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AICN’s Knowles Reports on Star Trek Footage June 26, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

JJ Abrams gave Aint It Cool News’ Harry Knowles a sneak peek of a few scenes the new Star Trek movie. Excerpts below.
[Obviously contains spoilers].


Knowles describes the following scenes
1. Ben Cross (Sarek) & Winona Ryder (Amanda Grayson) cradling a baby Spock on the surface of Vulcan. (no effects added yet, not much to say)

2. completed visual effects pass of a pre-Enterprise Federation ship from about 25 years before the Enterprise. (this would be Captain Robau’s USS Kelvin which TrekMovie reported on a few weeks ago.) Knowles describes it thusly:

I really like the dynamics and tone of this Space shot – very much not like something I’d seen before – although it was Star Trek, because the ship was a saucer, with a nacelle above and below the saucer. It just felt aggressive and frankly… badass.

3. A hangar/Academy scene with cadets getting on Transports, described thusly:

It feels as though some Intergalactic Pearl Harbor has happened and all the cadets are anxious to get underway. You’d see cadets running to meet their shuttles – and as shuttles filled up, they took off to take their crews to their respective starships. They hold on the long shot – we hear Leonard McCoy being assigned to the Enterprise – You catch Uhura being assigned to a place… not the Enterprise. You see Chris Pine as Kirk demanding to know why his name wasn’t called out – apparently Kirk is in trouble.

4. A scene on the Enterprise (immediately after the hangar scene). Knowles describes the bridge:

…all ended with characters arriving on the bridge, under the command of Captain Pike. Sulu was at the helm – and the bridge. And the uniforms… Classic Trek. Nice. Then for the first time in the history of Star Trek, it looked amazingly functional. It echoes that classic Trek look – but imagine if you handed that design to the folks at APPLE and said… Make it really work. I instantly believed in the functionality of everything.

Knowles appears impressed with what he saw and provides more details, CLICK to read his full report.


1. David - June 26, 2008

I want to be Harry right now. Surgery and All!

2. RuFFeD_UP - June 26, 2008

*changes underpants*

3. Brian - June 26, 2008

Interesting. I’m amazed they kept the TOS uniforms, but I’m totally onboard with it.

All the characters on the bridge with Pike seems like something that could enrage the canon junkies, but that may not be the case; after all, everything Harry saw was out of context.

It’s nice that we finally get a little nugget of info from JJ. Anthony, he should hook you up with a sneak peek too!

4. sirh - June 26, 2008

Knowles’ article gives me hope.

hope |həʊp|
1 a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
• a person or thing that may help or save someone
• grounds for believing that something good may happen
2 archaic – a feeling of trust.

5. Elliot - June 26, 2008

That is SO cool! I want to see!!!

6. j - June 26, 2008

Ooh! Exciting.

7. Xplodin' Nacelle - June 26, 2008

The “fully functional” bridge sounds really exciting! – can’t wait to see what real tech it influences in the next 50 years…

8. Lou - June 26, 2008

I don’t really care for that site, personally, but it sounds awesome just the same.

9. Lou - June 26, 2008

by “it sounds awesome” I mean the movie, not the site. :P
(just to clarify)

10. bri - June 26, 2008

wow, I am speechless!

11. Buckaroohawk - June 26, 2008

I am just so frakkin’ jealous of Harry Knowles right now!

Why can’t JJ show US some love and release one image of the cast in uniform, or the Enterprise? Please! Just one.

This is gonna be a long year waiting for this film.

12. Jared - June 26, 2008


13. Spock with a Crowbar - June 26, 2008

Cool! And you won’t see a bit of it if you’re on your way to ComicCon this year!

14. Cheve - June 26, 2008

I’m a happy trekkie

15. The Last Maquis - June 26, 2008

Now this is the kinda stuff I want to hear!! It all sounds promising. though I am Worried about Uhura not bing like Uhura , but then again Zoe could read me the Phone book and I’d be excited. and isn’t Harry a “Warsie” anyway?

16. JustBob - June 26, 2008

Oh my!

17. Spock's Brain - June 26, 2008


18. demon barber of starfleet - June 26, 2008


19. Michelle - June 26, 2008

Squee!!!! I cannot wait!

20. Chaya - June 26, 2008

Oh yeah I have confidence that this will be a great film

21. Gibnerd - June 26, 2008

this movie is gonna make me cry, sweat, and possibly pee my pants with joy, i want to see baby spock on Vulcan & I need to see grouchy young Kirk. I love it. I love it. I love it.
now give us a trailer. give it.

22. bLah - June 26, 2008

I can’t wait to see this frikkin movie !!

23. Section 31 - June 26, 2008


Why is Pike in command when the crew of TOS arrives on the bridge?!?! Kirk is suppose to be the captain. I can’t believe the film is going to end with Kirk NOT in command! They violated STAR TREK CANON for crying out loud!

24. Sebi - June 26, 2008

I dont believe a thing. It’s AICN after all…

I wait for the movie!

25. Kirk, James T. - June 26, 2008

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

26. MONGO - June 26, 2008

Mongo knew canon peoples find something they not like.


27. Devon - June 26, 2008

” Why is Pike in command when the crew of TOS arrives on the bridge?!?! Kirk is suppose to be the captain. I can’t believe the film is going to end with Kirk NOT in command! They violated STAR TREK CANON for crying out loud!”

Hahaha. But to anyone who may have read it that way possible.. re-read the context, I believe he said his “footage session” ended with that.. not that the movie ends with it.

28. Section 31 - June 26, 2008


Why the hell are they getting on shuttles?!!?!? They should be using TRANSPORTERS by now. This isn’t ENT!!!!

It’s suppose to be STAR TREK!, NOT Battlestar Galactica!

29. Boborci - June 27, 2008

why have shuttles if you never use them?

30. ShawnP - June 27, 2008

That is effing awesome! I hate that it’s still almost a year away…

31. Section 31 - June 27, 2008


I’m talking about common sense in the Star Trek universe. If war is going on, riding on a shuttle IS NOT a good idea, because it could be shot down be enemy fire. Remember what LaForge said “the transporter is still the safest way”. The whole shuttle scene is nothing more than an action scene for the movie. Goddamn writers! Always trying to make the movie appealing to non-Trek audiences!

32. MONGO - June 27, 2008

Hi Bob Orci mans!

Section 31 mans forget that maybe if in state of war, shields up on ship. No use transporter. Surprise you no realize.

33. Section 31 - June 27, 2008


But if shields are up, shuttles can’t enter the ship! Duh!

34. MONGO - June 27, 2008


Yes can. Since Starfleet ship can match shield harmonic, shuttle can synchronize with ship it dock to and pass through shield.

And no say “Duh”. It not make you sound smart.

35. Section 31 - June 27, 2008

#34 But, starships can match the harmonics of the shields with the transporters!

36. S. John Ross - June 27, 2008

#28: There’s probably a dangerous field of Plot Device Energy encircling the globe at the time, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of Trek, it’s that you should never attempt to beam through Plot Device Energy fields.

37. Section 31 - June 27, 2008

#36 But they did in First Contact!

38. Boborci - June 27, 2008

Perhaps the scene in question is a flashback? Or a drill? Maybe some one is playing a joke on some one else?

39. ShawnP - June 27, 2008

38. Bob, your coyness is endearing with an edge of irritating, haha.

40. MONGO - June 27, 2008


That not true. No Starfleet ship capable of beaming through shield. Transporter and shield technology different. Transporter use technology similar to matter replication. Shield use technology similar to phase energy pulse but with different spread. Not compatible. Also transporter is subspace technology and in state of war reasonable to assume enemy using subspace jamming technology. Transporter not as safe as shuttle.

41. MONGO - June 27, 2008

And whole thing just pretend. No sense getting panties in bunch.

42. Frank B. Chavez III - June 27, 2008

It sounds really awesome. I can’t believe people are actually arguing about descriptions of scenes in a movie that’s probably just now getting into post production. Their is probably a very good reason they are using shuttles instead of transporters. Remember the transporter malfunction in The Motion Picture? Remember Star Trek V? The transporters were off line during most of the movie. It’s called dramatic effect you jerks.

43. Section 31 - June 27, 2008


Ever seen Voyager before? They could beam through shields in rare instances. Especially the movie First Contact!

44. T2 - June 27, 2008

makin’ progress

45. Section 31 - June 27, 2008

What about the last scene of the movie? It ends with Pike! Not Kirk!

46. MONGO - June 27, 2008


You know Voyager and First Contact take place 80-100 year after scene in movie we talk about?


Name calling for children.

47. S. John Ross - June 27, 2008

On a serious note: sounds like they’re diving right into crisis/urgency without much navel-gazing, and that sounds like a wise choice, as long as the film can keep it smart and keep the emotions genuine.

Or if not genuine, at least good and sappy.

Or if not sappy, at least have people yell a lot.

48. MONGO - June 27, 2008


Think you read that wrong. That last scene Harry see, not last scene in movie. And remember:

Just pretend.

49. Section 31 - June 27, 2008

#46 Yeah, but the main reason why the bridge of the enterprise in the new movie looks different from TOS (1966 version) is because rogue TNG Romulans contaminate the TOS timeframe.

50. Kirk, James T. - June 27, 2008

^ Oh Shush! lets see what’s out there before we judge.

51. Rainbucket - June 27, 2008

I liked what Harry had to say about Karl Urban’s McCoy. Also, if you read the comments Harry adds a little more. Some good non spoiler bits:

“Pine was quite good and Cho looked very appropriate sitting at his station on the Enterprise in a classic Trek uniform. He had, I think one line delivered in a serious tone – and I thought SULU. So that worked.”


“The Enterprise looks huge, both on the outside and on the inside. Not spacey, but it felt like if you had to walk the length of the enterprise you’d hope there were a couple of bench spots to rest.”

52. Section 31 - June 27, 2008


So are they going to break Star Trek Canon by making the size of the Enterprise in STXI larger than the NCC-1701-E?

53. MONGO - June 27, 2008

Section 31 mans, Mongo think you put too much effort into not liking something you not see. Why?

Changes on bridge because JJ mans given more than $40 to build set.

54. Chris M - June 27, 2008

That all sounds absolutely AWESOME, I havn’t felt this excited about the new Star Trek movie since the release date was pushed back! :)

55. DJT - June 27, 2008

“And I think it’s gonna be a long long time”

56. me - June 27, 2008

“Ever seen Voyager before? They could beam through shields in rare instances. Especially the movie First Contact!”

Canon mistake by the Voyager autors.
Voyager is just shows bullshit all the time, they did everything wrong warp 10 … impossible, beacuase that would mean infinite speed and the need of infinite energy…
beaming through shields … thousand times said before: it is impossible, but they did it nevertheless.
Voyager produced one canon mistake after the other (more than ever other serie – even Enterprise), Voyager was a big mistake at all.

57. Chris Pike - June 27, 2008

41 What’s wrong with Englishese? Me no like-a.

Trek is BACK bigger better badder, more real. Let’s face it, this is probably the only way that it could have survived at all on the big screen.

Give me a small green screen shot to composite, I’ll do it for free. Any shot, I’ll sign anything. Go on. 4k 10bit log cineon scans, no problem. Free, no cost at all. Go on.

58. Jim Smith - June 27, 2008

MONGO is some kind of genius. I wish he had a blog where he reviewed things in that style. Not just movies and TV either but cakes and shops and cab rides and things.

59. Bugs Nixon - June 27, 2008

Public relations is a clever art isn’t it?

This scoop from Harry K coming just after the announcement that there would be no presence at Comicon.

60. Commodore Redshirt - June 27, 2008


…something with some real meat. This is INFO…

“Classic Trek that looks like it might really work..!

… and did he say the USS Kelvin was “BADASS”?!?!?

Sulu served under Pike?

…… and Kirk gets into trouble ?!?!?”

[ Toss some flesh to the vultures JJ… the kids have been crabby as of late.
…they need some new Trek Movie news to keep the psych up! ]

ANTHONY: good job man! you’ve been doing some good work here!

…so I bet we are at least a month or two away from a pic of the E…

61. SirMartman - June 27, 2008



I waited over 6 months to get some news on the new Trek only to hear they wont be at comic con,grrrrr,,and now they rub salt into my wounds with a story about JJ showing some guy afew minutes of the dam movie.

I dont read spoilers so I dont want to know what he saw,,

dam JJ,,if you read this,, I want you to know, that Ive never seen ANY spoilers for this,,,and this is KILLING me !!

When is the date for the next trailer ?????

62. DJ Neelix - June 27, 2008

@ #55 DJT,
LOL, if it goes on like this then yeah, a VERY long time. It feels like being in a chicken farm.

63. captain_neill - June 27, 2008

Sulu at the helm under Captain Pike?

Is JJ forgetting that Kirk was a serious student at the academy and not a trouble maker? Sure he cheated on the Kobayashi Maru but he did get accomodation for original thinking.

Oh dear! Oh Dear!

64. Paulaner - June 27, 2008

“Then for the first time in the history of Star Trek, [the bridge] looked amazingly functional. It echoes that classic Trek look – but imagine if you handed that design to the folks at APPLE and said… Make it really work. I instantly believed in the functionality of everything. ”

This is totally awesome!

65. Enc - June 27, 2008

jeez 50 someting post to read.
go back and read it again. it said chr on bridge not ALL. an it said clask uniform not TOS.
lets kepp thing in context so as not to enrage the canon junkies.

we already have pirated cellphoine pics and a triler w/ the E and that bridge shot thats hard to see.
but i know what u mean.

I forgot to laugh :)


#28, 29
well the ship does have 6 shuttles. they gotta get in the hanger somehow :)

#36 et al
but to me thats TNG technobable. id prefer that they stick with TOS technobable.
forget all those yrs and stay within TOS.

im surprised no onw mentioned Sulu at hel of Pikes bridge. Sulu on kirks E was dept head THEN moved to helm. what happened? was he helm then dpt head then back to helm again???

and as for kirk name not beeing called. well maybe hes about to bet assigned to special dutie (see plot line of film/who knows). after all he is Kirk and could be just chompin at the bit to do something.

hmm lets see. 25y pree E saucer eng t/b hmm
sounds like…. Andropov (please no dnt confirm) id prefer not to know.

and just because “t feels as though some Intergalactic Pearl Harbor” dosent mean it on earth. so no need for sheild up anything. but what was the rumor about they all lok over as if something big fell from the sky. who knows?

damn it Boyce. What are you a doctor or a bartender ???
If I got drunk every time that man handed me a martini….

66. Irishtrekkie - June 27, 2008

sound good very good !!!
i really like the sounds of the uss kelvin shot, he said it was badass
oh yea thats what i am talking about

The hangour scene
” Intergalactic Pearl Harbor” ( also sounds like starship trooper , hmm hope its not cheesy)

And the bridge scene again sounds class ( well not the bit where apple made the bridge lol but as long as it works :) )

67. Iowagirl - June 27, 2008

– ..apparently Kirk is in trouble. . –

Ah, a completely new angle is beginning to take shape…Now I’m hooked.

68. shat hands - June 27, 2008

ooooooh spoilers… wrong but so right.

I am so damn excited


69. Mark Lynch - June 27, 2008

I’m glad Apple are doing the functionality and not Microsoft… :-)

70. New Horizon - June 27, 2008



As for those who have their knickers in a knot. This was all random footage that Harry saw. Don’t take it too seriously. Wait for the movie.

71. Sam Belil - June 27, 2008

After reading some 70 posts I’m shocked that not one of them demanded some “advanced group photos” to be finally posted anywhere on the internet. As excited as I am about this movie, I’m almost getting sick and tired of all that’s being written — come JJ, can you please thrown us a bone or two.

72. Manfred - June 27, 2008

BITTE BITTE zeigt einen neuen Trailer- BITTEEE !!! :-)

73. Captain Dunsel - June 27, 2008

Clearly, between getting only little tidbits from time to time, and having canon arguments based on less-than-trailers level of information, we are all in for our very own “Year of Hell”…

74. Timncc1701 - June 27, 2008

While the spoilers are tantalizing, I hope that by the time the movie is released FOREVER from now we don’t all know the plot. I am not sure JJ should have shown this. A still of the crew on the bridge would be cool, though. I am conflicted with wanting to know more but not everything. I think I will start avoiding spoilers. But it sounds AMAZING. I think audiences will really connect with a Pearl Harbor/911 moment. Great way to broaden the appeal of the franchise.

75. TonyD - June 27, 2008

The thing I found most interesting was the description of that scene with Kirk and McCoy. Karl Urban has gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle with all the Quinto hoopla (so has Pine, come to think of it ) but I always thought he was a great choice to play McCoy. He’s something of a chameleon and an avowed Trek fan; he seems to have a good handle on the character.

Boy, would I love to see some pics. I really don’t see what would be so bad about releasing a couple of photos of the cast in costume.

76. Ryan - June 27, 2008

I still don’t believe the report is genuine, but that’s just me.

Why would everyone else involved have to sign that confidentiality agreement and not this guy? If he did,would he not be breaking that by reporting on this stuff? Just my $0.02.

77. AJ - June 27, 2008

Great break in the ice of non-news.

I agree that Anthony should be invited for a few nuggets as well.

I kinda thought Karl Urban would nail McCoy.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Star Trek Lives!

78. That One Guy - June 27, 2008

Kirk in trouble?! What a ludicrous idea! He only flaunted the Prime Directive and every single rule in Starfleet on a weekly basis for 3 years!


Don’t you mean $0.09? You forgot to account for inflation.

79. AuroraReject - June 27, 2008

I could strangle the suits right now that moved this back to May 2009!

80. trekee - June 27, 2008


they already tried Microsoft (the M-13 computer I believe) for the Enterprise-A in Star Trek V…

It’s mentioned in Mr Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise For Dummies…

81. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - June 27, 2008

The scenes sounds very cool. Knowles is such a fortunate man to get a sneak peek. One question though…why wasn’t Anthony invited to get a peek as well? This site, in my opinion, has been the pinnacle source for info on the new Trek film. Seems to me if AICN can get an invite, then the site which frequently corrects their reporting errors concerning Trek should also be invited. :-)

82. Mark Lynch - June 27, 2008

This has the potential to be the best or worst day in Star Trek history when the movie is (finally) released. I don’t believe there will be any middle ground. I am hoping for the former.

I do hope that this movie will have the grand look and epic feel of ST-TMP, whether you like the film or not, I would think that most agree it was the one film that really gave Star Trek a motion picture quality. And to be honest I thought it was the best film, especially after I watched the Directors Edition.

I add my 5 pence (that’s about $0.09) to a vote for a couple of photos of the cast and our lovely ship.
Puhleeeeeeeeese… JJ or whoever is in control of such stuff.

83. CmdrR - June 27, 2008

My thoughts, described thusly: cool.

84. diabolik - June 27, 2008

The way I look at the canon issue is: the details of the ship, like the bridge and exterior, are not what is important. If it is, then ANY of the SMALLEST upgrades for the big screen will violate canon. And that is silly to think about.

So, for me canon is sticking to the established and known details of Trek events. So little is known about the days and years before the start of the series, that there is a LOT of story to tell and fill in. We don’t know that much about what happened.

So, by making the bridge similar yet better, and the ship close but better for the big screen, is not vioating canon. And I’m open to whatever we find out about the history of the crew which we do NOT know much about.

85. Pat D - June 27, 2008

I think if I’d seen a picture of Ben Cross and Winona Ryder as Sarek and Amanda, I’d certainly have something to say!!

86. Cobra Commander - June 27, 2008

From the article . . .
Uhura “looks young and hungry.”

I always thought that Zoe was a little on the twiggy side . . !
Eat a sandwich or a Snickers, girl!

This is so exciting! Is it May yet? Huh, huh? Is it May yet?!

For the first time in my life, I’d like to fast-forward through Christmas . . !

87. Mike T. - June 27, 2008

Back to the using of shuttles, TOS was always using shuttles in episodes. Remember, in Kirk’s time they were still having problems with the transporters: Kirk was split in two, the bridge crew was beamed to a mirror universe, etc. You had maybe a 80% chance of getting where you were supposed to in a transporter.

Transporter use should not have been as easy and fast as it was on the show Enterprise. In the episode The Cage it took what felt like forever to beam people to and from the ship.

I would be like McCoy and take a shuttle every chance I could.

88. British Naval Dude - June 27, 2008

Arrrr… so, tha’ USS Kelvin is one hot ship, eh?
And ya’ canna beam anythin’ into the USS Kevlar… need shuttles fur that ship…
Tha’ big emergency described could be tha’ USS Caviar bein’ attacked by a hungry space-squid…

So… real scenes finally, eh? Get to see Vulcan diapers, realistic controls, old-school uniforms… how exciting. O’ course Mr. Orci may be havin’ some fun wit’ us analyzin’ tha’ cadet scramble scene… actually an outbreak of food poisoning an’ wit’ tha’ washrooms all full up, cadets head ta’ tha’ shuttle potties to up-chuck and out-chuck. See, people are just as real as you or I, even in tha’ future.

Pardon me now, me squid is not setting well…


89. That One Guy - June 27, 2008

80. Imagine if they had tried VISTA on the Enterprise. Let’s just say that it would’ve self-destructed a long time before Kirk had the chance.

How it would have proceeded:

Kirk: Zero, zero, zero… destruct…. zero.

Computer: This action requires an administrator. Please get permission to continue.

Kirk: I AM the adminstrator! I’m the captain!

Computer: Please scan fingerprint.


Computer: I’m sorry, it didn’t work. Please try again.

Kirk: &$(#&@(#!!!!!!!

Computer: Thank you, RED SHIRT #441, for entering. You are not an Administrator. Please contact an Administrator to continue.

Computer: An update from Windows Live Update is now available. Download in progress. 1% complete. Your internet connection has been interrupted. Please contact an Administrator to continue.


Kirk: D’Oh…..

90. The Bova Effect - June 27, 2008

@ #38

You know those writers, always grasping at straws to have some sort of cool effect. ;o)

91. Craig - June 27, 2008

Sounds awesome!

More, more, more!!!!!

92. Chris Doohan - June 27, 2008


93. British Naval Dude - June 27, 2008

oh… and another scene described on AICN:

“What confused me was Walter Koenig’s cameo appearance. He was in what looked like jeans and a t-shirt and was pushing against three men who had ‘Security’ written on the back of their jackets… and it was all in the background of the main shot. He wasn’t miked properly but you could make out Walter screaming ‘nuclear wessels’ almost over the main dialogue. Again, this scene was still a rough-cut.”

Arrrrr… I kids cuz I loves…

94. ensign joe - June 27, 2008

really? really? if you can’t see how graduating from the academy and shutteling up to your first assignment isn’t cool and in all ways righteous then you aren’t trying very hard.. beaming.. don’t you wanna see that starship from the outside.. this is your new home.. the shuttle ride reinforces this.. and it makes the rides in TMP and TWOK more nostalgic..

That scene alone makes me excited to see this move.. now I hope I havn’t worked myself up too much :P

95. diabolik - June 27, 2008

#76… no way Harry would endanger his standing in the film community by lying about this. JJ and the rest would ostracize him in the future. You can believe it.

96. Garovorkin - June 27, 2008

Its sounds great, I just wish they would give us a peak at it.

97. Chris Peterson - June 27, 2008

But is the bridge fully functional in multiple techniques?

98. Andy Patterson - June 27, 2008


Surgery and All!

Which surgery is this?

99. British Naval Dude - June 27, 2008


Dear Diary,

I would think this be farrrr big movie news and I say tha’ posts will begin ta’ outnumber the totality o’ all Trek tv eppy-sodes combined… but, other than hopin’ Keonig don’t come o’er and bonk me on tha’ noggin’… I’ll just sit back and watch now….


100. freezejeans - June 27, 2008


Let’s not forget that a giant, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH would appear on the main viewscreen, wonder what Federation ctrl-alt-delete design would look like.

101. Sam Belil - June 27, 2008

Group pictures in the uniforms on the bridge, I want them and I want them now!!! Stop teasing us already!!!!

102. The Moseph - June 27, 2008

Hey, Chris!! I didn’t know it was J.J.’s birthday!

Happy birthday, J.J.!! Hey, how about a pic of the crew in uniform or at least one of them…maybe Zac in his Spock get up and bridge uniform? A little taste of things to come?

103. COMMANDER KEEN - June 27, 2008

Just sounds like a great beginning to a great movie. Can’t wait!

#97. Maybe a “reduction” of some kind:) Don’t be angry, that a compliment #1.

104. mongoed-out - June 27, 2008

grow the f* up!
Tired of reading your Blazing Saddles inspired b.s!

105. Denise de Arman - June 27, 2008

What The Frak?! Why is Abrams calling AICN and inviting them to his editing room?! That should have been Anthony’s invitation!! I am angry and insulted for our fearless leader – TrekMovie is easily Number 1, and should have gotten the first call for a cozy editing room exclusive. Shame on Abrams.

106. Captain Hackett - June 27, 2008



107. Captain Hackett - June 27, 2008

That sounds really neat!

108. Dennis Bailey - June 27, 2008

Mongo, you wouldn’t be related to “Hulk” over at TrekBBS would you? LOL

109. DJ Koloth - June 27, 2008

Sounds cool….
Seems like this film might tell the story of the Pike/Kirk switchover. Kirk could then choose to keep Pike’s crew assignments (for this specific mission) as his main crew. Maybe we’ll have to wait to see Gary M…in the next film or so.

110. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - June 27, 2008


Amen, Denise…see Port #81

111. hitch1969© - June 27, 2008

I had a dream last night that it was opening day for this movie and we were all in line to see it. We got into the theater and the lights dimmed and that’s when I woke up. But you were all there – all the trekmovies dot com dot org folks – in line with me.

That got me to thinking. Why can’t we do this for reals next year? I am talking about the official Trek Star Trek screening. Early would be nice, but I’d take opening day. I’d be willing to fly to LA to watch the movie with y’all too. Think about it. Who else would it be so great to see the movie with than those of us who’ve talked it to death for 3 years at trek

AP, I want for you to reply to my email please. I would like to write the official article here for it. You and I can organize it. Wouldn’t that all be so fun????

Who’s with me?

Interested people please respond! Wouldn’t that be too cool for school?



112. ensign joe - June 27, 2008

#103 watch the trolling mongoed-out.. if you don’t like it then don’t read it

113. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 27, 2008

Hey Bailey can I get a super Secret invite to see the final act of Tressurian Intersection????

114. hitch1969© - June 27, 2008

Lord Garth formerly of Izar, AND D.Russ B-Flav™… Stanky McFibberich too. I am talking about ALL the diehards (and sorry those are the three I just thought of, it’s by no means the exhaustive list to fill the theater)

The Official Star Trek Advanced OR Opening Day Screening, exclusively here at trek movies dot com. AS ENVISIONED by hitch1969©.

Who is with me now???

Come on, get excited! We could really set up something significant.



115. JL - June 27, 2008


I used to work in publishing and believe me when I say “everybody gets a turn.”

I say this with first-hand experience… a company that wants you to write about or hype its new product farms out passes for different things to all sorts of publishers at different times. They have it all figured out ahead of time (for the most part.)

Anthony will get a shot at something awesome, too – maybe even MORE awesome – give it time – trust me.

116. garen - June 27, 2008

“THIS IS A DISASTER!” No, not really. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize that all of this is out of context. Not only is it out of context for us….it’s also out of context for Knowles….and now we’re getting it second or third hand!

Stop worrying about transporters vs shuttles. Just stop worrying.

If theres one thing the “this is a disaster” post taught us a few months ago….it’s that the media is watching this website. I could probably click on cable news right now or head over to the drudgereport to find an article about the crazy Trek Fans losing their heads over Pike, Kirk and who’s in command or why theyre not using transporters.

Everything we say on here could get picked up and bent WAY outta shape by other media outlets. Let’s not forget that.

117. sean - June 27, 2008

Oh no! Harry Knowles’ vague descriptions of unfinished scenes have convinced me this movie will ruin all of Trek. Did you notice in Scene 3 where he mentions the badge being 3 cm below the collar?? WE ALL KNOW IT SHOULD BE 4 CM! I’m off to commit ritual suicide, as any good Trek fan would.

118. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

Having read this, it gives me a better idea as to what he’s doing.

I think someone pointed out that Kirk was a serious cadet at the academy, and would not get into trouble.

I think Kirk was serious as an INSTRUCTOR (“Here comes Lueutenant Kirk …” I think the line was).

I postulate the following:

– Kirk’s soon-to-be crew graduate and get assigned to various assignments, some on the Enterprise.
– Kirk, due to the Kobayashi Maru incident, is held back as an instructor for the next group of Cadets. The Academy doesn’t quite know what to do with him, since this is the first time anyone has beat the No-Win Scenario.
– During his brief tenure as an Instructor, he gets the Commendation for Original Thinking. He is far more serious here, since he’s just had a career setback, and earned the Ire of the instructors. One more mistake, and he’s gone.
– He then goes off for another couple of assignments, and gains some experiences.
– The rest is history (Assigned to the Enterprise, assembles his crew).

119. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 27, 2008

Hitchie my boy I’ll join your revolution. The galaxy is after all rightfully mine to make tremble!!!

Why not??? We need a bit of Carnage and after watching 5 minutes of Star Trek Insurrection the other day my Madness (I mean clarity of thought) and rage has fully returned even Dr, Corey’s medicine is useless against the mind altering shockinlgy awful Horror that is Star Trek Insurection!!!

120. garen - June 27, 2008

guys…if you havent yet….click the link to read the full article. There are some other details and tidbits in the original article. Nothing meaningful…just complete.

121. T Negative - June 27, 2008

Finally some real news. I am thrilled they are wearing classic Trek uniforms. JJ is off to a good start with me.

This sounds great!!

122. DEMODE - June 27, 2008

#37… (Section 31)

Enterprise-E beamed Defiant crew onboard while their sheilds where up. I remember gasping in the theatre when they did this. That was something “totally new” in TNG. It had never been done before in any of the series, and was done in First Contact to show just how advanced the new Enterprise E was. In the next scene, they fired “quantum torpedoes”, which again was something new. None of the ships in the past could beam while their shields where up.

As for the shuttles going up to the ships (rather than just beaming), if they are being called to war, they are going to need to get as many people up there as possible. I doubt they could just beam everyone up in a state of emergency. Plus, shuttles also can be sent in to combat, as they have weapons and warp capabilities. They can also serve as “escape pods” should the ship they are on be destroyed. If you are in deep space, and your ship is about to explode, I don’t think transporters are going to be of much help.

123. Tomalak - June 27, 2008

They invited AICN because last year they published a review from the script screwing all their work. And some fanboys said it, because of that review the movie will suck (me too). Then, they invite Harry and show a great fotage to shut his mouth.

Dammt, JJ is a frakkin´ wise guy. First, James Crawley, now, Harry Knowles.

They don´t invite any of us ´cause we know the movie will be good :-)

124. Tomalak - June 27, 2008

Anyone thinks it´s too much coincidence that something like that “leak” just a little after Paramount said it there wont be trek presentation at ComicCon and every fanboy gone crazy and angry?

Elementar, my dear Watson. :-)

125. Green-Blooded-Bastard - June 27, 2008

Wow, well if AICN isn’t making it up (or exaggerating a bit), sounds pretty good to me. I’m still anxious for a pic of ANY kind.

126. hitch1969© - June 27, 2008

An official Star Trek screening is just what the doctor ordered. I’m getting real excited about this idea. That would be SO cool to attend this movie on opening day (or perhaps earlier) with the ThinkTank™ that AP has assembled here on this interwebs.

I mean, I could take my girlfriend and see it in Fort Collins or Loveland, but really… it would not be the same diff. You know? Except for getting some leg tonight for sure, tell us how you do? Nah, come on AP, gimme a break….

Hey hey hey! ONE BREAK, coming up!!!


127. Platitude - June 27, 2008

Ha I can’t tell whether all the complaining and moaning in these comments are serious or trying to be funny. If you guys are serious then your totally jumping the gun. You can’t whine about stuff just by some brief discriptions because you have NO context whatsover. Seriously, people come on.

Sounds awesome to me, though I would really just love to at least see a cast photo of the gang in uniform.

128. MONGO - June 27, 2008

#58-Jim Smith mans

Mongo say thank you. Blog good idea. Mongo have many thoughts on many things. You good person.


Why so much anger? Maybe Mongo speak this way to get you to think. Remember, anger lead to hate. Hate lead to dark side. No one want that. And Mongo not Alex Karras or Hulk. Mongo name I pick. Maybe if get to go to hitch mans movie party tell real name. Mongo not think #104 name “mongoed out”. What you’re name on

129. 7 of 5 - June 27, 2008

Boy howdy!

Abrams finally threw out the first nugget. Harry Knowles & AICN is a good place to do that; the only improvement would have been to do it on a Trek-dedicated site [right here] or to invite me out to LA.

We got a whiff, we got a taste. It sounds like Abrams might be doing things the right way. Maybe it’s not a studio trying to keep the covers on a stink bomb.

I now have much more hope than I had yesterday.

130. Ruger - June 27, 2008

Wow, at least SOMEBODY finally got to see SOMETHING from this film. Now how about throwing your fanbase a bone, JJ?

131. Viking - June 27, 2008

#92 Chris – sounds like Harry confirmed what you alluded to a few months back. They kept the design elements of the TOS uniforms, but instead of stitching together low-budget TV costumes, they actually dedicated time and materials to MAKING functional uniforms. That, again fits-hand-in-glove with Karl Urban’s observation that it’s like seeing Star Trek in hi-def.

132. Spockanella - June 27, 2008

104: All this material to mine and ponder over and debate and speculate, and the only thing on your mind is to trash another poster whose style you don’t personally like? Shame on you. If it bugs ya, don’t read it.

Spockanella likes Mongo mans. Mongo mans always say smart things. Mongo mans not mean to other posters.

133. Tox Uthat - June 27, 2008

I like that story behind the legend idea. If you do the logic, how could the perfect student Kirk become the guy who relies on Cowboy Diplomacy and violates the Prime Directive on a regular basis?

134. bgiles73 - June 27, 2008

Section 31 – June 26, 2008

Why the hell are they getting on shuttles?!!?!? They should be using TRANSPORTERS by now. This isn’t ENT!!!!

It’s suppose to be STAR TREK!, NOT Battlestar Galactica!

Maybe this scene has something to do with why McCoy doesn’t like having his atoms scattered!

135. earthclanbootstrap - June 27, 2008

^ #132 – Spockanella, I don’t think that Mongo could have put it any better himself! ;-)

In regards to what AICN got to see, it reinforces the gut feeling I have that the people making this movie understand the “guts” of Trek. I followed the link and the whole article is a worthwhile read. Although I’m sure Anthony would have done MUCH better given the opportunity. :-)

136. c0MmODoRe g0_oFbAlL - June 27, 2008

Spoiler is a gross exaggeration here. I’d call this report more in the Foreplay realm . . . now Tease me for real!

And on the topic of a good tease, I agree with my buddy Denise; why should the rumor mill at AICN get the first view, unless … this is all ANOTHER AICN scam.

137. MONGO - June 27, 2008

Mongo like Pretty Spockanella lady too. Mongo like discussion and debate. Mongo no like irrational dislike.

Mongo have thoughts on Harry Knowles mans preview. Sometimes lately Harry Knowles mans like everything he see. Good movie, bad movie, it not matter. Mongo start to think Harry Knowles mans legitimacy compromised somehow. But then Harry Knowles mans give bad review Love Guru. True, that bad, bad movie. And AICN have interview scrapped with Mike Myers mans supposedly because of bad review. So maybe Harry Knowles mans legit again. Or maybe Harry Knowles mans still very famous plant for JJ mans. Mongo still excited about new Trek movie.

138. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

I find this information very interesting.

Seeing a baby Spock and Sarek, and knowing that Spock as a young boy is there, tells me that this is so much about how it all started.

Getting the Proto-Kirk line tells me that there is character development in this, and I love the direction it’s taking.

I’m also intrigued by the Functional description of the uniforms and the Enterprise Bridge, like taking the Original Series and making it “real”.

Based on what little information we have so far, this could be a very interesting take on the original Star Trek. Very interesting indeed.

I do suspect that Leonard Nimoy’s role in the movie might be key, but not lead. Probably a few scenes, but very important ones.

It would seem logical that the Spock / Kirk / McCoy relationship, according to this move, might be nurtured somewhat by the older Spock’s interation with the younger Spock.

So far, I think they are getting it right.

139. Closettrekker - June 27, 2008

#105—From reading the entire article at AICN, I would say it sounds as if Harry had an open invitation from awhile back to visit JJ. It also appears as though Harry’s visit was a bit unexpected, and so all of this was rather impromptu.

140. Jon - June 27, 2008

Obvious trolls are obvious. I love it when these rabbid trekkies, foaming at the mouth waiting to attack each and every item released about this movie, get it so wrong… screaming about canon violations while they can’t even get their own facts right- and they wonder why the writers and producers are staying tight lipped on this movie?

BOB ORCI/JJ ABRAMS/WHOEVER IS READING- keep up the good work, and keep it all behind closed doors, it’s for the best and I’m so glad you know it. Can’t wait to see your movie!

141. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

134 – Perhaps Tradition. For groups of 6 or 7 personnel, the Transporters might be perfectly viable.

However, it may take way too much time to transport 430 crew and officers to a Starship in short order, since the Transporter needs reset time between uses. Maybe the Pattern Buffer needs time to restabilize.

There’s a LOT of residual data to clear out before sending a new pattern in there.

Also, with the Peal Harbour-like description, it may be that something happened, and some kind of interference may be preventing transport.

Another possibility is that Starfleet Academy is just around the corder from Starfleet Headquaters. There may be shielding to prevent Transport for security.

The REAL reason, of course, is that it would make a cool, dramatic way to get the crew to their ships.

142. Dr. image - June 27, 2008

Now we’re talking.

143. Thomas Jensen - June 27, 2008

Shuttle, transporter, who cares? It looks like if the Romulans change something which Spock has to take care of, then, now we have an explaination for the slight differences in tech, uniforms, etc. So, I’ve got no problem with Sulu being on Pike’s command, there’s so much from that pre-series time which can be filled in and still stick to what transpired in the three seasons.

Besides, if something was changed, then the ‘future’ we have seen in the show might unfold slightly differently. The movie might be a semi-reboot, with some information saved, some not. I’m very curious to see it and find out how they are going to proceed.

The thing is, will the movie be clever in sticking to what was done with regarding the look of the original show, but do it with the sensibilities of what can be done now?

From what I read, that’s just what is being done.

144. Dom - June 27, 2008

If there are HUGE numbers of cadets being sent to ships, it’s probably cheaper and more efficient to send them in large numbers via shuttlecraft. Also, in even of a war, all it would take is one well-timed EMP to wipe everyone who’s being teleported out of existence!!

From the sounds of things, the design aesthetic is exactly what I’ve been hoping for! :)

145. David - June 27, 2008

What I find amazing, yet again, is that the fervent star trek fan can pick apart a third person report about what was seen. Section 31, I bow to your elaborate and completely baseless conjecture. You Sir, set a new standard for geekdom, by which all others can be judged.

Overall – I find Harry’s observations (and generally geeky first time in the editing booth moment) to be a revelation.

This brief interlude, not given to one of the more worthy Star Trek fans, but dropped in the lap of the industries most infamous slayer of false Gods and tacky remakes. The result, an excited fanboy and what appears to be a hopefull look at next years killer movie.

Add to the notion that they WON’T be at Comicon. Damn you Paramount marketing execs!

Make it Real!

146. MORN SPEAKS - June 27, 2008

Give us something, a photo, something! At least tell us when we’ll see some photos or footage! ARGH!

147. MORN SPEAKS - June 27, 2008

Also, I have no problems with the changes, where normally I would because it seems (although not quite confirmed) that the TNG Romulans changed the past. This is a great idea, to make changes.

148. Radioactive Spock - June 27, 2008


I get goosebumps with positive news like this. It’s actually possible that we’re looking at a renewed franchise with great movies to expect every few years for a while.

and maybe another series? here’s hoping.

149. Rumpleforeskin - June 27, 2008


150. Closettrekker - June 27, 2008

I am normally very optimistic about the new film, but there is something about this information which does bother me. It’s not a “canon” thing, exactly, but something doesn’t sit right.

“You’d see cadets running to meet their shuttles – and as shuttles filled up, they took off to take their crews to their respective starships. They hold on the long shot – we hear Leonard McCoy being assigned to the Enterprise – You catch Uhura being assigned to a place… not the Enterprise. You see Chris Pine as Kirk demanding to know why his name wasn’t called out – apparently Kirk is in trouble. You remember that Kobayashi Maru thing he got a commendation for creative thinking for? Well, he isn’t smiling about it here. It seems his entire future career in Starfleet is in jeopardy – and he might miss out on whatever is going on. In a way it plays like the reality of legend. The truth behind the mythology of Kirk’s youth. How is Chris Pine? He’s young. The scene I saw wasn’t a strong KIRK scene, but a proto-KIRK scene. To see a character called Kirk that isn’t comfortably calling all the shots is a bit strange, but welcomed at the same time. I can’t wait to see how JJ takes the character and thrusts him into “greatness” – which has to happen in this film.
But then there’s McCoy – when you see McCoy… you’ll realize how metaphysically perfect Karl Urban was for the casting of the character. He’s got that right cantankerous, best buddy, ethical, but anything for his friend type of doc attitude – and he has it down pat. He’s helping Jim to get onto a ship, but in a million years I wouldn’t spoil that. It’s funny, without being ridiculous. And it begins to exhibit the early kernels of a classic Bones/Kirk interaction. Best friends with a history – and perhaps this moment is a key moment of that history. The favor that launched a career? Perhaps that is what I saw. We see Uhura confront Spock regarding her assignment to NOT the Enterprise.”

Why would Uhura, Sulu, Spock, McCoy and Kirk all be getting assigned to ships from the Academy at the same time? I can buy that Spock and Kirk are at the Academy together—even in the same graduating class. However, Uhura? She always seemed to be quite a bit younger. And McCoy? I always imagined him about 10 years older than Kirk and Spock. He certainly looked that way to me in TOS. It seems a bit of a stretch to believe that they are all attending the Academy at the same time, and even more so that they are all in the same graduating class.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not beaming off the ship any time soon. I am very optimistic about the look and feel of things from the way Harry described it.

It’s the placement of the characters in Starfleet Academy at the same time that just seems a bit too convenient to me. It would make more sense to me if, at the time of Uhura’s attendance at the Academy, Lt. Kirk was an instructor (as Gary Mitchell suggested), Spock was serving aboard the Enterprise as a junior science officer under Pike’s command, and McCoy had a number of years under his belt.

As I said, there aren’t exactly any “canon” complaints at this stage, but it’s a stretch…

151. c0MmODoRe g0_oFbAlL - June 27, 2008

MONGO my friend (pet-stoke-comb-pat-pet again),
Mongo need know, Hu-mans smart brain not form until 24 years old.
Mongo waste time argue with teenboy.
Teenboy’s brain all confused with hormones; no can think he.
No can have rational debate with under 25 year old.
C0mMoDorE g 0_o fbAlL Lurker man take Mongo for Shuttlecraft ride.
g0_obAlL Lurker man like Mongo. Good Mongo.
We eat beans, sit by phaser torch, then beam down.

152. Enc - June 27, 2008

its 203 crew under pike. even in kirks early years. the 430 count didnt come till later.

153. Dennis Bailey - June 27, 2008

Here’s another possibility, since we’re nitpicking the shuttle/transporter thing – maybe the cadets are being flown off to ships that are beyond Transporter range. During TOS that was supposedly something like 160,000 miles line-of-sight.

154. Daoud - June 27, 2008

And another possibility… this is part of a traditional ceremony, like a fire drill routine on a graduation day, where the new officers, their instructors, and others rush to staff their ships. Beaming 10,000 people at once could be dangerous, or not very ‘traditional’.

That’s my rationale for it. It’s a somber ceremony, instead of lingering to say goodbye and taking the senior trip like a HS or college graduation, this is a “call to duty stations”…

That would explain non-traditional student Leonard McCoy, instructor Kirk, instructor Spock, and traditional student Nyota Uhura all being part of the event…

155. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

Why would Uhura, Sulu, Spock, McCoy and Kirk all be getting assigned to ships from the Academy at the same time?

– We never saw on screen how they all first meet. Kirk’s choice of Bridge crew might be based on his experiences at the Academy, for all we know.
– McCoy may be older, but we don’t know how long he’s been a Starfleet surgeon.
– As for Spock being at the Academy, he could be looking for crew to be assigned to the Enterprise for Captain Pike. Captain Pike may be doing other things at Starfleet HQ while the Enterprise gets a post-Cage refit, and sent Spock to the Academy, where he meets Kirk. It may be that Kirk gets noticed due to the Kobayashi Maru test.

From a storytelling standpoint, I like the idea that they were at the Academy, then when Kirk gets his first command, he gathers together the ones he trusts and knows, and who may have helped him in the Kobayashi Maru test fix.

The actual “fixing” of the Kobayashi Maru test would be a great way for Jimmy Kirk to show leadership potential, or how he develops it.

156. Closettrekker - June 27, 2008

#155—Like I said, I’m not making a “canon” complaint. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Too convenient.

I can even buy that McCoy entered the Academy later (after medical school, perhaps). I think Kirk and Spock could easily be the same age. I have no problem with that (Spock served for something like 11 years with Pike aboard the Enterprise as a junior officer, and Kirk/Finney were junior officers aboard another vessel). But why are they graduating with Uhura, who–11 years later, is only a lieutenant?

I think that, particularly, the Uhura thing is a bit much. She should probably be a young teenager when they (Kirk, Spock, McCoy) are graduating from the Academy. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

157. Dennis Bailey - June 27, 2008

It sounds as if the Kobyashi Maru cheating incident is going to be presented as a big misstep on Kirk’ s part and something he has to fight to overcome in order to move forward in his career, rather than anything that anyone will celebrate.

158. K. M. Kirby - June 27, 2008

The Klingons are coming!

The Klingons are coming!

159. isuboy95 - June 27, 2008

To the gentleman (and anyone else for that matter) who overreacted to the news that Pike was captain—if you recall in TOS, Pike IS the first Captain of the Enterprise, and then the story unfolds in The Menagerie where Pike is seriously injured and Kirk takes over. To the research, have a little faith and chill the f out.

160. Wick - June 27, 2008

159: Robert April is the first Captain of the Enterprise.

161. Thomas - June 27, 2008

159. Pike wasn’t injured until after Kirk had the Enterprise and Pike was made fleet captain.

162. barrydancer - June 27, 2008

Oooh, an Apple iBridge!…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. :)

I’ve yet to be able to figure out from the nuggets we’ve gotten, but it McCoy supposed to be at the Academy with Kirk in the new film? I always thought it was pretty obvious that McCoy was supposed to be at least 5-10 years older.

On the same note, didn’t McCoy go to the University of Mississippi for medical school? I didn’t think he was ever a cadet, much like people join the military or become officers today through alternate means? Then again, his knowing about Kirk’s perfomance in the Kobayashi Maru as mention to Saavik in TWOK might indicate he was a cadet at one point.

Anyone know better than me? :)

163. Decker's Stubble - June 27, 2008

Very nice article. Is it still twelve more months? Damn!

164. EJD1984 - June 27, 2008

I wonder if the footage that Abrams chose to show is intended to be part of the first trailer.

It seems to me that Harry at AICN saw the footage a while ago, and just now got permission from Abrams to write his report on it. If so – Does this mean that something may be coming soon. Maybe a surprise at ComicCon?

165. S. John Ross - June 27, 2008

#65: I only do TOS, hoss, and while Plot Device Energy may well have been abused to death in the PajamaTrek era, it didn’t originate there :)

166. Tim Lade - June 27, 2008

Nice to see JJ spreading the love across various sites and getting different perspectives and opinions. I am all for it!

167. Dennis Bailey - June 27, 2008

#160: “Robert April is the first Captain of the Enterprise.”

Only on TAS. Doesn’t count.

#165: ” I only do TOS, hoss, and while Plot Device Energy may well have been abused to death in the PajamaTrek era, it didn’t originate there :)”

The episode “The Apple” was powered by it. LOL

168. thersites - June 27, 2008

Why do we have to take Kirk at his word when he said he got a “special commendation for original thinking”? Maybe he didn’t mean that Starfleet literally printed out some kind of certificate; maybe that’s his creative way of saying that the professors laughed and complimented him. Or maybe he was being sarcastic. Or maybe he was flat out lying. Just because a character has said that something happened in the past doesn’t mean that it actually happened. People lie, change, exaggerate, misremember, self-promote, etc. etc. etc.

169. Gorn Captain - June 27, 2008

Hm…a nacelle above and below the saucer on the Kelvin…cool

170. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

162 – McCoy is older, but it is possible he was an experienced medical practitioner, then joined Starfleet.

After all, he’s in a Starfleet uniform, and had to know all of the procedures and protocols to be an officer, with a rank, on a Starship.

We know that Scotty had a career on Freighters before joining the Enterprise, so it’s not unusual to have McCoy at the academy as an older cadet.

171. Roy Burr - June 27, 2008

Everyone on the bridge under PIKE???? So the entire senior officers (Sulu, Uhura, Chekov) are all the same age as Captain Kirk??? So J.J. Abrams if going to ignore 42 years worth of Star Trek History??? I’m not trying to jump the gun, but we haven’t had a great Star Trek Movie since Star Trek: First Contact and that was over 10 years ago!!! Why hasn’t there been any new movie trailers yet or them appearing at the San Diego Comic Con??? Doesn’t that worry anyone about what kind of movie this may turn out to be?? Maybe it’s a blessing for William Shatner that he is not going to be in this new movie. Iron Man had a trailer out very early and some the main cast appeared at last years San Diego Comic Con (with Iron Man Armor). So why doesn’t J.J. Abrams appear at this year’s Con. He could bring some costume pieces, movie stills, gagdets, actors, etc. to the Con. It has to make you wonder what kind of movie this will be. Don’t get me wrong I love Star Trek and the TOS is my favorite, but after Rick Berman put the Star Trek Franchise into the grave I have a feeling the J.J. Abrams is putting the dirt on top.

172. barrydancer - June 27, 2008

170: That’s along the lines of what I was thinking, too. He may have had to go the Academy for a little while to learn Starfleet procedures, etc.

173. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

171 – To address some of your points:

1. Crew the Same Age

The crew could be of different ages at the Academy, and Karl Urban is OBVIOUSLY older than Chris Pine. I’ve already pointed out that McCoy could have joined Starfleet after having experience as a civilian doctor.

The rest of the crew may easily be of similar ages, though of course Chekov is obviously younger.

2. All of the crew joining Captain Pike on the Enterprise:

Actually, the article above points to only a few of them, and Uhura was assigned to go elsewhere, not the Enterprise (She confront’s Spock about it).

3. Trailer not being shown.

The Trailer is being held back because the movie is going to be released in Summer 2009. This is based on Paramount execs seeing dailies and concluding that the movie would be better placed as a Summer tentpole rather than a Christmas release.

4. Comic-Con 2008 appearance.

Paramount will actually be present at Comic-Con 2008, as an update to the source article for’s information reveals.

As for what is shown at Comic-Con 2008, we have no idea about this, since nobody has released this information, and in all probability, Paramount may not know themselves what will be unveiled.

JJ Abrams, I believe, will be at the Con, and may be promoting some of his other projects (I think there’s a new TV series he has a panel on), and it is likely there WILL be something about Star Trek there.

The movie IS still over 10 months away, which means revealing too much too soon might bore a general audience before the movie is released.

Besides, we all know what Abrams is like with publicity.

He’s an absolute master when it comes to marketing without revealing too much, and loves to keep us guessing as to the contents of the Mystery Box :-)

174. Kirk's Girdle - June 27, 2008


This is cool news, indeed. Harry’s comments echo what just about everyone else has been saying, so we can rest a little better that it’s not just castmembers blowing smoke.

175. Mike T. - June 27, 2008

I thought the interupposed to be a visual medium. We need some pictures!

Somebody get Harry to sketch some pictures of the pre TOS ship and the Enterprise bridge. It’s going to be hard to make it to next summer.

176. Mike T. - June 27, 2008

Sorry, my keyboard is ready to be replaced. I meant to say I thought the internet was supposed to be a visual medium.

177. OneBuckFilms - June 27, 2008

I wonder what Harry’s drawing skills are?

We might look at it and think: Good God, they can’t even get the consoles straight and level !!!

Look, it’s all jagged, and those buttons look really weird ;-)

But I agree, I’d love to see what our ‘new’ Enterprise looks like, as well as the Uniforms and the Bridge.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a surprise or two in the movie ;-)

178. snake - June 27, 2008

Wow sounds like Starship Troopers

179. Decker's Stubble - June 27, 2008

Wow. I cannot believe folks are seriously arguing about transporters vs. shuttles based on a hearsay account of a small clip of film. I can’t imagine the outright bedlam that will erupt here when the trailers start coming out.

The only canon thing I’m concerned about are the doors. They must still go “swoooosht”!

180. Redjac - June 27, 2008

Just because Pike is on the bridge when the other officers are on it, that doesn’t mean they are UNDER him. Did it not occur to anyone that maybe this is a “passing of the baton” scene?

I’m sure I’ll get ignored again, but…jus sayin…

Now, if it turns out they are serving under Pike then, yeah…that’ll be ass and I’ll have a problem with that.

181. Captain Pike - June 27, 2008

Starship Troopers didn’t have to suck. All the good parts come from the novel or the 1988 anime series from the Japan. The sucky parts were pure Paul Verhoeven.

But I digress. I think JJ may be thinking silence is a hard sell and he’s a bit desperate to get some good buzz going. Having the movie pushed back 5 months after xmas was tough. I’m sure the toys licensees where very unhappy.

182. ThePhaige - June 27, 2008

Sounds bad ass. Cant wait

183. Anthony Pascale - June 27, 2008

Frank Chavez warning for flaming
section 31 final warning for trolling

people dont let a single poster suddenly become multiple people’s opinion. I see one person getting bent out of shape and it is a single poster who has gone out of his way to find fault in the past. It is called trolling, dont go under the bridge with him

184. Jason P Hunt - June 27, 2008

If I remember correctly, McCoy joined up with Starfleet after his divorce from Jocelyn. It was a bitter experience for him, and he left Georgia to get away from it all.

This has been covered in several novels, but it’s not canon by Paramount, so I suppose anything could change.

DC Fontana wrote an episode that would have addressed this point a bit – “The Way to Eden”. Joanna McCoy was in the original draft, and she became Irina and a love interest for Sergei Chekov… I mean Pavel Chekov. I mean Admiral Chekov.. .uhm…

185. The joke is on them - June 27, 2008

>> 38. Perhaps the scene in question is a flashback? Or a drill?
>> Maybe some one is playing a joke on some one else?

re: joke. Can you say Finnegan? :)

“Hey, Jimmy Boy! Did you get your ship assignment?”

Makes me wonder if the prankster/jokester never made it big in Starfleet because of his ways.

Kudos, Mr. Orci. Canon Police aside (and I think you and Mr. Kurtzman stuck with canon), this is going to be a brilliant Trek movie which honors the original in so many, many, many ways.

186. John E. Kirk - June 27, 2008

23, and everyone else ALREADY making judgments. As Shatner said, get a life. I am a HUGE Trek fan. I’ve seen and heard it all. If you people don’t think that Trek is NOW in good hands with JJ Abrams, one of the best film-makers in the WORLD today, you are wrong. You need to TRUST that all things TREK will be reinvigorated after this movie. I, for one, have had enough of the mediocre films we’ve seen. Nemesis, Insurrection, and Trek V. Rick Berman was a great TV producer, not a great film-maker. JJ is BOTH. The more recent films have declined in quality. If you deny that, you’re not looking at Trek with an open, honest revew. I personally can’t wait to see what’s next in Trek world, and for the WORLD to become Trek fans. Everyone needs a bit of PATIENCE, and TRUST. This movie will be THE movie to see next year.

187. SciFiMetalGirl - June 27, 2008

Sheesh… why did they have to give such an exclusive preview to AICN??? That is one vulgar disgusting site. I have a very difficult time trying to wallow thru all of the filth that is so common over there. :p

Hey Bob and JJ! How about an exclusive for Anthony and the rest of us faithful readers over here at TM, eh? Please??? :))

But wow! So far sounds great!!!

188. Anthony Pascale - June 27, 2008

guys I appreciate the vote of confidence and of course if called to duty in the editing room, I will serve. But AICN is the king of all geek sites. We may be the biggest Trek site, but AICN gets traffic akin Entertainment Weekly. and JJ has a longstanding relationship with Knowles. Although JJ knows who I am, it isn’t like we chat regularly. And remember that JJ and Bob and the gang came here to do the live chat in January. I expect other TrekMovie exclusives over the next year as well.

The guys at Para, Bad Robot, etc. take the core Trek fanbase very very seriously.

Although the lobbying on the behalf of TM is appreciated.

189. AJ - June 27, 2008


If you really want to get a group together, I’d consider it. I am more of an east coast guy (NYC/Stockholm/Warsaw) but it’d be a hoot to get a group together and spam from the cinema.

Come on over to Chat. All we do there is harbor frightening sexual fantasies, and then fail to fulfil them. STXI would be a nice distraction.

Wait, I just got a call. This site is apparently dedicated to STXI. Oops.

Hitch, in all seriousness, maybe a couple of meet-ups? NYC and LA? And Anthony is on board?

190. Bill Peters - June 27, 2008

Captain Robert April was the first Captain of the Enterprise…Secondly, I think these are great peaks at the movie, Makes me look foward to it even more. If JJ makes it a little more relistic, I have no problem. Also Cannon can be bent…Think of First Contact, Trials and Tribbulations..the last epsode of Voyager..(can’t remeber the name right now.) Also I am shure Kirk will be Captian of The Enterprise by the end of the first movie.

Bob Orci I think it is great you are working on this movie.

191. AJ - June 27, 2008


You have the best Trek site ever. JJ is making a Trek movie.

I think it’s time you had a cup of coffee with JJ, and got some respect for yourself and all of us. Make sure you’re in the credits, and get us some news.

192. Commodore Redshirt - June 27, 2008

re #89
L O L ! !

193. Roy Burr - June 27, 2008

If anybody is interested; 12 years ago Pocket Books released Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future written by Michael & Denise Okuda. They took all 4 series at the time and the movies up until First Contact and put the Star Trek Universe in chronological order. No Star Trek fan should be without this book. The new movie should take place between the year 2264 (Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise) and early 2266 (Pike is exposed to Delta-Rays). J.J. Abrams and the screen writers hopefully picked up this book and read it before filming this movie. Hopefully Pocket Books with one day update this book to include the rest of DS9 and Voyager Series, include Enterprise, and the rest of the movies.

Like I stated earlier, Iron Man was promoted heavily at last years San Diego Comic Con, even though it was not to premier until the 1st week of May this year. Iron Man also had a trailer by summer of last year. The new Star Trek Movie is set to premier the 1st week of May 2009. If Paramount has any faith in this new movie; it also should be promoted heavily at this years Comic Con. The movie should also have a new trailer coming pretty soon. I do hope this new movie does well and gives the Star Trek franchise a kick in it’s ass.

194. Mike J. Hafezi - June 27, 2008

I don’t care about this movie anymore.

195. Sam Belil - June 27, 2008

#193-Your last 2 posts hit it right on the button, unless canon is being totally tossed! Uhura, Chekov and McCoy did NOT even exist under Kirk’s first command. Even though we saw Dr. Piper in only one episode, they are sequences that suggest he was key part of Kirk’s “A” team, and some type of friendship (albeit not as close as with McCoy) did exist. I have stated this fact at lease 1,001 times before — how is is possible that Gary Michell is NOT in this film. Jim Kirk’s best friend, his first “#1″ — a MAJOR PLAYER in Kirk’s early years, completely excluded — as if he never existed. Unless this indeed turns out to be an alternate reality universe. If not an alternate universe (and I have asked this many, many times before) — someone PLEASE tell me — where is Gary Mitchell???????

196. Anthony Pascale - June 27, 2008

a trekmovie screening next May is something i have considered. but that is a long way away. I have also considered some screenings of past trek films, possibly with some behind the scenes people…maybe at the Aero here in Santa Monica. i will keep you all posted on that

197. sean - June 27, 2008


Gee Mike, thanks for taking the time to tell us I guess?

That aside, everyone seems to be freaking out about marketing and the like, despite the fact that thus far JJ Abrams has proven himself the master of marketing. Seriously, if they don’t show a trailer at the Comic Con it won’t sink the picture. It needs to appeal well beyond Comic Con attendees to be a success, JJ knows this, and until I see a major misstep I’m confident the guy knows what he is doing in terms of marketing the film. Let’s just try some patience and wait. I’m sure it will be worth it.

198. S. John Ross - June 27, 2008

As always, the most startling thing about this process is seeing people make up their minds about the quality of the film without seeing it.

And that includes the crazies who say the film will be great (without having seen it) every bit as much as the crazies who say the film will be an abomination (without having seen it).

And clearly, they’re using shuttlecraft because all of the transporter units at Starfleet Academy have been taken offline in the wake of Kirk’s infamous “five hundred girls in bikinis beaming into my pants at once” graduation stunt – the stunt that took the bloom of the rose of his recently-acquired commendation for original thinking.


199. Brace - June 27, 2008

188. “We may be the biggest Trek site”

TrekToday gets more than TWICE as much traffic than TrekMovie.

The current numbers are:

TrekToday: 36,685 monthly.
TrekWeb: 21,058.
TrekMovie: 17,495.

AICN gets 342,898 visitors monthly.

200. Enc - June 28, 2008

#193, 195
thanks both

no as to the chronology theree are two. a quick aside the early sxtech of the first warp ship on hte cover of the first book was used a toy model for an alien child in a voy ep iirc. and i wept that day they did that. sorry now as top the staus of any updates to include the rest of the franchise to date didnt okuda say hew wouldnt do it or something to that effect. i think it had to do with the problems with all the contridictions and canon mistakes. damn my memory.

1,001 times i tell yeah. we got into this on the aol board when there was activity :)
basicaly what ewre they doing and when.
now as to this april issue sure he wasnt given his tos credit. and some might argue whats canon blah blah blah. buit the current people seem to be reading up on these things and taking note from sources like the novels. fasa and tas might be amung them. who knows. a lot of fans seem pleased when writers use non canon material. thus making it official. capt april might just get his day.
pavel was on ent khan said so. piper. boyce. maybe bones serves under another dr b4 coming cheif med officer. chapel did it. we know there is more then one dr from a couple od mbega ep and the kelvins reduced mccoys drs (plural) into those little blocks.
the meterial is there. the trick is telling the core trek audians fan base…. what and why AND tell the new audiance without confusing them.
its gotta be done and done right. with just the right amount of finesse.
you know what i mean. not forced like ‘draft that directive’ line by archer. you remember that ep where we see travis’ ol room. with a certain white book on the shelf. a book titled ‘chicago gangs’. oops it was supposed to be Mobs not Gangs. wed prefer it to be right. or t’pol not mentioning the vulcan/romulan civial war mentioned by Q. or the invention of the warp core mentioned in DS9. C fans catch things like that right away. boyce, piper, mccoy, mitchell, chekov, sulu, april, pike, kirk etc.
they miss something in this film and the fans can rip them a new one. and make prmnt think or whoever think twice about its future. remember the things i just mentioned. lokk back at the past few years of trek. the fans will speak out. Remember this is just one film and one film only. there ae no do-overs. no pt 2’s no tv shows coming. this is it. this one film is an all or nothing venture.
the human adventure comes with a setting. and if we sit here arguing over the details then they are not doing a good job. a good production can be when we talk about the story rather then the the length of the skirt.

201. Lexington - June 28, 2008

185. You may be onto something…

202. Sxottlan - June 28, 2008

Yeah, transporters are kind of flashy, but not really cinematic.

203. captain_neill - June 28, 2008

Ge was seriosu at the academy remeber his discussion to McCoy about it in Shore Leave?

Remeber Finnegan? He was serious at the academy. Kirk was the opposite of Picard

204. dyaleleon - June 28, 2008

He is so lucky…

205. Redjac - June 28, 2008

Frankly, I am in awe of the fact that JJ has kept such a lid on this project! And I am, quite frankly, HAPPY that he’s doing it.

Movies haven’t been the same since the internet and people spoiling the films before they even get released.

Enough is enough!

Films like Star Trek II and The Empire Strikes Back would not have not had near the impact were the internet around back then. You’d have idiots having to know every detail before the films arrived in theaters.

I’m tired of all that.

Surprise me. Thrill me.Chill me.

206. Commodore Redshirt - June 28, 2008

Ironman was a COMIC BOOK HERO [ thus big ComicCon Push ]
Trek was a TV show… [maybe there is a TV-Con?]

Why the big bunch in the shorts over ComicCon and the Trek film?
We will see pics.
Anthony will more than likeley have links to them right here…

…and if Bob Orci has any pull, TrekMoviedotcom might get the “scoop” …; )

[ that’s why I check this site 6 to 8 times a day every day. I just know and trust that the minute there are pics, posters, stills, etc. they WILL be posted here.

207. Commodore Redshirt - June 28, 2008

re #199

My guess is that TrekWeb and TrekToday as well as AintItCoolNews all inflate their webtrafic via reloads, IP address shifting, or other such manipulation in order to gain a few more bucks from advertisers.

Looking at the number of comments, integrity of news, and overall quality, I find it hard to believe TrekMovieDotCom is not the first and foremost Trek sight in the world

208. chrispikeswheelchair - June 28, 2008

All I can say is “classic Trek uniforms”…..SWEET

when terms like “believable” and “badass” are used, it’s now totally worth the wait.

I love the idea of the Enterprise to such a massive scale that you hope to see water stations & rest areas on each deck! LOL

209. Dennis Bailey - June 28, 2008

“TrekToday gets more than TWICE as much traffic than TrekMovie.”

Because of the TrekBBS possibly, but not the news site itself.

210. Janice - June 28, 2008

re #207

I agree. For the last year, this is the only trek site I visit anymore – because I know Anthony checks his facts. I don’t have time to waste on site’s that are in a rush to print blarney.

211. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

#193—“The new movie should take place between the year 2264 (Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise) and early 2266 (Pike is exposed to Delta-Rays).”

That’s assuming alot. My conclusions to this point indicate that this is NOT a traditional prequel. It looks as if the story jumps around from post-Nemesis, Spock’s birth, Kirk’s childhood, Kirk’s Academy days, Pike’s command (and Spock’s time as a junior science officer), and “sometime” during the 5 year mission we are all familiar with (all in a very “Lost-like” non-linear fashion). Furthermore, the apparent interference in the timeline by Romulan villains may cause significant changes in the course of events the Okudas have used in the past to chart that chronology.

#195—-“I have stated this fact at lease 1,001 times before — how is is possible that Gary Michell is NOT in this film. Jim Kirk’s best friend, his first “#1″ — a MAJOR PLAYER in Kirk’s early years, completely excluded — as if he never existed. ”

By all accounts thusfar, the film’s story skips around in a non-linear style through various periods in the timeline. For all we know, the story may jump from the era of Pike’s command to the period after the events of WNMHGB (when Mitchell was killed). Furthermore, while it is clear that Kirk and Mitchell have known each other for awhile and are friendly (Lt. Kirk was an instructor at the Academy while Mitchell was a cadet), there is nothing to suggest that they are “best friends”. You and I might appreciate such a 1965 TOS Easter egg, but the truth is, it is not an absolute imperative to include the character in this story. Parts of the timeline will obviously be glossed over or skipped altogether. Gary Mitchell’s time as Jim Kirk’s friend/subordinate may simply be one of those ommissions.

212. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

#211 should read, “My conclusions are based on indications that…”


213. BaronByng - June 28, 2008

193, regarding timelines, this story has to be taking place anytime between 2245 (1701 launch) and the mid-2250s. I left a comment on another post about this, if you do the math from “The Menagerie” – Spock being junior science officer under Pike 11 years prior to 2266-ish would put his first posting on Enterprise in the 2250s. We have gaps of information here; if Spock was an instructor at the Academy when Kirk was there, did Spock serve a tour of duty on the Enterprise first and then come back? Is this prior to ANYONE from TOS being assigned to the E?

Regarding The Cage / menagerie,we don’t have info as to how far into a 5-year mission they were, when Pike took command, or precisely when Pike’s accident happened. We can infer that Pike was no longer in command of the Enterprise at that point because he was training cadets on an old J-Class ship…so there may well be a fuzzy gap of time where Pike’s Enterprise was in drydock, crewless, there may well even have been ANOTHER CAPTAIN in between Pike and Kirk!

It’s not canon (yet) but it is in the realm of the possible.

214. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

#213—“if Spock was an instructor at the Academy when Kirk was there, did Spock serve a tour of duty on the Enterprise first and then come back? Is this prior to ANYONE from TOS being assigned to the E?”

I’m not sure where that conclusion comes from. Who says Spock is EVER an instructor at the Academy. We know Jim Kirk was (“WNMHGB”), but Spock? He should be about the same age as Kirk. Spock has 11 years of service aboard the NCC-1701 prior to Kirk’s command (when he is 34 years of age). That makes Spock very likely the same age and quite possibly the same Academy class as Kirk (assuming Spock graduated from Starfleet Academy around the age of 22-23). I’m not understanding where the inference that Spock is ever an instructor comes from.

215. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

Obviously, “Captain Spock” is an instructor of cadets in TWOK. What I meant to say was that there is no indication that he was ever an instructor during Kirk’s time at the Academy specifically, or anytime during the pre-TOS era (although Lt. Kirk was).

216. Anthony Pascale - June 28, 2008


Well those numbers are wrong for all the sites as I know for a fact how many visitors we get and I know that Trekweb gets more visitors than quantcast say, I assume TrekToday also gets more than that.

but I was going by Alexa Rankings
rank: 47,126
rank: 144,927 (trekbbs is actually ranked higher at 113,081)
rank: 70,973

that is for news sites. Memory Alpha and the official site are still higher ranked (although when TrekMovie has big stories it tends to spike up and it had a big spike around the trailer and comic con last year)

But this is all besides the point. I was making a point about AICN…not really about the other trek sites
rank: 2,506

Making the point that AICN has a much wider reach than this or any Trek site. But that Paramount and Abrams are aware of the core Trek online community (as they showed with the January live chat) and there will be more things for the Trek community specifically going forward. I don’t want people to feel dissed because JJ invited Knowles and AICN instead of a Trek site.

217. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

#216—-Having read the complete article at AICN, it is also clear that it was not a direct invitation to come and view some film footage. Harry indicates that it was just an old open invitation to come and visit JJ in Los Angeles. It seems quite clear that showing him that footage was a somewhat “spur of the moment” decision.

I don’t think that is any kind of slight towards or any of its loyal following.

218. Sam Belil - June 28, 2008

Anthony — I would not stress out over the Quantcast estimates (same for Alexa and Compete). I’m a senior level media research professional (for some 20 plus years). The “gold standards” in web measurement are currently ComScore and Nielsen Net Ratings (the equivalent of MRI in print and Nielsen in TV). You may want to have the agency that does your ad sales run the ComScore/Net Ratings for you to confirm (assuming thet have access to it). Quantcast is looking to be a “player” in web audience measurement.

219. Anthony Pascale - June 28, 2008

sam thanks for the note, actually for myself and my agency we use the real use Google Analytics data to track site traffic and source traffic. And of course the ad agency (Gorilla) have their own tracking for each campaign. Gorilla handle us, TrekWeb, and lots of other entertainment sites like Box Office Mojo, Dark Horizons, etc.

…but again that is besides the point….AICN is big by any measuring system…that was the point

220. Adam E - June 28, 2008

Just want to send a Thank You to JJ for letting this info be released – This certainly helps keep the excitment up ’till we get another trailer.

221. embarassed trek fan - June 28, 2008

Kirk got a commendation not an “accomodation.” I thought nerds were supposed to be smart?

222. Closettrekker - June 28, 2008

#221—-Nerds? I think you mean “geeks”…lol.

But yes, he did receive “a ‘commendation’ for original thinking.”

223. Sam Belil - June 28, 2008

Anthony — I worked with Gorilla, they do have access to the Comscore data they should be able to provide you with the web audience estimates for this site. I have also used Google Analytics which a nice tool for tracking internal traffic but as we know Google does not provide competitive data. Keep up the good work with this site!

224. Rick - June 28, 2008

What I got out of all this is Mongo cool and Spockanella sounds interesting.;) Heck I sure ain’t one of those treker type phan boyze worrying about phaser colors, shuttles goin up and them transporter devices. I am just a good old boy from Texas livin in the land of future Starfleet digs. I just hope for a good old time at a Trek film and maybe sneek in a Lone Star or two. ;)

225. Dom - June 28, 2008

Picking up on a few of the remarks in the posts:

End of the day, until someone states on screen that Robert April ***wasn’t*** the first Captain of the Big E, there’s no reason to assume he wasn’t.

I assumed the already-qualified McCoy received Starfleet training after his divorce, so he’d be in the academy at the same time as Jim, although he’d be older.

If Kirk’s at the academy at the same time as Uhura, there’s no reason to believe they have to be the same age. I’m sure there are lots of mature students at Starfleet Academy. For all we know, a crisis resulted in lots more people of varied ages enrolling in the fleet.

Maybe there’s a reason Gary Mitchell doesn’t appear in this timeline-crossing, canon-baiting film . . .

For what it’s worth, I don’t take any notice of Roddenberry’s decanonising of TAS: he didn’t like large amounts of TOS season three or TWOK-TUC either!!

Really looking forward to seeing the film, although I’m not totally desperate: I’ll be a year older when the film comes out and I intend to have a very good year in between!!! ;)

(PS. Transporter vs Shuttlecraft: Shuttlecraft look cooler, so there!)

226. SciFiMetalGirl - June 28, 2008

My understanding about Robert April was that he was actually Gene Roddenberry’s first choice for captain of the E, but that TPTB decided to go with Pike for the pilot ep, but then ultimately went with Kirk for the second pilot. So the TAS ep was a tip-of-the-hat to Gene’s first choice, and a sign of continuity for us.

As for different age groups in the Acadamy, having been in the USAF myself, yes, there are many different age groups from 18-27 at the time (I think it might be different now) with exceptions made for those that had previous military experience.

And I am willing to bet that JJ, Bob O and company have worked in as many ST references such as “where’s Gary” as they can without driving off all the fresh newbie viewers.

Oh yeah, and the Transporter was invented as a quick and cheap way to get our crew from point A to point B without having to use expensive (at the time) and time consuming sfx. But since the fx are now better and cheaper to do, I agree that shuttles are cooler and more dramatic too, in my book at least!

227. Jon - June 28, 2008


228. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - June 29, 2008

131, 138. Ideally, clothes are supposed to be functional – they can keep us warm, they can indicate social status, rank, or vocation, they can attract potential mates, they can camouflage us, they can make us bulletproof, etc – but I guess Knowles is saying that the uniforms looked functional, because he saw them do something futuristic. In the TOS episode “Spock’s Brain”, after Kirk and his landing party beams down to Sigma Draconis VI, he orders his men to set their “Suit temperatures at 72″. Although many people would rank this episode as one of the worst in the franchise, it does indicate that the uniforms are wired electronically. But since whenever Kirk’s uniform gets ripped, we never see tiny wires dangling or chips falling out, then the electronics are probably what we would call nanotechnology today, although not as sophisticated and potentially dangerous as the nanites of TNG and VOY.

What kind of functions did Knowles see? He tells us to imagine giving the uniform design to Apple and telling them to make it really work. Since that company is known for producing user-friendly easy-to-use consumer electronics and software, and since he does not tell us to imagine giving the design to NASA, the military, or an aerospace company, then perhaps, Knowles is talking about user-friendly easy-to-use functions. Some fans may have wondered, since Federation people do not wear watches and carry wallets or purses or have pockets, how do they keep track of time, carry ID, or carry credits? Perhaps, Knowles saw graphical user interfaces on the sleeves displaying time, ID, or credit accounts.

However, since Starfleet uses handheld devices like communicators, padds, phasers, tricorders, and universal translators, then the uniforms probably would not duplicate the functions of those handhelds. Today’s spacesuit have gather and send biomedical telemetry. I would expect Starfleet uniforms to do the same, especially on landing or boarding parties, or away missions (depending on the era), but none of the episodes or movies ever show this. Interestingly, TMP’s novelization, which is of course non-canon, says the belt buckle devices on TMP uniforms monitor the life signs of the crew members.

As an aside, the TMP novelization also says clothing is sprayed on. In the movie itself, after discovering that the Ilia probe is naked in Ilia’s sonic shower, Kirk pushes some buttons to spray clothes onto the probe. However, since we have seen clothes in closets, drawers, and suitcases in various episodes and movies, and characters removing items of clothing by hand – for instance, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy take off jackets at the end of TMP – then clothes are not always sprayed on, or once sprayed on, they can be removed and put away in a drawer or put into recycling.

229. Go Spock! - June 29, 2008


230. krikzil - June 29, 2008

Not a comicon? Bummer. I was going solely for any crumbs they might throw our way. The AICN spoilers are very interesting although I too think some of it’s odd. I really never saw them as all being in the same class, if that’s the way it plays out.

231. krikzil - June 29, 2008

“That’s the tough part. For this film to be successful, it has to attract a vast audience that has never been a part of the Franchise. Because at the Budget this film has… it will need to make at least $400 million worldwide… and even that might be a disappointment.”

Anyone else horrified by this little nugget?

232. BritishStyleGalactica - June 29, 2008

Its no coincidence that one minute we are told that theres no Trek at Comic Con and the next minute theres a “leak” from the film.
Its most likely a plant.
As Mongo might say, “JJ mans is big big clever!”
We have been given no real insight into the film.
These are all things that we kind of knew anyhow, yet we are still satisfied.
Good work Abrams.
The carrot was dangled and we chomped away- string, hand and all!
Its still exciting news though, if not really news at all.
Why is summer ’09 not here already?

233. Dennis Bailey - June 29, 2008

#226:”My understanding about Robert April was that he was actually Gene Roddenberry’s first choice for captain of the E, but that TPTB decided to go with Pike for the pilot ep, but then ultimately went with Kirk for the second pilot. ”


The only difference between “April” and “Pike” is the name – Roddenberry changed the captain’s name several times during the development of the Trek proposal, script and pilot. “Robert April” only became a separate character from “Christopher Pike” for the first time when he was used in the “Counter-Clock Incident” episode of TAS.

TPTB didn’t choose Kirk over Pike, either – again, Kirk wasn’t a pre-existing character for them to chose over anyone. Kirk came into existence for the first time when Jeffrey Hunter declined to return for the second “Star Trek” pilot and it was then necessary to recast the role of the captain.

234. OneBuckFilms - June 29, 2008

228 – Maybe they have pockets ;-)

235. BritishStyleGalactica - June 29, 2008

Wonder how Trek would be now if Jeffrey Hunter had not declined to return as ol’ Pikey-boy?
Those strange peircing eyes. That thrusting chin. Who knows how many more unsuspecting alien beauties could have been lured into those infamous interspacial relationships?
It doesn’t bear thinking about.

236. PPD - June 29, 2008

Frustration for all ages.

237. Closettrekker - June 30, 2008

#228—I interpreted the term “functional” as meaning it is much more practical than what we have previously seen (not that the clothing actually does something unique).

#232—Actually, the “leak from the film” did not occur in the “next minute”. Mr. Knowles’ visit with JJ (where he was given a spur of the moment sneak preview) happened months ago. The article was just made available to the readers.

238. The Underpants Monster - June 30, 2008

Yeah, I’m going to need some really gopod explanation whey all those folks are at the Academy at the same time.

Maybe some of them were just visiting the Academy, and not attending it.

239. BritishStyleGalactica - June 30, 2008


Fair enough. I was obviously not privvy to this snippet of information. I apologise for my outburst most wholeheartedly. Please forgive a less well informed Brit.
None the less there was good timing all round.
Were there any dangling carrots involved?

240. Closettrekker - June 30, 2008

#238—I’m not real thrilled about that either. McCoy (who may have went to medical school first, which would explain his more advanced age), Kirk, and Spock I can believe. Uhura I have some trouble with. If she has 11-12 years of service prior to her assignment to the Enterprise (as Kirk and Spock have prior to TOS), why is she still a lieutenant? I think she should be quite a bit younger than Kirk and Spock, and it is somwhat hard to believe that she was in the same graduating class at the Academy.

#239—I wouldn’t say that I was privvy to anything special. I simply followed the link to the complete article. I encourage you to do so as well. It is “fascinating”.

241. ME - June 30, 2008

Depends what you do in starfleet. Tuvok has been around since sulu’s era. ure he quit for a while, then came back and was an intructor but wa still a lieutenant.

What about people in the armed forces that have been there 20 plus years and arent an admiral? It all depends on your career goal.

242. PPD - June 30, 2008

#235: Beats me. I do occasionally enjoy thinking of all the many adventures Pike and the Enterprise had that we never saw onscreen. I love thinking of that.

#233: Another name considered was James Winter, one of the production crew.

#46: He was probably just tired of people ignoring the obvious “dramatic effect” factor that using shuttles will probably have. Trek writers have done plenty of indirect, sometimes implausible things, after all , in the name of drama.

243. Steve - June 30, 2008

The comment from Harry about the Enterprise bring as if “handed over to Apple”….and that it looks actually functional.

Love it. I can’t wait. I love the ships more than the characters.

244. Steve - June 30, 2008

bring = being. argh.

245. Closettrekker - June 30, 2008

#241—Actaully, according to the VOY episode “Flashback”, Tuvok left Starfleet for a very significant amount of time after his experiences aboard Excelsior.

And as a former Marine officer, I can tell you that although it is not uncommon for an Naval officer to be stuck at the rank of Lt. Cmdr or Cmdr. without advancement for quite some time or ever, it is extremely unlikely that one would be stuck at Lt. after 11-12 years of service. If he/she were, there would not be a career for him/her to continue. It is far more likely that she would have been 4-5 years behind Kirk and Spock, or that she would have been at least a Lt. Cmdr during the 5 year mission (which is at least 11-12 years after their graduation).

Sorry, it just doesn’t add up. And believe me, I am the last one to be looking for things to nitpick about this film. In fact, I cannot think of much. However, I hope that Mr. Knowles is incorrect in his assumption that Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura (in particular) all graduate and are given their first assignments at the same time.

246. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - June 30, 2008

234. Yeah, maybe they have pockets :-)

Still, I wanted to recall what Roddenberry had originally intended for Star Trek’s clothing. In “The Making of Star Trek”, an excerpt from the Star Trek Guide says the show should never have crewmembers putting things in pockets, because there are no pockets in their clothing, and any needed equipment is attached to special belts.

Interestingly, the book also says the show took the basic idea of NASA’s description of futuristic clothing, which sounded like long underwear to Roddenberry, and added color and style.

247. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - June 30, 2008

237. I also interpret the term “functional” the same as you do, but since “Spock’s Brain” implied the uniforms were wired and Knowles said imagine telling Apple to make the uniform design really work, I interpret that functionality and practicality are achieved with nanotechnology and user-friendly easy-to-use interfaces in world where such technology is commonplace.

248. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - June 30, 2008

3, 51, 65, 88, 121, 131, 208. I am glad that Abrams is using the classic Trek uniforms. I have always thought that if Abrams treats Star Trek as a part of history as seen by the remote future, say the 33th Century, then his team could design the new movie as a historical or period piece, like the movie “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”. They could therefore treat the uniforms, props, and sets of TOS as period uniforms, props, and sets, and update them to include embedded nanotechnology. In 228, I mentioned that in the infamous TOS episode “Spock’s Brain”, Kirk ordered his landing party to adjust their suit temperatures. This implies that their uniforms were wired with what we would call nanotechnology today. None of the other episodes or movies expanded on this idea, but Abrams’ team can exploit this.

249. captain_neill - July 1, 2008

What about Finnegan?

250. captain_neill - July 1, 2008

The graduate hangar scene has me worried, they all can’t be at the academy at the same time. Spock is 3 years older than Kirk according to the timeline. and Sulue and Uhura would be younger than Kirk so it makes no sense all graduating at the same time. Its things like this which get me worried about JJ.

Don’t get me wrong the scenes sound impressive but to me its a bit contrived they know each other at the academy then go off to other assignments and then all meet up when Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise. They did get Enterprise straight away, except Spock who served under Pike. Number One was the helm officer then and Tyler was Navigator.

251. Closettrekker - July 1, 2008

#250—I share your concerns about Uhura, but it isn’t mentioned that Sulu is there in the Academy scene, only that the last thing Knowles saw was Sulu aboard the Enterprise (with Pike?).

“Spock is 3 years older than Kirk according to the timeline”

I don’t believe that is canon. Spock could easily be the same age as Kirk. We know that Kirk is 34 when he takes command of the Enterprise, and Spock had previously served under Pike for 11 years prior to that point. If Kirk graduates from the Academy at age 22-23, and the Enterprise (under Pike) was Spock’s first posting, it is more than reasonable for them to be the same age. Spock’s age is only vaguely hinted at in TAS “Yesteryear”, so there is no canon limitation there.

I initially was taken aback by the notion that McCoy was in the same class as well, but it is quite conceivable that he went to medical school before attending Starfleet Academy (and perhaps even practiced surgery for a time as well). This can easily account for his apparently more advanced age in TOS.

Where the problem lies is the placement of Uhura in the same graduating class. This is where it gets unbelieveable to me. Why would any Starfleet Officer with 11-12 years of service still remain at the rank of Lieutenant? Furthermore, she certainly appears significantly younger than her Captain—more like mid-late 20’s by season one of TOS. IMO, she should be at least 5 years behind Jim Kirk at the Academy for the situation to be at all plausible. I hope Harry misinterpreted what he saw.

252. Gustavo - July 1, 2008

Looking at the report from Harry….I started to wonder how would be that raging star that Harry describes…..this is going to be an epic movie!!

Can’t wait to see it!!!!!

253. AICN traz novidades sobre cenas do filme « Startrekbr’s Weblog - July 2, 2008

[…] Trek Movie e […]

254. Paul - July 3, 2008

The ENTERPRISE warping out – Anyway Abrams effects dept hopefully upgrade that ? And not anything that we’ve seen before. Maybe like the fighters in Stealth passing by in hypersonic. OR, look at any real meteor/satellite streak photo – They remind me of the starship going in or coming out of warp at a great distance – Maybe what a real one might look like in the night sky above a planet. Just a thought.

255. Colonel Kurdatz - July 6, 2008

I find it hard to believe that Gary Mitchell isn’t in this one, but then again, this movie appears to jump around in time a lot, so he may not be relevant to the storyline in regards to a specific timeframe.

But wasn’t Kirks first ship actually the Farragut and then the Republic? I’m talking about assignments here, not commands.

And what about Ben Finney? Wouldn’t he also possibly have made an appearance in this movie? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.