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Official Movie Site Updated With Wallpapers and Icons July 18, 2008

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Just one day after we reported on the new Star Trek posters to be handed out at Comic-Con next week, the official site for the new Star Trek movie has been updated. In addition to a redesign, the site now has a download section for desktop wallpapers and IM icons, based on the new posters.


Here they are

So far only the US site has been updated, but the site is accessible from anywhere in the world.


UPDATED New composite poster made from desktop images



1. Orb of the Emissary - July 18, 2008

Awesome! I’ll be buying it!

2. Coty - July 18, 2008

Wow, looks amazing!

3. Daniel Broadway - July 18, 2008

Awesome. Thanks, staff, for keeping us updated with the latest. You guys do a great job, and sometimes I think we take it for granted. A great and fun service you guys and gals provide.

4. Lou - July 18, 2008

heh!! They all fit together into the starfleet emblem! :P cool!

5. Jovan Gauthier - July 18, 2008

Already knew this from the Facebook group. :)

I have Spock as my wallpaper and AIM icon now.

6. Jordan - July 18, 2008

I can’t believe how good Chris Pine looks for the role. He has a similarity to Shatner that I can’t quite put my finger on.

7. Brian - July 18, 2008

Hey the little red dot for the viral site has been removed.

8. Redjac - July 18, 2008

Nero looks lame-o. Bald heads and tattoos?

On the other hand, Quinto looks great as Spock. Pine is going to take some getting used to…

9. The Gorn Identity - July 18, 2008

It’s amazing how much Quinto looks like a young Leonard Nimoy. There’s no mistaking that pic…it’s Mr Spock!

10. RamblnJack - July 18, 2008

These are great.

Everyone is struck by how much Quinto looks like Nimoy. So, I kinda wish they had shaved Pine’s eyebrows down to more of a Shatner-like shape. If they’d just done that little thing, I think Pine would have come much closer to the level of the original as Quinto, and maybe even Urban, has done. Then, with the proper floppy Shatner forelock of hair (which I don’t think we’ve seen yet), we’d have a pretty good match for the Big Three. When I cover Pine’s brows up, he really starts to look like the young “Twilight Zone” Shatner, especially across the eyes.

Even so, I’m really hoping the new portrayals are true, which should go a long. long way to pulling off the total effect. When I watch James Cawley as Kirk, for instance, he doesn’t look much like Shatner to me, but his portrayal convinces me that I’m watching Kirk.

I’ve always been a Canon stickler, but let’s face it… in order to bring our beloved TOS back to life, certain visual details have to be compromised and updated. We obviously can’t have the original cast for a TOS-era film, so the characters will look different. Extend that same flexibility to even the ship, props, uniforms, and we can finally have what we’ve been waiting for for so long.

I remember having a similar reaction when ST:TMP came out and we had all-new Klingons. In TNG, we started getting updated Romulans. But we’ve all gotten over that by now, so let’s move on.

If only they’d trimmed those eyebrows… Okay, I’m over it.

11. Summer Storm Pictures - July 18, 2008

Notice the uniform — the collar and shirt on Spock…

12. William - July 18, 2008

What if…
Kirk ISNT a captain untill the near-end of the movie.
That would explain the uniform absence.

13. Dennis Bailey - July 18, 2008

On the very large image, Bana’s facial markings look less like tattoos and more like some kind of war paint.

14. Commodore Redshirt - July 18, 2008

I like the new wallpaper!
I hope this is the start of a flood of info, pics and more!
It’s a good day!

15. Michael - July 18, 2008

I think I just got more excited about this!!!

16. Crispie38 - July 18, 2008

Has anyone else noticed on the large pictures the ST logo in each characters eyes? Either a trick of the camera or very clever, either way pretty cool!! Also does it look like Eric Bana’s ear is a little singed, either a battle wound or too much playing rugby!!

17. S. John Ross - July 18, 2008

Chris Pine looks downright sinister in this shot; at first I thought he might be the Romulan baddie until I scrolled down and saw the much more obvious (and notably cheesy, I must say) tattoo guy.

Now that I adjust, I think it’s an excellent look for Kirk — especially a young Kirk who is presumably even bolder in his maverick nature. But just for a second there I mistook that evil gleam for, well, an evil gleam :)

Nice stuff.

18. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 18, 2008

10. Ramblin’ Jack…. you are right on the money. Shave those eyebrows, Mr. Pine. And Quinto’s could be thinned a bit, too.

19. Prologic9 - July 18, 2008

Site isn’t working for me right now, is it down?

20. Dr. Image - July 18, 2008

Urban? Pegg? Where are they?

21. Spocko - July 18, 2008

And so it begins…
“To the undiscovered country…..the future.”
“What do mean…the future?…This is the past!”

22. Rommy - July 18, 2008

If Bana’s look is any indication, we’re in for a treat! While he doesn’t seem to have the caveman-Romulan look from TNG (thank goodness… always hated that), it looks like he has some sort of prosthetic on the bridge of his nose or around the inner part of the eyes– thickening and flattening his face– almost tiger like. Looks mean.

Notice the weave on his collar? Is it me, or is that the a classic TOS Romulan uniform? Is that a wool sash on his shoulder?

23. Rod - July 18, 2008

Eric Bana’s ears have obviously been mutilated like that because he’ll be playing his ‘Nero’ character as ‘Chopper’! Wouldn’t that go down well?!

24. non-belligerency confirmed - July 18, 2008

what i adore about the poster, and let’s face it, nothing is on a poster that isn’t well thought out and quite signed-off by the art department, is the very clear and happily obvious SEAM on spock’s collar. it’s a sweet wink to 60’s design. it says as much as anything about the art direction of the film.

25. Rob - July 18, 2008

notice the enterprise insignia reflected in each characters eyes, look at the big scans, :)

26. ster j - July 18, 2008

Um, about ZQ’s hair… Is that a wig? While else would his sideburn be sticking up so strangely? And why not use his own gorgeous hair?

I love this poster, but it still creeps me out. The other actors are suggestions of Kirk and Uhura, but ZQ IS Spock!

I still wonder what going to happen in the movie re: ZQ’s Spock that will make us cry? (according to JJ)

293 days to go!!!

27. R - July 18, 2008

Now this looks better.
In the previous mag scans, i thought the “grain/cloth pattern” was native to the design, which gave the whole thing a “dated” look.

But now that I see the images in its intended quality, it looks sleek. Now. Yet hearkens back to the old Trek. Pretty cool.

28. new startrek? - July 18, 2008

Where is mc coy?????

The 3 elements of startrek were Spock: Intelligence, Mc Coy: Emotion and Kirk the element that took the first 2 and made descisions…

29. max - July 18, 2008

Maybe we know why the film has Romulan villians before any of the characters met a Romulan in Balance of Terror. They lopped their ears of in disguise! ;)

30. DCM - July 18, 2008

Everybody seems to love the looks of CP, ZQ and EB and I like their looks too but what about ZS as Uhura? I think she looks AMAZING!!!

31. Iowagirl - July 18, 2008

WTH is Pine going to pierce with that look? The new audience?

And will we get to see a funny version of the poster with at least Quinto and Pine roaring with laughter?

I want answers…

32. allister Gourlay - July 18, 2008

Well my 2 daughters (17 and 14) and her friends are dying to see the film…
mostly for Chris Pine, so the marketing is already working for the non trek fans!!!!
Gotta say I love the Retro/21st century look of the posters in keeping with the Starfleet uniform colour scheme also i see!

Damn Quinto has really taken the look of 60’s Spock amazing

33. karanadon - July 19, 2008

Seems like JJ really is sincere in his apologies about Comic Con…

…we forgive you, JJ!! =)

34. 8 of 12 - July 19, 2008

I’m going to make this simple.
SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

35. M - July 19, 2008

Other than sex appeal, I don’t understand the rationale for putting Uhura on the poster. McCoy would have been the obvious choice.

36. M - July 19, 2008

Oh, nevermind. I see where they are going here. They needed someone who wore a red uniform in order to both balance the design and fit logically with the color scheme.

P.S. If we’re going to play the nitpicking game, Quinto should squint his eyes a bit. Spock/Nimoy’s eyes squint just a bit ; )

37. Jovan Gauthier - July 19, 2008

Iowagirl: We all know you’re sceptical. We get it already. By now it almost seems like you’re trolling for attention.

38. captain_neill - July 19, 2008

Qlthough these new actors will never take the place of William Shatner, Leoanrd Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols, I have to admit they look pretty good.

Quinto looks the best. Still not sure about Pine, only Shatner is Kirk.

Hope this is a great movie and that Abrams does not screw this up for the Trek fans

39. Ice Nine - July 19, 2008

Good Lord, some of you people are tiresome. Nitpicking hair and eyebrows, and the way somebody is simply looking out at us from a stupid poster. I find it all quite pathetic.

Fandom has gone too far when the fans think they have some kind of ownership of their obsession. It’s what keeps me away from here most of the time. I think the “purists” ruin it for the majority of people.

So I’ll go away again, like I always do, and come back some day with yet another name.

40. Mike - July 19, 2008

Sweet. I DESPERATELY hope the whining will subside now.

41. M-BETA - July 19, 2008

I think the poster looks really cool and I like the tattoos and the scarred ear.

To the people saying why is Uhura there instead of Mcoy. Here is some simple answers….

The three main colours for Starfleet uniforms – Red, Yellow and Blue.

The only other choice would’ve been to put Scotty there, but with all due repect to Pegg, he doesn’t have the same sex appeal as Zoe.

Another reason is you can’t really have it all men with no women in the poster. THEN there would be a bunch of complaints about sexism…… yadda yadda yadda

42. S. John Ross - July 19, 2008

#39 sez: “I think the “purists” ruin it for the majority of people.”

Purists are tiresome, it’s true, but they can’t ruin it for the majority of people because (thankfully) the majority of people – including the majority of fans – never meet one. They’re much rarer in the physical world than the virtual. While there are unfortunate exceptions, as a general rule the only people who have to put up with purists are those who choose to (or are paid to – I’ve been in THAT seat and it’s a squirmy one).

Even here, at a nexus of online fandom, purist posts are a pretty tiny minority of the whole. Most folks here seem to be good-humored fans with highly varied tastes.

People bitching about them are at least as common, and just as repetitive.

43. captain_neill - July 19, 2008

I said they look good but to me they aren’t going to take the place of the originals.

44. Bull Shitner - July 19, 2008

Kirk Van Der Beek needs brown contacts

45. Doug from Afghanistan - July 19, 2008

Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting this from yesterday’s notice about the poster…

#16 & #23–

ah, you no doubt noticed the ears? perhaps you could explain the accident you had as a child… you see, he got his ears caught in a mechanical rice picker…

46. Iowagirl - July 19, 2008


Jovan: Seems like I’ve succeeded in grabbing your attention…LOL

47. Steve J. - July 19, 2008

# 6 — I see what you mean. Reminds me of some shots of the “bad” Kirk from “The Enemy Within” episode…

48. can't wait for more.. - July 19, 2008

Did anybody notice that the little red dot is gone?… the shipyard link???

49. ety3 - July 19, 2008

#48 —

The dot is gone but the shipyard is still active:

Man, those guys have been welding those same spots for quite some time now.

50. Alessandro - July 19, 2008

Two more Wallpaper:

Enjoy :)

51. Deep_Space_913 - July 19, 2008

I know it is just one picture, but I am starting to come around to Pine as Kirk. That smirk is money! He is going to bolder, brasher, and cockier than the original. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I see it as something we can cheer for in the theatre!

52. ster j - July 19, 2008

50.–Alessandro, Thanks for the link. Are those other wallpapers from an “official” poster? That would explain Kirk’s pose. It’s actually quite effective.

53. Gerry Alanguilan - July 19, 2008

A friend of mine did a very clever thing with the Spock image above. Check the link on my name. (My first post didn’t come through. Bots must have thought it was spam)

54. Alessandro - July 19, 2008

@52 ster j: The Kirk/Nero Wallpaper consists of the new Wallpapers, it’s self-made. The other are from the Teaser Trailer and the first Enterprise Pic.

55. Steve - July 19, 2008

Take a look at

56. Chris - July 19, 2008

Der?? Uhura isn’t one of the big three she’s just a side kick. She should stay a sidekick and just smile pretty. I mean where the hell is McCoy?

57. Jay - July 19, 2008

How the hell do you get there on the site? All I get is the same thing as before, where the teaser plays and at the bottom has the same options. So where are they on the site?

58. Chris - July 19, 2008

I guess it’s because McCoy wears a blue shirt and that would have made the colors look stupid for the poster. I mean, where the hell is McCoy?!

59. Chris - July 19, 2008

Nemo looks cool and I am impressed with the shot of Kirk. Kirk looks nothing like Blind Dating or whatever the hell that movie was that sucked. Uhura looks good and of course Spock is dead on yada yada yada. I mean, where the HELL is McCoy!!!!!!!

60. lostrod - July 19, 2008


Interesting hi-rez image of ZQ as Spock. However, it looks like his sideburns are “hanging” on side of face. You can see the shadow of the sideburns.

I guess this means the sideburns were attached (poorly) as makeup rather than actual sideburns that were trimmed to a point.

Not sure what the “point” of this is other than “pointing” out how much detail you can get from a hi-rez image.


61. ME - July 19, 2008

Loooooong long ago in a trek graphic novel about Kirks academy days, Uhura was the one who reprogrammed The Kobyishi Maru for Kirk. After that he said demanded her for his first command.

Not saying this is canon but you never know how big a role she may actually play in this film.

62. Go Spock! - July 19, 2008


63. Xplodin' Nacelle - July 19, 2008

I still say there’s something missing, like maybe more panels to complete the Delta.

64. Rob - July 20, 2008


The Spock sideburns issue is not a make-up issue, its a Hasidic Jewish thing, like the Vulcan Salute :)

Payot is a Hebrew word, which literally translates into English as corners/sides/edges; in the context of Judaism, it is particularly used in relation to the head and face, denoting sidelocks, and sometimes also sideburns.

65. e2 - July 20, 2008

about neros ears dont they look sorta vaguely REMAN at the tips? and i sure as gre’thor hope they mention kirks and spocks humanhalf’s religion, perhaps making nods to shatner and nimoy by making them jewish…itd be cool to see kirk wearing a star of…*cough*…DAVID pendant :)

it certainly would add a level of symbolism to the film…a jewish captain (kirk) squaring off against a roman/romulan captain named after a roman emperor

66. Tango - July 20, 2008

Somehow I have a feeling that Pike’s horse is not making it into this movie–otherwise there would be a poster and an interview about it by now.

67. Trev - July 20, 2008

Somebody get that Vulcan some spirit gum!

68. Tango - July 20, 2008

Nice wallpaper. Now I can do my Aprtment in Early Spock.

69. Jamie - July 20, 2008

I really hated Darth Maul. Don’t say they’re bringing him back to ruin this film, too?

70. Norman - July 21, 2008

weren’t the first uni’s ‘sweater like’ – during The Cage, WNMHGF???

i was kinda hoping they would use those, not the black collar.

(has Ensign Riley been cast yet…?)


71. Norman - July 21, 2008

oops – WNMHGB
i kant tipe

72. Juna - July 21, 2008

I hope the movie lives up to the poster.

73. marshmallowcraver - July 21, 2008

The villians always were corny in TOS. Don’t feel bad about that Nero fella.

74. Green-Blooded-Bastard - July 21, 2008

Yep. Quinto looks like Spock for sure. However, I could do without the Darth Maul looking character.

75. Poster Guy - July 22, 2008

Quinto looks good…Pine looks awful. Terribly cast.

76. TOS Purist aka The Purolator - July 22, 2008

I really don’t see how people can possibly think that Chris Pine looks ANYTHING like Shatner. He’s just the typical hollow-cheeked, razor-sharp lantern-jawed 20-something guy that Abrams likes to hire for all of his productions…for some reason. He’s horribly cast and although I’m reserving final judgement for when I see the movie, my initial impressions aren’t good.

Dunno about Saldana, and the Romulan looks cheesy (gods forbid!). Quinto looks EXCELLENT, however!! I thought he was Nimoy there for a second.

What’s with the t-shirts Pine and Saldana are wearing?

77. Rayna - July 23, 2008

I think Quinto has the Spock look going on. Pine….I’m not reallky seeing it.

78. New Trek posters at Vegas Con! : TREKS in SCI-FI Podcast - August 17, 2008

[…] was done when the first set of character posters were released at Comic-Con (see story here), the official site for 2009’s Star Trek has been updated with images from the Vegas convention […]

79. azhar - August 17, 2008

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