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FanMade: New Phase II Enterprise + OGAM on DVD August 28, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II,Of Gods and Men , trackback

This weekend both of the high profile fan-made productions, Star Trek Phase II and Of Gods and Men, will be holding showings at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Both productions have also just released news, with Phase II unveiling their new USS Enterprise and OGAM announcing plans for a DVD.


New Phase II Enterprise
As we have previously reported, Star Trek Phase II (formerly Star Trek New Voyages) is taking the ‘post TOS season 3 concept’ further and trying to bridge the gap between The Original Series and Star Trek The Motion Picture. A big step in that will be the evolution of the USS Enterprise herself. In the upcoming two-part episode "Blood and Fire" (showing at Dragon Con this weekend and premiering online this Fall), the ship gets damaged, and in the follow-up episode "Enemy: Starfleet" we will see a repaired and modified Enterprise, which very much has elements of the original Phase II design from the 70s as well as TMP elements. This new Phase II Enterprise was designed by our friend Daren Dochterman, who worked on the digitally enhanced Star Trek The Motion Picture Director’s Edition DVD. Here are a couple of shots of the new E, sent to us by producer/star James Cawley.

The new Phase II Enterprise (click to enlarge)

TrekMovie asked Dochterman to detail how he put this new Enterprise together, here is what he said:

I wanted to keep it in line with what Matt Jefferies was planning on… I used the plans that Jefferies himself drew, so the proportions are correct. There are a lot of reference pictures of the Brick Price model that was started… but they are all unfinished, unpainted, quickly assembled shots that were obviously thrown together to get approval from Roddenberry. The closest view of what they were going for was in the teaser poster painted by the late, great John Berkey… where the ship is obviously the Phase II design shown at its completion… Mike Minor also did a production painting of this version. At this point Richard Taylor and Andy Probert and the team at Robert Abel and Associates ASTRA hadn’t yet incorporated their design ideas… so this was where they started from. I also used my own design sense in incorporating some of the textures and colors from the TOS Enterprise to help bridge the 10 year gap between TOS and TMP… I can’t wait to see what Joel Bellucci and the fx guys can do with it.

Berkey TMP Teaser poster (L) &
later version of Minor painting (R), altered to more represent TMP ship
(click to enlarge)

James Cawley, along with members of his crew and the stars of previous Phase II episodes Walter Koenig and George Takei, will be on hand at Dragon Con this weekend to show and discuss both parts of "Blood and Fire." The presentation is at 7:00 PM Saturday at the Sheraton Savannah. More info at Dragon Con’s TrekTrak site. More info on Phase II, at


OGAM: Wins Awards + announces DVD
The other high-profile fan series making news this week is Of Gods and Men, the now completed three part miniseries starring Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck and an plethora of other Trek vets. This past week SyFyPortal announced the winners of their SyFy Genre Awards, and OGAM took home the award for Best Web Production. Director Tim Russ stated on the win: 

For everyone who poured their time, energy and creativity into the making of this project, I give my sincerest congratulations.

The other big news from the OGAM team is that they just announced plans to release the mini-series on DVD. The DVD will be re-mastered and edited to 87 minutes as a single film and will include some special features.

OGAM DVD announcement

Of course selling Star Trek related material is a no-no according to CBS, and that is not the plan according to producer Sky Conway. He tells TrekMovie that they are just trying to respond to the high demand for a DVD release, which will certainly be welcome over the online streaming viewing experience. Details are still being worked out on how they can do it, but the current plan is for fans to make a charitable (and tax-deductible) donation to a non-profit and then get a ‘complimentary DVD.’ More details will be provided this Fall, and for now you can sign up for the email list to be notified when the details get worked out. More info on the DVD and more at the OGAM website.

And if you are in Atlanta this Sunday, then check out the showing of Of Gods and Men, hosted by Rus and stars Walter Koenig and Cirroc Lofton. The festivities kick off at 1:00 PM at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom, more info at


More FanMade coming up
Next week FanMade will be back with more updates on other fan productions, including some exclusives from Hidden Frontier and Farragut.



1. Andy Patterson - August 28, 2008


2. The Lensman - August 28, 2008

The Phase II Enterprise looks interesting…..but that’d still be one heckuva refit job. One that would take quite some time, months at least. Then to do an even bigger refit just a little over a year and a half later that would take two years doesn’t seem very efficient.

I’d prefer that Phase 2 just ignore everything after Season 3 and create their own future and look.

3. Mark Lynch - August 28, 2008

Oh wow!

That ship looks fantastic. Just what I expected the phase II Enterprise would be like.

And dare I think it, 1st?

4. jon1701 - August 28, 2008


I agree.

Ship looks great BTW, but I can’t imagine why they would refit the ship, then refit it AGAIN two years later.

Starfleet must have money to burn, oh wait, they don’t have money in the 23rd century.

5. Daoud - August 28, 2008

Meh… the *real* Phase II ought to be taking place *AFTER* TMP, not before. They’re going way off the reservation when they didn’t need to.

Telling tales of the SECOND 5YM is a much more ‘novel’ idea… but I know then they couldn’t utilize their standing sets if they did that.

Perhaps they should have considered that more fully and called this “Phase I” instead.

6. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 28, 2008


Darest you not, Mark. I always hit refresh when I’m that quick on the draw.

Phase II E looks great! I can’t wait to see her in action, either. Nice work, Doc.

Do those of us who were already on OGAM’s email update list get a notification about the DVD’s? Or do we have to re-register?

7. Bob - August 28, 2008

This is the BEST Star Trek production that I have ever seen. Maybe this should have been Trek 11. Excellent acting from the leads, great special effects. This is truly great.

8. fanboy - August 28, 2008

Daren does amazing work. And I respect his decision to follow Matt Jefferies original drawings, but I for one am quite glad that this version never hit the screen before. It’s pretty ugly. From the seemingly randomly placed windows on the sides of the primary saucer, to the weird chevron shapes on the front sides of the nacelles. It just looks like highly unrefined to me. I’m not sure how much of the eventual refinement for TMP was directly due to Andrew Probert, but based on his drawing style, I figure he made the biggest contribution to really making the Big-E shine when it made it’s first appearance in theatres back in the 70s. Of course the ultra-detailed Aztec painting scheme really helped a lot too, but this version of 1701 just looks sad to me…

9. ety3 - August 28, 2008

When they say “Of Gods & Men” has been “remastered,” what does that entail? Did they improve the effects or something?

10. CmdrR - August 28, 2008

Has someone already said ‘cool.’

11. rehabilitated hitch1969© - August 28, 2008

and… I’m… SPENT!

whoa baby, FanMade happenings seriously make my day. And I have submitted a proposal for “FanMade® by hitch1969© at trekmovies dot com” which essentially puts me in the driver’s seat of this column. Which also, when approved, will make me equally as excited. in tandem and conjunction. Big words n stuff.



12. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 28, 2008


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

13. onebuckfilms - August 28, 2008

8 – This design had many features that were revised further to get the Star Trek: TMP enterprise.

When you consider that it was designed for a TV budget rather than a movie budget, what they did to update the design makes sense.

14. DAK23 - August 28, 2008

The rendering looks FANTASTIC! Looks as if Jefferies made it himself. Kudos.

15. Prologic9 - August 28, 2008

I’m sorry but that looks awful. The design was never intended to carry over the TOS aesthetic, and they just don’t work together.

Also, the idea of trying to shoehorn in the failed phase 2 concepts into existing canon just doesn’t work. I could see incorporating a few TMP bits into the classic Enterprise, but this is neither logical or inspired.

16. Dom - August 28, 2008

A nice ‘in-between” look. I guess Starfleet decided they’d save some pennies patching up the Big E for the time being and use it to test out some new tech, figuring that it’d get a complete overhaul 18 months later

17. Sam Belil - August 28, 2008

KUDOS to the James Cawley and crew!

18. barrydancer - August 28, 2008

#2 Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I’m surprised that Cawley is going in this direction, as I always thought he was more of a TOS purist. Considering Phase II was never produced, he’s essentially making stuff up now instead of seemingly continuing the original mission. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

19. Chris Doohan - August 28, 2008

Way to go, James (and crew), looks GREAT!

20. bill hiro - August 28, 2008

Always great to see work that respects the original designs and the original designers. If its trying to be “Star Trek” (colon nothing), then visually it must begin and end with Matt Jefferies. Its so great to see this version of the Enterprise given life. Terrific work, Daren.

21. Lore - August 28, 2008

The franchise suffered through 25 years worth of episodes of trek (7 years each for 3 series and 4 years for Enterprise)(Plus six trek movies) over the course of 17 years. We have pages of posts of fans slamming Nemesis. If anyone has any background in business please confirm what I’m saying. The market was over-saturated with trek over the last twenty years. These fan made productions do not help JJ Abrams to reinvent the franchise. Someone at CBS needs to step in and take charge. Is there anyone over there with the title BOSS?

22. Dr. Image - August 28, 2008

Daren, I love it!!!
You’ve obviously studied all the source material well, down to the round torp tubes. But wasn’t there supposed to be one instead of two?

23. Capatin April - August 28, 2008

If you go by their time frame it’s more like 7 years not 2, the Enterprise was suppose to have completed a second 5 Year mission inbetween the series and the Motion Picture.

24. Thomas Jensen - August 28, 2008

An interesting ship, however one of the major concerns from fans who first watched TMP was that the engine nacelles lost the colorful rotation effects in the bussard collectors.

The rest of the ship being redesigned didn’t really cause the consternation that changing the engine design once did.

Nice work from the Dochter, though.

25. cellojammer - August 28, 2008

I like this version of the E! Nicely done.

26. doubleofive - August 28, 2008

That looks pretty sweet. A nice halfway point.

Now I’m waiting to see which news website picks these up as the JJ Enterprise first…

27. Michael - August 28, 2008

I just don’t understand why they will license books, comics, games and even recreated music scores for commercial release but not videos. So many Trek veterans are involved in both of these productions so it is getting harder to call these anything other than professionally produced. Should be a Win-Win for CBS/Paramount and they take a royalty in for something they put $0 into. But hey, what do I know? they’ve certainly been doing a great job over the last few years with the franchise right? ;-)

28. Dom - August 28, 2008

Hi Thomas Jensen (24) Gotta say I never liked the glowing nacelle tips. I vastly preferred the look of the movie Enterprise and Excesior. The orangce-glowing nacelle tips in the TNG era really annoyed me and felt like a backwards step!

And Michael (27) if you allow a fan production like Of Gods and Men a licence, why not new Voyages/Phase II or Starship Exeter or any of the other fan productions. Where do you draw the line? Paramount owns the copyright for Trek and perfectly sensibly wants to keep it for themselves: after all, they’re making their own Star Treks. The last thing any business would want to do is farm out the name to anybody and everybody, potentially diluting their franchise. The fan films are fan films. Some are very good, some are not so good. They are what they are and none the worse for it!

29. Adam Cohen - August 28, 2008


So, just to clarify, the Phase II ship is canon?

30. Driver - August 28, 2008

Revisionist history is illogical.

31. mojonaut - August 28, 2008

Whatever about the pointlessness of the re-fit, they did a nice job, I must say.

32. captain shroom - August 28, 2008

Well done.
Nice to see how a gap in the Trek universe can be so cleverly and creatively filled – even when it tests the so-called canon. After all Trek is about good story telling with strong characters, and many of us are eager to explore those missing pieces. My complements to Cawley et al. for having the courage and imagination to take on the task.

I do have one request for those gifted effects artists out there. It would be a nice treat if someone were to create a high quality inspection type flyby (a la Star Trek: The Motion Picture) of the original Enterprise. Just a little something to say farewell to the old girl before her re-imagined version hits the big screen.

33. Lore - August 28, 2008

Some Star Wars fans need to make an internet production of a Star Wars story. See how fast Lucas pounces on you with lawyers and lightsabers. He used to understand how not to over-saturate the market with his product. I don’t know these days with this new animated movie.

34. John from Cincinnati - August 28, 2008

Just one question. Why is the refit being done by piecemeal, such as, just the engines now, the saucer later, the deflector dish after that. My thought of a refit was, a ship goes into spacedock for a year or two and they do all the upgrades at once? No? Too logical?

35. The Underpants Monster - August 28, 2008

Nice job, Phase II – you guys keep getting better and better at this thing!

36. The Bear - August 28, 2008

I really like the design of the Enterprise, but the blue domes…they need to be toned down so that they don’t match the color on the warp nacelles, or go back to a yellowish color like the orignal.

37. Blowback - August 28, 2008

Wow. I’m really not sure how I feel about this version of the Big E.

I like Daren’s work and I’m all for updating TOS for the 21st century but it feels a little … clunky? I don’t have a word to descibe my reaction at this point. I don’t hate it but I’m not in love with it either….

Gonna make it my desktop wallpaper to give my eye some time to get used to it…

38. Energize - August 28, 2008

Could they release the movies to youtube or whatever? I’d like to watch them.

39. Blowback - August 28, 2008

@37 – Agreed. Can we see it in motion?

40. Al Hartman - August 28, 2008

#33. In the episodes “Blood and Fire” and “Enemy Starfleet” the ship is heavily damaged. So, while the ship is being repaired, why wouldn’t Starfleet use uprated components?

To all,

During the original 3 year run, the Enterprise was constantly upgraded. Look at the Pilot version of the ship, vs. the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” version, vs. the 1st Season version, vs. the 2nd and 3rd year versions of the ship.

The bridge was changed, Sickbay changed, the Transporter room changed…

Starfleet CONSTANTLY upgrades the ships, as does our own Navy.

There’s no inconsistency here. Especially since the new Nacelles could have been designed as “Plug-in” replacements for the older ones, and exterior hull changes are just changing plates. A large enough engineering crew could have made all the changes in a month or two.

And the crew would have either pitched in, or gotten some needed shore leave.

41. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 28, 2008


Calling make-believe pretend stuff “history” isn’t logical, either.

42. hubertis bigend - August 28, 2008

if anyone wants to “give” me a free DVD of any of these fine productions, i will gladly “give” them a donation equal or above whatever the thieves at paramount charge for garbage like “Nemesis: The Producer’s Cut”.

phase II ent looks mighty fine. i think it’s a hoot that one of the last things to go is the very 1950’s deflector dish though. shoving it back into the hull is a good start, i guess. the future sure is weird.

43. Cato the Llama - August 28, 2008

That ship looks amazing! It’s nice to see the Phase II prototype actually fleshed out and given life. Cheers!

44. John from Cincinnati - August 28, 2008

39. Didn’t Will Decker oversee the refit of Enterprise? He told Kirk how he knew everything about the Enterprise, that it had been totally redesigned. How could he if the refit was done over time, piece by piece? What then did the “official” refit consist of?

45. Bob Tompkins - August 28, 2008

CBS/Paramount will not allow this DVD sale to happen. People are very touchy about their creations or concepts they own, even if they are giving it away for free themselves. A group who created the greatest free Bible study program of all time got miffed when I distributed it on CD for free. The problem? Yes, I wasn’t charging anything for the program or the media, but I was distributing it with a small ‘Compliments of..[my company name].” at the bottom of the disk’s packaging.

A cease and desist order came very quickly. This was 2004 and I live in a town of 1500 people. Word gets out quickly these days.

My guess is CBS/Paramount’s reaction will be much swifter and very devastating. Don’t look for this to fly at all.

46. Balock - August 28, 2008

Phase II Enterprise… fascinating…

47. Ryan T. Riddle - August 28, 2008

This is like a dream come true. Like James Cawley, I’ve been obsessed with the “Lost Generation” of Trek and I’m happy to see that version of the ship see the light of day in an actual production. I also like that Dochterman brought a bit of his design aesthetic to Jefferies’ original design; although, I’m not sure about the nacelle caps but they do invoke a 70s flare. It’ll probably grow on me when I see the ship in action.

Good job, Darren!

48. Ali - August 28, 2008

Stunted duck

49. 750 Mang - August 28, 2008

I think Phase II is cool, but I had always assumed that they parked the ship in spacedock looking basically like it did in TOS. Then the ship is totally refit into what Kirk drove out of spacedock chasing V’Ger.

But then I though she was built in space too.

And if my Grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

50. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 28, 2008

My guess about James Cawley’s decision to go ahead with the Phase II storyline is to avoid having to listen to the majority of nattering naybobs disapproval of his work.

51. John from Cincinnati - August 28, 2008

48. I agree with you 750 mang. That’s not to say the graphic work on this ship is truly amazing. I congratulate everyone who worked on this movie. But when my logical brain watches something it has to gel and it’s not gelling. I completely understand what #44 was saying. The Enterprise was given continual minor upgrades during the series. But after watching TMP, it gives the impression the ship spent a couple years in spacedock to undergo a MAJOR refit. If the ship was given new engines, saucer dish, etc over time, then there’s no need for a major refit? No?

52. The Gorn Identity - August 28, 2008


Totally agree. Paramount is not going to fall for this “charitable donation” jazz.

53. MattTheTrekkie - August 28, 2008

Wow… Darren, good job. I love the Phase 2 Enterprise. Those high res pics are definitely on my background :)

54. Veridian - August 28, 2008

The phase 2 design was never a favorite of mine. Don’t think it should be part of canon because it was never filmed. However, from a fan-made perspective, it is really cool that Cawley and friends are realizing a Trek “might-have-been” with their Phase 2 productions. I just consider it an “alternate Trek timeline” and then I’m happy!

55. Lore - August 28, 2008

#52 This is just a back door for independents to Hi-Jack the franchise. JJ Abrams currently has creative control of “Star Trek”. No other productions other than those done by Mr. Abrams should be allowed. I know this chaffs a lot of fans, but its this simple. Star Trek is a business, and their allowing people to use their brand for free. Its insane.

56. MattTheTrekkie - August 28, 2008

This is just a question, (I know it really doesn’t matter but hey) Has anyone else noticed that the original Enterprise was the one that had the least problems? The D was always going critical, the C never got a chance, the only time we saw the B it was completely unprepared, the A… nuff said. and even the NX-01 was core breach happy.

Star Trek 2, Khan plows through the engineering room with full phasers, and the ship just looses power. I doesn’t go critical or blow up.

I guess the E was a pretty good ship :) I just noticed that a while ago. wanted other opinions.

57. Kev-1 - August 28, 2008

Looks great. This is exactly what the ship would have looked like had TMP not been produced. I can’t wait to see if the new bridge fits the concept design. My only preference– would like a lighter color on the ship, but this is fine.

58. Blowback - August 28, 2008

#56 – Now that you mention it TMP Enterprise was the only one that seemed to be able to take a few punches. I can excuse the NX-01 for being new and fragile but 1701-D seemd to be incapable of taking more than three hits without things ruputuring, breaching, etc..

Voyager also had a glass jaw IMHO.

59. Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" - August 28, 2008

The refit Enterprise shown here is nice, but it doesn’t make sense. If you read the novelization version of ST:TMP, it states clearly that the warp engines constructed onto the Enterprise for its refit were the most powerful warp engines ever, totally new, thus I have a hard time seeing how you could have something that looks so much like the “brand new engines” from ten years down the road on *this* version of the Big E.

Also, I think the saucer section is way out of proportion to the rest of the ship..

Interesting concept, tho!

60. Scott - August 28, 2008

Great job, Daren, in bringing this missing link to life. Lovely results.

Scott B. out.

61. MattTheTrekkie - August 28, 2008

#58 – I’d forgotten Voyager… but I guess the Miranda Deserves credit where it’s due. That thing was a horse. The E blew off an engine, the torpedo bay, and blew up navigation. That thing was still chugging till all genesis broke loose :)

62. MattTheTrekkie - August 28, 2008

#61 – CLASS. Miranda class. It was the Reliant.

63. Energize - August 28, 2008

I’d love to see a series set right after TMP. How do they feel about the new ship? What did they think about V Ger? What adventures did they have? How about the new Klingons?

64. Lyle - August 28, 2008

I like the “refit” Enterprise and look forward to seeing it in action!

Both the “Phase II” and “Of Gods and Men” productions are very cool endeavors and their casts and crews deserve kudos for their hard work and dedication. I don’t guess you could ever call it canon, but it’s still really sweet.

65. Green-Blooded-Bastard - August 28, 2008

Where the heck is Cawley here? C’mon man take a bow!

66. Energize - August 28, 2008

The DVD should have commentary by the cast and crew!

67. N - August 28, 2008

I’m not wild about them using the Phase Two name it can cause confusion. People are going to think this was part of the real Phase Two preproduction concept designs for the 70s canceled TV Series.

68. Anthony Thompson - August 28, 2008

New Voyages is the only fan production which does not make DVD’s available in some fashion. Why??? They pour their energies into making an excellent product but do not allow their fans a convenient and quality viewing experience! Care to comment, James?

69. Miketrek - August 28, 2008

Cool Ship!
If Cawley can unveil his ship before the episode his released, why can’t JJ??

70. Greg2600 - August 28, 2008

I am definitely getting the STOGAM DVD. I wish New Voyages did the same. I have had nothing but aggravation with the streaming video of both, and I am not a big downloader of movies at all.

PS: Phase II looks very nice.

71. Ralph F - August 28, 2008

The “Minor Refit Painting” link currently takes you to the teaser poster again. (And I remember that teaser poster well; it was on the back of every comic book I bought that Fall.)

72. steve623 - August 28, 2008

Re: #33 – There are dozens and dozens and dozens of Star Wars fan films. Lucas even gave a “Best Star Wars Fan Film Award” at one of the big Star Wars celebrations. Lucasfilm is well aware of the phenomenon of Star Wars fan films and apparently really enjoyed several of them, not the least of which was “Troops”, the “Cops” parody.

As far as fan films diluting the impact of Mr. Abrams’ production, I thinky ou vastly overestimate the number of non-geeks and non-fans who even know these things exist. The majority of the movie-going audience – and, remember, that’s who Abrams and the studio are directing their film toward – are not people who are seeking out Star Trek fan films online. You just seem to have a bee in your bonnet about the subject. Do you work in Mr. Abrams’ office?

Finally, I have no idea one way or the other, but you folks who think Paramount is going to fall on the OGAM people like a ton of bricks for their DVD districution idea are assuming they haven’t already gotten some indication from the studio that Paramount is considering giving the project on ok. Considering how many industry professionals were involved in making the film, I can’t imagine the legal implications weren’t on everyone’s mind during the entire enterprise.

73. Thank The Prophets! - August 28, 2008

ummmm…as i recall the time between the end of the series and tmp in STAR TREK INTERNAL TIME was like 1 1/2-3 years not 10…though I can understand why one could get confused since it was 10 years our time from turnabout intruder until tmp premiered in theaters

74. Energize - August 28, 2008

I think Spike TV should air it on TV!

75. RTC - August 28, 2008

I’m not fond of the TOS/TMP hybrid Enterprise. But that’s purely my opinion, and opinions are like armpits — everyone’s got ’em and some of ’em stink. So while I might not like the design personally, I totally support James & Co’s right to revamp the Enterprise and wish them continued success, they’ve done great work!

76. steve623 - August 28, 2008

Keep in mind, fond or not, the “TOS/TMP hybrid” is overwhelmingly a Matt Jefferies design. So like it or not, its the baby of the guy who designed the original, so you at least have to give it its due from that standpoint. Like it or not, its predominantly Matt’s design.

77. British Naval Dude - August 28, 2008

Wood paneling on tha’ engines…. brilliant! They have that ’70s glow…

Well, maybe not brilliant or pleasin’ ta’ me at all…
think me family had an auto like that… wood paneling on tha’ sides where it canna catch fire…

But I don’t watch Starry Trek fur tha’ special defects, I watch it fur tha’ stories and characters… Crawley and crew can keep that spirit alive… even in a Woody… and that’s what matters, mate.


78. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - August 28, 2008

Love the design minus the blue neon bridge cap. Nitpicking yes but that is what we do!!! Seriously looks perfect but the blue caps don’t look right.

79. New Horizon - August 28, 2008

75. RTC – August 28, 2008
I’m not fond of the TOS/TMP hybrid Enterprise.

It’s not a TOS/TMP hybrid. This design came ‘before’ the TMP design. It was intended for the second original cast TV series. Daren recreated it from Matt Jeffries blueprints.

73. Thank The Prophets! – August 28, 2008
ummmm…as i recall the time between the end of the series and tmp in STAR TREK INTERNAL TIME was like 1 1/2-3 years not 10

While obviously never filmed, there was supposed to have been a second five year mission after the first one ended…then the Motion Picture refit happened.

80. The Angry Klingon - August 28, 2008

Well I feel better that several here echo my reservations that I expressed when I first saw these renders (elsewhere).
Im not a fan of this design. It makes no sense in the timeline that THIS mjor refit took place and then two years later another. It took them 18 months to refit the E in TMP. This design is U-G-L-Y with a random ‘splatter’ of windows, godawful NCC-1701 under the secondary hull penant. The design is ugly and it strikes me as a fannish attempt to force something in to th emiox and feels very inorganic to the story. I agree with those who said they should have done P2 AFTER TMP.
Grrrrr….Klingon angry

81. The Angry Klingon - August 28, 2008

I dont know where you got your info but it isnt accurate

82. steve623 - August 28, 2008

“While obviously never filmed, there was supposed to have been a second five year mission after the first one ended…then the Motion Picture refit happened.”

Not according to anything I have ever seen, heard, or read.

“The design is ugly …”

Take it up with Matt Jefferies, not Daren.

” … godawful NCC-1701 under the secondary hull penant.”

Which you can see on the STTMP advance poster. Ugly or not, its all accurately sourced. Daren got the details exactly right.

83. steve623 - August 28, 2008

And, as an aside, I have always liked that Berkey and I have it framed and hanging in my home office.

84. fanboy - August 28, 2008

79. According to the ST:TMP novelization (which lists Gene Roddenberry as the author), James Kirk took command of the Enterprise at the San Francisco Naval Yards “almost nine years” prior to those events and that Kirk had been in a desk job working for Admiral Nogura for the past 3 years and that the Enterprise had been undergoing a complete refit during the prior 18 months.

So, based on the assumption that Kirk took command at the start of its’ 5 year mission (maybe Star Trek XI will finally make this canon), the Enterprise could only have been in commission another two and a half years before it was drydocked for complete upgrading.

Therefore, according to Gene Roddenberry, there was no second 5 year mission immediately after the first. However, according to Michael & Denise Okuda’s Star Trek Chronology (a highly respectable publication) there’s conjecture that a second 5 year mission took place with Kirk in command immediately after the events depicted in ST:TMP. and there’s plenty of time for that since ST:TWoK takes place approximately 14 years after ST:TMP. But even then, any second 5 year mission would have been made in movie-refit Enterprise design.

So the Phase II “concept” Enterprise design depicted here is completely non-canonical and can only be appreciated as an alternate-reality incarnation. Matt Jefferies did design it, but while moonlighting as a reported favor to Gene Roddenberry since Matt was tied to his job on the TV show Little House on the Prairie. So my guess is he really didn’t have much time to polish this design up, at least that’s the way it looks since it’s just so darn ugly…

And that’s being overwhelmingly generous since despite the fact that it’s based on Matt Jefferies’ own drawings, it is clearly ugly..,

85. RTC - August 28, 2008

#76 steve623, I don’t disagree with you at all, the design certainly pays homage to the great Matt Jeffries. I’m simply not fond of it personally. But I completely support STPII’s right to do the redesign, and give an admiring nod to Daren for his usual fine work.

#75 New Horizon, I acknowledge the ‘hybrid’ term might not be the best description, but the simple fact is that before now there was no realized onscreen rendering of the Enterprise in this particular version, so in essence this is a joining of onscreen TOS and TMP designs (hence my use of the term ‘hybrid’), admittedly based on Jeffries’ work, that fills the gap. Perhaps ‘missing link’ would be a better term.

86. The Angry Klingon - August 28, 2008

I KNOW Daren…matter of fact we used to work together. I dig Darens work big time and NOWHERE do I blame Daren for this design so chill.
It is an UGLY design…its not Darens fault it is an ugly design but it is an ugly design. I may be a master painter but if I have an ugly woman pose for me its still going to be an ugly woman in the pic regardless of my skill. Daren did a masterful job of recreating in CGI an ugly design.
There was NO second five year mission prior to TMP.
This change feels forced and inorganic to the flow of the timeline. Some may think its ‘creative’ but I see it as a self indulgent hijacking of the story. Explaining that it is organic because the ship is badly damaged in the PREVIOUS fan made installment is a hollow argument but this is Cawleys playground. I had hoped since JJ is taking Trek in a different direction we could at least have SOMETHING that strove to maintain that TOS feel. Did anyone here ever READ the Phase 2 scripts? Most of them were HORRID and the few that werent were turned in to TNG episodes. The REAL (proposed) Phase 2 would have killed Trek IMHO.
Again, I think this is fanboy self indulgence BUT if it wasnt for fanboy self indulgence we wouldnt have fan films. Come to think of it has anybody noticed that every one of these productions has the guy paying for it being the Captain? Im pretty sure there are better actors out there…lol

87. Energize - August 28, 2008

I always thought the designs on those posters, etc, were just concept designs before the final ship that we saw in TMP?

88. Spocko - August 28, 2008

I don’t like the blue lighting on the bridge and bottom dome. I think it’s too dark, maybe they should use a lighter hue of blue. Other then that, it’s a nice render.

89. Magic_Al - August 28, 2008

It’s very, very nice to see the Phase II ship completed. The TMP ship is better but it wouldn’t exist without this having been imagined first. Even if this design makes little sense in Star Trek canon, it’s crucial to Star Trek production history.

90. Redjac - August 28, 2008

I normally love Daren’s work, but this just doesn’t look quite right. If you look at the painting the rim of the saucer is NOT that tall. The engines should be skinnier — more flat than rounded. The PII engines were similar but not identical to the ship’s engines in TMP.

I do like the blue glow in at the front of the engines though. I always imagined they would have looked like that.

I dunno…this rendering just doesn’t look as graceful I thought the ship would have looked. It looks…clunky…

91. Magic_Al - August 28, 2008

^90. As Daren wrote, “I used the plans that Jefferies himself drew, so the proportions are correct.” If it doesn’t look right it’s because it’s never been seen accurately before. The paintings were not accurate projections of the plans. Presumably the plans were complete before model construction began.

92. JT - August 28, 2008

You know this ship just does not look right! I have seen much better Phase 2 models on trektoday’s BBs! I have to say that it is impressive that they are trying something so ambitious!

93. Trek Fan - August 28, 2008

I love the ad for TMP, I remember seeing on the back of comic books.

Too bad you can’t say “Coming this Christmas” anymore, too many easily offended morons.

94. TenaciousMC - August 28, 2008


Sorry, Capt. April, Kirk’s 2nd five-year mission didn’t happen until sometime between TMP and TWOK, presumably after the V’Ger crisis. That’s why there’s a bigger time gap between the first 2 movies and why TWOK occurs 15 years after Space Seed.

95. Xai - August 28, 2008

It’s rendered well, but I am just not in love with the lines of her. I like the idea of taking the “next step” with the stories and the ship…just not thrilled with this one.


96. Redjac - August 28, 2008

#93 — I agree! ;-)

97. Tanner Waterbury - August 28, 2008

I FREAKING KNEW IT! THEY USED THE PHASE II ENTERPRISE! I have been asking for quite some time if they were gonna use her, but I never got a direct answer. This is freaking sweet! Ive always liked this design, and now it literally exists in a Star Trek “series” Woohoo!

98. gastrof - August 28, 2008

I agree with those that feel this gradual change of the Enterprsie is out of sync with continuity.

In TMP Scotty plainly said they’d spent the last year and a half “redesigning and refitting the ship”.

I find it hard to believe that the “redesigning” didn’t involve the nacelles and saucer (already changed?!?!) or that the refitting was only of the engineering hull.

I LOVE New Voyages, but this is a mistake (unless someone can come up with an exceptionally good explanation).

99. steve623 - August 28, 2008

“I KNOW Daren…matter of fact we used to work together. I dig Darens work big time and NOWHERE do I blame Daren for this design so chill.
It is an UGLY design…its not Darens fault it is an ugly design but it is an ugly design. I may be a master painter but if I have an ugly woman pose for me its still going to be an ugly woman in the pic regardless of my skill. Daren did a masterful job of recreating in CGI an ugly design.”

Take your own advice there, friend, and CHILL with ALL the CAPS.
All I’m saying is, UGLY design or NOT, its Matt Jefferies’ design. All Daren did was faithfully bring it to some kind of life. So unless folks want to heap scorn on Daren for daring to do that, put the blame where it belongs, if blame there is to put. I’m glad Daren did the work and I’e enjoyed looking at it – although I don’t KNOW Daren.

Hi, Daren. Nice to make your acquaintance.

100. eagle219406 - August 28, 2008

#56 I noticed that, but the reason was economical. For one thing in the sixties, they didn’t have that much funding so if the ship had parts blow up, it would have been to expensive to constanly repair the set. If you watch TWOK the reason why the enterprise suffered damage the way it did was because Khan got them with their shields down. And it wasn’t destroyed because Khan didn’t want it to be. He had the weapons set on a lower power so that he could disable it. He wanted Kirk to suffer before killing him.

101. eagle219406 - August 28, 2008

#68 New Voyages is the only fan production which does not make DVD’s available in some fashion. Why??? They pour their energies into making an excellent product but do not allow their fans a convenient and quality viewing experience! Care to comment, James.

He did distribute the first three episodes on DVD format. But one day he went to a convention and caught them being sold. He decided to discontinue that feature.

102. DJT - August 28, 2008

While I appreciate the ‘repairs’ done here on the old girl, in fact I always imaged her pulling into space dock at the end of her 5 year mission looking very much like we’d seen her for so many years. With ramscoops spinning and rust ring rusting. Sure, she might have had a few more miles on her than before, but her identity was the same.

Know what I mean?

However, the phase 2 model is rendered most beautifully and looks to be in keeping with the intended look of the time.

So, I hope to see her in action soon.

103. Wes - August 28, 2008

Looks fantastic, cant wait to see some of the new voyages scripts based on Phase II episodes! James, when will we get to see the inside? Are you basing it off of the Phase II book? and when will you bring all the episodes on a DVD?

104. Energize - August 28, 2008

Scotty! We forgot some upgrades when we left spacedock! Scotty!!

105. DesignerX) - August 28, 2008

NOT CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

106. DesignerX) - August 28, 2008

Also this doesn’t look any good, I can see what the sketches where trying to do but the 3D version looks EXACTLY like the original enterprise with the movie nacelle’s on it *rolls eyes* Im not blown away by the imagination of the designer here sorry

107. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - August 28, 2008


Of course not. A “CANNON” is a large weapon that fires projectiles.

#84 is speaking of something entirely different from that.

108. Spock - August 28, 2008

When they say ‘remastered’ Of Gods and Men, do they mean they’ve fixed the acting? Or the crappy camera work?

One can only hope. Tim Russ ought to be embarrassed.

New Enterprise looks okay, but this begs the question; is that lovely set going to be hacked up now?!? :(

109. Dom - August 28, 2008

The Angry Klingon (86) said: ‘Did anyone here ever READ the Phase 2 scripts? Most of them were HORRID and the few that werent were turned in to TNG episodes. The REAL (proposed) Phase 2 would have killed Trek IMHO.’

Yeah, I think the 1970s Trek Phase II would have been a stinker! I reckon it might have lasted one season, perhaps 21 episodes, which would have got the number of episodes as a whole up to a nice round 100 for syndication. In time, many fans would probably have shrugged and ignored it, while others would be arguing its (de)merits to this day!

Most of us would have resented the absence of Spock and the killing off of Kirk in favour of Riker . . . I mean Decker! ;) Just goes to show that Gene Roddenberry’s perception of Trek was very different from that of most of its fans! Sometimes an idea gets away from its creator and takes on a life of its own.

110. Jorg Sacul - August 28, 2008

IMHO, when you start funding Phase II you can suggest to James that his interpretation and vision are wrong. You’re free to disagree with his choices, as fans, but it’s his gig. If you can do it better, by all means, have at it.

More power to ya, Mr. C.

And Lore, have you not heard of this thing called the Google? It’s really neat. If you search for “Star Wars fan-made films”, you will be led to dozens if not hundreds of sites that have them. They’ve been a wee bit popular since Kevin Rubio’s “Troops”.

111. Daren Doc - August 28, 2008

I sure love reading the feedback… :) Always good for a chuckle or two. And I don’t seem to remember working with any Klingons… at least no real ones.

112. New Horizon - August 28, 2008

Take it easy guys. I think the changes here are mostly going to be ‘exterior’.

It took 18 months to refit the ship before the Motion Picture because they remodelled the ship inside and out. That would certainly take more time than replacing the nacelles, modifying the deflector dish and updating some of the exterior plating.

I think the design works quite well. As with anything, you’ll get used to it and grow to love it.

113. New Horizon - August 28, 2008

….I do have to agree about the blue saucer domes though. The blue kind of throws it off for some reason. The original off white…or maybe a much lighter blue would work better.

114. RobertMfromLI - August 28, 2008

The “Phase II concept” wasn’t a failed concept… it was replaced with TMP because of a variety of factors… the availability of Nimoy for a movie (but not a series), the success of Star Wars, etc. I dont know how you can call a concept failed, when it never died – it simply evolved into something else…

Some of you are wondering why “The Big E” would need such a refit… hmmm… good question.

I might take a run over to the Star Trek Phase 2 Forums and look for a thread in the Announcements section labelled:

“MAJOR HOLIDAY SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

You just might find it very interesting (and it just might answer the question why the Enterprise needed such an extensive refit).

115. Tango - August 28, 2008

For those who argue that the E was redesigned all in one sitting for TMP, engines included, my thesis is this:

Who’s to say that phase II engine redesign is the same as TMP engine redesign? Maybe the engines look simliar to TMP, but are not those engines. Maybe they took off the engines for TMP refit and added improved engines internally, but looked simllar externally.

116. Energize - August 28, 2008

What about the Ralph McQuarrie Enterprise designs? I wonder if we’ll see something similar for the new movie?

117. Jim Smith - August 29, 2008

33 There are loads of internet fan films of SW stuff. Speaking as someone who works in legal in the er, entertainment industry, as it were – Lucasfilm is pretty restrained when it comes to slapping writs on people, certainly a) compared to most other corporations b) with reference to their actual legal rights. As a corporation it only seems to get worked worked up when there’s a lot of money being made or something constitutes ‘passing off’.

I could (but won’t, for obvious reasons) name you ten large entertainment companies that are more litigious off of the top of my head.

118. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008

#78, 88, 113

I’m with all of you. I don’t like the Blue Bridge Dome either. I’d prefer the original white.

And I especially don’t like the Blue Buzzard Collectors on the Nacelles. I’d prefer them to be the standard Red/Orange.

Blue signifies cold. Red/Orange signifies energy, and hot, and power.

That’s why fast cars are painted with flames rather than ice cubes.

119. BK613 - August 29, 2008

I general I think you have done a fine job bringing this design to life. Like many people here, I have been fascinated by this design ever since those early Phase II/TMP promos and that interest was only increased when I first saw the photos of the partially completed model in The Art of Star Trek.
If I were sitting in your chair though, there are some things I would tweak:

The windows around the primary hull’s rim. Regardless of the pattern, those windows look odd because they are not flush with the hull like the windows on every other part of the ship. In fact they look like they are recessed 10-20 ft. The “sensor bands” add to this oddness because the windows slice right through them. The way the windows and sensor bands interact should be improved in some way.

The engine “radiators.” I agree with others here that the color choice evokes the idea of wood paneling, like that found on my mom’s 1970 Ford station wagon she had back then. Also the aforementioned partial model in The Art of Star Trek suggests that, by the time they started building this thing, those radiators had been changed to the recessed look of TMP.

Upper and lower surfaces of the PH. You kept all this primarily unchanged, including the copper arc by the NCC-1701, but dropped the four lighted panels?

Any way my 2 credits.

120. darendoc - August 29, 2008

The swirling energy in the warp conduit in the TMP Engine room is blue. The lit deflector dish on the exterior of the ship when it is at full power is blue.
The lit dome on the impulse deck on the exterior is blue.

There are plenty of reasons to go blue on this… :)

121. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008


As far as I know, James has no plans to strike all the existing sets and rebuild them in Phase II style. The proposed Phase II Bridge was more like the TMP design than TOS.

What he said at the last shooting was that they would keep the existing sets but introduce subtle changes to them over the rest of the episodes. If you go to the Phase II Website and look at the “MAJOR HOLIDAY SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” thread and view the video posted there, you’ll get an idea of what those changes will look like.

I think the fun thing for fans will be watching each episode and catching the current change/upgrade. What he has done so far is logical and really nice. James is constantly uprating the sets and adding new and better touches to them.

This is not a project that is standing still and sitting on it’s laurels. Each produced episode is just a benchmark for the next episode to surpass.

122. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008


I understand Daren. But try a version in red. You’ll see that it stands out better and is more dynamic looking.

Just try it.

There are some things for which 40 years of Trek, and Jeffries original design are NOT wrong.

123. BK613 - August 29, 2008

FYI it is Bussard not buzzard. The name pays homage to:

And while I agree with you artistically about the red/blue thing, and there are psychological underpinnings to why we believe that, in truth, blue flame is hotter than red flame, blue stars are hotter than red stars and blue lasers have higher energy than red lasers.

124. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008


Thanks for the correction. You are of course, correct.

It’s the tradition of Star Trek, and Sci-Fi in general to go with Psychological rather than strictly correct.

That’s why the Enterprise “Swishes” as it passes by. Why the Phasers and Photon Torpedos make a noise when they fire. Why when a ship goes to warp, there’s a sound effect.

My argument isn’t about what is more scientifically correct. My argument is about what is asthetically better.

Red/Orange with swirling energy is going to look 10x better than a cold blue color.

That’s just so, and why 99.9% of Star Trek ships on the Federation side use red/orange Bussards. And why they swish or rumble when they pass the camera, and why weapons make a sound when firing. Because it looks/sounds better to the human watching it.

Even BSG which is probably the most physics realistic show, adds the sounds of the guns firing during battle, and the sounds of the attitude thrusters firing because it’s better.

125. eagle219406 - August 29, 2008

I do agree with many. I did picture the enterprise coming into spacedock looking like the original, but I can see it having the nacelles replaced early and later having it refit inside and out. If there was some heavy damage they could have been replaced early and had the rest of the refit later. I think most of the interior sets will remain the same. And other ships like the Farragut will still have the old look.

126. GraniteTrek - August 29, 2008

The buzzard collectors were discontinued on Starfleet ships because it became a nuisance to constantly have to clean the feathers out of them…

127. GraniteTrek - August 29, 2008

And to echo others from the production – going to the “BIG HOLIDAY SURPRISE” thread may give you some idea why the nacelles were replaced, and why a serious (but not total) refit was done. It actually makes MORE sense that the ship had some interim changes (such as the nacelles) between the end of TOS and TMP, because it would have been a lot easier to build a new ship from scratch than to make ALL of the TOS-TMP changes in one fell swoop. And if the nacelles for some reason should need to be replaced, why not use the latest design rather than stick to the old, outdated one, especially since it appears that the Klingons are upgrading their ships and Starfleet needs to keep up…

128. New Horizon - August 29, 2008

– 122. Al Hartman – August 29, 2008
I understand Daren. But try a version in red. You’ll see that it stands out better and is more dynamic looking.

Yeah, I have to agree with Al Daren. Since this ship isn’t the TMP enterprise and is no doubt still using the internals of the TOS enterprise. My understanding was that New Voyages was going to slowly Phase2 changes in, so it makes more sense for the nacelle’s to still glow orange/red.

Just an honest opinion. I think it would serve the design better since it’s mainly and exterior upgrade.

129. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008




130. Cervantes - August 29, 2008

I always loved the dynamic angle and perspective that John Berkey’s ‘teaser’ artwork for ST:TMP conveyed. I far preferred it to the final ‘rainbow-lit’ faces on the final poster. I remember thinking at the time that I wished the powers that be had included that ‘Enterprise’ art into the eventual final poster also

Great work as always from Daren Dochterman. Can anyone here confirm if his ‘Doomsday Machine’ project is finished?

131. Clive Young - August 29, 2008

33 – To be fair, I did a lot of research on this topic for my **PLUG** upcoming book on the history of fan films, “Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera” (coming in October from Continuum), **END PLUG** and Lore isn’t too far off.

Lucas has not always been amenable to fan productions–back in the early 80s, he was horrified to find out that there was X-rated fan fiction being written about his characters and had the SW fan club set down rules that fan authors had to follow. More recently, in 1999, an Australian SW fan film, The Dark Redemption, got a Cease & Desist order—the stories as to why vary (some say they tried to sell T-shirts advertising their movie that had SW characters on them; others say it was because it told how Leia got the plans to the Death Star), but the result was that the flick was snuffed out. When Lucasfilm started the Official SW Fan Film Awards in 2002, it didn’t allow dramatic stories, only parodies and documentaries, which are protected by law anyway. Only in 2007 did they finally give in.

Also, agreed on the crummy animated movie–I saw it for free and I still want my money back.

72 – Lucas has given out his “George Lucas Selects” award every year since the awards started. Troops was made in ’97 before the awards started, but is generally credited with starting the modern-day fan film movement; it won a “Pioneer Award” from the SWFFAs the first year they were held. One of Troops’ writers co-wrote the screenplay to the aforementioned crummy animated movie, so I guess there is a future in making fan flicks. :D

I agree that most people don’t know about fan films; when I was trying to get a publisher interested in my book, I had a hell of a time explaining what these were and why they were important (and that yes, enough people had seen them that there’d be an audience for the book).

117 – Paramount used to get VERY worked up about fan productions. Google “Star Trix” and you will find a site all about Art Binninger, a guy who made stop-motion animated parodies of Trek in his apartment in the 70s and 80s. When Paramount found out, they came after him with guns ablazin’–and he fought them off. I suspect that the studio did the same thing to the legendary lost 1987 Trek fan film, Yorktown II: A Time To Heal, which starred George Takei.

There’s a lot of companies that are still smacking down fan films–Hasbro shot down a G.I. Joe fan film last year and this past spring, 20th Century Fox sent a C&D to a Max Payne fan film, since it owns the movie rights to the character. Many corporations see a value of fan films (DC Comics and Warner Bros are particularly of note), but there are many others that quite reasonably don’t see fan flicks in a positive light.

To all–I interviewed James Cawley for my book about 5 days before the Phase II announcement (very nice guy, BTW), and he didn’t breathe a word of it to me. There wasn’t the slightest slip of the tongue, but he did talk about how he’d just gotten back from the set of Abrams’ movie and how he’d spent a lot of time talking with Paramount execs. That came up in our conversation solely because he mentioned that the execs discussed how they were now relatively cool with fan productions and embarrased by the efforts of earlier administrations (like when they went after Star Trix, for example).

My pet theory–and it’s just me talking outta my backside–is that Cawley and Co were asked to back off the 5-year-mission by Paramount and/or Abrams, and that it was the subject of whatever discussions he had with studio brass. I have no indicators from our interview to point to; it’s just the timing of his Paramount jaunt and the Phase II announcement were really close together and there didn’t appear to be any public indications prior to the Paramount visit that such a radical change was coming–or that there was any real need/desire to take the show in a new direction.

Of course, maybe it was always in the cards, and the announcement timing was coincidence. I know there’s Phase 2 crew around here, so for all I know, you guys knew about it years in advance. Just a hunch is all.

132. fanboy - August 29, 2008

120. & 124.
Blue is hotter than Red because it has a shorter wavelength and is more energetic, not because of any physchological interpretation.

And the warp core in the refit-Enterprise does has a blue tinge to it, but it is primarily white. To human eyes, and from a distance I think it would appear pure white (with just a trace of blue around the edges). Very much like the way our own Sun appears white to human eyes, while it is actually a green spectrum star by astronomical standards.

Also, I believe the color of the deflector dish is unrelated to the warp core since the warp core never appears rusty brown, but that’s pure conjecture.

Just my two cents…

133. Robert Gillis - August 29, 2008

So, if CBS allows STLOGAM to be released to DVD, under existing dogma, would that mean Of Gods and Men is Canon? Given the cast, and CBS blessing, I would say yes. Thoughts?

134. James Cawley - August 29, 2008

The OGAM dvd can and will not fly. Absolutely no money can be collected even if it is for a charity. When our pilot was released 4 or so years ago, Jack Marshall was very passionate about The Space Shuttle Trust Fund, and he actively sought to get fans to donate to it when they downloaded our episode, Paramount said “NO” and we listened! We have actively protected their interests in Trek and I have an interest in OGAM. I am in it, and they used my sets, I will actively work to prevent them from chargiing for anything and possibly hurting the fans relationships with CBS/PARAMOUNT.
I have not been compensated in anyway for my involvement in OGAM and have not signed any kind of release for my appearance or use of sets. They can not legally release this without my consent, and they do not have it. I stand firmly on the side of CBS/PARAMOUNT.
James Cawley

135. mtngracie - August 29, 2008

Hey…. the teaser for Phase II’s “Blood and Fire” is live up on their forum…and available for download!

Holy crap!!

136. Greg2600 - August 29, 2008

Woah, thanks for the update James. Here I am thinking rationally, that the STOGAM people cleared this DVD through all the channels. They haven’t even asked Paramount’s permission? Or Mr. Cawley’s? That’s really dumb on their part. Well, SIGH, because I was hoping it would be released. I guess I’ll have to download it, if I even can. I simply can’t watch these things in streaming video, there’s too many buffer pauses and other issues.

137. fanboy - August 29, 2008

116. The Ralph McQuarrie Enterprise design is easily the worst Enterprise design ever conceived. It’s amazing to me that such a design was created by such a talented industrial illustrator. But there’s no two ways about it. His huge flying triangle is a complete disaster.

So in comparison to that, this Phase II design is a masterpiece. But unfortunately that’s not saying much.

138. DEMODE - August 29, 2008

WOW! That ship is simply amazing!

You know, I remember years ago when their was talk of having a STAR TREK pay-per-view channel. They talked about airing all the shows on this channel, and the movies, etc…

All of these ‘fan films’ would be a great to air on TV if Paramount ever creates a satellite TV channel specializing in Star Trek. Just air the episodes late at night (1 am) and market them as being fan films. Cost next to nothing for them to do that, and it would be a great thing for fans of the series. I would imagine you would see even more fan films getting made, with the hopes of fans seeing their stuff air on TV.

139. Imrahil - August 29, 2008

Don’t like it.

140. Prologic9 - August 29, 2008

When they said they were putting out a DVD I assumed we would just be able to download it and burn our own. Or how about just a quality HD version that I can stream to my DVR or PS3 or Xbox 360 or–Sigh…

You’d think the folk behind a Star Trek fan production would be a little more tech savvy.

141. Chris Pike - August 29, 2008

Like Gabriel Köerner’s version, technically great. But similarly, just plain ugly for me, sorry. I used to follow ST Phase II’s progress in the 70’s and disliked the new design (earlier Brick Price version) from the start – it just looks like too many chefs in the kitchen got their hands all over it and doesn’t come together like Datin’s (series) version. Thanks largely to Trumbull, the design was tweaked nicely for TMP, saved just in time.

142. MikeyPikey - August 29, 2008

looks ok, the colour aint working though. i wonder will the interiors be changed to match the proposed designs for the original phase ii

143. Robert Gillis - August 29, 2008

To 134: James Cawley: I didn’t know you posted to this site, so may I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the beyond superlative job you and your crew have done at New Voyages / Phase II. Regardless of distribution and sales I consider your episodes CANON and applaud your obvious love and dedication to trek, and was delighted to learn you are in the new movie.

I wish you all the best and again, THANK YOU!!

144. eagle219406 - August 29, 2008

#134 Hey James, I love your show. I have seen them all and am hoping to see more soon. keep up the good work.

145. Al Hartman - August 29, 2008


Nope. Psychologically, Red is hotter than Blue. Ask anyone. Ask a child.

This is a stupid discussion. I’m talking esthetics, and you all are talking physics.

I’m talking what LOOKS better and hotter and more energetic. Not what wavelengths indicate hotness. Geez!

Get a grip!!!

All I’m asking is to make a version of the pictures above and make the warp nacelle end caps Red/Orange, and post them for all of us to compare.

We don’t even know that they are bussard collectors, because nowhere in canon has it been established that’s what they are.

They were made that way on the model to show energy and power. Just like the ship makes a sound when it wooshes by the camera, or makes a rumble.

Why it makes a noise going to warp. Why the phasers and photon torpedos make noises.

It’s for DRAMATIC EFFECT. PSYCHOLOGICAL effect. Not for true-to-life physics.

Come on!!! Very little of Star Trek was true to life to Physics. It was all for dramatic effect and story telling.

Red Nacelle end caps will look better. That’s why 99.9% of all the ships designed for Star Trek Television Shows and Movies used them.

The Enterprise B is the least liked ship design of them all. It looks terrible. I liked the plain Excelsior design better.

All I ask is to make a pic with Red End Caps and post it for all to see and evaluate.

Isn’t that what you do when you buy a car? You look at all the different colors and decide which one looks best. You also compare interior colors to your exterior color to see what goes together best.

The only reference that shows blue Nacelle caps, is the Motion Picture ad on the back of comic books. Which, was blue tinted all over.

Does that mean the Enterprise should be colored egg-shell blue, because the one in the ad was???

No. It doesn’t.

146. The Angry Klingon - August 29, 2008

Apparently you arent observant enough to tell the difference between ALL caps and a couple of words in caps for those (like you) who seem a little slower then the rest. It is called ’emphasis’…but youve already shown youre prone to emotionalism and exaggerating…next time I will use crayon for you and write in BIG letters. Maybe you will think next time before you say something ignorant and READ a little more carefully before your fingers start typing.
There is NOTHING (slowwwwlllly) wrong with Daren’s render. Like everything he does it is masterfully executed but, as I said elsewhere, its like putting lipstick on a pig.

147. The Angry Klingon - August 29, 2008

Pardon me it was supposed to say #99 not #93.
Mea Culpa

148. Mike - August 29, 2008

Pretty neat. I’ve been wanting to see a star ship that got rid of the red highlights for while now. Blue just seems a better color scheme for federation technology.

That said, I think it would look better without any transparent parts at all, but that’s my own opinion.

149. Lendorien - August 29, 2008

I hate to say it, but it looks like they turned my Enterprise into a ricer. >_<

I really respect the professionalism that goes into Phase 2 and Darren did a good job, but I have to hope they don’t stay with this design for too long. It is pretty ugly. The design elements don’t fit together well.

150. The Angry Klingon - August 29, 2008

Daren…Ill shoot you an email :)
Needless to say it doesnt say ‘Klingon’ on my checks…Im on your planet incognito…

151. RobertMfromLI - August 29, 2008

127. GraniteTrek:

Thanks very much for reminding people about my earlier post… I’m glad someone looked at it (as not many people from here seem to have looked at the little surprise).


And… for anyone still wondering why the Enterprise would need an interim refit, please click on my name above and look at the first post in the thread… or dont… it’s up to you. ;-)

Personally, just like in TOS, I could see more interim changes in the Enterprise before the massive refit of TMP. Keep in mind, Star Trek was about the “voyages of the Starship Enterprise” because the Enterprise was the ship that was always in the middle of the action, always fighting ridiculous odds (and somehow winning), always pushing the limits and boundaries of Federation technology (or always adding a new chapter to the Federation technology books as Scotty and gang figured out how to make this ship be able to give just a wee bit more… think about it. Maximum safe cruise of Warp 6… maximum emergency speed of Warp 8? When Scotty was done, that ship had passed Warp 14 and even Warp 15 more than once).

That aside, she’s taken a beating (and obviously survived) in dozens of episodes. There’s only so much Scotty can do to put her back together while in the far reaches of space. Between all the events of TOS, and the events in Blood and Fire, for a starship that had set an unprecedented number of records, first contacts, and was becoming the ship that the Federation counted on to create the image of what is their best and most powerful, I’d see the Fed doing something like this – and I see this as a nice gradual change before TMP’s massive refit. I also see it as a nice “test bed” to be able to test some (but not nearly all) of the new tech the Federation had planned to begin evaluation of the massive TMP refits – which then also (along with the Enterprise’s history/standing) helps to make the TMP refit make a lot more sense.

As for an earlier poster who pointed out just how many times the Enterprise got pummelled in battle, and managed to “win the day” without the “3 shots, core breach” scenario – he is correct… happened a lot – but in TOS, the Enterprise was, by choice, written as a character. The only thing lacking was showing damage to the ship (which we know from the dialog, did happen… hull breaches and more) – and that was simply due to budgetary constraints… heck, they never even finished the shooting model (most of the port side wasnt even lit – which you can tell in some frontal and rear shots)… so if they couldnt even afford to finish the model, I doubt they could have afforded to (a) damage it for a shot, then repair it for the next episode, or (b) build another one to damage so the big model didnt need to be.

Oh – and once again, I’m thinking people should click on my name (next to the post number) and look at the first post in the thread it brings you to on the STP2 forums… just a thought.

152. Nostromo - August 29, 2008

There’s some discussion and pics of the original Phase II Enterprise here:

153. RTC - August 29, 2008

#116 and #137, interestingly the McQuarrie design was supposedly used in the Wolf 359 post-battle scene in TNG’s “The Best of Both Worlds,” though there’s some question as to whether it was actually visible. It *was* visible, though, for the Qualor II junkyard scene in “Unification.” Link below, the McQuarrie vessel is near the bottom, labeled #4 Enterprise Study Model.

Also *possibly* in the entering Spacedock scene in ST III (barely visible in background on left):

154. Benjamin Adams - August 29, 2008

For the life of me, I just can’t see this Of Gods and Men DVD release, even if it’s a “gift with charitable donation,” ending happily.

Turning a blind eye to the streaming fanvids is one thing. But once an easily reproducible high-quality DVD is made available — at nearly the same time as an officially-sanctioned new movie is due to be released! — I see cease-and-desist orders and lawyers crawling all over.

In fact, it could have the highly unpleasant ramification of leading to all the semi-pro fan vids being no longer tolerated by CBS.

Fingers crossed that’s not the case, but. . . .

155. GuidingLight - August 29, 2008

Some guy on the Phase II forum posted a picture that was altered to show the render with red caps. Not sure how to link it though

156. rehabilitated hitch1969© - August 29, 2008

I’m with JC, always.

I’m with ya, JC!!!!!



157. Matthew_Briggsuk - August 29, 2008

i’ve always wondered what Phase II’s Enterprise would look like, and now thanks to James Crawley and the guys at the Phase II studio i’m finally gonna see it

How long now till we get to see “Blood and Fire” I can’t wait for it

158. fanboy - August 29, 2008


Nope. Psychologically, Red is hotter than Blue. Ask anyone. Ask a child.
This is a stupid discussion

I agree. And I think we already got the child’s viewpoint… from you.

159. RobertMfromLI - August 29, 2008

#158 fanboy: #132 is correct. While you may be correct psychologically, that would be irrelevant to being correct technologically. Keep in mind, reality is not what you want, want to believe or feel. Thus:

“And I think we already got the child’s viewpoint… from you.”

I think was uncalled for.

If we are going for technological accuracy, and assuming that a technologically superior reaction would have a hotter reaction (and resulting color), then blue is the better choice.

If we are going for a psychological approach, then red or orange would be better.

So… the question is… reality or perception? Since most Star Trek geeks are pretty tech savvy, and to provide more accuracy, I’d think blue the better color… but obviously not all Star Trek geeks are equally tech savvy.

And besides, it does match the color of the TMP and Phase II intermix chamber – so on those grounds alone, the color should be blue.

I know I should probably not have responded since you think this is a stupid discussion – but then again, you didnt seem to think it was stupid enough for you to not respond. ;-)

#157 Matthew: How long till we get to see it? Perhaps soon… or not… keep an eye out on our main website (or forums, for that matter) for upcoming announcements… we’ll give everyone plenty of advance warning. And of course, I have to give the obligatory “when it’s ready” answer as well. :-)

160. Steven - August 29, 2008

FRAKIN’ AWESOME! Can’t wait to see this beauty fly!

161. Michael Hall - August 29, 2008


While I share some of the reservations of several of the comments (e.g. the blue sensor domes, window placement on the outer edge of the primary hull; and I wish you finessed the original design of the “torpedo room” a little as it’s always reminded me of a sawed-off shotgun), this is an awesome piece of work.

As for the deisgn being “ugly,” well, it’s certainly cruder than the final version seen in TMP, and was obviously not going to work in 70mm. But in some ways I prefer it to what we ended up with. The problem with the TMP version is that, beautiful as it is, the proportions and overall aesthetic are so far removed from Matt Jeffries’ original that for me it was never really believable as a refit of the same ship I’d come to love over the years, which made TMP and the subsequent films like a class reunion at a high school that had been razed to the ground and completely rebuilt. Whatever reservations I have about some of the details, this ship at least feels like a reasonable continuation of the original.

Ralph McQuarrie’s proposed redesign–now that was butt-ugly

162. Captain Robert April - August 30, 2008

If you squint a bit, though, you can see McQuarrie’s design morphing into the Enterprise-D rather easily.

Getting back to the Phase II design, from what I’ve seen of Jefferies’ drawings, the secondary hull was more streamlined that what we’ve got here, i.e., he not only swapped out the nacelles, he chucked the old lower hull as well.

What Daren has done is be more true to the concept than even Jefferies was, that this is a refit of the original ship, not a keel-up rebuild, which is essentially what the TMP version turned into.

163. Al Hartman - August 30, 2008

#158 and #159

Nope, you both got it wrong. Star Trek has NEVER been about being ‘Tech Savvy’, that’s something you (159) just created. It’s that thing that people point to when they say Trek Geeks are annoying about “Canon”.

Roddenberry NEVER let technology and Tech Savviness get in the way of telling a good story. Go read any of the books about how Trek was created.

Transporters, Warp Drive, Phasers, “Photon Torpedos”, Time Travel, etc… Were not “tech savvy”, but were created to tell stories.

Ships that “woosh” in space, aren’t “Tech savvy”, but are “people savvy”.

#158 has been especially insulting. Calling me a child pretty much demonstrates that “you’ve got nothing” when it comes to debating this issue. An insult is the sign that the insulter has lost the argument.

Red is superior to blue. It LOOKS better. It FEELS better. That it is not “tech savvy” is a non-starter.

The whole point of an entertainment show is to entertain, not to be “tech savvy”.

Get a clue. If Trek were about being 100% accurate to science, there wouldn’t be any Trek at all…

164. Al Hartman - August 30, 2008


I have always thought the thing missing from TMP was a scene of the original TOS Enterprise entering spacedock and the original crew in original uniforms shaking hands and discussing where they would be going next.

A shot of Kirk looking back through a viewport at the ship, and then dramatically turning and walking away would have been 100x better than any amount of boring V’ger flyovers.

It would have brought a lot more drama and life to the movie, which in many ways was cold and sterile.

I loved it. But, compared to WOK and TVH, it was cold and sterile.

165. Al Hartman - August 30, 2008


One more point… The techno-babble in TNG and Voyager as opposed to the drama in DS-9 shows what happens when you let being “Tech Savvy” rule in favor of telling a good and dramatic story.

Think about it.

The original Trek was great because Roddenberry understood that. The tech was only there in service of a good dramatic plot. It was not what drove the plot.

166. Captain Pike - August 30, 2008

The Phase II Enterprise is basically identical to one that’s been hanging in my local movie multiplex since the 1980s. It’s got a TOS saucer, hybrid secondary hull and TMP warp engines. I don’t know if it’s unique or all the theaters in the chain have them. It’s about 10′ long and looks like it’s made of fiberglass.

167. X - August 30, 2008

I’ve always been a fan of Sci-Fi technology. Especially when it comes down to ship designs. This particular Phase II refit is impressive and I like the fact that it bridges the design gap of TOS and TMP. In terms of continuity I don’t see how this ship could be the Enterprise. But I do see this ship as being an experimental test-bed for the upcoming final refit phase for the aging Constitution class ships themselves. The Enterprise was lucky to recieve the go-ahead on this one.

168. Tommy Servo - August 30, 2008

#72 and others… Actually I am surprised Paramount has been as tolerant of these fan productions as they have been. This OGAM DVD could be the proverbial “last straw”, even if the proceeds are going to charity.

Eventually Paramount will have to crack down on these folks in order to protect the Star Trek “brand” (and yes, after $2+bil in merchandising revenues, it is a “brand” just like any other). Look at it this way – suppose I am a big fan of Pepsi and like it so much that I decide I want to bottle my own. So I spend thousands of dollars of my own money and hundreds of hours “reverse-engineering” the Pepsi formula. And what I come up with, while not the same, is pretty darn close. Naturally, I want to share it with others; so I bottle and package it just like Pepsi, and give it away for free to anyone who wants it. How long will the Pepsi Company “look the other way” before a team of lawyers come and shut me down? Why? Because in the end they *must* protect their copyrights, trade marks, etc no matter how much (if any) profit is made.

169. Sandoval - August 30, 2008

Saw the entire two-part episode tonight at DragonCon. Some of the fx were not yet completed, so it was a bit of a rough draft. In any case, it was quite good. Although I miss the original Spock actor, the new one does an adequate job. There are some sad parts in “Blood and Fire,” but this review is spoiler-free. You do see the two gay men kissing a few times, which was fun. The actor who plays Peter Kirk is hot!

170. Windsor Bear - August 30, 2008

I might could buy it if the primary hull domes were still white instead of blue. I dunno… the original nacelle caps were always a thing of beauty, and I really missed their effect when the “E” was redesigned for TMP.

If you put the original “E” and the hybrid “E” side by side… for me personally, the original “E” just looks better.

171. Dr. Image - August 31, 2008

#86 Yeah, shose Phase II scripts were really horrible.
It’s for the best that the show didn’t get made.
There have bees more than one Brick Price E’s circulating at various exhibits over the years but they’ve all been modified with TMP details.
Personally, I like Daren’s take. Perhaps he should rethink those blue primary hull domes, though. They’re just too distracting. And it’s like, “why?”

172. Al Hartman - August 31, 2008

About the Phase II scripts being “really horrible”?

All you have been able to read are script treatments. Which often differ wildly from filmed episodes and the final shooting script.

Give the original Phase II a break… None of the episodes were ever filmed, so none of what you can read about the scripts has received the attention and polishing a shot story would have had.

I’d bet if you read the script treatments for any series that was successful, you’d think they sucked and the series would never make it.

People thought TNG would fail, and the first season was the least successful of them all. But, like anything… It’s a growth process.

Maybe the first season of Phase II would have sucked. But, it would have quickly found its feet and been as successful as TNG was.

Many of the same people were behind both shows. And people said that TNG would never “catch lightning in a bottle” as TOS did. Except TNG did.

I have no doubt that Phase II would have been successfull if it had ever gone to series.

173. Einstein Jones - August 31, 2008

The blue domes rock!

174. Captain Pike - September 1, 2008

“I have no doubt that Phase II would have been successful if it had ever gone to series.”

I have big doubts. People may have watched it. It may even have been a commercial success. But it would have a Roddenberry project. To me that mean it would have been like TMP or the first two seasons of TNG which were nothing like TOS. I’ll take the old action/adventure format of TOS over TNG everytime.

175. DS9Sega - September 1, 2008

Well, I’m sure it’s been pointed out elsewhere, but this may be based on Jeffries drawings, but it’s not 100% that. The grill details on the nacelles don’t match the model that was under construction by Don Loos for the show, and neither does the torpedo launcher. The three lines around the rim of the saucer are lifted from the art deco finishing added to the TMP ship, and would not have been contemporaneous with the Phase II design. The glowing blue nacelle caps are en utter fabrication. So, it’s BASED on Jeffries design, but it’s been “reimagined”, and as such doesn’t actually represent his intentions

176. COMMANDER KEEN - September 2, 2008


Great work on the PhaseII ship. Very nice hybrid.

The two things I really love about the TMP refit was the running lights they added to the primary hull. I also liked the replacing the two registration numbers on the bottom of the hull (facing opposite) with the single NCC-1701 in front of the sensor dome (or old phaser bank). I do kind of miss the glowing dome there.

I think the rest looks great. The glowing bussard collectors were a great addition, the one thing I miss about the TMP refit. Blue seems to fit there as well.

177. Lowdarz - September 3, 2008

Overall I like the Phase II design and while I have seen a couple of versions by other artists I like better, this one is very well done.

My one thing is I don’t like the amount or the placement of the windows in the saucer.

178. Andrew Probert - September 4, 2008

Nice work, Daren,… as usual.

Even though the Jefferies version seems (by today’s standards) kind of a step backwards, it’s really great for the ‘Phase II’ team to give this ship it’s due, and they couldn’t have chosen a better person to bring her to life.

To boldly go…

179. DARTH-MAUL - September 11, 2008

Meanwhile, in Spain was scheduled THIS WEEKEND a convention with James Cawley as its special guest to showcase the first part of BAF and without justifying has left abandoned to more than 100 people who have booked their room in the con hotel without the possibility of be returned now THE MONEY.
IS this THE SPIRIT OF STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES? Where are the ideas of tolerance and IDIC in NV? This is no longer the labor of love which Mr. Cawley want to sell publicly… There are many goodie-goodies greedy for power and earn money WITH THIS SCAM and behind the red apple IS NV there is much rot, corruption and rubbish! MR. Cawley is the worst EGO-MAN and selfish VIP that can have a convention… And be sure, SPAIN’s fans does not forgive and put up easily with this offense!! And of course, NV fans, do not slack off inviting to your cons Mr Cawley :-( Get real!! He does not give a damn the ST ideas he says to love only the prestige and fame like him and of course he’s making a bundle with this NV bussiness.

180. Crazy Guy - September 11, 2008

It would be nice if Polar Lights released a model version of this baby. Y’know, to go along with the original ship model — the smaller one?

181. Crazy Guy - September 11, 2008

And, as an aside, maybe Paramount will “borrow” the CG model the way they borrowed the Enterprise bridge for “In A Mirror, Darkly” for an *official* Phase II series, starring the actors from Abrams’ film. It’s possible, right?

182. Brian - November 20, 2008

I signed up for email notification back in August and just got the notice. I just ordered my OGAM DVD. You need to link from an email, contact Renegade for details.

183. old man - December 8, 2008

This is good new for fans and bad news for Paramountl.

Certain people moan about “too much Star Trek”. The problem is too much bad writing from people who don’t know Star Trek.

George Lucas has control of his creation. Gene Roddenberry lost control and now he is gone. There is no one to keep the original vision going (at least at Paramount) and now all we have are directors who want to leave their OWN mark on Star Trek at the expence of the original legend.

Fan productions prove there is no lack of stories or lack of interest. All Paramount proves is that there is a lack of talent and lack of vision in the corporation that runs Star Trek.

Three is a good possibility the new Star Trek Movie will be successful, but if it is it will be at the expense of a LOT of old fans and probably the soul of Star Trek. Par for the course for America. Only what is new and different counts and certainly not older people or their feelings.

184. old man - December 8, 2008

If I did not make it clear (and I am afraid I did not) I would welcome it if people like James Cawley were in charge of the destiny of Star Trek over anyone Paramount has now. These fans care about Star Trek, and
I applaud their efforts, their respect for canon and their vision

185. rsud - December 23, 2008

Me wonders on the whole “refit” thing. Wouldn’t new completely built ships just be materialied like food, etc. Since energy isn’t an issue just gotta build a way big transporter, design the ship virtually, and “beam” it into existence. Heck, everyone should have thier own starship.

But then I also think in Star Trek you would no longer need to go to the bathroom. You could just beam it out….

186. Phase II Enterprise - FileFront Gaming Forums - January 4, 2009

[…] Re: Phase II Enterprise Just for refrence… FanMade: New Phase II Enterprise + OGAM on DVD | […]

187. Mike K - February 4, 2009

I was shocked when I started watching Phase II with my 7 year old son. I found no advnaced warning that this was a movie depicting the characters as homosexual. I found my son asking me why Kirk and Spock were in bed together and kissing each other. I am in no way homophobic but I found this to be a disgrace.

188. Mike K - February 4, 2009

Okay, it wasn’t Kirk and Spock…but still a disgrace that my child, who is a huge Star Trek fan, had to watch “GAY TREK”. Children’s minds are like a sponge and this was not only irresponsible it was down right evil. IT IS WRONG TO PROMOTE GAY RELATIONSHIPS TO CHILDREN USING CHARACTERS THAT THEY LOOK UP TO…PERIOD!!!!!!


189. THX-1138 - February 4, 2009


Wow. Idiotic. Way to have no idea what you are talking about. Thanks for chiming in, Anita Bryant.

190. Greg Kingsley - March 2, 2010

According to the “Star Trek Chronology” written by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, which is considered cannon by Paramount and Trek fans, Kirk’s first 5 year mission as Captain of a starship, ended in 2269. In the year 2271, The V’Ger mission begins. This means there was only a little more than two years between the end of the T.V. five year mission and the beginning of the movie adventures. So there was never time for a second 5 year mission that occured after “Turnabout Intruder.”
However, after the V’Ger mission ended, Kirk was officially given command of the refit-Enterprise, to embark on another 5 year mission. All of this is explained in the Chronology. Some of you need to read it. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.