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Exclusive Preview Of New Star Trek Collectibles Guidebook (and Magazine) August 26, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Books,Memorabilia,Merchandise,Toys , trackback

The history of Trek collectibles goes back over 40 years and with a new movie on the way, the amount and variety of Trek merchandise is only increasing. To help both newbies and hard core collectors, a new guidebook and magazine dedicated to Trek collectibles are on their way, and TrekMovie.com has an exclusive first look at both.


The Guidebook – Star Trek The Collectibles
"Star Trek: The Collectibles," written by uber-collector Steve Kelly, brings fans over 250 pages detailing nearly every classic Star Trek collectible. The guidebook focuses on items based on the TOS era TV series and films (through to Star Trek Generations), including items released after Generations (It was decided that there were too many items for a single volume to cover items from all Trek shows, but if sales warrant, a future book or books will cover the the rest). There has not been a Star Trek toy guidebook available since 2000, and even that book was limited only to items from the Playmates Toys line. "Star Trek The Collectibles" has chapters covering 32 different categories with over 1,200 color photos and the book also provides estimated price guides for each Trek item (in two condition categories: mint/near mint w/ packaging and mint/near mint w/o packaging).

Sample pages: Star Trek The Collectibles covers much more than just figures and toys (click to enlarge)

The book is unique in that it will present a historical look at each licensee through the various eras of the original Star Trek. Author Kelley tells Trekmovie.com that about half of the book is dedicated to the late 1960s and 1970s because of the incredible amount of collectibles that came onto the market after the show was cancelled. "Ironically when Star Trek is not on television or at the movies, there tends to be much more merchandise available for fans" comments Kelley.

Sample pages: The 70s, era of the belt buckle
(click to enlarge)

Kelley himself owns an impressive collection of Trek items which make up most of the items photographed for the book. Yet, unlike some previous guides, Star Trek: The Collectibles isn’t merely lists or pictures. Kelley conducted two years of research to give the real story behind the collectibles.

I wanted the book to me more than a list. I wanted people to be able to pick up the book and learn about the history of Star Trek collectibles. For example, the book offers a history of the MEGO line of toys. Many people may not know there have been five versions of the card that featured the Kirk action figure, or that the famous Remco Star Trek utility belt is the same belt used for The Hulk or Superman belts from the same company. The Hulk radiation detector is merely the Star Trek communicator painted green.

Sample pages: Get behind the scenes on Star Trek collectibles
(click to enlarge)

Of interest to regular Trekmovie. com readers, friend-of-the-site Chris Doohan writes the forward to the guidebook. Star Trek: The Collectibles hits book stores the last week of October and is available now for preorder at Amazon.com.

Star Trek The Collectibles is available for pre-order at Amazon for $16.49
(Ships Oct. 24)

The Magazine – Unofficial Guide To Star Trek Collectibles
This November 17th, Krause Publishing and Kelley are also releasing "The Unofficial Guide to Star Trek Collectibles" magazine. The premier issue features articles about the history of MEGO toys, including art work not seen in decades and a look at the Hallmark 2008 Christmas Ornaments. According to Kelley, the focus of the magazine will be strictly new and vintage toys and collectibles (and their makers). The magazine will also feature profiles of many Star Trek collectors themselves.

Although Trek collectibles have been covered in Star Trek Magazine, Wizard’s ToyFare and Star Trek Communicator, there has never been a magazine dedicated solely to Star Trek collectibles. However, because of the incredible amount of both past and future Star Trek items, this should be a valuable resource for fans.

New collectibles magazine coming in November

Steve Kelley – a collector’s collector
The new book and magazine grow out of a life-long passion with collecting Star Trek. In the video interview below, Kelley shows off his massive Trek collection.



1. krikzil - August 26, 2008

First? I’m jealous. This guy might have a bigger collection than me. I can’t wait to ge the book to see all I’m missing.

2. Pete - August 26, 2008

Very cool.

3. Capes - August 26, 2008


4. StarSHIP-1 - August 26, 2008

did that news guy say dr. Spock?

5. The Gorn Identity - August 26, 2008

Ahhhh…I love those Mego Star Trek figures.

6. Kertrats - August 26, 2008

What are “vinate” toys?

7. Kertrats - August 26, 2008

OH! “Vintage” must be what was meant! Sorry! The typo is in the description of the magazine.

8. Dr. Image - August 26, 2008

I shall now brag:
I have a round-top 1969 Trek lunchbox, with thermos, in MINT condition.
Case closed.

9. Beam Me Up - August 26, 2008

Eh, I have autographs of all the main casts from all four series including Captains. Beat that.

10. steve623 - August 26, 2008

Wow, point me toward the pre-order. I’m intrigued by the stuff on the ’70s era collectibles, when no one knew the meaning of the word “licensing”.

11. TL - August 26, 2008

Watch the news reporter’s intro into the segmant…”It’s been more than 40 years since Dr. Spock…” WTF? Dr. Spock? What kind of news reporters do they have in New Hampshire? Obviously ones that don’t watch Star Trek!

12. Gabriel Bell - August 26, 2008

8 and 9 … good stuff! Would love to read in this thread about everyone’s prized collectibles.

Me? I have a phaser collection 20 strong, but my number one collectible would be winning an on-line charity auction and actually appearing as an extra on the bridge (in Enterprise’s “Awakening”). I put the ship on red alert and fired the phasers. Best day of my life.

13. Beam Me Up - August 26, 2008

Wow! That rocks.

14. steve623 - August 26, 2008

And how awesome that you got to be in one of the good episodes from the best season of the show :-)

15. Wes - August 26, 2008

“nearly every Star Trek item available from the 1960s TV era through the 1994 film Generations. ”

Why just through Generations? That pisses me off! There were thousands of trek items after that, if I just wanted through Generations I would go back and look at my old trek collectors book that was the most complete I have ever seen, printed in 1995

I have almost every Trek Item ever made! Seriously! (except the round domed lunch box, but, I know where to get one! ……)

16. John Pemble - August 26, 2008

40 years of “Dr Spock”. idiot.

17. JP - August 26, 2008

Dr Spock? That’s that baby guy isn’t he? lol

18. steve623 - August 26, 2008

Re-read the article. The book is focusing on TOS-related collectibles, which means shows and movies featuring the TOS characters, who last appeared in Generations. If you look at the sample pages, you’ll see TOS collectibles from 2002. If the TOS book is successful, the author wants to do more books focusing on the other shows.

19. dayxday - August 26, 2008

Ah….yes…Dr. Spock. One of my favorite characters on Star Trak.

20. Beam Me Up - August 26, 2008

Dr. McCoy must be mad.

21. steve623 - August 26, 2008

Turns out Spock’s doctorate is in music theory. Who’d a thunk it?

22. Mark Lynch - August 27, 2008

40 years since Dr Spock…….. delivered a baby?

23. Mark Lynch - August 27, 2008

However, great book at a great price.

24. bobfred - August 27, 2008

#4 not doctor spock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(again, LOL)

25. shatner's bassoon - August 27, 2008

AW What! I want to find out about Dow Websters’ friend but now Ill never know!

26. MikeyPikey - August 27, 2008

wow if i ever own that book, i chose the wrong path in life lol..

27. captain_neill - August 27, 2008

1. krikzil
At this moment I am not sure if I will be there for Vegas in 2009 but was wondering if we can meet up at 2010 vegas con? I will find out in a few months if I can make next years or not.

Anyway about the collection, there are some cool stuff to have there but my problem is that I am running out of space in my bedroom.

Does anyone like the old 1988 TNG action figures, they were pretty lacking in quality but fun for retro bility?

I know they have done the Gorn correct for the mego recreations and it looks cool, the old one looked bad.

Really want a belt buckle

28. Holger - August 27, 2008

I better keep my fingers off of this book. Otherwise I’ll want to have everything pictured in there and will spend hundreds of hours on eBay and billions of bucks!!

29. Zip - August 27, 2008

I have a cut away, promotional poster, of the Enterprise, in it’s origional mailing tube handed out during season 2 of TOS.

30. CmdrR - August 27, 2008

Back when my collection took up all the shelves in my walk-in closet, you’d need all of Capt. Tracy’s reserve packs for a phaser set on ‘dust.’ I notice they interviewed the collector dude’s father but not his mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, or any female on Earth.

Mind you, I’m taking cheap shots because I’m totally jealous.

31. CmdrR - August 27, 2008

I do have the Enterprise brass belt buckle shown in the upper left of that page. I notice it’s appreciated in value from $15-$35 in just 30 years. Now I can retire. Actually, I still wear it. And when you pull my Shatneresque paunch out of the way, you can still see it.

Should I stop hoping that my Starfleet Technical Manuel signed by James Doohan & Nichelle Nichols will ever be worth enough to put my kids through college?

32. Steve Roby - August 27, 2008

Looking forward to both the book and the magazine. I mainly collect the books now, but I have fond memories of a lot of the other stuff that’s come out over the years.

Curious about the magazine, though — what kind of distribution will it have? How often will it be published? How much will it cost? And is there really enough interest to support an ongoing magazine?

33. krikzil - August 27, 2008

captain_neill — if I’m still among the living, I’ll be at the con next year and the following. Why break with tradition now? Of course who knows where Creation will hold the con come 2010 what with the closing of STTE.

>.Anyway about the collection, there are some cool stuff to have there but my problem is that I am running out of space in my bedroom.

Heh heh. That’s why I bought a house with an extra bedroom. My Star Trek museum!

34. Buckaroohawk - August 27, 2008

Wes (#15),

The article clearly states that there are too many Trek collectibles to cover in a single book volume, so they used Generations as a cut-off line. If sales of the book warrant, future volumes will proceed from that point forward and likely cover the other Trek series and films.

It pays to read something in its entirety. It would have saved you the trouble of getting miffed for no reason at all.

Regarding the book: It sounds very comprehensive. It’ll be fun to go through it and remember all the Trek goodies from my childhood. I’m looking forward to learning about items I probably never knew about when I was growing up. I’ll definitely be checking this out.

35. Thelin - August 27, 2008

Another must have. Gotta get the book, and the magazine.

Had I known about this collection, I would’ve stopped by when I was in New Hampshire a few years ago!

36. The White Blackula - August 27, 2008

I want one of those starfleet belt buckles from the movies. Where the hell do I get one?

37. Izbot - August 27, 2008

What a horribly-designed book. And those covers! Ee-yuck!

38. bill hiro - August 27, 2008

Try Roddenberry.com

39. Steve Kelley - August 27, 2008

Hi everyone.
Thanks for all the great compliments on my upcoming book and magazine.
Yes, the channel 9 guy said Dr. Spock. I couldn’t believe it myself and said “Oh no, not again!” like I’m sure hundreds of others said at the same time as well. At any rate they did do a very nice interview and got some great footage of at least a small part of my collection. When I watched it myself on TV I quickly discovered two things. One, I had gained a lot of weight (due to a back injury sustained many months before) and two, I should have sat on my hands. Geeze, I waved my hands all over the place LOL
The book was originally going to be made up of all of the collectibles but we quickly discovered that there was just waaay to much stuff to get it all in one book and not have the cost be prohibitive and it weighing 100 lbs or more.
So, we decided to do the TOS stuff in the “first” volume and since the last movie that more than one character of the major original cast were seen in was Generations that became our cut off. If sales do well we will then proceed with the TNG collectibles in book two. Since Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise don’t have as much memorabilia created as TOS and TNG, I can see those series memorabilia probably being combined into one volume, but of course that is still a few years away best case so we shall see.
The book is made up entirely from my own collection. We did this as it just made it easier getting the images we wanted and because my collection was complete enough there was no need or reason to seek out getting images of any pieces from anyone or anyplace else.
The book changed a lot from once my original content of images and text was submitted to the publisher. During the editing and layout process it gained a lot, but it also lost some too. There always has to be sacrifices made and I am sure that there will be some collectors like myself who would have liked to have seen certain pieces pictured and included that sadly didn’t make it in the final cut of the book. Of course the reality is that you just can’t include everything.

I am so proud to have had the forward of my book written by Chris Doohan.
His father is one of my all time favorites both as a TOS character and as a fan favorite at conventions so to have Chris write the forward, especially in such a personal way, was a real honor and a total thrill for me. Thanks again Chris. You rock!

The release date for the book is actually next month in September. The October date was created by places like Amazon many months ago when the book was first announced only to make sure that if there were any unforseen delays that they wouldn’t get hammered with complaints by people who had ordered the book upset that it didn’t come out when they said. So they gave themselves a cushion to cover themselves I guess.
You can pre-order the book from just about any place that sells books, be it your favorite book store of online including Amazon. In fact it has been available for pre-order for months now actually.

The Star Trek Collectors magazine cover you see pictured is just a very early preliminary mock up created for layout and legal purposes only. You got to see it here first just like the high res images of the book pages.
The actual final cover however will be quite different and hopefully feature a cover of one of the new Playmates movie toys with a feature article inside about Playmates past and present with Trek and the new movie toys. We are still working that as a possibility, but with CBS/Paramount keeping a locked lid on anything Trek movie related so far and the movie still being many months away from release we may not be able to get the permission from CBS/Paramount that we need to get enough from Playmates to make it worth doing the article at this time.

The book was a blast to do. I went from being a Star Trek fan and collector who would look forward to the next book coming out by someone else to being the one actually making the next book. That was a thrill all on it’s own and I will have those memories along with the book to keep me smiling for many years to come. I do hope the book does well enough so we can do the TNG one next. I am all ready to go and most of the images have been shot so we shall see.
the book was a lot of work and there were days when I almost didn’t think I could get it all done in time as it was a major undertaking. Now that it is almost time for it to be released I have jumped into creating a Star Trek collectible magazine so I guess I am a glutton for punishment LOL

Thanks again for all the great comments and I hope to see many of you at some upcoming future conventions and other Trek related events once the book is released. You might even see me at a book store near you for a book signing. I am already practicing my John Hancock in preparation for doing a LOT of book signings :o)

“Having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting, it may not be logical but it is often true. Live Long and Prosper.”

Steve Kelley

40. krikzil - August 27, 2008

Hi Mr. Kelley. Nice to see you posting here. I have a large Trek collection myself and can’t wait to get your book to see what OTHER things I’m missing! Enjoyed seeing your collection in that clip.

41. Chris Doohan - August 27, 2008

The 1974 Mego packaging for my dads figure had a error, which some say makes it more valuable. Do you know what the error is.

42. Chris Doohan - August 27, 2008


You’re welcome, Steve. It was my pleasure. Chris

43. Buckaroohawk - August 27, 2008

Chris Doohan (#41),

If this is a trivia question, I think I have the answer. The name Scotty was spelled incorrectly. I believe they spelled it “Scottie.”

What do I win if I’m right? ;-)

By the way, I just wanted to mention that I had the opportunity to meet your father at a few Trek conventions (way back when Creation still held them here in Pittsburgh, PA). He was warm, generous, outgoing, and funny. It was a true pleasure to make his acquaintance. The time he spent just chatting with fans (including me) beyond his time on stage was a real pleasure. I have very fond memories of speaking with him, and everyone in attendance enjoyed their time with him.

44. awesome-o - August 27, 2008

41. It lists him as Scottie… ?

45. Dr. Image - August 27, 2008

#9 (Nice… but..) Ha! I have a Richard Coyle one-of-a-kind phaser signed by James Doohan at his second-last con. (AND a huge phaser collection, too.)
And- a set of combadges signed by the entire Voyager cast (among countless others, of course.)
And a blue Galoob Data…. and… well, lots of stuff.

46. British Naval Dude - August 27, 2008

What a vast and impressive collection. Has more stuff than museums I’ve been ta’…

Oh, CmdrR- I could get “The Black Virgin of Vladimir”; it’s a russian icon painted on wood… it’s worth aboot 2.3 million pounds… wanna trade yer’ belt buckle?


47. Chris Doohan - August 27, 2008

#43 Correct!!!!! and thanks.

48. EnsignJulka - August 27, 2008

#4 and #24

It’s funny hearing people say Dr Spock and not MISTER Spock! One day they’ll learn…maybe…

49. Jasmine - August 27, 2008

Whats the point of having all that stuff and keeping it in boxs? You never actually enjoy it? These people think that in some distant future it’ll be worth something but actually it wont unless you wait 200 years but by then…
Just enjoy it now, you cant take it with you.

50. OneBuckFilms - August 27, 2008

I’m not a collector, and I don’t have stuff in boxes, but I do have a couple of items.

I do collect soundtracks, so I can easily understand collecting and keeping things MIB (Mint In Box).

51. MARIKO - August 27, 2008


52. Wes - August 27, 2008

looks like a good book however it would have been great to put everything in the book, section by section even if it weighs 100 pounds! But, dont worry, I will be purchasing it! (Since I have a bigger trek collection than anyone else!)

53. bill hiro - August 27, 2008

Jasmine, if my experience there are three reasons to keep something in a box or package: one, to increase the value whether you intend to resell it later or not; two, because some people like to keep things in their original pristine condition because most people won’t and pristine examples will be hard to come by in future years; and three, because sometimes the box or package art work is really nice or interesting or different or memorable, and is sometimes better than the item its packaging.

54. mars396 - August 27, 2008

Hate to nit pick such an ambitious project, but. . . .

The Mego Gorn was not made with a Klingon body.
It was made with a type 2 Planet of the Apes body, Lizard head molded in brown and the outfit and accessories of the Klingon.

55. Steve Kelley - August 27, 2008

54. mars396

You are correct, and I had worded it as “outfit” meaning costume.
Not sure why or when that part of the text got changed to body at some point before going to print. I could have even missed it during the final proofs as well.
I guess if the book does well enough to have a second printing or more, I can possibly get this and any other possible errors that may pop up fixed.

These examples of little differences and variations on toys like the Mego figures are the kinds of things I can better focus on and explain in better detail in the magazine, like the different variations many of Mego’s Trek figures went through as has been already well documented on Megomuseum.com :


56. Wes - August 27, 2008

So, did you or do you own all of the mego stuff? And is all of the trek Mego stuff covered in the book? Everything from the prototypes of the Vulcan Shuttle from TMP to Mission to Gamma Vi? What about the stuff from Palitoy?

57. steve623 - August 27, 2008

Hey Steve, just wanted to say huzzah and kudos on getting a book published and a magazine off the ground. I’m really looking forward to both, and I really appreciate a volume that will focus on merchandise associated with the original Star Trek.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m really looking forward to seeing all the great merchandise from the ’70s that I only kind of half remember because of my young age. As you well know, there was a lot of merchandising (a lot of it unlicensed) in those years, and much of it with some unique character because it was produced in a period before Paramount took a firm hand and the look of everything became increasingly standardized in the ’80s then especially in the ’90s.

So best of luck with the book and magazione and I’m really looking forward to reading them both.

58. Wes - August 27, 2008

“And a blue Galoob Data…. and… well, lots of stuff.”
Well, I have a piece of William Shatner’s used toilet paper, Beat that! LOL!

59. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - August 28, 2008

#58: eeeeeeeek! That sounds awfully reminiscent of a movie character who followed one of the singers from ABBA into a bathroom and afterwards collecting a “specimen,” keeping it in a necklace…. eeeeeew

anyone know what movie that might have been?

60. Gerrie in Ontario - August 28, 2008

Steve – your book looks f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c !

It’s sure to be a big seller. I can see this book becoming the “bible” of all things (collectible) Trek – just like the Star Trek Encyclopedia by Mike and Denise Okuda is the holy grail to Trek researchers!

It was truly wonderful of Mr. Doohan to write the forward!

I know the book must have been a labour of love for you to complete and can only imagine the thousands of hours you dedicated to this project.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Star Trek fans, the world over, something to enjoy and treasure for years to come!

I have already placed an order for 2 books – one for me and another with which to gift my American cousin.

Best of luck to you Steve!

61. captain_neill - August 29, 2008

33. krikzil

It appears more likely I will be not be able to go next year but will def be there for 2010. I have bills to pay off and I would be having to scrimp to make it to next year’s con but I will save and have a longer trip in 2010 and head to New York as well while in the States.

Hopefully if all goes well, from 2010 onwards I will be going there every year afterwards.

62. Sam - August 31, 2008

meh my collection’s bigger

63. Steve Kelley - September 7, 2008

Book Update:
I just received my advanced media copy of the book in the mail on Saturday.
This means that the regular copies will be in stores and available very soon now.

64. Richard Lee - September 8, 2008

Congradulations on the new book. Do you have any imput at all into the DST Mego retros? I hope they go all the way and re-release all the characters they did, the Mission to Gamma VI, and the Capt.’s chair viewscreen as they are planning to do a retro Enterprise. The Megos retros have a nostalgia to them that the better done 9 inch Playmates do not have.

65. Steve Kelley - September 16, 2008

54. mars396 – August 27, 2008

In another response to this, I would like to point out that on page 17 of the book where the Gorn is displayed on the card, you will find the full break down of the figure including the fact that it uses a soldier ape body from POTA.


66. Steve Kelley - September 16, 2008

64. Richard Lee – September 8, 2008

Richard, I am working with Paul Clarke on an article for the upcoming magazine and he is the one who is responsible for creating the retro figures.
You can go to his web site:
and send him an e-mail.
I know he is busy getting the next set of retro figures like the much more accurate Gorn figure ready for manufacture and distribution.
I do know that Diamond Select is producing the retro Enterprise Bridge totally on their own, with no input from Paul or anyone else.
Paul did pitch a more accurate bridge playset to DST but they opted to go with an exact duplicate of the Mego Enterprise playset.
Personally I would have liked to have seen Diamond Select create a more accurate and detailed Bridge playset for the Mego style figures.
To find out if DST is planning on making any other Mego retro style toys, you can contact Diamond Select at:


67. Eve - October 3, 2008

Hi Steve,

Amazing collection! I am hoping you can steering me in the right direction. My husband worked building the sets on Star Trek TNG for a couple of years, all of the seasons of Voyager as well as various Star Trek feature films. We have a basement with all kinds of things that were only given to the cast and crew. Jackets, hats, wrap party gifts, plaques scripts, etc…. I know that he wants to sell everything but does not want to sell it on ebay a piece at a time. I also know the auction houses would take a huge percentage of the sale if we went that wrought. How can I go about finding some private collectors who might be interested in buying the whole lot? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

68. Steve Kelley - October 8, 2008

I would highly suggest going on a couple of the Star Trek online forums and let them know what your husband has for sale. Sites like startrek.com, trekunited.com and trekbbs.com would be a good start.

69. Marc Banks - October 25, 2008


Love you book. I just received it from Amazon yesterday and I spent all day reading it. Great job. I do have a question. I saw a CD listed on page 207 which contains images fron The Star Trek collection which was displayed in The National Air & Space Museum in the early 1990s. I have never seen this before. Any suggestions where I can purchase this?

70. Mark Williams - November 12, 2008

I picked up a copy of your book. I think it’s great.

71. Peter Kennett - March 10, 2009

Steve! Great to see you turned your life-long passion into a living, one that others can share too! Way to go old friend! I remember all the taunts and bullshit you took from our classmates in high-school – I’m so glad you stuck to your passion and kept on being you!

Your old friend and classmate – Peter

72. Steve Kelley - April 22, 2009

Thanks Pete :o)

73. Phoenix - July 24, 2009

Great Collection!
All i can say is sigh…why wasn’t i born in that time period?

74. Sharon Cline - April 1, 2010

I have a collection of Star Trek items from a friend of mine who wrote for the original series.Items no one else has.My husband was an avid fan,but has passed away.I would like to sell the collection all at once,not in pieces.Please contact me if you are seriuos about purchasing these items.Thank you.
Best Regards,
Sharon 817-689-4636

75. Jim - June 2, 2010

I have a full size blueprint 2n edition of heavy cruiser model MK-1X USS Constitution class NCC 1700 release date 7404.12 stardate 3113 drawing T300H by franz joseph design star class 1.This is one large blueprint approx 5’X 7′ not one of those reproduction blueprint books but a large print. i am looking for any ideas as to value.

76. Jim - June 2, 2010

re:message 75 Jim-my email is mjqspop@accessvt.com

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