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Harrison Ford Visited Star Trek Set April 30, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Looks like we can add another superstar name to the list of celeb visitors to the set of JJ Abrams Star Trek. An insider tells TrekMovie.com that none other than Harrison Ford dropped by during the last week of shooting. Apparently he wasn’t there long (and no he does not have a cameo), but did have lunch with Abrams. Ford’s visit was at a different time than that of Steven Spielberg (who recently directed Ford in Indy 4).

Confirming Abrams/Ford project rumors?
Of course JJ Abrams is a well-known Star Wars fan, so it surely was a thrill for him to show Ford around his sci-fi film set, but it wouldn’t be the first meeting. JJ Abrams first film script was for the 1991 film Regarding Henry, which starred Harrison Ford. It is also possible that Abrams and Ford were meeting to discuss “Morning Glory” a romantic comedy which is one of Abrams many projects in development at Paramount and is rumored to involve Ford as the lead.

Did Han Solo meet Captain Kirk?
Recently the new Kirk, Chris Pine said that he was inspired by Ford’s portrayals as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but it isn’t known if Pine got to talk shop with Ford. Pine isn’t the only Ford admirer on Star Trek. The co-writers, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, were quoted in a recent Entertainment Weekly talking up the Raiders series and Ford specifically, with Kurtzman saying “nobody does action” like Ford.

Also add Michelle Monaghan to the Star Trek celeb visitor list
Our source also says that Michelle Monaghan dropped by the set during shooting (again just a visit, no cameo). Monaghan had a recurring role on Boston Public and also appeared in JJ Abrams Mission: Impossible:III and recently wrapped as the co-star of the thriller Eagle Eye, which is produced by Orci and Kurtzman.

Other celeb visitors to the Star Trek set

It looks like JJ Abrams Star Trek set was one of the ‘it places’ in Hollywood over the winter.

Abrams’ TOS meetings
The above list shows two TOS stars, but JJ Abrams has actually met with all the remaining main cast for Star Trek: The Original Series. His meetings with Shatner and Takei were before shooting started. He also met with Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Obviously, Leonard Nimoy worked on the film, as did Chris Doohan, son of the late James Doohan. In addition to the actors, TOS writer David Gerrold and Bjo and David Trimble (of the 60s fan campaign fame) also visited the Star Trek set. It appears, so far, that Jonathan Frakes and Ron Moore are the only TNG era visitors.


1. AJ - April 30, 2008

He’s a frigging legend. What was he doing there?

2. Dennis Bailey - April 30, 2008

His nose is really crooked, isn’t it?

3. Alex Prewitt - April 30, 2008

It’s almost like–who “hasn’t” visit the set at this point!

4. CmdrR - April 30, 2008

This is like the pens scene from A Beautiful Mind. All of Hollywood’s power-players are stopping by to pay homage to JJ.

5. Hat Rick - April 30, 2008

I cannot remember any other Trek film garnering quite this level of celeb interest.

6. JL - April 30, 2008



Remember when Pine was quoted as saying he modeled his KIRK after Indy…? Maybe he was there visiting Pine…

7. JL - April 30, 2008

No matter what though – #5 you are right. I can’t recall another film getting these many big-name celeb visits.

With the amount of people involved sight seeing, it’s a miracle more stuff has not been leaked.

8. CmdrR - April 30, 2008

JL — Of course! Spielberg is already planning the remake of Indy 4.

9. Mike - April 30, 2008

If only they could have gotten Ford as the head of Starfleet Academy instead of Tyler Perry. Talk about a casting dream; Indy teaches Kirk how to be Kirk.

10. orgcaptainnemo - April 30, 2008

I’m in love with Harrison Ford. I’d go gay for him.

11. Antonio - April 30, 2008

Still Shatner hasn’t visited the set…

12. NoonienSpock - April 30, 2008

Is Majel still going to be the voice of the computer?

13. Cap'n Fatty - April 30, 2008

His crooked nose is from the scene in Blade Runner where Daryl Hannah attacks him and has his head between her legs.

Or so I’ve read somewhere

14. MORN SPEAKS - April 30, 2008

Woah! Pretty Awesome.

15. Paul B. - April 30, 2008

#9 – We think a bit alike on this one. I’ve daydreamed about seeing Ford as Captain Garrovick on the USS Farragut for the same reason: to see Indy/Han teaching Kirk to be Kirk. (Sorta like the way we saw young Indy get some of his style from the hat-wearing guy in Indy III.)

16. CmdrR - April 30, 2008

Cap’n Fatty — must be where he got the scar on his chin and the permanent grin, too.

17. Iowagirl - April 30, 2008

I have confidence in Pine. I take it for granted that he met with Ford – nobody would pass up a golden opportunity. I’m sure he’ll deliver; he’ll be a fine Indiana Jones re-cast when the time is ripe.

18. Garovorkin - April 30, 2008

It would have been cool if Harrison Ford could have done a cameo in the film don’t you think?

19. British Naval Dude - April 30, 2008

Rip Taylor visited tha’ set as well. Oh, tha’ hoopla that caused.
I believe Tito Jackson also visited the set.

me apologies… I jezt couldn’t resist … I do imagine he be a big deal, eh?

20. Shatner_Fan_2000 - April 30, 2008

#18 … Not really. I wouldn’t want to see Shatner in Star Wars either.

21. Dr. Image - April 30, 2008

I had hoped JJ met with Majel.
I also hope he has the sense to use her as The Computer Voice!!

22. Lore - April 30, 2008

Harrison Ford would take away from the film being a Trek film, it could turn into “the new Harrison Ford Movie”. Trek isn’t about one person being the star and HF makes movies in which he is the star, because he’s the defining moviestar of his generation. It’s great that young actors and writers want to emulate his style, this movie is about youth and rebirth of the franchise. I think that is why its become the who’s who place to be. It’s getting great word of mouth in Hollywood, and the big dogs want to see whats going on, and how they duplicate or emulate that for their own projects.

23. SirMartman - April 30, 2008

now wonder they put the relese date of the movie back,,,

there were too many celebs visting the dam set for JJ to get any work done.

24. Teleportation Girl - April 30, 2008

i wonder why so many celebrities have visited the set? maybe it is that they are checking out JJ’s directing style?

25. Andy Patterson - April 30, 2008

All this and Carrie Fisher is hinting in the British press about a past affair with Han. Big week for Mr. Ford.

26. diabolik - April 30, 2008

I don’t think a cameo of Ford in a teaching position would take away from the movie if done right. I could have been awesome, if jept under wraps.

27. ensign joe - April 30, 2008

Hmmm what about Ford in Trek as…. SOLO!!

Do it JJ. Star (Trek) Wars: The Reckoning

28. British Naval Dude - April 30, 2008

when Leslie Nielson visited tha’ set, he knocked over two cameras, tripped o’er some wiring & fell onto tha’ helms console, smashing it

when Dick Van Dyke visited, he tripped o’er a tribble but no damage was done

Lindsay Lohan ran dead a few stagehands and ya can see part o’ her smooshed Porsche in tha’ second transporter room scene right behind Greenwood and Pine… look fur it, mates!


29. Lore - April 30, 2008

#26 Ford doesn’t do that. He makes movies in which he is the star, and he makes tons of cash doing that. Doing cameos is generally stars on their way down. Ford’s just proven he at the top of his game. He’ll have the #1 movie this summer. Let’s just chalk it up to professional curiosity as to the all of the celebrity visits to the set of New Trek.

30. star trackie - April 30, 2008

Makes perfect sense. The man was on the lot filming Indy 4 so why not roam the sound stages? Even Harrison Ford has to find something to do to occupy his time between takes…

31. steve-o - April 30, 2008

does anyone know what happened to star trek the tour? i cant find tickets for it anywhere or any recent new!!!!

32. hitch1969© - April 30, 2008

Sir JJ™ wrote “Regarding Henry”? Man dat was a grate movie! Me love that movie!!!

Get drunk, and get HBO, then get some Regarding Henry!!!

Sounds like my 1990s…



33. AJ - April 30, 2008

Ford: “Where’s the bathroom?”

JJ (geeks out): “Why…why it’s right here, Mr. Ford! Just pee. Right here. On the bridge.”

Ford: “I have to crap.”

JJ: “Uh-Oh…”

34. drlondon - April 30, 2008

So I wonder when Pam Dawber and Scott Baio will be visiting the set?

35. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 30, 2008

11. Antonio: That we know of.

36. Dave S - April 30, 2008

I still say Gene Hackman would have made a great Commandant of the academy or even as Captain April. Sure I am alone in that thought…lol

I just keep thinking about an irate Captain April scolding Kirk for overstepping his bounds …. “I am the captain of this ___ ship!!!”
Think Crimson Tide …

37. hitch1969© - April 30, 2008

‘hows bout dem phase ii actors representin’ on da set. Me be talking about JC™ and Quinny®.

and me wants to know what kinds of narcotics be on da set. In the 70s and 80s it was the yayo, robert downey junior aiiiight? Den by the 90s it be Kirk Cobain dancin wif da H™ like all dem grungers and whatnot.

Me reckon in the years 2000, it be beef jerky and bottled water. WE HAVE GOTS TO GET GREEN, respek. Big up yo self. Me saw dis on NBC’s earf week – tips to save the planet, like unplug your GE toaster because it be stealing electricity from you.

That was a real commercial sponsored by GE last week. I am not kidding. Of course I about died from the lack of corporate foresight happening there. Talk about your mixed messages.

Someone find that thing on YouTube for me, ok?


38. TerPor - April 30, 2008

Harrison Ford is great actor and why that scientology iidiot Cruise was on the set?

39. CmdrR - April 30, 2008

Movies don’t get made in that town without the say-so from Gary Coleman. When will we get the all-important, “Whatchoo talkin’ bout, JJ?” visti?

40. Trek Nerd Central - April 30, 2008

#11. Nah, Shatner visited the set. It’s just that no one will *say* he visited the set, because he visited the set to film a cameo. Mark my words.

I mean, really. We’re supposed to believe that a nudge like Shatner wouldn’t talk himself onto that set? You think that guy would *ever* shut up when there’s something he wants? And with his son-in-law working there? “Oh. Sorry, Bill. EVERYONE BUT YOU can visit the set, and then we’ll publicize their visits all across geekdom!”

No. He was there. I’m convinced.

41. Anthony Thompson - April 30, 2008


You missed your chance. Star Trek: The Tour is dead.

42. steve-o - April 30, 2008

really?! what happened to it? i thought it was supposed to be going all over the place

43. Gatortrek - April 30, 2008

#29 Harrison ford did do a cameo, though it was a voice cameo in ET

44. hitch1969© - April 30, 2008

Ahhh Tony Tommy™ and Trek Nerd Central©. Two homebloods from da hood. Keeping the pimp hand long and strong.

I tell ya what fellas… last night i torrented the most marvelous file. A 1976 “Tomorrow” show starring Tom Snyder. With DDeForest Kelley, Doohan, and Chekov, talking about the “new” movie. I am sure that most of you diehards already have it and know what I’m talking about.

Those dudes were all smoking during the interview. Doohan definitely presented as most knowledgeable and caring about the Trek. De was good too, but Chekov was complaining about being famous for being Chekov and not being rich.

Then that ass Harland Ellison came on. I like his arrogance. He’s rough around the edges, that one.

Then I spent some time looking around for other torrents. Got me a 25th Anniversary game cd with the voiceovers to work through dosBox. Saw the borgmovie. com and all that.

In all, it was an eventful evening. I was pretty drunk.



45. Xai - April 30, 2008

The celebs show up….
1. Because they can
2. Because they are interested in what’s going on with Trek also.

46. Kev-1 - April 30, 2008

Clint Eastwood showed up on the STTMP set in 1978, there’s a photo of him standing next to William Shatner, who’s in a white spacesuit. Isn’t a set visit kind of like stopping by the company cafeteria for these guys and gals?

47. sirbroiler - April 30, 2008

I still have this sinking suspicion that someone from the TnG era is going to have to help Spock if he’s to go back in time. Of course, could be wrong. But if I’m right…pretty sweet. Maybe Captain Riker?

48. The Quickening - April 30, 2008

11. I don’t understand the point you are making. Are you implying the makers of the film didn’t want Shatner to visit the set? I doubt that. Maybe he’s not interested in visiting the set because he’s not in the film–a fact he is none to happy about and went WAY out of his way to let people know he’s not happy about it.

49. John - April 30, 2008

47: Oh YA! And they Accually show us what the USS Titan Looks like! Awesome!

Harrison Ford is a terrific actor, While I like him as Indy, I still say his best role of all time was Han Solo!

50. indy jones - April 30, 2008

Ford’s cameos include Apocalypse Now and Jimmy Hollywood

51. Dave L - April 30, 2008

#47 we know what the Titan looks like there was a fan contest to actually design the ship and someone won..they are using that design for the novelizations now

52. Dave L - April 30, 2008

what do u mean star trek the tour is dead it was supposed to come here to portland maine was really looking forward to it

53. RedShirtWalking - April 30, 2008

Who the hell is T.J. Miller??

54. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2008

TJ is one of the stars of cloverfield, he is also on that TV show carpoolers.

I updated the story with what may be the Ford/JJ connection. Ford is rumored to be the star of a romantic comedy in development by Abrams that was written by Abrams.

55. That One Guy - April 30, 2008

The list is ever-growing. Maybe next we’ll get Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammel. That’d be cool. Maybe they’ll even throw in a Star Wars reunion shot in the background. Or maybe that famed crossover that I’ve been ranting about recently. Only this time, Han, Leia, and Luke all end up in the Trek universe.

Who knows?

By the way, I’m too lazy to Google when Indy 4 comes out. Anyone wanna fill me in?

56. Viking - April 30, 2008

I know Bob has to be sitting around and giggling at all the conjecture. It’ll be interesting to hear his take on a lot of it – specifically, how close to the mark some of it (if any of it) may have come without actually making it onto film, and the reasons behind it.

57. Thorny - April 30, 2008

“By the way, I’m too lazy to Google when Indy 4 comes out. Anyone wanna fill me in?”

May 22.

58. That One Guy - April 30, 2008

57, thanks. I never closed the window to this discussion. I just came back and refreshed it. In the meantime, I searched for “Eutrophication” on Wikipedia, watched a VGCats clip, finished to Labs for my Biology class, and ate a Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese. And yet I didn’t Google Indy 4, even though the search box is only a 1-inch movement on my mousepad.

I hope that this NeOS movie revives my love of life and motor functions.

59. Hat Rick - April 30, 2008

Can you imagine a three-universe crossover, with Trek, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones? You’d have to be pretty creative to make it work, but it could.

60. Shatner_Fan_2000 - April 30, 2008

#59 … Not likely. Hollywood’s best & brightest couldn’t even make Shatner and Star Trek work!

61. Hat Rick - April 30, 2008

Well, for a long time, Battlestar Galactica was seen as a poor man’s — no, make that a VERY poor man’s version of Star Wars. And then came Ronald D. (eep Space Nine) Moore, and then all was light! ;-)

The “Nu” BSG is the hottest thing since the heat lamp.

Now, if they can make clankity-clank Cylons sexy, what’s to stop them from making Indy an ally of the Federation, fighting off the minions of the new Emperor of this faraway galaxy, alongside his suspiciously similar-looking counterpart, Solo?

If Six over Seven of Nine is greater than the original thirteen, three universes should be a cinch! (And if that makes sense, I’ll be amazed. ;-)

62. Hat Rick - April 30, 2008

On second thoughts, perhaps a three-universe crossover would be better left for the fans. I mean, it’s not as if there’s not more than enough in the Trek universe on Hollywood’s plate!

63. MrRegular - April 30, 2008

36: Think the Poseidon Adventure.
Gene Hackman as a leader of people in desperate circumstances. That’s one of his best roles, next to Popeye Doyle of the French Connection.

64. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 30, 2008

49. John: Not for me. For me its Rick Deckard all the way.

65. Iowagirl - April 30, 2008



66. Little Kirk - April 30, 2008

– Responding to 40. Trek Nerd Central
I also THINK William Shatner visited the set and that It’s just that no one will say He did because he visited the set to film a scene or more.
I THINK IF William Shatner MAY have film a scene it is the ending to the film.

So here is a question:
after Old Spock’s Big Mission in the past do you think?
A.) Old Spock just goes home and back to retirement.
B.) Old Spock goes back home and finds Old Kirk Alive.
C.) Old Spock Dies in the Past.

I HOPE chris pine was lying about using Harrison Ford to model his kirk after. I HOPE chris pine was say that just to hide that William Shatner is in the movie. I mean William Shatner’s Kirk returning from the grave MAYBE could be why JJ and Crew are so secret about things. I HOPE that my thoughts become true.

67. Teleportation Girl - April 30, 2008

nice blog, hat rick. so, what did you think of Mudd’s planet revised? just curious.

and, btw, BSG a poor man’s SWars??? nah, more like a poor mans…sci fi csi or law and order. i find BSG to be closer to those sorts of shows rather than science fiction, although i still like it. i wish it would delve into the meaning of man vs. machine or meet your maker (like in blade runner) instead of this final cylon silliness. part of the reason i like Star Trek TOS is for that very reason…that it dealt with what it would be like for a crew to explore through the depths of space and the encounters had there.


68. Teleportation Girl - April 30, 2008

#66…i think that might be wishful thinking!

69. Hat Rick - May 1, 2008

67, thanks for your compliment! I’ll keep on adding to my blog.

By “poor man’s Star Wars” I was referring to the original Battlestar Galactica — the one that ran in the 1970’s and was replaced by the truly awful Galactica 1980 (which is a horror story in itself). That’s also why I made a reference later in the message to “Nu” BSG — the one co-created by Moore.

There was a sense back then that Battlestar Galactica was a copy of Star Wars, which had proved itself the sleeper surprise hit of the decade. (The producer, Glen Larson, hotly disputed that he had stolen any ideas from Star Wars. See the Wikipedia article for more information.) I suppose that it was things like the design of the giant Galactica vessel, which seemed reminiscent of a Star Destroyer, and the Vipers, which seemed similar to X-Wings, that made people think that the series was simply a pale imitation of Lucas’ film. It didn’t help things that the color scheme of the good guys’ clothing (browns and suedes) was similar to the “space cowboy” look we saw in Episode IV.

Prior to this time — and we’re talking the late 1970’s — space operas were generally more in line with the futuristic look of the day. For an example of this, take a gander at the general art design for Space: 1999, another ’70’s series set in space but one that pre-dated both Star Wars and the original Battlestar Galactica.

In fact, TMP’s aesthetic was far more in line with the Logan’s Run-type futurism of the day than either Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. But I digress.

So, anyway, that’s what I was referring to.

Moore made Galactica cool by updating it to 21st Century sensibilities.

I had the privilege of meeting Ron Moore in a private interview. He’s a pretty impressive guy.

But, again, I digress.

70. Mr. AtoZ - May 1, 2008

“Everybody but the fans have been on that set, yet no body can use a camera phone?”

71. Little Kirk - May 1, 2008

– Responding to 68. Teleportation Girl
Yes it is wishful thinking. I use to think the same way you do about the thought of William Shatner in the new star trek , but something now have me think it may happen.
there are many but I only point out one and it is not the best:
William Shatner’s Change in look when the new star trek was filming. Shatner has be look better than he has in 15 years. His hair/wig are dyed (no more grey), he looks thinner and his hair/wig are cut like pine’s hair.

I question the change in William Shatner’s look. I can’t see way William Shatner has changed his look. The only thing that comes to mind is the new star trek movie.

These are Only Thoughts of Mine
Thank you

72. subatoi - May 1, 2008

BTW, wasn’t there supposed to be another Indy trailer? Will they release it in the remaining three weeks, or it’s unlikely?

73. Little Kirk - May 1, 2008

I see that William Shatner is back to his Danny Crane look

Here are the dates of the better looking Shatner
shatnervision: Oct 2007 thru early Dec 2007

Thank you

74. Andy Patterson - May 1, 2008

Speaking of Boston Legal….I saw Shatner on Boston Legal last night riding a horse. It may have been Denny Crane but the man I saw on that horse was Kirk. Which for the first time here, this is not my first time saying it, this is the first time I’m THINKING it – I’ve never said he SHOULD be in it….I’ve never necessarily thought it ….but after seeing the man I know is still Kirk on that horse…..I’d like to see him in the movie, or a movie again.

75. David P - May 1, 2008

Think of the possiblities! Perhaps Indy could teleport to the future and join forces with Captain Kirk!

76. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 1, 2008

#65 … Sorry, couldn’t resist. ;-)

#72 … Yes, there is another one. It leaked onto the internet a few days ago, but will officially debut with Iron Man this weekend. The movie should be great.

77. Dennis Bailey - May 1, 2008

#13:”His crooked nose is from the scene in Blade Runner where Daryl Hannah attacks him and has his head between her legs. ”

Damn. That’s the way I want *my* nose broken. LOL

78. Craig - May 1, 2008

Abraham Lincoln visited the set.
He also slept there.

79. Horatio - May 1, 2008

#30 – I don’t think much filming was done at the Paramount Melrose lot for Indy 4. I know alot was done over at the Downey Studios. If Ford were at Paramount for Indy4 it ws probaly some post production work – it that.


80. British Naval Dude - May 1, 2008

53 I saw Shatner do an ad for that new beer “T. J. Miller.”

‘course it be quite possible I had one two many o’ the cop brew and hallucinated tha whole event.

(me apologies… such a low form of humour to poke at a bloke’s name)

Now, then- this here “Rescue Bud” is pretty bad…

81. Woulfe - May 1, 2008

^ Like ADR (aka) Looping dialog for certain scenes where it was too noisy to hear what the actors were saying, like if they’re in a car and the motor is drowning out their voices, “we’ll fix it in post” ;-)

– W –
* Why do I even know this stuff ? *

82. shat hands - May 1, 2008

It seems like every man and his dog has had a peek but how about something for the fans to look at hmmm?

83. snake - May 1, 2008

Shatner didnt want to cameo – so maybe they got Ford instead as Kirk

71 – Shatner has lost weight as apparently he nearly died of heart failure whilst having hip surgery

84. snake - May 1, 2008

btw i’m sure JJ has put a couple of Star Wars references in the new Trek somewhere..

just stuff like what was in the Indy films – ‘Club Obi Wan’ in Temple of Doom…C3PO & R2 on the wall of the well of souls in Raifders – that kind of thing

85. Little Kirk - May 1, 2008

– Responding to 83. snake

Shatner’s hip surgery was after He has lost weight and colored his hair.

I Question that Shatner’s weight lost and colored his hair was around the same time Nimoy was film for the new star trek.

I Have a Lot Questions and thoughts/Wishes.
I do THINK Shatner was up to something last year. Is it the new star trek, I do not know.

I find it all Odd. :-0

86. Camaro 09 - May 1, 2008


Han Solo gets a visit but not the real Captain Kirk.

87. Captain Robert April - May 1, 2008

Gene Hackman…..I could live with that…..

88. JC - May 1, 2008

He’s looking for work.

89. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 2, 2008

#48—Exactly. He definitely feels slighted, and has not been shy about conveying that feeling (although he has seemed to let it go now).

#60—Actually, it just wasn’t considered the best course of action. It’s not that they couldn’t, it just would not have been (in their opinions) the best movie to make. How would that have gotten people who didn’t care for Trek before to see the film? It seems to me that such a project would be much lower budget and really more of the same.

#70—I’m pretty sure that would violate the confidentiality agreement in some shape or form.

#86—That is his choice, I’m sure.

I like that Pine is taking the “Ford approach”. IMO, there is no better actor of his era to draw inspiration from in playing action scenes. He (Ford) is by far the most believable actor in such a role. Pine could do a lot worse than taking some cues from the master. I know that some fans will say that Shatner should be his sole model for how Kirk should be played, but IMO, he should be played for who the character is—not who the actor that portrayed him first is…Christopher Reeve did not do a George Reeve impression in Superman: The Movie, nor should Pine do a Shatner impression. He should go (within the script and JJ’s direction) with what feels right. If Ford’s approach to action “feels right” to him, it does nothing but increase my confidence in Pine’s judgement.

90. DaveO - May 5, 2008


Just a heads up that Bjo Trimble’s husband is *John* Trimble.


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