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BSG Preview: “Escape Velocity” April 25, 2008

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Tonight’s episode of Battlestar has Baltar buying his own BS and stirring up the fleet. In this weeks BSG column, we got video previews, a new video Q&A with Adama himself, NY Comic Con panel video, BSG girls in bikinis! Plus a Star Trek reference from last week’s episode, in case you missed it.

Airing tonight, April 25th at 10 PM (9 Central)

“Escape Velocity” [Season 4 Ep. 3]
Synopsis: Gaius Baltar sets off a debate on religious freedom when he promotes his belief in a single God.

Preview TV Spot


Sneak Peek


Episodes available online are streaming the entire episode “Escape Velocity” at Noon ET (9 AM Pacific). While the episode is streaming live, you will not be able to pause it, rewind it, or fast-forward through it. CLICK TO WATCH

Also recent episodes of BSG are available online (ad supported) at and

Battlestar news of the week:

New videoblog: Q&A With Olmos

NYCC Panel
Video of Battlestar panel at last week’s Comic Con (in 6 parts!) taken by our friends at at Galactica Sitrep

BSG Babes + Bikinis + Motorcyles = Awesome
This months Interview magazine has an interesting layout of the Battlestar Babes, clicky image to see more!

Battlestar Galaxy Class
Lastly, did you catch the Trek reference in last week’s episode? Here is a clue…


1. Enc - April 25, 2008

sorry i stoped watcing a few eps into the first season

2. DJT - April 25, 2008

1701D, baby!

and BSG babes! love :::cough::: grace ::cough:: park

what could be better?


3. Stringfellow Hawke - April 25, 2008

Yeah, I noticed that, and knew something was going to ‘crash’ or ‘end’ when I saw it. What a heartbreaker (no spoilers!) :(

4. Requiem1971 - April 25, 2008

I did see this pic to Weapons Locker 1701D. My Inital feeling I’ll admit was errie, thinking like OMG what is this… But then, I started thining that it was way cool of them to have done the numbers and node to Trek.

5. SirMartman - April 25, 2008

A nice nod to Star Trek,,

maybe Star Trek may do the same

:0 )

6. Sputnik - April 25, 2008

“We’re sorry. Currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.” … Okay … I really wonder why it’s called the _inter_net then … :-/ Such “services” throw the internet back in the stoneage.

7. JohnnyMoo - April 25, 2008

I thought the 1701D thing distracted from the (very important!) scene, though I recognise that most viewers wouldn’t even notice it. Blink and you miss it references are good, but this was on screen for quite a while so it took me out of the drama. It just reminded me I was watching TV, which was a pity.

8. j w wright - April 25, 2008

the finest series on telly. its not really a sci-fi, other than the events just happening to be set among a space faring race of people with more advanced technology…

its a human situation storytelling platform, and an excellent one, but as far as scientific fiction goes… its not there, which is just fine with me (surprisingly)

star trek, at least the series incarnations, uses stories where scientific discoveries play a large part in the ramifications of the human experience, which is mostly why i love it so…

star wars is pure fantasy, nothing scientific about it, its wizards, princesses and knights… only in space, whats not to love?

i cant wait for the bsg spinoff series! more space opera, please!

9. Sebastian - April 25, 2008

Baltar, ushering in the belief of monotheism. The Christian conversion of Rome comes to mind. Should be interesting. I agree the show so far (only 3 episodes in; don’t want to be harsh) needs a little more space opera stuff. But, I’ll not get greedy, because when BSG delivers, it really DELIVERS! Besides, it gives a lot of dramatic meat to chew on in the meantime. And the ‘girls of Battlestar’ spread in Interview magazine is a hoot. And I agree with some of the posts on that link; Katee Sackhoff is FAR more charming in person than her angst-ridden character, Starbuck. Met her twice, and even after long hours at a con (greeting hundreds of fans) she was gracious and sweet. Hate to see the show go off the air after this season, but at least it’s going out on its own terms. A rare thing for TV these days. Many shows stay on the shelf LONG past their expiration date. X-Files, Buffy and others come to mind. I think this show will be appreciated more upon rediscovery (like the Prisoner was in the early ’90s when it was re-ran in syndication and on video). Too bad it hasn’t been as appreciated in THIS time! When folks can watch the DVDs (or whatever media will be in 10-20 yrs) end to end, without interruptions, they will see the story as a unified whole, rather than the widely spread-out, disjointed airings we have now (no offense, Sci-Fi channel; it’s the way the business goes).

10. Cyberghost - April 25, 2008

best show on TV….. Period

11. Barney - April 25, 2008

I know what you mean #6 Sputnik, and as I don’t have a satellite or cable subscription I’ll hve to wait until September this year to get the DVD of Season 4. I love the show, and I’ll be sad when it ends. If you can’t be a starship captain in Trek, be a Viper pilot! :¬D

12. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

As good a show as Galatica is, I think after it broadcasts its final new episode the show will very quickly disappear. It might play in reruns on a station like the scif channel for a while, but even there it will fade off the air. Of course there is always dvds Look at what happened to Babylon 5, after it finished it 5th season on TNT, it too faded away, but not before it ran in rerun mode on the scif if channel for about a year. These types of shows don’t seem to hang around long in reruns after they cease production.

13. CmdrR - April 25, 2008

There are many copies.


14. Dennis Bailey - April 25, 2008

#12:”As good a show as Galatica is, I think after it broadcasts its final new episode the show will very quickly disappear”

Probably so.

Baltar is the most interesting and unpredictable character on the show, really – in that moment the other week when one would have expected him to plead for his life, for example, and instead he indicated that he’d meant what he said about God taking him instead of the child.

Looking forward to seeing him stir things up tonight.

15. NC Trek Fan - April 25, 2008

BSG is frakkin’great!!!
But cannot replace my beloved Star Trek.

16. CmdrR - April 25, 2008

Agree that the 1701D sight gag got too much face time. It was fun, but it came at a moment so dark as to look… well, dark, even for BSG. That being said, I wonder at the sheer number of Earth-y cultural references in BSG. Patton, The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek, others? Wonder if that’s supposed to be setting us up for something, or if it’s just to keep us bleary-headed about where Earth ends and BSG begins.

If the SciFi channel weren’t run by chimps, BSG and B5 would get frequent play, instead of Snakehead Terror III making Saturdays craptastic.

17. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

As for Baltar the False Prophet, that one one is going to spell trouble for alot of people. He’s been though hell and beyond and despite his supposed guilty conscience. I don’t think has fully accepted his own share of the responsibility for the destruction of the colonies, or ever will for that matter. He does reflect on whats going on around him but he has no self reflection and that is always a bad thing if your charge and I think he is again about to repeat history by again trying to become a leader. He did not learn anything at all from the unmitigated disaster that was his Presidency. It was his decision to settle New Caprica regardless of the warning from men Like Adama. Of course the vast majority of the Coloniels were will be lead like sheep. I think that Baltar will again convince enough stupid people to follow him again and that to will end in disaster.

18. Iron Man - April 25, 2008


Have u ever heard about torrents?

19. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

That Door with 1701 D what a wonderful slap on the face to star trek

20. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 25, 2008

#1 – Same here. I wasn’t impressed with the quality (or lack thereof) of the show, so I just stopped wasting my time and didn’t watch any more of it.

21. Steve T. - April 25, 2008

I think BSG gets better and better! The 1701D reference was great, and a nice nod. I think this show has so much more potential, and it’s a shame that we won’t find out the real “end” until 2009.

I hope Caprica turns out to be just as good, because I would hate to see it become a sort of “Dynasty” set in space.

By the way, there was another 1701 reference in BSG. In the miniseries there was a ship callsign 1701 Heavy, that needed assistance from Colonial One. Just thought i’d throw that in just in case anyone out there didn’t remember or see it.

22. KennyB - April 25, 2008

19………What the Frak man? It was a nice nod from a man who ACTUALLY WORKED on Trek……..he has way more right to do it than any of you internet fanboys. The more I read the comments here the more I start to believe all the “myths” about Trek fans are TRUE. And I have been one since 1971.

23. Dom - April 25, 2008

Hi Gavorkin

The thing is, though, that Baltar might be a man on some sort of Road to Damascus experience.

I disagree that he learnt nothing from his time as president. Baltar isn’t evil and many of his worst failings come from hubris and the fact that his brilliant mind fails to see people as people: failings that many of our leaders have had down the years!

And yet, especially in the scenes while he was imprisoned and on trial, he was shown to suffer greatly at the hands of mob justice. The likes of Laura Roslin and Bill Adama wanted a show trial and to execute him, as Lee Adama pointed out!

Laura Roslin, the unelected (by the general population) de-facto president, is also demonstrating the sort of megalomania that got her voted out in the first place. And what about Starbuck, the flaky, alcoholic prophet or false prophet. How will the great Laura Roslin cope if she can point out a different path to Earth? And what about the Ancient Hybrid’s prophecy?

If the One True God (presumably Jehovah) is the one to follow, perhaps the human race has to follow Baltar and turn its back on the ancient pantheon of Gods and the prophecies of the Pythia? But where does that leave Starbuck, the so-called bringer of death to the human race?

As for the Watchtower Cylons, even after the events of episode three, can they be seen to be bad guys or simply doing what is necessary as they figure out what is going on?

I love these shades of grey in Galactica. For me, it’s the best science fiction series since the original Star Trek.

24. Dom - April 25, 2008

Oh, and I didn’t notice the 1701D reference. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and read it as 17010. Quite honestly, I was too wrapped up in the event to notice that detail!!

25. Dennis Bailey - April 25, 2008

I thought the 1701D homage was a nice thought but the director was mistaken in framing the sign so squarely and clearly and *more*than*once* – it was enormously distracting in the middle of a tense and emotional scene and drained the scene of focus and impact.

This kind of thing should be done more subtlely if at all.

26. sean - April 25, 2008

I think the 1701D reference was distracting to us, the more minutae-obsessed fans, but the general public wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

27. PaulFitz - April 25, 2008

I didn’t even notice it, (the 1701D) It was an amazing episode last week! To be honest the scene involved was too tense for me to focus on anything other than the actors…
And to the people who are posting comments saying the show is not worthy of their attention, Why post a comment on a thread about the show? It is rather sad…
It is one of the finest pieces of drama to be shown on TV in decades IMHO.

28. MORN SPEAKS - April 25, 2008

Like Dwight said in The Office “Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?” “No” “Then you are an idiot”

That 1701D reference was pretty cool, there was another reference in the first season for Trek, but I can’t remember what it is.

29. Sebastian - April 25, 2008

#23 and #24. Dom, I agree with you that although the messenger is flawed, Baltar does seem to have changed a bit lately; his prayer for the sick boy in the first episode was heartfelt (or Jame Callis REALLY sold it). And I too, love the show for its shades of gray; humanity doesn’t always live in great accomplishment or great failure. It more often exists in the nooks and crannies between those extremes. Most of us lead rather uneventful lives (in the greater scheme of things), but we each have our own daily dramas and crises that never make the news, nor would we want them to. Right and wrong in this world are not always clear to us (most disapprove of US president Bush; yet 20-odd % support him). One nation’s hero is another’s killer. BSG recognizes this, and shows that even the best among us have serious flaws and issues. Look at all the scandals of politicians, celebrities and athletes. We put them on pedestals (unjustly in many cases) only to cut them down at the first signs of weakness. Simply to make ourselves feel better about being “average.” ALL of us humans have weaknesses, flaws and vices. NONE of us are perfect. Even when we do wonderful things. What makes the BSG’s crew so relevant to me, is that they DON’T always do the “right” things. They sometimes frak up! Yet, we as an audience are compelled to ask, would we do any better in their place? I’m glad TV is waking up and getting away from the “Cowboys and Indians” school of ‘good and bad’ stereotypes; and making characters that reflect true humanity; warts and all!

30. Randy - April 25, 2008

I don’t care what happens on BSG; it simply isn’t that good a show.

31. lodownX - April 25, 2008

I love those women!!!

32. lodownX - April 25, 2008

ok.. I said it… now I feel better.

33. weeharry - April 25, 2008

#22 & # 27

I couldn’t agree more.

34. Green-Blooded-Bastard - April 25, 2008

Gesus, Katee Sackhoff is so f***ing beautiful. Absolutely delicious. She gotta quit smoking though.

35. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - April 25, 2008

Mostest fantasticest show on TV. Last weeks ep was great and I did notice the reference, as did my wife, and we both got a chuckle out of it. I didn’t personally get distracted by it as Battlestar generally has me thinking all the time about where it’s going to twist and turn, much as a great mystery would.

I think that some of the BSG dislike stems from jealousy of a sort. I remember when Space:1999 first came out, there seemed to be an unreasonable backlash from the Trek faithful, like somehow a different show was going to be better than their beloved show. Ther’s room for all of ’em as far as I’m concerned.

And in regards to the bikini shots of the ladies above, I certainly send my condolences to their significant others. Too bad they are stuck with such horribly disfigured women.

36. British Naval Dude - April 25, 2008

I wuz gunna post in dis thread aboot BSG bein’ a soap opera drama rather than sci-fi and hence successful cuz it’s more appealin’ ta tha’
masses than ray-gun boys and spaceship shielas…

I was going to sermonize the notion that science-fiction is confined almost exclusively to print since experiencing vast foreign imaginations is both A.) cost prohibitive and B.) generally (and contradictorily) believed to be either childishly sophomoric or far too intellectualized to be entertaining on a large scale (indeed, the latter as books mainly are- There Will Be Blood should be a case-study on skillfully spartan source adaptation.)
I was hence forth to postulate such things…

But OH ME FREAKIN” honey hell o’ a blootey bebangin’ shite! Me Lord, lads!
Then me see that one called Sackhoff !!!!

Now, I can usually take or leave blondes but…
Blow me down!!!! Arrrrr… them other two look like a wind barely able to stir me sails would knock ’em ta’ Cuba, but that Katie be a cutie…

Oh, a’frakkie doo wuld be bourne amightily sploot! A-ga-ga-ga-ga!

OK mates… no worries… I’m fine now… maybe I’ll post in tha’ JJ thread instead…

Wait… what’s tha’ expression that has itself a rythmic similarity to Katie’s last name?
Crikeee… That’s not right fur ta’ be sayin’ at all… think Pre-Raphealite and seein’ the bonny goo juzt fur bonny’s sake… in yon pickenoo!
Hey- wait… if her pose be intentional then the purpose of titalation be clear… (they make us go thru these screw’d up sensitivity courses an’ it takes a trip ta’ Thailand to fix us all back on track)
Time fur shore leave…

37. British Naval Dude - April 25, 2008

sorry mates!

I’m leavin’ now as it seems my postings are showin’ up twice today!
Like I tell everyone else- Clean me mess up for me!


38. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

#23 Dom On Laura Roslyn i couldn’t agree with you more she is sliding down the darkside. You do make some interesting point about Baltar and I agree he is not evil, If not Culpable in the destructions among other things, some of his actions or inactions maybe at least fit under the category Sin Of Omission. He had suspicions about 6 could maybe have gone to authorities and maybe prevent the destruction of the colonies. perhaps. He was working with 6 on the design of the defense systems for colonies ,He’s a computer genius and he couldn’t see what 6 putting in to the computer codes that he designing? Then again the Pilot Katt before the destruction of the colonies had helped smuggle cylon agents into the colonies,had her suspicions, choose not to act on them. There are probably other sins of omissions committed by other characters throughout the series. Of coure in Baltars case when the Cylons gave him execution orders he could have chosen not sign them at all, of course he would gotten shot. Dying would have been the noble thing, but Baltar is not a noble person, actual damned few of of us are. When given the choice most would not choose martyrdom for the greater good.

It has been suggested and allude to By James Olmos that its possible that everyone will end up dying on the series. This could either be another Red Herring or it could be true.

1701D on the ammunition storage room is not what I would call a loving
Homage to Star Trek, if anything its way of poking fun at trek’s bright shiny unrealistic view that life is fair everything is going to work out scheme of things. It is also a shot at the characters of trek who,compared to those on BSG, a re a bunch of stiff dress up manequins, who never really grow . Life is inherently unfair and the good guys if you can figure out who they are in BSG, don’t always carry the day and more often then not end up looking the worse for things as well. BSG is dark nasty and pessimistic and quite honestly as Boomer said to Adama in so many words that maybe humanity doesn’t deserve to survive and maybe they wont at the end of this torturous journey. This illustrates the point that there may in fact be no greater meaning or purpose to mans suffering or anything else in the scheme of things. That maybe the central truth to what Galactica is trying to convey to us Now that would be an interesting ending to a science fiction series. That in the end there is no such thing as final justice, then again I could be wrong, who knows.

39. Anthony Pascale - April 25, 2008

you know thousands of people visit this site every day and just lurk…which is fine. We have dozens of stories every week. We do one story a week on BSG, because it is run by trek vets, it is the only space based show on TV and 2/3s of readers say they watch it. If you aren’t one of them, fine…but do you really need to go out of your way to tell people how you dont like a show they like…every week?

40. Dennis Bailey - April 25, 2008

Hey, at least it’s a show that’s still on the air. Folks go out of their way to tell people they don’t like “Enterprise” every day – and it’s been gone for three years. LOL

41. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

Anthony I don’t hate trek, not at all. I tend to be over critical perhaps, but there is no malice intended. I tend to deconstruct everything not just trek.

42. Michael Hall - April 25, 2008

Anthony–hear, hear. You don’t see me going to message boards devoted to the original BSG to lecture the posters there on just how awful it was. Live and let live, and let folks enjoy what they enjoy.

43. British Naval Dude - April 25, 2008

‘Tis true.
BSG is a worthy show ta’ watch and I’m glad so many folks find it so compelling and so human. I mean, what- it’s closest current tv competition be something like six rungs lower in quality than it, right?

Carry on!

44. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

I think what i like most about the BSG is it that it is a very uncomfortable show to watch. The shows gives a lot to the viewer and expects a lot in return.You have to pay attention to every single detail,you can’t casually watch this show. it requires you to know things about characters and story lines from past episodes,so therefore you will have had following it from the start.

45. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - April 25, 2008


Anthony is talking about the people who just come here and only say “Not interested in this show.” And then offer nothing to further the conversation or to strengthen their reasoning as to why they don’t like it. You do make valid contributions and actually stimulate the conversation. I don’t get upset that BSG might not be someone’s cup of tea, but to just say the show is bad for no apparent reason just sounds ignorant. I’m just sorry that they are missing out on a very fine show. To complain about the quality seems rather snarky as well. BSG’s visuals are head and shoulders above anything that has been on TV, and at the very least, equal anything that has been put on the big screen to date. I watch the show every week in HD on a 57″ flat screen. Stunning. The writing is well thought out, and has an arc. We’re not just watching “Attack of the Sentient Carrots”.

The complainers don’t bug me. Some of them are trolls, though

46. COMMANDER KEEN - April 25, 2008

This episode was quite good. The Star Trek link “1701D” was quite overt, but quite appreciated. It was not the first nod to 1701 and hopefully not the last. I wonder if the cast got a good chuckle out of it. I am not sure but it sounds like something David Eick would do. He’s quite the witty one and Ron was more than happy to play along.

To be honest, I am looking forward to less new questions and narrowing down some answers in future eps. Not a complaint but I fear that everything is going to get wrapped up at the last minute like a bad Enterprise or Voyager episode. Nonetheless, the eps are getting better, IMHO

47. Denise de Arman - April 25, 2008

Looking at the BSG ladies in the above picture – definitely nothing to complain about there, except for the fact that the whole bikini should be shown…

48. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

#45 THX- 1138 thanks

This may put a bit of crimp in my comment 38. But what if there are larger forces at work? Through out the series the Cylons could have finished off the coloniels at any time, but they didn’t. When they had them on New Caprica all they had to do was bomb the place into oblivion, yet instead they were prevailed upon to show mercy, which I might add is a very human trait, now there were other practical reason probably us humans as breeding stock for the next generation of Human Cylon models. Then there is the whole issue of Boomer who fell in love with Helo.The Cylons have become more human then they would be willing to admit, they find conscensus harder to achieve as they have evolved, and thus you have one of the many seeds of the Cylon civil war. Its got to be more then a coincidence that the final 5 ended up in the Coloniel fleet, this is what has prevented the Cylons from attacking and finishing off the Coloniel another seed for the Cylon civil war.

The 4 models on the Galactica have an agenda that they seem to be unaware of and I think I know what element might give them that answer. The 5th and final Cylon will prably cause them all to know what their purpose is. The 5th Cylon is probably literally the the key that will unlock their program. This I think is Important. I only thought about this possibility as i was typing. If at all possible i would some thoughts on this one.

49. VOODOO - April 25, 2008

BSG = The best show on tv.

50. AJ - April 25, 2008


Any more info on that “Attack of the Sentient Carrots?”

I’d like to start watching this, but I’ m busy, and I just finished LOST season 2, and trying to start 3.

From what it seems (Garo said it), one must be invested in the series to get into it.

There are no “key” stand-alone episodes to get me psyched? Nothing I can download from i tunes tonight and watch get a flavor? Advice, please?

51. Sebastian - April 25, 2008

Anthony; regarding #39. Perfectly stated. If one really hates something, I propose a novel solution; ignore it! And leave alone those of us who DO find something very rewarding out of it. For my friends and I, it’s a great excuse to host BSG parties and just soak it in as a mutual experience. And, if one truly feels it’s their mission in life to dismiss a show already in its final season, can they PLEASE do so in an intelligent way? I am sick of the posts that read like, “the show is not good,” or “you people are all suckers for liking it.” Or my favorite, “I watched two episodes and quit” (if one stopped watching after only two episodes, how is one qualified to comment on BSG’s current episode 4 yrs later?). If you really feel that way, FINE. Don’t waste umpteen seconds of your little life posting about it; there are plenty of other science fiction fan groups on the information superhighway to harass and troll! I love this show, as do all my friends. And I welcome discussion and discourse, but to defend the show from mindless trolling and baiting….well, (as Adama would say) “We’re done here.”

52. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

Well said

53. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - April 25, 2008


I’ve always thought that the first episode “33” was a great one as it doesn’t get too far into the the complexity of the characters relationships. It does let you know who is who and it also is a real nail biter. Of course, the miniseries that launched it will give you an idea of what’s going on, too. The wife and I became so hooked that we went out and bought all the available episodes on DVD and are watching them in order.

And I promise to write more about “Attack of the Sentient Carrots” and post to the captain’s lounge ala BND’s eps.

And Garo, you are a far more informed and intelligent poster than I. I wouldn’t pretend to offer as much insight into this great show as yourself. But I do enjoy reading your theories. And so does my wife.

54. AJ - April 25, 2008

Sebastian: Calm down. I am sure some massive BSG fans also have “little” lives, probably some in your parties as well, as you all “soak it in” together. It’s a TV show.

Fact is, you were quite condescending to readers here IMHO. If your life is somehow “bigger” than those whom you have properly pegged as unqualified naysayers, then you should be ready to defend your statement.

In fact, do yourself a favor, and voluntarily miss the remaining season of BSG on TV, and get it on DVD. You’ll find yourself in a bigger and better world.

55. Sebastian - April 25, 2008

#54 Why the venom? Why the personal attack? Was I addressing YOU personally? BSG is not my whole life, but it is one enjoyable aspect of it. How were you personally offended by what I said? I was speaking of the trolls and their comments (which I addressed). And I don’t appreciate you telling me how to spend my viewing time. BSG is one of three or so hours of TV I watch a week (not that it’s any of your concern). I do live in a nice and varied world, and you (not knowing me) are not qualified to dismiss my life (speaking of condescending…). As for my comments against trolls and inflammatory remarks made against BSG and its viewers, that is my opinion; is that OK with you?

56. Doug - April 25, 2008

I got one for you…I happen to feel a great deal like Starbuck a couple episodes back. It seems like the show has started down the wrong path. I loved BSG until this season. Each new episode seems to be moving away from what I liked and going deeper into the realm of social navel gazing.

They’ve established a pattern of setting up conflicts that seem to have no path to resolution in the early part of the season…giving us an emotional “break” in the middle and then flipping it on it’s head by the end the season.

And now, they’re on a heated path to the end, determined to be edgy all the way…which means you can expect a butt load of dead main characters littering the path.

Sadly, it’s like a train wreck I can’t stop watching. I’m going to tune in, hoping I’m wrong..but fearing I’m right.

Last week suggests I’m right. And if they continue down that path I guess we’ll find out who the final cylon is: us.

57. Dom - April 25, 2008

Trouble with Battlestar Galactica is that there’s a bunch of freaks obsessed with the original 1970s version who are determined to undermine the new show because it has ‘p*ss** on the original show!’ Look at the abuse churned out by the idiots on IMDb!

Regrettably, for a long time, even Harry Knowles on waited to come round to admitting it’s a good show. A pity he unleashed so much bile on the show in the early days, putting many of us off seeing it – it’s easy to disregard a cable-only show when you’re busy. When the show needed some high profile support he was too busy complaining about the lack of disco balls in the show and dissing Razor!

58. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

#55 Sebastian no offense is intended but your not as open minded as you would like think. You won’t talk to me any more or Randal anymore and I suppose now you have added A J to your not talking list. At the rate your going your not going to be talking to anyone on this site. On the scif your level Your Knowledge is most impressive and you’ve got so much to share, but you have be a little more patient with people, I know how hard that one is myself.believe me.

59. Garovorkin - April 25, 2008

#57 Dom many years ago when the original Galactica was on the air there was television award show and every show set a cast member to represent them. Galactica’s Cast member representative was the Chimp who played Daggit.They were shut out of most of the important categories. The original show was largley derided by critics as a Star wars wanna be. The show just not that good at any level other then special effects, and the thing that killed it was not so much the ratings of the show but the cost of producing it.

60. sean - April 25, 2008

I can only speak for myself, but BSG just gets better and better for me every week. This season is ramping up the intensity with every episode, and it’s really mesmerizing television. I really hope that when the show concludes that these fine actors manage to stay on the radar in other projects.

61. S. John Ross - April 25, 2008

Those magazine shots are yummy!

BSG … less and less for me. I really felt they were dumbing it down in 3rd season. I’ve kept watching it mechanically, riding on fumes and momentum, but so far it looks like the 3rd-season trend is continuing full blast into 4th … but the first two seasons were so promising: exciting, engaging, well-drawn characters, intelligent (and subtle) use of theme and symbol (remember subtle?), well-blended (did I mention there used to be subtlety?) with a variety of tones and strong episodes. I loved this show, once upon a time.

But I’m still watching, still hoping it’ll smarten up again.

62. Sebastian; signing off! - April 25, 2008

#58. I love to discuss; I go on BSG sites and the folks there treat each other with respect. No trolling, no badgering. It’s like a different world. I came into this forum (as I love Star Trek very much) and expected the same type of forum. For a while, I thought it was OK. I am saddened personally that this is just not the case. Garovorkin, thank you for the few kind words in #58; sorry if I blew you off; that was a reactionary thing; it won’t happen again (this is a sign-off, anyway!). Think I’ll just stick to reading the stories! If I’m close-minded, then I have a LOT of company on these threads. So, maybe it’s best if I take my ‘close-mindedness’ elsewhere. Bye all. For most of the time, it was fun. But I don’t need or desire the personal attacks (from people who know NOTHING about me personally) and the baiting. Some great opinions on these boards and some genuinely bright people. I just think the negative overpowers the positive. Live long and prosper, people!

63. Dom - April 26, 2008

S. John Ross (61)

Dumbed down? How so?

64. Dom - April 26, 2008

Garvorkin (59)

Yeah, I know! The original Galactica must’ve reused more stock shots than even the ‘V’ TV show! I remember watching an episode of Galactica 1980 years back and noticing the same sped up shot of the pilots being ferried to their Vipers. Even 30 years later, the same guys were on the train looking exactly the same! LOL!

Sad how such a minority group of people can set out to trash a polished, high quality new show, because they’re obsessed with a show that had a good idea but failed to take advantage of it for financial reasons or whatever!

65. Garovorkin - April 26, 2008

#64 Dom God Galactica 1980 this show is hated even by the diehard fans of the original. The best thing that happed to this particular incarnation is that it went of air after only 10 episodes. This one actually used footage from the movie Earthquake in Cylon attack simulation. Even if the show had had competent writing or acting , they really had no where to go with this turkey. The biggest problem they had was the Time travel concept. If they could back in time why couldn’t they have pevented the destruction of he 12 worlds? this show was disaster in alot of other ways

66. Rick - April 26, 2008

Wow even this article and thread on BSG shows how emotional we humans are.;) Love this show like TOS as it gives some insights and drama with the human condition. These last few BSG episodes are really amping it up. I think after awhile being confined in ships in space unsure of your future might start to cause havoc. Through in a deadly force following you, possible religious upheaval, etc. and what a mix! Some great TVee!

67. MrRegular - April 26, 2008

Katee Sackoff looks wonderful in the bikini shoot!!
Amazing episode last night. James Callis’ work as Baltar again reaches new heights in this episode, his sermonette at the end will certainly be a turning point for the rest of the series. Baltar’s sermonette in effect gives his followers permission not to go through the process of overcoming themselves to serve the One God within, which means they can dispense of guilt and humility and all of things that make a person truly transparent to God. This spells trouble.

68. S. John Ross - April 26, 2008

#63: Perhaps I was being too subtle with my repeated references to subtlety ;) But that’s what I mean … the themes and symbols used to simmer productively beneath the characterization and plot, but now it feels (to me, anyway) like it’s all blunt instruments: themes and motifs and symbols all jutting out through the skin in a way that feels very self-conscious and … well, like I said … dumbed-down. To my own tastes, the characters have begun to feel like mouthpieces and the intelligence seems to have been replaced by self-conscious referentialism.

YM, of course, MV. I know lots of folks don’t see it that way, and I envy them :)

69. Dom - April 26, 2008

I guess, from my perspective, the stakes are being raised and the show’s reaching a climax. Therefore everything becomes more overt in classic melodramatic fashion!

70. Garovorkin - April 26, 2008

Interesting episode. Colonel Tigh feels guilt over killing his visits 6 and starts projecting his dead wife Helen on to 6. I thing he started to feel some sympathy for 6 when he discovered that he himself is a Cylon, and when 6 revealed that though she turn off the guilt and suffering inside of herself, she choose to embrace it , because only through pain is their growth. Tigh wants to be punished for his sins, he does not want to simply turn it off because if he did it would mean his soul. She see’s his pain and like a savior seeks help him come to terms with his own pain,and to ease it. As scenes go, this one was really moving and very uplifting. Both of these characters have been through so much personel hell, to see them try to help one another, that speaks volumes about how far that the both of them have come. Maybe symbolically how there is coming together or reconcilliation between human and Cylon. For me in the beginning, it was easy to hate the Cylons, but as the series progressed , it became ever harder to do so, especially in light of the coloniels and their past history and recent behavior. The situation for the 4 is horrific, they can’t confide in any one but each other. Adama trying to Comfort Chief Tyrol, those words from Adam as well intentioned as they were like daggers in his heart. The Bitterness of having to settle fro Cally when He loved Boomer, He never Truly loved here it seems, he married her as a consolation prize and over the guilt of nearly beating her to death. He is also plagued by doubts about himself and whether his error on the rapture was actually an error and not done deliberately . The one that worry’s me in that group is Tory she has turned off her guilt and that could be telling for alot of reasons, she is manipulator, at least thats my take, Pragmatic to the point of not having a heart, do what is necessary. She can’t confide in Tyrol that she did the was responsible, but I am wondering if maybe ,just maybe he suspects the truth on that score.

71. Garovorkin - April 26, 2008

There is something else that i wonder about, could possibly Helen Tigh be the 5th and final Cylon? I had thought of this possibility and disregarded it, but im wondering If Ron Moore’s is kind of giving us the answer in a rather not so subtle way. I find more then a coincidence that Adama had found her alive and in the fleet in the first place, I did have suspicions about through out the series but again in this series it tough to tell the Cylons from the Coloniels , even with a score card.

72. S. John Ross - April 26, 2008

#69: I think that’s probably a very healthy way to look at it. :)

73. Dom - April 27, 2008

Garovorkin (71)

I’m not sure about Ellen. She would be the obvious one, but maybe too obvious! I’m wondering, in Baltar’s case (not that I think he’s one of the final five) whether he is evolving into some sort of new organic Cylon somehow.

I also wonder how Galen and ‘Boomer’ Sharon will react to each other now.Tory is intriguing. While Cally’s death was tragic, I also understand Tory’s decision: Cally wanted to kill herself, so Tory saved the baby and then gave Cally what she wanted.

My speculation about the show, right now, is that the Cylons and humans will reach an ancient, unpopulated Earth and interbreed, creating us: that the humans and Cylons of the new BSG are some sort of Adam and Eve!

Remember all the stuff about the theorised ancient races that are mentioned in the opening speech of the original Galactica show by Patrick Macnee? Perhaps the remnants of the human race left around the colonies also interbreed with the Cylons – even via the dreaded farms – and repopulate the various worlds millennia after their destruction, when the radiation levels subside. The stories of the war and the departure of the Galactica from all the other non-FTL-fitted ships become legend and thus the stories of the 13th tribe persist.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the hybrid Cylon/human race becomes us. Eventually the cycle begins again and the Lorne Greene Adama takes the survivors of the colonies to look for Earth: the 13th colony actually being the descendants of the original Galactica fleet and the original Cylons!

The whole circle of time concept would work rather well if this Galactica show effectively sets up the original series!! Given Leobin’s comment to Kara in season one that in the next cycle of time they could be reincarnated as different people, Richard Hatch’s presence as Tom Zarek arguably proves it!

Of course, this is all probably dingo’s kidneys, but it’s fun to speculate!! ;)

74. Garovorkin - April 27, 2008

#73 I think when they get to earth, they might find humans probably the remnants of the 13th tribe, fallen far, thats one possibility. The 13th tribe left Kobol and probably endured hardship and when they got to earth has lost much of what they had and upon arriving at earth fell even further and lost technology and knowledge that they did have, or another possibilities is that they arrive at earth of thousands of years into future. again they find a remnant human population that has fallen far because of some war or conflict ,maybe thy like the coloniels and the cylons had their own machine rebellion,who knows. They find out that their history was in error that in fact mankind came from earth, went out to the stars colonized Kobol, then abandoned Kobol, to go out to the 12 worlds and some ,the 13th tribe, returned to earth. My machine theory could still tie into this scenario as well.

Im not convinced that Baltar is he 5th Cylon, that on also smacks a little to the obvious side of the equations. Ellen might still be in the realm of possibility on this one. It’s tough with all the clues mixed in with the Red Herrings and other dead ends Dingos Kidney’s? sounds like Australian Slang, pretty cool.

75. Garovorkin - April 27, 2008

The show begs the question of what is the the agenda of the final 5? are they saviors or ticking time bombs waiting to detonate and take down the coloniels. This one could go either direction or could they be the reincarnation of the original machine Gods of Kobol The coloniel’s journey at times suggest the pattern of a computer program in operations. Again this is only one of many possibilities.

76. sean - April 27, 2008

Is this the first time we’ve had actual confirmation of the Virtual Six’s physical presence? I know she’s previously demonstrated knowledge that Baltar couldn’t possibly possess, but this episode made it really clear she was actually holding him up when the guard was repeatedly beating him.

77. Garovorkin - April 28, 2008

#76 Sean Its not the first time, because early in season one Six Slammed Baltar’s head into a Bathroom Mirror. I think she is inside him as separate conscience entity no question. She could be a line to someone else pulling Baltar’s strings? Yeah she does tend to have information that he does not have or could not know, Six always gives him the right info and that is very curious. It was one of the things that made me consider the possibility that he might in fact be a Cylon. When Baltar tried to destroy the the photo image evidence of him sabotaging the computer system on Caprica, Mr Gaida of course proved it rather conveniently to be a forgery.(i also wondered whether Gaida might be a cylon agent one of the final five at one point). What if the photo was not a forgery and that was another copy of Baltar, what if he is the 5th Cylon, I know I said it obvious. what if the obvious answer is the true answer? Again this one possibility.

78. sean - April 29, 2008


Right, but when she hit his head into the mirror it still looked like he could have done it himself. Last week’s ep made it look impossible that he could have been holding himself up. His arms and legs were hanging very nearly limp. It just seemed like the most blatant evidence that she’s another entity outside his mind.

I’ve also considered that Gaeta might be a Cylon. We never really got an answer as to what it was Baltar whispered to him when he stabbed him with the pen, but it was enough to provoke him. Then of course, Gaeta was the only one that blatantly lied at the trial to ensure Baltar would be convicted. There’s something there we haven’t heard yet.

79. Tandy - September 21, 2008


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