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Video Teaser For Phase II “Blood and Fire” August 29, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

The next episode from the fan series Star Trek Phase II, of "Blood and Fire, Part 1" should hit the net by the end of October, and to give you a taste, the Phase II team just released the action-packed opening teaser (including the new opening credits). Check out the video below.


Blood and Fire, Part 1.
Based on an script written by David Gerrold (Trouble with Tribbles), "Blood and Fire" was originally planned for The Next Generation. The script, an AIDS allegory that was considered two controversial 20 years ago, has been adapted to The Original Series era by Carlos Pedraza. Gerrold is also back as the director. Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar) has guest role playing a scientist, but it isn’t central to the story. This episode is also the first to feature Ben Tolpin as Mr. Spock.

Here is the official description from the Phase II site:

Pursued and damaged by repeated Klingon attacks, the crew of the Enterprise must respond to the distress call from a Federation research ship. In a matter of hours the ship and crew will be consumed by a nearby star and the crew of the Enterprise will be consumed by an mysterious horror that threatens both ships as the Klingons watch and wait. .

Video of teaser and new opening credits:


Target for Halloween
Producer and star James Cawley tells TrekMovie he hopes to have Part 1 of "Blood and Fire" out by October 31st, with Part 2 following a few months after. That will be followed later in 2009 by "Enemy: Starfleet" which will feature Barbara Luna and the just-revealed refitted Enterprise (and the above teaser shows why the ship needed those new nacelles!). Cawley says that the team are planning to go back into production in October to shoot the next episode "The Child," written and directed by Jon Povill. They will also do some final pick-up shots for "Enemy: Starfleet."



1. montreal paul - August 29, 2008

Is it me, or are the effects getting better? I think this was extremely well done. I look forward to seeing the whole episode. Nice job James Cawley! The guy playing Chekov looks and sounds like Walter Koenig circa 1967!

2. Glenn Hendrickson - August 29, 2008

looks neat!!!!

3. Jeremy - August 29, 2008

Congratulations ! Let me be the First to say well done on an intereting teaser.

4. Andy Patterson - August 29, 2008


5. Joe Coatar - August 29, 2008

Fantastic! Thank you James

6. Dances with Klingons - August 29, 2008

More, More , MORE!!!!!

I don’t want to wait til Halloween!

This tease reminds me of STNG Best of Both Worlds and Riker saying “Fire”

Hope the rest of the episode is as good.

7. helenofpeel - August 29, 2008

This looks fantastic. Let’s hope JJ is taking lessons!

8. DEMODE - August 29, 2008

WOW! That space battle looked amazing!! Now that is what a fire fight between the Enterprise and a Kilingon ship should look like! I hate to say it, but that Klingon sip looked WAYYYY better then the ship we saw in the Star Trek remastered series…

Thrilling stuff!

9. Marvin the Martian - August 29, 2008

Normally, I’m quite critical of James Cawley’s performance as Kirk, which has always struck me as wooden and amateurish. I don’t know if it’s his comfortability with the role now, or a much better director, but his dialed-down performance in this teaser is actually quite believable.

So are the FX. Very nice. This is quickly approaching the quality level of the original series… congratulations to all involved!

10. Hallbjorn - August 29, 2008

Yikes !!! That was NICE !!! I’m looking forward to this episode !

11. Green-Blooded-Bastard - August 29, 2008

Wow, this looks really good!

12. karanadon - August 29, 2008

I’ve never watched any of STNV before but…WOW. That certainly got me excited!

Can we expect anything more before the full version comes out?! October 31st seems so far away…!

13. OneBuckFilms - August 29, 2008

I love the new LCARS displays added to the Bridge.

This is impressive.

14. fanboy - August 29, 2008

That’s a very impressive trailer. The starship animations were extremely well done. But I was also impressed by the soundtrack. Can anyone identify the source material for the music? Was is all from commercial TOS soundtrack CDs? I own them all, but some of the music doesn’t sound familiar. Did they orchestrate new trek-era music as well? or have access to unreleased tracks?
I also agree the guy playing Chekov was about as close as you can get to 60s era Walter Koenig. I’d rather not comment on the other actors. Lots of appreciation to James Crawley for continuing to spread the love for TOS, but it’s nearly impossible for him to capture the portrayals of Kirk & Spock effectively. So I can’t fault them too much for that. Ya just gotta go with it…

15. Dr. Image - August 29, 2008

Impressive? More like, IMPRESSIVE.
As I’ve said, James & Co. have captured the true spirit of Classic Enterprise-based Trek.
At this rate, I dare say Abrams’ version will have some serious competition!

16. Ripper - August 29, 2008

I believe all the music in there was original score. Taking inspiration from the music that were composed by TOS’s original composers

#14 as for saying its a trailer… it wasn’t… its the opening 3 minutes to Blood and Fire. In script terminology this segment is known as “Pre-Titles Teaser” or “Teaser”

17. Daren Doc - August 29, 2008

It’s Cawley, not Crawley. :)

I think they’ve done a great job and every new episode gets better and better.

Kudos to Joel Bellucci and the DAVE school guys for this… they’ve got the FX look nailed…

18. Xai - August 29, 2008

Loved watching the plasma fire rolling off the nacelle… excellent!

19. Oktoberfest - August 29, 2008

These people are simply amazing. We are VERY lucky that they dedicate their time and resources to entertain us and to keep the dream alive. The entire concept of quality fan-based entertainment is taken to new heights each year by these folks. Thank you!!

20. OneBuckFilms - August 29, 2008

Mr. Cawley, I’m very impressed.

21. The Bear - August 29, 2008

Very COOL!! Can’t wait!!!

22. Aaron R. - August 29, 2008

Abrams has serious competition??? Hmmm um yeah no! Do you remember his budget and casting pool and writers and and and… I need not say more. For a fan film this looks very beautiful. I await to see if it is better than Gods and Men that is its real competition in my mind.

23. Alex Prewitt - August 29, 2008

Andy Bray plays Chekov in the episode. Sadly it will be his last performance. They have recast the role with another actor so Bray can move on to other opportunities. The same thing happened with their last Sulu–John Lim..

24. Redjac - August 29, 2008

Looks GREAT!!!

I simply MUST get my hands on the third season soundtrack music…
Some of my favorite cues are in this preview.

C’mon guys…share the love!

25. steve623 - August 29, 2008

Kudos for the dedication.

26. BrF - August 29, 2008

Wow. I am generally no fan of the fan-made goods, but that looked great. I’d take that effects team over CBS Digital any day of the week. And I don’t just mean the look of the effects, but the choreography, too. Just by breaking the old 2-D plane they get points, plus the way the ships were evidently not fully in control as they tried to maneuver and line up shots. Whew! Great work!

27. Nomad - August 29, 2008

I got a real rush watching that. You have to hand it to these guys – their dedication knows no bounds. The design work, sound, cinematography FX and editing are right up there. To be picky, some of the acting – probably the toughest skill to master – still looks a little “amateur dramatics”, but then if they took time off to go to drama school we wouldn’t have this stuff at all. Big salute!!

28. Energize - August 29, 2008

Hey! That was neat! Good stuff!

29. Imrahil - August 29, 2008

Looks pretty cool–however, to nitpick (this is a Trek forum, after all)–would the exhaust from the nacelle look like that? It implies airflow…

30. Energize - August 29, 2008

Yeah, at first I was wondering where that flame was coming from, but then I was like, “Oh, it’s the nacelle.” Then, I was like, “Well, can’t they just disengage the saucer from the main drive.”, but then I enjoyed it.

31. TL - August 29, 2008

Agree with #15, This is very impressive! Some of the episodes from New Voyages are much better than deep space what-ever, voyager and enterprise.

32. TL - August 29, 2008

BTW It would be great if CBS one day puts all the home made trek episodes on dvd!

33. Redjac - August 29, 2008

I thought the same thing as #29, but then I decided to just suspend disbelief.

34. Spocko - August 29, 2008

Looks like it’s gonna be the next big hit from New Voyages. Looking forward to it.

35. Odkin - August 29, 2008

I don’t know… I’m glad the effects are better, but the new Spock seems unimpressive, and I would seriously caution them to reconsider the highly political dedication. After stating that the AIDs/gay theme would be natural and subtly alluded to, I think putting up a political statement in the title card is a big mistake. Many people think that the true hypocrisy in the way the epidemic was handled was in not taking all of the normal usual and customary steps for containing a contagious disease. Giving it the civil rights treatment, partner confidentiality, and patient identity protections is what spread it.

36. steve623 - August 29, 2008

“Giving it the civil rights treatment, partner confidentiality, and patient identity protections is what spread it.”

Speaking of highly political …

37. Darkthunder - August 29, 2008

@29: Yeah, I had some objection to that as well. Regardless of the source of the fire, they are in space and as such, the fire should dissipate quickly. Any recent hull breach resulting in a fire, would be snuffed out very fast, due to the lack of oxygen besides the source, in immediate area inside the ship.

The flames coming off the nacelle looked very artificial and very unrealistic given that it’s suppose to be a SPACE ship, in which there is no air at all, other than inside the ships.

Other than this nitpick (which Trekkers/Trekkies enjoy doing), I have no objections, and found the teaser quite enjoyable for the most part. Looking forward to the episode’s release. James Cawley’s performance as Kirk is improving for each new episode. Perhaps he should’ve been cast as the Trek XI Kirk, instead of Chris Pine :P

38. Odkin - August 29, 2008

Exactly. My opinion is political, Cawley’s is political. See how we each have that right? The DIFFERENCE is that I’m not piggybacking on a beloved franchise (that I don’t legally own) to promote a controversial political statement to hundreds of thousands of people.

I have no problem with him dedicating his film to victims of AIDs or any other disease. But the implicit slap at Reagan and others who didn’t toe the PC line is just uncalled for.

39. Odkin - August 29, 2008

#37 – I actually liked the nacelle effects a lot. I don’t think the effect was meant to represent flame – it’s more like the whole unit has ionized itself into some kind of plasma.

40. Einstein Jones - August 29, 2008

You know what’s really annoying? That audio ad for “Supernatural” that plays right in the middle of the clip. In fact, any audio ad is annoying, and I wish I wasn’t subjected to them here. It’s intrusive, uninvited and too lacking in class for this site.

As for the clip, it’s pretty impressive. Much better than Cawley’s earlier efforts in every way.

41. Steven - August 29, 2008

Cannot wait to see “Blood and Fire!” This looks AWESOME!

42. fro - August 29, 2008

i thought those special effects were really good

43. Chris Gray - August 29, 2008

A few points:

– These effects are magnificent. They have the inertia down pat, unlike the horrible “Doomsday” remake in which the Enterprise flew loop-de-loops like a Mario Bros. game;

– The drama and effects far surpass the most bland ST series of them all, ST: Enterprise (otherwise known to me as the little show that couldn’t), and returns us to the feel of TOS;

– They were a bit heavy on the AIDS message. You can still make a statement in the storyline without having to hit us over the head with a shovel;

– Spock was a bit too calm. Leonard Nimoy knew when to add a bit of urgency to his voice to warrant the dramatic situation, yet still remain logical.

44. Thunderball - August 29, 2008

I think Odkin makes a good point even if you don’t agree with the politics.

Whether or not you agree with the point of view expressed in that opening statement, it is very polarizing, and frankly, very un-Star Trek. Star Trek viewers tend to be rather intelligent, and its even a little insulting to expect that viewers have to have their hands held and be offered a biased explanation of the epidemic.

Star Trek prides itself on exploring large social issues and doing so with care, thoughtfulness and with respect to the complexities of the issues.

A very good example of this is “A Private Little War.” Its not meant to come off as overtly pro-Vietnam, that is simply one way to look at it. Another way is simply when major powers play politics with backwater places, the real victims are the backwater citizens. People can take what they will… the point is the scenario is given due consideration. There was no opening statement dedicating the episode to warmongering Americans, or to pacifistic hippies, or anything polarizing. The episode spoke for itself.

The rest of the preview looks good though.

45. Scott Gammans - August 29, 2008

OK, I got a hard-** watching that teaser. Absolutely frigging brilliant.

46. Einstein Jones - August 29, 2008

I don’t mind the AIDS message at all. They are pointing out something important and tragic about our society – that we often can plainly see disaster coming our way, but never do anything about it. We just wait for it to happen then react and try to pick up the pieces. I applaud Cawley’s efforts.

47. CmdrR - August 29, 2008

Tolpin has the cadence down nicely, although he looks like Kevin Nealon doing Spock.

The effects look cool.

48. Scott Gammans - August 29, 2008

^^^ Oh and p.s., I agree with Einstein and everyone else who thought the opening message was entirely appropriate… *especially* considering that “Blood and Fire” WAS written as an AIDS allegory.

I am totally psyched about this eppy.

49. Thunderball - August 29, 2008

^^^ But if its a good AIDS allegory, then won’t the episode speak for itself? Actually writing it out is overkill, and something the original series would never have to do.

50. Scott Gammans - August 29, 2008

P.P.S. For people trying to identify the original series music heard during the opening moments, that is the gorgeous “Klingon Battlecruiser” theme music composed by Fred Steiner for the third season episode “Elaan of Troyius”.

Scandalously, the terrific soundtrack for that episode has never been released on CD, so the producers of ST:PII either extracted the soundtrack from the “EoT” DVD or they did one hell of a job hiring an orchestra that was able to flawlessly replicate the music.

51. Chris Doohan - August 29, 2008

Gene Roddenberry would be proud of you. Really nice job and great effects. I got a goose bump or two.

52. MiniKirk - August 29, 2008

New Voyages/Phase II just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait for the full two-parter. And of course to see the refitted Enterprise in action in the next episode. Cool.
47. I do have to agree with you re: Spock. He DOES look like Nealon. I’m not complaining, it’d be interesting to see him in a Trek production (Kevin Nealon). After all, he’s one of the best actors on Showtime’s Weeds.

53. That guy - August 29, 2008

Why won’t CBS or Paramount fund this so they can what
want and need? They could put the cash where it’s most
needed and then we could all see a major improvement in
special effects – scripts – actors – and perhaps we just might
see it on a monthly basis instead. How stupid is Paramount
anyhow? They let TOS get away for over 10 years and now this.

54. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - August 29, 2008

Well I must say that three minutes of effects were on whole much better than the mostly weak remastered project. Now if we can get Dirty Daren to redue Balance of Terror I would really be happy.

55. Will Doe - August 29, 2008

Seeing the old girl so seriously injured made my heart sink. I know they’ll be alright in the end. But was alarmed to say the least.
Just kill me now and get it over with!
Also like the Ben Tolpin as Spock better.

56. Anthony Pascale - August 29, 2008

Klingons and Federation, the way it should be….seeing this makes me think of Chang and how right he was when he said:
“You do prefer it this way, don’t you, as it was meant to be? No peace in our time.”

57. John Trumbull - August 29, 2008

Looks great. The FX are amazing and the music elevates the action wonderfully. My only criticism is that I can longer hear someone talking about making a big mistake without flashing on GOB from “Arrested Development.” That kinda killed the final Kirk moment for me.

58. Energize - August 29, 2008

I wish Sci Fi would show this instead of the umpteenth X files rerun.

59. CHris - August 29, 2008

Tolpin’s line delivery seems very “mushy”. He doesn’t seem to enunciate briskly like Nimoy or his predecessor in “New Voyages”.

60. GeorgeKirk - August 29, 2008

Holy frak, that was awesome! I love it when an episode starts in the middle of the action like that. And Kirk’s admonition to Chekov never to call the Enterprise a lumbering ox gave me a smile. Excellent writing and acting!

61. The Jamuga - August 29, 2008

I have to agree with those here who stated that if the AIDS theme is well written, subtle and weaved organically into the storyline then a legend at the beginning of the episode is unnecessary. A simple dedication to the members of Trek lost to the disease would have been suitable and dignified. To ham-handedly blame “those few” (the Reagan administration, just come out and say it) is incredibly off-putting and not the wisest way to begin a piece of fan fiction. Would anyone really care what this group of actors think about AIDS if they didn’t have the Star Trek brand to garner attention for them?

I do hope that the full episode takes a moment to remind the viewers that AIDS is, for the most part, a completely preventable disease if a little precaution and common sense are utilized.

62. Magic_Al - August 29, 2008

The clips look like the best episode yet. The production is matching Paramount’s best efforts.

The opening dedications and text are a clumsy mistake. Whatever the episode wants to say should be apparent in the story. If the show’s any good, the story and characters will elicit meaningful feelings. Try a cut without those cards and I bet the show is none the worse for it. Please.

I can understand the desire to put those cards in, but that desire should be rethought. Star Trek’s title cards honoring Challenger and Roddenberry were timely acknowledgements of events important to Star Trek as a whole. They had nothing to do with the stories of those movies, and that is why those cards were OK and these are not. Star Trek does not telegraph the point of a story with this heavy-handed technique.

63. Splurch - August 29, 2008

I have generally enjoyed New Voyages/Phase II, but didn’t Chekov die in “To Serve All My Days”? Then he appears in the next episode! What gives? Did I miss something?

64. Tallguy - August 29, 2008

Liked it. The effects were terrific, but not quite as good as some of Daren’s other work. (Aw drat, I just became one of “those” people.) For me, the high point was the opening photon shot. Nice scale and scope. (I’m nerdy that way.)

The title card was WAY heavy handed (and will be debated within an inch of it’s life). Did The Voyage Home open with whale stats? The dedication was very classy though.

NV/P2 knocked the last episode out of the park. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen. You set the bar very high.

65. James Cawley - August 29, 2008

The dedication– as was the episode– was written by DAVID GERROLD.
You may have heard of him at some point. David has waited over 20 years to see this show get made, He is a very passionate, caring Friend and I would never presume to tell one of the founders of Trek what to write or how to tell his story. Star Trek is Best when it makes us question ourselves and p*****es some off at the same time, looks like he did his job to me! Thank’s for all the feedback.
Best to all,

66. The Angry Klingon - August 29, 2008

#47..Exactly. I couldnt place who I thought it looked but you nailed it. Really sad that Andy Bray is leaving as I think he is hands down the most authentic of the cast.
Now, as opposed as I am to the ‘Phase II’ Enter[pise being introduced I think the effects and cinematography in this teaser were top notch.
‘The Child” was already recycled for TNG so this is what I alluded to but now they are recycling something already recycled which is why TMP didnt work…it was a recycling of several ideas. If Phase II is going to Boldly Go please use the Phase II idea without the Phase II scripts. The ones that were usable were already used by Next Gen.

67. Krik Semaj - August 29, 2008

Great job James & company. The SPIRIT of Trek lives on thanks to people like you. Keep them coming.
To those of you “fans” out there who have nothing better to do than over analyze and complain please relax.
29 Imrahil & 37 Darkthunder. ITS FICTION. don’t over think this stuff. Not much of Trek is scientifically accurate. You wonder about the accuracy of the effects? Why.? There is no sound in space yet we accept the big E “whooshing” by on the screen. We hear explosions etc… and yet you question the flame effects you see. Jeez. We all know (Ihope) that this stuff is dramatic effect. Sit back and enjoy it.
This is why people think trekkies are a bunch of nuts.

68. Krik Semaj - August 29, 2008

Great job James & company. The SPIRIT of Trek lives on thanks to people like you. Keep them coming.
To those of you “fans” out there who have nothing better to do than over analyze and complain please relax.
29 Imrahil & 37 Darkthunder. ITS FICTION. don’t over think this stuff. Not much of Trek is scientifically accurate. You wonder about the accuracy of the effects? Why.? There is no sound in space yet we accept the big E “whooshing” by on the screen. We hear explosions etc… and yet you question the flame effects you see. Jeez. We all know (Ihope) that this stuff is dramatic effect. Sit back and enjoy it.
This is why people think trekkies are a bunch of nuts.

69. Krik Semaj - August 29, 2008

oops double post.
Anthony can you remove one of them for me?

70. Michael Hall - August 29, 2008

“Star Trek does not telegraph the point of a story with this heavy-handed technique.”

LOL. Yeah, whatever. Truth is, if there was ever a series more ham-fisted in delivering its “messages” (especially in retrospect) than TOS then I’m unaware of it, even as I continue to love the show and agree with the(mostly) ’60s New Frontier liberalism Roddenberry and Coon were actively promoting in their stories. As for Cawley, Phase II is entirely his baby, and he’s earned my utmost respect for having the guts to bring David Gerrold’s vision to life, apparently even putting aside the reservations of some of his own cast and crew to do so. Contrawise, if certain fans wish to put together the resources to film a Trek AIDS allegory that blames the victims of the disease rather than the politicians and religious leaders who willfully ignored their plight for the better part of a decade, they are entirely free to do so.

71. sean - August 29, 2008

I still can’t take say I enjoy these as a serious take – the remark about Abrams having competition raises an eyebrow – but I did think the effects were well done, at least as well done (if not better) than many of the effects in the remastered project. So kudos to them on that.

72. SPB - August 29, 2008


“Frankly, Captain, I’m exhausted.”

73. 750 Mang - August 29, 2008

Okay, that looks great.

Nice job.

74. SPB - August 29, 2008


…I think I’d much more prefer the amateur acting of PHASE II, since at least they have decent scripts to back them up. OF GODS & MEN has professional actors, yet is saddled with dopey fan-fic writing of the worst kind. It’s easier for me to enjoy and at least appreciate the heart that’s put into PHASE II. It pains me to watch Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, et al, in OGAM.

75. Alien Face - August 29, 2008

This story sounds extremely interesting and I cannot wait to view it in full.

As far as the FX are concerned, they blow See B.S out of the stars. Sorry.

76. Odkin - August 29, 2008

#65 James Cawley
Really? The Executive Producer who is ultimately responsible for the entire production wouldn’t presume to edit his writer? Isn’t that how you end up with another train wreck like “To Serve All My Days”? And just so you don’t think I’m a hopeless crank or canon obsessor, I have effusively praised “World Enough and Time” just about everywhere, because it deserved it.

These complaints aren’t about nitpicking the shortcomings of a self-funded production made with love. This dedication thing is a simple cost-and-resource-free issue of bad judgment. It is highly alienating. It is factually incorrect. It’s also cloying and overly clever with it’s “those few” evasion, when it’s clearly accusing the Reagan administration without having the guts to say so.

I know it’s hard to get a real job in Hollywood without drinking the political Kool-Aid, but can you please keep it out of Trek? It isn’t your personal sandbox, you know?

77. Boingo - August 29, 2008


The effects is that sequence were as good as anything in TOS Remastered.

78. DGill - August 29, 2008

The effects have certainly improved, and I’m still mighty impressed with the actors who play Chekov, Scotty, and Sulu, respectively. James Cawley’s Kirk still doesn’t do it for me. He just tries too hard sometimes. The new Spock looks promising, but time will tell in terms of his acting. It looks good so far and I can’t wait to see the rest.

79. The Angry Klingon - August 29, 2008

No James, Trek is best when it gives the audience credit for being smart enough to get the message without being hit over the head with it.
Funny…I dont remember real Trek ever having to open with a political diatribe to get its point across.
Point #2. You have this political long winded history lesson and IMMEDIATELY it is followed by a HUGE battle scene…literally a photon torpedo blowing a chunk out of the E. As much as I didnt like the dedication it becomes LOST almost immediately in an intense action scene. I think passion has overshadowed logic here. If David insists on this overt political history lesson maybe it should FOLLOW the episode so it isnt immediately eclipsed by a huge (and beautifully rendered) action scene. Seems pretty self defeating.
I liked the dedication to Merrit, Mike, etc though I just dont think it needed to be followed a long winded political rant. Uneccessary, preachy and even patronizing…Im pretty sure everyone here has lost friends to AIDS…I know I have and I applaud the episode itself but I think you should let it speak for itself.

80. Michael Hall - August 29, 2008

Funny, #76, but my guess would be that you have no problem with the Trek novels of Diane Carey, in spite of the fact that her libertarian-right lectures on economics and military preparedness are every bit as ham-fisted as Gerrold’s introduction. And yet it’s no more her “sandbox” than it is James Cawley’s–the difference being that Cawley’s and Gerrold’s take in this instance you happen to perceive as “liberal” and “Hollywood.” That’s fine, and you’re of course entirely free to ignore the title card, disagree with it, or boycott “Blood and Fire” altogether–but please try to bear in mind that if Trek was anyone’s sandbox it was its creator’s, an unapologetic liberal who, I can assure you, would be far more comfortable with Cawley’s and Gerrold’s take on his source material than Diane Carey’s. Or yours, for that matter.

81. DavidJ - August 29, 2008


Agreed. In fact, the sequence with the torpedoes hitting the shields and then the torpedo breaking through the top of the saucer (with that great camera tilt) was probably the COOLEST action sequence I’ve seen in Trek since DS9.

82. Geno Z Heinlein - August 29, 2008

That was just damn awesome!!!

83. Energize - August 29, 2008

Well, you could always just fast forward through the intro card

84. Son of Sarek - August 29, 2008

I loved how the music cues from “Spock’s Brain” and “Elaan of Troyius” served to intensify the space battle. I prefer the use of the original series music which remains very versatile and nostalgic to many I would imagine. The effects work continues to be exemplary! I look forward to the whole episode. Thank you James and the NV crew.

85. Odkin - August 29, 2008

#80 – I’m not a Trek novel reader, but thanks for the Diane Carey recommendation, I’ll be sure to try them. Military and economic common sense appeal to me, and might even belong in a Trek story. Now, if she lectures readers with diatribes blaming Franklin Roosevelt for our current welfare state, I’ll buy into your ham-fisted argument. That might be comparable.

86. Gary the Gorn - August 29, 2008

Great job Mr. Cawley!

I really enjoyed the teaser trailer. It definitely had the look and feel of a late 60’s and early 70’s Star Trek episode. Awesome job! I can’t wait for it to come out.

I’ll be handing out candy to trick or treaters and watching Star Trek this Halloween. Should be a fun night.

87. Gary the Gorn - August 29, 2008

Also, great job with the lighting on the bridge. You nailed it. Looks awesome!!!

88. Thomas - August 29, 2008

Holy crap, James Cawley actually came back here after the verbal kick-in-the-nuts he got here before. I know that if I were in his position, I’d probably never come back to this site.

89. cellojammer - August 29, 2008

I just watched the various chapters of “Of Gods and Men” on YouTube. Keeping in mind that it’s a fan production, I was VERY impressed. I really enjoyed how it used many TOS elements as the basis for its plot. I was more than thrilled to find so many actors from Trek TV and movies were involved.

So it’s not canon. Boo freakin’ hoo. I have the same feeling I get when I finish reading a very entertaining Trek novel. Bravo to you guys!

90. Video Teaser For Phase II “Blood and Fire” | Sarkle - August 29, 2008

[…] Full article addthis_url = ‘'; addthis_title = ‘Video+Teaser+For+Phase+II+%26%238220%3BBlood+and+Fire%26%238221%3B'; addthis_pub = ”; […]

91. Leonel - August 29, 2008

can’t.. wait..!!

Oh, and Mr. Cawley, thanks for what you said back in #65 and for the courage and ability to bring David Gerrold’s vision to life. No pun intended, given the title of the episode. Too bad we don’t have more compassionate visionaries like all of you around, otherwise the past 20 to 30 years might have been a little less bloody.

92. Sean O'Shaughnessy - August 29, 2008

Those effects were astonishing. With the exception of the warp nacelle fire/ smoke trail – these shots were pro all the way.

I would send the warp nacelle fire trail comp back for a re-do if this was my show. It looks like the effects guy used a particle emitter preset for that – seen it a hundred times before.

Other than that – nice!

93. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - August 29, 2008

Just the name itself lured me in! “Blood and Fire”…I love it. The visuals are outstanding. Sure wish CBS-D paid attention. :(

94. Wes - August 29, 2008

” 80. Michael Hall – August 29, 2008

Funny, #76, but my guess would be that you have no problem with the Trek novels of Diane Carey”

Novels are not cannon!

Anyway, awesome job, but, I think that the stats are unnecessary, people are smart and they will get what it is, but, put in memory, and then your names. People will know what the story is. As to the posts blaming the Reagan administration, you might as well blame the whole world while you are at it, they did nothing. The U.S cant be responsible for every little corner of the world. In addition, like him or not George Bush (43) has given more money for aids around the world than his predecessors combined. Democratic Represenative, Presidental advisor to 5 administrations, and Ambassador, Tony Hall (who opposes most of President Bush’s ideas) told me this personally, when I met with him earlier this year, and asked him about this very issue. But, back to Trek, mr. Cawley, trek has always been based on the audience gathering all the info and connecting it with current events, and dont worry, if written correctly people will do just that w/o stats at the start of what I think will be an excellent film. Cant wait to see it!

95. Driver - August 29, 2008

I hope no one in this vainglorious production considers these trite little romps in egotistical self delusion and fanatical self absorption canon for anything other than their own hyperactive geek fantasy.

96. Daren Doc - August 29, 2008

Just wanna make it clear that, though I did provide some lighting tips very very early on in the production of this, the effects are 100% the work of Joel Bellucci and the DAVE School crew. They are doing a great job, and surpassing their previous excellent work each time. Though I would love to take credit for this lovely work, it’s all them.

97. steve623 - August 29, 2008

“David has waited over 20 years to see this show get made …”

Its a shame its taken 20 years and a self-financed fan production to bring that story to life. Where was that bold spirit of social commentary Star Trek: The Corporate Franchise likes to boast about in 1987 and 1988, when this drama would have been truly groundbreaking and would have advanced the dialogue about this disease a little bit further?

Its also a shame that, 20 years later, this drama is as relevent and necessary as it was then, because so many seem unconcerned that people suffering from this “completely preventable disease” are still suffering from it, with more joining their ranks every day, regardless of whether or not “a little precaution and common sense” were “utilized”. Heart disease and diabetes and many cancers are also “completely preventable … if a little precaution and common sense are utilized” but somehow those suffering from those maladies seem to be afforded a lot more compassion and respect.

Good work, James Cawley and David Gerrold. Its nice to see someone making Star Trek that’s got something to say again. Its been a long time.

98. warptrek - August 29, 2008

Hey, this is getting better and better all the time. Phase II looks to be even more awesome than the first episodes. The FX are looking crisp and more professional. The star fields are gorgeous as well as better physics on the models. Oh, and thank you James Cawley for deciding to keep the original theme music!

99. Gary Seven - August 29, 2008

I am pleased to see the overwhelmingly positive response responses to Mr. Cawley’s work (and everyone else associated with the production. I cringed when I saw the harsh and attacking responses to his earlier productions. I myself enjoy these fan productions but I don’t LOVE them. But I admire what the have done with the resources they have and appreciate their labor of love. Nice to see some positive feedback from a group that is certainly capable of being mean-spirited.
Thanks, Cawley and Company.

100. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - August 29, 2008

When that photon torpedo hit the saucer of the Enterprise and burst through to the other side, I really felt it in my gut. Good effects, coupled with great pacing. I think the interior lighting could be brighter and/or more even, and the acting could stand some improvement, but all in all a strong effort. I’m really interested in seeing how this episode develops….

101. make nice hitch1969© - August 29, 2008


holy toledo.

thats as clean as i can keep it for this site. WOW

effing WOW.



102. paustin - August 29, 2008

wow ….I too have always found Cawley’s acting as Kirk to be groan inducing but here in this small sample it seems much better. Chekov is amazing…I’m sure it’s because it’s battle conditions but the bridge lighting was superb. Ben Tolpin as Spock seemed a little “Chevy Chase” like as Spok…lol. The effects are top fricking notch and very impressive…..I can’t wait

103. Stan Wingson - August 29, 2008

Those fx are a very decent effort but let’s be honest, many of them look like animatics for an episode of Trek rather than actual completed shots… Rendering and movement do not measure up to what can be done these days on TV even. For a show that puts itself up as the best of Trek fan fic, surely the effects could be a little sharper-looking, not to mention more physically more accurate. I.e. no blazing inferno fires in the vacuum of space. See Star Trek II for a far more convincing nacelle burning…

104. paustin - August 29, 2008

oh crap I didnt see comment #72 about Chevy Chase….lol

105. OneBuckFilms - August 29, 2008

65 – Actually, that dedication comes across as a rant rather than a tribute.

It P***es me off, as you so elegantly put it, that New Voyages has become a blatant political rant.

I was under the impressions that Star Trek did it’s best allegory when it didn’t directly hit people over the head.

If you want someone to be honestly thinking about the truth of a situation, you need to couch it with different names, some twists on the ideas, so that people are not thinking of the politics, but the truth.

David Gerrold, as fantastic a writer he is, should NOT be using an actiona-adventure series, even with an alegorical tale, for a political rant.

Star Trek, and those to whom the series was dedicated, and the audience deserve better.

I don’t know much about the Reagan administration’s role, beyond a knowledge that they dropped the ball, but I can say that times have changed.

This issue is now a NON-issue. I know that most people are very aware if HIV, AIDS, secually transmitted diseases, contraception and how to avoid this dreadful disease.

I suppose in Part II, there will be another dedication, followed by a message from Barack Obama to vote for him this election?

Not all Star Trek fans share these political views, and it is condescending and insulting to assume otherwise.

I look forward to the rest of the drama, since the episode itself looks fantastic.

106. Thomas - August 29, 2008

If nothing else, Blood and Fire will challenge our perceptions of what Trek can be, which maybe do need to be challenged. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this will be the one fan production that might really grab attention outside the fan community. The 20+ year wait to be produced is an interesting story in itself, aside from the plotline.

107. Energize - August 30, 2008

Actually, these fan films aren’t canon either. So relax, people.

108. DJT - August 30, 2008

The more I watch the clip, the more I like it.


109. cellojammer - August 30, 2008

95. Driver

“I hope no one in this vainglorious production considers these trite little romps in egotistical self delusion and fanatical self absorption canon for anything other than their own hyperactive geek fantasy”

That’s rather unkind. As far as I’ve seen, nobody is making any such claims. These fan films are the ultimate expression of enthusiasm and love for Trek. When I was a kid we carved phasers and communicators out of wood. This “takes it up a few notches”, but IMHO it’s driven by the same basic impulse.

Do they stand up in comparison to Paramount’s multi-million dollar movies and TV productions? Of course not! Nor should they be expected to. But there’s a lot of heart on display here. The work, the craftsmanship and the passion deserve some respect. If one cannot muster up that respect, then simply don’t watch. Precious ‘canon’ will survive unscathed.

110. Einstein Jones - August 30, 2008

Wow, the GOP asserts itself tonight. What in the heck is wrong with criticizing our ignorance about AIDS? And where the heck is some guy getting this as a blatant Reagan attack? Reagan isn’t even mentioned, not even in subtext.

I don’t understand why any of you are so reactionary to this. Unless you’re one of those homophobic types. Oh, and by the way, it’s just not a “gay disease.”

I’m appalled and ashamed by many of the people here and find your intolerance embarrassing. It’s Cawley’s show, you aren’t paying for it, don’t watch it if you don’t like the message. But your hate and obvious prejudice are glaringly apparent, and you need to take a long hard look at your souls.

Anthony. Can you ban me now? I think I’ve had enough of this place. If you ban me I won’t have to worry about being tempted into what is always a futile argument with somebody whose idea of compassion mirror Attila the Hun.

111. mojonaut - August 30, 2008

Whatever about the political “rant” at the start, I personally applaud it. It’s true that most people watching will probably know – possibly even in advance – what it’s all about. But the point of this episode when it was written was to make a point. If it uses slightly less subtle-than-usual means of doing so, then it’s just reinforcing the issue. Which is an issue that needs reinforcing. Someone mentioned that Bush spent more than his predecessors combined. Bravo. How many more people suffer from AIDS or HIV than 8 years ago when his predecessor was in power? How much are we taking inflation into account? And why is it something that needs more money ploughed into it when education is the key to preventing the spread of the disease? These are all questions that need to be asked.

On the episode itself – I agree with the point made previously about the dedication leading onto the big action sequence. It’s like it’s saying “we have a social conscience, so here are some explosions to prove we aren’t boring”.

But I can only critique what’s in front of me: the special effects were excellent, and surpass the half-assed job done by CBS-D from what little I’ve seen from the Remastered series (unfortunately, not shown on TV in Ireland yet for some bizarre reason – SciFi UK are showing what they bill as “The Original Series – remastered”, but not the TOS-R shows). The torpedo going up through the Enterprise saucer was a little too reminiscent of the same in Star Trek VI. The Klingon cruiser looked fantastic (it was always one of my favourite ST ships, and I had a model of Qo’nos I from STVI which I just loved). The torpedo sound effects and the sound in general was also top notch – I’m sure it’ll be worth listening to on a set of headphones for that immersive experience. The sound had a real three-dimensional feel to it. The bridge seemed more “alive” with the background effects too. Will we see a new bridge/sets for the next Phase II episode, a modification of the existing sets, or are you guys going to stick with what you have?

And on to the acting… While I’m glad to see this show rely less-heavily on established Trek talent, which seemed very gimmicky in the earlier shows and the writing was bent around the actor in question to suit the episode, I still think the acting resembles a bull in a china shop. The actors all seem like caricatures of who they’re supposed to be portraying. With such larger-than-life main characters as Kirk, Spock and McCoy, I can appreciate how that’s easy to do. But Cawley’s interpretation of Kirk reminds me so much of how he was portrayed in Family Guy. If he’s reading this, I hope he doesn’t take too much offence as I think Cawley’s a great guy and there’s so much heart and soul going into this production that it’s just a shame the acting can’t be more convincing.

And Scotty’s accent is just horrendous. Sorry. Take it from another Celt. James Doohan didn’t do a great job initially (and it got worse as the years went on), but the person playing Scotty now might as well just do it with an American accent.

112. Wes - August 30, 2008

You need to calm down just a bit. First off, my argument was that it is useless to put the big texts in the start of the film, LEAVE THE NAMES! The viewing audience is intelligent enough to understand what the story is about as they always have been in the past 42 years of trek.

But, since we are on this subject:
“silence, inaction, cowardice, and hypocrisy”
This is NOT a way to start a film that is for entertainment, now, maybe I would expect this from a documentary but, not from a fan produced Trek film, these words are not eloquent they are an attack. And this is not a way to start the film, and expect the goodwill of your audience to remain on your side. Gene did not need to say at the beginining of say, any episode, “this episode is a commentary on the destructive nature of the Vietnam war that was caused by politicians seeking power” or something like that. It was expected that you will get the big idea. These words are below Star Trek they are not 23rd century but, rather 21st, Star Trek has been able to eloquently provide social commentary on current issues w/o saying it.

“What in the heck is wrong with criticizing our ignorance about AIDS? ”
The very movie will do that, you dont need to say it, that defeats the entire purpose of the movie when you have a title card.

“I don’t understand why any of you are so reactionary to this. Unless you’re one of those homophobic types”
Oh, and you are not reactionary from your comments? But, seriously, people should be reactionary, because these shows have been high quality and have told the Trek stories in an Eloquent fashion and now it seems that there is a blatent agenda by the producers, which is NOT what these films are and should be about

“Wow, the GOP asserts itself tonight.”
What does this mean? That Republicans dont care about people? I reject arguments from both sides about the other, saying they dont care about the people. As for the GOP please refer to what I said in post 94

“I’m appalled and ashamed by many of the people here and find your intolerance embarrassing. It’s Cawley’s show, you aren’t paying for it, don’t watch it if you don’t like the message. But your hate and obvious prejudice are glaringly apparent, and you need to take a long hard look at your souls”

How is there any intolerance, people are voicing their opinions like you are voicing yours. How is it intolerent to not want representatives of your favorite show make it into some kind of political attack? Just look at the title card that I quoted, maybe they are just attacking everyone? Not just 1 person, party or country? But, people are responsible for themselves and they can either make choices to do something or not to do it (with the exception of children and those who have received accidental exposure, who are innocent and it is terrible how this has affected them) People want to leave it in the hands of a President, leader, or someone else, but, people need to be responsible for themselves.

“somebody whose idea of compassion mirror Attila the Hun.”
You not once in your comment refer to a specific poster, just, these vague statements, just who are you referring to?

113. Wes - August 30, 2008

“If it uses slightly less subtle-than-usual means of doing so, then it’s just reinforcing the issue.”

But, it is the issue of eloquence and proper time and placement of these ideas, which would be about 25 mins. into the movie when your mind goes ‘oh! I get it!’

Which is an issue that needs reinforcing. Someone mentioned that Bush spent more than his predecessors combined. Bravo. How many more people suffer from AIDS or HIV than 8 years ago when his predecessor was in power? How much are we taking inflation into account? And why is it something that needs more money ploughed into it when education is the key to preventing the spread of the disease? These are all questions that need to be asked.

I said that, the money is used for research and most of it for education (because education costs $) and prevention in aids ridden Africa as well, as other parts of the world. The U.S. does not and should not bear the only burden, it does not matter if it ballooned to twice as many people with aids in the past 8 years we should not bear the only responsibility. If he is putting in more than the 3 or 4 who came before him combined that is a good start. And an aweful lot of compassion coming from the ‘uncaring’ (111) . We can only do so much and for this movie to attack, though there have been advancements made, such as new medications to control the disease (20 years ago, you were dead in a few months to a year if you contracted it, now, many live for years), this movie does not acknowledge the hard working scientists trying to find a cure, or the relief workers, or anyone like that it looks at the cup half empty instead of half full.

114. barrydancer - August 30, 2008

Awesome visuals. That looked much more like a K’Tinga than a D-7 to me. The Klingons bringing new model warships online were probably part of the impetus behind upgrading and refiting the Constitutions.

115. Mark Lynch - August 30, 2008

Someone just brought the Original Series back, big time.

A big “Well done!” to James Cawley and his team.

Can’t wait to see the entire episode. It looks really exciting.

As for the message at the beginning, I think it is somewhat heavy handed and lacking in subtlety, but then I am old enough to have lived through those times and have some knowledge of the events. There are those that will be watching this episode that aren’t. If it makes them think about these issues, where is the harm?

Love the Phase II Enterprise BTW.

116. Tog - August 30, 2008

Nacelle Fire:
O2 From internal life support would be sufficient; in addition some alloys contain elements that provide O2 when it reaches a given temperature.

117. Al - August 30, 2008

I don’t follow. Are the interior and exterior shots matched? The E has one warp engine on “fire” and a hole in the saucer the size of a truck (damage more substantial than I’ve ever seen in any episode of TOS or movie, bar the self-destruct scene in STIII) and Captain Kirk’s reactiion is to make a joke with the navigator and then posture in front of the viewscreen?

This is what happens when over-cooked 2008 CGI mixes badly with a 1960s series playbook

118. Vulcan Soul - August 30, 2008

I for one am not impressed (and surprised about it). After the last quality outings, it seems we’re all the way back to the inane FX of the NV pilot. This looks like a mixture of a video game and MTV clip… it seems ADD is a requirement these days to be able to enjoy “modern science fiction”…

119. P Technobabble - August 30, 2008

I thought this was extraordinarily well-done. With the exception of TOS, every Star Trek series has taken some time to get it’s legs (TOS got worse, rather than better, IMO), and this series is really showing some maturity, all-around. This particular work simply explodes with the seriousness, care and passion Mr. Cawley and his team have for what they are doing… how many others would do such work without want of $$$, in this “what’s-in-it-for me” world? I have nothing but praise for you guys.

120. diabolk - August 30, 2008

That piece od music from “Dave of the Dove” always was one of my favorites. The effects are incredible here! Let’s hope the new movie is as exciting with the original ships.

121. diabolk - August 30, 2008

The music used during the major part of the action was used only once in the original series, it’s from the swordfight with the Klingons on the ship in “Day of the Dove,” and using it with ship actions usch as this was inspired! Really added a sense of excitement without the overused cues from the earlier shows, And the punching through the hull has precedent from “TUC” so I have no objection to it being used here.

The plasma trails and the damage fire was so cool. I have NEVER seen a Trek battle scene as exciting.

122. mojonaut - August 30, 2008

Wes, who said the US should bare all the burden? If you think that the US takes all this “education” and “research” into HIV/AIDS in it’s own hands, then you’re very much mistaken. And look at the money pumped into this education and research, and compare it with the defence budget. The US felt the need to take all the burden when going to Iraq. So this selective foreign policy is what gives people a sour taste when it comes to how Bush spends his money. Yeah, what he’s putting into it is great, but they spend far more on DESTRUCTIVE measures. His supporters are inclined to forget that.

123. AJ - August 30, 2008

119 diabolik:

“Dave of the Dove?”

The thing had a name?

“Hey, Dave! Get off my ship!”

124. AJ - August 30, 2008

I’m confused as to whether this ep is a comment on homosexuality or HIV/AIDS, which indeed intersect due to unprotected sexual contact. But of the 50m infected worldwide, I’d think that homosexual men are not in the majority. Africa has been the epicenter since the outset, and the “civilized” West gets to add infected syringes to the list of causes.

However, in all cases, lack of education has been a major cause of the spread of this disease. The Catholic Church still won’t condone the use of condoms, and still preaches that “every sperm is sacred.”

Russia woke up in the mid-nineties and found hundreds of thousands of young people to be infected due to increased use of heroin, lack of condoms due to economic upheaval and demand (lack of education), and increased cases of alcohol-induced unprotected sex. All this in a country whose population has shrunk by 5m people since 2000. They have been extremely slow to address the issue, ignorance being the major reason.

I hope B&F can manage to juggle the nuances of the issue adroitly, and still deliver the good Trek promised by the teaser.

125. Arch - August 30, 2008

James Cawley,
Thanks for saving Star Trek! I hope JJ can do justice to what you have accomplished.

126. Derf - August 30, 2008

The new Spock looks a bit like a young Kevin Neland, which then reminds me of Star Trek: The Restaurant.

The effects do look better. Big, lumbering ships. Star Fleet Battles :)

Juxtapose that with Riker whipping out a Wii controller in Insurrection. Yikes.

127. James Cawley - August 30, 2008

Well folks, the only “heavy handed message” you will see is the dedication.
David Gerrold did not receive any compensation for his work, and I felt it was my responsibility to him, to not alter nor edit his dedication. The episode itself, I had major input on and I think you will be surprised as to how it plays out. Their really is no hitting over the head of anything. However, when the famous gay scene finally airs, you will all have something else to really discuss and I am betting that you will forget about the dedication all together!
The episode will indeed invite debate and healthy discussion, to me that is what Trek should do. People should really walk a mile in other peoples shoes before they criticize.

128. Darkwing - August 30, 2008

i personally have never been big on the whole homosexuality aspect of things (no, i’m not a homophobe, i just don’t agree with it). The political aids statement, that’s great. That’s exactly what something like trek was for, questioning the way we run things, how could we have done things better, what can we do, those sorts of things. I think this will shape up to be an impressive episode.

129. diabolk - August 30, 2008

Re: #122 AJ: Man, I can’t believe I typed that! I’ll always think of that now when I watch the episode. There’s Dave!

130. Scooter - August 30, 2008

That teaser is great!! I’ve never watched one of these productions but I will probably watch that one.
Couple of questions…
How do they finance these? The special effects and actor’s time can’t be real cheap.
Also, how does CBS feel about these? Are there any copyright issues?
Again, just curious.

131. Darkwing - August 30, 2008

well, with copyright, they don’t sell anything related to p2, and they have the disclaimer on everything about how trek belongs to cbs/paramount. as for financing, i think they all just volunteer, and chip in money, but i don’t know for certain.

132. DesiluTrek - August 30, 2008

In the annals of fandom, James Cawley is right up there with Bjo Trimble.

133. montreal paul - August 30, 2008

James Cawley… Your acting gets better each time. I was very impressed with what I saw from the teaser. I’m not a huge fan of the fan productions… but this really blew me away. The timing, the effects, the editing, the pacing… it really had me rivited! I can’t wait to see the rest of the episode. I just read that the actor playing Chekov won’t be anymore – that is a shame because he really is great! The new actor will have some big shoes to fill! Congrats on this. Nice to see David Gerrold’s story come to light finally.

134. Raphael Salgado - August 30, 2008

I am Barack Obama, and I approve this episode. … and the new Spock. ;)

135. Maxmacster - August 30, 2008

my god! how do you guys pay for all that?
the storage of the bridge set, costumes, props, cameras and lights alone must cost a small fortune?
Absolutely amazing piece film. The fact that it’s a fan film as well makes it even more spectacular.

On a different note, considering that the characters are not being played by the original actors, all the plaudits here give me a good feeling for the new movie. I guess a lot of people can and will accept different actors playing the characters we have come to love.

136. eagle219406 - August 30, 2008

I love it. It really makes me look forward to seeing the rest. To bad I have to wait so long. I really liked the part where Kirk tells Chekov, “Don’t ever call this ship a big, lumbering moose again,” and Chekov responds, “Not Moose, cow.” I could never get used to calling this the “Teaser.” All my life we called it the “Intro.”

137. Mike - August 30, 2008

Looks really good. Nice message, great work all around. Felt like classic TOS, but with better visuals than the remastered editions.

Sadly, this site is really making me start to HATE trek fans. What a bunch of blowhards we are.

138. montreal paul - August 30, 2008

#135 – Eagle
“I could never get used to calling this the “Teaser.” All my life we called it the “Intro.”

It is the into of the show.. but when played without the rest of the show.. it is teasing the upcoming episode, so “teaser” fits in this case. Although I wouldn’t call it a trailer or promo as it isn’t cut as one. But as someone who has working in television production for 23 years… I am quite comfortable calling this a “teaser.”

139. eagle219406 - August 30, 2008

#63. In the original TSAMD, yes Chekov did die. But that created a continuity issue. It originally was Koenig’s choice. Cawley however believed this continuity issue and redid the episode, he added a small tag after the credits to explain why Chekov was still alive.

Many people are asking how their could be a plasma fire in the vacuum of space. Well I have seen flares lit underwater, so a plasma fire in space shouldn’t be too unbelievable.

140. Al Hartman - August 30, 2008

Just a couple of things from what I gleaned from the above posts.

1. The nacelle isn’t on fire. That’s either “Warp Plasma” or Coolant venting.

2. The effects are fine.

3. The acting is fine, stop nit-picking. Having been to one of these shoots, these people are dedicated and don’t use the first take of the scene. They work HARD to bring the best performance they can bring. These are, for the most part… amateur actors, who didn’t spend 10 years studying acting in school like Hollywood actors. They do the best job they can.

4. I agree that the dedication to Merrit and others is great. And I also agree the next dedication is bad and wrong. The United States leads the world in AIDS research and funding and has for at least the last couple of decades.

5. Ignorance about AIDS is criticizing the Catholic Church in standing for one of the main ways to avoid catching AIDS. Which is having sex, protected OR unprotected. Don’t you know that condoms have pores and holes that are larger than the AIDS virus. If you had ANY REAL education in the AIDS virus, you’d know that a condom is no protection against AIDS. And in Africa, the people are too poor to buy condoms, and they don’t have corner stores to get them at in any event. The BEST way to avoid AIDS in Africa, is to avoid sex with multiple partners, and expecially the kind of sex that same-sex males engage in, and then go have sex with wives or other young women. Get TRULY educated about AIDS, and you’ll see that the Catholic Church is promoting the BEST way to stop the spread of AIDS.

People who want to have lots of sex with lots of partners, but a risky, dangerous preference ahead of the reality and real-life consequences of their behavior. It’s not the 1950’s anymore. And even in the 1950’s, we had STDs.

I think the production is wonderful, gets better and better with every outting. The acting is fine. It’s a fan-based production. And, I think Cawley is a better actor than Shatner.. LOL!

The new folks who you will see in “Enemy Starfleet” are wonderful also.

Nobody pays these guys. Everyone gets themselves to the filming location, pays their own lodging and food, and pitches in to do whats needed to film these things.

The last shoot in June I was at, the crew dealt with a broken water main, incredible heat, and worked a grueling schedule with little sleep to meet the deadline.

They deserve a lot more thanks than criticizing Cawley’s acting, or previous episodes.

These people push through things that no “Professional” actor would deal with. And I think it makes them more professional than any.

Just my opinions folks…

141. Al Hartman - August 30, 2008


From what I understand, the cost of electricity for lighting the sets each shoot runs into thousands of dollars.

These episodes aren’t cheap to make. They rent the studio year round, and pay utilities year round, and probably only use it for about a month’s worth of shooting time the entire year, maybe a little over.

This is a dedicated set of folks, who couldn’t be living their dreams and ours without some truly generous folks.

I wish I knew their names so I could thank them. So, this is a generic set of thanks to all the people who donate time and money to realize this dream.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I thoroughly love and enjoy each episode. Your generosity is not unappreciated or unnoticed.

142. Captain Robert April - August 30, 2008

My only complaint is that the ship scenes were too dark.

143. New Horizon - August 30, 2008

All the actors have improved greatly! They just keep getting better…as does the entire production! :) World enough and time was some of the best Star Trek I’ve seen in years…the story got an emotional response out of me. The teaser for Blood and fire had me on the edge of my seat. The effects felt perfect…new, but somehow maintaining that TOS feel. These guys are walking all over CBS Digital, I gotta say.

144. steve623 - August 30, 2008

“People should really walk a mile in other peoples shoes before they criticize.”

Well said, Mr. Cawley.

145. Jon C - August 30, 2008

126.Well James .That doesn’t seem to include the ex-gay viewpoint because any ‘heathy discussion ” of the matter of homosexual orientation and the politics of AIDS usually gets censored to suit a particular agenda.

146. Terence T - August 30, 2008

The special effects were well done.

I wish the message at the beginning wasn’t as political though. :(

147. OneBuckFilms - August 30, 2008

110 – It was aluded to several posts up about the Reagan slam.

As for the GOP, I am not a member of any party, and EVERYONE has moved on from the 80s.

There is no ignorance about AIDS anymore. The education side of things has been done, and research into possible vaccines and cures is ongoing.

The teaser and credits are really good, and really ratchet up the tension.

I was not slamming the point being made, but the ham fisted, overly polarizing way it was being made.

A simple dedication, and perhaps a couple of sentences about finding a cure would be perfect.

Is Star Trek about making a judgement, or urging a resolution?

The New Voyages/Phase II team are doing some great work, and I don’t want to see it become a political entity.

148. John Gill - August 30, 2008

VERY IMPRESSIVE, these guys are getting BETTER and BETTER, and this is THE BEST I’ve EVER seen!

149. Mr. Bob Dobalina - August 30, 2008

Well, the eye candy was great. The rest, notably the dry novice delivery of Kirk and Spock…not so great. But a fan film is just that. And since classic Trek was never about eye candy it will be interesting to finally see Gerold’s script and see if it delivers the goods. I just hope the man can direct as well as he can write and that his “message” is delivered with some degree of subtlety.

150. sean's clone - August 30, 2008

Yeah – I have to agree that the opening commentary is a bit heavy handed, and off-putting.

Instead of literally making the statement in the credits – why not let the story make the statement. You are losing a percentage of your audience with that rather charged accusation…. just my two cents

151. eagle219406 - August 30, 2008

I often wonder about the research on diseases like AIDS and Cancer. While I’m not saying to stop the research, you have to wonder where it’s going. I mean with all the research that is being done, I don’t see us any closer to finding a cure now than we were 50 years ago.

152. BaronByng - August 30, 2008

I for one approve of the dedication message. Maybe it’s still a bit “too soon” for some of the Saint Ronnie apologists out there, but it serves as a stark reminder of what lack of leadership, ignorance, and prejudice can do, when applied to matters of national health policy. It’s too late to change the past, but we can still act in the present and change the future. How long have we fiddled while the climate and energy crises have gotten worse, for instance?

Yes, abstinence is one way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, but to promote it as the first or only alternative is not only unrealistic, but it also equates sex with death. That’s hardly a healthy way to look at something that is a beautiful aspect of being alive.

Instead of being pragmatic, people actively delayed the release of information that could have saved lives, because it didn’t fit within their limited imaginations or worldview, or, more cynically, it would have made them appear to be approving of different sexualities, which would have caused them political trouble with their base.

There is, I suspect, this broad streak of puritanism among Americans where anything to do with pleasure, the body, or sex is still taboo (but hey, let’s show a planeload of people blowing up for entertainment, in Die Hard II)…

And how many of the “family values” Republicans have been caught out in sexual scandal over the past 8 years? It also seems to me that those who protest most about others’ perceived moral failings are always secretly engaging in the same activity, then your culture makes you into self-hating hypocrites. (Strom Thurmond? Larry Craig?) So don’t throw stones…..

I mean, if you truly love your fellow citizen, you accept them for who they are, not “tolerate” them. And that starts with accepting who YOU are and not trying to cram yourself into some outdated idea of what men and women are supposed to be. I mean, do you think that all heterosexual couples engage in sex in the same way? Human sexuality is a very broad spectrum, and as Kinsey found out, in practice there are only statistical norms, there is no “normal.”

And that kind of thinking…Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations….is at the heart of Star Trek, even above the Prime Directive. The world of the future isn’t just ‘tolerant’, it would seem to have an active allergy against prejudice, because that’s what stoked the fires of WWIII.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the ex-gay movement. That’s just more brainwashing and guilt…it’s something you ARE, not something you choose. (Did you ‘choose’ to be straight?)

153. eagle219406 - August 30, 2008

I’ve noticed something while watching this teaser. A big battle happens here which in the next episode forces a refit. But if you look at the trailer after WEAT, there appears to be no damage to it. It’s my theory that after the opening credits, it flashes back and says “so and so earlier,” and will work its way back to what we just saw. At least that is my theory when comparing this teaser with the trailer. I, of course, could be wrong.

154. Redjac - August 30, 2008

I agree the production looks great. But, I have long been a voice of dissent in Trekdom with regard to the blatant promotion of the gay lifestyle — and shall remain thus.

However, all of us who do not agree with this blatant political posturing and forcing of a lifestyle down our throats that many of us do not agree with should realize anytime we post anything here contrary to “the agenda” we’ll get slapped down for it by Anthony. Just sit back and watch.

He runs a great site, but promotion/protection of free speech on certain topics is not his strong suit. However, notice how Cawley is allowed to taunt us with comments like “After you see the infamous gay kiss…yadda, yadda, yadda…” When taunting like this is allowed, it compells anyone with the conviction of a counter view to respond. At least I am going to!

I am heartened that many of you feel free to voice your views on this obvious commercial for the gay lifestyle.

AIDS is a tragic condition to be sure. But, this is a condition that is 99% avoidable based upon lifestyle choices. Yes, there are a some people who contract the disease through transfusions and organ transplants, but I would submit that were there less “men kissing other men” we might not have near the problem with AIDS that we have.

So, is it a tragic disease? Absolutely. But it’s always a tragedy when people make bad decisions in life. Suicide is a tragedy. Again…another poor decision.

I would suspect that those such as Obama’s pastor of 20 years who believe AIDS was a “designer disease” designed to kill black people or gays would be much more receptive to the notion of this disease being unavoidable for some reason — or a victim related disease.

AIDS is not the flu….it’s not cancer…it’s not something one has no control or choice over whether or not they contract the disease. You can’t catch it from a toilet seat…it’s not an airborne contaminant…

It’s 99% contracted through poor choices.

I guess pointing all this out will now earn me the well-worn label of “intolerant” and “hater”…well, in my opinion when one tortures people with taunting, forced opinions and lifestyles despite the protestations of others that makes THEM the haters. They are the antagonists, not I — or others who share my views on this. I also think it’s pretty hateful to expect others to clean up someone elses mess and take responsibility for someone elses poor judgement and lifestyle choices.

How long before the warning, deleted post, or ban? 5…4…3…2…1…?

155. OneBuckFilms - August 30, 2008

154 – This was not ad ad for the “Gay Lifestyle”, but a slam against the ignorance of AIDS/HIV in the early 80s.

To be perfectly blunt, I have 0 against homosexuality, and certainly not against victims of this horrific disease.

There absolutely SHOULD be research and resources allocated to find a cure, and to promote education.

In the interests of disclosure, my politics are center-right on some issues.

The politics of Star Trek fans are extremely varied, and this is to be expected with any group with opinions and numbers. As it should be.

Star Trek is no place for direct, outdated politics.

There is a difference between exploring an issue through allegory, and political preaching.

156. Redjac - August 30, 2008

What needs to be promoted is abstainence and protection.

People need to take responsibility for their actions, decisions and lifestyle choices.

There’s nothing “outdated” about that.

An ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure.

157. Marian Ciobanu - August 30, 2008

– It looks great..but i still don’t understand the fascination for old and crappy things..i would like to see a new Sar Trek -remake ENTERPRISE intented to be..(to bad that the new-old Enterprise looked it was created somewhere in world war 2 time-just compare it with the space ship from the begining trailer)..and another thing…i really don’t understand this really stupid tendency for mixing up sci-fi art with homosexuality and other perversion stuff…this thing it really makes me feel’s a stupid combination and just makes the fans to disappear..

158. Michael Hall - August 30, 2008

” 80. Michael Hall – August 29, 2008

Funny, #76, but my guess would be that you have no problem with the Trek novels of Diane Carey”

Novels are not cannon!”

Um, neither is New Voyages/Phase II. It’s Jim Cawley’s private homage to a beloved TV show, no more or less than a group of kids acting out their own Trek or Star Wars adventures in their parents’ basement. In a very real sense the novels are actually more canon than Cawley’s films, as they are professionally produced under the Trek label, done for profit, and approved by CBS/Paramount.

And no disrespect intended, Wes, but for the upteenth time it is ‘canon,’ not ‘cannon.’ Fans who speak with U.S. Representatives should understand such things. :-) As for Bush’s apparently laudable actions involving AIDS in Africa, unfortunately on close inspection the program amounts to just another taxpayer giveaway to industry, being far more of benefit to Big Pharma than individual AIDS sufferers.

159. SPB - August 30, 2008


…for the past 100 years of film (professional or otherwise), we’ve had ANY number of subject matters tackled, whether it’s murder, war, adultery, backstabbing, theft, phyical abuse, nuclear annihilation, the Great Depression, torturing, hatred, racism, the Apocalypse, the Crusades, what-have-you. We’ve had a STEADY filmic diet of some of the worst of human behaviour and depressing subject matters.

But because a small group of people make a STAR TREK fan film, with a political-leaning title card at the beginning asking for tolerance and COMPASSION for millions of people who have been stricken by a dreaded disease, somehow, this counts as an unforgivable “sin” that needs to be lambasted by a select few.

Try getting some perspective. This is THEIR “STAR TREK” fan film, not yours. The fact that the title card bothers some SO much speaks more about them and less about James Cawley & Co.

160. sean's clone - August 30, 2008

Redjac – wow, pretty ignorant.

Is someone trying to force you to become gay? What exactly are they trying to force down your throat?

What if AIDS had spread like wilf fire through the hetro community (which it does BTW – it’s not just a GAY disease) would you feel the same way?

Can’t you put your homophobia aside and enjoy a Trek show that might just be entertaining and elightening at the same time?

161. Nostromo - August 30, 2008

I really don’t see why Trek should be allowed to comment on some issues — whether that be disease, overpopulation, war, sexism, or racism — and not others. Any of the things TOS tackled could be said to be “political” if you so chose. When Lincoln apologised to Uhura for the prejudices of his time was that too political? When The Voyage Home tackled polution and whaling was that too political? It’s fine to dislike episodes of Trek that tackle issues in unsubtle ways, but they exist and I’m hard-pressed to say they shouldn’t be made.

A couple of other brief responses to folks here.

#151 (eagle219406) Diseases are not a single thing, but many. “Cancer” will not be cured by a single solution. However many cancers are now far better understood and more treatable as a result of research. Likewise many diseases – even if AIDS is not, as yet, one of them.

#154 (Redjac) It’s a simple scientific fact that homosexuality is not a “lifestyle” choice. Your argument basically founders on that fact, as far as I can see.

I’m sorry that you feel ‘tortured’ by other people being gay (and just for context I’m not) but I don’t think it could reasonably be said that other people *being* something and displaying/talking about it is an act of antagonism, and more than *being* black is an act of antagonism against racists.

In any case, AIDS affects people of all sexualities is only the result of a choice in the same sense as any other sexually transmitted disease – that choice being to have sex. There are certainly safe and unsafe ways to have sex, but unless anyone seriously advocates everyone everywhere abstaining from sex as a realistic solution to STDs, that’s where the choice part ends.

(I don’t think this forum is the best place to discuss these things, but since it’s Phase II that has caused these remarks I thought it worth responding.)

162. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2008

Lets not get political and especially partisan. I will have to start warning, banning, etc. and I hate to do that. SO THE POLITICS AND PARTISAN BICKERING ENDS NOW

163. steve623 - August 30, 2008

To quote a great Klingon, “it seems we have a long way to go.”

164. Gary - August 30, 2008

I have to say that was an impressive opener. Well done.

I feel a tingle in my loins that Trek hasn’t given me in a while. Thanks, JC.

165. Larry Talbot, RN - August 30, 2008

So, it’s not even officially out yet and people are discussing, arguing, and debating the episode’s content. Excellent!

Thanks, David Gerrold and James Cawley and the rest of the Phase II gang for bringing *true* Star Trek back. It’s been years–no *decades*–since people have discussed with such passion anything Star Trek has had to say. Star Trek has become relevant again! It’s been almost painful to watch the franchise become the McDonald’s of science fiction; it’s practically brought me to tears over the past nearly forty years. But now it’s back, pissing people off! Excellent! I think the Genes are looking down and smiling. I think Star Trek is in safe hands with you and your team.

I applaud your courage. Please continue to ruffle feathers; please continue to go boldly, instead of going timidly as has been done for nearly forty years.

166. eagle219406 - August 30, 2008

Maybe Phase 2/new voyages is not official canon. But If I were to watch All of the star trek shows from beginning to end, I’d include it.

167. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2008

Why is it whenever I make one of my ‘stop the political partisan bickering’ warnings there are a dozen of political attacks to follow. I was not kidding a

and the person who stepped way over the line is redjac so he is banned for a week, so no more need to attack him

comments on our ‘no politics’ and ‘no attacking groups’ policies can be made at

…and there ONLY not here

168. Fatman Bruno - August 30, 2008

Seeing that he has his back to Kirk I hope Chekov realises that the captain is talking to the klingons about mistakes being made
and that there will be action taken, you can almost hear the gulp!!!

169. Thomas - August 30, 2008

169 comments (including mine) and counting. I wonder how far we’ll go before Anthony closes the comments section. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen.

170. Thomas - August 30, 2008

167. Anthony,

THANK YOU! I know you try to be patient with us, but sometimes I wonder if you have the same aversion to politics as I do.

171. Smike van Dyke - August 30, 2008

Wow! New Voyages / Phase II really rocks! The acting is great now, the SFX are outstanding (better than some professional efforts) and the music is so brilliant. This series really took off with its third installment (“To Serve All My Days”). “World Enough and Time” was the best one so far. This two-parter could be the best Trek in years.

The first two episodes were interesting but not really up to the challenge of creating authentic Star Trek. “Come What May” was interesting but not professionally shot. “In Harm’s Way” was just too much for one episode. The SFX were horrible in this one. But now, they really produce classic professional Star Trek!

I really hope the series will go on even after the new movie is released. This is classic original Trek. The new movie will most certainly be great but it’ll be Trek 2.0…for a new generation. The old TOS lives on in this production.

172. Critic 101 - August 30, 2008

The visual effects looked good, even very good. The context of the effects is what I thought sucked big time. Had the Enterprise sustained that kind of damage 20% of the crew would of died. If the nicele was putting off that kind of energy it would of consumed it and it would of been gone. That would of been a best case scenary. More likely it would of engulfed the entire ship and everyone would of died. While the visual effects look cool it was completely unrealistic. Great FX, terrible story board.

173. JLiebe - August 30, 2008

Love the idea. Finally the Stat Trek universe deals with an issue, the ‘official’ TV shows and movies should have addressed decades ago.
However, Mr. Cawley if you read this you should check the intro text.
Don’t wanna be nitpicky but, if you are referring to the virus that causes AIDS you should be aware that it is called human immunodeficiency virus, hence the abbreviation is HIV or HI-virus!!!

174. David - August 30, 2008

I loved it – for the first time, I’m really looking forward to fan-made materials.

For the stuff from the past, I’ve always looked at it with an eye on ‘yeah, but it’s not real ST’. This trailer raised the bar.

175. The Underpants Monster - August 30, 2008

Wow, this show just keeps getting better and better! The effects are breathtaking.

Now, all’s I’ll say on the commentroversy is this:

Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1980’s and the early days of the AIDS epidemic know that the people who buried their heads in the sand about it included far more people than just the Reagan administration. It seems silly to suggest that that’s the sole target of the writer’s barb. There may be political aspects, but it’s a story of a whole society not knowing what to do, not just a government.

176. Larry Talbot - August 30, 2008

@172: Wow, Critic 101. You are quite the expert on warp dynamics, 23rd century starship operations, and battle tactics and damage and control. Where did you get all your knowledge about what would look “realistic?”

177. DesignerX) - August 30, 2008

I gotta agree, the flame plume behind the nacelle isn’t consistent with Anti matter/plasma ejection it was more like a wood fire burn, and it went on far too long for visual pacing, but over all the effects looked excellent for a fan flick good job!

178. Michael Adams - August 30, 2008

I was just getting ready to attack Redjac when I decided that Anthony is right, and I am always on thin Ice, so Thanks to James Cawley we are getting a new Star Trek Movie, I believe he proved that a new cast of the TOS characters could work well, I love New Voyages Phase 2 and he deserves his part in the movie.

179. Ryan T. Riddle - August 30, 2008

I am really looking forward to this episode ever since seeing a preview clip at the Los Angeles TSaMD’s screening. I applaud Cawley and Gerrold for taking on a subject matter that is still very relevant today. Trek is always best when it causes a few people to shake their fists. Well, except when it’s a dumb debate over canon.

180. diabolk - August 30, 2008

JC really had the “angry Kirk chair jump” down! I can see Shatner so clearly in that one move.

181. chewey dog toy - August 30, 2008

#88: Cawley comes back because he’s quite welcome to do so; he obviously ISN’T a coward–he can take someone disagreeing with him.

Plasma, BTW, like the SUN, doesn’t need oxygen to burn. It burns very, very hot without it–i.e., WARP PLASMA coming from a WARP NACELLE.

Trek has always been about bigger issues and they’ve often been handled ham-handedly: “Let that Be Your Last Battlefiled”–racism; “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”–cults/religion; “The Lights of Zetar”–the obsession in the 1960s with orgies. Think, people!

182. The Underpants Monster - August 30, 2008

Ooh, I also meant to add that the guy playing Scotty seems to have been working on his accent (if it’s the same guy). It sounds WAY better!

183. Lendorien - August 30, 2008

My two cents. Like others have said, Star Trek and has always been more about allegorical story-telling than overt preaching. Let the allegory stand for itself. I have never really cared form Gerold’s writing, but I admit that he is an outstanding writer. Let his story and his message stand on it’s own.

A dedication that is as preachy and apt to create such visceral reactions from a portion of the viewing audience as the one shown on this teaser is counterproductive to the whole method Star Trek has used to get its point across.

I can’t say I approve of the venom other posters on this thread have responded to this matter. I will say that I agree with then insofar as saying that I think the dedication as it stands doesn’t do Gerold’s ability to tell a story justice.


On another tack, I loved the teaser. If the rest of the 2 parter is as good as the first couple minutes, we’re in for a treat. Cawley’s Kirk does seem a little more understated, and of course, the special effects were awesome.

I sorta agree that spoke was sorta Cheevy Chase-ish, (Haha!) but all in all, he did get some of Nimoy’s inflections down.

I’m really looking forward to October!

184. Scott - August 30, 2008

Sorry if this has been said, but even if so, it bears repeating: the lighting on this is fantastic. Three things that seem to plague modest-budget, indy films are acting, lighting and sound. You guys are nailing all three.

Love the looks of the new Spock and Chekov. The effects are simply great. I’m totally impressed by this.

Scott B. out.

185. Scott - August 30, 2008

After skimming the comments, I would add that while I have no axe to grind in the AIDS debate, I would think the dedication — and the story itself — might have more impact if the dedication were placed at the end of the episode rather than the beginning. Just a thought.

Scott B. out.

186. Spock with a Crowbar - August 30, 2008

I’ve never liked anything that’s come from these guys— until now :)

187. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2008

please people stop with the politics. We are not going to solve these issues here and I don’t want to have to close the thread. The politics and analyses of issues related to gender and sexual preference are no not appropriate for this site, regardless of what your position is. There are a billion other websites to debate those issues, please find one and let the world know how strongly you feel about these issues…there.

Thank you

188. Jami ! - August 30, 2008

*184* Hey Scott !! Thank you for the kind comments regarding the lighting.As one of the lighting crew i must say the lighting in ‘Blood and Fire’ plays a very important role in this episode…As you can see from the teaser the mood has already been established.(nuff said!!)
Compliments go to Dave Berry our DP who braved lack of sleep,smoke and setups during that shoot (as well as the rest of the lighting crew!)
Just a tip of the iceberg my friends!!- Jami

189. Odkin - August 30, 2008

I really liked the effects, and especially the nacella plasma disintegration, but I definitely agree with those who said the interior bridge is too darkly lit. Even at red alert, the lights on the bridge never went down.

Going “dark” is a cheesy way to “trick” drama. I love dramatic colorful spot light effects in certain close-ups, but the Enterprise is not a submarine and on the whole, should not look dark and claustrophobic. I just know I’ll have this complaint again (10x probably) with the new movie, since the juvenile “dark=cool” mentality shows no sign of abating.

190. Energize - August 30, 2008

Yeah, I agree, but even in the old show, the Enterprise went dark so you could read the controls and stuff easier during battle.

191. steve623 - August 30, 2008

“I really liked the effects, and especially the nacella plasma disintegration, but I definitely agree with those who said the interior bridge is too darkly lit. Even at red alert, the lights on the bridge never went down.”

I think the bridge was that dark toward the end of “Journey to Babel” and the bridge lighting generally seemed darker and moodier in the early part of the first season – I’m immediately thinking of “The Corbomite Maneuver” and “Mudd’s Women”. Anyway, with all the damage and a nacelle on fire and venting warp plasma, maybe the lower lighting was a dramatic way of showing the drain on the ship’s power. It all looked terrific to me.

And, while I’m at it, *sounded* terrific. Using the original series’ scores really goes a long way to making it feel like the original Star Trek. God bless whoever gave Mr. Cawley, et al, access to those commercially unreleased scores, especially the one from “Elaan of Troyius”, which is great. The sound design is also terrific and kudos to wheoever edited the sequence. It really moved.

192. Falvoant - August 30, 2008

We are capable of lighting the bridge with better than 20,000 watts of light
The ship is under attack….it wil not be bright and cheery it should look dark and distressed …did you see what was going on outside?
many systems are down including lights….Do you think the crew of a starship at this point would be worried about changing light bulbs or getting the ship under control …?
Also be aware that we shoot with scopes to exactly control what the camera sees…and it saw exactly what we wanted it to see…

Video Production Quality Control
Keeper of the Waveform Monitors

193. Odkin - August 30, 2008

If it’s only related to the emergency situation and serious engine damage, then it makes sense, and my apologies. My concern (which I predict will happen in the new film) is just if the overall tone of general conditions will be too dark. If the repaired ship bridge lighting is back to normal, then no worries.

194. Falvoant - August 30, 2008

Also the U-Tube video above seems darker to me than our orignial file
You are welcome to come our site http:://
and download it for yourself

So if that is what you are watching you should realy see the
real thing on your PC in FULL SCREEEN


195. Larry Talbot - August 30, 2008

From what I understand of David Gerrold’s original story for TNG, I think more than most episodes, “Blood and Fire” is a very frightening horror story–almost like “Alien.” From a lighting design standpoint, I can understand that the mood might be darker for this episode than for other episodes. (You wouldn’t want to light “Alien” like you light “The Sound of Music.”) Anyway, the lighting is probably darker because the story is, well, *darker*. I wouldn’t be surprised if this horror story gets released on Halloween.

I’m glad to see that the lighting team is heads-up enough to make changes as needed to meet the director’s requirements in setting the mood of the episode, rather than just lighting the same way over and over and over again without any attention to the dramatic needs of the story. The Enterprise *should* look dark and clausterphobic sometimes, and light and airy other times, and oppressive other times, and militaristic other times and sterile other times and…well, you get the idea: the lighting needs to change based on the tone of the episode. That’s why they are called “lighting *designers*” instead of the “uninspired light turner on-er guys.”

I think Merhoff was a genius on TOS. I think that Phase II folks do him justice and the Phase II lighting crew should be proud of their work.

(Also, I remember Kirk saying in “Conscience of the King” that lighting is dimmed on the Enterprise at “night” to try and duplicate Earth conditions. Maybe this is just the night lighting.)

196. Scott - August 30, 2008

Jami ! — thanks for responding. Yes, the lighting really caught my eye. It reminded me of the early first season episodes of Trek, which were so beautifully lit. It gave this teaser a professional “depth” and indeed set the mood. Kudos to the lighting, camera and the practical effects crews for the bridge scenes! You guys rocked!

Scott B. out.

197. Jeff F - August 30, 2008

Real quick note on darker lighting on starship bridges. I read somewhere that the navy keep subs and ships bridges dark so all lit screens are more obvious and draw more attention for emergency situations. I worked on Enemy Starfleet,. I LOVE what these lighting guys are doing. Rob and Dave are incredible. As far as this teaser. I am so blown away…AGAIN, that I am speechless. It has been an honor to assist these productions.

198. Big Bill - August 30, 2008

Nicely done. The battle scene was great, and I also liked the little background touches as well, like the moving graphics on the bridge monitors. It would have really been cool to have had that in TOS instead of static cutouts hanging up there.

199. Larry Talbot - August 30, 2008

I’ve been fortunate to go on a tour of the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena during a mission. I’ve seen the control center from which they command the various unmanned probe missions. Indeed, they call the command center “The Dark Room.” It’s dark and quiet so that the scientists can focus diligently on their computer monitors. If indeed the Enterprise bridge is like JPL, it’s likely to be slightly dark so the crew can focus on their screens and consoles better.

200. The Angry Klingon - August 30, 2008

Its not just JPL. In the military a lot of Tactical Operations Centers maintain low light for the same reasons. Spend enough time in there and its a shock to your system when you walk outside.

201. Larry Talbot - August 30, 2008

Yes, I know. That’s what #198 basically already said. My observation was that it was also in non-military, scientific situations.

202. Anthony Pascale - August 30, 2008

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