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First Look At Alternate Realities DVD Free Geordi Figure August 29, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Toys,VOY , trackback

In three weeks the new Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective gets released. The set gives you 20 episodes of Trek’s ‘alternate’ lives and universes, coming from all five series. It also contains an offer for a free Geordi action figure, and today TrekMovie is the first to reveal what that figure looks like.


Timeless Geordi
One of the episodes in the new DVD set is Voyager’s "Timeless" which was directed by Next Gen’s LeVar Burton. Burton also appeared in the episode in an alernate future timeline as ‘Captain Geordi LaForge’ and this is what the figure is based on. This figure will only be available via the DVD promotion and only costs you the shipping and handling ($7.50). See the DVD insert below for more details.

Toy figure inert (click to enlarge)

Captain Geordi LaForge
Here is the trailer for "Timeless" which shows Geordi briefly, plus a shot from the episode.

Captain LaForge in VOY’s "Timeless"

The "Timeless" Geordi LaForge action figure is not the first promotional figure available home video. In October of 1997, an exclusive version of the Playmates Toys Worf action figure from "All Good Things" was included with the VHS set "Worf: Return to Grace." The June 2006 DVD set of the "Q Fan Collective" featured an offer for a mail away DST Jean Luc Picard from "Tapestry" action figure. The Worf VHS box set often commands $40 at online auction or from secondary markets because of the inclusion of the toy.

Past home video toy promos
(pics and

Set details
The  Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective contains 20 ‘alternate reality’ episodes from the Trek franchise, or four from each of the five Star Trek series. See below for a full disk by disk breakdown.

Disc One: Mirror Universe

Disc Two: Mirror Universe & Parallel Dimensions

Disc Three: Twisted Realities

Disc Four: Alternate Lives

Disc Five: Alternate Lives

* remastered version

Available for $26.49
Amazon now has the collective available for pre-order at $26.49, which is not bad for 20 episodes plus special features and an action figure. Also the past previous five ‘fan collectives’ are available as a box set now for $131.99.


Fan Collective
Box Set



 Available 9/16/08

 Available now


Season One of TOSR now only $79.99 + All Three Seasons For $199.99
In cased you missed our last report,
CBS Paramount has more than cut in half the retail price for the HD DVD / DVD hybrid Remastered Star Trek The Original Series Season One set. The set is now has a retail price of $89.99 (which is more in line with the DVD-only Seasons Two and Three), and the Amazon price is now only $79.99 (or about 50% less than it was before the price drop). So now buying all three seasons of TOSR indivdually will cost you a bit over $200, or you can pick up the Three Season Pack in November for $199.99.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




 Available now
(HD /DVD Combo)

 Available now

 Available 11/18/08


Three Season Pack


 Available 11/18/08



1. mm3guy - August 29, 2008

Those action figures look a little funky, but I want one!

2. Trek Or Treat - August 29, 2008

I have too many action figures already.

Yet I still want “Captain LaForge”

P.S. The should have had Voyager’s “Living Witness” on the discs somewhere. I always like that episode. Wouldn’t that count as an alternate reality?

3. Ryan T. Riddle - August 29, 2008


The ONE problem with the DST figures is that they tend to lean too much and aren’t stable when stood up. But the detail is fantastic!

4. mm3guy - August 29, 2008

#3, do they come with a stand?

5. Hissy1701 - August 29, 2008

Will they ship to the UK?

6. Jared - August 29, 2008

Will they ship up here to Canuckistan?

7. Ryan T. Riddle - August 29, 2008

#4 Nope.

8. BarberQ - August 29, 2008

meh, i’d rather they gave us ‘Captain Tucker’ or ‘Captain T’pol’ from ‘Twilight’.

9. NCC-73515 - August 30, 2008

What about Germany, will I get the figure here?? I doubt it… but there are always possibilities ;)

10. NCC-73515 - August 30, 2008

I always wondered why he has a 2370s uniform instead of the one from All Good Things / Endgame…

11. tomcatjosh - August 30, 2008

Hum… Interesting

12. Stephen - August 30, 2008

#10 and 11. Because it’s an alternate future/timeline

13. Knut - August 30, 2008

@10: The Voyager Episode take place in a time before “All Good Things” and “Endgame”. But Gordi already has the AGT Communicator.

14. Mr. Bob Dobalina - August 30, 2008

That looks more like Gary Coleman than Levar Burton . But I still might by this set as it has some of the few Berman Trek’s that I felt actually were worthy of the name Star Trek.

15. OM - August 30, 2008

….Man, Geordi’s cheeks look WAY too fat on that figure.

16. Lendorien - August 30, 2008

Oh my. For some reason I saw the little image of the figure and I couldn’t stop laughing. For some reason it strikes me as a terribly corny expression and pose.

17. Energize - August 30, 2008

Looks like Dr. J!

18. Enterprisingguy - August 30, 2008

I would have loved to see a series with Geordi in command. He came across much better than either Riker or Sulu as a captain. He would have been awesome!

And I can’t believe they put Turnabout Intruder in this set. Compared to the rest of the choices it is a joke. It’s no more an alternate reality than the shape shifting tricks of Lord Garth in Whom Gods Destroy!

19. Rayna - August 30, 2008

#16, now that you mention it, the expression is pretty corny…stil neat though.

20. jesustrek - August 30, 2008

yesssssssss, the line of VOY,,,,and the next figures???

21. Batman - September 1, 2008

So instead of making a new Picard with TWOK uniform (an easy swap-out), they make…Captain LaForge?


I just don’t get it. Most people didn’t get that Tapestry Picard. This could’ve been a chance to update the figure and give people something they might’ve always wanted…

22. Ensign Eddie - September 3, 2008

$7.50 for a “Free” figure? For that much s&h it should be delivered by personal courier.

23. Stephen - September 3, 2008

Man, all this whining. I think that the figure is really cool, and the idea of making a Geordi La Forge Figure from Timeless is great. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these figures when I get this DVD set! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.