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Shatner Claims To Know About Life On Mars…Really April 9, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner , trackback

The live chat with William Shatner last Friday was rife with tech issues, but it is now available online (and totally audible). The whole vid (below) is about 40 minutes long. Due to the various tangents, he ended up taking only eight questions, none of which were related to Star Trek. The most interesting part was regarding Shatner’s beliefs on ET and his claim to have inside info.

Shat believes in ET, claims to know about life on Mars
The seventh question in the chat (at time mark 5:27) was “Do you believe in Extra-terrestrial life?” Shatner replied in the affirmative saying “of course, it is beyond a certainty that there is life out there.” Shat then went on to say (in complete seriousness) that he had insider info on Martians:

I will let you in on a little secret, that I have been told not to reveal. So I wont reveal who told me, but there is going to be new information about Mars. It wont be too long away.

Full video recording of live chat

Complete list of questions and timing
41:05 Intro/ Bill and Liz talk about technology
33:10 Q1: What kind of art do you like?
28:43 Q2: Have any of your horses been in the Kentucky Derby?
25:10 Q3: What is Shiva Club? [new comedy film Shat is directing]
15:55 Q4: Is there anything you have a burning desire to do that you haven’t done yet?
12:55 Q5: Why did you go back to series television with Boston Legal?
11:52 Q6: Any follow-up to album Has Been?
5:27 Q7: Do you believe in Extra-terrestrial life?
3:01 Q8: Is “Invasion Iowa” going to be rebroadcast or on DVD?




1. What is it with you? - April 9, 2008

Shat is where it’s at.

2. Jack - April 9, 2008

Heh, it was a shame that the chat with the fans beforehand was more entertaining because of the technical issues. Oh well, still awesome. :D

3. James Heaney - Wowbagger - April 9, 2008

40 minutes… Wow. I love ya, Bill, but not that much.

Any interesting highlights?

4. crazydaystrom - April 9, 2008

Shat is where it’s at, indeed, but what’s he been smokin’?

Life on Mars! Right. A little guy in a Roman helmet and hightops named Marvin.

5. I Love My Moogie - April 9, 2008

When Martians come to harvest us for food, Shat will make sure George Takei is on top of the menu.

6. US Taxpayer Dude - April 9, 2008


Chicken Takaei? 8-p

7. asc1138 - April 9, 2008

All he said was he had some inside info on the subject of life on Mars. That could mean anything from a microbe to little green men. I think people really need to understand what they are reading before jumping to conclusions. Geez, give the man a break!

8. Jorg Sacul - April 9, 2008

Life on Mars is not impossible. Maybe in the past, maybe still existing. Until we’ve been there and proved it not there, we can’t say it is impossible. There are worse places on earth with life. Besides New Jersey, I mean.

9. TREK_OFFICIAL - April 9, 2008

even microbial life found on Mars would be a HUGE HUGE deal. Its lookin more likely we would find it on Enceledus as that as liquid water, organic molecules in a warm inner core…oh yes. Life is common thru out the billions of stars..

10. steve623 - April 9, 2008

Beware the Spiders from Mars

11. sebimeyer - April 9, 2008

I for one welcome our new martian overlords.™

12. Chaya - April 9, 2008

Oh, I thought he knew about the show Life on Mars with Colm Meaney

13. Ian B - April 9, 2008

It’s strange, the idea that microbial life on Mars would be some HUGE HUGE deal that would change our world forever. A century or so ago, astronomers were routinely discussing canals and civilisations on Mars, writing articles and giving excited popular talks and presentations on the subject. It was a bit like Global Warming. That died a death, but belief in life on Mars was routine really up until the space probes got there.

When I was a kid in the 70s I had a number of astronomy books from the 1940s and 50s (an aunt worked in a library and would give me books she thought I’d be interested in when they were withdrawn from lending) and they routinely discussed how the variations of colouration on the surface were due to some kind of vegetation growing and dying back with the seasons. Even worse, they discussed the carboniferous swamps of Venus. Heh.

People have forgotten that when Mariner 4 got there, the shock to the scientific community was that Mars was a dead, cratered world with barely any atmosphere and clearly barren. It’s only since then that our paradigm has shifted to an expectation that other worlds are barren and life a rare and amazing thing.

Truth is, most of the general public and media won’t care much at all. It’ll be front page news for a day, then knocked off the headlines by some national leader’s wife being prettier than expected, or something, The major significance will be that the Greens will have the leverage they need to declare all space a “wilderness” and that’ll be that for anything beyond LEO. On that basis, pray for a dead Mars, Europa and Enceladus.

Anyone interested in the history of the study of Mars, this online book is excellent-

14. CmdrR - April 9, 2008

Thanks, Bill.

15. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 9, 2008

Hold up there, people…

The Shat never said anything about live on Mars, he just said that he believes in extra-terrestrial life, and then went on to speak about Mars. He never said that there was going to be any new information about LIFE on Mars, just Mars in general. Let’s not make the mistake of reading “extra-terrestrials” and “new info on Mars” as “extraterrestrials on Mars.”

Besides, there is fossil evidence that there was, at one point in time, microbacterial life forms on Mars in the ancient past (before the water deposits froze after collecting in the poles and underground).

16. iyellkhan! - April 9, 2008

could simply be a bad joke regarding the up coming David E Kelly brittish rip “Life On Mars” drama…

17. Harry Seldom - April 9, 2008

“Besides, there is fossil evidence that there was, at one point in time, microbacterial life forms on Mars in the ancient past ”

Sorry, no.

Those formations were shown to be chemical, not biological, in origin.

18. Harry Seldom - April 9, 2008

Adding a link:

19. CW - April 9, 2008

Is William full of Shat?

Well, he’s wrong about life on Mars. All the scientists who have been stationed there for decades and have engaged in major excavations and extensive soil analysis have concluded that there never have been microbes on Mars; and if Spock’s torpedo soft lands there, he’s s.o.l.

20. Dennis Bailey - April 9, 2008

“Ten years later, the results have not been verified. Skeptics have found non-biological explanations for every piece of evidence that was presented on Aug. 6, 1996. And though they still vigorously defend their claim, the NASA scientists who advanced it now stand alone in their belief.

“We certainly have not convinced the community, and that’s been a little bit disappointing,” said David McKay, a NASA biochemist and leader of the team that started the scientific episode.”

I guess we’ll know one way or another eventually.

21. Drew - April 9, 2008

Perhaps he means evidence of now extinct life on Mars.

(Intelligent life) ;)

22. Viking Mars (jvalmeida) - April 9, 2008

As a matter of fact old Viking probes conducted some tests that were inconclusive about life on Mars. And there are loads of data being analysed by now, so if someone told Shat there will be news we may just wait and see

23. Green-Blooded-Bastard - April 9, 2008

Do you think when we find those martians, we’ll finally take back into possession the Eludium Q-32 Explosive Space Modulator?

24. Sebastian - April 9, 2008

As much as I would love to believe in life on Mars, I doubt Shatner has the “inside track.” I think that was a classic, deadpan Kirk “fake-out.” As #22 correctly pointed out, the Viking results were inconclusive (but not encouraging). The Shat was pulling our collective leg. As Spock would say in the Corbomite Maneuver; “(shaking his head in the negative) However it WAS well played.”

25. The Vulcanista - April 9, 2008


Only if Duck Dodgers and Eager Young Space Cadet are on the job!!! Provided, of course, they don’t blow themselves to smithereens…

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

26. Nathan - April 9, 2008

I knew it! The scientists have finally discovered the Martian Cities buried deep underground, where millions of hairless, big-headed aliens have survived for millenia ever since their world was rendered unfit for life by a massive nuclear war. Oh, and in the interval, the Martians have all developed psychic abilities…and six arms. Pretty awesome, if you ask me…

You gotta love Shatner… :)

27. Freddie Wise - April 9, 2008

#15 Actually buddy, if you watched the video… the Shat DOES mention something about life on Mars. He makes it apparent that scientists have discovered (most likely with NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or the Odyssey Orbiter) new evidence of life, and they now know where to look. I have done some personal researching, and in fact, the Odyssey Orbiter did just find SALT deposits on Mars, here is the quote from NASA’s website: “NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter has found evidence of salt deposits. These deposits point to places where water once was abundant and where evidence might exist of possible Martian life from the Red Planet’s past.”

28. jason in ormond beach - April 9, 2008

Yes at some point we will learn something new about Mars. Thanks Bill.

29. Katie G. - April 9, 2008

Re: #4. crazydaystrom

“Life on Mars! Right. A little guy in a Roman helmet and hightops named Marvin.”

You are making me very, very angry… [said with a PeeWee Herman type of voice].

I loved that guy. He was my favourite cartoon character. And, Bill, this time you are really scaring me. REALLY.



30. Katie G. - April 9, 2008


31. Sebastian - April 9, 2008

The rovers on Mars right now are not even designed to look for life; they are field geologists. The orbiters can point to and photograph where water most likely flowed on Mars (and it’s likely that water was very salty). But as for finding life, I don’t think ANY imperical scientist would make that conclusion JUST yet. Let alone call up Bill Shatner and let him leak it on Shatnervision! Come on; either the Shat misunderstood the info, or he’s joking. I have a contact at JPL and I’ve been there a couple times. They are NOT the types to make rash conclusions! But, it would be deeply cool if they DID find even simple multicellular life form. Then extraterrestrial life would be a FACT, not fiction! I’d love to see that day….and the Phoenix spacecraft lands on May 25th. With the Mars Science Laboratory rover following next year (if all goes well). Check out for more.

32. Katie G. - April 9, 2008

If he’s serious, his wife should take him to the doctor. My father-in-law had Alzheimer’s for a while before he was formally diagnosed and if you were only talking to him for a few moments at a time he could seem totally lucid. If it was a prolonged conversation, he’d start giving little signs that something was wrong.

Bill has me worried. Either that or he is pulling many legs…


33. Smitth - April 9, 2008

Life On Mars, you sure he wasn’t talking about the David Bowie song or the BBC series?


34. Freddie Wise - April 9, 2008

I think he is absolutely serious… and not crazy. Go to NASA’s website and look at what exactly the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is designed to detect… it’s quite intriguing.

35. Freddie Wise - April 9, 2008

36. Freddie Wise - April 9, 2008

And if that wasn’t interesting enough, here is a link to all of the instruments the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter carries:

Apparently they can now look underground to see underground sources of water… And I believe I recall the Shat making a mention of this…

37. Scott Xavier - April 9, 2008

Shat happens…

But how the funk doesnt he know about online chat?

38. James R. Kirk - April 9, 2008

Oh this is just hilarious. It’s like trying to explain setting the VCR clock to my uncle.

39. Sebi - April 9, 2008


Sientists stationed on Mars? R U kidding me?? Who was that? There were only probes there yet….

40. 790 - April 9, 2008

After reading all 38 posts (at time of writing this) I’m really quite surprised at the comments.
This is after all a fansite based upon Star Trek.

Richard C Hoagland,NASA’s technical advisor to Walter C. Concrite (during the 1st Moon landing) once told about how Nasa/Jpl invited Gene Roddenberry and a bunch of other science fiction heavys to witness the Mars Viking probes first images sent back in the 70’s at JPL in Pasadena.
When the first photos of the surface of mars came in live, Gene stood up and said out loud “that looks like Arizona!”…
The first photos showed a grey/blue skyline with a desert looking landscape.
Richard continued on saying that the next batch of photos that came in about 15 min later had a different looking skyline and a more red color to the landscape. nasa/jpl had altered the colors on the tv monitors to make the Martian planet look more alien.
Why would they do that you ask?
Alien life is covered up by the government/nasa/jpl. Has been since Roswell. Jpl reluctantly reported water on Mars a few years ago. But it was backpage news. Sabastian, there are those that work at Jpl that think there doing the right thing but there’s also upper managment that insure that the truth dosnt get out. And that truth is that there was life on Mars and prob still is.
As Tuvok would say,”its a class M planet with massive life readings under the surface, Captain.
If anyone want to find out more about all the lies you believe in check:

See you guys at the Con this Sunday !

41. Iowagirl - April 10, 2008

Whatever the chances for extraterrestrial life may be; Bill’s merely talking about his personal positive view on that subject, about possible consequences the idea of extraterrestrial life and a wider perspective in this regard may have for our future – combined with some of his famous deadpan attitude.

If you had watched the entire video, you’d have realised that this man is making more sense than you’ll ever wanted to know – and he’s definitely sane.

42. Kayla Iacovino - April 10, 2008

Shatner is hilarious! I just learned how to “google” things…

43. Crusade2267 - April 10, 2008

#4 and #29

I do believe that this important announcement will be that the Earth is obstructing the Martian’s view of Venus.

44. Sebastian - April 10, 2008

#13 Ian B; you have many excellent points, and I agree life on Mars would not change the world (in these cynical times, many wouldn’t believe it anyway). And I remember as a kid, reading texts making references to lichen or ‘simple animals’ that ‘must’ populate the Martian surface and account for the ‘green patches’ along the ‘canals.’ I think Mariner 4’s first fly-by images of a moon-like Mars (it never got to photograph the more interesting parts; Mariner 9 would have that honor) shattered a lot of dreams in 1965! Vikings 1 and 2 made some cautiously optimistic. And in these times of diminished expectations, primitive life on Mars would not change things to the general public, but to a few of us it might serve to fire the imagine and greatly increase the odds for life in the universe. Might even put a few more nickels in NASA’s coffers!

45. Viking - April 10, 2008

#22 – A) The only conclusion I drew from probing Mars is that it’s as cold as a well digger’s ass up there.


B) I’m not that old.

46. justcorbly - April 10, 2008

Yeah, right. Even though they don’t have anything on Mars capable of identifying life, NASA found it and told Bill Shatner, not the rest of us.


47. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 10, 2008

#46 –
Why not? He’s William Shatner, for crying out loud! The Original Space Action Hero! Why wouldn’t they tell give him a “sneak peak” at their info? I mean, he IS a millionare actor who has worked on movie sets with a higher level of confidentiality than most government operations, besides being Captain Kirk. I think the man can keep a secret.

48. Mike - April 10, 2008

Bill… you’re embarrassing yourself again. I love you, but stop it.

49. Katie G. - April 10, 2008

Re: #7. asc1138

“…All he said was he had some inside info on the subject of life on Mars. That could mean anything from a microbe to little green men…”

I never did believe in little green men.


50. Sebastian - April 10, 2008

#40. Answering your points regarding a conspiracy of silence at JPL; believe me, they’d shout it from the MOUNTAIN TOPS if there were life on Mars! Poor souls could use the funding! No conspiracy; just bad luck. And the initial Viking surface images were mis-calibrated; because scientists on the ground EXPECTED a blue sky, and thought the pinkish yellow hues were the mistake! The original “raw” photos were, in fact, of the right color; but ‘corrected’ (using the colors on a color ‘target’ affixed to the spacecraft) to look blue (the assumed color). I know I won’t change any minds on the Elysiam face/optical illusion “conspiracy” issue, so I won’t try (but Google the latest hi-res face on Mars pics if you don’t believe me; see if you still see a face). But truly; I would LOVE IT if there were life on another planet in our solar system; intelligent or not! But I think Shatner is just being Shatner; the publicity hound. And judging by all this feedback, it worked!

51. Gary the Gorn - April 10, 2008

Maybe Khan is on Mars with his ragtag gang of Chipendales.


52. D - April 10, 2008

All Shatner is mentioning on the “Life on Mars” is the same thing some scientist have been repeating all along. That the Phoenix probe due to land in the polar regions may be able to detect signs of microbial life lying dormant in the polar regions. Being an actor, he just chose to hype it up a bit, in the hopes that his name may garner renewed interest in a flailing space program…returning the favor as Star Trek has always done since the beginning.

A mission tech from JPL says it, everyone ignores the egg head…Captain Kirk says it, and everyone listens, because he’s the Captain.

I do agree with him, as hardy as life on Earth has proven, and as big as the universe is…the odds of Earth truly being the sole bastion of life of any sort is pretty slim.

53. Commodore Lurker - April 10, 2008

Decloaking . . .
#23 & #25 (the goddes known as Vulcanista)



54. Spiked Canon - April 10, 2008

#13 Ian B, You’re wrong. It would be huge on many many levels. Do you remember the asteroid a few years ago that had a possible fossil of a bacteria!?!! The world freaked out.

55. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 10, 2008

#5—He should put the majority of your trolling and flaming comments on this site in the “cheap” section of that menu.

56. Irish Terran - April 10, 2008

But mars has at most , a few micro organisms. so what

57. Spirit Machina - April 10, 2008

41. Iowagirl – April 10, 2008
“Whatever the chances for extraterrestrial life may be; Bill’s merely talking about his personal positive view on that subject, about possible consequences the idea of extraterrestrial life and a wider perspective in this regard may have for our future – combined with some of his famous deadpan attitude.

If you had watched the entire video, you’d have realised that this man is making more sense than you’ll ever wanted to know – and he’s definitely sane.”

Are you his official mouthpiece and spin doctor? I’ve noticed before that you seem to protect him here, but please….
There may be life in some form there, but Bill Shatner is NOT on the list that a person with knowledge will tell. He’s not that big, nor that important.
He’s pulling another joke

58. Spirit Machina - April 10, 2008

52. D – April 10, 2008
“All Shatner is mentioning on the “Life on Mars” is the same thing some scientist have been repeating all along. That the Phoenix probe due to land in the polar regions may be able to detect signs of microbial life lying dormant in the polar regions. Being an actor, he just chose to hype it up a bit, in the hopes that his name may garner renewed interest in a flailing space program…returning the favor as Star Trek has always done since the beginning.

A mission tech from JPL says it, everyone ignores the egg head…Captain Kirk says it, and everyone listens, because he’s the Captain.”

Let’s tell the hammy actor something and let him tell the world..or at least hint at it? They’ll listen to him?
There’s a billion better ways to get the message out in a believable and palatable way. This isn’t Priceline we’re talking here.

59. 790 - April 10, 2008

Well I’m not going to do the reserch for you Sabastian but alien life is covered up. And JpL has plenty of funding.

60. the king in shreds and tatters - April 10, 2008

He’s a Bowie fan.

61. Mike - April 10, 2008

790… I really don’t mean to offend anyone, and I understand being cynical about government, but… wow.

Btw… were you guys aware that 25% of americans think that the sun revolves around the earth? The point? People are ignorant.

62. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 10, 2008

49. Katie G.: Sizest! Colorest…wait…

63. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 10, 2008

That should be Sizist and Colorist of course. Doh!

64. diabolik - April 10, 2008

It must have to do with the photo of Bigfoot on Mars taken by the mars lander recently. Really.

65. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 10, 2008

I find the idea that we are the only world in existence that can support life in some miraculous happy accident is ludicrous. And Mars is just close enough to us that I have no trouble believing there is some sign of primitive life somewhere on that planet. I long for the day its proven to finally shut up the naysayers. But then again I guess they will include Mars with Earth in the happy accident. Sigh.

Anyway, its important for us to realize that, as Star Trek fans we are far FAR from typical people concerning this subject. When life is proven to exist on Earth or Enceladus or Europa, it will be a big deal. That is unless Britney Spears shaves her head that day or something…

66. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 10, 2008

I meant Mars instead of Earth of course…but then again considering the Britneymania remark….maybe I didn’t LOL

67. Garovorkin - April 10, 2008

#65 I Agree If life evolved here on this Earth, then there is reasonable chance that worlds similar to Earth have also evolved and evolved life as well. We might find find lfe on mars because evidence indicates that mars once had liquid water and much denser atmosphere long ago. If Mars had been twice as massive as it is , there would probably still be water and a dense atmosphere and very possibly lfe though the conditions on the planet would be very harsh. Seeing mars was Half of earth diameter, the Core of the planet cooled off ,vulcanism stopped and mars lost it magnetic field and as a result lost its atmosphere to the solar winds and thus the water evaporated , except at the poles where life might be a possibility and we should also keep in mind that we have clear idea of waht is beneath the surface of Mars .

68. justcorbly - April 10, 2008

#41: Get a grip, ok?

No way that anyone with a brain who found evidence of life on Mars — or anywhere off Earth — would blab to Shatner or any other show biz type:

“Look! I’ve made the biggest discovery in the history of humanity! Who shall I tell first? Why, Blll Shatner, of course.”

69. Magic_Al - April 10, 2008

Shatner probably does have a bit of “inside” info on a lot of subjects. Consider the sheer size of his life: all the people he’s met, all the places he’s travelled. Where science fiction’s inspiration intersects with space science, he’s surely met a lot of people with NASA over the years. Some of them may not be able to resist the chance to “report” to “Captain Kirk”.

Now, whether Shatner understands the full context of whatever he was told, that’s another question.

70. Viking - April 10, 2008

# 68 – YOU get a grip and get off Iowagirl’s case before you finish making a full ass of yourself. For the record, I spent three years at the Five-Sided Rat Hole – that’s ‘The Pentagon’ for the unenlightened – and in the course of my duties (which, generally speaking, had to do with safeguarding the data access to our 20th century equivalent of ‘photon torpedoes’, FYI, and you get nothing more on the subject), I was privy to a lot of information that was WAAAAAAY above my clearance as an internal security supervisor. In that particular era, taking a communal smoke break in one of the tunnels with any one of a number of O-6 and O-7 types strawbossing the rocket scientists (I use that term literally, not metaphorically), allowed for a lot of shop talk, if for no other reason than to just get out of the ring and vent spleen. In retrospect, I suppose some of them considered it cathartic to be able to express opinions, make inferences, and….shall we say, reference ‘secrets’ with someone whom they knew was responsible for keeping that knowledge away from prying eyes to begin with. It’s more than possible – I’d say likely – that a NASA/JPL employee with the proper access, inside knowledge, appropriate venue, and a moment to hold court and jawbone with a sci-fi icon at a public function, would certainly take the opportunity to whisper to him , “Listen, you didn’t hear this from me, but guess what we found……..” What Shatner said – and what Iowagirl alluded to – in no way means The Shat was spirited to some underground redoubt by MIB’s and fully briefed on what our probes have discovered. Years ago, after my stint at the Puzzle Palace ended, I actually had to sit down with my late father one evening and recount a couple of very disturbing situations I’d been in with military types when the subject of extraterrestrial life was broached, no matter how obliquely or in what context. Put it this way: think about the current state of humanity, and what the magnitude of effect would be on it if the knowledge of extraterrestrial life – whether present, past, advanced, or microbial – were to be made public. The social, theological, and political ramifications would be Earth-shattering to many, as if Christ suddenly reappeared on the Hudson River and walked ashore on Long Island, dry toes and all. In a nutshell: I’m pretty damned sure ( 85-90%) our overlords know one helluva lot more than they’re disclosing, and, (while to the majority, at least), an announcement of discovering the Martian equivalent of bathtub mold would be an affirmation of faith in logic, reason, and yes, even the existence of God, there are zealots of every stripe who would pervert it into a blunt-force, dogmatic instrument to beat their agendas into the noggins of the denizens inhabiting every other thread of the global social fabric. The larger the revelation, the larger the ripple effect. Even the discovery of a fossil would be a find subject to the most delicate of treatment. And that sort of awareness is a profound burden to carry. Shatner would be in a unique position be viewed as a father confessor to any degreed aerospace industry geek who spends 20 hours a day running on Arizona Green Tea energy drinks and suddenly sees Captain Fookin’ Kirk Himself sitting eighteen inches from him.

71. 790 - April 10, 2008

Hey Viking are you aware of the Dulce papers??? And yes I know about those Photon Torpedos your talking about. You can see them in action in one of the STS mission footage. (Something tells me you know about that base we have in Austrailia where the launcher is?). And the Brookings report came out with findings you mentioned. Its funny when you bring this info up on a site and you see that only a handfull of people know what’s really going on you realise the Brookings report could be acurate.

61 Mike,no offense taken. Btw you have no idea what’s out there if you think the Martians are the ONLY thing their keeping a secret.

The truth is soo out there.

72. Katie G. - April 10, 2008

#62-63 Morgie:

Guess I don’t get your humour unless you mean sizest = not believing in “little” green men and “colourist” = not believing in little “green” men (as in racist, sexist, etc.).

The comment was an approximate quote from a TOS Episode entitled “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (Season 1, Ep 19) when they ended up in the past and accidentally crushed a jet with their tractor beam so they beamed Captain John Christopher aboard and as he was on the turbolift to the Bridge with Kirk (?), he was explaining how he had never believed in little green men. Of course he walked onto the Bridge as he said that, and Mr. Spock was standing right there. He said “neither have I” or something to that effect. Priceless.

However, having to explain it ruins it so I hope you got it.

Wow. I really need to go to sleep.



73. Iowagirl - April 11, 2008


Thanks Viking – it’s always nice to read posts with a background, and furthermore, to read statements by people who have bothered to actually read other people’s posts before commenting them.

74. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 11, 2008

72. Katie G.: I got it. And it is a great scene. And yes my humor was based on the height/color issue. :) Sorry it was a dud.

75. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 11, 2008

70. Viking: Fantastic post! Thanks, Vike. Well said.

76. Battletrek - April 11, 2008

So they found a fossil VIking? Anarchy is sure to follow.

77. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

HM, Is Shatner from mars? Film at 11.

78. AJ - April 11, 2008


Smokebreaks in the tunnels with O-6 and O-7 types strawbossing the rocket scientists?

You’re either on some great drugs, or you’ve broken your cover and said something incredibly cogent and important.

The impact of even a fossilized microbe on Mars would shatter centuries of organized religion on Earth.

The Bible does not reference other worlds. I am sure the Koran and other sacred texts do not as well.

Humanity’s ability to refashion its religions around such findings and have them appeal to the masses would take generations, and then, only once religious leaders agreed on how to approach it.

As Trekkers, we all know the Garden of Eden was “just outside Moscow.” But what about the Martian one? Did Jesus ever visit Mars?

Some of us, including myself, would love for humanity to have contact with any form of ET life in our lifetime and undo the shackles of organized man-made religion. If the Vulcans came by for a visit, and they are not in the Bible, then what is an evangelical to do?

79. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

If the flying saucers were suddenly to land, I don’t that that would bring our civilization crashing to the ground, yeah there would be some panic ,some social unrest but it would die down quickly enough. People would accept it ,the world would go on and so would the worlds religions. I think most of could easily come to grips with notion that we are not alone in the universe,because both common sense and mathematical probability say that this may be so. There isno conspiracy or cover up thats something people invent because they have got nothing better to do.

80. justcorbly - April 11, 2008


If you say you spent some time as an employee at the Pentagon, I’ll accept that.

But, here’s also what I accept: That the Pentagon has anything at all to do with the exploration of Mars. That NASA has no probes on Mars designed to search for evidence of life. That the notion of any agency of the government seeing a lucky actor like Shatner as deserving of getting advance knowledge of the discovery of life on Mars is simply ludiccrous.

The discovery of life on Mars or elsewhere would not be kept secret in fear of provoking widespread panic. Too much glory and too many Nobels ride on it. Claims that the Viking probe found evidence of biological activity were released and publicized. Claims that evidence of microbial life had been found in Matian meteorites found in Antartica were released and well publicized. Both claims ere erroneous, but neither case prompted much of a public reaction at all. Most people didn’t even notice.

Short of big green aliens landing on the White House lawn, I suspect th ddiscovery of life on Mars or elsewhere would prompt mostly yawns. If a few did find that their ideological blinders were pulled aside, so much the better.

81. Stephen from Scotland - April 11, 2008

82. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

Conspiracy theories in general are a big waist of precious time. Why? simple there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove them so why waist the precious moments of your life trying to prove them. I would put this whole thing under the category the persuit of Futility. There is co conspiracy, to cover up any discovery of life on mars. The UFO in area 51 is a Myth and always has been, there is no Bigfoot or Lochness monster and there is nothing unusual in the so-called Bermuda Triangle and there is no such thing as men in black. Waist of time all of it.

83. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

We would rather believe in the impossible and the unlikely. People in general will give more credibility to an elaborate well choreographed half truth or lie before they will accept simple truth. That one tends to be fact.

84. Xai - April 11, 2008


Sure, extraterrestrial life… no problem. Goverment secrets… a given.

Someone telling this to Shatner, for ANY reason?

He’s an actor. He’s not goverment, a scientist, a theologian or someone I’d entrust this to because he’s a blabbermouth.

85. AJ - April 11, 2008


Here are your choices for revealing ET to the world:

1. President Bush
2. Pope Benedict XVI
3. William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk

Shatner makes a compelling case!

86. COMMANDER KEEN - April 11, 2008


I too work have worked at several NASA and USAF locales (still do) and have heard “things” as well. The problem is that I have never seen things firsthand. If I did I would never violate my oath to divulge it either. Believe me, if NASA had their way, they would love to announce findings, like microbe life, etc. just for the fact it would, they hope, bolster their existance and funding (latter most important). Unfortunately, NASA is not in control of what they can or cannot say. That is way above their heads too. So, with all the information and mis-information, what is really the truth? That is a question I hope will get answered (to the public) in my lifetime.

IMHO, I do believe we will find some form of life on Mars. Viking, I know you said that announcements of these revelations would be earthshattering. Yes, it could and I know that scares many people that are in a positon to worry about these things. Still, I think many folks have been conditioned to believe that life in the universe is an almost given. However, people are not predictable so any announcement needs to be done very carefully. I for one am a Christian and I find no problem believing in life, both pimative and intelligent, in the universe. For me, it is only a confirmation. I know not everyone believes in intelligent design but I find it makes more sense than to think we are all an “accident”. I suppose that is an argument for another time.

Why would someone tell Shanter about these things? Well, the same reason why scientists would explain to James Doohan about their work in complex physics as though he knew what what the hell they were talking about. I remember, I think it was the 25th Anniversary video, where he mentioned how scientists and engineers would treat him as one of their own just because he was “Scotty” on Star Trek. So, it is not a huge leap to think that scientists, AKA “explorer types”, would treat Shatner as one of them because he played “Capt. Kirk” of the USS Enterprise. I believe the point I am trying to make is that I do not find it a huge stretch at all that someone with knowledge would feel some form of comfort sharing some sort of information with Bill Shatner. It’s not a big stretch at all.

“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”

87. Viking - April 11, 2008

#71 – Never heard of them. My tinfoil hat doesn’t fit so tightly over my ears that I mine for minutiae to affirm what little I was privy to. I just know what I know.

#73 – YW.

#75 – TYVM.

#78 – I have no ‘cover’ to break, as it was in another lifetime that I worked there, nor did I give any specifics that would compromise national security in any way – by design. Insofar as ‘shattering’ two aeons of organized religion, many theologians have stated that ET’s and the Bible aren’t mutually exclusive of one another. It wouldn’t be a catalyst for some Nietzschean overhaul of religion in general; it would merely require a rethink in the minds of some over many fundamentalist conceptions and literal interpretations of various scriptures that are somewhat ambiguous to begin with.

#80 – The military gave birth to the modern aerospace industry, and they’ve been in bed together ever since. As to the rest of your statement, re-read my previous post. Slowly.

88. Katie G. - April 11, 2008

#74. I Am Morg Not Eymorg

“I got it. And it is a great scene. And yes my humor was based on the height/color issue. :) Sorry it was a dud.”

Just because I didn’t get it doesn’t mean it was a dud. I can be pretty thick at times.


89. Bill Turner - April 11, 2008

First of all the creator and writer for Boston Legal, David E. Kelley is starting a new series next September called “Life on Mars”. He was probably joking and referring to that. It is a spinoff of a BBC series with the same name.

90. Garak - April 11, 2008

We lost him. See J. J. what u did? -_-

91. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

#70 Viking there are no conspiracies, there never were any except in the minds of fiction writers ,tabloid newspapers and fringe elements of society. Why persue something that end may prove false, you can never get back the time you spent doing that , live your life and forget it, its just not worth . it in the end . I just find it hard to believe that Shatner has any kind of groundbreaking truths about life on mars or whatever. He’s an actor and that all.

92. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 11, 2008

#78—” If the Vulcans came by for a visit, and they are not in the Bible, then what is an evangelical to do?”

I guess he/she would have to get a job…LOL.

I agree. The impact of such a discovery upon organized religion as we know it would make the 19th Century scientific revelations, about what we now commonly refer to as “dinosaurs”, for example, pale in comparison.

Forget religion. I’m afraid that such an event would inspire a mixture of fear and excitement across the globe, and such emotions can be quite dangerous among large groups of human beings when they are manifested into actual reactions. My hope is that it would not occur overnight, rather that it would begin very gradually with long distance communication and a sharing of cultures, eventually resulting in face-to-face contact only after the populace has had sufficient time to adjust to the idea.

We can only hope that the World’s leading nations have the right kind of leadership in place at that time, if and when it ever happens.

93. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

#92 religion will do what it has for centuries, it will adapt itself and so will our culture. a revelation like alien life would not sink our civilization. There would be problems from bigota and religious reactionaries and nationalists but over time these things would simply die down.

94. Viking - April 11, 2008

#86 – you get my point exactly. And like you, I’ve never seen the ‘Holy Grail’ -such as it is – either. Nor would I want to, under the circumstances – that would be be a difficult genie to keep in the bottle.

95. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

#94 what about the ark of the Covenant, which is one two places, Auxum Ethiopia or beneath the Rock of the Dome in Jerusalem. Like the grail if that relic ever saw the light of day. fun fun fun .

96. 790 - April 11, 2008

Garovorkin the (secret) government loves people like you, and if you think I need to explain it I did leave a web address that will answer some of your questions about the false front western town that Nasa 40.
But since you know for a fact that every truth is known and secrets arnt kept at the highest levels you won’t bother I’m sure.
Is anyone here aware that during Nixons time he escorted Jackee Gleeson to see alien tech at Vandenburg base Ca?
No your prob not.

97. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

#790 Has it ever occurred to you that the same organizations love people like you as well.? If you were to hide a tree what would be the perfect place to hid it? answer in a forest. a forest of lies , half truths and fiction. under neath it all the truth for what it might be worth.

98. Garovorkin - April 11, 2008

#790 Ive heard all the stories from Gleason to the Uss Eldridge and you know what? i don’t believe any of them. And aliens had nothing to do whatsoever with our technology, we created our technology through research and development. without any external help. The face on mars is not real either , it never was. some years from now your going to look back and wonder why you waisted your time chasing these fantasies, you wont be able to get that time back.,so really what good will it do you in the long run.

99. 790 - April 11, 2008

Garovorkin the research and facts are out there. But only you can do the homework on it.
(If you don’t agree thats cool but dude this stuff is not only accepted by me but by a lot of other people).
I do agree that they hide the truth in plain site. Perfect examples are the chemtrails they spray over all UN countries.
Just look up in the sky to see the checkerboard chemtrails that turn into a hazy fog.
And if you think that’s bs I’m gonna get a good laugh out of you.
I find that people like you have a fear of the truth. But then again you also seem like your just trying to provoke me.

100. 790 - April 11, 2008

Anthoney I know your busy this weekend but is there anyway when you get back from Burbank you can expand the size of this message box. On a blackberry its a real bitch to type a sentance.
On my end the size dimensions are 5/16ths x 1/25in.
See ya on Sunday.

101. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

#99 I am not trying to provoke you, I am by nature a skeptic. Lets say for the sake of argument such things and people and groups are real what do propose to do about? If they exist they have been entrenched for so long broadcasting them won’t make a difference.

102. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

#790 No malice was intended, but the shatner things sounds a bit like a publicity thing, Somehow I don’t think that there are going to be any grand revelations about mars in the near future. Life could have existed at one time on Mars that possibility. Life else where in the universe? Common sense say yes because the universe is a rather large place.

103. AJ - April 12, 2008

Um, 790,

I’m in a UN country right now, called Sweden.

Can you go into more details as to the checkerboard chemtrails in the sky?

I also spend time in UN countries Poland and USA. Never seen ’em.

104. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - April 12, 2008

#99—Oh my…

105. Sebastian - April 12, 2008

For whatever it’s worth, the issue of extraterrestrial life would probably only be of real consequence to people who find the topic interesting in the first place. It will not change the world, upset religious institutions or even the stock market (esp. if it were just microbes or some simple fungus or plant life). To me, it would be conclusive proof that life is far more tenacious than previously thought. And it opens up possibilities for life all over the galaxy; because if it occurs at least twice in one solar system…well, then the universe just doubled in capacity (in theory)! I don’t deny that the government keeps plenty of secrets, but I think the presumed hysteria over alien life is just not there. For the average Joe, it won’t put groceries on the table or gas in the car….but for others (like myself) it would affirm some long held beliefs, and would be one of the most significant discoveries of all time.

106. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

Well on the plus side life elsewhere will force the worlds religions to rethink some of their ideas and that would not be bad thing at all.

107. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

There is one Issue about finding life ,even Microbial life on Mars and that is that we could never bring it to Earth because there is no possible way we could guarantee safety There is the risk of it accidentally getting released into our environment and it would might game over for us all. An alien microbe would probably cause a rather series pandemic that our medical technology might not be able to cope with.not only in the human population be affected but in the animal kingdom as well , especaially food animal, and maybe even plants might be affected adversely, so we could be talking food shortages. Plus if there are survivors there could be some serious long term issues for them alone. I know it sounds like a doomsday scenario but in this case there is a certain aspect of plausibility here. And please no one tell me about safe guards because after the Moon missions it was discovered that some of the Apollo Moon rocks had been carelessly allowed to be exposed to our atmosphere Imagine if those had been samples with microbes in them.

108. Xai - April 12, 2008

85. AJ – April 11, 2008

Sorry, but I’m not biting on that one. But we both know that William Shatner will not be the messenger to humankind that ET life has been found. He WAS Kirk, he IS an average actor that also does TV and commercials. If anyone here thinks he’s got the info…. I suggest you need to get out of the basement more often and also see “Invasion Iowa” and apply that practical joke mentality to what you see here.

109. Xai - April 12, 2008

your “chemtrails” are contrails…. look it up. No one is cropdusting UN countries,
And I gave up believing what you are selling here is the “truth” a long time ago. It’s just more “coverup” and”conspiracy” that the internet is famous for and little if any of it is true,

It’s simply more of the same stuff the National Enquirer and the Star have told us for years.
Now excuse me, My wife’s giving birth to an alien baby and the two-headed cow is the midwife.

110. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

110 Xai I think one of the greatest Ironies of human beings is that if you give them a choice between the simple plain truth and Elaborate well told well constructed half truths and Lies, A goodly percentage of them will choose to believe the latter rather then the former. They won’t believe anything except what they want believe. Thats simply the way it is or so it seems.

111. 790 - April 12, 2008

Well you guys can. joke all you like.

Jet contrails evaporate and are caused by tempiture changes that occur at alttitudes of 25.000 ft or higher. Chemtrials are sprayed here in Los Angeles about once a week and there usually sprayed out over the Pacific ocean at around 5am so that they disperse into haze that blows usually eastbound over LA then other chemtrails are sprayed by low flying planes in a criss cross pattern. All you have to do is look up….
If you see a cloud that looks like a line accross the sky and it gets wider that them.
Some believe they are sprayed to reduce the amount of sunlight that hits the surface and causes the gobal warming prob. Other say other things….

I will say this just to clarify that I agree with most everyone here that Shatner isn’t the messiah.
To the rest of you , do you own homework on aliens. I left a good website for all of you that are interested.

One reason that aliens are disproven in the media is because if aliens were allowed to come to our planet and integrate with us our entire social system would be disrupted.governemts wouldn’t be needed anymore and wars would end. Peace would be achieved. That’s the last thing the military needs. And the miltary owns the media. Come on guys get with it. Its 2008 you really think the Space shuttle is the best we can do????

112. 790 - April 12, 2008

#103 AJ,
Stand in the place where you live, think about looking up and wonder why you havnt before…

113. Garovorkin - April 12, 2008

#111 790 even if you say could be true and im not saying it is what will it change? Ranting to the world will achieve nothing except ridicule for no gain to you or anyone else. Look at all the thing come true ? 1999 and seven month Nostradamus prediction came ans went nothing happened Y2k did not cause the end of the worls, The planetary alignment of 1981 did not bring about the end of the work. Kurt von Danikens chariots of the God’s disproven and rejected, The Hab theory come and gone, If you go go further back into history the Millerites predicted the world would end in 1844 and when that did not happen the moved the date to 1845. !000 Ad thats when the apocolypse was suppoed to happen did not happen. Next on tap the Myan Calander say end of word on december 25 of 2012 and pictoral lost book of Nostradamus say’s the same thing. it will come it pass the world will go on utill its time. No aliens did not build the damned pyramids.

114. Xai - April 12, 2008

111. 790 – April 12, 2008
Well you guys can. joke all you like.

It’s easy to come into a site with boards like this and make claims… even throw up a conspiracy site address.

I agree with Garovorkian on this one… why does humanity need to believe in conspiracy theories? Scandals? Coverups? Are we that bored?
Hidden goverments, cities being sprayed with a chemical agent, information being withheld, Artifically created “Faces” on Mars, etc. Really.
We as a nation and as a race have far more pressing concerns that are quite real. War, terrorism, civil unrest, social change, possible environmental change, famine, disease. If anything, the likes of the information you are presenting as facts are distracting us from the real concerns we face.
… and you are asking us to “get with it”?

115. 790 - April 12, 2008

Well Garovorkan the reason I’m continuing this conversation with you is because all I’m trying to do is inform people.
Redicule is a tool that used all the time in media to shut people up.
Truth is the enemy of the state.

Most of the truth is covered up by people that want to hold onto power. If you can’t get past the were powerless phase that’s your problem. The more people get informed on what really going on with governments and alien coverups the more it slows “them” down.
I realise that this is heavy shat but you have to face the real reality.

116. Xai - April 12, 2008

790, you’ve not expressed any “real” reality… even on the site you mentioned.

117. 790 - April 13, 2008

Xai when did you start using the term Conspiracy theories. (Its a cool buzz word huh?).
You throw that term around alot like it means the same thing as a lie.
(Your brainwashed bro).
The real problems you refer to are all connected to the lie that this world is under.
We are being controlled and are rights are being stripped away in the name of safety.

Ufo sightings are the stuff of ridicule. And so are conspracy theories.

Watch your future end. (Borg Queen First Contact).

Remember section 31 Xai?

118. Garovorkin - April 13, 2008

#790 as Dr Dr Fraiser Craine once asked Cliff Claven on Cheers a rather telling question “Cliff what color is the sky in your world?”

119. Xai - April 13, 2008

I started using that term when I read your posts here. You and your site only bring up questions and innuendo, I see no reality or facts.
There are secrets in the world, but nearly as many as you hint at, or as fantastic.
But I hear there ARE trolls…

120. Xai - April 13, 2008

And I’d find you slightly more believable if you’d spell and string together a complete sentence or two, please.

121. Sebastian - April 13, 2008

Wow! Judging by these latest posts, Shatner’s publicity stunt worked like gangbusters! Gets the Conspiracy theorists all fired up. Yes, the government keeps secrets. But on a Martian civilization? Or spraying over UN countries?? Anyway… point in arguing here. Nobody will change any minds here. All I can say is, the Shat DOES know how to get a crowd worked up! And #119 and #120; Xai, I totally agree; to quote Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

122. 790 - April 14, 2008

Lol guys.
I’m done.

123. Garovorkin - April 14, 2008

#122 790 look the Cliff Claven remark was a little harsh, sorry forget it. Please keep coming to this website. we would be more then willing to hear your views on trek and other subject sci fi related, that what this site is about.

124. pay - April 14, 2008

Lots of people here show big ignorance on the subject.

Start reading FOIA documents and read the testimonies of all the many military people, pilots, ex top secret witnesses who claim to know what is happening on the inside.

And no they are not selling books.

Investigate or be ignorant and close minded.

125. Garovorkin - April 14, 2008

Has it ever occurred to you that the truth of things could be far more mundane and unremarkalbe then you imagine. That all of these fantastic stories could simply be out there for you to find and spread for purpose of disinformation, that your doing exactly what these people want you to do? Have you ever considered for a moment that that is what you are doing , that these witness are not really witness.Now there’s one for you to chew on.

126. Xai - April 14, 2008

124. pay – April 14, 2008
“Lots of people here show big ignorance on the subject.

Investigate or be ignorant and close minded.”

There is no subject to be ignorant of… I HAVE investigated. Bigfoot doesn’t seem to leave physical evidence… neither do the UFO’s. While I know the goverment has secrets, they are not as fantastic as you and 790 care to believe. I’ll claim error and ignorance when there is actually evidence that is credible, until then, you’ve no right to claim anyone here is ignorant. Point me to credible evidence of something and I’ll look. I used to believe in such things… now my mantra is…”show me”.

127. tojfs7931 - April 17, 2008

Too bad shatner is on Live Video because LV sucks.

128. Charles Perry - April 19, 2008

I never liked the spiders on mars when I lived there they were as big as house cats. And when you stomped on them they made a gawd awful

And of course there was that nasty war, that’s why most of us moved to earth and now you dumb shyts want to blow this planet up! I don’t get it.

129. Jack - April 19, 2008

“Perhaps he means evidence of now extinct life on Mars”.

I agree with you. That civilization was on Mars millions of years ago and was destroyed.

130. civilian - April 19, 2008

Shat has shat for brains.
He is also funny on the Howard Stern Show.
The guy breaks me up.

131. Pirate News TV - April 19, 2008

NASA on Mars is a fake as Shatner’s face. How did NASA probes parachute on Mars when there’s almost no atmosphere? Why do official NASA photos show a blue sky on “Mars”, and why does NASA now only show B/W or red-colorized photos? Why do official NASA photos show giant golfball craters on “Mars”? Why do sheeple fall for massive brainwashing on StarTrek?

Space Radiation Too Deadly For Mars Mission and Man on the Moon,, 31 March 2008:

132. Clark C. McClelland, ScO - April 19, 2008

I was responsible for having William Shatner visit Cape Canaveral and the Kenndy Space Center in the 1960’s!
He is correct about life on Mars!
Our government, and the Earth Shadow Government knows about life on Mars!
I have seen aliens during my many years in our once great and powerful Space Program.
If anyone can have William contact me, please have him do so.
Thank you.
Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992
P.O. Box 233
Tavares, Florida 32778

Open my website at:

133. cuda - April 19, 2008

Shatner is an arrogant know it all.Lives in a crazy mans fantasy world.William star trek was not real and Kirk was just a character.You nut!

134. Roger DiPaolo - April 19, 2008

Very odd. At one time, not that many years ago, William Shatner was a 100% debunker and non-believer. I clearly recall his appearance on a UFO investigation TV show claiming that there was nothing to the UFO phenomena and that basically all believers in extraterrestrial beings visiting us was complete nonsense.

So why such a reversal of opinion now? Shatner has already lied once to us – why belive him now??? IMHO Shatner is an authority on NOTHING. He doesn’t seem to have an exceptionally high IQ, nor any formal training in the sciences. This man is simply an actor, and not a very good one at that.

If Shatner does have true inside information, he blew his credibility long ago with his vehement denials of UFO reality and claimed non-belief.

Sorry Bill, lie to us once, shame on you. Lie to us twice, shame on us if we believe you.

135. Lame Cherry - April 19, 2008

After reading the comments, some disrespectful and other loony, I don’t see how anyone like William Shatner would ever put up with people about as pleasant as the Vulcan nerve pinch.
Life takes on many forms. We find huge coal deposits on a Saturn moon and not vegetation nor dinosaurs ever lived there proving Earth science flawed.
Right now Mars has proven a very different environment than earth with whirlwinds that produce electronic sparks.
I know one person attacking Mr. Shatner is not going to write him an apology if something comes out confirming past or present life on Mars. That is just the reality of a rude world of lurkers behind a computer screen.
Bill Shatner like most of the Star Trek characters were quite actors and quite flawed humans in why they were actors. The better ideals inspire children and scientific thought. That is the place where no man has gone before in it didn’t take the world several more centuries to have communicators, computer discs and the already holding anti matter in an electronic field.
People complain about Bill Shatner, but I have seen other actors portray Starship Captains and they are boring. Mr. Shatner evoking so many comments from people who he gave thought should be more kind.

136. DAWK - April 19, 2008

Of course there is life on mars,and all you need-do is google ‘MAD MA ON MARZ’ or go to where my animated flick-pitch about ‘SILICA’ LIFE FORMS’ ARE TO BE SEEN IN ACTUAL DEMO SCENES, FOR THE MOVIE!!

137. Rob - April 19, 2008


138. yaridanjo - April 19, 2008

Evidence of microbe life on Mars was first obtained by the Viking lander life science experiments. These experiments were put on as a publicity stunt. They were tested on a beach in Santa Monica and found not to work. But they worked on Mars were the microbes are more potent. Carl Sagan is said to have surpressed the data, and the Viking lander team was very dismayed with him.

I also think there are some reports of anicent mining equipement there as well, but have not seen hard evidence of such. This would be ET equipement I guess, not old Martian stuff.

139. Alchemist2012 - April 19, 2008

LIFE ON MARS!!! Check his little secret = 1962 Russia and US Mission to mars. Search ALCHEMIST2012 on youtube and see for your self. There is life on mars and underground inteligent life. The inteligent life are demons entities encarned in bodes made out of generic manipulation using animals and human abducted from earth. “chupacabra”…

140. Carlo - April 19, 2008

Life is probably everywhere it can survive. If you subscribe to the theory of panaspermia, it could easily exist on mars. There are bacteria that can withstand intense radiation, levels that do not exist on earth naturally. If this is an evolutionary attribute, it could only have taken place in space. Also I remember reading somewhere that a radar scan of a comet revealed particles that were the approximate size of bacteria. A good analogy is a volcanic island in the pacific, it might start out as a lifeless rock, but eventually seeds arrive, insects get blown in, birds come, animals can arrive on driftwood, etc, until the place has an ecosystem. Planets might be exactly like that, they form, microbes land on the surface and evolve. Its interesting that life “started” on Earth as soon as the surface had cooled sufficiently to allow it. The “Martians” may be our cousins.

141. Steven R - April 19, 2008

Secret Mars info? I have a feeling that if the US government had secret information proving the existence of life on Mars, they wouldn’t share it with Shatner. I’m guessing he’s just having a little fun with his fans.

142. Bubba Joe Johnson - April 19, 2008

Long live Capt. James T. Kirk, T. J. Hooker and Denny Crane. But come on folks. Is the Shat an expert on police tactics and legalese as well?

143. Vicariously - April 19, 2008

So it was Shatner who stole the uranium P38 space modulator!

144. ThomasT - April 20, 2008

Go to and realise Shat is way out of date, and getting the wrong info…

145. Clark C. McClelland, ScO - April 20, 2008

I would appreciate being put in touch with William Shatner.
I was the person that had NASA bring him to the Kennedy Space Center, in late 1960’s.
Lola Morrow, the Astronaut secretary was with him most of the time.
If anyone can reach William or Lizabeth, have them contact me.
I have much concerning ETs to discuss with him.
Open my website at:
Clark C. McClelland, Former ScO, USN ONI, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy space Center, Florida 1958 to 1992.
P.O. Box 233
Tavares, FL 32778

146. apogee - April 20, 2008

Count on NASA red tint all the images coming from Mars

147. Permaculture Man - April 20, 2008

Lets face it, we’re not alone! Have seen enough anomalies in the sky, and lost time to one of them, so yes, I’m a believer! The disclosure process will be spearheaded by celebrities like William Shatner in this instance, as the public will be acclimatized to the conept of alien life.

148. great bird of universe - April 20, 2008

nice dig at the trekkies not having a life right at the end…sitting on their little computers and drooling at captain kirk

noticed that they stuck a pentagram into the star trek nasa-esque insignia

33rd degreed freemason roddenberry must be spinning in his grave at warp 10-13 (with happiness)

149. sam - April 20, 2008

a government agency wouldnt share info on mars life, but a lone employee with classified knowledge might. hell..if i knew, i’d spill. Not like anyone would believe the person I told. Not like the person I told would really believe me. But if he did, it’d be something cool and personal to share between two people. I on Mars..what does it change?

Gas is still 4 dollars a gallon right? Won’t end the war in Iraq, will it? Won’t get me a date with the hot half-asian chick at work. They found spores on mars? BFD. Seriously. Doesn’t take an expert.

150. CHEMtrails - April 21, 2008

This is nothing new. I thought everyone knew about life on Mars.

As far as the existence of chem-trails, I must say that I’ve seen BOTH – planes create contrails AND spray chem-trails. Contrails don’t spread across the sky from horizon to horizon, last for hours & linger in the sky and form cloud-like figures. I’ve seen a day go from clear blue skies to filled with chem-trails criss-crossing, parallel, Hs, Xs to create hazy clouds & grey skies. So I must say that I for one have seen chemical trails behind planes that last from morning to evening.

151. bko - April 22, 2008

Of course there is life on mars and we put it there. There’s no way we could have so sterilized the landers that they were microbe-free, and as carlos says at #140, some microbes have no problem surviving the radiation of space. Are they still alive? Are they thriving? Are they a threat to any life that may have been there before?
As for Shatner’s comment , I prefer the theory that he is pitching a new show. (post #89).

152. anna - April 23, 2008

I love you forever Capt Kirk. You are my hero on this world.

153. mr. yous - April 23, 2008

what’s the point of arguing if there is life on mars or not when we are even killing our own? unless man learns to value life as a sacred thing, it will be hard for him to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life. in order to know if life, indeed, exists in other planets or systems, his own life should be viewed as sacred and that begins within.

154. Howard Ratcliffe - April 24, 2008

JTK “Knights of St John of Jerusalem aka Hospitallers”
Christopher Pike: Christopher Columbus and Freemason Albert Pike
Vulcan: Canaanite fire god and Masonic Tubal Cain
Live long and prosper: “Shin” is Rabbinical high five for the crucifixion.
No antimatter, no space-time warp, no transporter for souls and spirits
Ahura: Ahura Mazda is Zoroastrian god
Checkov: Russian for son of the devil
Scotty: Knight Templar refuge under Robert the Bruce
Get it?

155. Ovnis-USA » Blog Archive » Mardi 22 Avril - April 24, 2008

[…] Shatner, le célèbre Capitaine Kirk de la série Star Trek a donné une interview video de 40 minutes sur TrekMovie. Aujourd’hui âgé de 77 ans, l’acteur laisse […]

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[…] Shatner Claims to Know About Life on Mars . . . Really […]

157. CAROL ANN MCCREA - November 14, 2008


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