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Friday Night Movies: Alternative Trek Openings April 4, 2008

by Staff , Filed under: Humor,Trek Franchise , trackback

Star Trek mash-ups on YouTube are ubiquitous and one sub-genre is alternative opening credit sequences (and a sub-sub-genre is credits made to mimic another show). In some cases it is a bit of fun, but in other cases they could be considered an improvement or at least a compelling possibility. So check out some of these ‘two great shows that taste great together’ mash-ups below.

There are many of these kinds of things, the ones below were picked as the best for each series.

TOS + The A Team (by ‘huckbone’)

TNG + Dallas (by ‘ FanboyFilms’)

DS9 + new Battlestar Galactica (by ‘dwlieu’)

VOY + Angel (by ‘ Bloempje721′)

ENT + Stargate Atlantis (by ‘koradan’)

Bonus: TNG + The Love Boat (by ‘huckbone’)
It was hard to choose the best TNG Alt. cred…so here was the very close 2nd.

Kelvington/Spockboy Klassics
Here are a couple of the gag reels from 2007 made by our friends Spock boy and Kelvington that fall into the sub-sub-genre of Alternative Openings
TOS + Mission Impossible (made for “Tholian Web”)

TOS + Space 1999 (for “Tomorrow is Yesterday”)



1. Adam T. - April 4, 2008


2. Batts - April 4, 2008

I really enjoyed that Love Boat intro, that was #1 LOL!

3. T'Pain (the vulcan rapper) - April 4, 2008


4. MajorTom - April 4, 2008

First of all let me be the first to say that first video was great.

5. TS1998a - April 4, 2008

A-Team Fits Perfect!!!

6. Batts - April 4, 2008

Hey, what is this I got robbed out of 1st place?? Hah! I am going back to bed. My comments and everything disappeared!! Oh well, so much for my 15 mins of fame…:) That A-Team intro was OK, but I think the Love Boat was genius besides the song always relaxed me..

7. CmdrR - April 4, 2008

Yay! Friday night movies and BSG return at the same time!!!

8. Hat Rick - April 4, 2008

Man, these are great. I had a good laugh with that last one. :-)

9. SPB - April 4, 2008


The A-Team and Love Boat versions had me in tears!!!!!!

10. Spocko - April 4, 2008

I’ve never seen the A-team or Love Boat, but both the videos were still funny and enjoyable.

11. Lugosi - April 4, 2008

WOW!!! I love the DS9/BSG one! Actually reminds of why I love both shows.

12. Mike T. - April 4, 2008

Those were great. Paramount is missing out on alot of good talent. I really like the Dallas themed intro

With some of the above creativity new Trek might still be on the air!

13. cd - April 4, 2008

Still can’t beat the SNL “Love Boat: The Next Generation” with Chris Farley’s Frakes/Riker and Geordi as the Bartender. Outasight!

14. Kirk's Girdle - April 4, 2008

The actual SNL skit with Patrick Stewart was great.

Mr Data, set a course for LOVE!

15. sir num nums - April 4, 2008

Loved… Dallas opening, The Love Boat, and BSG. Now, of DS9 were really that interesting to watch.

BTW, where is the Growing Pains TNG opening? That was just too funny.

16. Imrahil - April 4, 2008

Excellent. Carl the Cylon approves.

I actually thought the Enterprise one was -vastly- superior to the existing credits.

Of course, what isn’t better than “Faith of the Heart.”

17. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 4, 2008

Wow… ENTERPRISE could have benefitted from the STARGATE ATLANTIS theme!

18. j - April 4, 2008

Love Boat wins

19. kevin - April 4, 2008

i think the dallas one is great…just wished the were images from tng episodes, not films or ds9/voy episodes. i think the images shown for the actors were great. the levar burton walking toward the camera one was similar to the show…dallas that is.

20. kevin - April 4, 2008

the a-team/star trek was awesome…but no mccoy?! still great stuff. same with the ds9/bsg…nice.

21. Beck - April 4, 2008

These were goofy as hell, but I still laughed at them.

‘Geordie LaForge as your Blind Engineer’

22. demon barber of starfleet - April 4, 2008

The TOS one and ‘Love Boat’ were the best. ;D

23. SChaos1701 - April 4, 2008

I would love to have a copy of the SNL sketch of Love Boat the next generation. Because of that, I can’t look at Riker the same way ever again…lol.

24. SteveinSF - April 4, 2008

The love boat one is great–love Charo!

25. Thomas - April 4, 2008

The Love Boat and A-Team clips were definitely the best.

26. Chris Basken - April 4, 2008

You missed this one:

27. starfall42 - April 5, 2008

Loved the guest star roll for Love Boat: TNG.

The Space: 1969 was amazing — as #26 shows, it matches the original shot-for-shot.

28. lodownX - April 5, 2008

I think the first post should always be declared “Gross” instead of “First”

29. asylumjn - April 5, 2008

That BSG theme could make anything devastatingly emotional.

30. Rainbucket - April 5, 2008

Help me out with the A-Team one… at the end, the TOS Enterprise appears to blow up a Klingon cruiser. Was this from an actual TOS episode?

31. M. - April 5, 2008

I have to admit, I was really impressed with how well the A-Team one was edited and executed. It was by far my favorite. Absolutely hysterical!

32. Dyson Sphere - April 5, 2008

These are awesome!

33. The Last Maquis - April 5, 2008

No way, Spock should have been B. A. !! Scotty: Face, Chekov: Murdoc.

34. Nostromo - April 5, 2008

The Dallas one looks strangely like the actual credits to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

35. Paulaner - April 5, 2008

The Space 1999 theme rocks!

36. Mario - April 5, 2008

It would be cool with a voyager – BSG theme

37. Starfleet06 - April 5, 2008

I have to say, I actually think DS9 and Enterprise would have benefited from their themes being a little bit more like those fan creations…those shows actually look pretty bad ass!

38. Starfleet06 - April 5, 2008

I have to say, I actually think DS9 and Enterprise would have benefited from their themes being a little bit more like those fan creations…those shows look pretty bad ass!

39. Xindi1985 - April 5, 2008

I like the A-Team-Intro.
But which episode is the first Sulu-Scene in the A-Team-Intro???

40. Tango - April 5, 2008

For some reason I always pictured Geordi to be the bar tender.

41. Irish Terran - April 5, 2008

All was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

42. Hat Rick - April 5, 2008

I just saw the Mission: Impossible one and it’s pretty darned good.

Of course, Leonard Nimoy was actually in Mission: Impossible, playing a member of the Impossible Mission Team, so it would have been interesting to see him as Spock AND his character, Paris!

43. Irishtrekkie - April 5, 2008

i love how the ENT + Stargate Atlantis one , is actually better in my opinion then the normal ent intro ……..

44. scifib5st - April 5, 2008

Nice job all. What a great way to start my Saturday morning than to watch old TV shows with different sound track. Now I’ll try some Mod Squard, and mix in some Enterprise.

45. JimJ - April 5, 2008

What ever happened to Spockboy and Kelvington’s funny ones before the remastered episiodes? They were “a hoot”…then suddenly they stopped doing them. What a bummer!

46. Trekkiefan16 - April 5, 2008

Loved ’em all! Very creative; kudos to all of you.

47. Dom - April 5, 2008

Hmm. It’s funny how much more interesting the later Treks look with better title sequences and decent music! DS9 in particular benefits!

48. badbot1230 - April 5, 2008

This one is pretty good too:

49. MrRegular - April 5, 2008

The DS9 title remake is really good. Which leaves me to consider the possibility of Ron Moore concluding BG by having the fleet “jump” to Earth in the DS9 era…that would be almost beyond belief!

50. Trek Or Treat - April 5, 2008

LOVED these!

My fave was the Dallas intro. Get a load of the look on Tasha Yar’s face. Reminds me of a bitchy Sue-Ellen!

DS9/BSG was a close second. Very cool.

51. Andy Patterson - April 5, 2008

The A-Team one is priceless. Fun stuff. Great theme song.

The A-Team theme is a song I use to illustrate to my students that music is universal. My college band was in the French Riviera and we did a festival with a bunch of other bands including a group from Russia. Their selection for the parade was a marching band arrangement of the A-Team. We looked at their music and started playing it and instantly had a bond even through the language barrier.

So maybe the A-Team theme really is a “universal” translator.

Great clip selection too.

52. Dr. Wh-OW!!!! - April 5, 2008

Very cool! ROTFL!

53. momtreal paul - April 5, 2008

I LOVED the DS9/BSG opening… the theme hit the mood of teh show too. If only Ron Moore had complete creative control of DS9 instead of Berman… I have a feeling that DS9 would have had a very BSG feel

54. Go Spock! - April 5, 2008

Spockboy’s gag reels rock!

55. Dennis Bailey - April 5, 2008

The “Enterprise” opening is by far the best, but that’s to be expected – the “Stargate” shows have wonderful theme music for such shitty series.

Don’t forget the TV series based on the best “Star Trek” movie ever:

56. sirbroiler - April 5, 2008

Wow. The Enterprise opening that should have been. I’m convinced that ‘Faith of the Heart’ crap is one-third the reason people just hated that show. The song subconsciously pissed them off so much it made them think the rest of the show actually sucked.

Enterprise didn’t suck, by the way. You just thought it did.

57. Sebastian - April 5, 2008

Those were brilliant editing jobs. Love Boat + NG made me laugh the most. Reminded me of the 1994 SNL”Love Boat: the Next Generation” sketch with Patrick Stewart! But ALL were done in the EXACT styles of the source shows. All involved REALLY did their homework. Rhythm and timing were perfect! Best fit was perhaps DS9 to BSG; both Ron Moore shows. Thanks for the laughs and for the dazzling work! And I agree with you, #56, “Faith of the Heart” was a lousy third rate excuse for a theme song. Set a bad tone for the rest of the show. I mean, using a regurgitated tune from “Patch Adams”??? Yes, the lyrics weren’t so awful, they just sound like a commercial for arthritis medication. And the minimalist music cues in each episode always sound the SAME; from show to show! Anyway, enough on this (it could lead to some protracted griping!). But the videos were fantastic! Thanks!

58. Ralph F - April 5, 2008

A bit off-topic, but I always enjoyed this; it’s the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA opening set to “The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest”:

59. Garovorkin - April 5, 2008

Well the Stargate Alantis theme actually worked on enterprise very nicely god how i despised Faith of the Heat, that was the worst trek thmes song of all time bar none. Though when they did the dark Mirror episodes of Enterprise I loved the music to that one that was cool. The A team music with Star Trek and Dallas with next generations, those was a Tragedies.

60. Anthony Thompson - April 6, 2008

What is the point of these? Time-wasters!

61. Scifigirl - April 6, 2008

Brilliant! This is some really amazing and impressive work. My favourite were definitely ENT/Stargate Atlantis and TOS/Space 1999 (brings me back to my childhood in such a fantastic way!). And the Love Boat one was just soooo funny!

62. DJT - April 7, 2008

Love Boat and A- Team were awesome.

63. raulpetersen - April 7, 2008


64. Dave in RI - April 7, 2008

#60 What is the point of these? Time-wasters!

I would say the same point why this website exists:

To have fun and be entertained.

…and both have done just that (IMO)

65. sean - April 7, 2008

Adding the Angel theme to Voyager just improved the entire series by 1000%! Haha.

66. colonyearth - April 7, 2008

The A-Team, Dallas and Love Boat were quite fun, however the DS9/BSG one was IMO an insult to BSG, which is ultimately a far, far more superior show in all regards. Same with Angel/Voy and Atlantis/Ent. They also go to show you that you can take any of the latter Trek dren and put a truly great theme to them and make even the likes of ENT and Voy appear to be good….which…they weren’t.


67. Dennis Bailey - April 8, 2008

“Stargate Atlantis” is not a show that’s superior to anything – including “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.” Sorry about that.

68. crazybeach - April 8, 2008

I was amazed at how well the Dallas opening fit for TNG. I reallty never liked the rehashed J Goldsmith TMP theme for that show. All the other shows had original themes. I always wondered why not TNG…

69. colonyearth - April 9, 2008


HA HA HA! You’re funny!


70. PG15 - April 9, 2008

Um…ok, I don’t know how many people will actually believe me, but I made the ENT/SGA one. It was one of 4 separate ones I made years ago (before I became smart enough to put my names on them).

Here are the other 3 (1 for each season):

71. David B - May 4, 2008

How about “The Spockranos” – Star Trek done as if it were “The Sopranos”?

72. David B - May 4, 2008

I’d like to see someone do an opening for “Deep Space 90210″, because that’s what I always called that series.

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