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CBS Announces Over a Dozen New Trek Product Licenses June 10, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Merchandise,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , trackback

Trek back with Mattel and many more big names
As reported yesterday, CBS Products is at the New York Licensing Expo this week talking up the Trek brand. Today CBS has officially announced over a dozen new Trek licenses with partners like Mattel, Fortune Fashions, Pez many more. The licenses cover things from toys, to electronic devices, to clothes, to food, to bedding, so the next year is shaping up to be a Trek collectors dream.

The new Trek licenses cover a wide variety of areas, here is a quick breakdown.

Lots of new Trek toys and games from Mattel
Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, has licensed the worldwide rights to create numerous branded products including a line of Star Trek-themed Barbie® Collector dolls; Tyco® R/C flying radio controlled vehicles; a Scene It?® DVD game that includes content from Star Trek television series and movies; and a 20Q Star Trek trivia game. Mattel has had a Trek license before, in the late nineties they made a few toys including TOS-era themed Barbie and Ken dolls. However, this new license appears much more extensive.

Trek T-Shirts and costumes
Fortune Fashions will introduce a line of “fashion-forward, trend-right tees” featuring iconic characters and phrases from the Star Trek universe for the U.S. Fortune joins other recent T-shirt licensees Steve & Barry’s and Junkfood in the U.S. and NTD in Canada. And Rubies is back; the costume maker who had the worldwide license for Trek costumes for years before letting it lapse now has it again.

Trek candy and cakes.
The CBS release included the official announcement of the Star Trek Pez, which previewed last weekend. In addition, CBS announced DecoPac will be making Trek-themed cake decorating kits for US and Canada and Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur will be doing Trek Easter chocolates in Canada. CBS also announced that Hallmark (who already make Trek ornaments and greeting cards) will now do Trek party supplies, which should go along great with your Trek cake.

Polar Lights and AMT Models
CBS also announced a new licensing deal with Round Two (for USA and Canada) who are the new owners of the Polar Lights and AMT brand model kits. So we should expect some new models coming down the road soon, and in fact a re-issue of the Polar Lights TOS-era Enterprise has already been announced for Fall.

Collectible stamps and key chains.
Two more licenses will come as good news to collectors. IGPC will be providing Trek collective stamps, which are stamps issued from around the world and resold in collectors packages. Plus Basic Fun will be making Trek figural key chains (USA & Canada), which are likely to be similar to the new Star Wars key chains available now at retailers.

But wait, there’s more
Other new Trek licensees announced by CBS:

Star Trek movie helping the big push
Clearly the Summer 2009 Star Trek feature is increasing interest in the Trek brand, allowing for this big expansion. In the official release CBS Executive Vice President Liz Kalodner noted:

We want to make the brand more accessible to not only those fans of Star Trek, but to all those fans of pop culture who appreciate the brand for what it represents. With a feature film release set for May 2009, Star Trek will be introduced to a whole new generation.”

This is big
This list is very exciting for collectors and general fans. While Star Trek certainly has been marketed widely during the last four decades, it has not been marketed this widely, with this kind of variety, all at the same time. Secondly, the list (combined with the earlier announcement that Playmates will be doing Toys and collectibles for the Star Trek feature film) shows that CBS Consumer Products is trying to engage all kinds of fans. There are products geared to all ages and to women, men, and families. Also, CBS is trying to introduce Star Trek to other kinds of collectors. Stamp, Barbie, Pez, and radio controlled vehicle collectors are their own subcultures. These kinds of products are for those brand collectors and Star Trek fans. It is a great way to introduce Star Trek to a wider audience at retail stores and with these kinds of hobbies. It also means that the Star Trek film marketing, much like Indiana Jones, will involve both retro Trek and new Trek. For example, the Indy film toys now are based not only on the newest film, but also the previous features. There will obviously be plenty of TOS items this year as get closer to the film. Basically, what this all means is that in 2008 and 2009, Star Trek is finally one of the “big guys” of marketing. Many of the items on the list are the kinds of products you see with Star Wars, and it is great to think that Star Trek has the potential of being in the same league. Frankly, its about time.

More details to come
There are still more details to be revealed about the specific products from the new licensees, so look for future ‘Collective’ columns to bring you news and previews of what we can expect in Trek Merchandise over the next year.


1. Sean - June 10, 2008

Sounds like CBS is really jumping on this Trek movie, hoping it is a fresh start for the franchise like I hope it is. /pray Come on, Star Trek!

2. Thomas - June 10, 2008

Thanks for the article, John. It’s great to see that license holders are embracing Trek in a new way. I just hope they don’t go overboard like the Episode I overhype that you couldn’t avoid.

3. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - June 10, 2008

Yay! Stuff for me to buy!!

4. SirMartman - June 10, 2008


5. Rabelais - June 10, 2008

I’d love to be able to buy my toddler some Star Trek pajamas like the ones sold in the early 70s!

6. Tanner Waterbury - June 10, 2008

All I can say is: ABOUT BLOODY TIME! Finally, Trek will get the mass marketing it righteously deserves. It even might catch up with all the Star Wars marketing too. They need to overexpose Trek to the point of insanity! I applaud CBS for doing a fine job on these deals with the companies. Also, I CAN FINALLY GET AN RC FLYING ENTERPRISE! How sweet is that?!

7. fwise3 - June 10, 2008


8. That One Guy - June 10, 2008

I’m already buying an iPhone! Gawd… my wallet is going to be sore.

9. Capt. Darren Lampert - June 10, 2008

How about some decent Trek video games, the last few years they have put out mostly crappy games?


10. JeFF - June 10, 2008

This is awesome… I grew up on Trek, and now, just before turning 28, I can see it resurrect. I never stopped believing, I never gave up on it, even at its very worst.

Long live TREK… and may it propser like never before!

11. The Underpants Monster - June 10, 2008

Easter chocolates? Cool!

12. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - June 10, 2008

Ummmmmmmmmmm.. Star Trek Barbies????!?!?? Complete with a USS Enterprise Hair Dresser set? :-D

13. steve623 - June 10, 2008

I remember the huge merchandising push that STTMP got when I was a little kid. “Star Trek – The Motion Picture” was plastered over everything and soooooo much of that merchandise just sat on the shelves for so long. A lot of companies got burned on that film and it hurt Star Trek merchandising for years after. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen this time. Any project that results in me being able to buy quality TOS merchandise is fine with me.

14. Spocko - June 10, 2008

Cool! Can’t wait untill costumes and t-shirts come out!

15. MORN SPEAKS - June 10, 2008

Hey CBS how about starting a new series instead of smooching off of Paramount’s movie.

16. stoptheclocks - June 10, 2008

It’s official… I’m going bankrupt next year.

17. Fansince9 - June 10, 2008

WOW!!! I’m excited about that. I’ll definitely be spending money on some Trek stuff next year. Woo-hoo!!!

18. Jas in Perth - June 10, 2008

I must confess I am just slightly ambivalent about this, just a tad. I mean, I want Star Trek toys, err “Role Playing Devices”, like the next fan: you know, the book, the soundtrack, the special edition DVD and a good model kit (I still have a TOS-era kit in its packaging waiting for that just-out-of-reach breather when studying and raising kids don’t stalk my attention). However, the “one of the big boys” approach to Star Trek that this marketing suggests concerns me. Can anyone name a film that, backed with such merchandising, was also a “critical” success? Sure, there have been plenty of “blockbuster” successes and huge money-makers but these are, well, popcorn films: you check your brain at the door and enjoy the huge excesses that pour over you from the screen. Spiderman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Transformers — big, ballistic experiences but kinda low on grey matter.

This is because in order to recoup their money from the largest possible audience, the film’s content and themes are self-consciously marketed to a teenage commercial constituency, aka the thirteen year old boy. This makes sense from a money-making point of view since film producers are sensitive to the purchasing potential of children and teens who can exert considerable influence over the income dispensed by subordinate parents. So they create films that draw these crowds via a style of storytelling which does not pretend to touch upon anything too deeply nor too seriously and instead expects to be regarded often like a “comic-book”. These comic book films are supported by huge marketing and merchandising campaigns, where there is something for everyone, an ecosystem of movie-themed paraphenalia. Now I have no problem with this kind of film. But I do have a problem with it if this kind of movie-making is keyed in with the current Star Trek film. Afterall, most of what I have liked has never been commercially popular: Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, etc.

Perhaps this is what is meant by the comment that “this isn’t your fathers’ star trek”? I think of the cheap sets from TOS counterbalanced by often sophisticated story-telling; a little 12 million epic called “The Wrath of Khan”; the intimate “Voyage Home”; even the “Final Frontier”, which, for all of its faults, has some of the best character moments ever put on screen …. I think it is difficult for someone like myself to see the huge investment in merchandising as a positive tick for the new film, mainly because such promotion usually follows comic-book films. That is not to say that I am not also encouraged by some of the other things I have read about the new film as I lurk on this website — this is what I meant by my ambivalence. Course, that I am encouraged at all is because of the superb viral marketing campaign that the new Star Trek production team have underway.

To put Theodor Adorno’s theory of the Culture Industry into a contemporary setting, the comic-book genre, in drawing its material from canonical publications, has been developed “into a formula which, to a certain degree, pre-establish[es] the attitudinal pattern of the spectator before … [they are] confronted with any specific content and which largely determines the way in which any specific content … [will be] perceived”. I beginning to think this is also true for Star Trek fans like myself who are more hospitable to a new Star Trek film if from the very early stages of production it follows the rules of representation laid down before it by the previous films and TOS episodes that preceded it. We are thus shaped from quite early on to be the perfect paying audience member based on our loyalty to specific canonical Star Trek material and the new film’s careful mining of that loyalty so that we might, just might, overlook the possibility that Star Trek has gone mainstream and in so doing has imported all the practices that attend the making of a blockbuster, popcorn movie hit.

Phew! Off my soapbox now!

19. Spockanella - June 10, 2008

Did anybody go to the con in Las Vegas last year or maybe the year before? I had heard that they had Hello Kitty/Borg tee shirts and of course I can’t find them anywhere. I was just wondering if anyone had seen them.

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21. The Rusted Robot - June 10, 2008



22. Captain Hackett - June 10, 2008

Sweet Jesus!

What about the Hallmark Ornaments?

23. Thomas - June 10, 2008

I know this is probably the wrong thread to be posting this, but this is something I think you guys are going to ejoy, if you haven’t seen ti already:

24. Buckaroohawk - June 10, 2008

The redshirt who dies with the most Trek toys wins!

Hee hee!

25. Newman - June 10, 2008

I agree with #9. Just get me some decent Trek video games.

26. James (No, Not Cawley) - June 10, 2008

#18 — Jas in Perth

I couldn’t agree with you more

27. M. - June 10, 2008

I hope they don’t pull another Star Trek the Motion Picture merchandising scheme by “counting the chickens before their eggs have hatched.” That little merchandising over-extention cost fans quality products for nearly a decade. I remember being disappointed as a child by not having any toys to go with the Trek films of the eighties. (Yes, there were those figures from ST 3, but good luck finding those in the toy stores of 1984 when your a small child!) They need to to be a little more considerate of certain realities of marketing, and be sure not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Just my opinion…

28. Denise de Arman - June 10, 2008

Spockanella#19- In the Promanade (a couple gift shops inside The Experience) there are so many types of Trek t-shirts it would boggle your mind. I am not sure about the ones to which you refer; however, I bought three last year that I wear proudly. Shall I tell you what they say? Okay!

1) I helped Spock survive his Pon Farr
2) I am James T. Kirk’s love slave
3) Spock mindmelded with me and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

29. jimj - June 10, 2008

Scene It? and 20 Questions all about Star Trek? Damn, I am so ready to launch Operation: Annihilate on all of my friends…finally, some games I know I can win!

30. Izbot - June 10, 2008

The Star Trek Scene It is very welcome, indeed. I really hope the T-shirts are well-designed, I’ve never been thrilled with any of the licenced shirts available over the past couple decades — I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of those dorky shirts advertised for years in the back of the Star Trek Communicator fan club magazine. Sounds like they’re really making a merchandising push this coming year. Just hope we don’t get smacked over the head with Trek the way we were with Star Wars merchandise/crap when the prequels were in theatres (question: is Neelix the Jar Jar of Star Trek?). Thankfully most of the above-mentioned stuff isn’t kiddie-related (no birthday party paper plates, back-to-school merch, pajamas, etc — yet) though I’m sure we’ll get the obligatory fast-food tie-in when the time comes. Model kits? Do people still do these? Okay, I’m kidding there — I’ve always done the Trek models (there goes my cool guy cred)…

31. Izbot - June 10, 2008

#18 — Jas in Perth
I hear you, I really do. But then I also think Anthony and the staff writers here are onto something with that “What we can learn about Abrams’ Trek from MI:III” namely that that little Abrams opus didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about impressing 12-year olds — and I think that’s great! I feel the movie is gonna impress us, probably even challenge us (certainly gonna challenge the perceptions and expectations of the die-hard fans). Let’s wait and see where all this goes.

32. OM - June 10, 2008

Star Trek-themed Easter Candy? Lemme guess – Tribble Peeps and Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Horta Eggs? :-)

33. Katie G. - June 10, 2008

#27. Denise

” 3) Spock mindmelded with me and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

I like it!


34. Green-Blooded-Bastard - June 10, 2008

The new Star Trek Mego replicas look fantastic!

35. DrNebuloso - June 10, 2008

This better not suck.

36. JustBob - June 10, 2008

Great news!

#27. Denise

” 3) Spock mindmelded with me and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

I like it too!

37. Captain Pike - June 10, 2008

#18 “We might, just might, overlook the possibility that Star Trek has gone mainstream…”

Too late. 20 years too late. It happened when TNG became a success. Nearly all the energy and focus in Trek fandom dissipated n the late 80s and early 90s. With endless TV series and the internet who needs clubs and cons, right?

38. jordan - June 10, 2008

wow. my head is spinning. can this be true!?

39. Q - June 10, 2008

How much do you foresee spending on Trek merchandise over the next year?

Was my soul an option? It should have been.

40. Joe - June 11, 2008

fantastic news!

41. Iowagirl - June 11, 2008

I want them all! I mean, all the REAL TOS collectibles – not the based on TOS ones, the re-imagined ones, the re-invented ones, the crisped up ones; and most important of all, Kirk & Co. MUST look like Shatner & Co….

Ok, let them produce one or two different t-shirt designs with Pine et al in addition to all the real TOS gems – the kids should have some fun, too…;

42. Mark Lynch - June 11, 2008

I was wondering are these items going to be TOS based or Abrams TOS based in nature, or a mixture?

43. The Angry Klingon - June 11, 2008

RUBIES !?!?!?!?!?! ARGHHHHHH….they are NOT of the body and and are masters of shoddy mediocrity :(

44. Thomas - June 11, 2008

40, 41. That’s something we as fans need to consider in the near future: we’re going to start seeing a lot of Trek merchandise that have the TOS characters but are not going to have any TOS actors’ faces on them, with the exception of Nimoy. This will only increase as we get ever closer to the film’s premiere. I think we will still see some new stuff for the old school TOS fans with the original actors’ faces, but it’s definitely going to be different in the months leading up to May ’09.

45. Spock with a Crowbar - June 11, 2008

I think you mean ‘mooching’ and not ‘smooching’

46. John Tenuto - June 11, 2008


Check The Star Trek Experience store for those “Hello Kitty” Borg shirts. My wife Mary Jo has one of these shirts and we ordered from there. There are also Ferengi and Klingon “cute” shirts.

47. Doug - June 11, 2008

#22: I believe this year’s Hallmark ornament is the U.S.S. Reliant–someone please correct me if I am wrong.

48. AJ - June 11, 2008

I would think the CBS Merchandising is capitalizing on on what is to be a big push by Paramount for the new film. Paramount will presumable manage the Trek XI merchandise separately.

CBS, I am sure, will begin pushing the TOS-R packs bigtime as well.

49. John Tenuto - June 11, 2008

#45 #22

50. garen - June 11, 2008

this is all VERY good news!

51. star trackie - June 11, 2008

#40 “and most important of all, Kirk & Co. MUST look like Shatner & Co….”

This raises an interesting question. Who’s likeness will be on what? And if they choose to have, on the shelves at the same time, merchandising reflecting JJ’s Trek and TOS, will that confuse people’s decisions on what to buy? And what will the merchandisers use on the packaging to differentiate Star Trek 66 from Star Trek 09?

It will be interesting to see the two “StarTrek”s co-exist and compete against one another on the store shelves.

52. Horatio - June 11, 2008

Sorta off topic but has anyone heard yet whats happening in Vegas with The Experience?

53. The Underpants Monster - June 11, 2008

#31 – Maybe a chocolate version of the giant rabbit from “Shore Leave!”

54. M.T. - June 11, 2008

The 20Q game can be taught if you play it. They have it on their website at I beat it with Q2.

55. star trackie - June 11, 2008

this off topic as well..but what about Star Trek: the Tour…coming to a city near you…is that kaput? If that has folded already due to non-attendance it could be dire forecast for the merchandising of Trek. Hopefully JJ’s Trek can breath new life back into the franchise next summer.

56. earthclanbootstrap - June 11, 2008

I am absolutely stoked that Polar Lights is going to be back in action!

57. Michelle - June 11, 2008

I’m ridiculously excited about the Star Trek theme barbie dolls. And yes, I have the one they made years ago with barbie in a red mini skirt and Ken dressed up like Kirk! I hope we get a pointy eared Vulcan barbie!

58. capt mike - June 11, 2008

Well i hope they have an enterprise remote controlled where you can fly it and face off against a klingon bird of prey. Now that would be great and real xbox games that would be interactive with other players with the lattest technology would be fantastic as well. Heres to a banner Trek year!.

59. KJTrek - June 11, 2008

Suck it, Star Wars!!!!!!!!

60. capt mike - June 11, 2008

#57 I completly agree. Star trek will always be better. And thats the bottom line cause all the trek fans said so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you smell what the spock is cooking!!!!!!

61. Tony Whitehead - June 11, 2008

Models!!!! Woo hoo! Brings me back to my days as a kid, watching my Enterprise and Klingon models swirling ’round and ’round ‘neath the air vents!

This is gettin’ cool!

62. Ryan T. Riddle - June 11, 2008


63. Dr. Image - June 11, 2008

Just keep the AA/DST prop repros coming!
As we know, the AA classic phaser is now “canon” since Archer brandished it on that ENT ep.
Rubies? P-U!!

64. Cervantes - June 11, 2008

Lets hope the actual Movie itself to go with the merchandising is good though…

I want the soundtrack….now!

65. Stan - June 11, 2008

I seriously doubt we will see any major video game. CBS has devalued the license over the last 15 years and sold it to anyone who could write a check. As a result, sales have typically been poor and the quality of the products has been lackluster.

Unless this movie is a large crossover hit, I don’t foresee a publisher spending 18-36 months on a video game.

66. MikeG - June 11, 2008

While I have never been a big collector-type, I have to say that, historically, there has never been much Trek merchandise that has impressed me, nor made me want to part with any $$ for it. The best items, for my money, were the model kits, which were fun to build and then try to make look realistic. I went thru a pretty long book-buying phase, but there are just too many of them, IMO. And the only video game that held my interest for more than a week was DS9: The Fallen, but even that got boring… I know there’s still a kid inside me somewhere. The Trek-product-makers just haven’t moved him yet.

67. garen - June 11, 2008


Thanks for the link to the 20 questions game. I just headed over and played it. It has a lot of information on Trek running through its processors.

It has some funny ideas about some things though. Of course it only learns by people using it. So some people have fed it wrong information. For the most part it took more than 20 questions before it figured out what i was thinking about.

68. Dave - June 11, 2008

Only Elvis surpasses Star Trek in the amount of tacky, crappy and overly merchandised product that is available.

At least with Star Wars, Lucas over saw everything and had some taste as to what was made into product and what was not. Star Trek has no such overseer, just a greedy sales division hoping to put out as much crap as the biggest landfill can hold.

None of this stuff will be anything close to being a ‘Collectible’. Collectible by it’s very nature means ‘Scarce’ or ‘ one of a kind’ not 1,000,000 units shipped. So not only is this mostly junk but there will be a TON of it out there.

Now all that being said…I ‘m sure they will be one or two TOS era items that will be cool, it will be just buried beneath the tonnage of other crap.

69. Thomas - June 11, 2008

A remote-controlled Enterprise? I would be impressed if they actually got something like that to work. It seems like something that wouldn’t work so well, because the Enterprise is rather top-heavy to be truly flyable like a remote-controlled airplane.

70. earthclanbootstrap - June 11, 2008

#64 (Stan)
Isn’t it just mind boggling that absolutely no one seems to produce a halfway decent Trek video gamefor console systems? I enjoyed the Mirror Universe one to a certain degree, but couldn’t get over the fact that I was essentially using a SHUTTLECRAFT to blow up ships of the line like the Enterprise and Excelsior. Maybe some day…

71. Gary - June 11, 2008


72. John from Cincinnati - June 11, 2008

Is it too much to hope for Star Trek glasses at Burger King next year!!!

73. Spockanella - June 11, 2008

27: I want the Ponn Farr shirt.

74. websbestcomics - June 11, 2008

I want a re-issue of those big clunk blue communicator walkie-talkies from the ’70s!

75. Anthony Thompson - June 11, 2008

Star Trek: The Tour. The website has been dead for quite a while so I assume The Tour itself is dead also. Can you do some reporting on this, please?

76. Anthony Pascale - June 11, 2008

star trek the tour is not dead. We should have a story about this shortly

77. diabolik - June 11, 2008

The true Trek collector does it not as an investment, to sell in the future, but becuase he or she loves Trek and just wants more stuff about it around them.

Otherwise they’re just a collector who happens to be buying Trek stuff just to sell to Trekkers. This kind of collector nearly killed the comics market a decade ago.

78. Captain Pike - June 11, 2008

Star Trek the Tour: : I’m not dead.
Trek Fan: What?
Tour Organizer: Nothing. Where’s your $175 for the VIP package?
Star Trek the Tour: I’m not dead.
Trek Fan: ‘Ere, it says it’s not dead.
Tour Organizer: Yes it is.
Star Trek the Tour: I’m not.
Trek Fan: It isn’t.
Tour Organizer: Well, it will be soon.
Star Trek the Tour: I’m getting better. I think I’ll go to Chicago….

79. Dr. Image - June 11, 2008

75- I agree.
But it IS comforting to know that my vintage round-top 1968 Trek lunch box (in PERFECT CONDITION!! Woo-hoo!) can pay a few bills if I go broke.

80. Darryl G - June 11, 2008

#72 I have two sets of unopened original blue communicators. Bought them in the early 90’s. My 3-1/2 year old is really eyeing them, but for now they are out of his reach.

81. Spockanella - June 11, 2008

45: Thanks, John, I’ll do that.

82. Promoboy - June 11, 2008

The toys and merchandise sound awesome.
Now all we need is a decent movie to go with ’em.

83. Kirk. James T. - June 11, 2008

so where’s the EA Games license and the Lego toys and video games???

Does sound cool but to be honest, Star Trek needs more.

84. garen - June 11, 2008

why havent we even had even one report from a fan or ANYTHING from the Tour?? Yes ANYONE here been to it?

85. Spockanella - June 11, 2008

45 redux: And there it is! Thanks again.

86. Anthony Pascale - June 11, 2008

RE: 41 Is the above TOS or ST09?

the short answer is: both

We plan on doing a series of articles on each new license to provide more details. However, in general I would expect a lot of new ‘classic trek’ items before the movie comes out and then more movie related items around the time of the movie.

87. snake - June 11, 2008

the time…May 09…The place….Burger King…

me – ‘a whopper meal please’

BK man – ‘what drink’

me – ‘what u got?’

BK man – ‘Coke..fanta…sprite..’

me – ‘sprite’

BK man – ‘what star trek stuff you want?’

me – ‘what u got left?’

BK man – ‘phaser..tricorder….romulan ship….sulu figure…nero figure….’

me – ‘have you got any of the limited edition shatner figures from the new movie left?’

BK man – ‘nah we run out of those on 1st day’

me – ‘you sure?…’

BK man – ‘yeah none left…went the first morning in fact..’

me- ‘oh crap…just give me one of the phasers will ya…’

88. The Underpants Monster - June 11, 2008

#81 – LEGO’s would be amazing!

89. Jovan - June 11, 2008

I don’t care if I’m a grown man. If they make Star Trek LEGO sets, I will BUY THEM ALL. Seriously.

90. Irishtrekkie - June 11, 2008

Really the only thing they need now is a GOOD star trek game , to be fair its a great licence that lends itself to games, but just need the right developer behind it . ( man i still play birth of the federation today, as well as Armada, Elite force, Bridge Commander , and Starfleet Command 1-3)……..good times , more games please !

91. 330 more to go - June 11, 2008

I can do without all the junk with the exception of perhaps a big E model or two. Right now all I want are pictures of the ship and crew.

92. Smitty - June 11, 2008

T-shirts baby!

They better be in adult sizes all I’m saying, if not then I’m gonna go Klingon berserker on their arses!


93. Kevin R. - June 11, 2008

Would be great if there was some new reference material out. Each series needs a simple book and all movies together as one volume as well.

94. jared - June 11, 2008

more models! mmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the new enterprise from trek 11 in 1/350 scale!!! in fact re-isuue all the trek models ever!

95. Brian - June 11, 2008

Hmmm maybe they could put William Shatner’s pic on a milk carton with the Star Trek XI logo and a “Have You Seen Me? ” tag line

96. Captain Jack - June 11, 2008

What happened to the Star Trek cell phone? I heard about the Sona Mobile model but it never made to production. The Star Trak phone from Motorola is NOT what I was looking for, know what I mean?

97. Izbot - June 11, 2008

RE: Star Trek: The Tour

I work for a company that brings big travelling exhibits to our a certain coffee-centric Pacific NW city whose name I’ll not mention and we are looking *very seriously* at bringing the Tour to Sea– I mean, ahem, our city.

It ain’t dead yet, Jim.

98. Taya Starr - June 11, 2008

YAY!!! T-shirts, costumes, toys…and wait did they say bed sheets..yeah that is just WAY too cool!

28. Denise de Arman

Were did you buy the Spock Pon Farr T-shirt???? that is too funny and i would LOVE it.. ;)

99. LoyalStarTrekFan - June 11, 2008

“Frankly, it’s about time.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Finally Star Trek is getting respect from the corporate giants and CBS is finally treating it as the priceless property that it is.

100. LoyalStarTrekFan - June 11, 2008

Sorry, meant to say the respect it deseves from the corporate giants.

101. Captain Robert April - June 11, 2008

Along with the Polar Lights 1/1000 TOS E being reissued, AMT is reissuing the 18″ Enterprise, with original ’66 box art, and in a special collector’s edition, in a tin box with an embossed version of that ’66 artwork.

Still no word, though, if they’ve managed to do a repop of the original molds or if this is just a reissue of that later, even more inaccurate, version.

102. scifiguy67 - June 12, 2008

i hope that the new model co. will come out with a 1/350 TOS big E with clear parts and accurate details…that would be cool!!!

103. Doug - June 12, 2008

One of my favorite genre-related items I have collected throughout the years is a Star Trek novel that I bought while in Naples, Italy in the summer of 2006

The novel, of course, is written in Italian.

Way cool.

104. Kirk. James T. - June 12, 2008

will all of these be available for kids and collectors alike outside the US and Canada? one of the main problems with Star Trek is whilst it suggests a unified world, the brand name is very inbred – if Trek wants to be as big as Wars then its got to be promoted world wide.

105. Logan - June 12, 2008

What is the rights breakdown for the Star Trek property?

What does Paramount own/control?

What does CBS own/control?

106. Krithargus O'Qriq Q'ong/F.Scott McKowm - June 13, 2008

Fine! Now where is the Khe’Sn piTok Replica DakTahg!!?
A David killing scary spiked pommelled spring loaded steel blade with non sharpened quillions of course.
That would be a switch blade set up and illegal on this pathetic “smoothhead”world.

107. The Gatchaman - June 14, 2008

All I want are Mirror UniverseT’Pol and Hoshi action figures.

108. Mikey47 - June 17, 2008

I want Star Trek LEGO!

109. HollyH - June 20, 2008

# 93 Re: ST reference materials

I would love an update to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (1999/Michael & Denise Okuda, & Debbie Mirek). It is a wonderful companion and reference book for all the Star Trek series, but it only goes as far as the fourth season of Voyager.

I’ll probably blow some dough on Star Trek clothing and other paraphernalia. Star Trek is my religion.

110. Kazelyqr - July 1, 2008

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111. Kazeltav - July 1, 2008

Hi webmaster!

112. CAPTAIN WILLIAM J KING - August 11, 2009

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