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The Collective: Vegas Edition August 12, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise , trackback

The official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was more than celebrities, autographs, pictures, and drinking at Quark’s. CBS Products and some of the Trek licensees used the con to announce and show off some of the upcoming Star Trek products, including some from Mattel, Diamond Select and Master Replicas. Details pictures and video below.


First look at Star Trek 20Q game
Mattel revealed the (not yet finalized) packaging and prototype of its Star Trek 20Q edition at. The game is appropriately designed to look like the Enterprise, with buttons for answering each of the questions posed as the A.I. tries to guess which classic Star Trek character, ship, place, or thing you are thinking. The ‘Saucer’ of the Enterprise is the game itself, which sits on a stand shaped like the rest of the ship.

This Enterprise can read your minds

The packaging is using the new unified design we are seeing from almost all the new Star Trek products. The game is going to include three bonus trading cards. 20Q will be available this Spring at retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, along with the Sceneit? DVD game, Barbie themed Star Trek dolls, and a radio controlled Enterprise, all from Mattel or its brands.

Packaging mock-up at Las Vegas Convention

Reminder: Help teach 20Q
The online version of 20Q (which will become the AI for the hand-held game) still needs training. It has learned a lot since the site was launched, but Mattel and Radica want it to get even smarter so go visit now and play Star Trek 20Q.


Preview of Master Replicas Assault Phaser
The Master Replicas Star Trek V/VI Assault Phasers are just arriving and should be shipping soon (some have shipped to pre-orders already). MR was showing off one of the phasers at the Vegas show and TrekMovie got a demonstration (see video below). TrekMovie will have a full review of the phaser soon. The MR Star Trek Insurrection Tricorder has not arrived yet, but MR promised to send over some video of that as well.

Master Replicas Assault Phaser

Both new MR items are available to reserve for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Replica Star Trek Starfleet Assault Phaser Replica
$349.99 $449.99


Diamond Select making life-size captain’s chair
Possibly the most surprising bit of product news in a long time was the Vegas announcement that Diamond Select Toys will be making a life-sized version of the Original Series captain’s chair. The chair will be a sturdy piece of furniture complete with lights, buttons and sounds. It will be available in 2009 by Christmas 2008 and pricing is expected to be over $1000 $2000. CBS showed off a picture of a prototype and it looked just right, we are trying to get a copy from DST.

UPDATE: Read our detailed update (w/ pictures) on the DST captain’s chair

Time to move the La-Z-Boy and make room for a real chair


Thanks to John Tenuto, who contributed to this article.



1. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 12, 2008

Cool stuff!

2. Spocko - August 12, 2008

Hmm…It’d be nice to have a captain’s chair. But is it worth over $1000?

3. number6 - August 12, 2008

I sat in that chair. It is totally worth whatever they charge for it. I will never be able to afford one anyway.

I did jettison the pod prematurely.

4. Cody - August 12, 2008

If the seat flips open to reveal a secret ice chest with beer, I’ll buy one!!

5. BrF - August 12, 2008

I don’t know about that Mattel Enterprise. It looks like something that Snoopy would fly. I think they should have gone tricorder.

6. Jared - August 12, 2008

Wow I think it would be worth having the Captain’s chair…….wow

7. RM10019 - August 12, 2008

#3 “That’s what she said….” badump-bump

8. British Naval Dude - August 12, 2008

I recall me unit’s mission in a small African nation… tha’ mission wuz ta’ support our Naval Marine units in defending UN food supplies we shipped in, makin’ sure they get past tha’ warlords militia…

I had me Assault Phazer Rifle at tha’ ready… durin’ a small skirmish, I wuz quickly re-assigned ta’ radar duty back on ship as all I really did wuz make cool sounds wit’ me weapon…

Arrrrr… I’m a terrible officer…. But I swear ta’ God I’ll get me another phazor as a sidearm…

(Her Majesty’s Royal Navy disavows any knowledge of BND’s alleged and unauthorized activities)

Yikes! Am I gettin’ courty-martialed now then?

9. Captain Archer - August 12, 2008

Sweet, I’ll take the chair!

10. Irishtrekkie - August 12, 2008


God bless you BND , keeping the world safe , remember to never set phasers to kill , all life should be respected :)

11. Matt Wright - August 12, 2008

I’ve always loved the Assault Phaser design, it would be awesome to have one of these!

12. Sebi - August 12, 2008

Finally! A pic of the new movie Enterprise… ;-)

13. Valar1 - August 12, 2008

Oh lordy, do I want me one of those chairs!

14. Beam Me Up - August 13, 2008

Lol, life size Captain’s Chairs? Okay, who’s gonna convert one into a toilet?

15. Even more Life Like - August 13, 2008


16. Fatman Bruno - August 13, 2008

Captains Log? sorry, some one had to say it!!!

17. Green-Blooded-Bastard - August 13, 2008

Cool, the new Enterprise is gunna have a gigantic LCD across the top and a bunch of buttons for badguys to press! Finally, a pic!

18. JWW - August 13, 2008

about $100 of materials + freely available blueprints + a saturday = your own captains chair

cool game, though, but i’ve stumped it many times online

19. Ripped Shirt Kirk - August 13, 2008

$449.99 wow, does that phaser fire real beams?

20. Timncc1701 - August 13, 2008

Must have the chair.

21. Holger - August 13, 2008

I had always dreamed of my own Captain’s Chair. Now I can start saving for it ;-) Well, $1000 isn’t peanuts, but it’s quite adequate for a piece of furniture. Compared to what you’d have to pay for a hip designer chair, the Captain’s Chair is a real bargain.
JWW’s solution (#18) is much more reasonable, to be sure. If only I hadn’t two left hands!

22. Magic_Al - August 13, 2008

You’d think that EMRG button on the tricorder would get used more. Or ever.

23. Jeyl - August 13, 2008

Here’s my video review of the Starfleet Assault Phaser replica.

Who thought that the “You know you’re ready to pull the trigger again once this light is activated” was a good idea? Seriously, when you’re in a phaser fight, you don’t bring a weapon that has a whole three second cool down!

24. star trackie - August 13, 2008

Very cool. Time to start saving for a chair.

25. FREAKAZOID - August 13, 2008

oooo. Captain’s chair. I’ve been dreaming about making a home movie theater that is based on the classic bridge. If I can really pull it off I must have a captains chair!!

26. garen - August 13, 2008

Just a thing i just noticed. Take a look at the packaging for the 20 Questions games. Notice that it says “Think about anything from classic trek.”

“Classic movies, television shows, characters and more”

Those statements…along with the obvious slant toward TOS on the branding, packaging and design of the actual toy….make me wonder…or at least beg the question if the game will only be about TOS for some reason.

I know it’s all preliminary packaging…and the game over at the website is learning about and answering questions to ALL previous Star Trek shows, movies and characters. But still… its current form…if i just saw that sitting on a shelf in a store….i would make an assumption that the game was ONLY about TOS.

Are TNG, DS9, and VOY considered “CLASSIC” Trek now-a-days? Perhaps thats a sign of branding to come…Anything pre-ST11 will be branded as “classic” Trek.


27. Dr. Image - August 13, 2008

I had expected the MR assault phaser to be a heavy, nasty chunk ‘o metal like the classic version, which would have been appropriate in this case- especially for $400!!
It seems very toylike. Disappointing.
Yes, the originals were fiberglass and urethane, but geez…
Oh well, I have one coming anyhow…

28. Cyberghost - August 13, 2008

#12 pic of the enterprise??? I hope you are not talking about the new r/c enterprise, or did I miss something? Or were you joking?

29. Rayna - August 13, 2008

Oooh!!! I want it all!

30. KevinA Melbourne Australia - August 13, 2008

Build my Home Cinema this year, buy furniture next year. OK.

I see it now, Captains chair center position, recliner on the left recliner on the right. Red shirt chairs behind….Make it so!

Where do I sign up?

31. Cobra Commander - August 13, 2008

#3 LOL!!!

Almost lost it on that one! (Co-workers wondering why I almost cracked-up . . . You’re blowing my cover!)

Funny stuff . . .

32. Chris M - August 13, 2008

All awesome stuff. Especially that Captains Chair! Imagine sitting at home in your very own Captains Chair watching Star Trek!!!! :)

33. star trackie - August 13, 2008

#26 “Those statements…along with the obvious slant toward TOS on the branding, packaging and design of the actual toy….make me wonder…or at least beg the question if the game will only be about TOS for some reason. ”

I can only hope. I hate it that the scene it game is going revolve around each series as I’m only interested and would only be successful at anwering questions based on TOS. At least Mattel realizes that some fans are only fans of TOS. And by the same token, no doubt there are individual future releases lined up for TNG, Ds9 etc.

34. The Bova Effect - August 13, 2008

I’d like to see a whole line of trek inspired furniture.

I’d be nice to duplicate Picard’s ready room as my den… complete with my own Livingston.

35. British Naval Dude - August 13, 2008

Couldn’t they have made tha’ 20 questions inta’ a Nomad shape so ye’ could actually confuse it enough ta’ go ka-blooie?

I just noticed that phazer is 500 quid! What- does it come wit’ a videotaped Shatner monolouge aboot its authenticity? “This finely crafted toy is a keepsake your family will enjoy for generations. Or until one of you shoots another with it.”


36. OM - August 13, 2008

…You know, making a fan-built chair would be easier if we knew exactly what office chair Pato Guzman and Matt Jeffries picked to slap a box over back in 1964. Which means that if James Cawley is lurking around out there, the question is tossed his way as to whether he used one of those same chairs for his set, or did he just build-to-look from scratch?

37. Anthony Thompson - August 13, 2008

Sign me up for one!

36. That info is freely available on the net, though the chair itself would doubtless be difficult to obtain at a reasonable price.

38. lodownX - August 13, 2008

just stumped Q20 with Mirror Kirk’s secret device…. ha ha .

Spock’s ear on the other hand… it got me.

39. Ryan Thomas Riddle - August 13, 2008


I believe it was a Madison chair. See this thread at Dewback Wing ASAP boards:

I would love to have one myself and if it were within my budget to do so, I’d snag it up.

40. Marian Ciobanu - August 13, 2008

– I wish more to see KEVIN SORBO dressed in his commonwealth uniforms…leading THE STARFLEET ACADEMY.. ..

41. Steve T. - August 13, 2008


42. British Naval Dude - August 13, 2008

Can ye’ put a toilet in tha’ chair? Actually a bidet toilet would be grand so ye’ can do yer business and stay fresh and clean without gettin’ oot o’ tha’ captain’s chair.

43. Kevin O - August 13, 2008

I have been waiting my whole life to have my own Captain’s chair…

That is so cool.

44. OM - August 13, 2008

“That info is freely available on the net, though “

…Cite links and source. As much googling as I’ve done around here, would be nice for someone to return the favor for once. :-P

45. OneBuckFilms - August 13, 2008

A chair such as this would be quite a way to watch the Original Series in ;-)

I can imagine myself picking up the new Trek movie on DVD/Blu-Ray, setting up the surround system, sitting in the Captains Chair, and watching the movie in uniform, with all the other Trek fans in my club chapter.

Unfortunately, I have a wife and some debts that would prevent this for various reasons (she enjoys Trek, but does not want me to go too far down that road).

Actually, the chair would be great for a computer chair as well.

46. OneBuckFilms - August 13, 2008

Also looking forward to:

– DST Wrath Of Khan Phaser
– DST Original Series Tricorder

I’d also love to see DST produce a Star Trek II Communicatior to accompany the Phaser.

47. Joseph Dickerson - August 13, 2008

I agree with the person who requested blueprints to build the Captain’s Chair… Link, PLEASE!

48. Melonpool - August 13, 2008

I wish they’d produce the ST III phaser. I love the way they streamlined the TOS phaser on that design. I wonder why they’ve never produced it as a toy?

49. star trackie - August 13, 2008

#47, I’m not aware of any any blueprints for the surrounding part of the madison, but there are measurements and a breakdown of the madison chair itself in the thread listed above from the dewback prop board. In fact, duplicates of the madison frame sell routinely on ebay, but do not include the arms or upholstering and are very expensive. There is also a VERY long thread about building a captain’s chair on that same prop board and some very talented people have built some gorgeous captain’s chairs. It’s worth checking out if you’re handy with a saw.

50. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 13, 2008

#39 Ryan Thomas Riddle

I try clicking your link and it wants me to give my email and password. Do you or star trackie have a better idea how to find an appropriate link? $1000 is too steep for a chair, no mater how cool.

51. Viking - August 13, 2008

If I was single, that command chair would be MINE. And I’d put J.C. & Co. on retainer to come down and build the rest of the bridge around it.

If I was single. :-)

52. SChaos1701 - August 13, 2008

If they’re making Captain’s chair, I’d rather go for the Enterprise A’s chair.

53. steve623 - August 13, 2008

“I wish they’d produce the ST III phaser.”

That is my favorite phaser ever.

“If they’re making Captain’s chair, I’d rather go for the Enterprise A’s chair.”

The STTMP captain’s chair is the one that really rings my chimes. It was probably the least comfortable one to actually sit in, but it looks so cool.

54. Kevin - August 13, 2008

I’d love to use that phser for my effects vids!
you can see the one I’ve made on my youtube channel: Kevinjc1989

55. LafayetteMoon - August 13, 2008

I wonder … will it come in a love seat too? Hmmm …

56. Valar1 - August 13, 2008


hey that’s a great idea- someone pass that along to the DST boys- make a chair, an ottoman and a couch or loveseat all matching the captains chair. Hell, I’d buy it.

57. Irishtrekkie - August 13, 2008

55 , actaully a love seat thats is kinda cool , then i would just need to get my gf into a uniform , oh the fun but really might be cool to see a love seat one.

hmm no updates in the last day or something , what does Anthony and the team all have hang overs from vegas ? :) .or is nothing happening in the world of star trek

58. JB Gestl - August 14, 2008

I love the chair, but not only does it cost too much, I made my own years ago. Its kind of oa cross between Kirk’s & Picard’s. The armrests are TOS & the back & seat are TNG.

Here’s a picture of me sitting in it:

59. Holger - August 14, 2008

59: How dare you produce such an abominable perversion of canon!

60. star trackie - August 14, 2008

THX, here is a link to the “sets” area f the forum.

But I’m not sure you can bypass the Yuku log in and link straight to a thread, you will probably have to create an account. It doesn’t take long and is well worth it if you are into prop/set replicas.

61. RaveOnEd - August 14, 2008

About that 20Q game: Is that how the Enterprise is supposed to look for the new movie?!?!?!?!?!

It has a gigantic hole in the bridge!



62. British Naval Dude - August 14, 2008

57 IrishTrekkie- ye’ callin’ me all Vegas crazy wit’ me idea fur a ST 12?
And just cuz I wanna put some cherry Kool-Aid mix in me bidet/toilet/captain’s chair… tha’ fount o’ sticky red…
Oh, and I gots footage of Sean Connery gardenin’ in his kilt… he said ta’ me: “Who the EDITED are you? Get off my property with that EDITED camera or I’ll EDITED right up your EDITED with this rusty EDITED EDITED EDITED. If you’d like an autograph, I’d be more than happy to sign your forehead then.”

Oops… sorry… uh… I really got off track thar’…. lessee, tha’ thread is aboot toys… OK then… can ye’ put a blu-ray lazer in tha’ assault phazer? Whilst it would look rather nifty shootin’ a beam oot, it’s only practical purpose would be as a pricey pussycat toy…


63. Sallah - August 14, 2008

Already cleared it with the wife…

I shall have that chair!

I actually work at a comic shop, so my discount on this will be good, but I’m wondering how insanely bad the shipping will be.

64. Jovan - August 14, 2008

#23: That is really disappointing. The fan built replicas that cost the same may not have that spring-open thingy (which is cool) but they certainly do more. The sound effects are cool. I don’t see why they couldn’t make the stun sound just like the one in STV though, even though it is clearly inspired. Rights issues with the sound designer? Who knows.

I’m STILL waiting for a toy or replica phaser that actually has that constant firing sound after the initial “FSEWWW” like in TNG. If that makes any sense. You know, so I can cut through bulkheads and stuff. :P

65. jbgestl - August 15, 2008

59: How dare you produce such an abominable perversion of canon!

Yes, I know. Good thing its not in the new movie. It would make it a disaster!! ;)

66. Mike - August 16, 2008


67. Mike2 - August 16, 2008

There’s a reason we’ve never seen the STIII phaser mass-produced and maybe never will. Ask Coyle. He knows the particulars on the rights. There were a lot of rentals used in that movie, too.

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71. Admiral Stedman - August 19, 2008

The chair is a dream come true. However, I’m recently divorced and if I put that chair anywhere in my house I’ll probably never get a date ever again.

72. Yeah, but does it come with Yeoman Rand? | MINE - August 20, 2008

[…] recently announced the product at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. The chair, which calls a “sturdy piece of furniture complete with lights, buttons and sounds,” will be […]

73. Andrew Wrage - August 21, 2008

Okay, now it’s $2,000!!! Give a captain a break! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.