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BSG Preview: “The Road Less Travelled” May 2, 2008

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This week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica has a big focus on Starbuck as she has her hands full on her misbegotten ship as an old nemesis comes on board. We got preview videos, plus 2 Q&A vids and some frakkin links, so check it out.

Airing tonight, May 2nd at 10 PM (9 Central)

“The Road Less Travelled” [Season 4 Ep. 5]
Synopsis: As the Cylons and humans consider a truce, Starbuck reaches out to an old foe.

TV Spot


Sneek Peek

Watch first 10 minutes online are no longer streaming full episodes in advance, but are doing 10 minute sneak peeks. They start every hour, on the hour, between 9AM and 4PM (Eastern Time). CLICK TO WATCH

Also recent episodes of BSG are available online (ad supported) at and

Battlestar news of the week:

Video Q&A With James Callis (Baltar)

Video Q&A With Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster )

Barbarella Galactica
Last week we brought you the Galactica Babes in bikinis with motorcycles. This week, we got them (via the GQ blog) lookin all 60s SciFi

(click to get even closer)

Frakkin’ Links


1. catchupwiththesun - May 2, 2008

love bsg.

2. Ty Webb - May 2, 2008

I thought this site was about Star Trek?

3. Jon - May 2, 2008

^Star Trek almuni are regularly spoke about here. You do know who Ron D Moore is, right?

4. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 2, 2008

In the end, Lee and Kara will strand on Earth and be known as Adam and Eve ;)

5. Disgruntled Trekster - May 2, 2008

The show is boring. Predictable and pointless.

6. Ty Webb - May 2, 2008


I have to agree. Lost interest after season 2.

7. Bubba 2008 - May 2, 2008

BSG learned a lot of lessons from Star Trek’s failings…

BSG doesn’t have character’s who are so bland that they are virtually unrelatable… much more relatable relationships and circumstances… doesn’t rely on techno-babble to carry the story… real change happens to the characters over the course of the show, rather than negligible events that seem to have no impact on relationships or events.

The only characters I could relate to in Star Trek were the Klingons… at least they seemed to have real emotions and actually feel.

8. Jim - May 2, 2008

I suppose you’d prefer a ‘good’ (tee-hee) episode of v’ger????

9. Irishtrekkie - May 2, 2008

“BSG learned a lot of lessons from Star Trek’s failings…”

yes and then went on to make a hole lot of their own hugh mistakes. Anyway i will stick with star trek , i like sci fiction shows mainly

10. Colonel Kevin - May 2, 2008

I’m sorry, but of all things to call BSG, predictable? Yeah, right.

Want to give some examples of that?

11. Spock - May 2, 2008

#7 I agree. Modern trek turned into a bland mess at the end. They forgot that scifi is a setting not a story. Trek got so caught up in the lame treknobabble it lost sight of the characters, and the story. The Galactica doesn’t have a deflector dish to solve all their problems in the last 5 minutes of an episode….lol Starbuck’s return hasn’t been explained by inverse tachyon pulses, or chroniton particles on her Viper, etc.

12. Bubba 2008 - May 2, 2008

Too many people complain about BSG being so negative… and I think thats a complete cop-out.

Real life isn’t pretty or clean or utopian. People’s problems and issues don’t go away easily and they usally have long-term ramifications into the future. That’s not something we ever really saw in Star Trek, with the exception of DS9. Generally, Star Trek suffered from characters that were set in stone, that never changed, whose problems rarely impacted their day-to-day lives, that rarely impacted their relationships to other characters.

I’m all for Roddenberry’s idea of a utopian society but we who currently DON’T live in one, need to be able to relate to the characters…

I’ll take a soap opera in space over episodic luke-warm cream of wheat…

13. Bubba 2008 - May 2, 2008

Technobabble became the standard Star Trek deus ex machina…

14. Bubba 2008 - May 2, 2008

Please forgive the multiple posts…

One thing that made me care less and less for Star Trek was the fact that you could always count on the fact that no matter how dire the circumstances during the course of a single episode (or multi-part episodes), the characters were always guaranteed to be the same afterward as they were when it started. There was never a sense of real danger that the characters may not make it through to the end… we always knew they would.

When in Star Trek would they have ever jumped the story line forward one year and not make it retro-active through some time-travel gimmick (Voyager: Year of Hell)? When would Star Trek have ever had a character make a decision that so irrevocably altered his or her relationships with the other characters that it changed the dynamic of the show (without it being an alternate timeline?)(ST:TNG: All Good Things)

My point is that Star Trek needs to go back to good story-telling that happens to be set in an extra-ordinary setting. Character that sometimes make bad decisions like we all do… and deal with the results… THAT is what will make me keep coming back for more.

15. 1701 over Gotham City - May 2, 2008

Okay, I have to lodge a complaint against this site…

Yes, I realize Ron Moore does the new Galactica. That does not qualify it to have a home here, to me… Afterall, Shatner does Boston Legal, but I do not see Boston Legal spoilers here…

Twice now I have come to the site and inadvertantly given away things I have worked hard to avoid learning. I started late watching the show and I am playing catch-up. I don’t read what’s posted, but just the titles blurbs or photos or first words I see before I even realize what is on the front page, spoil something for me about a completely unrelated topic that should not have been spoiled at the STAR TREK site. I don’t expect to read about Batmanspoilers or updates at an Iron Man site, simply because an artist worked on both titles (or movies or etc).

I’m not trying to be a problem and I love this site… I visit it multiple times a day! I don’t think it has a place here, but that’s fine, it’s not my site… I just request to please limit the blurb on the first page to nothing more than a title. We should be able to choose our spoilers, not be, well, spoiled.

16. Randy - May 2, 2008

*Sigh*. Another BSG post on an otherwise wonderful Trek site. I remember back when people were saying that the *original* BSG was so much better than Trek. This latest version is simply the SF Flavor of the Month, where whatever is new is obviously so much better than anything that ever came before it. But mark my words: in 20 years people will still be watching and talking about the various Trek shows while this version of BSG will join the other as a footnote in TV history.

17. James - May 2, 2008

BSG is the closest thing to Star Trek (without actually being Star Trek, and it certainly has better stories and characters than Voyager!!

18. Bubba 2008 - May 2, 2008

UGH! Voyager…

That show would have been better if they had just had an empty ship and simply moved the camera around the corridors…

19. CmdrR - May 2, 2008

I hope Starbuck remembered to pack her roast fork. Leobon — it’s what’s for dinner.

20. Jim - May 2, 2008

I get a kick of the real “hard core” Trekkies…..Star Trek is the only good s.f. series in their world….shh….don’t talk about anything else around them. And according to the “hard core” ones…”there is no such thing as bad Trek”….in their world even Voyager was good….and they can’t wait ’til the next movie, game, figurine comes out….it is a shame that “Trek” is all that they have in their lives…..

21. Randy - May 2, 2008

#20: I have a sneaking suspicion that your post was aimed at mine at #16. Just so you know, there are many other good science fiction concepts, television shows, and movies that I both appreciate and hold dear in *addition to* Trek. And LOTS of good novels and shows that have nothing to do with SF but are very well done. So while I do have a special affection for Trek, I and other “hard core” Trek fans recognize that other good work exists in books, in movies, and elsewhere on the tube. Sadly, BSG just isn’t all that good as either science fiction or as drama. An opinion, to be sure – but check in on the level of interest in BSG 10 years after it is off the air and I suspect I’ll be shown to be right.

22. FlyingTigress - May 2, 2008

AP’s blog = AP’s rules = AP’s content decisions.

23. Dr. Image - May 2, 2008

Ron Moore dug himself into a pretty deep writer’s hole with BSG as it stands.
How much shark jumping it’s going to take to get out of it remains to be seen.

24. CmdrR - May 2, 2008

I happen to love that this site has BSG news, and a place for other projects. If somehow the whole dang site morphs into general genre with lots of Trek included, I won’t be crying. I love Trek, but it’s a very big universe — especially when you can make up a few spare universes.

25. Cyberghost - May 2, 2008

BSG – The best show on TV period, Still. And right now unfortunatly that’s not saying much. ( sorry all you American Idol fans) I have watched a couple of episodes AI episodes and its so true “the masses are for the asses”

26. sean - May 2, 2008

Anthony has defended his position on posting about BSG long ago. There’s no point in complaining any longer. If you don’t enjoy the show, skip the post. A very, very simple solution.

The fact is, I believe the poll showed 64% of the readers of this site watch and enjoy BSG. So this ONE column certainly makes sense, and hardly destroys or contaminates the site for anyone not interested.

27. sean - May 2, 2008

Also, how cute is Rekha Sharma? People always talk about those other cute girls, but she’s on top of my list right now :)

28. Biodredd - May 2, 2008

I love people and thier labels…

“I’m a Trek fan…”
“I’m a fan of ST:TNG and nothing else”
“ST:DS9 was the best ever.”

GImmie a break. There is so much available out there and to simply poo poo it because it doesn’t fit into your idea of what televised SF should be is just insane.

When Trek was the only game in town, I did indeed call myself a “TREK” fan but there is so much more now that I don’t feel the need for that little label that pigeon-holes me in a clique of obsessive compulsives.

I find that I’m much happier enjoying all things that are filmed SF. Doesn’t matter if it’s “The Fantasic Journey”, “Otherworld”, “Quark”, “Buck Rogers”, or “Babylon 5″.

Every shows has its merits and its pitfalls. There is no show that has been produced or movie that has been filmed that is perfect and there never will be.

I don’t care if Anthony covers any project involving people who had the luck of working on a Trek show or film. Its great to see what these folks are doing.

There are a ton of sites that deal only with Trek. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you always have options.

Everyone who posts here is going to have an opinion good or bad. We a humans, that’s what we do. Its time we all realized that fact and stop sticking the knife into each others backs everytime someone says something that doesn’t fit into our picture perfect view of the world.

These are programs made to be entertaining. They are not going to please us all due to differeing tastes. That might be why there is such a variety of them out there.

#15 – I thought the title to this thread was very clear…. BSG Preview: “The Road Less Travelled” The content seemed pretty clear to me. A preview is a coming attraction… they usually feature minor spoilers. Since you can’t land right on this page without clicking a link, you must have read it.

29. Cyberghost - May 2, 2008

One column a week on BSG is no big deal, if it rents space in your head, don’t read it. It’s not like this one section on this one day covers that much real estate.

As stated above, you have to have hit (more…) to get this far….

30. Paul B. - May 2, 2008

I can almost understand the complaints about seeing BSG news on a Trek site because I still hate MTV for not playing music, the History Channel for doing so much non-history, and the Cartoon Network for airing so much non-cartoon stuff (especially the wretched crap late at night). Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

But it makes perfect sense to post BSG here because (1) Anthony wants to, (2)…well, forget the rest because #1 is enough. So GET OVER IT, folks! Or go back to where you’ll get no BSG…and nothing else, either.

As for BSG itself, I love and hate it. The miniseries was excellent, the first two seasons had some of the best SF TV ever, and season three gave us “Exodus” and “Crossroads,” four epic hours of science fiction–far better than anything from TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT combined. (Except “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” maybe the best Trek since “City on the Edge of Forever.”)

But so far this season, I hate BSG. Boring, preachy, stupid, dull, shark-jumping crap! It’s not predictable, but only because they keep doing random nonsense. If “Road Less Travelled” is as crappy, I’ll stop watching until it’s all over and I can see a recap of the finale on YouTube.

I’m hoping the “it’s all happened before” thing means that they’ll get to Earth to find out that the 13th Colony was actually the ORIGINAL Galactica’s rag-tag fleet and that the 5th/final Cylon is actually Boxie’s daggit, Muffitt II…

Unless the season continues on its current course, in which case I hope they get to Earth and get blasted away as invading aliens…or better yet, taken under the protection of the Men In Black. (Either way, Will Smith can do the job.)

31. CanuckLou - May 2, 2008

I was really digging BSG but the show lost its way halfway through Season 3 with only the finale reaching the bar set by the previous two seasons.

I’m sticking out Season 4 but so far its underwhelming. Its the last season and the show is mired in micr-stories of personal conflict: retreading over old ground in many instances. Come BSG people, its the last season, they going to find earth! Let’s have some sense of urgency!

Hopeful but discouraged.

…the adventure continues…

32. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

BSG is a great show no question, its it it perfect show with out flaws?No but that isn’t the point. I think what makes the show so uncomfortable to watch is that the characters are not the perfect and of ten unrealistic characters that you often find in Trek. The characters in BSG are not nice people, they are like you meet in the real world.Some of them have problems with drugs and Alcohol and they sleep around with each other, the concept of marraige doesn’t mean any thing to some them them, They have egos, they back stab when it’s convenient, they have religious zealotry ,predjudice and like us here on earth very few of them are altruistic toward their fellow humans. Like most of us they are not think about building a better world they are just trying to survive each day. They have not got the time to think about Pie in the sky utopian ideals. Unlike Trek there are no easy and convenient answers to their self created dilemma, they cannot negotioate their way out of this like Picard would would try to do.There is no misunderstood aliens here, hell there are no aliens all. The Cylons want them dead end of discussion

33. Cyberghost - May 2, 2008


Wasnt Quark about an intergalactic garbage ship and they had a robot that would always tell a story about his fight with the Gorgons? “Did I ever tell you about the time I defeated 57 gorgons”, “Did I ever tell about the time I defeated 98 gorgons” etc and the amount of gorgons he defeated changed each time he told the story? I was a comedy….I dont think it lasted that long….

or am I thinking about another show? Thats going way back, the intergalactic Garbage Spaceship, maybe 77/78 or so..

34. Paul B. - May 2, 2008

#33 & 28 – Quark!?! I can’t believe y’all remember Quark!!! I loved that cheesy show as a kid. Richard Benjamin was Quark, I don’t remember the rest of them. I think there were “sexy” twin women and a robot, and I think I remember something with automatic doors bugging Quark (might be confusing that from Airplane II and Shatner).

(sigh) Intergalactic garbage collectors. We sure could’ve used HIS help during VOY, eh? hehe

35. OneBuckFilms - May 2, 2008

Hey People, SHUT UP !!!!!!!!

Please. I enjoy both series a great deal.

Star Trek AND Battlestar Galactica !!!

Please, lets not have this bashing going on.

It goes against IDIC (Infinite Delight in Infinite Combinations), and brings this community down to a shameful level.

If you don’t like Galactica, DON’T WATCH IT !!!!!!!

If you don’t want to read about Galactica, then DON’T READ ABOUT IT !!!!

Some civility and tolerance please, people.

36. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

This is trek site yes, but trek is science fiction so whats wrong with them doing stories or or columns or threads about other scif shows or movies or whatever? Trek can’t be isolated itself from the scif universe nor should it try to do so. Most of us on this site like to have discussions all things science fiction, not just Trek.

37. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

#33 and #34 I remember Quark as well. It was kinda the Red dwarf of its day it only had about a hanfd full of episodes. Richard Benjamin and company were funny as hell. The who concept of him being aa garbadge man in spce picking up giant space hefty bags totally off the wall. I loved the Star War Spoof they did, with the Source and giant square deathstar and Poor any the cowardly robot and his lament

” This mission is no place for a coward, Please take me home”

Guys check out Red darf. on you tube they have some clips from the show
check out Red Dwarf Wilma Flintstone and the the Rimmer Munchkin song and the Trial of Arnold Rimmer those are priceless moments. this show is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. there were 8 seasons in all.

38. Jeyl - May 2, 2008

I don’t mind a Star Trek site posting info on what a Star Trek alumni is up to. Not at all. I just don’t like hearing people berate others on how great and wonderful this show is. It’s not that good. If Star Trek ever fell into this realm filled with moral-less snobs who just want to kill, have sex, whine and argue, I’d probably give up on Trek right there.

And come on. Even a show like this that’s based on another show yet still manages to rip off a lot of other stuff is just lazy. How much material from the original BSG that was good have we not covered yet? I still want my Lucifer dang it!

39. Marvin the Martian - May 2, 2008

Quark was awesome. Here’s some funny Quark goodness:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Notice that many of the sound effects were taken from Star Trek, and some of the opening credits were inspired by Space: 1999.

40. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

#38 sorry I don’t agree with that assessment, Galatica has won a Peabody award that in itself is no small achievement really. Much as I like trek Galactica has better writing and sorry to say better acting. The original Galatica was a very badly acted and by the low standards of the day, badly written. it had had great special effects for its day but nothing else really going for it. Its only notable contribution to science fiction was that it was the basis for a superior remake. the critic of the day thought thought the original was a joke.You wanna talk bad lets talk about seaon three of the orginal trek or most of the episodes on voyager and even the next gen had it share stinkers. Galatica is about taking risks with the scif formula a lession trek did not learn until DS9 which Ron Moore also produced.

41. Chris H - May 2, 2008

I think I’ll be rewatching BSG many many years after it ends. Probably the finest genre show in a decade, with no Trek ‘reset’ buttons to press at the end of every episode. This is real life gritty stuff and although I’ll love Trek till I die, any comparison between a happy clappy one-big-happy-fleet and BSG seems pointless. I suspect that most of the pro-Trek but anti-BSG people on here are perhaps rather younger than myself and really haven’t been bitten badly by life yet.

42. British Naval Dude - May 2, 2008

So what have we learned so farrrrr in dis here thread?

Well, took me awhile ta’ realize thar wuz a thread as the Barbarella gals had me stumped fur awhile… see last week”s BSG thread for me outburst thar’… arrrrr….

anyhoos, mates, we’ve learned dat

1. Used car dealers can have Fords AND Chevy’s on thar’ lots.

2. At one point in his life, Quark didn’t have tha’ lobes and resembled the gent from tha’ film “WestWorld.”

3. If ya’ get yer peanut butter mixed in wit’ me chocolate then I’ll get right pissy, mate. Throw in some bacon, tho, and all is forgiven.

4. Sadly, Photoshop juzt can’t remove clothes from GQ pics.

5. Recent Trek had no surprises beyon’ Trip gettin’ preggers and Janeway somehow not killing all her crew.


6. “Flying Tigress” is a good name fur a rock band.


43. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

#38 I am also curious about what you think about posting things other then trek on this site? your statement needs some clarification here. Star trek science fiction therefore part of the scif universe not separate from it.

44. YARN - May 2, 2008

“I thought this site was about Star Trek?”


“^Star Trek almuni are regularly spoke about here. You do know who Ron D Moore is, right?”

And we’ll be happy to hear about Trek-related stuff that he does. The article is not about RDM “Trek Alumnus”, but BSG.

Or to quote another poster “Yes, I realize Ron Moore does the new Galactica. That does not qualify it to have a home here, to me… Afterall, Shatner does Boston Legal, but I do not see Boston Legal spoilers here…”

“Predictable and pointless.”

Not quite, I’d say the show is pointless in its unpredictability.

“BSG doesn’t have character’s who are so bland that they are virtually unrelatable… much more relatable relationships and circumstances…”

No it has characters who are so chaotic and perpetually mopey that they are unrelatable.

“doesn’t rely on techno-babble to carry the story…”

No they use mytho-babble, politico-babble, relgio-babble.

“real change happens to the characters over the course of the show, rather than negligible events that seem to have no impact on relationships or events.”

Change happens on BSG all the time. Who will randomly and inexplicably turn out to be a Cylon this week? What policy of the fleet will Lee object to? Who will Kara have an affair with? What sort of monotheistic blatherings will six offer this week?

Trek was, for the most part, episodic TV and episodic TV has it’s place.

“Starbuck’s return hasn’t been explained by inverse tachyon pulses, or chroniton particles on her Viper, etc”

There is no explanation for most of the contradictions and non-sequiturs on BSG – congrats!!

“One column a week on BSG is no big deal, if it rents space in your head, don’t read it. It’s not like this one section on this one day covers that much real estate.”

It sets a bad precedent. And if you don’t like the objections, why don’t you skip along to the next post?

“But it makes perfect sense to post BSG here because (1) Anthony wants to, (2)…well, forget the rest because #1 is enough. So GET OVER IT, folks! Or go back to where you’ll get no BSG…and nothing else, either.”

And we are giving Anthony feedback, because (1) we want to. It’s still his ball and his bat, but the threads are still ours to post in so long as he is playing ball.

“no Trek ‘reset’ buttons to press at the end of every episode. ”

You mean like being able to kill cylon characters because they can always respawn?

You mean like curing Roslin’s cancer being cured with Dr. Baltar’s Old-Tyme Baby Cylon juice, but then being brought back just in time to put her in jeopardy (again) as the series comes to a close?

You mean like Starbuck literally just popping back into the show? “Uh, I don’t know how I got here, but here I am.”

If you want to love BSG, that’s fine, but don’t bash Trek in light of BSG’s alleged virtues.

45. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

#44 Yarn BSG did win the peabody award which I believe they don’t give to crappy shows Themoppy chaotic character of BSG as you see to call them are far more interesting and believable then the well dressed well adjusted window dummies you find on shows like the Next Gen,Voyager. and a great many of the characters you find in trek. In trek everything has clickity freakin click boring explaination. There are no surprises the good guys alway win for the most part and the bad guys are always the aliens for the most character growth reset to zero.The exception is Ds9 of course which Ron Moore manged to get out from under trek stagnatingly predictable formula.

46. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

You have to realize one thing about Trek, the parameters of the characters were set from day one and the writers for the most part could not vary anything with out the producers approval. Trek in its time was good which did have some good writing but by today’s standards it formula and old hat. As much as I criticize trek, without we would not have B5 or BSG or much else in the way of scifi. But there are people out there who still think its still cutting edge and sad to say it isn’t any more, Time renders all science fiction and even BSG obsolete eventually.

47. Chris H - May 2, 2008

‘If Star Trek ever fell into this realm filled with moral-less snobs who just want to kill, have sex, whine and argue, I’d probably give up on Trek right there.’

Hmmm. You’ve never really watched it then? Or understand subtext? No offence, but if Trek is going to be seen as a sexless (well, same-sexless, certainly!), purer than thou antithesis then I think Roddenberry would be spinning in his grave. Or in orbit. Wherever.

48. Illogical - May 2, 2008

I think the vast majority of you have missed the point 1701 over Gotham was trying to make.
The complaint was more about BSG SPOILERS being splashed on the front page. Not all of us have watched season 4 yet, and we’d rather not get spoiled by a blurb on the front page of a site about something completely different.

Anyone got any beefs about THAT request?

49. CaptainRickover - May 2, 2008

I allways liked Star Trek ( TOS and TNG) because they show a future, where things turned out better than actually happens on our world. It motivated me, it inspired me. DSN was a good show too, because they have strong characters and funny characters and stories as well (ostly with Quarck and Rom). And not to forget a great sense for idealismn, morale and character moments greater than life. VOY had nothing of that and ENT was a complete failure (until season 4).

BSG is dark and dirty. I can’t see any part of morale or idealism in the BSG characters. Traitors and Cylons are everywehre (and nearly everyone). This poor and mad people fight for survival as they would do in reality, but this is a TV-show, they don’t have to show reality. It’s a science fiction show either, it should show us a way for a better future or at least some better opportunities. If I want something different, I’ll watch the daily news or some reports from Afghanistan or Iraq.

In short: I don’t like BSG. But the girls look really nice :)

50. Dunsel Report - May 2, 2008

Get this Mormon sci-fi crap off my TrekMovie. Remember when a space shuttle was named for the U.S.S. Enterprise? It’s never going to happen for Battlestar Galactica.

Like the poster for TMP said, There Is No Comparison.

51. Dunsel Report - May 2, 2008

P.S. Ron Moore helped destroy Trek

52. Horatio - May 2, 2008

#28 – “The Fantasic Journey”

OMG you just took me down memory lane! At the time I LOVED that show but haven’t seen it since it went off the air all those years ago. I wonder how it has aged.

I remember they often used the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA as a set piece. It was like a precurser to Sliders.

Thanks for the memory jog!

53. Cyberghost - May 2, 2008

# ?

Do you watch sci fi channel other than the 1 hour that BSG is on? Sci Fi channel runs these spoilers / promos all week long at many different times prior to the first run of that episode, so its tough to avoid.

But in the end , it Anthonys site and he can put whatever he wants to on HIS site.

54. Biodredd - May 2, 2008

#34 – YEs, Quark was about the adventures of Commander Benjamin Quark and his misfit crew.

The crew included Andy the Robot – In the pilot, Andy was constructd by a professor who wore an eye patch and always looked into his microscope with the eye that was covered. In the regular series it was stated that Quark built Andy.

We also had Gene/Jean – Who had a full set of male and female chromosomes. IN stressful situations Gene/Jean whould switch back and forth between male and female personalities. He/she/it was the ship’s security officer.

We also had the Bettys – One was an exact close of the other and they constantly debated over who was the real one and who was the clone. They served as the helmsman and the weapons officer.

Then we also had Phycis – The ships science officer. He was a human looking plant. During certain times of the year Phycis would wear a gague on his ear to monitor his moisture content or his entire lower torso would become brown and brittle.

And then finally we had Quark’s pet, Ergo, a protoplasmic pet who would like to attack Quark at the most inopportune times and enjoyed going for walks outside the ship with his master, in a custom made space suit.

They were all part of the UGSP (United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol). The ship was never actually given a name in the series. But it had UGSP stamped all over the outside.

Their job was to scour the galaxy of garbage ad infinitum.

If anyone asks about Green Acres, the post is going to be much longer. Man, the trivia in my head…

55. Biodredd - May 2, 2008

#52 – I had a chance to see episodes of The Fantasic Journey recently and I had lost intrest after about the 5th episode when it originally aired. This time I made it through all of them and as hokey as some of the stories were, the characters were likable and I found myself wishing there had been more episodes.

“Otherworld” on the other hand has not aged well at all and even after all these years, I can still see why it was a candidate for cancellation back in the day.

56. Bill Cox - May 2, 2008

To me, BSG is not science fiction. It is a post 9-11 allegory dressed up in sci fi trappings. It is also incredibly dull. If I want to watch this sort of thing, I’ll check out CNN or reruns of the West Wing.

I also find it hard to believe that a tribe of humans that evolved in another galaxy and are engaged in a quest for Earth all look, talk, and dress like contemporary 21st century Americans.

57. Horatio - May 2, 2008

#55 – Where were you able to find eps of Fantastic Journey?? That in itself is pretty fantastic.

I know that shows I loved back in the day sure don’t look as good in the present (UFO anyone?). Still, I have fond memories of Fantastic Journey.

BTW, BSG rocks, for what its worth.


58. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

starbuck just doesn’t look comfortable in girl clothes.

barbarella rocks. this is really no comparison, just a cheap attempt at funny vintage. i think the girls of galactica look better as themselves.

but as for BSG…i have been disappointed in this season so far. i think the show has started to get a little shark-jumpy. yes, they are going THE WRONG WAY!


59. Illogical - May 2, 2008

Actually, I don’t watch it at all… because I haven’t finished season 3. I’m just saying that it would be NICE and POLITE to not have big ol’ spoilers right here on the front page.

60. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2008

You dont like BSG, fine. But I don’t want to hear about it in the weekly BSG column. This is for BSG fans…which is a majority of visitors to this site. This column will continue until the end of the series and that is final.

This website has more Trek stories up in the last week than any other site on the net…and one story about BSG.

…so deal with it

61. Garovorkin - May 2, 2008

#50 and #51 Hey Dunsel those are very foolish statements.. Let me guess you really no understanding of what good scif is do you? Ron Moore saved trek from the Calcification that had set in with the next generation. Ds9 with its story arc was a far far better show then all the other incarnations of trek. BSG is a great show and yes your entitled to your opinion, even if think your wrong.

62. YARN - May 2, 2008

“ok….NEW RULE.
You dont like BSG, fine. But I don’t want to hear about it in the weekly BSG column. This is for BSG fans…which is a majority of visitors to this site. This column will continue until the end of the series and that is final.

This website has more Trek stories up in the last week than any other site on the net…and one story about BSG.

…so deal with it”

It’s not dislike for BSG, per se, it just isn’t topical. There are plenty of BSG sites.

Also, the BSG contingent is more than a little persnickety with regard to the franchise that is the ostensible point of this website. One gets tired of hearing how BSG is “great” in all the ways that Trek is so horribly bad. It’s bound to pick a fight or at least exacerbate the tension.

63. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

no, i like having this BSG thread here. i have been watching the show since the beginning and will watch it to the end. it seems most of the people who come here are also watching it, so why not bring it up?

sorry to have an opinion about the 4th season. i shall keep my shark jumping thoughts to myself. :)

64. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2008

YARN and others

it is very very very very simple. Skip the BSG weekly column. It arrives early every Friday morning. It always says “BSG Preview”…just stop right there and skip it. Read celeb watch and friday science and whatever else we have up. This is an ‘extra column’ it does not take the place of another trek story. It is for the MAJORITY of trek fans who are also fans of BSG, which is run by Trek vets and is the only space based scifi show on TV today.

Starting NOW. I will consider anyone coming in here to flame BSG as trolling.

I find it astounding that pepole who have no interest in BSG are actually reading the articles and reading the comments. I suggest to those who dont like BSG to simply skip the articles and certainly the comments.

I will have another star trek story up soon, but please point me to another site that has more trek news than this one…if there is one out there I would really like to know about it.

65. 1701 over Gotham City - May 2, 2008

As I posted earlier, at #15…
All I want is for the blurb on the first page to say nothing other than , say, “weekly BSG Update” than those that WANT to be spoiled on that, can go click to read further! I’m still in season 3…. I just do not want spoilers on season 4, and I have had two very major things spoiled simply by the very first words I see.
. And it is nothing against Anthony… his site, he can do what he please. I don’t agree with it, but that’s me.

I’m not interested in the “Versus” argument, because it has no bearing. I don’t want to be spoiled by the very first thing my eyes land on on the front page. I choose to come here for Trek spoilers, I shouldn’t be hit with a BSG spoiler… I didn’t choose that. It’s not a valid point to say “just don’t read it” The eyes register what they see faster than you realize what it is.

As I said earlier…
I’m not trying to be a problem and I love this site… I visit it multiple times a day! I don’t think it has a place here, but that’s fine, it’s not my site… I just request to please limit the blurb on the first page to nothing more than a title. We should be able to choose our spoilers, not be, well, spoiled.

66. Illogical - May 2, 2008

Well said!

67. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

actually thinkgeek got that poster from this website, which has a great, well designed set of propoganda posters and other BSG items:

68. sean - May 2, 2008


I’ve read 2, maybe 3 posts where anyone compares Trek unfavorably to BSG. If you read the other BSG posts, you’ll notice the majority of comments are friendly, intelligent discussions on the show itself. Not how much ‘better’ it is when compared to Trek.

The majority of the nasty posts on this thread and the other BSG threads are coming from an obvious anti-BSG contingent – most of whom have nothing better to say than ‘this show stinks’ or ‘how can anyone watch this?’. In fact, I’ve read a great many posts demeaning BSG by contrasting it with the presumably preferrable qualities contained within Trek, not vice versa.

I’m in total agreement with Anthony here. There are plenty of columns on this site that don’t interest me at all – fan films, for example. What do I do when I see that column? I DON’T READ IT. Pretty straightforward really. Makes life a whole lot simpler.

69. Biodredd - May 2, 2008

#57 – Episodes of The Fantastic Journey are available on

UFO is one of my favorite series of all time. The war with the aliens was not simply a running space batle but a psychological one as well which set that series apart from everything else that was on the air at the time. It always come off (at least to me ) as a very intelligent series with a unique take on a war against aliens. Its a series that in my mind has aged well and I for one would love to see someone resurrect it.

70. nyxtreme007 - May 2, 2008

In the end, the Battlestar will finally reach Earth and discover that it was assimilated by the Borg. Commander Adama will realize that the Borg are the spawn of the Cylons. Resistance is futile!!!

71. Tango - May 2, 2008

I don’t mind the BSG updates. I like BSG. I also like Star trek, Blake 7, Babylon 5, and UFO. UFO had the most unrealized potential and I would love to see a remake of it. I love Nehrus!!! I might buy one one day if I get enough courage.

72. Mike - May 2, 2008

BSG is better than trek ever was.

73. Chris H - May 2, 2008

Andy – thanks!

And as a UK fan, I love this site – it’s my first point of call for the new Movie on a daily basis and I love the fact that i can find a BSG thread here too. Makes it a good place to visit.

So who/what is the final of the 5?

If it was the Prez or Adama, everyone whould scream ‘cheap shot’. But somehow, now, it would make sense.

74. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 2, 2008

Yay, Anthony! I love BSG. I have never bashed Trek in favor of it, but I believe that BSG is resonating more for me now than TV Trek. Maybe that will change. Anthony is much too polite to the BSG haters. I think they display a cetain level of ignorance in some of the comments. It’s obvious that some of them have never seen the show save for a few random episodes.

Again, yay Anthony!

75. YARN - May 2, 2008

NOTE: I have nothing bad to say about BSG in this post. Indeed, I loved the mini and thought the first season was great. Moroever, I think that they have some solid actors who have turned in some good work. Finally, I think RDM has a very nice beard.

There are a few points, however, I would like to address with Sean in

Post #68

“I’ve read 2, maybe 3 posts where anyone compares Trek unfavorably to BSG.”

Really? See posts #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14, #18, #20, #32, #40, #41, #45, and #61.

“If you read the other BSG posts, you’ll notice the majority of comments are friendly, intelligent discussions on the show itself. Not how much ‘better’ it is when compared to Trek.”

I did read the posts – how else could I quote them in my response in post #44?

“The majority of the nasty posts on this thread and the other BSG threads are coming from an obvious anti-BSG contingent…”

By my count it is almost 50/50 with unfavorable comparisons to Trek enjoying a slight lead.

“I’m in total agreement with Anthony here.”

It is brave of you to take a stand with authority like this. I salute your courage.

“There are plenty of columns on this site that don’t interest me at all – fan films, for example. What do I do when I see that column? I DON’T READ IT. Pretty straightforward really. Makes life a whole lot simpler.”

OK, but turn about is fair play. If you don’t like a post, move on to the next one.

I would note, however, that only unfavorable comments about BSG were censured and put on notice, which implicitly seems to indicate that it is OK to slam trek, but BSG. One would think that one could defend Trek on Trek site (which is what I did – I fired back rejoinders to unfavorable comparisons).

I shall desist from posting in this thread, as I do not want to catch a ban, but it would be nice in anti-Trek comments were also discouraged.

76. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 2, 2008

On another site I frequent, to cast disparagin remarks on a thread just because you don’t like the content is called “thread pissing” and is subject banishment. I have said over and over that I don’t mind thoughtful discussion from those who don’t like BSG. I strongly dislike the majority of the negative commenters who have no quantitative reason to hate BSG other than the fact that they just do.

77. Biodredd - May 2, 2008

#73 – The writers and series producer have said that you can take a clue to the identity of the final cylon to be revealed from “The Last Supper” image that is all over the web. The final Cylon to be revealed DOES NOT appear in “The Last Supper” pic. So you have 12 characters you can automatically eliminate from the list.

78. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

I have to say here, that I have really found BSG an amazing series like no other. I own the soundtracks and listen to them almost daily on my long drive to and from work. I think it is an intelligent and well crafted series. However, I’ve felt slightly disappointed in this final season. I sort of get the sense that the writers don’t know exactly know how to end it. It seems a bit meandering to me for some reason. I also get the sense that the final cylon stuff is to make a real impact, to draw the series to a close with a final punch, but only for the sake of ‘the final punch’ rather than for story purposes.

however, sometimes i’ve found that shows like this work better when watched in sequence on dvd, rather than on a weekly basis. i’ve found with shows like Lost that the continuity and flow just seems so much tighter when viewed with no commercial breaks or disruptions, because it is only then that you can see how well the writing weaves in and out of each episode.

BSG is an interesting show for sure. It is worth watching and getting into, for those who are interested in sci fi dramas. It has a lot to add to the fabric of sci fi ideas, and applies them in ways that mirror our own current struggles. But then again, that is what science fiction does. It builds on the current and propels our thought into a possible future. Trekkies who are not so keen on it have every right to feel any way they want, but in this particular case they’d be missing out on some unique ideas, brought back from the 70’s. Plus the sex in it is pretty hot.


79. Bubba Hotep - May 2, 2008

To echo some of the other comments here…

As much as I love Star Trek and its characters, one of Star Trek’s greatest failings was to develop characters. Characters rarely experienced growth as individuals.

This is one of Harland Ellison’s greatest issues with Star Trek as well. As he noted in his book on the writing of, “City on the Edge of Forever,” if Kirk loved Edith Keillor so much he was willing to sacrifice the universe for her, Edith’s death should have moved Kirk deeply, forever altering his personality and behavior. At the very least, he should have been grieving for an episode or two afterwards. Instead, Kirk was his old self in the next episode, smiling, laughing and chasing skirts.

(OK, maybe Kirk became a womanizer because he knew he could never love that way again, so he just became a space slut.)

Similarly, if Data was so moved to create an off spring, wouldn’t he have tried again? More importantly, if Data was able to download his daughter’s thoughts and feelings into so he could, “remember,” her, would this not have brought him some greater understanding of humanity and emotion? But we never got an inkling of this.

80. sean - May 2, 2008


“It is brave of you to take a stand with authority like this. I salute your courage. ”

I simply pointed out that I agreed with Anthony. It has little to do with him being the ‘authority’. If I disagreed with him, I would make that known, site owner or not. Though, given it is HIS site, I think in the end we all have to play by his rules. So even if I did disagree, I would do so following the avenues he’s offered for feedback. The problem with the individuals that are offering ‘feedback’ about the column’s existence, is that they are using the wrong avenue for complaint. It’s a bit like registering a sexual harrassment claim with Tech Support.

“Really? See posts #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14, #18, #20, #32, #40, #41, #45, and #61.”

I think you’re using an incredibly broad definition of ‘slam’. Just because someone points out the weaknesses they felt might have been present in latter-day Trek doesn’t mean they’re slamming it. In fact, many of the most passionate Trek fans I’ve known have been its harshest critics. The Trek ‘slamming’ taking place in this thread is pretty mild compared to many others.

On that same token, I have no problem with someone discussing what issues they might have with BSG. In fact, I’ve seen some very healthy discussions on this very site (just not in this particular thread). The problem I have is with those that drop into the comments just to tell us they don’t watch it, or that it is ‘Mormon crap’ (hey, he manged to include a bit of religous bigotry alongside his TV critique – bonus!) or that we shouldn’t have anything non-Trek on the site (again, Anthony’s site, and Anthony has made the choice to include many non-Trek subjects).

“By my count it is almost 50/50 with unfavorable comparisons to Trek enjoying a slight lead.”

Again, I think we might be using different criterion. I was referring to the BSG columns as a whole, not just this one. Though even in this comments section, out of the first 10 comments posted, 4 were quick swipes at the show with little substance. Last week we had someone alluding to the fact that BSG fans were less intelligent viewers because they enjoyed the show. That’s the kind of thing Anthony is actively discouraging here.

“OK, but turn about is fair play. If you don’t like a post, move on to the next one.”

I don’t agree that the two are substantively the same. A column is essentially a discussion topic, which you can choose to partake in or not partake in based upon your interest. To not read it simply involves going about what you’re doing. To read it involves a choice. Once you click you have actively chosen to participate in a regulated discussion of the topic. To enter a discussion and then spend your time complaining that the discussion even exists is pointless and – to borrow a term – futile.

If a person wishes to discuss their issues with BSG or Trek in a reasonable, calm way, I think they’re free to do so under the current system. But to constantly enter these discussions to complain yet again that they don’t think the column belongs on the site after many, many weeks of having Anthony explain that he will not remove it…well, it reminds me of that old saying about the definition of insanity – repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result.

“One would think that one could defend Trek on Trek site (which is what I did – I fired back rejoinders to unfavorable comparisons). ”

Except you stooped to the level of the very people you’re criticising (so-called Trek bashers). You didn’t defend Trek – in fact, almost every response you offered was a criticism of BSG. You didn’t offer any true defense of Trek with regard to the specific crtiques that were offered (aside from mentioning it was episodic television).

Look, criticism is fine with me. But I don’t think we’ve had much in the way of legitimate criticism in these columns. The majority of negativity is coming from people that perform a sort of hit-and-run – they drop in just to let us know they hate the show, or that it’s stupid, without offering any real basis for why feel that way. I would object to it just as vehemently if they were doing the same in a Trek-specific thread. It offers no positive contribution to the site or to the discussions. All it does is stir up a little controversy.

81. MrRegular - May 2, 2008

‘#79 Bubba Hotep:
That’s the issue that really left me cold about most Trek after DS9. DS9 characters grew or at least changed, and were influenced by the events in their lives. Unfortunately most of Voyager or Enterprise was not like this, which was too bad.
Great BG episode tonight BTW. I don’t think I will give anything away by saying that Starbuck remains…frakkin’ nuts!!!

82. Teleportation Girl - May 2, 2008

well the beauty of art is the context of the time period it is created in. it is always a mirror. and funny enough we are talking about this in a BSG thread. twenty years from now, people might be asking similar questions about the fate of starbuck and apollo.

83. DJT - May 3, 2008

I scrolled to that bikini pic
And that has made all the difference.



84. Doug - May 3, 2008

WAH (baby crying).

I think there is room enough for BSG in here.

85. Jeyl - May 3, 2008

Again, I don’t have anything against BSG posts on a Trek website. I am a little concerned that all these “BSG is better than trek ever was” like comments will do more to hurt this community then anything else. Think about it. Nothing new has happened in Star Trek since 2005, yet BSG is all the rage and there are so many things going on for it. It’s not that hard to understand why Trek fans are more likely to get upset over a post like this because all it does is bring in comparisons on how BSG is so bad and how Star Trek is so good and vice versa. Maybe Trek fans who come visit this site fear that this website will soon be the subtitle “, a website that’s based on a series that is no where near as good as the new BSG.”?

And while I do think the random slamming of BSG is unfortunate, I so sympathize with them to a certain extent. It’s not so much that the new BSG is good, I think it has more to do with the fact that the Star Trek series “Entperprise” was canceled and the new BSG is still going strong to this day while nothing has happened in Star Trek for three years. It’s not that hard to imagine Ron Moore giving us a Nelson “Ha ha!” laugh at us since all the things he talks about that are Trek related are things like “Trek needs to start over” and “Trek had too much continuity”.

And Anthony, you gave me a great laugh today when read your comment saying “I will have another star trek story up soon,” and the title of that story was “Future of ‘Star Trek: The Experience’ In Doubt”. That pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say here.

86. VOODOO - May 3, 2008

If the new Star Trek movie is 75% as good as the average episode of BSG I would be thrilled.

87. VOODOO - May 3, 2008

DS9 is a cartoon compared to BSG.

88. Jeyl - May 3, 2008


Cartoons are good!

89. Disgruntled Trekster - May 3, 2008

BSG is a cartoon compared to Shakespeare. And a really rancid cartoon at that.

90. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

#89 Disgruntled Trekster would you care to elaborate on that little one line critique of BSG ?

91. Jeyl - May 3, 2008

Star Trek was a cartoon.

Rather then elaborate what makes BSG bad, how about what makes a cartoon bad. I’m really interested in why both Star Trek and BSG fans are using the genre of “cartoons” to label a product inferior to another thing. I happen to enjoy cartoons. Anime is another form of cartoons and nobody disses Ghost in the Shell for being a cartoon.

92. Teleportation Girl - May 3, 2008

having worked in animation for many many years now i am accustomed to the very lame view from the GPublic that animation is just for kids. it is not. and it is very artful and worthy of serious consideration.

i wonder why that guy is so disgruntled. ?

93. VOODOO - May 3, 2008


I doubt that praising BSG is going to hurt Star Trek in any way. The fact of the matter is that Star Trek in it’s various forms has become very stale over the last 15 years.

Let’s hope that Abrams and co. can do for Star Trek what Ron Moore did for BSG.

94. VOODOO - May 3, 2008

Are some Star Trek fans becoming jealous of BSG? Is BSG now the standard that Star Trek or any other sci-fi series will have to live up to in the future?

I think this is a legitimate question to ask after reading some of the above posts

95. Anthony Pascale - May 3, 2008

There are a lot of comments above that I consider trolling

but I am going to let it go. But for next weeks BSG column, and the ones after that…and there is nothing that is going to stop the weekly bsg column, I am going to be warning and disciplining all those who troll these threads.

I suggest the ‘i dont like bsg’ crowd just skip over the bsg story. Fight the urge to tell the majority of trek fans who like bsg too what you think and ‘set them straight’ We get it…you dont like it. now move on.

By the way, this is the same policy I have for the book, comic, toy and other columns. Not everything is for everyone…that is fine. But do you really need to attack those who like it or force them to constantly defend it, when this is really to discuss the episode and the news of the week.

96. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

Poor Kara thrace has a slight mutiny on her hands based on the scense for next week ,looks like she gets to talk to the base star Hybrid to find out certain answers.Leobens helpfulness is a curiosity, he seem committed to helping her find Earth but considering his past with Starbuck i just get the feeling that this is some kind of elaborate trap on the part of the Cylons, that is how it appears and If this is the case why go through the charade? why not capture them and be done with it. Is it possible that they had nothing at all to do with her sudden reappearance, that they need something from here rather then the other way around? Something stinks here.

97. Jeyl - May 3, 2008

#93. “Let’s hope that Abrams and co. can do for Star Trek what Ron Moore did for BSG”

You mean like having all the “alien looking” like beings in Star Trek and turn them all into human beings? No pointed eared Vulcans? No lizard like Gorns? No crystal shaped tholians? I loath the day when a lovely looking lady in a fine red dress walks around proclaiming that she’s the new evolutionary result of the Gorns.

I also hope they don’t flush a number of crew members out of the airlocks on a regular basis or have the entire ship go all paranoid on everyone around them.

Or do you want the camera man to constantly shake the cameras? /shivers

98. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

The cylon Hybrid on the basestars, How could they possibly know what they know about the future? We know that thy Collate date in a way that conventional computers can’t. So is it possible what if what the Hybrid says about Kara Thrace, leading the fleet to its destruction is in fact the truth? It is possible that the Hybrid existing in the state that it does can not only Collate Baseship data but project probable future events based upon whats happening in the present. Remember the Cylons have the ability project things. Given the capabilities of the Hybrid why could this not also apply to prophecy and predicting the future. Its also possible that the Hybrids projection capabilities may be the source of Baltar’s Knowledge of things as well and maybe it plays a part in Laura Roslyns visions and dreams and anyone else in the fleet who may have prophetic abilities and visions. One other thing to consider it might be aso playing in to Baltars sudden ability to do miracles and influence those around him I was wondering if any had any thoughts on these idea? But it also comes down to something else is something in turn influencing these Hybrids, is there in fact a God entity or ascended being giving them the information, maybe Ron Moore is going to do something with the ship of lights concept from the original series. Who knows this in only speculation on my part,

99. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

#97 So Jey any thoughts on last nighs episode?

100. Biodredd - May 3, 2008

Well I for one feel that the ship of light from the original series plays no part what-so-ever in this series.

After taking the time to freze frame Starbuck’s paintings, she has painted something that looks more like a funky re-designed basestar then anything resembling the ship of light.

I think Starbuck may have been to Earth, but I think the feelings she is having are meant to direct her course to the Cylons for both sides mutual benefit.

The Galactica has been following a pretty straight forward course based on the clues it has uncovered so far. Adama and Roslyn have no reason to believe anything but the markers they have found and continue on that path.

After 58 days, Starbuck is no closer to finding her way back to earth then when the mission started. I have a feeling there will initially be two paths back to earth that eventually merge into one. May may be longer and more harrowing, the quick path will have its own perils and difficulties to overcome.

The quick path is easy, quicker and leads into darkness (forgive the Star Wars alligories), the longer path will lead to the light and the eventual discovery of Earth.

I was also talking to a friend about this… our current thery is that while there may be 12 models of Cylons that are known (well with the exception of the 12th model), by the time the fleet arrives at earth it will be discovered that we are all Cylons and always have been.

And what could they possibly have planned for the last four hours that caused the producers to tell the writers to conserve the SFX budget for the season as they were pulling out all the stops in the last 4 hours?

101. VOODOO - May 3, 2008

Jeyl #97

No, I mean (and I think you know what I mean) that I hope that Abrams can return Star Trek to the days where it was a cutting edge, thought provoking/ground breaking program. Much like BSG is today.

I don’t want more of the same stale old copy of a copy that Star Trek has become over the last 15 years.

Ron Moore’s BSG is a mature redefining of the sci-fi genre. While on the other hand the latest bunch of Star Trek spin-offs where becoming less and less relevant. They were dumbed down lifeless product handed to the masses by Paramount in an attempt to continue milking their golden cow. After a while the general public simply lost interest in these programs that were living off the Star Trek name.

Can you tell me with a straight face that Enterprise or Voyager are in the same league with BSG as far as quality goes? With all due respect please don’t try and argue that they are because they simply are not.

Please stop with the inferiority complex towards BSG. Star Trek will soon have it’s day (about a year from now) to reemerge and prove to the world that it is once again worthy of the thrown that Kirk and co. earned so many years ago. Until then get out of BSG’s way because it is blowing sci-fi’s doors off the wall.

ps: By the way I have confidence that the current creative team is on the right track to reinvigorate the franchise much the same way that Moore did with BSG. Although they should get Shatner a cameo… Sorry I had to get that last bit in.

102. VOODOO - May 3, 2008


Thanks for the weekly BSG story.

Is there anyway you can get an edit function on the site? I think faster than I type and I make really stupid spelling and punctuation errors. I go crazy looking at all the mistakes I made here.

Maybe I’m just a dope?

103. Cyberghost - May 3, 2008

BSG is intended for a mature audience, and that is where the problem is. People like shows spoon feed to them and the new BSG does not do that.

104. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

#101 I to came to that conclusion along time ago that what we were dealing with Colonials and Cylons were two different groups of machines. It started on Kobol thousands of years ago. they had a machine rebellion, what left Kobol to colonize the 12 worlds only thought it was human but forgot either through accident or design that they were in fact machines, as to whta went to Earth could be the human survivors from Kobol. Look at the fact that both Colonials and Cylons have the final five in common. To the colonials they are the gos to the Cylons they are the final models .it seems to tie pretty well.
As to the agenda of the final five? I think that they will know what their purpose is when the 5th cylon is revealed. Most likely the 5th Cylon is like a program key which will enable them to remember what their purpose is. I think that the Purpose of the 5 is to act as shepards to both colonials and Cylons, I think their job may be to bring them together.

105. Garovorkin - May 3, 2008

The thing is I find the BSG to be a fascinating show. The storys are very Dark and characters with all their shades of grey moral ambiguities, hangups and complexities are fun to watch. They never seem to do what we expect them to do. For them doing the right thing is neither easy or in some cases convenient. There are quick formula fixes like so many past shows used to give us.

106. thebiggfrogg - May 4, 2008

#21: In 10 years I will still be holding on to my BSG DVDs and iTunes downloads. It is a fascinating, morally complex show. I am a Trek fan too, but the drama of Trek too often drifted into formula–too many reiterations. Before this film I felt Trek needed a decade or two rest until fresh blood came along and if this falls flat I’ll return to that line of thought. People may still be watching Trek, but if it series 10 in the lame style of Enterprise I’ll take BSG over it any day.

That said, Trek and BSG are completely different animals (add to that list some of my other favorites like Babylon 5, Farscape, and Firefly). When I want an optimistic view of the future that, at its best, spins a good speculative yarn I will watch Trek. When I want to watch a show that is closer to reality, closer to home with dark contours, shades of gray, and characters who feel the consequences of their actions I’ll watch BSG. While I love both (and the others mentioned above) I have to admit BSG usually offers superior drama, acting, and suspense.

107. Jeyl - May 4, 2008

#101 VOODOO “Can you tell me with a straight face that Enterprise or Voyager are in the same league with BSG as far as quality goes? With all due respect please don’t try and argue that they are because they simply are not.”

Oh don’t worry. I wasn’t even going to. I watched a couple of seasons of Voyager and didn’t like where it was going. I watched the first episode of Enterprise and loathed every second of it. I even watched that stupid Borg episode that only confirmed what I had for the series all along. I was a prequel to TNG, not TOS. Over 30 HD screens on a bridge when the original series had no screens at all 100 years later? Not buying it.

But you know what’s sad? I actually felt bad for all of the show’s fans that had to endure the so called “treat for Star Trek fans” final episode of Enterprise. Awful. Absolutely awful. Where is the logic in taking a series that was so good for people and turning it’s very episode into another episode of TNG? Nothing spells “Let’s just quit on Enterprise and do another TNG. Those were always good!” like that last episode did.

And I LOVE shows with continuity where characters go through change, past events are either mentioned or play a big part in what’s to come and how nothing is the same from when it started. There were a lot of Sci-Fi shows that did that which I really like. DS9, Firefly, Doctor Who and Stargate.

I’m glad BSG is following suit and that’s why you and a lot of other people like it so much. There was just nothing about it that clicked to me. I didn’t like the idea of Cylons taking human forms or how TERMINATOR like the opening story was handled with humanity being nuked by machines that they created and must now fight them in order to survive. And that “in brain Six” stint is a complete “Harvey” scenario from Farscape. But hey, who ever said there was a perfect series out there?

Maybe if the show introduced the character of Lucifer I’d watch it again, but since this is the final season and only the human like Cylons are dominant here, it doesn’t look like it will happen.

108. Gerry Alanguilan - May 4, 2008

This post isn’t IDIC.


People outside the US can’t see the videos! Sorry, our video library can only be streamed in the United States blah blah blah.

That said, I’m a fan of BSG. I hope there’s a BSG blog like this one. I’d like the stuff here to stick to Star Trek. If you have a story about Ronald Moore or any other Star Trek vet, then run that. This isn’t a BSG blog.

109. Garovorkin - May 4, 2008

#108 Gerry we like talking about trek but we are also science fiction fans so we like talking about other science fiction shows as well. Just for a bit of a change and I think you will find that alot of trek fans are BSG fans as well. You can’t isolate trek from the rest of the science fiction universe. If you go to some of the site devoted to specific shows some of them talk about other shows. so your statement doesn’t make any sense. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.