technology. During the rewrite process that moral ambiguity was discarded in favor of what Fontana described as a “shoot-em-up.” “The Enterprise Incident” is entertaining and does feature some good performances, particularly by the guest stars. But the moral dimension of the story is utterly lacking–it is fun because it is simply an episode of “Mission: Impossible” done with the Star Trek cast. This is an example I think of where the bells and whistles–lots of Klingon ships (and the shots of the Enterprise being surrounded are NOT reused footage, those were shot specifically for this episode), the Enterprise captured, Kirk going crazy, a female Romulan commander–overshadow the shallowness of the story. The best Star Trek episodes had some kind of moral, social or political commentary to make; at best “Enterprise Incident” stands as a fun romp. Kirk going crazy is fun but he is over the top, and Fontana was appalled by the characterization of Spock, who drops his Vulcan standards of behavior like a cheap skirt to put out for the Romulan commander. This is a guy who was mortified by the idea of performing a Vulcan mind meld just three years earlier–here he stops just short of dropping trou for the Romulan commander.
Joanna Linville is rightly revered for her performance and the Romulan commander is an impressive character, in command of not just one but three Romulan warships. But she too is depicted as willing to jeopardize her entire mission and stop just short of betraying her people the second Spock starts putting the moves on her. Yes, it is high stakes drama and it is entertaining on that level but it really undermines a lot of what’s been established about Spock, the Vulcans and the Romulans. And it also cuts against Kirk’s character as a man who was not above questioning himself and his orders over moral considerations–the fact that there’s not one second of thought devoted to the question of whether Starfleet is right to do this weakens the story I think. It’s “Where Eagles Dare” when Trek was really more about being a little bit more than that.

143. Matt Wright - April 4, 2008

Interesting insights Jeff, and now that I know more about the initial draft of the story I’m pretty ticked that the ethical ambiguities were dropped. It would have made this episode transcend the 3rd season doldrums.

144. Jovan - April 4, 2008

Interesting perspective, Jeff. I have not yet seen this episode, but I’ll keep it in mind when watching. Perhaps they can rectify this with a comic written from the Romulan perspective during these events? Some things have been made “right” for the fans in non-canon, including the death of Trip in the last episode of ENT. (Which really irritated me, considering they did the same thing in Nemesis three years prior and apparently did not learn from it.)

This is more like it, CBS-D! I please ask that you correct any problems in the Blu-Ray/DVD releases, as I know you guys read our comments and can see we’re not very satisfied at all with some episodes. If you can’t because of CBS/Paramount, at least let them know that the fans won’t accept substandard work. You have changed things for the better in the past at the insistence of fans… please don’t short-shrift us!

145. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008

141: Pixar uses these all over the place.

That RE:E write up was amazing.

Seriously, I have a server/render desktop monster that I am hoping will be used in the fan-made TOS-R 2.0 project.

nVIDIA is at the top of their game as far as VFX are concerned.

TOS-R started at the time that intel’s Core 2 came out. Their socket 775 architecture had great backwards compatibility with single -core P4 sockets. Judging my the Dell LCDs and WinXP systems, CBS’ team were probably using Dimension series desktops. The inexpensive entry-level Core 2 chips would have rocketed thehr machines to “workstation” level.

Just an observation but ….Max Gabl’s work has been 100% awesome and look what system he got to use…….;) Coincidence?

146. TomBot2008 - April 4, 2008

Well, while I think it’s nice that they popped the Original Bird of Prey in there, I think it’s a tad retro-illogical. The old Bird Of Prey was whipped by the Enterprise pretty soundly, and the only advantage it really had over the Enterprise was it’s cloak. It’s plasma weapon, though devastating was very limited. If you look at the the Enterprise/D-7/Bird Of Prey fuzzy you see that they are very similar in structure, so it’s no stretch that they probably work mechanically similar as well. ;-) I reserve final judgement till I see the episode, but the original still looks a tad more striking.

147. Robert Bernardo - April 4, 2008

Nice to see the Romulan Warbird in there! So, in which ship is the Romulan commander? :-)

148. jr - April 4, 2008

re #1
I agree.. but let’s wait and see, last week had some good shots.

149. M33 - April 4, 2008

GUYS! Its “CANON”, not “CANNON”! Get a dictionary!

150. neo - April 4, 2008

anyone notice their technique? they put out absolute crap, then put out something hat’s slightly less awful, and it ends up looking great, by comparison.

151. LoyalStarTrekFan - April 4, 2008

I always thought that the Romulan BoP was under used and under appreciated. I’m glad to see it in TOSR “The Enterprise Incident.” This is one of TOS’s best episodes ever and I’m looking forward to this great episode. In fact, this is one of the main episodes I’ve been looking forward to since they announced TOSR!

152. Rick - April 4, 2008

Should be interesting to see the shots in motion. It is interesting reading about the tone of the original script. Man what could of been! Also maybe I am remembering this wrong, but didn’t the STAR TREK animated series have a Romulan D7 cruiser painted with the bird of prey design in an episode?

Also as mentioned so many times here I wish CBS-D could do one more pass over all the finished remastered episodes, improving some of the effects after feedback for the Bluray release. Why have a product released with uneven quality? But then logic doesn’t always apply to some corporate decisions.

153. Garovorkin - April 4, 2008

#138 Sean thats a good and glaringly obvious point, about the cloaking device, Why didn’t think of that one. Balance of Terror of course demonstrated the cloak so that should not have been a surprise .

#135 I could be wrong about this but I believe that federation Impulse engines are themselves not capable of faster then light or warp, so if the Romulans are using Impulse then that should apply to them as well. This whole Issue my simply have been a flub on the part of the shows writers.

154. Michael Hall - April 4, 2008

Jeff Bond,

Great commentary on an episode that David Gerrold, in his seminal book The World of Star Trek, dismissed as “one of the most dishonest stories ever presented on American television.” I think that overstates it a tad–the episode, unlike much of the third season, is well-produced and reasonably entertaining on its own terms–but you’re correct that the moral dimension of the tale, in the literal wake of Pueblo, was almost entirely lost. A real pity, as this could easily have been the best show of the season if they’d just left Fontana’s script alone.

As for the remastered FX, I agree with the critics who note that CBS-D’s compositions are inferior to the originals. But otherwise, the work this week looks pretty good.

155. Anthony Pascale - April 4, 2008

RE: 129
Those pictures are from an old article and are not what CBS D is using to render TOSR. Apparently those are for their 3 Inferno machines (whatever those are) and are no longer spec but have been upgraded multiple times. The render farm itself I am told has over 100 new processors.

156. Laserlover2254 - April 4, 2008

…Weird ASS. 1 V-8 and 2 V-11s?

…Still, fairly good.

157. Tanru - April 4, 2008

Ohh! Look at the right Romulan D7 in the “Surrounded” pic… the torpedo port is ‘lit’ read – ready to fire – like in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country!!

158. Tanru - April 4, 2008

Oops – that should read: “the torpedo port is ‘lit’ RED.

159. Sean4000 - April 4, 2008


Okay so they have at least brought newer hardware into the equation. That’s somewhat reassuring. Even though the Onyx 2s have been upgraded; even at their maximum they’re nothing to write home about.

Inferno is a high end VFX package made by Autodesk used for final rendering and polishing.

I love this type of technical nitty gritty tidbits. I am interviewing for the CTO position of IWGN productions here in New Orleans so this is my bread and butter.

160. J. E. Carrales - April 5, 2008

“18. John – April 4, 2008
The angle on the Enterprise in shot 2 “Surrounded” is so boring. Say what you will about the original effects, but the original angle of the Enterprise in that shot is much more dynamic and interesting.

Yes, the new paint job is neat, but the composition of the shot is dull.”

I agree, I only hope it is a moving shot where the angle changes.

Incidentally, as a kid, that angle was the easiest to draw.

161. Enc - April 5, 2008

sorry onetwentyeight.
but scotty didnt say the engines were impulse. He said that their POWER was simple impulse.

And one also has to take into a\ccount that impulse has a problem. A problem like the Parsec. were as parsec was early on in sci-fi being used as either a measure of distance as well as a measuree of time.
And Impulse was being used as a means of propulsion as well as a means of power.

162. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#161 yeah now that i think about it your right about the whole impulse issue. Scotty was referring to the power not the speed of the ship.

163. Dave - April 5, 2008

Thing is, all of the points that Fontana brings up about her “original script” are simply not in her original script. I own a copy of the first draft script for this episode and it was changed little before filming. In fact, the Spock/Romulan Commander scenes are even more over the top with Spock “raining kisses” on the Romulan Commander. Perhaps what Fontana is actually saying is that her original story outline held all the moral ambiguities, etc. But her first draft script sure the hell did not.


164. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#163 Dave this is the first time I ever head that one, sounds like they gutted what could have been a great story. It kinda similar to what happened with Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever, I have copy of that one and I see what that episode might have been. I Think the whole concept of Moral ambiguity on the part of his Idealized characters was Taboo and off limits as far as Roddenberry was concern. At least that’s my take on it.

165. JimJ - April 5, 2008

#142-While I agree with a lot of what you are saying, I guess I did see the message. It wasn’t the kind that hits you on the head like a sledge hammer like most Trek’s do, though (example-“A Private Little War”). Even when I was a kid, I was appalled that Kirk took the ship into Romulan space without supposed orders. Then, we find out it was all a plan in place. Whew! I feel better now….but wait, isn’t that devious to go around trying to steal secrets? Actually, the only one truly out of character here is Spock, but only at the end when he admits to the Romulan commander that she did “get to him” after all. Before that, Spock was just being a good actor and brilliantly helped pull off the master plan. Was it right to invade their space and try to steal the technology secret? The Spock character did prove, however, that sometimes when you see another perspective, you views might change a tad bit. Who knows????? lol

166. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 5, 2008

#138—“The bigger problem comes in ‘The Enterprise Incident’, when Spock & Kirk act suprised at the notion of the Romulans having a cloaking device, given they’d encountered one 2 years earlier!”

I don’t recall them acting surprised at the Romulan deployment of a cloaking device. They do put on a show for the bridge crew, acting as if they did not expect to be surrounded and captured in the Neutral Zone. That was, as it turns out, part of the plan. They could not have been surprised that the Romulans had such a device, especially since their actual objective is to steal one, which they end up doing successfully (although according to fanlore, it only works the one time).

Here is where a budgetary decision actually changed the course of history within the Star Trek Universe…

We all know that, in “BOT”, Romulans ships are described as being easily identifiable by noting that they are painted like “giant birds of prey”, and the attacking Romulan ship is indeed decorated in that manner. Star Trek fans began to refer to that type of vessel as a “Romulan Bird Of Prey”. This class of ship is seen again in “TDY”.

Of course, it is common knowledge that the 3rd season episodes incurred many obstacles, one of which was the fact that there was no longer access to the original Romulan ship model. To avoid the cost of building another, the producers made the decision to use the model for the Klingon battlecruiser (D-7 class) while shooting “TEI”. It was decided that the explanation for this would be that there were intelligence reports that Romulans were now using Klingon designs.

From that was born the notion of a full-blown exchange of military technology between the Federation’s two most direct competitors in the region of space later known as the Alpha Quadrant. By the time of the original films, we see Klingons using cloaking devices, as well as deploying ships which are referred to as “Birds Of Prey”.

What I never liked about this was the apparent adoption by the Klingons of what was a Romulan cultural practice—-that is, the actual painting of the ships like giant birds of prey. It also seemed unlikely that the usually xenophobic Romulans would enter into such an exchange with the Klingons at all, especially since it resulted in the sharing of the one real strategic advantage which the Romulans possessed over the other two major powers in the region—the cloaking device!

It should be noted that the existence of an actual alliance or treaty of mutual exchange between the two empires was never canonically stated in filmed Trek, but it has been widely accepted by Star Trek fandom nonetheless. Personally, I would have preferred it if the cloaking devices and painted ships had not become staples of the Klingon fleet, and instead had remained specific to the lore of the Romulan Star Empire. If those producing the films of the 1980’s were insistent upon utilizing those elements, they could have written some stories to be centered around encounters with the Romulans, and not just stories involving Klingons (who were, IMO, overused in the films). I don’t know for sure, but perhaps there was a desire to reuse the Bird Of Prey model seen throughout the 80’s as well to spare the budget. That always seemed a shame and a missed opprotunity to me.

I like my Klingons in heavily armored D-7 Battlecruisers, and my Romulans in cloaked Birds Of Prey…but that’s just my not-so-humble opinion…

167. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 5, 2008

I don’t see the incursion as being “morally ambiguous” at all.

I think what is forgotten is that just a short time earlier (who knows how much actual time has passed between “BOT” and “TEI”), the Romulans lauched an unprovoked attack across the Neutral Zone, resulting in many deaths and the destruction of several Federation (or “Earth”) outposts. The Romulans did so using the cloaking device as a tool to make a dastardly sneak attack. The cloaking device, in the hands of an enemy who is willing to murder Federation citizens at will, is therefore a threat to the security of the UFP, and such a threat could not be ignored.

It is for this reason that I believe the mission of the USS Enterprise is entirely justified. Perhaps studying the device could make detecting these ships easier for Starfleet outposts and ships in the area. The result of this mission could very well save lives. Life, in the 23rd Century, is still precious, and it is not logical that the loss of life during the incident depicted in “BOT” would have been forgotten. It is, in fact, completely logical that the human Jim Kirk and the half-human Spock would undertake these orders both willingly, and with the level of committment necessary to seeing them executed successfully.

I think this WAS the best episode of the 3rd season, and I enjoy seeing it to this day. I look forward to seeing the remastered version tonight.

168. JimJ - April 5, 2008

#167-I totally agree on all counts. I just was saying I could see the message they were trying to portray. LOVE the episode and can’t wait to see the remastering. Anyone had it on already? Any “early returns” as to how it looks?

169. Redjac - April 5, 2008

#167 — Better than Tholian Web?

170. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#spock being the Logical being that he was had no issue with the whole ambiguity of the mission. Logic dictates that in this instance moral scruples were of secondary importance

171. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 5, 2008

#169—IMO, yes, although I love that episode as well. “TEI” has always been one of my favorites. Both episodes make my top 20 list though, so there is certainly no disrespect to “TTW” intended.

#170—I don’t think that scruples are of secondary importance at all. I think that their actions were morally justified. It was certainly a more humane method of obtaining the device than a full-scale attack across the Neutral Zone, and as I stated in post #167, I think the objective of obtaining such a device was an entirely justified one, given the Romulans’ prior actions taken with the aid of it. It is not moral behavior to actively seek defense for billions of your people against a proven dangerous weapon? What course of action would have been more moral, while still accomplishing the same goal? I cannot think of any. While I respect the talent of D.C. Fontana very much and I love much of her work, I don’t agree with her on this.

Perhaps that is the military officer in me, but I am not apologetic about it. You do not defend against a murderous monster by hoping it will go away. Those who are charged with the security of the people are obligated to be proactive against an established threat. The Romulans had already committed a vicious act of war. Taking away one of their tools of mass murder, by the means of deception on the part of Starfleet officers, pales in comparison to the actions of the Romulans as far as moral behavior is concerned. If deception is the morally questionable act, then why not throw out all forms of encoded communication? If it is theft that is the morally questionable act, then I guess it is wrong to disarm a prisoner of war, isn’t it?

172. Dave - April 5, 2008

Here’s some of the very few changes that were made between the first draft and the shooting script. I’ve noted that Fontana claims she was forced to write the Spock/Commander stuff, but that is her version of events. And Spocko Suave is even more over the top here. If I ever glom onto an actual copy of her very first story outline, we’d know if all this “moral ambiguity” stuff she insists she had was true or not.

173. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#170 Considering what the Romulans might do with such technology, they were justifed in undertaking the mission and stealing it. Your right using deception to save lives is justified. This opens up another question, In Balance of Terror the Romulan committed a an act of war destroying federation bases ,From my stand point it would be hard for me to negotiate with such a government that would commit such an act. The Romulans were enemies of the federation and sworn to its defeat. Common sense say’s that you don’t leave an enemy like that standing. Your launch a retaliatory strike and take out as much of their military as possible, weaken them to the point where they have negotiate on your terms not theirs. You may well disagree with me on this and i have no problem with that at . Trust me I am not a warmonger by any means.

174. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

Sorry Typo I ment #171

175. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 5, 2008

#142–I would have lost respect for the character of Kirk, had he been so quick to question the morality of what they were doing. After all, it was he and his crew who witnessed the murderous attrocities committed by the Romulans with the aid of the cloaking device firsthand. His orders are to obtain that device which threatens the security of the Federation and its billions of people. Why would he question such an order? If that is what Fontana thought, then it was prudent, IMO, for that element to be removed from the story. It would not have made sense for Kirk to question his orders in this instance. It is not as if he were being asked to slaughter a bunch of Romulans to get it, and getting their hands on it could result in saving lives.

Fontana may have written it to parallel the USS Pueblo incident, but given the fact that the Romulans had already committed a murderous act of war with that device, there really was no moral tightrope to walk. The episode depicts the two highest ranking officers aboard the Enterprise acting (on orders) in the interest of security for the UFP and its people.

176. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#175 Still the whole mission was rendered moot when the federation signed a treaty with the romulans vowing not to develop cloaking technology of their own , in exchange the Romulans had play nice. This never made any sense to me whatsoever, Why would you give away this kind of an edge to an enemy like the Romulan.This coal could have equalized the military situation between both sides Why give it back to them? I keep thinking of the next gen episode Pegasus where a rogue admiral developed the Phased cloak and what does Picard do? he exposes it to the Romulans How stupid . I think at that point i lost respect for Picard .Do you think the Romulans would have given up that little piece of Hardware to the federation? not on your life.

177. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 5, 2008

#173—I don’t disagree at all. I think the episode of “BOT” was more than a bit flawed, even though it is a wonderful portrayal of the Enterprise in a submarine-style cat and mouse game with the Romulan ship. I think the restrained response by Starfleet to the sudden and unprovoked attack against their outposts and the resulting death and carnage was a bit unrealistic. I think this was a rather overreaching attempt at depicting the Federation as being beyond acts of military retribution on a larger scale. Letting the Romulans off the hook, IMO, would have been a strategic error. A realistic reaction on the Romulans’ part to such a show of weakness would probably have been a full-scale invasion of the Federation. I find it difficult to believe that the brass at Starfleet would be so blunderous. There is also a bit too much room for strategic decisions by a lone starship captain. Whether or not to pursue the Romulan ship beyond the Neutral Zone (a political question, as much as a military one) would not likely be a decision made at his pay grade. It also seems unlikely that Starfleet would not have immediately assembled a more formidable consolidation of military resources–perhaps a task force of some kind. Did they really have no contingency plan for such an incursion by a foe that they actually fought a war with at one time? What if the Romulans had an invasion fleet right behind the border? But this is a recurring theme. The Enterprise always seems to be the only ship between a threat and its target…

Anyway, at least Starfleet eventually takes some action—as evidenced in “TEI”. At the very least, the Romulans would get a very different picture of Starfleet’s defense capability and cunning after that successful and impressive ruse.

178. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

#177 As much as I have criticized this episode it does have the virtue of the Federation out smarting the Romulan Empire. This episode has it’s share story weakness, liked the issue of how a piece of Romulan tech could be made compatable with federation tech, other things, but ive already dealt with that one.

179. JimJ - April 5, 2008

Ok, just saw it and overall I like what they did. Sometimes it’s just tough to get used to something new intead of something you’ve watched over and over for…hmmm……35+ years.

180. OR Coast Trekkie - April 6, 2008

Ok, watched the episode. While there are some jewels for efffects here, I guess I’ll have to rain on the parade. They didn’t do the wavy-distortion for cloaking/decloaking, and the Enterprise esacping was very awkwardly done. It looked as rather have the Enterprise move, one of the D-7’s rose upwards on it’s Z-axis.

181. Garovorkin - April 6, 2008

Well on the Plus side we discussions about both the remastered effects and the Episode storylines what was good and what was not so good a bout it. thats what we needed a good balanced discussion.

182. jfddoc - April 6, 2008

I’ve always liked this episode and the new effects were way better than last week. But I still wonder why no one bothered to put up a deflector screen….which would have prevented Kirk from transporting on and off the Romulin ship and getting Spock off it. Just wondering if this was ever explained.

183. Garovorkin - April 6, 2008

#182 That is a rather curious point, if your a Romulans wouldn’t it make sense to put up your screens to prevent a tactical team from the Enterprise from beaming to one or all of the ships and disabbling them of Beaming in a tricobalt devise into the engineering sections of the Romulan ships? What happened to the much vaunted paranoidly efficient Romulan security?

184. Dr. Wh-OW!!!! - April 6, 2008

90 – Works for me!

Just saw the episode and it’s looks great! Thanks CBS-D!

185. Section 31 - April 6, 2008

Spock’s Security Debriefing

Sect. 31 Officer: So, after Capt. Kirk ordered you to escort the Romulan Commander to her quarters, you instead decided, at her suggestion, to just let her off at the turbolift so she could walk unescorted to her newly assigned quarters.

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: This was AFTER you betrayed, humiliated, and captured her?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: And she was ‘in love’ with you, from her perspective?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: Lt. Stiles had previously accused you of treason in your ship’s first engagement with the Romulans?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: Later in your career, you went MIA and turned up on Romulus in a group infiltrated by Senate Proconsul Neral?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: OK, Right… Come with us please…

186. Section 31 - April 6, 2008

Spock’s Security Debriefing

Sect. 31 Officer: So you died in the battle with Kahn N. S. in the Mutara Nebula?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: Your crewmates stole the Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, and sabotaged the Excelsior, NCC-2000, and violated Starfleet orders to come and rescue you after you were found alive in the Genesis sector by the USS Grissom?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: The Grissom was ambushed and destroyed by the Klingons?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: The Enterprise was also ambushed and destroyed by the Klingons?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: You also had a mind meld with a humpback whale, which was later equipped with a tracking device, in the year 1986 in the city of San Francisco?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: That whale was transported to the 23rd Century via time warp and released off the coast of Starfleet HQ while Earth was under assault by an unknown alien object which, you and your crew allege, could communicate with that whale?

Spock: Yes.

Sect. 31 Officer: Hmmm, you are a PITA.

Spock: Yes.

187. Redjac - April 6, 2008

#172 — If anyone could get their hands on a first draft, it would be you guys at Orion! What a great and invaluable resource your site is! My hat is off to you guys. I recommend anyone interested in the early development of the TOS episodes visit the site.

Do you have any plans to update or add any new material — in the way of newly discovered drafts?

It would be really cool if we could see the evolution of each episode through multiple drafts and outlines — not sure if this is possible, but in a perfect world it would be cool.

Another thing that I wish existed (it may for all I know) is early sketches of ships, props and costumes from each episode. It would be nice if these things could be incorporated into your/a site. Also, I know the Star Trek History site run by Curt McAloney (sp?) could add a thing or two as well.

A truly definitive site could be built by compiling all this into one comprehensive online resource. Right now, it’s all scattered about.


188. sean - April 6, 2008


Watch the ep again this weekend, and you’ll see what I was referring to when I said both Spock & Kirk act surprised at the notion of a cloaking device. Spock even says in dialogue “I believe the Romulans have developed a cloaking device, which renders our tracking sensors useless.” That line makes little-to-no sense, even if they’re putting on a show for the bridge crew. The entire ship would have known about the first encounter with the Romulans in BOT, and would undoubtedly know about the cloak. They could have reworked the line to say something about this being an improved cloak, but they didn’t, and as it stands it’s a bit out of place.

#161 & 162

I undertand the distinction between an impulse reactor and impulse as a function of speed, however in this case the difference in terms makes little difference. An impulse reactor can’t create the power necessary for FTL travel. For that you need a warp engine (thus the two seperate terms). So if the Romulan ship was powered by an impulse reactor, it still couldn’t go FTL. So, we’re right back where we started.

189. jfddoc - April 6, 2008

I know what you mean. In BOT, the Enterprise could still track a cloaked Romulan ship with “motion sensors.” In this episode, it looks like the cloak has improved and the motion sensors don’t work anymore. That’s the kind of thing that could have been explained with a line or two.

190. sean - April 6, 2008


Exactly. The entire conversation in the briefing room comes off as though BOT never happened, but could have been clarified with just a few lines of dialogue.

191. M_E - April 6, 2008

>>I know what you mean. In BOT, the Enterprise could still track a cloaked Romulan ship with “motion sensors.” In this episode, it looks like the cloak has improved and the motion sensors don’t work anymore.

Interesting thing, if memory still servers me right, that’s exactly what Spock says in one of the missions in the Star Trek 25th. Anniversary game when the Enterprise is forced to confront the Romulans, I believe it’s the “episode” where the space lab led by Carol Marcus (sp?) accidentally develops a virus that only affect Romulans.

192. Andy Patterson - April 7, 2008

I’d forgotten how much I liked this episode and how good it was.

Great Kirk, Scotty, Bones and Spock moments. Even a little Chekov moment.

193. Jorg Sacul - April 7, 2008

You want Star Trek blueprints?

this is geek paradise. I know, I go there often and feel at home!

194. Garovorkin - April 7, 2008

#193 Jorge that what call a really cool cite.

195. sean - April 7, 2008

I have to admit I love Shatner’s completely OTT moments in this episode – such as when he’s pretending to be angry with Spock on the Romulan ship. He gets some serious bug eyes going. Phew boy!

196. Christopher Seeley - April 7, 2008

These images look fantastic, the realism and detail are spot on. The things Iike the most were seeing the original BOP and the bird painted on the belly of the ships. The remastered project has been real hit or miss in my opinion. One episode CBS-D has it down and another episode they are off the mark. The Doomsday Machine and The Enterprise Incident look the best to me. The Ultimate Computer was good but I was a little dissapointed by it. I was hoping for the realism and detail of The Doomsday Machine. That detail wasn’t there. In my humble opinion I think The Ultimate Computer and some of the other episodes shuld be reworked before they come out on DVD. It might be too late for The Ultimate Computer but maybe before the Third Season comes out this could happen.

197. Redjac - April 7, 2008

#193, Jorg —

VERY cool link! Thanks for posting that. I never knew the B.O.P. had landing legs…

As Spock would say…”Fascinating!”…;-)

198. Xplodin' Nacelle - April 7, 2008

Overall, I enjoyed this remastering effort. The only shot I thought looked a little hokey was when the big E flies under the D7, & banks a “hard” right, before going into warp. Other than that, good job CBS-D.

Anyone else find that one shot a tad ridiculous?

199. Xplodin' Nacelle - April 7, 2008

Oh yeah, btw, I also thought that a nice touch would have been to focus on the warbird when (Uhura, I think) mentions “the Romulan flagship”, but it didn’t ruin the ep for me by any means.

200. Joe Burns - April 7, 2008

Agreed that the dialog indicates BOT never happened – but I don’t think it was an error or omission. What seems likely to me is that internal continuity got thrown under the bus in favor of making the episode “self – contained” for the benefit of viewers new to the show who hadn’t seen BOT. We love the continuity stuff because we’re geeks and hundreds of hours in this universe have led to some great “long arcs” and synergies between the shows and movies. Back then, few could have imagined such a future.
Love what I saw this week, though I missed the beginning. How about the effects reel? I wish they would use the wavy effect for the cloak, that’s really my only complaint on this one.
And yes, it’s one of my favorite episodes, Kirk rant and all:
“You filthy liar!!”

201. sean - April 7, 2008


I was actually curious so I looked up the episode on Memory Alpha & Wikipedia. I guess the original script included a line about an improved cloak, but it was cut for unknown reasons. In BOT, they tracked them with motion sensors or something similar, and that was what the original line referred to – the adaptation that made even motion sensors ineffective.

I don’t think they’d toss out continuity deliberately, since they were dealing with Romulans and expected a viewer to at least know what a Romulan was (plus all the references to our Vulcan cousins, etc.). Unless it was a studio decision, so that the show would be ‘more accesible’ or something. Still, seems kinda silly to me.

202. Wick - April 7, 2008

I think it safe to say that the Romulan Commander’s career is over, if she does not get executed. The amount of incompetence that she displayed in this episode makes it surprising that she ever managed to get command of a fleet in the first place.

203. Andy Patterson - April 7, 2008


I’ve mentioned this on some subject once before, but I remember seeing those blue prints the mall when I was kid. They were in a glass case and the owner wanted $25.00 for them. And he wouldn’t even let us look at them. In 1975 $25.00 was a 1000 to an elementary school kid. To this day I’ve never seen them until I clicked on that link. Thanks for that.

204. dil - April 7, 2008

What? In BOT they learned/saw a shadow ,an echo , and the Romulan ship saw a refection of the E. ” It moves as we move”. This is after cause they’re after the technology. In BOT they only had intelligence on cloaking technology and had never seen a Romulan. And only when Spock hit the dash noise maker was the Romulan ship able to “see” the E. I disagree this supposes BOT never happened.

205. sean - April 7, 2008


See my previous posts. There are several lines spoken by Kirk & Spock that indicate they are totally surprised when the ships decloak, or that cloaking devices exist at all.

206. Dave - April 8, 2008

FWIW, here’s the exact line by Spock from the June 7, 1968 first draft:

“I believe the Romulans have devised an improved cloaking system which renders our tracking sensors useless until the cloaking shield is deliberately dropped.”


207. sean - April 8, 2008


See, now why didn’t they just leave that line as it was?

208. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 8, 2008

166. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker)

Actually from what I understand the original idea for Star Trek: The Search for Spock was to have Romulan baddies as they hadn’t been mentioned as yet in the movies. But it leaked out and it was decided to go with Klingons as a result.

So if this is true, this is why we shouldn’t be too eager for spoilers. :)

209. dil - April 10, 2008

They’re on a mission, secret from the crew. Come on. BOT was before.
This episode is a mission to steal the device that they now know exists after BOT. Everything in BOT shows first confrontation after the war that caused the “zone”. Now we are here planning to steal the Romulan advantage. The cloaking device.. This is all moot since the Organian Treaty allows the Klingons to keep the device and stops the Federation from developing a like device.
You guys have to watch more Star Trek.

210. Chris - April 15, 2008

I seen this remastered ep, its awesome. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.