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Update On Life-Sized TOS Captain’s Chair August 19, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise,Replicas,TOS , trackback

Since we first reported from the Las Vegas Star Trek convention that CBS announced that Diamond Select was making a life-sized Original Series captain’s chair, there has been a lot of buzz about this hot new item. TrekMovie has now got some clarifications and more info and pictures of the one chair to rule them all.


Take command of your living room
According to CBS the life-sized chair is a "fully operational replica" of the captain’s chair from Star Trek The Original Series using "expert measurements and the highest quality durable materials." This replica is actually a real piece of furniture, complete with lights, sound effects and built in phrases from the original Captain Kirk himself.

The sound effects included are:

The phrases included are:

Take a seat

$2000 this holiday season
We have some good news and some bad news. The chair will actually be available sooner than originally thought, but also more expensive than first reported. It is expected to debut this holiday season and will sell for $2000 (retail). It will be available at the Diamond Select website and other retailers. Entertainment Earth tells TrekMovie they hope to carry it but have not yet finalized plans with DST. As of now the chair is not yet available for pre-order at DST or any other site.

More views

TrekMovie will provide more updates on the chair as they become available. Until then, start saving.

What about the Roddenberry chair?
Recently TrekMovie reported that Roddenberry.com, who make a number of their own Star Trek replicas, was making a single Captain’s chair available as a prize. This chair from Roddenberry is not the same as the DST chair and is something they had hand-made. The folks at Roddenberry.com tell TrekMovie they are seriously considering offering their own TOS captain’s chair, but being that they would be hand made to order, they would likely be even more expensive than the one from DST. However for now you can still enter to become a Roddenberry member of the year and get the chair for free.



1. Aaron - August 19, 2008

This is amazing!

2. Splurch - August 19, 2008

I have got to have one of these!

Now, how to convince the Mrs that it will look great in the living room?

3. Son of Sarek - August 19, 2008

After I purchase an engagement ring, I want to own this chair! Maybe I can hit the lottery in the meantime or sell some of my other Trek memorabilia…

4. stop the clocks - August 19, 2008

I’ll never be able to afford this, but it’d be cool to have.

5. Buckaroohawk - August 19, 2008

Hey, you think James Cawley will replace the chair of the “Phase II” bridge set with this one?

At the very least, DST should consider asking him to appear in the inevitable print ads for this baby.

I would absolutely love to own one of these, but if I bought one I guarnatee I’d be served with divorce papers the very next day. Guess I’ll have to make due with my La-Z-Boy. It makes sounds, too, but only after I’ve eaten a really big meal.

Sorry…I’m really tired…

6. Captain Walker - August 19, 2008


Question, since the chair has lights and sound how is powered. Also how would something like this be shipped and how much it cost to ship? Please inquire with your source at DST. Can you also inquire about weight and will it be fully assembled or is it in multiple parts.

Thank you

7. Dr. Image - August 19, 2008

For that much, it had better be accurate- with real wood armrests too.
Like to hear Cawley’s opinion.

8. Captain Archer - August 19, 2008

Cawley’s Shamleys, lets get the production crew of Starship Exeter on this! I mean come on, new voyages comes out much faster, but it shows in the effects, THEY SUCK!!! And whats with the bang every time the ship goes to warp???

9. Anthony Pascale - August 19, 2008

RE: 6
As noted above we will have follow-ups and we will cover those issues. Bear in mind that DST have yet to even put this on their website, so this info is all early days. As soon as more details like that are available you can be assured we will be reporting it.

10. Anthony Pascale - August 19, 2008

lets stay on subject, and not turn this into a fan film fight shall we? thanks

11. The Lensman - August 19, 2008

Stop posting articles about this chair. Seriously…..I’m starting to think “You know if I do this or that…I might be able to own this…”

You won’t break me DST!!

12. Commodore Lurker - August 19, 2008

Who cares what sounds it makes. There are only two relevant questions: will the damb thing kill my back? and is it Made in America?

13. That One Guy - August 19, 2008

Screw college! I want this!

14. (The) TOS Purist aka The Purolator - August 19, 2008

#8 – The “bang” every time the ship goes into warp is to make it fit in with the TNG “warp bang” sound, of course!! Because TOS can’t just be an entity unto itself, it has to be modified and TNG-ified to fit in with the rest of “real” Star Trek. At least that’s pretty much what “New Voyages” is all about.

How come everyone is suddenly a TOS fan and wants to buy this thing?

15. (The) TOS Purist aka The Purolator - August 19, 2008

As for paying $2000 bucks for this thing – I make a point not to buy chairs that cost the same amount of money I’d spend for a used car. I could see maybe $400, possibly going as high as $700 AT MOST,but beyond that I don’t think it’s worth it. Considering all the screen-quality TOS prop replicas I’ve made in my time, not to mention a “TOS Officer’s Cabin” set replica, I could easily build this thing myself for WAY less than that. :)

16. Thomas Jensen - August 19, 2008

That looks cool, but I’ve already got one.

17. Brett Campbell - August 19, 2008

I’d like to get a hybrid chair between Kirk’s and Archie Bunker’s.

Edit, you dingbat, gemme a beer! Wawp five!

18. Brett Campbell - August 19, 2008

16 – Yes, and wee’ve already got a Holy Grail, you see! So go away you silly English ki-niggits, or wee will taunt you a second tiimme…

I anticipate a few “fart in your (my?) general direction” comments might follow.

19. Andy Patterson - August 19, 2008

I think the poll should say, “Can you afford this?” I can’t but I’d love to have one. And if I could I’d have sufficient room and placement for it.

20. Uncle Rogi @ Concillium Orb - August 19, 2008

I’m a bit worried about Trekmovie have some calcifications!
This could lead to kidney-stones and then further along require a possible cholecysectomy if not properly treated!!!!
Hopefully they only really had classifications!

On a lighter note, the chair looks bloody amazing and I want one now!

21. Valar1 - August 19, 2008

$2000? That ridiculous. I could maybe see spending 1000 but honestly I’d rather build my own. Whosoever here last week posted the link to the website with the measurements, you have my gratitude. It was a fun thread to read and I learned a lot about the chair and how to make it an exact replica. Now I have something to do over the winter months.

22. capt mike - August 19, 2008

Ok. It may take me a year but i will Have this chair. it will be so kool to have this in my apt and i Might could get some hot chicks to come over when i tell them i have a real Star trek capts chair. But they will probly just laugh at me and say im nerd. but then im realy a blue collor redneck so i guess i should say. Get R Done and fire phasers.

23. Joshua Syko - August 19, 2008

Yeah, if they used it on Phase II i could just see James Cawley sitting down and accidentally pressing a button and the original Captain Kirk spouting out “Prepare for attack all hands Battle Stations.”

24. Spoctor McKirk - August 19, 2008

Hmmm…food for a year?…or talking chair…? Hmmm…I could stand to lose a few pounds…or I could just stand.

Man! Life’s hard.

25. doc Dave - August 19, 2008

Original Captains Chair used on the set was custom made by union carpenters for I am guessing $25 or $30 bucks (1960’s money). Today having a massed produced one should cost about $400 at most, anything else is just ripping the fans off. I am tired of being ripped off.

26. Denise de Arman - August 19, 2008

I sat in the chair in Vegas and pressed many buttons, but did not hear all of the fantabulous effect noises and phrases. Perhaps one of the dilithium crystals had burned out…

27. Commodore Z - August 19, 2008

I’d spend $2,000 for that chair if I had a place to put it in my house! It would be a great companion for my Master Replicas Studio Scale TOS Enterprise.

28. KWS - August 19, 2008

Looks good!

I wonder how stable it might be though judging from the sideview… Hopefully it won’t tump over backwards when your pretending to be taking phaser fire from a klingon wessel.

29. Michael Patterson - August 19, 2008

I think the poll should say, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” I can’t afford it either, but if I could I’d love to get one for Andy Patterson (#19 above) because he’d have sufficient room and placement for it.

30. =A= - August 19, 2008

i don’t need buy 2,000 for capt. chair but i can do homemake myself perfect and easy job smile..

31. James Blake - August 19, 2008

I would love to get one of these, such that I could sit in it and wonder why no woman will ever have sexual intercourse with me.

32. James Blake - August 19, 2008

Oh, and why I missed out on the bronze…

33. capt mike - August 19, 2008

#31. Get R Done.

34. Uncle Rogi @ Concillium Orb - August 19, 2008




35. martin - August 19, 2008

Well they are missing out on a real opportunity in that it should actually have a couple additional functions:

1) a bluetooth speakerphone, so you can make calls from it.
2) an integrated Harmony remote so you can control your viewscreen and playback interfaces.

I am going to tell my wife and mother about this chair so that they might consider going in together on a present. They will think it is beyond ridiculous, and I suppose it is, but man would this be the greatest gift ever.

36. WannaBeatle - August 19, 2008

damn!!! that’s damned cool. I can sell a few guitars and my body to science fiction (had to semi rip off Rodney Dangerfeild for that one)

37. OneBuckFilms - August 19, 2008

I like the idea, but I don’t have $2000 spare, and if I did, there are better things to spend it on (1920×1080 camcorder, Vegas Pro 8 and a Blu-Ray Burner, for instance).

However, I do plan on getting DST’s Science Tricorder and Wrath Of Khan Phaser when they are released.

38. Mr. AtoZ - August 19, 2008

If a Captain’s chair will keep women from having sex with you…it isn’t the chair..LOL!

39. krikzil - August 19, 2008

Well, this will confirm my insanity for friends and family once and for all….but gosh, it will look so nice in my house.

40. Denise de Arman - August 19, 2008

krikzil#39- Did you see the chair in the dealer’s room? Very, very cool. When I sat in it, I swear I thought the seat was vibrating for a moment…

41. The Angry Klingon - August 19, 2008

I have many hobbies…and none of them are cheap.
Its funny that when MR puts out a little 1/350th replica of the enterprise with lights at $1,300 people are surprised that a chair that weighs 50 times as much, is ‘usable’ and has electronics is $700 more? I was thrilled at the $1000 price tag but now not so much. Obviously DST thinks they have a market but I have a hunch that 2k might be a deal breaker for a lot of folks. I hope they are reading this. In these times of $4 a gallon gas its REALLY hard to justify 2k for a piece of furniture. It becomes a hobby not for the fans but for an elite minority…

42. Radioactive Spock - August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr Frakes. On this day is born a good actor / director, and my favorite number one.

43. Captain Robert April - August 19, 2008

Knock a zero off that price and they’ll sell a helluva lot more…

44. Radioactive Spock - August 19, 2008

oops. after midnight so technically a day late. the sentiment remains.

45. krikzil - August 19, 2008

>>krikzil#39- Did you see the chair in the dealer’s room? Very, very cool.

Yes I did. Very cool, indeed.

#41 Angry Klingon — yes, $1K would be more realistic. Still insane in a way but $2K is most definitely putting it out of the reach for most fans.

46. paustin - August 19, 2008

2 grand….ouch thats alot for a uncomfortable chair….dammitt if only it reclined

47. 2 GRAND FOR A CAPTAINS CHAIR?! - August 19, 2008

Why dont they just ask for an arm and a leg too? Good god, 2000 smackaroos for a replica chair. Forget it, I aint gonna be ripped off for that. This is probably their biggest mistake yet. I havent been too keen on the quality of the DST Ships and communicator. If they charge 2 grand, then they need to pay CLOSE attention to detail, and not screw it up.

48. Quatlo - August 19, 2008

Nice, but should also include:

– Refrigerator and freezer compartments

– Multiple easy access storage compartments

– Water and sewage connections with water filter and ice dispenser

– Mini microwave/convection oven

– Custom compact wet bar

– Recliner function with adjustable head and foot rests

– Koss internal headrest speakers

– Adjustable massage and variable temperature seat surfaces

– Integrated Bluetooth, wireless N and backup UPS

– Retractable heavy duty motorized casters

49. Gorn Captain - August 20, 2008

Will there be a “Mirror Mirror” version? ;)

50. Kirk's Revenge - August 20, 2008

Cool chair!
Maybe this has been asked before, but is this going to be a series? It would be really sweet to have a Picard chair from the Enterprise-D. Or perhaps Captain Archer’s chair, the super modified one Trip was wanting to install with the cup-holder.

51. toddk - August 20, 2008

hahhaa..and my wife will make me keep it in the garage..no thanks but cool nevertheless.

52. Beam Me Up - August 20, 2008


53. Commodore Redshirt - August 20, 2008

If I’m ever made CEO of my company, I’ll buy this for me [ and ONLY me ] to use in the conference room.

Oh, and RE:48 Quatlo
“Nice, but should also include… Koss internal headrest speakers”

I’d like a Bose speaker option…

54. Einstein Jones - August 20, 2008

OK guys. I work in the furniture industry. Now, I don’t know what this thing is made of, or how well it’s made, but from the photos I can tell you that it looks like they are making immense profit on this piece. Maybe I’d change my mind if I saw one, or at least some detailed photos.

That being said, it does look pretty cool. But not very comfortable. Ah, crap, I want to see more about it.

55. Iowagirl - August 20, 2008

$2,000 is a real setback. I was just getting used to running around in jute bags, eating only left-overs from the buffets of rich friends, and selling my furniture – but I’m afraid $ 2,000 will remain an illusion…

56. Crewman Darnell - August 20, 2008

Two grand is a rich price for my salty blood, but oh how I want one! This is like the ultimate score for crack-heads. It’s impractical and unwise on so many levels, yet who can resist the temptation? I salute those with the craftsmanship to build one of their own, let alone the skills of persuasion to convince their significant others that it *really* would blend in with the existing decor.

57. Enc - August 20, 2008

2 grand??? r they kidding?
it better include a free removable highback section

for that matter we could build our own cheaper and faster

what? no phrase for bones?

nah hes smarter then that. hed have em removed
got a point. 2 grand and theyll sell a couple hundred and call it a hit but sell it for 400 and they” sell a few thousand. maybe they dont wanta make that many.
lets keep it tos and give us a reg bridge chair. two of em to go w/ the capt chair.
tripp’s still working on that

58. captain_neill - August 20, 2008

The chair at the Roddenberry stall in vegas was fantastic, i really felt great sitting in the captain’s chair.

$2000 works around just over £1000 for me and that is still really expensive for my blood. But it sure is tempting.

$2000 is more than the spending money I had with me in Vegas two weeks ago.

Any fans on here who went to Vegas. If I did not meet any of you then I apologise and I hope to meet you all in 2010 when I head back to Vegas for the con.

Was there any on here that I did meet?

I was the one in the frilled shirt at the thursday night pary and the one Malcolm McDowell said he did not understand when I asked him a question.

59. JB - August 20, 2008

“One chair to rule them all” – well played, sir.

60. erica rachel kathryn hernandez-garrett-janeway (lol) - August 20, 2008

sadly this is not an exact replica of the chair…the upper backrest piece is about 20% shorter than it should be and I WANT TO SEE WHAT THE CAPTAINS CHAIR FROM THE MOVIE LOOKS LIKE

61. John Gill - August 20, 2008

MY GAWD, TWO GRAND???!!!!!!! I was honestly thinking of $1,000, but now I’ll have to think seriously, and DOES IT SWIVEL BACK INTO POSITION? No swivel: No way.

62. Driver - August 20, 2008

I’d buy. But then, I’d have to build the entire bridge set around it.

63. Tom - August 20, 2008

I’d rather have the Master Replica TOS Enterprise (itself overpriced at $1200!)

64. star trackie - August 20, 2008

If you can build it, knock yourself out and please share the pictures when you’re finished in 2015. Personally, having imagined sitting in one my whole life, I’d prefer not to wait any longer. The clock is ticking and you can’t take it with you. Thanks to my tax refund and W’s stimulus check, I might just have my captain’s chair yet! ( although I would want to pysically check one out before I threw down the cash)

65. diabolik - August 20, 2008

They should make the conn next. Then make one section of the bridge that cans can buy and change the pictures on. Then they can add one section at a time until they have the whole bridge!

66. Norman - August 20, 2008

i want one with the high back, like in Mirror, Mirror.

(prolly $2500 for that one…)

67. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 20, 2008

#55 … I think I have our solution. Closettrekker is also in the furniture industry. We’ll simply force him to make 2 of these for us!

68. paustin - August 20, 2008

#60 you forgot to mention how this wildly inaccurate chair rapes your childhood…..

69. trp - August 20, 2008

the chair (having sat in the chair at Phase 2) is not that comfortable to sit in for long periods–it has no ‘give’ in the back, so if you were going to use it for tv viewing or video gaming, it may not be the best application. they look GREAT however. Rod’s chair was cool because it was covered in formica–really durable and wearable.

The Phase 2 chair is an actual Madison chair, just like the original. If you’ve ever come across one of these for sale, you know that just the Madison is over $1,000 itself . . . .


70. earthclanbootstrap - August 20, 2008

for $2000 it had better come with it’s own yeoman!
(and I think you all know the kind I’m talking about…)

71. Scott - August 20, 2008

How about a poll asking how much we’d be willing to pay for such a chair? Seriously.

At $1,000, I thought it might be worth it. Overpriced, but worth it. At $2,000, I just have to throw up my hands and say, “Are you kidding?”

And where’s the voice clip that says, “Ahead, Warp Factor 2″ ? That’s a signature phrase!

For $2,000, it really SHOULD have some modern functional amenities as some folks (some jokingly) said above.

I’m surprised they’re not doing several versions of this with different price points — a bare bones version, a moderately tricked-out version and a super deluxe version.


Scott B. out.

72. j w wright - August 20, 2008


they could have at least built a universal remote into the controls…

and a fridge…

trek fans or only good for shearing, like the sheep they are?

i say build your own and use the $ you save to buy tix, popcorn and petrol to see the new movie…

should just about cover the expense!

73. Iowagirl - August 20, 2008


Excellent! We’ll lock him up in a room with a huge screen, TFF being shown 24 hours a day. As soon as he capitulates, we’ll grant him 2 negative posts on Shatner without rebuttal as payment for the chairs.

74. British Naval Dude - August 20, 2008

I agree wit’ tha’ sentiment that ye’ can build yer own.

I figure, starting wit’ an old toilet bowl as tha’ foundation, ye’ can craft tha’ box shapes outta hard pastic and place them around the loo. Then ye’ can find a good leather chair… maybe an old Bauhaus design at yer antique dealer’s, and compleetly rip it asunder fur its leather cushions.

As far as tha’ electronics, well, I would think buttons or small coloured domes could be taken from children’s toys. Start hangin’ around daycare centres wit’ yer lootin’ bag at tha’ ready.

Electronics stores should supply tha’ mechanics ta’ make things glow and go “woo-woo”… And an old lawnmower engine would fit well in tha’ toilet bowl and could be easily converted ta’ a makeshift generator. However, ta’ start it up, you’ll need ta’ pull tha’ ripcord from between your legs as ye’ sit on tha’ chair. Try ta’ do that when no one’s lookin’.

Arrrrrrr… it’s a wonder me ship doesn’t sink…

75. Ryan T. Riddle - August 20, 2008

This is awesome cool, but $2000 is steep and outta my budget. Hell, it’s no where near my budget.

76. Misterfusion - August 20, 2008

I was happy with $1,000ish. $2,000? Not so much.

I’ll never EVER understand why people think it’s better to sell a handfull of units at a ridiculously inflated “collector’s premium” price as opposed to making a smaller (not small, but smaller) profit, move a lot more units, get a quality product and their name in a lot more hands and generate MUCH more customer satisfaction and good will.

I’ll wait for the inevitable blow-out sale or pick this up second market when some poor soul has to unload it to make his car payment…

77. starfleetmom - August 20, 2008

#35: Is that a eHarmony remote?? ;-)

78. cellojammer - August 20, 2008



And it’s true, dear God it’s true…

79. Holger - August 20, 2008

$2000 now? Wow! In a previous thread on this chair, someone posted that you can build your own chair for materials worth $100 and a weekend of work. I replied that I have two left hands, unfortunately. But be that as it may, I will better take a shot at it now. Maybe it’s gonna take ten weekends, but I won’t save 2000 bucks!

#69: Thank you for the information. From the looks of the chair, I would have thought it’s quite comfy for watching TV.

80. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 20, 2008

#73 … LOL! I think when his task was complete he might elect to stay in the room, proclaiming, “I don’t want my pain taken away, I need my pain!”

81. Holger - August 20, 2008

#76: I totally agree. And the more units you produce, the better a price you can get buying the raw materials.

82. Sallah - August 20, 2008

I wonder if it’s ONLY gonna be on their site…or will it be availble through dealers who order from Diamond? If so, I would still be tempted as I get stuff for cost at my shop. I figure shipping’s gonna be nuts on this to begin with, but if they offer say a 30% wholesale discount on the chair, that puts it at $1400…. an almost affordable range….

I want it so bad.

83. steve - August 20, 2008

I reckon it would be easy to make yourself

84. Jackson Roykirk - August 20, 2008

…Yeah, but does it have a “Jettison Pod” button:


85. richpit - August 20, 2008

I didn’t read all comments, as I’m at work, but I’d like to say that as cool as it is, I’d never entertain the notion of spending $2000 on this thing. It’s awesome that they’re making it, but that’s a lot of ca$h.

I wouldn’t spend that much on a “real” piece of furniture.

86. Mazzer - August 20, 2008

We have the sofa version in my living room — known as the “KCC” (or Kirk’s Casting Couch).

87. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008

Two words to describe the chair:


Four words to describe the price:


Why so much money? Just because you can fleece Trek fans? No way does it cost that much to produce that it warrants such a mark-up. Is it the FX? The real chair didn’t have any so make one that is static for $500 with no FX and I’ll sit there and go “bloop bleep wah-wah-wah. Open hailing frequencies, Lt. Uhura.” Also that way I don’t have to have an elecrical cord strung across the floor to trip on.

$2,000. C’mon.

88. 1701 over Gotham City - August 20, 2008

TWO GRAND????????????

Forget it. I could build one with lights and sound for less. It’s gorgeous, but it ain’t $2k gorgeous. For 1000 I was considering, lightly.

89. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008


You’re hired. I’ll pay you $500 to make one with no FX but is accurate.

90. Al Hartman - August 20, 2008

I agree with the sentiment that $1000.00 was excessive, and $2000.00 was just compounding the rip-off.

Maybe you can sell a Shatner autographed special edition for $2000.00, but not what’s listed.

I could have someone build me one for $500.00 pretty easily, as long as I give up having a real madison chair as the base.

The current chair at Phase II is not a real Madison chair, as I was told when I was there. I know that they plan a full renovation of the bridge, and part of that is a new Command chair fabricated from a real Madison Chair.

I think that will make it the third command chair built for Phase II.

James Cawley keeps improving all aspects of the show. The sets, the costumes, the music, the SFX and expecially the stories.

The next three episodes (Blood and Fury, a two parter. And, Enemy Mine) are episodes that really play like the could have been real episodes in an unfilmed 4th season of Trek.

For Phase II, the best is yet to come!

91. jt - August 20, 2008

Well for folks like me it will be fine! I will pay 2k for it because I do not have the time or know how to do something this good! I sat in roddennberry’s replica in Vegas and if it is close to that chair I will be happy!

92. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008


“Well for folks like me it will be fine! I will pay 2k for it…”

I am happy for you. Since you’re rich could you help me with the $500 I have to pay #88 to build me one? Bleep blorp ka-bling. Set phasers to beg.

93. Iowagirl - August 20, 2008


Good point – but as long as we get those damned CHAIRS, Closettrekker can keep his pain *and* the marsh melons!

94. jt - August 20, 2008

^ I am not rich, but i have to have one!

95. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008


Crap! Great!! OK then, point me in the direction of someone who is rich AND willing to buy me stuff, please.

96. Closettrekker - August 20, 2008

#67—-“I think I have our solution. Closettrekker is also in the furniture industry. We’ll simply force him to make 2 of these for us!”

We can build the chair in hardwood and upholster it in our facility, but it would lack the effects and features.

#73—-“Excellent! We’ll lock him up in a room with a huge screen, TFF being shown 24 hours a day. As soon as he capitulates, we’ll grant him 2 negative posts on Shatner without rebuttal as payment for the chairs.”

If you both admit how terrible that abomination is and list the reasons why, I might consider building a couple of them as I described above. However, I cannot guarantee delivery until after January 1st, due to limited space on the containers I have coming in between now and then being reserved for clients who are spending real money.

Forcing me to watch that movie again won’t break me. I would then simply withhold building the chair out of spite…

On the other hand, if during STXI, Nimoy’s Spock travels back in time, once again disguising himself as Cousin Selek, goes into the bedroom of Baby Sybok, and subsequently smothers his face with a pillow….I’ll build them both for free and deliver yours to Germany personally!

#80—” LOL! I think when his task was complete he might elect to stay in the room, proclaiming, ‘I don’t want my pain taken away, I need my pain!’ ”

Now that was funny.

#93—“Good point – but as long as we get those damned CHAIRS, Closettrekker can keep his pain *and* the marsh melons!”

To make it through something like that, I would need more than “marshmelons”. I’m thinking a case of McCoy’s bourbon (you can keep the beans) at the least!!!

97. Gary Seven - August 20, 2008

Oh I’m sure there are enough of you unemployed people that will buy it! Afterall everyone that’s broke still has a i-Phone that they spent much needed bill money on. So don’t buy video games for two months and buy that chair!!! Plus if you didn’t have two kids, you for sure could buy it!

98. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008


I can’t buy the chair because I need the money for liquor and relatively cheap women. Can’t wait for that welfare check to come in. Good thing I got lot’s of kids because I get more government money that way.

Thanks for your hard work.

99. Closettrekker - August 20, 2008

#97—That’s not nice, Gary. I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of trekmovie.com visitors are gainfully employed, and there is certainly no reason to assume otherwise. $2000 is just a good chunk of change, and not the kind of money just casually spent in one afternoon by most of society.

I can afford the chair, but my wife would then demand something equally extravagant (once she stopped looking at me as if I were an idiot and began to see it as an opprotunity), and that means the chair would cost me $4000 instead of $2000.

That is about 80 tanks of gas for me….No thank you.

100. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008


Are you the one I should be begging? I mean, loaded with loot, furniture business, really has a soft spot for degenerate musicians who spend all their welfare money in ill-advised manners but have good hearts.

Dude has gotta try.

101. JT - August 20, 2008

OK folks esspecially you #95, it seems to me that there are a punch of people right now that are being mean and bitter for no real reason! If you don’t want to spend the money for the chair fine! Please do not be ugly to the fans that are on here that want to buy one. #95 you fine your own money, plan and simple! Lets break this down a little. Master replicas studio scale Enterprise was around 1500 dollars. I know because I have one as do a lot of other fans that come to trekmovie.com. So for 500 dollars more you can have a full size replica of TOS captain’s chair, does not sound that bad to me! Please do not get me wrong 2k is a lot of money and I will have to juggle some thing to make it work. I have always wanted something like this, just like my MR Enterprise. I am very excited about this news, and I would think that everyone should be even if you do not think you can afford it!

102. JT - August 20, 2008

^ Here is something else to think about! How much will a nice chair in a furniture store run you, and how many of you guys have had to buy furniture? I mean 2k for a nice chair from a good furniture store is not out of the ordinary! Just food for thought!

103. Closettrekker - August 20, 2008

#101—Whoa, JT….THX was only joking about finding someone to beg for a chair. I think you misinterpreted or have him confused with someone else.

104. JT - August 20, 2008

^ Maybe so I just here alot of belly aching going on!

105. Closettrekker - August 20, 2008

#102—-“How much will a nice chair in a furniture store run you, and how many of you guys have had to buy furniture?”

LMAO. I build and sell some fairly high-end furniture, and I have never put a $2000 retail price tag on a single chair. That’s not a chair, that’s an average couch (which I don’t sell, btw). I have a successful specialty furniture store, and the highest price for a single chair on my Houston showroom floor is $950. I am sure that someone sells chairs for $2000, but 2K is not a reasonable price for even a nice chair that only one person will ever sit on at any given time (unless your lap is going to be the extra seating space). The TOS replica chair is a novelty piece with special features, and that is where the added cost is.

106. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 20, 2008

OK JT, let’s break THIS down a bit.

It’s called a joke. I’m joking. To whom was I being mean? Diamond Selec Toys? Sorry to hurt their feelings but I think they’ll get over it. If you can describe me being ugly to one person, accurately, I won’t post here again.

Breaking it down a bit further–$1500 for an Enterprise is RE-DIC-U-LOUS. I’m glad for those who want to buy one or who already have, but here in the US, and possibly elsewhere if the news reports are correct, we are entitled to our opinion. Such as a captain Kirk chair priced at $2000 is a rip off. And a nifty Enterprise with light-up windows and spinning nacelles for $500 less than that is too much money. Some people are willing to pay big $$ for stuff and some aren’t. It’s one of the driving forces and things that define a free market.

I don’t have to think about what furniture costs. I own a houseful of it. It’s paid for, just like my house and four vehicles. I own my own business and feel relatively confident in my budgeting and spending habits. Perhaps you are thrown off by my sense of humor, which is fine. I tend to like to be rather familiar with people on this site. Most folks realize that I’m not actually asking them for money or free memorabilia. At least, I think they do. I’ve never had anyone take me that seriously around here. Anyway, I’m not holding my breath waiting for Closettrekker to send me a prop replica chair. And by all means, spend your money any way that you see fit. If it makes you happy, indulge yourself. Just don’t expect everyone else to go around saying “Oh joyous rapture!! Oh happy day!! Finally, a captain’s chair that costs as much as a good used car and goes ‘blip bleep ping’!”

Read all my post. I said the chair was awesome. What should I do? Handstands?

107. Viking - August 20, 2008

Two grand?!? I’d love to own one, but I wouldn’t be able to sit in it – my keister would be bleeding after I got the bill……….

108. Unsung hero - August 20, 2008

2,000 is a heafty price, but i still want it

109. JT - August 20, 2008

^ Yes that is your opinion and that is great, How ever it is not mine #106! Joke or not do what you want to do! As I have said 2 k and even 15k is alot of money I no! That being said is 2000 dollars for the chair or 1500 dollars for the MR Enterprise ( RIDICULOUS ) not in my opinion! Have a good one all!

110. Robert Bernardo - August 20, 2008

After looking at the 2 grand replicas being sold on eBay, this DST Captain’s Chair is not far off the price mark. If it is absolutely exact in its detailing (minus the imperfections of the t.v. show’s chair which do not show up in filming), then this is what I am looking for. $2,000… yeah, I could deal with that.

111. JT - August 20, 2008

^ I agree totally 110!

112. steve623 - August 20, 2008

“TrekMovie has now got some calcifications”

“Calcifications”? Really? TrekMovie has some calcifications?

113. quacks5 - August 20, 2008

Where are your priorities, cheapskates? But it’s not what I want, no, that would be…

…a TOS Captain Pike’s Chair! They could save some money on the buttons (doesn’t need any), sound effects (one boop or two), and lights, but having a drivetrain would be slightly more complex (fit it on a Segway?) and that mind-control operation thing might be a bit pricey. But the technology for the latter exists, so get on with it!

114. MiniKirk - August 20, 2008

I want. When I get a job, I’m saving up for this. THIS is going to be my first piece of furniture.

115. JT - August 20, 2008

^There ya go 114 sounds good!

116. FREAKAZOID - August 20, 2008

**drool** must……….have……..

117. Canadianknight - August 20, 2008

Well, it looks amazing… but 2 grand? That is tantamount to highway robbery. I wouldn’t spend that much on a designer chair, much less a “prop” chair.

$500-$1000, I can see. (Well… MAYBE 1000). But 2000? That’s just ludicrous. For a chair with some lights and a couple of sound f/x chips? Just…wow….

118. Iowagirl - August 20, 2008

…I’ll build them both for free and deliver yours to Germany personally!


119. Captain Robert April - August 21, 2008

Of course, the really important question is when is one of these things gonna show up in an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”…

120. Update On Life-Sized Star Trek Captain’s Chair | Sarkle - August 21, 2008

[…] Full article addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sarkle.net%2Fscifi%2F2008%2F08%2F21%2Fupdate-on-life-sized-star-trek-captains-chair%2F'; addthis_title = ‘Update+On+Life-Sized+Star+Trek+Captain%26%238217%3Bs+Chair'; addthis_pub = ”; […]

121. trp - August 21, 2008


the phase II chair IS an actual Madison. the chair used in ‘come what may,’ ‘in harm’s way,’ ‘to serve all my days’ and ‘world enough and time’ was a very skillful replica. the chair used in ‘blood and fire’ is an actual madison.


122. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 21, 2008

#118 … Would you allow him a cold beer before his long journey back to Texas, or would you immediately order him out? I’d have my finger on the Tantalus Field button if I were you.

123. Closettrekker - August 21, 2008

#121—I had yet to have a “cold” beer in Europe. All I can find is room temperature beer, but you get used to it…

” I’d have my finger on the Tantalus Field button if I were you.”

Shatner Fan, your agonizer, please….

124. Iowagirl - August 21, 2008


Cold German beer, I’ll read Shatner’s memoirs to him, we’ll watch Kingdom of Spiders and some BL…BTW, did I ever mention that I’m capable of performing the Vulcan nerve pinch?

125. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 21, 2008


” I’d have my finger on the Tantalus Field button if I were you.”


“Cold German beer, I’ll read Shatner’s memoirs to him, we’ll watch Kingdom of Spiders and some BL…BTW, did I ever mention that I’m capable of performing the Vulcan nerve pinch?”

Are you guys still talking about the chair?

126. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 21, 2008

#125 … We’re just trying to keep from becoming part of the furniture around here.

127. Closettrekker - August 21, 2008

#124—“BTW, did I ever mention that I’m capable of performing the Vulcan nerve pinch?”

Yes, but only if my well-timed double-fisted strike to the ribcage (possibly followed by a perfectly executed over-the-shoulder throw) fails to keep you just enough “off-balance” to position yourself for it!

I am well-versed in Kirk-fu :)…

128. R - August 22, 2008

I wish there was a chair from the Enterprise-D that can be programmed to serve as your Television, DVD/Blu-ray player.

129. Iowagirl - August 22, 2008


HA, now your visit to Germany has become even more urgent and please bring Shatner Fan along – we must witness you performing this instantly recognizable, outstanding demonstration of Shatnerism which has become famous as Kirk-fu! :D

Shatner Fan may act as referee and hand out the lirpas, just in case we can’t agree…

“Kirk-fu is definitely a Shatnerism which eventually became one of Kirk’s typical traits..”

Reaches out and tries to perform Vulcan nerve pinch…

“No, Kirk is a generic heroic fictional character – he must be versed in hand-to-hand combat. Shatner did well what he did, but everybody else could have done it in the same manner…”

Tries to launch that famous double-fisted strike to the ribcage…

More beer for Shatner Fan…

130. Closettrekker - August 22, 2008

#129—-“…this instantly recognizable, outstanding demonstration of Shatnerism which has become famous as Kirk-fu!”

There is no question that “Kirk-fu” was unique to television. I never said that I didn’t like “Shatnerisms” (although I think we have to credit the fight choreographers and stunt-doubles as well)—In fact, Kirk-fu is a favorite of mine obviously. There is nothing like a good old fashioned two legged kick! How about an open hand chop to the back of the neck (works every time)?

“Shatner Fan may act as referee and hand out the lirpas, just in case we can’t agree…”

And if both survive zi lirpa…zi combat vil continue with zi ahn-woon!—-Kalifi! (cues the music again).

I’d share beer (along with German sausages) and classic Trek with both of you anytime…(with or without nerve pinches and Kirk-fu).

131. Iowagirl - August 22, 2008

– I’d share beer (along with German sausages) and classic Trek with both of you anytime…(with or without nerve pinches and Kirk-fu). –

Yeah, I’d be pleased too to meet you guys and have a drink (or two) and watch a lot of classic Trek with you somewhere down the road, either in Germany or in Texas!


132. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 22, 2008

#131 … You are aware that Closet runs his business (if you call posting here all day running a business) mere blocks from my home, right? But things have been fine since the Organians stepped in!

Yes, I’ll see you guys at Trektoberfest! :-)

133. Iowagirl - August 22, 2008


Yeah, I am aware of the constant threat you have been facing, my poor friend, so I’m glad to hear that your “quadrant” has equalled a neutral status by now.

And I still do hope that the prejudices we feel about Closettr…ehem, each other disappear when we get to know each other at the Trektoberfest. :-)

134. Replica captain’s chair from Star Trek $2000?!? | Blog of Much Holding - August 22, 2008

[…] Holy cow, the Diamond Select reproduction of the original chair that James T. Kirk sat his over-acting posterior in was originally rumored to be $1000 (which I could almost justify with my wife – especially if I paid for a Disney vacation). Well, double that – it will sell for $2000. […]

135. Even more Life Like - August 23, 2008

That’s what credit cards are for :)

136. Closettrekker - August 23, 2008

#132—“You are aware that Closet runs his business (if you call posting here all day running a business) mere blocks from my home, right? ”

You’d be suprised by what I accomplish daily, on the phone and e-mailing, at lunch meetings, travelling, and meeting with clients usually 6 days a week (all of it in between posts on trekmovie.com). But rest assured, no one who works for me has any clue that spend any amount of time on this site during the workday.

My trek fan status remains (as far as work goes) in the closet!!!lol.

137. Closettrekker - August 23, 2008

#132—“But things have been fine since the Organians stepped in!”

A pity, (Shatner Fan). It would have been glorious!”

138. TheJvstin - December 18, 2008

should come with a microwave..

139. Search Engine Hoptimization « The Captain’s Chair - February 9, 2009

[…] on this term. But it’s frightening to me how many people are really interested in buying a life-size replica of Captain Kirk’s chair from the set of Star Trek. My site is not, and never will be, a place to find information about the […]

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