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Saying Goodbye To Star Trek The Experience – Decommissioning Report + Video + Pics September 3, 2008

by Paul Walker , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions , trackback

As captain of a local Star Trek club here in Las Vegas, we have been privileged to have the opportunity hold our regular meetings at Star Trek The Experience for years, where we have made lots of friends and grown to love The Experience and her crew. Now after the millions of visitors, and mission upon mission completed, the time has come to say goodbye.


On Monday September 1st, 2008, over 1500 fans gathered in the Space Quest Casino inside the Las Vegas Hilton, to pay their final respects and observe the final decommissioning ceremony of Star Trek The Experience. This was led off by the final 27 lucky fans that took part in the final missions of Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D rides. After their final run through, these VIP guests were brought out of the now empty Star Trek The Experience and given front row seats for the closing event.

Fans and media pack the Space Quest casino
[click to enlarge]

The faithful crowded around the entrance to Star Trek The Experience when Captain (and STTE Operations Manager) Chad Boutte took to the podium and began the ceremony at 2200 hours (10:00 PM) with the introduction of the event’s MC (and Star Trek guest star) Suzie Plakson, who introduced the cast and crew of Star Trek: Experience one by one who walked out on a red carpet to take their long and overdue bows and receive the appreciation by the fans who gathered for this historic night.

Boutte and Plakson (L) introduces each of the ST: The Experience crew members as they ‘disembark’  [click to enlarge]

The roll call of names and introductions ended with a special name. April Hebert, who was the first cast member to be assigned to Star Trek: Experience, came out, still in character as a Vulcan (Hebert has portrayed multiple roles at STTE, including Starfleet and an Andorian). As the longest active crewmember, Hebert was presented a very special gift, the official flag of the United Federation of Planets that has hung proudly in front on the main entrance from the first day of service. The moment resulted in a five minute standing ovation.

Boutte presents Hebert with the UFP flag from ST: The Experience
[click to enlarge]

Captain Boutte returned to the podium one final time with his closing remarks, and as he held aloft a signed baseball that represented the cast and crew of Star Trek The Experience, he reminded us all of the optimism and hope that Star Trek represents by quoting Mr. Spock in Star Trek II, saying "there are always…possibilities."

The fans give the Vulcan salute as Boutte said the final words
[click to enlarge]

And with his final words, "live long and prosper" (of course), the gold curtain finally came down and the 11-year mission of Star  Trek The Experience was over.

The curtain comes down
[click to enlarge]

Behind the famed gold curtain, the crew gathered for a private event to say their goodbyes to each other and share the emotions that were pouring out. As the faithful fans departed the officers and crew of Star Trek: Experience gathered for one last party above Quark’s Bar and Restaurant. In addition to the Plakson, some Trek celebrities showed up to say goodbye; on hand were Garrett Wang (VOY: Kim) Lawrence Montaigne (TOS: Stonn) and Chase Masterson (DS9: Leeta). During the party Boutte and others were presented with gifts from the staff and crew.

Boutte presented with plaque
[click to enlarge]

Commemorative poster signed by STTE cast
[click to enlarge]

More images for STTE closure: Photography by Paula Angelos and Ryan Graham, more photos from Ryan at his photobucket page.



Goodbye and Thanks, from the USS Las Vegas
On a personal note, I want to express my thanks on behalf of the officers and crew of the USS Las Vegas for being invited to participate in the official decommissioning ceremonies. We were honored to have taken part in this very true historic night. This is one of those events that as a Star Trek fan you will be able to say…I remember where I was when the Star Trek: Experienced closed after almost 11 yrs of service to the Star Trek fans.

USS Las Vegas, signing off from ST: The Experience
[click to enlarge]



1. Nicholas - September 3, 2008

we hardly knew ye

2. montreal paul - September 3, 2008

I wish I had a chance to go. But LV is way too far. I wish they had a travelling Star Trek experience. Would love something like that to come to Montreal.

3. Bones Thugs & McCoy - September 3, 2008

I’m glad I was able to get there – who knows, maybe another will spring up somewhere…..

4. Deep_Space_913 - September 3, 2008

I was a four time visitor to the STE. I had never seen anything like it before, and may never again. It was my official home away from home when I was in Vegas. I can not describe the sinking feeling I got reading this report. This is truely a sad, said day.

5. Matthew Werny - September 3, 2008

The EXP was a blast. My wife and I got to go there a few days before the shutdown. It will be seriously missed.

I was able to get some good pictures though:

6. T2 - September 3, 2008

At least I’ll have the memories of walking on that bridge for the first time…pretty awesome. I hate to see it go…

7. Dunny in Vegas - September 3, 2008

Ten year mission.
1998 – 2008
Ten years and seven months, I suppose, but still. Not eleven years.

8. Captian Darrien Lampert - September 3, 2008


It was great and all but it was time to go! How does it look when you put on a job application that you were a klingon for 10 years, LOL!


9. Sebastian Meyer - September 3, 2008

Sad to see it go, especially since the movie was bound to revitalize interest.

Luckily I had the chance to get onto the bridge of the Enterprise D

10. Darkowski - September 3, 2008


Yeah, same here. There’s nothing happening regarding Star Trek in Montreal lol
I only remember having one Star Trek convention in the 90’s at place Bonaventure with guest star George Takei. That’s about it.

11. Trekkie16 - September 3, 2008

Very sad watching that ceremony. I was glad I made it back there last month to say goodbye. It just won’t be the same.

12. Erik King - September 3, 2008

My wife and I renewed our vows there, we went at least twice a year, every year. I had never had a reason to go to Vegas before the experience, and now I feel like I don’t have a reason to go again. It would be like going the house you grew up in after someone else lives there.
I was able to go there just shortly before the convention with my son and it was one of the best times we’ve had there. By that time everyone knew what was going to happen and we were able to talk to the characters, in and out of character.
I’m not sure when, or if, I will go back to Vegas but if I do it won’t be the same. I’m not sure if the Hilton, and Vegas, realizes just how much overflow business they received due to the Experience, but just maybe the bean counters will let some one know

13. Beam Me Up - September 3, 2008

It’s a shame it’s closed. So much potential.

14. Viking - September 3, 2008

It would be nice if J.J.’s movie generated enough long-term buzz that, if a group could put together enough capital and a good marketing strategy, something similar to this could actually make it out on the road, even if on a smaller scale and/or focusing on one particular facet of Trek (e.g. Abrams-era TOS). They could roll it out for several weeks prior to releasing a sequel, as a PR tool, and do weekends in places like a hall in the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta and whatnot. I bet they could nail a pretty penny in admissions and merchandising sales, once the initial outlay and overhead was cleared.

15. G-Boss - September 3, 2008

I wish that I could have gone.

16. Chris Dawson - September 3, 2008

Was there the sunday before and enjoyed the Experience for one last time. Left Vegas early that monday morning, stood outside the hotel, took a pic of the sign outside, then drove back home to Los Angeles listening to Trek music all the way.

Yes, I was a sad geek.

Thanks to STTE for the all the great times for so many people.
Star Trek LIVES.

17. TOS Purist Guy - September 3, 2008

They never had enough TOS stuff there. Hopefully they’ll reopen in a new, better location (Orlando, Florida maybe?) with more of a TOS twist – like a Space Station K7 theme instead of the DS9 get-up, and a couple TOS rides.

18. alice cooper - September 3, 2008


19. Kertrats - September 3, 2008

I finally – FINALLY – got to go about three weeks ago, the weekend after the convention. I am really pleased I got the chance, and I was absolutely blown away. I met some amazing people there… Every once in awhile, I think about going back to Las Vegas again next year, and think “Oh, I should invite so-and-so, they’ll love The Experience”… and then the fact that it’s closed comes back to me, and I am saddened to think that such a cool place will be no more. The staff and crew were extremely generous and kind, and I truly am sad to see it go.

Any one have the recipe for a Warp Core Breach? *sniff*

20. Quarksbartender - September 3, 2008

Thanks to everyone who could make it. It was fun, oh my.

21. ST Nemesis was awesome - September 3, 2008

I got to go many many years ago, got so few pictures but I have the memories at lease (or at least until I am old and senile and cant remember anything).
Unfortunately the Borg 4d wasn’t up when I went nor any of the Enterprise series stuff, heck voyager was barely started when I went! :(

22. Daniel Broadway - September 3, 2008

I was just there two weekends ago. It was great fun. It will be missed.

23. Bob Tompkins - September 3, 2008

If the space becomes Michael Jackson’s as rumored, I’ll literally puke.

24. Trekkie16 - September 3, 2008

#23 – It makes perfect sense….isn’t he an alien? :-)

25. Magic_Al - September 3, 2008

If the new movie generates interest in a TOS attraction, but I’d want it to have both the new and original designs. Hire James Cawley to build another TOS set as a public attraction.

26. Big Black - September 3, 2008

the guy sitting in the captain’s chair……FIERCE!

27. Locutus De La Borg - September 3, 2008

I travelled all the way from London to Vegas to see this before it closed…What an amazing experience! Here’s hoping something better will come along, sometimes change is a good thing & in the spirit of Trek we must look to the future!

Thanks to all the cast, especially Chris Aguilar

28. Andy Patterson - September 3, 2008

Shame. It was the reason I went to Vegas. I don’t give a rip about the gambling.

29. OneBuckFilms - September 3, 2008

I was there at the Star Trek Convention, and said my final goodbye then.

She’s really not dead, as long as we remember her.

30. Energize - September 3, 2008

Yellow shirt sale!

31. Paul Walker - September 3, 2008

Re: #26

The guy in the captain’s chair is me… I am Paul Walker. I am the captain of the USS Las Vegas Star Trek Club here in Las Vegas NV. The people surrounding me are the officers and crew of the USS Las Vegas.

32. Caligula - September 3, 2008

I didn’t get to go; I’m sad and pissed.

33. Kirk's Ghost - September 3, 2008

It was fun…

34. 8 of 12 - September 3, 2008

I made one last trip there a couple of weeks ago. Cheers to all of you lads. I look forward to whatever is next.

35. Dom - September 3, 2008

Chances are there’ll be a new Star Trek Experience related the revamped franchise in the future. Like the original Star Trek, ST: The Experience is going away for a while but will eventually, inevitably come back!

36. 16309A - September 3, 2008

Was lucky enough to go twice. Last time being July 07. I’ll miss it! I know I’m crazy, but I have 8 bottles of Sulu wing sauce. Had to stock up, don’t know where to get it ever again and I can’t be expected to eat pippius claw without it!

37. T.'. - September 3, 2008


As a long time LV resident, I would like to thank the cast and crew of Star Trek: The Experience for their 10+ years of service in bringing the final frontier to my hometown. For years, knowing that I could visit either the Eiffel tower, the Great Pyramid and Quark’s, the (formerly) best bar in Las Vegas, gave me a profound sense of civic pride. But, as they say —

“All good things…”


38. JamesinTucson - September 3, 2008

I’m happy to say I was able to make it on Sunday before they closed. The sensation of being beamed up to the Enterprise was amazing and my son actually believes he went to Space and was on the Enterprise. The experience was so wonderful, a true gem for any diehard star trek fan. To actually have had the pleasure to live out not one, but two missions in real life, not just another one of the many missions we’ve dreamed up over so many years was a moment I will always carry with me and while my son is young, I’m sure he will too.

To the cast and crew of the Star Trek Experience, “It was nice to see you in action one more time…”. I wish each of you the best of luck in your future endeavours, and while it most likely will never be the same, reflect on your times at the experience and take pleasure in knowing you helped do something only so many people can dream of, you made 3 million peoples dreams come true.

Live Long and Prosper dear friends, you will be missed.

39. Paul Walker - September 3, 2008

Re: 37

“T” please contact me if you would like to join our ship and take part in many more Star Trek releated activities….

40. 750 Mang - September 3, 2008

I just got back from Vegas.

It was fun.

41. MORN SPEAKS - September 3, 2008

I’m devastated

42. WVtrekker - September 3, 2008

I’m so glad I had a chance this summer to go there.

43. Bummed - September 3, 2008

Goodbye Era of Star Trek that I love. May JJ Abrams’ bastardization not scar your memory.

44. Tom Drake - September 3, 2008

Got to see it a few years ago …It was GREAT. Wanted to go again since the Borg update, but alas, was not able. Here’s hoping the Tour is a success until the next ‘Experience”

45. scifib5st - September 3, 2008

Thank you to the cast and crew, you alway made it feel like home. This place, this home will be missed.

46. AJ - September 3, 2008

Hopefully they wont go and sell everything.

But they probably will.

47. j - September 3, 2008

I’m very sad to see this go.

48. girl6 - September 3, 2008


Dude, I was cool til I read your post then I was all like, waaahhhh! That’s exactly what I was going to do but couldn’t afford it. Instead, I held a candlelight vigil all by my self and wore my Starfleet cheerleader uniform all weekend.


I just can’t believe that more people like stupid Mickey Mouse than Star Trek. Maybe after the movie we’ll have enough numbers to sustain a permanent attraction somewhere.

49. Ian Schapel - September 3, 2008

Every July when I flew the long hours over the Pacific from Australia to holiday in the US I never missed Vegas and spending lots of time (and money) at the Experience and of course Quarks, how I will miss it. I’m sure the Hilton will too as there is now little reason to venture off the Strip to go there. I’m glad I was able to have one last, long visit this July. Thanks for the good times and memories Star Trek The Experience.

50. Gary - September 3, 2008

I was married to my wonderful wife on the bridge two years ago. I will never forget the Star Trek Experience.

51. Bill Cox - September 3, 2008

Sad to see it go. I never got to go out there and visit it, now I can only regret a lost opportunity and a loss to fandom.

52. JT - September 3, 2008

I will miss you guys so much! it was great to get to know you over the passed four years! Good luck to you in every thing you do! I will especially miss April and Lynn! You to are the best! Jeff and Big Brian from Atlanta Georgia

53. Hat Rick - September 3, 2008

Such a sad thing, this closing. :Sigh:

54. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - September 3, 2008

I had my one and only chance to see it last year at the 2007 Las Vegas Convention , before we found out about Ceder Fair and the Hilton’s plans . The staff was absolutely wonderful , and the actors that mingle with the guests , stayed in character the entire time . My girlfriend and I visited the gift shop after we ate dinner at Quark’s and stood in line to go onto the Klingon Encounter ride . A Romulan female noticed our shopping bags and said “Looks like you humans are making the Ferengi very happy tonight !” I loved it , it was a superb attraction . It is my hope that it will be rebuilt somewhere else someday . To any of the former cast or crew that may be reading these comments , thank you for giving all such a good time . You will be missed .

55. Denise de Arman - September 3, 2008

(stomps foot and screams petulantly) No! No! No! Make it come back!

56. Commodore Redshirt - September 3, 2008

re: 43. Bummed
” Goodbye Era of Star Trek that I love. May JJ Abrams’ bastardization not scar your memory.”

To many of us who have were fans of the original Trek 40 plus years ago, everything that came after the start of TNG has been “Trek Lite”.
I have never had the passion for TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT that I had for TREK (TOS). I like those shows,I’ve seen them, and I like the fact they exist.
But to me Trek was about Kirk, Spock, and the USS Enterprise and her crew. I welcome JJ’s Trek and the last thing I would ever call it is a “bastardization”.

57. Energize - September 3, 2008

There’s still people that think DS9 was good.

58. Jim Nightshade - September 3, 2008

Sheri and i went on the 19th and 20th of august to say our goodbyes….Monday nite I drank a bloody Mary out of my green Borg 4d glass mug and pointed it in the direction of VEGAS from here in the Tacoma Seattle WA area so it basically very south and a little east heheh

The first nite we were there we got to see the Andorian Commandeer portrayed by incredible April….She deserves the special recognition she got on the deomissioning…shes been there from the very beginning….then we waited hours for her to be done for the day and met her in quarks and we talked and laughed for hours with her and one or two others from the show….Best night of my life….I got to hug her goodbye one last time….

The next day we took in the ride and museum for the last time….Salute to the most original Attraction ever made. And the cast and crew that made it so special…..To Quarks…Mr Bartender thanks for everything…Sheri and I tried to drink a mini borg sphere but were not able to do it. But it was fun to try hahaah…..We saw so many others putting those and warp core breaches away!

And so the History of the Future is now in the past….SIGH…

I just got a las vegas Hilton E mail…I promptly UN SUBSCRIBED myself…I never wanna see or think about them again….And a spokeman for them said that Michael Jackson is just a rumor and nothing has been decided…But he did NOT DENY it either..and since they did pay off MICHAELS loan for NEVERLAND, what do you think??? Again The las vegas hilton is not owned by the hilton chain….It was originally but a year or few after the expereince opened it was sold to colony international I believe…they own other atlantic city and casinos etc… They are the ones that raised the rent ot the point that the experience could not stay….they are the ones that wanted it out….well they got their wish and we will never stay or play there again and we have many many times…

I dont like being negative….Its a sad day for the fans of the experience…..
I hope the Hilton goes out of business without star trek to bring people in.

Live Long and Prosper all you Star Trek Experience cast and crew. We wil always love you and never forget you!


59. Rudy M Alapag - September 3, 2008

i, i really don’t know what to say. So long life and prosper STE.
i really have to go now. What have you done? Good-bye.

60. Bummed - September 3, 2008


56. Commodore Redshirt – September 3, 2008

I say bastardization as a film maker and trek fan. I consider Abrams to be hackish at best. I have yet to be wowed by anything he’s been a part of beyond promoting things.

I’m totally fine with Kirk, Spock, McCoy(my 3 favorite characters) and company. Sure, it won’t ever be the same, but I just feel Abrams is going to… how can I say this… bastardize Trek into a vehicle for his own purposes.

61. Negotiator - September 3, 2008

Maybe if they had had a topless Orion girls show they’d still be open.

Vegas baby!

62. Energize - September 3, 2008

There should have been a real brothel at Quarks.

63. FSL - September 3, 2008

Seeing the photos again reminded me of my last visit back in 06. The cast and crew I will always remember the most. Still remember asking the Vulcan for a photo, and she said “it would be… agreeable”. Never knew until now that she was the longest servng officer there. Your service has been most agreeable.

Will never forget meeting the Klingons over the week that I spent at the Experience. General, Major, it’s been an honour to chat with those who’ve served with Martok during the war, and warning me about ingesting warp plasma.

And of course, Quan, who kept telling me about treasures on the Borg cube and replicators block behind transparent Aluminum. And the Andorian who told me “this is Las Vegas, not every thing is free”.

“You have been, and always will be, my friend”

64. Tango - September 3, 2008

Good Bye Star Trek Experience. I’m glad I had a chance to go.

65. Rick Moyer - September 3, 2008

I will miss this place, here is a poem I wrote in honor of the Experience

Ode to the Star Trek Experience
by Rick Moyer

Today is the day they are shutting her down
One of the only reasons I ever went to that town.
It’s glitz and glam and buffets galore
Were home to a place I loved to explore

Star Trek the Experience was cool I must say
A place fans could wander through and spend the day
To see how it unfolded in their timeline tribute
and look at the props and costumes to boot.

The weapons and ships, and Spock’s burial torpedo
A picture they took, join the crew, hey that’s neato.
Then standing in line for a couple of really cool rides
As we chatted with fans and that took Trek all in stride.

The Klingon encounter was great fun I confer
As we were ushered into the cool transporter
Beamed up on board of the Enterprise D
When the effect took place we all shouted with glee

They had effectively captured the essence of the show
And we got to be immersed in it, and boldy go!
Through the corridors that we had come to know so well
We rounded the corner to see where debris had fell

Then the doors hissed open and to all of our delight
We walked onto the bridge in all of its might.
There it was the captain’s chair and the view screen so big
You could tell the true fans as they smiled at this gig.

The sights, the sounds were perfect on the spot
and then a glimpse of our fave characters we got
The Klingons were attacking and we had to get to safety
So into the turbo lift we all got packed greatly.

The turbo lift rocked and gave us a jolt
as we heard the communications between the Klingon’s remote
The doors opened up and to the shuttle we ran
And that’s when the ride really began.

Now this is what it feels to be hurled through space
My heart pumping and me smiling at a furious pace
Immersed in something I had only watched on TV
I was in Star Trek like I always wanted to be.

My stomach challenged from the centrifugal force
But thrilled to go through it I had no remorse.
It ended to fast as we crashed through the sign
The doors hissed open, it was the end of the line.

The Janitor walked us to the elevator quick
And we all had sea legs and tried not to get sick.
To the Deep Space nine promenades we did venture
We just had a Klingon Adventure.

Walking around the shops we did stray
and saw things so fun in a Star Trekish way
From mugs that lit up to Tribbles that did hum
This was geek heaven and a whole lot of fun.

Then to Quark’s bar and grill to have a little food.
Meeting Klingons, Andorians and a cool Ferangi dude.
Laughing and talking trivia, this place had an air
I could spend hours chatting with the folks that were there.

Then onto the Borg 4-D we must go
The other fascinating Star Trek show
Standing in line we answered Trivia from the screen
and laughed as we answered letter D the Breen!

Ushered into the lab we got to see the Voyager Doctor!
As the Borg were attacking and the crew had to lock her.
The lights came down and the Drones came a calling
They shot with their rifles and officers were falling.

Quick to the transport, we must get out of here fast,
We were thrilled with the effects and the great Star Trek cast.
From the lady that was pulled through the ceiling my oh my,
To the drone who was walking towards us with the laser on his eye.

Then in the ship with the 3-D glasses on our nose
We experienced true Trek Lore from our head to our toes
The Queen was so scary as she floated in our space
The probe it came calling as it pushed at our face.

The seat actually moved and scared us to scream
As we felt like an officer in a Starfleet bad dream
My face hurt real bad as I smiled all the way
This was a fan’s dream and a wonderful day.

I went back and rode both of rides because they were cool
At least for a day I fit in and didn’t feel like a fool.
There were people around me from all walks and tribes
with something in common a cool Star Trek Vibe.

So here’s to the Experience, my glass I lift too,
10 years of thrilling fans and making dreams come true.
You accomplished and entertained and that oh so fair
You kept our dream alive of Space, what’s out there?

The sadness I feel as I think of you closing
but glad that I got to see you and take advantage of posing.
Goodbye old friend the memories you helped me foster
At least for this fan you helped me live long and prosper.

66. barry - September 3, 2008

We have a ton of great interviews and footage from the closing day that we are currently editing. It will take a us a couple days to get it together because we’re super busy, but it’s great stuff from fans and former employees alike. We even got the closing ceremony in 1080i. Visit tomorrow and I might have it up. For now, just one set of photos are up in our gallery, and we talk a little bit about it in our podcast. All of us at ugly couch show are former employees of star trek the experience in one form or another (starfleet, aliens, bartenders). If you’ve been there, you’ve met us.

67. SciFiMetalGirl - September 3, 2008

Wow, that poem is a perfect reminder of the Experience! Nice job there! Way to go!

68. KevinA Melbourne Australia - September 4, 2008


For once I can say I was at something in Star Trek history and of note that as an Australian I rarely get the opportunity. I spent last Sunday and Monday at the Experience doing everything from riding the rides to wining and dining in Quark’s.

The highlight for me was meeting and talking to Suzie Plakson who signed a photo of K’Ehleyr for me. She has been one of my favourite actors on Trek over the years.

I was only disappointed that hardly any collectables were left, certainly no clothing, T-Shirts etc. Still I have my Suzie pic and memories of 2 great days and the closing ceremony which I thought was a fitting tribute to all concerned.

Live long and prosper!

69. Commodore Redshirt - September 4, 2008

RE: 60. Bummed – September 3, 2008

” I just feel Abrams is going to… how can I say this… bastardize Trek into a vehicle for his own purposes.”

That goes against everything we have read, seen, and researched. Sorry you feel that way. I could not disagree more. This Trek will be legitimate.

I am so happy that the future vision that was Trek lives again.

I do not understand this distrust of JJ… Where does this come from?

70. Anthony Thompson - September 4, 2008


Don’t forget the Venice canals!

71. Anthony Thompson - September 4, 2008

Got to see The Experience for the first time 2 weeks ago today. All but one of the shops was closed already but the rides were fun and we had a couple of good meals at Quarks. I took a few photos, including one of a Borg browsing the giftshop. They are on my Flickr site. I’m really glad that I made my first-ever trip to Las Vegas to see it!

72. Darfyn - September 4, 2008

Captain Walker , many thanks for sharing of the closing of The Experience , the main meeting place of American Fans and International Fans . This is some sad news !

73. Paulaner - September 4, 2008

#69 “I do not understand this distrust of JJ… Where does this come from?”

Yes, it’s difficult to understand this distrust. We have a dead franchise. A last horrible, unwatchable movie and a cancelled TV series. And now a talented guy is trying to revive Star Trek and bring it to the masses. How can this be wrong compared to what Trek was before? I frankly don’t understand.

74. Holger - September 4, 2008

Please don’t take it personally, but I think the people here who are treating TNG and the universe it has created with contempt are forgetting the fact that the tremendous success Trek had in the nineties was carried by that show and its enormous popularity. I very much doubt we would get STXI next year if TNG hadn’t been there during the nineties. TNG did back then what many want to see today, a “reinvigoration” of Star Trek.

A little side note on the recent poll: The third option doesn’t exclude the first one, because “incentives” needn’t necessarily be money. Improving oneself in a non-materialistic sense can be an incentive, too.

75. Timelord - September 4, 2008

Is there any explanation anywhere as to why it is closing? Im sure it has to do with money (it always does) but I haven’t seen anything written that explains it. Anyone know of an article or anything that explains why one of the coolest sites in LV is no more?

76. krikzil - September 4, 2008

I’m so sad! Thanks Paul Walker for this great report.

I’ve spent years going to Vegas — my mom and bestfriend live there — and the Experience and the Creation Con. It’s just not going to be the same.

As for the Michael Jackson rumor. Ug. And they are crazy if they think that might fly in the first place. He’s such a flake now he’ll never manage a schedule of shows. I wish next years Creation Con was anywhere but the Hilton. It will be terrible to walk by that space.

77. NX01 - September 4, 2008

When Star Trek the Experience was there it was like in some weird way Star Trek was real somewhere every day. When they canceled the show and stopped making movies I felt like John Belushi in Animal House when they took the fraternity house and the bar. They have now finally taken every last tangible piece of Stat Trek away from us. This new movie is our last hope , our last chance to bring Star Trek back.. I hope that no one goes to the Las Vegas Hilton, I will never set foot in there ever again.

78. Paul Walker - September 4, 2008

Re: #77

The reason why the STTE is closing is because the original 10 yr lease that was signed by all parities back in 1998 is up at the end of 2008 and all parties concerned could not reach a new agreement to keep it open. The Hilton is now under NEW management and STTE is now owned by CedarFaire. Both of these new corporations were not around when the STTE idea was planned and designed.

I hope this helps explain things a bit more..all this was covered by trekmovie .com in previous news stories.

Captain Walker
USS Las Vegas

79. star trackie - September 4, 2008

#69 “I do not understand this distrust of JJ… Where does this come from?”

I don’t get this either. The man watched and likes TOS, not too interested in the other spin-offs. He produced Alias and Lost, two great shows, his MI3 was the best of the MI movies (though still way short on reflecting the essence of the TV series) and above all else, he LOVES Serling’s classic Twilight Zone. Nuff said, Trek (TOS style) is in good hands.

80. doubleofive - September 4, 2008

I always wanted to go there since it opened, but now its too late. I’m really bummed, but hopefully this traveling show will get organized, since it looks to be kind of the same.

81. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 4, 2008

I have always wanted to go to ST:TE since I first saw artist’s concept drawings in The Communicator (I think). I never had the money to go and had no desire to visit Vegas other than the Experience, so for ten years it remained out of my reach. When I remarried the woman of my dreams (of course she’s a tremendous Trek fan) and we both found out that this was it, we jumped at the chance. And financially, it wasn’t out of the question. To be able to attend the Trek convention was icing on the cake.

What a dream. Even if it was starting to look a little frayed about the edges. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Really, it was great.

Thanks to ALL the staff who worked so hard to make every aspect of ST:TE fully immersive and enjoyable to all us geeks. Out of all the people I paid money to attend to my needs, you folks were the most friendly and courteous in all of Las Vegas. Anita, (Starfleet officer aboard the Enterprise for Klingon Encounter) it was great to see you again, even if I didn’t get a chance to say hello.

I suppose you could still have the convention at the Hilton, but to me, it would be like going back to a house where all your loved ones were missing. Empty. I don’t imagine I shall set foot in the Hilton again.

And Paul Allen should buy the Experience and move it to Seattle, just to satisfy my selfish desire.

82. Dr. Image - September 4, 2008

All too depressing. Frayed around the edges or not, I still loved it.
#80- Thanks for the facts, Cap. Still… very sad.
#57- What kind of drugs are YOU on??

83. Harry Dog - September 4, 2008

Glad I made it there in 2005, sad I won’t make it there in 2009.
Like the idea of it going to Florida – whoever mentioned it. Not quite as far to travel from sunny (ahem!) Scotland.

Here’s to you lads! Cheers

84. The Underpants Monster - September 4, 2008

Sad, sad! Glad I got to go when I did. Somewhere, there’s a redshirted Scotsman playing the bagpipes.

85. Closettrekker - September 4, 2008

#56—-“I have never had the passion for TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT that I had for TREK (TOS). I like those shows,I’ve seen them, and I like the fact they exist.
But to me Trek was about Kirk, Spock, and the USS Enterprise and her crew. I welcome JJ’s Trek and the last thing I would ever call it is a ‘bastardization’.”

How could anyone justify calling it that without seeing a single frame? Someone is finally putting the “first string” back in the game, and yet…oh never mind.

I agree with your post.

86. Closettrekker - September 4, 2008

#74—“I think the people here who are treating TNG and the universe it has created with contempt are forgetting the fact that the tremendous success Trek had in the nineties was carried by that show and its enormous popularity. ”

It was tremendously popular, without question. It ran for 7 seasons and spawned 4 (unfortunately mediocre, IMO) movies.

With that said, I am so excited to see the return of Starfleet’s greatest ever heroes….Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. There is no substitute. I’ve been waiting twenty years for this recasting of the wonderful iconic TOS characters and a return to the more romantic 23rd Century. No more holodecks, children and Klingons on the bridge, android pinnocchios, unnecessary technobabble, Earl Grey tea, or ship’s counselors. To each his own. It’s my Trek’s turn again.

87. Holger - September 4, 2008

86: I like the return to TOS, too. Very much. But why has that to go along with bashing TNG?
Maybe some are blaming the TNG premise as a whole for the drastic failure of Nemesis, which may in turn be seen as a deathblow for Star Trek. I don’t know.

88. Beam Me Up - September 4, 2008

TNG was far better with the Trek universe than DS9 or Voyager ever were.

89. Harry Dog - September 4, 2008

No.85 – Aye it’s me playing them. A sad lament to the passing of an old friend

90. richpit - September 4, 2008

I’ve only been once, but it was worth going. It was a couple years ago. I did really like the prop museum, the store and Quark’s. The Warp Core Breach is my favorite drink. I would love to have that recipe! Maybe now that they’re closed, someone who was a bartender could post it!

91. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 4, 2008

TNG was a cool show. My friends and I never missed an ep. And I will admit that at the time, although I loved TOS, I did think it was a bit hokey compared to TNG. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a reflection of the times. Sort of like how bell-bottom jeans and disco were out of fashion at the time, too. I now have a tendency to look at TNG through different eyes, Yes, too much technobabble, political correctness, lack of conflict for the principles etc. But I still love to watch it. I now watch TOS with fresh eyes. These things are cyclical. I never got into DS9 as much, and Voyager never really did anything for me. Enterprise is a fun show if I turn off the part of my brain that screams that what I’m watching doesn’t fit into my narrow view of what I like about TOS. To just hate one show or another seems to be a bit short-sighted.

92. Evan J. Malik - September 4, 2008

As a (almost) lifelong resident of Las Vegas, and a lifetime Trek Fan the Experience was (to quote a quote), “It was the best of times, and the worst of times.” I remember vividly the first night of the “Warp and Ride” preview, going with my wife (who we found out later was 2 weeks pregnant at the time). The line extended out to the lobby of the Hilton, and the goose bumps we always got when we beamed onto the ship, and stepped on the bridge were awesome!

We also loved Quarks, not just the food, but even the theming down to the cool plates! And of course the bar, from the great drinks like the Warp Core Breach, to the characters we got to know and the bartenders like Jeff!

Many times over the last 10 years we’ve gone, the last time for the full Experience was the Thursday before closing. My son Kyle insisted we go there for his 10th birthday party. Although bittersweet I was happy because during the trip my daughter Kira (yes, that’s really her name) just hit the height requirements for the first time so she could at least check it out. One of our friends, Charles, was a Borg Drone in the 4D ride, and terrified the heck out out of her. It was so cute though that after our last time, he met us by Quarks (I have no idea how he got out of costume and make-up so quick). Kira shook his hands and said, “Thank you for scaring me!” All of these indeed were “The Best of Times.”

From the rumors of it’s closing, to seeing it confirmed here and in the local paper I was not looking forward to September 1st. I went that night to take a last look around, attend the Ceremony and say goodbye. Although the “worst of times” was here, I was so pleased to see the class and dignity they retired the station with. I was touched they took the time to introduce each and every employee from the back office to the front lines. It’s not often you see that kind of pride a company takes in it’s workers.

When the gold curtain dropped, so did my heart a bit. While I know there will never be anything like it again, my family and I keep in our heart this..

“It’s not really gone…not as long as we remember it….”

93. Closettrekker - September 4, 2008

#87, #91—“To just hate one show or another seems to be a bit short-sighted”

I find it quite simple. I just found TNG to be boring from the starting gate. It’s not about “hate”. It was far too insignificant to me to hate.

I love the TOS characters, while the TNG characters were never actually interesting enough to me to pay money to see (at the movies). TNG had its moments, IMO, like “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (which was a fantastic story), but I just never found myself invested in the show overall or its characters.

Plenty of people like it. They are not losing anything by my absence. I doubt I am single-handedly affecting the ratings of the reruns on Sci-fi or whatever. I don’t begrudge any fan of TNG. I just wouldn’t pay a dime to see a TNG-era movie at the theater, nor have I ever done so. On the other hand, give me Kirk, Spock and McCoy, and I will probably pay to see it multiple times if it is halfway decent at all.

On the other hand, it is not as if I will only watch TOS. I like the DS9 reruns, and very much enjoyed watching ENT on dvd. Voyager is another story.

#87—“But why has that to go along with bashing TNG?”

It doesn’t necessarily have to. Plenty of people like both. But for those (like me) who like one or the other…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are plenty of fans here who like TNG and not TOS. It doesn’t bother me at all.

I may like you, but not your second cousin. To me, they are two shows seperated by alot more differences than similarities in style, character depth, etc.

I wish people wouldn’t get quite so offended by the presentation of different tastes. Your opinion is every bit as legitimate. I doubt I will convince any TNG fans to stop liking Picard and co. simply by expressing a differring opinion about what entertains me and how I choose to spend my entertainment dollar.

I never once visited The Experience, despite several trips to Vegas during the time it was open, because it seemed to be far too light on TOS for my tastes. It catered to someone else. That’s okay. I didn’t complain. I just didn’t go.

I din’t go to see GEN, FC, INS, or NEM. Watching those movies on television did nothing to convince me that I made any kind of mistake in staying home with my money.

I will go see STXI, however.

94. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 4, 2008

Closet is taking on all comers today. Which is interesting because I hadn’t known we were disagreeing.

Would you have any comment on the point I was trying to make that for some of us it was a case of tastes changing with the times we were/are inhabitting?

95. Closettrekker - September 4, 2008

#94—“Would you have any comment on the point I was trying to make that for some of us it was a case of tastes changing with the times we were/are inhabitting?”

Yes, I think that is true for many people.

“Closet is taking on all comers today. Which is interesting because I hadn’t known we were disagreeing.”

It wasn’t all aimed at you or anyone else in particular. I just went off on a rant in the general subject area. I probably shouldn’t have identified it as a response to anyone specifically, in retrospect.

96. the buslady - September 4, 2008

I can’t deny I’m sitting here getting all teary cos STTE meant something to me, just like everybody else.
We made a point to do our last visit three weeks ago, we went on the rides as much as we could, ate at Quarks once more and took a bunch of pics.
Seven years ago, while I didn’t get married there, we had our reception dinner there in the Quark’s Bar.
I hope someday there’ll be something as cool and as immersing at STTE. The fun of it was the immersion, everything was beautiful about it.
Two years ago, I remember getting drunk off a small warp core…and the older Klingon came to our table, I couldn’t figure out what to say or what! It was embarrassingly funny.

Thanks to the whole crew who made it as awesome as it was. You guys ROCK!

97. Leroy Stone - September 4, 2008

Today is my birthday. I’m 55 years old and have enjoyed all the incarnations of Star Trek. I’ve been to the Star Trek Experience three times my last was the Star Trek convention last year. I will miss the “Star Trek The Experience” complex and hope that maybe someday soon someone will cary the torch again for this complex to perhaps be housed someplace else for countless others to enjoy as well as myself. It has always been an amazing journey to have visited this place and feel as though we were truly in the 24th-27th century of Star Trek. It’s truly a unique place and deserves a longer run. It was always my first stop at my other visits to Las Vegas and has been the prime reason for going to Nevada. I truly hope again that this can be revived perhaps someplace else. It has value for the hope of new futures and new explorations of the human experience. It will be missed.

98. Izbot - September 4, 2008

91. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace –
“TNG was a cool show. My friends and I never missed an ep. And I will admit that at the time, although I loved TOS, I did think it was a bit hokey compared to TNG.”

It’s funny how time changes a person’s opinions, too. Like you, I never missed an episode of TNG but both Insurrection and Nemesis did so much damage in my eyes that the love for TNG I had went kinda cold. Now by comparison to TOS I find that TNG feels hokey and naive. Still think there were some classic episodes in there but I find the 1701-D in all it’s Best Western Hotel-in-space cheesiness a bit toothless. Give me the hardscrabble frontier of ENT or TOS (or even the built-in dysfunction of DS9) to the cushy shopping mall suburbia of TNG.

And, as usual, the less said of VOY the better. Glad it took place on the other side of the galaxy.

99. Clinton - September 4, 2008

A toast to “Star Trek: The Experience” and her staff. Thank you for 10+ amazing years. And let us remember…there are always possibilities.

100. Izbot - September 4, 2008


101. Morticia - September 4, 2008

To The Experience: Live long and prosper.
To The Hilton: Rot in hell.

102. Leo - September 4, 2008

K’pla Stovokor :-[] :’-(

103. Synatra - September 4, 2008

Star Trek the Experience LIVES in all of us who where bless enought to have made the journey.

104. Crewman Darnell - September 4, 2008

Hats Off to “The Experience.”
Despite any of the cheesy, overpriced aspects, I truly wish I could have experienced it myself… Oregon isn’t *that* far from Vegas, which adds to my sense of regret.

“Live for tomorrow, because that day may never come. If it does, it could very well be served as a cold dish, by a Mugato, wearing a uniform.”

105. Yeoman E - September 4, 2008

Mr Darnell, leave those regrets behind. That cold dish could be served by either a Salt Vampire -OR- a plain ol’ 21st century Earth woman! ;-)=

106. xjmt - September 4, 2008

A super dedication. Well deserved. My best to the employees for their dedication. Live long and prosper.

107. Chris M - September 4, 2008

Its great to see that Star Trek The Experience received the fitting send off it deserved!

STTE was the highlight of my trip to Las Vegas four years ago!

108. Gerry L - September 4, 2008

My wife Francine and I were at the closing ceremony of STTE and here it is a couple days later and the feelings are the same.
For those of you who didn’t catch it somewhere on the internet, here is a brief description.
Before the ceremony started my wife and I were part of the group who were invited to take the last ride at STTE. That’s a moment we’ll never forget. We felt so honored to be invited to take part. Only 27 people had the opportunity.
Paramount was there filming for a tribute piece to be a special feature on the DVD for the new movie when it’s released sometime next year. My wife and I were interviewed for about 10 minutes by them and then we signed release forms so they could use some of our comments. Maybe you’ll see us included in that tribute piece. That would be cool.
The celebrities in attendace were Suzie Plakson, Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, Lawrence Montaign and Beverly Washburn. It was disappointing that more Star Trek celebrities didn’t take the time to come and pay tribute. For most of them, Star Trek made them who they are. There were many celebrities there when STTE opened 10 years ago. Shame.
Suzie Plakson was the narrator for the ceremony it’s self. She did a great job. She performed the official decommissioning. All the employees were introduced one by one to take a walk down a red carpet to receive recognition. Everyone from the kitchen staff, office staff to the actors. A few of the bartendars didn’t get a chance because they had to stay and close up the bar. That’s a shame because Darren, Dave and Monte were great and they deserved it too. Talking to them later. they were upset about it.
The actors were the last group to come out and take a bow. April was honored by being the last person to come out since she was the first person assigned to the station. She was presented the STTE federation flag. She told me later that she didn’t know they were going to do that. She came out as T’pril the Vulcan. I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes, but she was able to maintain character and not fall totally apart. A tribute to her ability. She received a very long standing ovation from the very large crowd assembled in the space quest casino.
Then a large gold curtain was dropped down in front of the entrance to STTE and it was over. That’s when my wife and I lost it. STTE has come to mean so much to us especially since we were married there.
We were able to make it there 55 straight days till closing. Sounds silly, but we really wanted to do that. We made a lot of friends there that we will continue to keep in contact with. The staff at STTE were our family. We’ll miss going there so very much.
But, life goes on and in time the saddnes will slowly end. Too many good times to remember. It’s not really gone as long as we remember it.
So, thank you to all the great people of STTE. You were the best.

109. AJ - September 4, 2008

Back to the debate with Closettrekker about TNG being boring:

I loved TNG to death when it came out, and I own every blessed ep. I did on Columbia House VHS, and I do on DVD.

But I think the eps are getting dated. The universe of the 24th century is ridiculous in terms of the “utopia” of the 24th century and the flat personalities and interaction of the 1701-D/E crew members. DS9 flagged it, but ended up bogged down in a boring CGI war with a ridiculous adversary (the Changelings and their slaves). VOY seemed rushed and unnecessary, and ENT only showed its promise in season 4.

TOS is about energy and emotion, and dealing with the task at hand even if the odds are impossible. The TOS team (crew) is remarkable because of good writing, and chemistry among the actors which was allowed to feed and affect the character interaction.

I am sure I’ll come back around to the others, but now, TOS rules, and I cannot wait for the new film.

110. AJ - September 4, 2008

Gerry L:

Thanks for that report. I visited twice myself over the years, playing hooky from work-related meetings.

I hope all employees get re-employed and that the Experience indeed gets properly mothballed for a proper “reboot” later on!

111. Cmd. Sem - September 4, 2008

I was fortunate enough to spend the last 6 day with STTE and her crew. They are an outstanding group of people. Chad Boutte and Russel Giles were amazing in make that week one that I can never forget. There is too much to say to try and fit it into a comment here.

To the Crew: We love and appreciate you. We wish you well in your future endeavors and look forward to crossing paths again.

Also, I can be seen as the long haired Starfleet Officer in blue handing the certificates and patches to the Crew. That is my 5-minutes of fame on the internet and I can’t think of a better way to spend it. Thank you again Mr. Boutte for that honor.

Live Long and Prosper

112. Cmd. Sem - September 4, 2008

Photos and videos can be seen at

113. John Pemble - September 4, 2008

It was a great place to visit. I don’t think it needed to end, but it did. That sucks, but that’s life.

114. Izbot - September 4, 2008

109. AJ –
“Back to the debate with Closettrekker about TNG being boring:
…But I think the eps are getting dated.”

I was in college and graduate school when TNG was airing and like I said, never missed an episode. But one night I had a conversation with a casual TNG viewer that made me realize a few of it’s inherant problems. This person described the UFP and Starfleet as a conformist society traveling from foreign land (planet) to foreign land correcting what they perceived as ‘wrong’ there and inviting societies to join so they could be assimilated into the Federation, effectively removing their alien otherness. Also on TNG we almost never saw the crewmembers outside their uniforms, another symbol of conformity. These were interesting points. Utopia was espoused constantly on TNG but creating a utopian society depends a lot on the conformity of its citizenry. It kind of bothered me. Also the way this sort of paralled what was going on in America at the time. We believed we had just ‘won’ the Cold War and were the reigning superpower on earth — we were untouchable and were living in pretty comfortable times. It was like winning the Super Bowl and going on an extended vacation to celebrate aboard a spacebound cruise ship.

What I realized was that I preferred watching an earlier stage of development in the UFP and Starfleet, the frontier days of struggle rather than the soft era of achieved utopia in TNG. They needed a councellor in TNG to tell everybody it was okay to enjoy their successes. The captain was more politician than discoverer or frontier fighter. Plus that ship was rarely ever outgunned — it always had the tactical advantage — again, just as we perceived ourselves as a country in those days. I’m not attempting to be political here but am looking at it in its place and time in history.

115. Jim Nightshade - September 4, 2008

tHANKS for the report Gerry L. Did you get to go back to the backstage party afterwards also? Its great that Paramount at least was making a video tribute to the experience….Its about time they did SOMETHING for the place…instead of NOTHING for so many years….and it would be awesome to see you and your wife in the video. And thank you again Gerry for the chance to talk with you in quarks when we were there. If you arent going to be on here regularly you should have april send me your e mail address buddy.
Thanks for making the 55 day trek to the experience to show you guys care Gerry and Francine! you guys were great ambasadors for all of us!
What was the 27 people last rides like?? Anything done different? Were there corporrate people from the hilton and or cedar fair? Was anybody introduced? Oh well thanks for the inside info Gerry I wish we coulda been there too sigh….JEFF AND SHERI

One thing all you guys talking about the series reminded me….STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE IS THE MOST SUCESSFUL Longest running star trek…beating the 3 longest series by 4 years! Well 3 and a half years anyway…..Add to that that they won best vegas simulation, best themed weddings, best bar drinks….uhmmmm should this place be closed down? Does it sound like it should die??

Oh and We all should send e mails to GARY and ADAM at CREATION…I cant beleive they are going to have next years convention there! He better cancel and rethink that idea…I wonder how many wont go because its being held at the hilton? YOU CAN BET I WONT BE THERE…..EVER AGAIN for ANY REASON including a convention….

I got an e mail from them which I promptly unsubscribed to…..all the money Ive blown eating and staying and gambling there because of trek…I wonder if they will even notice the difference. I hope so….

116. Jim Nightshade - September 4, 2008

Does anyone know how much money THE EXPERIENCE made over the decade? Did it makes its 100 million dollar price back? Was it profitable??

117. Energize - September 4, 2008

Lol, at people dissing the acting of TNG. Yeah, that Patrick Stewart really sucked didn’t he?

118. Romulan Ale Dale - September 4, 2008

I was there opening day and closing day and visited countelss times in between. I would bring my wife, my friends, my brother… even my mom, once… and when my wife was working and living away from home for months at a time, I would come alone.

I earned something of a bad reputation at Quark’s on a couple of those visits alone, getting far too drunk at the bar and getting annoyingly chatty with total strangers or falling off my barstool… after that I was always watched very closely by the bartenders and manager (sorry, Lydia). I cleaned up my act and behaved much better in the waning years, but they remained wary of me ever after… nonetheless they were never anything but friendly and accomodating… their hospitality will be remembered forever.

The rides were amazing… I will always remember the joyful shock of beaming in, the stunned awe of stepping onto the bridge, the panicked run for the shuttlecraft, the sudden evacuation from Copernicus Station, the narrow escape from the Borg, the shock and thrill of assimilation… but what made the Experience so very real and deeply satisfying for me were the aliens on the promenade. To me, the characters they created are as real and as “canonical” as anything I ever saw on the screen… more so because they made me part of the universe and part of the adventure. To me, Rogl and Coin, Kahlen, ChuroQ and Motog, K’Strann and T’Pril, Three-of-Six and all the rest are real people I really got to know. I’ll miss them, and will never forget all the fun I had living in the world they helped to create.

Thank you to everyone who ever worked there. Your efforts brought me countless hours of untold joy and I won’t forget you. I wish you all well, and hope we meet again someday. WIth love and many fond memories:


119. danphxariz - September 4, 2008

Wow – the back of my head is featured very prominently in the Nik Zane video of the closing ceremony. I’m the tall guy in the orange t-shirt, and it’s good to know that I don’t have any bald spots on the back of my head or anything lol. Sorry I was in the way Nik, I didn’t know :-) Very very sad that it’s gone, but I’m glad I could go one last time. I was also there during the convention a few weeks ago, and many other times over the years. Hopefully it can eventually find a new home or maybe Paramount will give us something even better. I have lots of great memories – thanks to everyone who worked there and brought the Star Trek Experience to life.


120. 80's Jeff (the Bartender formerly known as "Jeef") - September 5, 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the positive messages on here. As a bartender for many years at The Experience, I got to know many people over the years and would look foreward to their future visits. For me the saddest part of it no longer being there, beyond not having a cool place to hang out anymore, is to not see those familiar faces as often. Oh sure, we’ll e-mail and talk, but it’s just not the same as handing a Warp Core Breach or a Romulan Ale over the bar and asking what they’ve been up to since our last meeting. Star Trek will always go on and all of us will cherish the great memories we had in that very special places. I will miss you all, but, as Q once said, “I’ll see you around the Galaxy.”

P.S. As many of you have requested, I have begun to post the drink recipies on my website, starting with the Warp Core Breach. Check it out in the blogs page at

121. Holger - September 5, 2008

109: “But I think the eps are getting dated. The universe of the 24th century is ridiculous in terms of the “utopia” of the 24th century and the flat personalities and interaction of the 1701-D/E crew members.”

I disagree here. An utopia is a vision of a better, maybe near-perfect future. I don’t think an utopia gets outdated when things in the real world don’t look as nice. On the contrary, the worse it gets right here and now, the more a vision of how things could be better is needed in people’s heads. (Whether TNG is a plausible utopia is a matter for debate, of course. Just talking about utopias in general.)
The self-proclaimed tough realists will immediately object. You have to make your living in the world as it is, they will say. But if this mindset were predominant, we would still live in the stone age. Progress needs visions.

122. Treknut - September 5, 2008

Gerry L: Thank you for taking the time to post your report. In the center of the picture above I see you are in dress whites. Perfectly appropiate for the occassion. The Star Trek Experience will indeed live on in our memories. For some lucky people like you and I the true experience that is Star Trek will live on every day since we owe our relationships with our ladies to Star Trek. How fortunate for us to live the Experience in this special way. So, the gold curtain may have been drawn closed, but the true value of Star Trek to me will never end.

Until we meet again dear friend,

123. Bryan - September 5, 2008

“I always thought I’d get a chance to sit in this chair”

It’s too bad I was never able to make it down to Las Vegas for the Experience, Plans were in place to go next month but with the Experience closed I’ve changed plans. I can only hope they open something that looked as spectacular somewhere else.

124. Closettrekker - September 5, 2008

#120—-I here what you are saying, but I think you missed the point. What Izbot said (as I interpreted it) was basically that TNG’s vision of a utopia made the show less exciting, and I agree with that as part of the show’s failing in standing the test of time.

” I don’t think an utopia gets outdated when things in the real world don’t look as nice.”

But who is the UFP to determine for everyone else what constitutes a “utopia”? I can see why some would have a problem with that idea. It seemed too convenient that the Enterprise-D could go around (relatively easily) convincing others to conform to their ways.

Furthermore, TOS never (despite GR’s later revisionist commentary) actually presented a “utopia”. What was presented was a vision–born out of the horrors of the Second World War and the potential horrors of a nuclear holocaust–of a future in which mankind DID NOT destroy itself. Instead, Mankind went on to unite, make friends, and explore the galaxy. It was a “bright future”, and that is hardly the same as a “utopia”. The “utopian question” was really a TNG presentation, which had little resemblance to the frontier-like feeling of TOS, and far less entertainment value to me. With that said, it obviously had enough value to develop a massive viewership that enabled it to last a long time. But the TNG interpretation of how the TOS Universe had progressed was barely recognizable to me.

As for how the “passage of time” affects TNG in syndication:

I think it was easier for more fans to identify with the show while it aired, and for the reasons Izbot and AJ pointed out. It was a parallel to the times in some respect, not only geopolitically (although it would be two years before the World realized that the West had “won” the Cold War from the time TNG debuted), but socially, as TNG was heavy on the “political correctness” of the times as well.

While TOS also paralleled the struggles of the time in which it aired to great extent, it had the added elements of frontier adventure, excitement, sexuality, drama, action, passion, conflict, and most importantly, fantastic heroes that transcend (and even outrun) the passage of time. These elements are ones which I find sorely lacking in TNG…But that’s just my opinion.

The fact that ST: TE was more or less a “monument” to the TNG-era (from everything I’ve heard), more than anything else, is why I never bothered to wander in there even when I had spare time in Las Vegas…But I am glad that so many fans were made happy there. It is difficult, I’m sure, for them to lose something like that.

125. Izbot - September 5, 2008

124. Closet
“While TOS also paralleled the struggles of the time in which it aired to great extent, it had the added elements of frontier adventure, excitement, sexuality, drama, action, passion, conflict, and most importantly, fantastic heroes that transcend (and even outrun) the passage of time. These elements are ones which I find sorely lacking in TNG…But that’s just my opinion.”

Well said. I liked DS9 more in part because of its decision to turn its back on the breezy utopianism of TNG by miring it in political quandries and wars. A turning point in the series was during the third season when Sisko contrast the complacent ‘paradise’ of earth with the reality of dangers faced on the frontier of DS9. Deep Space Nine was dysfunctional but there was still function there and those many conflicts made for more (I think) compelling storytelling.

117. Energize –
“Lol, at people dissing the acting of TNG. Yeah, that Patrick Stewart really sucked didn’t he?”

I hope you’re not lumping me into this because I haven’t made any comments about the acting on TNG. You are correct in your point, Patrick Stewart was always excellent.

As for Star Trek: The Experience I’ve made my many reminiscences and personal anecdotes in previous threads. I’ll miss it, too. Quark’s was awesome and the staff top notch. Lowering the curtain was a classy touch to the closing ceremony.

ST: TE *was* a little TNG-heavy but given the context (as a vacation getaway) that was probably a smart idea. As I said about TNG above, the 1701-D was a lot like a holiday cruise ship in space. That SNL sketch with Patrick Stewart “Love Boat: The Next Generation” was spot on!

126. Holger - September 5, 2008

124: “But who is the UFP to determine for everyone else what constitutes a “utopia”? I can see why some would have a problem with that idea. It seemed too convenient that the Enterprise-D could go around (relatively easily) convincing others to conform to their ways.”

I don’t see it that way. As it was shown in TNG, the UFP never forced itself upon anyone and it did not interfere with internal affairs of its member worlds. And apart from the many worlds which happily joined the UFP, you have the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Breen etc. etc. who were not convinced.
Wasn’t it rather Kirk who frequently interfered with alien worlds, forcing his/the UFP’s view of freedom upon them?
During TNG, my feeling was sometimes that the UFP, i.e. Picard, could and should do more to help, like Kirk did in his days, or Archer, for that matter.

I agree, though, that the feel of frontier exploration was often absent in TNG and that the political/strategic drama was overemphasized, at least for my taste. I loved it that Enterprise reintroduced the exploration of a largely unknown galaxy. That’s why my personal rating is: TOS:10, TNG:9.5, ENT:9

127. Beam Me Up - September 5, 2008

What about DS9 where the Cardassians, Maquis, and Changelings went around trying to force the Federation to cnform to them? Got old after awhile.

The crew of the Enterprise D helped in tense situations on worlds that were already part of the Federation. During the course of the series, they rarely encountered planets that weren’t part of the Federation. The Federation was HUGE.

Also, the Enterprise D was less like a warship because there were families and kids on board. Why would you want them on a battleship like the original Enterprise?

128. Closettrekker - September 5, 2008

#127—“During the course of the series, they rarely encountered planets that weren’t part of the Federation. The Federation was HUGE.”

Yet another reason why TNG lacked that “froniter feeling”, “Oh that frontier feeling…”

“Also, the Enterprise D was less like a warship because there were families and kids on board.”

Still another thing I didn’t like about the show. There was even a kid on the bridge…

129. Gerry L - September 5, 2008

Treknut: Thanks for the comments. You are right. We have our memories of the experience to last a lifetime. I’l never forget the great times we had there. I hope both you and Kate will find some other excuses to come to Vegas to visit.
The best part of the experience was the opportunity that it gave to get together with like minded people and become friends. We met so many new friends over the years there. Not to mention many employees have become friends. It was so easy to talk to people from all over the world. I never once saw a fight at the bar or even a heated arguement. Everyone just loved being immersed in the experience.
Let’s hope that it resurfaces again someday. Fresh, updated and exciting.
We would be the first in line.
Until next time Brad.

130. Closettrekker - September 5, 2008

#127—“What about DS9 where the Cardassians, Maquis, and Changelings went around trying to force the Federation to cnform to them?”

You brought up an interesting point about The Maquis. At least they depicted SOME dissent among Federation citizens, but that was a struggle to sell in the creative meetings, if you buy what Ron Moore later had to say about it. Even after GR’s passing, the “Roddenberry Box” extended from beyond the grave.

131. Peter Rocco - September 5, 2008

Sad as the occasion was, it was a pleasure to meet so many dedicated fans and wonderful to make a range of warm, heart felt, friendships during my visit to ST:TE. It was a long trip from Australia to see and decommision this instalation, but as I mentioned to many of the cast and regulars at Quarks…it is not the end of Trekking just a pause.

I look forward to the day when I can return once again to the US and this truely unique experience. Well done on making the 11 light years of ST:TE such a great place to visit. Live long and prosper.

That Aussie bloke at the bar!

132. Beam Me Up - September 5, 2008

The Federation wasn’t that big really. The alpha and Beta Quadrants were explored, but the Delta Quadrant and Gamma quadrants were unkown.

133. Gerry L - September 5, 2008

#115 Jim: The last ride was great. First one was the borg invasion. There were a couple more borg on the ride than usual, but other than that, I didn’t notice a difference. After the ride while we were still in the simulator, all the actors in it came out for a bow. Very nice.
As we cried our way to the next and last ride knowing we would never see it again, it was the klingon encounter. Once again, a couple more actors and again they came out for a bow after the ride. When we were done we walked back out towards the front of the experience where the crowd was waiting for the decommissioning ceremony, we receive an ovation. I don’t know why, but it was cool.
Paramount was filming at that time too.
I only recognized a hand full of other people on the last ride. A few friends and a few other familiar faces. I don’t know if there were corporate people on it or not.
As for making money, I was told by people who worked there that it turned a profit every year it was open. But, the Hilton demanded such an increase in rent that Cedar Fair decided that it would cut way to deep into profits. Cedar Fair is a large amusement park comapny. They really didn’t know what to do with something like STTE. They only took it because it was part of the deal when they bought out Paramount parks. They came close to closing it a few years back too, but kept it open because it was profitable and they had a very cheap lease at the Hilton at the time.
Hope that helps.
And thanks for the kind words.

134. Romulan Ale Dale - September 5, 2008


We got seperated after you left for the last ride and I never got a chance to thank you and Francine for the way you “adopted” us those last couple of days and introduced us to all the locals and regulars like we were old friends! Meeting all those wonderful people and hearing all your insider stories only made that sad-but-special day even more special and fun! Thanks! Oh, and please tell Lois her song has Jill and I laughing halfway home from Vegas.


135. Gary Barclay - September 5, 2008


Live long and prosper!
CMDR Gary Barclay Chief Security Officer USS Endeavour @
Starbase 06 CO @ www.
Starfleet Command Q1 Deputy Chief Of Public Affairs @

136. 790 - September 5, 2008

goodbye star trek the experience,

137. Jamesintucson - September 5, 2008

I just had an idea for the admins:

It would be great if you could reach out to the old cast and crew of STTE that so many people from trekmovie grew to know over the years and keep in touch. I’d love to see front page news updates on how they’re doing too. Some of them did what the TV cast never did, played star trek characters 40 hours a week for 11 years, I think they deserve just as much attention.

What do you folks think?

138. Jamesintucson - September 5, 2008

Oh, and for those folks at CBS/CedarFair, I think it would be a great idea if they were to take the bridge and other props and maybe make a traveling experience ride. I think the patronage of the Tour would go way up and I bet it wouldn’t cost them too much to do that. If the carnies can go town to town with the virtual rides, they gotta be able to do something cool.

And when the tour is done, I think they should put a STTE at Cedar Point. As many people that go there, I think the fans would follow in hords! It’s cheaper than Vegas for food/board and you could make a killing in the prominade from all the people in the park.

139. Jamesintucson - September 5, 2008

Ugh…. so while I was on the thought of the tour decided to check out how it was doing and found out there are ride simulators and bridge replicas etc… When I first read about it I thought it was just a big musuem. Nevermind!!!! Sorry.

140. Coaster Trekker - September 5, 2008

I think that a letter writing campaign to Cedar Fair explaining to them the true vale of the asset that was ST:TE and suggesting that the attraction be rotated through the various amusement park properties might have some traction.

Cedar Fair is a corporation and if they can wring some additional value out of an existing asset with minimal investment (they already own the amusement parks) it should be pretty-much a no-brainer for them – the trick is that they need to understand the potential future demand for the attraction – hence the need for our voices to be heard.

If you loved ST:TE and would like the chance to see it again or if you’ve always wanted to see it but never got the chance then we perhaps have the means to see a rebirth of ST:TE at another venue.

Here is the address:

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Marketing Department
One Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

or email:

141. Trevorj - September 6, 2008

ST:TE, as we knew it, will never be a touring show.

The Ride sets will be destroyed, along with everything else minus the props, due to the absurdly high cost that would ride along with shipping them.

Additionally, ST:TE sets were built to be durable, and long lasting – none of them can be taken apart and re-assembled with any degree of ease.

I’m sorry folks, but Star Trek the Experience, as we knew it, will never return in any sort of touring shape, and all of it’s sets /are/ being destroyed.

The only ST:TE we will ever see again would be a re-hash, or a “reboot” that is completely different, and probably more in-line with modern Trek.

142. Nick Cook - September 6, 2008

It still hasn’t quite sunk in.

The Experience was always a high point of our Vegas trips, and all honesty I can’t see me ever setting foot in the Hilton ever again.

Here’s the staff of the Experience, who made that place everything it was. The magic you people created will be sorely missed, far more than the physical location ever could be.

143. Treknut - September 6, 2008

#129: You and Francine will always be the best reason for us to return to Vegas. You can count on it. And please talk to me offline about getting together in March at the Trek Con in Cherry Hill, NJ. As a famous ST captain is fond of saying: We will “…make it so.” A con would not be the same without you guys to share it with.

144. Jim Nightshade - September 6, 2008

I dunno about a letter writing campaign to cedar fair….they make rollercoasters and wouldnt know what to do with an original star trek attraction obviously…Id prefer parmound cbs take it back and re-create it in vegas somewhere and do it right….you have to admit….they did a very imaginative design when they came up with the experience originally….I can see a huge VEGAS on the strip experience with a huge saucer section outside drawing people in…and a huge expanded quarks bar with everything and everyone we love in it, costumed aliens, the awesome bartenders…the original drinks etc….and the aliens can mingle between the bar and a family portion of the restaurant to attract the kiddies and families too….And the experience they voyager 4d can pretty much start again as originally envisioned but the klingon encounter would need to be changed so the ending does not go to the hilton anymore…maybe like klingon it should start and stop in some space station somewhere then go to quarks from there….it could work….heck it would probably draw more sci fi fans and families than the m and ms world and coke world attractions….If paramount finds someplace to do it I imagine they would start from scratch as well and maybe this time design it to be more portable….and more inclusive of the original series as well because of the new movie coming out….
Part of why I doubt we will ever see anything like the original experience was because of how huge it was and permanent. That is why it seemed more real..bigger…sturdy…MASSIVE….that all added to the atmosphere….can lightning strike twice? Could Paramount do it again? We can dream….It gives me a bit of hope that PARAMOUNT filmed the experience closing to put on the new star trek movie dvd….I expected them to totally ignore it as a failure they dont want to touch again…but they interviewed Gerry and Francine and filmed the closing with the wonderful actors casts and crews…so maybe they do realize how important the PEOPLE at the experience were to the experience….Go to disneyland and go on star tours…its similar….but without the live people….its just a ride…not an adventure…..the immersiveness of the experience as well as its grand scope and vision and look is what made it work…if Paramount does redo it they better realize that….and if cedar fair tried to do it they would probably just make a rollercoaster with a star trek title in it….I am glad cedar fair will not be involved after dec31…..they didnt know what to do with it anyway..i.t was way too original for them….

145. Dr. Vlarg - September 6, 2008

The Ugly Couch Show is very proud to present our coverage of the final day of Star Trek the Experience. Interviews with fans, aliens, employees, drink recipes from the bar, photos, and the heart-crushing closing ceremony, at right now.

146. Treknut - September 7, 2008

Dr. Vlarg: This is must viewing. Especially for those of us with only memories from the Experience. Your team has managed to capture the very sole of the Experience forever. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for such a tribute. And Jeff: Kate and I will miss you and the rest of the folks more deeply than we can express here. Be well all our dear friends.

147. StartrekExpMadeMeATrackie! - September 7, 2008

The startrek Experience was amazing!You could tell that every inch of it was created with care.The stuff, managment and hard core fans put their love into every detail creating this woderfull world.My first visit was back in 2007 (Aug). Back then I didn’t even know about this place existance until I walked into Hilton.I loved the fact how detailed this place looked and I really felt like I’m in another world.I wasn’t a big startrek fan but I knew about the movies and saw a few episode.I tryed everything there.The borg invasion, klingon incounter I took the backstage tour, ate at quarks restaurant and shoped a little.When I got home from Vegas I decided to start watching the startrek series from the correct time line beacause of the experiance I got there.I got all the series and started watching it Startrek Enterprise , TOS , TNG, DS9, Voyager (this order) on june 2008 I watched all of it Includeing the big movies.I loved it all. The concept of the story , the politics, the action and the spiritual concept of where may humanity evolve in the fucture.I went back to Vegas and my first stop was the Startrek Exp where I really wanted to equipt myself with trek gadgets.There was only one store left open and that’s when I found out about THE EXP closing. It mad me really sad.Thank You STARTREK THE EXPERIENCE for making me a Treki !!! You will be missed but will never be lost in our hearts.Meanwhile lets focus on the fucture and without criticizing wait and see what is the new Star Trek movie has in store for us.Hopefully itt will be a hit, which will give ground to new ideas to make new series and possibly a recognition for the need of a new Startrek EXP establishment for the fans! Live Long end Prosper!

148. Jim Nightshade - September 7, 2008

Aww thats cool that you turned into a trekie cuz of the experience….I also think it was a beautiful well thought out fantastic attraction.

Dr./ Vlarg. ALso thanks from me…I havent looked at the videos yet but last nite in bed with my lil nintendo ds I was looking at the many pix you guys took of the last day. Sheri and I were there the 19th and 20th and added our tribute to the stack that were not up on the wall of fame yet….I wondered if mine would get put up and you great cast and employees would get to see it. I even sent Chad an e mail telling him somebody better get on putting up all the new ones including ours…I never knew if they did…

Then I came across your chapter 6 pix with the pix leaving the experience. I could see that the wall has expanded to the exit ramp from when I saw it…I could also see in the right corner, when I made the pix bigger that ours was up! Its the white square one with the text on top the photo down below and I could see Sheris Pink blouse and my blue shirt! Than I knew that MY tribute was put up and I hope you all read it and noticed it. We will love and miss all you guys n gals….JEEEF, April, Everybody….Thanks for letting me see that my tribute did make it up to the wall!
We were the couple holding the quarks drinks in tribute in the pix

149. Jim Nightshade - September 7, 2008

Dr Vlarg Jefff Et al…..NO KIDDING….You guys did an incredible job editing and putting all those pix and videos up and they are all so perfect….SAD yet exciting…The final CALL had me laughing and crying at the same time as I see so many devoted caring fans enjoying the wonderful quarks bar and drinks and the wonderful actors…catching a glimpse of April. hearing the imaginative and very funny tribute about the ferengis taking the timestation back to 1998 again..we all wish! If only! We would then be stuck in an infitite loop of enjoying the experience and all of you wonderful fantastic great people. Thanks to you all for sharing with the MANY FANS WHO CARE! And thanks again to ANTHONY for the BEST TREK WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET! AND ITS NOT STARTREK.COM EITHER!

Still how can we go on without the experience. IT wont be easy….Wish I had Spock here to help me forget…but then again I dont want to forget…I should just keep remembering all the great times so many of us have had in a perfect star trek world called THE EXPERIENCE!

All the stories all you guys must have to tell! Wish we could hear them all. We need a weekly interview show focusing on all you wonderful cast and crew!

150. dr vlarg - September 7, 2008

thanks you guys, it means a lot. really.

i swear i’m still trying to find that pic of majel barrett licking dr. vlarg’s ferengi ear. it DOES exist…somewhere.

and i’m squeezing jeff’s brains for more drink recipies. as more come trickling out, i’ll update that page on

151. Jim Nightshade - September 7, 2008

OK Hey I got that wire holder with the five or six shot glasses I think it was called the collective….anyway I got that and a quarks t shirt and something else as an internet special so what drinks went in that collective with the holder..its very ornamental hahaha

152. File 770 » Blog Archive » Snapshots - September 7, 2008

[…] (1) The end of the story run here about decommissioning ceremonies for Star Trek: The Experience has been written at […]

153. DS9 Fan - September 8, 2008

It took me 6 days to build up the guts to watch the final interviews and videos (thanks

I thought I’d have some big, final “anger” write up about what went wrong with Cedar Fair and the LV Hilton news from weeks ago (which I posted on the other trekmovie STTE closing blog), but I am not.

I am not the penultimate STTE attendee, nor the highest number of visits attendee (Gerry, do you have the record?). Instead, I chose to visit once yearly to honor my allegiance to STTE.

My final comments will be centered around one thing. The Employees.

The employees who honored every ST fan who attended. The bartenders who worked effortlessly to provide top service to anyone, fan or not, who ordered a drink. The kitchen crew who created fantastic dishes year after year – with an out of this world flair. The kitchen crew who cleaned up after our messes. The cleaning staff who made the next moring look as crystal clean as the day before. The shop clerks who undeniably answered all our geeky questions while selling great merchandise. The office personel who made STTE work despite the political crap. The office personel who did things I don’t even know. The ticket sellers who allowed us to embark on our own experience. The character actors who let us live a little while in our passion…

Thank you, and we will meet again!


154. Nick Cook - September 8, 2008

Well said Marlon. Three cheers!

155. Kai - September 8, 2008

Never even got to ride those !! Damn !!

156. Gerry L - September 8, 2008

Romulan Ale Dale: You are very welcome. Making new friends and having that common bond with people is what made STTE so special.
Sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Had t oleave very quickly for the last ride. Take care. Go to and you’ll see yourself during the klingon drinking song. Take care.

Treknut: Yes, let’s talk about the con in March. We would love to come to Jersey to see you guys. Just a matter of affordability.

80’s Jeff: Thanks for the drink recipes. Hope to see you at some point soon.

All: In case you haven’t seen the video on the internet, the STTE Enterprise has been saved. A local business man who intends to possibly relocate it has saved it. I don’t know any other details. But, the other day, the Hilton told him he had till 5 pm that day to take it down or they were going to bring in thier own crew and “rip it out of the ceiling”. Can you believe how cold they are? But, the Enterprise was able to be taken apart and brought down slowly and stored before the deadline. Thank god. I think there is a you tube video of it. I hope that makes people feel a little better.
I don’t know what will be done with the other ships. I’ll fill everyone in as I hear anything.
Until then.

157. Jim Nightshade - September 8, 2008

I know how you feel ds9fan my friend….But werent those the best videos? Seeing April for a sec in the LAST CALL Quarks video…the incredible Klingon drinking songs and crowd…the raised glasses….the perfect little bittersweet music playing…and The Andorians clever description of the time loop so that we all could still be going there and enjoying it..forever.? Lovely! I did wish that the ceremony was not edited. I wanted to see EVERYBODY associated with the Experience as they all deserve it! I would also love to see each character OUT of makeup as well.
Gerry buddy could you maybe point out who is who in some of those videos for us…like you mentioned who was in the last call video. Can you point out who is who that you know for us? Especially shots of the characters out of costume….Also we need to pick a forum or article or room for us all to keep coming back to, I am afraid as soon as this becomes harder to get to we will all stop posting. id love to keep in touch somehow….Maybe everybody put this in your favorites to make it easier to check it regularly??? I dunno..
Also Gerry…Nice info about the Enterprise Model. i did not hear that…cant find anything in the news either..That proves my point. Paul Allen should have been able to take those models with no trouble to add to his sci fi museum. That is where they belong. I cant believe arrangements couldnt be made/ And its hard to beleive Paramount would say no we cant move em destroy em! Oh yah also Gerry if this was done why>? I thought legally everything had to be destroyed that wasnt wanted by paramount ….so had this happen? I think its great news…What will be done with the model..?
SCIFI museum! Jeeez….and we were told it would be too expensive to move…I cant believe Allen didnt fly in and take all the models…..he should have…damn…
Thanks for the news Jerry..if anybody can find the links let us know…
Also this hurts SEE how quickly the models are gone….sigh….and yah I cant believe how cold the hilton was too..I am sending an e mail to creation con it will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in the las vegas hilton again…

158. Jim Nightshade - September 8, 2008

ok I found the youtube video its call star trek the experience’s enterprise and it shows them disassembling the tos movie enterprise just in time…CHEERS it didnt take any million bucks either..wonder how much it did cost….
I wish someone could do that with all the models…the TNG one will be the hardest I am sure..its HUGE heeheh…last friday sept 5….geez the hilton didnt even give them a week to remove it…

159. Sogh Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - September 9, 2008

I must say that I had a Glorious time every time I went to ST:TE. I went dress in my Klingon as much as possible. This was in addition to the times I went to the Convention. I know that there are many pictures of me with the visitors that came to ST:TE. I was mistaken many times as one of the personnel stationed at The Experience.

I must say I will miss the good times and drinks I had there.

Qapla’ to all of the staff of Star Trek: The Experience!!

160. Robert Diedrich - September 9, 2008

I enjoyed going to Star Trek The experience when it was open. The first time i went was back in the spring of 1998. I also went accouple times after that. I didn’t want to see it go so soon. I had high hopes that they would keep on going even after the New movie came out. I even like the food they had there as well. I’m sure going to miss this place. I wanted to come to the last day of it. But i couldn’t get away out there.

161. Raktajino - September 12, 2008

And the official STTE website was shut down yesterday, 9/11.

162. Jim Nightshade - September 12, 2008

And last sunday robot chicken on adultswim on the cartoon channel did a spoof of the experience….

163. P. Phillips - September 13, 2008

If anyone would like photos of took, of the Star Trek Experience, during my visits, email me at

164. Harry Dog - September 15, 2008

I still miss it sigh!

165. Vernon Wilmer (Borg 7 of 16) - September 15, 2008

Hey everybody, how’s life after STTE? Glad you’re seeing my Youtube videos, much more to come…

166. Dave - September 16, 2008

April you were perfect as T”Pril and I fell in love with you as I am sure you have heard many times. You should write a book about your ten years with The Experience. I know I would buy it as I am sure many other fans would as well. If the Experience resurfaces again I hope you will be part of it.
You are a Doll April, take care.
Dave from Canada (a fan of Apirl Hebert)

167. Jim Nightshade - September 16, 2008

Hey Vernon you must be vw of the clip showing the enterprise leaving the hilton? How much did that cost to do??? How come both paramount and everybody seemed to think it was too expensive to move the models?? Why the hell didnt rich Paul Allen want them for his SCIFI MUSEUM??? Its crazy??? What do the people who got the enterprise planning to do?? Legally dont they have to get Paramounts permission to do anything with it??/ Can you guys grab the rest of the models too???
Lastly what other videos are to come and is there any way I can download the enterprise clip I would love to add it to my interivews and photos I downloaded from their website….to my psp to watch over and over

Dave I also Love April so yes you have competition hahah….She deserves the special attention she got..>She gave herself for ten years plus at the experience and all us fans appreciate her…I also think her Andorian is just as sexy and even more exotic than tpril heheeh

Also thanks to P.Phillips for sharing his pix from the experience!

168. Darfyn - September 17, 2008

#166 April is lovely , and I would be interested in a biographical book , with pics of her different roles and maybe a short trek story for each . And as well as lots of sexy shots of April , as herself ! Yeah Baby !!

169. Darfyn - September 17, 2008

#167 I agree Jim , I have heard rumors and Vernon is the Guy at Ground Zero . I have heard that someone in Las Vegas is up to something ? So what is happening ?

170. Jim Nightshade - September 17, 2008

Really Darfyn? CoOL!!! Well if no news comes out share with us the rumors youve heard heheeh…..I do think its kinda strange what happened and how its kinda hush hush seeming yet that something is up! I havent heard any rumors yet I get the same feeling that something is indeed going on! So all of you out there in the know….tell us! eheheh

171. Andy C - September 22, 2008

I was there that day until about half past nine in the evening Vegas time when we had to leave to catch our flight back home to the UK. We were upset that we couldn’t catch the closing ceremony, but our friend Sem (the Science Division Starfleet Officer with pony tail and beard handing out certificates) was there to give us the full report.

T’Pril managed to stay in character the whole time save for when they gave her the UFP flag when she couldn’t help but be in tears. The actors were all wonderful and Chase Masterson and Suzie Plakson were very nice and had lots of time for all the fans.

We made so many new friends during our stay that we will keep in contact with thanks to the wonders of the internet!

It was a very sombre final day but we enjoyed ourselves and will miss the Experience very much. As the tickets for the final rides said, “All good Things…”

172. Andy C - September 22, 2008

PS I could murder another Warp Core Breach!!!

173. Will Leeq - October 6, 2008

Why doesn’t someone send all of these heartfelt sentiments to CBS to let them know how we all feel?

174. Piper - March 8, 2009

Why didn’t somebody warn us Trekkers who live out in the furthest regions of the Galaxy Boondocks that the Experience was shutting down? I’d been planning for years to go, but could never justify going to Vegas just for the Star Trek Experience. Then, my husband and I finally decided to go there for a convention next year and I was really looking forward to spending all my free time at the Hilton. Too late. Too bad. Woe is me.

175. Ziggy - August 9, 2009

I demanded my parents take me to ST:The Experience when they took me to Vegas = “weh-gas” in Indian haha. They had to stand up the whole time, it was so big they got tired! It would be good to find out whether the bridge enterprise D set was kept. I doubt they would not store it somewhere in its entirety. They should think that LV will have a rough time now without such events as this. I have a feeling that they just can’t justify the costs of running it in such a location. Anyways, most Vegas shows that claim to be “3D” by having real people would be the only reason I would want to go back as an adult. The number of unique entertainment shows there are the only reason anyone sane would want to go back a lot.

176. Brian Roskamp - September 1, 2009

One year ago Today, STTE closed at the Las Vegas Hilton. Since then there have been several rumors, but thus far there has been no construction done for a new Experience. All we can do now is wait. Here’s to ‘ya las!

177. Eycee - January 14, 2010

wow, i was once part of the last cast of STTE, i worked in the kitchen making pastries and deserts, i miss the crew, i miss all the people who made it possible, it was a pleasure working side by side with these wonderful men and woman,i really do hope and pray that they open another one here in las vegas, but till then live long and prosper,

178. mike - February 19, 2010

My wife and I were married on the bridge of the enterprise in one of the Hilton’s Star Trek Themed weddings… It was perfect. The whole thing cost us around $500, for us and 10 of our friends. The we had a reception dinner at Quarks Bar.

The staff was great.

I married a perfect woman on a perfect day, in a perfect place.

179. Billy Pyo - April 21, 2011

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