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CBS Announces Trek Remastered Complete Series DVD Set August 7, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,TOS Remastered , trackback

TrekMovie recently reported that the third and final season of Star Trek (Remastered) will be released in November. Now CBS has announced that they will also be packing all three seasons in a money savings DVD pack, and both the Season Three box and the combo pack are now now available for pre-order. 


Star Trek Remastered Season Three is now available at Amazon for $66.99 (retail $84.98). If you have yet to buy either of the previous two seasons, you may be tempted to buy the Star Trek Remastered Three Season Pack which is now available for preorder at Amazon for $201.99 (retail price is 249.98). With Season One still selling at Amazon for $104.95 (due to the additional HD content) and Season Two, which was released this week selling for $59.99, by buying together as a pack fans save around $30 (at Amazon). It works out to about $67/season. So if you are shopping for Trekker holiday presents, these new DVD sets will arrive in plenty of time for the Festivus.

Right now it is not clear if the first season in the combo set will include the HD / DVD hybrid disks or just DVD disks. UPDATE: The Season One Box included in the Series Combo is the HD DVD / DVD hybrid set. CBS has not announced if they will ever sell Season One of Remastered as a DVD only set.

Each of the previous Star Trek shows (including non remastered Trek) has been released in this "Complete Series" format. As is tradition, these packs are usually on sale the same day as the DVDs for the final season of whichever show, and the same occurs November 18th, when both the pack and the third season are released.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




 Available now
(HD /DVD Combo)

 Available now

 Available 11/18/08


Three Season Pack


 Available 11/18/08

Fan Collective Pack
September 16th, the Star Trek collective DVD sets continue with Alternate Realities (see previous story). However, if fans haven’t sampled the previous collectives, there is also a pack available now at Amazon for $131.99, a savings of $15. The pack includes the Q, Time Travel, Klingon, Borg, and Captain’s Log collectives with specially designed packaging featuring the Captain’s Log DVD art. These discs feature episodes selected by the fans as their favorites, and some sets, especially the Captain’s Log Fan Collective, features bonus features unavailable on the regular season releases.


Fan Collective
Box Set



 Available 9/16/08

 Available now

NOTE on Amazon pricing. Amazon prices change often, which is why the Season Two and Three packs ahve different prices even though the list price is the same. However for pre-orders, Amazon offers a ‘Pre-order price guarantee’ which means that if they lower the price between the time you pre-order and the time it ships, you will get the lower price.




1. Scott Gammans - August 7, 2008

And yet… STILL no Blu-Ray announcement. Pass.

2. That One Guy - August 7, 2008

Oh how I wish…..

Sadly, it’s all too expensive, or I would’ve bought the entirety of Trek (all of them) years ago.

3. Steve Wilson - August 7, 2008

Most of us are going to pass Until Blu-Ray disks are available!

4. Ian - August 7, 2008

No blu-ray – sorry, not for me

5. Cobalt Ben - August 7, 2008

Wasn’t the reason the Remastered series was made was so that it could be shown in high definition? So where’s the friggin’ Blu-ray???

6. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 7, 2008

Oh my God, come on with the Blu-ray please.

7. Yojimbo - August 7, 2008

I won’t buy it unless it is on Blu-Phaser Ray…

8. Bobby - August 7, 2008


9. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 7, 2008

#8: I finally see it first hand. I can’t believe this.

10. Greg2600 - August 7, 2008

Paramount, king of the double, triple, quadruple DVD dipping! $200 for three seasons? Don’t they know Star Trek has a fairly intelligent fan base? If they are making a smaller sized set of all 3, and not just the three sets taped together, and its under $100, I would buy it.

11. Beam Me Up - August 7, 2008

It’s too bad the rest of the remastered episodes aren’t out on itunes.

12. Harry Ballz - August 7, 2008

I’m waiting until the Deluxe Trek boxset version with all three seasons formatted in Blue-ray/Holographic-Tone/Smell-a-Vision, where you can actually smell the perfume that Uhura was wearing that given week!

M’yeah………………………….that ought to do it!

13. Papa Jim - August 7, 2008

Why are they issuing, at full price, a High Definition format that is no longer an industry standard? HD lost the format war to Blue-Ray.

I agree with Harry Ballz. When it comes in those combo formats I will buy.

But then again thats 3 formats so it will probably cost $605.97

14. AJ - August 7, 2008


It’s quite cynical for CBS to release this now, when we all know that, following Trek XI, it will all be re-released in Blu-Ray with a super-upgraded commemorative version of “The Cage.”

I think, like many of us who have grown up with Trek, we’ve upgraded from off-air VHS copies to licensed tapes to (in my case) laserdisc, then to to DVD, and now to HD.

CBS is trying to add an extra step before the new HD shows are released in BR format. The first reason may be that Blu-Ray sales are not great (and they are not), and they want sales now. Second is that they want the crazy fans to buy as often as possible. And that’s true, too.

15. The Last Maquis - August 7, 2008

wonder if Paramount Really Cares if people want Blu-Ray or not? I mean how many times have People Been Asking for them on here alone?

16. Harry Ballz - August 7, 2008

The beancounters in Hollywood have never been known for either good judgement or discretion! Shame on them!

17. Jared - August 7, 2008

Soooooooooooooo expensive

18. stoptheclocks - August 7, 2008

Any word on a future release on itunes? Or for any Trek show for that matter, other than just season one?

19. Father Rob Lyons - August 7, 2008

You have to be kidding me.

First, I am pretty content with my existing TOS set, so CBS will have to do some darned good convincing to get me to buy what they’re peddling.

1) I want original versions of the episodes and remastered versions
2) I want it in BluRay
3) I want it at a reasonable price

Until I get at least 1 and 2 on my list, they aren’t going to convince me of the need to spend an exhorbitant 3 on what I already have.

Besides when we move, I’ll probably watch most of my episodes in my office, with a standard def TV and DVD player, reserving the features for the HD flatscreen in the family room.


20. jimj - August 7, 2008

I’m enjoying my $59.99 season 2 set. It looks quite good, even if not in HD. Nice to see them uncut!

21. Beam Me Up - August 7, 2008

HD and Blue Ray are just money making rip offs anyway. I refuse to upgrade from DVD. Regular DVD is just fine.

22. Mat Child - August 7, 2008

What about region 2, let alone Blu Ray

23. Stanky McFibberich - August 7, 2008

I have most of the series on commecially produced VHS tapes and the rest recorded off the air. Maybe not as good an image or as convenient, but I still enjoy watching those.

24. Michael - August 7, 2008

Either Paramount is just yanking us around or they have the most incompetent people running the marking plans for these. Come on folks, get the hint. You did all this restoration with the intent of releasing in hi def; why are you stalling with bluray? Put the series out in 1 box that includes both the hidef and standard def remastered episodes, all the extras and then ask me for $200.

25. Wes - August 7, 2008


26. Beam Me Up - August 7, 2008

Man, I have all of Star Trek on regular DVD. I love that I can just watch an episode whenever. It only takes 45 minutes to watch an episode. Last year I started to watch all the series in order and right now I’m almost done with TNG.

27. toddk - August 8, 2008

#25 no kidding! and dont forget viewmaster!


28. Beam Me Up - August 8, 2008

Next up HYPER RAY 4D DVDS!!! It’s so real you actually have to wear bullet proof vests during the action scenes.

29. Kroll - August 8, 2008

Damn Ferengis

30. HisDivineAssassin - August 8, 2008

Paramount could have really cleaned up if they would have released the season sets for 60 bucks each, and then later the full series for 140.00
Most folks don’t have the 150+ for the a season,,, these shows have allready payed for themselves, Paramount is blowing a huge opportunity by being penny wise and pound foolish.

31. DJ Neelix - August 8, 2008

Settle down people, the BDs will come. Try to have some patience for once… Most people still only have DVD and are fine with that so I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to release them in DVD. It’s still the dominating format. Do you know any other series that has a Blu-ray ONLY release? Well, not me. And no, BD doesn’t have a license to release DVD combos.

32. Beam Me Up - August 8, 2008

And they will re release them again when the movie comes out next summer.

33. DJ Neelix - August 8, 2008

Regarding Paramount milking it: yeah so? It’s their property and they can do what ever they want with it. They’re a business, not a charity project. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. That brings us back to BD again. If you only want BD then why don’t you just wait for that without complaints? Doing a BD mastering and encoding probably takes some time you know.

34. Greg Stamper - August 8, 2008

#14 – AJ
“It’s quite cynical for CBS to release this now, when we all know that, following Trek XI, it will all be re-released in Blu-Ray with a super-upgraded commemorative version of “The Cage.””

I realize that Anthony is checking on this but just exactly where does “The Cage” fit into all this? Both the sets and television premiere, if any.

35. Commodore Redshirt - August 8, 2008

Re: 23. Stanky McFibberich
” I have most of the series on commecially produced VHS tapes … I still enjoy watching those.”

I have the DVD box set (non remastered) of TOS and I’m fine with that. too…
Perhaps if I had no TREK on my shelf, this would be good buy
(and I may get this for my 13 year old nephew for Christmas.)

36. Engon - August 8, 2008

I refuse to buy these until they are re-mastered in 3D like the “Star Wars” films! :)

37. Commodore Redshirt - August 8, 2008

I want TAS remastered! ;-)

38. Len Krieger - August 8, 2008

Paramount Pictures has always picked the loser in the format wars. They backed DIVX years ago and that went the way of the doo-doo. Any They are very stingy when it comes to Special Features on any of their DVD’s. The tranfers of Star Trek TNG and DS9 was really pityful. We may have to wait a while before Star Trek Remastered comes to Blu-Ray.

39. Xindi1985 - August 8, 2008


40. P. Technobabble - August 8, 2008

I think the prices are too high, the Blu-Ray version shouldn’t be something you have to beg for, and I still don’t like the packaging.

41. John Gill - August 8, 2008

I plan on waiting for the Blu Ray version as well, but, if the price of this complete set were *just a bit* lower, I could justify buying it now instead of waiting for Blu Ray versions…

42. TheGuardianofForever - August 8, 2008

I agree with everybody that’s passing on this set. Paramount is just not getting it (WE WANT TOS-R IN BLU-RAY) and as long as that’s true we are not getting it (TOS-R IN STANDARD DVD ONLY).

43. Kirk, James T. - August 8, 2008

Blu-Ray has come far too early, people don’t care and won’t care until DVD’s become like VHS and i can’t see that happening in the near future at all.

44. Kirk, James T. - August 8, 2008

there’s also not any real reason to buy Blu-Ray seeing as there is to be honest very little difference in picture quality at the moment – far less difference than between VHS and DVD.

I think the real criminals in this are the idiots forcing new wave after new wave of technology and the latest craze upon us, it’s ridiculous – the next generation won’t want to wait for anything eventually.

45. Holger - August 8, 2008

By the time the combo-set released I’ll already have One and Two, and maybe Three as well. I’m curious whether the combo will sell well, ’cause it seems to me that the impatient Trekkers will already have purchased the single boxes, and the patient ones will wait for Blu Ray, anyway.

46. JL - August 8, 2008

I’m with the others.

No Blu-Ray, no buy.


47. The Last Maquis - August 8, 2008

Well They Did cancel this Show After only Three Seasons….Now They want To give it Back?? Sure,
But Uh…BLU-RAY!!

48. Starship Conductor - August 8, 2008

I purchased all 79 (80) TOS episodes when they were released on VHS.
I also purchased all 79 (80) TOS episodes when they became available
with 2 episodes on DVD.
When Paramount released all 79 (80) episodes (again) on DVD in high
definition as Season 1, 2 & 3 I went out and purchased all 3 seasons.
I now have 9 seasons of episodes (reruns) of Star Trek: The Original Series. That’s enough! The only way I’ll ever get the re-mastered stuff is if I was to win them, recieve them as a gift or get’em from the black market.

49. The Last Maquis - August 8, 2008

# 45. JL “fhut the wuck” indeed.

50. The Last Maquis - August 8, 2008

#47. Starship Conductor


51. Cobra Commander - August 8, 2008

I would like a blu-ray option, but I don’t even have the blu-ray player yet. I don’t have an HD TV either. $200/79 episodes = under $3 per eppy . . .
I that really so bad???

52. Driver - August 8, 2008

3 season combo offering- inevitable. TOS in Blu-Ray- also inevitable. One season at a time then all three. Then Flash Drive? But the price always comes down a bit as storage capacity increases. Remember paying $600 for season sets on VHS or the first DVDs? I held off buying any format until this recent 2nd season pack. The first season I netflixed and watched on my now almost obsolete HD-DVD player.

53. star trackie - August 8, 2008

I’m not touching bluRay until the players are reasonably priced. The money it would take to buy 1 bluray machine would buy me 6 sets of remastered Trek.

So, for now, I’ll settle for spending $60 instead of $399 and enjoy Trek remastered in upconverted glory. It’s that or do without until blu ray players get cheap AND CBS announces a blu ray version (for twice the price of the standard DVD’s no doubt). And doing without just isn’t an option where remastered Trek is concerned.

54. Driver - August 8, 2008

I would like the option of seeing the new effects in 16×9 incorporated in the episode.

55. thomoz - August 8, 2008

I saw this on

“Also a disappointing error on disk 5. Two of the extras are missing. “Trials and Tribble-ations: Uniting Two Legends”, & “Trials and Tribble-ations: An Historic Endeavor”. I wonder if others are having this problem?”


56. falcon - August 8, 2008


Blu-Ray is incompatible with both HD DVD and standard DVD. Blu-Ray uses a blue laser (hence the name) while DVD uses a red laser – different light frequencies. That’s why you can get up to 50gb on a Blu-Ray disc (dual-layer) while you can only get 30gb on an HD DVD disc – but HD DVD is compatible with DVD, which is why you can do combo discs. No combos for Blu-Ray, unfortunately – but you can do a “hybrid” that may include data as well as video, so you could probably put high-quality QuickTime or Windows Media versions on the same disc.

And they’ll charge $492.12 for season 1.

57. Irishtrekkie - August 8, 2008

Blu-ray or no way

58. Lyle - August 8, 2008

I (like many many others here I am sure) own all 3 seasons of TOS on the first DVD box sets. Still with the original effects, and I still love ’em. It’s going to take a lot to get me to part with the cash to upgrade to these Remastered versions. Sorry, Paramount, no dice yet.

59. Mammalian Verisimilitude - August 8, 2008

Uh, weren’t the DVD/HD-DVD discs just double-sided, HD one side, DVD the other? And in theory you could put BR, HD-DVD and DVD layers on a single side of one disc all at the same time, the same way you can put two layers on one side of one DVD to make a DVD-9 rather than DVD-5, because they’re all at different depths to the disc surface anyway….

There are reasons why these sets are not BR/DVD combos. None of them are technical…

60. British Naval Dude - August 8, 2008

I likely would buy tha’ 2nd season fur me brother in this here standard format… I only ever bought meself one teevee show on disk- that be “Lovejoy” and it had a bonny case, tha’ plastic flip book wit’ each disk on a “page”; tha’ disks were held down with a special button which “pops” open to loosen tha’ disk so ye’ dunna have ta’ break it tryin’ ta’ get tha’ bugger oot…

Why am I talking aboot DVD asthetics? What tha’ hell is wrong wit’ me?

Bottom line fur me: Me brother always said over tha’ years “If only the effects were better on these episodes…” (he owns all on VHS) and now, these boxed sets are perfect fur his humble viewing…

Again- what tha’ hell am I goin’ on about? Shouldn’t I be maklin’ inappropriate comments about stuffin’ me tunic wit tha’ disks so as ta’ win tha’ local wet- t-shirt contest? “Wow, he’s quite a lady. Give him tha’ trophy”…. which, oddly enough, is a green-ray player… snot compatible wit’ George Mucous films though…


61. Xindi1985 - August 8, 2008

Any sign of the region-2 DVDs????

62. Darkwing - August 8, 2008

i have a simple question, WHY DOES EVERYBODY COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BLU-RAY?!??!? We know already, and in my opinion, it was quite stupid to constantly post about not being on blu-ray. if you want to do something about it, don’t post it here, but send oodles and oodles of e-mails to paramount and cbs, then maybe you’ll get blu-ray

63. Big Bill Cox - August 8, 2008

Paramount has always stuck it to the Trek fans by criminally overpricing the DVD sets. They rear-end us while beating our heads against the table and then don’t even kiss us and tell us it was good. The only other genre franchise that screws the fans nearly this bad is Doctor Who. You can’t even buy the classic series in boxed sets. You gotta shell out $24.95 – $35.95 for individual stories, and the new series sells in box sets averaging $75.00. It just really burns me up how the studios try to fleece the fans.

64. Cervantes - August 8, 2008

Can’t get too excited about these, even if they were HALF this price….as I haven’t been impressed with a LOT of the unevenly poor, and all-too-often too minimal new effects choices in the first place. Because of this, I’d be quite happy to just eventually get a ‘cleaned-up picture’ version of the ‘originals’, featuring the dated 60s effects work….which are at least consistent throughout….

I’d rather keep my fingers crossed for an eventual ‘cleaned-up’ release of the originals, or a future RE – ‘remastering’ with improved effects, or even a decent ‘fan edit’ of these disappointing ones, with more improvements!

As I already have all the TOS episodes on acceptable-looking DVD, I can wait long enough until I can at least source these particular ‘remasters’ at a far more acceptable price in the future. And that goes double for whateve extortionate price the eventual blue-rays will no doubt initially be released at…

65. Scott - August 8, 2008

I own the previous 3 TOS boxed sets, a gift from my generous brother. But my family won’t let me watch them in peace on the family TV, so I never see them anyway.

That said, I agree with Father Rob’s (#19) three-point wish list. I’d add a fourth: put ST:TAS in the set too, and all the extries they can come up with. Then I’ll get the Blu-Ray player and fork over my credits to Paramount.

Scott B. out.

66. Al Hartman - August 8, 2008

WAY too expensive. All three seasons should go for $59.95 MAX.

Paramount is trying to rip off fans with overpriced DVD sets.

67. star trackie - August 8, 2008

You people who complain about how expensive these sets are kill me. When you divide the costs into the number of episodes you get on one set, it works out to be around 2.50-$3.00 per hour. My god, that’s HALF the price of a hamburger and fries combo deal at Sonic. You’ll pay more for one gallon of gasoline!

$3.00 for one hour of the absolute best TOS has ever looked or sounded in a format that you will likely last you the rest of your life. A little perspective goes a long way, some of you should really try to use it more often!

68. P. Technobabble - August 8, 2008

I’ll bet there are at least a few people from Paramount, CBS and other high-up people who frequent this site specifically to find out what fans are saying… we already know the Supreme Court visits here pretty regularly, eh? And with all of us blurting our hearts out in these forums, they know exactly what we think… and no, I’m not betting anything like a week’s pay…

69. Darkwing - August 8, 2008

thank you! somebody else i believe sees things the way I do!

70. Nelson - August 8, 2008

One other aspect of the eventually blu-ray release many fans should be more concerned with over anything else is whether CBS Paramount would consider including in the set as the main bonus feature, the original episodes with the original optical effects and titles music but with the remastered film elements. Sure, some of the effects look dated now, but it’s the way it was in the 1960’s.

This is akin to the Star Wars fans who wanted Lucas to release the original trilogy unaltered. Han shoots first!

I’m sure Paramount CBS may be aware of this interest. But we should send letters to let them know.

71. Ensign Ricky - August 8, 2008

Blu ray Ha! I will wait until they can beam the episodes into my head!

72. JL - August 8, 2008

“Once you’ve had a Blu-Ray, you never go back!”

73. AJ - August 8, 2008

34/Greg Stamper

The Cage is the only TOS episode which has not been released in its remastered form. We have the “Menagerie” bits, for sure, but I reckon that it’ll be released after Trek XI succeeds as a commemorative nod to the original Captain Pike/early crew.

And if CBS really sucks, they could lump into the Blu-Ray 3-pack, which means we all buy these eps again.

74. R.C. - August 8, 2008


My contacts are telling me that when TOS arrives on Blu-ray, it will NOT include the originals. The Blu-ray editions will mirror the features on the TOS S1 combo set with the picture and picture commentaries on theHD-DVD now called picture view on Blu-ray. S2 had been nearly complete when HD-DVD failed, so that work will be ported over to an eventual Blu-ray release (‘Im hearing next year). I’ve heard no mention of the original unaltered versions being released in HD. Fans who want the original unaltered versions will just have to hang onto their sd-dvd season sets from 2004. do welcome a Blu-ray release of this series has the higher storage should allow more episodes on a disc and the discs will no longer be combos (very prone/sensitive to fingerprints).

75. Bryan with Pointy Nacelles and a large Dish - August 8, 2008

CBS has to do better than this. I will wait for the Blu-ray combo set with the Cage, Classic Bloopers, NBC promos, episode previews, Billy Blackburn 8mm films, and of course the three seasons of Classic Star Trek (unremastered)…yeah you heard me!
Oh yeah I forgot about the commentarys from the remaining cast…sitting in a room together and being nice to each other and reminising those years.
I want it like I, an older Trekker, remember.
The Remaster project was an enjoyable diversion…but I am purist…give me the original cleaned up.
Thank You CBS/Paramount.

76. Xindi1985 - August 8, 2008

Who knows the UK-Release date of Season 2 ?????

77. Anthony Thompson - August 8, 2008

You forgot to mention the MUCH lower Season One price on Amazon Canada.

78. Nelson - August 8, 2008

Thanks R.C. That’s how I understood it too, the same effort for the S1 HD-DVD contents being done for S2 at the time the work was stopped will go to the BD release. The Starfleet Access functions were cool, and nice to see it continue in BD in a new guise.

Too bad the originals won’t be released in high def and I didn’t think they’d do it. I’m sure somewhere down the line, it will come up, some fans will raise some noise and CBS could accommodate.

I doubt the Bloopers will ever see a legitimate release, not for a while.

79. Thomas Jensen - August 8, 2008

Pass until blu-ray version… So, the third season remastered set doesn’t have “The Cage” on it as did the previous season three set?

Where the heck is it?

80. DJ Neelix - August 8, 2008

@44: Are you kidding me? The difference between DVD and Blu-ray is FAR superior than the difference between VHS and DVD.

DVD only made the picture sharper compared to VHS. With BD and HD-DVD you have a completely different depth due to the higher rez.

@59: You are correct, the reason for not making double-sided combos isn’t technical. Both HD-DVD and BD are read with a blue laser, but both of these players can also read DVDs by also using red laser. Having said that, JVC have developed a single sided disc which reads both BD and DVD but it’s not yet out on the market.
It’s probably a matter of license. The DVD Forum where also the creators of HD-DVD and had therefor the natural right to combine these. I haven’t found any clear information about this though.

81. Jon - August 8, 2008

Wouldn’t it be great to get these from Netflix while waiting for Blu-ray? They still don’t have Season 2 or any of the collectives. Drop them a line:

82. cpelc - August 8, 2008


TOS-R S1 is CDN$ 82.99 on
TOS-R S2 is CDN$ 69.99 on

83. Daoud - August 8, 2008

I still cherish my audio recordings off the air in the mid 70’s recorded on cassette tapes. I’ll stick with those until they have the holodeck versions and I can just plug in. ;)

The blank tapes only cost me a few bucks at Radio Shack in 1974. Of course, if instead I’d invested those few bucks in oil company stocks….

84. Beam Me Up - August 8, 2008

Blue Ray is just another tool. It’s the “cool thing”, but won’t last. Regular DVD is proven

85. Mazzer - August 8, 2008

Digitalbits recently reported that an “insider” said that Season 1 may be released on Blu-ray before the end of this year. We’ll have to see if this pans out.

I’m surprised it’s taken them so long, but my guess is that the closer they can release the Blu-ray sets to the new movie’s release date (May 2009), the better marketing leverage they’ll get from it. So maybe we’ll see Season 1 by Christmas, but the latest we will see TOS on Blu-ray will be just before the movie’s release in theaters next year.

86. 7 of 5 - August 8, 2008


Paramount will wring every last cent out of the current releases before announcing Blu-Ray Editions, probably after the Blu-Ray releases of materials long available on regular DVD.

87. Holo J - August 8, 2008

#73. R.C

Any news of further effects updates for Blu-Ray?

While I agree it would be cool to have a cleaned up, preserved original in HD so that version is never lost, this project has given me a real appreciation for the original effects and how they where created. But I would also love to see a better attempt at adding some new stuff.

There where so many missed opportunities to really bring this series into the 21st century as they claimed this remastering would. I also am frustraighted they didn’t even bother to improve on the early work. But in truth there have been lots of things I wished they had added too or made better. It’s a list too long to mention right now without boring everyone.

I just hope one day soon they will give this another go with a better budget and art direction. I’d hope they would not be afraid to make the changes they were afraid too this time around because of lack of money or because they didn’t want to take away from the original effect (which I always was a lame excuse for saying they either couldn’t afford it or could be bothered). I hope they create a version that leaves no stone unturned effects wise. I love to see this series given the full treatment.

I do appreciate the work that has been done this time around as there has been some nice stuff but I kind of see it as more of a work in progress than the finished article.
I wouldn’t buy these new sets as I am happy to keep my originals for DVD as I don’t believe enough has been done to justify buying these again. They’d be fine for someone who doesn’t have the originals but I would rather wait for the next attempt, if indeed that ever happens… I sure hope it does though.

88. The Moseph - August 8, 2008

Hello, Paramount…CBS…whoever may be listening…

BLU-RAY, please.

Tell us SOMETHING. Please? Some sort of tidbit? Something to look forward to?

I’ll buy them in a heartbeat if they’re on Blu-Ray. And right now, I don’t even have a Blu-Ray player. I do have my plans laid out for one and I’d love to add my favorite series, remastered in style, to that list.

89. Chris H. - August 8, 2008

#83: DVD wasn’t proven either…until it was.

To all who say they don’t think Blu-Ray makes much difference: you either don’t have a very good TV or you don’t have it calibrated properly. Blu-Ray is stunning on a decent TV that has been set up properly.

To all who say those of us who want Blu-Ray shouldn’t post or complain…uh, these are comments, right? My “comment” is that I won’t shell out $200 for a set that’s not Blu-Ray.

To those who say it’s not that expensive if you break down the per-episode cost…please. Star Trek season sets have always been significantly more expensive than almost any other show except maybe The Sopranos.

Paramount needs to understand that a lot of us ponied up $80 or more per season last time ’round, and we’re not going to do it again for standard definition discs.

If you’re not ready to pay the price for a Blu-Ray player, or you don’t have an HDTV, then fine. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t ALSO release SD-DVD discs. On the other hand, in three years when you do finally jump on board, don’t whine to us that you have to buy them yet again.

90. Jay - August 8, 2008

I think next year will see a number of Trek related rereleases, most notably on bluray. I’m thinking all the movies will be released in one big monster set in April or early May, then have the original TV series release throughout the gap between May and September/ October, whenever the new movie is released on blu.

91. Magic_Al - August 8, 2008

No Cage, no sale.

92. Beam Me Up - August 8, 2008

I saw “The Menagerie” movie last year at the theaters. The print was fantastic, and everything really held up well on the big screen. Lots of laughs and applause.

93. Beam Me Up - August 8, 2008

I know it wasn’t a “print”, but the HD transfer looked great on the big screen. Sorry about that.

94. Jar Jar - August 8, 2008

Meesa be waitin for bwu-way! Meesa no be likin da stardardin deffin!

95. LoyalStarTrekFan - August 8, 2008

I have already purchased both Season One and Two of TOSR, therefore I will be getting Season Three of TOSR alone when it comes out in November. TOSR is excellent and I truly enjoy the new effects. I’m looking forward to completing my collection.

83, while I haven’t upgraded to HD anything yet I will disagree with you when you say that Blu-Ray is a fad and won’t last. Blu-Ray won the format competition against HD-DVD and therefore will not likely disappear anytime soon. With that said, I also don’t believe that DVD’s will disappear soon. While it is true DVDs will likely be replaced by Blu-Ray eventually, I expect DVDs to still be around for a while.

96. HisDivineAssassin - August 8, 2008

The Blu-Ray films that I’ve seen are too clean,,, the ppl don’t look real after awhile ,,,
It looks sweetend in a bad way.
I will never go Blu Ray,,,,

97. Roy - August 8, 2008

How much clearer do you people want the Star Trek episodes. I think the epsidoes are fine as is. I never got Kirk & Spock mixed up because I couldn’t see them clearly or I never had a problem telling the Enterprise from a Klingon ship. We fans have always enjoyed the TOS because because of the stories, the actors, the chemistry between the characters, etc.. We overlooked the cheesy special effects. The original episodes, for over 40 years, were always fine for us. Now that Paramount went back updated the special effects, some fans are being greedy and want the episodes in Blue-Ray also. You fans just remember what made you enjoy the TOS in the first place. I have a Blue-Ray player, but it doesn’t bother me that these Remastered Versions aren’t in Blue-Ray Format. You fans that want Blue-Ray Format, for what? So you pause and count each grain of sand Kirk & Spock are fighting on in “Amok Time”??? Or see each individual hair on the Salt Creature??? I have both Season 1 and Season 2 Remastered and the new special effects help enhance the story of each episode. All you fans out their complaining that Star Trek is not in the Blue Ray Format; go bang on George Lucas’s door for not making any of the Star Wars Movies on Blue-Ray. Lord, only knows how versions of Star Wars Lucas has put out on the market to make his own bank account swell up.

98. HisDivineAssassin - August 8, 2008

Cheers Roy !!

99. focuspuller - August 8, 2008

It might as well be on VHS, because at this point, let’s be honest, if it’s not on Blu, it’s not worth getting. And needless to say, not for these prices. Paramount needs to stop bieng greedy.

100. Redjac - August 8, 2008

#96 These episodes were remastered for HD presentation. Blu-Ray is the best way to present HD content. I think most people just want to see the remastered episodes as they were meant to be seen…


101. Chris H. - August 8, 2008

#95: Look at a variety of movies before you judge. Some of the releases have had excessive noise reduction or grain removal applied and look waxy and artificial, but when done correctly the movies look outstanding.

#96: If you feel that way, why did you bother to get a Blu-Ray player? Nobody wants Blu-Ray TOS because otherwise one cannot tell the difference between Kirk and Spock. Don’t be trivial. On a decent HD monitor, almost everything looks a lot better in HD — A LOT.

It’s like saying you wouldn’t want DVD because VHS is “good enough.” Find if it is for you; I’m not judging you. But those of us who want the increased quality…well, who are you to tell us no?

102. Roy - August 8, 2008

So, this is too expensive for some people?? What would 1 season of Star Trek: TOS in Blue Ray cost?? Around $200.00 for ONE Season. That means it would cost close to $600.00 for ALL THREE SEASONS OF Star Trek in the Blue Ray Format. For what?? Some better picture clarity to see if Shatner is wearing a toupee even back then??? Or to see where Nimoy’s Vulcan ears were attached to his real ears??? Folks, these episodes were done in the late 1960’s using late 1960’s equipment. These episodes are never going to be as crystal clear as today’s technology Hollywood uses in filming TV Series and Films in this era. So Paramount made a bad choice in choosing the HD-DVD Format. Anybody else ever make a mistake in his/her life??? As William Shatner would say “Get a Life”. Go to a Best Buy. How many TV Series are in the Blue-Ray Format? Very few if any are in the Blue Ray Formant; even TV Shows being filmed today (Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, ER, Etc..,) When these shows come out on DVD the following year; their in REGULAR DVD FORMAT. Again, you enjoy Star Trek: TOS not because how super-duper, crystal clear the picture is but what TOS means to each and every one of you on a personal level. And another thing; sometime down the road their will be a format that is better that Blue-Ray. First their was Beta Tapes, then VHS Taps, then DVD’s, then HD-DVD/BLUE RAY DVD’s and these were just in the last 30 years. What will the next 30 years bring us??? Remember something better always comes along.

103. Driver - August 8, 2008

Actually, since the series was filmed on 35mm film, it is inherently Hi-Def. Though there are many scenes which are not as sharp as others due to miscalculations within the DP team. Or, film stock that was not properly handled. Blu-Ray can’t fix bad source material.

104. Roy - August 8, 2008

#100 I go for a movie or a TV Show based on the story itself not on how crystal clear my picture is. I bought a Blue-Ray player because that is the way the industry is going. Probably in a few more years the price of Blue-Ray DVD’s will come down in price, more people will buy that format; meaning studios will not make or make less regular DVD format. I do agree that Blue-Ray DVD’s have excellent picture quality, but let’s be honest if Star Trek: TOS was in Blue-Ray would Star Trek mean more to you. If you are a true fan of Star Trek than the answer would be no. Maybe you would have a more enjoyable viewing experience, but they way Star Trek effects you would not change. You don’t need a Blue-Ray Format to see the genuine friendship Shatner, Nimoy, & Kelly have for each other on a personal level that enchanced their portrayal of Kirk, Spock, & McCoy. The chemistry all the actors had with each other, Gene Rodenberry, Gene Coon, Dorothy Fontana and everybody else who had a hand in TOS those are the reasons TOS effects us not whether the show is in Blue-Ray Format of not.

105. Big Bill Cox - August 8, 2008

67. star trackie – August 8, 2008
You people who complain about how expensive these sets are kill me. When you divide the costs into the number of episodes you get on one set, it works out to be around 2.50-$3.00 per hour. My god, that’s HALF the price of a hamburger and fries combo deal at Sonic. You’ll pay more for one gallon of gasoline!
– – – – – –
Yes, that may be how the math works out, but the fact remains that box sets for other popular sci fi shows sell for a lot less most of the time, even when they are first released. And the reason is that Paramount knows that the hardcore fans will pay any price they ask. It just seems like price gouging, plain and simple.

106. DesiluTrek - August 8, 2008

Some of you sound suspiciously like studio plants trying to counterbalance the overwhelming sentiment here. Most of those here who want Blu-ray, like myself, already bought the previous season sets. I’m simply not going to buy another standard-def set just for the new effects — they alone are not worth it! And as others have said, a big point of the remastering was to have it in hi-def. So what gives by holding out?

107. DJ Neelix - August 9, 2008

I’m not gonna touch the DVD editition either, still I’m not gonna whine about it because it won’t make the BD release come any faster. I’ll just wait patiently, there’s a lot of other stuff to do besides watch Star Trek.

@Roy: There’s no such thing as a “Blue-Ray DVD”. DVD is one format, Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a completely other one. Don’t mix them up.

108. DesiluTrek - August 9, 2008

Anybody here know Mark Cuban? He’s run Enterprise in gorgeous 1080i on his HDNet, maybe he (or they) could be persuaded to pick up the hi-def original series now that the last remastered show has aired. They have run Paramount’s “Hogan’s Heroes” in hi-def for years and for a show produced concurrently with Trek, it looks awesome.

109. David P - August 9, 2008


110. Al Hartman - August 9, 2008

#67 – You can do all sorts of math to justify the rip-off price for these sets.

I can get a whole season of Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis for $29.95. Those are CURRENT shows, made in the last two years. NOT a 40 year old show that has long since made profit for Paramount and paid back it’s production cost.

I’ve already bought the show on VHS AND DVD in the non-enhanced format.

Paramount ought to give the fans a thank you by pricing these sets REASONABLY. Like maybe the cost to produce the media plus a reasonable profit.

At $200 for the three seasons, about $190 is profit. The DVD’s and cases cost PENNIES to make at the quantities that they are manufactured.

I can buy 50 DVD+R discs for $19.95 any time, any where. And that’s not including sales. That’s also retail.

Surely, a set of 15 or so DVD’s will cost about .25 ea to make, and the case can’t cost more than $1.00

The production costs are long recouped, and even the remastering wasn’t all that expensive. And THAT was recouped by the money made airing the shows on Cable and Syndication.

Paramount treats fans like crap. They don’t give us what we want, and they rip us off on stuff when they do.

111. jerry21 - August 9, 2008

The remastered episodes need some real remastering from a professional. Just an opinion.

112. Sean4000 - August 9, 2008

111. Jerry21:

My opinion is that I am in agreement with your opinion. Just an opinion.

113. Captain Crawford - August 9, 2008

I’ll wait until all 3 boxed sets are available to start buying, and “The Cage” had better be on there somewhere.

114. Dave MacAaron - August 10, 2008

falcon: #56.
HDdvd used a Blue laser too.
Do a bit of research.

115. DJ Neelix - August 10, 2008

@114 – Check post 80 :)

116. Øystein Færder - August 10, 2008

Is there gonna be a region 2 release of the season 2 set? I haven’t found any yet

117. dil - August 10, 2008

Must be plenty of HD/Dvd Season 1 left.

118. Mr. Bob Dobalina - August 10, 2008

I agree, the value is there for these discs. People can cry about how cheap other disc sets are and do without. Me, I’ll happily trade a few jumbo jacks for Trek remastered and I’ll be able enjoy them NOW.

And I’m NOT waiting for bluray. Again, in that case, I would have to do without. I’m quite content to watch them on standard DVD and enjoy them TODAY. And I am. I just enjoyed a wonderful Tibble-a-thon watching the remastered episode, then the animated episode and topped it off with Ds9’s Trials and Tribbleations…all on glorious standard DVD. It was great.

119. HisDivineAssassin - August 10, 2008

#101,, I think your confusing me with #97, I don’t have a Bluray player, but I’ve watched movies over at other ppls homes that have it. (There very proud to show it off).
And don’t have a problem or want to stop you , I’m just saying, I’ll stick to dvds. I allready paid for them, they look fine,,, No big deal.

#110, good points , I totally agree with ya.

120. smartypants - August 10, 2008

I have to admit…Star trek was really bad by todays standards but it was good for its time. Although…I’m not impressed by the quality of the work CBS did. Why did they hire them? Then again the producers probably were the ones that made the bad calls in their little meetings to discuss how to proceed with the new shots. I’ve seen it before…producers normally have no talent or actual skill in television but they tend to get in the way and make a mess of things.

Oh well, the remastered project was indeed a failure but the new enterprise does look better then the original. Although….they could have made the ship have some kind of plates on it instead as one solid piece. It didn’t have to be noticeable from a wide shot but when they did a few close ups…they could have made it more detailed.

But maybe the artists didn’t know how to do it. Bummer. All in all…it was okay.

121. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 10, 2008


I concur. This endeavor could/should have been WAY better than what we got. I hold true to the belief that this needs to be redone. As Jerry21 said. “The remastered episodes need some real remastering from a professional. Just an opinion.”

After digging around recently I found a very enlightening article on AICN in which John Gross, the CEO and co-founder of EdenFX, posted the official thoughts from Eden on the subject of TOS-R. What I got out of it was that the detail/quality/style of Eden’s work was not the reason they did not land the contract.

Here is the article in it’s entirety:

John Gross

“””””Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to clarify a few things… The excellent ship we used for Enterprise “In a Mirror Darkly” was built by Koji, but Dave Morton redid it for the “match the “Miri” footage” test. minderbender asked “how hard is it to zoom it past the camera three or four times an episod?” Well, if you want to match the original footage in such a way that folks will “think that the footage just looks more detailed now that it’s HD”, it’s not as easy as moving the E from point A to B. You need to: 1) Try to figure out what lens was used and by trial and error get the ship to line up as closely as possible with the original footage 2) Match the lighting as close as possible and that varies in every shot based on how many lights were used in the studio when they shot the model and where they were placed. This most likely wil require separate shadow ship texturing for just that shot. 3) You have to replicate the stars as close as possible (but make them look a little better) 4) and so on… Finally, as mentioned Eden FX was not Foundation Imaging. Digital Muse, and then Eden, basically split Voyager and then Enterprise episodes with Foundation (we did the even shows and they did the odd… or vice versa, I can’t remember). We hired the trek team from them when they closed years ago and then did all the Enterprise episodes. And finally, I wouldn’t judge the still from CBS Digital too harshly. Who knows what pressure they were under to provide it. It may not be finished or it may be what was approved by the PTB. Oftentimes VFX look horrible in movie trailers because they aren’t finished yet. The real test will be how well they match the original footage once the HD version airs. and CBS/Paramount may decide they want the VFX too look different, but that wasn’t what my talks with them were. ooh… and the article states that TPTB decided the quality wasn’t worth it… I don’t know if that was the case… I think they just decided to keep it in house… -John Gross ——– The opinions expressed herein DO reflect those of the management of Eden FX ——–“””””

Link to the article:

If you would like to see Eden’s take on TOS-R, please click my name. The video that is referred to in the AICN and article is on the following link.

I only hope that if my company, LucidSFX wins the TNG-R contract that we can give extremely high quality CGI to the Next Generation!

Sean Burns

122. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 10, 2008

To keep things in perspective. the AICN post was made at the beginning of TOS-R, Fall 2006.

123. star trackie - August 11, 2008

Blu-ray schmoo-ray. I just enjoyed the remastered Doomsday Machine on a 100″ screen upconverted on a 1080p front projector and it was awesome. Sure, true 1080 p would have been sharper, but what I watched didn’t “suck” by any stretch of the imagination .

Trek remastered on standard DVD is WELL worth the money.

124. Mr_Niemand - August 11, 2008

I will buy no standard DVD-Sets of TOS. I already have the three season sets from 2004, so there’s no need for at. And I won’t buy any Blu ray editions not additionally containing the original version in HD, either.

“My contacts are telling me that when TOS arrives on Blu-ray, it will NOT include the originals. The Blu-ray editions will mirror the features on the TOS S1 combo set with the picture and picture commentaries on theHD-DVD now called picture view on Blu-ray. S2 had been nearly complete when HD-DVD failed, so that work will be ported over to an eventual Blu-ray release (’Im hearing next year). I’ve heard no mention of the original unaltered versions being released in HD. Fans who want the original unaltered versions will just have to hang onto their sd-dvd season sets from 2004.”

If your contacts’ predictions are correct, then we should better do some protesting before it’s to late. Tell Paramount that you want the original version of the series included in HD on the future Blu ray sets and that you won’t buy any sets that don’t additionally include the original version of the series as well.

We know there are HD masters of Star Trek without the new effects. Look it up here:

“This series has been transferred into HD and has the following masters:

Network 4×3 HD

Network 4×3 HD VFX (in progress)

Network 16×9 Tilt & Scan HD VFX (partial, in progress)

Syndication 4×3 HD (in progress)

Syndication 4×3 HD VFX (in progress)”

So we should all tell CBS/Paramount that we won’t buy incomplete sets.

There’s no doubt Paramount/CBS will bring out the original version on Blu ray some day. But they’ll probably try to sell several releases of the series on Blu ray, just as the did with the DVD releases. They’ll probably tell people that the original effects are of not sufficient quality for any HD releases, only to release these versions some time later to make people buy these sets on Blu ray once again. So perhaps we’ll see the original versions on the second or third Blu ray releases.

But do we like that kind of release policy? Should we accept it? Should we make the same mistakes once again? (Remember: The first edition of TOS was on 40 DVDs and very expensive, then they released the cheaper season sets. The first DVD versions of the Star Trek movies contained just the movies and a trailer, nothing more (some didn’t even feature an anamorphic transfer). Then they released the Special/Director’s Editions on 2 DVDs each with lots of extras, also offering better picture quality. Obviously, on Blu ray they’ll try to do the same.)

So do yourselves a favor and don’t buy any Blu ray editions not containing the original versions of TOS in HD as well. You should communicate that to CBS/Paramount to make them change their minds.

So CBS/Paramount: Release the original version of the series in HD as well. These versions are of historical value. They are the originals, the ones started the whole Star Trek franchise in the first place. The original should ALWAYS be available in the same format/medium. Otherwise we’ll have the same situation as with Star Wars, where the original versions of the movies are available in inferior picture quality, only (non-anamorphic transfers based on Laserdisc masters from 1993).

125. Shelby - August 11, 2008

I won’t be purchasing these!! I purchased an HD player specifically so I could play Season 1. They should have released Season 2 and 3 in HD and regular DVD also, since many, many people already have HD players. On the other hand, if these were released on Blu-ray I would have purchased because I also have a Blu-ray player.

Releasing these remastered Season 2 and 3 on DVD only seems like such a waste. I’ll wait for the Blu-ray versions to be released.

126. Admiral Black - August 16, 2008

I can see why there are so many of these on my local Best Buy shelf.

I have to say that after viewing Enterprise’s attempt at TOS, DS9’s attempt at TOS, and TOS-R, I like Enterprise’s take the best, DS9’s second, and this cheap CGI dead last. I don’t know how See B.S. Digital got the contract but it was not proven to be the right decision. At least for me.

Set returned.

127. look - August 18, 2008

note to all…on utube…someone created a fleet of TOS ships (called tos fleet) leaving a system for another.

It was done pretty well…I can’t uinderstand why CBS couldn’t do the same for the final scene of klingon – federation battle with those energy guys stopped.

CBS digital really need to to take some lessons from these kids.

128. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 19, 2008

Youtube kids put CBS to shame! OMG!

129. braxus - August 26, 2008

To the nay sayers of High Def video. You have got to be kidding me. You cannot see a difference between DVD and Blu Ray? Anyone with good eyes can see the detail difference between the two of them. Blu Ray discs are way sharper and have more detail in the image then DVDs. High Def tvs wouldn’t be taking off if people didn’t see a difference between SD and HD video. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.