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Paramount (and Star Trek) Not Coming To Comic-Con? June 26, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

According to Variety’s ‘Thompson on Hollywood’ blog, Paramount “will not be putting on any panels or bringing any stars to Comic-Con” this year. A Paramount spokesman notes that “the time is off” because all the geek-friendly Paramount movies (G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers 2 and The Last Airbender) are all a year or more off.

In recent weeks has been making inquiries regarding Star Trek and Comic-Con. Sources at Paramount and Bad Robot have consistently said that Comic-Con plans for Trek were up in the air. During the day TrekMovie will try and confirm if this new report is the last word.

Star Trek and Comic-Con
Although the new Star Trek film is cloaked in secrecy, this move is still surprising. Paramount used Comic-Con 2006 to introduce the first Star Trek teaser poster and Comic-Con 2007 to officially announce the movie was going to be about the TOS era and to introduce the first two cast members (Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto). Star Trek was part of a general Paramount panel, attended by thousands, where director JJ Abrams noted that “there is another comic con plus six months before the movie comes out.” That same panel in 2007 mostly covered films films coming out in 2008 like Cloverfield, Iron Man, and Indy 4 — so apparently Paramount didn’t have an issue with promoting films far in advance last year. At the end of the panel Abrams stated “we have another Comic-Con to see you at, where we will have a lot more stuff than we do today,” however that was back when Star Trek was slated for Christmas of this year.

TrekMovie will attempt to find out more about this story and provide updates as it develops (if it develops).


1. Dennis Bailey - June 26, 2008

This sucks.

And first.

2. capttravis - June 26, 2008

It surprises me that they wouldn’t be there just to tease the many applicable projects they have coming up – no big reveals, but with 3 or 4 strong movies coming up they could do a lot with a little…

3. Ed - June 26, 2008

Hopefully with them (Paramount & Bad Robot) being excessivly mum, this could be a good sign that they want to fully surprise everyone at Comic-Con.

4. Dennis Bailey - June 26, 2008

How far over budget is this, now?

5. Jim - June 26, 2008

Beware the wrath of an ignored fan base!

6. British Naval Dude - June 26, 2008


I bet tha’ Masons know all aboot tha’ new Star Trek movie…


You’d think it’d be a huge coup ta’ unveil tha’ ship at such an event… see, then ya’ dunna have ta’ explain diddly squat aboot tha’ plot… have all tha’ get-together geeks go bally-hoo o’er things like tha’ colour o’ tha’ vessel, the shape o’ tha’ tubey engines and such…

But back ta’ tha’ Masons…
thar’s a bloke on dis webbysite named Garavarkin (or some such) that has cloak and dagger theories aboot Star Trek which could extend ta’ tha’ new film… somethin’ aboot singular plastic models and Garavorakin sniffin’ model paste… sorry, mate… the Truth is out there… as in “out there” like koo-koo banana whack…
oh, I kid cuz I loves… and I dunna want Patrick from “Conspiracy Theory” comin’ ta’ do me in…


7. M-5 - June 26, 2008

Huge mistake on their part. Comic-Con is a great way to create buzz for these movies, especially Star Trek. I think the people at Paramount are getting a bit too arrogant in their projections on how their franchises will do. Perhaps they’ll change their minds between now and the time of the con.

8. Trekkie16 - June 26, 2008

Goes to show you how the “suits” think at Paramount. So what if these movies are a year away, the fans would still like to know about these movies.
It generates buzz and keeps the fans in the loop. At SDCC, it is nice to hear from those involved in these projects in person and to be able to ask questions. Obviously the fans are not of importance except when they want our money. Paramount is clueless.

9. Izbot - June 26, 2008

This is a really dumb move on Paramount’s part. They already teased the ComicCon audience last year with Quinto & Nimoy — and filming hadn’t even begun at the time. Now with principal photography finished and the film in post they’re just going to act like they’ve got nothing to show or say about it at the one place they *should* be reminding people that it’s coming? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

3. ” this could be a good sign that they want to fully surprise everyone at Comic-Con”

I *don’t* think this is an attempt at a “gotcha” surprise at ComicCon. If they say they aren’t coming there’s no reason to believe they’re just kidding — any more than Shatner’s denying appearing in the new film is just a ruse designed to keep us all guessing (p.s.: he’s not in it).

I hope the suits at Paramount pull their heads out of their collective ass and see that this is just a foolish decision.

10. section9 - June 26, 2008

This does not mean that Paramount won’t be blanketing ComicCon and other cons with propaganda and literature.

Star Trek will be as big a rollout as Indiana Jones was this year.

11. Tiberius Mudd - June 26, 2008

Paramount’s never been known as a studio that can sensibly handle its properties. ‘Iron Man’ seems to be a fluke, motivated as much by Marvel’s production efforts and Favreau’s enthusiasm for/awareness of *that* property’s fanbase.

The studio probably feels that it and it alone can create the buzz necessary to bring in audiences. A shame.

12. Closettrekker - June 26, 2008

#8—“Obviously the fans are not of importance except when they want our money”

That’s not exactly a revelation.

I won’t pretend to know alot about conventions, as I have never been to one. But my guess is, Paramount sees those who would attend as being outside the demographic which they will need to “intice” to see this film. I own a successful business, and spend quite a bit on advertising. I certainly do not spend it where it really isn’t going to benefit sales. The hype will begin around X-Mas, I would think.

13. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 26, 2008

Screw all this!! time to rediscover the joys of B5

14. Izbot - June 26, 2008

Another thing or two: Paramount not wanting to promote *any* of their upcoming projects does *not* show they have any confidence in their upcoming products. In the movie business, when a film is released and the suits don’t allow critics to pre-screen it that’s usually a sign that they know the film will not stand up to criticism. By avoiding ComicCon Paramount is saying they don’t even think their key target demographic will like their upcoming movies. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Regardless of whether or not they anticipate having another teaser trailer ready by then or not, they *need* to be visable at ComicCon. Otherwise they are ignoring their already-built-in fan base and they are doing a disservice to JJ and his team by essentially showing no confidence in their work. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The films in question obviously don’t need to be complete to be promoted. Just do what they always do: send a few of the actors and JJ to say a few things, give a hint or two, give away some posters — and remind everyone that this is coming in a few months.

15. Izbot - June 26, 2008

12. “But my guess is, Paramount sees those who would attend as being outside the demographic which they will need to “intice” to see this film.”

Paramount and all the major studios *know* the power of ComicCon. They *know* the power of Ain’t It Cool News. They *know* that Spike or G4 or whatever broadcast live from ComicCon and that people everywhere who can’t make it to ComicCon can watch it on TV or the internet. And they *know* the power of the devoted long-time Star Trek fanbase — regardless of their desire to draw in new viewers outside that fanbase. The *know* Transformers owed much of its success to early buzz and being embraced by the sci-fi geeks in the months *before* the movie debuted thatnks to Ain’t It Cool, etc.

If they are a no-show at ComicCon I’ll take it personally as Paramount snubbing Star Trek and sci-fi fandom. They should be there drumming up interest, picquing the curiosity of people who’d be the most likely to give the franchise another look.

16. Tiberius Mudd - June 26, 2008

I don’t think there’s an argument to be made that Paramount doesn’t have confidence in their upcoming projects. Certainly, in courting the producers and writers of this Star Trek before it’s even released to come back and make another one they have some idea that they either have a hit on their hands or something that will, at the very least, be profitable.

The gap between profit and popularity is certainly wide, but not showing something at ComicCon is more likely the result of bad management rather than a dislike of the product. They just might think they have nothing to gain by going there, in which case they would be quite wrong.

17. Closettrekker - June 26, 2008

#14—“Paramount not wanting to promote *any* of their upcoming projects does *not* show they have any confidence in their upcoming products”

That’s reading quite a bit too much into things. Paramount gave Abrams and company a $150 million budget and made it a May release, the latter being the ultimate sign of confidence in the project. Paramount HAS the Star Trek fans already, and as the article states, the film’s release is over 10 months away. Come X-mastime, you’ll have your posters, Enterprise pictures, full-blown trailers, and stars out in force to promote the film.

I think some of you are confusing what the movie needs with what YOU want to see. Let me tell you something…It stopped being about the kind of fans at Comic-Con the moment the movie got a $150 million budget, and it got further away from that the moment it received the coveted May release date.

This constant “Are we there yet?” attitude on the part of some rabid fans can be a bit tiresome. Promotion/advertising is about timing. I don’t buy advertisement space to unnecessarily promote a product I’m not going to make available for another 10 months, and neither should they. I guarantee you Abrams and company have a plan to promote this film to a wide audience, and I would bet it’s a bit more well thought out than any of the suggestions made here.

18. OneBuckFilms - June 26, 2008

14 – J.J.’s Star Trek is still over a year away.

You don’t want to put too much out there too soon for the movie, otherwise the public will become weary of hearing about it.

The “Shut up already, we GET IT !!!” sentiment starts to pervade, and it’ll become annoying.

Also, in order to properly present something a Comic-Con, you would need to reveal something of substance for the fans. To do that with a year to go before Release means playing your cards too early in the game.

I certainly don’t like this news, since I’m going all 4 days, but I can see why.

19. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

If Favreau and Marvel were able to get things out to the media, it seems as if JJ and company could. Not sure I blame Paramount for this. JJ’s group seems to have a thing for keeping things quiet.

20. RobertaLincoln - June 26, 2008

It makes some sense. It would seem silly for them to show up with nothing to report. That would actually give the impression that STXI isn’t worth the hype.

No, better to not show up and play “hard to get”.

21. British Naval Dude - June 26, 2008


Marketing ruleth. Fans drooleth.

But… I still do think tha’ Masons know all aboot tha’ film… even have glossy pics of tha’ ship… Chris Pine’s name scrawled in the eye-pyramid on yer currency…


22. Kirk, James T. - June 26, 2008

It would be an advertising and marketing disaster if they don’t show anything at this years SDCC, and quite possibly cripple the success of this movie. not only do they need Trek fans to like this movie, they also need other fans of other series and movies to like it too – take The Dark Knight – they released their teaser at last years comic con and drummed up that initial interest, Iron Man, Transformers the year before, these types of movies are made at SDCC – Star Trek should be doing the same this year – the marketing campaign needs to be bigger than any other movie Paramount have being released next year because Star Trek above anything else has a lot more to prove to the world they want seeing this movie after the dismal Nemesis and sub-par Enterprise series. Trek regardless of Abrams star power, is on parole, BIG MISTAKE if there not there with at least the 7 main cast members.

23. BritishStyleGalactica - June 26, 2008

Whether its Paramount or Bad Robot, they are bloody idiots if they decide to not show anything at Comic Con.
Bad management on their part but they also obviously give a toss about their fanbase that they’d need to help recoup their massive expediture.
Cheers suits!

24. Commodore Z - June 26, 2008

There is something to be said for keeping a low profile until it gets close to release. I was excited when they announced that Quintos had been cast as Spock, but let’s face it, they’ve been parading him around so long and so much that I almost don’t care. Just let me know when it’s out.

25. BritishStyleGalactica - June 26, 2008

I obviously meant that they DONT give a toss about their fans.
I was a bit pissed off as I was typing.

26. Joel - June 26, 2008

This is a pretty foul move on Paramount’s part. With the push in release from December to May, this would give them an opportunity to officially launch the marketing campaign. Perhaps a new teaser, a Q & A with more cast members. This film has to be promoted just right so that it’s not just us Trek fans and a few curious moviegoers in theaters next May. If this turns out to be true, I gotta say, Paramount is making a big mistake. Comic-Con receives such an abundance of media attention nowadays that it almost seems impossible to stay away.

27. Izbot - June 26, 2008

16, 17, 18… “I don’t think there’s an argument to be made that Paramount doesn’t have confidence in their upcoming projects. ”

I agree with what you are all saying — Paramount undoubtably is pleased with what JJ is doing. What I was trying to say is that by not showing they are giving the *impression* that they have little or no confidence in their upcoming films. Just because the writer’s strike has made for slim pickings these next few months doesn’t mean they should just blow off ComicCon. It only comes once a year, y’know. The whole idea of promoting your films at ComicCon is about being visable and saying “We’re still here and we have some things you might like in the upcoming year.”

28. Tomalak - June 26, 2008

For me, this stuff means two things:

Or the Paramount crew are too much confident, or they fear the results.

They think the G.I Joe and Transformers 2 born as blockbusters, so they didn´t try much harder to create a good movie.

I think G.I Joe is a huge mistake project and will fail. Search for the script review and the pictures. I only saw BS there.

That´s why I am in fear for Star Trek. Maybe they are thinking they´ve already won. I mean, sucessful writers, well-know director, huge franchise… But what about make a good movie?

What you are afraid of J.J? Do you fear the fanboys? Let´s see a pic of the movie, or invest in viral marketing… look at Dark Knight!

I am really afraid the movie will bomb. I didn´t like the plot (time travel, again? what heck!) and the vilians (a villian from the future? What about the idiot future guy from Enterprise?). I want to be suprised, please!! The only think that keep me a little hope is the Nimoy´s conection with the movie.

29. CmdrR - June 26, 2008

We could build the dang ship sooner than they’re releasing more pictures of it.
I don’t fault Paramoney for choosing May 09, but I do fault them for starting the PR machine and then yanking the plug for a year. That’s painful.

30. Closettrekker - June 26, 2008

#15—“If they are a no-show at ComicCon I’ll take it personally as Paramount snubbing Star Trek and sci-fi fandom.”

Really? You’ll take it personally? Come on. I’ll admit to having looked forward to any news generated there, but I hope that’s just an over-emotional reaction on your part right now. As far as Paramount snubbing Star Trek and sci-fi fandom, that is blowing things way out of proportion, IMO. Being personally offended about this is a bit childish and somewhat reminiscent of a child being angry that he has to wait for his birthday before he gets that new toy. I’m sure that you’ll calm down about this when you really think about it.

31. Joel - June 26, 2008

One more thing, perhaps this is why Paramount has struggled with the Trek franchise as of late. They can’t expect this movie to have the comic book fanbase as in Ironman or the decades long fanbase that Indiana Jones (and overall nostalgia) brought to the table. Star Trek has been out of action longer and requires more attention to get butts in seats next May.

32. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

#20 “It makes some sense. It would seem silly for them to show up with nothing to report. That would actually give the impression that STXI isn’t worth the hype.”

They have PLENTY to report:
1) Enterprise exterior
2) Enterprise interior
3) Costumes
4) next teaser trailer

One of the above would be all it takes for this summer.

Not asking for story…they can hold those surprises all the way to release date.

33. Closettrekker - June 26, 2008


34. Shatner_Fan_2000 - June 26, 2008

Oh, sure … have Nimoy, Quinto and Abrams there in 2007 … and NOTHING in 2008, when I’ll be there?


35. Kev-1 - June 26, 2008

It’s almost July, about ten months from release. I understand that keeping details secret prevents bad press if fans aren’t impressed with what is shown, but too much secrecy can backfire. Rick Berman made some mistakes running Star Trek, but he did realize that promotion is good business.

36. John from Cincinnati - June 26, 2008

I like the decision. One can make the argument of oversaturation of marketing for a product that won’t even be out until next year. I was very disappointed when they announced the new release date. After that point, I don’t care to hear anything about this new movie til we get a lot closer to May 2009. I don’t like being teased.

37. Izbot - June 26, 2008

30. “Really? You’ll take it personally? Come on. I’ll admit to having looked forward to any news generated there, but I hope that’s just an over-emotional reaction on your part right now”

I am a little emotional right now, thank you for your tolerance!

Alright, I’ll relax. >big sigh< All is well.

38. Thomas - June 26, 2008

If this is true, this would be a huge surprise. I would have thought that any big reveals or special surprises would come from there, where it would reach the widest audience.

39. Tiberius Mudd - June 26, 2008

I don’t give a flying whatever if they do or do not show stuff at ComicCon, but I do wonder when they will decide to show the world what the “new” Enterprise looks like. The ‘Con seemed like a natural place to “leak” it out to the internet people and let it eventually, virally, spread into the mainstream. What does J.J. have up his rolled sleeves?

40. Star Wars is DEAD! Long live Trek! - June 26, 2008

I just hope that ‘Trek XI’ will not be another ‘Phantom Menace’, remember all the hype between 1997-99?

41. Tango - June 26, 2008

Since it’s Comic-con, maybe Paramound or BR can hire and actual comic (comedian). That way the can entertain us without actually saying anything new about the project.

42. Tango - June 26, 2008

…besides, who doesn’t like Comedy? Who Knows? Maybe even someday I will one day type something funny here.

43. Charles Trotter - June 26, 2008

If true, this would be an extremely bonehead decision on Paramount’s part, and a lame excuse to boot. They won’t have a panel because the movies are more than a year away? Um… huh? At Comic-Con last year, Star Trek, at the time scheduled for a Christmas 2008 release, was still about 17 months away. This year, with the release pushed back to May 2009, it will only be 10 months before its release. That’s *not even* a year away. Transformers 2 is only 12 months away; GI Joe only 13 months. So if Paramount, etc. decide not to have a panel at the Comic-Con this year, they certainly can’t use that excuse because it’ll sound the BS alarm.

Perhaps this has something to do with the impending SAG strike? Even if the bloody actors can’t attend the event, what the heck is stopping the director, producers, writers, etc. from being there? Something tells me this bit of info really isn’t true or, if so, it’s for a valid and far more believable reason. What that could possibly be escapes me, however.

44. Anthony Thompson - June 26, 2008

Attention Shatner fans: I think I know what’s going on. Paramount is planning a big surprise for you folks at Comic-Con! They are going to make a HUGE announcement (with the man himself at the podium) that The Shat is in the movie!!! OK, now all you have to do is buy your tickets (for all 4 days, because the big event sched. is still secret) and make your travel arrangements. But, please, don’t let anyone else know that I let the cat out of the bag. Mum is the word. Shhhhhhhhh.

45. Denise de Arman - June 26, 2008

Chuck#43- Impending SAG strike? I had not heard of this. Does this mean that promoted SAG guests for the Vegas con would not be able to show??

46. British Naval Dude - June 26, 2008


in an effort ta’ get what tha’ writers wanted (electronic dividends on web media outlets o’ their crap) tha’ actors are proposin’ a work stoppage which will thusly and effectively kill off most o’ thar’ viewership as teevee watchers start soley watchin’ tha’ weather channel fur original programming…

Oh, lookee… a thunderstorm in Alberta! Wow, What will dese guys think of next…

47. Denise de Arman - June 26, 2008

Thank you BND.

ANTHONY, CHUCK, anyone who might know: does this mean the Vegas con guests will be dwindled down to 2 or 3???

48. Quagmire - June 26, 2008

If Paramount really gave a rats a$$ about the core fans they would still be putting out lame TNG movies. This is a good thing to keep the downlow on the movie. And for all the Shatner fans:


Let it go already!


49. Charles Trotter - June 26, 2008

#47 Denise de Arman

I don’t think the strike will affect attendance at the Vegas Con, except maybe Nimoy & Quinto. During the strike, actors can’t do anything to promote their work. I’m not sure whether than only means upcoming projects or whether that includes past projects. In any event, the actors at Vegas Con (save the aforementioned Quinto & Nimoy) will not be there to promote anything, they will be there to speak with the fans, sign autographs, put on some shows, etc.

Of course, I could be wrong… but I don’t think the strike will really affect Vegas Con.

50. Charles Trotter - June 26, 2008

Addendum to my previous post:

Of course, all that is assuming A.) the strike happens (which is likely), and B.) the strike lasts into August (which hopefully will not happen).

51. Trekkie16 - June 26, 2008

I don’t think JJ has anything to do with not attending SDCC. JJ knows the power of SDCC. I have read that he believes showing LOST back in ’04 at SDCC, helped propel it to a major hit show. It is the “suits” that pulled the plug.

No reason why they can’t show a 2-3 minute never before seen trailer and have a panel with some of the actors that have never attended SDCC before like Chris Pine, John Cho, Karl Urban or Zoe Saldana etc.

As other have stated – Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

52. Mike J. Hafezi - June 26, 2008

I don’t think I want to see this movie at all.

53. star trackie - June 26, 2008

Paramount can be so damned goofy sometimes. They have nothing to lose and only more awareness to gain by keeping a presence at comic con.

Go figure.

54. Ryan T. Riddle - June 26, 2008

This is a fatal decision on Paramount’s part. Comic-con is the place to cultivate a grass-roots buzz about movies coming out in the next year. There’s no point to do hold off and do a Star Trek panel next Con because the movie will have been out for a couple of months. It’ll be like foreplay after you’ve already had sex.

55. Denise de Arman - June 26, 2008

Chuck- Thank you for the reply – the fact that Leonardo and Quinto may not be there bites the big one, but hopefully the con will still rock. It is likely that this will also be the last time to take in The Experience as well.

56. Jordan - June 26, 2008

I would really love to see something about the new movie ASAP. The longer they wait, the less the public will know and then we’ll get another bomb at the box office! The Dark Knight has been marketed for over a year in advance of it’s release and generated incredible buzz. Time to turn up the volume Paramount, JJ, et al. We cannot afford to have another bomb at the box office or Trek is finished :(

57. - June 26, 2008

Funny, I just received an email from Paramount asking me to confirm who would be attending the Con from Screen Rant.


58. Kendra Shaw Redux - June 26, 2008

EWWWWW. That shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

59. British Naval Dude - June 26, 2008

awwwkk… I get in me time slip machine and see tha’ future…

Dateline, Las Vegas, August 7th 2008
Drunken mob o’ sci-fi fans angrily storms thru tha’ Las Vegas Hilton, settin’ fires and burnin’ effigies o’ mountains in protest of always bein’ denyed any Spcok or scent of what’s comin'; bellboys phazored, innocent hookers trampled, a boy and his dog savagely beat guest speaker ‘arlan Ellison… film at 11… peace restored when Grade School Athletic Convention began Aug 8th and sci-fi fans were wedgied ta’ submission…

Arrrrr…. I kid cuz I loves… arrrrr…

60. SirMartman - June 26, 2008

I agree !!


All us fans just waited 6 months to find out ,,,”Nothing”

any scrap of news would be nice right now,,

the relese date of the next trailer would of been nice,

Come on guys,, gives us some news!

61. T2 - June 26, 2008

well come a year from now, we’ll know how this ridiculous level of secrecy will have affected the movie turnout…but one thing’s for certain, if its a general crowd of non-trek fans they’re also looking to draw to movies, they need to let them know about it…show it as something movie fans will remember and make a note to go see come May.

62. Denise de Arman - June 26, 2008

BND#59- Poor innocent hookers… I am a lover, not a fighter, so I will probably just go to The Experience, get happy on a few Vulcan Mind Melds, and chat up the nearest pointy-eared science officer…

63. Beam Me Up - June 26, 2008

Man, that is stupid! They had Quinto and Nimoy and Abrams last year. Why not a new trailer or Chris Pine this year?

64. MONGO - June 26, 2008

Mongo not smartest knife in drawer and still know this dumb. Charles Trotter mans say best. Paramount reason for not be there not logical. It there when movie was coming out in Christmas. That be 17 months ahead of release at time. Now 10 months ahead too soon?

Mongo think Paramount peoples stay out in sun too long. Not right in head.

65. chris pike should be played by chris pine lol - June 26, 2008

yes theyre snubbing trek fans but not becuz they have no confidence in the project but THE EXACT OPPOSITE…they are fearing that the fanbase will corrupt the general appeal they wish this film to have! by not promoting it at Comic-Con Paramount is trying to make sure this new trek film appeals to even MTV audiences…WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN if MTV audiences see tons of geeks swarming around the film like locusts over Egyptian crops! oh Prophets, u guys are dumb!

66. Kobayashi_Maru - June 26, 2008

Fans? Who needs Fans anyway? Paramount quit listening to the fans LONG ago…

67. AJ - June 26, 2008

What it is unfortunately coming down to, is, yes the die-hard fans are truly f**ked in the rear by Paramount with this one. We’re shoe-ins to see the flick anyway, so what’s the point?

The point is that some mid-level marketing hack at Paramount is preparing all the tie-ins with Trix, Burger King and Dannon, and ignoring an intelligent and middle-class base of fans to the point that it has become insulting.

My opinion is that there must be a re-org at Paramount now. Iron Man and Indy IV were so successful, that they have to ensure that Trek is, too. And there is no one qualified to market it.

It’s as if JRR Tolkien has released “Lord of the Rings, the Fourth Age,” and simply wrote “F U” in the text.

68. Michael Hall - June 26, 2008

Not knowing the least bit about marketing, viral or otherwise, this decision still seems pretty inexplicable to me. Comic-Con has become the de facto Cannes for genre films, and Paramount’s failure to have a presence there will be an absolute buzzkill. If the film ends up doing business no one will second-guess this decision, but if it turns out well but tanks anyhow, this will be definitely be pointed to as one of the reasons why.

Oh, well. Trekmovie just saved me the cost of a ticket and the train fare downtown.

69. Thomas - June 26, 2008

Why wouldn’t somebody tie Trek in with a fast food franchise? After all, TMP is responsible for the first movie-themed Happy Meal.

70. Beam Me Up - June 26, 2008

The entire cast should be there. I mean, they’re done filming the movie. What’s the deal?

71. Jack - June 26, 2008

26, 36 I agree… seriously, nothing gets serious marketing a year before… except for crap they’re desperate to push before the critical response gets out, like the Love Guru… I don’t think its an attack on fans or anybody else, don’t take it personally, guys…. the fans get the same treatment as everybody else… I for one am thankful that there’ve been no serious spoilers, which is pretty amazing… I want to sit in that theater and be surprised/amazed by the look and feel of it all, ideally… if we’re having this same discussion next June, I’ll be worried.

72. Jack - June 26, 2008

Oops, thought it came out in July… I guess I meant April.

73. Jack - June 26, 2008

Wow, and meant 24 and 36… sigh, bad day.

74. Dennis Bailey - June 26, 2008

#70:”26, 36 I agree… seriously, nothing gets serious marketing a year before… except for crap they’re desperate to push before the critical response gets out,”

Except like, “Iron Man.”

75. Ryan T. Riddle - June 26, 2008

^Other con movies to get previews a year in advance at Con: Superman Returns, the various X-Men, Clerks II, The Grindhouse films. Also shows like Buffy, Babylon5, Smallville, Eureka, and Stargate.

As I said before and will continue saying, this is a fatal mistake on Paramount’s part. Then again, all the advance buzz for Snakes on A Plane didn’t do much to help the movie at the Box Office. Nevertheless, there should still be some sort of presence.

76. MORN SPEAKS - June 26, 2008

For christ’s sake give us a cast photo at comic-con!

77. Ruger - June 26, 2008

Paramount and JJ… what are you thinking? Throw us a bone here. You don’t need marketing for the hard cores fans. That’s what events like Comic Con are for – to energize your existing fanbase. A brief teaser trailer, an effects shot of the new Enterprise, or even just a photo of Pine in costume as Kirk would light up the fanbase. Not a smart move, guys.

78. 7 of 5 - June 26, 2008

I still believe this cloak of secrecy that is now wound even tighter on the project could backfire.

There is usually only one reason for studio secrecy. The studio doesn’t want anything to leak out pre-release about how bad the movie really is.

Or in this case, maybe how little the project resembles Star Trek. Is the paranoia- like secrecy now paramount [no pun intended] because they cannot afford to lose the Trekker ticket sales on the first weekend?

Trek 09 could be the greatest movie ever made; it just might walk on its own legs regardless of Trekker ticket sales if it just survives that first weekend.

Or, like Nemesis, it could do 90% of its business in that first weekend and fade into obscurity.

Whatever the case, if the movie is as good as they hope it is, hiding it behind a cloak of secrecy isn’t all that good of an idea.

79. Thomas - June 26, 2008

I still think there will be some presence this year. There can’t not be. Someone previously posted that JJ knows the power and influence ComicCon has. If this were a studio decision, I would think JJ would be fighting it tooth and nail.

80. Andy Patterson - June 26, 2008

A Paramount spokesman notes that “the time is off”

The time is off? When is it going to be on? Next summer will be too late fellas. I’m thinking the time is pretty “on” to me. Don’t over analyze this like an exec. Think like a fan. Carpe diem, boys.

81. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

Still think the secrecy is JJ, not Paramount.

82. Thomas - June 26, 2008

Now I know I’m reading too much into these statements: for a moment, I caught myself thinking that “The time is off” sounded like an oblique reference to the events of the movie.

83. edmcbain - June 26, 2008

Whether or not they have any footage to show, it would have been amazing to at least see the entire cast together..especially considering most of them will already be at the convention for other projects.

And I sure hope it’s Paramount effing up here and not JJ. He’s always been fan friendly and I’d like to think he understands the Con and that even just talking with the entire cast for a bit would be enough to get people excited.

This is such a stupid move for Paramount. Really disappointing and just…idiotic. If they think Iron Man would have opened the way it did without last year’s Iron Man panel, they are SORELY mistaken.

84. Spock's Brain - June 26, 2008

The secrecy IS totally JJ. But he knows what he’s doing and you marketing flunkies on here will camp out over night just to see the first real trailer this Christmas.

Seacrest out!

85. Spock's Brain - June 26, 2008

#65 LOL!!!!

86. Spock's Brain - June 26, 2008

#65 “WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN if MTV audiences see tons of geeks swarming around the film like locusts over Egyptian crops! oh Prophets, u guys are dumb!”

still LOL!!!

Seacrest out!

87. Beam Me Up - June 26, 2008

Look at all the websites for The Dark Knight. We know pretty much the entire film storyline through these things, and they started last November.

88. Pat D - June 26, 2008

I can understand sitting this one out. With the prior release date, they had some momentum and needed to attempt to excite people about wanting to see Star Trek at all, which they have done.

With the delay and a bunch of this summer and all the holiday releases between comicon and the film’s release, they certainly don’t want to start up the want to see this if it isn’t coming out for a year and have people not care by the time it actually comes out.

89. Charles Trotter - June 26, 2008

#88 Pat D

I’m having trouble finding the logic in that. :/

90. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

There’s something wrong with the idea that by not having excited Star Trek “geeks” swarm around the film, more “non-geeks” will see the film. It goes against the whole idea of working with an existing fanbase to guarantee some level of success.

The Star Trek fanbase is much, much, much larger than Iron Man. And certainly super-mega larger than the Kung Fu Panda base (there was zero) or the Titanic base (zero). All you have to do is make a good movie. It’s not all about the marketing.

While working with the existing fanbase it’s always a good idea to “include” them as much as possible. What is there to loose? The general public will not be checking the internet for pictures every day, only the fanbase.

91. 315 more to go - June 26, 2008

Comic-Con would be the perfect time and place to premiere a crew picture and a big E model to the world. Unless they plan to do so through of course. This secrecy business is getting out of hand. It’s time to open up the Mystery box and take a peek inside at what’s headed our way 6 months latter than promised. The Paramount marketing people need to stand up and knock some sense into JJ.

92. captain_neill - June 26, 2008

I want a report on the sets and uniforms to make sure JJ is keeping the spirit true. I want to know if it fits in or follows Roddenberry’s vision.

Paramount just saying they have faith in JJ is not enough. God they seem to think JJ Abrams is some sort of God who can do no wrong.

93. Izzy_Ryder - June 26, 2008

“the time is off”

this is the stuff that annoys me, they seem to be too busy thinking about how to time everything in order to make the most money (as shown by pushing the date forward to May 09)

it makes you wonder how faithful the film really is the the original Trek, its obvious that if they made it 80% for moviegoers and 20% for trekkies the studio will make more money, will there be compromises in order to rake in the dollars?

one thing they dont realise about their timing thing is that making people wait 5 months will probably hurt the boxoffice takings, not help them as there will be 5 months for it to leak onto the net before officially opening in May…

why cant they just make the 11th Trek film and stop trying to bring it to the masses!!

94. Cyberghost - June 26, 2008

Glad I didn’t go this year, last year was enough. Comicon has grown to be such a large event that there was talk of moving it to Vegas or somewhere that could handle the amount of people. 4 years in a row was enough for me, yea I got my bionic woman tee shirt and others, but it was to much. Now with no star trek, no regrets.

I remember getting the ST TOS figures, you had to go from one end of the hall and back, twice. Just to get the CC ST TOS exclusive figure set, it was like the size of a football field.

The BSG panel was cool, as were the other panel discussions.

Next year will be the one to go to, there will be a ton of stuff to see, I will be happy just to go to ST Vegas this year. (met Anthony there, nice guy)

Anthony and gang, thanks for your work on trekmovie, I will get all the info I need between here and screenrant (Vic) on Comicon 08.

95. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

On the blog link above:

“UPDATE: Apparently this report has caused Paramount to change its mind about what it will do at Comic-Con. Paramount spokesman Mike Vollman just called me to say: “We have a vibrant and exciting schedule of activities planned for Comic-Con.” The studio will be unveiling a number of marketing materials on these pics.”

96. Paulaner - June 26, 2008

I want to see the new Enterprise on the silver screen for the first time. I want to be surprised and amazed. Seeing the big E in teasers or trailers will ruin my sense of mistery. In my opinion, the ship will be like the Cloverfield monster: trailers will let us see some fuzzy detail but no overall picture. The same for cast, uniforms and so on. JJ is a man of mistery, no doubt about it.

97. Starship Conductor - June 26, 2008

Well, that end’s my trip to “Comic-Con 2008″!


98. D. McCoy - June 26, 2008

If anyone wants to wait—and be surprised at the theater—they can choose to not go to web sites that have the information.

Like turning the TV channel.

99. Redjac - June 26, 2008

I’ll take it personally if they make another TNG movie. Especially another one that sucks as much as the last two did.

That’s what I’ll take personally. lol!

100. Wheeli - June 26, 2008

From the Blog:

UPDATE: Apparently this report has caused Paramount to change its mind about what it will do at Comic-Con. Paramount spokesman Mike Vollman just called me to say: “We have a vibrant and exciting schedule of activities planned for Comic-Con.” The studio will be unveiling a number of marketing materials on these pics.

101. Michael Hall - June 26, 2008

There’s nothing involving a Comic-Con panel devoted to Trek ’09 that necessitates revealing details of the film’s plot, or the costume designs, or unveiling the “new” Enterprise, or anything else. But to have no presence at all at the premiere showcase for this sort of film just defies reason–especially given that the film will already have premiered before next year’s event. Justified or not, all this will do is fuel rumors that the film is in trouble, pissing-off the fanbase while doing nothing to raise the general public’s awareness that a new, different kind of Trek film is on the way. An awareness, based on my own experience, that at the point is almost non-existent.

Oh, well, At least WALL-E seems to be getting great advance reviews. Maybe that’s the genre film I should really be looking forward to.

102. Beam Me Up - June 26, 2008

Man, Christian Bale is gonna be there. Dark Knight will have a HUGE presence there.

103. Xai - June 26, 2008

And how many of you were actually GOING to Comic-Con?

Jeez… get over it.

104. AJ - June 26, 2008

Fact is that cons have no impact at all. Zero bang for the buck, and you’ll all see the flick anyway. Cons will be dead soon.

105. MORN SPEAKS - June 26, 2008

Hahahaha AJ #103 you know nothing about marketing or advertising! “No impact at all” Part of the reason companies do things like this is to get publicity and be the evoked set in potential consumers. There’s a reason why Coca-Cola and McDonald’s advertise when they really don’t have to.

106. MORN SPEAKS - June 26, 2008

102 Xai— 90% of us are probably not going to Comic-Con but WE all would have seen promotion for the new trek movie, and now that seems unlikely. So, what’s your point???

107. Illogical - June 26, 2008

Perhaps they’re trying to avoid what I fear I’m starting to get….”Buzz Fatigue”

108. Dennis Bailey - June 26, 2008

#103: “Fact is that cons have no impact at all. Zero bang for the buck, and you’ll all see the flick anyway. Cons will be dead soon.”


First time I heard that was in 1974.

Any day now…

109. Terpor - June 26, 2008

it really sucks for me too i cant go to Comic-Com :)

110. CanuckLou - June 26, 2008

Hopefully Mr. Orci will pop in to grace us with some words of wisdom surrounding this move on Paramount’s part.

At least its across the board for Paramount and not just Star Trek.

111. Jordan - June 26, 2008

Who has the feeling that this new movie will bust and be the last of Trek?

I really REALLY hope that won’t be the case, but I’m just being a realist. Trek hasn’t been a box office money maker since First Contact and hasn’t broken into the top 500 since The Voyage Home.

112. Xai - June 26, 2008

105. MORN SPEAKS – June 26, 2008
“102 Xai— 90% of us are probably not going to Comic-Con but WE all would have seen promotion for the new trek movie, and now that seems unlikely. So, what’s your point???”

Calm down.
I DO know something about advertising, and I think JJ’s “secrecy” plan is brilliant. It’s creating desire and chatter without spending $$$. It may be annoying to some, but it will work and the annoyed will forgive.
As I write this, Anthony’s chronometer shows 315 days until the premiere. It’s awful early to start throwing money at the promotion of the film. AJ is right in saying “and you’ll all see the flick anyway”.
Some of the more patient among US can wait a few more months for stills and other peeks. Most of the begging here isn’t about the worry over effective advertising… it is fanboys frothing at the mouth to see ANY pictures, scripts or clips.

113. OneBuckFilms - June 26, 2008

Guys, check the link: There’s been an update from Paramount.

They WILL be represented at Comic-Con.

114. Xai - June 26, 2008

92. captain_neill – June 26, 2008
“I want a report on the sets and uniforms to make sure JJ is keeping the spirit true. I want to know if it fits in or follows Roddenberry’s vision.”

You want them to report on the state of Trek? And if they did… who’s judging the resulting info you get out of them?

I don’t think they will, nor would I want them to… what a fiasco that would be… 10,000 opinions of what it looks like, what it should look like… did it follow Gene’s vision… opinions on what Gene’s vision was…

You get the idea.

115. Shatner_Fan_2000 - June 26, 2008

#102. I am! But even those who aren’t going have a legitimate gripe. Star Trek was there in 06 and 07, JJ said they’d be back this year … yes, we are entitled to complain. It’s not like we were expecting to see the whole movie at CC, but come one … a reveal of the Enterprise? A cast photo? A panel featuring Pine, Quinto & Urban? Any of those would’ve been awesome! No presence at all at the biggest fanboy convention of the year is illogical and annoying!

116. Xai - June 26, 2008

111. OneBuckFilms – June 26, 2008
“Guys, check the link: There’s been an update from Paramount.

They WILL be represented at Comic-Con.”

We are saved! Hooray!

117. Xai - June 26, 2008

113. Shatner_Fan_2000 – June 26, 2008
” No presence at all at the biggest fanboy convention of the year is illogical and annoying!”

It appears you’ve been saved.

118. MORN SPEAKS - June 26, 2008

Xai what are you doing at this Trek site then? :)

119. Xai - June 26, 2008

118. MORN SPEAKS – June 26, 2008
“Xai what are you doing at this Trek site then? :)”

Besides picking on you?

120. Star Trek Patience - June 26, 2008



Because we need spoilers kept under wraps. We don’t need to see the Enterprise yet. Wait until the Christmas movie season. That puts the Star Trek movie about 5 months before it’s premiere.

Think about it, people. It’s one thing to be ravenous, hard core fans. But too much teasing = burnout. George Lucas will have his day with this Clone Wars animated film. After that, the road is paved in gold for Trek’s re-emergence on the scene.

Believe me, there are marketing drones at Paramount/Viacom/CBS who have done the research. The average John/Jane Q. Public is who Paramount NEEDS for Star Trek to be successful. A sci-fi (“space”) movie will just be another movie to them. Argue as you may, Paramount needs to wait and market this when the time is right.

Don’t get me wrong: Star Trek fans DO matter. But their presence won’t bring the triple digit box office that Paramount expects, akin to Iron Man and Indiana Jones.

Be patient! God knows I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a new trailer, see the merchandising photos, see the new NCC-1701 (among other movie stills). But JJ & Co. have done their utmost to maintain secrecy. Bless ’em. It’s the right thing.

May 2009.

121. Doug - June 26, 2008

On an unrelated subject, where is Vulcanista? I haven’t seen her postings in ages (and miss her kindness).

122. Anthony Pascale - June 26, 2008

thanks for the aicn comments, there is a dedicated article to that now

RE: Comic Con I am going to have an update on that tomorrow, but have confirmed the variety story.

123. Scifigirl - June 27, 2008

#51. Trekkie16

“(…) have a panel with some of the actors that have never attended SDCC before like Chris Pine, John Cho, Karl Urban or Zoe Saldana etc.”

Just so you know, Karl Urban did attend SDCC back in 2005 to promote the movie Doom. :)

That being said, I think it would indeed be a good idea to have the new faces at SDCC. And just like almost everyone here, I think ignoring the SDCC this year is not a very bright move on Paramount’s part, to say the least.

124. The Angry Klingon - June 27, 2008

Way to shoot yourselves in the foot AGAIN. Nothing says blockbuster like disrespecting the fans.

125. The Vulcanista - June 27, 2008

#121: Hey Doug! CYA-ing over in Afghanistan, I hope!

I simply haven’t had anything to say lately. Just been bizzybizzybizzy, which is a good thing!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

126. Doug - June 27, 2008

I hope they do have a presence at Comic Con this year. I’m attending Comic Con and the big reason why I am/maybe attending is the Star Trek presence there. If they aren’t going to be there, what is the point of attending.

127. Jack - June 28, 2008

I find it hard to believe this article when the movie “Star Trek” is a major sponsor of Comic-Con this year…

128. MvRojo - June 28, 2008

I guess I don’t have to feel bad about skipping Comic-Con to study for the Bar now… =)

129. Lee - June 28, 2008

This goes against the whole decision that the guys in suits at Paramount said for the reason of moving star trek from Christmas release date to the summer of next year.

Didn’t they say the reason for moving it was so that they could have more time to create awareness of the film, so to maximize there revenue. And it sounds like there already ticking off the fan base, with all the decisions there making.

130. GaryS - June 28, 2008

Why go?
1) thereare still a lot of cool things to see and do there!
its a great place for any fan of science fiction and fantasy.
2)YOU NEVER KNOW! Paramount might show up anyway!

131. COMPASSIONATE GOD - June 28, 2008

Folks, remember, Paramount may miss the con, but millions of Trekkers (and others) can be reached via the internet with official sites, teasers, behind the scenes, etc., before, during and after the con. That means constant exposure via the most accessed information source in the world.

In short, J.J.’s Trek is not going to hurt much by missing Comic Con.

132. Dave - June 29, 2008

Well, i think paramount have shot them self’s in the foot with this one. They can’t afford to mess around with release dates like this, building up anticipation for the movie then killing the build up for it in it’s tracks.

133. krikzil - June 29, 2008

“It stopped being about the kind of fans at Comic-Con the moment the movie got a $150 million budget, and it got further away from that the moment it received the coveted May release date. ”

Actually, fanboys make or break sci-fi or comic book movies. They really should do something at ComicCon. I’m really surprised they aren’t going to. I had planned to go — and I haven’t gone to Comic Con for years because it just got too big and freaked me out! — just for Trek news. Oh sure, movies must cross into mainstream to make the big bucks however there must also be that repeat business that fanboys (and girls!) provide.

Closettreker — You haven’t been to a con? You really must go!! You’d have a blast. It’s such a communcal experience. I’ve been going since I was 14.

134. krikzil - June 29, 2008

communal….can’t type.

135. jamie - June 30, 2008

it’s bull,they r going 2 be there,every year sdcc shows upcoming films sometimes up to a year and a half to 2 years before release date,van helsing,hellboy,ironman and indy,july sdcc-may release dates!
Whether they show footage,that’s another thing entirely but they will have a panel/presence at the con,same with Gijoe,already showing us posters,stills etc.

136. General Order 24 - July 1, 2008

Good…one less Hollywood corporate slug taking up prime real estate in the Dealers Room. Hollywood ruined that Con years ago. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.