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Fringe Update: Premiere Ratings In + Fringe Actor Talks Visit To Trek Set September 10, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fringe,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

The new genre show Fringe, created by the Star Trek team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, debuted last night to respectable ratings, winning its timeslot amongst the target  demographic (details below). In other Fringe news, one of the lead actors talks about his visit to the Star Trek set and his desire to be Captain Kirk.

9 million see Fringe
The 90 minute premiere of Fringe averaged 9 million viewers and won its timeslot with both the 18-34 and 18-49 demographics. Winning is good, but with all the buzz some media watchers were expecting even higher numbers, with views on the ratings ranging from ‘solid,’ to ‘decent,’ to ‘modest,’ to ‘less than spectacular.’ One good sign is that Fringe built an audience each half hour. The show is also one of Fox’s best premieres to not benefit from any lead in (American Idol or an NFL game can really help). The key will be the second week when the show will benefit by following Fox’s highly-rated House.

Reddick wanted to be Kirk
Before joining the cast of Fringe to play agent Phillip Broyles, Lance Reddick garnered rave reviews for his time on the award-winning gritty cop show The Wire, gaining him the attention of the Abrams team who have been using him in a recurring role on Lost (playing Matthew Abaddon, described as the ‘Darth Vader of Lost‘). What The Abrams’ boys didn’t know when they cast him, is that their new actor shared their love for Star Trek. In a new interview with AMC’s SciFi Scanner, Reddick explains:

…the first thing that drew me to acting was wanting to be Captain Kirk when I was a kid. It’s weird because growing up, I never thought I would be an actor, but I was a huge fan of Star Trek. And I remember reading somewhere that William Shatner had been a Shakespearean actor. So one day I took one of my dad’s old books of Shakespeare and started reciting monologues.

It is too bad that he didn’t speak up sooner, or he might have even got into the new Star Trek movie. Reddick tells AMC:

I met J.J. on the set of Star Trek after I was cast for Fringe. I flipped out. I mean, I was on the bridge of the Enterprise! I was like, "J.J. can I sit in the chair?" He’s like, "Yeah, go ahead." I sat in Captain Kirk’s chair  — and, man, it was great! I told him I always wanted to be Captain Kirk and said, "You gotta put me in the next Star Trek." He said, "I wish I knew — there was a role here you would have been great for." Knock on wood he’ll put me in the next one.

So which role did JJ think he would be perfect for?

Lance Reddick, Trek fan in Fringe


Pilot encore (w/ extras) + available online
If you missed it, Fox is re-airing the pilot in a two hour event on Sunday at 8 PM. The extra minutes will be filled with some ‘bonus’ material:

Also you can watch the pilot online at, in HD.

[CLICK to watch entire pilot online]

More reviews and Abrams interviews
Fringe Pilot reviews: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Associated Press,

Abrams Fringe interviews: Forbes, Red Eye Chicago,,




1. star trackie - September 10, 2008

it was a cool show. Aprropriately eerie with some fun/action and suspense tossed in for good measure. I think once the actors start to gel and find their rythm with one another it will be even better. Good job, I’ll be back for more.

Oh yeah, one small complain…the swells with with strings at the commercial breaks were way too reminiscent of LOST. It’s a signature style of LOST and should stay with LOST. But the rest of the score was great.

And yes, Reddick would be great in Trek, he has a great screen presence.

2. Energize - September 10, 2008

Who cares what the critcs think? They’re paid to hate stuff. I liked it. It was great. I will be getting the DVD of the first season!

3. earthclanbootstrap - September 10, 2008

How cool must it have been to get to ask to sit in THE CHAIR.
… and I refuse to say those words hated by so many who post here ;-)

4. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 10, 2008

Great Performance on Fringe Mr. Reddick!
Great screen presence. Almost overpowering.

5. Mike J. Hafezi - September 10, 2008

I absolutely love Fringe! And I’m suprised that Lance Reddick is a fan of “Star Trek.” He’ll be working with J.J. a lot, and if it’s true, get a part in the sequel to the new film. But first, we must figure out the mystery of Matthew Abaddon. If he’s the Darth Vader of “Lost,” who’s he working for? Charles Widmore? The man who tried to take back the island by attempting to capture Benjamin Linus and have his mercenaries kill everyone else? It could be. It could just be.

6. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 10, 2008

Watched the Fringe with the child unit last night. Enjoyed the show. Nice work, hope it catches on with the masses.



7. schmedeman - September 10, 2008

I watched hoping for a surprise Star Trek teaser, but there was none.

8. MORN SPEAKS - September 10, 2008

Oddly while I was watching Fringe last night, I thought this guy is pretty good, but I would have liked to see Avery Brooks in that role.

9. Spock with a Crowbar - September 10, 2008

Fringe was entertaining. Not great, but entertaining.

I’m excited to see the rest of the season, but I’m disappointed to feel as though I know EXACTLY where the mythology of the show will go… they’ll uncover The Pattern, big conspiracy, blah blah blah.

I think I’ll go buy the X-Files box set…

10. montreal paul - September 10, 2008

I watched Fringe last night and I wasn’t disappointed. I like the star, Anna Torv.. and I like the way the story progressed. I hope the Network will stand behind the show.. it should do very well. I’ll be watching every week.

11. Derf - September 10, 2008

Everyone was excellent, except the female lead. I don’t know if it’s the actress, the direction, or … hate to say it … how her part was written, but she was a bit too ‘wishy’ for me.

Torres, 7, Sculley, Thrace, ‘everyone’ on Firefly and T:SCC. Yes, it’s possible to write strong female leads.

I will tune in a bit longer, see if they develop her character better.

Lance was definately the character I have dubbed my favorite at this point. He’s their Skinner. Don’t know where he stands :)

Note: For what it’s worth, I loved the location titles. That was a lot of fun, especially the Bahgdad one, when the camera changes positions under the choppers and you see the B from the other side.

12. Scott Xavier - September 10, 2008

This TV series sucked major Ferengi lobes…

13. Spock with a Crowbar - September 10, 2008

#11 “Everyone was excellent, except the female lead. I don’t know if it’s the actress, the direction, or … hate to say it … how her part was written, but she was a bit too ‘wishy’ for me.”

I know, right?! I had that problem too. It made it hard for me to believe that the male lead finds her likable enough to share emotional confidence or to continue working with her in the end. The father/professor character was brilliant, though.

14. Trekkie16 - September 10, 2008

Lance Reddick – I can see him in the role of an Admiral or a teacher at Star Fleet Academy. He has a very commanding presence and is a good actor. Just stick some Vulcan ears on him and he can be Tuvoks great, great grandfather.

15. Michael Adams - September 10, 2008

I watched Fringe last night to get some idea of who are making our Star Trek movie. I hope this isn’t the best they can do. I know this is just T.V. but if it is any indication at all then we should be really worried about what we are in for come May. I didn’t believe any of the characters at all, even if they all liked Star Trek.

16. Driver - September 10, 2008

It was better than some of the stuff out there. Has potential. Some of the stunts stretched credulity. A rather bland color palette for the series opener. I like the Reddick character. SP FX were well done. The old father, his character could have been introduced more decidedly one way as that of a genius in seclusion rather than that of a drugged up mental case.

17. Devon - September 10, 2008

Well at least Lance Reddick and William Shatner DO have a couple of things in common…. Both wanted to be Captain Kirk in the new movie but couldn’t get in it!

Just kidding.. but I enjoyed what I saw last night (was juggling between things so hope to catch the premiere on repeat.)

18. Wes - September 10, 2008

You need to check the spelling of ‘premire’ I think you meant premiere?

19. NCC-73515 - September 10, 2008

Wanted to watch online… but:
“This service is currently available to viewers living in the United States.”

20. TL - September 10, 2008

Absolute piece of garbage! I am getting real nervous what they will do with Star Trek!

21. SPB - September 10, 2008


He was in such classics as ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and SPARTACUS… Lance Reddick is a CLONE of Woody Strode!

A clone, I tell you!!!

22. konar - September 10, 2008

did anyone else notice the delivery of the line toward the end : “the truth… The truth is…”

I was so sure he was going to say “…out there.”

23. ~~TARA~~ - September 10, 2008

I like the show and will definitely be turning in every week. I just wasn’t impressed for Anna Torv’s performance. Maybe she’ll grow on me. Besides her everyone did an amazing job.

24. ShaNaynay - September 10, 2008

didnt like it.

oh well.

25. George - September 10, 2008

Ok, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in Hollywood is a Star Trek fan. So many people wished they could be in this new movie it’s amazing .

26. Cranston - September 10, 2008

Haven’t seen “Fringe,” but Riddick was awesome on “The Wire.” Any Star Trek would be lucky to have him.

27. Daoud - September 10, 2008

I didn’t like “The Cage” all that much either… and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was a bit too tidy in the end… so I’m willing to wait for “Man Trap” and “Corbomite Maneuver” before I make a final judgment…

Imagine if we had had the internet in 1966!

Kudos y Doritos to JJ, AK and Boborci… it’s a good start of what looks to be an interesting journey. May the scripts that follow flow easily off the fingers and make the show last a while. Has lots of potential.

28. SPB - September 10, 2008


…then Lance Reddick is your man to play Dr. Richard Daystrom.

29. AJ - September 10, 2008

Sorry, Anthony. Could you post the time for the replay on Sunday?

In NYC yesterday, right before “Fringe,” I accidentally saw the Seinfeld where Jerry uses the TWOK references for George’s dead fiancee (“she’s not dead as long as we remember her”), and Kramer secretly professes his preference for TSFS. What were those guys smoking? I almost died laughing.

30. montreal paul - September 10, 2008

I loved the writing in the show.. very well done and thought out. I am a writer and have been in the entertainment industry in Canada for the past 22 years. the work on the show was solid and Torv was believable as an agent trying to prove herself to the brass. Solid performances all around from the talent and writers.. I did question the directing at times, but it was a good job none the less. The more I see of JJ, Bob and Alex.. the more I feel that Trek is in good hands.

Bob, I know you frequent this site.. just wanted to say good work on Fringe… i will be tuning in every week.

31. the king in shreds and tatters - September 10, 2008

Man, I miss the Wire.

32. richpit - September 10, 2008

I liked the show and I liked Anna Torv. I thought she did a very good job. The doctor and his son were good too. Oddly, against everyone on this board apparently, I wasn’t overyly impressed with Reddick’s performance. Not that he’s not a good actor, I just thought he was trying to hard to make the character a hard-ass. Hell, maybe me not liking him means he was doing an excellent job…

33. mitelman - September 10, 2008

I enjoyed the show, and oddly enough, the snow, and winter scenes. Maybe cause it’s not done very often in TV.

34. Dr. Image - September 10, 2008

Uneven, rushed, more cops, doctors, blah, blah, blah.
I am unimpressed. Expected better. (Altered States!! Geez!)
I’ll take Lost, warts and all, any day. At least it makes you care about the characters.

Pilots should blow people away. Period.

(Hey- wasn’t some of that stuff shot in Toronto?)

The Cage was the best Trek ever, IMO.

35. TOM - September 10, 2008

So help me God, if I read about another celebrity friend or former producer from “STAR TREK” history having seen sets or footage currently being edited before an actual full blown trailer is released to the public I will want “NOTHING” to do with the release!!!

36. Raphael Salgado - September 10, 2008

I think I’m staring at a young Commander Cartwright. I hated him in Fringe, and that’s a good thing, because he did a great job as a demeaning and overpowering federal agent in the bureau.

37. Thomas - September 10, 2008

30. montreal paul,
Just curious what shows you’ve worked on that might be famailiar to American audiences.

38. sean - September 10, 2008


PIlots RARELY blow anyone away. They usually end up being rough drafts at best.. They’re still working out the characters and the scenarios. It just takes time. If I’d judged TNG simply on the strength of its pilot, I’d have never watched it again. Even the X-Files didn’t have the strongest pilot.

I think Fringe has a lot of potential, even if not everything worked perfectly. Joshua Jackson had great chemistry with John Noble, though his chemistry with Torv wasn’t quite as spectacular. But again, I think it just takes time. The big problem I have with network tv is they don’t give shows the opportunity to grow. If it’s not an instant hit, they cancel it after 4 shows. I *hate* that.

39. Demo the real startrek fan - September 10, 2008

the worst show i have ever seen. I took a crap and i was more excited then watching fringe.I say i speak for all star trek fans when i say if J.J is doing star trek we are better off watching the motion picture that will defetinaly be a lot better story.

40. montreal paul - September 10, 2008

37 – Thomas

You asked what shows I worked on that some Americans would have seen? Well, I haven’t been lucky enough to have worked in Vancouver and on shows such as BSG or X-Files or Smallville.

I did work on an episode of Smallville that was shot in Montreal last season. Other shows that I worked on that were broadcast in the States would be Due South and Degrassi. All the other shows I have worked on are seen up here.

41. montreal paul - September 10, 2008

39. Demo the real startrek fan
” I say i speak for all star trek fans when i say if J.J is doing star trek we are better off watching the motion picture that will defetinaly be a lot better story.”

– Ummm… speak for yourself buddy…

42. Jabob Slatter - September 10, 2008

39. Demo the real startrek fan – Nobody does their best show all the time. Your attitude is immature. Most film and TV people have terrific failures. Look at the strange track record of Stephen Bochco. Hill Street Blues to Cop Rock?

Saying anything definitive about Star Trek is an act of ignorance at this point. I’m really pumped, but I’m going to say that it’s going to be great. I hope it is, I think it has that potential, but you know what? There’s no way for me to know.

Just like you don’t know if it’s going to be as bad as you say it will be.

I’d say a lot more, but Anthony would ban me. But your attitude really ticks me off. Are you a fan, or a fanatic?

43. Anthony Pascale - September 10, 2008

that kind of language and attitude, especially for a first post, is not welcome

no one person speaks for star trek fans

44. Katie G. - September 10, 2008

#39. Demo

Please don’t speak for me. I am quite capable of speaking for myself.


45. Jabob Slatter - September 10, 2008

Oh, and as far as Fringe goes, I forgot that it was one until the last half hour. What I saw was interesting, but I generally don’t like shows of this type. I much preferred Millennium over X Files.

Still, I’ll give it a try on Sunday when they repeat it.

And to be fair, I’m not an Alias or Lost fan, either. But neither do I think they are bad shows. Just not my kind of thing. I recognize that Abrams is a talented fellow, however. I hope I think he’s even way cooler after I see Star Trek. I’m rooting for all involved, including the fans.


46. Closettrekker - September 10, 2008

I think it played out very well for a pilot. I can tell I will like the show. My wife was even more into it than I was. There were the usual character relationship issues which will work themselves out, but I liked the humor and the plot.

I didn’t recognize the director, but (our own) Orci, Kurtzman, and Abrams (executive producer) wrote it, and it showed. Their fingerprints were all over the place, which IMO, has yet to be a bad thing.

Lance Reddick was fantastic on ‘The Wire’, and is great for the role he plays on ‘Fringe’. I’m not surprised that he is a Trek fan from the old school, and I can definitely see him in a Starfleet uniform– in a role which requires a commanding presence.

Something about him has always reminded me of a certain Marine Corps Drill Instructor that I once, many years ago, had the “misfortune” of getting to know for 13 weeks, and much later had a good laugh with…(Semper Fi, Staff Sgt. Hill).

47. Chris Doohan - September 10, 2008

Great show!!!! Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

48. Devon - September 10, 2008

I welcome their vision of Star Trek!

49. Closettrekker - September 10, 2008

#39—I happen to enjoy TMP every time I see it.

#47—Me either, Chris. And I can’t wait to see you in STXI!

50. Nigel - September 10, 2008

Possibly the most hyped new show of the 2008-2009 season. I’ve been a fan of Abrams’ work for a long time. LOST is one of my favourite shows and ALIAS was excellent too. I even enjoyed Six Degrees. But this series is something else entirely…just not in the same league at all. Its incredibly slow, incredibly dull, and extremely monotonous, and by 20 minutes into the pilot I was feeling bored and annoyed at being subjected to such a slow, boring show.

First off, lets get one thing straight. If you’re a fan of awesome serialised story lines spanning entire seasons e.g. 24, LOST, Heroes, you will be sorely disappointed. Abrams has stated that he wished to “recapture the 90’s vibe” of the X-Files and put it in the 21st century. Pretty much all the episodes will be therefore be “self-contained story lines” much like the boring by-the-numbers episodes one can find on CBS cop shows and medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

The show seems to be at its best when it, ironically, shies away from the paranormal stuff and displays simple things like romantic conversation between Mark Valley and Anna Torv. Anna Torv is a brilliant actress and one of the few things that keeps the viewer mildly interested in an otherwise bland, tedious 85 minutes.

However, a good lead can’t save the show from the massive hole its dug itself into so early. Among other things, the dialogue is terrible, the characters are one-sided, one-dimensional mockups, the situations are laughably preposterous and the pace is so unbearably slow and boring that its better than a glass of warm milk for putting you to sleep. Fans of awesome adrenaline-filled serialised shows like LOST and Heroes will be sorely disappointed. The best way to describe it is a bad X-Files re-enactment with characters with no chemistry and a pace so horridly slow it makes watching old men play chess seem exciting. Thankfully, we still have LOST for 2 more years, as I doubt I’ll be watching this series in future.

51. Lostrod - September 10, 2008


Yes, I remember Woody Strode. I just bought the “Once Upo the West DVD” as it is one of my favorite westerns – behnind “Wild Bunch”.

You are correct. Reddick is a clone or a close facimile.

52. montreal paul - September 10, 2008

50 – Nigel.

So, judging from your post… you have seen every episode to have this theory?

I have to say you didn’t watch the episode closely. It will be a serial. Watch the rebroadcast and listen carefully to the under lying story. You’ll see. they talk about “The Pattern”.. this is something that will take the entire season to uncover. All the stories will be linked and tied together.

And the final couple of seasons of X-Files were horrible! Fringe was way better than that.

I love how some people can cut down a show after watching just one episode. No one invests in a show anymore. people should watch a few episodes before making judgments. I actually thought it was a great pilot.. and pilots are never great.

53. Closettrekker - September 10, 2008

#50—I don’t tie myself down as a fan to any one particular style of television show. I liked it, and couldn’t disagree more with your review of the pilot.

The chemistry between some of the actors was its biggest weakness, IMO. But that is Duchovny and Anderson didn’t begin to “gel” until the show got moving. I expect the chemistry in ‘Fringe’ to do the same.

I liked the dialogue, the casting, and the premise. I think it looks to be very promising, and did not get bored at any point…

It’s already on my TiVo season pass…

54. Closettrekker - September 10, 2008

I don’t know what the heck happened in that post! lol.

What’s missing is that I felt the TOS pliots (both of them) were lacking the same character chemistry, as was the pilot for the X-Files.

55. Florian - September 10, 2008

I musst say anna torv was just brilliant. Beatifull but not in the top model girlie style that series are aming fon nowadays. She reminded me of Jodie Foster in silence of the lambs. vulnerable and strong at the same time. Her falling for her partner i didn’t believe for a second hes such a squarehead im glad hes a badie.

56. Nigel - September 10, 2008

52 – Montreal Paul:

No I have not seen every episode. However, I do work for a major network that is named after a certain canine sub-species and perhaps I’ve seen more than just the pilot.

Or you.

To me, Fringe just feels, well, shallow and vacant like Transformers or the Lost In Space remake. It’s X-Files meets The Nightstalker (original series), but poorly executed.

There’s a reason why ABC (where Lost lives) didn’t pick it up.

“The Pattern” is a plot trick to give the illusion of series continuity. This way they can pass off ST:TOS Season 3-esque “Monster of the Week” episodes and still seem edgy.

Fringe is far from brilliant and not even close to Battlestar Gallactica good. I’ll skip it and save the hard drive space on my TiVo HD for something else or watch Babylon 5 on DVD.

Paul, do you live in Montreal? Just curious if you saw Fringe in English or with the French overdubbing.

I’ve heard that the old crappy Jerry Lewis movies are all the rage with the French speakers. Perhaps the same is true with Fringe.

57. Boborci - September 10, 2008

interesting thought: every one has become an expert on TV and I think sometimes you can outsmart yourself. Take the comment we’ve heard a few times now: “No chemistry between Torv and Jackson…”

If you watched the pilot, you know that Torv spends the entire episode trying to save the love of her life, and then LOSES HIM! Exactly when, during that scenario, is she supposed to have “chemistry” with someone she just met?

I find that sometimes, criticism comes when the material doesn’t fit the expected pattern (no pun intended).

58. Wes - September 11, 2008

“I find that sometimes, criticism comes when the material doesn’t fit the expected pattern (no pun intended).”

So, can we expect Trek to fit the ‘expected pattern’ ?

59. Wes - September 11, 2008

56 Nigel:
“However, I do work for a major network that is named after a certain canine sub-species and perhaps I’ve seen more than just the pilot.”

So, what can we expect from the 24 t.v. movie? and next season?

60. Enc - September 11, 2008

‘interesting thought: every one has become an expert on TV’

we tend to find that a core fan base to a genre or a particular show tend to have moree knoledge over production then a general audiance. including our ignorance in not being in the business ourself. and yes sometimes it spoiles the show.

one of our needs is to hear form its production staff/actors etc. but we rarley if ever hear from these people. we can sit hear and parise it or hate but we cant learn from eachother without the dialogue. its not the yelling over the border but the border that brings us together in disscucion, learning more about each other in the process.

we are always grateful when one does come in to talk, even if we dissagree. maybe one day after talking we will see eye to eye.

61. pinky - September 11, 2008

I am actually a big fan of the monster of the week type shows and I am extremely pleased to see it poking its head back into the horrendous, can’t-miss-a-week-of-TV landscape in which we now find ourselves. I bet that can’t-miss design is losing more viewers than it’s gaining. I only recently caught up with Lost because when I turned it on after missing the beginning, I was always lost and confused (no pun intended). Nigel — thank god Orci and Kurtzman are making an effort to get back to a series!

I didn’t mind Fringe, think it has potential and just hope it picks up from here. It’s a decent show, had some great moments and some bad ones, but will definitely tune in for the second episode. Really, my big complaint is that it’s trying to be smart and not really just being smart. Seriously, get a science advisor on the show or something: the bath solution was all fine with its allusion to Altered States, except that this time the woman had electrodes on her head — big nonononono! Extremely dangerous and almost impossible to maintain the signal in an electrolite solution. =P

I was watching last night and kept wondering why so much of the pilot didn’t feel right, why– for example– I didn’t like the way that agent’s body was transformed by the chemical explosion. Why it didn’t feel real to me, or look real, or seem real. Why I felt like I was always looking at a special effect. It was a funny moment when I figured it out — it’s NOT REAL. They’ve got to do better at suspending disbelief, sorry. Give me something real, anything well enough conceived that I begin to see it existing on screen. Those bubbling red liquids over burners… um, yeah. :P

Hope this helps, instead of me just shooting off my mouth.

62. Black Fire - September 11, 2008

# 57 With all due respect, Mr. Orci, but you just pointed out in a nutshell what was wrong with that pilot. “Torv spends the entire episode trying to save the love of her life (…) someone she just met []”. The pilot concentrated on something we were supposed to care about along with the main character when we had not learned to care for the characters or a particular character yet, and couldn’t care less. I’m willing to give the series another shot, but that particular storyline truly bored me out of my head. I’ve seen it as a motif too often and the notion that people do not care for one another as human beings, colleagues, friends or whatever but only when they have sex is beginning to really offend me. But now that’s out of the way, hopefully some more interesting stories can be told.

63. Commodore Redshirt - September 11, 2008

Re: 57. Boborci

“Torv spends the entire episode trying to save the love of her life, and then LOSES HIM! Exactly when, during that scenario, is she supposed to have “chemistry” with someone she just met? … I find that sometimes, criticism comes when the material doesn’t fit the expected pattern …”

As a non industry guy,I think I understand what you were trying to do as a story teller, and why you did it. But for any entertaining drama, there should be SOMETHING between the characters if we as viewers are to care about their plight.

Don’t get me wrong.. I liked what you did! …and you are on to something with this show! …but there needs to be a connection or at least a spark between these two if you expect the viewers to come along for the ride.

But what do I know. I’ve written a grand total of ZERO hours of television…

64. Gatortrek - September 11, 2008

How about Lance Reddick as Commander of Star Fleet Academy or commander of Star Fleet!!!

65. Daoud - September 11, 2008

#57 I grok what you’re saying Bob. Perhaps a Trek analogy would be a good one. Shows didn’t always show the pilot first, but reshot some of it, stuck it in later. Trek certainly did that by placing Man Trap first, and holding off WNMHGB.

I can imagine a similar comment if Trek had started its run with WNMHGB hearing these comments:
“I was all built up to like this Mitchell guy, and he dies in the end!”
“There’s no chemistry between Kellerman and Shatner.”
“This Spock character isn’t well thought out.”

I’m sure that as you get (hopefully) the first ten eps of Fringe aired, that when the pilot re-airs, many folks will “get it”.

Perhaps though, the original poster on the “chemistry” issue, wasn’t really talking about your writing product… the interaction of the characters… but instead that Q-issue of the (physio-romantic) ‘chemistry’ between the two actors playing the leads. You’re thinking script chemistry… they’re talking “Love Connection” chemistry. I see their points, and I see yours.

There’s a lot of potential for Fringe, since we can watch the characters develop… they don’t come (again, like Trek) already pre-packaged as if they’ve already been on a spaceship for a couple years, and each week’s a bottle show with no continuity, and no consequences, and a big reset button at the end each week. (Without it being a fun reset button as it was with Seven Days.) Continued best wishes though! And Doritos!

66. Scott - September 11, 2008

This has so much to do with Star Trek!

67. Out There - September 11, 2008


Mr. Orci,

It would be a great bit of irony if you and JJ Abrams could do this build up to find out the identity of the leader of the Pattern. And the actor who plays the leader is . . . .

William Shatner!

The truth . . . is out there . . . where no man . . . has gone . . . before.

68. star trackie - September 11, 2008

” For what it’s worth, I loved the location titles. That was a lot of fun, especially the Bahgdad one, when the camera changes positions under the choppers and you see the B from the other side.”

Agreed. Very cool.

69. Bummed - September 11, 2008

Knock on wood they won’t let Abrams do another one…

70. I'm dead Jim - September 11, 2008

Big Prediction for Star Trek XI!!!!! Some Trekkers will love it. Some Trekkers will hate it. I still think it is in good hands.

71. Trekkie16 - September 11, 2008

I agree it has potential but some of the storyline was implausible. I felt they tried to do to much and didn’t take the time to really develop the characters. I loved LOST from day one and after seeing the first episode of BSG, I was blown away by how good it was. I was also impressed after watching the pilot of Sarah Conner Chronicles. But I didn’t have that WOW feeling that I was hoping for. I also felt the writing was a bit uneven. Some parts were very good and others were cliched and predictable. I will continue watching and I hope it becomes another BSG or LOST and not another Bionic Woman.

72. Jordan - September 11, 2008


I agree with that 100% I, for one, will enjoy it no matter what. I’m just glad to see Trek again!

As for Fringe, I’ll probably catch it on Hulu or Fox’s site. Very few TV shows that I simply must catch when they air (only exceptions: Terminator and BSG).

73. montreal paul - September 11, 2008

56. Nigel

“Paul, do you live in Montreal? Just curious if you saw Fringe in English or with the French overdubbing.
I’ve heard that the old crappy Jerry Lewis movies are all the rage with the French speakers. Perhaps the same is true with Fringe.”

No, I did not see it “dubbed in French.” I actually work for an English television network in Montreal that carries the show in English. And I, too, have seen a few more episodes than the regular viewing public. Not sure what show you were watching – but from what I saw – they do link and refer to the past episodes.

Oh – and for the record… my mother tongue is English, not French. We do have English TV in Montreal too. Including all the American networks.

74. Gary the Gorn - September 11, 2008

Like it. Great job guys. I will continue to watch. Anyone have any idea what “The Pattern” is?

I think they may be living in a simulation. That’s just my guess.

75. Lord Garth, Master of the Universe - September 11, 2008

I loved it. And will definitely be watching the pilot again on Sunday, especially now that I know there will be a scene from The Day The Earth Stood Still.

76. D. McCoy - September 11, 2008


Many who have visited the set have said its “huge” or have referred to the movie as “epic”. Wouldn’t it be fun if they built the bridge on a third or forth level of the soundstage and had to walk through a few corridors and take an elevator to get to the bridge set…

Maybe (except for scale perhaps) the sound studio looks a lot like how the Enterprise did on the trailer—half built. Perhaps thats where the inspiration for the trailer cam from. They were building an Enterprise.

77. Kirk's Girdle - September 11, 2008

I came in late and didn’t really stick with it, so I’ll probably try again on Sunday.

I worry, however, about people who dismiss the importance of a good pilot. STAR TREK is the pilot for a new film series and it’s the only Trek we’ll see for the next few years. It has to be great the first time. We don’t want a repeat of 1979.

Reddick probably would have gotten the role of the other Captain, the one who was cast as middle eastern (can’t remember his name) although he would indeed have made a good Cartright, if that character was in the film.

78. Kirk's Girdle - September 11, 2008

Oh, and I forgot to mention how funny it is to have both Blair Brown and the sensory deprivation chamber from Altered States in the same show.

79. Viking - September 11, 2008

I couldn’t find Fringe anywhere on Charter cable that night – does anyone know if they’ll rerun the premiere before the next episode comes on?

80. x0epyon0x - September 11, 2008

I wonder how the corporation in the show (I’m drawing a complete blank on this) will relate to the DHARMA Initiative from Lost? J.J. seems to have a penchant for intertwining his works together.

81. Terpor - September 11, 2008

Lance Reddick -> New Benjamin Sisko?

82. x0epyon0x - September 11, 2008

…and by blank I mean the name of the corporation, not the name of the show. We’re talking about Felicity, right?

83. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

Yo Orcster, I love that you come to this site and interact. But serious dude… you may be getting to a point where it’s beginning to be counterproductive for you. Don’t take any one comment too seriously, even the good stuff but especially the bad stuff. The fact of the matter is, you guys put together an entertaining and way above average television show. And I’ve never seen Lost or Alias, but you an Sir JJ, the reputation precedes you, man. So when people say that those shows are good I generally find that the more credible perspective even though I have not seen them. You guys have found a way to put these things together in a way that is really happening for the time that you are here. Put this another way – let’s take The Beatles for example. Or Elvis, or even Star Trek for that matter. It’s not only the concept but the time and place of the concept. I don’t think that the The Beatles would have had the same impact in 2008 as they did in the early 60s. So it’s a timing thing as much as your talent, I think. Even though the talent is the constant in the equation. Timing is important and don’t ever let them fool you on that. And it is clearly YOUR time.

So in summary, I don’t think that you should have to come and defend your work here. I certainly don’t like to see that, anyway. It’s beneath you, brohamsterdancer™. A little bit, anyway. I especially hate to see the nitpicking going on here. You’re exactly right – the armchair QBs are here, yet they’ve never played the game for reals like you and Sir JJ. You dudes are serious mac in the pants and don’t you ever forget it, mister. That’s a quote from old h69. You can tell Daemon Lindeloffagus, Dr. Kurtzweil, and Sir JJ that I said that, too. I’m on record with that. I stand by that.

I think the naysayers should remember that you take the time to care what your audience thinks. Me, personally… dude, if I wrote TV shows or movies… serious man… my arrogance would be at such the “let ’em eat cake” level. So I respect in you that which I cannot see in myself. Plus, I’m as armchair-wannabe as they come.

As I mentioned previous, watched the show, liked it, will watch again. It kept me interested and I can see the potential. My kid is like, 11, 12, something in that area, and we watched together and I think you got through to him too. Thats good demographics dude. innit? Ok maybe not, middle America, gen x dude and a teenager? I don’t know man. Take it for what its worth.



84. AJ - September 11, 2008

57: Boborci:

Who are the ‘experts on TV?’ I’m 44, and have happily watched many shows since the advent of color TV. I saw the Apollo landings, the Munsters, Nixon resign, Dallas, all Treks, Love Boat, LOST, 24, M*A*S*H and AfterM*A*S*H, He-Man, Thundercats, Bugs and Daffy, and I love Monty Python, Ren & Stimpy and (guiltily) Spongebob with my kids. You get the idea.

Am I an expert? Is the guy who sorts through Nielsen data at ABC an expert? Or is the one who put Katie Couric on CBS Nightly news an expert?

If Nielsen says “Prime Time 18-35 men want to see “X” because of these and those demographics,” and the show is made, the real expertise comes in pushing the envelope and creating something timeless with great stories, characters and acting that appeals to the demographic and brings in advertisers.

85. Nigel - September 11, 2008


Is 57 the real Bob Orci? I don’t think the actual Bob Orci would offer:

“If you watched the pilot, you know that Torv spends the entire episode trying to save the love of her life, and then LOSES HIM! Exactly when, during that scenario, is she supposed to have “chemistry” with someone she just met?”

If she just met the gent how could he be the love of her life? Why would he tell her he loved her if it was their first roll in the hay?


Therefore one of the following may be true:

* 57 is not the real Bob Orci
* Fringe has no writers guide detailing plot & character back stories
* Fringe is not written that well

If 57 is the real Mr. Orci then may the gods save the Star Trek franchise!

Montreal Paul:

An English speaker in Quebec? Awesome! Just like Cap’n Bill Shatner! For the record, I’ve been to Montreal and found it to be a wonderful city. Great cultural and music scene.

Is everyone still going wack-a-zoid over the Hockey Night in Canada theme song controversy?

86. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

AJ™, I don’t know whether to hug you or hit you. One thing is for certain, you do watch ALOT of tv, man. I respect that. I’ve been watching the old Beavis and Butt-head shows. Wasn’t that a thing of beauty? I’d like to see the Orcster and Sir JJ re-cornholio that one. Wouldn’t that be kewl?

That gets me to thinking. What would happen if these guys wrote a show – using their sensibilities of course – like a romantic comedy or a sitcom or something? Just blow that entire paradiggum™ out of the water, another home run…

Irregardless, I’m off to get some Volcano Tacos® at the Bell©. Have you tried them? “I’ll take one volcano taco, and a chalupa with a raspberry iced tea, to go. Thank you, drive thru.” uh huh uh huh.



87. Trekkie16 - September 11, 2008

#84 – I agree with you. I don’t think there are any real experts. I know what I like and just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. My friends LOVE 24 and Prison Break but I just couldn’t get into either show. It is a matter of taste and what you enjoy. I personally thought some of the plot was unrealistic and I would have liked a little tighter script and more consistent writing. I think the premise is good and I will continue watching.

88. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

No Nigel.

The Orcster makes perfect sense. First of all, he’s talking about that Brad dude from Boston Legal, most recently of Swingtown. The dude she was trying to save, her boyfriend who she was in the sack with scene 01. That guy is getting around like Chaz Sheen, I tell ya.

The dude she just met is the Dawson’s Creek kid. And his whacky dad, the Frankenstein professor. And I don’t wanna wait… for my life to be OVER…

Did you watch, dude? Maybe YOU are the imposter?



89. Nigel - September 11, 2008

84 – AJ:

Brilliant, good sir.

Everyone in (and out) of the industry knows that the Nielsens are irrelevant rubbish.

With podcasts, on demand, TiVo, DVR’s, PVR’s, web rebroadcasts and whatever there is currently no commercially available service that allows the industry to get truly accurate ratings data… It’s all in-house, manual spreadsheets and database work.

90. Nigel - September 11, 2008


My mistake…. I misread it!

I do stand corrected, indeed!

91. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2008

Boborci is Bob Orci

92. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

AP, I would further that Boborci is Bob Orci is The OrcSter™.

93. Enc - September 11, 2008

‘the real expertise comes in pushing the envelope and creating something timeless with great stories, characters and acting that appeals to the demographic and brings in advertisers.’

what happens when these advertisers r following the flavor of the month chasing the lemming over the cliff and just jumping on the bandwagon and going with the crowd and become part of the hype rather then supporting a good show. their only there cause every one else is and thats were the $ is at the moment.

we contantly see good shows get canceled cause it didnt have great ratings or such right out of the gate (said earlier) and/or people get scared ’cause of a simple wordrobe malfunction.

ive no idea who orci or jj are. ive never seen lost, alias. heck ive never seen heros or even x-files. i have no pre anythign going in. i just didnt think Fringe was all that great (in its pilot), it wasnt enought to make me want to see the next one.

i did in all fairness c MI:III and didnt like it. I even saw transformers and found that one lacking ion places. i didnt at the time know who was involoved in their production and didnd care. i saw ’em cause i liked the ‘ol franchise.

and i will go see this new trek for the same reason. im ‘cautiously optimisitc’ and sittin on the fence. i see some good news and i alos see thing that make me question it. i just hope that for me its better then fringe.

im no expert but ive seen enough to know (and it dosent take one) what works and what dosent. ive been alround the remote long enought to know that sometimes a back story/ continuity can be created in advance and have all these great dinamics. but it means nothing if the team cant bring it to the screen. what tends to happen is its there on the page and in the mind of its wrtiter or whomever but left there and not given to the audiance.

94. Daoud - September 11, 2008

#91 Here, I thought he was Roberto Gaston Orci… (Gaston theme music from Beauty and the Beast in the background…)

I’d feel bad for him, but my middle name’s Eugene. Try going through life with that one.

#AJ I reach what you’re saying vis-a-vis “experts”. I’m of the same year as you, and think we have a reasonable understanding of tv.

95. AJ - September 11, 2008

The “experts” who worked on Enterprise couldn’t sort it out, but Manny Coto, another “expert,” did. But, too late.

I always worry that TV shows are created by execs around a boardroom table after a Marketing presentation. They patch together a premise, let’s say “CSI meets LOST,” and it goes to the writers, etc. who create it, and then it goes back to the boardroom after consumer testing where it’s sanitized by accountants and marketeers while the writers desperately look on. Bob or someone else can probably put this in better perspective.

There’s an old cynical Monty Python sketch where the BBC decides to run videos of the M5 Motorway on TV and they have a ratings boom because “the public are idiots.” There are many shows on TV now which assume this. I think the Pythons predicted the reality-show boom 30 years ago.

96. Nigel - September 11, 2008

Huzzah for Monty Python!

What they didn’t predict was the Artificial Intelligence entertainment industry conspiracy spearheaded by the AWESOMO-O 4000 robot… er, automatron, that generates all the new film and TV show concepts.

For example:

“Like Adam Sandler is a Special FBI agent who gets sick, and his Jodie Foster secret girlfriend is the only one who can save him by getting the Hannibal Lector mad scientist out of jail to create a cure.”

Take that, Mr. Scientist Expert.

97. Nigel - September 11, 2008

Oh yeah

Bad Robot, indeed.

hee hee

98. Number 3 - September 11, 2008

Liked the show (FRINGE), the location titles were cool…good story. I seen a few nods to The X-FILES, don’t know if they were intentional or not..
1.the handprint
2.the sticky gooey guy…remember The X-Files fist movie
3. “the trurth is…the truth is”

looking forward to seeing what these guys do with Trek

Peace and long life

99. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

I agree about the location titles – thought that was more of a nod to Heroes though. They were kewl.

Also thought of the X-Files movie when Bradman went Mr. Goodbody™.

I’ve always liked to come into a series after the pilot episode to be honest. It seems when you go back to some of them after a few years of a series…. and not all are like that, but, still, the pilot episode has a specific function and there are constraints there. And alot of times things change from the pilot, time passes, that sort of thing as well.

In consideration of these things, I still give this pilot episode high marks. It’s going to be interesting to see where they take this show, if they are given the chance.

What’s Sir JJ’s thing with air travel anyway? ;)

The chick was pretty hot, she had that Sarah Palin thing happening where I just focused on the eye candy at times and ignored what she was saying. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, ask John McCain… that’s excellent casting in my book.

These are my continued thoughts on the matter of this new Fringe television entertainment.



100. Kai - September 11, 2008

Fringe was horrible.

101. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 11, 2008

Kai…. now now.

Do you mean it was “horror”-ible? Nice one sentence review. Not since Spinal Tap got the review for “Shark Sandwich” has one been so succinct. If I were the OrcSter, I’d post that on the fridge.

Dude, whats with the negativity? Smile, it’s free.

Like Fringe. sorry that it made you “cringe”.

“Fringe made me cringe. Fringe was horror-ible.” <— * proper review *


102. fakesteve - September 11, 2008

I have not seen Fringe yet, being in europe and all ;)
But I loved Lance Reddick on the Wire, he was fantastic.

103. Closettrekker - September 11, 2008

#62—“Torv spends the entire episode trying to save the love of her life (…) someone she just met [”

What show did you watch?

She had obviously been advancing that relationship long enough to say the 3 words which either cement, or rip apart the average couple when one of them runs for the door.

She just met Joshua Jackson’s character, not her lover/co-worker who turns out to be a bad guy.

“The pilot concentrated on something we were supposed to care about along with the main character when we had not learned to care for the characters or a particular character yet, and couldn’t care less.”

I think that is a pretty universal theme. Who among us cannot identify with that potential scenario (the possibility of losing someone we care about). Torv’s character just happens to have the opprotunity to do something about it, something that many of us in that position never get.

“I’ve seen it as a motif too often and the notion that people do not care for one another as human beings, colleagues, friends or whatever but only when they have sex is beginning to really offend me.”

I did not get that from the show. Certainly there is a difference in physical lust and love. Not all sex is without caring and genuine emotional sharing. It’s not as if she had sex with everyone on the show for whom she showed any feeling. It was someone she was in a relationship with, and in fact, someone she loved.

What is offensive about that?

I’m glad you are not willing to discard it after one pilot episode though. I think we are in for some good stories.

104. Enc - September 11, 2008


i was happy as many that they hjired a real acientist to be advisor and make the claimn that they wan i to be real blah blah blah. in this case some one (like i know who this is) porco.

then her background is check and some one said she work on Contact. ok fine shes no stranger to film.
but i saw that film. and they got the nebula backward. was she responsible for that or was she hired to do other things on the film. i realy dont know. maybe she did, maybe they ignored her advise on that. who knows. well she would. and when news of her involvement came here, and she posted a couple times. i brought up the nebula. got no answer. and this is the person they hired for trek. did she learn her leason. will they listen to her. its a fair question.
like was saying b4 its a rare thing to get an “expert”, someone who works in the indusrty to actualy talk to us. (thank god they do) we should hear more from these people. maybe we would be less critical when theres no reason to be. (not that all of us are)

the last time we were looking for continuity (real or fiction) we were told “we know, trust us we know”

let me ask. did you see ‘the triangle’ (bryan singer)

105. Jordan - September 11, 2008

Alright, I watched some of it on Hulu and my honest opinion is that it’s just a boring copy of the X-Files with added characters. Sorry JJ, this time things just didn’t work out. Don’t worry Trekkies, the new movie will be fine. Fringe and Trek are not comparable.

106. Captain Dunsel - September 11, 2008

‘…the highly anticipated film “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” ‘

Missing a word in there somewhere. I think it’s “apprehensively”.

107. Closettrekker - September 11, 2008

I think it’s interesting that as vocal as those who did not like it seem to be, only 6% of those polled (275) said that they were disappointed.

94% either did not bother to watch it, or at the very least, thought it has potential.

That’s pretty solid among Trekmovie readers.

I liked it.

108. Xai - September 11, 2008

69. Bummed – September 11, 2008
Knock on wood they won’t let Abrams do another one…

Why? You haven’t seen this one yet.

109. Energize - September 12, 2008

I liked the 3D letters stating which state and town they were in. Reminded me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I was expecting one to say CROOOWW

110. hopesprings - September 12, 2008

this does not bode well for STX1, closettrekker. you only have one shot with a movie. if it’s a TMP type experience, there is no momentum for a second film because the new cast won’t be viewed as ever having been successful, and Abrams no doubt has an option to be involved. and if the film is mediocre, would you even want him to be?

111. NOTBOB - September 12, 2008

I read the interviews. I heard all the hype. I read that we should think more ER than X-Files in that this is “character driven.” I read that it’s more like the stand alone episodes of X-Files. I watched.

When I watch a show that moves me, I find myself looking at the clock. Not to see how much longer until the end, but to see how fast the time has gone by. I usually can not believe how fast the show has gone. I had this and still do with Battlestar Galactica and I had it with MOST of the of X-Files. The time flew by. And I was the one who like to X-Files that were not stand alone shows better than the stand alone ones. But even the stand alone shows went by real fast. And I always had a part of me thinking, “Nooooooooo, I don’t want to wait another week.”

The Fringe I’ll say has good actors. I actually had no problem with any of the acting. But the show was kind of boring to me. It was not boring enough to stop watching the show all the way till the end, but I thought to myself, if this is how the rest of the shows will be, I won’t record it if I am out or if there is something cooler on. It was an hour and a half long and it pretty much felt like it.

Maybe it was the plot. It was kind of weak, in my opinion. A guy gets hit and is turning invisible jelly like thing. So what? I did not know the character in any way and I honestly didn’t care. And I didn’t see enough to care that his partner/lover was worried. Heck, I figured the Agent chick wouldn’t love him in the end anyway. She’s obviously gonna end up going to Joshua Jackson’s character.

I read that most of the shows will be stand alone type. They won’t have any epic men in black, cancer man type story lines. I think that that’s a mistake. I think that that was part of the stronger appeal to X-files and I think it was a huge mistake that the last film did not go with the UFO series style story line.

I read somewhere that Abrams said the first few episodes after the pilot are a better indicator of how the show will be. I’ll probably watch the next three to five shows. But if they feel like the premiere, I’ll eventually give up because it will be on against something that makes time fly.

I hope the Star Trek film rocks. As of now, Fringe is not great, but not terrible or memorable if things don’t get spiced up a bit.

That’s just my opinion.

112. NOTBOB - September 12, 2008

107. Closettrekker

I was dissapointed. But I didn’t do the poll.

Polls are heavily unreliable. That and I didn’t care enough for the show to take a poll in the first place. I figure I am not alone.

113. Black Fire - September 12, 2008

# 103. OK, I’ll try to explain. It seems I watched the same show as the others who thought she had met the love interest only recently and now they were professing their love after, lets say, a few rolls around in bed. Nothing wrong with that, actually. Happens every day in real life. Then, conveniently the guy gets blown up and develops a skin condition j u s t after they professed their love. The whole “love of her life” scenario (after they only just told each other?) is only there as a narrative shortcut. The guy didn’t matter from the beginning. He was a redshirt. There is no suggestion, unless I really missed it, that they were ever close before that as colleagues etc. Why is it there? So the episode can get fast to the gimmick of the week without concerning itself too much with more complex issues/motivation. Like – Oh! She’s in love with him! That explains fully, of course, why she will let a sentenced criminal at best and a lunatic at worst do a procedure on her that might potentially do real damage to her without questioning.

“Who among us cannot identify with that potential scenario (the possibility of losing someone we care about).”

I agree with that general statement. What I do object to is that the love affair was a contrived construct to get her into the tank for the amazing science thingy of the week with no other point to it as it proved itself disposable at the end of the episode. The moment I recognized the overused narrative construct (as her boyfriend was blown up after saying I love you for the first time) it all became boring. I did not know in advance that the guy would die in the end, but it actually does not matter, because it is this outcome that made all well again at the end of the episode. There was just no point in getting involved in Torv’s emotional state. That might change in the future as the character gets developed. We’ll see. As somebody else pointed out, on the weakness of it’s pilot, TNG should have been cancelled right then and there.

Have you ever seen an action-adventure movie where the inevitable moment comes that has the male protagonist’s love interest dangling over – sometimes literally – a cliff or abyss or things that want to eat her etc.? It is in this moment I really wonder whether if the woman was not assigned worth and value through being sexually available to the male hero, he would just let her drop to death instead of hanging onto her hand slipping out of his until he manages to haul her over at the last moment? It is this social construct that offends me that assigns worth to women only through their sexual availability and not on the strength of talents or personality or whatever. It is this motif that is beginning to offend me, no matter whether in its cliché state, or with the gender roles reversed. Now, what would have Torv done if they hadn’t had sex in the opening sequence? Would she have let him plunge down the abyss? Would she have taken the risk anyway because investigating and finding stuff out is what makes her tick? Who knows. The pilot is what it is. The thing it is not is innovative, something one has come to expect of Abrams’ projects.

So when Mr. Orci says that, “I find that sometimes, criticism comes when the material doesn’t fit the expected pattern (no pun intended)[,]” he is right on the mark where I’m concerned. But as I said, I’ll give the series another try and see if they might not find their way off the beaten path after all.

114. Chris Doohan - September 12, 2008

# 111


The Fringe was far from boring. Actually, I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe that it was almost over. It definitely left me wanting more. You must also take into consideration that most pilots have to spend an inordinate amount of time to try and establish the characters, and Fringe is no different. I think it did a good job of doing that, while providing a great story with plenty of action. Now that you know a little more about the characters, I believe you will find the future episodes more stimulating. After all, it did come from some of the best writers in Hollywood, so give it a chance and have a little faith. Personally, I don’t put to much weight on first episodes, or pilots, for the reasons mentioned above. As for the Fringe pilot, I thought it delivered the goods and I can’t wait to see more.

Good job, Boys!!

PS I’m really looking forward to Eagle Eye and that other movie coming out in May. Sorry, the name escapes me.

115. Enc - September 12, 2008



on the subject of clock watching. i tend not ot look during a show. i like to emerse mtself into the story. and let it build. watch the tention and other things give me an indication of weather its comeing to an end or what not. once at the end if it felt long and didnt comee up short on time i feal moree positive about it. what i didnt like on this one is the 95 min run time. i had no ide of its length going in. so when it did end it felt short. i couldnt beleive it was over so soon i looke at the clock and was surprised they gave us a short production.

they want you to feal for these people because they gave us the std love scene to show they have a relationship thereefore u MUST feal for them. its like they went down a writing checklist. establish relatioship, CHECK. jepordy. CHECK. it was almost ameteurish.

yeah i too felt that the show would go with ‘father issue boy’ i was just waiting to find out how they were going to reemove ‘jellyfish man’. ’cause you knew it was going to happen. It completely reemoves any worry because they so called love eachother. wich i didnt buy in the begining.

im glad they are going with the stand alone type.
as long as you know what the series is about itll be ok. yeah suree they’l still be going on with ongoing story foe massive dynamic, the pattern and confrontations w/ jeelyfish man. other groups working on fringe science.

116. Oregon Trek Geek - September 12, 2008

As a successor to one of my fav shows of a decade past, X-Files, I thought Fringe was pretty good. And also still fresh in my mind was the most recent X-files movie, which made Fringe seem like a masterpiece.

I would give Fringe time to develop, and it might be hitting on all cylinders by season 2 or so, if it it makes it that long…

So, although I’m not jumping up and down with enthusiasm, I’ll watch Fringe for awhile :)

117. The Vulcanista - September 12, 2008

Stupid thunderstorms on Tues. nite, DVDR didn’t record. Have to wait til Sunday.

And many thanks to all posters for not making your posts *too* spoilery! It’s nice to have just the gist of the show before seeing it for the first time. :-)

118. Cap'n Chuckie - September 12, 2008

i’m going to agree with 96 about the awesom-o 4000 theory (very nice btw).

i just watched it on the dvr with my fiance and two other couples. we all agreed that fringe was weak weak weak.

mr. orci’s condescending post and mr. doohan chiming in like a lap dog are both embarrassing. you industry guys really don’t need to justify yourselves to us non-experts. it sounds like you’re polishing a, um, i mean putting lipstick on a….

oh, nevermind.

119. rehabilitated hitch1969© - September 13, 2008

atleast he called them mister.


120. J_schinderlin56 - September 14, 2008

This show was absolutely disgusting. What kind of mind conceives of something like this?

121. The Vulcanista - September 14, 2008

#120 That would be the minds of JJ Abrams, Bob Orci, and Alex Kurtzman.

That said, I liked it. I’m watching again. And, no, I’m not going to analyze unto death the reasons why I liked it. I just did.

I’m a woman. That’s reason enough.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

122. Scifigirl - September 15, 2008

121 – The Vulcanista

Amen to that… :)

As a general comment, I find it ironic that some of the people who didn’t like Fringe said the pilot wasn’t as “engaging” as Lost, which grabs you right away. Well, I never got into Lost because I never managed to get through the pilot. Why? Because it simply bored me to tears and I almost fell asleep on it. Engaging? Not so much. On the other hand, I never said that Lost was weak and mediocre only because I didn’t like it. Different strokes for different folks, that’s all.

123. ster j - September 15, 2008

I caught the repeat. All I can say is WHOAH! The dialogue was crip, the story moved at a clip, there were more plot twists than you’d find on a corkscrew, and the benefit of watching the repeats is that the commercials were cut to 60-90 seconds. Yes!

So, this is what our Trek 11 guys can do, eh? I am no longer worried…so much.

124. AJ - September 15, 2008

I got to see it last night, and as a pilot, it was fine.

The preview of the next ep shows that the dead boyfriend may yet be hanging around. Hopefully, he won’t die too often (“You killed my boyfriend! You bastard!”)

I had problems with the electrical storm, as the airplane’s movie monitors had them at halfway across the Atlantic, where they are usually flying at anywhere between 35 and 40,000 feet with temps at -60 or so. Done it 100 times, and never seen lightning until close to landing. But maybe it wasn’t lightning.

John Noble’s character became “sane” a bit too quickly, and his son just hollers and complains, but there seems to be some room for massive growth for all of them. Do Dr. Bishop and his son have jobs?

Hopefully, all eps will not take place in Boston and the “lab,” as that would be unrealistic a la “24” where the President is always in the Western White House, and LA is always the target (I realize the show “takes place in real time,” but go somewhere else, already. Mexico doesn’t count).

I’m gonna watch it.

125. Denise de Arman - September 16, 2008

Was able to watch my recorded Fringe last night and was impressed. Things I liked:

1) Humourous ranting scenes between the son and “mad scientist” father – “Does this not concern you?” “That’s LSD”, etc. Good potential there for future character conflict between two geniuses who have some emotional ties between them (brings to mind Spock and McCoy).

2) The mad scientist and FBI agent eating ice cream and watching Spongebob while the cow peers at the television over their shoulders.

3) The son’s concern with Torv’s character and his repeated questions about “John” at the end, displaying his real human empathy with the situation he was thrust into against his will.

4) Blair Brown is dynamite. Expect great and ominous things from her Terminator-armed character.

Things I did not like:

1) Torv’s character, I felt, needed to be more stoic. Even though she was embroiled in the most emotional of situations, I cannot see an FBI agent of her caliber openly crying in front of all who walked by at the accident site. Women who excel in law enforcement bury those emotions under layers of hardness necessary for the job.

2) I felt there needed to be a more definitive lead to the “mad scientist” for Torv’s character. How exactly was she led to him, other than reading files and doing research? Why would he be the only person on the planet whom she would consider as a candidate in her investigation?

3) Other than for audience information, why would Blair Brown’s character voluntarily put The Pattern foreshadowing out there? Perhaps that question will be answered in upcoming eps.

4) Torv wrinkles her forehead too much…

126. Notbob - September 16, 2008

I watched a second playing of the pilot episode. Yeah, my opinion still stands for me. It’s ok, not great. I will honestly give the next few (two or three)episodes a chance. If I’m not hooked, and there isn’t anything to keep me coming back, I’ll probably stop watching.

I feel that the show could probably use a half or the season being continuation the other half stand alones like the X-Files. Without the hook, I’ll figure the female agent and Joshua Jackson will have a lot of sexual tention. The crazy scientist will be just as weird (he’s a steriotype character that usually never changes or grows). Fan sites will have fan fiction about them hooking up (which they eventually will do on the show, undoubtedly killing anything the show may have as a hook–let’s face it Mulder and Scully were far better and more interesting with the question of will they ever hook up or not–than after they did.) and life will move on.

There are certain things that work out well for shows and movies and can be done over and over again. Certian cliches that are fine to use.But when a show or movie follows every cliche in the book, I guess David Fincher summed it up best with, “no thanks. I already have seen that movie.”

I hope the next few shows are shocking and fresh. Otherwise, it’s time for me to move on. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.