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The Collective: The Return of Star Trek Model Kits August 2, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: ENT,Merchandise,TOS,Toys , trackback

Model makers rejoice, Star Trek models are back. Round 2 is reissuing four popular Star Trek models (under the AMT and Polar Lights brand names) for this Fall, and there are more new models on the way for 2009 and 2010. Today TrekMovie’s Collective has an exclusive first look at the return of Trek models.



Model Behavior: Star Trek Model Kits Return

Old 1701 with some new features
The first new Star Trek model is a "Legacy" (or retro) reissue of the famous 1966 AMT model, including original styled packaging sure to be a nostalgic favorite. The 1/650th scale (18″) model will be available with two different kinds of packaging: either a cardboard box like the 1966 edition for about $20 or a deluxe limited (to 1701, of course) edition with a metal tin box, retailing for about $40.

AMT Legacy Models Kits, cardboard box (L), Tin (R)
(click to enlarge)

The original AMT model was available from 1966 to 1996, offered in slightly differing versions as new molds were required. The Round 2 "Legacy Edition" will feature the most recent mold, yet is eliminating the inaccurate "panel lines" from the top of the saucer section from previous editions.  A new feature allows fans to customize their model by choosing from decals with names and registry numbers for the USS Enterprise, the Mirror Universe ISS Enterprise or twelve other Constitution class starships of the TOS era (before you ask, TrekMovie will update with the full list).

The Legacy AMT USS Enterprise model

3 more re-issues
Also coming this fall are three re-issue 1/000 scale snap-together models (under the Polar Lights banner): the TOS Enterprise, the NX-01, and a Klingon Battlecruiser. Each will include decals and ship appropriate displays, retailing for about $15. These models will be packaged in two formats, one for hobby shops and one for the generic retail stores. While these kits are reissues of previously available Polar Lights starships, there have been improvements to the molds for better detailing.



Snap together models for the Fall
(retail packaging shown, click to enlarge)

All four re-issues come out this October and are available for pre-order at your local comic shop, or online at CultTVMan’s Hobbyshop. Round 2 expect Trek models to start showing up at major retailers like Toys R Us in early 2009.

More re-issues and new models on the way
2009 re-releases will include the AMT versions of Enterprise E and the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise A. Round 2 has the license for all versions of Trek except the animated show and the 2009 movie (although they are hoping to secure those rights). The first new kit for 2009 will be a 1/1000 scale kit of the Akira class U.S.S. Thunderchild (from Star Trek First Contact). There are also plans in 2010 for a 1/350 scale kit of the TOS Enterprise (which will be an amazing 30" long when assembled and incredibly detailed).

USS Thurnderchild coming in 2009
(click to enlarge)

Models long history with Trek
This is wonderful news because Star Trek model building is as old as the show itself. Star Trek model kit building is historically a favorite expression of fan artistry. In fact, one of the first Star Trek items ever licensed was the AMT 1960s model. It was of such good quality that the U.S.S. Constellation from "The Doomsday Machine" episode was actually the AMT Enterprise model bought off the shelf with redesigned decals and distressed detailings. AMT held the license for Star Trek models during the 1970s to the 1990s, releasing model ships and characters from the films, TOS, TNG, and DS9. Revell had the license in the late nineties for Voyager. Polar Lights acquired the rights in the 2000s, releasing both simple snap-together kits as well as more elaborate models with built in lights and electronics. In total, more than 100 different models are available from various companies during the previous 42 years. Now, Round 2 helps revive the hobby of Trek model making with should provide some great models, both new and reissues.


1. Devon - August 2, 2008

30″ TOS Enterprise? I know something I’m getting in 2010 then! Thanks John.

2. the king in shreds and tatters - August 2, 2008

: O thunderchild! awesome

3. Green-Blooded-Bastard - August 2, 2008

I love gigantic, hard to build models (no sarcasm here). I like to stick LED’s in them so the windows light up. The more parts the better. Spaceships look best when complete.

4. John from Cincinnati - August 2, 2008

I love it! Too bad there are so many “fans” out there that want to see a new looking Star Trek, they’ll never buy anything “retro”.

5. Anthony Pascale - August 2, 2008

OK John
final warning for trolling

everyone here is a fan. You are not the one to decide who is a real fan or not. so calling people a supposed fan (“fan” in quotes) just because they dont adhere to your specific view of the world stops right now.

comments to

6. Thelin - August 2, 2008

How cool is this? Me and my friends use to put these together back in the day. Love the NCC-1701 and the Klingon ship. Any info on if there will be a Galileo Shuttlecraft, or the “Mr. Spock w/ the 3 headed alien” models coming out in the future. Loved painting those.

7. Tom - August 2, 2008

My brother got one of the original 1966 illuminated AMT models. I still remember him putting it together. That got me hooked on Trek ever since. Any info if the “retro” version will have the original lighting scheme? That would be awesome. Definitely getting the one on the tin (and maybe the regula edition too :)

Polar Lights did excellent versions of the TOS Enterprise and Klingon ship. They added so many options to those models, it was incredible (ISS Enterprise decals and different pilot versions). The Klingon ship came with Bird of Prey decals, too, to make the Romulan versions.

I can’t wait for the 30″ Enterprise, nearly the same size as the 2nd filming minature! The attention to detail will no doubt reflect on it. Curious if they’ll do all the options the smaller version has.

8. Rob - August 2, 2008

FYI, the AMT reissue is 1/650 and 18″ or so long. The PL reissue of the TOS E is 1/1000.

9. Tom - August 2, 2008

Just took a good look at the box art of the Polar Lights reissue. It’s the early version of the CGI remastered Enterprise, at least the images they released when the project was first announced

10. shat hands - August 2, 2008


Well my girlfriend will be pleased that I have found something to keep me off the net for a while…….until she see’s that I’m locked in a room with the Enterprise and some glue!

11. Lou - August 2, 2008

want constitution II class! that one’s the best in my books.

12. freezejeans - August 2, 2008

Did anyone have the model of the bridge in the 70’s? That thing was awesome!

There was nothing like setting up a table and having friends over to build models back then…the smell of model cement wafting through the house…good times.

13. Michael Hall - August 2, 2008

I’m still in love with the 36″ Master Replica I saw at the ST Experience in Balboa Park. If you love the Matt Jeffries original (no ‘A’, ‘B’, et al) as much as I do, this is as close to the real deal as you’re gonna get outside the Smithsonian (and maybe better than that, after Ed Mirecki’s disastrous paintjob). The problem, of course, is the price: at around $1000.00, that’s about a dollar per imaginary foot.

14. mntrekfan - August 2, 2008

Good times indeed! We used to have model building parties! I had a lot of models but as I got older, I found less time to biuld them. I still have the cutaway Enterprise from 10+years ago! You could either paint the interior or use the decal provided. I WAS going to paint it when I got around to it…
The Polar Lights kits are nice. I will have to get new sets of the E and Klingon kits. I never saw the NX-01, so I’ll be anxious to pick that up!

15. mntrekfan - August 2, 2008

BTW, are there any hardcore models buiders out there?

16. Admiral Stedman - August 2, 2008

Whoa. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Klingon warship. Bach!

17. jared wynn - August 2, 2008

polar lights better get the rights for the 2009 movie, just imagine, a 36” model of the new enterprise

18. Green-Blooded-Bastard - August 2, 2008

I love being a geek! Make all the fun in the world, I still love who I am. I love Star Trek, spaceship models, Sci-Fi movies, gaming conventions, computers and everything else involved. Long live nerds and long live Trek!

19. Dave in RI - August 2, 2008


I’m a model builder enthusiest (I’m more mid-core than hardcore LOL) and am currently biulding / accurizing an 18″ AMT TOS Enterprise (and taking my sweet time doing it too). I may not build alot right now, but I do frequent model websites and make regular trips to hobby shops.

20. Garovorkin - August 2, 2008

Cool models.

21. LoyalStarTrekFan - August 2, 2008

I’ve always enjoyed building models and the few Trek models I have were a lot of fun to build. I’m looking forward to Trek’s return to models and picking some of these up. Model building is a great hobby.

22. Mike T. - August 2, 2008

I miss building models, this will be a great excuse to get back into it after 10+ years.
As much as I love the TOS Enterprise, it’s nice to see some other ships of the line like the Akira class. How about a Reliant or Excelsior model?

23. Crewman Darnell - August 2, 2008

This is cool news. I had one of the early release AMT Enterprise models and loved it in spite of it’s now legendary design flaws. I’ve been wanting to get a hold of the Polar Lights version for a long time but they’re a rare find on Ebay. The upcoming 30″ model would make for a great project, especially with the aforementioned fine detail options.

24. DAK23 - August 2, 2008


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… 30″ Original Enterprise?!?!?!?! I almost kissed the delivery guy when I got my 1/350 scale Movie Enterprise. I’m gonna hafta break out the condoms for this one!!

25. DAK23 - August 2, 2008

I remember doing the AMT kit for a buddy of mine for his birthday. I glued, sanded, filed everything inch of that thing till she shone like polished glass! It was almost pretty enough just like that (except for the putty lines). Ahhh, the thousands of dollars spent!

26. Valar1 - August 2, 2008

3 months ago I found an old half-finished model in my garage and decided to finish it. The fun of building it brought back so many happy memories that I spent days on ebay buying every trek model I could find. Now, I’ve got to clear up more shelf space. lol.

27. Captain Archer - August 2, 2008

Great News!!! A 1/350 Classic Enterprise is something I’ve been dreaming of ever since the refit came out! Thank god there making one!!!

28. Daniel Broadway - August 2, 2008

Wow, this is fantastic. I have two hobbies…CGI, and building starship model kits. I am so excited over this news. However, I am running out of space to put all of my unbuilt models. :)

Oh well, I’ll find some more space for these.

29. Brandon Giles - August 2, 2008

I hope we might get Riker’s ship, Titan!

30. Wes - August 2, 2008

They must really think that this movie will be a major hit (300-400 million) Hopefully the marketers wont be screwed again like they were after STTMP and have stuff lining the shelves 5-10 years after the movie came out. Or at the end of the Berman years when Trek stuff that was 5 years old was put into the 3 for $10 bin

31. COMMANDER KEEN - August 2, 2008

Would like to see kits that allowing all the Enterprise versions to be built in the same scale. That way you can compare the size of each consecutive class of the Enterprise (1701,A-E).

These ships look pretty nice though….

32. Ian - August 2, 2008

Finally! An Akira! :drool:

33. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - August 2, 2008

Its been 12yrs and its about time an Akira Class model come out!!!! I can not wait to get a hold of that thing and put it together. I remember my aunt giving me my first model and it was of the Enterprise-D. It was something my dad and I put together during Thanksgiving one year. Started putting those things myself and slack off on homework to work on them. I still have alot of my Star Trek models in my old room. Grandma put all of them in the closet lol. Always loved models so hopefully more of them will be coming back and I just don’t mean Star Trek models either.

34. montreal paul - August 2, 2008

Oh Wow! When I was younger I had the original Enterprise… the movie Enterprise and the Enterprise D. I also had the kit that had th eenterprise, a klingon ship and a romulan ship. I had bought two kits and make on of the enterprises into the constellation.. complete with battle damage! I had the shuttle craft kit.. but it was warped.. I had bought a total of 4 and each one was warped and I couldn’t put the top portion on to match the bottom. That was sad. I also built model cars too.

I can’t wait to get the JJ version of the Enterprise and build that! It’s been years. My mother still has my models back at her place still showcased in the basement in a cabinet! lol. I should make the ENTERPRISE NX-01 as well.

Nice to see that they are still going to make model kits!

35. Prologic9 - August 2, 2008

Mmmmm Star Trek models. I love ’em.

36. montreal paul - August 2, 2008

Oh.. I also had the TMP Enterprise that had the lights too. I loved that one!

37. John Gill - August 2, 2008

#12 — I had the model of The Bridge, gawd that thing was so much fun and interesting to put together and paint! I still have it, although the decals have “bubbled up” or split and raised from the surface.
I had the “exploration set” too, still have it, the communicator, phaser and tricorder seemed to be exact scale replicas when you were 10 years old with little kid hands!

38. Oregon Trek Geek - August 2, 2008

To be a good modeler, you need a lot of patience.

I am not a good modeler.

39. Robert Bernardo - August 2, 2008

Ooo, a 30-inch Enterprise model to go alongside my Master Replicas’ 1701. Another must-have!

40. Mark - August 2, 2008

I’m quite pleased to hear about the 1/350 scale tos enterprise, it’ll go nicely with my 1/350 1701-a, and the more 1/1000 ships the better. That way i can build the whole fleet =) (yeah, i know, i could do it now in 1/1400, but the smaller ships are way too small at that scale)

41. Cato the Llama - August 2, 2008

This is great to see. I was such a model-whore during my early teen years. :P Back in the 90s I had put together nearly every Trek model to come out. Thus far I have . . .

Two AMT 1701 Enterprises.
Klingon K’T’inga
Klingon Vor’cha
Adversary 3-pack (Romular Warbird, Bird of Pray, and Ferengi Maruader)
Enterprise 1701 A
Enterprise 1701 A (With lighting)
A small 3-pack with the Enterprises, 1701, 1701-A, and 1701-D.
A small TOS 3-pack with Klingon D-7, Romulan Bird of Pray, and 1701
Deep Space Nine
The Runabout
The Reliant

In recent years I got the newOne Polar Lights Klingon D-7 and their Enterprise 1701. I love this Enterprise (even though It’s not finished because it has the optional parts to make the Cage version with the larger dish, bridge, and pointy nacelles.

Sadly I did most of these when I was young and impatient, and the quality (or lack thereof) shows it. haha. But I always loved them, despite my lack of patience and skill. Something was just great about getting to build and hold the ships you had come to love so much. I might get back into it. I have long pondered replainting my old ones, and finishing up those I never finished. It’s a great hobby.

42. Cato the Llama - August 2, 2008

Woops, somebody mentioned this . . . I have the old bridge, too. I ended up finding a copy of it in a comic book store. I did a terrible job of trying to put it together though. haha

43. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 2, 2008

This is indeed great news. I have DOZENS of finished models on the shelves next to me and almost as many in boxes in our craft room awaiting my attentions. A 30 inch Enterprise would be an absolute blast to get totally wrapped up in for 5 or 6 months.

I had that bridge model and a Galileo and a TOS Warbird and D7 and a couple exploration sets. I also built about 5 of those AMT Enterprises, two of which became the battle damaged Excalibur and the Enterprise in space dock being refit for TMP respectively.

It would be a dream come true if they were to re-issue those other classic ships from the old AMT line.

44. Larry Nemecek - August 2, 2008

And John–they used an AMT kit for the original “orbiting Enterprise” seen through Lurry’s K-7 window in “Tribbles,” don’t forget. (NOT in the Remastered, of course.)

45. Iowagirl - August 2, 2008

The legacy 1701 model looks fantastic. What a beauty!

46. trekboi - August 2, 2008

thank god they doing a 30′ original Enterprise!!!
the motion picture Enterprise is my favorite but i wanted the original too- especialy once i opened the refit & saw the size of that saucer!
glad the polar lights kits are still avalible and they are re-releasing the 18′ Enterprise- i made mine when i was 16 with next to no reference material- its white with bright red nacell caps lol.

my friends father had a pooly made 18′ Enterprise hanging in his house- i used to look at it for ages- i eventually brought it off him and still have the bridge secrion- with the clear green dome on my shelf.
i got my first star trek kit when i was 13- the three enterprise set original, the refit and the D.
i have about 55 kits and have only made 15 or so- 10 with finished paint jobs- so i have years of model making ahead of me- now with the reissues- new models and new movie line of models coming out- i will be in model heaven!

Does any one else want a Star Trek V: The Final Fronter Shuttlecraft model in scale to the original series Galileo 7??????
How do u start one of thoes good old fashioned pettitions?

47. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 3, 2008

I thought that I would mention this:

At the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, they have the actual AMT model that appears outside that K7 office window in “Trouble with Tribbles.” It’s still in pretty good shape for it’s age. It’s kind of surreal because in a sense it is a canonical representation of the E, having appeared on screen as her in TOS. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian, so that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I just stood there for a half hour and stared.

48. Devon - August 3, 2008

If Anthony has no objection, can some of the members here share any pics they may have of their work or link to it on a model site if you have it up? I always love looking at built kits. Always gives me ideas and insights, and some of them are just plain beautiful to look at!

49. demon barber of starfleet - August 3, 2008

I’ve made one of the AMT Enterprises, and a bird of prey, as well as a smaller Enterprise from a company which the name of escapes me. Can’t wait to see the new ones.

50. CaptainRickover - August 3, 2008

Hey Anthony, your poll is missing “all of them”. :)

Ahh… Can’t wait for the Thunderchild. Finally, after waiting for twelve years, it will come! Hope they will annouce the release date for the ST-XI model kits soon.

51. SNAKE - August 3, 2008

USS Thurnderchild ??

never knew that was a ship in FC

nice War of the Worlds reference!

52. SNAKE - August 3, 2008

its ironic..back in the early 90s i was really into all the trek models and had all of them at the time (TOS = Ent, Klingon ship, 3 piece snap together Ent/Klingon/Romulan BOP, Bridge, Shuttle…Movies = Ent A and Klingon battle ship…TNG = Ent D, 3 piece adversary, Klingon battle cruiser)

…but i really wanted more ships from the movies – at the time there was only the Ent A, the Klingon battle cruiser and the small Klingon BOP (that was only in the TNG adversary kit)…What i really wanted was the reliant, excelsior, large BOP, Grissom, etc and wished they do them..

then when they finally brought them out in late 90s id lost interest in model making :(……in fact all the ships i had bought and made were broke

only got the TOS bridge and Galilio shuttlecraft now

however one day i might pick up an Ent A (and cut out the ‘A’ on the registration) and a Reliant..

maybe a full size BOP and excelsior too

53. Holger - August 3, 2008

Good news for modelers! I already have the Enterprise and Klingon Battle Cruiser by Polar Lights. These models are outstanding, I’m wondering what could be still improved. I also had the AMT Enterprise when I was a teenager, but the grid on the upper saucer was a real turnoff. But it was quite robust, once fell off the ceiling where I had fixed it with nylon threads and … survived. (Later I sold it to a girl (!!) who was a rabid Trekker.) This new AMT piece is enticing. I only hope they change the crappy display stand. You can even see on the picture above that it’s utterly unstable. Probably I will be so silly to buy the AMT Enterprise just because of the original 60’s box. And the AMT model is quite big, compared with the Polar Lights piece, that would be another reason to buy. The Polar Lights models are a little bit too small, but otherwise much better than the AMT stuff, in my opinion.

54. Valar1 - August 3, 2008

#53 ..” (Later I sold it to a girl (!!) who was a rabid Trekker.) ”

Dude, you shoulda married her!

55. Holger - August 3, 2008

52: I have the Galileo, too. But that one really lacks detail, doesn’t it? I would like a completely new cast of the Shuttle, which gets the structure of the ship right.

54: Yep. But on the other hand, I still meet her sometimes and then I’m glad I didn’t ;-)

56. Bryan with Pointy Nacelles and a Large Dish - August 3, 2008

OMG…a 30 incher, hope I live till 2010 to build that one. The largest E I have is the cutaway built correctly, not as a cutaway. I painted her the CORRECT color of a greenish (concrete) gray. Spent alot of time in the research department to get her details and color correct. She resides on my top shelf along with the A…collecting dust.

57. SPOCKBOY - August 3, 2008

If you look closely the Legacy model seems to have much more detail than the original 18 inch version.
and it only took them 40 years to fix it!


58. SPOCKBOY - August 3, 2008

I was lookiing at the Polar Lights one.

59. louis - August 3, 2008

I have about 98 percent of all the star trek model kits released stored away in two closets and all are still sealed, including the interplanetary UFO and the 1974 exploration set. This would make a nice addition to my collection even though most of the new models are re-issues!

60. Joe Dickerson - August 3, 2008

Man, my wallet is screaming! A 30″ inch original Enterprise?! Reissuing all the Polar Lights snap-together kits with MORE DETAIL?! FIXING THE ORIGINAL AMT KIT?!!? Sigh. So much for that college fund for the kids…


61. BK613 - August 3, 2008

As a teenager in the 70s I had 2 Connies and 2 d7s hanging from the ceiling. The 1701 was firing phasers (thread dipped in fire engine red) on one klingon while the other klingon was turning to pursue the saucer section of the other Connie (i used a solder gun tp create the badly damaged engineering section that was left behind. The Franz Joseph blueprints indicated that was possible so i went with it.)

I used to play devils advocate with canon-istas back in the day because of those “legendary design flaws,” arguing that those differences + the hull number (+ a few other things) indicated that the Constellation was not a Constitution-class starship.

62. The return of Star Trek models! | Blog of Much Holding - August 3, 2008

[…] guys behind have exclusive news regarding the return of authorized Star Trek models to the […]

63. Captain April - August 3, 2008

I thought that Trekmovie reported that Round2 had secured the rights to the New Trek film, I had hopes that the new kits would be ready for the film’s release in May-2009,it takes 8 to 10 months to get the designs and mold cut and tested. I hope they get the rights soon,to the models in the stores as the film comes out should be there plan. BTW looking forward to the 1/350 Classic Enterprise.

64. An Original Trekkie - August 3, 2008

This is such great news! A few years back when it was announced that most of the manufacturers weren’t renewing their licensing threw me for a loop. I still have my explorer set that I purchased back in the early 70’s! Unfortunatley, my AMT Enterprise, Klingon and Romulan ships did not survive the toll of years. My bridge model lasted over 20 years until it literally fell apart during a 1500 mile move. Shame on me for not packing it well enough! Over the years I have replaced many of the models via Ebay or online searches plus I have added the Polar Lights and Bandai model kits to my collection. Model building has always been a great way to relax afterwork or on the weekends when the chores are done and all husbandly and parental obligations are met.

65. SNAKE - August 3, 2008

12 – TOS bridge kit was fun…but i wondered why they left off the red alert lights near the bridge door and on the panel near the viewscreen…so i painted them on using sellotape to mark the square…looked good….then i started to get overfussy and was annoyed there was no blue rectangle around the viewscreen…tried panting it on and competly f**ked it up…damn

anyway i always hoped theyd do a bridge for the movies – e.g. a TWOK bridge complete with little figures of Kirk Spock Savvik ..and with burn marks and battle damage on the doors etc – even have little Khan and Co figures too so it could double up as Reliants bridge!…

talking of battle damage didnt they release a Movie Enterprise with decals of battle scars? (star trek II or III movie ent edition?) or have i got that wrong…

The Ent A i had was with Trek V one with the little shuttle…but i always wanted one from I, II, III without the ‘A’ on the NCC 1701

66. Cato the Llama - August 3, 2008

#65 Snake, all you have to do if you want to turn the A model into the regular 1701 is just cut the A off of the decal. :) That’s what I plan to do if I ever finish up my lit-up A model.

67. Prince of Styrene II - August 3, 2008

>>mntrekfan – August 2, 2008
BTW, are there any hardcore models buiders out there?<<

How about this???? Welcome to my sanctuary.

My Mom used to work for PL, so I know all about those reissues. The news of the E-E coming out is new to me, though. That’s great! I need more of those.

68. Cato the Llama - August 3, 2008

Oh, for the record (and I hope nobody shoots me for this) . . . I think the AMT version of the Enterprise really failed. As I said before, I have two of them and loved putting them together, but I think it seriously missed the mark.

If you look at the photo above, and compare it to any other picture of the E (or just the Polar Lights version below), you can see some of the mistakes. The bridge is really flat, and the section directly blow the bridge is too angular. There is a weird indentation at the front of the lower-saucer, which I guess is supposed to be their answer to the phaser bank, but does not exist on the E. There are also no windows in this section like on the real one. There are other issues with window placement in general, too. I think I had some issues with the rear door of the hangar deck, as well, and the domes at the back of the warp nacelles seemed not to be prominent enough.

Call me a stickler for details, but isn’t that what modeling is all about?

69. Cato the Llama - August 3, 2008

#67. Prince . . . I salute you.

70. Ralph F - August 3, 2008

I built many, many AMT 1701 kits (I was born the day they recorded the music for the first episode of TOS, so my model-building days were right on target).

I would like to go on record here, as my family well knows, that I hate the AMT ENTERPRISE stand with the burning passion of a thousand suns. :-)

71. Cato the Llama - August 3, 2008

Ralph, I feel your pain. That stand just kept falling apart on me, no matter what I did. Bleh. :P

72. Spocko - August 3, 2008

I think I’ll stick with the Diamond Select Toys Enterprise for now, but I might get that Klingon Battle Cruiser.

73. Dinomike - August 3, 2008

Regarding the mention above of the old AMT “Spock and 3-headed snake” kit: It’s not possible to reissue that kit, unless new molds are made. The original mold was cut up to produce the half-baked “Star Trek: TMP” Spock figure kit. The snake part of the base was sealed off, thus shortening the base, the phaser was removed and the hand reworked so Spock was pointing at something, and the body of the figure had new detailing added so it kind of looked like the TMP uniform.

74. Mr. Bob Dobalina - August 3, 2008

Glad to see Trek kits coming back. The 33″ MR Enterprise is a sight to behold. I know a 30″ version of the TOS Enterprise would sell like crazy. If you like the Irwin Allen stuff, I would also reccomend you look at the fantastic styrene kits being mass produced by Moebius models. The have an incredible 33″ Seaview (complete with interior, a flying sub, diving bell and one man sub) as well as the 1 24th scale space pod and Chariot from Lost in Space. Good stuff.

75. Tony Whitehead - August 3, 2008


76. Xai (nothing like the smell of styrene in the morning..) - August 3, 2008

I had two Big E’s…. always had trouble with the pylons, I hated to see those engines outta alignment..

77. Holger - August 3, 2008

Didn’t they also sell a version of the 1701 with internal lighting in the 60’s and 70’s?

78. scifib5st - August 3, 2008

Oh Great!!! A 30 inch Enterprise! Now I’ll have to check the nets for the correct size LED rotating lights for the engins. I know they make them for the 18 inch size. Great news!!

79. James - August 3, 2008

This is certainly the best news I’ve heard in a long time! I have always loved building the Star Trek models. I was only a little kid when TNG came out and I saved all my money so I could go down to Wal-Mart to buy the Enterprise D, you know the one with the removable saucer. Then after that I saved my money for the Enterprise A, with that dinky little shuttlecraft. The only problem I hated with the Enterprise A model was getting the warp nacelles lined up, alway had a problem with them cause if you weren’t careful they’d break off.

It just ticks me off that they even stopped making these models. What truly gets me upset now is that you can’t even go to Wal-Mart, Target, etc… and buy models, let alone any of the the model paint anymore, you have to go to a hobby store for that stuff. Just goes to show how lazy most of the kids of today have become, if it’s not some sort of electronic toy, no kids wants it.

Anyway, I am completely thrilled they are bringing these models back out, plus releasing new ones to us. So I guess I need to start saving once again! =D

80. Andrew - August 3, 2008

I am sooo happy a 1/350 TOS E is coming out!!! I have waited for this since the Refit model!!! Now if they can only release a 1/350 K’tinga D7 I would be in absolute Heaven!

81. Stan Wingson - August 3, 2008

Wow- if CBS-D had just filmed these models in HD instead of their iffy CG we’d have a better looking remastered show…

82. Captain Robert April - August 3, 2008

To quote Marv Albert:


83. Doug in Afghanistan - August 3, 2008

woo hooo! More TREK kits! (blushing) I am ashamed to say I have over 200 models (mostly sci fi) in my basement waiting to be be put together…

Retirement days are coming someday (wink).

… to quote Dr. McCoy, “it’s an obsession that blinds you to other things.”

84. Crewman Darnell - August 4, 2008

I never expected to find this subject on Along with the exciting news, it’s cool to see so many folks here that are passionate about the models and reading the memorable times everyone has had building, collecting and enjoying them. I was born in 1965. My dad worked in the aerospace field and luckily (for me) had a healthy interest in sci-fi and model building. My fond, early memories involved watching re-runs of The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, etc.. I wrote the following in a personal blog entry, reminiscing on my dad and my first experience with an AMT model of “The Big E.”
When I was seven years old, I got one of those AMT model kits of The USS Star Ship Enterprise. It was an advanced model for a second grader to attempt building. The kit contained lots of small parts and decals that had to be carefully applied. With my dad’s expert help, the project took several days but damn, that was such a cool model when it was completed! (My dad had the steady hands of a brain surgeon when it came to model building.) I couldn’t wait to show The USS Enterprise off to my friends in the neighborhood. I brought it over to a friend’s house, a dweeb named Peter. After taking turns “whooshing” it around his backyard for a bit, we set the model down on a small patio table and went inside to grab some Kool-Aid or whatever.. We ambled back out onto their deck, just in time to see Peter’s youngest brother Bradley, (in all fairness, not much older than a toddler) clutching The USS Enterprise in one of his snot encrusted little hands. He let out a shrill noise and hurled it into space. I watched in total horror as THE USS ENTERPRISE smashed into the wooden planks of Peter’s outdoor deck and exploded into what looked like a ba-jillion pieces. I vaguely recall combing the deck for sections and fragments, finding plastic parts that were broken/separated in places they weren’t meant to be. I knew it was bad. I definitely remember walking home with angry tears in my eyes, carrying THE USS ENTERPRISE in a PAPER BAG! The debris was jangling together like Lego pieces.. Luckily for me, (and The Enterprise Crew) my dad was an “Original Trekker” and he didn’t gave me a hard time about the accident. He was up to the seemingly impossible challenge of engineering the repairs. Fortunately the “saucer section” was still mostly intact, but the “deflector dish” and “nacelle struts” had suffered major structural failures. (Cracked plastic.) Dad explained that we could save The Enterprise but due to those cracks it might take “some head scratching.” He devised an elaborate structure comprised of little beams and C-clamps that held the ship together while the repairs commenced and the glue dried. It was basically a tiny dry-dock on the dining table! There were a couple of small, plastic braces that were shattered beyond repair but they were located inside of the model, so tiny wooden replacements were hand-fashioned and worked just as well, if not better. Thanks to my dad, the USS Enterprise flew again for some time, safely dangling from a fishing line in my bedroom, alongside the airplane models I later built all by my ‘ownself ..
Around that time we also built a model of the 2001 Space Odyssey “Moon Bus” which, supposedly is a very sought-after model. Frak! I sure wish I knew what happened to it!

85. Crusade2267 - August 4, 2008

Very glad to hear about the Enterprise-E reissue! They’re almost impossible to find! And the 30″ TOS enterprise is sure to drive my wife nuts (I have 2 of the 1/350 TMP Enterprises in our tiny studio apartment!)

86. Lyle - August 4, 2008

Dare I hope that this excellent news means that a 1/350 USS Reliant is in the offing? How about a 1/72 or 1/32 version of the Ent-D’s shuttlecraft from Relics, the one they gave to Scotty at the end? A 1/350 K’tinga would be awesome too…

I’d love to have a 1/350 Enterprise-D, but man that would be huge…

87. Doug in Afghanistan - August 4, 2008

Maybe a large scale… AND accurate Shuttlecraft Galileo II is around the corner too (pretty please).

88. They call me Stasiu - August 4, 2008

I have yet to finish my Ent-D; it’s been sitting in the box for a decade with the frisket and masking tape stuck on. But I’m so looking forward to the Akira-class!

89. SNAKE - August 4, 2008

they never done a Grissom or mushroom spacedock from TSFS

btw hope that spacedock is in the new film! I cant imagine itd have been constructed in just the movie era.

90. Jorg Sacul - August 4, 2008

I guess there will be a lot of pants-wetting when the 1/350 Reliant comes to be…(just repeating what I heard at Wonderfest) :-)

91. Tommy - August 5, 2008

I hope they will also create a 1/1000 Voyager, or maybe a type 9 shuttlecraft …. That aside I already have a couple of NX-01 and Enterprises on order, and can’t wait for the akira and the re-issue of the Enterprise E (Just wondering which version).

I’m working on a Defiant and 1/655 (?) Voyager at the moment …..


92. Tony Hardy - August 5, 2008

The weekend of July 19th & 20th at Wonderfest (a movie prop and model show in Louisville, KY) Polar Lights had a booth. They were asking convention attendees what they’d like to see in the way of future TREK kits by filling out a survey. Some of the kit subjects under consideration are:

* Reissue of TOS Spock w/3 headed snake.
* Reissue of Galileo
* Reissue of TOS Space Station K7
* Reissue of TOS Romulan
* Reissue of TOS Bridge
* Reissue of TOS Exploration Set (Phaser, Communicator, Tricorder)
* Reissue of Enterprise D

New Kits
* 1/350th TOS Romulan
* 1/350th Ktinga/Klingon Cruiser
* Possible TOS Crew Figure Kits
* TOS Gorn Figure Kit

There were a few more, but I can’t remember them all. Needless to say, I checked “yes” on all of these, and I’m sure many others did too. Now, that’s no guarantee that all of these kits will be produced, but here’s hoping!

I think we’re in for a few good years!

93. Thelin - August 6, 2008

I wish PL or Round 2 would do an online survey as well for this. Maybe at their website, or maybe even here in conjunction w/ trekmovie.

The first 5 on your list would get votes from me as well. Always wanted the K7 model.

I think I will be getting back into modeling again in the coming 2009-10 years coming. Ha ha!

94. Phil Smith - August 6, 2008

What is the big deal with this Akira? It’s fugly and awkward.

95. OM - August 6, 2008

…Otay, if Rount 2 wants to *REALLY* impress me, then let’s see a 1/350th scale kit of the Doomsday Machine. With light kit, no less.

(Cue rant from Anthony :-P)

96. OM - August 6, 2008

“Reissue of TOS Spock w/3 headed snake.”

…For those not aware, this kit was originally not an an AMT issue, but an Aurora UK one. AMT got the molds in exchange for a set of the older TOS Enterprise and D-7 molds.

97. Millennium Falsehood - August 12, 2008

I for one am glad they’re releasing the Akira! It’s always been one of my favorite TNG designs, and I’ll probably get more than one.

BTW, here’s my photobucket with the models I’ve done:

98. PromoBoy - August 15, 2008

Re: #92…

Definately- a reissue the Spock/Snake kit…
Hey– how ’bout a new Kirk kit to go with it.
(Don’t remind me of that lousy Kirk vinyl kit from the ’90’s)
Also– skip the Exploration Set. If you have the Art Asylum toys-
that’s all you’ll ever need. Has anyone seen this old prop kit lately?
In retrospect- the Exploration set is undersized, inaccurate crapola.
Love the idea of a Gorn kit. Hey- how ’bout a Kirk vs Gorn kit!

99. Crazy Guy - September 10, 2008

Was the AMT Enterprise pre-painted? Just wondering.

100. Chris Whitford - September 16, 2008

well as far as hardcore trek model builders, I am one right here but let’s hope they fix the other flaws on the 18″ as well (hello bridge etc) alas though i will get every one o the repops as well as the new

101. E.Clark - December 13, 2008

I want to see a Negh’var warship in scale to the amt/ertl Vor’cha

102. David Anderson - December 15, 2008

Polar Lights hit on the magic scale of 1/1000. With their accurate molding and reasonable scale you can knock a decent shelf-display model out in a weekend.

What would be really striking would be an extended line of 1/1000 kits: (TOS) Romulan Bird of Prey, (Movie) Refit Enterprise, (Movie) Klingon K’Tinga battlecruiser, Klingon and Romulan ships from the Enterprise TV series, maybe even the Enterprise-B from Generations (complete with alternative pieces for a generic Excelsior-class).

PL or Round 2 would sell these kits like hotcakes. Except for the dinky AMT 1/2500 kits, NOBODY has made a same-scale series for sci-fi modelers, and that is what we CRAVE.

103. Subspace - December 26, 2008

I second David Anderson requests, I would love to see a PL model of the Enterprise from the 1 movie or a kit that will let you make any of the 1st 4 movie versions – Klingon BC 1st movie – oh yeah, the USS Reliant a must have!!!! LARGER scale versions of any of these and others that have been made.

Please, the more detail the better on all kits.

104. James H. - December 29, 2008

A 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise kit would be a dream come true!

105. Robert Saint John - January 27, 2009

#98 – “skip the Exploration Set. If you have the Art Asylum toys-
that’s all you’ll ever need. Has anyone seen this old prop kit lately?
In retrospect- the Exploration set is undersized, inaccurate crapola.”

Obviously you weren’t a little kid in the 70s who appreciated the sheer joy of building a simple set of models that would fit in your little 9-year old hands. It was my first Trek model kit and it started a lifetime of wonderful model building. Consider it a gateway product — for both models and TOS — for the real Next Generation of fans.

106. Alex - January 28, 2009

I’ve been building and collecting Star Trek Models for about 40 years. The only one missing in my collection is the Space Station K-7 from the “Trouble with Tribbles”. Had one34 years ago, but it was never re-released. Hey, Round 2, how about it?

107. Doctor Noodle - January 29, 2009

1701 in 1/350 scale? An absolute must-have! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU Round 2!!! Now, how to sneak it into the house without my wife noticing . . .

108. Jeffrey - February 11, 2009

Alright, everyone get out of my way, I am buying the first TOS Enterprise in 2010!

109. Robert - February 27, 2009

I would like to see polar lights make the klingon k’t’inga battle cruiser in a 1/350 scale size. It would make a nice set with Enterprise NCC-1701A.

110. robert - March 11, 2009

I would like to know ,why does it takes so long for new star trek models to come out for sale. I enjoy building models. There are so many different ones to sale. I feel that sometimes it take to long.

111. The Angry Klingon - March 12, 2009

Id love to see an ACCURATE Galileo Shuttlecraft. There was a nice accurizing kit out there for a while from minimodelmadness but their website is gone now :(
The new 1/350 TOS E will be incredible. There was also work (nearly completed) for a 1/350 K’Tinga. Im guessing theyll do it as it was well underway when Polar Sold

112. The Angry Klingon - March 12, 2009

FYI….from what I understand the new 1/350 TOS E will ALSO have a shuttle deck interior which I think will be incredible

113. KLINGON STUNNED - April 1, 2009

This is totally awesom…AWESOME!!! THE MODELS ARE BACK!!!

114. Kevin Malm - April 6, 2009

WOW!!! A 1:350 scale TOS Enterprise! That’s a model I’ve only been only been dreaming of for a few years now. I knew they’d do it! That’s gotta rock! Clear window pieces, a shuttle bay! I hope it will have a bridge deck too! That’s a must! The bridge of the TOS ship has a window over the bridge, so we need to have that! Without that it wouldn’t be complete!
What I’d really love to see in the future is a large scale Ent-E!!! Ofcourse not 1:350 scale, that would be far too big. But maybe around 1:650 scale, same scale to the classic TOS Ent! With a shuttle bay and clear window pieces! What I’d really LOVE to see is a 1:350 scale Voyager!!!!!

115. Captain Kevin Malm - April 15, 2009

I don’t know what’s so significant about an Akira class ship. They should make more important ones!! But I’m soooo happy to hear about a 1:350 scale TOS Enterprise. We really need 1:350 scale class Klingon cruisers, from both the TOS series and the movies, TMP, ST:II, and ST:VI. A 1:350 scale TOS Romulan shipThat would be totally awsome!!

116. LV Mathis 1/1400 builder - April 16, 2009

A 1/1400 scale Model Of The new 2009 Enterprise would be great to go with my other enterprise and my one of a kind romulan warbird (36inc x 27inc x 12inc) models in the same scale. please please please polar light !!!!!!!!!!!!! best star trek model scale out there!!!!!!

117. LV Mathis 1/1400 builder - April 16, 2009

Ps 1/72 scale shuttlecraft sets with various decals for different versions (ie starfleet command and names and mirror universe) including the animated series set would be a little winner too. please please please (again)

118. Captain Kevin Malm - April 18, 2009

I’m a bit of a kit basher. The TOS bridge I thought was kind of incomplete. 1/2, it has only 3 of the crew, Kirk, Spock, and Sulu. It should have all 7 of the main characters. 2/2 it should also have the control panels all around the bridge instead of the port side totally open. It would be an awsome model then!! Please Round 2! Make it like that if you are going to re-release this model! I really want a 1:350 scale Voyager!!!!!!! I love my Monogram 1:670 scale, limited Edition one! But a 1:350 would be much, much, much more attractive!

The 1:1400 scale Ent-D was one of the best ever! It’s such a pitty Ertl didn’t make a 1:1400 scale Romulan Warbird and a Ferengi Marauder also to that scale. They only made a 3 pcs set of the. They would have been awsome kits if they had made they up to scale like that, indented windows, and sold them individually! They would have gone perfect the Ent-D model! Its a shame they never produced that! I hope also to see this come out in the future.

119. LV Mathis 1/1400 builder - April 18, 2009

hi all. There is one Romulan warbird out there everyone and its sitting in my lounge. if you go on theres a picture of it on there.Belive me it doesnt look like that anymore. I brought it from a man from greece which got the master off the site. the site was gonna mass produce it but there was not enough intrest in it so they shelfed the project . belive me i payed through the nose for it (over $2000) But it was worth every penny (my pride and joy).

As For the Ferengi Marauder there out there too but just as hard to find. they were made by a firm called Macro Trek. I have not made my one yet.

120. rob olson - April 18, 2009

i hope that they bring back the refit enterprise seen in
startrek 1-6!?”
because i like kit bashing the ship class i am working on a
drawing of one of the enterprise refit look
by nameing it the Arizona class avd,heavy,crusier.ncc-1739″
and when is the new enterprise in model comming?
by r.olson

121. Robert - April 23, 2009

When will there be new star trek models out sale or do we all have to wait another ten years. I feel the model companies do this so people get tired of waiting and move on to something else.Over time with new movies and t.v. shows, there has been opportuaities to make new models. If star wars can do it why can’t star trek. I would like to see more.

122. Jun Auric - April 26, 2009

No word yet on the release date of the Akira-Class U.S.S. Thunderchild?
Would they release the 1/1400 Negh’Var?

123. Captain Kevin Malm - April 27, 2009

I totally agree with Robert 100%!!! Us Trekkers need more new Star Trek models!!!!! Even the old ones!!!! But waiting for them to come gets very boring. The less models there are the less happy us fans are. For all the models which are made, the more money is made for the makers. Always delaying it, just think of how much friggen profit is lost. There are are a million star trek models I can think of that can be made, which would cerainly make all of us fans happy! I remember back 10 years ago when I heard they were all discontinued. I was so miserable! Lets get up to speed, for the makers that’s loads of money in their pockets. Since 2003 only certain ones have slowly been coming out 1 by 1. But, that’s not enought. I’d really love to see things the way they were back in the mid 90’s and before! Bring back the “HAPPY TIMES”!

124. nary4d4 - May 2, 2009

I hope they can secure rights to the new movie soon. I’ve already built all of these! My dream kit right now is for an Enterprise from the new movie, preferably comparable in size to the small Polar Lights clasic.

125. Alan Feeney - May 13, 2009

30″ TOS Enterprise? Bring it on! I just wish they would do ALL the Enterprise ships in that scale! Can’t wait for the new Enterprose to appear.

126. Alan Feeney - May 13, 2009

Sorry meant to say Enterprise not Enterprose!

127. Robert - May 14, 2009

O kay, the movie is out now,when do we start seeing new model kits. I get so tried of waiting.Any day now.

128. Michael The Sci-Fi Fan - May 18, 2009

I must admit I was afraid the franchise had run it’s course and the 2009 re-boot movie just wouldn’t have the horsepower. I’m having crow for dinner. This movie totally ruled and I can say that with an abiding respect and apreciation for the original series. I thought the newest enterprise was excellent. It retained much of the retro look of the original series prop. I sincerely hope they release large scale model versions of the enterprises from both the original series as well as the 2009 movie

129. Captain Kevin Malm - May 19, 2009

I just saw the polls for villan in the next trek movie. I think either Klinons or new adversary would be very good. Khan I think should be out of the question. He is already a legendary Star Trek figure. We all know the story of Khan! Why change it and get a new actor to play him again? Why rewrite the time line??? I think there was enough damage done to the time line in the Enterprise series. Even the Borg, the Federation knew nothing of the Borg until 2365. I think it’s very bad to change the time line, it should be left the way it is.

130. J Hoover - June 10, 2009

Hey #129, Star Trek isn’t always about fighting bad buys…that’s more Star Wars. Look at City on the Edge of Forever or Amok Time (episodes from TOS)…they were about drama (and actual science fiction), not action, and as such were much deeper. Compared to TOS, the new movie is Star Trek Lite. I hope the new company doing the Polar Lights reissues stays in business long enough to do the 30″ original series E.

131. Captain Kevin Malm - June 14, 2009

I think the Enterprise in the new movie looked very awkward. I must say thats the ugliest Enterprise ever. I dont even see how this movie relates to the original series. All u fans who think it was great, I dont understand your thoughts. I think this movie totally butchured the timeline of star trek.

132. Robert - April 12, 2010

When will we see a 1/350 scale klingon k’tinga battlecruiser out for sale. It would be a good set with the refit Enterprise. Everyone needs a good guy and bad guy model. Let me know.

133. BEN - April 21, 2010

I had a friend who grew up during the 60s and 70s. He was talking about the models they had back then and that there were other crew members for the bridge model, but from a foreign company. I haven’t been able to find out any more about it. Does anybody here know of a way, besides sculpting from scratch, to complete the crew of the bridge model?

134. Robert - May 1, 2010

I’m still waiting on an answer about a 1/350 scale k’tinga battlecruiser. Is there no one reading the comments from all the model builders out there, or do the companies just not care what we have to say. The sitting and waiting is starting to get old.

135. Robert - July 28, 2010

wow! I was right. No one cares.

136. Robert - August 29, 2010

Well i see on top of the model companies not making new models. Like 1/350 scale K’tinga battlecruiser, U.S.S. Reliant or tos Enterprise.Now they make us wait as they put out one at a time, over many mouths.And what is taking so long for the Enterprise for the new movie.First they say July and now it December.Wow i am having so much fun sitting around, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

137. Robert - September 17, 2010

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! They are making us wait two years after the movie, to put out the Enterprise model. I hope there having a good time making fun of us model builders. I am finding this very old, I think my model building days are over. I wish to thank you for killing my hobby.

138. Robert - November 8, 2010

Still looking for 1/350 scale k’tinga battlecruiser model.

139. David Pease - November 10, 2010

still waiting for that 1/350th scale TOS enterprise….
I don’t understand the feet dragging here. It’ll be the biggest selling model out there by FAR!
It’s past time they should release something about this!!!!!!!!!

140. Robert - December 20, 2010

Still waiting for 1/350 scale k’tinga battlecruiser. We would like to have a bad guys to go with the good guys.Is that to much to ask for. What are you waiting for?

141. Robert - February 22, 2011

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! I just find out that the model companies don”t have plans right now to make a 1/350 scale k”tinga battlecruiser model, but they know that there is alot of people interest in having one. It”s just like new Enterprise model from the last movie. They just keep pushing it back.If you ask me I don”t think they have the model made or no one knows how to make it.

142. captain-u-owe-me - March 20, 2011

found you poo poo face, pay me my money now.

143. Captain Joel Malm - March 20, 2011

O.O oh no way I’ve been DREAMING Of this model for decades!!! I can’t wait to show all the other captains!!!!

144. admiral petrofski - April 3, 2011

darn, replicator is down again, can you get a hold of someone at star fleet, and send over a new one there captain Joel Malm. See if your first mate, second captain assistant to the first captain Joshua from Oshuwa.
and i still can’t find my klingon model, left the cloaking device on. dag nabbit. I remember comrade kevinski cried when i took off jordie’s visor off of his doll.

over and out

145. Rob olson - April 28, 2011

Dear sir
Hi it’s Robert Olson here
When will we see the reliant ncc-1864
Be redone?”
I have the bigger one from st2
When will there be a 1/1000 scale
Be made so I can build a smaller version

146. Margareta Ura - June 23, 2011

I got off with a verbal warning.

147. Rob olson - December 15, 2011

Dear sir
Its rob Olson agin
When will there be a mirror mirror
Refit 1\350 enterprise?”
At least the decals for it
When will there be new decals for
Naming the refit enterprise class
Our ships?
Like Arizona !”
How do I get them in Canada?”
Not by eBay
When will there be parts for kit bashing
In hobby stores ?”!
From r olson is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.