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Shatner Talks Takei Feud On Conan [UPDATED: Shat Talks Pine + Vids from View and GMA] May 13, 2008

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On Monday William Shatner showed up on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote his new autobiography “Up Till Now“. Shat did a skit early on, then came on as the 2nd guest and talked about his ‘gripping’ experience meeting Koko the gorilla, and how his Trek co-stars hate him, specifically George Takei.
See VIDEO below.

Shatner’s segment on Conan….

(NOTE: To see transcript click ‘CC’ button, upper right)

Takei’s side of the story: Takei on Leno last month dishing on Shatner and the roast.

In The Year 2000…Shatner Edition
Shat also joined in the Conan fun by doing a special Shatner edition of their regular ‘look into the future’ skit.

UPDATE: Shat talks Pine

Shatner called in to AM NY to talk about his book and the conversation got around to the new Captain Kirk from JJ Abrams Star Trek, Chris Pine. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Strangely, and unfortunately, Shatner is not involved in that movie [JJ Abrams Star Trek], but he did get a chance to meet his successor, actor Chris Pine, who he says “is on the road to good fortune.” And no, he’s not really worried about passing over the reins.

“I’m OK with that, except that he’s younger,” Shatner says, laughing. “I don’t feel good about that.”

UPDATE: Shatner on Good Morning America and The View
On GMA…mostly fluff, talks about how he was ‘lucky’ with Trek

On The View, talks about photographing for Playboy and a bit on Takei feud

Shatner Media Tour
Conan is just the start of Bill’s big media tour this week. Tomorrow he is on The View, later in the week he will be on the O’Reilly Factor and Howard Stern…see below for a full breakdown of Shatner’s media appearances.

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1. SolFlyer - May 13, 2008

Text would be nice. I can’t view video at work. Oh, well. Its pretty sad that I’m so interested in the hate anyway. Where’s the love?

2. Captain Robert April - May 13, 2008


I think it’s about time George remembered that he was a bit player at the time and the only ensemble Star Trek had was Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley.

3. dannyboy1 - May 13, 2008

It’s pretty miserable when you let something chew away inside of you for forty years. Isn’t it time you got over it, George? As Captain April pointed out, the other members of the “big three” got along fine with Bill. It is only the jealous supporting players who didn’t like the guy with top billing. But Doohan took it to his grave and Takei probably will too.

4. DarthDogg - May 13, 2008

Shatner……Is……………God !!!!!!!!!!

5. Danya Romulus - May 13, 2008

It’s amazing that even after George appeared on Conan and specifically mentioned that name pronunciation thing, AND he mentioned it in the roast, Shat still came on Conan and mispronounced it. It might seem like I little thing, but after all those years, I don’t blame George for finding it disrespectful.

6. Darth Ballz - May 13, 2008

I love George

He was a very intresting person but when I met him back in 91 he was still very much angry with Shatner. They were ALL typecast to a certin point but Shatner proved he could do fine without Trek and so did Nimoy. Kelly didn’t even care about money or fame, just doing the movies was more for the fans than any need he had. The others however suffered more from the typecasting and did just fine living off of Trek with doing thousands of Trek conventions. Sorry but as much as I like love Georege he sucks as a actor. His performance is wooden and only thing he can do right is something that involves a Golf ball and a straw……

Darth “Batsh^t Crazy” Ballz

7. Battletrek - May 13, 2008

Shatner can barely act. So calling Takei a wooden actor is really saying something.

8. AJ - May 13, 2008

I’m SOOOOOOOO glad Shatner’s not in the new film. I love the guy, but he’s just too over the top now to do anything but comedy and self-parody.

9. Tim - May 13, 2008

Meeeeeeoooow Shatner!!

10. Iowagirl - May 13, 2008

Obviously, the videos don’t work outside the US – great! I’m fed up with those kindergarten stories: Hey, he repeatedly took my sand mold, and the world has to find out about that…

In my book the Shat will always be Kirk, Takei will always be Sulu, and TOS will always be the greatest show in the universe.

Period. Next.

11. AJ - May 13, 2008

I’m in Sweden, and just watched both vids.

12. oztrek - May 13, 2008

Australia here – stream failed to connect to any available ports ???

13. sebimeyer - May 13, 2008

Germany reporting: No vids here either. Weird, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Anthony, could you maybe do this like in the past and add a short text summary to such items in the future? (in the year twooooooo-thouuuu-saaaaaand….)

14. SteveinSF - May 13, 2008

It’s too bad the supporting characters were so angry over Shatner. Really, after 42 years, get over it already.

15. Ty Webb - May 13, 2008

I have to say that for years until I heard it actually verbally pronounced I though Takei was said as Tak-eye.

16. toonloon - May 13, 2008

#6. Darth Ballz

Straw?? Golf ball?? WTF!??!!!

17. J C - May 13, 2008

He’ blames Shatner for cutting his scenes in some of the movies but it was done to streamline the narrative

18. doubleofive - May 13, 2008

Show the clip!

19. Fansince9 - May 13, 2008

I noticed he’ll be on John Boy & Billy tomorrow at 10:20. I wonder when they’ll air that interview, because their show goes off the radio at 10:00 EST. In either case, I’ll certainly be listening for that interview. One of these days, I’d love to hear Nimoy interviewing on that show, too.

20. Mike T. - May 13, 2008

On one of Shatner’s interviews on Howard Stern he mentions that Takei got pissed because he wanted his own ship a few movies earlier than TUC and Shatner said if you get your own ship he wouldn’t be in any further movies but Takei just didn’t get it. What did he think, every movie would feature both ships? In TUC Takei’s scenes added up to what, 3 minutes of screen time?

And how many years has Takei tried to get a Excelsior movie / TV show off the ground? Life is too short, get over it and make peace with the Shat.

21. Jim - May 13, 2008

In case you folks don’t know, Shatner really can be an S.O.B., I know from experience. So it’s not surprising that some co-stars hate him. However, as George Takei once told me “oh, but he’s a fine actor though.” (trademark Takei laughter). Does anyone recall Walter Koenig hating Shatner? Just curious.

22. I Hate Shatner - May 13, 2008



23. SPB - May 13, 2008


…but quite frankly, Walter Koenig seems to be the ONE guy that, although he’s had a beef with Shatner over the years, he’s the one TREK actor who has shown the most class about the subject. Maybe I’ve missed some interviews, but I don’t recall Koenig resorting to the blatant name-calling of Takei and Doohan, and the outright “We hate you” comments of Nichelle Nichols.

Koenig has an actor’s ego, just like everyone else in the business, but he’s never been infantile about Shatner–more thoughful, resigned and diplomatic. Unless someone can dig up any particularly damning quotes…?

24. colonyearth - May 13, 2008

Actually the vids don’t work inside the US either. Can’t see them. Please fix…please :)


25. That One Guy - May 13, 2008


If Shatner were God, we’d be in a bigger heap of trouble than any of us could ever imagine. Thank Q he’s not…

Personally, like the guy, but whatever.

Videos work for me.

26. AdamTrek - May 13, 2008

If Nimoy is a friend of The Shat, then all of us can be.

Nuff said.

27. Captain Otter - May 13, 2008

The vids work just fine for me- and I’m using Camino, for pete’s sake.

28. ensign joe - May 13, 2008

and here’s a transcript.. bit of a long post but there you go..

Conan: Let me tell you about our show. You know our first guest, he’s one of my favorites as Captain James T. Kirk. He’s also in “Boston Legal.”

( Cheers and applause )

Conan: And, listen to this — he has a critically acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll album out, right now, which we were listening to today. Have you listened to this album?

Max Weinberg: It’s really good.

Conan: It’s really good. It’s called “Has Been.” William Shatner is on the show!

( Cheers and applause )

Conan O’Brien version of Vulcan greeting. Conan neck-pinches himself and collapses.

Conan: Ladies and gentlemen, clearly, we’re screwing around a lot tonight. We’re being silly. We’re having a good time. But, I think it’s time we all settle down for just a moment. Take a deep breath, get serious, because I think it’s time, once again, we look into the future…

( Cheers and applause as William Shatner walks onto the set )

Shatner: The future, Conan?

Conan: That’s right, William Shatner, let’s all look to the future, all the way to the year 2000…

Chorus: “In the year 2000… In the year 2000…”

Conan: The Oscar ceremony will be even longer than ever, when host Anna Nicole Smith spends the first hour vomiting.

“In the year 2000…”

Shatner: The Clinton Presidential Library will open in Little Rock, featuring over 80 million items — three of which were never inside Monica Lewinsky.

“In the year 2000…”

Conan: While eating at a restaurant, a New York Yankee player will administer the Heimlich Maneuver to a woman, prompting the headline, “Choking victim saves choking victim.”

“In the year 2000…”

Shatner: The human race will finally receive a message from outer space — a long, boring message… about home refinancing.

“In the year 2000…”

Conan: Star Jones and her new husband will shock those who feel their marriage is a sham, when they begin practicing an extremely passionate, physical, and loud sexual routine that neighbors refer to as “Chocolate Thunder.”

“In the year 2000…”

Shatner: It will once again be okay to make fun of midgets, when midgets admit that they could grow up if they wanted to.

“In the year 2000…”

Conan: NBC will air its most challenging episode of “Fear Factor” ever, in which contestants are asked to swallow the notion that Clay Aiken is not gay.

“In the year 2000…”

Shatner: “Barely Legal” magazine will suffer a drop in readership when, instead of girls who just turned 18, they begin featuring immigrants whose work visas are about to expire.

“In the year 2000…”

Conan: People will stop using vacuum cleaners when they realize that dust is coming into their homes just to get sucked.

“In the year 2000…”

Shatner: Captain Kirk, Spock, Sulu, and the others, will reunite one last time when they agree to make “Star Trek Nine: The Last Payment on Shatner’s Beach House.”

( Laughter )

Conan: More with William Shatner when we return. We’ll be right back!

Conan: We’re back, yes.

( Cheers and applause )

Conan: And what a show we have for you tonight. I’m sitting here with William Shatner. Nice to see you again.

Shatner: Thank you. “Boston Legal,” Sunday nights, ABC at 10 o’clock.

Conan: Yeah.

( Applause )

Shatner: So long!

Conan: I was gonna get to that.

Shatner: No, I —

Conan: No, you know —

Shatner: I just wanted to be sure that that got in. Then I don’t care what happens.

Conan: Yes, yes, yes.

( Light laughter )

Conan: Um. Yes.

Shatner: Talk to me. I’m so happy about your, uh, your marriage and your baby.

Conan: Yes, I have a little girl now.

Shatner: What’s her name?

Conan: Neve.

Shatner: Oh, my god. What a name.

Conan: What?

( Laughter )

Shatner: Great name.

Conan: It’s a nice name, yeah. Simple. Neve, yeah.

Shatner: Yeah, Neve.

Conan: Yeah.

Shatner: Gwyneth Paltrow’s baby is Apple.

Conan: Yeah, she was on the show, and I didn’t realize that. Her baby’s name is Apple.

Shatner: If she’d married Brad Pitt, she’d have Apple Pitt.

( Laughter )

Conan: So, let me get this straight, you only inquired about my baby so you could make that joke?!

( Laughter )

Shatner: I am a very shallow person.

Conan: You’re a very shallow man, a very shallow man. Now, listen, I have so much… there’s so much going on in your life, in your career. It’s stunning. But, before we get into all that, I have to ask you — I always ask you kind of a nerdy “Star Trek” question. And I have to get it out of the way. I’ll ask it right now.

Shatner: Okay.

Conan: Which is — I read in an interview, a long time ago, that Dr. McCoy — uh, DeForest Kelley, the actor — he gave you the silent treatment for two years, during your time together making “Star Trek.” Two years, he wouldn’t talk to you on the set because he was furious with you. What was going on? Is that true, first of all?

Shatner: It is.

Conan: Yes. Yeah.

Shatner: I mean, I didn’t… I didn’t… I was a friend. I wanted to be his friend.

Conan: Yeah, and he was mad at you. Why was he so mad at you?

Shatner: He… he… he got angry easily.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Shatner: And… and… it was over his dog.

Conan: His dog. What happened?

Shatner: He walked his dog, every morning.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Shatner: And he came in one morning, to the makeup room, and he was crying.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Shatner: I said, “What happened?” He said, “My dog is dead.”

Conan: What — aw.

Shatner: Exactly. That was my reaction. “What — what happened?” He said, “I was walking my little…” — uh, what do you call them? A little, uh, Chihuahua.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Shatner: “I was walking my little Chihuahua, and she got off the leash; and she started running around in the grass, and hit a sprinkler head and dropped dead.”

( Audience laughter )

Conan: Hit a — I’ve never heard of that! Hit a sprinkler head and dropped dead?

Shatner: You see what their (the audience) reaction was?

( Laughter )

Conan: People laughed.

Shatner: That’s what I did.

Conan: You laughed!

( Laughter )

Shatner: He didn’t talk to me for two years.

Conan: He was… Oh, my god! He must’ve been furious. Did he act like McCoy in that moment, and look up from the dog and go, “Jim, he’s dead!”

( Laughter )

Conan: Did he do that?

Shatner: He tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth, yeah.

Conan: Oh, god. So you laughed?

Shatner: I laughed.

Conan: When someone comes in, and they’re crying, and they tell you their dog died, you have to try not to laugh.

Shatner: When their dog… their dog… their DOG…

Shatner: I think Dobermans are a dog.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: A Chihuahua is a rat.

( Laughter )

Conan (to audience): Please, if you’re angry — a lot of dog people get very… there are a lot of Chihuahua lovers —

Shatner: Yeah, but those people —

Conan (to audience): If you’re angry about that comment, write to Will Shatner, care of “The View,” and we’ll, uh —

( Laughter )

Shatner: Those people’s bark are worse than their bite!

( Conan laughs )

Conan: Ah, you! You’re insane.

( Laughter )

Shatner: Yes.

Conan: You’re insane. Now —

Shatner: But not enough.

Conan: Well, I got that out of the way.

Shatner: Okay, good, I’m glad.

Conan: I’m glad that you cleared that up for me.

Shatner: Yes, Frank is glad now.

Conan: Yeah. Yeah, now, you’ve always loved traveling. Your whole life, you’ve loved traveling.

Shatner: How did you know that?

Conan: I know that because we’ve talked about it many times.

Shatner: Oh.

Conan: Clearly, it had no impression on you. But —

( Laughter )

Conan: How many times have you been here —

Shatner: I’m surprised you were listening.

Conan: Yes, yes, I hang on every word. Uh, and so you’ve always talked about your love of travel. And now I’m told that you went on a safari.

Shatner: I did.

Conan: And that you had kind of a… it wasn’t terrific. You had kind of a bad experience.

Shatner: Oh, I had a great experience. Dotted here and there by various, sort of, extraordinary moments.

Conan: Right, right. Well, give us an example of an extraordinary moment when you’re on a safari.

Shatner: Uh, you’re in a tent.

Conan: In a tent.

Shatner: In a tent, in the… on the veldt.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: You know, the prairie. I mean, there’s just animals. And, you stay in your tent, you’re okay; you come out of your tent, you’re dead.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: It’s that kind of thing.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: So, I —

Conan: So, you were killed. Is that what you’re saying?

( Laughter )

Shatner: I’m a half-eaten replica of myself.

Conan: Yeah, yeah.

Shatner: So, I was in my tent, and there was a sound.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: And I got up, and I looked out; and it was a dark, palpable night.

Shatner: You could reach out and touch it. So I reached out, and I touched it; and there was something there.

Conan: What… what was it?

Shatner: Well, I kind of felt around, and felt around. Finally, I… and then I realized I was looking up at the tail end of an elephant.

Conan: It was that close to your tent?

Shatner: It was right up against it.

Conan: Yeah.

Shatner: Munching. And then I saw the tail lift.

( Laughter )

Conan: Oh, my — No! What are you talking about?

Shatner: It was awful.

Conan: Yeah, I —

( Laughter )

Conan: You bring such dramatic resonance to your tales. That was —

Shatner: That was the elephant tail. You should’ve heard my tail!

( Laughter )

Conan: Ahh! So, the elephant relieved itself on you?

Shatner: And passed wind. *phffft*

Conan: Right, right. So, that was a bad experience is what you’re saying?

Shatner: No, actually, that was one of the good ones. I, uh —

( Laughter )

Shatner: You should’ve been on that trip. It was awful.

Conan: Right. We have a little comedy routine going here. Uh, you have this album — we have to talk about this record, “Has Been.” You’ve come out with this record, and every single review — and I don’t just mean reviews in small papers or magazines here and there — all of the big names in the recording industry have come out and said this is one of their favorite albums of the year. I heard about this; I got the record; I started listening to it today, and there’s a lot of great music on this.

Shatner: Yeah. Ben Folds wrote the music and collaborated. I mean, I wrote the words, most of them; and he wrote the music, most of it.

Conan: And it just worked out. You started working together, I guess, on a commercial. And then it —

Shatner: Well, actually, further back than that. He had an album called the “Fear of Pop,” and he wrote a number for me, “White Oleander,” and that’s where we met. And “White Oleander” was a very successful experience for both of us. And then we continued to work together.

Conan: You’ve said that you — that performing live — that, when you perform music live, that you feel like an Oreo cookie. I don’t know what that means.

( Light laughter )

Conan: It stunned me into silence, as well. What do you mean, you feel like an Oreo cookie when you’re performing music live, exactly?

Shatner: Well, I want to eat an Oreo — I feel like an Oreo cookie, as against a muffin. No, no, I’m only joking.

Conan: I hope so, because then I’d have to have people come in here and take you away…

( Laughter )

Conan: …if you’d meant that seriously.

Shatner: Or add a laugh track, right?

Conan: Right.

Shatner: From behind, there’s this energy. Rock ‘n’ roll… I’ve discovered rock ‘n’ roll.

Conan: Yes.

Shatner: I mean, it sounds… bizarre.

Conan: Yeah.

Shatner: But —

Conan: But, relatively late in life, you’ve discovered the power of rock ‘n’ roll.

Shatner: Relatively late in life, right.

Conan: Yes, that’s what I meant, relatively. Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna be around for a long time.

Shatner: Well, not at this rate. So, there’s this energy coming from behind, the rock ‘n’ roll band. And there’s this drummer… (to Max Weinberg) Let me hear a riff…

( Max Weinberg beats on his drums… )

Shatner: Yeah — bam, boom, bang! Wow! The energy that comes forth from that.

Conan: Right.

Shatner: Then there’s the energy from the audience. They’re like, “Wow, yes! Whoa, whoa!”

( Cheers and applause. Shatner cues more drum beats. )

Shatner: Wow!

Conan: So, what you’re saying is that — the band’s behind you, pushing you one way…

Shatner: You got it.

Conan: The crowd is pushing the other —

Shatner: Pushing you the other way, and you’re like in the center of an Oreo cookie. And I’ve discovered the secret of it all.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Shatner: It’s sex!

( Laughter )

Shatner: Am I right? Is rock ‘n’ roll sex, or not?

( Cheers and applause )

Shatner (gyrating): The musicians are going, “Yeah! Whoa! Nyah-ha!” And —

Conan: What kind of musicians have you hired? Are they perverts?!

( Laughter )

Conan: What musicians are going like, “Rrrar, Rrrrr” —

( Laughter )

Shatner (to band): Give me a little bit.

Weinberg: What?

Shatner: Go on, give me a… sex… give me a… pelvis —

( Drumming. Thumping. Grinding beat. Cheers and applause. )

Shatner: That’s called a basic beat — a tom-tom, throbbing…

Conan: Listen, listen —

( Laughter )

Shatner: …expulsion of energy.

Conan: This is a family show, and I will not have that kind of talk here! Throbbing and thrusting is not —

Shatner: Get me Mr. Powell!

Conan: Yeah, yeah. This is a… that’s a —

Shatner: But, that’s what rock ‘n’ roll is.

Conan: Yes. Yes.

Shatner: I discovered it late in life.

Conan: Yeah.

Shatner: That, and sex.

Conan: Yeah.

( Laughter )

Conan: Clearly, you didn’t get out much. Um, I listened to this record, and here’s something — you’ve performed before. You’ve sang before. You have a very distinct vocal style…

Shatner: Apparently.

Conan: …that you can’t really… it’s not really singing.

Shatner: No.

Conan: And it’s not really speaking.

Shatner: No.

Conan: It’s just… Shatner. Is that fair to say?

( Laughter )

Shatner: I would say you could do anything in a Shatner.

Conan: Yeah, yeah. It almost feels like you… it doesn’t matter, you don’t even probably need a good song. Anything you do, you can sort of bring life to as William Shatner.

Shatner: I’d like to think that.

Conan: Yeah, yeah.

Shatner: Well, I mean, like… what?

Conan: Well, we… I was thinking about this earlier today, and I thought… I bet if you… this is a song that a lot of kids learned.

Shatner: Yeah.

Conan: I bet — “Eensy Weensy Spider” — I bet you could do “Eensy Weensy Spider” Shatner-style, and it would be a whole new thing.

Shatner: I’ll try.

Conan: Yeah, let’s hear this, right now.

( Cheers and applause. Shatner cues the band. )

Shatner: “Itsy bitsy spider…”

Conan: Itsy bitsy spider.

Shatner: “Climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun; dried up all the rain. And, the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again. Yeah!”

( Shatner stands, as big-band music swells, to audience applause and delight… )

Shatner: “Hey, itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up that spout again!”

Conan: Yeah! Yeah!

( Cheers and applause )

Conan: Let’s get Jesus out here! Bring him out!

An actor, dressed as Jesus Christ with a shotgun, drives by: Whoo-hoo! Yeehaw! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Conan: “Boston Legal” airs Sunday nights at 10:00 on ABC. “Has Been” is in stores now. William Shatner, it’s always an experience. Thank you!

(Cheers and applause. End of William Shatner’s segment.)

29. Mr. Bob Dobalina - May 13, 2008

SHatner cut my scenes…Shatner can’t say my name…Shatner kicked my puppy…blah blah blah…

no more blah blah blah….or BONK ON THE HEAD George!!

30. ensign joe - May 13, 2008

Uhhhhhhhh .. heheheh.. wrong transcript :P that one was uhhhhhh nov 19, 2004… ok I’ll go back into my hole now..

31. JodarTrekFan - May 13, 2008

I think everyone is blowing the Takei thing way out of proportion. I remember seeing the raunchy Takei roast and I believe most of it was good acting, with a little personal angst thrown in for motivation. A little. :)

As far as Shatner is concerned, he considered himself and maybe Nimoy THE Star Trek stars. Remember when ST4 was almost halted because of money issues? Shatner. At the end of ST6, they spent something like $100K to computer airbrush his ass because it looked too big on the movie screen? Perhaps my favorite Shatner movie story was when, during the filming of V in the desert, Shatner rides this horse in a very dramatic shot…the desert wind gusts blow off his entire toupee and ruins the shot. The immediate crew hysterically laughs….then an enraged Shatner fired them! I wonder if that clip exists somewhere. It would make for a hilarious blooper.

32. bdrcarter - May 13, 2008

Star Trek was supposed to be more of an ensemble show until Shatner became insecure in Spock’s success and started demanding more screen time and line-counting. Many of the plots/lines that were supposed to go to other characters became Kirk’s. No wonder there was so much animosity.

33. dw - May 13, 2008

Good grief – most of the supporting crew hated Shatner and its hardly any secret – yet it is being played like some startling new revelation no one heard of in the last four *decades*. .

If you ever saw the movie “Galaxy Quest,” an outrageously funny Trek parody, you’ll see a main theme was how the “supporting crew” hated the “captain.” There are myriad stories in Hollywood about the hated leading man – Chevy Chase had a terrible reputation for being an egomaniac during production of the “Vacation” flims…

Shatner’s ego is stuff of legend, well-documented, and now he’s more or less leveraging it to his financial advantage in his latter-years self-marketing campaign. So what?

34. thebiggfrogg - May 13, 2008

Video error from China. A short text summary would be helpful for we expats. I don’t follow the rest of the cast (minus Nimoy-late DeForrest Kelley) spat with the Shat. If Shatner’s arrogance continues to this day I can see out it might rankle. If Shat has mellowed and it is all 40 years in the past then maybe it is time to mend some fences. If memory serves though these disputes aren’t all from 1967, seems like he disses the b-string players during the movies too (especially Takei who was supposed to be given more screen time as a captain in Trek II or III–can’t remember which). Though if Shatner is still mispronouncing Takei’s name after that roast it seems that he is still needling and perhaps a bit arrogant. That said, after McCoy, Sulu was my favorite character, despite the small role. I liked the little character bits he was allowed, particularly his hobbies where he got to show his enthusiasm. Takei isn’t a stellar actor, but he is okay. I wouldn’t call him wooden. Shatner has his moments, but sometimes he has more ham than a side of pork (which he astutely turned into a paycheck years later with turns on “Third Rock from the Sun,” et. al.).

Tit for Tat

35. AJ - May 13, 2008

The whole Trek “We hate Shatner” thing is dusted off all too often these days, as it makes for interesting talk-show fodder.

I liked it when he said (paraphrasing) “Years ago, I wanted to write a book about my memories of Star Trek, but I didn’t remember anything.”

36. Phil123 - May 13, 2008

its a shame all this dirt gets aired in public. perhaps it’s a personal fault, but it has started to affect my enjoyment of the show. watching the old episodes or movies, seeing the characters great love for each other, and then hearing allthe bickering from the actors behind them.

I’m glad the Next Gen crew seem to get on a bit better. they still meet every year for christmas parties, somehow i don’t think the TOS crew does. (maybe the new TOS-REDUX crew will)

37. thebiggfrogg - May 13, 2008

Wow Ensign Joe you go! Thanks for the transcript for us whiny expats. I was thinking more along the lines of a few sentences referring to the headline, but you get a promotion to Lieutenant for exceptional service.


38. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 13, 2008

This is among Conan’s favorite topics to ask about. I love Conan, but he asked both Takei and Shatner about their “feud” almost immediately. And why? Because it makes for good entertaining tv talk. Takei and Shatner know it too, which is why they ham it up during their responses.

I doubt either of them, especially Shatner, really care much at all. They don’t work together anymore and rarely see one another, they’re both still busy and successful, and I bet they don’t even think about this topic until someone like Conan or Stern asks.

39. CmdrR - May 13, 2008

And now Shat’s on The View. (Gad, I must like this guy to be watching this steamin’ pile of a show.)

40. Trek or Treat - May 13, 2008

They’re both acting like babies

Shat is still (obviously) deliberately mispronouncing George’s name. He knows he’s saying it wrong, yet he continues with the disrespect. If someone continually mispronounced my name after 40 years, I’d be ticked. Especially if I had an actor’s ego. The pot shot he took at George’s sexuality is also uncalled for.

Takei on the other hand loves to air the dirty laundry in public. It’s a shame because his role on Heroes, and his appearances on the Howard Stern show should give me plenty to talk about, but obviously that’s not enough, and by making a big deal out of the mispronunciation, he just adds fuel to Shat’s fire, encouraging him to keep up the barbs.

I will say that I’ve met both at Star Trek conventions, and one came off as an arrogant star who couldn’t be bothered to talk to me, while the other was warm and friendly.

Here’s a hint: Mr. warm and friendly was captain….. of the Excelsior.

41. Jack - May 13, 2008

31 – is all that true?

42. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 13, 2008

#41 … Nope. You’ll find no proof anywhere. Made up tabloid crap that got re-told and re-told over the years.

43. Hat Rick - May 13, 2008

I really appreciate the information on Bill Shatner’s media tour and I think that it’s interesting as well to think about what George Takei is up to, but some of this feud business can get a little excessive. I don’t always get the feeling that it’s all in good fun, and that spoils it for me.

44. sean - May 13, 2008

The Shatner-Conan repertoire was pretty damn entertaining last night. I laughed out loud several times, not the least of which was when Shatner ad-libbed the line about the gorilla having ‘huge hands’. Haha. He can really tell a story like nobody else.

That being said, clearly, he dislikes George just as much as George dislikes him. He mispronounced the name AGAIN, when he knows full well that’s a bone between them, AND he took a cheap shot at his sexuality. He can say he doesn’t know why they don’t like him all he wants, but there’s no way he couldn’t at this point – everyone has spelled it out in painstaking detail! Ha.

45. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 13, 2008

#44 “I laughed out loud several times, not the least of which was when Shatner ad-libbed the line about the gorilla having ‘huge hands’.”

I thought that was funny too. Especially the way he explained that the large hands were necessary to “encompass everything”, and Conan responded, “Yes. I think we all got that.” :-)

46. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 13, 2008

#38—“…he asked both Takei and Shatner about their “feud” almost immediately. And why? Because it makes for good entertaining tv talk. Takei and Shatner know it too, which is why they ham it up during their responses.”
“I doubt either of them, especially Shatner, really care much at all. They don’t work together anymore and rarely see one another, they’re both still busy and successful, and I bet they don’t even think about this topic until someone like Conan or Stern asks.”

Couldn’t have said it better. It is not as if either of them is openly whining about what the other has done, but if Takei, for example, has an opprotunity to go on a talk show to promote what he has going on, then of course he has no problem recounting the details of why he dislikes Shatner. That is a small price to pay for exposure. Leno, Conan, Stern—they are going to ask. The moment he says, “I don’t want to talk about that anymore”, he loses the interest the show’s producers had in bringing him on in the first place.
As for the story being “played out”, well—it is only played out to people like us who have heard it a million times. The millions of viewers who otherwise could not care less about Star Trek may not have heard it and apparently find it mildly entertaining. I know it is difficult to imagine, but not everyone has read any “behind the scenes” books about the making of Star Trek…

47. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 13, 2008

#40—“They’re both acting like babies”

Are they, or are they both simply capitalizing on the fact that talk show hosts like that sort of thing and it only makes them that much more marketable for such appearances (and let’s not forget the value to these guys of promoting their current work)?

48. nscates - May 13, 2008

The Takei and Shatner fued almost reminds me of the arrangement Shatner and Nimoy had – the ‘favored nation’ clause was it? Where Nimoy and the Shat would take turns playing hardball with the studio because each man got what the other negotiated… I wonder if Takei and Shatner have agreed to ham up their fued because it gives them both more press. Probably not, but it makes me wonder. Ah well, Shatner rules anyway!

49. DarthDogg - May 13, 2008

Fine, Fine. Shatner……. is………………….Buda !!!! Better!

50. SJB - May 13, 2008

That dog story was horrible! Poor Kelly : (

51. Desertrat - May 13, 2008

He looks like he has lost some weight.

52. J C - May 13, 2008

Pretty obvious isn’t it?Shatner is successful and Takei is not.Shatner works .Takei is left with nothing more to talk about than his intimacies to get work.Seems to me that Takei is down to his last straw and is jealous.
My advice to Bill is not to get into a public bitch fight because that’s where Takei lives.
Takei needs the publicity .Bill doesn’t.
Wise up Bill.Don’t mention the guy again.

53. Iowagirl - May 13, 2008

Mysteriously, my computer hasn’t been reluctant anymore to play the vids. Can’t beat the Shat telling a story – priceless; love his interaction with CoNAN. ;)

54. Denise de Arman - May 13, 2008

What did Shatner say last night which was interpreted as a shot at Takai’s sexuality?

55. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 13, 2008

In the year twoooothouussAANNNDDDD!!!

56. girl6 - May 13, 2008

*Nobody* tells a story like Bill! I was ROFLMAO. He’s the man.

57. CmdrR - May 13, 2008

Denise —
Conan was suggesting Shat use the same line on George that he’d used on Koko the Gorilla, “I love you.” Shat said, George might have liked that.

And, honest to God, if that’s the first time George has fielded a silly gay joke, Koko can grab Harry’s Ballz.

I hope this George/Shat spat scat is all a professional act by two guys who know what an audience wants. Dunno. Just hoping.

58. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 13, 2008

#52—Why is it obvious? Shatner refused to pronounce his name properly despite working with him for decades. He also admittedly “tanked” Sulu’s promotion scenes in TWOK. That doesn’t indicate motives of jealousy, but actual legitimate reasons to dislike a person. Bill was great as James T. Kirk, but as a person he has some traits which people who know him well are not fond of. Takei is not the only one. Nichols can barely stand him. Doohan disliked him, and so did Kelley. Unfortunately, those two are not here to be asked about it on talk shows. George Takei is. Does it hurt your feelings to hear him respond to direct questions about Bill Shatner with candor? Why? I don’t think it bothers Bill. Neither one of them go out of their way to avoid it, and why should they? The talk shows eat this stuff up. Every invitation to one of those shows comes with the caveat that they will be expected to tell such stories, and in exchange, they are allowed to plug their current work. It is not as if either of them is actually out beating the “I hate this guy” drum. They are just telling stories that people find amusing.
I get it. You’ve heard it many times and don’t care to hear it again. Not everyone has. Is it because it paints Bill Shatner in an unfavorable light? He knows he’s an a__hole. The guy told Conan in 2004 that he laughed at DeForest Kelley for crying over the death of his dog! Who does that? Shatner does, that’s who. Not Jim Kirk, but Bill Shatner the actual human being. People who behave like that will tend to cause others to dislike them. So was DeForest also jealous of Bill too? No, he had a genuine reason to dislike him. So does George. Bill can be a total jerk sometimes, and he doesn’t really even mind the image. What is so difficult to understand about that?

59. MORN SPEAKS - May 13, 2008

I like Shatner okay, but I can understand why he may piss people off. It’s really amazing how different Kirk and Shatner are. I would hang out with Kirk over Shatner any day.

60. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 13, 2008

For the record, whatever disagreement they may have had (and friends and family members DO sometimes quarrel, you know), De Kelley and Bill enjoyed a great friendship. Shatner even visited De in the hospital during his final days.

61. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 13, 2008

#60—True. Although DeForest was angry with him for 2 years over the dog incident, he rarely had an unkind word to say about anyone, and was universally liked among his co-stars. It is no surprise that Shatner would pay Mr. Kelley such respect as to visit him during his final days in the hospital. Shatner can be a jerk, but I wouldn’t call him a terrible person at all. He has done some good work for charity, and Nimoy says that he can be a good friend. My only point to the other poster (#52) was that when you behave like a jerk sometimes, ultimately some people will not like you. They do not have to be motivated by jealousy to feel that way. George, by his own account, has forgiven Bill for those slights, but some people seem to think he should stop telling the story when asked about it.

62. nscates - May 13, 2008

#58 If somebody told me their chihuahua killed itself by running into a sprinkler head I would have a hard time keeping a straight face too. Not because it’s funny someone’s crying but because chihuahuas are funny just sitting there, let alone committing suicide with a sprinkler. Jeez, it SOUNDS like a punch line. I feel bad for De Kelley but damn, that’s funny!

63. CmdrR - May 13, 2008

CBS is missing out on big huge honkin’ bucks. Try this:

Celebrity Hatchet Burying!

Kirk & Sulu
Laverne and Shirley
Shannon Dougherty and everyone who’s every known Shannon Dougherty.

I’m talking HUGE here, folks. Somebody in development get on that right now!

64. Mr. Bob Dobalina - May 13, 2008

#32 “Star Trek was supposed to be more of an ensemble show until Shatner became insecure in Spock’s success and started demanding more screen time and line-counting. ”

Can I have some bread with that baloney?

65. Denise de Arman - May 13, 2008

Man, the remark Shat made last night was rated G compared to what he said about Takai at the roast. Last night was nothing – Takai says worse things about himself all the time and enjoys it. Methinks it is a little publicity game they play while our classy, respectful Mr. Nimoy stands over at the side shaking his head and avoiding such ribald antics.

66. ster j - May 13, 2008

I think Bill finally pronounced “Takei” correctly today on The View! At least, what he said rhymed with “toupee.”

And was it my imagination, or was Whoopi making goo-goo eyes at Bill?

And, Yay for Bill! No cane! That was one quick recovery from hip replacement surgery.

67. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 13, 2008

#66 So Bill was asked about George again today? Oh brother, here we go again!

I hope the video from the View is posted later. Didn’t have a chance to watch it.

68. ster j - May 13, 2008

Oh, and the vids work, but they take a loooooooooong time to download.

69. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 13, 2008

#67—I’m sure it will be.

70. Denise de Arman - May 13, 2008

Poopey- You must start coming to see us on the Chat column – only one rule: you must submit one ST limerick to qualify for membership. We will welcome you with great big huge gorilla hands…

71. Dr. Wh-at now?! - May 13, 2008

good story!

72. stallion - May 13, 2008

Whatever Shatner problem in the past may have been it look like he have gotten better at it. The people he work with on Boston Legal don’t complain about him.

73. Buzz - May 13, 2008

Very, very funny, indeed…….!!!

I laughted my pants off….!! Hehe!!

Shatner is really a gracious guy…! And this Co-nan is also funny, hehe…!! ;o)

My guess is they are quite like friends and have a relationship not only like “host-and-celebrity” but more like real friends…!!

All in all, Shatner does well in every situation even haveng to deal with the delicate “love-hate” feelings of George Ta-Kay….! :oD

Tha’s why Shatner IS God…!! ;o)

74. steve623 - May 13, 2008

“Georege he sucks as a actor.”

George was terrific on “Heroes” last season.

And as far as his “Shatner feud”, at this point, I assume its just his talk show schtick. If he actually gave a damn in his heart of hearts, I’d be shocked.

75. TK - May 13, 2008

Anothony thanks so much for uploading the videos! I am so happy to be able to watch the clips from outside US!!! They are funny XD

76. TK - May 13, 2008

Sorry, that was supposed to say Anthony. And i didn’t know Chris Pine and Bill had met! Oh I’d looooove to see them side by side.

77. hitch1969© - May 13, 2008

kewl Shat coverage, AP.

And ensign joe loved the transcript nonetheless. outstanding work!



78. ster j - May 13, 2008

#64–I first read that line-counting bit in the first print of The Making of Star Trek. It’s endured nigh unto 40 years. Perhaps it’s true.

79. James R. Kirk - May 13, 2008

Did someone eventually tell Bill after “The View” interview that he was a celebrity photographer for PlayBOY, not PlayGIRL.

80. Papa Jim - May 13, 2008

You can talk all the smack you want about Shatner. I like the guy.

81. Spocko - May 13, 2008

Funny how William Shatner pronounced George Takei’s name correctly on “The View” after Conan corrected him on his show.

82. Ice Nine - May 13, 2008

If you see interviews with Shatner before the 90s, the man was very full of himself. It is only in this latter part of his life that he has become the self-effacing human that he is these days. I really like Bill these days.

I say this because I can see how he could have been a very selfish actor during the Trek days, and I feel for Takei, who had a lot of prejudice to deal with. Even today you don’t see a lot of work for Asian actors. He chose a tough profession.

They should kiss and make up.

83. Xai - May 13, 2008

Two old men need to grow up. I hate this subject every time it comes up.

84. David P - May 13, 2008

A glorius time as Shat covers all media! ALL HAIL SHAT!

85. VOODOO - May 13, 2008

Star Trek XI without Shatner = less fun.

86. Boba - May 13, 2008

Shatner is probably being asked about Takei because Takei went on that tirade recently while promoting his project/show…which was cancelled after the first episode. Now, Shatner’s making the rounds about a book, interviews for book promotions are (now) more about the author or their opinions on something and rarely *actually* have much to do with the book (except on the Daily Show and Colbert Report!). So, hoping for something ‘memorable’ and ‘current’ to ask Shatner about that doesn’t involve the book…they’re stuck with Takei or the Trek movie which is so far off from being released right now, its no longer interesting.

TOS was never meant to be a ‘true’ ensemble show. Shatner was signed up to be the leading man. Nimoy, the co-star. Kelley didn’t get in the opening credits until it became clear he deserved it because his character was also rather prominent in storylines. Listening to Takei, Nichols, etc., complain about the size of their parts isn’t much different from listening to other members of similar casts complain about their parts…M.A.S.H.’s William Christopher automatically springs to mind. (Although with most of the characters being portrayed as ‘non-religious’ at best, its a wonder Mulcahy got much screentime at all. =p)

While, yes, its a dick move to steal/poach other actor’s lines, its also a bigger issue if Shatner is listed/treated/paid for being the star and doesn’t get the screentime. In an industry where more screentime generally means more opportunities, its understandable.

87. EnsignJulka - May 13, 2008

Loved the year 2000 skit!

88. Buzz Cagney - May 13, 2008

being hated by Takei. Thats goda hurt.

89. Tony - May 13, 2008

Honestly the hatred for Shatner is plain jealousy! And it’s annoying!
The Classic Trek was a Trinity. Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I could have cared less for anyone else in that show. It wasn’t until the TNG era that the crews became an ensemble and I actually cared about the others.

With the exception of Scotty; – Sulu, Chekov and even Uhura could have easily been replaced by the time they went to the movies with any number of inner-changeable crew members.

In Pro Wrestling terms, SHANTER is OVER with the public.

Takei get over it and should be figuratively kissing Shatner, Nimoy and D,Kelly’s ASS’ for their efforts on Star Trek and for ever even having a career!!!

90. Andrew Lainton - May 13, 2008

I’m in Australia, and for us ‘Conan’ is such a bizarre name for a talk show host (i.e.Conan The Barbarian!!); is it some kind of gay thing?

91. Battletrek - May 14, 2008

I want to hate Shatner but he is pretty funny and likable in that Conan interview.

92. Mark - May 14, 2008

The Shatner-hatred deal went public after STV. It was Shatner’s idea and his directing. The script was awful. The directing was okay given what they had to work with, but people just bash the entire package.

Once it became okay to bash Shatner for that movie, the actors felt like the legend was “popped”, and that’s when all the dirty laundry came out. It didn’t help that only Bill and Leonard were the only ones making money during the movies.

Before this all went public, I remember watching Nichelle Nichols at a convention in the late 80s. They asked her about the first interracial kiss, which she described as a great scene to do. Like most scenes, they did several takes. The next question someone asked her what her best memory of Trek was. Her response was “kissing William Shatner 20 times”. I suppose it was playing to the crowd.

Now, it’s okay to do the tell-all, we-hate-Shatner bit. He was the lead, actors get jealous. I’m sure Shatner did his share to deserve it, but I have to agree, isn’t it time to give it up after 40 years?

93. EFFeX - May 14, 2008

#91, Shatner IS a likable guy, I don’t understand the bad wrap he gets.

94. star trackie - May 14, 2008

…You never hear about the guy that played Sgt. Ohara slamming Adam West for hogging all the scenes in Batman. And you never hear about the lady who played Mrs. Kravitz whine about Elizabeth Montgomery hogging all the lines in Bewitched. Maybe it’s because SOME supporting players understand what it really means to be a supporting player.

When your name appears during the END credits, and another actor’s name appears in the OPENING credits…. there actually is a reason for that.

95. J C - May 14, 2008

94 Brilliant point.It’s just so true it made me laugh.
I think the success of Trek must have been a factor that played on the minor players’ jealousy and sense of entitlement.

96. J C - May 14, 2008

Hey Shatner’s going to be on Glen Beck for a whole hour Friday if anyone’s interested.

97. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 14, 2008

#92—The parties involved HAVE given it up, but that doesn’t stop people like Conan, Leno, Stern, and the women on The View from bringing it up. The average talk-show viewer has probably not heard these stories as many times as we have, so it is new to them. If someone like George Takei wants to continue to be invited on shows like Leno, and of course–reap the benefits of the promotion for his current work, he is likely to have to give the show’s producers what they want…something juicy to talk about, like the so-called “feud” with Bill Shatner. In reality, it is all, at this point, very meaningless. It is no different from VH1’s “Behind The Music”, or learning about the behind-the-scenes antics of The Brady Bunch cast, etc.
George and Bill are just playing the talk-show game. Why people on this site are taking it to heart in the year 2008 is beyond me. It is very simple. They talk about the past, and in return, they get to talk about what they are doing now. I have read some posts here that imply that Bill is somehow above all of this…Please. He plays the publicity game as well as anyone. The reality is, the more Takei is asked to tell this story in public, the more demand there is for Bill to get his face in front of the camera on these shows. Notice how none of these interviewers waste any time getting around to that subject. Bill is eating it up as much as George, and why not?

In the words of Hyman Roth (GFII), “This is the business we’ve chosen.”

Now let’s just hope neither one of them gets wacked! Ooops, wrong business.

98. Denise de Arman - May 14, 2008

Poopey#97- Maybe Spock should have pulled Sybok aside and whispered, “Sybok, you are my brother and I love you. But don’t ever take sides against the Federation again”…. The movie probably would have been much better! he..he..

99. snake - May 14, 2008

62 – i KNOW! i’m afraid I’m LOL right now..its bad but damn its funny.

also with Shats saying “He tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth, yeah” it sounds like De tried to work some McCoy magic on it too..*Pictures Kelly working on the chihuahua Gorkon style..”He’s gone into some damned arrest!…C’mon! C’mon Damnit! Hiyah!”*

Damn I’m as bad as Shattie

Regarding all the feuds etc..(which is understandable when working in a high pressure environment) all i can say is that its a testiment to all their acting that even though they were annoyed with each other at the time..not speaking etc..the opposite translated onto screen..

100. J C - May 14, 2008

97. You make a legitmate point.I would have thought Shatner was above that since He so much busier than Takei and is very current with legitimate work such as Boston Legal.

101. Mr. Poopey face(formerly known as Closettrekker) - May 14, 2008


I still think that while Older Spock is travelling back in time, he should make a pitstop on Vulcan, once again posing as Cousin Selek, slip into baby Sybok’s bed chambers, and smother him with a pillow…After all, logic dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one (being Sybok).

102. Disappointed Trekker - May 14, 2008

Saw Yvonne Craig back in 2006 when she was doing a convention to promote the 40th anniversaries of Batman/Star Trek and she said Shatner was an ass 40 years ago and it only got worse with time.

103. Tony - May 14, 2008

102. No offense but when was the last time Yvonne Craig done anything of any note in the last 40 years?
Lets See……Batman………Not Much after that.

Shatner? 30 years of Trek, TJ Hooker, Boston Legal, Side Project all over the place.

40 years of Jealousy is REALLY pathetic and Sad.

104. Captain Robert April - May 15, 2008

For the record, Shatner and Doohan buried the hatchet some time before Doohan died.

105. Disappointed Trekker - May 16, 2008


Well let’s see…Got out of acting, started her own business which happened to be creating those prepaid phone cards everyone used to buy and use; made her a buttload of money even when she sold her business. In fact she grossed more in one year than Shatner made for ALL 6 of his S tar Trek movies. Was never really fond of acting, she was a ballerina first and really missed performing so I really doubt the whole jealousy concept would hold water. No offense but you might wanna check out your facts before you put your foot in your mouth.

106. asdf - June 30, 2008

HAHAHA CLIP!!!! THERES NO CLIP! HAAHAH Thats the highlight of this show

107. nefertiri - January 11, 2010

#63, Lavern and Shirley don’t like each other? GET OUT!

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