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First Cut of Star Trek Complete – Paramount Preview Goes Well August 4, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Four months after wrapping principal photography JJ Abrams and his editors Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon have finished their first cut for Star Trek. Late last week Abrams screened this cut for studio boss Brad Grey and other big shots at Paramount and according to sources it went very well.

The Paramount buzz on Star Trek went into high gear last week. One source tells TrekMovie that first cut showing was “a hit.” Another old studio hand who isn’t even working on the project called the cut “very impressive.” And yet another source said that the reaction in the screening room was “far beyond expectations” and as we know expectations have been high at the studio since the powers that be decided to move it from a Christmas 2008 release to their first summer tent pole of 2009.

Of course we are still nine months away from release, but Abrams is determined to stick with his original schedule, although due to the large number of effects shots needed this may slip a little to save some money on overtime. There is still a lot of post-production to be done on the film, with the visual effects from ILM being the biggest element that needs completing (so far only a few of the 1300+ shots are considered ‘finished’). Another major task yet to be done is the music by Michael Giacchino, but sources say the composer is already at work and that scoring sessions should get underway in the Fall.

The next major step for Star Trek is likely to be the release of the first theatrical trailer. The trailer itself is edited already, but apparently the effects are not finalized. Unlike the first teaser, this trailer will include live action shots from the film itself. No word yet on when this will be released, but it is expected (but not guaranteed) sometime in 2008. Other promotional milestones include official movie poster (and tagline), release of full picture of the Enterprise, and additional viral campaigns.

Another Star Trek milestone
Believe it or not the journey of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is well into its third year. Below is a summary of the big events since we first learned Star Trek was headed back to the big screen.

4/20/06   Variety reports JJ Abrams in talks to produce Star Trek film
7/15/06 Paramount announce multi-pic production deal with JJ Abrams / Bad Robot
7/22/06   Comic Con: Paramount release first teaser poster (showing blue & gold uniforms, hinting TOS era), indicated ‘2008’ release
1/07 Script completed / Paramount gives green light, begin discussions on director
2/24/07   Paramount announce green light, Abrams as director, Christmas ’08 release date
4/07 Abrams first confirms Kirk-era storyline for Star Trek
7/27/07 Comic Con: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy announced as ‘two Spocks’, release new teaser poster showing "Star Trek" as title
8/07-10/07 Casting rest of main ‘crew’ and cast
11/11/07  Principal photography begins
1/18/08  First teaser trailer released (w/ Cloverfield) + official movie site & ‘viral’ site launched
2/13/08 Release date changed to May 8th, 2009
3/27/08 Principal photography wraps
7/18/08 Comic Con poster with cast photos revealed + official site updated
8/1/08 First cut completed, shown to Paramount execs



1. Gb - August 4, 2008

Dear Santa Claus :
I want to be a Paramount Exec !

2. Pizza - August 4, 2008

All this is exciting, but is going to be one long tease.

And only 276 days to go.

3. bgiles73 - August 4, 2008

A trailer in 2008. I wonder what movie that will be with? First?

4. Raphael Salgado - August 4, 2008

How many of us would have loved to be in an exec’s shoes right about now?

5. Ed - August 4, 2008

I’m a big fan, but come on…how about some scraps!!

Let’s see the damn ship already….

6. Gb - August 4, 2008

Dear Santa or … JJ Abrams :

and I want to see that d… ship !

7. Jamziz - August 4, 2008

Now this was a great article.

My excitement level just keeps peaking and peaking.

8. Ed - August 4, 2008

I give it till end of the week when the first of the plot “leaks” will start coming out of the screening room. :-)

9. bill hiro - August 4, 2008

As the Devil’s Advocate, keep this in mind – what are they going to say? The screening went badly? The screening met with indifference? The screening may in fact have went “beyond all expectations” but, seriously, this site has done nothing but cheerlead for this project since day one and I just don’t feel like I get straight information here. Everything feels like it gets the studio spin.

10. Robo86 - August 4, 2008

If I had to guess, I think the trailer will be released with Eagle Eye in September. That’s the biggest release Paramount has left this year and would make a lot of sense (especially as it is written by Orci and Kurtzman). Paramount’s other big summer 2009 release (Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen) is getting its trailer before Eagle Eye as well.

11. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

I want to see this movie!!!!

12. Gb - August 4, 2008

to the Devil’s Advocate : Vade retro Satanas ! ;-)

13. Pat Payne - August 4, 2008

Come on — we’ve gotta have some Bothans out there ready to sacrifice their lives to get us some secret stills from the film! :)

14. Ali - August 4, 2008

This movie will be old by the time it releases

15. Tony Whitehead - August 4, 2008

I was wondering how long it would take to hear the whining “see the ship” comments. The production timeline is what it is…and it’s cruising along at purty near warp speed for a motion picture of this type. If you got the ship now, you’d tear it apart. Then, you’d say, “Let’s see the bathroom already!” and then complain that you’re boycotting the film and will never see it. Well, I’ll see you there on opening weekend when you’re not watching it right in front of me.
Anticipation is one of the best things in life. Relax and enjoy the art these filmmakers will provide next May.

16. Daniel Broadway - August 4, 2008

I think you guys probably wouldn’t enjoy watching this film in its current state. I’m sure it’s going to be a fine film, but at it’s current state, I can assure you it’s rough. No ADR, audio tweaking, music, effects, color correction, etc. I’ve worked on independent films, and the first draft cut is VERY different from it’s final presentation.

17. Storma - August 4, 2008

Yeah… the also said the same about the upper-brainkilling-machine TRANSFORMERS.

Expectations are still low.

18. OneBuckFilms - August 4, 2008

Okay, now THIS is news.

A couple of things I am looking forward to:

– Full Trailer (Woohooo !!!)
– Full image of the USS Enterprise from the new movie !!!!

Once we see these, we’ll get a clearer idea as to how the movie will be.

19. Crusade2267 - August 4, 2008

Fascinating. Can someone in the future get into Spock’s Timeship and send me a copy of the film now?

20. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - August 4, 2008

#19 – There’s some guy in New Jersey (who looks a bit like Max Headroom) who calims he has a timeship. Maybe he can snag a print for us, whenever he gets back…

Can’t wait for the first significant trailer. It’ll be fun to compare it to the trailers for ST:TMP.

21. Bones Thugs & McCoy - August 4, 2008

Anthony –

You forgot creation of in your timeline!

22. Jimtibkirk - August 4, 2008

Long weekend in Canada (Heritage Day in Alberta) and other countries (Bank Holiday) according to my calendar. Watch us hit 200+ comments by day’s end. Whee!

23. Marvin the Martian - August 4, 2008

#9: At this point, since no one other than the executives have seen the film, it really doesn’t matter what was said. It could be total spin; it may be true that they loved it.

What will matter to Paramount is the first audience test results. And even if those aren’t initially positive, it’s not the end of the world. The first test screening of the pilot episode of 24 was a disaster. The producers went back and radically recut the episode, adding the visual “boxes” so associated with that series. The second screening tested through the roof, and the rest is history.

I was present at the first audience test screening of Star Trek: First Contact, and while my initial reaction was positive, my friend pointed out that there wasn’t enough “Borgifying” of the crew to explain what was going on, so their threat to the Enterprise wasn’t all that clear. I guess a number of audience members felt the same way, too, as Frakes later shot additional footage which featured plenty of Borg doing nasty things.

#16: True. A first assembly is very rough, and will be further fine-tuned for pacing and other reasons. Scenes or snippets of scenes may be cut; additional shots, especially 2nd unit material, may be filmed and inserted later. Remember, the release print of ST:TMP was a first assembly with the FX and sound completed, which is why Robert Wise’s head was in his hands at the premiere, since the pacing was so off. (I’m glad he finally got in his fine cut prior to his death.)

I love seeing rough cuts like this, but in this case, I’d rather see the completed project for the first time.

24. Paulaner - August 4, 2008

It’s the viral campaign what I’m really waiting for…

25. Xai - August 4, 2008

9. bill hiro – August 4, 2008
“…. but, seriously, this site has done nothing but cheerlead for this project since day one and I just don’t feel like I get straight information here. Everything feels like it gets the studio spin.”

This site has worked hard to get us great information, not all of it coming from the studio.
And as politely as I can muster let me ask you something. If you find this site doesn’t give you straight information… why are you here?


I think this is great news coming out of Paramount.


#15 Tony Whitehead…. agreed

26. Spock with a Crowbar - August 4, 2008

#18, Since when do pics and a trailer clearly indicate the quality of a film?

#9, I coudn’t agree more.

27. Trekkie16 - August 4, 2008

Cool – It seems more real now that the first edit is complete and there has been a screening.

I can’t wait to see the first trailer. I think this is going to be a very good movie and I can’t wait until next May.

28. Ed - August 4, 2008

I think that the trailer will be attached with the No. 7th for Quantum of Solace (007).

29. Spock with a Crowbar - August 4, 2008

#26, But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop visiting this site 10+ times a day to see what’s new :)

30. SNAKE - August 4, 2008

tagline should be ‘an adventure 20 years in the making!’

as the idea for a prequel with the original cast first started with Bennett in 1989…although in The Art of Star Trek it says something about Roddenberry announcing a possible prequel film at a 1968 convention….so it could be ‘an adventure 40 years in the making!’….

can u imagine that?! Shatner and Nimoy in a big screen trek film in the late 60s playing younger versions of themselves…

if only….

31. Arch - August 4, 2008

3 years of being teased to wait for my movie! Compare that to how I normally track movies. “I hear Batman has a new movie out last week. Want to go?”

For this Star Trek, I am engaged EVERY week to see if something is new.

Man, I hope this movie is good…I don’t ever want to feel the way I felt after seeing Star Trek V again!!

32. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

ahhhh… well, tha’ first cut tha’ Star Wars pre-quels (minus tha’ effects) highly confused tha’ screening execs as tha’ drafts only depicted Ewan McGregor stumbling around green objects in front o’ green screens fur a few hours…

Apparently even Samual L. Jackson wuz computer animated…
“I’m sick of being blankety-blank fake on this blankety-blank film.”

Or, ta’ put it another way… tha’ scene where Pine yells somethin’ out ta’ tha’ villain on tha’ viewscreen – what ya’ see now be Hank, tha’ hairy electrician on-set, eatin’ his salami lunch right whar’ the screen will eventually be… how utterly terry- fy’n’…


33. Matt M. - August 4, 2008

They may tie the new trailer with the upcoming Eagle Eye movie.

34. Devon - August 4, 2008

“No word yet on when this will be released, but it is expected (but not guaranteed) sometime in 2008.”

Superbowl! I don’t think Paramount have any major releases this winter (ahem) so they are going to have to go after something huge to show a trailer with. Superbowl!

35. OneBuckFilms - August 4, 2008

26 – You can often tell via a trailer which ones are likely to be clunkers, or the ones that look good.

Not that reliable, but still an indication.

The Enterprise picture will give us a clue as to the stylistic direction the film is taking beyond what we already know from uniforms and spy pictures from the set.

The quality of the film will only be known by watching the film, but they will give us clues as to the direction they are taking things.

A Trailer is the sales pitch to the audience: Come see this film, this is what we offer you !!!

36. John - August 4, 2008

To #15:

Kudos to you!

37. mat - August 4, 2008

Slightly off topic but does anyone have any idears for a good or possible title for the film ?

38. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

tha’ trailer…


black smoke rise up


part o’ a face goes by


brief scene o’ what appears ta’ be Mike Tyson chomping on Eric Bana


quick shot o’ a nacelle cap? mushroom? fingertip? possibly a boob?


large blurry critter trashes tha’ Golden Gate bridge (that poor bridge takes a beatin’ in films, don’t it?)


screen goes black we hear Leonard Nimoy whisper “Rosebud.”


music swells, a shuttie-craft covered in pudding flies past leaving flames in its wake

screen goes black, a German subtitle suggests “Du wartest!!! 2009 Mai!!!”


39. Dr. Image - August 4, 2008

GOOD news!
Note that despite what Roberto Orci has insisted, it really does look like a reboot based on all we’re seeing.
In other words, in Trek history, it didn’t happen “that” way anymore, it happened “our” way.
But, hey, I’m really not complaining… I’m just pointing out… the obvious.

40. Sam - August 4, 2008

The title is simply “Star Trek”

41. Tony Whitehead - August 4, 2008

That may be your best post yet! Too funny!

42. Jay - August 4, 2008

So, basically the film’s almost done. I think Mr. Abrams has already confirmed this, but with Mr. Giacchino scoring it in the fall, looks like the film will be 100% done before Christmas and just sit on the shelf for the summer.

Now, who wants to pull together an Ocean’s 11- type of group to break into Paramount and take a peek?

43. SpikedCanon - August 4, 2008

I’m in Jay

44. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

41 Thanke’

Arrrrrr… just followin’ me vision…

45. RaveOnEd - August 4, 2008

42 – We could throw a MacGuffin Paramount’s way, and call the group “Orci’s 11″, so they think we’re “with the band”!

46. OneBuckFilms - August 4, 2008

42 – So now we just beam in, collect the movie, and beam out … ;-)

47. OneBuckFilms - August 4, 2008

39 – Not really. It looks like it may be a reboot in terms ov visuals, but not necessarily with story continuity.

48. Tomi from Slovenia - August 4, 2008

Sorry i don’t know where else i can post this disturbing news but here.
I don’t know the email of Antony to send these newst to him so i post it here!

Exploding Falcon 1 ROCKET SCATARRED SCOTTY ‘ S ASHES All Over the Pacific!

Here is the link:

49. SpikedCanon - August 4, 2008

We could hack into JJs computer–I’m sure all the Lost fans know what the password is

50. Sxottlan - August 4, 2008

I’m thinking the trailer will be in front of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in December. I believe that’s Paramount’s big Oscar hopeful this year.

51. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

39. – Agreed

52. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Maybe they’ll have a really early sneak preview!

53. Relentless - August 4, 2008

Waiting for a new trailer is like well….crawling…through…desert. (Pants) Need….trailer…..fading…..dying….trailer please!!

54. Tomi from Slovenia - August 4, 2008


the link is in post 48

55. trekee - August 4, 2008

@ 38. British Naval Dude


Well played Sir. :-)

56. Odkin - August 4, 2008

Personally I’d rather see the BRIDGE than the exterior of the Big E. You can bet that the brdge will have a whole lot more screen time, and if it doesn’t feel right, it will be just as bad as if the actors don’t feel right. The worst things they could do to the bridge are to go dark/over-serious/”claustrophobic submarine”, or worse, do the TNG too-large/beige/”hotel lobby” look. The appeal of the original bridge was it’s utilitarian, efficient office-like environment. It looked like a stimulating work space. It didn’t look like a lounging area or a basement boiler room.

57. Spockanella - August 4, 2008

#38: Hey! Who let you look at a rough cut?

58. OR Coast Trekkie - August 4, 2008

How does a picture of the Enterprise indicate whether or not a movie is good? If the font face is different, SO WHAT? If the uniform thread counts are off, SO WHAT? The ship might look exactly the same, but the film could be mediocre. Or the ship could look a little different, but the film be spectacular.

59. Holiday 2007 Trailer - August 4, 2008

If the trailer is already done, they should go ahead and attach it to the big films, or at least the big Paramount film for the holidays. People will be out seeing movies in droves and it will capitalize on the traffic that will be in cinemas.

Actually, they should be doing more to advertise the BIG event. Every other Paramount film should have a teaser to maintain chatter about its eventual release next year.

60. Sneak Preview Before Wide Release - August 4, 2008

As far as I’m concerned, I’m not impressed that the big Paramount brass liked the movie. Didn’t we hear the same from these folk about all the Trek films?

The real test and what counts is what the general public thinks as well as Trek fans. I suggest regional sneak previews NOT in LA or New York City. Polished effects or not, if the film is going to rock, previews should be a better indicator than top management Paramount brass.

On the other hand, perhaps select DVD sneak previews may be a better and controlled way of getting an audience reaction. I would be more than happy to make myself available for such a sacrifice ;) Please feel free to contact me for shipping or download details.

61. Daoud - August 4, 2008

39… nah, only the visuals won’t fit canon. Orci’s said that in so so many words. But if you think of it as having ‘listened to TOS on the radio’, then 2009 Star Trek will be like watching the same thing on BluRay…

Also, I often think of it this way: I had my glasses off watching TOS. Now I’ve had laser surgery and can see clearly.

The real good news though is: JJ’s on schedule. That’s very important. They gave him enough ‘rope’ to get behind… but he still delivered on schedule. That he’s going to allow enough time for screenings and editing tweaks is also great, even though May 2009 can’t get here fast enough… and there will be leaks aplenty between now and then.

However, getting into the theater and seeing the whole epic should still be superb. After all, we had the content of all three LOTR movies in advance for decades, yet the films were still intriguing. I’m sure Star Trek will be the same.

62. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Really too bad they couldn’t do a trailer before Iron Man or Indiana Jones. That was months ago,

63. Anthony Pascale - August 4, 2008

Just to point out, in the article it notes that one of those who was impressed was not a big cheese or someone working on the film, just some one at Para who sees a lot of stuff and thought Trek was really good. For what that is worth. I haven’t seen it so I cannot say one way or the other yet, but the buzz is positive and I have seen movies have bad buzz before. Not a guarantee of success, but a good sign.

64. SpikedCanon - August 4, 2008

you have to have good buzz first or you have a flop and this one has been sounding like a bee hive for months

65. Joe Schmoe - August 4, 2008

If someone from the studio said the movie stank, he or she wouldn’t be working at the studio for very long. They invest millions upon millions of dollars in their movies, and any employee that would say anything to hurt the chances of them making money would be pushed off the side of the Paramount mountaintop!

66. cellojammer - August 4, 2008

There seems to be an entitlement mentality at work here. Somehow we are ‘owed’ advance info, a trailer, pics, etc. Believe me, I struggle with it myself so I completely empathize. But the truth is that they can handle this any way they see fit. Based on the anguished cries for crumbs (I’ve made them myself!), it appears to me that they’re doing something that’s effective. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but I’m snapping up every scrap that comes my way.

Very clever, these people are!

67. Dr. Image - August 4, 2008

Good things come to those who wait.
…They had BETTER.

68. Denise de Arman - August 4, 2008

BND#38- I need to stop reading your posts during the day. My laugh tears totally ruin my eye makeup…

69. star trackie - August 4, 2008

I just wish JJ’s Trek could rule the roost this Christmas rather than enjoy possibly only one week at number one as Hollywood rolls out one huge summer blockbuster after another.

Oh well, I just have to convince myself that the suits at Paramount know what they’re doing…they know what they’re doing… they know what they’re doing…they know what they’re doing……please know what you’re doing…

70. jimj - August 4, 2008

HOW SOON PEOPLE FORGET: Hey people-remember when the studio people did NOT like what Berman was churning out for the big screen? Remember the stories, writers, and producers rejected? Remember the test audiences reaction to James T. Kirk getting shot in the back? Remember? Trust me, it may be positive hype, BUT there HAS been negative hype in the past. I tend to take this as great news rather than doubting it or accusing Anthony of kissing Paramount’s, JJ’s, or anyone elses butt! Kirk out!

71. Lore - August 4, 2008

#15 Despite the “see the ship” comments, there can’t be the uproar there was in 1979. The Enterprise was redesigned for ST TMP. Fans of Mad Magazine will remember their satire of the movie. Capt Kirk says he doesn’t need Decker’s help finding his way to the bridge. He walks into the men’s room and asks why Scotty put so many urinals on the bridge.

72. jimj - August 4, 2008

#69-At this point, that is my only MAJOR concern. I think they are making a mistake…must be the same monkey’s that decided to take on Lord of the Rings with Nemesis!

73. OneBuckFilms - August 4, 2008

71, 69 – In the end, the film will do well if it is good.

A good movie will draw crowds regardless as to when it is released.

Paramount are showing a lot of faith in the movie, a good sign, I think.

If it stinks, we’ll deal with it.

I for one am rooting for the movie, and I hope it lives up to the Star Trek name and the studio’s investment in the project.

74. SpikedCanon - August 4, 2008

100 million world wide by the end of the 2nd week….you heard it here first

75. Anthony Thompson - August 4, 2008

9. Bill Hiro

You don’t feel like you get straight information here. You get studio spin. Bill, may I ask you ever-so-politely why you bother coming here and posting then?

76. ElrondL - August 4, 2008

60: “As far as I’m concerned, I’m not impressed that the big Paramount brass liked the movie. Didn’t we hear the same from these folk about all the Trek films?”

We usually just heard from Rick Berman, who said every TNG movie (and villain) was going to outdo ‘Khan.’ He’s also the guy that said the ‘Enterprise’ finale would be a “valentine to the fans.” If I never hear that phrase again, it’ll be too soon. :-)

77. That One Guy - August 4, 2008

Good news, everyone! We’re back on the air!

Yeeesss! Flying on the air in a mighty spaceship!

78. Alex Rosenzweig - August 4, 2008

#39 – Just out of curiosity, what makes it so obvious to you?

79. rag451 - August 4, 2008

Well, whoever steals a print of the new film and puts it online may prosper, but they sure won’t live long…

80. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - August 4, 2008

Buzz is just that – buzz. Remember the buzz when “Titanic” was being filmed (Awful movie. It’ll never make a buck. etc…). I’ll take the word of some schmo at Pararmount who sees a lot of films any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

It’s hard to gauge how god/bad a fim is by just the trailer. Trailers can be cut to make any movie look exciting. I’m willing to bet that there’s a trailer for “Heaven’s Gate” that makes it look like the greatest film of all time.

It seems to me that the studio has done a good job making sure that the new Star Trek fil is done right. JJ et al have proven that they’re more than capable of taking a well-known franchise and breathing lfresh ife into it. The casting appears to be spot-on. They respect the history of Star Trek and have gone out of their way to honor what has come before by writing Nimoy into it.

If the film was going to be a stinker, do you think for one minute Nimoy would have anything to do with it?

81. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - August 4, 2008

Wow, I can’t type today! By “fil” I mean film.

Serious user error issue today. Must get coffee…

82. sean - August 4, 2008


I’m not sure how ‘obvious’ it is, because everything I’ve seen indicates it isn’t a reboot. The costumes look the same, the ship looks like a cross between the movie E and the TOS E, and Leonard Nimoy is playing Spock. What am I missing?

If we’re talking about visuals, then every movie has basically been a ‘reboot’, as they all took liberties with visual consistency.

83. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

Arrrrrrr… thanke’ all, and lookee oot fur puddin’ ploppin’ down on ye…

… now ta’ do me trailer fur tha’ next James Bond film…A Solstice o’ Quality… no….uhhh… A Quandry o’ Shoelaces? A Quorum o’ Silicone… wait… what wuz tha’ bleedin’ title again? A Quarry o’ Saltines…


84. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Please stop posting.

85. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

I just hope the movie is so successful it creates a worldwide phenomenon. I hope it creates a legion of new fans because in the end, don’t we all want the franchise be successful so it can continue? I would love to see Steven Spielberg direct a Trek movie at least once.

86. SirBroiler - August 4, 2008

I fear the summer release date will be the death knell for this movie.

A good film will draw audiences – but with STAR TREK as the title of this film – it comes with all the baggage of the series and films before it. So I’m not convinced that the average film fan will buy tickets that first weekend. So let’s hope that somehow, word of mouth gets the non-fans out to the theater. But I wouldn’t count on it.

87. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Nah, there’s nothing coming out next summer. Wolverine looks terrible. I think Trek would do great.

88. Trek Nerd Central - August 4, 2008

I quake with anticipation and envy. Call me a sucker for buzz.

As for whether or not it “looks” canon, I don’t see what the big whoop’s about. The main thing is whether they get they the characters right — if they do, I’m on board, “reboot” or not.

“Reboot” seems like such a loaded word to the folks on this board. Can we call it a “Re-sole” or “Revamp,” or coin some nonsense word? Shnirk? Flippee? Ballzon?

89. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Outside of the die hard fans, people don’t care about canon. Look at Transformers, that did great.

90. Captain Hackett - August 4, 2008

It is great news! I hate to be being teased too long time!

It was time for them to release more cast, ship and bridge pics!

91. SpikedCanon - August 4, 2008

80. Buzz is just that – buzz. Remember the buzz when “Titanic” was being filmed (Awful movie. It’ll never make a buck. etc…).


92. Irishtrekkie - August 4, 2008

it is !!! no way lol.

but really i think they have gone above the call of duty so far to keep this project secert , i mean we have the basic idea of the story and the actors , but we have not even seen the ship yet !!! or the unifroms fully . so i hope after all there hard work keeping things under wraps , the movie does not get leaked onto the net too early .

93. Cervantes - August 4, 2008

#56 Odkin

You hit a big nail squarely on the head there…. I agree that a lot of the feel of this upcoming Movie, will be reflected in what the makers have decided to do with the ‘Bridge’ layout. Will it be the TOS-like ‘swivelling’ central command chair….or the static, reclining look of the TNG? Will it be moderately ‘confined’….or feel overly ‘open’?

Regardless of the eventual colour-scheme, or ‘console display’ designs, it will be the overall size and ‘layout’ of this re-imagined ‘Bridge’ that will indicate how a lot of the action on-screen will play out. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this particular production design aspect, and know what way I hope it has turned out….

94. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

I hope some exec leaks some juicy spoilers!!!

95. Kirk, James T. - August 4, 2008

Im a little worried that it might not do as well as it should do – it’s Star Trek and unfortunately unlike Batman, Transformers and James Bond – Star Trek has had years of unsuccessful films and TV series that have done nothing to warrant a bigger audience bothering with this new movie – JJ Abrams or not.

I really hope im wrong because if any Star Trek deserves a look – it’ll be this one.

96. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - August 4, 2008

93 – When “Titanci” was being filmed the initial buzz was that James Cameron was creating a huge bomb:

Originally slated to be released on July 2, 1997, post-production delays pushed back the film’s release date to December 19, 1997. After word broke out that Titanic’s release date was pushed back, the press believed that Titanic would fail and cause the downfall of Fox and Paramount. Despite low expectations, the film was both a major critical and commercial success, winning eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, and it became the highest-grossing film of all time, with a total worldwide gross of approximately $1.8 billion (it is the sixth-highest grossing in North America once adjusted for inflation).

Wikipedia has a lot of good info about the filming of Titanic.

97. Izbot - August 4, 2008

9. bill hiro –
“As the Devil’s Advocate, keep this in mind – what are they going to say? The screening went badly?”

Actually, yes they could’ve. If the film fell flat on the execs they would’ve told JJ that and what we would be reading instead is that JJ is ‘scheduling some reshoots’, that they had ‘a few suggestions’ or ‘concerns’ or (the biggest sign that a film sucks) they need a new ending.

Personally, whenever a DVD release is publicized with the line “includes the alternate ending too extreme for theatres!” it usually means the film is crap. Alternate endings typically pop up when the writers have no idea how to resolve the film so they try out several different ones. I have yet to see an ‘alternate ending’ that improved a film and in most cases both endings fail to deliver.

98. Trekkie16 - August 4, 2008

I know quite a few folks that never saw a “comic” book movie but the buzz was so strong for Dark Knight that they saw it and loved it. There is an entire generation under 25 that never saw ST but love BSG, Heroes, LOST. They are sci-fi fans but are too young to remember TOS or TNG.

If the movie is a good movie with great writing, special effects etc, folks that don’t normally watch ST won’t care that it is ST. People like to be entertained and as long as the movie does that, I think it can capture a whole new audience.

It would be awesome if Team JJ could revive the franchise. I would love to see more movies and a new TV series.

99. That One Guy - August 4, 2008

So it begins.

The new age of Trek is upon us!

100. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

I can’t wait ta’ see James Bond eatin’ crackers fur two hours…


101. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

89. Why is adhering to canon and a successful movie mutually exclusive?

102. Dennis Bailey - August 4, 2008

Here’s a good article about the way that “Batman” cyclically evolves, and the Hoffer quote in it goes a long way in describing what’s happened to “Star Trek” and why it ought to be rebooted:

103. Odkin - August 4, 2008

93 Cervantes

Thanks. Yes, the bridge is the theatrical stage for most of the shipboard drama. The size and layout are critical to the interplay of the characters and the staging of shots. The turbolift doors are off center for a reason, and the reason is theatricality. TNG had that stupid “three in a row” full face staging, and they had to fake drama by having Picard stand up to give an order. TOS had everyone wihin normal talking distance from the one & only swiveling center seat. I also really hope they throw in that red railing and navigation console! Please don”t let everything be beige or gray!

104. bo-ring - August 4, 2008

they should include a scene with Shatner…

this is heresy!!!!

105. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

Canon and style are two different things. A movie can adhere to the fictional people, places and things while still providing a provacative, thoughtful, exciting story filmed with today’s production values.

106. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Star Wars doesn’t care about canon. Trek shouldn’t base its canon on 20 year old books.

107. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

106. The books aren’t considered canon.

108. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

I mean stuff like the Chronology.

109. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

So do I. Gene Roddenberry never considered the books are animated series canon. I would also disagree Star Wars doesn’t care about canon. George Lucas wrote some pretty complex stories in the prequels to get them to line up perfectly to Episode IV.

110. S. John Ross - August 4, 2008

“Believe it or not the journey of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is well into its second year.”

I’m pretty sure most of us here are now accustomed to feeling it, let alone believing it :)

111. Mike 1701 - August 4, 2008

82. sean
I’m not sure how ‘obvious’ it is, because everything I’ve seen indicates it isn’t a reboot. The costumes look the same, the ship looks like a cross between the movie E and the TOS E, and Leonard Nimoy is playing Spock. What am I missing?

And, I think that was a mistake. Abram’s should have redesigned the entire look of the film so that it had only a suggestion of the various elements of TOS and past TREK. Go-go boots? Mini-shirts? Pajamas looking uniforms? Awkward looking ship design? Nimoy? I feel the more this film is a reminder of past TREK films–meaning nerdy/geeky Trekkies–the more the general audience will stay away. One of the keys is whether spending 160 million to make the film look like a sprawling epic, will disassociate the past films in the minds of the regular paying film audience. As a person who doesn’t go to the movies to “see” what’s up there on the screen, but to “feel” what cinema can offer, I’m doubtful. Also, I think Paramount went way too long under valuing and under spending TREK films to convince people that this isn’t just another STAR TREK movie. The damage has been done and it’s going to take an enormous bit of timing, luck, … whatever, to pull it off. I’m hoping they can, but it’s doubtful, at least the way I’m looking at it.

(Guess I’m feeling a little concerned about the TREK movie in light of the recent failures of old TV series elevated to film projects like MIAMI VICE, SERENITY, and THE X FILES last week. In this area, only SEX AND THE CITY was able to connect with the paying film audience. Abram’s ability to direct a film that looks cinematic and not like a TV episode, concerns me also.)

112. Thomas - August 4, 2008

80.Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader:
“It’s hard to judge how good/bad a film will be just by the trailer.”

Unless of course, you’re talking about The Love Guru. You could smell how bad it was just by the trailer. The only truly bad thing about my experience seeing Iron Man on opening day.

113. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

I think the reasons why stuff like X Files and Serenity failed was that the filmmakers thought they had these huge fan bases, and they didn’t. They also were cult things. Average movie goers had no clue about Firefly since the series was barely on for a year on FOX network.

As for X Files, with the way THAT show ended, it’s no shock the movie didn’t do well.

114. Irishtrekkie - August 4, 2008


Serenity did very quite well in the cinema here in europe i remember reading , lots of good review, not sure how much money it made but it was not a flop .

just went to see the x files with my gf last week in germany , and well …..its was very slow in places , and yea you do kinda have to be a fan . but the word is they are planing two more , so it could not be doing that badly , i mean come on its up against bloody batman . but it did not look like an expensive movie , so i sure with dvd sales and all they can make a profit .

and yes while the x files and serenity are cult things , star trek is the mother of all cult things , and even if it does fit in with the cannon as we know it , its still a shot of reboot , so the general public will not be turned off thinging they need to have seen 700s esp to know what going on.

115. Anthony Pascale - August 4, 2008

110 actually technically we are well into the third year based on the first announcement which was in April 2006. I updated the article to reflect that.

116. Hat Rick - August 4, 2008

I have faith that the new movie will be a success. So far, there has been nothing I have read to lessen that faith, and much to affirm it.

117. John from Cincinnati - August 4, 2008

111. If what you are saying is this film is being aimed at new fans and non-trekkers, then they will not have seen the “geeky” trek episodes and movies you were referring to, therefore the 60’s era uniforms and ship will not trigger any memory or stigma effect for them. The will only see an exciting movie with great acting and great effects.

118. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

Serenity was a flop. It had to make money on DVD to recover costs. I don’t know why people think this movie was such a huge hit. It wasn’t.

I don’t think Star Trek is cult anymore. Maybe it was in the sixties, but everyone knows about it now.

119. Irishtrekkie - August 4, 2008


SEX AND THE CITY, i actually say that slamed as one of the worst tv show to movie ever made , but what do i know i am not who the movie is aimmed at , and it made lots of money.

And worse thing a movie can do , is forget its history , over 40 years , i mean even the general public know a tos unifrom with the go go boots or blue jumper when they see it. And i am really not worred, i dont think you can spend the money paramount are giving them and not make an epic movie. i guess all i can say is have faith , how can i say thing without know what the movie is like , well i a trekkie and i guess that makes me an optimistic person .

120. Irishtrekkie - August 4, 2008

118 ,

well o.k. Serenity was a good movie , but did not make alot of money.
hmm so what do we want a good star trek movie , or one that makes alot of money , i guess both , as if this flopped it might be while before star trek makes a comeback

just cause the everybody knows about it , does not mean its not a cult show, sure tos was voted the most cult t.v. show ever, and you just have to watch an every 2nd esp of family guy to see a star trek joke.
its still cult because even today , with no star trek on tv , star trek still has the type of following from its fans , thats puts other shows to shame.

121. MORN SPEAKS - August 4, 2008

I think we need to raid the vault at Paramount!

122. Irishtrekkie - August 4, 2008


“I think we need to raid the vault at Paramount!”

right all we need is a cloaked klingon bird of prey , and chekov

123. Gerry - August 4, 2008

I’m just hoping we don’t get more S&M leather-fetishist fests like in ‘Nemesis’.

….I watched grown-up hard-core Trek fans leave the theater CRYING at the end of that movie…

124. Jeffries Tuber - August 4, 2008

Anyone who is worried about the Studio execs should know that the management has been ‘rebooted’ several times since the TNG movies.

The studio is now run by the guy who was responsible for Paramount Vantage’s 2007 slate [BABEL; AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH]–a youngish and art film-ish exec, compared to the late Sherry Lansing regimes that shot Kirk in the back and turned out NEMESIS. [Spit, spit, spit]

125. Mike 1701 - August 4, 2008

113. Beam Me Up
I think the reasons why stuff like X Files and Serenity failed was that the filmmakers thought they had these huge fan bases, and they didn’t. They also were cult things. Average movie goers had no clue about Firefly since the series was barely on for a year on FOX network.

As for X Files, with the way THAT show ended, it’s no shock the movie didn’t do well.

Yeah, but that’s my concern. TREK is a cult as well and is suppose to have a hugh fan base, but they certainly didn’t help NEMESIS, or the TV series ENTERPRISE, which got cancelled.

Also, yes, The X Files ended on a weak note, but so did TREK with NEMESIS and ENTERPRISE. That’s my point and adds to why I’m very uneasy about the success of this film.

126. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

But with the new Trek movie is that it starts fresh off with no ties to old stories. Sure, Kirk and Spock are in it, but really the story is new. Nemesis had a crappy movie before it, and that was already in trouble.

127. Will H. - August 4, 2008

About what number 9 said, I have to agree in a sense. I think this site’s done the best it can but the sad truth is that almost all of the info that there is on the new movie comes from those making it, and yes, of course theyre going to say it is the best thing ever. Im still sticking to the idea that this movie’s either gonna be huge or be the final nail in the trek coffin. But I do hope its good, and I hope with time they decide to move on from the 23rd century and trek can actually move forward again, not backward as it has been since Nemesis. And on the push back to next summer, I think its lame. I know they want a bigger box office, but I see this movie as for opening weekend it being 95% trekkies going and anybody who goes and sees it thats not a trekkie is going to go because of good reviews (if its any good that is) or because they have a trekkie friend. I dont think the average person off the street is going to chose going to see Star Trek over Transformers II and winter would make it the biggest thing out at the time which I think would help, but hey, Im not a movie exec.

128. Mike 1701 - August 4, 2008

117. John from Cincinnati – August 4, 2008

If what you are saying is this film is being aimed at new fans and non-trekkers, then they will not have seen the “geeky” trek episodes and movies you were referring to, therefore the 60’s era uniforms and ship will not trigger any memory or stigma effect for them. The will only see an exciting movie with great acting and great effects.

Unless new fans and non-trekkers live in a vacuum, they would have seen or heard of some example of TOS, or TREK and what it looked like, or heard of what a Trekkie is–and in the general public’s eye, it’s somewhat negative.

If the film is being aimed at new fans and non-trekkers, wouldn’t it have been smarter to design all the basic TREK elements in a radically, upscale, creative and different way, rather than gearing them to the ultra-serious TREK fans? I find a contradiction in this. Of course, they might have done this in other areas of the production we have not yet seen, but given what I have seen so far–the exterior of the ship and the uniforms, look very familiar.

129. Garovorkin - August 4, 2008

Gee it sounds nice, It would be lots nicer if we could actually see a clip ourselves? any ideas when that is going to happen?

130. Xai - August 4, 2008

While I am very aware we all are entitled to our opinions…
where’s some of this negativity coming from? I think the “cautiously optimistic” viewpoint among fans has a basis for that opinion. Am I being blind to some factual negative things about this movie?

#125 Mike,
Nemesis failed because it had little advertising and most of the movie sucked. Enterprise was cancelled because they took too long to get to the good stories (except the final season) and it never was seen by enough people to strike a chord when it got good. UPN/Paramount network (whatever it was) was only available to about 60% of the American market and then often in a crappy timeslot.


I volunteer for the prescreening! Will your people call my people or should my people call your people?


131. Mike 1701 - August 4, 2008

But with the new Trek movie is that it starts fresh off with no ties to old stories. Sure, Kirk and Spock are in it, but really the story is new. Nemesis had a crappy movie before it, and that was already in trouble.

One of TREK’s major weakness as a film franchise was that it was never able to make money from bad movies. All the other franchise have done terrible movies and still made a bucket load of money from them.

Also, most all films franchises start off with a film showcasing “how they first met”, or “how they got together”, or “how they became, this or that.” Nothing new or original about that. True, we never saw how TOS came together, and I know a fan would be interested to know how, but would the general audience care?

132. RUFFED_UP - August 4, 2008

This films becoming like a woman that makes ya wait for sex lmao. HURRY UP N OPEN TH FILM ;)

133. Mike 1701 - August 4, 2008

130. Xai
While I am very aware we all are entitled to our opinions…
where’s some of this negativity coming from? I think the “cautiously optimistic” viewpoint among fans has a basis for that opinion. Am I being blind to some factual negative things about this movie?

#125 Mike,
Nemesis failed because it had little advertising and most of the movie sucked. Enterprise was cancelled because they took too long to get to the good stories (except the final season) and it never was seen by enough people to strike a chord when it got good. UPN/Paramount network (whatever it was) was only available to about 60% of the American market and then often in a crappy timeslot.

Possibly. But, both could have also failed because people simply aren’t interested in TREK anymore. A painful reality for some fans, but it is just as likely.

To me, it’s not just a question of being optimistic or pessimistic, but rather looking at all the possibilities. The majority of the post above are positive, meaning they reflect one possible scenario. That’s a good thing. I’m just trying to balance things with another possible view or possible outcome. That’s a good thing too.

134. erica rachel kathryn hernandez-garrett-janeway (lol) - August 4, 2008

am i the only one worried that past stated connections to the dark knight film that there might be an emerging dark knight/star trek curse? since heath ledgers death, christian bale got charged with assault, and morgan freeman got injured in an accident

135. First Cut of Star Trek Complete - Paramount Preview Goes Well | Sarkle - August 4, 2008

[…] Full article addthis_url = ‘'; addthis_title = ‘First+Cut+of+Star+Trek+Complete+-+Paramount+Preview+Goes+Well'; addthis_pub = ”; […]

136. Alex Rosenzweig - August 4, 2008

#102 – That’s an interesting article, Dennis. And for a fictional story in which the “universe” is as comparatively tiny as Batman ‘s is compared to Star Trek, it probably works. Indeed, a fictional storyline which is entirely dependent on the same character or characters at its core, constantly and without change, it may well be necessary.

Star Trek’s world, though, is neither tiny nor dependent on a single–or very few–characters. It’s had room so far for well more than a dozen distinct, ongoing series, in multiple media. Each of those series has had varying levels of quality, but they have, collectively, proven that Trek’s world is big enough for different styles, different takes on the basic material, and different ways of looking at characters and situations, all while remaining within a largely consistent fictional world. We’ve even seen many explorations of the original characters, looked at from multiple viewpoints and through multiple prisms, all within that fictional world. None have required that we throw out all that’s come before, and while this is perhaps over-optimistic, I have some trust that the film we see next year will not require that, either.

137. Greg2600 - August 4, 2008

First of all, I don’t consider box office success as a judge of a film’s quality at all. The cultural aptitude, imagination, and ability to think critically of the average movie goer is about zilch. If the movie doesn’t have a bunch of idiotic looking CGI, or flashy costumes, they don’t bother. So a studio frothing over a film is not necessarily good IMO. Now on this film, I don’t think it’s bad either. But again, because a film makes them hundreds of millions of dollars does nothing for me. So I would say that their reaction is essentially irrelevant at this point.

138. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

TrekMovie should do a contest where 3 lucky people win a pre screening to the new movie.

139. Xai - August 4, 2008

Mike 1701

I wasn’t pinpointing you on the “negative” comment post I made

140. Xai - August 4, 2008

#134 erica…

A curse?

This isn’t “The Mummy”.

141. Xai - August 4, 2008

#137 Greg2600

and yet if they reported the reaction was bad, would it still be irrelevant?

142. Gary - August 4, 2008

Double HUPA!

143. Beam Me Up - August 4, 2008

There were a number of rash Paramount Exec deaths today after the screening of the new Trek movie.

144. Gustavo - August 4, 2008

I want to see the ship!!!!!! can’t take this secrecy anymore!! =]

145. Francis Baldwin - August 4, 2008

As long as Jonathan Archer is in the film, I’ll be happy.

146. SPB - August 4, 2008


I remember first reading about EWS way back in the fall of 1996, and it wasn’t finally released until the summer of 1999… three whole years! Pretty much as long as it’s going to take for STAR TREK XI !

(Unfortunately, EWS turned out to be a critical and box-office DUD, so I’ll stop with any more comparisons…!)

147. Xai - August 4, 2008

146 SPB

but the former Mrs. Cruise looked…… oh my.

148. Cato the Llama - August 4, 2008

Ohhhh ewwww, don’t make me associate Trek with Eyes Wide Shut!!

Hmmm. I guess it does open up a line of thought though . . . if they are doing this in a new style aimed at a modern audience, I wonder if they are going to be exploiting scantly clad Orion slave girls.

We can only hope. ;)

149. Ian - August 4, 2008

Must… see… Enterprise! Show us the big E already!

150. British Naval Dude - August 4, 2008

Trek Wide Shut…

Hmmmm… kinda like us, just like Cruise and Kiddyman keep goin’ on aboot adultery, they never physically commit it… and we go on and about seein’ tha’ ship and tha’ film but we never see any o’ it…

Eyes Wide Open… when finally we see it- JJ has glued old paper-towel tubes to a plate… not as much fun as foolin’ around wit’ tha’ thoughts aboot it…


151. Jovan - August 4, 2008

You know, for being a British NAVAL Dude, you sure have a different accent than I’d expect. ;)

152. The Last Maquis - August 4, 2008

# 38 and # 150

Get ’em B.N.D.!! ….Brought a Tear To Me Eye…Arrr.

153. Commodore Redshirt - August 5, 2008

Re: 9. bill hiro

” …this site has done nothing but cheerlead for this project since day one and I just don’t feel like I get straight information here. Everything feels like it gets the studio spin.”

I have been reading the postings here for almost two years (and posting myself for almost as long) …
(…and I have a background in journalism…)
I think you have an erroneous view of this site.
Anthony has held himself up to the highest of standards and is honest and checks with his sources. Those sources have proven right more often than not. That has led to information on this website that has proved to be the best info available, period.
I visit here, read here, post here and trust this site.
I know that the people who visit here include insiders, outsiders, pranksters, fanboys, nerds, trekkies, and unlucky web surfers and my guess is that this site is not a part of the viral campaign, but a labor of love that struck a chord with thousands of other Trek fans, movie buffs, and SciFi geeks.

What may have happened is that this site, because they care about being accurate proved right almost all the time and the cynics think it must be studio work or an inside job.
No I say…
A good reporter is often the source of vital information to the policy makers in D.C., and so it is in L.A. …

154. S. John Ross - August 5, 2008

#137: I agree. The enthusiasm of a studio exec is meaningless in terms of a film’s quality; it tells us nothing good and nothing bad, with a net sum of nothing. Still, it’s more pleasant to hear nice nothings than negative nothings, if nothing’s all we get right now :)

155. » Blog Archive » Paramount Happy With Star Trek’s First Cut - August 5, 2008

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156. Star Trek - Seite 7 - Soundtrack Board - August 5, 2008

[…] Star Trek Laut ist die erste Schnittfassung von Star Trek XI nun fertig und wurde den Paramount Bossen vorgefhrt. […]

157. Doug in Afghanistan - August 5, 2008

#2: only? 276?

as Tom Petty said, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

Am on leave and soon will be in the country of Qatar… 7

158. Doug in Afghanistan - August 5, 2008

bte, this story is a nice birthday present. woo hoo!

159. Dennis Bailey - August 5, 2008

#123: “….I watched grown-up hard-core Trek fans leave the theater CRYING at the end of that movie…”

That’s pathetic. What do people like that do when disappointed or disillusioned by something that *matters* in life happens? Commit suicide?

160. Mike 1701 - August 5, 2008

139. Xai

Okay. Making the comment before you referred to my post threw me off.

161. Victor Hugo - August 5, 2008

145: I agree with you.

It wouldn´t cost a thing to add “Enterprise” references, by all means, this is still Star Trek, and chronologically this is a sequel to “Enterprise”. The series aired, was watched, there´s DVD´s out there as a proof, it existed! :P

A statue of Zephram Cochrane and Archer. Now´s the time, since they´re polishing the digital scenarios. Some CGI artist might complain the extra 5 minutes of work, but hey, easter eggs are never enough, and our whims bring bread at his table. :)

162. Doug in Afghanistan - August 5, 2008

Speaking of.. isn’t it time that a Star Trek Encyclopedia be published?

A lot of stuff has happened in the TREK universe making the book’s updating a necessity. AND Enterprise most assuredly deserves its place in the book.

163. Cato the Llama - August 5, 2008

#150: British Naval Dude . . . *snifle* My first Enterprise model was paper tower rolls and Styrofoam plates.

#162: Doug. I think they might, but it’s best if they wait until after the movie to publish a new encyclopedia. It’d be a shame to publish it right before the movie, and then have it become just out-of-date enough to require a new one be made. Come to think of it, that sounds like something George Lucas would do.

164. Redjac - August 5, 2008

We already know what the Enterprise will look like:

165. Redjac - August 5, 2008

Or maybe this!

166. Chris M - August 5, 2008

OMG I cannot wait until for the full trailer and the pic of the Enterprise!!

Also I remember all of those key dates! I had the first Teaser Poster as my Background at work for months!

167. John from Cincinnati - August 5, 2008

128. said “If the film is being aimed at new fans and non-trekkers, wouldn’t it have been smarter to design all the basic TREK elements in a radically, upscale, creative and different way, rather than gearing them to the ultra-serious TREK fans?”

I haven’t seen anything yet that says it isn’t going to be upscale and creative. Nobody has seen anthing more than a short trailer of the ship and a couple snippets of the collar of the new uniforms. I think it is way too early to judge on aything. How about waiting until after we see the movie before we all judge?

159. Dennis Bailey

I believe calling people “pathetic” because they love their Trek violates the rules of this site.

Where’s a warning Anthony Pascale?

168. John from Cincinnati - August 5, 2008

159. “That’s pathetic. What do people like that do when disappointed or disillusioned by something that *matters* in life happens? Commit suicide?”

I think it is wrong to put down people for their views, and I believe is a violation of this sites rules.

169. Anthony Thompson - August 5, 2008


Yes, you are the only one worried. : )

170. Anthony Pascale - August 5, 2008

no need for that kind of stuff

171. Jack - August 5, 2008

#17 Expectations are still low?

What planet are you from. Great director, great cast and one of the largest franchises in the entertainment world?

keep smoking whatever you got I guess.

172. Rayna - August 5, 2008

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!!!

173. Lore - August 5, 2008

I just read all 172 posts. What was the article about again? Oh, I want to see the ship.

174. LordCheeseCakeBreath - August 5, 2008

I can’t wait to see this but will be disappointed for sure. Not looking forward to a reboot. Why change so many things? Aside from detailing why change the Enterprise? Thank God we will still have the New Voyages/Phase II team.

175. Dr. Image - August 5, 2008

New Voyages (and I bet they’ll just go back to calling it that… and they SHOULD) will be changing too though- into, well, “Phase II” type aesthetics- polyester uniforms, Brad Nelson-type phasers, engineering room clown suits, etc.

176. Cato the Llama - August 5, 2008

#174 If they make those changes in Phase II/NV, they will be there for the purpose of transitioning into the TMP aesthetics. The issue with the upcoming movie will be going back in time and changing the look in the past.

177. Xai - August 5, 2008

#174 Lordcheesecake…

Huh? So many changes? There’s liable to be some, but you seem to already know how it all comes out.

Did you expect them to keep the old cast and just add a few details to old NCC-1701? This movie has to make $$ by being appealing to more than just the old fans.

178. Kobayashi Maru - August 5, 2008

I hate to tell ya, but it’s the timing of the release that usually says what the exec’s REALLY think about the film. If it’s early in the summer then they believe it’s going to be a good product with “legs” ,staying power, and the other studios will not want to compete directly against it. The later into the Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas season, the lower it’s usually rated by execs. There are some unusual exceptions but that’s how they like to do it!

179. AJ - August 5, 2008

“Dark Knight” has pulled in $602.5m in 18 days worldwide. It’s the new “Titanic.”

Iron Man is at $567m since its May release. Indy 4 is at $745m since May 22nd.

I think Paramount is looking at these numbers, and expecting JJ to pull similar ones next year.

The big issue is international. 58% of Indy’s numbers are from overseas markets. 45% for Iron Man (This is all from

But Iron Man was fairly unknown overseas, and was considered a secondary Marvel character in the USA. Hulk has already sputtered out at $228.5m, and he has far more recognition than Iron Man. And both films were good.

JJ has to have the bad-ass trailer and good overseas marketing to at least get up to Iron Man levels, and this summer has raised the bar completely.

180. Wrath - August 6, 2008

I have a hard time seeing Star Trek as a big mainstream movie. But Abrams is probably the guy for it.

181. hubertis bigend - August 6, 2008

hey dennis
you wanna hear pathetic? i must be the worst. i’ve only cried 3 times at the movies; when spock died, when during the sincere “ballthor’s hammer (or whatever) revenge” speech in galaxy quest (jeez!) and when will saved the family by taking over the raging robot in the new version of lost in space.
now these are pretty much pathetic moments in pathetic films.
to answer your question though, i did NOT cry when my father died, during freudian therapy or when bush was reelected in ’04. i have been known to sniffle during hallmark commercials.
go figure.

182. Closettrekker - August 6, 2008

#161—Orci and company have already indicated (around a year ago) that ENT will be acknowledged in the film. What does that mean? Who knows? It may be just as simple as you’ve suggested.

Boy, I go on vacation for not even a week and someone gets a look at the first cut…

183. Trekkie16 - August 6, 2008

Is it May 2009 yet?

184. bdrcarter - August 6, 2008

Here’s an idea that’ll make make most of us crazy with anticipation:

Save the trailer for the SUPER BOWL. If Paramount wants to prove their commitment to the film, pony up the bucks for two minutes to show the WORLD just how great this flick is going to be. They’ll have two minutes to dispel any notion that this is you father’s ENTERPRISE. Two minutes of jaw-dropping, saliva-inducing, cheese-less, hi-def, epic TREK.

(No pressure for the trailer team, huh?)

185. Closettrekker - August 6, 2008

#184—Not a new idea, though…Some of us have been saying that fo months.

I don’t expect it to actually wait that long, however. I expect to see a full blown trailer in the theaters around Christmastime (when the film was originally scheduled for release). That will allow a timeframe of about 4 months for the Paramount hype machine to peddle STXI. IMO, that is just about all the time the film can sustain the anticipatory interest of the public.

As for those who do not believe the Star Trek franchise can generate enough interest from the average moviegoer to justify its budget, that is indeed a legitimate concern. But Abrams’ name carries weight, and even Harry Knowles at AICN seemed genuinely impressed with what little he saw in his private sneak preview with JJ.

Now, we have good news coming out of the Paramount camp. The reaction could have been much more reserved, perhaps even concerned. Yet there was no mention of reshoots or concerns about the ending, which are both fairly commonplace. Paramount seems genuinely confident and content with allowing Abrams to do his thing.

I’m pumped…

186. John Pemble - August 6, 2008

Whether or not the first edit / screening of the film happend this week, there absolutely should have been a Comic Con beyond what there was. 125,000 trek friendly geeks like myself were there and trust me, we are trying to say yes to this film.

187. OM - August 6, 2008

“I want to be a Paramount Exec !”

…So, you want to be someone totally lacking in morals, logic and understanding of what viewers really want to see? Ok, no problem, even petty dictators and evil supervillains wind up with that baby shark with the laser mounted on its head under the tree every once in a while. However, before your order can be placed, the elves need to know your measurements so they can custom fit your casting couch :-P :-P :-P

188. Xai - August 6, 2008

#186 John Pemble
Sorry, that’s sour grapes at this point, and trust me… you’ll still say “yes”.
If it wasn’t ready or Paramount said “wait”…. does it matter now. People will still see the trailer, the word will still get out.

189. AJ - August 6, 2008


Paramount is the winner of the summer season this year. Iron Man and Indy have grossed $1.3 billion since May, and they’re both still running, DVD yet to come.

So how can they be “lacking in…understanding of what viewers really want to see?”

Your rant sounds bi-polar or something…Sorry.

190. Primeira parte de STXI concluída « Startrekbr’s Weblog - August 7, 2008

[…] acordo com o site Trek Movie, quatro meses após o término das gravações de Jornada nas Estrelas, J. J. Abrams e os editores […]

191. David P - August 7, 2008

great report, I wonder if any of the Paramount execs was wise enough to say, “Looks good…..BUT WHERE IS THE SHAT?”

192. Closettrekker - August 7, 2008

#191—That’s not wisdom…

193. The Underpants Monster - August 7, 2008

So, this whole talking picture thing’s actually gonna happen?!?

194. Xai - August 7, 2008

#193 Monster

Yes, but for nostalgias sake…

195. Jamie - August 7, 2008

I can wait another year for this film… gladly.

I’m just worried that if it does turn out as good as I hope, I won’t be able to wait 3 years for the sequel!

196. Matt Jeffrees - August 7, 2008

I can confirm that the first cut of Star Trek was screened to a preview audience on Tuesday, August 5th on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. The audience was from the general public and consisted primarily of out-of-state individuals (that’s who the audience screening company selected from the large crowd that showed up).

That means a theater full of everyday folks signed non-disclosure agreements and saw the film. They’re out there…

197. Closettrekker - August 7, 2008

#196—That seems rather implausible. JJ Abrams showing an incomplete film to a test audience in August? I don’t think so… has confirmed that Abrams showed the rough cut to Paramount executives…but that’s it. A showing to a test audience made up of everyday folks (who would be expected to adhere to a non-disclosure agreement?) would be big news.

198. Xai - August 7, 2008

I agree. the last we heard very few effects were done for even a trailer

199. Samanthakitty - August 7, 2008

One more word about the new flick….


Now (As Dr. Chapel said in ST:TMP) “Even I’m Moist”

200. Xai - August 8, 2008

Sure, I’d love to see Big E drop out of warp right in my lap.


201. Matt Jefrees - August 8, 2008

#197 It is a fact. I was there. Didn’t get in, along with a huge throng of Southern Californians like myself that showed up and were sent away after waiting in line for two hours. However, people leaving after the show CONFIRMED (reluctantly) THAT IT WAS STAR TREK THAT THEY SAW. They would not comment further as they were given strict non-disclosure agreements and were each paid $20 to attend the screening (that supposedly binds the NDA, since they were, in fact, paid to view the movie).

202. Closettrekker - August 8, 2008

#201—Nevertheless, I’ll reserve acknowledgment until confirms it. It seems entirely out of character for JJ Abrams and extremely implausible, given the lack of enough completed effects to even finalize a trailer to be shown at a later date.

203. Star Trek Screened; Trailer Cut But Awaiting FX - August 8, 2008

[…] Trek has screened to studio boss Brad Grey and executives on the Paramount lot. One source tells TrekMovie that the cut was “very impressive”, while another said that the reaction in the […]

204. BehindTheFilms.Net » Star Trek- first cut screened! - August 8, 2008

[…] by Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon, the screening of the first cut went quite well. According to the first screening was “very impressive.” and “far beyond expectations”. […]

205. Raymond Howard - August 9, 2008

Hope JJ Abrams ever contacts me for the writ to use of my material…or did Paramount already do that 20 something years ago? Yep, they did!

206. Star Trek: Scotty, Sulu, Checkov and McCoy Revealed! | Fused Film - August 10, 2008

[…] Trek has screened to studio boss Brad Grey and executives on the Paramount lot. One source tells TrekMovie that the cut was “very impressive”, while another said that the reaction in the screening room […]

207. Report: J.J. Abrams shows private screening of “Star Trek” to Paramount Pictures… « The Brock N’ Roll Blog - August 11, 2008

[…] […]

208. drwrencho - August 11, 2008

Maybe there will be a little bit of a pulse in this movie. Recasting the most emotional characters in the star trek world may have some upsides. I look forward to impulsive decisions by the command crew. I look forward to some new ideas of space travel. I am tired of senseless techno babble. How about a meltdown by a trained officer. (kinda like a golf pro wrapping a club around a tree) how about fear and saddness. how about lust (the ship being in danger cause 2 techs are bonking in the photon tube. A real burnt flesh transporter accident would be nice. Why not a shipyard that uses a giant replicator to produce starships.
Anyways break it up embrace the human condition with good science.

209. Star Trek Screened, is "Far Beyond Expectations" » Screenhead - August 11, 2008

[…] to fansite TrekMovie, a first cut of the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek was screened for Paramount the other week. Reaction was “far beyond expectations” and the film was supposedly […]

210. No hay rosa sin espina - August 11, 2008

[…] coincidiendo con la distribución de los nuevos carteles de Star Trek, en Trek Movie se han hecho eco de las primeras opiniones suscitadas tras una proyección de muestra realizada […]

211. John W Sieveking - August 15, 2008

Helloo Trekie’s Fan’s

When i was about 10yr old watching all the Tv show’s of Star Trek and had this wondering when are they are going to come out with movie on how it all started from the begainning of how kirk and spock started in star fleet academy now in 79 the motion movie star trek came out and i watch it at a driv-in movie and i said that not it but when every movie of star trek came out i have been thinking if they ever going to do it then when i saw the news that deforest kelly pass way then i said well that going to end the of the 7 orginal cast going to make the fininal chapter then after i saw this newsof the push back on one movie and that when i saw this and i seen the trailer of star trek Xl i said now they are going to do it and i have my eyes set for may 08 2009 and i cant wait to see it i been waiting for this since now i can sit and relax and say now the chapter is complete

212. Tandy - September 21, 2008



213. New ‘Star Trek’ Character Posters | celebrity news - February 14, 2009

[…] on the heels of the first screening of the complete film for Paramount execs, which apparently went very well, though since the source for that could really only be from inside Paramount, I’d take that […]

214. Wiadomosci - September 26, 2011

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