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Star Trek The Experience Closure Follow-up + CBS Hints At A Future July 1, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions , trackback

On Sunday TrekMovie first broke the news that Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas will close this September. Today we have a follow-up with statements and exclusive comments on the closure from Cedar Fair and CBS. Plus we have reactions from some of the fans who were trying to save The Experience as well as Borg 4D (and Voyager) star Robert Picardo.


Cedar Fair makes it official – staff saddened
Yesterday Cedar Fair, who acquired Star Trek The Experience when it purchased Paramount Parks in 2006,  issued a brief press release stating:

Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas’ premier interactive attraction will conclude its historic 11 year run at the Las Vegas Hilton on September 1, 2008.

Since 1998, millions of guests have gone boldly into the 24th century to battle Klingons, Borg, and other hostile aliens. The original complex featured the Klingon Encounter, an interactive adventure and ride. In 2004 Borg Invasion 4-D was introduced and the Secrets Unveiled Backstage Tour was unveiled in 2005, making Star Trek: the Experience the stomping grounds for fans around the galaxy.

Chad Boutte, Operations Manager and Director of Marketing for Star Trek The Experience is quoted in the release giving STTE a Trekkian farewell:

Hailing frequencies open. We’d like to thank all the fans and friends of Star Trek, whose constant and amazing support we’ve enjoyed throughout our tenure at the Las Vegas Hilton. As we boldly go into the futures that await, know that we take your love of Star Trek: The Experience with us. We share the memories of time spent in the most unique place in the Galaxy, and we carry those memories into our futures with us. Live long, and prosper.

Hailing frequencies closed.

Boutte also talked to TrekMovie and said he was personally saddened by the closure. He joined STTE before the Cedar Fair acquisition and his first job there was as a Borg Drone, before he assimilated his way into management. 

Boutte says that that due to the closure he expects the Experience to get a big influx of fans wanting to see it and Quarks Bar for the last time. In fact this has already started, and some fans are even trying to take home makeshift souvenirs, especially menus from Quark’s restaurant. Boutte is confident that they can handle the influx, even during the August convention, noting that they handled over 6,000 visitors on the 10th Anniversary in January (the free tickets for Nevada residents helped that one).

Boutte says that what he will miss most of all are the 160 full and part time employees, of which he stated "I have never worked with a more enthusiastic and devoted crew in my life." Boutte said that even though the staff  were prepared for it to potentially close, many took the news hard.  Boutte hopes that they can do some special events between now and the closing on September 1st, and he is going to be looking to his dedicated team for ideas so they can be involved in how The Experience says goodbye.

STTE staff really get into character

CBS holding out hope?
Although CBS Consumer Products, who handle Star Trek licensing, has confirmed that Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton is to close in September and that their relationship with Cedar Fair will end by December 31st, there still appears to be hope for future. A spokesperson for CBS Consumer Products tells TrekMovie:

We’re extremely proud of the 10-year run Star Trek The Experience had in Las Vegas. We’re currently exploring several options to continue The Experience for the public to enjoy for years to come.

The spokesperson would not provide any detail on what these options are. However, the spokesperson did confirm that the original props and costumes at the Experience (which are owned by CBS), will not be put up for auction. It was indicated that these would be needed if The Experience is to find a new home sometime in the future.

Artifacts from the Museum of the Future at STTE

Picardo will miss being ‘attraction’
Robert Picardo (VOY: The Doctor), who appears in the Borg 4-D motion simulator ride which was installed in 2004, is also sorry to see The Experience shut down. As reported by SyFyPortal, on a conference call promoting his new role on Stargate Atlantis the actor lamented:

It breaks my heart a little bit to no longer be my own theme park ride. Once you have an action figure for years, there are only a few ways to go up, and being a theme park attraction is one of the only ones.

Trailer for Borg 4-D Ride, featuring Picardo

Fans saddened, but not surprised
Since TrekMovie first reported that the future of The Experience was in doubt, many fans and Experience regulars have been trying to do what they can to save it. One of the more active Experience advocates is Steven Biggs, who encouraging fans at many sites and forums to contact people at CBS and Cedar Fair to bolster the case to keep The Experience open. Biggs tells TrekMovie that he has been campaigning to save The Experience "because it was the last bastion of Star Trek and a great presentation of the whole 40 history of Trek, and I just didn’t want to see it go." Biggs, who worked at The Experience, starting as a loader at the opening in 1998 and ending his career as a Klingon in 2002, visits once or twice a year since moving to California, but has been going more often recently due to the possible closure. Even though he has been a strong advocate for The Experience, Biggs says he understands it was a business decision and he has now given up on his ‘save The Experience’ campaign, saying “I was hoping to nudge them, but now that it is decided…that’s it.”

Biggs (AKA Kralk, son of T’Nek) backstage at STTE

Brad Siegel, an advertising sales executive from New Jersey and frequent out of town visitor, has also been actively advocating The Experience. He tells TrekMovie that that he will mostly miss the community that grew up around The Experience, especially at Quark’s Restaurant, noting:

There is no place like home at Quark’s. Bartenders Jeff and Shannon provided more than beverage service. They offered great conversation and companionship that truly made a visit to Quark’s something special. And then there are the characters – among the best – an Andorian named Kastron and a Borg named 3 of 6. Where else on the planet Earth could you turn around and see Klingons, Andorians or Ferengie getting along side by side with Humans?

Brad (and fiancé) at STTE

The fans who will be impacted the most will be those who live in and around Las Vegas. One group that will especially feel the pain is the 60-member USS Las Vegas fan club who hold their monthly meetings at Quarks Bar. ‘Captain’ Paul Walker tells TrekMovie that his members were all regulars for both the attraction and Quark’s and well known to the staff.  Walker says they are "saddened" over the closing and they aren’t sure where they would go next for their meetings. However, Walker says even though he is "discouraged," he is not surprised that The Experience is closing.

I understand the economics, the attendance has dropped. As others have commented, they are not advertising it. They are not promoting it. Cedar Fair bought it but doesn’t know what to do with it.

Walker feels that the lack of promotion, rising admission prices (Gen. Admission is now $49.99), and especially the lack of updates were all factors in why attendance has fallen. He and his fellow regulars feel that if The Experience were to be extended, some things would have to change, noting:

Klingon Encounter is so outdated that there is no reason to ride it again. The Las Vegas cityscape footage is totally outdated…and in Quark’s they haven’t changed menu enough to keep it fresh… All in all if they were to keep it open they would have invest a lot more capital in refurbishing, creating new rides, and also incorporating the upcoming movie which focuses on the Original Series.

Members of the USS Las Vegas meeting at Quark’s in 2007


Let’s hope that if CBS does find a new home for Star Trek The Experience, they take this time to revamp it to reflect the entire franchise, and better capitalize on the both the Classic Trek as well as the new ‘Abrams era’ of Trek.

STTE Rides, cool but both are Next Gen era

To find out more about the experience or to purchase tickets, check out the official site.



1. Commodore Z - July 1, 2008

This is so sad!

2. blake powers - July 1, 2008

sh**, think there can be a parallel to fan films where we (the fans) can make more attractions for everyone to see? To continue the mission of the experience? Star Trek the experience: new voyages? We can turn my Saturn into a shuttlecraft!!! (obviously I’m kidding, but if anyone has any ideas……)

3. Captain Robert April - July 1, 2008

Maybe instead of Quark’s, they could do a recreation of the bar on K-7 and have a recreation of the original Enterprise…

4. focuspuller - July 1, 2008

I honestly have no idea what to say……

I actually won two tickets at the years ago but never used them.

5. focuspuller - July 1, 2008

Maybe it’s just as well. I for one would rather have a Museum then an amusement park. It’s time to put some class back in Star Trek. Or for the first time.

6. Commodore Z - July 1, 2008

I’d love to see a recreation of the original Enterprise, but I’d take Quark’s over the K7 bar any day.

7. paustin - July 1, 2008

very sad, whuile I’ve been several times. I haven’t been to Vegas since they added the Borg ride….sucks that i’ll never see it

8. MORN SPEAKS - July 1, 2008

I appreciate what everyone has done in their efforts to save The Experience and those who work there.

I’ll miss being in Quark’s bar, I would have liked to visit one more time because I know I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, Morn Speaks is a college graduate with no job and tuition debt, and lives in FLA.

It’s a real shame that things have to come down to economics, some things should transcend that and The Experience is one of those things that should not disappear but grow and evolve. In that future we all wish to believe is that reality.

9. Raymond S - July 1, 2008

I was disappointed by the Borg ride, but still enjoyed the original Klingon ride when I went. A few years back you paid one price, I believe $29.99, and got 10% off with AAA membership. Back then, for the one price you could go through the attraction over and over all day long. It was well worth the price. But at 50 bucks a pop now for just one go through, I don’t know. The gift shop was fun- there was always something new there I’d never seen, and there were usually lots of neat things on clearance to pick up. The best part of the attraction was the walk through/museum aspect, which will be sorely missed. What a shame.

10. Sean4000 - July 1, 2008

If Abrams’ Trek reinvigorates the franchise, then closing this down less than a year before the film’s release is rather short sighted. At least keep it open until July to see how the movie goes. If the movie is a success then I am sure business would grow. If not, then it would seem more justified.

11. Oregon Trek Geek - July 1, 2008

I am optimistic. It wouldn’t surprise me to see something bigger, better, and cooler come along before long–especially If the new movie is successful in relaunching the whole shebang.

12. Julia - July 1, 2008

Maybe Paul Allen needs to expand his sci-fi collection and move the Experience to the Science Fiction museum in Seattle…

13. thebiggfrogg - July 1, 2008

Can these guys just put out a normal press release. Those kinds of references were cool. . .when I was ten! Reminds of the perennial weathercast on Christmas Eve where the meteorologist tracks Santa’s progress. Hokey!
Live long an prosper.
Hailing frequencies closed.
Oh, Scotty, would you mind beaming me up, now?

14. R. - July 2, 2008

Please bring it to SoCal!

We started the whole “theme parks” thing with Disneyland and Universal Studios!

Bring it to SoCal!

15. S. John Ross - July 2, 2008

[…]on the both the Classic Trek as well as the new ‘Abrams era’ of Trek.

Good point. What are we going to call it? TOR [The Original Reimagined]? ReTrek? Round 2?

If it succeeds and really does ignite a whole new era for the franchise, it will ultimately be expanded and created by many different folks long after Abrams is done with his kickoff film(s) …

Of course, if it doesn’t rock the house down, fans may just refer to it in passing as “that thing that happened that time that never stuck hard enough to need an enduring shorthand nickname.”

16. Andy Patterson - July 2, 2008

somebody get me that servo. ( (hiss, scratch) sound of broken record skipping)

17. Wesley - July 2, 2008

They might move it or save it, who knows, they might enter into a short 1 year contract? Because, that guy said they were exploring options…It just seems kind of stupid that after all these years, why not just wait 1 more year. Also, the Hilton is for old people, and it is off the strip, what other thing do they have at the Hilton to draw people there? I remember Lucas talking about a Star Wars one at the Mirage after the Experience had been so successful, that dissappeared… Who cares anyway, it was Star Wars! LOL!

18. Wesley - July 2, 2008

Also, ST:E has not had an ’11’ year run, as it opened in 1998, last I remember that was 10 years! I remember back in 1996/1997 I was up there with my parents at a buisness convention at the Hilton and it was supposed to be open by then, but, it was delayed, I remember, I was really bummed out! Who knows maybe they will turn the experience area into a steak house? :(

19. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - July 2, 2008

I am among the many long-time Trek fans who has never had the opportunity to experience The Experience. It truly saddens me. I am 45 and have never had the opportunity to get to Vegas nor have I ever been to a convention. Well, maybe my recent move from Maine to Oklahoma will make it possible for me to see this attraction before it closes. However, as always, I’m sure finances will render that difficult.

Kudos to the staff and players who made STTE so special for oh so many fans over the past ten years. Even among us who never got to see your wonderful work or experience your hospitality, it is greatly appreciated. May STTE rise again in an even better form.

20. James - July 2, 2008

ST: TXPNCE was very cool, I especially liked the dry ice drinks. Even my long suffering (not a trekkie ya see) wife enjoyed it.

21. Thomas - July 2, 2008

Who knows, there may be a second life for ST:TE after all. It’s sad that this will be ending since it’s come to mean so much to a lot of us, but it may not be finished yet. Let’s be cautiously optimistic; hopeful that it may come back in some form, but mindful that this really may be the end of the road.

22. NCC-73515 - July 2, 2008

Could they at least give us all the ride videos for download?

23. KevinA Melbourne Australia - July 2, 2008

Hi Anthony,
Is it operational on September 1??? or is it actaully closing at close of business on Sunday August 31?

I booked a flight to LA from Australia just after you announced the possiblity of the STE closing some months ago. I thought it would close in September not on the first day! I arrive on August 27 in LA so looks like I will be heading straight to Las Vegas.

Everyday counts. It’s seems a bit odd that they are closing on the Monday. But if they are, great! …. it gives me a few more days to get there.


24. Thomas - July 2, 2008

23.KevinA, Cedar Fair’s press release seems to indicate that its’ last day will be September 1. The first Monday in September is Labor Day in the United States, so schools, banks, and government buildings are closed. It’s really considered the unofficial last weekend of summer before school
so people really try to make the most of it, and for some it will mean travelling to Vegas for a farewell to STTE.

25. captain_neill - July 2, 2008

This is sad news I loved the Experience, the rides are excellent. The 24th Century is not obselete.

What’s wrong with the rides being TNG era themed, I like the 24th Century.

Everyone seems to think TNG will be obselete because the new movie is retconning the 23rd Century. Dont forget TNG and DS9, VOY and ENT just because a new movie is coming out.

26. Irishtrekkie - July 2, 2008

here is hoping CBS can find a new home for the exp, it does sound like it needs a bit of a revamp, get some tos stuff in there , and i mean the new movie is coming out in a year , i am sure tie it in with that would bring people in , have big launch party or something . so come on cbs find it a new home , yea i know i am optamistic i am star trek after all .

27. Josh - July 2, 2008

” 12. Julia – July 1, 2008

Maybe Paul Allen needs to expand his sci-fi collection and move the Experience to the Science Fiction museum in Seattle…”

Julia you have a good idea. But as a person who lives not far from Seattle and goes to The Seattle Center where the Science Fiction museum is located knows. everything that is built at the center like The experence music project that shares the same building grows out of its space. Then new buildings are built to house the things. It would make sence a new building could be built to house The Science Fiction museum and STTE. The 40th star trek bash was held at The Science Fiction museum. I would be cool to build a center there and open it on Treks 50th B-day. The center could be called James Doohan Centre in memory of the wonderful person who was Mr.Doohan. He retired and lived his last years in a city near Seattle.

28. jimj - July 2, 2008

#18-I KNOW it was open by June of 1998 because my wife and I went to it on our honeymoon. So, it is technically IN it’s 11th year, though the 11th year will not be completed.

#25-I don’t think anyone feels that they should ignore the 24th century, just update the simulator rides and add more “artifacts” from the original Star Trek. I haven’t seen it since 1998, so I wonder how much Voyager stuff they added after I was there…and I really wonder how much “Enterprise” stuff they added. I say, find it a new home and be sure all series are represented equally. Maybe rotate the rides every few years. Perhaps two rides again…for the relaunch: an original series ride and a Star Trek 11 ride. Then maybe a TNG ride and a DS9 ride after a couple years. Then maybe a VOY and ENT ride (or a Star Trek 12). Just trying to be an optimist here about it MOVING and the new movie(s)! I’m so sad that it’s closing and I’ve never had a chance to get back.

29. star trackie - July 2, 2008

I’ve never held any interest in even going to see the “experience”. Aside from a few momentos in the prop display, the whole experience represents the Berman era of Trek which has rubbed me the wrong way for 20 years. Something like this is more suited for a theme park anyway, much like the old Star Trek adventure at universal studios, which also shut down as public interest shifted away from Trek.

Popularity and interest are the key and hopefully JJ’s version will stimulate enough interest that a TOS themed adventure or “experience” will be forthcoming…somewhere. And if it’s TOS themed, I might even go check it out.

30. Lou - July 2, 2008

You know what?

if this thing is that important to this many people, perhaps it’s time to look into reopening it in a different location. a theme park perhaps?

31. Justin Toney - July 2, 2008

It was said earlier that they needed a revamp, in short….yes they do. You gotta figure that since Cedar Park purchased the property there have been no modifications of the sets, nothing to update the scenery (beyond what was already in going on with the 2nd floor), and nothing to attract new folks into coming to Las Vegas.

Without advertising 1) no one knows about you 2) people think your fixing to close. People that worked there have told me that they feel the purchase only hurt the attraction and would probably mean a closure in the foreseable future.

By having CBS say they are exploring options, I am sure something else will be built in another area of the US that will be more controlable and better fit for future trek. Yes the rides were kinda outdated, but hey, its Trek! Some fresh footage would be nice (and possible variations of each ride).

So here to hoping to see the Experience again soon, I’ll be the first to buy a ticket :).

32. The Bova Effect - July 2, 2008


I think we should call it Star Trek: Back to the Future

33. scifib5st - July 2, 2008

Well, this is soo sad. I was hoping they would keep it open, with a new movie comming out next year (the movie writers and some actors have already said they have signed on for a second movie)!!!

Maybe Paramount could move it to another hotel along the new monrail. Look at all the films paramount owns, or licences. A new Enterprise 1701 from the new movie extening out of the hotel with the sasuer section extending over the monrail. Remodled haul ways to resemble TOS, STNG, DS9, Voyager. I think “I Love Lucye” (sp), Cheers, (one side of the hotel you would have Quarks Bar, the other a Cheers Bar, I see nothing wrong with that.

The last Indiana Jones film was from Paramount……. just look at what they ouwn….. and make money on now….. Cha Ching, $$$$ why not, they say it’s all about the the $$$$$. Widen the fan base.

34. Dennis Bailey - July 2, 2008

#2: “sh**, think there can be a parallel to fan films where we (the fans) can make more attractions for everyone to see? To continue the mission of the experience? Star Trek the experience: new voyages? We can turn my Saturn into a shuttlecraft!!! (obviously I’m kidding, but if anyone has any ideas……)”

Actually, on a small scale fans do this. One of the fun things about conventions is often the fan-made displays, from props up to and including partial starship sets that are made available for photo ops.

35. Pat D - July 2, 2008

I love the attraction, but it was TNG / VOY skewed, having come under Berman’s watch.

It’s high time to get a TOS type attraction going . . . maybe the traveling exhibit will partially fill this void if nothing else happens.

Or maybe the fan productions will open their doors to tours of their sets, although they’d have to get some kind of license . . .but hey, they licensed “Spock’s Brain” to a comedy club, so it can’t be that difficult.

I’ve always thought someone should encourage “Star Trek in the Park” like Shakespeare in the park ” in several cities . . .

36. Ron - July 2, 2008

WELL I’m so to hear this but here’s an idea. How about utilizing the now empty Houston Astrodome to create the world’s finest Star Trek Experience? No one seems to be able to come up with a use for this use domed stadium and it is simply lying empty in Houston. What better place for the new and ultimate Star Trek Museum and Experience than Houston? the first word mentioned by Astronauts on the moon and the home of NASA’s manned space program! I live here and would love to help connect the dots.

37. mntrekfan - July 2, 2008

I’m sad to see this go. I was able to check the place out in 2002(with my reluctant wife):)
I had a lot of fun especially getting my pic taken in the Captain’s chair! The transporter effect was great too. And to watch the characters interact with the patrons was fun to watch!
I remebember getting goosebumps the first time I saw the 1701-A at the entrance of the attraction.

38. Samrock83 - July 2, 2008

They should send it to King’s Island in Cincinnati. It’s a Paramoung park and would incorporate nicely.

Plus, it’s only an hour from my house. ; )

39. captain_neill - July 2, 2008

am I the only one who does not hate Rick Berman?

Granted I would love a TOS themed ride but I still love the TNG era as well.

If they do a TOS theme keep it with the original stars not the new actors playing the characters

40. Chris M - July 2, 2008

Me and a mate of mine were in Las Vegas in December of 2004 and Star Trek The Experience was the highight of the trip! :)

And that inludes our visit to Olympic Gardens on the last night!

41. Phil - July 2, 2008

Is that Branson, MO calling?? Next to the Roy Rogers museum, perhaps…..

42. steve T. NY - July 2, 2008

I was there for the opening of the Experience, and it was really incredible. I haven’t been back sine, so I guess I’ll never see the Borg ride, but it was a great place. I hope if they want to move it, maybe they could move it to NY. Everythings always on the west coast.. they should start putting some things here on the east coast..

43. Clinton - July 2, 2008

Disappointed in the closure. However, I will get one last chance to ride in August. At least the powers-that-be are giving the fans some advanced notice.

44. captain_neill - July 2, 2008

I love the experience and I am annoyed that it is closing

45. charles - July 2, 2008

How about we send thank you letters to the staff there? I will be. These guys have entertained me for years and I just want them to know that I am grateful.
I think that since this “Chad Boutte” guy is the only one really responding to people, I’m just going to send it to him. I also hope we will be able to meet the actors and people who put all of this together before they close.

46. Marcus Johnson - July 2, 2008

ST: The Experience is where Trekkie’s are born please don’t shut it down!

47. British Naval Dude - July 2, 2008

methinks tha’ handwriting was on tha’ wall after tha’ transporter accidents occurred and were covered up…

seems many guests were accidently split inta “good” and “evil” versions of themselves; mostly unknowingly… tha’ “good” versions continued on wit’ thar’ lives, although more indecisively (should I go back ta’ tha Experience or not? Oh, it”l be thar’ forever… next year then…) and tha’ “evil” all became part o’ the Starry Wars pre-quel production crews… oh, and Parry-mount executives… one o’ them fixed me in on a subprime mortgage on a house inna country I dunna even live in! Arrrr… evil wanker…

No plans are in place ta’ re-unite good and evil… just keep an eye oot fur scratches, mates…

48. The Underpants Monster - July 2, 2008

Adding it to an existing theme park would be a great idea. Probably not Universal Studios, since they’re a rival of Paramount. And yeah, it would need some updates if it continues somewhere. Count me in the chorus of those who would like to see a TOS or STXI area added.

49. AJ - July 2, 2008

I agree about the East Coast. Why not just move the thing?

Vegas is in the crapper now due to the economy. High gas prices, fewer flights, and a reduction in disposable income. $50 is a lot of green.

50. CharlieEvans - July 2, 2008

Here in Orange County, CA, Cedar Fair owns Knott’s Berry Farm. The theme park isn’t financially hurting, but could use a boost in attendance due to its proximity to Disneyland. Adding ST:TE to this location would be a big plus.

See links below to view excerpts from my STTE wedding in 2005:

51. trekkiefan - July 2, 2008

Maybe CBS will move it to CA. I will really miss Quarks and the Warp Core Breaches.

52. Closettrekker - July 2, 2008

#6—-“I’d love to see a recreation of the original Enterprise, but I’d take Quark’s over the K7 bar any day.”

Are you kidding?

Quark is a swaggering, tin-plated, dictator with delusions of Godhood…not only is he a Denebian slime devil, but his bar looks like the interior of a garbage scowl…half the quadrant knows it. That’s why they’re learning to speak Klingonese!

Ok, I may have gotten carried away…

53. Closettrekker - July 2, 2008

#29—“Popularity and interest are the key and hopefully JJ’s version will stimulate enough interest that a TOS themed adventure or “experience” will be forthcoming…somewhere. And if it’s TOS themed, I might even go check it out.”

I’m with you on that one.

54. Daoud - July 2, 2008

#38 Good synergy idea, but Paramount/Viacom/CBS doesn’t own Kings Island anymore… Paramount Parks was sold to Cedar Fair some years ago.

#50 Knott’s Berry Farm is an interesting proposal… but why build just one when you could have two for less than twice the price: 38’s suggestion of Kings Island makes some sense… Cincinnati is a cheap airport to fly into, is a day’s drive from millions of Midwesterners, and reaches the demographic pretty well, too. Kings Island has a lot of unused adjacent land, so it could work and add… another wintertime attraction to it…

After all, Walt Disney had it right with the bicoastal approach.

55. Doug - July 2, 2008

#47: split into their good and evil parts??? LOL

Yes, and the evil ones are those who do nothing but bi**h and moan how Rick Berman destroyed TREK. Bah! Anyone who can keep a franchise alive as long as he did deserves some credit.

That said, I do think TREK was in need of new blood, something I think Berman recognized by year three of Enterprise. Alas, by then many fans had turned their backs on the show.

I, for one, appreciate all, and I do mean all of the incarnations of TREK… and look forward to its next life.

As we used to say in the 70s, “Keep on Trekkin'”

56. Dierna - July 2, 2008

Welp. It was fun while it lasted at least. I had the pleasure of going there in 1999 with 30 other people from a Star Trek chatroom I go to. I had fun eating a triangular cheese borger and going on the ride. Course the tour guide incorrectly named my group the Outpost I O F. That was fun when we all exlaimed “10 F!!” *lmao*

57. Brian - July 2, 2008

Since when does admission only include 1 time through?

I was there in ’06 and it was all day. You got the ticket and it had 2 stubs, they’re torn off the first time you ride each but then there’s the barcode they can scan for the remainder of the rides.

58. Brad - July 2, 2008

Ideally you could have a museum/exhibit in San Francisco (The home of Starfleet Headquarters). I always wished that the Experience in Vegas had more TOS stuff…

59. Dave - July 2, 2008

#39, you are NOT the only one who doesn’t hate Rick Berman. Like TOS all you want, people, but lay off TNG. We all love Star Trek, we all have our own tastes. Off the high horse.

60. Darth3PO - July 2, 2008

the fault lies with cedar fair. they sucked money out and never put it back in. it was not cared for. neglected. like vampires they drained it dry. no love. good riddance. heres to something better in the future.

61. The Underpants Monster - July 2, 2008

Thanks for sharing your videos, CharlieEvans! That was really nice. Somebody did a lot of hifalutin’ sewing, there!

62. Closettrekker - July 2, 2008

#59—“Like TOS all you want, people, but lay off TNG.”

Why so defensive? It’s not as if TNG is an actual person whose feelings might get hurt.

I’m not even sure how that discussion became a part of this thread. Is it because some have said they were disappointed that there were no original Star Trek attractions at STTE?

I cannot speak for anyone else, but although I cannot stomach much TNG, I certainly do not “hate” Rick Berman. With that said, I can’t find a single expression of hatred toward Rick Berman in the entire comments section of this article. Did I miss one?

Like you said yourself, “…we all have our own tastes.”

So when Star Trackie says, “…the whole experience represents the Berman era of Trek which has rubbed me the wrong way for 20 years”,

…try not to take it personally.

Some people, like me, love the romanticism of 23rd Century Star Trek and its iconic characters, while Berman Trek bores them to death. So what? Berman-era Trek lasted nearly 20 years, so its fanbase is certainly well-represented.

Take it easy, friend.

63. Schiefy - July 2, 2008

I wonder if CBS has given any thought to “franchising” parts of The Experience??

I have never been to STTE because it has not been feasible financially and other events in our family’s life but it would be great if there were a “Quark’s Bar” within driving distance or developing some of the other theme park features at say, “King’s Island” or “Cedar Point” (two of the closer such parks to me). Of course, ST: The Tour will bring around the memorabilia aspects eventually (as did the ST: Federation Science tour which I got to see when living in Michigan).

In other words, as great as it is to have something like STTE in one location, I would think CBS might profit better by considering how they can make the positive features of STTE available to more people through the creation of mini-STTEs throughout the U.S. and other countries with strong fan bases.

In the meantime, I will look forward to ST: The Tour to make it to my area eventually…and pray for a miracle that might allow my family and I to make to Vegas before September!! :)

64. Nick Cook - July 2, 2008

Well said #59. :)

I’m truly sad to see The Experience go. My wife and I first visited in 2005 when we were honeymooning in Vegas. We went back again in 2006 and 2007. We were hoping to go back again in October this year, but that’s not going to happen now.

Also, I have to make a call out to the folks at work there. I probably would have loved the Experience even if it was just the rides, and the sets, but the staff really made that place what it is, so a big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to entertain us there on our visits over the last few years.

65. 8 of 12 - July 2, 2008

I remember the first I ever heard of The Experience: when I was a kid. ST: Generations came out on VHS and had a preview/trailer for The Experience. I grew up, got a job, and made it there about eight years later on a road trip I took with some friends.
Since then, I believe I’ve been there five times (maybe six haha). I have extremely fond memories of the place and will miss it greatly. I may yet visit once more before the closure. Cheers to the crew (staff, actors, waiters, etc.) That place is a dream come true for me (as tacky as that sounds, though I think fellow fans understand and agree.) *raises glass of champagne* To the Experience!

66. TBonz of TrekBBS - July 2, 2008

$50 now? No wonder attendance is down! It costs $71 to go to Disney and that has many more things to do.

When I went, it was $30 for unlimited rides.

Sad to see it go. I’m glad I got to see it though.

Tell ’em to build one in Orlando.

67. Gibnerd - July 2, 2008

Here’s an idea for a future TrekMovie article…. as we mourn (or is it Morn) the demise of the Experience, how about an article on just WHO these people are who play the various Borg, Ferengi, Klingons, Vulcan, Andorians, Romulans…. They are ALWAYS in character and always on. I had a one hour talk with a Borg about Sybock. Seriously. Who are these people?

68. Woulfe - July 2, 2008

The Star Trek Experience

What I’d like to see happen…..

If there is only to be one of these in the entire US, how about a more central location Kansas City or St. Louis perhaps ?

Namely in the MIDDLE of the US, not close to the coasts.
Having it in Vegas it might as well be Los Angles from where I live.

69. Jeanne - July 2, 2008

OMG Red Alert!!!!!
Emergency Trip to Vegas Now planned.

I NEED MY BORG SPHERES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

70. Closettrekker - July 2, 2008


71. crowmagnumman - July 2, 2008

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to go to this. And now that I know it’s closing, I still can’t go see it. They really need to keep this going somehow. Sure, they could make some changes. I’d love it if they had more TOS era stuff in there. But I’m really liking the sound of Quark’s bar. I’d love to hang out in there a while.

72. Captain Presley - July 2, 2008

Sad news. If ST:TE us to be revived, the city is not the problem. No where else could it gain as many tourists. It just needs to be ON the strip. I go to Vegas frequently, because there is so much to do there. The General public and most fans, are not going to travel to some location, just to see ST:TE. Vegas is perfect. Just a better venue and advertising, and updated attractions. “Help us J.J. Abrahms, your our only hope!”

73. Denise de Arman - July 2, 2008

BND#47 & Closet#52- LMAO!

I find it encouraging that CBS is not going to put the props and costumes up for auction. Surely options for opening another such Experience are being discussed by the appropriate people within the corporation, along with a TOS-centered theme to the new attraction. THAT would be the perfect alternative. Odds are against it, but such an attraction would definitely be a draw if it were opened at a time to coinside with the movie premiere. Perhaps they could get such an attraction opened in time for the 2nd movie.

74. Jack - July 2, 2008

The Star Trek experience was always on my list of places to visit when in Vegas. The rides were great but my true pleasure came from seeing displays of props and costumes up close.

Maybe we should view this in right light. A new bold start is on the horizon for Trek. Maybe the slate needs to be clean for us to re-imagine our Star Trek experiences moving forward.

(I guess I should have bought those real expensive props with the black jack money I won the day before on the last trip!!)

75. Brian - July 2, 2008

According to the Operations Manager, the rides STILL are unlimited, but the site does state that tickets are $50 each!

76. Joe Atari - July 2, 2008

63. – “In other words, as great as it is to have something like STTE in one location, I would think CBS might profit better by considering how they can make the positive features of STTE available to more people through the creation of mini-STTEs throughout the U.S. and other countries with strong fan bases.”

EXACTLY what I was thinking. IMHO, the least effective (at least in the long-term) parts of ST:TE were some of the most labor, space, and production intensive and the most expensive to upgrade and keep fresh (and face it, even under Paramount the Klingon adventure ridefilm was probably never going to be updated — that thing must have cost a fortune). The rides for me were novel the first couple of times I did them and after that the enjoyment I garnered was from experiencing it with friends that were doing them for the first time. Keep the bridge set though for photo ops and weddings, make them more authentic, and throw in a TOS-era one as well (I love ’em both). I want to push a putton to have Sulu’s helm station viewer pop up! The gift shop? Way overpriced and you can get better deals online — particularly through eBay — and you don’t have to pack the stuff in your luggage. The huge atrium is very, very cool with the huge starships (the well-lit “D” is particularly spectacular; photos do not do it justice and I want it when the place closes…) but takes up a lot of unnecessary space. That leaves the museum and Quark’s, the latter of which I just love. The food and drinks were unique and tasty and (when I was there anyway) the service was enthusiastic and the atmosphere was fun. Keep the in-character costumed staff and set up a video jukebox system at the tables for episodes or “favorite Trek moments” and a big-screen trivia game.

That leaves a Trek-themed Hard Rock or Planet Hollywood type business, a model that has not been terribly successful and would cater to, let’s face it again, a smaller clientele. Probably couldn’t work on its own financially, but under the umbrella of an existing theme park maybe. With so much production in Hollywood North these days, one would think idle soundstage space at, say, Universal Studios could be utilized.

Here’s hopin’!

77. GaryS - July 2, 2008

What fools thes mortals be!

78. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 2, 2008

I got a very anti-TOS vibe when I went to the Experience – no surprise, considering that it’s 100% TNG (a couple costumes in the Museum doesn’t count) and totally reflects the monopoly that TNG-era stuff had over the Trek genre when the place was built. At the time, TOS was viewed as just “that lame show,” whose only redeeming grace was that it spawned the MUCH better TNG, DS9, and VGR. Oh, and the movies weren’t too bad to watch, either.

Now that the genre was all but killed by the boring geekiness of the over-used TNG universe that the general public was getting sick of (and hating fans for liking…not that I blame them), the Experience is getting kicked in the rear by the effects of the very same monopoly they perpetrated. In a desperate effort to save the genre, the powers that be have now retreated back to the roots of Star Trek; back to TOS, back to when the Trek universe was simpler and less bogged down with canon, when the action was awesome, when the music kicked ass and you could call yourself a Star Trek fan without being labelled a nerd (and might have actually been considered “cool” for it…or “groovy” as the case may have been).

My guess is the real reason the Experience is shutting down is simply because they probably didn’t want to adapt to the changing times and “refit” themselves with TOS-related attractions, being the TOS-hating TNG-lovers that I assume they are based on what I saw and based on the era in which it was built. Simply staying open until the release of the new movie wouldn’t haul in those precious “new fans,” because the “new fans” would have theoretically become “new fans” due to the new movie, and upon arriving at the Experience and finding nothing movie-related (and nothing related to the characters of Kirk, Spock, etc), they’d become disinterested. No, for the Experience to stay open successfully after the new movie, they’d have to add to / get rid of / replace their current attractions with TOS-themed ones – and I’m guessing the people who ran the place for 11 years would rather sell their entire TNG collection and chop off both arms before doing something like that, dammit. I mean, Kahless-forbid TOS gets any serious time in the spotlight that isn’t comedic and / or satirical; they (and others) have made sure of that for decades.

Of course, another reason they probably didn’t want to go TOS was because they might not have had the money to do so…but I’m guessing they also screamed a big Star Wars-style “NOOOO” when they were told to convert or be forced to close.

But that’s just the way I see it. You’re welcome to disagree, I don’t care. :)

79. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 2, 2008

The Experience should have been built on a nice, big, expandable property in Orlando, anyway – not in some cramped Vegas hotel. Judging by the results of the poll, I can definately see that the poor location choice was definately one of the things that crippled the Experience’s chances for success.

80. DesiluTrek - July 2, 2008

Here’s my blueprint for a Star Trek experience.

81. Sogh Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - July 2, 2008

Riding the rides in Full Klingon Uniform is a great time. I’ve done it many times and had the mundanes tell me that they had taken the rides before, but I had made the ride better and more enjoyable.
I will go to the Creation Convention in August. I hope that I can also go in July. Time will tell.

82. KTASAY - July 2, 2008

My 8 year old son gave me the best reaction I ever saw on the Klingon ride at STTE. The first time he went on, and we were ‘beamed up’ his eyes went wide in complete awe – he truly believed that we were on the same ship we watched on TV!

That alone was truly worth the price of admission. We’ve been back many times, and even though it’s outdated that ride remains our favorite.

83. claystation - July 2, 2008

Bring it here to Seattle! I’m sure Paul Allen would LOVE to have it at the SciFi Museum!!

84. Greg2600 - July 2, 2008

I went once, I think the first year it opened. The Enterprise-D bridge was pretty cool, but completely out of date, since the ship had been destroyed 4 years earlier! I seem to recall Jonathan Frakes and I think Levar Burton on screen, but Patrick Stewart and others only by audio. Pretty cheesy. Is that the Klingon one? Or was the original ride replaced? The price was expensive then, and I see still is. Plus the Hilton is kind of off the beaten path of the strip, and quite a long walk. Star Trek The Experience would probably be a great addition to something like Disney World or Universal Studios, but as a standalone exhibit no.

85. Bryan Groulx - July 2, 2008

I been trying to contact the rollercoaster of management at the Experience for 2 years now.

There has been 3 managers in as many years.

I’ve personally emailed and phoned at least 2 of them to request access to go in and produce some historic and archival 360 panoramas of the Enterprise-D bridge, etc, at my own cost, but I’ve never even received the courtesy of a response.

I even showed the preliminary work in the public area of ST:EXP

86. star trackie - July 3, 2008

#80 “Here’s my blueprint for a Star Trek experience.

Now that’s an attraction I’d travel to see!

They should build it right next door to the Mission:Impossible ride. :)

87. “All good things must come to an end.” | urban bohemian - July 3, 2008

[…] Star Trek: The Experience is closing! Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas’ premier interactive attraction will conclude its […]

88. The Underpants Monster - July 3, 2008

I wonder… depending on how much the licensing deal would cost, a Trek-themed wedding chapel might still be able to fly in Vegas or Reno. Are there enough romantic geeks in the world?

89. captain_neill - July 3, 2008

I would have loved a TOS era ride added to the Experience. It would be great to encompass the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Century all together equally

I would love all them done equally, I loved it all. I love TOS and TNG right through to ENT. I am making the most out of this next month when I will be there for the Trek con next month

Who is going to the Convention next month, I cant wait for it

90. classictrek - July 3, 2008

ive been to the experience and although i did enjoy it i was a bit dissapointed that there was not that much for TOS fans. i disengaged from trek after the NG came along. ive stayed loyal to TOS and im happy with that. ive given the others a try but they are not for me. i have a lovely momento of this place with me as part of the crew. great. sad to see it go tho.



92. charles - July 3, 2008

I heard today that the experience will be posting all positive fan letters in the experience for all guests and staff to read. Send your letters to star Trek the Experience attn: Operations Manager, Chad Boutte

93. They call me Stasiu - July 4, 2008

I like #67’s idea of an article about the staff. It would be great to learn how the players immersed themselves in their various costume roles.

94. Tango - July 4, 2008

Why not move it to Riverside Iowa? I know they allow gambling in some parts of Iowa–like in Counsil Bluffs.–Not that I’m an expert. I just recently moved from New York to Omaha a few weeks ago. Wow what culture shock!

95. Jim Nightshade - July 5, 2008

HAHA its funny to hear some say that the Film showing the strip is hopelessly outdated. I found it nostalgic…for one thing, even if you go during the day the strip battle takes place at nite…besides which I think maybe the enterprise did not bring us back to Quite the right time when they rescue and return us..hahah see easy explanation! We actually land in the past and at nite from where we were…but then enterprise remotely corrects the temporal mistake as we step outta the old simulator elevators into quarks hahaah!

Also a poor car on the strip gets disintegrated during the battle but its hard to see as you get shaken around….if you go on it look for it, its one of many tidbits they tell you about during the behind the scenes tour hahah

I already sent e mails to the star trek magazine and to Creationents head gary suggesting whatever behind the scenes pix, interviews, movies they could get before it closes. I suggest you all do the same….I also sent e mails to the hilton telling them once star trek the experience closes I will have no reason to stay and play and eat there as I have many times up until now…

It is very interesting that Paramount suggests they are maybe looking for another venue for the experience. But even if they do, the BEST PART about THE EXPERIENCE are the many employees, actors, Quarks Restaurant and Bar staff, all the PEOPLE are what MADE STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE, and we will lose them all in september..I will have to see what I can do to visit ONE MORE TIME in august….wish I could have afforded the convention oh well….

Thanks again to all the Experience staff for rocking the house for ten years! Remember that we will always remember you guys and the fun we had there…I bought tons of souvenirs, even ordered them online a couple times…I never could get enuf of the place….

If Paramount does open it elsewhere like epcot ctr or disneyland or universal studios, they should add a tos era simulator as well….that is a great idea and also expand it more for tos fans too. However their museum had MANY TOS items…Spocks actual Coffin…The original NOMAD, Spocks gravity books from st 5, the original mac computer that scotty spoke into in the voyage home etc…

Now that I read that an influx of trek fans is already making it busier i want to be part of that find rush really bad…I will see what i can do to somehow visit one more time in august…


96. Burnt Toast - July 5, 2008

#78: Wow… you’re really full of yourself. That couldn’t be so much further from the truth. Frankly, a TOS-themed place wouldn’t do as well… it was management, lack of care from the owners, the outrageous prices (it was MUCH better as a pay-one-price-for-one-ride, and the lack of promotion by the Hilton/Paramount/Cedar Fair are what killed ST:TE… not because it was some overly TNG-esque attraction with no TOS.


97. Will - July 6, 2008

The only reason I go to Las Vegas is STTE. If Cedar Fair does find a new location on the strip that hotel/casio will get my business exclusively. Right now I’m just not all that interested in going to Vegas. What a drag!

98. Ruby - July 6, 2008

we should all do what Jim in #95 said…email or call the Hilton and tell them that with the Experience being shut down, they will no longer get our business!! let’s see how smug they are then….bastards.

i’m sure the Experience has kept the Hilton in business lately–without Trekkies in droves, they wouldn’t have half their profits, i’d bet.

99. krikzil - July 6, 2008

I’m still sad over this news. I attended the opening night party for the The Experience way back when and have visited it often as my Mother lives in Nevada and loves Quarks and for Creation’s Con each year at the Hilton. I loved being able to find Trek merchandise and to just hang with fellow Star Trek fans. Sigh. End of another era. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

100. Rudy M Alapag - July 6, 2008

sad 2 c The Star Trek Experience go…what should i do now? Well, keep on reading the novels and experience the new movie in Dec. 2009. A whole next year. What should i say 2 my friend 2 my Ferengi and Borg does he have a designation? I wouldn’t miss Star Trek.. never, those Fan Collective DVDs keeping on coming. This isn’t the end of Star Trek.

101. Eddy - July 7, 2008

I was just there this weekend, and spoke with Lydia, Darren and Jeff,
They are all very sad now, they enjoyed working there and had lots of fun with the customers.
One of my good friends used to work there Jim when ever i go to Vegas i go see him also.
I was able to say my good byes if i am not able to make it next month or september 1st.
Hell i used to get thrown out of Quarks constantly, Warp Core Breaches are a amazing way to self medicate

102. krikzil - July 7, 2008

“Hell i used to get thrown out of Quarks constantly, Warp Core Breaches are a amazing way to self medicate”

They sure are! Too funny, Eddy.

103. Jim Nightshade - July 7, 2008

OK EDDY #101 and everybody else familar with QUARKS BOOZE- IF I do make it ONE last time to The Experience in August….which drink should I try? Warp Core Breach or Borg sphere??/Neither myself or Sheri drink much, so maybe we should SELF MEDICATE there ONE TIME for Old Times Sake! HEHEHE

Weve eaten an drunk there but nothin with booze in it yet…

104. DS9 Fan - July 8, 2008

I’ve visited The Experience 9 times, and I booked travel yesterday for a 10th trip in August. The only year I missed a pilgrimage was 2003.

For those who can’t make a final trip, I’ll raise a glass of Romulan Ale for you.

I am encourarged by CBS’s idea of moving The Experience to another location, and I think Vegas will remain the ideal choice. The foot traffic on the Strip alone makes it a smarter choice than relocating it to another amusement park in my opinion.

Since my 3rd trip I’ve always visited The Experience in early December because the crowds are significantly less. It also allowed me to monopolize time with the character actors. A trip in August connected to the convention will be a treat as long as there is room for me at the bar!

Perhaps I’ll meet some of you there for one last toast…

105. Eddy - July 8, 2008

Give me the date and time and i will be there!!!!!!!!

106. CAROL PARTAIN - July 8, 2008

i have written the hilton and paramount and now you about the
closing of the startrek the experience. its a shame that it is
going away. it was the main reason i stayed at the hilton when
i was in las vegas. it is pure greed that caused this situa;tion.
if you didnt charge so much to get in , the business would be
much was a bad choice to close it down. you people
need to rethink your choice and keep the startrek the experience
open. greed is not a good thing.

107. krikzil - July 8, 2008

We folks should meet up at the August con at the Experience and raise a glass! (or two, or three…)

108. DS9 Fan - July 9, 2008

Eddy, I’ll be in Vegas from Saturday, Aug. 2 thru Monday, August 4th. You can pretty much count on me being at Quark’s most of the day to soak it all in.

Look for a thin guy with a buzz haircut. Hope to meet you there…and anyone else who wants to honor the event.

109. Gerry L - July 9, 2008

We are locals and go to the Experience all the time. My wife and I are trying to spend as much time there as possible and will be there 7/11 to celebrate our anniversary. We were married at the Experience 3 years ago and this will be our last opportunity to spent it where we got married. Sad thought. So, when any of you make it to Quark’s for one last visit, please ask the bartenders if Gerry and Francine are there and we’ll raise a glass or two with you.
Hope to meet some good fans and friends

110. krikzil - July 9, 2008

Gerry — what a great story!!! I’ll be there for the Vegas con and I WILL ask if you both are there.

111. Jim Nightshade - July 9, 2008

Ok I did it too. I booked a flight to vegas from aug 19-21 so i can take the monorail to the experience ONE MORE TIME, Have a drink and meal At quarks and thank all the awesome staff for their dedication hard work and for making star trek live for us fans….I cant really afford to go but I couldnt help myself…Me and Sheri will say BYE BYE to the experience..>AGAIN anyone with any DRINK recommendations at quarks? hehehe

112. Jim Nightshade - July 9, 2008

Oh yes and if any of you trekmovie fans are planning to be around there those same days let us know…

113. Windows 3.11 End-of-Life, Sep’ 08 - July 10, 2008

[…] Trek: The Experience are using the OS to run their systems (maybe that’s why they’re closing this September). But according to Microsoft’s John Coyne, it’s finally the end of the road for this […]

114. DS9 Fan - July 10, 2008

Jim #111,

In my opinion the most unique drinks are the Warp Core Breach and the newer Borg Sphere both of which are served with dry ice to make them “smoke”. Even not being a hard liquor drinker, I have tried them both. I prefer the melon liquor in the Borg Sphere. It is sweeter and therefore less alcohol tasting. They come in a fish bowl of sorts for 2 people (smaller) or 4 people(larger) sizes. If you aren’t a drinker, you can expect a decent buzz from the 2 person size.

For visual appeal, practically all the mixed drinks are fun to look at, but I can’t say I’ve tried them.

I usually get Romual Ale which is simply a blue-dyed pilsner beer. The beer they use has changed over the years, but I think the current base is Miller Lite (or so it was hinted by a bartender on my last trip).

The other beers like Cardasian Ale etc. are simply renamed domestic beers.

Hope that helps, and since your trip is booked after mine raise a toast for me.

115. Treknut - July 10, 2008

Hey Gerry L: You can count on that happening every day during the convention – your favorite east coast Starfllet and Bajoran friends!

116. Windows 3.11 Reaches End-Of-Life (Seriously) | gadgets|gizmo's - July 10, 2008

[…] at Star Trek: The Experience are using the OS to run their systems (maybe that’s why they’re closing this September). But according to Microsoft’s John Coyne, it’s finally the end of the road for this killer […]

117. Treknut - July 10, 2008

oops- please forgive – meant to say Starfleet and Betazoid — all you need to do is look above at the image on the bridge of the Enterprise-D to see what I mean. That’s what happens when you type while watching Deep Space Nine! Anyway, adult beverages for all!

118. CAROL PARTAIN - July 10, 2008

keep the startrek the experience open. what is your problem witn
keeping the memories of our past and future enjoyement alive.
do not give me the excuse that there will be a even better project
in its place. no way that could happen.

keep it alive

119. Jim Nightshade - July 10, 2008

I am with Carol…The staff and actors at the experience make the museum and ride LIVE….Once they are gone in September…so is what is the HEART AND SOUL of the experience….I suppose its not impossible that if and when it reopens that new Staff could eventually make it live again…if they repoen in vegas maybe they can rehire any original actors and staff that want to come back…That is a best case dream scenario of course most will have to get other jobs and move on.
I agree with others Vegas is where it should stay and On the Strip with some advertising and props or something big to attract customers The experience would easily have regular customers….there are still lots of families that go to vegas that would love to go on a deluxe simulator like that….At the Caesars Palace Mall they had a 3d glasses simulator called atlantis. They still have the robot shows with flames and water that was used to attract people to the ride before it closed. Its cool….The ride was pretty good too although much faster more shaky than Star trek. and it was all computer simulated I would have prefered more real 3d views. There was also a deluxe simulator at LUXOR on the 2nd floor Atrium that was designed by Special effex wizard Douglas Trumball……STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE ANYONE? Its still there and it is a pretty fun attraction…although no star trek..It also has much more motion and movement or seems to anyway.

Thanks DS9 fan….We will probably have to try the Borg Sphere then, Im not too fond of the taste of alchohol either but I do want to be BUZZED once at Quarks! heeheh…. Are you going to be there when the convention is going on? I barely was able to get a flight to vegas on the 19th…..I suggest anyone thinking about it needs to book a flight now….they are filling up fast. We will be staying at the Imperial Palace which is a perfect location on the strip….not the best place to stay but the cheapest….and the monorail station is close….Gotta remember to ask if Gerry and Francine are there…

120. DS9 Fan - July 11, 2008

Jim…I am booked for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the convention begins on Wednesday. I assume many of the convention attendees will be arriving early, so I anticipate it being crowded – but hopefully not as much as during the convention!

The summer influx of people is what moved me to going in December year to year where I didn’t feel as rushed. But beggars can’t be choosers when you have less than two months to pick a weekend.

I think you’ll be happy with the mini-Borg Sphere! Don’t forget to take a pictures.

121. krikzil - July 12, 2008

Keep in mind if you are there the week of the con, they close The Experience several times for events that are only open to the top tier tickets holders. Plan ahead.

122. DS9 Fan - July 13, 2008

Yes, krikzil. I hope that doesn’t include closing any of the days prior for setup or anything such as that. I knew I was cutting it close to the convention, and I had no intention of overbooking those dates.

123. Jim Nightshade - July 13, 2008

Yeh they close it one nite for GOLD members and one night for Captains Chair members usually on thur, fri or sats….I was there for the 40th Anniversary in 06..My first and only convention as way too expensive for me but great while it lasted….
So I think you should be ok DS9fan…

And thanks for the tips too…

I wonder if they really are busier as fans visit one last time or will it just be you and me going again DS9fan? HAHAH

Their website finally has the press release announcing its closure on it

As many have mentioned they have won multiple BEST OF Vegas awards like best simulator, best wedding theme, etc…and yet here they are being disassembled…..Dis-ass-embled..NO STEPHANIE NO DISASSEMBLE!!!


I also hope everything is still working at star trek cuz if anything breaks down they wont bother to fix it since its closing —–trust me on this—-I went to DIVE Restaurant on the strip the day they were closing and the hourly SIMULATED dive was broken so I never got to see it, Only eat a sub sandwich ahah

124. krikzil - July 14, 2008

I checked Creation’s site and they have The Experience closed for Gold & Captain’s Chair members on Thursday and Friday. It should be good the rest of the week. My mom and I want to eat there Wednesday so I’m hoping so at any rate.

125. Jim Nightshade - July 16, 2008

Hey I just re-read someones comments saying that the HILTON told them that a MICHAEL JACKSON THEATRE is taking the place of STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE…

If that is true, yet another reason to dislike michael. He already RUINED the Beatles songs by using almost every song in commercials from target to ALL YOU NEED IS LUVS diapers…GRRRRRRRRRRR

Oh I just got e mails that THE EXPERIENCE is doing a MAKEUP ACTORS REVEALED thing on sunday AUg 10 when you will be there ds9 guy also a klingon makeup thing….That would be cool to go to..I hope they film it and put it on their website so those of us who cant go git to see a glimpse of it…I dunno if they are closing for that or what though…Let us know what it was like if you go

126. CAROL PARTAIN - July 16, 2008

it sure is kind of funny how cbs , the hilton, and ;paramouont., and the
company that bought the experience, are keeping the closure so
very quiet, and are not sharing the opinions of those of us who
are writing about the closure. what are they afraid of? its too bad
us small individuals dont count. when we should be counted.,and
opinions valued. KEEP THE EXPERIENCE OPEN/

127. DS9 Fan - July 18, 2008

I had forgotten about Dive Restaurant. That didn’t last long, but I was able to go once. Probably on my first trip in 1998. It was unique, but I don’t remember being wowed by the food.

128. Jim Nightshade - July 19, 2008

Oh Sorry Ds9 fan I forgot you were going the week before the convention and the makeup event is on the 10th which I think is the last day of the convention…..anyway if anyone goes to that let us know how it was…

Yah Dive Restaurant I remember it was co owned by Spielberg…It was just normal sub sandwich fare….I did like the WALL of water window that was pretty cool….

Just saw The Dark Knight..IF only Star trek is as intelligently written and acted and directed….yeh a comic book movie but very smart and adult….excellent…Heath Ledgers Joker truly will live forever….such a pity we wont get to see future clashes as those two battle eternally…

I got an e mail from the experience their last internet orders will end on august 15….so I went and spent another 150 on more stuff…they have much less stuff now than they used to….I have more of their stuff than they do now hahah

I did a review of my earlier orders online and just on online experience stuff Ive spend over 1000 bucks..doesnt even count the cost of the trips or the admissions or the meals at quarks or all the stuff I bought when I was there those 7-8 times. I dont even remember how many times Ive gone….I missed the first year they opened but think I have been at least 1-2 times most years….with the last being 2 years ago….Wasnt gonna go again for years until they are more vegas trip probably my last for quite a while…sigh

They have an opening COIN minted by franklin mint and signed by Georgi and Ryker from the rides premiere for 225 bucks..DAMN wish I could afford to get that….but i cant….sigh haha oh well

129. Jim Nightshade - July 19, 2008

By the way ds9 fan where do you hail from..We are in the PAC NW SEATTLE-TACOMA its only a 2 and a half hour flight to vegas…

130. Francine - July 20, 2008

I know that everyone has an opinion about whether or not STTE should close. My husband and I will have so many special memories to cherish once it is gone, but it won’t be the same. While the rides have gotten older, they have become like an old movie that we treasure and put in the DVD player to watch when we need a lift. Knowing that we only had to drive 1/2 hour down the road to get our Star Trek fix has made STTE our local hangout that will be sorely missed once it’s gone. STTE is doing a Wall of Memories that everyone can post notes, pictures, etc. on and below is what Gerry and I would like to say. If we’ve missed anyone it wasn’t intentional and to all of you who made is special for us, thanks again.

We could do a wall of memories with just the photos we’ve taken since coming here in 2004. We started coming 3 or 4 times a year…anytime we could fit in a long weekend and always spent 95% of our time at Quarks. We got married here 7/11/05 with Churoq and Seven of Sixteen as our attendants. We couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. It was so very special and so much fun that we wanted to do a vow renewal on our fifth anniversary. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen now.

Last year when we decided to move to Las Vegas, Quarks became our second home. Knowing that the Experience was here and that we could come here anytime we wanted was a plus in making our decision to move here easier. We spend endless hours here not to mention Gold Pressed Latinum and enjoy interacting with the actors, bartenders and people who are at the bar. We’ve made so many wonderful friends who’ve taken us in and made us feel like we are part of the Experience family. We would like to thank all of you for making this such a special place for us to come and hang out.

Thanks Lydia, Darren, Jeff, Dave, Matt, Shannon and Monte for putting up with us so much and making the special drinks we ask for. Thanks T’Pril, Seven of Sixteen, Quan, Motog, Kalen, Churoq, Three of Six, Rog’l, K’Stran and Tyrin for all the fun and time you’ve spent with us and for becoming friends with us as well. Thanks Melvin, Greg, Carlos, Jayson, Pauline, Joy and all the other servers that stopped by to say hello and make sure we were okay. Thanks Guy, Dave, Kate and Brad, Lisa and Brett, and Lois, you’ve become good friends to us and we looked forward to seeing you each time you came to Quarks. We will miss all of you more than words can say. We will be here on the last day waiting for the gates to open and we will be the last customers to leave when the gates close that night crying as we walk up the stairs through the portals one last time.

May everyone live long and prosper!!!

Francine & Gerry Lebrato

131. DS9 Fan - July 21, 2008

Jim, I live in the Dallas area. The flight is about 3 hours, but the time change heading west is always great in that you arrive roughly in the same hour you left. Obviously the opposite is true coming home, but by then I’ve had my fun.

132. Brett - July 21, 2008

The first time I went to STTE it was back in 1999. I was hooked ever since and when ever we would go to Las Vegas on vacation, that was the place to visit for me. Not only for the ride, but for Quarks and the shopping. Back home I will drink Martinis, Gin & Tonics, Makers Mark Bourbon, etc. But I love to have a Star Trek drink of any kind. My wife and I came to like the Borg Sphere so much that we bought one of the fish bowl glasses to make them at home. Since 2006 we have been staying at the Hilton just so we can be close to STTE. I could (and do) spend most of my time down in Quarks. At least my wife always knew where to find me, sitting at the bar in front of the TV watching Star Trek Movies and TV shows. I have DVDs of all the movies and yet I still can sit at the bar and watch them all over again & again, it never gets old. That is where we became friends with Jerry and Francine and enjoy their company each time we visited. The common bond was the fact that STTE had an atmosphere that is much more enjoyable than this new trend of Vegas Ultra lounges…(what ever an Ultra Lounge is, I don’t get it.) All the bartenders have been great to us and it is refreshing to see them enjoy their work. My wife and I have had wonderful times with them all, including all the characters that roam around, especially my favorite female Adorian. No where else can you get that immersion into Star Trek. While I am a TOS fan as well as Enterprise, I have no problem with the TNG/DS9 surroundings. It all STAR TREK!!! Lets have fun with what we got. I do hope that CBS/Paramount does find a new location in Las Vegas somewhere and sometime soon.

Brett & Lisa Bailey

133. Gerry L - July 21, 2008

#132 Brett We look forward to seeing you guys and all the rest of our Trek friends at the convention in a couple of weeks. I hope as many people who can make it to Vegas to see STTE one last time will do so. Should be a great send off. I also hope some of the corporate people will come to thier senses and relocate it somewhere else in Vegas. It’s a shame to lose something so fun and unique. You’re right, why does the world need another ultra lounge?

134. Ablative Blog - July 21, 2008

[…] View the original article here at […]

135. Jim Nightshade - July 22, 2008

Here Here Gerry and Francine and Brett….I believe the female Andorian is APRIL….She was our Behind the scenes tour hostess and was wonderful….then at the 06 Creation 40th ann convention which was the only star trek convention Ive been to….couldnt afford to go this year either…anyway there she was as an andorian..I asked her if she was April but she would not break out of character I only found out later thru e mails that it was her…

Like both of you have said..The employees–the people and their enthusiasm for us and trek are what made this attraction live for us all!

We can never thank them enough! When Sheri and I go to Vegas aug 19, 20 and 21st, we will probably be at the experience on the 20th…we will be sure to thank them…

Sidenote My father is in the hospital….I hope and pray he will be ok or might not be able to go..and no refund on the tickets either….

we will see….

Anyway….Everybody lucky enuf to go one more time thank them for all of us!!

136. Gerry L - July 22, 2008

#135 Jim. Yes her name is April. She’s great. She’s one of the original employees there. She helped oversee it’s construction. I’m sure she’s very sad it’s coming down. As all of us are.
We’ll be there everyday of the convention and I’ve decided to show up one day as a Vulcan science officer. April is going to help me with my ears.
Living locally in Vegas, I’ve made it my mission to go there everyday until it closes. My wife and I want to be the last ones to leave as they close the gates for the last time. That’s how much it means to us.
Ask for us at Quark’s when you stop in. Most likely we’ll be there.

137. Jim Nightshade - July 22, 2008

Will do Gerry…like I said Hopefully we can still go we will most likely be there aug 20 as we fly in aug 19….perhaps aug 21 depends on what aprils schedule is too we want to see her one more time…

I hope my father gits outta the hospital soon….
right now he doesnt even wanna sit up in the bed at the hospital sigh

138. Jim Nightshade - July 22, 2008

Ok seems like there are only us few hardcore experience fans still checking this out hahaha

What are your favorite souvenirs youve gotten over the years?? I have shirts, mugs cups, etc….

My fave was one of my first..the black star trek experience name coffee cups that show the ships over the vegas nite sky with your name on it!

I have a few quarks shirts I saw the bowling shirt now available….also have many shot glasses and light up cups freezer mugs borg 4d green.

Also The souvenir i want the most is the franklin mint coin for 225 bucks with ryker and geordis signature that was from the opening. But I cant afford it haha oh well…..

Also the First Star Trek TOS Communicators that ONLY THE EXPERIENCE had….I got one for me and one for my childhood bud who works at boeing…GEEKVILLE….they dont have the prerecorded phrases but they look awesome make all the right sounds and just feel right when you flip em open..they make static noise and by pressing a fleet symbol underneath they beep like someone is calling you.

My friend at boeing did that in the middle of a meeting…hold on I got a call and pulled that puppy out the room went nuts…hes loves that communicator i got for him heheeh

anyone else have faves??

139. Gerry L - July 23, 2008

Yah, I have all the stuff you mentioned too. I did get one of the bowling shirts and I wear it from time to time and some people think I work there. Lydia threatens to put me to work. Haha. They will be selling menus and stuff as they prepare to close also. I have a couple already and some of the drink bowls and glasses. I would love to go back in after it closes and get some stuff that’s nailed down right now. Like a piece of the bar or something. Not sure if that’s going to be an option for fans. Maybe a bar stool or two. Hate to see it just wind up in a landfill. So sad.

140. Jim Nightshade - July 23, 2008

Yah I agree with ya Gerry! If you can get it, grab a piece for me too!

Also wish someone could film it all so we have something to remember it by…Maybe CBS Paramount should make an official dvd making of history of ending of dvd and sell it. I would sure buy one..

I would most want to see the actors behind the costumes and store employees and restaurant workers etc. they are all so important to it…Like that Actors unveiled event they will have I hope that gets filmed…

They say no pics but Paramount should do it and make a dvd to remember it by….

Save whatever you can for us if you get any unusual souvenirs those of you local to vegas! Let us know!

I did not get the bowling shirt….but it looks great

O I also have the very first black t shirts they made with the date it opened…I got one in large which is too small for fat me but I got it as a souvenir mostly anyway hahaah

141. Francine - July 24, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that Quarks won the City Best award for cocktails in Las Vegas…ironic isn’t it???

142. Sean - July 24, 2008

I’m don’t consider myself a ‘hardcore fan’, but Star Trek has been a part of my life for nearly my entire life, and I am sad and a bit torn that the Experience is closing. I don’t choose TOS, or TNG, or any of the other elements – I enjoy all of them. Over the past few years I’ve traveled though Las Vegas from time to time, and have always made it a point to visit the Experience, usually for dinner but sometimes just to walk though and pick up a gift item or two. After not visiting for almost two years, I was there this past January and it didn’t seem the same. Hardly any customers at all, prices much higher, and absolutely no actors. I thought, certainly they will only IMPROVE this, not close. It has such potential, and that the manament/owners are choosing to close, rather than update, is incredible yet not unbelievable. They obviously think something else in that place will generate more money, and in Las Vegas – not to mention American culture – the mindset is too often ‘tear it out and replace it’. Anyway, I’m really torn now about going to visit one more time, or even attending the convention (many many years ago I made a ‘things I want to do before I die’ list – one of them was attend a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas). But I’ll be by myself, not knowing anyone there, and it will probably be more tragic than fun.

143. Jim Nightshade - July 24, 2008

Yes Francine and the experience has also won awards for best simulator and best 10 non gambling things to do in vegas etc…and now I got a hilton e mail advertising the closing saying get your tickets now..I blame the Hilton so I think that sucks that they are promoting the closing…

Sean I know what ya mean. I did attend ONE vegas Star Trek Convention the one for the 40th ann. Cost me over 2000 for me and Sheri and we couldnt even afford any autographs but did git our pix with the shat and sulu and uhuru and checkov….all three in one pix that was cool….
It was worth it they are very friendly and even alone your love would trek would make you wanna talk to some people…We had fun didnt talk to a milion people but enuf in line and at events and by our seats it was fun. Glad I got to go when the Experience was still there too

The new owners cedar fair did budget cutbacks which probably meant they got rid of some or a lot of the one time there were 160 i wonder how many there are now??

I sent a letter to the head guy at the exp was that scott B something?? Asking him to forward a note to April for me telling her what days we would be in vegas to see if she was working then and if there would be a good day and time to see her….but I havent heard from her yet….we will see….
We will be there aug 19, 20, 21…probably spending all day on the 20th or perhaps most of the day the 21 which is when we fly back but not til 10 at nite…

144. Gerry L - July 25, 2008

Jim, April typically works Fridays thru Tuesdays and is off Wednesdays and Thursdays. So, it looks like if you want to see her, you’re going to have to go there on Tuesday the 19th instead of the 20th. The actors hours may change as the closing draws near, but those are her typical hours. On Sundays, she directs the backstagee tours (as April) usually at 4:30 and 7:30. If you’ve never done the backstage thing, it’s worth it. Very interesting to see how they do things.
Hope this helps.

145. Treknut - July 25, 2008

I love that this thread remains active! So many great friends of Star Trek are posting here. Gerry and Francine (#130) we are honored by your mention of us. Our tix just came today and Kate and I can’t wait to see you one last time at Quark’s.

And, we will be forever grateful to Anthony Pascale for including us in this final article.

This will be a convention to remember for the ages. And, considering I’ve been attending them since the seventies that’s saying something. So, hailing frequencies open…. let’s see what’s out there!

Peace and long life to all,
Brad & Kate

146. Kevin - July 25, 2008

My friend and I went to Las Vegas for the first time in 2006 and,as Star Trek fans, went to the Experience. I’m so glad we did the whole package! backstage and all.

What a shame that it’s closing but I can understand why. Although I’d like to think that it will find a new Las Vegas home with updates to the experience and a better position actually on The Strip.

147. Sean - July 25, 2008

I’m thinking about buying tickets for one of the Convention special evening events at the Experience and flying in for the day (I’m close enough to fly to Vegas in just a couple of hours). Can anyone who has attended similar events at past conventions tell me about how late into the night these events go to? The schedule says it doesn’t start until 8:30, so if everything winds down by 10:00 or so it’s not worth the expense….but if they go on until midinight or later, I’m really tempted to go..

148. Treknut - July 25, 2008

Sean- the official event will close down about 10-11pm or so. However, you will likely meet some great folks who will convene an “after-party” elsewhere in the hotel if Quark’s itself closes up. This being an unprecedented time in Quark’s ten year life it would not surprise me to see the bar stay open well past official last call. Roll the dice and join us! Better yet- stay over and enjoy the convention!

149. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2008

Yah Sean at 8 they typically line up outside the experience and they take you down the ramp to quarks and feed ya a buffet dinner that was soso but they tried hard..some costumed characters like a borg lurk around too…after that you are free to ride the ride over and over and then also a party starts at quarks people like Robert Picardo put on free shows, leta from deep space nine sings…they had a trek rapper etc….lots of fun to watch lots of fans in costumes etc too…..

Then they party,,,,I found with that many people the lines for the expereince rides took forever…but was fun being with fans….the parties are awesome as are the performers like the holographic doctor and leta….we pooped out about 1230 at nite and went back to our room but it was all fun….well worth it….we had capts chair packages the second highest tier that party and others were free with the package…

Hope you all who can afford the convention have fun!

150. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2008

Thanks for the info on April Gerry…Hopefully she has gotten my forewarded letter to her by now from last week. I asked her to let us know her work days schedule for those days and I gave her my cell number, e mail number etc since her experience yahoo e mail doesnt work anymore I havent heard from her…

Yah if she is working tuesday We can boogie over there to say hi to her….We met her on the Behind the scenes tour we took in 06 I beleive….she was our hostess and was awesome for our group….I have the TIME STATION document along with my BORG PICTURE and TNG PICs of my face on otther bodies hahahah

Yah we had to take a flight in the middle of the week to get the cheapest flight and hotel room….couldnt afford a weekend thats typically when we saw her…weve been there for new years a couple of times, etc…..

I also am glad people keep posting here. we are the hard core Experience fans mostly….I hope I dont cry when I get there for the last time looking at the museum ride etc….I wish someone could make or take pix of the timelife from the present to the future they worked so hard updating that thing after Enterprise made all those changes to it hahah

Vegas will be much colder even in 120 degree heat without the warmth and glow of April and her co workers and that little slice of GALAXY HOME called Star Trek the Experience and Quarks bar…..I feel more at home there than in the real world sigh sniff pout

151. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2008

Hey Gerry can you ask April next time you see her if she knows that will be her schedule that week that Sheri and I are flying in? I wonder if she got my letter….we had a pic of me and sheri with Quark Drinks in the bar and I put it in the upper left corner of the letter in hopes she remembers me and Sheri….

152. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2008

Also do you know what aprils hours are on tuesdays and if she is in costume etc? I still kick myself for not having our pix taken with her in the Andorian outfit when she talked to us in character at the 06 convention capts chair party….I was pretty sure it was her but she refused to break character and admit it….would have loved a pix of sheri and me with her..shes so awesome….I knew she was with the attraction from the beginning too…

Hmmm on second thought Gerry I dont wanna sound TOOOO EXCITED to see her ya know….She might think I am going overboard….star trek stalker? hahah Well just see what ya kind of nonchalantly find out for me ok? ahahah

Shes the only person at the experience I know by name but we have been there MANY times ahahah


153. CAROL PARTAIN - July 27, 2008

to whom it concerns; the startrek the experience is a fixture at the
hilton and should remain so. it is a big mistake to close it down.
greed is a bad thing , and paramount , the new owners, and the
hilton are quilty of this big time. KEEP THE EXPERIENCE


154. DS9 Fan - July 28, 2008

Less than a week from my final Experience! For those of you heading out past the convention time frame (because the convention folk will be arriving around my departure) I’ll post some final comments and thoughts about my last visit.

Jim, you might find those useful.

Gerry and Francine, I’ll be there this Saturday, Sunday and Monday thru mid-afternoon. I’ll ask for you, but if you see a thin guy with a buzz haircut at the bar it’ll be me. Look for the Romulan Ale!

155. Gutted trekie fan - July 28, 2008

What a bummer, I was planing a trip to Las Vagas next year and the Star Trek experience was top of the list of thing to see, closely followed by a Grand Canyon tour. I may change my holiday plans now.

156. Gerry L - July 28, 2008

DS9 Fan: I guarantee we will be there those days. No positive about what time of day though. We usually come in the middle if the afternoon. See you there.
Jim: April usually starts her rounds not oo long after the place opens at 11:00 am. The actors typically walk the whole facility, so you’ll see them about ever half hour or so at Quark’s. She’ll be in costume, but not sure which one. She switched it up. I asked her about her schedule that week, but she wasn’t aware of any changes to her usual routine.
They are selling autogrphed pictures of all the actors in the retail shop. If you buy one, they will personalize it for you.

157. MRJ1967 - July 29, 2008

My husband and I just got back from Las Vegas. Our first stop was at the Star Trek Experience (July 22, 2008). It was nice seeing the characters walking around (wish there were more but I understand there was a cutback on staff). We enjoyed the Klingon ride (twice) and the Borg 4-D ride was a nice surprise. We also enjoyed Quark’s bar. We got the Warp Core Breach (I downloaded the menu before we went and was intrigued by a ‘smoking and bubbling’ drink–had to try it). We don’t drink alcohol, so we got it without the five rums and also got a break on the price of the drink. The Warp Core Breach was huge and fun to watch.
I’m glad that we were able to go to the Experience before the closing. I bet the convention in August will be phenomenal. The price was $49.99, there was a $10 off coupon in ‘What’s On’ magazine. Have fun!

158. Harry Dog - July 29, 2008

I posted this on the other article as well – I’ve heard a rumour that the LV Hilton is due to close for multi-million $ refit and that when it re-opens, in 18 months or so, that the ST:Experience will be part of it’s entertainment. Any truth in this rumour. Maybe you lucky people going to the Convention can do a bit of digging to see it is just a rumour. All this said though I’m in Scotland and it may just be wishful thinking on the part of us Scottish Trekkers who can’t make it there before it closes. Find out guys!

159. Gerry L - July 29, 2008

Harry Dog: I’m there all the time and have not heard that rumor. That would be great if there is any truth to it. But, one rumor we did hear is that Steve Wynn who owns quite a few of the major hotel / casinos in Vegas is going to buy the Hilton. Probably to tear it down and built something entirely new on the property. He’s been spotted walking around the building.
I think a more realistic possibility is that CBS will try to find another location in Vegas. They have been hinting around to it. I’m sure the cost to re-build will be an issue though. 10 years ago it cost 70 million to build STTE. Can you imagine what that would cost today? Hey, I’ll take anything at this point.
But, we’re going to enjoy the convention next week and the days following up to the closing day. I’m sure there will be a lot of tears shed that day.

160. Jim Nightshade - July 29, 2008

Thanks for the info On April Gerry. I hope she will cohtact me when it is closer to the week we are leaving to go there and see if she has a more accurate timetable to find her or something. I sent a letter with my cell number and stuff to chad to forward to her. I hope she got it. I would luv to buy and have her autograph her pix. Since our plane lands at 1030 it will take us til around 1 to get to our hotel and check in I think. So we cant be there right when it opens on tuesday the 19th….We will probably take the monorail over there for lunch at quarks and look for her that way then actually go on the rides and stuff on wednesday when we have more time.

I have not heard that rumor at all….Someone else already said that the employees said that the hilton was going to build a michael Jackson theatre there….have no idea to the truth of that rumor either….But I already dislike Michael for selling all the beatles songs to luvs diapers and target sheesh…

now if they rebuild it on the strip somewhere with a big saucer enterprise sticking out of the building like the Harley at the Harley Davidson cafe well that would bring a lotta business in…maybe planet hollywood…..its a big casino….any of em on the strip….would help a hotel look more futurisitic too….The tropicana has plenty of room they had the titanic exhibit there which was awesome but they seem too old fashioned of a hotel….

161. Jim Nightshade - July 29, 2008

Hey those of you who have taken lots of pix or videos of the Experience….anything good you wanna share via e mail? I would luv to have pix of the entire timeline in the museum….and since the whole area isnt lit that great…movies and pix Ive taken dont look that great..any tips for when I go in mid august? and anyone have any cool pix or videos there?

162. DS9 Fan - July 30, 2008

Jim, I am taking a good camera with me this weekend, and I had already thought of taking pictures of the timeline. The camera has many modes for low light pictures, so I will experiment to see which comes out clearest. If the pics come out well, I’ll be happy to send them along.

163. Harry Dog - July 30, 2008

Gerry L thanks for the reply. It did sound too good to be true I guess. Well Vegas is out for me now I’ve no interest in gambling or seeing Elton J. Guess I’ll just got to NY instead. And I won’t stay at a Hilton either!!!!

164. Jim Nightshade - July 30, 2008

Ok thanks DS9 bud…Cant wait to hear if the place is busy and hopping say Hi to April for me if you see her in costume as the andorian or the vulcan eheheh

165. Gerry L - July 31, 2008

DS9 Fan: See you this weekend. We’ll be there at some point everyday.
Jim: See you on the 19th or 20th.
Have safe trips.

166. DS9 Fan - August 1, 2008

Thanks Gerry. I plan on being there from about noon on each day. I haven’t decided which day I am going to do the museum and rides again, but otherwise I’ll be at the bar with my Romulan ale. See you tomorrow!

167. T DUDE - August 2, 2008

Anyone going to the Aliens unmasked panel at the Experience on Sunday night? Tickets are only $20.00 and go on sale at noon at their box office, and Michael Westmore will be hosting it. I can’t wait to see who’s behind all of these great characters.

168. DS9 Fan - August 5, 2008

I made it home safely yesterday evening. What a wonderful way to commemorate STTE!

First and foremost thanks to Gerry and Francine for their friendship the last few days. It was an honor to spend some of the last days of TE with you!

Remembering that I usually would visit in early December during the “slow” part of the Vegas year I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd. The line for the museum/ride was long for the majority of each day I attended. Ironically the people I met at the bar with one exception had no idea STTE was closing, and for most it was their first trip. As well most people I met were not there for the convention. Exciting that even in its final days TE is still pulling in people!

For someone who has visited multiple times, I could start to see some of the effects of the final days. For instance certain items in the gift shop were being depleted while other high inventory items were being discounted. The more obvious signs were the memorial wall where anyone can right a comment about their experience and post it on the wall. Menus both old and new are for sale too.

Otherwise it was as I remembered it from the year before, and when I sipped my final Romulan Ale I walked straight up the stairs and exited the casino without looking back.

The character actors I saw were the Andorians (male and female on separate days), Vulcan female, Klingon male and of course Ferengi.

Jim, because of the lines in the museum I did not do a photo shoot of the timeline as I mentioned. It simply would have taken too long and required too many polite requests to not interfere with my camera work!

If anyone has any questions, let me know.

169. Jim K - August 5, 2008

I just got back into Atlanta yesterday from my first (and last) visit to ST:TE. I did the whole package: Pictures on the bridge and in the Borg alcove, the attractions, and the backstage tour. I ate flaming ribs of targ at Quark’s on Saturday night and washed them down with a warp core breach. Walking onto that bridge for the first time after seeing it on TV for 20 years was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. I went there three times and each time was just as cool as the last. It’s sad to think that I’ll never get to see it again. But I’m so glad I decided to spend the money and go.

170. Jim Nightshade - August 5, 2008

Thanks for the reports JimK and DS9fan. I was afraid it was going to be dead. Nice to know its still being busy!
How much to get a pic of you and your spouse on the bridge? Ive never done it….

No prob regarding the timeline…I just hope someone gets good pix of it.

How much are the menus going for?

Reminder that if you wanna order any stuff over the internet for Star Trek the Experience their last order day is August 15….I just blew 150 bucks for my last order…

They have film strips of the movie portions of the ride for sale. they have four different sequences. I just ordered the flight over the strip sequence as that is all I need for a memento…

What pix did you take ds9 fan? Wanna send me some of yer pix? Im glad both you guys had a great time…

It was amazing that most people didnt know it was closing…sounds to me like Paramount would be stupid not to relocate it somewhere on the strip and i bet many places on the strip would luv to have an award winning restaurant and attraction like the experience there..We will see…

171. Jim Nightshade - August 5, 2008

oh yeh DS9fan–the most expensive item I ordered from the experience internet store was a romulan ale pilsner glass for 17 bucks…since you talked about it I will probably try it and a borg sphere when we are there haah

also a romulan ale magnet and quarks magnet

I didnt even really order that much dont know how it got up to 160 bucks haha oh well…lets see a coffee mug, a tshirt, couple magnets, borg cap travel mug some keychains and playing cards was about it haah

172. Jim Nightshade - August 5, 2008

oh yeah I read a different article about the closing not on a trek site and it comments on how low the star trek franchise is now with this attraction closing and also says NONE of the 3 properties will admit they caused it to close….

The Hilton suggests it was cedar fair and cedar fair says that hilton wanted the room….COWARDS!!!!

173. Jim Nightshade - August 5, 2008

Ok here is a question about a star trek drink. It does not look like its on the menu anymore….It was five shot glasses on a spiral metal frame with a hanging ring on top—-I got it as part of a internet quarks special with a t shirt and something else..but I dont know what the drink was called or what were originally in the glasses….anybody help me out on this I want to recreate the drinks someday…

174. DS9 Fan - August 6, 2008

Jim, I don’t remember the name of the five shot drink, but they still serve it in the same shot glass frame. I could be wrong, but I also think it is a three shot frame too. What shots are in them I wouldn’t have asked since I don’t do hard alcohol much, but I did see it.

The “original” tri-fold menu (all used of course) is going for $50. The “special” 10-year thank you menu is a bi-fold with a commemorative thank you message on the front panel, and it sells used for $10. Quark’s sells them rather than the promenade shops. The $10 one is unique, but it is nothing more than thick glossy card stock black and white only.

As for my pictures I’d be happy to share them. I am going to transfer them to CD to send to Gerry and Francine, so I’ll send an extra copy for them to give to you if you’d like.

For the pictures I would go in at 11:00AM when it was least crowded and take all the angles and shots I wanted. I have to say I captured quite a bit of the promenade included flash and ambient light shots.

Jim K, it sounds like you too had a fun last trip. I would have been at the bar Saturday evening with a Romulan Ale in hand!

175. Jim K - August 6, 2008

I’ll try to get all of the pics I took posted online when I get home from work this evening. I’ll come back here and post a link when I get them up there.

176. Jim Nightshade - August 6, 2008

ok Thanks guys..That would be great to do that cd for me ds9 fan! I am a little disappointed. I got my last star trek exp internet order today and they were out of stock on the Behind the scenes t shirt, and a experience magnet, a borg green pilsner glass, and the two isolinear key chains I ordered. So what is left at the experience to buy??/ Not much I guess sigh…

177. DD - August 6, 2008

My wife and I went through the experience yesterday as part of my 40th birthday visit to Vegas. Unfortunately, a projector went out in the Klingon experience for most of the afternoon, and we were not able to go through there, we did do the backstage tour and managed to watch the final movie from below the first group to go through the ride once it got up and running again. It was bizarre to still feel like you were moving, even without the added experience of the simulator motion.

Our tour guide mentioned that with the initial 10 year lease expiring, Hilton attempted to raise the rent to an unaffordable level, which the experience just couldn’t handle, so they opted to close down instead. There were a few props for sale, for example a life-size female borg statue was priced at $4,000, minus the display case and shipping.

Unfortuanately, it looks like they will be destroying the various sets that are in place, including both enterprise bridges, since they are too expensive to ship. That just seems like a shame to me. I’m sure there are fans that would love to bid on the captains chair, or control panels from the set. I’m holding out hope that Paramount can find a new location for it and a means to update the movie from the Klingon experience.

178. Jim Nightshade - August 7, 2008

AH HA We were right to blame the HILTON DD. Thanks for the info though not surprising to me.

That is really sad and bad news about destroying the bridges and other sets….I was hoping Paramount was going to dismantle, not destroy the attraction so it could be rebuilt elsewhere on the strip.

Based on your info I now doubt this very much…Those sets are way expensive…they would be worth storing if they were going to open elsewhere….and if they are destroyed I am sure they would be way too expensive to build again….

So Sounds like Paramount is not searching for another location to move it to. If they were they would not be destroying the bridge..what a waste! Thats the coolest single best thing about the experience…

179. Will - August 8, 2008

News from a buddy of mine who works at STTE, the Hilton raised paramount/Cedar Fairs rent 10 fold. Thus making it impossible for STTE to make money. I also heard a rumour that Hilton want that space for some show for “Michael Jackson”. If that true that really sucks large!

180. Jim Nightshade - August 8, 2008

yah will someone else mentioned both of those things too….so it was the hiltons fault which I was right all alone…this one article said no one wanted to admit whose fault it was.

181. John - August 11, 2008

Change the show every once in a while!

I am a hugh Star Trek fan and loved the Hilton Experience. Problem is it hasn’t changed in 5 YEARS!

The location looks the same as it did 10 years ago, the stores never change, the stuff they sell changes ocasionally.

Same stuff year after year. Seen it once, great – twice, nice – three times a BORE!

PLUS the show was so bad for someone like me with a slight case of vertigo that I won’t go on it. I was at the convention between August 6-10, 2008 and I would say 25% – 35% of the people there wouldn’t go on it because of that.

182. Diana - August 11, 2008

Well, there’s no reason for me to go back to Las Vegas. The Experience was the only reason my sister and I went in the first place. Not the casinos, not all the fancy hotels or shows. It was for Star Trek the Experience. This really stinks.

Yeah, okay the rides might not have changed in a while. Or the merchandise in the store, but so what? I always found something I wanted that I’d forgotten the last time I went.

I loved Quarks. Their onion rings were great so was their dry ice drinks-hmm.

My sister and I would go to the Experience for our birthday in November. Have been for the past three years. Won’t be going this year and it breaks my heart.

I hope and pray that another hotel that truely appreciated Star Trek takes it over.

183. DS9 Fan - August 12, 2008

Jim, I dropped a copy of my pictures in the mail yesterday for Gerry and Francine to pass along. I hope you enjoy some of them!

184. Joanne - August 12, 2008

It is very very disappointing that “The Experience” will be closing. I have been going since it first opened and have been visiting every year since. It was always fun to be there whether it was riding the rides or just having a drink (Warp Core Breach was my favorite) with a meal. The people working there were great, particularly the bartenders. But also the characters always made our visits interesting especially with non-Trekkie people. No need to be going to the Hilton after they close STTE. I hope that STTE finds a new home soon and the same folks that were working there can be at the new site.

185. Geek Travel: Las Vegas — Always Go Right - August 12, 2008

[…] be the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.  I say it has to be first because it’s closing on September 1st.  It’s a shame because the whole thing is pretty awesome.  There’s a museum with tons […]

186. Mark - August 12, 2008

Please be aware that any ire you direct at Hilton, should be directed at THAT Hilton. It was purchased from the Hilton company a few years ago so it is not part of the global Hilton company.

STTE is the one and only reason I have gone to Vegas over a dozen times (for a week at a time) over the past 10 years. I even got married on the Enterprise Bridge. Once STTE is gone, there is no longer any reason for me to return to Las Vegas.

187. DS9 Fan - August 13, 2008

I agree with Mark. I already had a trip booked in December, and I am now scratching my head wondering what else I WANT to do in Vegas. Sure, the first few times I saw the sites, but after 10 trips (and not being a gambler) the city loses its attraction without STTE.

I certainly won’t support the LV Hilton in any fashion from this point forward, and I bet they could care less. I have no doubt the replacement “product” will be profitable for a few years and then change again.

188. Thadium Okona - August 13, 2008

This is sad. I’ve done the Experience rides a few times, the convention once, and will be back this weekend to see the Experience one last time.

I thought I read that the Hilton was going to be completely torn down and remodeled anyway, so I’m not all that surprised by this.

Honestly tough, as much of a Trek fan that I am, I have to be honest, I was disappointed in the Borg 4-D experience after it opened. It could have been done soooo much better, I don’t know what I was expecting but I will admit I was very disappointed in it. My favorite (even though it is a bit dated) is still the Klingong Encounter. But I plan on doing both this weekend and the backstage tour if they are still doing it.

I will have a drink at Quarks after the rides and say good-bye.

189. Jim Nightshade - August 13, 2008

Thanks for the disk DS9 Fan…..Gerry and Francine….It looks like we will be at Quarks the Experience area sometime on tuesday afternoon the 19th….We want to get our pix taken with April in and out of costume and say goodbye to her so I asked her to let us know when a good time to come in and see her in costumer would be that wouldnt be too long before she got out of costume so we can eitehr meet her for a drink and say goodbye or dinner or something so look for us mid to late afternoon tuesday….I am not sure what time april is almost done for the day so that will be when we will be shooting for so it might be later afternoon to early evening. Im not sure what her hours are but I left her an e mail asking. Sheri and I cant wait to see her again and say goodbye….She is so special as are all the star trek cast and crew….whoever else they work for will be lucky to get em!…

190. CAROL PARTAIN - August 14, 2008




191. Jim Nightshade - August 14, 2008

Hey Gerry and francine…if you see April can you ask her what would be the best time to see her in costume and then to meet her out of costume on tuesday? Im not shure if it would be more mid afternoon or closer to evening….thanks JEFF AND SHERI

I left her an e mail about it but Im not shure she will see it before tuesday

192. Gerry L - August 15, 2008

Jim, I’m not sure what would be a good time to see her out of costume. You’ll probably have to ask her that when you see her on Tuesday. I have the CD from DS9 Fan for you. I won’t be down there until about 4:45 pm on tuesday. I have to work. See you then. Safe trip.

193. Mike - August 18, 2008

My wife and I renewed our vows on the bridge of the Enterprise this weekend. It was nice. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the “experience” has really taken a down turn. We have been many times and there was really a less enthusiastic feeling in the Promenade. Garak’s Clothiers was closed and most of the merchandise was gone. I feel really bad for the cast and crew. They were always very fun to be around. I still remember this one older gentleman that worked in Quarks a few years ago. He had grey hair and he was SO enthusiastic when he took our order. I wonder what ever happen to him. I’ve heard many rumors as to what will happen to the STTE area at the Hilton (nightclub, stores, etc), but we know for sure that it will not be STTE. So, in my mind, there is no reason to ever go back to the LV Hilton (now owned by Resorts International). As punishment, the conventions should be held elsewhere other than the LV Hilton Convention Center. I think Bally’s might be a nice home for STTE.


194. Jim Nightshade - August 18, 2008

Ok Gerry I was really hoping she would give me a good time to see her where we could see her in costume then wait for her to get out of costume and have a drink and talk to her outta character but I dont know what time she starts or finishes….guess we will have to guess and come over there around 330-4 so we wont miss you guys coming down and hopefully still see her in costume…oh well………

Yah Mike Its gonna be hard for me to see it looking empty like that tomorrow..sigh….oh welll

195. DS9 Fan - August 19, 2008

Mike, although I am sure it was disappointing not to have everything open and enthusiastic it shouldn’t surprise us. The convention attendees probably raided most of the stores over the first days into the convention, and I fully expected the stores to close up (not replenish stock) once the convention was over. I left the day before the convention, and certain items were already in short demand.

Taking a positive spin, at least many convention folk were able to buy a few “last” items before STTE closes.

I was lucky enough to make one final trip, and even though I was honored to do it I too had some “lack of enthusiasm” moments. It is difficult for the regulars to part ways with such a great place to socialize.

Don’t let the final trip cast doubt on what is / soon to be was a great place.

196. Gerry L - August 19, 2008

Mike, You probably noticed that it was very busy over the weekend. There was a gamer convention in town. Between that and the star trek convention, everything has been picked over and they are not ordering more stock. It’s in it’s last 2 weeks and it’s winding down. The evidence that the closing is near increases every day. You unfortuneatly were witnessing it. My wife and I are thwere everyday and see it first hand. It’s sad., but it’s the cold hard truth. STTE was still as great as always before this all started. Try to keep that in mind. Remeber it how it used to be, not a place near closing like you saw this weekend. A lot of good people as losing thier jobs. I’m sure that a lot to do with what you saw as lack of enthusiasm. Everyone is sad and depressed. Sept. 1 will be a very sad day.

197. Mike - August 19, 2008

Does anyone on this forum know how to contact Cedar Fair Entertainment or Paramount/CBS to swarm them with letters to try and convince them to move the attraction to another casino? I realize that it’s kind of late in the game, but we should at least make them aware that there is interest out there.

198. Matt - August 19, 2008

why not?

199. rosie - August 19, 2008

I dropped $1000 on the new Star Trek slot machine while there for the recent Star Trek convention. I’ve been coming since the Experience opened, and can’t understand why the casino didn’t offer a Star Trek slot machine before. You had to wait to get a chance to play, so many people wanted a turn.

The casino has also done very little to provide free promotional items, like Star Trek coasters for people who order drinks at the Space Quest Casino, promotional postcards etc. Little things like that might have attracted more customers. Almost no effort has been made to promote the Experience. The HIlton could have sent out a notice about the 10th Anniversary to its regular customers and attracted a huge number of fans, especially if the actors had been invited. Every business or vacation trip I’ve made to Las Vegas, which is at least twice a year, I have ridden on the rides and shopped at the Promenade. I will really miss it.

200. Diane and Glen Lent - August 19, 2008

For years we have talked about going to Vegas to see the Experience. We finally trekked all the way from Barrie, Ontario via Harley and made it to the Experience on Aug. 1. To my dismay, we were immediately informed of the upcoming closure. Talk about making by the skin of our teeth. It really was so well done, saw both shows, took tons of pictures and bought lots of stuff. The gift shops were full and really had lots to choose from. Signed the petition to keep it running. Had lunch and drinks at Quarks and thoroughly enjoyed it. As we did some work for Space, the Imagination Station as Klingon’s, we would have liked to have been in full Klingon costume for this but, no room on a Harley for costumes and not flying back until next year, and it will be too late. Shame on you, Hilton, for not renewing the lease. Guess yoiu haven’t fingured out that it is not the gambling, it’s the entertainment and entertaining it was. I know so many people who, like myself, are planning to go but those unlucky ones will not make it. I thank you for at least staying open long enough for my husband and myself to experience it.

201. Jim Nightshade - August 23, 2008

Heres an Isn’t It Ironic Don’t Ya think moment….Soon, THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE MUSEUM WILL BE IN THE PAST! Think about that until you get a headache. HAHA….sigh sniff pout…:(

Gerry L. Thank you sir, for your kindness and friendship at Quarks last Tuesday and Wednesday. You are truly a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for being so nice to Sheri and myself and for letting us sit and talk with you. Sorry we never got to say hi to Francine. Thanks to DS9 Fan for the Cd Gerry gave me from you! Be sure to thank April and the bartenders and all the staff you see for the great timesSheri and I had. Warp Core Breach/Borg Sphere fans, I am happy to say we tried a mini Borg Sphere but Sheri did not like the taste and I could only drink about half of it so I guess we are Quark Drink Lightweights. HA HA.But we did see MANY couples, young people putting those Borg and Warp Cores away like there was no tomorrow. Oh yeh, there is no more tomorrow in about a week…But we tried and thanks for recommending them! Sheri did enjoy the Risa Colada the next day however.

Star Trek The Experience is better than any ride at Disneyland. The cast and crew make it so. Also the adventures are much more original than anything at any magic kingdom. To those picky about it not being up to date or new….thats not the point. It was the place for trek fans to gather, have fun together, talk, share and care. Thanks to the dedicated staff and crew and actors again. We love you all and thanks for the fun last week and the last ten years. We will miss you all Terribly!

There is almost nothing left at the souvenir shops, I bought what I could which wasn’t much. I admit it was sad to see that huge empty space when it used to be filled with happy employees and stuff. The cast and rides were as great as they ever are, trying hard to still be upbeat and entertaining. The green lasers from the Spacequest Casino hitting the reflector disk on the Enterprise in tribute was nice. I also liked playing the TOS Star Trek Slot Machine. It was pretty fun! I took as many pics as I could. I loved seeing the camaderie between the employees both in costume and when they were leaving for the day at Quarks Bar. We were lucky enough to sit with Gerry and some cast members and reminisce and ponder the future…The next week will be tough for them. Thanks for sticking it out until the end Gerry and all the rest of you guys! Keep us informed and updated if anything new happens.
Wish I could have seen every character in costume to thank them and also thank them during the rides…And Gerry see what you can do about getting our printed goodbye up on the wall so the employees can see them. Theres so many in the folder not being hung up!
Thanks again Gerry and EVERYONE! PEACE

202. Sharon - August 23, 2008

Having made the journey to Las Vegas several times cross country just to see the Experience I am deeply saddened by the closing. I took my elderly parents there in March of 08 and even they, not Trek fans at all, enjoyed it. I miss Trek so much and now I have to say goodbye again. Every loss is like a death. Sigh, I had thought to at least have the Experience to look forward to. Thank you staff, aliens, and crew. We will miss you so very very much.

203. Jim Nightshade - August 26, 2008

Hey Gerry Someone said they got a commemerative glass over the weekend with the beginning and ending days on it..Nothin like that was there when sheri and I were there. Do you know if they are still available and what they are?

204. Gerry L - August 27, 2008

They had a case or 2 of those glasses still in the back that they must have brought out over the weekend. They were gone very quickly as you can imagine. I think they are all gone now.
Francine and I went on the last STTE back stage tour on Sunday. That was very special to us. April was the tour guide.
Well, just a few more days and it will be all over. On the last day I will have made it there 55 straight days. Sounds silly, but we felt compelled to do it.
Probably will need a new liver after next week.
It will be a very emotional day for all. Lots of tears.
I will post a final comment on this site after the last day and let you all know how it went. Chin up. Keep the faith.

205. Richard L. Jefferies - August 27, 2008

Att: All Trek fans who attended The Experience. during the Convention.The sale of Matt Jefferies biography “Beyond the Clouds” in the Gift Shop exceeded all expectations. Signings and sales were brisk right up to the closing moments. Sorry we sold the last copy. However, for those who asked, all is not lost: the 326-page, full-color book can be purchased thru my web site:
My wife, Tina and I want to express our gratitude to Chad Boutte and Britt Schrader who invited me to sign my brother Matt’s biography in the gift shop. We enjoyed every minute of the wonderful event.

206. Jim Nightshade - August 27, 2008

Thanks Mr. Gerry…Well keep your eye open if anything like those commemerative glasses pop out again during these last few days get me one will ya? I will pay ya of course….But I am sure that was probably the last they had of them..DANGED…Thats exactly the souvenir i was looking for when I was there…What bad timing to think they had them in the back when i was there but no one brought them up! Wonder if anybody is selling them somewhere…sigh….Anyway Gerry thanks again for being our friends and being there to talk to last week….Someone on the other review page said they took the last behind the scenes tour and it was the guy who played guan the ferengi….who is really right..I bet you are…April is a wonder behind the scenes guide..thats how sheri and I first met her…
As the days are getting closer I am feeling worse and worse about it. i am glad we went last week because I think I would be too depressed to enjoy it this week….I found that Las Vegas Review article on their web site that April mentioned it was awesome to read quotes from you and francine in it….I am sad to say I dont think I ever saw the Borg costumed guy…I dont think i saw april in her vulcan outfit either but it looks like ds9fan did from his pix cd haha….nice to see that….I think I saw the rest in costume definately saw klignons…ferengi, andorians….wish I could have met and thanked them all….Im glad you are there already doing that Gerry sir…
Be sure to let us know all the details on the decomission hey video it if you can….to share with us….April promised me she would keep me up to date i also want to know about the aliens unmasked that someone videotaped…I also know april will be very busy the next week or so too…thanks for keeping us informed too Mr. Gerry….

207. Greg Pierce - August 30, 2008

I’m a visual effects artist for STTMP and have had production art for sale and that has sold in the store. The best is yet to come! Everybody should comment on what they would like to see for its future and location preference to help CBS do a great job. I would like to see more advanced rides and a location in Seattle, Hollywood or Las Vegas.

208. DS9 Fan - August 30, 2008

Jim, glad you are enjoying the pictures. Notice on day one I color coordinated blue shirt with April as the Andorian and then a red shirt the next day for her Vulcan outfit? Total coincidence, but funny nonetheless.

A special thanks to Gerry for the hand delivery. I am posting this at 2:30 PM Central on Saturday. The hourglass is almost empty, but I bet Gerry is raising a few toasts on our behalf!

209. userAC78 - August 30, 2008

i didnt know about the experience until i read the news it was closing….
i cant believe it
it makes me feel so sad
cant believe it
i really cant believe it
wat can i say

210. Richard L. Jefferies - September 2, 2008

One final word about The Experience: My wife Tina and I are overjoyed to receive so many emails stating how Matt Jefferies biography “Beyond the Clouds” is appreciated. It was my intention in writing the book to honor my brother whom we dearly loved. For those who were not able to acquire a book from the gift shop during the convention, copies are still available from my publisher’s stock. See my web site:
Until the book is read cover-to-cover one is unaware of Matt’s eventful life outside of Star Trek: His lifelong interest in aviation, his service on B-17 bombers during WW11, his award winning paintings of vintage aircraft and his art direction of “Little House on the Prairie” and ‘Dallas”…all are revealed in the 326-page,full-color biography.
Our memories of the book-signing event will remain forever. Our thanks to all those many fans who visited with us in the gift shop.

211. Michael Bondi - September 2, 2008

The Wife and I were there last night for the closing of the experience…..I am very sad even right now to know that something that means so much to me and so many others in the entire world has closed due to poor imagination, creativity and lack of leadership…..all of this is in reference to the Las Vegas Hilton and their poor choice for management. I also blame Paramount and Cedar Parks for letting this go without seeing the big picture!

Im glad I took plenty of pics the past month, last night I really felt bad for all the 300+ employees that are now unemployed because of greed and lack of vision! Star Trek has been a part of my life for such a long time, I feel as though a knife was put right into my heart. I usually am not emotional about things, yet this has affected me and my wife allot (I converted her into a Star Trek Fan!)

I strongly suggest that EVERYONE BOYCOTT anything with the Name HILTON IN IT! Even the Creation 2009 Star Trek Convention-Hilton Blackmailed and did not tell Creation about them closing the experience!!!!

I have NO REASON TO EVER STEP FOOT INSIDE THAT SHITTY OLD HOTEL! I know once the northern part of the strip is built out with new hotels, (very soon!) the HILTON IS DOOMED TO FAILURE! Cant wait to see that!

Talk about a bad business decission, The Hilton does not know what to put there in it’s place! Thats Really Smart, isnt it!

Live long and prosper, I think not HILTON! Perhaps today is a good day to boycott the Hilton! Hailing Frequencies closed, sir! =(

212. DS9 Fan - September 3, 2008

Michael, although I share your emotional connection with the demise of STTE I want to clarify some of your comments.

First, the LV Hilton is not connected with the Hilton brand any longer, so we should clarify your anger is toward the LV Hilton hotel rather than all the Hilton organization.

Second, the LV Hilton has expressed, even publicized, their dissatisfaction with the use of the STTE space since the current management gained control of the hotel. STTE being kicked out isn’t a surprise – disappointing, yes, but not unexpected.

That said I also feel both management teams did not represent STTE well from either perspective. Cedar Fair had a fish out of water they did not know how to market or sell. LV Hilton did not care to host STTE any longer.

Regardless what is done is done. I hope those of us who did spend significant amounts of time at STTE can rechannel our emotion to where STTE can find a new home vs. disparaging the past management choices.

Rest assured as many times as I’ve visited Las Vegas, the LV Hilton will not be frequented by me any longer. Deservedly so.

213. Jim Nightshade - September 3, 2008

Here HEre ds9 fan. I also agree…I feel negative toward the LV HILTON but realize that they inherited a lousy deal from the original hilton that they had with teh experience….so its understandable they have wanted it out….I just got an e mail from them I unsubscribed….as I want nothing more to do with them and will never go there again despite the many times I have stayed and played there until now. Even went to a new years party there one year and the convention another year…..blew lots of money there cuz of trek. But no longer..I hope they notice the difference us trek fans make when we are not there anymore but they probably wont…and when they bring in michael jackson it will be a huge hit for a while Im sure at least with all the pedophile fans haah sigh…

Thanks again for your pix ds9fan. I got a few myself…you got more of the ds9 area including rooms I didnt even go in…but i remember them from the convention….so thanks….I would have loved to have seen april in her vulcan outfit too but she didnt work on wed….oh well least I have your pix

The exprience means so much was so positive hopeful fun….original attraction and the wonderful people that worked there and quarks like April..they all made it totally magical…..they will be missed so badly whether or not another one opens up….

I am waiting for Gerry to post his thoughts here on what he saw he was probably in teh party too apparently there were a few stars there to say goodbye too..thats awesome….id love to see or get that poster of the signed crew that looks awesome….


214. Thomas - September 4, 2008

This is terrible news. I had the honor of visiting the Experience in its pre-Borg days and enjoyed it immensely. I never could quite figure out the transporter. I had a great time, and in light of the new movie, which I have NO use for, I feel that one more piece of the 40+ year history of Star Trek as we have known it is being discarded. That stinks.

215. Gerry L - September 4, 2008

DS9 fan, Jim and others. I’m going to move my comments over to the new article about the closing. Going back this far into the archives is a pain.
See you there.

216. CAROL PARTAIN - September 5, 2008


217. CAROL PARTAIN - September 12, 2008



218. P. Phillips - September 13, 2008

I was dissappointed when they closed The Star Trek Experience. I visit Las Vegas often & 80% of the time, I would stay at the Hilton ONLY because of the Star Trek Experience. I hope the “powers that be” reopen it at another location in Las Vegas. I have a feeling, the LV Hilton, will regret closing it, after the new movie comes out. I was in Las Vegas on Aug. 2008, to take one last visit of the STE. If anyone would like some of my digital photos, you can Email me at………& I would be glad to send photos I took from the event.

Kirk out, (smile)

219. Daniel David - September 14, 2008

I am really upset at the LV Hilton and Cedar Fair! For me, I visited Star Trek the Experience when I was at a serious crossroads in my life. I was seriously depressed, in the middle of a divorce, and leaving a 20-year career path. I stayed at the LVH and went to STE everyday, sometimes two or three times per day for five days. The experience gave me the chance to dream and hope as Roodenberry’s creation intended for all of us to do. When I got back home, I felt so much better and Star Trek continues to be a huge part of my life. I was planning a trip at the end of this year until this sad news came to me via a friend.
I am really sad. I just hope that STE finds a new home, because wherever it goes, I’m going.

220. Rob - September 19, 2008

A vast sadness wells up in many of us when we realize that STTE is gone. I remember making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to experience it. It was almost a religious revelation to hear the voice of Captain Picard as he greeted us in the transporter room of the Enterprise. I felt an unexpected lump in my throat as I stood on the ship’s bridge–it felt like home. Even though I was a grown man in my late forties at the time, my suspension of disbelief was so complete that I actually wept when Captain Janeway arrived in Voyager to save us from the Borg in the 4-D ride admid the sweeping Voyager theme music. I saw it only once and it easily ranked among my best experiences in life. Non-Trekkies may not understand, but for those of us who do, this is a poignant loss indeed.

221. Craig - October 4, 2008

My first visit to Vegas was back in the end of 1997, STTE was posted all over the airport when we came in, but it was not open yet and I remember being really disappointed at the time. Fast forward to 2000 which was my next trip to Vegas, and my first time at STTE. All I can say is WOW! what a great experience it was. Although I really love Vegas anyway, this was a catalyst that from 2000 to now made me keep taking vacations to Vegas (about 3-5 times per year). I’m really sorry to hear this news as my wife and I had plans to go this December. We always make Quarks one of our places to eat and enjoyed browsing the ST gift shop. Although my wife was not much of a ST fan, she really enjoyed Quarks and even the interactive shows. As others stated above though, only ST lovers can really grasp how great this place was. It would be nice to see this be reborn again in another Vegas hotel – with the leaps in computer and 3D technology over the last 10 years, I am sure something really cool could be made up. Trying to think of a good fit….maybe somewhere in MGM or have it replace the dated and rundown Midway at the Excalibur.

222. carol partain - October 30, 2008

i find it to be such a lowblow by those responsable for the closure
of the experience that they can ignore all of us like they are. like
i wrote before the hilton has lost me aa a customer because of’
what they have done. this goes to show how bad greed is . to them
we are nothing but peons. maybe someday those responable
will learn , but that is asking too much i quess.
carol of

223. Paul Phillips - November 29, 2008

GOOD NEW, GOOD NEWS……………..word in Las Vegas is the Star Trek Experience is being located to Neonoplis, which is located on Fremont Street (old Las Vegas). I am sure the bookings at the Golden Nugget (4 star hotel) will increase dramatically due to their proximity to the relocaed Star Trek Experience.

224. CAROL PARTAIN - December 27, 2008


225. Michael Bondi-Local Vegas Treker! - January 2, 2009

Star Trek going to Fremont Experience is Awesome! As a local, I will be hitting that place up all the time! It looks like they are going to put allot into this time and they have the funds to go all out on it! I still tell people to boycott The Las Vegas Hilton. They are a bunch of creeps! The Star Trek sign is still up yet they made such a big deal about The Experience being packed up by December 1, 2008 yet the sign is still up……gee could they still be trying to get Trekers into their crappy hotel? Hmmmm….I wonder! Cant wait til all the new northern strip hotels open up, then hilton will be coming down forever! I think it would make a nice parking lot for the convention to use!!

226. bob huff - January 29, 2009

Hell yeah! I always stayed at the Hilton just for the Experience. I guess I’ll move to the Golden Nugget (Rooms are cheaper too!)

227. CAROL PARTAIN - April 9, 2009


228. Andrew - April 24, 2009

Does anyone know when the opening is? Or if there is a website?


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